438: The Jeremies (February 2023)


00:00:00   [MUSIC]

00:00:08   >> From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 438.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by Nom Nom, Fitbot, and Hover.

00:00:15   I'm Federico Vittucci, and

00:00:16   it's my pleasure to be joined, as always, by Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:20   Hello, Stephen.

00:00:21   >> Hello, Federico, how are you?

00:00:22   >> I am doing great.

00:00:24   Although my voice is still not fully recovered,

00:00:27   The flu came for me too eventually.

00:00:30   Everybody else around me has had it for the past two weeks

00:00:33   and I thought I was able to dodge it, but I wasn't.

00:00:36   So, but yeah, it's at least I'm able to talk,

00:00:39   which is good because we have a big show ahead of us today.

00:00:43   - It's a Federico show today too.

00:00:45   It's very Federico focused.

00:00:46   - You haven't been introduced, you did it again.

00:00:48   - So, too slow.

00:00:49   - You did it again. - You know what I mean?

00:00:50   - Steven, please, Steven, please.

00:00:51   - How am I supposed to sit here?

00:00:52   Talking about your flu.

00:00:53   I'm just sitting here, you know?

00:00:55   - I was gonna move right into follow up

00:00:56   introduce you later to be honest. Well okay you do because I thought I was

00:01:00   gonna be leading follow-up today. Yeah you should I don't want to talk about

00:01:04   anything in follow-up. You see? We are also joined by everyone's favorite British

00:01:13   gentleman Mr. Myke Hurley. Well hello there my name is Myke Hurley and I am

00:01:17   here to take you on a tour through follow-up. I have one serious piece of

00:01:21   follow-up and then it gets weird for a little bit. The serious piece of

00:01:25   follow up is Lex wrote in to recommend an app called Lyd. Lyd? Lyd? Lyd. Lyd. Lyd. It's

00:01:32   an app for the Apple Watch to control Sonos speakers. Open the Lyd. I guess this is the

00:01:37   thing we were talking about. The link you put in the show notes is not English. What

00:01:41   is it? What do these words mean? Netherlands. Maybe it means something. I mean it came from

00:01:47   Lex. Lex sent me the link and I just put the link in. What does Lyd mean? It's the name

00:01:54   of that app. And also what is "Shermafbildingen"? I guess it means screenshots? I think it's

00:02:00   the name of my new couch from IKEA. You ask people from the Netherlands to help you, you

00:02:06   know, I can't help you. "Bestoor oef Sonnus luidspeakers van a fauve Applewatch". So you

00:02:11   can't work that out? That was like the control Sonnus speakers from your Applewatch. I could

00:02:15   work that out. Yeah. Yeah. See? So it's in the show notes, maybe it'll open in the Netherlands

00:02:22   app store for you maybe it won't. But the second screenshot it says "Krug tog". Are you just making fun of

00:02:29   Dutch now? I'm sorry but just the word is really fun "Togang". Togang. They're people that wear

00:02:38   Birkenstocks all year round. The Togang. Big, big nib nib gang. This was supposed to be the serious part

00:02:45   of Togang. Okay so what is this Apple Watch app do you? Control Sonos speakers from the Apple Watch.

00:02:52   Okay. I don't know how many more times I have to say this. Did you say they had a price hike?

00:02:57   How does that make you feel? I don't feel anything about it because I already bought it.

00:03:01   Mmm, I was thinking about a sub but now I'm thinking about it $50 less.

00:03:06   Have you tried Lid? No, no, I haven't tried it. Wow, that is journalistic

00:03:15   There's no ethics in

00:03:18   malpractice. What's the opposite of integrity?

00:03:20   I'm no journalist. Disintegrity? What's the opposite? I don't think it's misintegrity.

00:03:27   Hi, I'm misintegrity.

00:03:30   What else is in follow-up, Myke? Myke writes in, not me, "At the risk of causing

00:03:38   Myke, me, to buy another URL, I present the idea Thialafeedback.com." Oh no. Thialafeedback? You

00:03:48   You know, I've got ThylaFeedback.com, goes to, you know, submitting feedback for the show.

00:03:53   And I have LongThi.social.

00:03:55   Because we're so thigh focused. Thi, T-H-I-G-H-L-A-Thyla-Feedback.com.

00:04:03   ThylaFeedback.

00:04:05   Thi, I have not bought this once.

00:04:06   When I saw the link, I thought it was Thi-L-A-Feedback, like it was some reference to Los Angeles for some reason.

00:04:14   That's that long L.A. thigh.

00:04:17   It's LA thigh.

00:04:18   Thigh, thigh, oh my god, this is horrible.

00:04:24   So you may remember in last week's episode, we crowned the first royal thinus.

00:04:30   What are we doing?

00:04:31   Why does this podcast come to this?

00:04:34   Dylan wrote in to say that they had long thighs, 48 centimeters, that made their thighs very

00:04:41   long.

00:04:42   And so Dylan has become the thigh to beat.

00:04:48   I have some contenders for the crown of royal thinus.

00:04:53   Now before we get into these contenders, I had an anonymous person write in with this

00:04:58   suggestion.

00:04:59   I don't know why I did that.

00:05:02   Dear feedback giver, we have the anonymous thing there if you want to tell us something

00:05:06   about a company or something you're working on.

00:05:09   If you want to be named the Royal Thynus, you can't be anonymous.

00:05:13   No, but this is more of a contention. So I have a question. Okay, here's what Anonymous

00:05:19   wrote in to say. "Dylan's thigh is 23.75% of his total height, which is 6 feet 8 inches.

00:05:27   At 19 inches, it is absolutely a long thigh. My thighs are 18.5 inches long, and I'm only

00:05:34   foot two. So 25% of my height. So my thigh, and I'm sure others might be longer relative

00:05:42   to their heights. Should Dylan be dethroned with these facts?

00:05:47   - Yeah.

00:05:48   - I say it's not percentage. It's just who has the longest thigh.

00:05:53   - It's the thigh to height ratio.

00:05:55   - No, I think it's just absolute length is what we're looking for here. We're looking

00:06:00   for the longest thigh, not just like you have long thighs for your height. That's not good,

00:06:06   right? So now I have five contenders for their royal finest. The first is JD.

00:06:15   Okay, JD.

00:06:16   JD at around, see now here we have a problem, around 49.5 centimeters.

00:06:26   Now remember the thigh to beat is Dylan at 48 centimeters.

00:06:30   Can you please stop saying the thigh to beat? Just don't say that again.

00:06:33   No, I like it. It wasn't something that I realized sounded so fun until I read it out loud. It wasn't

00:06:39   my intention when I wrote it down, but nevertheless, here we are. So, these images,

00:06:45   by the way, I will just tell you, listeners, don't open these images around other people.

00:06:49   Don't click.

00:06:50   No, because there's a bunch of people with rulers in their laps.

00:06:53   Yes. So, don't, like, I'd, these images will all be in the show notes, but like,

00:06:58   You should open them in private, you know? You know when people install those fancy screen

00:07:04   protectors that like if you're looking at somebody else's phone from like an angle,

00:07:09   they're like... You need one of those. You need one of those. I always think like when I see people,

00:07:14   I mean, I always think like, what are you opening on your phone? And maybe you're opening such

00:07:18   pictures like people with rulers on their thighs. Now that kind of screen protector makes more sense

00:07:23   to me now. So I was currently attempting to add the first image to the show notes.

00:07:29   Did the CMS reject it because it's terrible? No, I added it accidentally to

00:07:35   Cortex. So for a moment the most recent episode of Cortex had an entry called

00:07:44   JD's thigh. Oh I've done that I've done that before I've put I put links. Oh I do

00:07:49   - I do it all the time, man.

00:07:50   I do it all the time.

00:07:52   - You know what the CMS needs?

00:07:53   You know that feature in iMessage?

00:07:56   - Oh, I just did it again.

00:07:56   - Where if you have a kid and it's like,

00:07:58   hey, you're sending a bad picture to someone,

00:08:02   we need that detection in the CMS.

00:08:03   I'm gonna work on that.

00:08:05   - Oh my God.

00:08:06   Look at these pictures.

00:08:08   - Okay, so you ready?

00:08:10   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:08:11   - So first is JD.

00:08:13   So if you open JD's image,

00:08:15   boys, you should definitely do this right now.

00:08:17   you will see what I am starting to call the about problem.

00:08:22   With the way in which these images are taken,

00:08:25   it is very hard to accurately identify

00:08:29   the exact length of the thigh based on the tape measure.

00:08:32   Right?

00:08:33   So like, because people take these images like at an angle,

00:08:37   so I am having to estimate to what I see here.

00:08:43   And if any of the contenders disagree with me,

00:08:47   I need a better image than the one you've provided.

00:08:51   - Yes.

00:08:51   - So I am saying JD is around 49.5 centimeters,

00:08:56   which currently makes JD the Royal Finest.

00:09:01   - JD has no problem with the base model iPad

00:09:04   and the kick send.

00:09:05   - No problem, you can put an iPad Pro on those sides.

00:09:08   You know what I'm saying?

00:09:09   - Yeah.

00:09:10   - I now have an anonymous New Zealander.

00:09:13   - Okay.

00:09:14   - Again, to Steven's point,

00:09:15   I don't know why you would do this.

00:09:17   This person was very particular about,

00:09:20   I must be anonymous.

00:09:21   I'm not sure why.

00:09:22   Their image also came from a OneDrive link,

00:09:24   which is like a whole different thing.

00:09:26   - Okay.

00:09:27   - Their image is good.

00:09:29   Like you can see on that image.

00:09:30   - It's a good image.

00:09:31   - Right, like they are. - Starting from the hip.

00:09:33   Yeah, yeah.

00:09:34   - This person, I think is a clear 49.5 centimeters.

00:09:38   Maybe even a little bit more.

00:09:40   - This is the kind of person

00:09:41   measured their thigh before clearly. Look at the methodology here. It's very well done.

00:09:45   Big tape measure, you know? Yeah. That bag had this tape measure for this. Well, I will say

00:09:51   this anonymous New Zealander looks like they're in an office environment here, which is interesting

00:09:56   as to where they chose to take their measurement, their thioness measurement. So now JD and

00:10:02   anonymous New Zealander, they are tied. We potentially, we may give the title to anonymous

00:10:09   New Zealand are because I think they may have a millimeter or two over JD. I now move on to Nate.

00:10:13   Nate is saying that they are confidently 49 centimeters and I would agree. I would actually

00:10:23   say that they are also in around 49.5 centimeters but none of this matters boys because in comes Ken.

00:10:31   This is now, this now feels like the, what did you say earlier? Miss what?

00:10:37   Miss integrity.

00:10:38   This now feels like

00:10:40   like a like one of those

00:10:42   kinds of competitions.

00:10:43   Now, Ken sent in an image.

00:10:46   Now, Ken, I think you can quite

00:10:47   clearly see, has beat the forty

00:10:49   nine because Ken sent

00:10:51   his his his rule is only in inches.

00:10:53   So I had to do some calculations,

00:10:55   but it's definitely over 20 inches.

00:10:57   I think about twenty point three.

00:10:59   But Ken's image, low

00:11:01   quality. So it was hard for me to

00:11:03   get the exact.

00:11:04   So I went with fifty one

00:11:06   centimeters. Okay. But none of this matters. Wow. Because in comes Will. Wow. Now, again,

00:11:14   Will's image suffers from some of these issues here. It's a low quality image,

00:11:18   and it's taken from an angle. But using some, like, almost like CSI-like enhancing, I am putting

00:11:29   Will's thigh at 56 centimeters. Wow. Will. Which is eight centimeters longer thigh than Dylan.

00:11:40   So I am currently crowning at 56 centimeters Will as the royal finest. Congratulations Will.

00:11:49   Apple make an iPad studio just for you. You can put it on that thigh.

00:11:55   You know what I'm saying?

00:11:57   So that's the follow-up for today's episode.

00:12:00   Can we

00:12:03   just make a pact that this is over now?

00:12:05   No, because you do this every now and again like Green Gate.

00:12:10   Mmm, you know, but Green Gate was a real deal affecting real people. This is a real deal. This is a real deal.

00:12:16   This is a real deal. These people have big thighs.

00:12:18   So would you, you know what? We're just gonna see what happens. Maybe it's the end of it, but I can't say.

00:12:24   This is gonna end with a thigh measuring contest on stage somewhere. I agree with this. Yes. I agree

00:12:31   We need to get like a laser thigh measuring tool

00:12:33   You can get like real precise about it

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00:14:15   the show and relay FM. The next thing in the document just says "T.G. Surprise" and

00:14:21   there's no bullet under it. So we're asked to clear time in today's show for this.

00:14:25   I should take about 10 to 15 minutes, I guess. Well, depending on if you guys have questions

00:14:31   or not. We'll find out. We'll find out. So I said many times that I would like to see

00:14:36   Apple get weird, right? It's a recurring expression here on the show and it's a wish that I really

00:14:44   believe in. I would like to see Apple get weird and do things that normally I wouldn't

00:14:48   expect from Apple. And I think that's unfair. Like I've been thinking about it, like, why

00:14:53   should I just want Apple to get weird? I should also get weird. Like I should lead by example

00:15:00   in terms of doing weird things that people would not expect from me. Right?

00:15:04   You want to put your best thigh forward in this conversation.

00:15:07   Exactly. So out of that desire to get weird and because of peer pressure from Steven Hackett,

00:15:15   I now have an Apple Watch Ultra.

00:15:16   Hey!

00:15:17   Oh!

00:15:18   Dude!

00:15:19   Yeah, I've had it for the past few days and I have thoughts.

00:15:27   This is not what I was expecting at all. I had some like theories of today's episode.

00:15:33   This was not one of them.

00:15:35   Uh-huh. I'm glad I was able to surprise you.

00:15:38   What did you go for?

00:15:39   Uh, so I was taking a look at the, uh, the three configurations that you can get,

00:15:47   and the only band that made sense to me, I think it's the one that Steven got, the Ocean one.

00:15:54   Steven has all of them, Federico, so you have to narrow it down.

00:15:57   I'm wearing the Ocean band today, though, in white.

00:15:59   Okay.

00:16:00   I got the white Ocean band.

00:16:03   Yes, Watch Twins.

00:16:05   Yeah. So, um, and I mean, so, okay, a bunch of thoughts that I saved privately, uh, in

00:16:13   my, in my notes app so that I could...

00:16:15   Which is what? What notes app today?

00:16:17   So this is a whole thing that I will...

00:16:20   Okay, nevermind. We can't go into it today.

00:16:23   No, no, no. You made fun of, you make fun of me for like, which is what, what's the

00:16:28   the Notes app today. Actually, I've been using this for like four months and I haven't talked

00:16:36   about it anywhere because it's part of a thing that I'm planning for Mac Stories and the

00:16:40   club. I've been using Notion for the past four months and I haven't changed at all.

00:16:47   I've been just refining this setup over and over and it was a huge learning curve for

00:16:54   me in December, but I haven't switched since. So I've been using the same thing for four

00:16:59   months and I'm still learning my way through. Anyway, we'll talk about this story for another

00:17:03   time. Sorry for another time. So yeah, I've been saving thoughts in Ocean and I'm looking

00:17:07   at these thoughts right now. So I love the look I thought and I was concerned that it

00:17:13   was going to look weird on my wrist. Turns out that it actually looks very nice. Yes,

00:17:20   I wouldn't call myself as a small person.

00:17:25   So I think, you know,

00:17:26   given the relative size of my wrist and my hands.

00:17:28   - Measure your wrists.

00:17:29   (laughing)

00:17:32   - I don't have the equipment.

00:17:34   It looks nice.

00:17:35   It looks really nice on my wrist.

00:17:37   I was concerned that the increased width of the watch

00:17:42   was gonna cause problems with my tattoo

00:17:44   that almost extends to the wrist area,

00:17:48   but no, that's fine.

00:17:49   the tattoo doesn't go there. So it doesn't cover the sensors. I love the...

00:17:56   That's unbelievable to me that like that is... I understand why that doesn't... why that's

00:18:03   an issue, right? That the light can't pass through and it can't use the sensors. But

00:18:08   it is still just surprising to me that after all these years there is not a way around

00:18:12   that.

00:18:13   I mean I think it's just the way light works.

00:18:15   Yeah, no, no, I get it. But like, they, you know,

00:18:18   what I'm just saying is so many smart things are done,

00:18:20   so many advancements in technology and how stuff works, etc, etc. Right?

00:18:24   And it's just surprising to me that this is one that has not been able to be solved.

00:18:29   Love the titanium. Just love the general look.

00:18:33   The flat display that is bigger, you know, chef's kiss. I totally love it.

00:18:38   And the fact that it's raised above the body of the watch,

00:18:43   I really like the look, I gotta say. I really like the look and the orange detail on the action

00:18:48   button and on the digital crown. That's, I think it's really nice. The crown guard takes some time

00:18:56   to sort of adjust to, I think. It felt kind of weird after seven years of Apple Watch.

00:19:03   It almost felt like I couldn't reach the side button or the digital crown because of the crown

00:19:10   Now I'm used to it, but it took some adjustment, especially in the first couple of days.

00:19:17   I still kind of struggled to find the position of the side button, but again, it's seven

00:19:22   years of muscle memory versus like five days, four days of Apple Watch Ultra.

00:19:28   So it'll be fine.

00:19:30   Other thing that I love, the battery life.

00:19:32   That was probably the main reason why I was, and I mentioned this on the shows, like I

00:19:38   getting tired with my Series 7 Apple Watch anyway. Basically this thing I can just top

00:19:44   it up every couple of days and it's fine. Like you can use it for two days and then

00:19:49   you top it up for like 30 minutes. I have a fast charger on my nightstand and it goes

00:19:54   on for another two days. It's perfect. This is exactly what I wanted and I've been really

00:19:59   happy with that aspect. I have tried to go all in once again on the sort of lifestyle

00:20:06   of what if I just want to go out with an Apple watch with cellular mode? Will I like it compared

00:20:14   to when I last tried it three, four years ago with the Series 5 or something? And the

00:20:24   answer is I like it better, but it's still not perfect. And the still not perfect is

00:20:30   mostly, well, two things. There are still some apps that do not have support for standalone

00:20:37   mode on the Apple watch. So apps that do not work if you just run them on the Apple watch

00:20:45   without an iPhone nearby. So many apps still do not have that support. In fact, if you

00:20:52   have suggestions for me for standalone watch apps, please send them my way. And the second

00:20:58   problem, which is a very specific problem I think for especially I would guess European users,

00:21:04   WhatsApp. So WhatsApp, you will get notifications if you're away from home without the iPhone,

00:21:14   with just the Apple Watch with you, you will get notifications. Supposedly you can reply to them,

00:21:20   because I haven't tried this, but I saw the reply button. However, there's no WhatsApp app for Apple

00:21:27   Watch. I tried to install one of those like third-party WhatsApp clients from the Apple

00:21:35   Watch app store. It didn't work. They basically faked their way into being like web clients

00:21:43   and the one that I got called WhatsApp, I believe. It doesn't work in standalone mode.

00:21:52   Otherwise, the apps that I tried, I had a pretty good experience. Love Pocket Casts.

00:22:00   Pocket Casts, I already mentioned how I really like it on the iPhone. It's got a design that

00:22:05   makes sense for me. The Trim Silence option, the sound effect with the Med Max setting,

00:22:15   it works really well. And I love Pocket Cast even more on the Apple Watch,

00:22:20   because it just worked.

00:22:22   So it automatically picked up my episodes

00:22:25   in the up next queue.

00:22:27   No need to do any weird dance of like,

00:22:30   make these episodes,

00:22:31   specifically send them to the Apple watch.

00:22:33   No, it just picked the episodes from the up next queue,

00:22:37   synced my position.

00:22:38   So when I walked out of the house in the morning

00:22:40   to walk the dogs,

00:22:41   I connected my AirPods and picked up where I was listening.

00:22:44   When I was back home,

00:22:45   I closed Pocket Casts on the watch,

00:22:48   brought it up on the iPhone,

00:22:50   waited like three seconds.

00:22:52   It synced my position from the watch

00:22:54   and I continued listening on the iPhone.

00:22:56   It was perfect.

00:22:57   I love it. - That's cool.

00:22:58   - Another app that, now, here you are allowed

00:23:02   to make fun of me because I still haven't made

00:23:04   a decision about task managers.

00:23:08   I was looking for, like, I've been looking for a task--

00:23:10   - Even though there was a decision to be made.

00:23:13   - This will make more sense once I will finally finish

00:23:18   this bigger story that I've been working on.

00:23:20   I needed to find a task manager

00:23:23   that is truly cross-platform,

00:23:25   that works on iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Windows, the web,

00:23:29   like something that is everywhere.

00:23:32   And of course, Apple Watch.

00:23:33   And now you may be surprised by how short the list

00:23:38   of task managers that run natively everywhere

00:23:42   and sync fast, like with good performance,

00:23:46   and have a native watch client, like that list is really short.

00:23:52   There's one choice.

00:23:53   There's one, well, what do you think the choice is?

00:23:55   Todoist.

00:23:57   Or TicTic.

00:23:58   It's the only one, right?

00:23:59   Or remember the milk.

00:24:00   TicTic.

00:24:01   Thank you, Steven.

00:24:02   OK, so there is more than, but Todoist does all that, right?

00:24:05   No, it won't work in standalone mode.

00:24:09   And broadly speaking, it was much, much slower.

00:24:14   Even when the iPhone was nearby,

00:24:17   it wasn't as fast as TicTic.

00:24:19   I've been really impressed by TicTic.

00:24:22   Works everywhere.

00:24:23   It's got desktop clients, iPhone, iPad app.

00:24:27   It's been featured by Apple a bunch of times.

00:24:29   I believe MKBHD uses it.

00:24:31   - That's the only place I know it from, honestly.

00:24:33   - Yes, yes. - It's like,

00:24:34   yeah, I know it's what MKBHD uses.

00:24:35   - On the Apple Watch, it's incredible.

00:24:36   It runs in standalone mode and you open it,

00:24:39   it syncs over cellular, your latest changes.

00:24:43   You can create tasks and they will show up basically immediately on another device.

00:24:49   So I've been using that.

00:24:50   Whoa, it has an Eisenhower matrix.

00:24:53   Yes.

00:24:54   What does that mean?

00:24:55   It's got all those features that honestly I don't use.

00:24:57   Habit tracking, focus timer.

00:24:59   It does too much.

00:25:00   What is an Eisenhower matrix?

00:25:02   It's like to divide your day into like low to highest priority items.

00:25:08   Damn.

00:25:09   I think.

00:25:10   No idea.

00:25:11   And shortcuts.

00:25:12   Obviously, one of the reasons why I approached Notion in the first place is the same thing

00:25:18   I just mentioned about a task manager. I wanted to have something that would allow me to capture

00:25:23   information and have it be available everywhere, no matter the device I was using. Now, I still

00:25:32   use Obsidian as my text editor. I will probably never stop using Obsidian as my text editor.

00:25:38   I just love the thing so much for markdown writing. It's perfect for me. But for note-taking,

00:25:43   one of the big downsides of Obsidian, and maybe this will be fixed in the future, I

00:25:47   don't know, but Obsidian doesn't have a web API. Obsidian is just, it's an app, and if

00:25:55   you want to capture information, and this is especially problematic on Apple platforms,

00:26:00   the app needs to be running in the in the foreground, basically. And so when I was thinking

00:26:06   about like, well, how can I put together a system to capture information on my watch?

00:26:14   Let's say that I'm walking the dogs and I have an idea and I want to save that idea.

00:26:18   Well, most people would say, well, you can use drafts and that works, but drafts is only

00:26:23   on Apple platforms and I've been using Notion instead. So I have been putting together,

00:26:31   and this will actually be an automation academy class in the future.

00:26:35   I've been putting together a series of shortcuts for Notion, and this is why this is incredible

00:26:41   for me.

00:26:42   I created a simple shortcut that uses the Notion API.

00:26:46   It lets me, if I'm using the iPhone or iPad, it lets me type something.

00:26:51   If I'm using the Apple Watch, it also lets me type something, which is one of my complaints

00:26:56   about watchOS.

00:26:57   When did Apple switch from dictation being the default mode of text input to the keyboard being the default mode?

00:27:06   They have it exactly backwards, in my opinion.

00:27:09   I like the keyboard, but I understand.

00:27:12   No, on the iPhone you have the keyboard and dictation is an option.

00:27:17   On the watch, they should do the dictation as a default and the keyboard is an option.

00:27:21   Well, remember for me right now, my microphone is broken, so maybe I'm biased.

00:27:25   - I can't do it.

00:27:29   - In any case, I created a shortcut

00:27:31   that lets me dictate something.

00:27:33   I just need to press the microphone button.

00:27:35   And the thing I didn't know is that shortcuts now

00:27:38   on the Apple Watch, it runs in standalone mode,

00:27:41   even and especially shortcuts that make a web request.

00:27:46   So my shortcut to save something to my note in Notion

00:27:50   where I drop ideas and thoughts,

00:27:53   It totally works in standalone mode.

00:27:56   I was walking the dogs, saved a couple of things,

00:27:59   came back home, opened the Notion web app,

00:28:01   and those notes were there.

00:28:03   No iPhone involved.

00:28:05   So that was pretty good.

00:28:06   Like, yeah, I have a complication on my watch face

00:28:09   and I tap it and I dictate something,

00:28:11   and that line of text,

00:28:14   I can access it immediately from any platform.

00:28:17   That was pretty good.

00:28:19   What is bad is that running shortcuts on the watch

00:28:22   could still be a lot better.

00:28:24   You can add a specific shortcut as a complication

00:28:28   to your watch face, but every time you tap it,

00:28:31   it says run shortcut,

00:28:33   and you need to confirm by tapping a run button.

00:28:37   - Boo.

00:28:39   - Remove that confirmation step,

00:28:40   or at least let me remove it.

00:28:42   Like maybe enable it by default,

00:28:45   but let me go into the settings and say,

00:28:47   when I run this on the watch,

00:28:49   I don't want that extra step.

00:28:51   I agree with having the step, in case you accidentally knock it, but let me make that decision as to whether I want that as a thing. I agree with that.

00:29:03   Capturing tasks and notes, really fun with tick-ticks and shortcuts while in cellular standalone mode.

00:29:11   Managing notifications on the watch, still silly, still bad.

00:29:16   Why is the clear all button at the top of your list of notifications?

00:29:22   I do not understand.

00:29:24   Why do I need to scroll all the way up to clear my notifications?

00:29:28   I don't get it.

00:29:30   And the action button.

00:29:31   I like it.

00:29:32   I've been using it like Steven as a way to toggle the flashlight quickly.

00:29:37   It works really well.

00:29:40   It's actually been very useful, like I was walking around the house at night and I needed

00:29:44   to find something and just click the action button and the flashlight comes on and it

00:29:48   removes that tiny bit of friction from swiping up to C control center and finding the flashlight

00:29:55   toggle.

00:29:56   It's nice, but I wish I could, and Underscore was actually mentioning this on the latest

00:30:04   really good episode of Upgrade with you, Myke.

00:30:08   And I agree with underscore suggestion of like, I wish the action button could be more

00:30:15   sort of programmable in the sense of like, let me choose different behaviors in different

00:30:20   contexts. Like maybe if I'm on the watch face, I want the action button to do this. But if

00:30:25   I'm using a workout app or if I'm using, I don't know, a weather app, I want the action

00:30:32   button to do something else. Like more sort of conditions maybe to sort of tweak the behaviors

00:30:39   of the action button depending on what you're doing on the watch. That would be cool.

00:30:42   I think it's cool that you both have found like a use that you like from the button,

00:30:48   which is to turn the flashlight on. I will say as a non-Apple Watch ultra wearer,

00:30:54   that is a ton of real estate for a not massively helpful action, like from my perspective.

00:31:01   Yeah, but the button is flush on the side.

00:31:05   But still.

00:31:06   If you just look at it, it's like an orange lozenge.

00:31:08   It's not...

00:31:09   My point is I'm just not convinced that if that's the most useful thing that you two

00:31:14   can find to do with it, that it's been really well thought out.

00:31:18   Oh.

00:31:19   Just kind of going on what Federico's saying.

00:31:22   There are three buttons on the thing, and one of them turns on the flashlight.

00:31:26   I'm not sure that that is that useful.

00:31:31   I don't really think of the Apple Watch as a flashlight device, you know?

00:31:35   Like sure it can do it, but it would be more useful to me if it did something which is

00:31:40   inherent to like what watchOS is.

00:31:44   I don't know what that is, but it just seems like a strange thing to me.

00:31:49   It's like, oh I have this button, this button, it turns on the flashlight.

00:31:53   I'm like, what flashlight?

00:31:54   Well it just illuminates the screen.

00:31:56   Okay.

00:31:57   You know?

00:31:58   That's fair.

00:31:59   you both have found a use for it. Federico, how do you feel that the Apple Watch Ultra fits in with

00:32:05   your general fashion aesthetic? I think it's pretty, it's pretty all right. The color goes

00:32:12   with pretty much anything and it comes down to the... Including the orange? Yeah, I mean I got,

00:32:18   I got orange on my arms. True, you're a very colorful boy. Yeah, I'm very colorful. So yeah,

00:32:24   the orange works and it mostly comes down to band choice. So I may have to check out some other

00:32:33   new options now that I have this watch. But yeah, I think it works pretty well for me. I think it

00:32:40   works all right, especially with the orange and the colors of the tattoos around it. Yeah.

00:32:45   This is not what I expected at all from today's episode.

00:32:48   Well, I'm glad. I'm glad.

00:32:51   Yeah, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

00:32:52   It's the best Apple Watch ever made.

00:32:55   Once again, Federico and I have done something awesome and Myke won't join us.

00:32:59   Here's my thinking.

00:33:01   I had this thought. I was considering it again recently.

00:33:03   I'm just going to wait until the next one now.

00:33:06   I'm like six months away.

00:33:08   Right? Like I'm six months away.

00:33:10   I will want to upgrade my Apple Watch for sure this year.

00:33:13   And so I want to I want to see what they got to offer,

00:33:16   because if Apple does what I want them to do, which is to redesign

00:33:19   the standard one that might be more enticing to me than the ultra so I don't

00:33:27   want to make any decisions right now on it I'm the boring one I guess okay every

00:33:32   group needs a boring one I'll be the boring one people in the discord are

00:33:36   wondering will they update the ultra this year I think they will I think that

00:33:40   having like one Apple watch fall out of step update wise it's not the low-end

00:33:47   one doesn't make any sense. I think it's like saying are they gonna update the iPhone Pro

00:33:50   this year? Like yes, there will be a new Ultra this year and it will just get whatever new

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00:36:27   (horn honking)

00:36:31   We don't have time for that.

00:36:33   - No, no. - Yes we do.

00:36:34   No, we have the Jeremy's to play.

00:36:36   Oh, we do have the Jeremy's to play, don't we?

00:36:40   Oh my God.

00:36:41   Welcome back to the quizzies.

00:36:43   Oh my God.

00:36:43   Where now we are taking the Jeremy's

00:36:47   inside of the quiz-y umbrella.

00:36:49   What?

00:36:50   Pointing points on the line.

00:36:53   Wait.

00:36:54   Every year when Apple introduces its new emoji,

00:36:59   they, Federico stays hidden

00:37:01   from what these emoji will look like.

00:37:04   because once the emoji are released to the world on this show,

00:37:07   we play a little game where Federico has to try and guess the names of said

00:37:12   emoji. We've been doing this for many years.

00:37:14   The twist this year is for every emoji that Federico gets is correct.

00:37:19   He will score five points in the Jarett in the quizzes

00:37:24   for every, well, we remember we're small now, right?

00:37:28   We're not going big anymore. It's small points.

00:37:30   For every Emojida, Federico guesses incorrectly.

00:37:34   He will, Steven will score 10 points.

00:37:37   - Ooh. - Oh no.

00:37:38   - Now Federico, I am basing this on your previous,

00:37:43   there are two reasons for this.

00:37:45   One, it is based on your previous experience,

00:37:48   you're good at this.

00:37:49   Two, Steven has zero agency in this game.

00:37:52   So I feel like this is how we're gonna play this

00:37:55   and we'll see how it goes for the future.

00:37:57   - Wow.

00:37:58   We currently stand at Federico on 360 points in the 2023 quizzes,

00:38:03   and Steven at 400 points.

00:38:06   We have the image as provided by Emojipedia.

00:38:10   These are Apple's official images for the new,

00:38:14   smaller set of emoji that are finding their way into

00:38:19   iOS. This is in iOS 15 point, wait,

00:38:23   what are we on now? 16.4.

00:38:25   Hang on, hang on. We have something to deal with here.

00:38:28   A bunch of people are saying that Federico cheated,

00:38:30   that he had a post on Macedon about this.

00:38:32   Did you cheat?

00:38:34   - No, I haven't looked as always.

00:38:35   I haven't looked at the names.

00:38:36   - What could he have cheated about?

00:38:37   - He could have looked at the blog post.

00:38:39   - I posted the article that John wrote on Mac stories.

00:38:43   - This happens every year.

00:38:45   He doesn't read them.

00:38:46   We go through this every year.

00:38:47   - Yeah.

00:38:48   Do you normally read what John posts on your website?

00:38:49   Just out of curiosity.

00:38:51   - Yes, I normally do.

00:38:52   I normally edit everything, but not this one.

00:38:55   - This is very normal.

00:38:56   Like every year we'll say,

00:38:57   are but there was this post and Federico say I didn't read that part like okay I

00:39:01   just wanted to I just wanted to address it because the discord was getting spicy

00:39:04   well they do they like to get upset you know but this time we're not gonna pay

00:39:09   any attention to them so here's what we're gonna do we got the nut we've got

00:39:12   the image here I think it should be in your podcast app of choice if you want

00:39:15   to follow along but it'll also be links in the show notes to these images so you

00:39:19   can get them for yourself Federico you have the image here in our show notes

00:39:23   We're gonna start from-- - And I'm making,

00:39:25   I am making a bold claim.

00:39:28   - All right.

00:39:29   - I will, a bold, really bold claim.

00:39:32   - Okay.

00:39:32   - I will get more than 80% of these correct.

00:39:37   - Ooh, I would like to maybe,

00:39:40   like I'm gonna suggest something here

00:39:42   that we've not done in the quizzes before,

00:39:44   but rules are fluid.

00:39:46   Are you willing to wager some points on that prediction?

00:39:50   So 80% out of 21 should be more than 16, correct?

00:39:55   16 out of 21.

00:39:58   - Here's what I said, so you've got to get 16 out of 21.

00:40:00   Steven, how many do you think he's gonna get?

00:40:02   Do you think he'll get more or less than 80%?

00:40:06   - Less.

00:40:07   - Okay, so we are gonna wager this then.

00:40:08   We're gonna wager this.

00:40:09   So there are double points available.

00:40:12   - Okay.

00:40:13   (laughs)

00:40:14   - Whoever's correct.

00:40:15   - I love the chaos of this.

00:40:17   - All right, so I'm gonna rephrase this

00:40:19   this is getting complicated. So for every emoji that Federico guesses correctly, he will score

00:40:32   five points in the quizzes. For every emoji he guesses incorrectly, he will... Steven will score

00:40:41   10 points. If Federico scores more than 80% of the, like, correctly guesses 80% of the names,

00:40:49   he will get double his points. If it is less, Steven will get double his points.

00:40:54   That's how we're doing this. I love it. Okay. I love it. Okay. Okay. So. Alright. And by the way,

00:41:01   the post that people are referring to in the Discord is, and this is so silly,

00:41:08   Cable Sasser was asking if the iOS keyboard put in an emoji if you typed "honk" and I typed "honk"

00:41:17   and I'm pretty confident that "honk" is not the name of this emoji. I mean, come on, it doesn't

00:41:22   take a genius to understand what this emoji is. And it doesn't matter anyway because the name,

00:41:27   the official name might as well be different and I would wager money that it's not gonna be "honk".

00:41:33   Here's the thing, here's the thing, and I want to restate what we're doing here.

00:41:36   Federico has to guess the official names as given by the Emoji Consortium of the... what is it called?

00:41:47   The Unique Code Consortium? The Emoji Illuminati. Oh and we forgot, by the way, this is called

00:41:56   the Jeremy's in honor of our fallen friend Jeremy Burge. We forgot to do the honorific at the

00:42:02   the beginning, this is in honor of fallen creator of emoji Jeremy Burge, we named the

00:42:09   Jeremy's after him. I got too excited with the quiz part and we did not do the correct

00:42:13   honoring of Jeremy at the beginning of this segment.

00:42:17   Okay, so to go back to the addendum to the rules, if I get more than 80% of these correct,

00:42:26   I double my points.

00:42:27   Correct, but if you get less than...

00:42:29   If I don't...

00:42:30   Stephen's points get doubled.

00:42:32   Okay. I love this and I love that you've embraced this, the two of you.

00:42:37   So we're starting with the first emoji, Federico, what is its name?

00:42:42   Okay. Okay, so we're looking at...

00:42:46   These are not my official guesses. I'm just telling what I see.

00:42:52   This is a so we know that they call this face. This is this is a face that is sort of

00:42:58   Rolling or shaking I guess it's meant to describe when you're like

00:43:04   Agitated or nervous or something? I can't work out what this is meant

00:43:09   Like what is this one will be used for like, well, I don't know where I'll use this one yet

00:43:14   Yeah, I think it's one that will find its own meaning over time

00:43:19   Yeah. Once the teens get it, we'll know what it means. Oh, you know what? Yeah, you're probably right. I am going with

00:43:25   shaking face

00:43:28   We can we can harmonize for this how great if you don't know why we just did that

00:43:35   Forget it

00:43:39   Explaining at this point that is five points to Federico shaking face is the correct name

00:43:46   Next up we have three hearts. Now we already... so the second one, the first one in this list of hearts

00:43:53   There is already a blue heart in the iOS keyboard

00:43:58   So I'm gonna go with the obvious light blue heart

00:44:03   That's a correct answer, another five points. And on that note, I'm gonna guess grey heart

00:44:16   This is too many hums. This is too many hums. We're humming too much. You can just...

00:44:20   Steven, you can just tell if this is correct or not.

00:44:22   That was correct. Great hearts is another five points. 15 points. You're flying through them.

00:44:28   Okay, and the next one should be pink heart.

00:44:32   Correct.

00:44:34   Okay.

00:44:36   Now...

00:44:37   These two hands...

00:44:42   Okay, so just like with the face, we know that they're gonna use "hand" in the official name.

00:44:48   Maybe. Is it a hand?

00:44:51   So this is a... so, well, yeah, I think it's a hand.

00:44:56   So the... and they do... because I have been tricked by this emoji before.

00:45:01   I believe it was like with something... last year, there was something like facing left and facing right.

00:45:10   There was something along those lines.

00:45:12   But this is a hand.

00:45:15   And a hand doesn't face.

00:45:18   [Laughter]

00:45:21   I mean, I don't know.

00:45:23   Doesn't hand face?

00:45:24   You know, while we're taking this moment of deliberation,

00:45:27   I was just preparing for inevitabilities in our document later on, okay?

00:45:31   So we're doing about an 80%, right?

00:45:34   80% of 21 is 16.8.

00:45:38   Are we rounding up or down?

00:45:41   Well, I don't know.

00:45:43   Okay, so we're rounding to 17.

00:45:45   Federico, you need to get 17 of these correct.

00:45:47   I just wanted to double check that first before we get to later on,

00:45:50   and then there's a court case, you know what I mean?

00:45:53   Okay.

00:45:54   So there are two hands, they're doing something in opposite directions.

00:45:59   So what is the meaning of this hand?

00:46:03   What's the meaning of this?

00:46:04   Like the gesture could be like to to stop

00:46:08   to push to

00:46:11   Touch yeah hand touching could be weird. I am gonna go with

00:46:19   number five

00:46:22   hand

00:46:24   pushing

00:46:26   Right

00:46:28   Myke that's up to you to decide because I actually can't judge these. Yeah. No, you've got skin in the game

00:46:34   You got skin in the game. So you're saying hand pushing right?

00:46:36   No, no, I'm not asking for you to change it. That's that's the answer. I'm gonna give you that answer. Yeah. Yeah

00:46:44   The answer is right woods pushing hand, huh?

00:46:48   I think that that the pushing for me was the part that clinched it when he said pushing

00:46:53   Cuz I wouldn't call that pushing there's no push. There's no push action. It was there's no push Jerry

00:47:00   Yeah, that just looks to be like rightwards like, I don't know.

00:47:03   No, but you are, see, it's the extended palm, it's the end of the wrist, like, that's like...

00:47:11   No, I get it, I get it, but what I'm saying, I'm giving you it, you're getting this.

00:47:16   Rightwards pushing hand is the name of this emoji.

00:47:19   Okay, can you do the opposite for the other one, leftwards pushing hand?

00:47:23   Yes, there you go, that's another five points.

00:47:26   Okay.

00:47:26   So cleaning up so far, six out of six correct.

00:47:29   look, this may go contentious, but like, no one would get Wrightwoods. Who would say that?

00:47:36   Wrightwoods? No.

00:47:37   Come on. It's the same problem we had last time with these. It really seems like that name is

00:47:45   not the best. And I think these will be used for high fives. That's like a high five.

00:47:49   Oh yeah, like I pull up one and then you go, "Oh, this is how you get a high five rejected, man."

00:47:55   You know, send the emoji and just never get it back?

00:47:59   You left hanging?

00:48:00   Or the other person does the fist bump emoji then it's awkward.

00:48:03   And that's sweet and that's awkward.

00:48:05   Yeah, that's so good!

00:48:06   You do the high five so one person sends a fist bump,

00:48:11   the other person sends a handshake like, ugh!

00:48:14   It'd be terrible.

00:48:16   We're on to emoji number seven.

00:48:17   Federico's got six out of six so far.

00:48:20   30 points.

00:48:23   Okay, now we're doing animals, it seems. So number seven. Well, you tell me.

00:48:31   Seems like it. Number seven, this is a moose.

00:48:34   Yeah, that's correct. It is in fact a moose.

00:48:38   Okay, number eight. This is a...

00:48:42   Oh, good boy. This is a donkey.

00:48:46   What did you say? Good boy.

00:48:48   Yeah, I like it. I like the guy.

00:48:51   That's another one. Donkey is correct. Federico, you're doing very well.

00:48:54   Stephen, how are you feeling so far in the game?

00:48:57   Not great. Not great, Jerry.

00:48:59   He's blowing through these.

00:48:59   Not great, Jerry.

00:49:00   Number nine. Now, this is tricky because to my eye, these are...

00:49:12   And this is not my answer, but these are sort of look like angel wings,

00:49:17   but that has religious connotations, and I don't know if they would call the emoji

00:49:24   "angel wings", but these are also like "feathered wings", and we are in the animal category.

00:49:31   Would they call them angel wings? These are wings, they could just... so I am torn between angel wings,

00:49:39   feathered wings and just wings. Oh boy. I don't think they would call them angel wings.

00:49:49   Well, whatever. I'm going with...

00:49:55   I'm going with feathered wings is my answer. The most tense that I've been so far.

00:50:05   I'm giving the points to Stephen.

00:50:08   Awwww.

00:50:08   This emoji is called "wing".

00:50:11   No!

00:50:12   Wing?

00:50:13   Now the reason I'm giving it to him is you gave it as one of your three possible answers.

00:50:18   So you knew it was out there.

00:50:20   Right? You said angel wings,

00:50:22   feathered wings,

00:50:24   wings.

00:50:24   It was possible for you, you know?

00:50:27   This is just wing.

00:50:29   I will say, angel wings, I see where you went there.

00:50:32   There are multiple angel emojis.

00:50:34   So like, you know, they could have done it, but that is a wing.

00:50:38   Okay. So that is 10 points for Steven.

00:50:40   This is one of those things where the scale of emoji is hilarious because that

00:50:45   wing is the size of a donkey, but also the size of a hand.

00:50:48   Why is the moose just a head? The donkey is a full animal.

00:50:52   So, okay. I thought about that when I saw these and I think because from the front,

00:50:57   front of moose is very noticeably a moose because it has its antlers and a donkey

00:51:02   you need to see from the side because a lot about what a donkey is and people's mind is the coloration why and from the

00:51:07   Front it was like it looks like a dumb horse

00:51:09   So you could show me you could show me a moose in the same profile as a donkey and I could work that maybe

00:51:15   But I think it's about like making it the most clear as possible

00:51:19   But yeah, I get what you're saying like it is

00:51:20   I mean there is maybe a great question as to why do we need moose and donkey emojis?

00:51:24   Like why I mean Canada's very excited. I have no doubt about the donkey. They love donkeys in Canada

00:51:31   Congratulations to Canada, you've got the donkey. No, I said donkey, you know.

00:51:35   Maybe they're excited about donkeys, too.

00:51:37   Could be. Emoji number 10. Okay, so we are looking at... this is not my answer. This is a black bird.

00:51:46   Now, is it a raven? I don't think it's a raven. I don't think ravens look like that. I mean, they're black,

00:51:54   but they also have black

00:51:56   beaks, whatever. What's it called? Nose beak?

00:52:00   - Beak. - Is it called a beak?

00:52:01   - Yeah. - Beak, yeah.

00:52:03   They have dark gray or black beaks, I think.

00:52:07   Ah, boy.

00:52:09   What is this creature?

00:52:12   I'm gonna say black bird.

00:52:14   - You are correct.

00:52:15   It is in fact a black bird, which is a type of bird.

00:52:20   - Number 11.

00:52:20   So I was second-guessing myself.

00:52:24   Like, again, not my final answer.

00:52:27   To me, this is obviously a goose.

00:52:29   I was second guessing myself like could it be a duck? No, it's not duck. Could it be a swan? No, it's not a swan

00:52:35   So I'm gonna go with goose

00:52:37   Correct. It isn't goose. It is a goose

00:52:40   Geez, he's for geez. Killing me

00:52:42   It's only 10 to 50

00:52:46   everything is still to play for

00:52:48   Because I think every for me at least we're like 11 out of 21

00:52:53   That was the easy part. It's getting ready to get harder

00:52:57   Yes, as it tends to be. The people, hearts and animals, that part we can, we got that

00:53:03   on lock. It's then the second half where it's, who could tell?

00:53:08   This is a, this is a weird one. First I thought it was like a fancy hat, like one of those

00:53:14   hippie hats. But then I realized like, it looks like, it sort of looks like, I think,

00:53:20   I think it's a fish given the animal category, but why does he have like the command icon

00:53:25   symbol on its head? Is it like command fish? That's what we need, another fish. Weird

00:53:31   fish, command fish. It's Weird Fish's cousin. This is... I mean, I don't know if... See,

00:53:37   the thing is, I don't know if this already exists. I guess not. I'm gonna go with the

00:53:41   boring answer. I'm gonna go with jellyfish. It's not just the boring answer, it's the

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00:55:25   Alright, at this point in the game, I'll give a reminder of where we are.

00:55:30   So Federico scored 55 points.

00:55:34   Steven has 10 points.

00:55:37   There are 21 total answers.

00:55:39   We have done 12.

00:55:41   So Federico has one of the four incorrect that he can, like if he gets to four incorrect,

00:55:49   that's when all the point doubling begins.

00:55:51   We're up to number 13.

00:55:53   So number 13, this is, this is, I think this is what my mom used to have in her garden

00:56:00   when I was little.

00:56:03   I'm not sure about the shape of the flower, but the color, I mean it reminds me of that.

00:56:09   Oh boy, they do have specific flowers in the emoji already. I'm gonna go with lavender.

00:56:19   I see why you won't move it.

00:56:21   It's not lavender?

00:56:22   It's not lavender. That my friend is a hyacinth.

00:56:25   Now, you may ask yourself why hyacinth? And Myke will say "I don't know".

00:56:30   I don't know! Why? We added one flower this year, it's the hyacinth.

00:56:35   Next move on! Like, I don't get it. I don't understand.

00:56:38   understand okay all right well that makes this very it's gonna come down I

00:56:45   think it is my friend I think it's gonna come down to the wire you're on to

00:56:49   number 14 all right so initially when I first saw this so when I saw it as a

00:56:55   tiny image on Mastodon I thought it looked I was very creeped out by it

00:57:00   because I thought it looked like a little withered baby but turns out this

00:57:05   This is actually ginger.

00:57:08   You'd be surprised.

00:57:10   It's actually wizard baby.

00:57:12   Can you imagine?

00:57:15   Very specific.

00:57:16   No, we got ginger.

00:57:17   Well, they chose hyacinth.

00:57:20   You got as a point correct.

00:57:22   That's another five points for Federico.

00:57:23   We got a number 15.

00:57:27   These are peas.

00:57:28   Okay, I know I have skin in the game, but peas would be like loose on a plate.

00:57:36   These are inside a pea pod.

00:57:40   And that's the name.

00:57:41   Pea pod?

00:57:42   This is a pea pod.

00:57:44   That's what this is?

00:57:46   Yes.

00:57:48   I'm sorry Federico.

00:57:50   It's not peas.

00:57:51   Peas are loose.

00:57:52   This is a pea pod.

00:57:53   I'm sorry Federico.

00:57:54   Okay.

00:57:55   another 10 points for Steven, bringing Steven to 30 points, you to 60 points.

00:57:59   You have three incorrect.

00:58:01   Oh, I have three incorrect.

00:58:03   All right.

00:58:05   So the next one.

00:58:07   So I think there's a, so this is in Italy.

00:58:11   This is what we call, this is not my answer.

00:58:13   This is what we call a hand fan.

00:58:16   And I think the hand modifier is necessary because I think that's already a,

00:58:20   an emoji for like a regular fan, like an, an electric one.

00:58:24   I should... are they gonna call it hand fan?

00:58:31   So the thing about the hand fan,

00:58:37   that is my main problem with this.

00:58:40   So I'm pretty confident that it's a hand fan.

00:58:42   But, and they show this in the image,

00:58:47   the hand fan, it's like this object that you can

00:58:52   like, fold? Like open and close? So they could probably, like, if they were extra evil, they

00:59:04   could probably go for like open hand fan or hand fan unfolded or just maybe like a folding

00:59:15   hand fan? It's open. Would you call it as an object a folding hand fan?

00:59:21   It's up to you, really.

00:59:22   Yeah, we can't answer any of these questions.

00:59:24   I'm enjoying the questions.

00:59:26   I'm gonna go with...

00:59:27   Uhhh...

00:59:28   Whatever.

00:59:29   Uhhh...

00:59:30   Can I get another one wrong?

00:59:31   I don't know how the math works exactly.

00:59:33   Like, if this is the fourth,

00:59:36   is that butt pursuit at 80%, right?

00:59:39   So I feel like...

00:59:42   What would it be then?

00:59:44   If it's a...

00:59:45   Folding hand fan.

00:59:47   If I could give bonus points,

00:59:50   I would.

00:59:51   Because I cannot believe you got that one right.

00:59:53   That is correct. Folding Hand Fan.

00:59:55   Nice.

00:59:56   That is...

00:59:57   That is incredible.

01:00:02   Yeah. So Kate's saying, and I'm going to go with Kate's ruling here,

01:00:05   you can get one wrong, but no more.

01:00:07   So you can get four, but that's...

01:00:10   Then you're at your limit.

01:00:12   I'm pretty confident that I can

01:00:15   that I can guess the other ones because I know these ones.

01:00:19   Okay, so the 17. I know this because I see Sylvia using it all the time.

01:00:24   She's been watching tutorials and videos like this is a hair pic.

01:00:29   Oh, nice. Yep, correct.

01:00:31   I was wondering about that one. Like, would you call it a comb?

01:00:35   No, it's not that. This is a hair pic.

01:00:37   Number 18.

01:00:39   I would be so ashamed to get this wrong.

01:00:42   As a long time Samba de Amigo fan,

01:00:46   These are Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Maraqas, baby.

01:00:49   Uh-oh.

01:00:50   No, you got it right.

01:00:50   I wanted to put some doubt into here

01:00:53   because you were so confident coming into that one.

01:00:55   [LAUGHS]

01:00:57   Number 19.

01:00:59   This is what I used to play as a kid in middle school

01:01:03   with questionable result.

01:01:06   This is a flute.

01:01:07   Correct.

01:01:09   Now, number 20.

01:01:10   What am I looking at?

01:01:12   Is this like a symbol for like a guild, like an RPG guild or something?

01:01:21   This must be some religious thing that, or like a country specific thing that I have no idea what it is.

01:01:32   It's, I don't know.

01:01:36   There's no point, right? I'm just going to give Steven the point. You won't get this, right?

01:01:40   So Stephen just gets the points. I am gonna say, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say, uh, three swords and

01:01:46   a circle. This is called the Kanda. It is the symbol of the Sikh faith, which attained its

01:01:52   current form around the 1930s during the Ghadar movement. I am so sorry for getting this wrong.

01:01:59   It's the first time in my life that I'm seeing this. I didn't know this by looking at it visually

01:02:03   too, so I will, I will, we will all go down with you on that ship if necessary. Okay. This is not

01:02:09   where I wanted to be. You're at 80 points now Federico. Steven you're at 40 points.

01:02:17   This is the final one. You have got your four incorrects. You have to get this

01:02:22   correct. Now I'm gonna tell you right now, alright? Now I'm just gonna say this. I

01:02:27   want the exact word. Yeah. Yeah. Alright I'm just saying this up front so

01:02:34   everyone knows, you've got to give me the exact wording for this to be correct.

01:02:39   Yeah, so this is problematic because then again, this is not my answer. It comes down

01:02:43   to two things. I think it could be Wi-Fi or it could be wireless. The problem is that

01:02:51   my instinct would go for Wi-Fi because it's what most people call it when they see this symbol.

01:03:00   this symbol they go like oh that's wi-fi the issue is that i believe wi-fi is like the name of

01:03:10   another consortium or alliance or organization whatever so like i am i have concerns

01:03:20   about using the name wi-fi as like what they call it with the proprietary i mean most people

01:03:28   would call it wi-fi. This is another like, like, this is like the peapod. Nobody's gonna call it

01:03:35   a peapod. What say? Can you pass me the peapod, please? I mean, the, also the fact that it's blue

01:03:45   shouldn't, I don't think blue is in the name with these symbols. They just have the name.

01:03:51   Wi-Fi or... is there other options? Wi-Fi, wireless, wireless symbol? But they don't

01:03:59   use the word symbol in these emoji names. Like they didn't call it "canda symbol".

01:04:06   Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Wi-Fi is like a thing, like a product name or whatever.

01:04:14   And wireless, I mean, it's not like...

01:04:16   Uhhhhh...

01:04:18   If I get this wrong...

01:04:19   I gotta say, I had the idea to make this part of the quizzes during the ad break leading up to this.

01:04:26   Wow.

01:04:27   And I'm very happy I did it.

01:04:29   I had to very quickly create a new entry in my spreadsheet and get the button ready.

01:04:34   And I will say I'm proud of myself today. I've done good work today, I think.

01:04:38   My answer is wireless.

01:04:40   Damn it!

01:04:42   What?!

01:04:44   Federico, I thought you were gonna say wi-fi.

01:04:47   So at the end of the Jeremy's AK included in the quizzies, Federico takes 170 points.

01:04:56   Steven takes 40 points. If we now go to the total scoring, that puts Federico in the lead.

01:05:03   530 points to Steven's 440 points. Gentlemen, thank you for playing the quizzies Jeremy's version.

01:05:12   There you go, I found it. I found the name.

01:05:14   There it is. Quizzies, Jeremy's version. We did it.

01:05:17   - Well done, Federico.

01:05:18   I think this is the best that you've done.

01:05:20   There is a website for this, thejeremys.herokuapp.com.

01:05:25   There'll be a link to that in the show notes.

01:05:27   People can see how you've done in the past as well.

01:05:30   - Yeah, last year, 50%.

01:05:33   - About how many emoji?

01:05:34   - 38.

01:05:35   - Yeah, last year there were a lot.

01:05:37   This is definitely a smaller set, it feels like.

01:05:39   - Yeah, this was, do you remember the small set

01:05:41   because of COVID, I think this is it.

01:05:43   - Okay. - Mm.

01:05:44   Supply chain is using emoji.

01:05:46   - Oh no, that was the spring 2021 one, yeah.

01:05:49   But I hope for more emoji in the future,

01:05:52   but that was a darn good game today.

01:05:54   - Great idea, Myke.

01:05:56   - Do you wanna wrap up a couple of little things

01:05:58   that are in 16.4 real quick?

01:05:59   Because that's where this was from,

01:06:01   and there were a few things I want to get your two opinion

01:06:04   on these, 'cause there's some interesting stuff

01:06:06   going on in 16.4, which I can't believe

01:06:09   we're getting new features this close now to WWDC, right?

01:06:12   Like it's kind of wild that we're doing,

01:06:14   that that's happening.

01:06:16   But we got web push notifications.

01:06:18   So now apps that you add to your home screen,

01:06:23   web apps that you add to your home screen

01:06:24   can now send you push notifications.

01:06:26   Can websites send you push notifications in the same way

01:06:29   or does it have to be added to the app, like as an app?

01:06:33   Do you know, either of you?

01:06:34   - I think it needs to be added as an app

01:06:37   then you can control it via focus modes as well. Yeah, it gets focus mode control. If you have those

01:06:43   like sweet solution apps on your home screen, they can badge with notifications and third-party

01:06:49   browsers can now add these web apps to home now as well. Which is kind of silly because a third-party

01:06:56   browser adding PWA to the home screen, it's still going to be running off a web kit right now. Oh,

01:07:04   Maybe. I mean, maybe they'll fix that.

01:07:07   Exactly. Like maybe that's in preparation for, you know,

01:07:10   it's a good point. Edge and Chrome and Firefox, they ship their own engines in June.

01:07:15   Like this might be part of getting ready for that, right? Yeah. That makes sense.

01:07:18   I've also seen speculation that this is Apple kind of hedging like, "Oh,

01:07:24   if you don't want to be in the App Store, the web is just as good." You know,

01:07:28   you can get notifications on the web now.

01:07:30   It's funny. We're going back to that conversation.

01:07:33   Yeah, it's what they said when the iPhone first came out.

01:07:38   Oh yeah, that is kind of fun. I hadn't thought of it that way.

01:07:43   How would you call it? A sweet approach? Sweet strategy?

01:07:47   Sweet monopoly?

01:07:49   Sweet setup?

01:07:50   There was a...

01:07:51   Sweet congressional avoidance. I think might be what we're looking for here.

01:07:59   Sweet Europe.

01:08:00   Apple podcasts is getting a bunch of features. So the channels is the thing that got introduced

01:08:06   kind of as part of the Apple podcast subscriptions thing. Like it's a way that you would have

01:08:12   the subscriptions you could pay for like a channel so you get like a bunch of shows in

01:08:15   one subscription. But you can also have channels created in Apple podcasts without subscriptions.

01:08:20   Relay FM has a channel. It's basically all the Relay FM shows. Channels will now appear

01:08:25   in the library section as like a top level part of the navigation. So you can more easily

01:08:29   find content from publishers you already enjoy, which I think is a nice addition.

01:08:32   Good idea.

01:08:33   Up next is adding the ability to resume episodes, start saved episodes, remove episodes you

01:08:39   want to skip, and also includes episodes of shows you're not following in Apple Podcasts.

01:08:45   Oh finally, yeah.

01:08:46   This is good, this is good.

01:08:47   Yeah, because so many times you find something, you start listening, but later it just disappears

01:08:51   from up next.

01:08:52   This is one of those things that when I read I was like, "Oh, it didn't already do that?

01:08:55   Like, it feels like it should have been doing that."

01:08:58   All Mastodon previews now appear in Messages. They work fast on that. Bravo to the Messages

01:09:04   team on that one. Focus modes can control the always-on display.

01:09:09   I was right about this months ago. This was a pick before your time, I think.

01:09:16   Yeah, another of those. So this is now a focus filter, right? So you

01:09:19   can, as part of when you're setting up a focus mode, either turn on or off the always-on

01:09:23   on display.

01:09:24   - Yep, yep.

01:09:25   - Shortcuts gains the ability to do this as well.

01:09:28   So you have always on display triggers and shortcuts

01:09:30   along with the ability to enable or disable Stage Manager.

01:09:33   - Yeah, but just that for Stage Manager.

01:09:37   Yeah, it seems--

01:09:38   - There's some more stuff, right, in Shortcuts Federico?

01:09:40   - Yeah, it seems that Shortcuts,

01:09:42   like the Shortcuts team is mostly focusing,

01:09:44   and I mean, that was also true in 16 to an extent,

01:09:47   but they are focusing on bringing settings.

01:09:50   Just any setting that you can enable and disable

01:09:52   from the settings app should also have

01:09:55   related shortcuts action.

01:09:56   There's more for setting the VPN.

01:09:59   There's another for, what else did they add?

01:10:02   There's another two, I mean, they added actions

01:10:05   for like locking the screen, shutting down your device.

01:10:09   In general, they've added a bug.

01:10:10   - I can't believe they're letting you shut down

01:10:12   your device for shortcuts.

01:10:12   - There are some fun ideas there for automations

01:10:15   for like iPads that run like in the home.

01:10:18   - Also just for griefing your friends.

01:10:20   (laughing)

01:10:21   Oh yeah, or there, or there.

01:10:23   You know, you create a shortcut

01:10:26   that looks like the Facebook icon.

01:10:28   Every time someone taps it,

01:10:30   they turn off their phone.

01:10:32   Or you put it, you tie it to like the tap back thing.

01:10:38   So you tap the back of your phone the wrong way

01:10:40   and then your phone shuts down.

01:10:41   (laughing)

01:10:43   My phone keeps turning off.

01:10:46   Interesting.

01:10:47   You could also do something like one of those shortcuts

01:10:49   that you run when the police pulls you over,

01:10:52   and you do a bunch of things and then shut down the phone.

01:10:56   I could imagine some shortcuts that do that.

01:10:58   There are still no actions on the iPad for managing Windows,

01:11:02   so you can only just enable and disable Stage Manager.

01:11:05   But the Find Windows action,

01:11:07   that when I saw the Stage Manager action,

01:11:09   I was like, oh yeah, I'm sure now they also brought over

01:11:11   the Find Windows action from macOS,

01:11:13   but no, still nowhere to be found.

01:11:17   On iPad, I saw some new options for choosing the icon of a shortcut.

01:11:22   So now when you go into the choose icon screen,

01:11:26   you can now switch between different versions of the shortcut's icon

01:11:32   and a custom icon.

01:11:35   It's like you have a control to switch between two versions of an icon.

01:11:39   I think it's pretty well done.

01:11:40   - I'm sorry, I don't know what that, I don't follow what that means.

01:11:43   Yeah, so for example, open a shortcut that you have on your phone.

01:11:47   Yep.

01:11:48   Are you on 16.4?

01:11:49   No, I am.

01:11:51   Okay, so open a shortcut and a shortcut that has at least a bunch of actions in it and

01:11:58   go to the choose icon screen.

01:12:02   On mine, but this is weird because it seems like it's only possible for some.

01:12:07   Oh, I see what they have done.

01:12:09   So for shortcuts that have one action only, you can now switch between a custom icon with

01:12:17   a custom glyph or the shortcuts icon with the default shortcuts logo in different colors.

01:12:26   When you say the default shortcuts icon, like the actual shortcut...

01:12:30   The two squares.

01:12:31   Yeah, it starts with that.

01:12:34   Oh, okay.

01:12:35   Yeah.

01:12:36   Huh.

01:12:37   This is kind of weird.

01:12:38   I don't know.

01:12:39   Why? I thought you were going to say maybe it included the icon of the app that's involved.

01:12:46   Yeah, in this other shortcut, which is a single open URL action, it's a Safari action. When

01:12:53   I go into the Choose icon screen, now it lets me choose between the Safari action or a custom

01:13:00   icon.

01:13:01   Oh, so you could...

01:13:02   The Safari icon, sorry.

01:13:03   It's just Safari?

01:13:04   Or a custom icon. Just Safari.

01:13:06   So I've got a shortcut that gives me a menu and it opens whatever Google Doc I choose.

01:13:11   So I have one for each of my show notes and the URLs are Google Docs URL.

01:13:16   So the iPhone opens them in Google and the Google Docs app, but it still gives me the

01:13:19   Safari icon because it's a, that's fun.

01:13:22   A URL URL.

01:13:23   Uh, I've seen, I've seen other shark, other shortcuts in my library that, uh, they just

01:13:29   start with the default shortcuts app icon.

01:13:33   Yeah.

01:13:34   Like this.

01:13:35   and I'm sending you another image.

01:13:37   Like, they start with this,

01:13:39   and then you can actually change it.

01:13:41   - Okay, so it's just, it is actually the shortcuts icon,

01:13:44   but you can change the colors of it.

01:13:45   It's letting you change the colors of it.

01:13:47   - This is so weird.

01:13:48   - That's cool, at least.

01:13:50   So wait, is that a dynamically changing icon?

01:13:54   They've, that's interesting. - No.

01:13:57   No. - No?

01:13:58   - But, and it's inconsistent,

01:13:59   because this option appears sometimes,

01:14:03   and sometimes it doesn't.

01:14:04   I don't know.

01:14:05   you're able to change the colors of the shortcuts icon like the app icon no oh

01:14:10   it shows you the color picker but you can't do anything with it okay okay no

01:14:15   okay no the homekit architecture upgrade is returned with 16.4 so get that one

01:14:23   another go there it seems like it's time to phase out developer profile so when

01:14:29   you want to if you're if you're in the developer program and you want to

01:14:32   install iOS 17, let's say 16.4.17 or whatever.

01:14:37   You have to go to the website, you download a profile,

01:14:41   it's like a whole thing.

01:14:41   Now they're just tying it to your Apple ID.

01:14:43   If your Apple ID is opted in, you can just go into settings

01:14:47   and be like, give me the beta, right?

01:14:49   - Yeah, there's some interesting things here.

01:14:52   A lot of developers will have an Apple ID

01:14:54   specifically for development that they don't stay logged

01:14:58   into on their devices.

01:15:00   So I don't know if there's gonna be an option

01:15:02   to add your developer ID like separately,

01:15:05   like you can have a separate purchase Apple ID still,

01:15:08   or how that'll work.

01:15:10   I mean, what they're trying to do is keep people

01:15:12   who aren't developers out of the developer beta.

01:15:14   - Considering the public beta is like a week behind,

01:15:16   like how much of a problem is it?

01:15:17   Like if it's gonna cause problems really, is this worth it?

01:15:19   Like the profile system is fine, but we'll see.

01:15:22   It doesn't bother me, right?

01:15:24   Like you guys are probably the same.

01:15:25   My Apple ID is what I use for the developer betas.

01:15:30   but you're right, I can imagine it being an issue

01:15:33   if you're like your developer Apple ID

01:15:36   is tied to your testing devices.

01:15:38   But then maybe you don't need it.

01:15:41   I don't know, we'll find out.

01:15:42   - Yeah, I'm curious to follow this

01:15:44   as we get into the next big beta cycle this summer.

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01:16:31   thigh measurements. Please don't. Unless you really want to. Unless you can beat...

01:16:35   Well that's it, you've got to beat the thigh to beat, which is 56 centimeters. If you can't

01:16:39   beat 56 centimeters, I don't want to see your thighs. But if you can, I want to see

01:16:44   them. Someone clip that out and put it on the web. What he said.

01:16:49   I'll stand by it. Want to see those thighs? Take it out of context, I don't care, I'll

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01:17:28   I get that right?

01:17:29   I can't remember which way the i goes,

01:17:31   if it's like in the handle or in the URL.

01:17:33   - In the URL?

01:17:35   No, it's mike.social and then i-mic.social.

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01:18:00   And until next week, guys, say goodbye.

01:18:03   - Bye to get there to you.

01:18:04   - Cheerio. - Bye, y'all.