443: You Don’t Deserve Me at 3x


00:00:00   I am recording.

00:00:01   Same.

00:00:02   It's official.

00:00:03   From.

00:00:05   Nope.

00:00:06   No.

00:00:07   No.

00:00:08   Not now.

00:00:08   Literally too soon and it's not your week.

00:00:10   Oh, it is your week.

00:00:11   Yeah, so I did it.

00:00:12   It is your week.

00:00:13   From Mariko.

00:00:14   What's going on with your studio display?

00:00:16   Ah.

00:00:17   The setup is finished.

00:00:21   Wow, that happened fast.

00:00:24   Mission accomplished.

00:00:26   Can I get like a huge banner?

00:00:28   You know, behind me, you know, it's a mission accomplished

00:00:31   and I'm standing in front of a microphone to declare

00:00:34   that my desk is finalized, you know.

00:00:38   Wait, no.

00:00:39   - Oh, stop, stop, WMDC, stop.

00:00:41   - No, no, no, no, no.

00:00:43   - Everyone stop, June 5th to 9th.

00:00:45   We gotta stop now.

00:00:46   - Are you serious?

00:00:48   - I'm serious, it just happened.

00:00:49   Underscore sent it to me.

00:00:51   So everybody stop, I gotta book plane tickets.

00:00:53   This is gonna happen right now.

00:00:55   - Oh.

00:00:57   - Yeah, we got to see you.

00:00:59   Guys, can we chat in a bit?

00:01:02   - Yep, got to go do that.

00:01:03   Bye, bye.

00:01:04   - Bye, bye.

00:01:04   - Bye, see you.

00:01:06   - Bye.

00:01:07   (upbeat music)

00:01:09   - All right, so hotel's booked.

00:01:16   - We've been gone an hour.

00:01:19   - Hotel booked, flight booked.

00:01:21   - Check, check.

00:01:22   - I told my mom.

00:01:25   So there's also that.

00:01:27   That's always good. That's an important part. I haven't told my mom yet. Should I stop the

00:01:30   show and go tell my mom? I can tell her I'm going to see her later.

00:01:33   Why? What is that? What is this? It's just a lovely lady. See you and come on.

00:01:41   Both of your moms are lovely ladies. WBC has been announced June 5th through the 9th. Mike,

00:01:49   what does Apple up to? Can you tell us about this? So it looks like kind of what we were expecting

00:01:56   which is probably a more put together version of last year.

00:02:01   So like things seem a little bit clearer

00:02:05   and we can all, and I mean, I think it also helps

00:02:08   that we have something to compare it to, right?

00:02:10   So special event is like the day.

00:02:14   Keynote, State of the Union, Design Awards on the 5th.

00:02:18   They're offering an in-person like portion of the show.

00:02:23   - Yeah, like last year.

00:02:24   - Right, like, yeah, like in-person,

00:02:26   You can come in, you can apply.

00:02:28   They've got a bunch of different ways you can apply actually,

00:02:33   which has seemed intriguing to me, right?

00:02:35   So you can apply as a developer,

00:02:38   an Apple Entrepreneur Camp Alumni,

00:02:40   Swift Student Challenge,

00:02:43   or Apple Developer Enterprise Program member.

00:02:48   Invitations will be allocated by a random selection process,

00:02:51   notified of your status by April 5th.

00:02:53   So only a week from today, which is, that's surprising.

00:02:58   So yeah, that's what they're doing.

00:03:02   And then there's a bunch of health and safety measures,

00:03:04   but it doesn't feel like there's,

00:03:06   at least right now, there are no strict COVID measures.

00:03:09   It's like, hey, if you are not feeling good, stay at home.

00:03:13   - Take care of yourself at home.

00:03:14   Yeah, that's literally what is written on the website.

00:03:17   - Yeah, I mean, and then it says, stay connected.

00:03:20   We'll be posting WWDC announcements

00:03:22   leading up to and during the conference.

00:03:23   I like during, I like--

00:03:25   - Stay connected.

00:03:27   - Connected, but I like this idea of like,

00:03:29   we're posting announcements like during the conference.

00:03:31   It's like, you know, you can imagine like

00:03:33   someone's still at home on Tuesday

00:03:35   and then it's like, oh, this thing's happening on Thursday.

00:03:37   I'm on my way, baby.

00:03:38   You know what I mean?

00:03:39   - Mm-hmm.

00:03:40   - I, there we go, it's happened.

00:03:42   - It's happened.

00:03:43   - I think we're all pretty tired now

00:03:45   'cause we had to go deal with that.

00:03:47   - Yeah, it's, I don't know, it kind of feels unreal.

00:03:51   I haven't done this in three years and I kind of forgot how to book plane tickets to the US.

00:03:56   So I don't know, it was a whole experience for like 20 minutes and I was texting Mike.

00:04:00   So double checking every step of the way.

00:04:03   I don't know, we're gonna be together in person.

00:04:06   There was this weird moment when Federico was like,

00:04:08   "Just can you tell me the four last digits of your credit card?"

00:04:11   I don't know why he needed that.

00:04:12   [Laughter]

00:04:14   But yeah, I gave it to him because he was, you know, he was trying to book his flights.

00:04:18   I was very confused and usually when I book plane tickets,

00:04:21   I get a little notification from my credit card company

00:04:25   and this time I didn't.

00:04:26   So that was cool.

00:04:27   I will just say, in all seriousness, Federico did kind of hint to the fact

00:04:32   of like, "Are you booking my plane ticket for me?"

00:04:35   Like that was the thing he asked me.

00:04:37   No, well, I just wanted to double check

00:04:41   because you were telling me dates and times.

00:04:44   And I was like, "Well, the last time we went there..."

00:04:47   Historically, I have booked tickets for you.

00:04:49   I was like, I just, I just wanted, I was on the, I was on the airline website booking

00:04:55   them myself.

00:04:56   I was like, wait, is Mike booking them?

00:04:57   Like just let me double check.

00:04:59   I was not expecting you to book them for me, given that we have a different sort of flight

00:05:06   organization and schedule this time around.

00:05:08   Like, yeah, all good.

00:05:11   All good.

00:05:12   I'm pretty excited.

00:05:13   Me too.

00:05:14   I feel confident I'll get to do it this time, you know?

00:05:17   So that's good. Second time's the charm.

00:05:20   What are you making that sound for? What is wrong with you?

00:05:24   What is wrong with you? Why did you do this?

00:05:26   What is wrong with you? Why did you bring this to me?

00:05:29   This isn't fair. Like, first you made a joke about my mum, which I'm gonna keep referencing so you can't edit it out.

00:05:35   Second, you're like putting this like jinx on me or this curse on me for some reason.

00:05:40   I don't even know why this is necessary.

00:05:42   You've been cursed by Steven.

00:05:45   I'm just saying, the two weeks before WC,

00:05:46   you don't go anywhere.

00:05:48   Just stay at home.

00:05:49   Don't, don't.

00:05:50   I mean, I've got to go somewhere.

00:05:51   No, no you don't.

00:05:52   To California, like, why can't?

00:05:54   Other than that, you know, don't,

00:05:56   don't go out to the shops or, I don't know,

00:05:59   whatever you do.

00:06:01   Yeah, so what is it, the fifth?

00:06:03   Yeah.

00:06:03   So two weeks before would be what, the 22nd?

00:06:06   Yeah, I can do that.

00:06:07   You are in quarantine for two weeks before this.

00:06:10   I do see on my calendar, which is kind of funny,

00:06:12   Comic-Con London yeah we're not doing that no no take that off your calendar

00:06:16   right now sorry sorry honey we're not going no comic-con that's not have you

00:06:24   ever been to a comic-con before I haven't no I've been to the Italian

00:06:29   version of a comic-con what wait what does that entail well but it's it's like

00:06:34   not like Robert Downey jr. is not there which is like the same as long you know

00:06:39   They're just like it's like the non

00:06:41   Celebrity part of a comic-con. Yeah, it's like the actual comic-con

00:06:45   Yes, it's called the row mix it's Rome and comics

00:06:51   So we've spoken about this before because there's a listener

00:06:55   Right. Oh, yeah

00:06:57   That's right. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, that's like oh, I'm giving a TED talk. Oh, we're Oh TEDx. Let's not a TED talk

00:07:04   You know, that's like a it's that sort of thing, right? It's like a yeah

00:07:08   - Well, but no, you see, I think this is one of those things

00:07:11   that's just got warped over time.

00:07:13   Comic cons were always what this is,

00:07:15   where it's just like a bunch of artists selling their stuff

00:07:19   and you can go get your comic side and meet people and do,

00:07:21   and then like-

00:07:22   - The big comic con came in.

00:07:24   - Hollywood came in, right?

00:07:26   And was like, oh, these Marvel movies do,

00:07:28   they make us a lot of money.

00:07:29   Let's do our announcements at comic con.

00:07:32   And now like just non-comic movies

00:07:35   get announced at comic con.

00:07:36   You know, it's just like, this is nothing.

00:07:38   You know, like why are we doing this?

00:07:40   But anyway, WWDC is not a Comic-Con.

00:07:43   - No.

00:07:44   - Thing I'm interested.

00:07:45   - It kind of is, what if we started, you know,

00:07:48   you could like bring a book about Apple

00:07:50   and get it signed by somebody.

00:07:51   You could dress up as Tim Cook.

00:07:52   - We could all just set up our own little stalls outside,

00:07:54   couldn't we?

00:07:55   Like outside of Apple Park,

00:07:56   we'll just get our own little tables and stuff.

00:07:58   - Yeah, we got merch.

00:07:59   We can bring merch.

00:08:00   - Yeah, sure.

00:08:01   - Apple Executive cost, please.

00:08:03   - Exactly.

00:08:04   - Oh my God.

00:08:05   - I call Eddy Cue.

00:08:06   That's a good one to call. I'll call Tim but I got a lot of work to do in the gym before

00:08:11   I can try and pull that one off, you know what I mean?

00:08:14   Just arm day though.

00:08:15   I'll call Federico, can you be John Turnas please? For no specific reason.

00:08:19   Yes.

00:08:20   Can you do that for me? Thank you.

00:08:22   I'll be John Turnas for you, Mike.

00:08:24   I appreciate that. You could actually do, I think with the right glasses, you could

00:08:29   do a Steve Jobs Federico. I think you could pull that off.

00:08:32   I could do young Steve Jobs.

00:08:34   Yeah.

00:08:35   Michael Fassbender. Yeah you could you could you could cosplay as Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs from the movie.

00:08:42   That's not a cosplay. Is that is that like one of those fake names that Chad GPT

00:08:47   came up with? Yeah. It's like hey write a fake movie with a bunch of actors that don't exist.

00:08:52   I mean you have watched that movie. Which movie? Jobs. The Steve Jobs movie. No I've never seen it.

00:08:58   There's a whole member special we spoke about it for like an hour. And that wasn't me.

00:09:02   It was a hallucination. It was one of those...

00:09:04   It was my voice synthesized by someone else. It wasn't me.

00:09:08   I'm not staying in San Jose this time.

00:09:10   I, after my last experience, I have made the decision that I will never stay in San Jose ever again in my life.

00:09:16   I'm just saying where Mike told me to stay.

00:09:18   Yeah.

00:09:19   So...

00:09:20   If Apple brought WWDC back to San Jose, I would not stay there.

00:09:23   Like, I had one of the worst weeks of my life in San Jose. I will never go there again.

00:09:28   Never coming back.

00:09:29   I will come in and out, right?

00:09:30   out right like this to do I'll come in and out but staying there no not

00:09:34   happening I won't do it I'm never staying there ever again so by San Jose

00:09:39   you're terrible and I hate you and I'll never go in there again if you live in San Jose move I don't

00:09:47   know what to tell you right I didn't make the rules hey quick question for

00:09:51   you guys it's just totally unrelated to the well it's kind of related to this

00:09:56   topic for a reason I'll get to in a minute. The new MacBook Airs, when are we

00:10:02   thinking they will be released? Anytime from now until like July. This is

00:10:09   extremely unhelpful. Are you buying another Mac? And I need a travel

00:10:16   computer and it cannot be a desktop. I mean I would just get the M2 MacBook Air

00:10:22   like you and you're gonna be perfectly happy. Like the M3 MacBook Air is just

00:10:26   gonna be a bit faster but the m2 MacBook Air is faster than you need for literally anything

00:10:30   that you do on it.

00:10:31   It's not the 15 inch though.

00:10:33   Why would you want a 15 inch though?

00:10:37   New kid in town.

00:10:38   Then get a 16 inch MacBook Pro and you'll hate it.

00:10:41   Too heavy.

00:10:42   Too heavy.

00:10:43   Right.

00:10:44   I would seriously even if the 15 even when the 15 comes out like I don't think you're

00:10:47   gonna want that like if you want a travel computer why would you want a big one?

00:10:51   Yeah you're right.

00:10:52   I should get the 13.

00:10:53   I should get the one you have.

00:10:55   I would wait until like late May.

00:11:00   Why is Jon texting me right now saying you will not be happy with the M2, don't do it.

00:11:06   What is wrong with Jon?

00:11:08   Jon, that's bad advice.

00:11:10   Interesting.

00:11:11   Interesting.

00:11:12   This is...

00:11:13   He says, I 100% would wait for the 15 inch M3.

00:11:18   See, Jon is just, he's trying to like...

00:11:22   Why is he being like this?

00:11:23   untrue instigator what is going on over there?

00:11:26   I love all of this, I love this debate.

00:11:29   Well I tell you what, I tell you what, why don't you just wait for what Jon told you

00:11:35   to do and see how you feel, you know what I mean?

00:11:37   Oh, oh, can you, so Mike, your computer, is it the midnight one?

00:11:41   Yeah baby.

00:11:42   Do you have it in mid?

00:11:43   Yeah baby.

00:11:44   Can you send me pictures later?

00:11:45   Yeah.

00:11:46   Can you send me, can you send me some Mac pics later?

00:11:48   I'll send you some Mac pics, don't you worry about that.

00:11:50   Thank you.

00:11:51   Hot Mac content.

00:11:52   Don't you worry about that.

00:11:53   you okay so yes there was a unrelated to but sort of rate because of travel you

00:12:00   know you guys know what I'm talking about so yeah yeah you don't want to be

00:12:06   the person on the plane with a Mac Mini and a studio to suppose right yeah that's

00:12:11   not a good look that's not a good look yeah John John adds I know you well you

00:12:17   will be unhappy he does know me well I don't know what he thinks the m3 is

00:12:22   gonna get you that the m2 no I think John thinks he wants a bigger one yeah

00:12:26   but maybe he does but he's not gonna like putting that in his backpack I do

00:12:30   I have a pretty big backpack well here's the thing here's the thing right John

00:12:34   like fine but like if you need it for this trip and it doesn't exist well then

00:12:39   you're gonna be really unhappy right so like that's the reason that's the problem

00:12:43   see that's my problem right if you want it for this trip the most unhappy Mac

00:12:48   will be the one that doesn't exist. That's like an ancient proverb.

00:12:51   Wow, that's very wise.

00:12:53   So what I said is, I think this one is fine for you, but wait until like two weeks before

00:12:59   WWDC, before you buy it. So then you've left it as late as possible and you should go buy

00:13:04   one. That would be my recommendation to you.

00:13:07   Okay.

00:13:08   And Jon, if you've got a problem with that, I don't know what to tell you.

00:13:10   Get your own podcast, Jon.

00:13:12   Get your own podcast. And you could tell him, yeah, you have like seven podcasts with Federico,

00:13:16   wait and tell him on one of those you know what I mean? Yeah. Geez. Yeah. App

00:13:20   stories more like Mac stories. Oh. You nailed it. From Relay FM this is Connected

00:13:31   episode 443 the today's show is brought to you by Squarespace Capital One fast

00:13:37   growing trees and Setapp. My name is Mike Hurley and I'm joined by Federico

00:13:41   Hi Federico. Hello Mike Hurley, how are you? I'm good. This is chaos

00:13:46   Absolutely chaos. This is absolutely chaotic episode. Stephen made a joke about my mom

00:13:52   Yeah, keep dropping that. Sorry. That's just gonna keep sorry about that. Sorry about that. I don't know

00:13:57   Yeah, it was really unfortunate right and then he made a joke about how I was gonna get sick of mr

00:14:03   WWDC for the second time. I didn't know I just said that you should

00:14:05   Make precautions. Who introduced you? No one introduced you. What are you talking for?

00:14:11   I'm just talking to Federico. It's just me and Federico having a conversation.

00:14:14   I don't know what you're doing here.

00:14:15   I mean, I'm fine to go. I'd like to go for a walk or something.

00:14:18   You do this to me every time, so you gotta leave it. You just gotta take it.

00:14:22   Listeners know, every time I say something, because you two are talking about me,

00:14:25   you tell me I can't speak. So no, you can't speak.

00:14:27   When Federico's ready to introduce you, you can join the show.

00:14:31   But I don't know when that's gonna be. I ain't got no control over that.

00:14:33   *awkward silence*

00:14:38   *clears throat*

00:14:39   *laughing*

00:14:41   *laughing*

00:14:43   *clicks tongue*

00:14:45   Should I... I don't know...

00:14:47   I don't... We could just do this. You could just sit there.

00:14:50   Ah, see, he didn't exactly behave before this, you know?

00:14:54   Ah, it is my pleasure.

00:14:55   Well, no, no. Make him promise no more mum jokes.

00:14:58   And then he can come on the show.

00:14:59   Okay, if you promise, Steven, no more mom jokes against me or Mike, I will introduce

00:15:10   you.

00:15:11   But, because you cannot speak yet, if you agree, knock on your desk twice.

00:15:17   No, that was once.

00:15:20   Why, Stu?

00:15:21   Hold on, we're gonna harmonize.

00:15:23   We're gonna harmonize.

00:15:25   Okay, it is my pleasure to introduce also to the show Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:15:33   Hello, Stephen.

00:15:34   Hello, boys.

00:15:35   Hello.

00:15:36   You promised.

00:15:37   I haven't broken my promise yet.

00:15:40   Okay, I'm just reminding you.

00:15:44   Today is chaos.

00:15:46   I was...

00:15:47   Should we take our first break?

00:15:48   I need a drink.

00:15:51   I only have water here.

00:15:54   (laughing)

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00:17:23   show you support for the show. Alright thanks to Squarespace for supporting

00:17:27   connected and all of Relay FM. I have something I need to talk to you all

00:17:33   about. Okay? Okay. Is it bad? No, that's not great. It's not bad.

00:17:40   Oh so it's kind of bad. During the Aries last week there was a scoring mistake

00:17:47   made by me. As is the way anytime we score anything on this show. This is the way. So

00:17:54   there is a... No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

00:17:59   I conducted many quizzes and made one mistake. You have made mistakes in 100% of your quizzes.

00:18:06   That feels a little harsh to be fair. But I heard it in the edit, it was too late to

00:18:12   fix it but it does not thankfully change the outcome but the correct scoring now

00:18:18   is mic 11 Federico 7. What was it? What was the error? Well if you click the link in

00:18:24   the show notes you can hear it because I have an overcast little video that

00:18:28   contains it. It was the question about the MacBook Air and the weight. How much

00:18:34   did the original MacBook Air weigh and is it more or less than the current M2

00:18:42   MacBook Air. Less than a pound and it's less than today's model. I'll also say

00:18:49   less than a pound because I have no idea and more than today's model. Okay so

00:18:56   Federico wins. It was three pounds. The M2 weighs 2.7 so it was slightly more than

00:19:04   the Air. Y'all are both off but Federico's less wrong so. Okay. Federico gets it.

00:19:08   Wait, how do we define less wrong?

00:19:10   [music]

00:19:14   It didn't sound right to me at the time, which is why I questioned it.

00:19:17   I was, I didn't know what was going on.

00:19:18   But you didn't ask a question that made me think I scored it wrong.

00:19:22   You were like, "Oh, didn't we do an over/under on our previous question?"

00:19:26   And so...

00:19:27   Yeah.

00:19:27   It's really your fault.

00:19:28   So what you're, no, what you're saying is I scored even more points.

00:19:33   No, it's 11.

00:19:35   You have 11, Federico has 7.

00:19:36   That's the...

00:19:37   But what did I have before? Did I have 10 before?

00:19:39   You had 10 before.

00:19:41   So I have scored more points.

00:19:42   Yes, but you already had. You just had to have been awarded them.

00:19:45   Anyways, the banana phone. Moving on.

00:19:47   First off, an anonymous Canadian apologized for the song mentioned last week.

00:19:51   I don't want to talk about this anymore. The banana phone.

00:19:53   Well, this is the last one because we've gotten to the bottom.

00:19:56   How do you know?

00:19:57   Well, it is the last thing because we're not because I'm not going to put it in the document again after this.

00:20:01   So it's really it's up to us what we talk about.

00:20:05   A bunch of people wrote this in, I'm giving credit to Scott because he was first.

00:20:07   I would like to point out that Nokia made a phone called the banana phone.

00:20:12   It was the Nokia 8110.

00:20:14   You may recognize it because Neo used one in the first Matrix movie

00:20:19   and then they re-released it because Nokia was just everyone over there was just

00:20:24   doing wild things. They re-released a 4G version of it.

00:20:27   I am now convinced that this is what the passionate ones were referencing when

00:20:31   they said they used a banana phone. But now it's done.

00:20:34   Now we know everything we know,

00:20:36   we could know about banana phones.

00:20:37   Federico, would you like to take a victory lap

00:20:40   around the iPhone action button?

00:20:42   - Well, based on the information we have so far,

00:20:46   I will take a half a victory lap,

00:20:50   because I mean, all of this is rumor so far.

00:20:53   Specifically today, we got two stories from MacRumors

00:20:56   citing a source from the MacRumors forums

00:21:00   that were correct before

00:21:02   about the dynamic island last year,

00:21:04   so MacRumors tends to believe this source.

00:21:09   First we got a report saying that the iPhone 15 Pro

00:21:13   will have a brand new system for the low energy chip.

00:21:17   Like the system that sort of was managing

00:21:20   the Find My network before when your iPhone turns off,

00:21:25   but it still remains findable even if it's off.

00:21:28   Well apparently in the iPhone 15 Pro,

00:21:30   this system will be reworked with, and I'm quoting,

00:21:33   a new ultra low energy microprocessor

00:21:36   that in addition to that functionality

00:21:38   will also allow these solid state buttons

00:21:41   on the iPhone 15 Pro to remain functional

00:21:43   even when your phone is off

00:21:45   and the battery has in theory run out.

00:21:48   So this is interesting because like, you know,

00:21:51   a lot of us are concerned about like these quote unquote

00:21:54   fake buttons not being clickable anymore

00:21:58   if the phone is off, sort of like what was happening

00:22:00   with the iPhone 7 and the fake home button.

00:22:03   And it seems like Apple is thinking about this

00:22:05   and maybe coming up with a better system

00:22:07   for making those buttons click,

00:22:10   even if the phone is turned off.

00:22:12   And the second story is about how, in fact,

00:22:17   Apple may be thinking about making this new mutering switch,

00:22:22   this new button, essentially,

00:22:26   that replaces the mute switch and action button,

00:22:31   as I theorized/hoped for last week here on the show.

00:22:35   And they say Apple's implementation remains to be seen,

00:22:40   but some of the ideas are essentially

00:22:42   what we talked about last week,

00:22:43   like run a shortcut, open SHAZAM, do not disturb,

00:22:46   toggle the flashlight, toggle low power mode, and so forth.

00:22:51   The idea being that some of these features,

00:22:53   if you think about it,

00:22:54   Most of them already have a shortcut

00:22:56   as in like a system shortcut in the shortcuts app,

00:23:01   but they're also already supported

00:23:03   in some of those features.

00:23:05   Like for example, the accessibility stuff,

00:23:06   like back tap, for example,

00:23:09   that allows you to run a specific feature of your iPhone

00:23:12   if you tap the back of your phone twice or three times.

00:23:16   I don't remember that.

00:23:17   - Or if you just sit it down the wrong way, I guess.

00:23:20   - Yes, also that.

00:23:20   - It's a little finicky.

00:23:23   And the rumor goes, Apple is actually thinking

00:23:26   about the system with an action button

00:23:28   that is like the Apple Watch Ultra,

00:23:30   but more flexible because of all the different things

00:23:32   you can do on the phone.

00:23:33   - I think it makes a ton of sense

00:23:34   to make iPhone hardware more flexible

00:23:38   and more powerful in a way that is not just,

00:23:42   oh, the silicon's faster.

00:23:43   Because at some point,

00:23:44   like that kind of doesn't matter anymore.

00:23:47   But having your phone like have a programmable

00:23:50   bit of hardware, like that is really interesting.

00:23:52   And it made me think, so back in the day,

00:23:56   way back in the day, I used a Motorola Droid for a while.

00:24:00   - Droid.

00:24:01   - And it, like a lot of Android phones in the day

00:24:04   had a LED like status light.

00:24:08   And there were apps you could download

00:24:09   that would change what the LED status light could do.

00:24:14   So like if I got a work email, it could flash red,

00:24:16   or if I had a text message, it could flash green.

00:24:19   And I don't think Apple should do that,

00:24:21   But I just remember how cool it was

00:24:24   that I had control over like how the hardware worked

00:24:26   the way I, I can make it do what I wanted it to do

00:24:30   in a way that the iPhone kind of never has had.

00:24:34   And so I hope that they do this

00:24:35   and I hope they just open it up and like,

00:24:38   in a way that even beyond the Apple Watch Ultra

00:24:40   where this could really be like different people

00:24:42   could use it for different things however they want.

00:24:45   I think in particular, there's a lot of interesting things

00:24:48   they could do with accessibility

00:24:51   because you can in iOS have that floating pallet

00:24:55   and you can tie some accessibility controls into that.

00:24:59   But how great would it be if you could double click

00:25:02   or triple click or touch or swipe or something,

00:25:04   this action button, and it changes modes

00:25:08   in terms of accessibility, depending on what you're doing.

00:25:10   Like so many cool things that come out of this

00:25:13   and I am super psyched for it.

00:25:15   - I like the idea for us.

00:25:18   - I'm unconvinced for the average user still about like,

00:25:22   you press the button, what does it mean?

00:25:24   Like, are you muted or not?

00:25:26   Like, you know, I feel like we will be able to work that out

00:25:30   but I don't know, right?

00:25:32   Like if the Switch will be better or not for most people,

00:25:35   but would I like the idea of a customizable button

00:25:38   I could do anything with?

00:25:39   Yes, I very much would like that, right?

00:25:42   'Cause that tap back thing never worked for me.

00:25:44   Like in a way that felt good

00:25:47   And I know it was just like taking advantage

00:25:49   of an accessibility feature, but this would,

00:25:51   I assume, do more of that.

00:25:53   Like I would really love to be able to,

00:25:55   as many people have said,

00:25:56   like have a button to take a picture, right?

00:25:58   Like that feels like something that would be pretty cool.

00:26:01   I know you can do it with the volume stuff,

00:26:03   but I don't know, maybe it'd be nicer

00:26:05   to actually just have like a real button you could press

00:26:07   and just like, oh, that's cool.

00:26:08   Yeah, and just like a bunch of things.

00:26:10   It would be nice, right?

00:26:11   Like I just said, like triple click it, get a flashlight,

00:26:14   double click it, and I don't know,

00:26:17   send a text to Steven.

00:26:18   - Ooh, like that. - Fun.

00:26:20   But I guess my question is though,

00:26:23   you two have action buttons, right?

00:26:25   It doesn't really feel like you're using your action buttons

00:26:27   to the, like to their full list.

00:26:29   So do you really think the iPhone action button

00:26:32   would be better than the watch action button?

00:26:33   - How would you know I'm not using it to the fullest?

00:26:35   What?

00:26:36   - 'Cause we told him we're both using it for the flashlight.

00:26:39   - No, I changed it again.

00:26:40   - Oh, what are you doing?

00:26:42   - Ah, just running my shortcut to save ideas in Notion.

00:26:46   I figured out--

00:26:47   - Oh, so it's a Notion button.

00:26:50   - Notion button.

00:26:51   - Notion Nation, yes.

00:26:52   It's a Notion action.

00:26:55   Notion action, yes.

00:26:57   - I do worry that they're not gonna push it

00:27:00   as far as we want.

00:27:01   That it'll basically be what the Apple Watch is,

00:27:03   which like, it would be cool.

00:27:04   Now, it'd be cool to tie it to a shortcut

00:27:06   and that would get a lot of people,

00:27:08   you know, a lot of different places on iOS,

00:27:11   but who knows?

00:27:13   What did y'all think about the part of this rumor

00:27:16   it was in one of the MacRumors stories about it being like swipable where you

00:27:21   could like swipe the volume up or down. Now that is something I've wanted for a

00:27:28   long time. Okay. From Android phones. Mmm. Where you could swipe the fingerprint

00:27:34   sensors and get the notifications to come down. Yeah that is cool. Now I would

00:27:39   love that or like if you're reading an article, got a phone in your hand, you just

00:27:44   swipe like a thumb like oh my god it's like blackberries when they had the

00:27:48   wheels give it to me that's all I want you wanna like you wanna what you want

00:27:56   to swipe on the buttons you've just reinvented the digital crowd a crown

00:28:03   sideways on my iPhone I just feel like it would be more comfortable with the

00:28:08   way that I hold my phone because I got my thumb where the button is right now

00:28:11   If I just move my thumb up and down rather than like doing the swipe on the thing, like

00:28:15   that would be kind of cool.

00:28:17   But realistically, my main thing would be like, I would love to be able to use it to

00:28:21   pull down the notifications without reaching up for the notifications.

00:28:25   Because like it's effectively what reachability can do for you without needing to have reachability,

00:28:31   right?

00:28:32   That it brings that activation field down lower.

00:28:34   Plus, I don't know what you guys feel about this if you have this issue.

00:28:39   the dynamic island it is way more complicated to get the notifications to come down.

00:28:46   I feel like I'm spending way more time in control center than I want to be.

00:28:51   Like I'm finding this with my iPhone.

00:28:52   I mean the iPhone is big too right so I'm trying to do it one handed with my right hand

00:28:56   or whatever.

00:28:57   Trying to get to the right area to get the notification shade to come down is complicated

00:29:03   So I'm struggling with that a little bit.

00:29:06   But so I would quite like to be able to swipe down on the,

00:29:11   say, the power button or whatever,

00:29:12   and get the notification straw to come down.

00:29:14   That'd be pretty cool.

00:29:16   Interesting.

00:29:17   And maybe that part could also be programmable, actually.

00:29:20   Yeah, I mean, two swipes down and one swipe up.

00:29:24   Send a message to my mom.

00:29:26   You know?

00:29:27   Let's go wild with this one.

00:29:29   Three swipes up and one swipe to the left.

00:29:31   Activate my favorite Siri shortcut.

00:29:33   you know, like all that kind of stuff.

00:29:35   That's what I want to do.

00:29:36   - What you've done is you've turned the side of the iPhone

00:29:41   into like the world's tiniest,

00:29:43   but most complicated track pad.

00:29:46   How many gestures can you fit in something

00:29:47   that's an eighth of an inch wide?

00:29:51   Anything else about this?

00:29:52   I mean, it seems like there's a lot of smoke here

00:29:54   that these buttons are going to change.

00:29:56   I think it's just a matter of how much Apple,

00:29:59   how much functionality Apple can and wants to put in there.

00:30:02   I do think this is one of those times

00:30:05   where Apple looks at this as like,

00:30:07   okay, we wanna get rid of these buttons for whatever reason.

00:30:10   So that's like a negative, right?

00:30:11   We wanna like take something away from the phone,

00:30:13   but in its place, we could do something new and cooler.

00:30:17   And sometimes that works for Apple.

00:30:18   Other times we get the touch bar.

00:30:20   And so I'm cautiously optimistic about this,

00:30:23   but just thinking about other times

00:30:25   where Apple has really redefined its hardware

00:30:29   and have had to walk it back has been,

00:30:32   that's not unprecedented either.

00:30:34   - And I just feel like, I also feel like it would be

00:30:37   very much like an Apple thing to do to, you know,

00:30:41   move away from a physical button that does one thing

00:30:44   and one thing only to a more sort of customizable thing.

00:30:48   I mean, that was like, you know,

00:30:50   if you really wanna do the throwback, you know,

00:30:52   to the iPhone introduction keynote,

00:30:56   when jobs said, like, what we don't love about these existing current smartphones is that

00:31:03   they have this keyboard and this keyboard in the lower half, you know, it's always going

00:31:07   to be stuck like that. It can never be changed. And the great thing about software is that

00:31:11   you can change it. And so if you think about it, it will be very much an Apple move to

00:31:15   say, well, why do we have a physical button in our most important device that does one

00:31:21   something only and we realize over the years that only, I don't know, 15% of people use

00:31:27   it on a regular basis and maybe 85% of people or something or just it doesn't have to be

00:31:32   that big but like what if even 60% of people never touch it and they always keep it in

00:31:37   silent mode wouldn't it be worth it to say well maybe we should make it a more software

00:31:44   thing, you know?

00:31:46   Mmm-hmm why I mean I have what who needs a stylus I have ten of these fingers

00:31:51   that can tap buttons you know who needs a stylus for the button not me.

00:31:56   What if it's a touch sensitive button, a smart connector and a periscope camera?

00:32:03   Are you getting it? These are not three sides of the phone they're one side.

00:32:08   What did he say a full what if it's a full sized button with touch sensitive

00:32:14   controls. Yeah. That's good. There was just something in the way that you said it, like

00:32:21   the tone of your voice was what made me know you were making that joke. That's kind of

00:32:26   incredible right? That's how ingrained that moment is in our like history. These are not

00:32:33   separate devices. This is one device.

00:32:38   And we are calling it iPhone. Today, today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.

00:32:53   And just internet communicator was just a dud. It turns out that's all the phone

00:32:57   is really at the end of the day. Remember the music app was called iPod for so

00:33:01   long do you ever just think about that? It's so strange. Well I don't normally think about that

00:33:07   but it sounds like you do all the time. Yeah that seems like but like what a demotion though right

00:33:14   like can you imagine if they released the headset and there was an app called iPhone?

00:33:20   Yeah right like the iPod was like the biggest thing in the world and they were just like oh

00:33:27   Oh, we're just reducing that to just a piece of software on our new device.

00:33:32   I guess the real one would be like, if the, yeah, like Mike has just said it in the discord,

00:33:36   if we had a Mac app on the iPad or something, right?

00:33:40   Like which is what we want.

00:33:41   I mean, it's what I want there to be.

00:33:43   You're going to have a Mac app on the headset.

00:33:45   It's just going to be called Mac and you click it or I don't know, tap it.

00:33:50   In all seriousness, I could actually imagine that one.

00:33:53   Yes.

00:33:54   Right?

00:33:55   There's an app just called Mac and it's how you get to the stuff.

00:33:59   To your desktop environment, yes.

00:34:01   I actually, like, they should just do Mac app on the iPad too and it's like virtualization

00:34:07   for macOS.

00:34:08   Or, or, here's an idea.

00:34:12   And I would actually, this is silly, but hear me out.

00:34:18   So if the headset is gonna have a Mac OS, sort of a wireless streaming mode or you know

00:34:25   that basically you connect to your computer, I wouldn't hate it, alright, if the iPad could

00:34:33   do it too.

00:34:34   Like, okay, I'm gonna keep my Mac somewhere in the house and just go, eh, because you

00:34:40   know it's gonna be better than doing VNC, which is what I do now from time to time.

00:34:46   You know, you could be in the headset, virtualizing to your Mac.

00:34:52   Yes.

00:34:53   You then go with universal control to your iPad and you turn the reality dial and you

00:35:04   go into, like, and now you're looking at the iPad.

00:35:08   That's your future Federico.

00:35:09   You're aware of this?

00:35:10   So I'm wearing the headset.

00:35:12   Okay.

00:35:13   We're in the headset.

00:35:14   There's an iPad and Mac.

00:35:15   No, it's just a Mac.

00:35:16   - No iPad.

00:35:17   - Okay, so when you say universal control,

00:35:20   where's the iPad?

00:35:22   - The iPad's physically in front of you.

00:35:24   You just want to control the iPad.

00:35:25   You need to do something on the iPad,

00:35:27   but you don't have your Mac plugged in,

00:35:28   it's just in a closet, right?

00:35:30   So you have to, in the headset, use the Mac,

00:35:34   move the mouse over, turn the dial,

00:35:36   now you're in AR mode and you can use the iPad.

00:35:39   That's your future.

00:35:40   - If that's not gonna work, I'm gonna be so upset.

00:35:44   Now that you say it, it needs to be a feature.

00:35:47   Like, let me turn dial and hop onto iPadOS

00:35:52   and then come back.

00:35:54   Yeah, very, very meta.

00:35:56   That's it.

00:35:56   - I think we're in for a while.

00:35:57   - No, that's a different company.

00:35:58   - That's a different company.

00:35:59   No, I didn't mean the company.

00:36:01   - I'm putting a screenshot in the Discord.

00:36:05   - It's gonna look like that.

00:36:06   It's gonna look like that. - That's what's gonna happen.

00:36:07   So this is a real screenshot that happened to me

00:36:10   probably like 15 years ago,

00:36:11   where you accidentally VNC into the Mac that you were VNC'd into.

00:36:16   And it is like an infinity mirror. Yes. Yes.

00:36:19   But for a way, how did this happen?

00:36:22   You VNC'd. I VNC'd into the computer

00:36:25   that I was VNC'd into already or you would have been a loop somehow

00:36:30   because you can see the window names like wiki mini and then Mac server,

00:36:34   wiki mini Mac server.

00:36:35   This was at a client's forever. I work on an installed DVD.

00:36:40   Look at those icons. Handbrake is on there.

00:36:42   Dymo.

00:36:44   Dymo!

00:36:45   The ASD folder.

00:36:47   MacData.

00:36:48   -Ooh. -MacData.

00:36:49   -MacData. -What is the little Mac?

00:36:52   -What do you mean? -MacData.

00:36:54   There's a Mac.

00:36:55   There's like an old Mac in the dock.

00:36:57   That's MacTracker.

00:36:58   -The old MacTracker icon. -I like how you say it like that.

00:37:01   Like, I should just know.

00:37:02   Well, obviously, that's MacTracker.

00:37:04   -That's MacTracker to me. -The MacTracker app

00:37:05   -that everybody obviously has. -Come on.

00:37:06   Is that Word 2003?

00:37:08   It's an old version of Word.

00:37:10   That's the best logo.

00:37:12   What is that X next to it?

00:37:13   I don't know.

00:37:14   I have no idea.

00:37:14   Excel, probably.

00:37:15   We're roasting a doc from 2000.

00:37:18   You're roasting a doc from...

00:37:20   Let me see what year this was.

00:37:21   That's actually a nice idea.

00:37:23   Like, for the future, we should consider this.

00:37:26   Like, roast my old home screen.

00:37:28   Oh, that's good.

00:37:29   Mike, put down the document.

00:37:31   Yeah, one to it, one to it.

00:37:32   What is the A with wings and what is that weird hat?

00:37:35   I want to know all of this.

00:37:37   Is that have bowtie?

00:37:39   I don't know what it is.

00:37:40   This is a client computer I was on and then on again and again and again and again.

00:37:45   And that client had Mac tracker?

00:37:47   Yeah.

00:37:47   Apparently.

00:37:48   So many questions.

00:37:48   Somehow I don't believe you though.

00:37:51   Like that client had Mac tracker installed?

00:37:53   You put it there.

00:37:55   I know what this is.

00:37:56   Okay.

00:37:57   Wait, wait.

00:37:57   No, no, I got it.

00:37:58   How could somebody...

00:37:59   No, no, no, wait.

00:38:00   Before you answer, because I need to just come around on it, because you're going to give us the

00:38:03   truth, but I need to...

00:38:04   I'm doubling down what Federico is saying here.

00:38:05   Okay.

00:38:06   Like, and also, I think I'm starting to see something which might be what you'll

00:38:09   have realized. Like, I like the way that you say that, like, you have to help somebody out

00:38:14   with their Mac, but they have Mac tracker. How would that make any sense?

00:38:17   So what it is the frame. So like, the main screenshot, I remember now was the computer

00:38:24   in the office of my Apple authorized service provider. It was like our,

00:38:28   the Mac Pro we had in the shop. I was then remoting in to another machine.

00:38:34   Yes.

00:38:35   Which was remoted into my computer.

00:38:37   And so it was down and down we go.

00:38:42   So it had Mac tracker on it because I was using this computer.

00:38:45   OK, so the other machine is the one with the other dock.

00:38:48   Yes, with the more standard OS 10 server dock.

00:38:52   Yes, yes, yes.

00:38:53   So was that like a new Mac centipede or something?

00:38:56   I'm cutting that from the show, that's for sure.

00:38:59   So close.

00:39:00   No, I'll leave it.

00:39:03   Remember you made that joke about my mom?

00:39:05   Listeners will know by now that the edit for this maybe didn't even happen.

00:39:10   Maybe didn't even happen.

00:39:11   Maybe didn't even happen.

00:39:12   Maybe didn't even happen.

00:39:13   Maybe didn't even happen.

00:39:14   Maybe you just have to edit it yourself.

00:39:15   Maybe you're just going to get three MP3s in the feed.

00:39:17   Who knows?

00:39:18   Oh, it's like edit by numbers.

00:39:20   You just provide the listeners all the files and then they could just make their own show.

00:39:23   Remember that time that we rolled the dice and did topics based on number and you freaked

00:39:27   out?

00:39:28   I thought you were going to do that to me today.

00:39:29   I thought about it.

00:39:30   Because you referenced it on Backstage.

00:39:31   I know you did because you said don't forget like I was like, oh, here we go.

00:39:34   So all day, all this entire episode,

00:39:36   I've been waiting for you to bring out a dice. Yeah. Well, there's too much.

00:39:39   I think at this point it's too late. Too much other stuff going on.

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00:40:12   WWDC, not the biggest news this week. It's just not.

00:40:16   Because Apple Music Classical is here and everyone's freaking out about it.

00:40:20   A couple of evenings ago, I'm getting, I'm starting to like wind down for the day,

00:40:25   getting ready for bed.

00:40:26   And I grab my iPhone, I look at it and it says "Your pre-order is available."

00:40:30   like what are you talking about? It was Apple Music classical baby, Midnight

00:40:33   Struck! Nice! And I got in, you know, I got in and everyone I was super excited I

00:40:38   started googling around, googling, started searching around, binging, and uh and I

00:40:44   found a bunch of really weird music. There's some strange like edge cases I

00:40:49   feel like in this app like you imagine it's like classical music. It was like I opened

00:40:53   it and it said like continue listening to the Hamilton soundtracks like I don't

00:40:57   I don't know man, like it's about old things.

00:41:00   I wouldn't call it classical.

00:41:01   And then I just started googling around.

00:41:03   I found Halo for Federico.

00:41:05   I found some Star Wars music.

00:41:07   Comfort Red October was in there.

00:41:09   You know, it's all going on.

00:41:11   It just feels like basically,

00:41:13   I don't know how stuff's like categorized

00:41:16   to get into Apple Music classical,

00:41:19   but there's also a lot of soundtracks in there too,

00:41:24   which I actually think is good, right?

00:41:26   like it's good that it's not just Beethoven.

00:41:29   Like there is stuff in there which has the same edge cases

00:41:34   of like there was a big orchestra doing this,

00:41:36   like what version was it, you know?

00:41:38   Like a lot of the video game music that I've found

00:41:41   is like orchestral covers of video game music

00:41:45   included in some thing somewhere, right?

00:41:47   But I'll be honest, like I've poked around

00:41:50   and I'm not the person here.

00:41:52   like I don't understand what people get out of this app, right? Like I know it has a bunch

00:41:58   of metadata, but like I don't understand why any of that metadata is necessarily interesting,

00:42:05   but like I know people care. So like I'm not saying it's bad to care. I'm just like in

00:42:09   my looking around of the app, I don't get it. My favorite thing, and I wished I could

00:42:14   use it for all of my music, is that it features Apple's New York font, which is my favorite

00:42:19   font that Apple make. It's good fun. I have my file structure in Obsidian is using the

00:42:27   New York font. Pretty cool, right?

00:42:29   Really? You use that in Obsidian?

00:42:31   I use it for the file browser on the side.

00:42:34   That's a choice? Okay.

00:42:35   You got some sweet serifs over there, man.

00:42:37   Yeah. But that's all the important stuff. And then my actual text in my notes is in

00:42:43   San Francisco Rounded.

00:42:45   I like SF Rounded a lot.

00:42:46   I guess SF Rounded is very comfortable in the eyes. Yeah, then like, you know, I've got like it's like, you know, mm-hmm

00:42:53   It's like nice nice fancy like official stuff on the sidebar and it's all in New York. That's that's that's nice. I

00:43:00   too

00:43:02   lack the

00:43:04   full

00:43:05   Appreciation of this type of music to understand this app and I was looking around today

00:43:09   I was like surely someone has reviewed this from the standpoint of I

00:43:13   I listen to classical music and this is what I think is an informed, mature person.

00:43:18   Kirk McClurean wrote that over on Tidbit, so that'll be a link in the show notes.

00:43:22   Kirk McElhone. It really is. This is Kirk McElhone.

00:43:25   Me and Jason were talking about him recently as a person at Macworld who loved classical music.

00:43:30   Oh!

00:43:30   And iTunes! Used to have a column about iTunes, I think.

00:43:33   Oh, that's why I know the name!

00:43:35   Yeah!

00:43:36   Yeah!

00:43:37   And me and Jason were talking about, "Oh, I hope Kirk McElhone writes a review

00:43:42   because he's wanted this forever and here it is.

00:43:46   So this is the, this is like for Kirk,

00:43:50   this is like Kirk McElhern, the Apple Music classical review, right?

00:43:54   Like this is like, you know, it's like the Federico style for Iowa.

00:43:58   Like this is everything he's wanted maybe. I don't know.

00:44:01   I didn't see this review. I'm happy it exists. I didn't know where it'd be.

00:44:04   I will now read it. Not now, but I will read it. No, read it out loud.

00:44:08   It's okay. In the mid 2000s, I was approached by,

00:44:11   (laughs)

00:44:13   - So yeah, so it does seem like this is one of those things

00:44:17   that's hard to evaluate unless you're in this world.

00:44:19   You know, I feel this way,

00:44:22   I preemptively feel this way about the headset

00:44:24   - Right. - a little bit,

00:44:25   which is why I'm glad like the two of you and John

00:44:28   and others are spending time with the products

00:44:30   that are out now.

00:44:30   So collectively we can have some experience with it.

00:44:35   Of course, we also need to talk about

00:44:36   like what this app doesn't have, right?

00:44:38   we've mentioned before, no iPad app, no Mac app.

00:44:42   There's not even a CarPlay version of it,

00:44:44   which I talked about in Macedon and someone replied that,

00:44:48   well, maybe it's for like more formal listening.

00:44:50   I think they just didn't get it done.

00:44:51   Like clearly this was rushed 'cause they missed the deadline

00:44:56   and it's only on the iPhone.

00:44:57   You can't tell me that was the plan all along, so.

00:45:00   - Right, but this is the thing I don't understand though.

00:45:03   Considering they missed the deadline,

00:45:05   why did it need to be rushed?

00:45:07   You've already missed a deadline.

00:45:09   You know, a missed deadline never misses

00:45:13   and a deadline is missed always.

00:45:16   That's the quote, right?

00:45:17   - Is this, what was that once and upon,

00:45:20   what was that last week?

00:45:21   - A once if upon.

00:45:22   I actually listened back to that part

00:45:23   of the episode last week.

00:45:24   I think something went wrong with me.

00:45:26   - No, your brain broke is what happened.

00:45:29   - It was really bad

00:45:30   and it was very funny for me listening back.

00:45:31   I'm doing, you know, this is the quote

00:45:33   from the Nintendo guy, right?

00:45:35   A missed deadline is always missed

00:45:37   and a deadline not missed can always be deadlined or something like that.

00:45:40   Right Federico? You know video games.

00:45:42   It was a rushed game is forever bad, the delayed game is eventually good.

00:45:48   Is that what you're thinking of? Yes.

00:45:49   Yeah. Although I heard recently that that is apparently misattributed.

00:45:54   He never said that.

00:45:55   Well, that's the funny thing about quotes, right?

00:45:58   Anybody can make them up.

00:46:00   So...

00:46:01   I think it's one of those things where like actually somebody else said it

00:46:05   in an interview with him, but it was never actually known that he was the one who said

00:46:09   it.

00:46:10   And he just nodded.

00:46:11   And they're like "Oh he agrees, he agrees!"

00:46:13   He didn't agree at all.

00:46:15   And he's just going along with it.

00:46:20   Anyway, I did play around with Apple Music Classical.

00:46:25   Again, I'm not the guy for this type of app and service.

00:46:31   I'm super glad they did it.

00:46:33   Like we spoke about, I think classical music has some really unique requirements compared

00:46:39   to pop music.

00:46:40   And in fact, even as someone who doesn't appreciate or understand classical music enough, I will

00:46:46   tell you that the best screen of Apple Music Classical, which I hope Apple will consider

00:46:53   maybe in a lighter version in the future, is the metadata screen for when you want to

00:47:01   check out the info of the... do you call them songs in classical music or pieces?

00:47:07   What do you call them?

00:47:08   Movements? I don't know man. I'm just saying words now.

00:47:13   The thing you're listening to, if you tap on the info button, you get like essentially a credits screen,

00:47:22   like a metadata screen that tells you like the composer and the, you know, the work and the orchestra,

00:47:29   and all of those are clickable items, that's excellent.

00:47:33   That's exactly the sort of stuff that I would like to see in Apple Music

00:47:38   for a more general public.

00:47:40   There are utilities for this, like for example, MusicSmart.

00:47:43   I've been using MusicSmart forever.

00:47:46   It's made by the same developer who makes MusicBox and Play,

00:47:52   excellent media utilities.

00:47:54   And MusicSmart is like an action extension that you can run

00:47:58   as you're listening to stuff in Apple Music and it tells you, okay, for this song from Apple Music,

00:48:03   here's the mixing engineer and the production engineer and here's who plays the cello and here's

00:48:08   who plays drums and you can tap in on the names of these people and see more of their work. Like

00:48:14   this sort of metadata that can help you discover other albums or works by other people, that's

00:48:21   lovely. Apple Music Classical has this baked in, which is the right thing to do for this type of

00:48:28   of music, but I would love to see a version of this eventually in Apple

00:48:32   Music as well. And I actually think that Spotify has this sort of screen, not as

00:48:40   detailed, of course, as MusicSmart, and I also think that Tidal shows you full

00:48:46   credits for songs you're listening to.

00:48:48   I think you're right, because I have a

00:48:51   memory of you saying that was something you liked about Tidal, that it had that metadata in it.

00:48:57   They have that, I'm pretty sure they have that, yeah.

00:48:59   Which makes sense. Is Jack Dorsey still on that?

00:49:02   That's the thing that happened, right?

00:49:04   Oh, Jack Dorsey, yeah, that guy.

00:49:06   Tidal...

00:49:07   What is he doing now? Crypto something?

00:49:10   No, he's making a Twitter replacement.

00:49:12   Oh yeah, but...

00:49:13   Bluebird.

00:49:15   Bluebird?

00:49:16   What's it called?

00:49:16   No, no, it's got a different name.

00:49:19   No, it's Blue... Blue...

00:49:21   Blue Sky?

00:49:22   Wave?

00:49:23   No, no, Blue Sky.

00:49:25   Blueground?

00:49:25   No.

00:49:26   Jack Dorsey new Twitter. Blue Twitter. Blue block. Blue Sky. Someone said that already.

00:49:30   It's Blue Sky y'all. Guys. No. Blue Sky. Blue Sky. Yeah it's right there. It's in the TechCrunch article.

00:49:36   On March 2nd 2021 it was announced that financial technology company Square had reached an agreement

00:49:41   to acquire the majority ownership of Tumblr I think right? No of Tidal. What is happening?

00:49:52   I'm concerned about Mike lately.

00:49:55   What are you talking about?

00:49:56   I was on...

00:49:57   There's nothing... I was doing it right.

00:49:59   I was doing it right, Stevenson Tumblr.

00:50:03   I was just reading.

00:50:06   What did I do?

00:50:09   No, I'm not concerned anymore.

00:50:10   Okay. Well, that was fast.

00:50:12   You changed my mind.

00:50:14   I don't know if I should be happy about that.

00:50:15   You changed my mind.

00:50:16   I think you were concerned and then became too unconcerned.

00:50:19   I am very easily swayed as a person.

00:50:22   Yes.

00:50:23   Okay.

00:50:24   Why are we talking about Jack Dorsey?

00:50:25   Because he, he.

00:50:27   We should be talking about this next item in the list,

00:50:31   which my brain read as Steven in the wild,

00:50:35   but it's not Steven in the wild.

00:50:39   The item is labeled Shazam in the wild.

00:50:42   Shazam in the wild.

00:50:43   This happened to me just yesterday.

00:50:46   I was working at a coffee shop.

00:50:48   I was kind of in between things.

00:50:49   little time so I popped in and sitting there you know doing some stuff my laptop during a drink

00:50:56   and I notice across the coffee shop a guy's holding his phone above his head and this

00:51:01   coffee shop has music playing in the background. Mike has the place I've taken you a bunch,

00:51:06   you've been there plays music. Is it the place with the smoothies? Yes that's like that place

00:51:11   they do good breakfast. It's good so he has his he's he's sitting there with someone across the

00:51:17   the table but he has his phone up like his arm is fully outstretched over his

00:51:21   head and then he notices me looking at him we make eye contact and he like

00:51:27   yanks his arm down it's like I already saw you and I know what you're doing

00:51:32   you're Shazaming but I didn't go ask him because I would have been that would

00:51:37   have made an uncomfortable situation even more uncomfortable but he had a

00:51:40   been Shazaming what else could he been doing? Had to be. Had to be. I'm too slow so

00:51:46   this isn't funny but like you know you're saying about like Steven in the

00:51:48   wild shit my the what the joke that I had that came too slowly was the legend

00:51:53   of Shazam Steven in the wild oh that's good I just wanted to say it like so

00:51:59   I've said it now but I know it's not funny because it was too slow that's

00:52:03   just how it goes sometimes if you were nicer to me you know I could have like

00:52:06   dropped that in the edit more it's okay because if to get that I have to you

00:52:11   would then remove the joke about my well you made the joke about my oh yeah no

00:52:15   it'd be a trade for sure. Yeah and so I'm not I'm not willing to trade that I want

00:52:18   people to hear how you are. We've been a bit crazy today and I think we're still

00:52:22   gonna be on that kick but I actually this is a serious moment like I want to

00:52:26   bring the mood for a moment just to just to a pause because there's something

00:52:30   that we should talk about Federico do you want to talk about Alex Hay?

00:52:36   Alex Heye was the developer and creator of Toolbox Pro, of Logger, it was known for his GitHub repo, Buki,

00:52:51   which is a series of tips and code for getting started with implementing shortcuts actions,

00:52:58   if you're a developer on Apple platforms.

00:53:01   Most people listening probably heard of Alex

00:53:05   because of Toolbox Pro, an amazing utility

00:53:07   for sort of enhancing shortcuts with additional actions

00:53:11   that I first reviewed in 2019

00:53:15   and that I kept following over the years

00:53:17   as sort of the example of sort of what you can do

00:53:20   with shortcuts thanks to the native framework for actions.

00:53:25   And Alex passed away a couple of weeks ago.

00:53:30   after a battle with cancer, unfortunately, and he was 36. And I knew that Alex wasn't doing well.

00:53:43   Because here's the thing about Alex. One of the most talented and creative and kind indie developers

00:53:57   I've ever had the pleasure to communicate with, to work with.

00:54:01   We never met in real life in person, but to paint you a picture is the kind of guy that

00:54:09   it was always open for suggestions and ideas and feature requests.

00:54:14   And a couple of years ago, I sent him a DM on Twitter and I'm like, "Hey, I was thinking

00:54:21   about such and such feature in Toolbox Pro and I just wanted to send you a note."

00:54:26   And he replied after a couple of days, and he apologized.

00:54:31   And he tells me, "I'm so sorry, you're right.

00:54:34   "I haven't gotten, sorry for the late reply,

00:54:37   "and I haven't gotten to this feature,

00:54:38   "but work on Toolbox Pro lately has been kind of messy

00:54:42   "because I was diagnosed with cancer."

00:54:45   And I'm like, "Dude, you don't need to apologize."

00:54:49   And we talked a bunch about that.

00:54:54   And I was hoping that he was doing better.

00:54:57   And then early last week, soon after he passed,

00:55:02   we got a note from a close friend of his

00:55:08   who was also in touch with his family.

00:55:10   And it really shook me for the entire week.

00:55:15   I was not expecting this.

00:55:19   And it's such a tragedy, honestly.

00:55:24   And I was hoping that it was doing better.

00:55:29   But yeah, later I discovered that Alex had posted about three weeks ago on the subreddit for the upcoming video game Starfield,

00:55:46   saying I'm very bummed that the game was delayed because I've been diagnosed with terminal cancer,

00:55:54   I'm on palliative care at my parents house and I probably won't get to play this game

00:56:00   because it's been delayed to September I think.

00:56:03   And later, once I read this I was like yeah, being new unfortunately and this is such a

00:56:12   a tragedy and a huge loss in the Apple, iOS automation communities.

00:56:19   And as soon as I heard, I had the thought of, you know, none of the...

00:56:27   This idea that I had, it doesn't... none of this matters, in the sense that

00:56:31   it doesn't do anything to alleviate the pain of Alex's loss.

00:56:37   But I thought maybe we can do something to honor his memory,

00:56:44   to make sure that people remember his name,

00:56:47   and that his name remains known in this community,

00:56:51   in this little thing that we do in this small corner

00:56:56   of humanity, that his name is out there,

00:57:00   you know, for what it did in this community in his lifetime.

00:57:04   And so I thought, the least I can do is, you know, this year's Automation April, which

00:57:10   is an event about automation, the thing he loved.

00:57:14   We would like to do it in his name and as Max Stories, you know, donate to a couple

00:57:19   of charities for cancer research in the US and in the UK where he was based.

00:57:24   We checked with his family because obviously we wanted to have the blessing of his family.

00:57:29   It's like, hey, can we do this?

00:57:31   Can we have your permission to do this?

00:57:34   And apparently, you know, they told us, you know, Alex was so, it was also the kind of

00:57:42   person who, you know, I discovered that his friends like only recently found out about

00:57:50   like his side career as an iOS developer.

00:57:53   It's like, and he was so humble and kind, it's like he never bragged about it.

00:58:00   he had a main job as a sort of a documentary editor, I think. And so, yeah, this is, I

00:58:09   just wanted to talk about this for a couple of minutes here. You know, we can and we should

00:58:16   get serious on this show when needed. Alex was a friend and a developer I loved working

00:58:24   with and the creator of one of the most incredible indie utilities I've seen in recent years.

00:58:31   So if you, you know, spare, if you were a user of one of his apps or a developer who

00:58:39   found this work for the bookie repo useful, you know, spare a thought for Alex, if you

00:58:45   can. And as we wrote on Mac stories, as John wrote on Mac stories, I couldn't bring myself

00:58:52   to write the post myself. I'm not good with these things.

00:58:56   -I'm not good with... -Understandably.

00:58:59   Yeah, I mean, you know.

00:59:02   But as Jon wrote, you know, if you want, we encourage you.

00:59:08   You know, if you can donate to a cancer charity, whatever it is,

00:59:13   you know, it's always a good time to donate to charities, but hey, that's...

00:59:16   -Never a bad time. -It's never a bad time,

00:59:18   but it's always so human nature to be touched

00:59:21   by these things when they hit close to you.

00:59:23   There's nothing wrong about admitting that,

00:59:26   the way we are built as people.

00:59:28   So yeah, if you can do it, if you cannot do it,

00:59:31   it's fine, but it's important to remember

00:59:35   Alex, a great developer who we lost way, way too soon.

00:59:41   This isn't important at all in the grand scheme

00:59:46   of what we're talking about here, and I'd say this with

00:59:49   you know, nothing but the most respect for Alex's work and life and everything.

00:59:56   But do you know what's going to happen to his apps? Like, is there anything that can happen?

01:00:03   We are actually in touch with this friend of Alex who told us about his passing.

01:00:14   and he said, "I am going to look into whether we can do anything with this code,

01:00:23   whether he left any instructions, whether there's anything we can do to make sure that this,

01:00:30   all of this doesn't go to waste and if we can maybe find a new home for Toolbox Pro at the very least,

01:00:37   you know, arguably the most popular of his apps."

01:00:40   And also because like Toolbox Pro like was sort of Alex knew what he was doing with the

01:00:48   Shortcuts framework.

01:00:50   And it's the kind of product that at the very least, you know, if they can find a way, if

01:00:57   Alex's friends and family can find a way to at the very least open source it, maybe I

01:01:02   wouldn't know, right?

01:01:03   It's not my call, not my decision, but I hope it doesn't go out of waste.

01:01:08   But yes, it's a conversation that we're having.

01:01:12   - Yeah, that is his legacy.

01:01:16   - Yeah.

01:01:16   - You know?

01:01:17   Like I know if, I can't speak for him,

01:01:20   but I know if I was in that situation,

01:01:22   I would want people to still be able to enjoy my work.

01:01:25   I mean, obviously you still can, right?

01:01:27   But at a certain point, these apps will stop working,

01:01:31   which again, leads into one of like

01:01:32   the very long ongoing conversations we've had on the show

01:01:35   about preservation software, right?

01:01:37   Yeah, we've been talking about it forever and now we're facing very closely this problem.

01:01:45   As time goes on these problems only occur more and more.

01:01:49   I mean, I would love to know, I don't know if anybody knows, is there a provision for this?

01:01:54   Has Apple made any tools for this, for developer accounts?

01:01:59   I have no idea.

01:02:00   Like legacy contacts for developer accounts? I don't know.

01:02:05   Because I know from people that have tried to sell apps that that's almost impossible to do the transfer.

01:02:10   So like, yeah. Yeah, anyway, that's not important. Rest in peace, Alex Hay.

01:02:17   You made a mark on this community, right? And nothing but love for everybody who's affected.

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01:04:18   - How great is it to have a tree sponsor?

01:04:19   You know what I mean?

01:04:20   - It's really cool.

01:04:21   - Is it literally like, do you like the,

01:04:24   is it like literally like a tree sponsoring?

01:04:28   - Yeah, well, it's not like an actual tree,

01:04:30   but you can get trees.

01:04:32   - Like when you booked a sponsorship,

01:04:33   did you talk to a bunch of trees?

01:04:36   - No, I can't, well, I didn't do it,

01:04:39   but I'm assuming there were people that dealt,

01:04:42   well, how would you know it's all by email?

01:04:44   - Yeah, exactly.

01:04:45   Might as well be a tree hooked up to chat GPT or something.

01:04:50   - ChatGP tree.

01:04:51   - Ooh, okay, anyway.

01:04:54   - Anyway.

01:04:55   - Anyway, 16.4, Ventura 3.3,

01:04:58   watchOS 9.4, let's see if I can get this right.

01:05:02   tvOS 16.4,

01:05:05   - .4.

01:05:06   - ipos 16.4,

01:05:08   HomePod software update,

01:05:11   HomePod software update.

01:05:12   (laughing)

01:05:14   - Is that the version number?

01:05:15   The version number's HomePod software?

01:05:17   - It's 16.4.

01:05:18   - 16.4.

01:05:20   Oh, I like the "I think" there at the end.

01:05:21   Apple Studio Display firmware update 16.4.

01:05:27   No?

01:05:28   Wait, that's all. That's all.

01:05:31   That's all of them.

01:05:32   There was also Big Sur 11.7.5.

01:05:36   Alright.

01:05:37   That's not important for this.

01:05:39   Big Sur.

01:05:40   Okay.

01:05:40   All of these are out.

01:05:42   Available as of yesterday.

01:05:45   In fact, we are already on the next cycle of the beta.

01:05:49   We'll get to that.

01:05:50   We'll get to that in a minute.

01:05:51   So we spoke about the highlights of this before.

01:05:55   New emoji, right?

01:05:57   New emoji everywhere.

01:05:58   Yeah.

01:05:59   Goose emoji is the best emoji.

01:06:00   The rest of them, like Adina said to me, what are the good emojis?

01:06:03   And I showed her the image and I'm like, really?

01:06:05   None of them.

01:06:06   You know, goose is good.

01:06:07   Goose is good.

01:06:08   Shaking face is weird.

01:06:10   Shaking face has potential, I think.

01:06:11   Is yeah, but I don't know what for.

01:06:13   Ew, weird emoji, right?

01:06:15   It's blurry because it's shaking.

01:06:17   Weird that it's blurry.

01:06:18   I don't like that it's blurry.

01:06:19   - Yeah, otherwise how would you convey the shaking?

01:06:22   Anyway.

01:06:23   - I'm gonna try something here,

01:06:24   so I'm gonna send you all shaking.

01:06:26   - Oh no, no, no, no, don't do it.

01:06:27   You're gonna do it where it's like the one

01:06:28   that flies around?

01:06:30   - No, shaking face emoji with the loud,

01:06:34   oh, that's a good combo.

01:06:35   - What did you just send?

01:06:36   - With the loud message effect?

01:06:37   - Send it to the-- - Ooh, it shakes, yes.

01:06:39   - With John. - It seems like it's shaking.

01:06:41   - Yeah, that's a good one.

01:06:43   That's actually, there's the combo.

01:06:45   You should only, when I look at it though, right,

01:06:47   and it's big, it makes me feel like I don't have my glasses on.

01:06:51   And that doesn't make me feel good.

01:06:53   It's like a pre-retina emoji.

01:06:55   [LAUGHS]

01:06:56   Because this is what things look like when

01:06:58   I don't wear my glasses.

01:07:00   Where it's like I can see everything fine,

01:07:02   but it's all just got like a blurry mist to it.

01:07:05   So that's a very strange thing.

01:07:06   Wow, your eyes are terrible.

01:07:07   They're not that bad.

01:07:08   But like, you know, we did it.

01:07:10   We did the Jeremy's, right?

01:07:11   But like the one flower they added--

01:07:14   was it hyacinth?

01:07:15   Was that the flower?

01:07:16   why that one flower? Yes, that was the one. I said lavender and it wasn't lavender.

01:07:20   And it's like why did you, why just ginger, you know, like the the additions

01:07:26   are strange now. They're just weird. Gruber is right on their Infariball.

01:07:31   You know we're getting these strange additions like ginger and high

01:07:36   synth and you know multiple hands but there's still no chef's kiss emoji. I

01:07:40   mean come on. But you can make that work though. Like I don't know why people

01:07:44   need that it's just two emojis combined you just said to imagine like a little

01:07:50   Italian chef doing the kiss you know with the lips like it would be funny

01:07:54   yeah but like what if it's Italian is it not like in sense of our culture

01:07:59   insensitive no and we don't care about cultural insensitivity here we just you

01:08:04   know I think as a people were okay with the jokes and the stereotypes that's a

01:08:09   super bold thing to say, you know what I mean?

01:08:11   - Well, I like to speak for my country.

01:08:14   - You speak for all of Italy.

01:08:15   - I like to speak for all Italians in this moment.

01:08:18   We are okay with the memes.

01:08:20   - The Italian delegation.

01:08:21   - I mean, come on, like, is it, like, is it offensive

01:08:24   if the, if the chef's kiss, like the little chef in,

01:08:28   like, for example, the chef's kiss quote unquote emoji

01:08:31   that I'm looking at in Discord right now.

01:08:33   You've seen this fake emoji, right, in other places.

01:08:36   Like, is it offensive that has the little Italian mustache?

01:08:40   Eh, it's fine.

01:08:42   You know, I, I can't, I can't personally comment on whether that is an Italian

01:08:47   mustache or not.

01:08:48   I mean, that's, yeah, you're the one, you're the one applying it to the Italian

01:08:51   people.

01:08:51   Oh, so I'm the offense, but that's fine.

01:08:53   Federico, I think can do it.

01:08:55   I can't say it.

01:08:56   Okay.

01:08:57   But you, you thought about it.

01:08:59   Are you going to be honest?

01:09:01   This is moving into a territory that I don't want to be in anymore.

01:09:06   We agree the goose emoji is the best one. My daughter loves it. She keeps sending it to me

01:09:11   I could do a better one. Hold on

01:09:19   It sounds like it hurts

01:09:24   Let's say you're a Puerto Rico. No, no, no, I cannot do it. I cannot do it. The dogs go wild

01:09:34   There are some other things that we haven't mentioned

01:09:37   or haven't mentioned in depth,

01:09:39   notifications for web apps on the home screen

01:09:42   for iOS and iPadOS.

01:09:43   Federico, how do you turn these on?

01:09:45   Where do you find them?

01:09:47   I tried playing with this and couldn't,

01:09:49   maybe I wasn't using a website that supported it yet, but.

01:09:52   - That is the answer to your question.

01:09:55   You gotta use a web app that you can add to the home screen

01:09:58   and then it wants to send you notifications from the web.

01:10:02   So this feels like a thing I'm never gonna want,

01:10:05   but something's gonna find its way in.

01:10:08   - There's one site that I want it for,

01:10:10   but they didn't seem to offer it.

01:10:12   - What is it? - Which is?

01:10:13   - The Apple Newsroom.

01:10:15   - Oh yeah.

01:10:15   (laughing)

01:10:16   So I, yes. - Because they used to be

01:10:19   in Apple News in a way where you could have Apple News

01:10:21   send you a notification, and that's not true anymore,

01:10:24   and so it's very sad.

01:10:27   - I'm guessing that if you go to,

01:10:29   I don't know if MacRumors and 95Mac support web push notifications, and you know, on mobile as well,

01:10:38   but in theory if you add one of those websites to the home screen and you request the notifications,

01:10:44   you should be prompted. However, so there's an important difference here.

01:10:48   Even if a website supports web push notifications, you will not get the prompt in Safari on iOS and

01:10:59   an iPadOS. You need to add the web app to your home screen first. And that's because

01:11:06   those web apps that get added to the home screen, once you get prompted for allowing

01:11:13   push notifications, it means you will see that app in the focus settings, in just the

01:11:21   general settings app, because it becomes tied to an app identity. There's no system right

01:11:29   now to say manage push notifications in Safari for iPhone like you can in Safari for Mac,

01:11:35   right? So you need to add them to the to the home screen first and to test this out I tried

01:11:42   this service called Alerti.dev which is a a little web service that can send you push notifications

01:11:51   via an API. It's similar to pushover, pushcut, like these sort of services where you can program

01:11:58   your own push notifications, this one you can install as a web app on your iPhone and

01:12:05   once you do and you log in with your account, the "send me notifications" button will start

01:12:11   working, because the app detects "okay, I see that I've been saved as a web app on the

01:12:16   home screen, therefore now I can ask the user for notification access". So that's the one

01:12:22   They are very on this. Like, their website has imagery of that happening today.

01:12:28   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:12:30   They're very on this from a marketing standpoint.

01:12:33   Yeah, the developer actually reached out to me on Masterson,

01:12:35   otherwise I had no idea that this service existed. I was like, this is perfect for-

01:12:39   This is a good enterprising individual.

01:12:42   Yes, this is perfect for what I needed to prepare for this article,

01:12:45   and I actually think I'm gonna do a couple of shortcuts in this week's newsletter.

01:12:50   No.

01:12:51   Yeah.

01:12:52   Shortcuts? You? No.

01:12:54   I know, I know. You're surprised. And you should be.

01:12:58   And you should be, because I hate shortcuts.

01:13:01   You should be surprised.

01:13:03   Now he's all about the Siri shortcuts.

01:13:05   I never expected... No, but seriously, yes. I'm gonna do a few shortcuts.

01:13:10   Here's a question for y'all.

01:13:13   Would you implement something like this on your own websites?

01:13:16   Relay, FM, or MacStories?

01:13:18   MacStories used to have web push notifications and then I realized, yeah, years ago, like

01:13:24   eight years ago or something.

01:13:26   This is like in the idea that like used to be in Flipboard, used to be in Apple news,

01:13:31   right?

01:13:32   Like there are these things you just try them, you don't know, do you?

01:13:33   You just try them, you don't know what's going to catch on.

01:13:36   Yes, exactly.

01:13:37   And, but then I realized, okay, first we're no longer the type of website where you're

01:13:43   like, oh, I need to be super up to date on what MacStories is publishing.

01:13:47   -You know, like, most people... -I would like it.

01:13:49   Well, most people, they just open Mac stories,

01:13:52   but, like, maybe at the end of the workday

01:13:54   or maybe during the launch break, and they're like,

01:13:55   "Okay, let me see what's here on the homepage."

01:13:57   It's my homepage, son.

01:13:58   Well, I appreciate you. Thank you.

01:14:01   But that's not necessary.

01:14:04   Like, we're not 9 to 5 Mac or the Verge,

01:14:07   like, pushing out 20 stories a day and be like,

01:14:09   "Okay, it's actually useful to be alerted by,

01:14:13   you know, the latest rumor."

01:14:14   I would say that would make more sense

01:14:17   have notifications. Interesting perspective. Okay, we will do notifications because you

01:14:22   told me this. Thank you. I told you I missed this way as a person. And I will turn them

01:14:26   on just for you. Okay, thank you. Steven, I do not want under any circumstances to the

01:14:31   Relay FM website to send web notifications. Why though? Why? I mean, I could tell you

01:14:37   the same thing. People want to know when you're live. Only five shows record live. Yeah. And

01:14:46   And also, really, we want people listening live to be in the Discord, and the Discord

01:14:50   can notify you.

01:14:51   And the Discord can notify people if you sign up for that role in Discord.

01:14:55   The most important thing we do is publish podcasts, and your podcast app will notify

01:14:59   you when there's new shows.

01:15:00   And so I feel like we're covered otherwise.

01:15:03   We don't want people on the website.

01:15:04   We want people to subscribe to the shows.

01:15:07   The website, for us, it's kind of funny.

01:15:10   One of the best things that can happen is we have a high bounce rate.

01:15:12   We have a high bounce rate.

01:15:13   It usually means people have come to the website.

01:15:16   got what they wanted and they've gone and we never see them again.

01:15:19   That's fine.

01:15:20   We don't even have analytics anymore on the site so who knows what's happening.

01:15:22   I think it's going to Wahl over there.

01:15:24   I know, yeah.

01:15:25   The chat GPT is all up in us, you know, doing stuff.

01:15:28   It is too, you know.

01:15:31   You ask it some questions, it pulls some very silly things.

01:15:35   A couple of other things in iOS and iPadOS.

01:15:38   Voice isolation for cellular calls.

01:15:41   has been something available in voice over IP apps, but it's buried in Control Center

01:15:47   and it's only available when you're on a phone call.

01:15:51   Maybe they're not sure this, so they're kind of like, you know, soft launching it in Control

01:15:54   Center, but it seems like an odd placement to me.

01:15:58   I have not used this.

01:15:59   I assume it sounds amazing.

01:16:02   The podcast app got a bunch of new features.

01:16:04   So it's got channels, support for channels.

01:16:06   So you can like find a channel like Relay FM and you can put it in the app and you can

01:16:09   find everything there.

01:16:10   - Okay, can I say something about the podcast app?

01:16:14   - Yeah, you sure can, please do.

01:16:15   - Okay, so the podcast app, I really wanna use it,

01:16:20   but like I need to convince

01:16:23   whoever needs to be convinced at Apple

01:16:26   that they gotta take their,

01:16:28   and I'm gonna say existing feature for trimming silence.

01:16:33   All right, they have this feature built already,

01:16:39   And you know where? In Voice Memos.

01:16:42   They have this feature in Voice Memos,

01:16:45   along with an audio enhancement feature,

01:16:48   also in Voice Memos.

01:16:50   So hear me out, Apple, Apple Podcasts,

01:16:53   as you know, the, hear me out, Apple Podcasts boss.

01:16:58   Take those two features, which someone already built,

01:17:02   bring them over to the podcast app,

01:17:04   millions, well, no, let me rephrase,

01:17:07   hundreds of thousands of nerds like me will switch to podcasts if you do.

01:17:13   This is literally the only reason why I'm using a pocket casts, but I would

01:17:20   consider it like I would realistically consider it.

01:17:23   That's still the one thing.

01:17:25   You know, and here's my pitch.

01:17:26   Here's my pitch. OK, look, life, OK, is busy.

01:17:30   Life is just busy. You know, you got maybe you have kids, you have pets.

01:17:36   Maybe you just bought a home, you know you want to travel.

01:17:39   There's plenty of stuff coming out on Apple TV+.

01:17:41   - And also listening at 1.5, 2x, 3x, monsters do that.

01:17:46   - No, it's unnatural.

01:17:47   It's unnatural.

01:17:48   You know, who does that?

01:17:49   - No, no, no, I disagree.

01:17:51   If you wanna listen to me, listen to me however you want.

01:17:55   - You should see the things.

01:17:56   You should hear the things Steven says in private.

01:17:58   - You should hear me with these accents, Steven,

01:18:01   a 3x and you're gonna change your mind.

01:18:02   You should hear me with this accent.

01:18:04   If you don't want me at my 1X, you don't deserve me at my 3X.

01:18:08   Wow, I love that.

01:18:10   So what I'm saying though, but what I'm saying is life is busy, right?

01:18:14   There's plenty of media choices out there, but I want to listen to my podcast.

01:18:19   I want to listen to my podcast. I want to save a bit of time, if possible,

01:18:23   without making the hosts sound like, you know, really fast talking people.

01:18:29   So, Trim Silence and Audio, Magic Audio, Magic Volume, call it whatever you want to call it.

01:18:37   Call it Magic Silence and Magic Audio, I don't know.

01:18:40   You know, make up the name.

01:18:41   But, Audio Effects in Apple Podcasts, I mean, everything else about it I really like.

01:18:47   The channels, the UI, it's fast, it looks nice, it's got chapters, it works really well on the Apple Watch.

01:18:55   It's got shortcuts integration, which I like.

01:18:58   It's got Siri integration, which I like.

01:19:00   Like everything about it is perfect

01:19:01   except the actual listening.

01:19:04   So audio effects is my pitch for Apple Podcasts boss.

01:19:09   - A couple other just quick things.

01:19:13   You can upgrade your HomeKit app architecture again.

01:19:16   That's back.

01:19:18   And in iMessage, Mastodon links are rich with previews.

01:19:24   I haven't seen this yet, but I'm happy that it exists.

01:19:27   You haven't seen it yet.

01:19:29   I don't think so.

01:19:30   I'm going to send you a mastodon right now.

01:19:33   Send me a mastodon.

01:19:34   Send me a don.

01:19:36   Don me up.

01:19:36   I'll don you up.

01:19:37   Don me up.

01:19:39   I'm putting it in our group chat right there.

01:19:41   See?

01:19:41   I'm still too scared to upgrade the whole map architecture,

01:19:44   though.

01:19:44   I ain't doing it.

01:19:44   I did it the first time.

01:19:46   And it's been fine.

01:19:47   I will do it eventually, but I ain't doing it yet.

01:19:49   Mine's been fine.

01:19:50   Oh, look at that.

01:19:52   That's like a tweet.

01:19:53   Yeah.

01:19:54   But you know--

01:19:54   - That's good.

01:19:55   - Open source or whatever.

01:19:57   - That's good.

01:19:58   Is it open source?

01:19:59   Is it open source?

01:20:00   - I don't know, Massone has a CEO, but it's federated.

01:20:03   I don't know how it works.

01:20:04   - Federated CEO.

01:20:06   That guy is the CEO of all of our instances,

01:20:08   whether we like it or not.

01:20:09   That's how it works.

01:20:10   That's what it means.

01:20:11   - Wait, really?

01:20:12   - That's what they won't tell you, you know?

01:20:14   That's what the Fed-y friends won't tell you,

01:20:17   is that person is all of our CEO.

01:20:19   That's how that works.

01:20:20   Did you read the terms of service?

01:20:22   Don't think so.

01:20:23   Can I be fired from my own instance?

01:20:25   Yeah.

01:20:26   Yep.

01:20:26   By...

01:20:27   That guy owns MaxLories now.

01:20:28   By the Fedi guy?

01:20:29   Fedi fired.

01:20:30   By Fedi-o.

01:20:31   By the Fedio?

01:20:33   By the Fedio.

01:20:35   Oh, man.

01:20:36   Yeah, he's the new Fedi-rico Vatici.

01:20:40   Fedio-rico.

01:20:41   [LAUGHTER]

01:20:44   That's what you don't know.

01:20:45   That's what they want to tell you.

01:20:46   Yeah.

01:20:47   Who's they?

01:20:48   Exactly.

01:20:49   The Fedi friends.

01:20:50   The Fedi friends.

01:20:51   [LAUGHTER]

01:20:52   Exactly.

01:20:53   Exactly who is they real quick? Can I run through the rest of the updates?

01:20:57   Why don't we take a break? We know it's not soon enough. We just took one

01:21:01   No, no, but do it after the break, but after the break you do it real quick, okay?

01:21:05   I'll do the break and then I'm gonna speedrun watch OS 9.4 and Mac OS. Okay. Thank you. Love it. Love it

01:21:11   Yeah

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01:23:52   powers you up. Our thanks to setup for their support of the show and Relay FM.

01:23:57   Okay, on watch OS 9.4, wake up alarms are no longer silenced by covering the watch with

01:24:04   your hand.

01:24:05   You know, you can do that if someone calls you or alarm goes off.

01:24:09   In sleep mode, you don't want to do that with your wake up alarm because that's how you

01:24:12   wake up an hour late, 30 minutes before your podcast starts.

01:24:15   This is one of those bugs that like, why now?

01:24:20   Why is it fixed now?

01:24:21   Right?

01:24:22   Like, it's not like this is a new...

01:24:23   It's very interesting to me.

01:24:25   Was late to a meeting. Yes, Tim Cook missed a meeting and he is real mad about it

01:24:31   I do get something like 4 a.m. You know, he didn't miss a meeting. He was a watch alarm doesn't go off

01:24:37   Do you think he goes to sleep with the headset? No, I hope not

01:24:41   Maybe it seems uncomfortable to sleep in anyways

01:24:45   Also in watch OS 9.4 cycle tracking and a fib history is available in more countries

01:24:50   See the links in the show notes for details there Mac OS got a bunch of this other stuff that we've already talked about already

01:24:57   But also included within it a studio display update

01:25:02   This was the first time I've been able to update a studio display and a couple of notes

01:25:06   Oh, it took longer than the Ventura update took on my MacBook Pro

01:25:10   Yeah, it's not great and it's really weird because like everything tells you do not unplug for the display from the computer

01:25:16   Okay, I get that and you get these little like white dots on the screen cuz like it's just a reminder to me

01:25:22   That my display is actually an iOS computer

01:25:24   Just still very strange. I don't like

01:25:28   when

01:25:30   Updates tell me not to power off. Mm-hmm. I don't like that. Yeah, it's scary. It's scary

01:25:35   It's like well, what if the power goes out? Do you guys remember that? I did this to an Apple watch

01:25:41   Do you remember? Oh, yeah. No, I thought you pulled it off the charger too early. Yes. Yeah

01:25:45   Yeah, but it's like the same idea right like don't take it off power. Okay. It was updating and I didn't know and

01:25:52   I just took it off the charger. I don't think this happens anymore, by the way

01:25:57   But and then it killed the Apple watch

01:25:59   Completely I had to go I had to go in and get it all like that go to genius bar

01:26:05   I had to do the whole nine yards like there's nothing you can do about it or could do about it then very annoying

01:26:09   So those are all the updates you would think

01:26:13   WWC is right around the corner surely there's nothing else this year, but just mere hours later the iOS

01:26:20   16.5 and Ventura

01:26:22   13.4 along with tvOS home pod all the other stuff

01:26:25   Betas released Federico what is involved in this this groundbreaking new release nothing?

01:26:32   There's something there's something two things two things that the people I've noticed

01:26:42   There's a new my sports tab in Apple news where you can see all the sports in Apple news.

01:26:55   I like it. It's about time.

01:26:58   You can see schedules, scores and sports in the my sports tab in Apple news.

01:27:08   No, but seriously, I mean, I'm not a sports people. If you are, it's probably great for you.

01:27:13   Sports people. I'm not a sports people.

01:27:17   I remember a concept for this a while back.

01:27:23   Here's the thing that I'm confused about. Wasn't this in the WWDC keynote? Didn't they talk about this?

01:27:29   They did. Yeah, it's just now coming out.

01:27:31   Really? Wow.

01:27:33   So I'm not I'm not losing it here like they've been slowly adding this in

01:27:37   But my understanding was that like in the news app that was going to be a place for all of the sports things that you subscribe

01:27:44   to

01:27:45   Right. So, okay. I thought like this isn't new but it's weird because

01:27:50   If I remember the WC keynote correctly

01:27:53   News was going to be like the hub of the my sport stuff

01:27:58   But the TV app has had some of that for a long time and more of it more recently in this cycle

01:28:03   They're still not like a central place for all your sports stuff. So hopefully Apple news does that

01:28:08   This will be a reason for me to reinstall Apple news because I take it off my device a long time ago

01:28:13   but I'm hopeful that they can they can do this well because

01:28:17   There are other apps obviously that do this there are apps that do

01:28:22   live activities sports alerts is one that I like but

01:28:26   having it kind of all in one place where like, okay, you could tie all the information together.

01:28:30   You could pull in news stories. It could be a simple link out to like TV+ stuff.

01:28:34   I'm hopeful they're finally kind of getting all their ducks in a row here.

01:28:38   Also, you can ask Siri to start a screen recording. Yes. Huge. In 16.5.

01:28:44   But again, this is one of those features of like,

01:28:47   but why in

01:28:49   16.5? Like why? Haven't you ever found yourself

01:28:53   Just having a conversation with Siri and be like, "Hey buddy, start recording the screen."

01:28:57   But why in 16.5? Why is this not in 17? Like, you know what I mean? Like, when is this coming out?

01:29:04   Why is it now? It's very confusing to me.

01:29:06   Because, because...

01:29:08   Because?

01:29:10   When you're wearing the headset,

01:29:13   you should be able to start a screen recording via your voice.

01:29:19   Right.

01:29:21   Well, the headset's not going to be coming out at 16.5, is it?

01:29:25   Well, that's your opinion, isn't it?

01:29:27   So you think Apple's headset...

01:29:29   No, man, I don't know what to think.

01:29:32   It's just interesting. Like, why...

01:29:33   I have no idea. I'm just making things up as I go.

01:29:36   That's podcasting, baby.

01:29:38   I don't know. I genuinely have no idea why these features ship now.

01:29:43   It is strange, but I'm not sure I had it at the top of my list of things I wish Siri could do.

01:29:49   But you know they got to compete somehow. Yeah, this is the way to do it. Yeah, take that Bing

01:29:53   We'll start screen recordings with our voices

01:29:56   Okay, you know the accidental

01:29:59   Siri firing that we all have right we all accidentally trigger Siri

01:30:04   I got an email for somebody apparently I triggered it on a show a few weeks ago, which I'm sorry for

01:30:08   It's one thing to like I don't know Siri starts talking to you

01:30:13   But like what if you pick your phone up and it's been screen recording for like four hours when it's on your desk

01:30:17   that's gonna be great it's gonna be great aren't you excited I have a

01:30:24   problem with cereal like similarly in these veins right now we're like I'm

01:30:27   talking to someone and and it's happens to me very often like I'm using my

01:30:31   AirPods and it's like okay or like working on it and like I don't know what

01:30:36   I don't know what it's what I've just asked right like and then I have to like

01:30:40   take my AirPods out in horror that someone's getting a text that I don't

01:30:44   you know, and I never feel like I could,

01:30:47   it never tells me what it's done,

01:30:49   but like it's telling me it's doing a thing,

01:30:51   but I don't know what that thing was, right?

01:30:54   And that is terrifying to me as a process.

01:30:58   And you may say, Mike, just turn off Siri on your AirPods,

01:31:01   but I actually do use it too, so I don't want to.

01:31:05   - Can I air an AirPod complaint?

01:31:08   - Can air...

01:31:09   - Is why we're here.

01:31:10   - Pod of grievance.

01:31:10   - If I walk or run or go for a bike or whatever,

01:31:14   I will listen to one AirPod because I have a stronger version of being hit by a car.

01:31:19   And I feel like if I can hear the car, maybe I can get out of the way in time.

01:31:22   Transparency mode, man.

01:31:23   I do that all the time. I do that all the time. No, no, no.

01:31:27   Just the one air... I do this when I walk to dogs. Usually I listen...

01:31:31   You gotta listen.

01:31:32   You gotta listen. Usually, because even with the transparency mode,

01:31:35   like the finer noises sometimes, I don't know,

01:31:39   maybe it's my problem with age,

01:31:42   But I do this all the time, just one ear.

01:31:45   And it's usually I'm listening to Mike when I do this.

01:31:49   - Hello. - Yes.

01:31:51   - I'm too much for both ears.

01:31:52   - Yes, as I was saying.

01:31:54   - We can see you in the zoom, that's wild.

01:31:57   - Federico just turned his camera on in zoom.

01:31:58   - I don't know why I did this.

01:31:59   I don't know what I clicked.

01:32:01   - What I like is he did it and then he got confused

01:32:06   and thrown off.

01:32:07   - Look at this.

01:32:08   No, I was thinking about what you said.

01:32:10   Hi.

01:32:11   Oh, look at you, Mike.

01:32:12   Anyway, this is not a video podcast.

01:32:14   We are against video podcasts.

01:32:16   - Anti-video podcasts for the reason

01:32:19   of everything that just happened,

01:32:20   that we all turned our video cameras on

01:32:21   and then got lost looking at each other for a minute.

01:32:24   - So yes, when I walk the dogs, just one AirPod,

01:32:26   because I don't feel safe wearing two,

01:32:28   even with the transparency mode.

01:32:30   Well, I didn't think this was something worth confessing,

01:32:33   Steven.

01:32:34   - Yes, what were we talking about?

01:32:36   Okay, so I listened to one.

01:32:38   - We're airing a grievance.

01:32:39   airing an air potting a grievance air plotting a grievance, but sometimes I need to change

01:32:45   what year has the air pod. Right. So if I'm going on a bike ride, I always ride with traffic.

01:32:52   That's the way you're supposed to do it. Right. And traffic is incredibly dangerous. Get with

01:32:55   traffic. And I traffic. But if I'm walking or running, sometimes I'm not going with traffic

01:33:02   because I'm on the sidewalk, right? And depending on where I'm going, I need to be on one side

01:33:05   or the other. And I want the open ear the natural ear to be towards the street. So again,

01:33:12   if a car is going to hit me, I can hear it coming. Right. Right. Right. Federico, we're

01:33:15   on the same page with this. Yes, yes, yes. Here's the twofold problem. One. So I'm listening,

01:33:22   pull out my AirPod case, I put the AirPod in my empty ear and take the other one out,

01:33:28   put it back in the case. Yes, audio will stop on my phone. Even though I did my order of

01:33:34   I always had an AirPod in 100% of the time it stops the audio so then I have to

01:33:40   pull my phone out of my pocket or go to now playing on my watch and restart the

01:33:42   audio. Yeah no this is the right way to do it. Why? Because people that wear their

01:33:49   AirPods the way they're supposed to be worn which is both if you take one out

01:33:53   you want it to pause. But I'm not doing that. But then if you're doing the other but

01:34:01   that like is just swapping them basically. Right but you said you put one

01:34:05   right you put but you put one in so you got both in then you take one out right

01:34:09   so it's treating it like it's me where I have both AirPods and I'm taking one out

01:34:14   and it's pausing it. I see what you're saying. What you could do is turn that feature off and

01:34:18   then it won't do that anymore. Is that an option somewhere? I should look at that.

01:34:20   Ear detection. Okay I may do that because I don't know what else that might

01:34:26   mess up like it might mess some other things up but you should try that I

01:34:30   I think it's ear detection.

01:34:31   You turn that off.

01:34:33   The reason this happens is because people

01:34:35   that wear AirPods like me,

01:34:37   it's the old idea like you take the iPod,

01:34:40   you know, do you take it out and it stops?

01:34:42   Was that a thing that the iPod headphones did or no?

01:34:45   - Uh.

01:34:46   - Was that an iPod thing? - I don't know.

01:34:47   - Did it have sensors in them?

01:34:48   I don't think so.

01:34:49   - Anyways, well, okay, so on the fifth gen iPod

01:34:52   and later you could unplug the headphones from the iPod

01:34:55   and the iPod would stop.

01:34:56   Maybe that's what you're thinking of.

01:34:57   - Maybe that's what I'm thinking of,

01:34:59   which is a bit more aggressive of a thing

01:35:02   than what I'm suggesting.

01:35:04   If you threw your iPod at the wall, the music would stop.

01:35:08   - Eventually, yeah.

01:35:09   If you sink your iPod in a lake.

01:35:12   So the other thing that I've run into,

01:35:14   and I have been on the beta,

01:35:16   so maybe it's fixed on the 16.4.

01:35:19   - Did you file the feedback?

01:35:21   - Maybe it's fixed on the 16.4 final build,

01:35:23   although I doubt it is,

01:35:25   is when I do this little maneuver,

01:35:27   the dreaded, you've left your AirPods behind,

01:35:30   notification has come back.

01:35:32   So it's like, I'm walking down the street, right,

01:35:35   and five minutes later it's like, oh, you left an AirPod

01:35:38   three blocks behind you.

01:35:39   No, I didn't, it's in my pocket.

01:35:41   - That's weird.

01:35:42   - Maybe that was just a bug in the beta, but.

01:35:45   - Yeah, it sounds like a bug.

01:35:47   - I noticed something with the left behind alerts

01:35:51   the other day.

01:35:52   I started downloading the beta when I was home,

01:35:57   but then I needed to leave.

01:35:58   And iOS was doing the preparing process.

01:36:03   - Yeah.

01:36:04   - It was just like the beta had been downloaded,

01:36:05   but the phone was preparing for the beta to be installed.

01:36:08   And so I start driving,

01:36:10   and so I put my phone on the MagSafe car holder that I have.

01:36:14   I'm wearing the Apple Watch, right?

01:36:16   Phone turns off, starts rebooting.

01:36:19   After like a minute, and I wasn't thinking about it,

01:36:23   I get notification on my Apple Watch.

01:36:25   like you left your phone behind. And for a second I'm like oh my god I left the phone

01:36:31   in Viterbo, it's in this house. And then I literally drive in. That's pretty great. I

01:36:36   look at my phone and I was like no wait the phone is there, like in front of me. It's

01:36:40   rebooting. Because that's just like it's lost, it just doesn't know anymore right? It doesn't

01:36:44   know where it is. It doesn't know anymore. It doesn't know anymore. Yeah according to

01:36:46   it the phone just disappeared right? So I was like well I better tell him, I better

01:36:50   tell somebody. Maybe that only works in the case of an update because like if it's off

01:36:55   it's like still on right like it's still transmitting bluetooth information yeah

01:37:01   I don't know this stuff works but because that's how the one of the find

01:37:04   my thing works is like to find my still works even for devices right which is

01:37:10   like that similar thing - I don't know if we mentioned it when we were talking

01:37:13   earlier about the buttons that there'll be like a low power chip that powers

01:37:18   those capacitive buttons that they're gonna add which is I guess somewhat

01:37:22   similar to how like the phone keeps time and all that kind of stuff.

01:37:25   Yeah, I could imagine if they have some really low power silicon thing that it

01:37:31   adopts some of those other functions as well. You know, kind of like the, um,

01:37:35   the motion code processor was used for multiple things. Now they don't,

01:37:39   they don't even talk about it anymore. Really.

01:37:41   It's just like, I guess it's still in there doing its thing,

01:37:43   but that's Apple software story. The train never stops.

01:37:47   City never sleeps. The betas just keep coming.

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01:38:58   - Ooh. - Surprises.

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