441: You, John and My Wife


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00:00:02   - From Relay FM, this is "Connected", episode 441.

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00:00:16   I'm one of your hosts, Federico Vittucci,

00:00:18   and it's my pleasure to introduce the returning,

00:00:22   regular co-host of "Connected", Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:25   Hello, Stephen, welcome back.

00:00:27   - Hey Federico, how are you?

00:00:28   I'm good. We missed you. How are you?

00:00:30   I am a good, it's good to be back.

00:00:33   Good energy right there. Okay.

00:00:34   Yes. And I am quiet. You've been introduced yet.

00:00:40   Just cannot do it. You just cannot do it.

00:00:41   He can't be contained. Uh, we're also joined by Mike Hurley.

00:00:45   Hello. Hi. Hey Mike. Hello. How are you?

00:00:50   I'm good. I feel like you had something specific to say to me. It's like,

00:00:54   Hey Mike.

00:00:55   - No, I don't.

00:00:56   We have real time follow up.

00:00:58   - Uh oh.

00:00:59   - Like super real time happened 10 minutes ago,

00:01:02   but we were doing the pre-show.

00:01:03   - GetConnetPro.com.

00:01:04   - iOS 16, yes, GetConnetPro.com.

00:01:07   See iOS and iPadOS, 16.4 beta 4

00:01:12   are both out for developers and I guess also WatchOS.

00:01:16   tvOS and the HomePodOS betas were released yesterday

00:01:22   for whatever reason.

00:01:24   - iOS, yeah, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS are out now.

00:01:28   I already have 16.4 beta four on my phone.

00:01:32   I don't see anything new.

00:01:34   I just assumed they're wrapping up this release.

00:01:36   - This is good follow up then.

00:01:38   - Well, I just wanted to tell you.

00:01:39   - 16.4.4 is out and there's nothing new.

00:01:42   - I'm just gonna tell you.

00:01:43   It's out, go visit software update.

00:01:47   You're gonna find it.

00:01:48   - Get the bits.

00:01:49   - Get some fresh bits, fresh hot bits on your device.

00:01:52   I am preparing for updates on my iPad Pro.

00:01:56   I'll let you know in a few minutes if I see anything new.

00:01:58   I don't suppose I will, but I'll still let you know.

00:02:02   End of the real time follow up.

00:02:03   - Do you think they fixed stage manager?

00:02:05   - Yes, they fixed it all.

00:02:07   They made every window resizable and yeah, yeah,

00:02:11   it's all in there in the beta four.

00:02:14   Yeah, this very specific beta, it fixes stage manager, yes.

00:02:19   - Apple is in on the long thigh.

00:02:22   - I know, it took him so long.

00:02:24   - Apple had a, and it may still be the top,

00:02:27   anyways, at some point during the yellow iPhone release,

00:02:30   which already feels like it was a thousand years ago,

00:02:33   there was an illustration on apple.com

00:02:38   of a person with a big yellow phone

00:02:41   stepping over some buildings

00:02:43   and their thigh is magnificent and long.

00:02:47   - It's the longest thigh.

00:02:48   They would be the thigh to beat, let me tell you.

00:02:50   - Yeah, but it's cheating, you know, it's made by Apple.

00:02:54   So it's, you know.

00:02:55   - That right there is the thigh to beat.

00:02:57   - Yeah, that's a massive thigh.

00:03:00   - And then just yesterday, Apple published a video

00:03:04   called "Hello, Yellow," just an advertisement

00:03:06   for the yellow iPhone 14, using the same illustration,

00:03:10   but now it, you know, moves and has music and stuff,

00:03:12   and you can see the long thigh in action.

00:03:14   So Apple clearly is following our lead once again.

00:03:17   - Long thigh, tiny head.

00:03:19   That's my ideal person right there.

00:03:22   Love it.

00:03:22   - That's the ideal human form.

00:03:24   - Yeah, it's the golden ratio of the human form.

00:03:28   You got yourself a long thigh, a tiny head, you're set.

00:03:32   Perfect. - You're good.

00:03:33   You're good.

00:03:35   - Yeah.

00:03:35   - Moving on to AR/VR.

00:03:37   Ben wrote in, this is fascinating.

00:03:39   Could Apple use the Apple Watch

00:03:42   for more precise hand tracking with the headset?

00:03:45   They do have precise hand tracking

00:03:47   for the Apple Watch for accessibility use.

00:03:49   - Yeah.

00:03:50   - It's called Assistive Touch.

00:03:52   This is a series of gestures you can use

00:03:55   to navigate your Apple Watch.

00:03:58   And so some of the examples are you can tap your index,

00:04:03   finger and thumb, you can do that twice,

00:04:05   you can close your hand in a fist

00:04:08   and the watch can monitor and I guess recognize

00:04:12   when that happens and then translate those to actions

00:04:16   on the screen.

00:04:16   really cool system and Ben tied it to this headset.

00:04:21   And I think the idea of using the Apple Watch itself

00:04:25   for this probably doesn't make sense

00:04:26   'cause as Mike wrote in the show notes,

00:04:27   are you going to wear two Apple Watches?

00:04:29   Like, underscore does.

00:04:30   - You stole my--

00:04:33   - I credited you.

00:04:34   Hat tip, Mike Hurley.

00:04:35   - No, you stole the honor.

00:04:37   Yeah, okay.

00:04:38   - Yeah, but you stole it.

00:04:39   I wanted to be the one to eviscerate Ben's feedback.

00:04:42   You know what I mean?

00:04:43   - I know, I'm not eviscerating his feedback.

00:04:45   I think his feedback is good.

00:04:46   No, I wanted to say like, this is one of those scenarios

00:04:50   where you see one thing and just like,

00:04:52   it must be connected to the other thing.

00:04:55   You know, it's just like, what are you gonna do?

00:04:56   Like you only do hand tracking on one hand?

00:05:00   - On your dominant hand.

00:05:01   What if they could use this assistive touch

00:05:04   with something like, you know,

00:05:07   their inside out tracking or,

00:05:09   I don't think they're gonna have hand controllers.

00:05:11   Maybe they'll have hand controllers, who knows?

00:05:13   - Well, no, 'cause the, what's going on there

00:05:16   It's actually using the sensors because they're attached to your wrist and it's like it's noticing physical changes in your hand movements

00:05:23   Like it's not a camera, but could they I mean they've built all that

00:05:28   It's just it was an interesting thing to touch on because I think

00:05:31   Some of the latest rumors are like you're gonna type in the air. It's like what are you doing Apple?

00:05:36   Everyone has hand controllers for a reason two Apple watches though

00:05:41   That's why that's why the headsets so expensive is it comes with two Apple watches in the box think about that

00:05:47   It's like there was previously a rumor that it would require air pods Pro

00:05:52   To work so imagine if it's like yeah, you should use this but you need to buy two Apple watch ultras and airports Pro

00:05:59   Yeah, so it's actually

00:06:01   $5,000 by the time you've got all the stuff that you need which reminds me Federico of the original PlayStation VR

00:06:07   Where it's like, oh yeah, just buy the headset.

00:06:10   You also need the camera and the move ones,

00:06:13   which no one can buy.

00:06:15   - Ramon says to Apple Watch Series 3,

00:06:17   that's why they quit selling it.

00:06:18   They were putting them in the boxes for the headset.

00:06:21   (laughing)

00:06:22   - I mean, you'll be lucky if it comes with,

00:06:25   you know what they'll probably do,

00:06:26   they're gonna put a cable in it

00:06:27   because it's gonna run on battery power.

00:06:30   But if you're, like it's gonna be a super short cable,

00:06:33   like a 90 centimeter cable.

00:06:34   If you want a slightly longer cable,

00:06:36   it's gonna be like $70 from the Apple store.

00:06:39   Like what if I wanna put the battery pack on my couch

00:06:43   and I wanna have like a two meter cable

00:06:45   or a three meter cable. - It is.

00:06:47   - That's gonna be an extra upgrade from the Apple store.

00:06:49   - Timothy also wrote in about the AR/VR stuff,

00:06:52   just really just complimenting you Federico

00:06:55   about using these products and kind of making the,

00:07:00   making the real like opportunity

00:07:03   for your mind to be changed, I think.

00:07:05   I think the three examples he gave opened the door to a world of new apps.

00:07:09   It's just the kind of thing you have to try first.

00:07:11   No, thank you. Thank you, Timothy. Yeah. That's nice. Thank you. Appreciate it.

00:07:15   That was my goal. Yeah. Yeah.

00:07:17   Big news. Big news, everyone. Spotify HiFi,

00:07:21   announced in February, 2021 is still coming.

00:07:27   Quote from the Verge. This is, uh, so we announced it,

00:07:32   but then the industry changed for a bunch of reasons,

00:07:34   Soderstrom once said. - For one reason.

00:07:37   - We'll get to that one reason in a minute.

00:07:39   So this is a quote from Spotify co-president,

00:07:43   Gustav Soderstrom.

00:07:45   - So I think it's Soderstream is what you're looking for.

00:07:48   - Oh my God.

00:07:49   - There you go.

00:07:50   Thank you for saying that joke.

00:07:52   So I didn't have to say it.

00:07:53   And therefore you're the bad one.

00:07:55   Soderstrom said on the latest episode

00:07:57   of the podcast "Decoder,"

00:07:58   "We are going to do it, but we're going to do it in a way

00:08:01   where it makes sense for us and for our listeners.

00:08:04   The industry changed and we had to adapt.

00:08:06   We want to do it in a way where it works for us

00:08:08   from a cost perspective as well.

00:08:10   I'm not allowed to comment on our label agreements

00:08:12   nor on what other players in the industry did

00:08:15   for obvious reasons.

00:08:16   Basically what happened here is Apple introduced Lossless

00:08:19   and made it free.

00:08:20   - Yeah.

00:08:21   - Clearly not what Spotify was going to do.

00:08:24   Spotify also does not have spatial audio of any kind.

00:08:29   And so The Verge in this article was,

00:08:33   this article written by J Peters and Chris Welch

00:08:37   at The Verge were like suggesting that maybe

00:08:40   Spotify will do some kind of like high end audio plan

00:08:44   that would include these features, you know,

00:08:46   and you pay more for it.

00:08:48   I would still say that's probably not a great idea

00:08:50   because like everyone else is doing it for free.

00:08:53   Like Amazon does it for free, Apple's doing it for free.

00:08:56   I mean, obviously it's clear why these companies can,

00:08:59   because this is not their business.

00:09:02   This is Spotify's business.

00:09:05   So talking about spatial audio and stuff,

00:09:07   I cannot recommend enough a recent episode of the Vergecast

00:09:12   where Nilay Patel interviews Patrick,

00:09:16   is it Spence?

00:09:20   I'm trying to find the name in the article now.

00:09:22   I really apologise.

00:09:23   Patrick Spence, who's the CEO of Sonos, and Giles Martin, who is George Martin's son and

00:09:31   legendary record producer who works for Sonos, which I didn't know was a thing.

00:09:37   Wow, okay.

00:09:38   He is Sonos' head of sound design and has worked there for years because they just introduced

00:09:44   two new products, the ERA 100 and the ERA 300.

00:09:47   And so basically they spend a ton of time talking about these new products and spatial

00:09:55   audio because Charles Martin also consults with Universal.

00:09:59   So he is doing spatial audio from both sides.

00:10:02   It's fascinating.

00:10:04   You touched on this, but I want to circle back to it.

00:10:06   I think it really shows Spotify's position being kind of fragile because Apple and Amazon,

00:10:16   they can absorb these costs

00:10:17   in their other lines of business, right?

00:10:19   I can't imagine Apple loses money on anything they do,

00:10:23   but clearly moving to the higher bit rate

00:10:28   and the coding and everything,

00:10:29   like clearly that is costing them something

00:10:32   in terms of labor and paying with and everything,

00:10:35   but they can take the hit because the margins are built in

00:10:37   and they have other lines of business, right?

00:10:39   - I actually think that the cost is still at record levels.

00:10:42   - Maybe. - I think that's

00:10:43   where the cost is going.

00:10:44   'Cause I think that's what Spotify is hinting at.

00:10:46   - Maybe, but wherever the money ends up going,

00:10:48   the point is, this is all Spotify has.

00:10:52   And so they can't like leverage other parts of the business

00:10:55   against a decision here.

00:10:56   And so they're kind of stuck,

00:10:58   which stinks if you're Spotify.

00:11:00   - Yeah, and I mean, the thing is,

00:11:01   they cannot even charge for a more premium experience,

00:11:06   like a more boutique experience,

00:11:09   because like Apple and Amazon are doing it for free.

00:11:12   And those are, you know, especially Apple is the big player

00:11:15   that Spotify is going up against.

00:11:17   And so obviously you cannot go higher

00:11:20   than high-res lossless because like,

00:11:22   it's just, it's a silly thing.

00:11:24   Like that's the sort of the top quality file format

00:11:27   that you need to match and Apple is not charging for it.

00:11:31   So if you're Spotify, you're already in trouble

00:11:32   because you're like, well, our biggest competitor

00:11:35   put it out for free, so now we cannot ask people for money.

00:11:38   One potential approach could be,

00:11:40   Well, what if you really go after the audiophile community

00:11:44   and you try to sort of design this more boutique,

00:11:47   this more premium experience around lossless music

00:11:52   and high resolution lossless music?

00:11:55   And the thing is, I just don't see Spotify doing that.

00:11:58   Like, for example, Cobhuse, a music streaming service

00:12:03   for audiophiles that we mentioned here on the show

00:12:05   before.

00:12:07   They are a relatively small company,

00:12:10   but it's been around for years.

00:12:11   And they have their own audience.

00:12:13   They're very specialized, because they

00:12:15   had the idea of combining the music streaming service, which

00:12:19   by itself is not differentiated at all in this market anymore.

00:12:24   And it's a music streaming service

00:12:25   with different tiers of lossless music that you can pay for.

00:12:29   And high res, of course, is the more expensive one.

00:12:31   But in addition to that, they had the insight

00:12:35   of doing a magazine.

00:12:37   So you also get editorial content,

00:12:39   like deep dives into albums, artist interviews,

00:12:42   and all that sort of stuff.

00:12:44   And they have a digital store where

00:12:46   you can buy albums for your own personal music collection.

00:12:50   So you can keep them in high res,

00:12:53   sort of like Flack or other formats, I don't recall.

00:12:56   So the insight is, well, we're just going to own the space,

00:12:59   and we're going to go after the superfan

00:13:02   of this kind of stuff.

00:13:03   And the problem is Spotify is not the kind of company.

00:13:07   So they wanted to offer this as a premium add-on

00:13:11   for the mainstream Spotify service,

00:13:15   and now they cannot do that anymore.

00:13:16   But they also cannot put together a more niche offering,

00:13:22   because that's just not in Spotify's DNA.

00:13:26   They want big numbers.

00:13:27   They want tons of people.

00:13:28   They want tons of users.

00:13:29   So now they're stuck.

00:13:30   And when they're saying it's coming eventually,

00:13:33   I think it's going to be eventually.

00:13:36   eventually meaning when they can figure out

00:13:38   how to put it out for free.

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00:15:27   So two years ago, Apple bought a classical music streaming service named Primephonic

00:15:32   and announced that they would be launching a standalone app for Apple Music subscribers

00:15:36   by the end of 2022. It's now March 2023 and this app is currently available for pre-order

00:15:43   on the iPhone. So it's here boys, Apple Music Classical, are you ready to rock out to some

00:15:51   - Fuck.

00:15:52   - Can't wait to do it.

00:15:53   I'm gonna be lining up for March 28th.

00:15:56   No, but seriously, I mean, this is not for me.

00:16:00   - I feel like of the three of us,

00:16:01   you would maybe be the one who would be most interested.

00:16:03   - I'm gonna play around with it because it's-

00:16:06   - Or Steven might because this was the music

00:16:07   of his childhood.

00:16:08   - Yeah, right.

00:16:09   I mean, you know, his high school memories, you know,

00:16:12   with some Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

00:16:14   I mean, you know, he's all over that kind of stuff.

00:16:17   I am gonna check it out because I'm keen to see

00:16:19   what they did in terms of mixing and matching.

00:16:21   Like one of the things about Primephonic

00:16:24   and sort of the promise of Apple Music Classical

00:16:26   is like different ways to browse the same piece

00:16:28   by conductor, by orchestra,

00:16:31   because classical music has different requirements

00:16:33   than regular pop music.

00:16:35   And so I'm gonna check it out,

00:16:36   if only from a design perspective,

00:16:39   I wanna see what they've done.

00:16:40   And the podcasts that they should have,

00:16:43   the interviews, the editorial curation,

00:16:46   I am gonna be playing around with this.

00:16:48   Obviously I don't normally listen to classical music,

00:16:52   so this is not for me,

00:16:54   but I'm also gonna be on the lookout

00:16:56   for like expert opinions.

00:16:58   There's a few Mac stories people that I know of

00:17:01   that have been waiting for this.

00:17:03   So I think this is really interesting.

00:17:05   Probably took longer than expected

00:17:08   to rebuild the service and come out two years later

00:17:12   and it's pre-order iPhone only.

00:17:15   And they haven't even committed to a Mac or iPad version yet,

00:17:20   but to an Android one they have.

00:17:22   That is perhaps the most surprising part of this for me,

00:17:25   is that the Mac and iPad are just left out in the cold.

00:17:28   I get that most people listen to most of their music

00:17:31   on their iPhone.

00:17:32   I think that's probably true.

00:17:33   But this type of music listener, this type of consumption,

00:17:37   is a little bit different than I think,

00:17:40   how the three of us listen to music.

00:17:42   and not having on the Mac and the iPad

00:17:45   like limits those options for people.

00:17:48   And it's like, also it's two years,

00:17:50   like what are you even doing?

00:17:52   - I had a theory on App Stories, I think last week.

00:17:57   - It was in App Stories Plus, in fact.

00:17:59   - App Stories Plus, okay, so I'm just gonna mention it here

00:18:02   for free, unconnected.

00:18:05   My theory is that they're gonna do an Android version

00:18:08   for a couple of reasons.

00:18:10   The first one is if folks that have an Android phone,

00:18:15   because of the nature of Android

00:18:17   and because most Android phones,

00:18:20   if not all Android phones at this point have a USB-C port,

00:18:24   it's much, much easier and more versatile

00:18:28   than the iPhone and iOS to use external equipment

00:18:33   like an external DAC and good headphones

00:18:36   to enjoy this kind of music than with an iPhone.

00:18:40   you just have much more freedom in terms of hardware

00:18:42   that you can connect to your phone.

00:18:44   You can use high resolution Bluetooth codecs.

00:18:48   Those are also a thing that you can do on Android,

00:18:50   like LDAC and aptxHD, I think it's the name.

00:18:55   You just have more freedom.

00:18:56   And the second theory sort of related to this is,

00:18:59   Android, it's not just on phones,

00:19:02   it also runs on those sort of dedicated audio file

00:19:07   portable music players, such as the one that I have.

00:19:11   So folks who maybe have their own personal music collection

00:19:15   and they have a dedicated portable music player,

00:19:18   like for example, my Astell & Kern one.

00:19:21   I used to have a Sony Walkman one,

00:19:23   and then I upgraded to one made by a company called

00:19:26   Astell & Kern.

00:19:28   And it runs on Android.

00:19:29   And because it's Android, you can install Apple Music,

00:19:32   you can install Tidal, you can install

00:19:35   Rune, which I have in my home.

00:19:38   And so making Apple Music classical on Android

00:19:41   also means you're going after that niche market of people who

00:19:46   have an Android-powered device.

00:19:48   And the theory should be that on that sort of device,

00:19:51   you will be able to install Apple Music because, you know,

00:19:54   with the software update, the Apple Music app

00:19:56   could be certified by the likes of Sony, Astell & Kern,

00:20:01   Fio, which is another company that makes these devices.

00:20:04   They're all based on Android, and so now you can enjoy classical music on your dedicated music device.

00:20:11   So I think that's why they're doing it on Android, second.

00:20:14   I think this is a fascinating theory with a perspective I never would have had, right?

00:20:19   So I think it's good that you have it and can bring it to the show.

00:20:22   But nevertheless, it surprises me that if that is the case, that they would care more about that than iPad.

00:20:30   Does it surprise you?

00:20:32   No, it does. I get it. I get the joke, right? But I just kind of can't get my head around

00:20:41   why there is... So for the Mac, whatever, right? You know what I mean? Whatever.

00:20:47   But for the iPad too, whatever.

00:20:49   This is like a... There's like a history of this, right? Just apps on iOS and they're

00:20:54   not on the Mac. But it's just super weird to me that they've yet to have... They don't

00:21:00   have an iPad app, nor is there any news of one coming, but there is news of an Android

00:21:06   app coming. It's just like, it just priority-wise just sounds so weird to me, but there's obviously

00:21:14   something that I'm missing. You know, like obviously I think part of it is what you're

00:21:18   saying Federico, that like this is Primephonic driving this, but I, we were talking about

00:21:23   this on upgrade and someone wrote in to say like Primephonic had an iPad app and a Mac

00:21:29   So like what's going on? Like at some point they thought it was important when

00:21:33   Prime Pho- because you assume right, Prime Phonic is developing this like the

00:21:38   Prime Phonic team that was bought by Apple is making this right? You would

00:21:42   assume because otherwise why'd they do it right? So it's kind of like Beats

00:21:47   right? When like they bought Beats, brought Beats in, had the Beats team make

00:21:51   Apple Music. It's probably the Prime Phonic team making Apple Music classical.

00:21:55   So it's just like, I don't know, it's strange.

00:21:57   Maybe they like, maybe it's just like,

00:21:59   it's as simple as it is in the face of it.

00:22:01   They're obviously late making the app.

00:22:03   And so they just prioritized.

00:22:05   And so these, maybe they'll come later,

00:22:07   but they've fallen by the wayside for now.

00:22:09   But it's still just kind of like, sad.

00:22:13   - I did not have it being announced

00:22:15   as a app store pre-order.

00:22:18   Like, I think that was the way this was gonna go.

00:22:20   - I don't even know why they did that.

00:22:22   Like, no, there was like,

00:22:24   They didn't put anything on the newsroom, right?

00:22:26   So there's no press release, but they put it up as a pre-order.

00:22:29   If you look at the Apple newsroom, you know, there's plenty of space

00:22:32   also for this kind of announcement.

00:22:34   They put a lot of...

00:22:36   Yeah, crap.

00:22:38   I didn't want to say that, but they put a lot of content on the newsroom.

00:22:43   And I mean, this should have at least, you know, be...

00:22:46   No, but it's just like any company, right?

00:22:47   Like, sometimes they're just putting up things which just like so few people care about.

00:22:53   but they put them up anyway, right? Because it's press releases.

00:22:56   They won't put the one thing that I really want to know on the newsroom.

00:23:00   When is WVDC?

00:23:01   When is WVDC? Apple.

00:23:03   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:23:04   Maybe they got to get this out the door first and then they can turn their attention to WVDC.

00:23:08   You know what? Maybe. Maybe that's what it is.

00:23:11   All eyes on Apple Music classical. But anyway, speaking of music, I have a very

00:23:19   small quick thing I want to mention. So we've been talking about Spotify. I've been using Spotify so

00:23:25   far in 2023 because of my new setup at home with the Echo and we talked about that Spotify Connect

00:23:32   and all that conversation. So this week I got a new Spotify design in the music section. So the

00:23:43   So the way that Spotify now works, in the main home tab, you have two sections at the

00:23:49   top that you can optionally click to sort of filter the main view.

00:23:54   You have music, which is the first one, and podcasts and shows.

00:23:59   If you don't click this, you stay in the main homepage design, which is a mix of all kinds

00:24:05   of content.

00:24:06   If you click into the music one, you just see music.

00:24:10   week I got a new design. The thing is with Spotify, because they A/B test so many things

00:24:17   and because they roll out things to a subset of users in the US first and later in the

00:24:21   rest of the world, I don't know if this is the TikTok-like design I'm supposed to get,

00:24:29   but it's a video-based design. So, see, and there's music playing with autoplay.

00:24:34   - It's doing as it should.

00:24:37   - It's doing its thing, and I'm getting to this.

00:24:40   So what I got this week, when I click into the music page,

00:24:44   is there's a grid of recommendations at the very top,

00:24:49   followed by Instagram-like auto-playing videos.

00:24:54   They're like Instagram stories.

00:24:57   They have like the little progress bar at the top,

00:24:59   and you can tap, tap, tap,

00:25:00   and you can switch back and forth between these videos,

00:25:04   Except they're not videos.

00:25:05   Well, they are videos, but they are songs

00:25:08   from a recommended album or playlist.

00:25:12   And they auto play.

00:25:13   And it's very easy to flick through all of this.

00:25:16   Like one swipe takes you to the next item.

00:25:19   It automatically centers in the middle of the screen.

00:25:22   Like for example, now I scrolled

00:25:24   and it took me to a recommendation

00:25:25   for the latest album by the 1975.

00:25:28   And it's playing a song.

00:25:29   If I tap, it takes me to the next song

00:25:31   in the album and so forth.

00:25:32   Now, most people hate this, right?

00:25:36   It's like, oh, why does Spotify need to, you know,

00:25:39   be similar to Instagram or be similar to TikTok?

00:25:42   Now, I'm not sure, again, I'm not sure this is

00:25:44   the TikTok design everybody's talking about

00:25:47   because it's not full screen.

00:25:49   I think the new one is supposed to be full screen,

00:25:52   but it's new to me regardless.

00:25:54   Like I didn't have this before.

00:25:56   It arrived a couple of days ago.

00:25:58   And I'm gonna tell you, I don't hate it.

00:26:01   Like, I actually find myself spending a lot of time just, you know,

00:26:09   flicking through these recommendations and be like, oh, this, like this small snippet, it actually...

00:26:13   Looking at these images, Federico, like on the Verge website, I think it might be,

00:26:18   because the images that they're showing, they're not like proper full screen,

00:26:23   but they have like the little lines, like an Instagram story post.

00:26:28   That's it. So I think that's what I got.

00:26:30   I sent you screenshots.

00:26:32   Yeah, this looks like what they released.

00:26:34   So it looks like you've got that new design.

00:26:36   I've got to tell you, I kind of like it.

00:26:37   Because it becomes a very quick way to see a bunch of recommendations,

00:26:42   immediately get some feedback from your action,

00:26:47   because you hear a snippet of the song.

00:26:50   You've got to believe that Spotify is using some kind of algorithm or AI

00:26:53   to determine the snippet of the song that sounds more enticing

00:26:57   and interesting to you and it works. Like you're flicking through and you're like "hmm, let me see

00:27:02   this" and you're here five seconds and you're like "yeah I wanna listen more of this" and so

00:27:06   you click in and you start listening to the full playlist or maybe that specific song.

00:27:10   It's actually quite nicely done and that leads me to the bigger topic of what's worse, trying

00:27:20   something new every so often. I mean Spotify tries a lot of designs. They have that sort of like

00:27:28   throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sick sort of UI approach. They change things a lot.

00:27:35   Some things don't make it to, you know, the real version of Spotify for the masses, and some things

00:27:41   they do. What's worse, doing that or being like Apple Music, which has been sort of stagnating for

00:27:48   for like five years at this point.

00:27:50   - I mean, I guess it depends on your taste.

00:27:52   It's like some people would want that, right?

00:27:53   They would want the staying.

00:27:55   So like, I don't remember what podcast I heard this on,

00:27:58   but I thought it was just like an interesting thing.

00:28:00   It's like, look, they're doing this for a reason, right?

00:28:03   Like they have the idea that people are gonna like this.

00:28:07   This kind of media is very popular in other places

00:28:11   and was, I'm sure also like, you know,

00:28:13   like when stories came around, there were people

00:28:15   that were like, "Oh, don't do this to my Instagram."

00:28:17   And then when TikTok existed and then Reels came around,

00:28:21   it's like, please don't do this to my Instagram.

00:28:22   But like everyone keeps doing it, right?

00:28:24   People keep consuming content this way.

00:28:28   There is like the idea of what people think they want

00:28:30   and what they actually do, you know,

00:28:32   like the algorithmic stuff in general.

00:28:35   And so like, this is just another example of that.

00:28:37   Like Spotify believe that this is an approach

00:28:40   that will increase engagement,

00:28:42   which is what they're looking for.

00:28:43   Like new music, it gives them the ability

00:28:46   to place kind of like paid music.

00:28:51   'Cause you know like music labels can pay Spotify

00:28:53   to have their songs included in playlists.

00:28:56   It's like one of the ways Spotify actually makes money.

00:28:58   And so it gives them another avenue to do that.

00:29:01   I don't necessarily think it's a bad idea.

00:29:05   I like Apple Music's simplicity,

00:29:09   but I know this wouldn't be for me

00:29:11   because I'm not a new music person.

00:29:14   Yeah, unfortunately you're not.

00:29:16   But you know, it's like I have people in my life that are very good with music

00:29:22   and they tell me stuff that's good and that's how I let new music into my life, right?

00:29:27   You, Jon and my wife, like you are the people that care about finding new music.

00:29:33   She uses Spotify, right?

00:29:35   She uses and loves Spotify, yeah.

00:29:36   Okay, yeah.

00:29:37   Because she loves the playlists.

00:29:41   Yeah.

00:29:42   And so she finds new songs in the playlists, she hearts them, it goes into this awesome

00:29:46   playlist that she has of her liked songs which she then curates, adds and removes stuff over

00:29:51   time.

00:29:52   It's a great playlist, we play it a lot at home, it's one of my favourite playlists.

00:29:55   But like that's how, and then I find new music that way, like I'm not really like a "I want

00:30:01   to explore and find new stuff" kind of person, like I just like music in that way.

00:30:05   I think most people in their mid-thirties, right?

00:30:08   I think it is rarer in our age to be on the hunt for new music.

00:30:15   I think typically people find their music in their 20s, right?

00:30:18   And then like, that's their music.

00:30:21   That's kind of where I am, but a little bit's in here and there.

00:30:23   And so like that, this whole thing is just not made for me.

00:30:27   It's made for people who like to discover music.

00:30:29   And I'm just not necessarily one of these people.

00:30:31   Stephen, where do you stand on this?

00:30:33   I don't use Spotify, but I don't like the new design.

00:30:36   and I am much more like you than Federico

00:30:38   when it comes to music.

00:30:39   I think I'm in between you,

00:30:40   but I think I'm closer to you in terms of,

00:30:42   I mostly listen to stuff that I discovered

00:30:45   from age 17 to 23,

00:30:48   but I branch out some.

00:30:51   - But I think this design really is tailored

00:30:53   to the type of person that Federico is, right?

00:30:56   Which is like, this is a quick way

00:30:58   for you to get the hooks of new songs.

00:31:01   And if you like those hooks,

00:31:02   maybe you will like more from this artist.

00:31:04   And so like, if I actually think that if that's what they're going for, which they are, right,

00:31:09   like this is a good way to demonstrate that, right?

00:31:11   Like, because as well, like, I know people like this.

00:31:14   I don't like that Spotify is now playing screen is typically music videos.

00:31:19   Yeah, like that really annoys me.

00:31:21   Like, I don't want that.

00:31:22   It's very nice.

00:31:24   It's cool looking.

00:31:25   If you like that, like that's good.

00:31:27   And that only further makes this a good thing for you, right?

00:31:31   where like it's more music video stuff

00:31:34   and it's like quick hooks of songs

00:31:36   and you can get an idea if you're gonna like them.

00:31:37   It's like a good way to like triage a bunch of new music.

00:31:40   Like I think that it, I think this will work for them

00:31:44   even though a lot of the like public opinion is like,

00:31:47   "Don't put TikTok in my Spotify."

00:31:49   And it's like, "Yeah, well stop using TikTok then."

00:31:52   You know what I mean?

00:31:53   Like you're using TikTok.

00:31:54   And so that's why they're doing this.

00:31:56   If you didn't want that, they wouldn't do this,

00:31:58   but you want that so they're doing this, you know?

00:32:01   This episode of Connected is brought to you

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00:32:24   Mike, you've been playing with this.

00:32:25   What are your thoughts on it?

00:32:27   - Yes.

00:32:28   Hello, my name is Mike Hurley,

00:32:29   and I'm here to tell you how good the new shortcuts

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00:32:33   So one of the things that I really like that they've done,

00:32:35   they've built a little shortcuts gallery.

00:32:37   So they have this page on their website

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00:32:42   And you can add these pre-built ones.

00:32:44   So they're using their new intents to build them.

00:32:47   And the one that I've been getting a ton of great use out

00:32:50   of is their duplicate template project action

00:32:54   that they've built. So you can make a project somewhere

00:32:59   in your things, like you can just create a project and then designate that in a shortcut

00:33:03   as to duplicate. And so it will create a new project with all of these things unchecked.

00:33:09   And so I use this, one of the ways that I use things the most, the place that I do use

00:33:13   it the most is I have a very long checklist of things that I do when I publish an episode

00:33:18   of Cortex. That's what I have now rebuilt with things in this new template project duplication

00:33:25   shortcut that they've made. So it's part of the overall shortcut that I run. So I

00:33:29   press a shortcut when I'm editing the show, it starts a timer, fires off this

00:33:34   shortcut, opens things and gives me this long checklist of things that I've got

00:33:37   to do, which is super awesome. But like I really like the way that they've done

00:33:41   this. I love that they've gone back to basics and redone their shortcuts.

00:33:44   They've done some really great stuff, but the duplicate template

00:33:48   project action is definitely my favorite. That's really cool and it is part of a

00:33:53   like you said, a wider effort on the part of things to really embrace shortcuts.

00:33:59   I think every app should do this.

00:34:01   I think things has done a really great job of it.

00:34:03   Some other examples, you can create full blown projects, edit existing data in the app.

00:34:08   You mentioned the template project stuff.

00:34:11   You can grab links to your items.

00:34:13   And of course, you can move data into things from other apps or send data back out.

00:34:18   If you head on over to the website, like Mike said,

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00:35:10   - So I have a surprise topic for the show.

00:35:13   - Yeah, sure you do.

00:35:13   - I was waiting for the sound effect.

00:35:15   Let's go. - Go on.

00:35:17   - Let's quiz it up.

00:35:18   - I don't want you talking about it.

00:35:19   No, no, no, no, no, no, seriously, this is something else.

00:35:21   So on last week's episode, right,

00:35:23   we were talking a lot about AR and VR stuff.

00:35:25   Steven, you weren't here, but--

00:35:27   - I listened, it was great.

00:35:28   - I know that you listened, you always listen,

00:35:30   you're good like that.

00:35:31   So we were talking a lot about like working in VR,

00:35:34   and I had some experiences that I wanted to share.

00:35:37   - Oh, so this is not the quiz.

00:35:38   (laughing)

00:35:39   Nah, see.

00:35:40   - Welcome back to the Quizzies, all right, my curly quiz.

00:35:45   My connected co-hosts randomly and by surprise,

00:35:49   and a variety of varying subjects.

00:35:52   My name is Mike Hurley, as I mentioned.

00:35:53   Your competitors, Steven Hackett and Federico Vittucci.

00:35:56   Hello.

00:35:57   - Hello.

00:35:58   - Welcome back to my podcast, "The VINNA Podcast."

00:36:03   Steven, in 2023, you were at 440 points so far

00:36:08   that you have allocated.

00:36:10   Federico, you were in the lead this year with 530 points

00:36:14   due to your great work with emoji guessing in the Jeremy's.

00:36:18   Today we are going to be doing round two of

00:36:22   Do the Passionate Ones Know You?

00:36:25   - Okay.

00:36:26   - I asked our audience, the passionate ones,

00:36:28   to answer a selection of questions.

00:36:30   I have totaled their answers,

00:36:32   and I will need you to guess what results

00:36:34   they are most likely to have given to those questions.

00:36:37   There are five total answers available for each question,

00:36:41   with points available starting at 50 points

00:36:43   for the most popular answer,

00:36:45   then going down to 40, 30, 20, 10.

00:36:49   I have eight questions today.

00:36:51   - Eight, okay.

00:36:52   - So they're in pairs like last time, right?

00:36:55   So we start, we are going to start today

00:36:59   with what phone does Federico use?

00:37:00   Then we will move on to what phone does Steven use?

00:37:04   And we go on from there.

00:37:06   So are you ready to begin with round two

00:37:10   of the passionate ones?

00:37:12   - Yes.

00:37:13   So I asked the connected audience, the passionate ones,

00:37:17   what phone does Federico Vatici use?

00:37:22   That was the question.

00:37:23   What phone does Federico Vatici use?

00:37:27   Steven, I've forgotten how I do this, who goes first.

00:37:34   The person, I think the person losing should go first.

00:37:37   - Okay. - Okay.

00:37:38   - And I think that's the way that I would do it now

00:37:41   and then throughout the game,

00:37:43   whoever's winning losing in the game will get the first guesses on each

00:37:47   question. Does that make sense?

00:37:49   That's fair. Yeah. So I will ask you, Steven,

00:37:52   what phone does Federico use?

00:37:56   The iPhone 14 Pro Max.

00:37:58   And I should say at this point, no colors, sizes of like,

00:38:03   storage or anything like that.

00:38:05   Yeah. iPhone 14 Pro Max.

00:38:07   The iPhone 14 Pro Max.

00:38:12   That was the top answer.

00:38:14   Yeah.

00:38:15   50 points.

00:38:16   Go to Steven. But you need to

00:38:18   remember that something being

00:38:20   correct is not necessarily

00:38:22   what people will say.

00:38:24   Right.

00:38:25   You know what I mean?

00:38:26   OK, so I'm going to go next and

00:38:28   guess the other answers

00:38:30   to this question.

00:38:31   Oh, yeah.

00:38:32   There are there are five answers

00:38:34   available.

00:38:34   They are incorrect.

00:38:35   It doesn't matter again.

00:38:37   OK, I feel like I need to restate

00:38:40   this because this is important,

00:38:41   especially for this particular game.

00:38:43   I know we had, we had some set up issues last time.

00:38:46   Yeah.

00:38:47   Yeah.

00:38:48   I don't.

00:38:49   Yeah.

00:38:50   I have asked a question.

00:38:51   What people have answered is what they have answered.

00:38:54   It does not matter if they are correct.

00:38:56   Like Steven not only got the top answer, it was the correct answer, but it just happened

00:39:00   to be the correct answer.

00:39:01   It just happened to be lots of people gave different answers to that question.

00:39:05   I'm just surprised they don't know the answer to these.

00:39:07   Like how did the people know, don't know which one they had?

00:39:10   I will tell you this was the highest answer at 61.7%.

00:39:14   Nice.

00:39:15   But there is 39--

00:39:18   there are 39% of people that thought

00:39:20   you were using a different phone.

00:39:22   Interesting.

00:39:24   OK.

00:39:24   I am really struggling here.

00:39:29   I'm going to say iPhone 14 Pro.

00:39:33   That is the second highest answer.

00:39:36   26% of people--

00:39:37   Wow.

00:39:38   I believe that you are using an iPhone 14 Pro right now.

00:39:42   26% of people don't know me.

00:39:44   Okay.

00:39:45   Okay.

00:39:46   What's more than that?

00:39:46   It's like 39%.

00:39:48   Yeah.

00:39:48   I'm gonna, I'm gonna go with iPhone 13 mini.

00:39:53   There's people always projecting, you know,

00:39:55   their love of small phones on other people.

00:39:57   So I think it's happened to Federico.

00:39:59   You are projecting this time, Steven.

00:40:01   That is not one of the top five.

00:40:02   I was projecting their projection is what's happened.

00:40:05   was three people who said iPhone 13 mini. One person said iPhone 14 mini, which doesn't

00:40:13   exist.

00:40:14   That's not a phone!

00:40:15   It's not a phone.

00:40:16   Okay, I'm gonna say iPhone 13 Pro Max.

00:40:20   That is the third highest answer. I have a theory on this, right, that some people forget

00:40:27   what number it is.

00:40:29   Like are we on the 13 or 14 now? I don't know.

00:40:33   just forget because 20 people said iPhone 13 Pro Max.

00:40:38   I'm gonna go with iPhone 13 Pro.

00:40:42   And you would be right to get the fourth highest answer that is 20 points available to Steven.

00:40:47   So there's the final answer.

00:40:49   The final answer for 10 points is still available.

00:40:55   I'm gonna go with the Google Pixel 7.

00:40:59   Some persons said Google Pixel 5, which again, interesting, that is not in the highest answers

00:41:08   there.

00:41:09   I'm going to give you one more guess each.

00:41:13   I'm going to go with the regular iPhone 14.

00:41:16   Can't change it?

00:41:19   Or too late?

00:41:22   No, it's locked in.

00:41:24   Like what would you have even changed it to?

00:41:27   The plus.

00:41:28   Okay, iPhone 14 is not in the top highest answers.

00:41:31   My final answer is going to be nothing.

00:41:34   Always a good one, but not in this instance.

00:41:38   Okay. What was it?

00:41:39   It's all iPhone.

00:41:41   iPhone? Like the regional one?

00:41:44   I don't know, but 11 people said iPhone, so I have to just go with what they're saying.

00:41:49   They just said iPhone.

00:41:50   Okay.

00:41:52   Okay.

00:41:52   So at the end of that round, we're on 70 points each.

00:41:58   - Ooh, so because we're retiring, I'm gonna be kind

00:42:00   and gonna give this one over to Federico

00:42:02   for the first guess.

00:42:03   Federico, what phone does Steven use?

00:42:07   - What phone does Steven use?

00:42:08   - Federico, I'll ask you as well.

00:42:09   What phone does Steven use?

00:42:11   Do you know? (laughs)

00:42:12   - You know, with all the flip flop, I actually lost track.

00:42:14   (laughing)

00:42:15   - I don't know.

00:42:16   I genuinely don't know.

00:42:17   - Oh yeah, okay, that's good.

00:42:19   Well, that's good to know.

00:42:20   So it's not just me.

00:42:20   I'm gonna go with iPhone 14 Pro.

00:42:23   - Steven, do you use the iPhone 14 Pro?

00:42:25   What's up for the listeners to decide really, isn't it?

00:42:28   No, but I just want to know the answer to that.

00:42:29   What's your phone?

00:42:30   Now it's been put on the table.

00:42:31   Do you actually use the iPhone 14 Pro?

00:42:33   I'm on the 14 Pro Max.

00:42:34   Oh, wait.

00:42:36   Ooh, okay.

00:42:38   Did you start out with that?

00:42:40   Silent flip flop.

00:42:42   Did you do that?

00:42:43   You didn't tell her.

00:42:44   Oh my God.

00:42:45   (gasps)

00:42:46   Oh my God.

00:42:47   Oh, you know what Federico?

00:42:48   I bet he told Mac Power users.

00:42:50   Oh yeah.

00:42:51   You know what I mean?

00:42:52   They're nicer to me than y'all are.

00:42:53   David's not nice to you.

00:42:55   he makes fun of you all the time.

00:42:57   The passionate ones agreed with Federico.

00:43:01   The top answer was the iPhone 14 Pro,

00:43:03   which I actually believe is the answer

00:43:06   that they should have known

00:43:07   because Steven hid his 14 Pro Max almost.

00:43:09   - He said, he said, I'm getting an iPhone 14 Pro.

00:43:13   - That's not a porno.

00:43:14   - When did you do that?

00:43:15   - It was really resuming. - Did you break your iPhone?

00:43:16   - No, no, no.

00:43:18   It was a situation where someone needed a phone

00:43:20   and I helped him out.

00:43:22   - Situation.

00:43:23   Someone. Someone. A situation.

00:43:26   A situation was me because I dropped my iPhone in a canyon.

00:43:29   I haven't broken a 14 of any size.

00:43:33   Well, you broke into the wrapping on a 14 Pro Max, didn't you?

00:43:37   You broke our hearts, though.

00:43:39   Why did you go from Pro to Pro Max?

00:43:41   Come on, with all the secrecy, you're worse than me with my secret articles.

00:43:45   I don't know about that. Let's not go that far.

00:43:49   Stephen, you're up.

00:43:53   iPhone 14 Pro Max.

00:43:55   Not only are you correct, that is the second highest answer.

00:43:58   You see what I'm saying Federico?

00:44:01   You're outraged at first, right?

00:44:02   Of like, what's the right answer?

00:44:03   There was no way for people to know.

00:44:05   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:44:06   I see what you mean now.

00:44:08   So we come back around to you.

00:44:09   I'm gonna go with the iPhone 13 Pro.

00:44:12   The iPhone 13 Pro is the fourth highest answer, getting you 20 points.

00:44:18   iPhone 13 Pro Max.

00:44:22   The iPhone 13 Pro Max is not on the list.

00:44:26   - Whoa.

00:44:27   - Whoa, okay, okay.

00:44:30   - iPhone 13 Pro Max, that was what you said, right?

00:44:34   - Yep.

00:44:35   - Was said by seven people.

00:44:37   - Wow.

00:44:38   - Wow, okay.

00:44:38   I'm gonna go with iPhone.

00:44:41   - Nice, not enough.

00:44:43   Unbelievably, right?

00:44:45   Nine people said it,

00:44:48   which was less than the 11 that said it for you,

00:44:51   - Okay.

00:44:53   - Wild.

00:44:54   - Yep.

00:44:55   - I'm gonna say the iPhone,

00:45:00   I'm gonna go back to the mini, the iPhone 13 mini.

00:45:03   - That was the third highest answer.

00:45:05   - Okay.

00:45:06   - Netting you 30 points.

00:45:07   You've never owned one of those, right?

00:45:09   - No, my wife uses one and we use it for all time, I think.

00:45:13   - Gonna give you one more guess,

00:45:14   it shows one more iPhone on the list,

00:45:17   the 10th, 10 points, which is the fifth highest answer.

00:45:20   - I'm gonna go with iPhone 14.

00:45:23   - That is it.

00:45:24   - Okay.

00:45:25   - Hmm, got it. - Okay.

00:45:26   - That was the 10 point answer.

00:45:28   Let me see, I've got some other interesting highlights

00:45:30   on this one.

00:45:31   We had iPhone 3GS.

00:45:33   There was, oh, this happened on yours Federico as well.

00:45:38   Multiple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

00:45:43   iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

00:45:46   I don't know if these people think you have secret access

00:45:48   or if they have also just lost the plot

00:45:51   of where the numbers are.

00:45:52   We had one palm.

00:45:53   - And really, that's on Apple, right?

00:45:56   It's not on the listeners, that's on Apple.

00:45:58   - But for both of you, one person said banana phone,

00:46:02   and I don't really know what that means.

00:46:04   Yeah, banana phone.

00:46:05   - I don't know.

00:46:06   - As usual, there are always people in these answers

00:46:08   who treat it like their own standup special,

00:46:10   who give very funny answers.

00:46:12   - Oh, I see, okay.

00:46:13   - The only I ever read, because most of them

00:46:15   I will never read aloud.

00:46:17   Please stop doing that.

00:46:18   At the end of the second round, Steven is at 140 points.

00:46:23   Federico is at 150 points.

00:46:27   - Ooh.

00:46:28   - Okay.

00:46:29   - So now we move into what watch does Federico wear?

00:46:34   - Who's going first?

00:46:35   - This will be for Steven because he is behind you.

00:46:39   - I'm going to say,

00:46:40   and thinking about when these questions were asked,

00:46:42   the Apple Watch Series 7.

00:46:45   - Good game play, my friend.

00:46:46   - Yeah.

00:46:47   That is 50 points to you.

00:46:48   I'm gonna go with Apple Watch Series 8.

00:46:52   That is 40 points for Federico.

00:46:54   I'm gonna say the Apple Watch Series 6.

00:46:57   That is not on the list.

00:46:59   Hmm.

00:46:59   Ooh!

00:47:00   I'm gonna go with Apple Watch Ultra.

00:47:03   20 points for Federico.

00:47:06   There were just an amount of people who were just like,

00:47:08   "He's on that train!"

00:47:10   Even though at that time, you were not.

00:47:11   Is it the fourth highest sensor?

00:47:14   Or the third?

00:47:15   That was the fourth highest sensor, yes.

00:47:16   So the third and the fifth one are still missing.

00:47:19   - Correct. - Okay.

00:47:20   - How did you word the question again?

00:47:22   - What watch does Federico wear?

00:47:24   - I'm gonna say no watch.

00:47:27   - That is 30 points, the third highest answer.

00:47:30   No watch or he doesn't.

00:47:32   - I'm gonna go with,

00:47:36   so you said the six was not on the list.

00:47:41   - Correct.

00:47:41   - And no, so basically the equivalent of nothing

00:47:45   is already in the list.

00:47:47   - Yeah, I will run through what we got.

00:47:48   The highest answer was Apple Watch Series 7.

00:47:50   Second highest answer was Apple Watch Series 8.

00:47:52   The third highest answer was no watch or he doesn't wear one.

00:47:56   The fourth highest answer was Apple Watch Ultra.

00:47:59   The fifth highest answer is what's left on the board.

00:48:01   - I'm gonna go with Apple Watch SE.

00:48:04   - Not one person wrote in to say that.

00:48:07   - That's what I was gonna go next if you didn't guess.

00:48:10   I'm gonna say, do I have another pick or are we done?

00:48:12   - I'm gonna give you both one more.

00:48:13   - Okay. - Okay.

00:48:14   I'm gonna say like traditional watch,

00:48:17   like a non-smart watch.

00:48:19   - Like an analog watch or something like that?

00:48:21   - Yeah.

00:48:22   - This is split a little bit, you know,

00:48:24   like lots of people giving brand names or whatever.

00:48:27   That is not enough to get it on the board.

00:48:30   - I mean, if the Series 6 is not on the list

00:48:32   and analog watch is not, no watch, it's not,

00:48:36   it's not the SE.

00:48:41   I don't know. I'm going with a...

00:48:44   I'm going with Apple Watch Series 4.

00:48:47   Nobody said it.

00:48:48   Okay.

00:48:49   What was it?

00:48:50   There was one person said Series 3.

00:48:52   Four people said Series 5.

00:48:56   Oh, was it an Android thing?

00:48:58   No.

00:48:59   You should have consulted previous questions

00:49:02   because the fifth highest answer for 10 points was...

00:49:05   Apple Watch.

00:49:06   Uh...

00:49:07   Mmm.

00:49:08   It's that old one again.

00:49:10   Okay.

00:49:11   We got a few people saying two Apple watches.

00:49:14   One person said sweatshirt and jeans.

00:49:17   - Not a--

00:49:18   - There was someone didn't understand this question

00:49:21   because for both of them they answered the kind of clothes that you wear.

00:49:25   Which I don't know what happened with this individual.

00:49:30   But they-- maybe there's like a phrase that I'm not aware of.

00:49:34   One person thought that you were wearing a Disney Gucci grip,

00:49:38   which I don't even know what that means.

00:49:39   That sounds cool.

00:49:41   It sounds cool though, but that wasn't for you.

00:49:43   And one person said something Italian.

00:49:46   Okay.

00:49:47   Which may have not been a bad, you know, went up.

00:49:50   Yeah.

00:49:51   So we now finish that round.

00:49:52   It's very close today.

00:49:54   Federico on 210 points, Steven on 220 points.

00:49:58   Okay.

00:50:00   So Federico, we go to you.

00:50:02   Alright.

00:50:02   For what watch does Steven wear?

00:50:05   I'm going to go with Apple Watch Ultra.

00:50:07   and you would get the highest answer 50 points in your pocket.

00:50:12   Okay.

00:50:12   82.2% of people said that.

00:50:17   They got you nailed.

00:50:20   The passionate wants no use, Steven.

00:50:21   Yeah, big orange, you know?

00:50:24   They knew that.

00:50:25   I'm gonna say Apple Watch Series 7.

00:50:28   It is on the board.

00:50:29   It is the third highest answer.

00:50:32   30 points for you.

00:50:33   I'm gonna go with Apple Watch Series 8.

00:50:36   That is the fourth highest answer, 40 points for Federica.

00:50:39   Traditional watch.

00:50:41   That is not on the list.

00:50:41   I'm gonna go with...

00:50:44   There are actually less people that said this for Steven and Federica.

00:50:48   Like traditional analog watch or whatever.

00:50:51   Can you go over the board again, Mike?

00:50:54   The top three have been given so far.

00:50:56   Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, Series 7.

00:50:59   Let me tell you, by the way, if you read the word "series" like 500 times,

00:51:05   it just loses all meaning. Like I'm looking at it now like in the list of answers like because I

00:51:11   have this like long list of every answer that gets calculated. The word series is a weird word.

00:51:16   I'm gonna go with the Apple watch. Good memory. 20 points. Okay. It's the fourth highest answer.

00:51:21   Federico's cleaning up in this round. Yeah it's not great. Federico scored 110 points in this

00:51:29   question so so what were the answers in the slot you have to face high stance

00:51:37   are left at ten points and we've said ultra series 7 7 and Apple watch yeah

00:51:44   and it was not traditional watch that's the only answer that has been correct

00:51:48   I'm gonna I'm gonna say the series for nobody said that at all mm-hmm give you

00:51:56   one more each. No Apple Watch. Oh nearly a clean sweep for Federico as he picks up the 10 point

00:52:05   answer. Wait wait wait wait wait wait I said traditional. Yeah that's not none. He said no

00:52:08   Apple Watch. What's the difference? Well none. No watch. Nothing that one. No watch. I take that

00:52:14   as no watch. That's not really what he gets. I know but it's the same thing like no watch right?

00:52:19   I know, but I'm giving him the points.

00:52:22   Collusion.

00:52:23   Potentially, yeah.

00:52:25   So at the end of that round, Steven has 250 points.

00:52:30   Federico has pulled away with 330 points.

00:52:34   Okay, how much? How much again? I'm sorry?

00:52:36   250 for Steven.

00:52:38   250?

00:52:38   For 330 for Federico.

00:52:40   Okay, okay. That's not bad.

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00:54:43   The Gucci grip is a weird looking watch. It's not good. Don't like it. I don't understand

00:54:49   why it's called grip and I don't understand why it looks the way that it does. It looks

00:54:55   like a, like an old timey weight scale. Yes. Yes. We will now go to Steven for the first

00:55:02   guess of the question, what is Federico's preferred iPad?

00:55:08   The 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

00:55:11   That is the top answer.

00:55:12   50 points.

00:55:14   Are we separating by size in this category?

00:55:19   For the iPad Pros, yes.

00:55:21   Yeah, OK.

00:55:22   So I'm going to go with 11 inch iPad Pro.

00:55:25   That is the 40 point answer.

00:55:27   Yeah.

00:55:27   Yeah.

00:55:28   I didn't really have a good way to answer that question.

00:55:30   So the cat is just like, yes, we are.

00:55:34   - I'm gonna go to the humble iPad mini.

00:55:38   - Now Federico, do you use the iPad mini?

00:55:40   - No.

00:55:42   - Well, it's the third highest answer.

00:55:43   30 points go to Steven.

00:55:44   - I'm gonna go with iPad Air.

00:55:45   - That is the 20 point answer.

00:55:47   You guys are clearing up.

00:55:50   So we go back to you Steven,

00:55:51   can you make it a full round of the board?

00:55:53   - So that's a lot of pressure.

00:55:55   So we've said 12.9, 11 inch.

00:55:58   - iPad mini. - We said iPad Air,

00:55:59   said iPad mini yeah I'm just gonna say iPad just iPad close that would have

00:56:07   been the sixth highest answer wait what no I'll tell you it would have been

00:56:11   there's no points available to it if that you know with the amount of

00:56:14   supplies that it got it would have been six what I will tell you right now is

00:56:17   what we are looking for has 0.4 percent of responses three people

00:56:24   - Oh, honest with this.

00:56:27   - Compared to the 500 people who said 12.9 inch.

00:56:31   Federica, this is your guess.

00:56:33   - Are there other iPads?

00:56:36   Steven just said just iPad, right?

00:56:41   - Yeah.

00:56:42   - So that would be two people that said just iPad?

00:56:45   - Yeah.

00:56:48   - An iPad Mini has already been mentioned.

00:56:51   I'm gonna go with no iPad.

00:56:54   One person said no iPad.

00:56:56   - That person knows Federico the least.

00:56:59   - I'm gonna give you guys another go around on this one

00:57:01   'cause this is fun for me.

00:57:02   - Okay.

00:57:03   - So Steven, you're back.

00:57:04   - So it's gotta be like a really specific answer,

00:57:07   I feel like.

00:57:08   I'm going to say 2018 iPad Pro.

00:57:12   - No, no, no.

00:57:13   Yeah, I didn't include model years.

00:57:18   I did like crunch together the model years.

00:57:20   - Okay.

00:57:21   - Federico, you had the final guess in this round.

00:57:24   The question was about iPads, right?

00:57:27   - What is, the question was,

00:57:29   what is Federico's preferred iPad?

00:57:32   - Preferred iPad.

00:57:35   I mean, I don't know.

00:57:39   I am out of, I'm out of answers.

00:57:44   I'm just gonna say Surface Pro.

00:57:47   - For this one, everybody did answer some kind of iPad,

00:57:53   Right? Except for the fifth highest answer,

00:57:57   where three people said, all of them.

00:57:59   - Nice. Nice. Okay.

00:58:03   - Which in their defense, at a certain point,

00:58:07   has been true, right?

00:58:08   Where all of these four have been your preferred iPad

00:58:11   at different times.

00:58:12   - Who's flip-flopping now, boy?

00:58:14   - Yeah.

00:58:15   - Indeed.

00:58:15   - That's a very good answer. Okay.

00:58:17   - We finished that round with Steven at 330 points,

00:58:21   Federico at 390 points.

00:58:23   So Steven did some good clawing back there.

00:58:26   As we go to the next question, which predictably is,

00:58:29   what is Steven's preferred iPad?

00:58:31   And we will go with Steven as the first guess.

00:58:33   - Wait, always Steven first?

00:58:36   - Because you're beating him.

00:58:38   - iPad mini, 50 points in your pocket.

00:58:41   - 11 inch iPad Pro.

00:58:42   - 40 points in your pocket.

00:58:44   That's the second highest answer.

00:58:46   - iPad Air.

00:58:47   - Man, you guys are going fast.

00:58:47   I haven't got time to put the answers in the sheet yet.

00:58:51   - Yes, that was the third highest answer.

00:58:53   That gave me a minute there.

00:58:56   I got a second there to put the answers in.

00:58:58   - I'm gonna go with iPad.

00:59:00   - Three people said iPad.

00:59:03   That is not enough.

00:59:04   - No iPad.

00:59:05   - 10 points.

00:59:07   - That's the fifth one, so the fourth one is still missing.

00:59:09   - That is the fifth highest answer.

00:59:10   The fourth highest answer for 20 points is still available.

00:59:12   - I'm going with the big iPad Pro, the 12.9.

00:59:17   - That was it.

00:59:18   Yeah, you guys did good on that one.

00:59:20   Mm-hmm.

00:59:21   So at the end of that round,

00:59:22   Steven's at 420 points, he's blazing it.

00:59:26   Nice.

00:59:26   Federico's at 450 points.

00:59:29   Still in the lead, but that lead is shrinking.

00:59:32   But I mean, he keeps going first, so, you know.

00:59:34   Yeah, boy.

00:59:35   Well, you continue to lead.

00:59:37   There should be a rule where you can only go first like twice in a row or something.

00:59:41   Otherwise, there's no point in winning the previous games.

00:59:44   You know?

00:59:46   Sure there is.

00:59:47   Mm.

00:59:48   so anyway, I will just say to that that he has gone first, but you you have also

00:59:54   gotten fifty point answers yeah, meaning he's still not getting them.

00:59:58   That's the rule we can evaluate the rule at a different time. We go into the next

01:00:03   round, which is what is federal coast preferred Mac

01:00:06   steven you go first Mac many fifty point answer

01:00:10   none

01:00:13   ten points for federal. I thought that'd be higher.

01:00:18   Honestly,

01:00:19   MacBook Air.

01:00:21   30 points.

01:00:22   That is the third highest answer for Steven.

01:00:25   MacBook Pro.

01:00:26   You gonna ask for more?

01:00:27   14 inch.

01:00:28   That is it.

01:00:30   40 points for Federico.

01:00:31   We have the fourth highest answer on the board.

01:00:34   20 points available.

01:00:36   16 inch MacBook Pro.

01:00:38   12 people said 16 inch MacBook Pro.

01:00:41   That does not put it on the top five.

01:00:45   The fourth is missing?

01:00:48   the fourth is missing. Can you go over the list again please? Sure can. The highest answer

01:00:53   was Mac Mini, then 14 inch MacBook Pro, then MacBook Air, then our missing answer and then

01:01:01   none. I'm gonna go with iMac. I think this is kind of surprising. Nobody said iMac. Well

01:01:10   because I never mentioned it. That's rough. Oh no I'm incorrect, there's five. I just

01:01:16   missed it but it wasn't enough it wasn't enough but five people said iMac so

01:01:21   wait Mac Mini 14 16 there's not a lot of Mac's left the Mac Pro three people said

01:01:28   Mac Pro I'm going with Mac studio that was what was left the fourth I never

01:01:36   mentioned the Mac studio in my life okay all right anyway and then at the end of

01:01:42   that round 500 points apiece.

01:01:46   Wow.

01:01:48   So we go into the final question.

01:01:50   OK.

01:01:51   What is Steven's preferred Mac?

01:01:53   Federico, you're up first.

01:01:56   What is he even using at this point?

01:01:59   Who could tell?

01:02:01   You know what I mean?

01:02:02   I mean, I'm torn between two.

01:02:05   How would the passionate ones respond?

01:02:08   OK, Mac Pro.

01:02:11   That is the second highest answer.

01:02:13   Yeah, okay.

01:02:14   40 points.

01:02:15   Mac Studio.

01:02:16   That is the top answer.

01:02:17   50 points.

01:02:18   There are three more answers left on the board.

01:02:20   14 inch MacBook Pro?

01:02:22   The 14 inch MacBook Pro is not in our top five.

01:02:26   13 people wrote in.

01:02:28   Wow.

01:02:28   That's wild.

01:02:29   But it is not there.

01:02:30   MacBook Air.

01:02:32   That is the third highest answer.

01:02:34   30 points.

01:02:35   We have the fourth and fifth highest answer left.

01:02:40   Mac Mini?

01:02:41   Mac Mini, three people said Mac Mini.

01:02:44   That is not enough.

01:02:46   There were a lot of answers for this one, by the way.

01:02:48   Like a lot of Ryans.

01:02:50   - I'm sure some people were like,

01:02:52   the Performa 6400, right?

01:02:53   - It was split significantly.

01:02:55   - I'm gonna give the 16-inch MacBook Pro a shot.

01:02:58   - It's not there.

01:03:00   - I'm gonna go with the iMacs that Steven collected.

01:03:08   The, the, the, the plastic, what was it called?

01:03:11   The iMac G3?

01:03:13   Yeah, that one.

01:03:14   The iMac G3 is the fourth highest answer.

01:03:17   That is 20 points for Federico.

01:03:19   Okay.

01:03:19   That's so good.

01:03:20   There's one left.

01:03:22   I'll say this, this, this Mac left here, right?

01:03:28   Was very close to making it into Federico's top five, but it did.

01:03:32   Man, see that opens the door, right?

01:03:34   Yeah.

01:03:35   Yeah.

01:03:35   Yeah.

01:03:35   That's interesting.

01:03:37   I will tell you that that gives you nothing, right?

01:03:41   But it nearly made it.

01:03:42   - Yeah, I don't know what it is, but that's interesting.

01:03:45   One port MacBook, 12 inch MacBook.

01:03:49   Nope.

01:03:50   - I'm gonna go with the Cube.

01:03:52   - That was it.

01:03:53   - Yes.

01:03:54   - G4 Cube.

01:03:56   - Yes. - Come on.

01:03:57   - Yes.

01:03:59   - I'm not even mad, that's awesome.

01:04:01   - The G4 Cube.

01:04:03   But this is the fun thing.

01:04:04   So the G4 Cube for Steven, where is it?

01:04:09   27 people wrote in.

01:04:11   For Federico, it was 18 people.

01:04:13   - Love those people.

01:04:14   Love those people.

01:04:15   - There's some incredible answers in here.

01:04:17   We've got the SE30.

01:04:19   - I'm not that old, come on.

01:04:20   - One person who just says it varies with the wind.

01:04:22   Well, really that should have been the top answer.

01:04:25   (laughing)

01:04:26   We got, yeah, there were a lot of Mac Pro answers in here.

01:04:32   Like Mac Pro came super close to being number one.

01:04:35   Like very, very close.

01:04:37   There were like, it was five responses different

01:04:40   between making those one or two.

01:04:41   - Wow, see that's why I was torn.

01:04:43   - Yeah, you were super close.

01:04:44   Like it was a very good.

01:04:46   - Yeah, that's really good.

01:04:46   - I guess one person said trashcan Mac Pro,

01:04:48   which would have made it even closer,

01:04:50   but I didn't lump those in.

01:04:51   I should have, but I missed that one.

01:04:53   But yeah, super close.

01:04:54   - Okay.

01:04:55   - So at the end of that round.

01:04:56   - Yeah. - Okay.

01:04:58   Federico scored 570 points.

01:05:02   Steven scored 580 points.

01:05:06   - Wow.

01:05:07   - Super close.

01:05:09   At the end of these quizzes,

01:05:11   Steven is at 1,020, Federico 1,100.

01:05:16   - Okay, wow.

01:05:17   - Thank you very much for participating and listening

01:05:20   to this edition of the quizzes.

01:05:22   The quizzes will return at some point in the future.

01:05:25   - I'm exhausted.

01:05:26   Okay.

01:05:27   The quizzes take a lot out of us.

01:05:29   I agree with you, Federico.

01:05:30   - Yeah, it is.

01:05:32   Please wrap it up.

01:05:34   I'm done.

01:05:34   I can imagine, yes.

01:05:37   Okay.

01:05:38   - That's why I needed the Red Bull.

01:05:39   Did you just open another one?

01:05:41   - That's me with water because I'm exhausted.

01:05:44   No, no, no.

01:05:44   - Okay, I was gonna say, what are you doing?

01:05:46   - Regular water, just water.

01:05:49   - We're at the end of the show,

01:05:50   don't have another Red Bull.

01:05:52   Because we're at the end of the show,

01:05:53   I'm gonna tell you all the stuff

01:05:54   that I tell you at the end of the show.

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01:06:29   This week we spoke about a drink that was invented

01:06:33   to save me from social embarrassment.

01:06:35   It's incredible.

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01:07:19   And until next week, guys, say goodbye.

01:07:21   - I do that too.

01:07:22   - Cheerio.