445: Do You Have a Trumpet on the Floor?


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00:00:44   I'm joined by everyone's favorite co-host, Mike Hurley.

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00:00:50   And I am joined by everybody's favorite co-host, Federico

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00:01:02   We just talked about penguins for 10 minutes.

00:01:05   We did.

00:01:06   We did.

00:01:07   It was a rip-roaring good time over at getconnectedpro.co.

00:01:11   So that's exactly-- that's the kind of content

00:01:13   that you can expect from the pro show.

00:01:16   It's penguins and Earth geography, I would say,

00:01:20   was on this week's pro show.

00:01:23   Anyway, so Mike yesterday sends me a link on iMessage.

00:01:29   He's like, check this out.

00:01:31   And it's a YouTube video to a channel by Brandon Butch.

00:01:38   And I see the little number of subscribers

00:01:41   underneath the channel name, 1 million subscribers.

00:01:46   And this video, the title is, "This Chat GPT Shortcut

00:01:50   for iPhone is, all caps, insane!"

00:01:54   Exclamation point, parentheses.

00:01:56   Here's how to use it.

00:01:58   So Brandon did a full-on video, 10 minutes

00:02:03   of this video about SGPT.

00:02:06   And I-- obviously, I am very glad to see this video.

00:02:13   And it's actually a very lovely step-by-step explanation

00:02:16   of how to set up SGPT and how to use it.

00:02:19   And I think Brandon did.

00:02:20   I always say thank you, Brandon, for doing this.

00:02:22   I think Brandon did an excellent job sort of showing off

00:02:27   a complex query that you can do in SGPT for playlist generation.

00:02:33   Brandon asked for a workout playlist

00:02:37   with a preference for hip hop music

00:02:40   and a specific number of tracks.

00:02:41   And of course, SGPT handled that beautifully.

00:02:45   So I was really happy to see that.

00:02:47   One of the things I really liked--

00:02:48   and it's such a simple thing, but it was like, oh,

00:02:50   this makes so much sense to demo it this way--

00:02:52   is he doesn't type into the shortcut.

00:02:55   He speaks into the shortcut.

00:02:56   Like, he speaks into the text field.

00:02:57   And it was like, oh, yeah.

00:03:00   I don't really think to do that.

00:03:02   But especially for demoing on YouTube,

00:03:04   it's just like, that is such a sensible way

00:03:08   of showing how it would work.

00:03:11   You know what I mean?

00:03:12   It's just like, oh, that was really clever way

00:03:15   of showing the action.

00:03:16   It's just to speak it, which is also pretty natural

00:03:20   for something like this.

00:03:21   Yeah, and it makes me realize just how much better

00:03:25   the video format, whether it's YouTube or TikTok,

00:03:29   would be for what I do.

00:03:31   The problem is I don't like making videos.

00:03:33   And I don't like a certain style, especially on TikTok,

00:03:37   like a certain style of having to be clickbaity out

00:03:43   of sheer necessity for the algorithm.

00:03:45   But that's a different topic.

00:03:46   In any case, this video is sort of the culmination

00:03:49   of the sort of feedback that I've seen over the past week.

00:03:52   And to quote this title, it has been, title case, insane.

00:04:00   And I'm so happy to see just so many requests and the emails

00:04:05   and the messages in this court.

00:04:06   But I've been checking--

00:04:10   I logged into Twitter to see if people were talking about it.

00:04:14   And they are.

00:04:15   And I saw folks sort of sending this

00:04:17   to some developer relations people from OpenAI,

00:04:21   which is very cool.

00:04:22   And it's been sort of very humbling

00:04:24   to get the sort of feedback that comes with dozens of--

00:04:34   the last time I checked--

00:04:36   I'm going to give you actual numbers.

00:04:38   But the last time I checked, 50,000 people alone

00:04:43   read the story about SGPT, which for a shortcut,

00:04:47   that's unprecedented.

00:04:49   And it wasn't even linked on--

00:04:51   it's not like the Verge, right, linked to it.

00:04:55   But it's been picking up naturally

00:04:59   through Reddit and YouTubers and people on Twitter

00:05:03   and people on Mastodon.

00:05:04   Mastodon has been great for this.

00:05:06   And it's just having thousands of people use this,

00:05:13   it's been very useful, if only from a design perspective,

00:05:17   from a creative perspective, to understand, OK,

00:05:20   here's what people really want.

00:05:22   And yeah, it's kind of new to me because even Apple Frames,

00:05:27   which to date, I think, it has been my most popular shortcut.

00:05:31   But even Apple Frames is very niche and very sort

00:05:35   of self-contained in terms of audience.

00:05:37   And so to actually get requests from new people

00:05:42   and new types of users.

00:05:44   I saw it.

00:05:45   It was on Tom's Guide.

00:05:46   There was an article on Tom's Guide talking about it.

00:05:49   Wait, really?

00:05:49   Two, recently.

00:05:50   Do you have any way of knowing how many people have actually

00:05:57   got the shortcut?

00:05:59   Yeah, well, not got because I cannot do--

00:06:03   I cannot do-- oh, look at that, Tom's Guide.

00:06:06   See, this tells you just how frequently I

00:06:08   check my analytics, which is very unfrequently.

00:06:12   I should have a way to see how many people clicked the iCloud

00:06:16   link for the shortcuts.

00:06:19   But obviously, I cannot tell how many people installed it

00:06:22   because installing the shortcut is on icloud.com.

00:06:26   So there's no way for me to know.

00:06:28   But yeah, I can probably check the click events on Mac.

00:06:34   Sorry, and I'll let you know.

00:06:36   This is one of those things, too, with this shortcut,

00:06:38   I think, even more than any of your others,

00:06:40   where the inability for you as the shortcut creator

00:06:44   to have updates for the shortcut is a real problem.

00:06:48   Because when it's Apple Frames, I

00:06:51   don't think it's so much of an issue because I would expect

00:06:54   the majority of people that use Apple Frames read Mac stories.

00:06:57   So not completely, but I would expect

00:06:59   it's more than this, that those people are likely to see

00:07:03   that you have an update.

00:07:04   But my expectation is that this shortcut will get and has

00:07:08   gotten further than your audience.

00:07:09   When you see YouTubers with large audiences,

00:07:13   with videos that have been watched hundreds of thousands

00:07:16   of times or whatever posting about this,

00:07:19   I think this is just going to continue to keep going out

00:07:21   there, spreading away from you.

00:07:25   And then you don't have a way to communicate to people,

00:07:28   like, hey, I've improved this.

00:07:31   It's a frustrating part of the system.

00:07:34   So by the way, it looks like on Mac stories alone,

00:07:36   about 10,000 people clicked the iCloud.com link

00:07:40   for the shortcut.

00:07:41   That, of course, does not include the iCloud.com link

00:07:46   when it's posted on other places.

00:07:48   Like on Brandon's channel, the iCloud.com link

00:07:51   is right there in the description.

00:07:52   There's no way for me to know how many people

00:07:54   clicked that link.

00:07:55   And similarly, it was also on Reddit,

00:07:57   on both the Apple subreddit and the Shortcuts subreddit.

00:08:00   And there's no way for me to know how many people clicked

00:08:02   that.

00:08:03   But really the frustrating part is not having an update

00:08:07   mechanism inside Shortcut as a creator.

00:08:10   There's no way, like you said, there's no way for me

00:08:13   to say right now, hey, there's a new version

00:08:15   of this shortcut.

00:08:16   And I actually thought, I actually thought last year,

00:08:21   we had a discussion with Alex, our developer,

00:08:23   like, is there a way for us to actually consider our own,

00:08:27   like Mac stories branded Shortcuts updater?

00:08:31   And obviously that was not a priority

00:08:33   with all the other things we're working on.

00:08:35   But it's something that I've thought about.

00:08:36   Like, is there like a custom thing that I could do

00:08:38   that is specific to Mac stories to tell people,

00:08:42   hey, there's actually a new version of this.

00:08:44   But the problem with all of these features is that,

00:08:47   and it's a similar conversation when it comes

00:08:49   to monetizing Shortcuts.

00:08:51   The problem is even if you put in this custom code, right,

00:08:56   people can always remove those actions.

00:08:58   And there's no way for you as a creator to lock

00:09:01   certain features from being modified, right?

00:09:04   So even if I build a Shortcuts updater,

00:09:07   or even if I build like a way for me to say this shortcut

00:09:11   only gives you some features if you are a member

00:09:15   of such and such membership program,

00:09:19   people can always just go in and remove those actions

00:09:21   and remove those checks.

00:09:23   So how can you, there's no real creator support in Shortcuts,

00:09:28   which understandably Apple is not interested in.

00:09:31   But it's been a challenge and I'll probably end up building

00:09:35   my own updater at some point.

00:09:36   - And I understand why they don't have the ability to do it.

00:09:39   Like I get it, right?

00:09:40   It's complicated for one and two,

00:09:44   it is also like a security risk.

00:09:47   Like I understand, but then similarly,

00:09:50   if you have the ability to build your own updater,

00:09:53   that is worse from a security standpoint

00:09:56   than if Apple did it, right?

00:09:57   I would assume.

00:09:59   - Yeah, I would very much prefer like an official way

00:10:04   for me to say, hey, this is a shortcut

00:10:06   that I share with other people

00:10:07   and other people should know.

00:10:09   You should build it and remove the stress

00:10:12   of dealing with this and the time

00:10:14   of dealing with this from me.

00:10:16   I would love if Apple had their own way to do this

00:10:20   that I could take advantage of.

00:10:22   - Yeah, because they could say like,

00:10:23   hey, since you last run the shortcut, it has changed.

00:10:26   This is the way it's changed.

00:10:28   Do you still want to do it?

00:10:30   - Exactly, that's all I want.

00:10:31   Like a little sparkle updater built inside the shortcut,

00:10:35   but it is what it is.

00:10:37   And so I'm busy working on updates.

00:10:41   I think we're gonna talk about this later in the show,

00:10:44   but yeah, it's been wild to see people use this in action

00:10:49   and sort of the things they ask,

00:10:52   which is, you know, it's pretty cool to see,

00:10:54   and like, I actually didn't think about this myself

00:10:58   and people have been using it this way.

00:11:00   - Boys, the time has come.

00:11:02   - For what?

00:11:04   - The calls have been answered.

00:11:06   The YouTube app is getting SharePlay support.

00:11:08   - Really finally we can watch unboxing videos together.

00:11:13   - Together.

00:11:14   This is gonna be a YouTube premium feature,

00:11:17   at least to start.

00:11:19   It's also going to become along with a new enhanced

00:11:22   1080p video quality setting, which Google, YouTube says,

00:11:26   will make the videos extra crisp and clear.

00:11:28   I guess it's just, I see that as less compression

00:11:32   on their videos.

00:11:33   I would hazard a guess that this will probably be

00:11:36   the most widely used experience like of SharePlay so far.

00:11:40   Like I could imagine this being,

00:11:43   even though it's just for premium, one it is logical, right?

00:11:46   Like I actually think of all the kinds of video content

00:11:50   you might watch with other people.

00:11:52   YouTube videos, I think actually make the most sense

00:11:55   as opposed to like the latest episode of The Mandalorian

00:11:59   or a full movie.

00:12:00   Obviously, you know, listeners of this show will know

00:12:05   that lots of people use SharePlay for lots of things.

00:12:08   We know that now, remember that?

00:12:10   When I asked everyone to write in

00:12:12   with their SharePlay experiences and they did.

00:12:14   So, you know, I know that people use it,

00:12:16   but I think like YouTube is like a really interesting source

00:12:20   for SharePlay.

00:12:21   So I think this is actually a pretty cool thing.

00:12:24   And I'm pleased to see Google adopting

00:12:29   a new Apple technology like this one,

00:12:32   where there isn't so much of an impetus for them to do it

00:12:35   other than the fact that this would actually be good

00:12:37   for their users to do it.

00:12:39   - Yeah, yeah, I agree.

00:12:40   And it's especially fascinating to see this

00:12:45   when you consider how SharePlay works in FaceTime

00:12:48   and iMessage, and especially iMessage being one of the,

00:12:52   one of the things that Google hates about, you know,

00:12:56   what Apple is doing with locking on iOS and the iPhone.

00:13:00   This is an iMessage feature that is only available

00:13:03   to iMessage users and it won't work with text messaging

00:13:07   on Android and still they're going to enable this

00:13:10   for YouTube, which I think is the right call.

00:13:13   I just think it's a little bit ironic

00:13:15   coming from the company.

00:13:17   - The 15 inch MacBook Air is apparently coming soon.

00:13:22   Production is underway according to multiple

00:13:24   supply chain sources, which could indicate

00:13:26   a late April or early May launch.

00:13:29   I mentioned this because Federico,

00:13:31   you had mentioned being intrigued

00:13:33   about the biggest MacBook Air possible.

00:13:35   So maybe you'll be able to get your hands on one

00:13:38   before WWDC?

00:13:40   - Well, that's too bad because I just bought an M2 MacBook Air.

00:13:43   (laughing)

00:13:44   - Okay, okay.

00:13:46   - And I'm using it to record right now.

00:13:48   - Oh, you're using it right now?

00:13:49   - Yes.

00:13:51   - Okay, patented Federico Fittiti review time.

00:13:53   What do you think of it?

00:13:56   - I love it, man.

00:13:57   I just love it. - Isn't it incredible?

00:13:58   Did you get the good color?

00:14:00   You got the good color, right?

00:14:01   - What's the good color?

00:14:02   - Midnight.

00:14:03   - No, I got starlight.

00:14:04   I got starlight because it goes really well

00:14:07   with my furniture.

00:14:08   - Okay. - That's why.

00:14:09   - You know what?

00:14:10   I'll give that to you.

00:14:11   - Yeah. - For you,

00:14:13   I can understand that.

00:14:14   But I still think the best color is midnight.

00:14:16   - Man, I'm so glad I got to surprise you both

00:14:19   with this today.

00:14:20   When I saw the topic in the document,

00:14:22   I didn't want to add anything and just bring it on you

00:14:25   because that's what I do.

00:14:27   I love it, I love it.

00:14:28   I mean, just how lightweight it is

00:14:33   compared to Sylvia's 14-inch MacBook Pro.

00:14:36   Like, it's wild to me just how portable it is.

00:14:41   Love the keyboard, love the battery life.

00:14:46   Display size is great.

00:14:48   I realize, you know, it's like a slightly bigger iPad Pro.

00:14:52   Obviously, what's so, and look,

00:14:54   this is all part of something I've been working on,

00:14:59   a story that has taken me into many different directions

00:15:03   over the past five months or so.

00:15:05   And it continues to evolve over time.

00:15:08   Essentially, I'm using this in clamshell mode

00:15:13   with my studio display, which is in and of itself

00:15:16   like one of the many things that leads me

00:15:18   to prefer Mac OS to iPad OS right now.

00:15:21   Because yeah, I have this computer

00:15:24   in a 12 South Bookark stand by the right side of my desk.

00:15:28   Very nice, very cool looking accessory.

00:15:30   And I can just slot it in and it's closed,

00:15:35   but it lets me work on the studio display.

00:15:37   I can, why can I not do the same with my iPad Pro?

00:15:40   I don't understand.

00:15:41   And of course, the thing that's so,

00:15:44   look, I'll be honest, I am feeling mixed feelings

00:15:49   really right now because what's so funny,

00:15:55   actually no, what's so liberating,

00:15:58   I think is a better word.

00:15:59   And what's so just fun is having the freedom

00:16:04   to do whatever I want with my computer

00:16:06   in terms of software, right?

00:16:08   Just I went in, I installed Audio Hijack,

00:16:10   I installed a bunch of utilities for changing how,

00:16:13   sort of enhancing Mac OS multitasking,

00:16:16   trying to make it a little more similar

00:16:18   to Windows snapping, for example.

00:16:21   I installed the Logy Options software

00:16:24   so that now I can customize how my mouse works

00:16:27   and how my keyboard works.

00:16:29   Just being able to do whatever I want with software.

00:16:32   But the thing is mixed feelings,

00:16:35   because I cannot do whatever I want with the hardware, right?

00:16:38   At the end of the day, it's still a laptop.

00:16:41   And I saw many times I tried to touch the screen already

00:16:44   and it doesn't do anything.

00:16:46   And of course you cannot fold it all the way back

00:16:50   and sort of hide the keyboard.

00:16:51   - Well, you can one time and then that's it.

00:16:55   - It's a one time and one time only.

00:16:56   So savor that opportunity if you really want to do it.

00:16:59   (laughing)

00:17:01   But like, it's always gonna be a laptop.

00:17:03   - Except for the one thing that you are already doing

00:17:05   where you are able to turn it into a desktop,

00:17:07   which admittedly is not as exciting

00:17:08   as turning a laptop into a tablet and vice versa.

00:17:13   - Exactly.

00:17:14   And so unfortunately, and this is a topic that I think

00:17:18   I'll throw this idea that I will need to develop further

00:17:23   in the story that I'm working on,

00:17:24   that we'll talk about over the next few weeks.

00:17:26   An imaginary gunpoint right now,

00:17:30   like if someone were to came to me,

00:17:33   and I like to be a little tragic with these things,

00:17:35   but it helps the thought exercise.

00:17:38   At an imaginary gunpoint,

00:17:39   what I choose right now in April, 2023.

00:17:43   And it's a non-lethal gunpoint, so don't worry about it.

00:17:47   But it's just--

00:17:48   - Then what's the point of the gunpoint?

00:17:49   - Well, it's for the scene of it, right?

00:17:52   It's for the drama of it.

00:17:53   Like pick one, Mac OS or iPad OS,

00:17:57   use a Mac or use an iPad.

00:17:58   I gotta go with Mac OS right now.

00:18:01   I gotta go with Mac OS because ultimately,

00:18:07   while I'm really missing the ability to use it as a tablet

00:18:12   and to touch the screen and to just carry it with me

00:18:17   as like a touch device,

00:18:19   ultimately I can do more things with the software

00:18:21   and this is an essential point for me.

00:18:25   I can tweak the multitasking to my liking,

00:18:29   which I cannot do on iPad OS.

00:18:31   So if I had to pick one,

00:18:34   iPad and me, we've had so many great memories together.

00:18:38   And I'm still using an iPad.

00:18:39   I'm still using an iPad Pro

00:18:40   because I love reading my articles and watching TV shows

00:18:45   and doing tablet things with the iPad.

00:18:49   But it hasn't grown and it hasn't gone in a direction

00:18:53   that is conducive, I think, to my work

00:18:58   and to what I need to do.

00:18:59   And so even though I love it,

00:19:03   what's that, Steven, what's that Death Cab for Cutie song

00:19:07   you referenced in your MacBook Air story?

00:19:11   - I'm War of Head versus Heart?

00:19:13   - Yes, it's exactly that line.

00:19:17   Like my heart is, you know, it belongs to the iPad Pro,

00:19:22   but my head tells me, look, man,

00:19:26   you just are faster and you do better work, faster work,

00:19:31   more work in less time on Mac OS.

00:19:35   And so if I had to pick Mac OS,

00:19:38   this computer right here is the perfect balance

00:19:41   for me so far.

00:19:42   - That's Crooked Teeth is the song name.

00:19:44   - Thank you.

00:19:45   - And you're using it with the studio display.

00:19:47   You're just using like the single Thunderbolt cable

00:19:50   lifestyle and just plugging it in

00:19:52   and letting everything go from there.

00:19:54   - See, this is the thing I cannot be too detailed about.

00:19:58   You guys know why, but yes,

00:20:01   I am using a single Thunderbolt cable.

00:20:04   Well, no, I can be a little detailed.

00:20:06   I'm using that USB-C switch we talked about.

00:20:11   What was it called?

00:20:14   Not the CableCon, the other one.

00:20:16   - CableMod.

00:20:17   - No, it wasn't the CableCon.

00:20:18   It was the, wait, what's the name?

00:20:20   It's under my desk, I don't remember.

00:20:22   - Just crawl under there and look, we'll stick around.

00:20:24   - Hold on.

00:20:27   - Did we talk about this in the main show

00:20:29   or in the pro show?

00:20:31   - I don't know, but if you haven't heard the pro show,

00:20:33   it's easy to find relay.fm/connected/join.

00:20:37   - It doesn't have a logo.

00:20:38   It doesn't have a logo on it.

00:20:40   And so I don't remember the name

00:20:41   because it doesn't have a logo on it,

00:20:42   but I'm using a USB-C switch

00:20:44   that goes into the studio display.

00:20:46   So I guess I'm using USB-C rather than Thunderbolt,

00:20:51   but still everything works.

00:20:53   The speakers work, I can change the brightness.

00:20:56   I can issue software updates for the studio display.

00:20:59   - That's a fun process.

00:21:01   - That's a fun thing to do.

00:21:03   But yeah, I am using, to paint you a picture,

00:21:08   I am using, I now have finalized a desk setup

00:21:13   where I can slot in different types of computers

00:21:19   and I can switch between all of them with a single cable,

00:21:23   the MX Keys Mini Keyboard and the Logilift Mouse.

00:21:28   They support three devices and I can use all of them

00:21:32   with the studio display.

00:21:33   So that's the idea.

00:21:35   - I found the link.

00:21:36   We did speak about it on the pro show,

00:21:38   but you're using the Conball USB switch two-in-one output.

00:21:42   - Conball. - Thank you.

00:21:43   The Conball, yes, that's what I'm using.

00:21:46   - But the ball kind, not the cable kind.

00:21:49   - Yes, and the Bookarc, of course,

00:21:53   the Bookarc, you can put in the MacBook Air

00:21:57   or the iPad Pro with the smart,

00:21:59   what's it called, Smart Folio?

00:22:02   Not the Magic Keyboard

00:22:03   because the Magic Keyboard makes it too thick.

00:22:06   But obviously the iPad Pro, the screen doesn't turn off

00:22:10   when it's connected to an external display.

00:22:13   So you're always gonna have that thing in your eyesight.

00:22:17   It is what it is.

00:22:20   - I recently tried my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode

00:22:24   'cause my setup now is a 14-inch MacBook Pro

00:22:27   off to the left with the open as a second screen

00:22:31   and then the studio display right in front of me.

00:22:34   And I was like, well, it would be neater looking

00:22:36   like a little bit tidier if I used clamshell,

00:22:38   but I really like having the second screen.

00:22:41   So I work on the studio display

00:22:43   and then my Mac is usually to do it and time reopen

00:22:47   kind of half and half.

00:22:48   And then right now, Audio Hijack and Zoom

00:22:50   are also over there.

00:22:52   But the clamshell mode thing is pretty sweet

00:22:55   and it's gotten a lot better, I think,

00:22:57   with the Apple Silicon Macs.

00:23:00   I know when I used to use it a bunch

00:23:02   and on Intel Macs, like sometimes they would get confused.

00:23:06   Like, oh, there's not display plugged in

00:23:07   or it'd be the wrong resolution or something.

00:23:09   And I know from listeners of MPU and other folks

00:23:14   that use clamshell mode, it seems really solid now,

00:23:18   which is good.

00:23:19   Has that been your experience?

00:23:23   Like it does the right thing when you plug it in?

00:23:25   - Well, at least so far.

00:23:28   Now that I'm thinking about it,

00:23:31   like I've actually had one time yesterday,

00:23:36   this is sort of unrelated to what you said,

00:23:38   but in terms of like plugging this in,

00:23:41   the USB-C switch sort of reset itself to input number one

00:23:46   and Mac OS needs to go on input number two,

00:23:53   but that only happened one time.

00:23:55   I don't know why these switches can be weird, I'm guessing.

00:23:59   But everything else with the display worked as intended.

00:24:03   And this is actually also going into the...

00:24:05   Wait, we talked about this.

00:24:07   I think it was also on the Pro Show.

00:24:09   So hey, the exclusivity time, I guess, is over now.

00:24:14   I'm using the- - The statute of limitations.

00:24:17   - Yes, this is actually going

00:24:18   through the Microsoft audio doc

00:24:21   that we discussed on the Pro Show.

00:24:24   So that's acting as the sort of video host device

00:24:30   so it's actually going MacBook Air, Microsoft audio doc,

00:24:35   USB-C switch, studio display.

00:24:38   Sounds complicated.

00:24:40   I'm actually very happy with my cable management,

00:24:43   but it totally works and I'm getting a 5K image here.

00:24:47   So, you know, there's no latency or anything.

00:24:50   It just works.

00:24:51   Speakers work, brightness works, so.

00:24:54   - This isn't your first Apple Silicon Mac, is it?

00:24:56   You had an M1 Mac-

00:24:57   - I had a review unit for a 14-inch Mac Pro OS here.

00:25:02   - Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

00:25:08   - It's nice to play around with Mac OS again.

00:25:12   It's kind of scary and daunting initially

00:25:17   coming from years of iPad OS.

00:25:20   And I probably never kicked the habit

00:25:25   of trying to use this as a touch device

00:25:29   for so many little interactions that often are just so,

00:25:33   are just faster or easier with the finger

00:25:36   compared to just using a track pad.

00:25:38   Like sometimes I just wanna touch a button

00:25:41   or scroll by touching the screen,

00:25:43   which is why I absolutely cannot wait for Apple

00:25:47   to make a hybrid computer of that kind,

00:25:49   but that's gonna be a couple of years out.

00:25:52   This is not my first rodeo with an Apple Silicon Mac.

00:25:55   And of course I also had, you're right,

00:25:58   I also had an M1 Mac Mini.

00:26:00   I still have the M1 Mac Mini.

00:26:02   I got a refurbished one,

00:26:03   but that's now sitting in a closet,

00:26:07   being my little home server

00:26:09   that I use for my music library,

00:26:10   that I use for Hazel automations

00:26:13   and a bunch of other Mac Mini things.

00:26:16   But yeah, that's still,

00:26:17   it's now being put out in a closet,

00:26:21   live in its retirement in a very cozy home.

00:26:25   - Passionate Ones,

00:26:27   we're gonna be recording our members special

00:26:29   here pretty soon.

00:26:30   All members of Relay FM shows

00:26:32   get access to all of our annual specials every summer.

00:26:34   And Mike, you can tell us what we have planned

00:26:37   and where they can go.

00:26:38   - Yeah, we're gonna be doing a special edition

00:26:40   of the quizzes where I need your help

00:26:43   to fill out a form that is in the show notes.

00:26:46   It is called Do the Passionate Ones Know Mike?

00:26:48   There's a selection of questions about me.

00:26:51   You need to answer them,

00:26:52   like what is my favorite X, Y, and Z?

00:26:55   And I will then be quizzing Federico and Steven

00:26:58   on your answers.

00:27:01   So they will have to try and guess

00:27:03   what you think I like the most.

00:27:06   You know how we've done this,

00:27:08   the passionate ones quizzes that we've done before.

00:27:11   This one will be about me

00:27:13   and that will be recorded for our membership special

00:27:16   and the scoring will carry over.

00:27:18   So that whatever is scored will be added

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00:27:22   and we will update you on those totals in due course

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00:29:41   Sometime ago, the Steve Jobs archive was created

00:29:46   and this is from a selection of people in Steve's life.

00:29:51   So I believe it's being led by Lorraine Pao Jobs

00:29:58   and Johnny Ive, I think, are two of the key individuals

00:30:02   that are putting together the archive.

00:30:04   Do you remember who else was involved in this, boys?

00:30:07   If you don't know, it's okay, if not.

00:30:08   - I do not.

00:30:10   - I can find it, I'll find it in a minute.

00:30:12   'Cause now their website did have this information

00:30:16   and I've gone to look at it now,

00:30:17   but now it's all around this book that they've released.

00:30:20   They've put together a bunch of things

00:30:23   and they've released a book called

00:30:26   Make Something Wonderful.

00:30:27   And it is a selection, a heavily curated selection

00:30:31   of things from Jobs's life.

00:30:34   So it's speeches, emails, imagery,

00:30:40   and some conversations with people in his life.

00:30:43   And it's all sort of like narrated through,

00:30:47   like there's context given around

00:30:49   the things that are in this book.

00:30:51   It is available on the web.

00:30:53   There is an EPUB.

00:30:54   There is also a physical version, but it is not for sale.

00:30:59   So I have seen some of these on Instagram

00:31:02   and also Disney have been giving it out

00:31:08   to some employees too.

00:31:10   I'll put a link in the show notes

00:31:11   to a post on Daring Fireball,

00:31:13   which has some information about this,

00:31:15   but also there's a really beautiful letter

00:31:17   that's Disney CEO, Bob Iger,

00:31:19   accompanied with the versions given

00:31:21   to some employees at Disney,

00:31:22   talking about their relationship.

00:31:24   Have you read this?

00:31:26   - No.

00:31:27   - Steven, have you read it?

00:31:28   - Not fully.

00:31:29   I started on it last night, but didn't finish it.

00:31:32   - Yeah, I was like, I am going to read it,

00:31:35   but it's actually quite long,

00:31:37   like longer than I was expecting it to be.

00:31:40   And I will go through it eventually.

00:31:44   Like it's something I really want to,

00:31:46   like I've gone through and I've looked through the imagery

00:31:48   and like sort of skimmed through it,

00:31:49   but it's something that I actually don't want to rush

00:31:53   because I think that there could be, not there could be,

00:31:55   I can see that there are some,

00:31:58   some really interesting things in this

00:32:00   that I'm happy exist in the world, right?

00:32:05   Like there are books and there will be books

00:32:08   and there will be many more books, right?

00:32:10   There will be books forever about Steve Jobs

00:32:13   and people will be able to make whatever decisions they want

00:32:18   about him and his life and his attitude and times

00:32:21   and all that kind of stuff.

00:32:23   - What I really like about this is the web layout.

00:32:26   I feel like I should point out the web.

00:32:28   It's super well done, incredibly smooth.

00:32:30   And I love the, just how the table of contents works,

00:32:35   especially on mobile.

00:32:36   Like it's not always that you find a book on the web

00:32:41   that is totally supported on iPhone.

00:32:44   I mean, no surprise.

00:32:45   I mean, it's a book about Steve Jobs and, you know,

00:32:49   people who worked on the original iPhone

00:32:52   are directly involved in the making of this,

00:32:54   but sort of tapping the table of contents and, you know,

00:32:58   that animation that sort of zooms out,

00:33:00   all the pages zooms out and you can scroll very quickly,

00:33:05   very smooth in Safari.

00:33:06   I just, I love it.

00:33:07   It's so well done.

00:33:08   And it's so much, like so much better than I think

00:33:12   having a regular EPUB or even like a regular iBook

00:33:17   in the books app.

00:33:19   I think this is so much nicer and there's actually

00:33:22   quite a few things here that I would like to steal

00:33:25   for, you know, a future version of something like this

00:33:30   on Mac stories.

00:33:31   Like I just love even on desktop with a mouse,

00:33:35   you can just click and scroll through this progress bar

00:33:38   on the right side to go through all the different areas

00:33:41   of Steve Jobs.

00:33:42   It's so well done on the web.

00:33:44   I'm a huge fan of this web.

00:33:46   - I think it's Lorem Powell Jobs, Tim Cook and Johnny Iovine

00:33:49   are like some of the leads of this, like the archive.

00:33:53   I'm sure that there are many people involved in it.

00:33:55   I was just Googling around there while you were talking

00:33:58   about that Federico and I can't find anything more

00:33:59   than that.

00:34:00   They announced it together at the Recode conference

00:34:02   a little while ago and then they had some small pieces

00:34:05   of information, but this is the first big thing.

00:34:07   The website is designed by Love From and it's typeset

00:34:11   and Love From Serif.

00:34:13   This makes me feel so good that this is something

00:34:18   Johnny is doing.

00:34:20   Like this feels like he is honoring him.

00:34:25   Like he is able to honor Steve by having his new project

00:34:30   work on something like this.

00:34:34   And I just find it to me, it's just such a beautiful thing.

00:34:38   It warms my heart.

00:34:40   I would agree.

00:34:41   I've only looked at this on the web and I thought

00:34:44   that the web layout was beautiful and like the way

00:34:46   that the timeline updates and the way that you can do

00:34:48   the zooming out of the timeline and all that kind of stuff

00:34:50   is like really nice.

00:34:52   And it has the sense of feeling like an exhibition

00:34:57   on the web, right?

00:34:58   That like you could go somewhere and see this.

00:35:02   Like the way that they take so much space

00:35:04   between the imagery.

00:35:05   So like even though it's scrolling, you kind of get

00:35:10   one image at a time, but without it scrolljacking

00:35:13   to do that.

00:35:14   Yeah, I think that this is beautiful.

00:35:16   And I think Steven, you put a note in that the EPUB

00:35:18   is not so good.

00:35:20   It's just very straightforward.

00:35:21   Like the web is totally the way to do this.

00:35:25   It should be as iBooks author.

00:35:26   Yeah, iBooks author.

00:35:29   Yeah, the EPUB is just very straightforward.

00:35:32   The iBooks or Apple Books version, I guess,

00:35:35   is kind of in between, but the way to read this

00:35:38   is on the web for sure.

00:35:39   You know, then download the EPUB for all eternity.

00:35:42   That like the logo that they have made

00:35:45   that's accompanying this, which I think is new,

00:35:47   which I think is the logo for the Steve Jobs archive

00:35:50   is just incredible.

00:35:51   It's incredible.

00:35:53   It looks like a key and an apple tree

00:35:55   and an apple fell out of the tree.

00:35:57   Johnny Ive is the best.

00:36:00   I love him so much.

00:36:01   I just got to say like, I just love him.

00:36:03   This is something that's so special.

00:36:05   I'm gonna, I want to sit like down and like look

00:36:09   through this thing and take out a bunch of quotes.

00:36:11   Like I'm gonna pour time into this.

00:36:13   Yeah, me too.

00:36:14   But in true connected style,

00:36:16   why don't we roast Steve Jobs office?

00:36:19   There are two images of his office.

00:36:22   They are, I've got the links in our document

00:36:25   and they'll be in the show notes.

00:36:26   They're like two links from the archive.

00:36:29   I have seen, I think we have both, all of us seen images

00:36:34   from this photo shoot before,

00:36:36   because I am familiar with this.

00:36:38   Yeah, image 65, which is the second link,

00:36:43   that photo I know I've seen before

00:36:45   because of the tiny little cheese grater model.

00:36:50   Is that a model?

00:36:51   Is that what that is?

00:36:52   I think we talked about, you know,

00:36:53   what if Apple made a power Mac that small at some point?

00:36:56   I was very confused by that part of the image.

00:37:00   Like I was like, is there a perspective issue?

00:37:03   Like what is going on here?

00:37:05   No, it's a little model.

00:37:06   I get it now.

00:37:07   But like when I was first looking at it earlier,

00:37:09   I was like, wait, what is going on?

00:37:12   So he's got a 30 inch Apple cinema display,

00:37:17   aluminum cinema display on the floor.

00:37:20   One of the pictures, you can see a smaller one.

00:37:22   Like he got the upgrade to the 30

00:37:24   and didn't want to use the 24 or whatever he had before.

00:37:28   Which he just yeeted off the desk, it's gone forever.

00:37:31   He did, he did.

00:37:32   Does he have a picture of himself on his desk?

00:37:36   No, I don't think that's a picture of himself.

00:37:38   I would hazard against and say that's his dad.

00:37:41   You sure?

00:37:42   That's what I'm going to say.

00:37:42   I don't know.

00:37:43   It is a picture of a man on a desk, on the desk, right?

00:37:47   Oh, sort of kind of looks like him.

00:37:50   Whatever it is, that image on the back is a hand print.

00:37:54   You see that?

00:37:56   Like if you look at the other image,

00:37:58   it looks like it's like standing against the thing

00:38:00   and there's like a hand print on one side maybe,

00:38:03   or maybe that's something else

00:38:04   and the image is leaning against it.

00:38:06   Because like, here's the key thing to take away gang,

00:38:08   Steve Jobs, messy boy, big messy boy.

00:38:11   That's why this image has been pretty infamous

00:38:15   that Steve Jobs, messy office, you know, like.

00:38:19   Well, I never noticed a detail that I appreciate.

00:38:24   He had Genelec speakers on his desk.

00:38:28   Well, that's a choice, Steve.

00:38:29   I was going to ask you two about this.

00:38:32   What Genelec was, their speakers, huh?

00:38:35   Yeah, that's a good choice.

00:38:36   I had a bunch of Genelec speakers myself a few years ago,

00:38:40   that's a great brand.

00:38:42   That's a choice, that's a choice.

00:38:44   There are a couple of things I noticed.

00:38:45   One, where he's sitting, look at that phone.

00:38:48   I mean, who is he, the president?

00:38:50   Like. Yeah.

00:38:51   Look at all the buttons on that thing.

00:38:53   Like of course he has like a lot of lines.

00:38:56   He's the CEO of Apple.

00:38:57   Like one of those buttons is Johnny,

00:38:59   one of those buttons is Tim Cook,

00:39:00   one of those buttons is Eddy Cue, et cetera.

00:39:03   Right next to it, I noticed a water bottle.

00:39:06   I believe that's a Smart Water is the brand.

00:39:08   That's my water of choice.

00:39:09   I like Smart Water.

00:39:10   It's really good.

00:39:11   It's also what he would drink during keynotes.

00:39:13   Like you always see Smart Water on stage.

00:39:16   When he would like flick the thing

00:39:17   and he had that like very particular way of drinking.

00:39:19   Yeah, yeah.

00:39:20   Yep, very consistent.

00:39:21   You would hear it on his lav mic, you know.

00:39:23   The image when he's standing, bookshelf, right?

00:39:26   There's a few things about the bookshelf

00:39:27   that's interesting to me.

00:39:28   One, huge basket on the top of the bookshelf,

00:39:30   which is weird.

00:39:31   On the left, second down,

00:39:33   just tons of bottles of something.

00:39:36   It looks like Aesop to me, but could be anything,

00:39:38   but like little bottles with droppers.

00:39:41   Whatever they are, lots of them, right?

00:39:43   Lots and lots of bottles or something.

00:39:45   It's interesting.

00:39:46   Hey, what's up with the dude creeping from the window?

00:39:49   Oh, I made you look.

00:39:50   Oh, darn it.

00:39:51   I'm like, where?

00:39:52   Where?

00:39:53   (laughing)

00:39:55   Got him.

00:39:56   (laughing)

00:39:58   He has a camcorder on the floor.

00:40:01   Maybe like what's that cannon one

00:40:02   everyone busted after for a long time?

00:40:05   In the image where he's sitting,

00:40:06   there's like a stack of things.

00:40:08   There's a trumpet.

00:40:09   Oh, that's a trumpet.

00:40:11   Yeah.

00:40:11   It is a trumpet.

00:40:12   Wow.

00:40:13   Maybe one of his kids plays trumpet.

00:40:15   He couldn't even be bothered to remove the shipping label

00:40:18   from the box on the floor.

00:40:20   They'll deal with that later on.

00:40:21   You can see the barcode.

00:40:22   I could probably try and scan it and add it to deliveries.

00:40:26   There's like a tripod to sit in there too.

00:40:30   Man, this is it.

00:40:32   This is just good.

00:40:33   This is good stuff.

00:40:35   It is good.

00:40:36   This picture is so full of detail.

00:40:39   Yep.

00:40:40   The lamp, the lamp isn't the floor lamp.

00:40:43   It's isn't, I bet it's not plugged in.

00:40:46   Look at that cable on the floor.

00:40:47   I bet it's not plugged in.

00:40:49   It's also kind of weirdly,

00:40:50   oh, we can't see what's past it,

00:40:51   but it seems like it's kind of in the middle of the floor.

00:40:54   Yeah.

00:40:54   It's yeah.

00:40:55   So, Steve Jobs, you know,

00:40:57   that very famous photo in the eighties

00:40:59   where he's in an empty apartment, right?

00:41:01   Sitting on the floor and you see this picture.

00:41:03   This is what having a family does to you.

00:41:05   This is what happens.

00:41:06   When you're young and single and cool,

00:41:08   you can be, you can have a minimal life.

00:41:10   And then I bet half this stuff is his kids stuff.

00:41:13   They drug in there.

00:41:14   Yeah, well, this to me is older Steve in that way,

00:41:17   because if you've read "Small Fry",

00:41:19   have you read "Small Fry"?

00:41:21   It's Lisa Brennan's book.

00:41:22   Lisa Brennan Shops' book.

00:41:23   Nope, no.

00:41:24   When she was young, he was still very particular.

00:41:28   That's a great book.

00:41:29   It's a weird and interesting book.

00:41:33   It's a, I like it a lot.

00:41:35   Anything else here?

00:41:37   I like the little mobile or kind of like

00:41:41   the little statue piece of art on top of the speaker.

00:41:45   Yeah.

00:41:46   That looks fun.

00:41:47   That probably costs like $900,000, that thing.

00:41:51   Yeah, yeah.

00:41:51   It's some famous piece.

00:41:53   Whatever that is, is just obscene.

00:41:56   He uses the dock on the bottom.

00:41:57   Yep.

00:41:58   Mm.

00:41:59   Yep.

00:42:00   Which is a move.

00:42:01   A lot of stuff on the desktop,

00:42:03   but not a ton, maybe like a dozen things,

00:42:07   folders and documents there down the right-hand side.

00:42:10   But there's a gap.

00:42:11   There's a gap and one's off to the side,

00:42:13   so he's not sorting by name or anything automatically.

00:42:16   That's just like living there, living its own life.

00:42:20   Yeah, you just drug it over there.

00:42:22   Is that the word drug?

00:42:25   I always struggle with that.

00:42:26   Is it dragged?

00:42:27   That falls into the category of lay versus lie,

00:42:30   and I never get it right the first time.

00:42:32   That also, I believe, is a bundled wallpaper

00:42:35   that came with OS X back in the day.

00:42:38   You've got to assume that he's using

00:42:40   whatever they put in there, right?

00:42:41   'Cause there are obviously things he likes,

00:42:44   the images, right?

00:42:46   Looking through the stock images that came,

00:42:49   not the blue star, you know,

00:42:50   or the star field patterns, those,

00:42:52   but like just regular pictures

00:42:54   that also came bundled with OS X,

00:42:55   I've had that thought of like,

00:42:57   I bet Jov had a say in these, you know.

00:43:00   Have we pointed out on the floor next to the trumpet

00:43:05   the booklet for a car?

00:43:10   The photo, is that a photo?

00:43:11   That is a car brochure, yeah.

00:43:12   Oh yeah, look at that.

00:43:13   He wants a new car.

00:43:14   Yeah, it's a car brochure, yeah.

00:43:16   He was buying a new car, I guess.

00:43:18   Project Titan confirmed.

00:43:20   Well, we cannot make out the brand, unfortunately.

00:43:23   It's just way too blurry.

00:43:24   I think he's using, what is it, the Mighty Mouse?

00:43:28   That looks older than a Mighty Mouse.

00:43:30   The one with a clear plastic.

00:43:31   This is like clear plastic.

00:43:32   Yeah, the Pro Mouse.

00:43:33   Pro Mouse, is that what it's called?

00:43:35   Yep, he's got an eyesight camera.

00:43:36   Just a precarious stack of CDs.

00:43:39   They're ready to go.

00:43:40   At any moment, they're ready to go, those things.

00:43:43   Right into that trash can.

00:43:45   There's something that there's gonna go.

00:43:47   I just realized on the screen, I think that's iTunes.

00:43:51   Yeah, I mean, it looks like it.

00:43:53   It's got that view, right?

00:43:54   Well, there's a sidebar.

00:43:55   It looks like a--

00:43:56   iTunes Music Store, I think,

00:43:58   is what that is.

00:43:59   Yeah, we'll go with that.

00:44:00   Yeah.

00:44:01   Look, he's ripping CDs.

00:44:02   He's seeing what he doesn't have.

00:44:03   That's true.

00:44:04   What is it, rip it, burn it?

00:44:05   What is it?

00:44:06   Rip mix burn.

00:44:07   Rip mix burn, that's it, there you go.

00:44:09   Rip it, ship it.

00:44:12   Grip it.

00:44:13   (laughing)

00:44:15   No, I love these images.

00:44:19   I mean, he's just a person.

00:44:22   Everyone's office could look like this.

00:44:25   A lot of people's offices do look like this.

00:44:27   Mine does, mine does right now.

00:44:29   You should see it.

00:44:30   Look at this guy.

00:44:32   I have the same office as Steve Jobs.

00:44:33   No, I don't, I just have a messy office.

00:44:35   That's all I'm saying.

00:44:36   My office is messy.

00:44:38   Well, do you have a trumpet on the floor?

00:44:41   You should put one, if not.

00:44:43   And I like that the desk,

00:44:44   I'm not sure that's actually a desk.

00:44:45   That looks like a, just like a table.

00:44:48   It is a table.

00:44:49   That's a table, it's not a desk.

00:44:50   It doesn't even have a drawer.

00:44:52   It's made from the Joshua tree or something, I don't know.

00:44:54   You know what I'm saying?

00:44:56   We got some real time follow up.

00:44:58   Someone just sent this to me.

00:45:00   Nine to five Mac has a feature on SGP-T.

00:45:04   Oh, look at that.

00:45:05   It's going all over the place today.

00:45:06   Really?

00:45:07   Totes viral.

00:45:08   Oh, well, thank you, Chance.

00:45:11   I appreciate it.

00:45:12   You just need one YouTuber

00:45:14   and then sends it off to the races.

00:45:17   Can we say that he took a chance on my shortcut or is that?

00:45:20   You can say it, you can say it.

00:45:23   No, I like it.

00:45:24   Well, you're gonna get, you're gonna get,

00:45:26   oh, thank you Chance being, you know,

00:45:28   kind enough to say go to Mac stories

00:45:31   to download the shortcut.

00:45:33   I appreciate it.

00:45:34   Not everybody does that, so thank you.

00:45:36   So Steve Jobs desk, thumbs up or thumbs down

00:45:41   or thumbs, you know, in the middle.

00:45:44   Oh, I give it a thumbs up for the chaos.

00:45:46   Me too.

00:45:47   It's messy, but it's great.

00:45:48   Okay, yeah.

00:45:49   I think I'll approve it.

00:45:51   I mean, it's messy in a peculiar way.

00:45:54   And I think the trumpet really sells it for me.

00:45:58   And it's the weird mix of items in this photo,

00:46:02   in these photos.

00:46:04   Yeah, it does it for me.

00:46:05   So yeah, approved.

00:46:07   Well, just last thing I'll say before we release him,

00:46:09   his book storage is terrible.

00:46:12   Every shelf it's done differently.

00:46:14   It's chaotic for sure.

00:46:17   Every shelf is the books are there

00:46:19   in a different orientation.

00:46:20   They're leaning different ways.

00:46:22   Sometimes they've got things on them.

00:46:24   Sometimes they haven't.

00:46:25   There's one shelf where they're just all horizontal

00:46:27   and stacked vertically.

00:46:28   Like every single shelf is telling its own story

00:46:33   when it comes to how the books are stored.

00:46:36   One of them is just like,

00:46:37   as it's like every book is precarious

00:46:39   because of all the glass bottles

00:46:40   lined up in front of them.

00:46:41   It's just like, they're all something fresh.

00:46:44   That's a disaster.

00:46:45   On the floor in front of the bookcase,

00:46:47   he has like a silver carrying case.

00:46:49   Yep.

00:46:50   Secret Apple stuff in there, I think.

00:46:52   Oh, I just, it's vinyl.

00:46:53   A secret Apple vinyl.

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00:48:32   Federico, we've been talking about your shortcut,

00:48:34   but how was the rest of Automation April?

00:48:36   - It's going really well so far.

00:48:38   The shortcut is still,

00:48:40   the shortcut contest is still open.

00:48:42   You have, I think, five days

00:48:44   still to participate in the contest.

00:48:47   You can submit up to two shortcuts.

00:48:48   People are sending theirs,

00:48:50   and I'm scared already by the thought of having to sit down

00:48:54   and sift through all the submissions,

00:48:56   but also I'm super happy to see those at the same time.

00:48:59   So you still have five days for the contest,

00:49:02   and you can go to shortcuts.maxstories.net

00:49:05   to participate in that.

00:49:07   And on the content side,

00:49:11   as I sort of hinted last week,

00:49:13   the success, in many ways for me, unexpected success of S-GPT

00:49:18   has forced me to rethink my plans for the month.

00:49:24   I sort of suggested last week

00:49:27   that I was leaning toward doing this,

00:49:30   but the events of the past week,

00:49:32   including right now with 9to5Mac,

00:49:35   have convinced me that I am throwing away

00:49:39   all my pre-existing plans

00:49:41   for all the different things I wanted to do with S-GPT,

00:49:44   and instead I'm going all in with S-GPT.

00:49:46   I have written, I just need to edit it, but it's done.

00:49:52   There's a huge comeback for my Automation Academy series

00:49:57   for Club Max Stories Plus and Premiere members.

00:50:00   If I can stay up late tonight,

00:50:04   I'm gonna edit it tonight for tomorrow.

00:50:06   Otherwise it's gonna be Friday morning.

00:50:07   It's 4,000 words about the making of S-GPT.

00:50:12   The first part, highly technical,

00:50:15   sort of getting deep into the details

00:50:17   of how the ChatGPT API works,

00:50:21   just in general lessons for dealing

00:50:23   with web APIs and shortcuts,

00:50:24   and some of the techniques that I use specifically for S-GPT,

00:50:28   like the conversations, storing those in variables,

00:50:32   all that sort of stuff.

00:50:33   At the same time, I'm also working on S-GPT 1.0.2,

00:50:38   and I'm making plans for version 1.1 and 1.2

00:50:41   later in the month.

00:50:43   Short-term 1.0.2, which will come out

00:50:46   either tomorrow or Friday, will have support for dates.

00:50:51   So S-GPT will be aware of what the current date is

00:50:55   and what the current time is.

00:50:57   So you will be able to perform timezone calculations

00:51:01   with natural language,

00:51:02   and you will be able to do things like,

00:51:04   in general, S-GPT will have awareness of the current time.

00:51:09   So you will be able to ask general date questions,

00:51:12   like how long until Christmas, for example,

00:51:15   or stuff like, if it's 9 a.m. for me right now,

00:51:20   what's the time in New York?

00:51:22   Or you can do things like,

00:51:24   tell me about five events from today in history,

00:51:27   but dating back to the 1800s

00:51:30   and no older events than that.

00:51:33   So you can get really creative

00:51:35   with support for date and time.

00:51:38   There's gonna be better support

00:51:39   for the Apple Watch for dictation.

00:51:42   I realized I forgot to enable dictation mode

00:51:45   if you were asking follow-up questions on the Apple Watch.

00:51:49   You will have better support for ending conversations.

00:51:53   So right now, the only way to stop a conversation

00:51:57   was to either say export chat

00:52:00   and then click the X button or to hit cancel.

00:52:04   The problem is that if you were using S-GPT via Siri,

00:52:09   and a lot of people have emailed me

00:52:11   about using S-GPT with the HomePod,

00:52:13   there's no cancel button, obviously.

00:52:16   You need to use your voice.

00:52:18   And so you will be able to use the word no or stop

00:52:22   to end S-GPT in a voice context.

00:52:26   What else?

00:52:28   Oh, and there's gonna be our friend,

00:52:31   a little lesson that I learned from the Apple Frames API.

00:52:36   Pass-through mode is coming to S-GPT.

00:52:39   So you will be able to just give it any text

00:52:42   from any other shortcut or from the ShareSheet extension,

00:52:45   whatever, just give it some text

00:52:48   and use S-GPT as a function of something else.

00:52:51   So that's also something you will be able to do

00:52:53   with version 1.0.2.

00:52:55   And what else?

00:52:56   I don't know, people are submitting shortcuts.

00:52:58   John is working on other stuff.

00:53:00   I'm really grateful that John is taking care

00:53:03   of the non-S-GPT part of Automation April.

00:53:07   He's been working on different things.

00:53:08   I'm very, very grateful that I have One True John

00:53:11   helping me out here.

00:53:13   And yeah, the contest is ending on Monday, I believe.

00:53:18   And we're gonna take a little time to judge everything

00:53:21   and announce the winners in May.

00:53:23   But yeah, it's going in a good way.

00:53:26   It's going in a direction that I did not anticipate,

00:53:29   but I'm trying to make the best of it.

00:53:31   - Super good, yeah.

00:53:32   And I mean, why wouldn't you, right?

00:53:34   You've got this little success on your hands.

00:53:35   It's like perfect.

00:53:37   Obviously, it's timed perfectly for Automation April.

00:53:39   And then there's also great marketing

00:53:40   for Automation April.

00:53:41   So go for it.

00:53:43   - Yeah, it gets the name out there,

00:53:45   gets the name of Max Soares, the name of Automation April,

00:53:48   my name as the shortcut creator out there.

00:53:51   So that's cool.

00:53:52   And I guess my cue said something on iMessage,

00:53:57   like it's a zeitgeist thing.

00:54:00   - That's why it's so popular.

00:54:01   - I think that's, yes, yes.

00:54:05   Because everybody's into chat GPT right now.

00:54:07   So I hope this is gonna be popular, but not this popular.

00:54:12   I mean, I've done things that have taken me much longer.

00:54:16   And it's always how it goes with these things.

00:54:20   You just gotta try many different things

00:54:22   and see what sticks.

00:54:23   And yeah, this one seems to be sticking.

00:54:27   - Speaking of trying things and seeing what sticks,

00:54:32   let's talk about Apple's rumored 27 inch

00:54:35   ProMotion display, shall we?

00:54:36   - Well.

00:54:37   - Or the one that doesn't exist.

00:54:38   - Well, maybe it does.

00:54:40   - Nobody knows.

00:54:40   - No one knows.

00:54:41   Well, someone knows.

00:54:43   We don't know.

00:54:44   This has been rumored for a while,

00:54:47   a 27 inch external display using mini LED backlighting

00:54:52   and supporting ProMotion.

00:54:53   So I guess effectively a desktop version of the display

00:54:57   that's in the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro.

00:55:02   - Well, is 27 inches the studio display

00:55:05   or is it bigger than the studio display?

00:55:06   Okay, yeah.

00:55:07   - Yeah, studio display is 27, the ProDisplay XDR is 32.

00:55:12   - Ah, yes, that's the one that's different, okay.

00:55:14   And there's been a lot of discussion around

00:55:18   where this would fit in the lineup.

00:55:20   Would this be, like some people think,

00:55:22   kind of in between the studio display

00:55:26   and the ProDisplay XDR?

00:55:28   Although in a lot of ways,

00:55:29   mini LED backlighting is actually nicer

00:55:33   than what's in the ProDisplay XDR.

00:55:36   It has a bunch of dimming zones,

00:55:38   but nothing close to what a mini LED display can do.

00:55:41   And I'm curious what y'all think about this.

00:55:44   Is there room for a third display

00:55:45   or are we gonna go from a world

00:55:46   where Apple had no external displays to they have three?

00:55:50   - Well, it's what they do though, right?

00:55:51   I mean, they love having their options.

00:55:55   What's the price of the studio display?

00:55:57   The base price of the studio display?

00:56:00   - The studio display starts at 1599.

00:56:04   - Yeah.

00:56:05   - And you have options for nano texture,

00:56:07   which is an additional 300.

00:56:09   And then if you get the tilt and height adjustable stand,

00:56:12   it's another 400.

00:56:13   So you can spend, let's see,

00:56:16   you can spend up to $2,299 on a studio display.

00:56:21   The ProDisplay XDR starts at 4,999,

00:56:26   and then it's another grand for the stand if you want that.

00:56:29   - Yeah, see, so there's definitely something

00:56:32   in the $3,000 price range

00:56:35   that could appeal to people potentially.

00:56:37   You're able to spend a little more

00:56:42   than a fully spec'd studio display XDR,

00:56:45   studio display, but you don't wanna,

00:56:48   you don't want, or you can't,

00:56:50   or you don't want to go all the way up to a ProDisplay XDR.

00:56:55   And there's that $3,000 price range there for you

00:56:59   to get a studio display Pro or studio display Max, whatever,

00:57:04   or just a studio display with mini LED, they could call it.

00:57:07   And that's sort of the better option.

00:57:10   So there's good, better, best right there in the lineup.

00:57:15   I think they could do it.

00:57:16   - I think it fits perfectly into the lineup

00:57:18   because there is that huge gap in pricing

00:57:22   and practicality and functionality

00:57:26   between the studio display and the ProDisplay.

00:57:30   Like there's no, there is basically zero overlap

00:57:34   between the customer base of those two products,

00:57:36   like realistically, like if you were coming to buy

00:57:39   one of these machines today and this machine,

00:57:43   this screen, and this screen would fit really nicely.

00:57:47   Like, you know, I've been waiting

00:57:50   'cause like I wanna get another studio display

00:57:53   for my other Mac, which is a MacBook Pro.

00:57:56   And I'm kinda like, well,

00:57:57   I would kinda like to be able to match

00:58:02   what the MacBook Pro has in it.

00:58:04   - And you can't right now.

00:58:05   - I can't do that.

00:58:06   And so I've kind of been holding out

00:58:07   and I'm gonna continue holding out, I think,

00:58:09   for something to be announced here eventually,

00:58:13   because it is kind of a shame to me really

00:58:15   to have this like mini LED ProMotion display

00:58:20   plugged into, I mean, I got into an LG now,

00:58:22   but boom, and I had it on the studio display.

00:58:25   It's like, it's actually a downgrade in everything but size,

00:58:28   which is like a really weird thing.

00:58:30   So like, I think that this is a perfect fit in the market.

00:58:33   But so display analyst Ross Young said

00:58:36   that Apple would abandon their plan

00:58:37   to bring this product to market.

00:58:39   It was initially expected to debut in 2022,

00:58:42   but has been quote, killed off for now.

00:58:44   And he says that the reasons are unclear

00:58:47   for the cancellation and Ming-Chi Kuo subsequently reported

00:58:50   that this product will reach mass production

00:58:52   in late 2024, early 2025.

00:58:55   So it sounds like it's been delayed

00:58:57   more than it's been canceled.

00:58:58   And it potentially, and there's like some mix up.

00:59:01   There is also the question of like,

00:59:03   well, if this thing was actually supposed to come out

00:59:05   in 2022, which was the original rumor,

00:59:07   and it's still not out, they might be just like,

00:59:09   all right, we're gonna go back and like retool

00:59:12   and reposition this for something coming in 2024

00:59:17   or something, I don't know, right?

00:59:20   'Cause it's felt like this was gonna come alongside

00:59:23   a Mac Pro.

00:59:25   Like it was like, oh, this makes a lot of sense.

00:59:27   Do those two things together.

00:59:28   Well, we don't know about that Mac Pro when that's coming,

00:59:31   if it's coming, if it's coming.

00:59:34   They said it was, they said it was.

00:59:36   And that may be, I didn't do the math, so forgive me,

00:59:39   but it may be that this is 27 inch 5K

00:59:44   because they can't even drive like 120 Hertz at 6K

00:59:48   over Thunderbolt right now.

00:59:50   I don't know.

00:59:51   Maybe the chat room can do some Thunderbolt math,

00:59:53   but it is, it would be, I think a little bit weird

00:59:57   if the Mac Pro doesn't have an accompanying display.

01:00:00   That's basically how it's always been except for the 2013,

01:00:04   because Apple was already kind of backing out

01:00:07   of the display business even back then.

01:00:09   But I think there is room for something in the middle.

01:00:13   I think I just get hung up on this is better

01:00:16   than the Pro Display in a lot of ways, right?

01:00:21   We didn't even mention some of the creature comforts

01:00:24   of like, I really like having a display

01:00:26   with a camera and speakers in it.

01:00:27   Turns out, right, when I sold my Pro Display XDR,

01:00:30   I could get rid of the external webcam

01:00:33   and the speakers if I wanted to.

01:00:35   And there's something to be said, I think for the,

01:00:37   hey, you just plug this in,

01:00:39   it kind of has all the stuff you need aspect to it

01:00:42   that the Pro Display doesn't really offer

01:00:44   because like you said, Mike, it is geared toward people

01:00:49   working in like those professional workflows, right?

01:00:51   Like I ended up with one because it was the only option

01:00:55   if you didn't want the LG 5K.

01:00:57   I do think there is room for something in the middle.

01:00:59   I just don't know what they do with the Pro Display XDR.

01:01:03   Like the thing is what, coming up on four years old

01:01:07   at the end of the year and that's not bad,

01:01:09   but the technology in it to do the backlighting and stuff,

01:01:14   it basically was kind of outdated pretty quickly.

01:01:18   - Even like a year or two to the iPad, right?

01:01:21   - Yeah, oh yeah, the 12.9 inch was the first mini LED

01:01:24   and still the only mini LED iPad.

01:01:27   So I don't know what they do with that.

01:01:28   It feels weird that they would just let that product sit.

01:01:32   You know, maybe this comes out and this is all they have

01:01:35   and the Pro Display XDR kind of fades away

01:01:38   and they sell two 27 inch displays.

01:01:41   One is like, you know, what we have now

01:01:43   is basically the iMac 5K panel, but a little bit nicer.

01:01:46   And then one is like, hey, you got a Mac Pro

01:01:49   or a MacBook Pro and you want to really push things,

01:01:52   then we have this other thing.

01:01:53   And the $5,000 option just kind of goes away.

01:01:57   And I think if they don't have a meaningful update

01:02:00   for the XDR, I think honestly letting it go

01:02:03   may be the best option for the line.

01:02:05   - I mean, I wonder, like if someone's talk about OLED,

01:02:08   right, apparently coming next year,

01:02:10   I wonder if they've just, like this thing took longer

01:02:13   to get out than they expected and/or it didn't have

01:02:16   the product fit because of the things

01:02:18   they were looking to release,

01:02:21   that they're just gonna wait now

01:02:23   and the next Apple Pro Display or Studio Display

01:02:27   will be an OLED display.

01:02:29   Because if they are really truly a year away from OLED,

01:02:33   they'll just leave many LED on everything

01:02:36   that it's currently in and then just jump to OLED.

01:02:38   Like it is better, we may as well just go to that, you know,

01:02:42   and make that like the thing that they do.

01:02:44   I want to ask you about the Mac Pro real quick.

01:02:46   So I've been hearing Ben Thompson suggest this,

01:02:49   which is an interesting theory that Apple

01:02:53   will potentially come back to the drawing board

01:02:56   a little bit on the Mac Pro to focus it around AI.

01:03:01   And I find that an interesting thought that like,

01:03:04   'cause what he's saying is like, who is the Mac Pro for?

01:03:07   And the potential customer for the Mac Pro now

01:03:10   is actually potentially more just like,

01:03:13   make this the best it can be for AI.

01:03:16   So the ability to have a bunch of GPUs,

01:03:18   the ability to think about the neural engine

01:03:20   as a core of the machine,

01:03:22   have like really who needs an edge case Mac right now,

01:03:26   it's probably people working in AI,

01:03:28   because everything else in the product line

01:03:30   can more than suffice.

01:03:31   Like it's not video producers anymore.

01:03:34   That's what Apple always focused on, right?

01:03:36   That's been like the high end Mac stuff forever.

01:03:40   Apple is just like, look at this in a music studio,

01:03:42   look at this in a video production studio.

01:03:44   And everything else that is currently on the market

01:03:47   is doing a good enough job,

01:03:49   if not actually a better job, right?

01:03:51   Like the Mac studio, the Mac mini, the laptops, right?

01:03:55   Like the MacBook Pros,

01:03:56   it's all as good if not better than the current Mac Pro.

01:04:01   So like what are the edge case uses now,

01:04:03   if you're thinking about those?

01:04:05   And I mean, I don't even know if you'd call AI development

01:04:08   an edge case use anymore, right?

01:04:10   And so by the time they bring a product to market,

01:04:13   would it not make sense?

01:04:14   So like, this is the Mac Pro,

01:04:16   this is a machine that you can throw as much processing

01:04:18   or GPU power as you need to for AI development.

01:04:22   - Yeah, I think there's definitely a growing market there.

01:04:27   I think my question is, what is Apple Silicon good at?

01:04:31   Right, they have in the system on a chip,

01:04:33   they have the neural network stuff,

01:04:37   but if a lot of this is running on GPU,

01:04:39   and let's just say, let's just wave the one and say,

01:04:42   okay, Apple Silicon can support off die GPUs,

01:04:46   which in of itself is unknown, right?

01:04:49   All we've seen so far is system on a chip.

01:04:51   Even if let's say they have some sort of suite,

01:04:55   you know, GPU options that are,

01:04:57   you can scale up and down inside the box,

01:05:00   is that enough to be good in those markets?

01:05:05   Or is what's out there now all built around

01:05:09   very specific Nvidia platform or AMD platform,

01:05:13   Apple's not gonna have those probably

01:05:15   unless they open the box up more than I think they will.

01:05:18   Tuning the hardware is one thing,

01:05:20   but then can they convince people working in these fields

01:05:24   that their hardware is worth the time and energy

01:05:29   to get things up and running on it?

01:05:31   Is Mac OS ready for that too, right?

01:05:33   It's more than just the Silicon.

01:05:36   And I just don't know if Apple has a standing

01:05:38   in those fields to make that claim.

01:05:41   I do think the Mac studio,

01:05:44   and I think this is Ben's point,

01:05:46   the Mac studio puts the Mac Pro in a weird position,

01:05:50   especially if they're not doing the quad system on a chip,

01:05:52   which has been rumored to be pushed off.

01:05:55   Like what is the difference?

01:05:57   Why does this thing exist?

01:05:59   And maybe this is the way,

01:06:01   but I just wonder how hard of a sell that is

01:06:04   to people working in that field.

01:06:06   - Well, some things clearly changed, right?

01:06:08   I think we can say that's the case

01:06:10   because they've not met the timeframe

01:06:11   and they committed the cardinal sin of calling it out by name.

01:06:16   So like they thought they were closer, I think,

01:06:20   than they have actually been, right?

01:06:23   John Turner stood on stage and said,

01:06:25   like there's one more product coming and it's the Mac Pro.

01:06:28   I would assume that they had a release date

01:06:31   for that product, which they've now passed.

01:06:34   Because why on earth would you do that?

01:06:38   You didn't need to do that, I don't think.

01:06:40   If then the option was like, it's a year,

01:06:44   how long ago was that now?

01:06:47   - It was at the Mac Studio event

01:06:50   and the Mac Studio came out,

01:06:52   it was announced in March of last year.

01:06:56   So more than a year.

01:06:57   - So it's been over a year since then

01:06:58   and we are now approaching a year late

01:07:01   on the two year transition, right?

01:07:03   - Yeah.

01:07:04   - 'Cause that's June, right?

01:07:05   June is then three years since "Sub-Silicon."

01:07:08   - Yeah.

01:07:09   - So what's going on?

01:07:11   Something's going on.

01:07:12   And I wouldn't be surprised if they've taken it,

01:07:14   if like that's true that they're going back and like, okay.

01:07:17   Because clearly Apple has shown

01:07:18   they have an interest in this, right?

01:07:20   They, was it stable diffusion

01:07:23   they got running on Apple Silicon?

01:07:25   - Mm-hmm.

01:07:25   - Right?

01:07:26   And so there is a push from them for this.

01:07:30   - Yeah.

01:07:31   - And look, I don't understand enough

01:07:32   about how these models work and how Silicon works,

01:07:34   but it would sure be interesting for Apple

01:07:37   to try and convince developers to get their models running

01:07:40   on some version of Apple Silicon

01:07:42   if they ever want them running on the iPhone.

01:07:44   And if you're able to create a perfect environment

01:07:50   with a ton of power in it, in the Mac Pro,

01:07:52   with the ability of then trying to scale something down

01:07:55   to run on other machines later on,

01:07:57   then there is a story there that makes sense.

01:07:59   If anything that I have said is possible,

01:08:02   what I've just said, right?

01:08:03   Like I'm taking a lot of logic leaps

01:08:06   because I don't understand enough about how this works,

01:08:08   but that could be a use case

01:08:10   that would make a lot of sense to me

01:08:12   because Apple, obviously,

01:08:15   like we were talking about a week or two ago,

01:08:18   they will want this stuff running on device where possible,

01:08:21   right?

01:08:22   Just makes logical sense for their product fit, right?

01:08:25   They're not gonna want to be sending stuff out

01:08:27   to a cloud to be processed somewhere.

01:08:28   They will want it running on device where it can.

01:08:31   And the more that they can potentially try

01:08:33   and encourage that with hardware that can run it

01:08:36   as things are being developed,

01:08:37   that makes a lot of sense to me, if that's possible at all.

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01:10:42   - MacRumors is reporting that Ming-Chi Kuo has said,

01:10:46   "The next generation iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

01:10:50   will no longer feature solid state buttons

01:10:52   due to a unresolved technical issue before mass production."

01:10:57   - Yeah, I take this personally.

01:10:59   - Okay, this is a personal attack.

01:11:01   - MacRumors shouldn't have done this.

01:11:03   Why are they doing this to me specifically?

01:11:06   They shouldn't have reported this.

01:11:08   By reporting this-

01:11:10   - Oh, it was Joe.

01:11:11   Come on, Joe.

01:11:12   Joe listens to the show.

01:11:14   Why would you do this?

01:11:15   - By reporting this, they are willing,

01:11:17   they are willing this into existence now.

01:11:20   Now this is gonna happen.

01:11:21   They jinxed it.

01:11:22   - Oh, so the problem was them talking about it

01:11:24   in the first place.

01:11:25   Is that what you're saying?

01:11:27   - Oh, okay.

01:11:28   - I was all happy and excited for the solid state buttons

01:11:33   and the programmable button.

01:11:35   And MacRumors, MacRumors just had to go out there

01:11:39   and report this.

01:11:41   - Yeah.

01:11:41   - And now we're not gonna get the fancy buttons.

01:11:44   They're not gonna happen anymore.

01:11:45   - They go on to say,

01:11:47   Kuo said, "There is still time for Apple

01:11:49   to modify the iPhone 15 Pro's design

01:11:51   given the device remains in what is known

01:11:54   as the EVT development stage."

01:11:56   He believes the change will have limited impact

01:11:58   on mass production schedule and shipment for the Pro models.

01:12:01   I don't understand how it's possible in April

01:12:05   for Apple to still be making decisions

01:12:07   about the iPhone in September.

01:12:08   - It's kinda late, right?

01:12:11   It is kinda late.

01:12:11   - It feels late to me,

01:12:13   but Kuo seems super chill about it.

01:12:15   So I don't know, you know?

01:12:17   - He's the one with the people

01:12:20   in the supply chain talking to him.

01:12:22   I do wonder if this is the case.

01:12:24   Jason has talked about this.

01:12:25   I think it's really smart.

01:12:26   If this is one of those things of like,

01:12:28   this is delayed information,

01:12:30   that this is actually came out or came up in February, right?

01:12:34   And he is hearing it now.

01:12:36   I don't know.

01:12:37   It does seem late because it is a big difference.

01:12:40   Like what kind of buttons

01:12:41   are you gonna put on the side of the phone,

01:12:42   the firmware and software you have to have

01:12:45   to manage those buttons as we've spoken about?

01:12:47   That's all gotta be dealt with as well.

01:12:50   I think it's gonna be a little disappointing

01:12:51   if we don't see it,

01:12:53   because I do think as we've talked about,

01:12:55   the potential of this is really cool,

01:12:57   but maybe it's gonna be another year.

01:13:00   - Yeah, maybe this is one of those cases where,

01:13:03   for the past month, we've all been speculating,

01:13:05   talking about these solid state buttons.

01:13:07   And maybe inside Apple,

01:13:09   there's a few people who are just laughing at this,

01:13:11   and those folks are like,

01:13:12   "Yeah, that's so six months ago."

01:13:15   And we're basically hearing these echoes from the past,

01:13:18   and people inside Apple already had these discussions,

01:13:21   and these decisions were made like many, many months ago,

01:13:24   but we are delayed.

01:13:26   It's like sending a message to outer space.

01:13:28   It's like sending a message to the Voyager or something.

01:13:31   We're just hearing these decisions from many months ago now.

01:13:35   It seems, honestly,

01:13:38   it seems kind of late to just on a whim like that.

01:13:43   In April, we'll be like,

01:13:44   "Hey, you know what, that phone in September,

01:13:47   probably gotta change the buttons."

01:13:49   - Well, I'm sure it wasn't on a whim.

01:13:51   - She's like, "Hey, Tim, what do you think of this?

01:13:53   Get rid of it."

01:13:54   "Okay."

01:13:55   And they just go do it.

01:13:56   - Yeah, it's probably not like that.

01:13:58   - Tim loves the Switch, just like me, Tim.

01:14:01   Tim says, "I reach into my pocket.

01:14:03   I don't even need to look at it,

01:14:04   and I can tell my phone's muted."

01:14:06   And so now they're like, "Oh, gotta keep Timmy's Switch."

01:14:09   - Yeah, sure.

01:14:11   - The Tim Switch.

01:14:12   - I mean, I'm still gonna be happy with the phone

01:14:14   that has a new design, maybe a titanium casing,

01:14:18   and maybe a slightly bigger display, whatever,

01:14:22   but I was really hoping for that sweet programmable button,

01:14:27   and it is unfortunate if it's not gonna happen.

01:14:31   - It is being suggested this will be put into development

01:14:34   for the iPhone 16, so maybe you just skip this year,

01:14:37   you know?

01:14:38   - Yeah, that's another year.

01:14:41   Who knows what's gonna happen in a year?

01:14:46   - We'll all be a little older, you know?

01:14:48   Maybe there'll be a Mac Pro, even.

01:14:51   - Hey, would you rather get a Mac Pro now,

01:14:54   or the fancy buttons in the iPhone 15?

01:14:59   - That's tricky.

01:15:00   - Well, how much money do you wanna spend, Steven?

01:15:02   (Steven laughs)

01:15:04   - I mean, I'm not really looking

01:15:05   to change my computer setup.

01:15:07   - Yeah, I know you're not, but you will,

01:15:09   'cause you've done it like twice in 12 months.

01:15:12   - That doesn't seem to sound like me.

01:15:13   - That's 100% what you've done.

01:15:15   In fact, you've done it like three times,

01:15:17   because you made a change, and then you changed the change.

01:15:22   - I do miss my Mac Pro.

01:15:23   - Here it comes, here it comes.

01:15:24   - Time marches forward.

01:15:25   - Time marches forward.

01:15:27   - And we've talked about if it's a cube,

01:15:28   then Federico and I both obligated to make a purchase.

01:15:32   - If it's triangular, then I will definitely buy it.

01:15:35   Anything else will come under consideration.

01:15:38   - The literal power of the pyramid.

01:15:40   - Power of the pyramid, that's what I'm going for.

01:15:42   (Steven laughs)

01:15:44   - I always find these sort of stories interesting,

01:15:46   because I think I at least kind of lose track

01:15:49   of just how long Apple's development cycles are, right?

01:15:54   Like we talked about this in the last segment

01:15:55   with the Mac Pro, like clearly something has changed,

01:15:58   and it takes a long time to make those changes

01:16:01   and decide what they're going to be.

01:16:03   And we're all using the iPhone 14 Pro,

01:16:06   but the 15 is probably close to being done,

01:16:10   and out several years they have their plans.

01:16:14   And of course, things move around,

01:16:16   and change, right?

01:16:18   There have been iPhones like,

01:16:20   wow, this really doesn't feel like a big update.

01:16:21   And you always kind of wonder like,

01:16:23   was there something meant for this that didn't make it?

01:16:26   Now, this time around,

01:16:28   we do have the rumors of the slight redesign,

01:16:31   the titanium on the Pro phones, which I would love.

01:16:33   I would love these phones to be lighter weight.

01:16:36   So I think there will still be good things in this phone,

01:16:38   right?

01:16:39   The whole camera situation too to talk about.

01:16:42   So if this slides, I still think the 15 Pro

01:16:45   could be really compelling,

01:16:47   but I think we were all jazzed about this.

01:16:50   And hopefully they can sort it out.

01:16:53   I'm sure they can.

01:16:54   You know, Apple's got a bunch of smart people,

01:16:55   and I would rather those smart people realize,

01:16:59   okay, this is not the time for this,

01:17:01   than push out a feature that's kind of half baked,

01:17:06   or kind of weird, or janky,

01:17:07   or they can't make enough of them.

01:17:09   You know, maybe this is not an issue with technology,

01:17:11   but an issue of supply.

01:17:12   And they don't want to have phones back ordered

01:17:15   to kingdom come because of these fancy buttons,

01:17:18   when given another year, they could ramp that up.

01:17:20   So there's always multiple factors that go into this.

01:17:24   The thing about this for me,

01:17:25   is it flies in the face of that like often said thing

01:17:29   of like Apple's decided the designs years in advance.

01:17:33   It's like, there's no way they could add this feature now.

01:17:37   The phone's design is done.

01:17:39   It's like, well, I mean, yeah, and I guess,

01:17:42   like this isn't just like, oh, we just changed the buttons.

01:17:45   Like there have got to be significant changes internally

01:17:49   to accommodate either one of these decisions, right?

01:17:53   Of like the solid state buttons or not.

01:17:55   So like, it's like, I know that, you know,

01:17:58   it's not like putting touch ID in a button or whatever,

01:18:02   might be more complicated, blah, blah, blah.

01:18:03   But like the idea that like the phones are 100% locked in

01:18:08   two years before they ship,

01:18:11   I mean, it's not strictly true, right?

01:18:13   Like clearly, if all of this is to be believed,

01:18:17   there are ideas, there are overall plans,

01:18:21   but details can still change less than six months

01:18:25   before they will be shown off to the world.

01:18:27   - Yeah, I think things like color,

01:18:30   I think in particular,

01:18:31   maybe a little bit later in the process, right?

01:18:34   Apple has whole groups of people that all they do

01:18:38   is figure out what colors people will want.

01:18:40   And I can see that being something a little bit later

01:18:43   in the process, but it is an interesting story either way.

01:18:47   And I think this coupled with the Mac Pro

01:18:52   and the studio display mini LED version, all of that stuff,

01:18:56   like we're seeing a lot of examples of Apple,

01:19:01   I don't know if struggling may be too strong of a word,

01:19:03   but like continuing to flesh out this transition

01:19:07   and their other product lines,

01:19:09   where when the world isn't quite back to normal yet,

01:19:14   even things like, okay,

01:19:15   is the Mac Pro gonna be retooled for AI?

01:19:18   Like that's not a COVID thing clearly,

01:19:20   but that they exist in a world

01:19:22   that changes quickly around them.

01:19:24   And sometimes they've got to shift gears.

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01:20:33   And until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:20:36   Thank you.

01:20:37   Cheerio.