447: Mr. Flip Flop


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00:00:08   From Relay FM Disconnected, episode 447.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by Electric and Fast Growing Trees.

00:00:15   I'm one of your co-hosts, Mr. Federico Iitici.

00:00:18   And it's my pleasure to introduce to you the returning guest and co-host.

00:00:23   Are you a guest or are you a co-host?

00:00:24   No.

00:00:25   Can you be both?

00:00:26   Mr. Stephen Hackett.

00:00:27   Hello, Stephen.

00:00:28   I missed one week.

00:00:29   Well, we'll see if you can be promoted back to co-host again.

00:00:33   OK.

00:00:33   Hi.

00:00:34   How are you?

00:00:35   I'm good.

00:00:35   It is good to be back.

00:00:37   And it's good to be joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:39   Hello, I have two observations so far about the beginning of the episode.

00:00:43   OK.

00:00:44   Observation one, when Federico starts the show,

00:00:47   it starts with an intense energy.

00:00:49   Yes.

00:00:49   The second is the way you said your name sounded different to me.

00:00:55   And I wondered if you either stumbled or you

00:00:58   have like an Italian way of saying Federico Vittici that you don't usually say in English.

00:01:04   I do have an Italian way to say my name, yes.

00:01:08   Can I hear it?

00:01:09   Like as I would pronounce my name?

00:01:11   If you're someone in Italy.

00:01:14   Yes.

00:01:14   Ask me, hey, what's--

00:01:15   Who is Italian?

00:01:15   Can you give me your full name?

00:01:16   What is your name?

00:01:18   I got to switch modes.

00:01:19   This is weird because I don't usually do it.

00:01:21   Federico Vittici.

00:01:23   Yeah, no, that wasn't it.

00:01:25   It sounded like you put way less emphasis on the consonants.

00:01:29   Like, but anyway, it doesn't matter.

00:01:32   Yeah, I don't know.

00:01:32   We can move on from this.

00:01:34   The Pixel tablet has been spotted at a Google event as part of Milan Design Week.

00:01:39   Federico, there you go.

00:01:40   If you want to--

00:01:42   I was there, I was there just hanging out with my buddies,

00:01:45   Aguchi and Fendi.

00:01:47   You got to get over there.

00:01:48   Yeah, I saw it.

00:01:49   I was actually backstage with all my fashion friends.

00:01:55   So which of the colors that they had was your favorite color?

00:01:57   Oh, the pink one.

00:01:58   The pink one is really good.

00:02:00   I'm not surprised.

00:02:00   It's the color of 2023, they tell me.

00:02:03   Is it?

00:02:03   Oh, who?

00:02:04   Google?

00:02:05   I have no idea what I'm talking about.

00:02:07   It was good though.

00:02:08   It was convincing.

00:02:09   You know, one of the things about me, I think, is like I don't usually use this talent,

00:02:14   but I think if I applied myself, I could be a pretty good liar, just in general.

00:02:20   The problem with what you've said there is I don't know if you're telling the truth.

00:02:25   And is it something you want to be good at?

00:02:27   No.

00:02:28   In fact, I don't use that talent.

00:02:30   But I think if I were to put myself in a position where I had to use it,

00:02:34   I think I would be a pretty good one.

00:02:36   I think that we have all faced this.

00:02:41   And what I will do now is say something and provide no context for it.

00:02:45   So people that have been listening for long enough will know what it is.

00:02:48   People that don't, won't.

00:02:50   And that's what you get.

00:02:52   It's like that time when you told us that there was a concern that you had skin cancer.

00:02:57   Mm-hmm.

00:02:59   And now we move on, because Federico was lying to us.

00:03:03   True.

00:03:03   So this is...

00:03:04   No, no.

00:03:05   I told...

00:03:05   No, you don't get anything.

00:03:07   I didn't tell you I was sick.

00:03:08   You did that thing.

00:03:09   I just told you I needed to get it checked out.

00:03:12   And it was all part of an elaborate plan to fool you.

00:03:14   No, no, no, no more details.

00:03:17   That's where you end, right?

00:03:19   You did that, okay?

00:03:21   So this is the price you pay now.

00:03:22   That's what I'm saying though.

00:03:24   For the greater good, I can be a pretty good liar.

00:03:27   That was for the greater good of 600 people.

00:03:30   Yeah, exactly.

00:03:32   But that's the end of that, okay?

00:03:34   To make him have a good time.

00:03:36   Ah.

00:03:36   Okay.

00:03:37   Enough.

00:03:38   But this is proof that the Pixel tablet does still exist,

00:03:41   as we were wondering about last week.

00:03:44   Maybe we're going to see about it in a couple of weeks' time.

00:03:46   When is Google I/O again?

00:03:48   May...

00:03:50   It's on May 10th, I think?

00:03:53   Oh, so it's before the new Zelda.

00:03:55   Okay.

00:03:56   So basically I'm organizing my life this year,

00:03:59   as in before Zelda and after Zelda.

00:04:01   So this one is before Zelda.

00:04:02   BZ and AZ, as we call it now.

00:04:05   Okay.

00:04:07   Fine, I'll watch it then.

00:04:09   Didn't they announce this tablet like five years ago?

00:04:12   It was at last Google I/O.

00:04:13   Yeah.

00:04:14   And then in the Pixel event, they showed it off again

00:04:17   and still said it's coming.

00:04:18   And now we're all the way around to a new one

00:04:21   where they're maybe going to announce a folding phone

00:04:24   and that tablet still is yet to ship.

00:04:26   I wish them the best of luck with this,

00:04:28   because they have really struggled in the tablet area

00:04:31   for a long time.

00:04:33   Maybe this is the year.

00:04:35   My expectation is that this is because of the folding phone stuff

00:04:42   coming to kind of like vanilla Android,

00:04:46   that Android screens are going to get bigger.

00:04:49   So maybe they're like, well, we can now put...

00:04:52   Maybe there'll be interest in tablet apps again.

00:04:55   That's my expectation for why they're doing this.

00:04:58   I don't think it's going to work out.

00:05:00   But like realistically, I don't know how well Pixel works

00:05:05   for Google in general.

00:05:07   So maybe this will just be another thing

00:05:09   that slots into that current place

00:05:12   that they have in their lineup as a company.

00:05:14   The action button has been spotted.

00:05:17   MacRumors is reporting on some CAD drawings

00:05:20   that certified accessory makers have

00:05:23   been given to start building cases and stuff.

00:05:26   This design shows two separate volume buttons,

00:05:30   just like we have now.

00:05:31   So that discussion about it being one long button

00:05:34   may not be panning out.

00:05:37   The action button is above it where the ringer silent switch

00:05:40   is now.

00:05:41   And it looks to be about the same size

00:05:43   as the ringer silent switch.

00:05:46   I thought this had gone away.

00:05:48   Yeah.

00:05:48   Why are we back here again?

00:05:49   Like last week, we were saying, oh, these rumors are wrong.

00:05:53   They're not doing it anymore.

00:05:55   Now they're doing it.

00:05:56   Now it's back.

00:05:56   How are we back till there's a button again?

00:05:57   Now there's a button again.

00:05:59   It is tiny.

00:06:00   And I don't know what I was expecting.

00:06:02   I guess in my mind, they were going

00:06:05   to use the kind of all-in-one volume button that rocked back

00:06:08   and forth like they did way back on the iPhone 3G and 3GS,

00:06:11   and the action button be separate.

00:06:13   Although looking at this design, it has dawned on me,

00:06:16   if they're all three separate buttons,

00:06:17   they can't be the same size because you wouldn't know

00:06:20   where you were just by touch.

00:06:22   But it's kind of puny looking.

00:06:24   It isn't just one button.

00:06:25   This is three separate buttons.

00:06:27   Three separate buttons.

00:06:28   The opposite.

00:06:29   Are you getting it?

00:06:30   [LAUGHTER]

00:06:32   So what is the thinking that there is now

00:06:35   going to be an action button, but the action button

00:06:38   will physically move?

00:06:40   Like that's the difference?

00:06:41   Yeah, I guess so.

00:06:43   I mean, even better, right?

00:06:45   Or they all move.

00:06:46   Didn't they get rid of the solid state buttons too?

00:06:50   Wait, what are you saying?

00:06:51   So this-- I'm just going to read from this report.

00:06:54   Stephen, we spoke about this like two weeks ago

00:06:57   on this show.

00:06:59   It's hard to remember.

00:07:00   This isn't good.

00:07:00   I don't like this vibe.

00:07:02   Do you really not remember this?

00:07:04   Do they get rid of the buttons or not?

00:07:06   This report says two mechanical volume buttons

00:07:09   and additional mechanical button that replaces

00:07:12   the ring or silent switch.

00:07:14   So all three buttons move.

00:07:15   The conversation was that these buttons were not

00:07:18   going to move, right?

00:07:19   And that the idea that the action button was going to exist

00:07:22   went away because they would have to go back

00:07:24   to physical moving things again.

00:07:26   They would put the solid state off for a year.

00:07:29   So then the idea was like the switch would come back.

00:07:34   That there wouldn't be an action button because--

00:07:39   Yeah, now it says there are three buttons.

00:07:42   The action button is here, and they're all three mechanical,

00:07:44   physical buttons.

00:07:45   Yeah.

00:07:47   A lot of stuff going on in this phone.

00:07:51   I mean, personally, as long as there's a customizable action

00:07:55   button, whether it's a solid state one

00:07:57   or physically moves, that is not why

00:08:01   I care about this ultimately.

00:08:03   Actually, maybe even better if it's a physical one.

00:08:06   I would prefer the button to physically move

00:08:08   and for it to be an action button

00:08:10   if I'm going to have to have that.

00:08:11   Yeah, I mean, yeah, I'll take that.

00:08:13   Like all these-- I don't have a strong opinion

00:08:17   about moving from physical to solid state or vice versa.

00:08:22   Like just give me a customizable button,

00:08:23   I'm going to be happy regardless.

00:08:26   So yeah, cool.

00:08:29   Go CAD makers.

00:08:31   Yay.

00:08:32   You know, whatever.

00:08:34   Yeah, go CAD people.

00:08:37   CAD people, yeah.

00:08:38   We were talking about apps, Mac apps last week.

00:08:41   Federico wanted some suggestions.

00:08:43   I have some suggestions.

00:08:44   But I wanted to follow up and say I tried out some of the things

00:08:46   that you mentioned.

00:08:48   One of them-- what was the--

00:08:50   the Alt-Tab one, what was that called?

00:08:52   Alt-Tab, yeah.

00:08:53   Is that what it's called, just Alt-Tab?

00:08:55   Alt-Tab, yeah.

00:08:56   That app works so badly with Stage Manager.

00:09:00   Ah, I'm sorry about that.

00:09:02   I can't imagine.

00:09:03   So you know in Stage Manager, you've

00:09:05   got the little preview windows that are off to the side.

00:09:08   Oh yeah, the strip.

00:09:09   Yeah, that's how they show in the Alt-Tab preview thing.

00:09:13   Oh no.

00:09:13   So like they're all like little half windows.

00:09:16   It's not good.

00:09:18   It's not their fault, right?

00:09:20   Like this is just the way that goes, I guess.

00:09:23   But that was that.

00:09:24   But Lasso, the window management app, me and Lasso

00:09:28   have been getting on very well together.

00:09:30   That is an excellent app.

00:09:32   I'm using it as a like second system.

00:09:36   So I'm still using Moom for my like keyboard shortcut enabled

00:09:40   like basic templates that I like,

00:09:43   like a centered window or two windows side by side,

00:09:45   that kind of thing.

00:09:46   What I'm using Lasso for is for like ad hoc window placement.

00:09:52   And that system of drawing makes so much sense.

00:09:56   What I wish I could do though, I don't

00:09:58   know if there's an app that exists

00:10:00   or if this is even possible.

00:10:01   I want to be able to draw the exact space

00:10:05   that I wanted to occupy, not take up the blocks.

00:10:08   Maybe like or like a customizable grid

00:10:11   or like a non-grid system.

00:10:13   Yeah, a non-grid system.

00:10:15   Like you know how you take a screenshot using Clean Shot?

00:10:17   Yes.

00:10:18   I want to do that, but for windows, right?

00:10:20   Like occupy this exact space for me.

00:10:24   Yeah, that's an excellent suggestion.

00:10:25   Maybe if the developer is listening to this,

00:10:27   maybe they could consider it.

00:10:29   I like that a lot.

00:10:30   Yeah.

00:10:31   I don't know if that's possible, but I would like that.

00:10:33   So but the passionate ones wrote in.

00:10:35   We got lots of suggestions.

00:10:37   I took out the ones that I know you know about.

00:10:41   And I know this because I know you and also

00:10:43   some of the suggestions that John gave you

00:10:45   on the last episode of App Stories

00:10:47   like overlapped with some of these.

00:10:49   OK.

00:10:49   So Cameron wrote in and said, if you like Almighty,

00:10:53   you should check out Pastepal.

00:10:55   It's by the same developer.

00:10:57   It's a cool clipboard manager.

00:10:59   Pastepal?

00:11:00   I'm using the Raycast clipboard manager, but oh, this looks nice.

00:11:05   I like that it--

00:11:06   wait, is this everywhere?

00:11:07   iPhone, iPad, Mac.

00:11:10   Does it sync?

00:11:11   I like the visual--

00:11:13   yeah, sync clipboard history.

00:11:15   Oh, this is an excellent one.

00:11:17   There you go.

00:11:17   I like the visual aspect of it on Mac OS.

00:11:20   Oh, OK.

00:11:21   Thank you.

00:11:22   All right.

00:11:23   Started off well from Cameron there.

00:11:24   Very well, very well, very well.

00:11:26   OK.

00:11:27   Wes recommends Hookmark, which is an app that lets you instantly

00:11:31   create markdown links to the current file, web page,

00:11:34   and more that you can paste anywhere.

00:11:37   So I am familiar with this one.

00:11:38   Is this the app that has like a white paper that you

00:11:41   got to read to understand it?

00:11:44   Yeah.

00:11:44   Wait, what?

00:11:45   Yeah, yeah.

00:11:47   The guy behind it-- we've had him on Mac Power Users before.

00:11:50   He's big into like cognitive research.

00:11:53   And the app is kind of based around some of his work

00:11:56   in that field.

00:11:57   Yep.

00:11:58   Hookmark is cool.

00:11:59   My favorite feature of it is that you

00:12:01   can get a URL to an Apple note, like a deep link.

00:12:04   It's like something you should be able to do,

00:12:06   but Apple doesn't do on its own.

00:12:08   But the idea is it's kind of like a launcher

00:12:10   for things local on your computer in the file system.

00:12:14   And you can get links to basically anything

00:12:16   on the system anywhere.

00:12:19   Man, this is actually pretty cool, though.

00:12:22   You can create links.

00:12:23   And these are like custom URL schemes, basically,

00:12:28   that reopen just anything you want, even if it doesn't have,

00:12:31   like you said, like an Apple note or a file.

00:12:34   But you can get a link to a file and save it

00:12:38   in your task manager or something,

00:12:39   and it's going to work.

00:12:41   Those links are going to be Mac only, for sure.

00:12:43   Yeah, they are.

00:12:44   All right.

00:12:44   All right.

00:12:45   So I'm going to have tabs open for all of this.

00:12:49   Well, Federico, like all of links,

00:12:53   you can be like the listeners when the episode comes out.

00:12:56   You can get them all in the show notes.

00:12:58   In the show notes, you're right.

00:13:00   I should.

00:13:01   I'm selecting them all, putting them all in,

00:13:02   so you'll be able to get them.

00:13:03   Beautiful.

00:13:04   Carrying on, we have Luke, who recommends Dropover,

00:13:07   and says it's a very slick shelf app--

00:13:10   you know, you love a shelf app--

00:13:11   that appears when you wiggle your mouse while dragging.

00:13:14   Ooh, look at that.

00:13:14   So you could run custom scripts by dropping a file onto them.

00:13:19   Even shortcuts?

00:13:21   Maybe.

00:13:22   Probably.

00:13:23   Instant actions?

00:13:25   If this lets me assign an individual shortcut, yeah,

00:13:30   it seems like you can.

00:13:31   There's a command bar.

00:13:33   Yeah, OK.

00:13:35   Because I do this all the time.

00:13:36   I select images in Finder, and then I drop them

00:13:39   into the icon for my upload shortcut

00:13:44   that I have in the dock.

00:13:46   But if I could just select and wiggle the cursor a little,

00:13:49   and the shortcut appears underneath the cursor

00:13:53   without having to go over to the dock,

00:13:55   that would be even better.

00:13:57   OK.

00:13:57   It's a cute UI.

00:13:58   Yeah.

00:13:59   I like the UI.

00:14:00   These are all excellent so far.

00:14:01   Jose has a selection of them.

00:14:04   Queue blocker, which adds a delay when

00:14:07   you press Command-Q so you don't quit apps by mistake.

00:14:10   Oh, that's good.

00:14:11   Ooh.

00:14:12   OK.

00:14:12   This is on GitHub, though.

00:14:13   So I don't know.

00:14:15   You don't come at me, all right?

00:14:16   Kind of scary.

00:14:18   That's on the sketchy side, maybe.

00:14:22   Back when I used Safari, because I've been back

00:14:24   in Chrome for a long time, I changed just Safaris--

00:14:28   I'm getting to that at some point.

00:14:29   --to Command-Option-Q, because quitting Safari

00:14:32   is a sadness when you have a bunch of tabs open.

00:14:35   And Chrome has the built-in delay,

00:14:37   which people think isn't very Mac-like,

00:14:39   but I'd rather have a delay than close 40 tabs,

00:14:43   and I'm working on something.

00:14:44   Yeah, that's it.

00:14:44   I know that people don't like that,

00:14:46   but maybe it's not Mac-like.

00:14:48   But it is a good user feature to have if you want it, right?

00:14:52   A delayed browser is eventually good.

00:14:53   [LAUGHTER]

00:14:58   A delayed quit is eventually good and a bad--

00:15:02   and quit is always bad.

00:15:06   I turn that feature off because I don't use Chrome enough,

00:15:09   so it trips me up.

00:15:11   But if Chrome was my browser, I would leave that feature on,

00:15:15   because it really annoys me when I do accidentally quit Safari.

00:15:18   Yeah, it's a bummer.

00:15:19   Mission Control Plus, which adds extra functionality

00:15:24   to Mission Control.

00:15:25   I use it already.

00:15:26   Yes, I love this.

00:15:27   I love this one.

00:15:27   Let's you close Windows.

00:15:29   Oh, yoink.

00:15:30   For dragging and dropping files between spaces,

00:15:33   if that's the thing that you do.

00:15:34   I don't use spaces.

00:15:36   And this one was really interesting to me.

00:15:38   It's called Text Sniper.

00:15:40   The UI is you're taking a screenshot.

00:15:43   But what it's doing is copying the text that is in the screenshot

00:15:48   that you've taken.

00:15:50   Oh my god, this is like what live text should be.

00:15:53   Yeah, but-- yeah, I said live text, but much more convenient.

00:15:57   Because in--

00:15:57   So whatever text is in the screenshot window

00:16:00   that you've drawn, it will then copy it to your clipboard.

00:16:07   I love this.

00:16:08   Isn't that clever?

00:16:09   I think this one's on setup.

00:16:12   Perfect.

00:16:12   I'll check that.

00:16:13   But I want to check that before I--

00:16:15   The Discord is upset that their Safari reopens tabs

00:16:20   when they quit it.

00:16:21   And so maybe I don't have a mindset to do that,

00:16:24   or I need to revisit.

00:16:25   I haven't used Safari very much in a long time.

00:16:28   There are asterisks to that.

00:16:30   I have found that sometimes if you have multiple windows open,

00:16:33   it maybe doesn't always open all the windows.

00:16:35   But you can reopen all the windows from the last session,

00:16:38   which is a thing that you can do.

00:16:39   Yeah.

00:16:39   There are things that you can set up.

00:16:41   But for me, it's not ever really a problem for me

00:16:43   because I use tab groups.

00:16:44   And so they're always there, suits across all my devices.

00:16:46   Anyway, the last recommendation for you I have, Federico,

00:16:50   is called Latest.

00:16:51   And it comes from Eshoo, who says,

00:16:53   "It's a super simple app that checks all of your Sparkle

00:16:56   and App Store apps for updates, puts the release

00:16:59   notes in one place, and that you update them all with one click.

00:17:03   It's pretty lightweight and open source,

00:17:05   makes updating Mac apps outside the App Store much easier."

00:17:09   Download it immediately.

00:17:10   I love this.

00:17:11   I would love if people have other recommendations,

00:17:14   just keep sending them in.

00:17:15   You can hear what we like, what's interesting to us.

00:17:17   And this is a good resource for everybody.

00:17:20   So go to connectedfeedback.com and you can write those in.

00:17:24   It already found three updates for me,

00:17:27   including, oddly enough, the latest app itself.

00:17:31   Oh, that's good.

00:17:35   Which I just downloaded, but this is perfect.

00:17:39   Oh, wow.

00:17:39   OK, well, thank you.

00:17:40   That is an interesting user choice,

00:17:42   like a choice of development choices.

00:17:43   I actually think it would be--

00:17:44   Oh, was it done on purpose?

00:17:46   You would always download the previous version

00:17:48   from the website, so the first time you run it

00:17:50   there's always something there.

00:17:51   Oh, that's clever.

00:17:52   I don't know if they've done that, but if this was my app,

00:17:55   I would do it that way.

00:17:56   That is genius.

00:17:58   And yes, I'm installing updates already.

00:18:01   Steven, would you like me to create a toggle

00:18:03   in the connected feedback page so it will say, like--

00:18:07   Mac apps.

00:18:08   Mac apps.

00:18:09   Mac app suggestions.

00:18:10   Mac apps.

00:18:11   Yes.

00:18:12   Yeah.

00:18:12   Thank you all.

00:18:13   Thank you.

00:18:14   Oh, the passionate ones are the best ones.

00:18:16   Yep, they really are.

00:18:17   Excellent taste.

00:18:19   Excellent taste, really.

00:18:20   I mean, see, you have a good audience.

00:18:24   I'm enjoying that you all are becoming Mac power users,

00:18:27   you know, these little utilities.

00:18:28   Yep.

00:18:29   Get it done.

00:18:30   I wanted to mention--

00:18:31   I meant to say it when you were talking about window management,

00:18:34   but I missed my opportunity.

00:18:36   I'm using magnet for this, because using--

00:18:39   you know, I'm using a MacBook Pro and a studio display,

00:18:42   and they're both open.

00:18:44   You know, both use--

00:18:45   the Mac Pro is not in clamshell mode or anything.

00:18:47   I'm using it as a second screen.

00:18:49   But then when I go unplug it and use it in the house

00:18:53   or at a coffee shop or something,

00:18:54   everything's madness, because all the window sizing

00:18:58   is different.

00:18:58   Yep.

00:18:59   And I mean, I like magnet.

00:19:01   I like the-- it's kind of on a grid system,

00:19:05   and it's all keyboard-based.

00:19:06   But I've downloaded Lasso to try it,

00:19:08   because I think from looking at this website, what it can do

00:19:11   looks really awesome.

00:19:12   If we were not Mac power users, but it was a level lower,

00:19:16   right?

00:19:17   It's like it wasn't like power.

00:19:19   Like, what would it be?

00:19:19   You know what I'm saying?

00:19:20   You're like a Mac Pro user.

00:19:22   Oh, no.

00:19:23   You and David are like the Mac power users,

00:19:25   and we're just like the lower than power.

00:19:28   Lower than power.

00:19:31   Yeah, we'll be like Mac prosumer users or something.

00:19:33   No, we'll be like-- well, we'll be like--

00:19:37   before power, what's-- so before power, Mac medium user,

00:19:46   Mac ignition user.

00:19:48   If you've got power, like power ranges,

00:19:51   we could be like the Mac Ranger users.

00:19:54   Mac Ranger.

00:19:55   Kate said Mac current users.

00:19:57   That's good.

00:19:57   That's Mac current.

00:19:58   We can work on that one.

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00:21:54   FM.

00:21:56   I did some real world reporting last week,

00:22:00   and I can tell you that the crash detection on the Apple

00:22:04   Watch and iPhone really works.

00:22:07   I'm so sorry.

00:22:08   Can you tell us the whole story?

00:22:12   Yes.

00:22:12   So there's a picture in the show notes of this.

00:22:15   The picture is not upsetting.

00:22:17   Well, I will say it might be upsetting

00:22:20   if you have been in the situation Steven was in.

00:22:22   Yes.

00:22:23   But there's no like--

00:22:24   Right?

00:22:25   You know, there's not like a person hanging out

00:22:27   of the car or anything.

00:22:28   Yeah.

00:22:28   Yeah.

00:22:29   Yeah.

00:22:29   It's just a very smashed up Toyota Tacoma.

00:22:31   Yeah.

00:22:32   Yeah, so last week I was driving home from--

00:22:36   I'd taken one of my kids to school,

00:22:37   and then I helped my mom run an errand,

00:22:40   and then I was coming home from that from a direction

00:22:42   that I don't normally like enter my neighborhood.

00:22:46   And on the other end of my neighborhood,

00:22:48   there's a stoplight, but it's a completely residential area.

00:22:51   So like all four sides of the stoplight intersection

00:22:54   are houses, which is a little unusual in my part of town.

00:22:57   But I came to the light, I turned right,

00:23:01   and I got hit from an oncoming vehicle.

00:23:06   He was pulling a trailer.

00:23:08   And kind of before I knew it, I had been hit,

00:23:12   went up over the curb, glanced off an oak tree

00:23:16   in someone's front yard, and then my truck rolled over

00:23:19   and came to a stop completely on its roof

00:23:22   with the tires facing the sky.

00:23:24   I don't recommend anyone try to recreate that

00:23:27   because it's super scary.

00:23:29   And I should say off the top, like I'm OK.

00:23:31   I did hit my head and have a mild concussion,

00:23:34   but I feel way better than I did a week ago

00:23:36   in like a hairline nose fracture that's healing nicely

00:23:39   according to the doctor that I saw.

00:23:40   So I'm OK.

00:23:42   It's honestly like amazing.

00:23:44   Seat belts and airbags work.

00:23:46   So the lesson is wear your seat belt.

00:23:47   And yeah, I crashed and my Apple watch was going bananas.

00:23:52   Are there still people who don't wear seat belts?

00:23:55   I hope not.

00:23:56   I really hope not.

00:23:58   Yeah.

00:23:59   Some parts of the world, yes, people don't wear seat belts.

00:24:01   Well, that's stupid.

00:24:02   I've experienced this, yeah.

00:24:04   Do you wanna say where?

00:24:05   You just wanna leave that to the--

00:24:06   No, I don't.

00:24:07   Leave that to the listener's imagination.

00:24:09   Steven, I hope this never happens to me.

00:24:12   Me too.

00:24:13   But for the sake of like knowing how to react

00:24:18   in this situation, like did you realize it was happening?

00:24:24   Like when your car was flipping over?

00:24:27   Like I--

00:24:28   Yeah, what did that feel like?

00:24:29   I haven't really asked you that either.

00:24:31   I honestly, I have no idea what it feels like.

00:24:34   It didn't feel good.

00:24:36   I definitely, so the rollover wasn't very fast.

00:24:39   I had just turned, so I wasn't, I didn't have a lot

00:24:43   of momentum in my speed yet.

00:24:45   Now the person who hit me was moving.

00:24:48   By the time I had gone over the curb and hit the tree

00:24:50   and rolled over, the rollover was pretty slow.

00:24:52   And it only rolled over one time.

00:24:53   It's not like I flipped down the road side to side, right?

00:24:56   Okay.

00:24:57   So I had time, I had the full thought of,

00:25:00   oh no, I'm rolling over.

00:25:02   It's happening.

00:25:03   I don't know what's worse, you know.

00:25:05   Like if you know you're going, right?

00:25:07   Like is that worse than it happening like quick, you know?

00:25:11   Yeah, I think happening quick is definitely worse

00:25:14   because then if it's quick, it means it's like

00:25:16   gonna happen multiple times, most likely.

00:25:19   I didn't see the accident coming 'cause again,

00:25:21   I got hit from kind of like the rear quarter panel

00:25:23   of the truck.

00:25:24   I did see him, you know, kind of pass me,

00:25:28   like him going on the road and me running over

00:25:30   this poor family's garbage cart, which I'd,

00:25:33   it's in the picture, I'd demolished their garbage cart.

00:25:35   And then, you know, after that, it was kind of slow motion.

00:25:40   You know, lots of adrenaline, right?

00:25:41   Like lots of tensing up and that sort of thing.

00:25:46   So I, yeah, I had full time to realize, oh no,

00:25:50   I'm gonna be upside down a second and this is not good.

00:25:52   And what's the first thing you did?

00:25:54   Like you tried to get out of the car.

00:25:57   Yeah, so the first thing I did was try to shut up

00:25:59   my Apple Watch 'cause like it was,

00:26:01   the alarm was, you know, blaring like--

00:26:04   Oh, it was just going.

00:26:05   Yeah, so explain what is happening with the phone

00:26:08   and the watch, like what is going on

00:26:09   with the crash detection?

00:26:10   Like what happens?

00:26:12   So the phone wasn't doing anything.

00:26:13   In fact, I didn't even know where my phone was.

00:26:16   I found it later and the phone didn't break.

00:26:18   So like, go iPhone.

00:26:19   So you can flip a car, but you can't like go to a creek.

00:26:24   Work down the street.

00:26:25   Okay, good to know.

00:26:26   Yeah, yeah.

00:26:26   Yeah, the phone was fine.

00:26:31   But my Apple Watch Ultra was like the countdown

00:26:36   to call emergency services.

00:26:37   Now I didn't black out in this,

00:26:39   but this timeframe is like very hazy in my memory.

00:26:42   And I remember having to like push some combination buttons

00:26:45   to tell my watch that I was like okay

00:26:47   before it called emergency services.

00:26:51   It may have, I don't know who called 911.

00:26:53   Maybe my watch did make a call.

00:26:55   I couldn't actually tell you,

00:26:56   but I was able to get it to stop blaring the siren at least.

00:27:00   But I mean the truck,

00:27:02   I think it was going off before the truck rolled over.

00:27:05   Like it was pretty quick.

00:27:08   And the phone didn't do anything.

00:27:11   So I believe the way this works is if both are present,

00:27:14   it defers to the watch because the watch is on your body.

00:27:17   So like it was also vibrating

00:27:19   like more than I've ever felt it.

00:27:20   Like really that Taptic Engine

00:27:22   was just going to town on my wrist.

00:27:25   'Cause it wants to get your attention, right?

00:27:27   If you're out of it.

00:27:28   Which I like I said did not black out

00:27:30   what definitely was like, what's going on?

00:27:32   So I kind of take a second.

00:27:35   I realized I'm upside down and I hear,

00:27:39   look at, I'm in the front yard of this like family's house.

00:27:43   And the family all rushes outside

00:27:46   and this woman is like yelling at me like, are you okay?

00:27:48   'Cause the airbags had gone off

00:27:50   and the truck had side curtain airbags.

00:27:52   So they couldn't see in the truck.

00:27:54   And I was like, yes, I'm okay.

00:27:57   But I couldn't get the seatbelt undone.

00:27:59   And because I'm a dad, I have one of those things

00:28:03   like one end you can like hit automotive glass

00:28:07   and it will break it.

00:28:08   So if you'd like break a window,

00:28:09   like say that you go into the water

00:28:11   or something truly scary.

00:28:12   And the other end is a cutter so you can cut a seatbelt.

00:28:17   Well, it was in my glove box.

00:28:19   And when I opened my glove box--

00:28:20   Where can I buy this thing?

00:28:22   Let's see, Amazon.

00:28:23   There's like a thousand of these things on Amazon.

00:28:25   Let's see, a car.

00:28:27   So when I opened the glove box,

00:28:30   stuff just went everywhere, right?

00:28:33   'Cause the truck was upside down.

00:28:35   Here's the one I have.

00:28:36   I'll put it in the Discord.

00:28:38   Thank you.

00:28:38   Yeah, I got two of them for like 10 bucks.

00:28:40   And I've got one and there's one in my wife's van.

00:28:43   But I couldn't find it 'cause I opened the glove box

00:28:45   and things went everywhere.

00:28:46   So someone in the house had a knife

00:28:49   and they cut the seatbelt.

00:28:50   I crawled out on my own.

00:28:52   The guy helped me open the car door,

00:28:53   but I was under my own power and everything was fine.

00:28:57   And then the police showed up and I went to the hospital

00:29:00   and got a CT scan and here I am.

00:29:02   So that was my week last week.

00:29:04   And y'all and everyone else at Relay was super kind.

00:29:07   Like I did not work at all last week,

00:29:09   except for a little bit on Friday

00:29:10   and just took the week to recover.

00:29:14   In fact, today is my first full day back.

00:29:16   And this was last Monday, the day of the accident.

00:29:19   The truck is totaled.

00:29:21   They declared it a total loss the day of

00:29:24   and I have a newer Toyota truck on the way.

00:29:28   - Yeah, Toyota for life now.

00:29:29   - Yeah.

00:29:30   - Loyal customer from now on.

00:29:33   - It said the car saved his life.

00:29:35   - I mean, for real though, yeah.

00:29:37   - Like a different car maybe under different,

00:29:39   it was a horrible accident.

00:29:43   Like people don't flip upside down for it, you know?

00:29:46   Like that's like a bad thing.

00:29:48   - Yeah, so like when I went to the emergency room,

00:29:52   you know, like you're like having to tell

00:29:54   the check-in person like what happened

00:29:56   and like, oh my gosh.

00:29:57   And like they, you know,

00:29:59   and then like you're telling the doctor what happened

00:30:00   and like, holy cow, you know?

00:30:02   You know, no cuts.

00:30:03   I got some bruises and some scrapes.

00:30:06   Definitely sore, but yeah,

00:30:07   if you look at the picture of the truck,

00:30:09   the cab was remarkably intact.

00:30:13   In fact, it didn't even break any glass in the truck,

00:30:15   which blows my mind.

00:30:18   I mean, the roof is crushed in a little bit,

00:30:20   but not, I wasn't, I could freely move inside the truck.

00:30:24   When the truck was upright,

00:30:25   I went and saw it a couple of days later

00:30:27   to get some stuff out of it.

00:30:28   And like, you could sit in the truck

00:30:30   and still have headroom.

00:30:30   Like it was remarkably intact, remarkably strong.

00:30:34   And so, yes, Toyota has my loyalty now forever, I think.

00:30:38   - And also thankfully, like your kids

00:30:40   were not in the car with you.

00:30:42   Like you were alone.

00:30:43   - Yeah, I was alone.

00:30:44   The other driver was unharmed and their car was drivable.

00:30:47   So, 'cause our initial impact wasn't very much.

00:30:51   I mean, really it was the momentum and the physics

00:30:53   that pushed me over the curb and then over.

00:30:56   So thankfully the person was unharmed

00:30:59   and I'm, like I said, remarkably okay

00:31:04   for an accident like this.

00:31:06   It was wild, but I'm here.

00:31:08   And on the show last week,

00:31:10   y'all asked people to send me on Mastodon

00:31:17   information about their first Max.

00:31:21   - Okay.

00:31:21   - And so I have gotten lovely replies all week about this,

00:31:26   but I decided this is going to be episode number two

00:31:32   of the Aries where I'm going to quiz you

00:31:34   about Macintosh history.

00:31:37   So.

00:31:38   - Why is it called the Aries again?

00:31:40   - Picking an heir to the Apple history throne.

00:31:42   - Ah, yes.

00:31:43   And also I guess to your Dev and Think database.

00:31:46   - Yes, I think we talked about that too.

00:31:48   So, you know, this is all the more important

00:31:51   after my last week, right?

00:31:52   What if I wasn't here anymore?

00:31:54   - Oh, Steven, don't do that.

00:31:55   - No, no, no, no.

00:31:56   And Mike, I've apologized to you many times.

00:31:58   I will do it again.

00:31:59   You were one of my first calls because I was going home

00:32:02   'cause we had a meeting.

00:32:03   I was like, I'm not going to be there.

00:32:05   And apparently I was really out of it when I called you.

00:32:07   - It was one of the worst phone calls

00:32:08   I've ever received in my life.

00:32:09   So Steven called me and told me he was in an accident

00:32:11   and it did not sound like Steven.

00:32:13   It sounded like it was somebody else calling me,

00:32:15   like your voice was different.

00:32:16   It was very weird.

00:32:17   And he told me on the call, I'm upside down in my truck,

00:32:21   but he wasn't.

00:32:22   - I was out of the truck.

00:32:23   - He told me that he was upside down in the truck.

00:32:26   And then also told me because of this,

00:32:28   he would miss our meeting, which was funny to me.

00:32:31   - Yeah.

00:32:31   - That like, that was like, we're like, I'm like,

00:32:33   oh, you're still going to make the meeting though, right?

00:32:36   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:32:38   - And also like at that point,

00:32:40   because he called me like that,

00:32:42   I, so I was asking Steven questions,

00:32:44   have you called Mary?

00:32:46   Like I didn't understand, because it was at that moment,

00:32:49   I could tell something was wrong with your brain, right?

00:32:52   Like you were just shot in shock or like whatever.

00:32:55   - A hundred percent in shock.

00:32:56   - Because you also said to me, I've hit my head very hard.

00:33:00   And I was like, this is bad.

00:33:02   It was horrible.

00:33:03   And so I was like, have you called Mary?

00:33:05   He's like, yes, I've called Mary.

00:33:06   I was like, great.

00:33:07   Go then and I'll speak to you later on.

00:33:10   And then I was, then I opened fire my friends

00:33:13   and I was just watching your dot until it missed.

00:33:14   Yeah, yeah, I was at the hospital.

00:33:17   Yeah, Mary rushed over from work.

00:33:19   And my dad was actually my first call

00:33:21   because where this accident was

00:33:23   is around the corner from his house.

00:33:25   And I was thinking, my first thought was

00:33:27   my dad lives around the corner

00:33:28   and I need somebody here, right?

00:33:30   And, but he was like the next county over

00:33:33   helping your friend with something.

00:33:35   And so I think he was kind of freaked out too.

00:33:37   And anyways, he rushed back.

00:33:39   - Yeah.

00:33:40   - Were you, let me ask you the last question

00:33:42   and be honest, be honest.

00:33:44   Were you angry at the other person?

00:33:48   Like did you get in an argument?

00:33:50   No, everything was okay.

00:33:52   Yeah.

00:33:53   - No, this is just one of those things that like

00:33:56   it's wrong place, wrong time.

00:33:58   And truly an accident, like not upset with him,

00:34:02   not upset with myself.

00:34:04   Everyone is fine.

00:34:05   So yeah, just move forward.

00:34:07   - That's good, that's good.

00:34:08   Okay, that's good.

00:34:09   Yeah.

00:34:10   So the current score for the Aries, Mike has 11,

00:34:14   Federico has six.

00:34:15   I verified those scores with relay FM historian, Kate.

00:34:19   And they said this was the score.

00:34:21   So I believe them.

00:34:22   So I have--

00:34:24   - You're not keeping score to your own quiz?

00:34:25   - Well, I was, but I didn't, remember there was an error.

00:34:28   And so I want to make sure that I corrected my note.

00:34:31   - Oh yes, in your first initial quiz,

00:34:34   you got the scoring correct.

00:34:36   - So I will try to do better this time.

00:34:38   - Yeah, let's see.

00:34:40   You aren't working at full brain capacity in this episode.

00:34:43   So, you know, we will let you go.

00:34:45   - So is it okay, is like our brain jokes okay already

00:34:48   on this show?

00:34:49   Just checking.

00:34:50   - Federico, I had this conversation with Steven.

00:34:52   I think this was a couple of days ago, I think.

00:34:55   Like how far into the episode from the point

00:34:59   where he tells the story, can we make fun of him?

00:35:02   And I think it's immediate because it's already,

00:35:06   this has already occurred privately.

00:35:08   I think there was a moment where on the day of the crash,

00:35:12   me and Steven were cracking jokes

00:35:13   and I think Mary got mad at us and was like,

00:35:16   we can't do that right now, okay.

00:35:18   'Cause Steven, you know, he just starts making jokes

00:35:20   about it immediately.

00:35:21   So I'm just like all in.

00:35:22   - Cool, cool, cool, cool.

00:35:23   - And then we had to stop.

00:35:24   But now I think enough time has passed

00:35:26   that I think is fair game.

00:35:28   We just make fun of him as much as we like.

00:35:30   - All right, cool.

00:35:31   Well then let's see if hitting your head has any benefits

00:35:34   to making a better quiz.

00:35:36   - Maybe you'll never get math wrong again.

00:35:38   Maybe you beautiful minded yourself.

00:35:40   - Preparing this quiz was basically the only thing

00:35:42   I did yesterday and I had a headache afterwards.

00:35:44   So let's see how this goes.

00:35:46   So I have five questions based on the listeners

00:35:50   self-reporting on Mastodon about their first max.

00:35:53   These numbers I have, I did this yesterday.

00:35:56   A couple of people replied, I think today,

00:35:58   you didn't make the cutoff, I'm sorry.

00:35:59   'Cause I have like a numbers document

00:36:02   that I was like making charts in for this.

00:36:04   So there's five questions.

00:36:07   The correct answer is one point

00:36:09   and we'll start with the first.

00:36:12   And since Federico is the loser,

00:36:14   Federico gets to go first.

00:36:16   Federico, of these respondents,

00:36:19   what is the split between desktop and notebook

00:36:23   percentage wise?

00:36:25   I'll say closest gets the point.

00:36:27   - I am gonna go with,

00:36:30   we asked them to send you their first max.

00:36:37   - Mm-hmm.

00:36:38   - First max, well, I'm gonna go with 30% desktop,

00:36:42   70% notebook.

00:36:45   - I'm gonna go 71% notebook.

00:36:46   (laughing)

00:36:48   - You're 29% desktop, 71% notebook.

00:36:51   - Mm-hmm.

00:36:52   - Well, Federico gets the point.

00:36:55   - Ah.

00:36:56   - Ooh.

00:36:57   - 49% desktop, 51% notebook.

00:37:01   - You and your over under, Mike.

00:37:03   - What are a bunch of weirdos?

00:37:06   What are you buying?

00:37:08   - First Mac, a desktop, what are you doing?

00:37:11   - You know what?

00:37:12   I think we both fell for the same issue, Federico.

00:37:15   I'm thinking young people, but that's not necessarily

00:37:17   the case. - Yeah, lots of,

00:37:18   we're dealing with lots of old people

00:37:19   with disposable income here, yeah.

00:37:21   - We can categorize now.

00:37:23   'Cause like my first Mac was a desktop,

00:37:26   but like I'm just thinking like people these days

00:37:28   buy laptops, but I guess that doesn't count, right?

00:37:33   People buy, okay.

00:37:34   - Yeah, so that's the point for Federico.

00:37:36   Number two, Mike, you'll go first.

00:37:40   What is the most common year

00:37:43   that listeners got their first Macs?

00:37:46   - Ooh, this is impossible.

00:37:48   Just throw a number out there, Mike.

00:37:52   - 2009.

00:37:57   - 2006.

00:38:00   - So I will start at the bottom, we'll go way up.

00:38:04   The fifth most popular year was 2009.

00:38:08   - Oh, damn.

00:38:08   - The fourth most popular year, 2003.

00:38:12   The third most popular year, 2005.

00:38:15   The second most popular year, 2006.

00:38:19   - Wow.

00:38:19   - Okay. - The most popular year, 2008.

00:38:23   So Mike was just one year off, so Mike gets the point.

00:38:26   - Wow, we would, right in a pocket, right?

00:38:28   What was the spread on that, 2006 to 2010?

00:38:32   - It's, so chronologically, '03, '05, '06, '08, '09.

00:38:37   - That is so close.

00:38:39   - That's a very tight band.

00:38:41   - All right.

00:38:44   - So Federico, you'll be up for the next one.

00:38:46   This next one talks about processor platform.

00:38:49   So list the top three processor platforms

00:38:53   in order of popularity in these answers.

00:38:56   - What's a processor platform?

00:38:58   (laughing)

00:38:59   - I was like, what does that mean?

00:39:00   - Intel versus Apple Silicon, for example.

00:39:03   - Yeah, so Intel, number one.

00:39:06   Number two, PowerPC.

00:39:09   Number three, Apple Silicon.

00:39:11   - Okay, Mike.

00:39:12   - I'm gonna go Intel most popular,

00:39:14   Apple Silicon number two, PowerPC number three.

00:39:16   - No one gets the points.

00:39:19   - Wow.

00:39:20   - Here, number five is the 6502 family of processors

00:39:25   that was in the Apple II at 3%.

00:39:28   - No idea what it means.

00:39:29   - I don't know what it is.

00:39:30   - Apple Silicon, 3%.

00:39:33   Remember, we're talking first max.

00:39:35   - Yeah, I know.

00:39:36   - Third place at 26%, 68,000 line of max.

00:39:41   - What is that?

00:39:44   Isn't that PowerPC?

00:39:45   - Before PowerPC.

00:39:47   - Right, but Steven, you need to--

00:39:48   - Oh, that's a before PowerPC?

00:39:50   - Right, but you see, a minute ago,

00:39:52   you just said like the most popular

00:39:54   between like 2006 to 2010.

00:39:56   That's why we both went with the ranking that we did, right?

00:40:00   Like none of these max are available in this timeframe.

00:40:03   - Federico got it right.

00:40:05   So PowerPC is in second place at 29%,

00:40:08   Intel the most popular at 39%.

00:40:10   - Mm-hmm.

00:40:11   - Oh, okay.

00:40:12   - So no one gets the point.

00:40:14   - But you can see why we went the way we did though, right?

00:40:16   - Oh, 100%, I was surprised by this.

00:40:18   - Okay. - Yes.

00:40:20   - Okay. - All right.

00:40:20   - That's 'cause that's very strange.

00:40:23   - Today I learned that there's a before PowerPC,

00:40:25   I didn't even know that.

00:40:26   - Oh yeah.

00:40:27   - I thought it was all PowerPC.

00:40:28   I thought people just referred to like,

00:40:30   oh, it's PowerPC, but it's 6,800 PowerPC.

00:40:33   - It's PowerPC, like I thought it was a shorthand for like,

00:40:35   oh yeah, it's just eggs or like a generic term.

00:40:38   - There was a transition to PowerPC?

00:40:41   - Yep.

00:40:42   - See, that's what I mean.

00:40:43   Like, wait, what, really?

00:40:45   But nobody's, like that's the transition

00:40:49   no one talks about, right?

00:40:50   - Yeah, yeah.

00:40:51   - Yeah.

00:40:52   - All right, Mike, you're up next again,

00:40:54   the closest person wins in terms of year.

00:40:59   What is the oldest year reported in my mentions?

00:41:03   - 1982.

00:41:06   - The 1978.

00:41:10   - Federico gets it, it was 1979.

00:41:14   - What? - Nice.

00:41:15   - What was that even?

00:41:15   - An Apple II or whatever. - An Apple II, yeah.

00:41:18   - Yeah. - Huh, okay.

00:41:20   - Although, I mean, technically that answer is also wrong

00:41:23   because we asked their first Mac and that's not a Mac.

00:41:25   - Yeah, I was careful in my question to you.

00:41:28   I didn't say the oldest year that a Mac was reported.

00:41:31   I just said the oldest year reported.

00:41:33   - It's just fake news. - Yes, Apple II, not a Mac.

00:41:35   All right, the final question,

00:41:40   again, closest person gets the point.

00:41:44   What is the most recent year reported in our listenership

00:41:47   for their first Mac purchase?

00:41:48   - This is Federico first.

00:41:50   - Federico first.

00:41:51   - No, it's you first.

00:41:52   - No, Mike went first last time.

00:41:53   - No, it's me. - I just went first

00:41:54   the last time.

00:41:55   - Most recent?

00:41:56   Last year, 2022.

00:42:00   - I'll say 2020.

00:42:02   - Federico gets it again.

00:42:04   - Oh.

00:42:04   - 2023.

00:42:06   - Okay. - Pretty cool, huh?

00:42:08   - That person's dead to me, whoever that was.

00:42:10   - Interesting.

00:42:12   - Someone's on their first Mac right now.

00:42:13   - Nice.

00:42:14   - That makes sense, that makes sense.

00:42:16   - I think the saddest reply I got,

00:42:18   someone's first Mac was like the first butterfly

00:42:20   MacBook Pro.

00:42:21   I was like, oh, I'm so sorry.

00:42:22   That's so bad.

00:42:23   - Oh, yeah, man.

00:42:25   - So at the end of this round, Mike has 12 points

00:42:29   and Federico has nine.

00:42:31   Good job, guys.

00:42:32   - Catching up on me.

00:42:33   - Yeah, getting closer, catching up.

00:42:35   I really wanna be a heir to Steven's empire, you know?

00:42:38   - To be fair, I don't really want it.

00:42:43   - Well then why are you winning this?

00:42:45   - I'll split it with you, you know what I mean?

00:42:47   It seems like too much.

00:42:48   Like, what am I supposed to,

00:42:49   I don't have all this storage space.

00:42:51   - Keep the wrong answers next time.

00:42:53   - I don't have the available SSD space

00:42:58   for all of the stuff that you'd be trying to give me.

00:43:00   - And if you don't want it, then reply incorrectly.

00:43:03   Like, make it easy for me. - I'm trying.

00:43:05   You need to do better.

00:43:06   - Wow.

00:43:07   I can't help but win.

00:43:09   - I think every time I answered incorrectly, I wanted that.

00:43:13   - Oh, look at this.

00:43:14   It's just you can't help it by being right.

00:43:17   - This is that Federico.

00:43:18   I'm using Federico logic now.

00:43:19   - You are.

00:43:20   - You are.

00:43:22   - Yes, I appreciate you.

00:43:24   - Yes, so thank you everybody who responded.

00:43:25   It was lovely last week to read those as they came in.

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00:45:29   - You know, if you're looking to buy something

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00:45:48   - Yeah, okay.

00:45:49   - I had something fun for you, both.

00:45:51   D. Griffin Jones at Cult of Mac wrote

00:45:54   end of an article that they posted on Cult of Mac,

00:45:57   where they broke down Tim Cook's watch face

00:46:00   based on an image of him with, by the way,

00:46:03   a passionate one who's listening live right now,

00:46:05   Vidit Bhagavan. - Yes, so cool, so cool.

00:46:07   - Who is the developer of Look Up,

00:46:09   where Tim was in India recently.

00:46:11   Apple were doing some tours of some stores

00:46:13   and some stuff that, there we go,

00:46:15   one of the Tim Cook tours of a place,

00:46:17   and there is an image which Vidit shared,

00:46:20   but also Tim Cook shared of like,

00:46:23   these, of meeting with developers in India.

00:46:26   Vidit is there, just Vidit and Tim,

00:46:28   and Vidit got to demo his app.

00:46:30   I think it was Look Up that he got to demo

00:46:32   on the watch to Tim Cook,

00:46:34   who is raptured by this, by the way.

00:46:37   You obviously were doing a very good job.

00:46:40   - Such a great follow. - Yeah.

00:46:41   And Look Up is fantastic, totally deserved.

00:46:44   - Yes.

00:46:45   - But then what this image provided was a clear look

00:46:49   at Tim Cook's watch face.

00:46:51   - See, the problem is not Vidit in this picture.

00:46:54   The problem is Tim Cook's watch face.

00:46:56   - No, Vidit is the solution.

00:46:58   Tim Cook is the problem.

00:46:59   All right, so,

00:47:02   Dean Griffin put this together, which is incredible.

00:47:07   They went and took a look at the face

00:47:10   and broke it all down,

00:47:12   and I have all of the deets for you, all right?

00:47:14   So Tim uses the Infograph watch face

00:47:18   with the following complications.

00:47:20   Top left, stocks.

00:47:22   - Sure, he's the CEO, so.

00:47:25   - Top right, weather temperature.

00:47:28   Bottom left, workout app.

00:47:33   - Okay.

00:47:34   - Bottom right, activity rings.

00:47:38   Subdial top, schedule.

00:47:40   Subdial left, blood oxygen.

00:47:44   Subdial right, ECG.

00:47:48   Subdial bottom, the home app.

00:47:50   Here's my question.

00:47:53   Is this Tim Cook's I might be photographed watch?

00:47:57   - This is too defaulty to be a personal watch face.

00:48:02   - I expect when he's going out

00:48:04   and someone might take a picture of him,

00:48:06   somebody gives him the Apple watch he will be wearing

00:48:10   that day. - Put this on, yeah.

00:48:11   - Yeah, not even like change your watch face.

00:48:13   This watch cannot ever, ever, ever show a notification.

00:48:18   - No. - Of any kind.

00:48:21   - No, there was a story a while back

00:48:22   that he had a Apple News notification.

00:48:26   Maybe this is when they changed it.

00:48:28   - But was it?

00:48:29   - You know, maybe that came out like,

00:48:30   ooh, you can't let people know that he uses Apple News.

00:48:33   - Was it a press thing though,

00:48:35   or was it just him walking around his life?

00:48:37   - I don't remember.

00:48:39   - Like my thought is if someone,

00:48:40   if there's ever a professional camera pointed at him,

00:48:43   like he is wearing the approved watch

00:48:47   that they've given him,

00:48:48   which would like never have a blemish on it

00:48:50   and would have the watch band that's currently available

00:48:53   that they wanted to, you know what I mean?

00:48:55   - That's my watch set up, the ultra,

00:48:56   and then the dark trail.

00:48:58   - Why don't you try?

00:48:59   And again, this article, by the way,

00:49:01   that Dee Griffin put together,

00:49:03   you can also download the watch face for yourself

00:49:08   based on the watch face set up thing.

00:49:10   So Steven, why don't you give this a go?

00:49:11   You get the full Tim Cook experience.

00:49:13   - So let me open this.

00:49:14   I gotta open this on my phone, right?

00:49:16   - I mean, probably, I don't know.

00:49:18   Nobody knows.

00:49:19   - Yeah, 'cause I think if you open it on the Mac,

00:49:20   it doesn't know what to do.

00:49:21   So let's see, let me find this link.

00:49:24   - And you can let us know how this feels.

00:49:26   - I think this could be his watch.

00:49:30   - Here's the thing.

00:49:32   He does not want to know the current Apple stock price 24/7.

00:49:37   - You sure?

00:49:41   - Yeah, I feel pretty sure of that, right?

00:49:43   - But he's the CEO. - I know he's the CEO.

00:49:46   Does he wanna know in real time always?

00:49:49   - Probably, otherwise he gets fired.

00:49:52   No, isn't that how it works?

00:49:56   - Not really.

00:49:57   I mean, look, if Tim Cook is at the stage

00:50:01   where something so bad has happened to Apple

00:50:04   that he might get fired based on the stock price,

00:50:06   he doesn't need the complication on the Apple Watch

00:50:08   to tell him that thing is happening.

00:50:10   - Probably, probably.

00:50:11   - He's already aware that it's going on.

00:50:14   - It's an okay Apple Watch face.

00:50:18   It's not great.

00:50:19   - I guess the official Stephen Hackett seal of approval.

00:50:20   - It's too busy.

00:50:21   Too much going on.

00:50:23   - Be busy, this one.

00:50:26   I was gonna say it's kinda empty.

00:50:28   - Well, maybe it's just too, I don't,

00:50:30   this is too much stuff.

00:50:32   - I don't like this watch face anyway.

00:50:34   - What does the calendar event say?

00:50:36   Like if you zoom in, you can see.

00:50:39   - I tried running this through Pixelmator's

00:50:40   like enlarged thing and I couldn't make it out.

00:50:44   - The part, I can make up probably the part,

00:50:47   but that's about it.

00:50:49   I don't know what it says.

00:50:50   - Yeah.

00:50:51   - Does it look like a real calendar event?

00:50:53   - It kinda does.

00:50:55   - Also, what time is it in this picture?

00:50:57   Well, I can, I cannot read it.

00:50:59   So what is it?

00:51:00   - It's half past 11.

00:51:01   - Past 11.

00:51:02   - Yeah, half past 11.

00:51:04   And 'cause this is one of the things

00:51:05   that Dee Griffin said in the thing,

00:51:06   like he was kind of roasting Tim Cook's

00:51:08   apple rings for the day.

00:51:09   - Yeah, exactly.

00:51:12   - You got some work to do, man.

00:51:13   It's half past 11, what are you doing?

00:51:15   'Cause Tim Cook is like a morning workout person.

00:51:17   - But he's traveling, you know?

00:51:19   So we all slip a little bit when we travel.

00:51:22   - Hey, I wasn't the one who said it, you know?

00:51:25   - Well, I would have exercised,

00:51:27   but somebody stole my heart monitor.

00:51:29   So.

00:51:30   - Yeah, that's true.

00:51:31   There's nothing you can do about that.

00:51:32   - Yeah.

00:51:33   - It says like 2 p.m. N14305, depart vid p.

00:51:38   Vid p?

00:51:41   Yeah.

00:51:43   - Glad we got that.

00:51:44   - I got the high quality version from Tim's tweet.

00:51:46   - Oh, good thinking.

00:51:48   - Oh, nice, okay.

00:51:50   - Okay.

00:51:51   - So I kinda got it, I got it now.

00:51:55   N14305, you know what?

00:51:57   I bet it's like some kind of flight thing.

00:51:59   - Yeah, it's like a-

00:52:00   - That's Tim's private jet, man.

00:52:03   - So it's probably a real kind of event.

00:52:05   - I think it's just his watch.

00:52:06   I think that's just his thing.

00:52:08   - Oh, we have real time feedback in the Discord.

00:52:11   Vid p is Indira Gandhi Airport.

00:52:13   - There you go, see, that's his private jet.

00:52:15   - It's real.

00:52:16   - Okay.

00:52:17   - That's his private jet.

00:52:18   No, here's the, I think it's a real watch, right?

00:52:21   But like it is connected to Tim's phone.

00:52:25   - Yes.

00:52:25   - But it is like a very specific,

00:52:28   'cause as well, here's a question.

00:52:31   Do Apple executives use their own phone

00:52:34   or is it a work phone and are they separate?

00:52:37   - Oh, I bet they're separate phones.

00:52:38   - Right, so I bet that watch is connected

00:52:41   to Tim's work iPhone.

00:52:43   So like all the data's real,

00:52:44   but they are set up in such a way that it is like-

00:52:47   - Right, he's not gonna get a text from a family member,

00:52:49   you know, in front of the press.

00:52:51   - Sanitize, exactly.

00:52:52   - Do you ever get the curiosity to like ask,

00:52:56   like imagine in a scenario in which you could ask

00:52:59   these executives like super mundane questions,

00:53:02   like, "Hey Craig, do you like broccoli?"

00:53:05   Or like, "Are you good at Tetris?"

00:53:07   Like-

00:53:08   - It is honestly my ideal type of question

00:53:11   to ask someone in this position,

00:53:13   but it's not something that anyone

00:53:15   would ever be happy with me doing.

00:53:16   - I know, that's the problem.

00:53:18   Like you're not, you're like, I would super want to know

00:53:21   like, "Hey, what's your, I don't know,

00:53:22   your favorite food or something?"

00:53:24   Like, you know?

00:53:26   - 'Cause also there is rarely a question

00:53:29   which they can, like if we had the opportunity

00:53:32   to have Tim on the show, right?

00:53:34   - Right.

00:53:35   - And we said to him like-

00:53:37   - Do you like broccoli?

00:53:38   - No, but like if we asked him the actual questions

00:53:40   that people would want you to ask him,

00:53:42   the answers by and large will be unsatisfactory.

00:53:45   - Yeah.

00:53:46   - And so like you have to do enough work

00:53:49   to try and come up with getting a tech focused answer

00:53:52   which could be interesting, right?

00:53:53   So like that is hard work.

00:53:55   It would be more fun to be like,

00:53:57   "Hey, Tim, what do you have for breakfast?"

00:54:00   - Yes.

00:54:01   - Like I think that would just be

00:54:01   a more interesting conversation to have,

00:54:03   but like no one would be happy with that

00:54:05   except the three of us.

00:54:06   - Well, that would be, yeah, yeah.

00:54:08   - Well, speaking of watches,

00:54:10   it looks like Apple's Pride watch face and band have leaked.

00:54:15   There's an article over on 9to5 speaking of them.

00:54:18   And it's a kind of confetti theme this year.

00:54:21   - Steven, nobody's speaking of 9to5.

00:54:23   That was cold, Mac.

00:54:24   - Oh, no.

00:54:25   - This is what happens when you hit your head.

00:54:26   - Look, all these Mac websites look the same.

00:54:28   - Keep the Mac website separate.

00:54:29   - They all look the same.

00:54:30   - Oh my God.

00:54:31   - There's blue navigation.

00:54:32   - Oh, no.

00:54:32   - You know.

00:54:33   - Uh-huh.

00:54:34   Well, 9to5 have that thing now where they,

00:54:37   did they have the thing with the comment

00:54:38   where they're like, "Look at this top comment."

00:54:40   So they've changed that.

00:54:42   - Oh, I don't know.

00:54:42   I use a content blocker, so probably.

00:54:45   - So they're different now.

00:54:46   Yeah, this is a confetti kind of sprinkles is the theme

00:54:51   it looks like.

00:54:52   - No, I kind of like it.

00:54:53   - So like this is for the watch face and the watch band.

00:54:58   I think this might end up being my first Apple Sport Loop

00:55:03   band.

00:55:03   - Oh, it's another loop?

00:55:05   Oh, no.

00:55:06   - You know it is, right?

00:55:07   Like that's all they do now.

00:55:08   - Oh, no.

00:55:09   - It's gonna be a loop for sure.

00:55:11   - Why?

00:55:12   - 'Cause that's what they make.

00:55:13   - Enough with the loops.

00:55:13   I mean, come on, enough with the loops.

00:55:16   - Just saying, it's out there.

00:55:17   - I really dig the look, but not another loop.

00:55:23   I've never had one.

00:55:24   So maybe this would be my first chance to get one.

00:55:27   But it does look super cool.

00:55:29   - It does look cool.

00:55:30   - If people want a t-shirt to go with that, by the way,

00:55:33   the parallel podcasts here on Relay FM,

00:55:35   they just put out a sprinkled focused t-shirt,

00:55:38   accessibility sprinkles, which is the tagline of the show.

00:55:41   So this will fit with that visually.

00:55:45   - Yeah, go full sprinkles.

00:55:47   Well, speaking of Mac websites, nailed it.

00:55:52   Did y'all see this on MacRumors about Beats Studio Buds Plus

00:55:56   that look incredible?

00:55:58   So these are, it's like a frosted transparency.

00:56:02   Like they're not perfectly see-through, like the...

00:56:06   - They're kind of like the nothing new one.

00:56:08   - Yeah, but I love the way these look.

00:56:11   I don't know if I have any feelings about the Buds Plus.

00:56:13   I've never tried them, but everything should look like this.

00:56:17   - Mary tried these?

00:56:18   - She may have.

00:56:21   - I don't remember what she's tried over the years.

00:56:22   She's currently using the Powerbeats Pro

00:56:24   'cause she likes the ear loop,

00:56:26   you know, that goes like over the outside of the ear.

00:56:27   - Yeah.

00:56:28   - But...

00:56:29   - Yeah.

00:56:30   - Hey, Apple, if you think you have courage,

00:56:34   if you think you really have courage,

00:56:36   make your next iPhone like this.

00:56:37   - Yeah, dude, yes.

00:56:39   - Give me a see-through iPhone that looks like this.

00:56:44   - I would go as far to say,

00:56:46   if they only did this on the regular phone and not the Pro,

00:56:50   I would forego the Pro for a phone that looked like this.

00:56:53   - Ah, interesting challenge, okay.

00:56:56   - I love this look.

00:56:57   - As you are halfway through that sentence,

00:57:00   I was gonna agree, but then I'd stop.

00:57:02   - But then think of all the things you're gonna miss.

00:57:05   - Exactly, that would be very difficult.

00:57:07   - Let me pay, like,

00:57:08   I would honestly pay a high premium

00:57:14   to get a Pro version of the iPhone that looks like this.

00:57:17   - To be fair, if they did offer it in the regular iPhone,

00:57:21   it's actually not that much of a thing

00:57:23   for Steven to say he would buy it,

00:57:24   because through the course of a model year,

00:57:26   Steven buys all of them.

00:57:28   - To be fair, it's kind of easy for you, yeah.

00:57:29   - Yeah, 'cause you always just buy different sized phones

00:57:33   and just change them up.

00:57:33   - But like, we poor people just buy it once.

00:57:37   (laughing)

00:57:38   And so we gotta really make a good decision.

00:57:40   - Wait, we poor people who buy every iPhone year

00:57:44   just buy one of them?

00:57:45   - We, the poor ones.

00:57:46   - I guess, yes, we're not hack it, you know?

00:57:48   - Well, you know, we're not hack it.

00:57:49   - You know, Kate just said in the Discord,

00:57:52   Mr. Flip-Flop, which now has a new meaning.

00:57:55   - Oh!

00:57:56   - Oh no, there's the joke.

00:57:58   - He also flip-flopped his actual truck.

00:58:02   - Was it all for the show?

00:58:04   - No, I assure you it was not.

00:58:06   - Were you keeping a persona there?

00:58:08   Were you in character?

00:58:10   - No, no.

00:58:11   - He wanted to add to that Wikipedia article thing,

00:58:15   the Wiki, the Wiki fan Wiki thing.

00:58:17   What is it?

00:58:18   - Wiki fan?

00:58:20   What's a Wiki fan?

00:58:21   - Wiki, there's like a fan focused Wiki thing

00:58:24   where someone's keeping track of all of the devices

00:58:26   that Steven has broken.

00:58:28   - Oh yes, yes. - Unbelievably.

00:58:29   - Someone add a 2015 Toyota Tacoma to that.

00:58:33   - These ones, the Beast Studio Buds, the regular ones,

00:58:37   these are Austin Evans's favorite earphones.

00:58:40   He likes the, like, just enjoy,

00:58:42   and he says they sound great.

00:58:44   These are the plus, and so they've enhanced

00:58:48   the noise cancellation and transparency features,

00:58:51   'cause they're effectively AirPods Pro,

00:58:52   they have the features of an AirPods Pro,

00:58:55   but they're longer battery life.

00:58:57   - I'm often fascinated by Austin's tech choices,

00:58:59   because a lot of times I super agree with Austin.

00:59:04   - Yeah, he gets to try everything, right?

00:59:09   So like, I would never try the Beats Studio Buds,

00:59:12   but he's like, these are for him,

00:59:14   he's like, I like these as much as AirPods,

00:59:16   but the case he likes more,

00:59:18   and the physical size he likes more,

00:59:20   because it just goes right in the ears,

00:59:22   and it's like the whole stem thing, so.

00:59:24   - Yeah, I mean, now I'm gonna buy these.

00:59:27   I know myself.

00:59:28   - I mean, the fact that I think you and I

00:59:32   bought the Nothing earbuds

00:59:33   means that you should probably buy these,

00:59:35   because you're at least more likely to use these.

00:59:37   - I'm still using them,

00:59:39   they are my Nintendo Switch earbuds, yes.

00:59:41   - Oh.

00:59:43   - Last up before we finish today,

00:59:44   I recommend people go read Steven's art

00:59:46   called the Everything Headset.

00:59:48   I like Steven's take on the headset, it's a good take.

00:59:51   - Thanks, thank you.

00:59:52   Yeah, I was happy with that.

00:59:53   There's been a lot of conversation about,

00:59:55   is Apple gonna release this without a focus, right?

00:59:58   What is it, can Apple really say what it's good for?

01:00:02   And it just kind of made me think about the other times

01:00:04   Apple has announced a non-Mac product,

01:00:08   so iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

01:00:11   And over the years, they've become more complex.

01:00:15   And you know, the Watch and the iPad kind of,

01:00:17   well, maybe the iPad still hasn't found its way,

01:00:19   but the Watch found its way.

01:00:20   And I'm just not worried about that going into W3C.

01:00:24   I think Apple needs to make something

01:00:27   that has a little bit of something for everybody,

01:00:28   'cause everything is a computer,

01:00:30   and the headset's gotta do a bunch of different stuff,

01:00:33   and I think it's okay that they don't have

01:00:35   a killer feature at this point.

01:00:38   - It's one of the final sentences that really gets me,

01:00:43   when you say, in a sense,

01:00:44   every new product needs to be brought now.

01:00:47   That is so true, especially in the tech field,

01:00:51   and not just for hardware products,

01:00:53   but like for services, for operating systems.

01:00:56   Like everything needs to do

01:00:58   a little bit of everything right now.

01:01:00   And yeah, that really captures it, Steven.

01:01:03   That's the excellent use of the English language, yes.

01:01:09   (laughing)

01:01:10   - To cover that from the same conclusion,

01:01:13   like a slightly different angle,

01:01:15   of like, imagine Apple knows

01:01:17   what the killer app might be, right?

01:01:19   And like, imagine to them,

01:01:20   they're like, the new FaceTime is like it, right?

01:01:23   Like this very realistic, like co-present kind of idea.

01:01:28   And like, imagine that they just know it,

01:01:29   and they're like, we are 100% certain,

01:01:31   it's so good, so transformative,

01:01:33   people will just use FaceTime,

01:01:35   we've made this whole new thing,

01:01:36   and like, it's what people are gonna buy this for.

01:01:39   Even if that was the case,

01:01:41   and it would be proven out

01:01:43   that when people got it and used it,

01:01:45   they're like, yep, this is the killer app,

01:01:47   like they're right.

01:01:48   If that was what they got up on stage,

01:01:50   and said, this is all this does, crucified.

01:01:54   - Yep.

01:01:54   - Even if they made it, and they knew they were right,

01:01:56   and like, that's the killer app,

01:01:57   and it's all anyone's gonna use,

01:01:59   but it can't access your calendar,

01:02:01   and it can't access your messages,

01:02:04   like people will be like, what are you doing?

01:02:06   This thing is a failure, I need, you know.

01:02:09   So it is that idea that you said,

01:02:11   like the table stakes of like,

01:02:13   if you wanna make a device where,

01:02:15   remember, this is a full operating system,

01:02:17   because ideally, it's supposed to be

01:02:20   a replacement for something, right?

01:02:22   Whether that's the iPhone, the Mac, or whatever, right?

01:02:24   Like, these devices are being created to be the next X,

01:02:29   which means it has to replace something.

01:02:31   You've got to be able to come into it

01:02:33   with like a full complement of whatever.

01:02:36   And so if you come into it,

01:02:37   it should be like it does this one thing,

01:02:38   but trust us, it's really good.

01:02:40   Like, that's not gonna be good enough.

01:02:41   - I mean, don't get me wrong,

01:02:43   I still think they have an uphill battle here.

01:02:45   I think this is not as obvious as a category

01:02:48   as the watch was.

01:02:50   And I mean, even if it's close to the rumored price,

01:02:54   that's a big ask.

01:02:56   So we'll see how it goes,

01:02:57   but out of all the things to worry about this in advance,

01:03:00   the it being broad and kind of doing

01:03:02   a little bit of everything,

01:03:03   that I think that's totally fine.

01:03:05   And in fact, I think it's actually probably a good thing.

01:03:08   - If I may add one last thing,

01:03:09   just on what you said about the Apple Watch,

01:03:10   just like a really interesting comparison

01:03:12   of like thinking back, we cast our mind back.

01:03:14   The Apple Watch, the idea of a watch

01:03:18   was like people wanted that.

01:03:19   - Oh yeah.

01:03:20   - That was a thing that was, I feel like,

01:03:22   universally enough of like, this is what they should do.

01:03:25   This is interesting as an idea.

01:03:27   That is not the sentiment for this product.

01:03:30   Like the entire category,

01:03:33   I think people are at least in our community, right?

01:03:37   But I think in general as well,

01:03:38   much more skeptical of like this entire product category.

01:03:43   So the idea of the uphill battle,

01:03:45   especially even compared to the Apple Watch

01:03:46   is definitely the case.

01:03:48   Also a hundred percent even further

01:03:50   for something like the iPhone.

01:03:52   So it's gonna be interesting.

01:03:54   - I think that does it for this week.

01:03:55   If you wanna find links to the stuff we spoke about,

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01:05:23   (laughing)

01:05:24   - Yes, he's Mike.

01:05:25   - He's Mike.

01:05:26   - I'm just Mike.

01:05:28   You just, he's up to you, you know?

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01:05:35   Federico is the editor-in-chief of maxstories.net,

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01:05:41   which we didn't talk about this week,

01:05:43   but it's the end of April almost.

01:05:45   - It's wrapped up and we're now judging the shortcuts

01:05:48   that people submitted to the contest.

01:05:50   - Awesome.

01:05:51   Overall, don't tip your hand.

01:05:53   Some good stuff in there this year?

01:05:55   - Oh yeah, oh yeah.

01:05:56   Some really interesting stuff.

01:05:58   And now the problem is that I'm gonna spend

01:06:01   way too much time on some individual shortcuts

01:06:05   because I wanna play around with them,

01:06:07   but my job is to be fast and quick

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01:06:12   So yeah, there's some really good stuff in there.

01:06:15   - Cool, I'm looking forward to it.

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