448: I'm in Figma


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:07   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 448.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors, ExpressVPN and Indeed.

00:00:17   My name is Stephen Hackett and I have the pleasure of being joined by Mike Hurley.

00:00:21   Hello, how are you?

00:00:22   I'm good, how are you?

00:00:23   I'm a little under the weather this week, I apologize for how my voice sounds.

00:00:28   Maybe some people will like it, maybe some people won't, you know, but I can't really do anything about it.

00:00:32   Hi, Federico.

00:00:34   Yeah, hi, I dig your voice.

00:00:36   Yeah, you like it?

00:00:37   I'm a fan, I'm a fan, yes.

00:00:39   Sinus infection daddy.

00:00:41   Yeah, yeah, you sound like, you know, the British caramel voice.

00:00:45   Oh, British caramel.

00:00:48   It works for me, yes.

00:00:50   That's a good nickname, I'll take that.

00:00:51   I'll take that nickname.

00:00:55   I'll try, you know, you won't like it if I'm like, that's not, you know, you don't want that, but just the voice.

00:01:01   Yeah, just the voice, just the voice, it works.

00:01:04   British caramel.

00:01:05   Before we get into follow-up, I just want to say thanks to all the listeners.

00:01:10   I got lots of warm wishes in the feedback form and in Discord and on Mastodon.

00:01:14   I'm feeling much better than the last couple of weeks and it's good to be back because this now marks a full week of work being back since May.

00:01:24   This kind of feels like follow-up.

00:01:25   Croxident.

00:01:26   It is, yeah, it is kind of follow-up.

00:01:27   Following up on the health of your brain?

00:01:29   Yes, it's much better.

00:01:31   The passionate ones though have been feisty.

00:01:35   Oh no.

00:01:35   Over on the Relay fandom, I've got a page and it listed the phones I'd broken and added to that now is a 2015 Toyota Tacoma and a trash cart.

00:01:47   Yes, it's not just phones you've broken, it's just, it is listed, it is a wiki, basically a fandom wiki and it is things you have broken, including all of the phones, some watches, some Macs, some accessories, body parts and now miscellaneous, which includes the 2015 Toyota Tacoma and a trash cart.

00:02:07   My height is listed here as well.

00:02:09   It says probably taller than Mike.

00:02:12   That's good.

00:02:13   Emotionally taller than me anyway.

00:02:16   Or, but this is the thing though, Steven, or do I think that about you?

00:02:20   You know what I mean?

00:02:22   Right?

00:02:22   Because that's the whole thing.

00:02:23   It's like, you know, people that I'm like, oh, intimidated by or whatever, that I think they're taller than me.

00:02:30   And now like, this is like the Schrodinger's box kind of situation.

00:02:36   Do I think you're taller than me or not?

00:02:38   The answer is yes, I actually do think you're taller than me.

00:02:41   Who could tell?

00:02:42   I think you're both taller than me.

00:02:44   Steven is not taller than you.

00:02:46   Well, you tell that to my brain.

00:02:48   Maybe just slightly taller than you.

00:02:52   But, oh, you see, look, this is how you're trying to get in my head.

00:02:55   No, Steven is definitely not taller than you.

00:02:58   Yeah, but you're saying you are, right?

00:03:00   So like, this feels like a trick now.

00:03:03   But like, it's just, I'm just saying objectively speaking, maybe by a couple of centimeters, but that's it.

00:03:11   Like, it's not that huge difference that you should feel bad about, you know?

00:03:16   I'm going to get those like shoes that have lifts in them.

00:03:19   Okay, wear those.

00:03:21   So I can like definitively be taller than everyone at WWDC.

00:03:24   It's important to me.

00:03:25   Okay, yeah, I'm pretty sure that Berlusconi used to wear those.

00:03:28   Oh, really?

00:03:29   Yeah, when he used to be our prime minister, he used to wear those type of shoes so that...

00:03:33   Not a ringing endorsement.

00:03:35   Yeah, it's good company to be in.

00:03:37   Yeah, I mean, you know, just you and Berlusconi, what a duo.

00:03:42   You have often like said, like, Mike, you remind me of Berlusconi.

00:03:47   You have said that to me a few times.

00:03:48   Have I?

00:03:49   No, thankfully never.

00:03:52   You know what I mean?

00:03:53   What if we see Mike come around the corner at WWDC and he's in like a long trench coat and he's like twice as tall.

00:04:01   And it's just Mike sitting on Dan Morin's shoulders, like two kids trying to sneak into a movie theater.

00:04:07   If Dan's up for it, I don't know why specifically you chose Dan for that, but I like it.

00:04:13   You know, me and Dan, we could work together.

00:04:16   Yeah, I think I would be good partners in this.

00:04:18   Yeah, I had some anonymous feedback.

00:04:20   Anonymous?

00:04:21   Sent to me via...

00:04:23   Yup, sent to me via a tip line, the Mike Hurley direct tip line.

00:04:27   This is no joke. This came to me and I cannot say where I got this information.

00:04:32   And it goes lastly.

00:04:34   About Tim Cook's Apple Watch.

00:04:36   Remember we were talking about this last time, right?

00:04:39   And wondering like if he has some kind of like special watch that he puts on.

00:04:43   So this feedback goes like this.

00:04:44   On a daily basis, he's most likely to be running an internal build of the next version of watchOS,

00:04:50   probably from the release train that Apple calls LiveOn, like quote LiveOn.

00:04:55   These are internal...

00:04:56   I thought that was meant to be read as LiveOn, like Beats Radio, but...

00:05:00   I read this like three times and realized it probably contextually is LiveOn.

00:05:05   And I was like, the thing is, as I was getting ready to read this today,

00:05:08   I'm like, make sure you say LiveOn, make sure you say LiveOn and not LiveOn.

00:05:12   LiveOn.

00:05:12   These are internal builds that are not so buggy that you can't use them for real life usage.

00:05:16   So like they are builds with current new features on them, but they're cool.

00:05:20   But you can kind of make it work, right?

00:05:22   So this might be, it has some stuff that's going to come in watchOS 10,

00:05:25   but maybe not all of it.

00:05:26   These LiveOn builds have a sensitive UI toggle in control center that disables anything that

00:05:34   can't be seen by people who are not at Apple.

00:05:37   Disabling it can also swap the current watch face.

00:05:41   Of course, Tim could be using some other watch when he's out and about,

00:05:45   but Apple folks have become really good at using pre-release confidential software

00:05:49   in public about being spotted.

00:05:51   So whenever there is a LiveOn build on any device,

00:05:54   there's a button and you can just tap that and it just hides it and makes it like the current

00:05:58   version and then probably removes all sensitive data from VIA.

00:06:01   I wonder if they have a, they should have a shortcut to do this, you know,

00:06:06   they should have by location or whatever.

00:06:08   No, like a LiveOn shortcut action, but press a button.

00:06:13   They need it to work.

00:06:15   So they can't use shortcuts.

00:06:16   That's unnecessary.

00:06:18   Shortcuts works.

00:06:19   Like that's not the issue.

00:06:20   That's not the thing.

00:06:22   Last time I checked, do we hate shortcuts on this podcast?

00:06:25   What's happened now?

00:06:27   Why is that?

00:06:29   Sometimes it's buggy, you know?

00:06:30   Steven's taken a stand, everyone.

00:06:33   Can I change switch on and the relay footer to live on and see if anybody notices?

00:06:36   LiveOn.

00:06:37   LiveOn.

00:06:38   LiveOn.

00:06:39   Yeah.

00:06:39   Okay.

00:06:41   So the Mike Hurley tip line is a thing.

00:06:45   Oh, I get tips.

00:06:46   All of this is interesting, but also the source, like this whole thing is also interesting.

00:06:51   You know, I trust the source is what I'll say.

00:06:54   Oh, you trust the source.

00:06:56   I recently, I've been getting, I've been, you know, as they say, get little birdies, you know?

00:07:02   Are you, are you the new Mark Gurman?

00:07:04   I wouldn't say that.

00:07:06   You know, maybe if you think about it, maybe Mark Gurman is the old Mike Hurley.

00:07:11   Have you ever thought of that?

00:07:12   You know what I mean?

00:07:13   Things are changing around here.

00:07:15   Rumor round up.

00:07:16   It's like, it's broken out now.

00:07:17   It's just my life.

00:07:18   Yeah.

00:07:19   You blew my mind with that.

00:07:20   You don't like it, do you?

00:07:21   You don't like that I have this thing.

00:07:22   You're like, why didn't I have this thing?

00:07:24   No, I'm fine.

00:07:24   No, I like, I love it.

00:07:26   It means we can know stuff before.

00:07:29   Like I love all about this.

00:07:31   Yeah.

00:07:32   I got a few little things, but none of it's relevant for today's episode.

00:07:35   Okay.

00:07:36   This is nothing else you want to share?

00:07:38   You sure?

00:07:39   Nothing that's really that interesting.

00:07:41   Anything about the Mac Pro?

00:07:42   Not yet.

00:07:43   Anything about iPadOS 17?

00:07:46   Can we go rumor shopping?

00:07:48   Like, can we just ask you about stuff?

00:07:50   You want to come down and see what I got hiding in the back?

00:07:52   Let's see.

00:07:53   Hey, Rumor Santa, what you got for me?

00:07:56   Take a look inside of this trench coat.

00:07:58   Remember the Dan Moro trench coat?

00:07:59   I got some rumors in here.

00:08:00   You know what I mean?

00:08:01   Dan Moro's holding onto them for me.

00:08:03   Have you ever played Resident Evil 4?

00:08:06   It's like the word the merchant that will go, what are you buying?

00:08:08   Yeah.

00:08:09   Hello mate, what would you like to buy?

00:08:11   That's all I've got for you today.

00:08:15   This, the tip line is closed.

00:08:17   Okay.

00:08:18   All right.

00:08:18   Tip, tip, tip.

00:08:19   The tip shop is, has wrapped up.

00:08:23   We were recently trying to work out what a Mac power user would be, who wasn't a Mac power user.

00:08:32   And listener Nick.

00:08:33   I, the two of us, me and Federico, that was who we were.

00:08:37   Nick sent in some amazing suggestions.

00:08:40   So starting at the bottom, you have Mac user and then you have.

00:08:44   This one, when I read this in the document, it's just like,

00:08:47   Oh, Stephen and Jason are the Mac power users.

00:08:50   My Confederate co-op Mac users.

00:08:52   Does he really like that?

00:08:54   We're that low down.

00:08:56   We're just like, we're just, we just use Macintosh's.

00:08:59   We're nothing else.

00:09:00   Then we have Mac pro user, Mac Mac's user, and then Mac power user where David and I sit on our.

00:09:07   Oh, okay.

00:09:08   I see.

00:09:08   On our thrones.

00:09:09   For the audio complexity, I like Mac Mac's users.

00:09:13   Me too.

00:09:14   Mac Mac's.

00:09:14   This whole list is just perfect.

00:09:15   Nick just nailed this.

00:09:16   It's so good.

00:09:17   Mac Mac's.

00:09:18   We're the Mac Mac's users.

00:09:19   Yeah.

00:09:20   I'm happy to see it at the MU level though.

00:09:23   The Mac, I'm a Mac user.

00:09:24   Just Mac user?

00:09:25   Just Mac user.

00:09:26   You know, um, yeah.

00:09:28   Stage one evolution.

00:09:30   Just Mac user.

00:09:31   Oh, we're evolving to, it's a four stage evolution.

00:09:35   This one.

00:09:35   Yeah.

00:09:36   It's unprecedented really.

00:09:38   Yeah.

00:09:40   Mac user, Mac user.

00:09:41   ChatGPT is back in Italy.

00:09:43   Yeah.

00:09:44   Federico, you saved, you saved the day.

00:09:47   I saved, I saved AI when you think about it.

00:09:51   That's so good.

00:09:52   Will it spare your life when it comes for us all?

00:09:56   I don't think so.

00:09:56   I think it will not.

00:09:58   It will not remember.

00:09:59   I think I'm doomed just like the rest of you, honestly.

00:10:02   But yes, so the, the Italian privacy, um, I don't know how you call him.

00:10:09   Like it's like a government agency that, uh, controls all privacy related affairs for web

00:10:16   services and apps and tech companies.

00:10:18   It's been going after, uh, OpenAI because of their data collection practices and how

00:10:23   they were collecting data from miners.

00:10:27   I think it's definitely like, it's all about like, they were unhappy about how OpenAI was

00:10:33   very fine.

00:10:34   The, uh, the users ages basically.

00:10:36   And, um, also there was also like the, um, the, yeah, yeah.

00:10:45   All that, that OpenAI needed to take care of.

00:10:48   And they worked with the Italian government on users, uh, age verification.

00:10:53   And now the whole service is back and I am able to use once again, the OpenAI website,

00:11:00   the chat GPT website.

00:11:01   Uh, and I'm very happy about that for a couple of reasons.

00:11:05   Uh, the first one being, I'm a chat GPT plus subscriber, and now I can take advantage of,

00:11:12   you know, GPT4 and GPT4 base enhancements again, because those are not available via

00:11:19   the API.

00:11:20   And one of those, for example, that I already have access to is plugins.

00:11:24   So I've been, I've been sharing some feedback back and forth with the folks at Zapier.

00:11:30   Zapier are one of the few, one of the first services to have chat GPT plugin integration.

00:11:35   And one of the things I'm doing now is I, when I'm using, when I'm chatting with chat

00:11:40   GPT, I can create tasks in my task manager from chat GPT.

00:11:44   Like, I know it's good, but it's also, you know what I mean?

00:11:46   Like the idea that you can hook an AI into directly into Todoist to be like, go wild.

00:11:53   It's horrible.

00:11:54   It's horrible.

00:11:55   It's, it's a nightmare, which is why I'm doing it.

00:11:57   Like I want to be, you know, take me on this nightmare ride.

00:12:00   It's it's like, you know what?

00:12:03   People watch horror movies when you think about it.

00:12:05   Why do people watch horror movies?

00:12:06   Like, why would you want to be intentionally terrified?

00:12:09   This is the horror movie equivalent of, of, you know, chat GPT.

00:12:13   It's like, yes, hook it up to all services and let's see what happens.

00:12:18   That's the sort of energy that I have.

00:12:21   And recently, this is even more horrifying, but recently if you are a chat GPT subscriber,

00:12:28   you can have, you can add in the ability to browse the web.

00:12:34   You can have chat GPT go out and have a little, have a hop around websites and just see what

00:12:42   it learns for you.

00:12:44   Yeah.

00:12:45   It's, you can, when it doesn't know something, it just looks it up and it works.

00:12:50   So I am happy that they worked with the Italian government to take care of this privacy stuff.

00:12:56   Not that it affects me anyway, because I'm not a minor anymore.

00:13:02   And, uh, but yeah, it's all back.

00:13:05   I've been charged.

00:13:06   My credit card has been charged for my subscription again.

00:13:09   It was paused last month and all is good.

00:13:13   Chat GPT is back in Italy.

00:13:14   Maybe I'm not big brain enough here, right?

00:13:17   But I want to read you a quote from the Verge's article about this.

00:13:21   So it says, among the changes, OpenAI linked the Verge to a new form that EU users can

00:13:27   submit to remove personal data under Europe's GDPR.

00:13:31   It also says that a new tool will verify users ages upon signup in Italy.

00:13:35   And it published a help center article that outlines how OpenAI and chat GPT collect personal

00:13:40   information, including information about contacting its GDPR mandated data protection officer.

00:13:46   I'm not convinced that OpenAI knows all the information it's collected.

00:13:53   So, and cause Dave, there have been many references to this idea.

00:13:57   Like when talking about copyright that they're like, Oh, well, we don't know what's in there.

00:14:01   We don't know where it came from.

00:14:03   I read this the other way that this is about like the information that OpenAI has about

00:14:08   me as a user, not about data that it may have about me in its model somewhere.

00:14:13   Okay.

00:14:15   I could be wrong, but I read it.

00:14:16   Maybe that's the correct thing, but I still think that the idea remains of like, there

00:14:23   could be personal information about all of us in the models, but, and I feel like that's

00:14:29   violating my privacy, but yeah, but you know what you're probably right.

00:14:31   It's about stuff that you have collected.

00:14:34   There's definitely stuff about you in here.

00:14:36   I just asked chat GPT who Mike Hurley is.

00:14:39   Okay.

00:14:40   And it's interesting.

00:14:43   It starts out by saying he's shorter than all of his co-hosts.

00:14:45   Whoa.

00:14:47   It knows.

00:14:47   It truly knows me.

00:14:48   It truly knows.

00:14:49   You were, I'll just read this.

00:14:51   Mike Hurley is a British podcaster and co-founder of the podcast, not really.

00:14:54   I fm.

00:14:55   He was born on September 23rd, 1984.

00:14:58   That's not true.

00:14:59   You being serious is how it says that's every part of that is wrong.

00:15:03   All three parts of that are wrong.

00:15:05   Hurley started his career as a graphic designer, but eventually shifted his focus to podcasting.

00:15:10   Whoa.

00:15:11   I had no, I had no idea.

00:15:13   This is good.

00:15:14   This is really good.

00:15:15   In addition to his work as a podcaster, Hurley is also an entrepreneur.

00:15:19   Yeah, that's true.

00:15:20   He co-founded a relay FM in 2014 with his fellow podcaster, Steven Hackett.

00:15:24   That's true.

00:15:24   Yeah.

00:15:25   The network has since grown to include dozens of shows and a team of employees.

00:15:29   Wow.

00:15:30   So much wrong in there.

00:15:32   Good work AI.

00:15:33   I did it again.

00:15:34   You're also known for your philanthropic work.

00:15:37   Philanthropic?

00:15:38   Philanthropic.

00:15:39   Philanthropic work.

00:15:40   He has raised thousands of dollars for charity through events like the relay FM St. Jude

00:15:45   children's research hospital fundraiser.

00:15:47   Try hundreds of thousands to get GPT.

00:15:49   You know what I'm saying?

00:15:50   Try a $2 million chat GPT.

00:15:53   Oh yeah.

00:15:53   Yeah.

00:15:54   Try millions of dollars chat GPT.

00:15:56   Mike, I need some icons done.

00:15:59   Okay.

00:16:01   You just let me know and I'll whip them up.

00:16:03   I'll use my old skills.

00:16:04   You won't even know what you're going to get.

00:16:05   It's going to blow your mind.

00:16:07   Yeah.

00:16:07   Are you, are you up to date on current design trends?

00:16:11   Oh, I'm in Figma, you know, I'm in Figma these days.

00:16:18   Check it out.

00:16:19   Framer.

00:16:19   Uh, I don't know if you've heard of that.

00:16:21   Oh man.

00:16:22   I corrected it saying that you had raised millions for St. Jude and it apologized.

00:16:28   You were correct that Mike Curley has raised millions of dollars.

00:16:30   Damn right.

00:16:32   But then the rest of this is chaos.

00:16:34   The annual fundraiser is a 24 hour live stream event in which hosts and community members

00:16:39   come together to play games, host auctions and raise money for the hospital.

00:16:43   Okay.

00:16:45   Since its inception in 2014, not true.

00:16:49   The relay FM St. Jude fundraiser has raised over $10 million for the hospital.

00:16:54   Thank you so much.

00:16:55   Thank you so much.

00:16:55   Chat GPT.

00:16:56   I appreciate that.

00:16:57   That's really good.

00:16:58   I appreciate the way you, these are the ambitions you want from the AI, right?

00:17:02   Like oversell me.

00:17:03   Don't undersell me.

00:17:04   It's incredible.

00:17:05   Very useful.

00:17:06   What version of chat GPT are you using?

00:17:08   It says in the footer, right?

00:17:09   Let me see.

00:17:10   March 23rd version.

00:17:11   So 3.5 or 4.

00:17:14   3.5 I think.

00:17:15   Uh, no wonder.

00:17:16   Not the good stuff.

00:17:18   I think I'm on the waiting list for 4, but I don't think I'm in it yet.

00:17:21   Okay, hold on.

00:17:22   I can give you the 4, the chat GPT 4 answer.

00:17:25   Pay the money.

00:17:26   What if it's like, imagine if it says like, apparently tens of millions of dollars is

00:17:31   what I was told.

00:17:32   All right, hold on, hold on.

00:17:33   We're checking this live.

00:17:34   Let me confirm that I'm using.

00:17:37   Doing it live.

00:17:38   Doing it live.

00:17:38   Let me confirm that I'm using chat GPT plus.

00:17:44   Let me switch to 4.

00:17:46   Let me ask who is Mike Hurley.

00:17:52   Let's see.

00:17:54   He's typing.

00:17:54   Says Mike Hurley is not a widely known public figure.

00:18:01   Are you being serious right now?

00:18:02   Is that what it says?

00:18:03   As of my, as of my knowledge, cut off date in September 2021.

00:18:07   Mike Hurley.

00:18:08   Oh, that's because I spelled you with the I.

00:18:11   Hold on.

00:18:11   Who he is.

00:18:13   Yeah, I'm sorry, man.

00:18:15   Who is Mike with Y.

00:18:17   Hurley.

00:18:18   Yeah, he's a public figure.

00:18:19   Mike Hurley is a British podcast entrepreneur and co-founder of podcast network Relay FM.

00:18:23   Hurley started his career in podcasting in 2010 and has since become known for his work

00:18:29   on various technology and creative focused podcasts.

00:18:32   Along with Stephen Hackett, founder of Relay FM in 2014, which hosts a range of podcasts

00:18:38   covering topics like technology, productivity, design, and more.

00:18:41   Some of the popular podcasts on Relay FM include Cortex, Upgrade, Connected, and the Pan-Addict.

00:18:46   Damn right.

00:18:48   He is a philanthropist.

00:18:52   I really like how much you were struggling with that word.

00:18:57   It's so hard.

00:18:58   Mike Hurley is not primarily known as a philanthropist.

00:19:02   He's best known for his work as a podcast.

00:19:05   Oh, you asked it if I was a philanthropist.

00:19:09   While it is possible that he may have been involved in charitable activities or causes,

00:19:16   there is no significant public information available.

00:19:18   Get the hell out.

00:19:19   What is going, why does the old version think I'm a philanthropist,

00:19:24   but the new version is like, no, man, not good enough.

00:19:26   Try again.

00:19:28   Hold on.

00:19:29   Easy.

00:19:29   Easy.

00:19:31   Tall.

00:19:32   This is ridiculous.

00:19:34   I could not find any public information about Mike Hurley's height.

00:19:37   Nobody can.

00:19:38   Try again in my brain.

00:19:39   It's not public in there either.

00:19:41   Yes, it is.

00:19:42   No one knows.

00:19:44   So you're either a philanthropist or you're not depending on the AI.

00:19:47   You know what?

00:19:48   I would take that I'm not considered a philanthropist for the more accurate telling of me,

00:19:52   because I don't consider myself a philanthropist.

00:19:54   Like we raise money for a great charity once a year.

00:19:58   I'm not like on the board of a charity.

00:20:00   I feel like that's when you're a philanthropist.

00:20:02   Like when you're doing it like all over the place.

00:20:04   You know what I mean?

00:20:05   They didn't give you a board seat after the last podcast.

00:20:07   That's unbelievable that you would talk to me in this way.

00:20:09   And you know, look, to be fair, maybe the flexies could be considered an ongoing philanthropic.

00:20:19   Well, they are for Federico, that's for sure.

00:20:22   I was going to say, however, I historically do not give a lot of money.

00:20:26   Look, I do so much.

00:20:28   I got so much philanthropy going on every time we do the games unconnected.

00:20:33   Like, you know, I am a very generous person because I lose every single game.

00:20:38   Yeah.

00:20:39   So and I get a lot of mail delivered to my house for you from these charities.

00:20:44   Look, you got to save those dogs.

00:20:46   Okay.

00:20:47   They are in need and they need money for food and stuff.

00:20:52   So the dogs do.

00:20:53   The dogs do.

00:20:55   Yeah.

00:20:56   Cats also, you know.

00:20:58   Also cats, you know.

00:21:02   Yeah.

00:21:03   Yeah.

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00:22:47   As your resident Mac user on the show, I have suggestions for another Mac user, Federico.

00:22:56   We should issue a slight bit of informational correction.

00:23:00   So a few people wrote in with this to tell us that CleanShot X,

00:23:06   which is the app that we all use for screenshots, also has OCR, like Text Sniper.

00:23:11   - What? Where?

00:23:12   - I didn't know this. It's in the menu.

00:23:14   So Stephen told me about this.

00:23:15   If you click the menu, capture text OCR, and it works just the same as Text Sniper.

00:23:20   So you can do the selection and get the text because CleanShot X is one of the best apps.

00:23:24   - Let's see. I'm doing it now.

00:23:25   - Yeah. And you can use the CleanShot X preferences to assign it a shortcut.

00:23:30   So I have Command Shift 2.

00:23:32   That gives me the little crosshairs and I can go in and select some text.

00:23:40   It's awesome.

00:23:41   - Sometimes you do that incorrectly, Stephen,

00:23:44   and put the euros character into a show document like you just did.

00:23:47   - Yeah. I think I hit Control or something, but yeah.

00:23:49   - Yeah.

00:23:49   - It's pretty sweet because it just gets the text.

00:23:52   It doesn't make a screenshot, but it just puts the text on your clipboard.

00:23:56   And I've been using it for a bunch of stuff.

00:23:59   It's really cool.

00:24:00   - You know what CleanShot should do, which I'm now scrolling through the list of actions.

00:24:07   They don't have capture and run shortcut.

00:24:11   Like they should have in the screenshots category,

00:24:15   they should have one of the actions should be capture and run shortcut with the input.

00:24:21   - With the whatever it is.

00:24:22   - With the image input.

00:24:23   Yeah. They don't have that, which is too bad.

00:24:26   - That would be cool.

00:24:27   - How do you assign, Stephen, the...

00:24:30   Oh, yeah.

00:24:32   Capture text without line breaks.

00:24:35   So Command Shift 2.

00:24:36   And in theory, this should work now.

00:24:39   Let's see.

00:24:40   This is so cool that it's built in.

00:24:43   Yeah. It totally works.

00:24:46   Yeah. See, I just sent you.

00:24:50   I captured this from the document using the screenshot tool and it's perfect.

00:24:56   Okay. All right.

00:24:57   So thank you.

00:24:58   Who sent this in?

00:24:59   Everybody sent this in.

00:25:00   - We got this from a bunch of people.

00:25:01   So thank you to everyone.

00:25:02   - Thank you.

00:25:02   Thank you a bunch of people.

00:25:03   Yeah.

00:25:04   - Josh wrote in of a link to T-Rex, which does this as well.

00:25:09   It also has a very cute icon of a little dinosaur.

00:25:11   It allows you to automatically trigger URL scheme or a shortcut.

00:25:16   T-Rex has a terminal app integration with Alfred and Raycast and shortcuts integration as well.

00:25:21   So this might do some of what you want, but it's obviously not in the app,

00:25:25   but you'd prefer to use Federico.

00:25:26   - Wait, wait, what does this do?

00:25:28   Copy the uncopiable.

00:25:29   - Yeah.

00:25:30   It puts a tiny dinosaur in your menu bar.

00:25:33   It doesn't have to do anything past that.

00:25:35   But it's OCR, but you can run actions on the OCR text.

00:25:40   - Okay.

00:25:41   - Quinn wrote in to say Swish is a really good window manager.

00:25:46   - I agree.

00:25:47   - But it has a grid option and it lets you manage windows by swiping on your track pad.

00:25:53   So it's another window management app.

00:25:55   Jimmy writes in to say Shortcat is an app which indexes.

00:26:00   - Shortcat?

00:26:01   - Shortcat.

00:26:01   - Tall dog.

00:26:02   - Like shortcut, but a cat.

00:26:04   Well, not short dog.

00:26:06   I don't know if anyone makes an app called short dog,

00:26:08   but Shortcat is an app which indexes all of the UI elements it can from the current app

00:26:13   that you're looking at and assigns keyboard codes to them so you can select things directly

00:26:18   from your keyboard rather than needing to use a mouse.

00:26:20   - How?

00:26:22   - I think it's using accessibility preferences and stuff like that to pull that stuff in

00:26:26   and then it assigns keyboard controls to you.

00:26:27   - I'm looking at the screenshots now, yeah.

00:26:29   Now this is interesting.

00:26:32   So for example, they have a screenshot when they're showing like the GitHub website.

00:26:38   One of the tabs on a GitHub repo is pull requests.

00:26:43   - Yeah.

00:26:43   - And they assigned PU to just switch to that tab, which it means in that case Safari will

00:26:52   click on that, Shortcat will click on that thing.

00:26:57   Oh, this is so cool.

00:26:58   Huh.

00:27:00   - You could do some fun stuff with that.

00:27:01   - Impressive.

00:27:01   - And this is how you get a cat on your Mac.

00:27:04   Dinosaurs on the Mac, cat on the Mac.

00:27:06   I want to recommend one that Eleanor sent into Federico.

00:27:10   You might be using this, one of my favorite apps, Rocket.

00:27:13   It's just a good way to get emoji quickly.

00:27:15   - I need to install this.

00:27:16   I am familiar with this one.

00:27:18   - Super good.

00:27:19   It's like Slack and Discord emoji control.

00:27:22   So like colon and you just start typing, it gives you emoji.

00:27:25   - Okay.

00:27:25   - For a while, the app wasn't getting updated with new emoji, but that's been fixed now

00:27:29   and they just got those recent ones too.

00:27:31   - That's good.

00:27:32   That's good.

00:27:32   - So I'm back on it again, which I'm very happy about because I love this app.

00:27:36   And Peter recommends, I think one of Steven's favorite apps, Solver 3.

00:27:40   - Yes.

00:27:41   - Mm.

00:27:41   - Great. Calculate a notepad and spreadsheet formula combo app.

00:27:45   It's on setup as well.

00:27:47   - Yep.

00:27:48   And just out for the iPad now.

00:27:50   - So I have a few things that I need to mention because this is a work in progress.

00:27:58   You know, installing all these Mac apps as a new Mac user.

00:28:01   So there's one that I started using that I'm not completely sure if I want to keep it or not,

00:28:09   but I think I want to mention it.

00:28:11   It's called RCMD.

00:28:13   So this app, R stands for write and CMD for the command key on your keyboard.

00:28:20   So it lets you remap the right side command key on your keyboard, which I would bet it's the one

00:28:28   that nobody uses, like the command key on the right side.

00:28:31   - I sometimes use it, but yes.

00:28:32   - You use that?

00:28:33   You use that one?

00:28:34   - So I use it for some apps that I've assigned to keyboard shortcuts,

00:28:40   like global keyboard shortcuts that are like over on that side of the keyboard.

00:28:44   Right?

00:28:45   So like command option P brings up pcalc for me, for example.

00:28:49   But I understand that a lot of people would use this one very infrequently because most

00:28:54   of the most used commands are on the left side.

00:28:57   - Yeah, exactly.

00:28:58   Like you have option and shift and usually, you know, hotkeys have a combination of those modifiers.

00:29:03   So, but if you're like me and you never use the right side command key,

00:29:08   RCMD lets you create launchers for apps just by pressing the right side CMD command key and a letter.

00:29:18   So for example, if I do right side command key S, it opens Safari and it does all of these like

00:29:26   key assignments on its own, but you can remap those manually, of course.

00:29:33   And there's more.

00:29:34   If the top suggestion for, again, in this case, the letter S is already the front most window

00:29:41   and you press command S again, it cycles to the following recommendation.

00:29:48   So Safari, for example, is front and center and I do command S again.

00:29:52   It just opens Spark.

00:29:53   Spark is front and center now, command S, it goes back to Safari.

00:29:58   So it lets you cycle through multiple apps that start with the same letter.

00:30:02   And of course you can remap whatever you want.

00:30:04   So this is something that I'm playing around with.

00:30:07   For the dock, I mentioned Almighty last week or a couple of weeks ago.

00:30:13   That's been sort of kind of acting up for me.

00:30:16   It wasn't super reliable.

00:30:18   And so I started looking for alternatives and I want to recommend DockMate.

00:30:23   DockMate, super cool utility to do what I wanted, which is like you hover over a icon in your Mac

00:30:32   OS dock and it shows you a window preview of the open windows for that app.

00:30:37   DockMate is actually even better than what I was doing before.

00:30:41   So when you hover over an icon in your dock, you see a little thumbnail with a preview

00:30:46   of the windows for that app that you have open.

00:30:48   You can add a new window from there and it's got special types of windows for Apple Music,

00:30:57   the podcast app, Spotify, and get this calendar and fantastical.

00:31:04   So if you hover over the, like I'm doing it now, I'm hovering over the fantastical icon

00:31:10   in my dock and it shows me a special pop up with my calendar events for the day.

00:31:16   Very cool.

00:31:18   Yeah, very cool.

00:31:19   That's very cool.

00:31:20   Yeah.

00:31:20   And what else did I want to mention?

00:31:23   I had something else that I wanted to bring up, but I'm forgetting now.

00:31:28   So yeah, that's my follow up for today.

00:31:31   Steven, did you ever imagine that Connected was going to be the show that you were on

00:31:35   that has weekly Mac app picks?

00:31:37   No, no I did not.

00:31:40   The other one was also another mate.

00:31:43   This one is called MediaMate.

00:31:46   It changes the look of the volume and brightness sliders on Mac OS to make them look more like

00:31:55   iOS, like a more compact thing.

00:31:57   And they're colorful.

00:31:58   They're colorful.

00:31:59   You can choose.

00:32:00   You can choose the look.

00:32:02   That's cool.

00:32:02   I think I'm going to pay for this one because yeah, I really like what it looks like.

00:32:06   There's so much cool development going on on the Mac.

00:32:10   Imagine, just imagine if iPadOS could have this kind of stuff.

00:32:15   Which brings me to something that I wanted to say.

00:32:19   Okay.

00:32:19   So we've been having this conversation, right?

00:32:25   Thinking ahead to next month when by this time in a month, we'll be together.

00:32:31   Hopefully, you know, not completely, nothing's going to happen, but we'll be together.

00:32:35   What I guess the question on my mind is what can Apple do to bring you back?

00:32:41   Right.

00:32:42   Because like, I won't lie to you guys.

00:32:45   I still fundamentally believe in the idea of like a tablet computer that can be a laptop,

00:32:54   can be a desktop thing.

00:32:56   You know, you can touch or you can use as a laptop.

00:32:59   Like ideally Apple should make that kind of computer.

00:33:04   Right.

00:33:05   But I also feel like it's not just about the hardware.

00:33:09   It's not just about the form factor.

00:33:11   It's also about what the software lets me do with it.

00:33:14   And while I do believe we are going to see some stage manager improvements this year,

00:33:24   I don't think they're going to be improvements along the lines of,

00:33:31   "Oh, well, we screwed up last year.

00:33:34   Sorry, we're going to give you a real multi window like macOS."

00:33:39   I don't think they're going to do that.

00:33:41   But I also don't think they're going to just open up iPadOS to say,

00:33:45   "Yeah, it's going to be like macOS.

00:33:47   Install whatever you want.

00:33:48   You want to have a terminal?

00:33:49   Go install the terminal.

00:33:51   You want to download a bunch of emulators from developers' websites?

00:33:55   Go do that and you can play Dolphin emulator on your iPad."

00:33:59   I don't think they're going to do that.

00:34:01   So I think given how, you know, I've sort of quote unquote seen the light,

00:34:08   over the past few months, I think what they can do to bring me back

00:34:13   is actually make a Mac computer that is also a touch screen

00:34:18   and where you can detach the display.

00:34:21   That's closer because I just think if this is what you're enjoying, right?

00:34:26   Like if you are enjoying this, you're too far gone.

00:34:29   Yeah, that's the thing.

00:34:32   You can't come back from this to something that is like realistically

00:34:38   what iPadOS is going to be.

00:34:40   But like, again, it's like not to say that it's like,

00:34:42   "Oh, you know, and you know this, but it doesn't mean all the iPad

00:34:45   has no place for you anymore."

00:34:46   But just for this tool that you want to use,

00:34:48   you can work on or whatever.

00:34:50   I'm using, I'm actually now, right now I'm like choosing,

00:34:54   given that I'm basically started using the iPad for testing my shortcuts,

00:34:59   but on a daily basis, it's like, and I'm sorry to say this,

00:35:03   look, I'm very sorry to say this, that it's come to this,

00:35:06   but it's turned into a media consumption device.

00:35:08   But that's, but the iPad's like nothing can touch it.

00:35:12   Like you could do so many things on an iPad, we've all done them.

00:35:15   It's the thing I'm using in the bedroom at the end of the day

00:35:18   when Simba goes to sleep and I'm like, "Okay, I want to read something

00:35:21   for a few hours or I want to catch up on my RSS feeds

00:35:24   or like I want to like do something for a few hours."

00:35:27   Like do some very basic, like saving my tasks for the following morning,

00:35:33   like that sort of thing.

00:35:34   It's perfect for that.

00:35:36   And right now I'm actually choosing, I have an 11-inch iPad Pro,

00:35:40   but I also have an iPad mini.

00:35:42   And so I'm actually like, I'm running this experiment right now

00:35:45   where I restored my iPad mini from the same backup

00:35:48   of the 11-inch iPad Pro and I'm testing them side by side.

00:35:51   I still don't know about those two.

00:35:55   The iPad mini is obviously much, much lighter than the 11-inch iPad Pro.

00:36:00   It's like half the weight of the 11-inch iPad Pro,

00:36:03   but the 11-inch iPad Pro has a nicer display and like it or not,

00:36:09   stage manager, if you want to use more than two apps at the same time,

00:36:13   you can do that.

00:36:14   So, but yeah, overall, it's come to this where the iPad,

00:36:19   whatever I'm going to choose between these two,

00:36:22   I just don't put it on my desk with my studio display and my keyboard anymore.

00:36:29   Why would I?

00:36:31   Right?

00:36:32   Why would I?

00:36:33   The Mac is a device that I do my work on and can watch a video on if I want to.

00:36:39   My iPad is where I watch all my videos, read all my articles.

00:36:42   I can also respond to an email.

00:36:43   But you cannot do your work on.

00:36:46   Right, but I can.

00:36:47   But it's not the best one.

00:36:49   Yeah.

00:36:50   You know, like a lot of my work, not all of it, but I can do a lot of my work and I have

00:36:54   and I did.

00:36:55   And that's what I mean of like, it's not the place where I'm, where now I'm going to,

00:36:59   but I can do most of it there.

00:37:01   Yeah, that's sort of...

00:37:02   They flip around that way.

00:37:04   That's how I sort of gave myself an out in the sense that like,

00:37:09   I redid my entire desk and my whole workstation in a way that I'm like,

00:37:14   okay, this desk, this setup supports three computers.

00:37:19   My gaming PC, my MacBook Air and my iPad Pro.

00:37:22   At any point, I can unplug a single cable, put in my iPad Pro,

00:37:26   press the two button on my keyboard and on my mouse,

00:37:29   and I'm good to go with the iPad Pro.

00:37:31   But why would I?

00:37:33   Like that's the question.

00:37:35   If I have my disposal in front of me,

00:37:37   iPad Pro on one side and MacBook Air on the other,

00:37:41   and like the task for the day is get your work done,

00:37:45   why would I do it on the iPad Pro?

00:37:48   Given the current limitations.

00:37:49   That's where we ended up.

00:37:53   So I think I'm actually like for the past month or so,

00:37:57   where I finally accepted this,

00:37:59   it's been such a relief for my mental health to just accept this.

00:38:06   I honestly think in a way,

00:38:09   it's sort of been like a sort of like digital grieving process.

00:38:18   Like just accepting the like,

00:38:21   okay, I guess I'm a Mac user and the iPad Pro has changed its role in my life now.

00:38:26   You know, because I've built so much of my,

00:38:29   you know, sort of online identity and work and habits,

00:38:34   like all of it around the iPad Pro.

00:38:36   It's been kind of like losing a loved one, you know, obviously.

00:38:43   - But you had to put so much energy over the last amount of years

00:38:47   into finding people who would tell you that they couldn't do,

00:38:50   you couldn't do what you were doing a certain way.

00:38:52   And that was the way you wanted to do it then.

00:38:54   And so like, there is just an element of like,

00:38:57   you've chosen to go down a different path because,

00:39:00   shocker, people can change, right?

00:39:03   And their priorities can change.

00:39:04   And that means letting go of a part of your personality

00:39:11   and a part of the way people see you.

00:39:13   So it becomes your identity in a way that like,

00:39:17   you know, this isn't like a woe is me kind of situation.

00:39:20   Federico having to do this is like, it becomes like a thing.

00:39:24   You listener out there making this change,

00:39:27   it's just like a change you made.

00:39:28   But like if Federico makes a change,

00:39:29   it's like the people like, why have you done this?

00:39:32   Or ha ha, I told you and like, da da da.

00:39:35   And it just goes on, right?

00:39:36   Rather than it just being like a change a guy made.

00:39:39   - I get emails, I get a whole thing going on Discord.

00:39:45   And it's like, it's what happens when,

00:39:47   and I'm extremely grateful, when you have an audience,

00:39:51   every single, especially an audience that pays attention

00:39:55   to your decisions, thankfully, many of them do.

00:39:58   But that's the consequence of it.

00:40:02   It's like, now your decision generates opinions

00:40:07   that are directed at you, some of them in a very loving

00:40:11   and polite way, others not so much.

00:40:15   - Yeah, but it's like, I have gotten those emails like,

00:40:19   ha ha, I told you, you wasted years of your life.

00:40:22   No, I didn't waste years of my life.

00:40:25   I had the best time of my life with the iPad Pro.

00:40:28   But at some point, and it all sort of,

00:40:32   it all sort of happened around the same time of like,

00:40:37   yeah, I bought a house, I have new responsibilities.

00:40:41   I gotta be more serious with my work.

00:40:45   Not that I was joking around before,

00:40:47   but like, I'm doing new things, I'm doing more things,

00:40:51   I need to be more, I gotta do more,

00:40:54   I gotta be more efficient, because I also have

00:40:57   other responsibilities in my personal life now.

00:41:00   I cannot waste time making silly workflows anymore.

00:41:05   I gotta get to the point.

00:41:07   And Ramon is asking in the Discord,

00:41:10   "Tichy, is there one thing that caused the change?"

00:41:13   And yes, so like, buying a house was definitely part of it,

00:41:17   and the other was like, just the disappointment,

00:41:20   the sheer disappointment of Stage Manager,

00:41:22   and the whole drama that I lived for like,

00:41:26   five months last year, just the years and years

00:41:29   of anticipation for proper multitasking on iPad Pro,

00:41:34   and what we got was Stage Manager, like that,

00:41:38   I spent like a solid couple of months last summer

00:41:42   just completely drained of energy and enthusiasm,

00:41:45   so that was part of it.

00:41:47   The rumors of, yeah, get ready,

00:41:50   nothing's gonna happen in iPad OS land for,

00:41:53   until 2024 at the earliest, that was also part of it.

00:41:58   But the most important thing was, I bought a house,

00:42:04   so much of my time needs to go into furnishing this house

00:42:09   and finishing this pretty huge commitment

00:42:13   that I got for myself.

00:42:14   I cannot waste time.

00:42:17   When I'm working at my computer,

00:42:19   I gotta hit the ground running, basically.

00:42:22   Like I gotta sit down, I gotta work done.

00:42:24   Like I gotta be efficient, go for it.

00:42:27   I cannot waste time being like,

00:42:30   "Oh, I cannot do this thing on iPad OS,"

00:42:32   unless I make a wild short, no.

00:42:35   I need to sit down, get work done, boom, that's it.

00:42:38   And that was the primary thing.

00:42:41   - My observation of you over that time,

00:42:44   and I'm not saying this is true, but like,

00:42:46   this is kind of what-

00:42:47   - No, this is good.

00:42:48   I love this conversation,

00:42:49   so thank you for letting me share this.

00:42:51   - But like what I saw of you is like,

00:42:54   all of the other things that Apple had done,

00:42:57   split view, like you could kind of like,

00:43:00   make them work for you and excuse away

00:43:03   the things that didn't work well.

00:43:04   It's like, no, it's not that bad.

00:43:06   Like, yeah, I can only have two apps,

00:43:08   but I can never slide over and like,

00:43:10   I can get you, you know, like this works, this works.

00:43:12   And you can kind of like,

00:43:13   when I say make excuses,

00:43:16   I don't mean it in like the negative sense.

00:43:18   You're not like standing, fighting for Apple,

00:43:23   but you're just like, I like this platform.

00:43:25   I like this device.

00:43:26   I like what having a tablet can do for me.

00:43:29   The modular computer idea that you really believe in.

00:43:32   I can make excuses for this,

00:43:34   but stage manager didn't work for you.

00:43:36   Like it didn't work.

00:43:37   I think if stage manager wasn't so buggy for you,

00:43:41   maybe this wouldn't have happened.

00:43:43   Like if stage manager worked for you,

00:43:46   the way it works for me on the Mac,

00:43:48   like I just have to make like,

00:43:50   get used to some different habits.

00:43:53   The problem for you was for the majority of the beta period,

00:43:56   and I think still now,

00:43:58   it just was breaking.

00:44:00   And I feel like maybe if that wouldn't have happened,

00:44:03   maybe this wouldn't have happened

00:44:05   because you wouldn't have had that situation where

00:44:07   you weren't able to get your work done.

00:44:10   You weren't able to get the review done

00:44:12   the way that you wanted,

00:44:13   because it wasn't finished and it was delayed, right?

00:44:16   And you weren't, you didn't have as much time

00:44:19   to mess around with that.

00:44:21   Like you still had to learn it, right?

00:44:23   Cause you wanted to write about it,

00:44:25   but if you would have been able to learn it

00:44:27   and it wasn't so buggy,

00:44:27   maybe none of this would have happened.

00:44:29   Like you would have just continued

00:44:30   on the same route that you were on.

00:44:32   - That's a great point.

00:44:33   That's a great point.

00:44:34   Yeah, yes.

00:44:35   Yeah, that is also definitely what happened.

00:44:38   Like that old stress last,

00:44:42   like the final week of August

00:44:44   and the first couple of weeks in September,

00:44:46   like, and you can go back and listen

00:44:49   to the conversations we had.

00:44:50   Like, I was like, what am I going to do?

00:44:51   - It was bad.

00:44:52   - It was.

00:44:53   - You were in a mess.

00:44:53   - And in fact, like the thing that sort of

00:44:57   turned on like this light in my brain was like,

00:45:00   I forced myself to just write an iOS 16 review

00:45:04   with a different style out of necessity, really.

00:45:08   And I had so much fun with it

00:45:11   and it went so much better than years before.

00:45:15   And I was like, huh, I see interesting.

00:45:20   Like I feel so much better than previous years.

00:45:24   And it seems like the people can tell

00:45:27   from the story that I had fun

00:45:29   and they're having fun reading it.

00:45:31   It's like, hmm, interesting.

00:45:33   And so, yeah, it was like, you know,

00:45:36   multiple things coming together.

00:45:38   And I can tell you that right now,

00:45:40   I don't know about for this MacBook Air,

00:45:42   I have been, I like to observe myself

00:45:47   when I'm using a different type of computer, right?

00:45:49   When like, how do I feel about this?

00:45:51   And it's just, I get that feeling that like

00:45:55   every single time I wanna use it

00:45:57   and I keep thinking about it

00:45:59   and I wanna try all the different things.

00:46:01   And I wanna talk about it on unconnected

00:46:03   and on app stories.

00:46:05   And when I use it, I have fun.

00:46:07   And I'm like, it sort of makes me feel again,

00:46:10   like I was feeling 14 years ago

00:46:12   when I started Mac stories.

00:46:14   It's like, I get that same type of feeling.

00:46:16   Also, it's like the same feeling that you get

00:46:20   when you play a really good video game,

00:46:22   that even when you stop playing that game,

00:46:24   your brain still keeps thinking about it.

00:46:27   It'll probably happen with Zelda next month.

00:46:29   Well, no, this month, it's May.

00:46:31   That feeling that like when you stop using something,

00:46:35   you still think about that thing.

00:46:36   And I'm feeling that again.

00:46:39   And usually that's a very good sign

00:46:41   for games or technology.

00:46:44   So yeah, that's Ramon.

00:46:48   Yeah, I don't think there's one thing,

00:46:50   more like a combination of things happening

00:46:53   at the same time in my life.

00:46:54   And stage manager on the iPad

00:46:57   being shipped in that shape and form caused all of this.

00:47:03   I give you a lot of credit for this

00:47:04   because you have built your business

00:47:07   and a lot of your online persona as the iPad guy, right?

00:47:11   The guy taking an iPad and making it work from him,

00:47:13   coming out of a time of necessity

00:47:15   and then moving into this new era of trying to make it work.

00:47:20   And as I said here in Listen,

00:47:23   I have so much respect for the decision

00:47:25   because you're making it out of like what you need,

00:47:30   not trying to continue to force the path

00:47:32   that you've been on.

00:47:33   And I'm sure that comes with like some existential angst

00:47:39   a little bit, I think it would if it were me.

00:47:42   Yeah, well, you guys know

00:47:43   what the past few months have been like.

00:47:46   Behind the scenes, yes, it does.

00:47:50   But thank you, yeah.

00:47:52   Yeah, so I'm excited to see you make this change.

00:47:56   And I think that as a reader and a listener

00:48:00   of like what you do at Mac stories

00:48:01   and the associated projects,

00:48:04   I'm excited to see your re-entry into this world

00:48:10   because the last time you were primarily a Mac user

00:48:14   was a decade ago, right?

00:48:17   Even a little bit longer than a decade.

00:48:18   And you've chosen a really good time

00:48:21   to jump back in the pool.

00:48:22   Well, I'll say that.

00:48:24   And so it's cool to see.

00:48:26   Speaking of being a Mac user a decade ago,

00:48:29   Yeah, I was just-

00:48:30   Pastor Boy in Discord has just found

00:48:32   a Federico Vitticci article from October, 2012

00:48:35   about Shortcat, spotlight for the user interface.

00:48:39   The beta of Shortcat that I tested and wrote about,

00:48:45   what's that, 11 years ago?

00:48:48   Yeah.

00:48:48   Wow.

00:48:50   Honestly, I have no recollection of this.

00:48:52   What are these?

00:48:57   This is OmniFocus version two

00:49:00   with the first version of Sylvia's perspective icon.

00:49:05   No, no, it's too soon.

00:49:07   Yeah, it's before that, I think.

00:49:09   It's before, I have no idea what I'm looking at,

00:49:13   but I wrote this story.

00:49:14   So yeah.

00:49:15   I like launches.

00:49:16   They simplify my workflow while allowing me to save time

00:49:19   and be more efficient.

00:49:20   Oh my God, please don't read it.

00:49:22   Just look at the screenshots.

00:49:25   There is like an ongoing thing,

00:49:26   which One True John does for our group thread,

00:49:29   where he drops in old Federico articles

00:49:31   and we will read them and send Federico screenshots

00:49:35   of our favorite passages.

00:49:36   They are bad people because they, yes, they're bad.

00:49:42   Don't read it.

00:49:43   Look at the screenshots.

00:49:44   This is why I just make podcasts

00:49:46   because no one's going to listen to the old stuff.

00:49:47   It's just too old, it takes too long, you know?

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00:51:51   So I have a replacement truck I'm very excited about.

00:51:55   It's new, right?

00:51:57   It's brand new.

00:51:59   I was looking at a used truck and then it showed up.

00:52:02   It had to transfer it from out of town.

00:52:04   It had some problems and I was feeling sad

00:52:08   and I think I was texting you Mike,

00:52:09   'cause like this is just falling apart on me.

00:52:12   And there was a Toyota dealership down the street

00:52:15   from the lot where we were.

00:52:17   I was like, let's just go over there and like,

00:52:19   I mean, I got to buy a car.

00:52:21   Like time is up on my rental.

00:52:23   Like I have the money from my truck that was total.

00:52:25   Like I got to buy something.

00:52:27   I'm just going to go on this line,

00:52:28   leave with something, right?

00:52:29   Like kind of at my end with this whole process.

00:52:32   And I've been looking for a Toyota Tundra,

00:52:37   very particular trim level,

00:52:39   with a couple options I really wanted.

00:52:41   And walked in, there's a sales guy who helped us.

00:52:44   And I said, hey, do you have one of these?

00:52:46   And I expected the answer to be no,

00:52:48   because there have been none of this truck

00:52:50   anywhere in the US for sale,

00:52:51   because they're just not making many of them.

00:52:53   I think the car or like the automotive industry

00:52:57   is still very much in the grips of supply chain woes.

00:53:00   So I expected him to say no.

00:53:02   And then I was like, I don't know,

00:53:03   like going to buy a 4Runner or something

00:53:04   and be sad for the next eight years.

00:53:06   But he said, yes, we do have one of those.

00:53:10   Turns out a guy had ordered one

00:53:12   and then backed out of the deal.

00:53:14   And I walked in at like the time.

00:53:17   It would have sold that day to somebody.

00:53:19   And it was a color I liked, the options I wanted.

00:53:22   I'm very happy with it.

00:53:23   Brand new truck.

00:53:24   So like the plastic on it,

00:53:26   like it had just come off the truck.

00:53:28   They had just delivered it.

00:53:29   - Yeah, I said to Adina,

00:53:31   I was like, one of the things I love about Steven

00:53:33   is that he's so much like me with these things,

00:53:36   where like there was something wrong with the one

00:53:38   that you were looking at,

00:53:39   which meant you might have to wait

00:53:40   an extra couple of weeks.

00:53:41   And instead you're like, screw it.

00:53:43   I'm going to buy a car right now.

00:53:45   Like that's how I would do.

00:53:46   Like, no, I've decided I'm getting a new car.

00:53:48   I'm getting a new car.

00:53:49   I don't care what anyone says.

00:53:51   Fantastic.

00:53:54   - Yeah.

00:53:55   And so super happy that it all worked out

00:53:58   the way that it did.

00:53:59   One of the things in this, well, in all new cars,

00:54:02   my truck was a 2015, but it was a body style

00:54:06   that was like 12 years old

00:54:07   and they hadn't done anything to the interior.

00:54:10   So it was very simple.

00:54:11   I had retrofitted carplay to it.

00:54:13   I put a different head unit in,

00:54:15   but this thing comes with a 14 inch LCD panel.

00:54:20   - It's ridiculously big.

00:54:21   - It is.

00:54:22   - That is absurd.

00:54:23   - It is absurd.

00:54:25   Honestly, I wish it were smaller.

00:54:27   Like it's so big.

00:54:28   Thankfully Toyota doesn't,

00:54:31   like all that it is is infotainment.

00:54:34   So like there's physical buttons for everything.

00:54:36   Like all the HVAC and all like the off-road stuff,

00:54:39   all that's physical switches.

00:54:41   You only use the screen for screen stuff, right?

00:54:43   It's not like a Tesla or Rivian or other vehicles

00:54:46   where everything is on the screen.

00:54:48   So I like that part.

00:54:49   - And do you have a second screen with the dials

00:54:51   or are they dials?

00:54:51   - I have dials and there's a small screen in there too,

00:54:54   but it's a lot of new cars.

00:54:56   In fact, nicer Tundras than what I bought.

00:54:59   The gauge cluster is entirely a screen,

00:55:01   but this particular trim level is not.

00:55:04   And so, you know, get it home.

00:55:07   I spent all day Monday at the car dealership,

00:55:09   doing paperwork and stuff and get it home.

00:55:12   And immediately I'm struck by two things.

00:55:17   One, this is the first good wireless car play experience

00:55:21   I've had.

00:55:22   I have tried a couple.

00:55:23   I made a video about one particular one.

00:55:26   Adapters, like dongles you can add to your car

00:55:29   to like piggyback wireless carplay onto your car.

00:55:32   And Casey Liss has used one of these for a long time.

00:55:34   I've spent very highly of it.

00:55:36   My experience with the couple I tried wasn't very good.

00:55:39   It was very laggy, very buggy.

00:55:40   And I just sort of gave up on it.

00:55:42   And in my previous car, there was no wireless charging.

00:55:46   It's like, well, I got to plug my phone anyways

00:55:48   to make carplay work and then I can charge it.

00:55:50   And it was fine.

00:55:51   Like I had no complaints about that system.

00:55:52   Well, listening as wireless carplay

00:55:56   and a Qi charger like under kind of like in front of the gear

00:56:00   shift, you can put your phone in there

00:56:01   and it's got a little charging pad.

00:56:03   And it's pretty sweet.

00:56:06   It is not as responsive as wired carplay.

00:56:11   Like on my old setup, I could hit a button

00:56:14   and like it would respond immediately.

00:56:15   This thing, there's like a half beat and it's like, OK,

00:56:18   next song.

00:56:19   There we go.

00:56:20   It's fine.

00:56:21   Like it's not.

00:56:22   I mean, this is an amazing vehicle.

00:56:24   I can handle a half second delay when

00:56:26   I skip tracks in Apple Music, but I just

00:56:29   I have noticed it's a little bit slower,

00:56:30   but it's also pretty sweet to like leave

00:56:32   your phone in your pocket or have it on the little charger

00:56:36   out of sight.

00:56:36   Can you use it wired or does it only work?

00:56:39   Yes, you can.

00:56:40   OK.

00:56:41   I think so.

00:56:43   So there are a bunch of USB ports in it.

00:56:45   One of them is like a data USB port

00:56:49   and I think it will do carplay wired.

00:56:51   And then the others are just for charging.

00:56:55   So that's all pretty sweet.

00:56:56   14 inches, though, is ridiculous.

00:56:58   And it really shows, I think, how I wrote about this yesterday,

00:57:03   how carplay like.

00:57:05   Carplay was designed for a world with six inch displays

00:57:13   in cars, right?

00:57:14   That was about the size of what I had in the Tacoma.

00:57:18   And it was great.

00:57:19   Like it was scaled very nicely.

00:57:21   It was very easy to use.

00:57:23   It looks good.

00:57:24   This thing, it's 1920 by 1080 is the resolution at 14 inches.

00:57:29   So the DPI is not great, but it looks fine.

00:57:31   But carplay, like if you look at the screenshots

00:57:34   in that blog post in the show notes, some of it's OK.

00:57:38   Like the dashboard view where you get the map

00:57:42   and then you get your media controls

00:57:44   and everything on the other side.

00:57:45   That's pretty good.

00:57:47   But then you go into like a media control screen

00:57:50   and it's really stretched out and kind of kind of janky looking.

00:57:54   And I hope that we don't have to wait for.

00:57:57   You know, next generation carplay that where Apple's

00:58:01   going to take over the car because this truck is never

00:58:03   going to get that right, it's never going to be completely

00:58:07   taken over the way Apple seems to want to do.

00:58:10   But I would like carplay and maybe a WBC this year to just

00:58:16   to have a refresh in terms of what it looks like on big screens.

00:58:22   And I got a bunch of replies on Mastodon, people with like

00:58:25   vertical screens and like more square screens, like carplay

00:58:28   does what it can kind of like auto layout, right?

00:58:32   OK, on an iPad this size or an iPad that size is kind of what

00:58:35   we're going to do.

00:58:35   But car screens are not getting any any smaller.

00:58:40   And I just wish that regular carplay that we have today

00:58:44   would be a little bit more aware, I guess, of like where

00:58:48   the world is.

00:58:49   I bet it does will be both.

00:58:52   Like I expect that when they have this new carplay, the current

00:58:57   carplay will be better, like will be redesigned because it's

00:59:02   none of it's running on the on the car anyway, right?

00:59:04   Like, yeah, all the car knows is, hey, carplay is going on.

00:59:08   So like I expect that like even on cars that don't have that

00:59:12   whole like we now control the entire thing.

00:59:16   We've got the you know, we're doing the dash as well as the

00:59:18   entertainment.

00:59:19   Yeah.

00:59:19   Even if you don't have that, I bet they'll still have like a

00:59:22   more modern looking newer version of carplay on older vehicles.

00:59:26   I would expect.

00:59:27   Yeah, they can't abandon like whatever Apple says, like 90

00:59:32   something percent of cars sold in America have carplay.

00:59:35   A bunch of people want it, right?

00:59:37   People are even like hacking their Teslas to run it, doing

00:59:40   like crazy things, a little third party boxes and stuff.

00:59:43   But it's yeah, there's got to be a middle ground.

00:59:47   I don't think they're going to just leave this as it is.

00:59:49   I don't think they can, because I think this sort of world

00:59:54   of carplay that we're in now is going to continue a long time,

00:59:58   if not indefinitely, because I don't think many carmakers

01:00:01   are going to see the entire interface over to Apple.

01:00:04   In fact, we've seen Mike, you and Jason have talked a lot

01:00:07   about this, and Jason's written a lot about this.

01:00:09   GM in its future electric vehicles is going to remove carplay

01:00:13   and Android auto because they want to control the whole experience.

01:00:15   So I think this projection system is where a lot of us are

01:00:18   going to stay for a long time.

01:00:19   And hopefully Apple just has some resources that it can

01:00:24   it can put towards this because it does like honestly, the built-in

01:00:30   Toyota media system, those screens, like their playback control

01:00:36   screens, like they look better than what Apple does.

01:00:40   And it shows the artwork and it shows the controls and like

01:00:43   it's all there.

01:00:44   Now their map is hideous and like the rest of it's kind of

01:00:47   weird, but their playback screen is is takes better use of the

01:00:52   space, I would say, than Apple.

01:00:54   And that's kind of a sad thing because like Toyota doesn't

01:00:57   have good UI designers, or if they do, their work is like

01:01:00   pretty chopped up by the time it goes out the door.

01:01:02   What is that Bluetooth?

01:01:05   Yes, it doesn't have the car doesn't have like a cell

01:01:08   connection or anything like it's it's all from your phone.

01:01:11   It does for the first year and then we'll see how much Toyota

01:01:15   wants me to pay for it.

01:01:16   It has 4G and so it has its own maps that run and it can get

01:01:21   over the air updates and you can like in the app I can unlock

01:01:29   lock and remote start the truck from anywhere.

01:01:32   So it has that sort of stuff, which is also very nice.

01:01:34   I've never had anything like that before.

01:01:36   But like this is the the problem, right?

01:01:38   This is that GM thing like what you're talking about is like

01:01:41   why would like what you know for Trump Toyota's perspective

01:01:45   they're like no we just want you to pay us that money

01:01:47   because Apple is going to give it for free.

01:01:49   Yeah.

01:01:50   That's the issue.

01:01:51   I don't know how they're going to get around that.

01:01:53   Yeah, I'm afraid sort of the you know the short cats out of

01:01:57   the bag if you will a little bit here because these companies

01:02:02   are you know maybe they're saying that oh well we can just

01:02:04   have recurring revenue and and maybe more people would be

01:02:08   willing to sign up for it if it wasn't just for like these

01:02:10   limited things but also we you know it came with these other

01:02:15   services and other bundled things where it makes it more

01:02:17   attractive and I like the balance that that this vehicle

01:02:21   strikes like yes I can pay Toyota for the data and I can

01:02:24   see where the truck is and get information from it remotely

01:02:27   and get updates or whatever but I can just get in it hit the

01:02:31   start button and CarPlay is projected from my pocket like

01:02:35   that seems like a pretty good dividing of of sort of the

01:02:39   scope of what a new vehicle can do but I am afraid that the

01:02:43   ground is going to shift away from Apple.

01:02:44   Well Apple's website says car announcements coming in late

01:02:48   2023 for the new CarPlay so we'll see maybe it's just Apple

01:02:52   car.

01:02:52   Someone yeah someone's going to do it right someone will

01:02:54   take them up on it but I don't I just don't see it being as

01:02:57   widespread as CarPlay is now.

01:03:00   To wind up the show I wanted to just do a touch in touch base

01:03:04   check in touch in is the wrong phrase there and we're not going

01:03:06   to say that again.

01:03:07   Touch in wasn't yeah you mixed a few things together there I

01:03:11   did I had my head about Mastodon so we've all been on

01:03:15   there I think a couple of months now Mike and I were

01:03:19   definitely slower to it than Federico was.

01:03:21   Late bloomers.

01:03:22   Late bloomers and I wanted to first talk about what clients

01:03:27   were using of course you can use Mastodon on the web and they

01:03:30   have their own first party client but in the iOS ecosystem

01:03:35   in particular there are a lot of good options.

01:03:37   So Mike let's start with you how are you accessing the Don?

01:03:41   Just Ivory that's the only one I'm using I have and I haven't

01:03:47   really played around with anything else to be honest like

01:03:49   for what I'm using it for Ivory is great for me like I'm

01:03:56   having a good time of it it's a nice nicely made app and it

01:03:59   has all the features that I'm personally looking for from a

01:04:01   Mastodon client right now anyway.

01:04:03   Yeah I really like Ivory I mean I love Tweetbot I used

01:04:08   Tweetbot for however long Tweetbot was around like the whole

01:04:12   time basically my only problem with it is that Ivory is really

01:04:17   pretty crummy when it comes to supporting users on small

01:04:20   instances so if you're a Mastodon at social you would never

01:04:23   see this but if you're on an instance with just yourself or

01:04:26   just a few people like the three of us are say that I want

01:04:28   to see who Mike is following right like I want to see who

01:04:32   Mike is checking out maybe there maybe there'll be somebody

01:04:34   interesting in there in Ivory I go to Mike I go to his following

01:04:38   list I just see me in 512 pixels because I can only see who

01:04:42   you follow on eWorld.social.

01:04:44   They're the only two accounts I follow I only follow you and

01:04:47   your website.

01:04:47   That's amazing well that's what it looks like but if I go to

01:04:50   Mona or the web or you know Icecubes a bunch of these other

01:04:53   apps they have that fuller support and I hope that TapBots

01:04:56   is working on that I think they absolutely should work on it

01:04:59   because it's a broken experience right now but if you're on a

01:05:03   smaller instance you run into some of those some of those

01:05:06   things and so I also have Mona installed and I want to hear

01:05:10   Federico's take on that because I know you're you're I spent

01:05:13   more time within it it's out now in the app stores of this week

01:05:16   I've read that on Mac stories this week so I'm hopeful that

01:05:20   Ivory and TapBots like continue to adopt the things that make

01:05:26   Mastodon Mastodon.

01:05:28   I don't know how well versed I am to really say this but it

01:05:31   kind of feels like if all they're doing is like if it's

01:05:34   like just one server really is supported fully at a time it's

01:05:38   not really in the spirit of the federation right right like it

01:05:43   doesn't necessarily feel very federated to me if I can only

01:05:47   really see what's happening in some parts of the app on my own

01:05:51   server like when it is technically possible to show me

01:05:54   other things. Complicated I'm sure but that's kind of my

01:05:58   point of like why I expect they should be working on it because

01:06:01   it's kind of part of the whole thing.

01:06:02   Yeah I've been using Mona on all my devices and I'm looking at

01:06:09   it right now on my MacBook Air on this display because they

01:06:14   have you know they have a Mac app that is out on the Mac App

01:06:19   Store it's universal purchase and I was a I was a Spring

01:06:23   customer before you know the same developer of Mona used to

01:06:26   make Spring the Twitter client and I was able to upgrade for a

01:06:33   lower price to the they have one time purchases for Mona called

01:06:38   Mona Mona Pro and Mona Pro Max like like the phones and I was

01:06:43   able to upgrade to the Pro Max tier at like nine dollars you

01:06:47   know very nice discount. I'm using Mona because it does a

01:06:50   couple it does two things that I'm that if you know me you know

01:06:53   that I'm a fan of the first one is customization for everything

01:06:56   it can be I think actually for some people it can be maybe even

01:07:01   too much customization you can it's maybe a bit too much for

01:07:05   you. I really like it but with the amount of time that I spend

01:07:11   on Mastodon which is not as much time I spend on Twitter like I

01:07:15   like setting up Spring I feel less inclined to spend that work

01:07:19   on Mastodon because it's like a lot of time for what I'm aiming

01:07:23   to do which is like why I like Ivory because it's very like

01:07:27   pixel perfect you know what I mean? Yes it can be maybe a

01:07:32   little too much but for me you know it really works with that

01:07:37   part of my brain that likes tweaking settings and adjusting

01:07:41   every single thing I can find. And the second thing that it does

01:07:45   well is multi column. So for example right now in the Mac app

01:07:48   the divide views as they are called in Mona I can have four

01:07:54   columns or I can have five columns on my Mac and it's

01:07:58   basically like tweet deck but for Mastodon and so right now I

01:08:01   have my home timeline my mentions my profile and something

01:08:05   else that Mona does well like Ivory it lets you browse the

01:08:09   local timeline of another Mastodon instance so for example

01:08:12   I really enjoy the indieapps.space instance it's a

01:08:17   great way to you know check out updates and you know new posts

01:08:21   by developers of indie apps and that I can pin as a timeline in

01:08:26   Mona which I cannot do in Ivory. So I'm using these and

01:08:31   also on the iPhone it's one of the few apps to do split view on

01:08:35   the iPhone it's one of the apps that does that and of course if

01:08:39   you know me and if you recall our conversation last year I

01:08:43   would like to see split view on the iPhone at some point. So the

01:08:47   thing I will say though is that I do miss the Ivory design and

01:08:55   aesthetic there's something about Ivory that I don't know

01:08:59   it makes it feel more fluid it makes it feel faster even though

01:09:04   I like it's a silly thing it's not faster but it's maybe it's

01:09:08   one of those things like maybe it's the custom iconography you

01:09:11   know it's the animations there's something about Ivory that

01:09:16   reminds me of Reader the RSS client it's got that special

01:09:22   sort of something that is hard to describe with words but it

01:09:27   makes it feel unique. It's a premium experience. It's a more

01:09:31   feel but it does less than Mona so if you want to like which is

01:09:38   why I still have both Ivory and Mona on my iPhone like I'm

01:09:42   not ready to make a decision yet but on the iPad and especially

01:09:46   on the Mac Mona is fantastic because of the multi column and

01:09:51   I will also say though that it would it would be great if this

01:09:55   client could actually sync my timeline position in theory

01:10:00   Mastodon does have a like a service based home sync like

01:10:06   timeline sync feature but my understanding is that it's so

01:10:10   unreliable nobody uses it and so all of these apps they use

01:10:15   their own iCloud based sync which means that my timeline

01:10:20   position synced from Ivory cannot be the same timeline sync

01:10:25   position in Mona which is unfortunate. Basically like

01:10:30   same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Right like didn't

01:10:34   happen with Twitter apps doesn't happen with Mastodon apps either

01:10:36   that doesn't matter just doesn't happen. That's really funny.

01:10:40   I like it. I love it. It's you know multi column is great

01:10:45   especially on the back if you have a larger display like I'm

01:10:48   staring at like four I feel so professional right now but yeah

01:10:51   we'll see it's uh let me let me ask you both though how would

01:10:57   you guys feel about blue sky because like oh yeah should we

01:11:02   have this conversation like I mean we can have it here's my

01:11:05   issue I just tell you my issue in a nutshell it's very simple

01:11:08   right uh it feels too much like Twitter and I don't like and I

01:11:12   stop liking Twitter Mastodon doesn't feel like Twitter to me

01:11:15   like with like the types of conversations the visual design

01:11:20   like it's it's I feel like I'm back there and I didn't want to

01:11:25   be there anymore before which was why I decided I was going to

01:11:28   like not do any of this stuff and I'm sure I could tailor my

01:11:32   experience but like it just feels like the you know the

01:11:36   types of conversations that I've seen and the way people were

01:11:39   talking there it just feels too like to me and that's not what

01:11:43   I'm looking for it's like it's our I'm super bummed about the

01:11:47   fact that Mastodon is going to get quote posts like I really

01:11:51   don't want that um I really don't want that I think it's I

01:11:55   think that it is like quote tweeting is part of the

01:11:59   cultural issues of being on Twitter like I think

01:12:03   interesting the pile on effect and the way people dunk on each

01:12:07   other and like that's kind of stuff that I just don't want

01:12:09   it's not what I like to see anymore like I'm kind of happy

01:12:13   to not get that kind of stuff and I just feel like blue sky

01:12:18   just feels just like Twitter to me in a way that like when I've

01:12:23   I have an account now um I got a friend of mine sent me an

01:12:27   invite and I've set up an account and I've looked at it a

01:12:30   few times and it makes me feel not good in the way that Twitter

01:12:34   made me feel not good in the way that Mastodon doesn't make me

01:12:37   feel that way interesting I don't have if you have an invite

01:12:40   I would love to use it I don't have any but I'll put you on my

01:12:45   the list of 20 people like they don't do when you set up an

01:12:50   account they don't give you invite straight away you have to

01:12:52   like be using it for a while before they give you invites I

01:12:54   think yeah Mike I 100% agree with you about blue sky I mean

01:12:59   looking through it now not only like from a technical

01:13:03   perspective it and Mastodon feel a lot like Twitter

01:13:06   like just the way that it works like you have posts with mostly

01:13:09   text and you can apply and favorite etc but the vibe is

01:13:12   very Twittery there's a lot of users from Twitter that have

01:13:17   never seen up on Mastodon that are there like reporters and

01:13:21   journalists and celebrities and stuff it's really in having a

01:13:23   moment right now now under the skin like blue sky is sort of

01:13:30   like Mastodon the fact that they're building an API and

01:13:32   there could be other clients for it and stuff none of that is

01:13:35   here today I don't think and uh and it is like by design will

01:13:41   be uh decentralized like that's the idea you know they have to

01:13:45   do it but like that's the idea yeah and a bunch of users aren't

01:13:49   just like on Mastodon Mastodon at social is the biggest server

01:13:52   because it's kind of the default and I think blue sky

01:13:54   will be the default in its own ecosystem I kind of think that

01:14:01   blue sky is having a moment that may fizzle out but at the

01:14:07   same time you see people who are on it it's like well a lot of

01:14:11   big names on Twitter are over here now and that that says

01:14:15   something yeah that's that is something for sure and it may

01:14:19   end up being that blue sky is sort of the mainstream and

01:14:23   Mastodon is like cool for nerds and we can just hang out on

01:14:26   Mastodon who knows right like this is new territory for the

01:14:31   social media landscape so we're gonna have to see how it sorts

01:14:33   out but yeah right now like I'm not super pumped about blue

01:14:37   sky I have an account uh someone who's gracious enough to

01:14:40   give me an invite and I snagged my four letter username and I'm

01:14:45   checking in on it some but Mastodon is where I feel like

01:14:49   currently at least our community is and that's where our effort

01:14:52   should be yeah I'm I'm just let's say intellectually curious

01:14:58   about blue sky I think Mastodon feels a pretty let's say well

01:15:03   rounded corner of my life and I'm okay with it uh but of course

01:15:07   I'm always curious to try new stuff especially you know given

01:15:11   some of the names that I've jumped on blue sky but I'll tell

01:15:14   you I'll tell you guys this uh now it's been a few months right

01:15:17   since we started really using Mastodon it's been like what

01:15:21   five six months and one of the things I dislike is a

01:15:26   thankfully small part of the community that I've seen on

01:15:30   Mastodon which I don't know exactly how to refer to them uh

01:15:36   but once I explain what I mean you guys will know what I mean

01:15:39   it's like the the the Fedi loyalists like people who want

01:15:47   you to be thinking about federation all the time and if

01:15:52   you ever so dare to utter the name of something that is not

01:15:56   federated they're gonna come after you and if you don't use

01:16:01   open source software and pay for proprietary services you're

01:16:08   evil like you know you know the kind of people I'm referring to

01:16:11   and they have found really a great place to hang on

01:16:19   Mastodon you know these are usually the types of people that

01:16:23   have like um like some kind of Linux or false references in

01:16:30   their bios and it's like man that's that's too much of

01:16:35   like that kind of energy is too much for me like yeah I'm I'm

01:16:39   all for federation and activity pub and like I really do think

01:16:43   the math switching to Mastodon has been a great thing for me

01:16:47   but it's like I wouldn't you know I wouldn't sacrifice my

01:16:50   firstborn to Mastodon and federation like you know like

01:16:54   yeah it's cool but like with you know like I don't want to be

01:16:59   thinking about it 24/7 right and and also I don't go out and

01:17:04   just attack people if they're like oh so why do you but do

01:17:08   you believe in closed software like no just chill dude like

01:17:13   you know and I've seen a bunch of those people and it's like

01:17:16   yeah it's a big eye roll energy when I when I when I see those

01:17:21   posts. Yeah I've just gotten way better about muting people.

01:17:24   Oh yeah 100%. But if someone's gonna come to me with that

01:17:27   energy it's like we're good like you know we're good now.

01:17:32   But but because I think because of those people it's not a

01:17:36   surprise that some of us look at blue sky they're like yeah

01:17:41   this is fun you know like it's not like those and and and if

01:17:46   they really thought about it what what they're doing with

01:17:49   that with that energy and that attitude they don't realize

01:17:53   that they are effectively gatekeeping the service. That's

01:17:57   part of the fun though right? For them yes. For certain types of people yes

01:18:01   it's like that's what they want to do in a way it's kind of

01:18:04   strange. And and it's so surprising that some folks are

01:18:07   like they look at blue sky and everybody's just you know

01:18:11   just having fun there and and they're like yeah whatever

01:18:15   yeah I'll use this I don't want to be dealing with Linux people

01:18:19   over there and so that's something I've noticed and

01:18:23   you know something worth keeping an eye on in terms of the general vibe.

01:18:27   My kind of like big picture view on this is blue sky is not going to

01:18:34   replace Twitter for as long as Twitter exists.

01:18:38   Once Twitter doesn't exist nothing will ever be like Twitter ever again.

01:18:41   Yeah yeah. I think the vast majority of Twitter users like if Twitter was too

01:18:45   shut down they would just just shrug it off and

01:18:49   just go somewhere else. There will always be something like it

01:18:54   I just I don't think that there will be that people will are going to like move

01:18:58   on mass to this this other thing like there will be interest and there

01:19:02   will be like people that move and and you know blue sky may have a very big

01:19:08   following you know like maybe a big user base but like I don't think it's gonna

01:19:13   I think Twitter was like once it happened once and it won't continue like

01:19:16   I don't really think that there's gonna be a like

01:19:19   a replacement plus I mean who knows like I feel like Twitter is Twitter shutdown

01:19:25   is inevitable but like it's just gonna happen really slowly and

01:19:28   I don't really know what that means like if it just all of a sudden went away

01:19:32   like would that make a bigger difference I don't know but

01:19:35   I don't really know what the deal is but I I can't see

01:19:39   a path forward realistically for Twitter at this point like you know I

01:19:47   I got I've got multiple emails from companies today telling me that their

01:19:50   Twitter integration won't work anymore. Yeah.

01:19:53   Because Twitter wants to charge 42,000 a minimum for enterprise

01:19:58   licenses. We got that email as Relay that our little bot little thing that we

01:20:03   had built years ago to tweet when the show went live or

01:20:08   when a show was published that it was being

01:20:12   discontinued and that was a month ago and it still

01:20:16   works. It's still the version one API keys. I

01:20:19   applied for the free access for API version 2 which Relay's use

01:20:24   would fit in the free tier and it just didn't work so we reverted to

01:20:29   API version 1 and like at some point it'll break and that'll be it you know

01:20:33   I'm not gonna. I hope that we don't get a 42,000

01:20:36   bill to the PO box. That's that's true I don't think we will.

01:20:40   Maybe we should just turn it off like why don't we just turn it off

01:20:44   like it I just don't really think like because now none of this stuff's gonna

01:20:47   work anymore like a huge couple like WordPress right

01:20:51   WordPress were just like we're not it's done now

01:20:54   that you have to post on your own like and it's going to be tons more like this

01:20:59   because it's just like it's not worth it. 42,000

01:21:03   who is this worth to that like someone can't just pay a social media intern to

01:21:08   post you know what I mean like who is who is

01:21:10   this worth forty two thousand dollars to automatically post yeah

01:21:15   because you can't you can't copy and paste like it's just

01:21:19   this is a comedy of errors over there it's it's the it's the

01:21:23   the world's most expensive copy and paste like forty two thousand dollars

01:21:27   worth of you know copying and pasting a tweet

01:21:32   come on like I honestly I have no idea like if if if it wasn't in charge of

01:21:38   twitter I don't I don't even think Elon Musk

01:21:41   would pay forty two thousand dollars oh because he wouldn't be furious yeah

01:21:45   right like you know because yeah stupid so also stupid but yeah I don't

01:21:52   know what's gonna go on there but my point there is just like I don't

01:21:55   I just don't really think I think it was like a once thing

01:21:59   and there would just be different things right or it's like no one ever replaced

01:22:02   myspace but there were just different things that came after it like and

01:22:05   they're just they're different in their own way yeah right and so like

01:22:10   there will be a you know there will just be a different type of social media that

01:22:14   will take the place of this for people and you just the

01:22:17   ties just move right like you may you know we may look back at

01:22:21   this time and be like oh yeah everybody stopped using something like twitter

01:22:25   but everyone had moved to tiktok anyway or like

01:22:28   you know but then tiktok gets banned and then everybody just moves to instagram

01:22:32   or whatever you know it's just like I just don't really think that there will

01:22:36   be a replacement but there will be an element of people that will want to do

01:22:39   something else like but this idea of like um you know

01:22:43   like twitter accounts for celebrities and

01:22:45   brands and stuff like I just I don't think so I don't think something

01:22:49   else is gonna I don't think it's gonna be blue sky either

01:22:52   like I don't think it's gonna be any of those things maybe we should just go

01:22:55   back to forums you know that was good that was good

01:22:58   15 years ago when we had forums you know I mean that was my whole point

01:23:03   when I was not on mastodon yet was like we have this moment right to

01:23:08   like publish under our own brands and like do our own thing

01:23:12   and I still believe in that and still I'm trying to like

01:23:16   push stuff through my shows or through 512 instead of just like opening a

01:23:21   mastodon and like typing something and it being gone right like

01:23:24   if I have an idea like so for instance the carplay thing I mentioned earlier

01:23:28   it's a time where that would just been a tweet with some screenshots

01:23:31   and I was like no like I'm gonna write a blog post and I'm gonna link to it

01:23:35   and you can see the images and I can have fuller thoughts right I'm still

01:23:38   trying to do that first but most people don't want that most

01:23:42   people want I'm gonna open this app share some

01:23:45   thoughts or a joke or whatever with my friends and then move on with my day and

01:23:48   so whether that's still twitter or blue sky

01:23:52   or mastodon or something else most people still want something to

01:23:55   serve that function and that's why so many companies and people are racing to

01:23:59   be the next one maybe we should just all I miss everyone

01:24:02   should just iMessage each other what do you think of that

01:24:04   sounds good to me everyone just shares their pub their phone number in public

01:24:07   and we would just send our messages to each other

01:24:09   so yeah I'm reading this now so Casey lists his phone number

01:24:13   is

01:24:15   so you can start there yeah he loves it if you want to find links to the apps

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