452: The Rickies (WWDC 2023)


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 452, The Rickies for WWDC 2023.

00:00:16   This episode is brought to you by CleanMyMac X, Indeed and Notion. I am one of your competitors.

00:00:22   My name is Mike Hurley. I am actually the annual chairman.

00:00:26   No, we're gonna get to that. You settle down.

00:00:28   Wait for your turn.

00:00:29   Who's talking? No one's been introduced? I'm talking. Annual chairman is talking.

00:00:35   I'm presiding over these Rickies as the annual chairman. I have special powers and I'm

00:00:41   introducing this episode. I am joined by a Ricky competitor, Federico Vittigia. Hi, Federico.

00:00:47   Spoiler alert, I'm also going to be the winner. So if you want to skip ahead to next week,

00:00:52   play the spoiler horn, just in case. Just a heads up, I'll be the winner.

00:00:59   No, it's gonna be me.

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00:01:07   Like, I feel like just statistically, because like currently I am the annual chairman and

00:01:11   I think I'm the keynote winner of the Flexis.

00:01:15   Nobody cares about statistics.

00:01:16   Oh gosh, it's in the document and we will get to it.

00:01:19   Who are you?

00:01:21   Yeah, who are you? Who is this person?

00:01:24   On this show, nobody is anyone until it gets introduced.

00:01:28   Okay, it is also my pleasure to introduce Mr. Steven Hackett. Hello, Steven. How are you?

00:01:33   Hello.

00:01:34   Hi, Steven.

00:01:34   I love you, buddy.

00:01:36   The current chairman status. Annual picks is Mike, annual Flexis is Mike,

00:01:42   keynote picks is Federico, keynote Flexis is Mike.

00:01:47   Okay.

00:01:48   So he could go for the perfect four. We will get to that, but first we have some follow-up.

00:01:54   Many people say their watches are green-tinted.

00:01:56   Many people are saying, many, many people are saying.

00:01:59   Why are you ruining this episode?

00:02:01   I got two emails and one feedback thing on the website, so three.

00:02:06   Three people are saying.

00:02:08   Yeah, it's a lot of people.

00:02:09   There was a watchOS update that came out, I think yesterday, watchOS 9.5.1.

00:02:16   Maybe that fixes it. I don't know.

00:02:18   If you emailed me to tell me your phone, your watch is green,

00:02:20   tell me if it's not green and we'll follow up next week.

00:02:23   No, we won't.

00:02:24   I swear if during the WWDC episode, you bring this up, I'm done.

00:02:30   Yeah.

00:02:31   If you bring it up, I will leave.

00:02:34   It's gonna be embarrassing because we'll record it at Apple park.

00:02:37   Well, but no, but then you will do it on your own.

00:02:39   It will be you on your own.

00:02:40   If you bring up the green screen while at Apple park in front of Apple people, I will sue you.

00:02:50   Unless it's a feature in iOS 17.

00:02:54   If it's a feature in iOS 17, fine.

00:02:56   And then you can take some kind of victory lap.

00:02:58   It will take a really long time to do a victory lap around Apple park, but we'll wait for you.

00:03:02   You can do it, but we're not going to talk about this next week.

00:03:06   So if you want to contact Steven and tell him, by all means tell him,

00:03:10   but you're not going to hear about it next week.

00:03:12   You're going to love the t-shirt I'm going to wear to our recording then.

00:03:15   Hashtag free the green.

00:03:16   Oh my God.

00:03:17   What is this?

00:03:17   It's like a conspiracy theorist now.

00:03:20   What is happening?

00:03:20   It's like starting a cult or something.

00:03:23   What is going on?

00:03:24   Free the green.

00:03:26   Wait, did you say free the green?

00:03:29   Free the green.

00:03:30   Wait, so what does that mean?

00:03:32   Does that mean you want the green or don't want the green?

00:03:34   I don't know.

00:03:34   That's not good.

00:03:35   The green is trapped in your display.

00:03:36   You got to let it go.

00:03:37   Okay.

00:03:38   Is that what it is?

00:03:39   It's like, that's why you see it all the time.

00:03:41   Because the green is like trying to get out.

00:03:43   Yeah.

00:03:44   It's right there on the surface.

00:03:45   It can't, it can't break loose.

00:03:47   Mike, will you tell us about the snap three pro?

00:03:49   No, I didn't put this in the document.

00:03:51   It doesn't mean you can't read it.

00:03:53   It's about you.

00:03:54   I feel like you should read it.

00:03:55   So then I can respond to it as the document has.

00:03:58   Right?

00:03:59   Mike is going for this.

00:04:01   This kind of, I had a red bull.

00:04:02   I don't know what I have.

00:04:04   I had a red bull.

00:04:05   Yeah.

00:04:05   I'm sorry.

00:04:06   So this is what you got.

00:04:06   Okay.

00:04:07   Okay.

00:04:08   Okay.

00:04:09   So that's what we got to deal with.

00:04:11   As the tagline says, red bull, it gives you antagonism.

00:04:15   I think that's the, that's what it says.

00:04:18   The well known catch phrase.

00:04:20   Interesting.

00:04:22   Okay, sure.

00:04:23   Uh, MagSafe feedback from Chris.

00:04:26   Chris wrote in saying that while listening to Mike distress over the MagSafe pop socket

00:04:31   lifestyle problem, it made them think of the snap three pro it has pop socket like functionality,

00:04:37   according to Chris, but it's thin enough that it works with MagSafe while also lying for

00:04:42   magnetic mounting.

00:04:43   He's had it for about six months and is really happy with it.

00:04:46   So I have two things.

00:04:47   One, they only shipped to the U S and Canada, so I can't buy one.

00:04:51   So I can't test it.

00:04:52   Big snap three pro buddy.

00:04:53   I asked John, John, John, ship this to Mike.

00:04:57   Wait conscious.

00:04:59   Don't just get one and bring it.

00:05:00   Do you think he'll get it in time?

00:05:02   Do you want one, Mike?

00:05:03   I'll buy you one.

00:05:04   Go for it.

00:05:04   Yeah.

00:05:05   At the John Apple store, I ordered the transparent beats.

00:05:09   Very nice.

00:05:10   Bringing them to me.

00:05:11   You should also order the snap three pro at the John store.

00:05:15   The John store.

00:05:16   Give me the pink one.

00:05:16   Yeah.

00:05:17   John or Steven.

00:05:18   Okay.

00:05:18   You want?

00:05:19   Okay, I'll do it.

00:05:20   There is a light pink and a kind of a purpley pink.

00:05:23   Which one do you like?

00:05:24   The light pink.

00:05:25   The one next to the gray.

00:05:26   Yes.

00:05:28   Okay.

00:05:29   I don't know how I feel about this though.

00:05:31   You guys know how I am when it comes to wireless charging.

00:05:34   Like Steven is about green screens.

00:05:37   I am about wireless charging.

00:05:38   Right.

00:05:39   And I feel like putting something in between the charger and the thing on the phone is worse.

00:05:46   Well, I mean, to each his own conspiracy.

00:05:48   Yeah, I mean, they say it's going to work.

00:05:51   Well, it's look, it's just what you shouldn't be scared of electricity going through magnets

00:05:58   and plastic.

00:05:59   It's fine.

00:06:00   It's certified by who?

00:06:02   By somebody.

00:06:04   All you need to like when you need to get out on an argument, then you need to say, well,

00:06:08   it's certified.

00:06:10   Everybody's going to believe you.

00:06:11   That's actually a pretty good.

00:06:12   I like that.

00:06:13   That's like a Federico life hack right there.

00:06:15   Just say, yeah, like when you're talking about furniture or appliances, you just drop it

00:06:19   in there.

00:06:20   It's like, yeah, it's certified.

00:06:22   And anybody goes like, oh, okay.

00:06:23   So you put those stickers in the front of like refrigerators.

00:06:26   Yeah.

00:06:27   This is certified.

00:06:28   Certified.

00:06:29   Well, maybe I will be able to certify it if Steven gets it in time and can bring it.

00:06:34   I ordered it.

00:06:34   Thank you.

00:06:35   I will not be talking about this in the next episode.

00:06:37   I'll talk about it on the next one after that, because it will be important things to do

00:06:41   next time.

00:06:42   Speaking of next time, uh, WWDC is next week.

00:06:45   What?

00:06:46   I'm sorry to prick it to you, Steven.

00:06:47   Steven, it's next Monday.

00:06:51   Were you ready?

00:06:51   Are you busy?

00:06:52   Are you busy?

00:06:53   Uh, yes, actually.

00:06:55   I will be coming in on Tuesday.

00:06:56   Actual poor planning, but unfortunately, Steven had nothing to do with it.

00:07:02   I'm so sorry, Steven, because they are announcing and discontinuing the headset on Monday.

00:07:07   Be there or be square.

00:07:10   You're going to miss it all.

00:07:12   You're going to miss it all.

00:07:14   That's it.

00:07:14   It's the only time you can see it.

00:07:15   How are you boys feeling about WWDC?

00:07:19   Very excited.

00:07:21   Yeah.

00:07:21   I'm very, very, very into it.

00:07:24   I think.

00:07:24   Yeah.

00:07:24   I, this is, I think, yeah, this is the last show I'm going to record before WWDC.

00:07:31   So that's fun.

00:07:31   Uh, yeah, I'm pretty pumped.

00:07:34   I'm looking forward to it.

00:07:35   I'm looking forward to seeing people.

00:07:37   I'm looking forward to a seven hour keynote.

00:07:39   Um, um, um, um, I'm all in baby.

00:07:43   I can't wait.

00:07:43   Yeah.

00:07:44   I look forward to picking up Federico at the airport.

00:07:47   You know, it's going to be great.

00:07:49   It's all good stuff.

00:07:50   Yeah.

00:07:52   I will be, I will be in good company as we make our way toward America as always.

00:07:58   Yep.

00:07:58   So I'm looking forward to it.

00:07:59   Can't cannot wait.

00:08:00   All right.

00:08:01   But we have things to do.

00:08:02   Okay.

00:08:03   We do.

00:08:03   It is time to play the game.

00:08:07   We start each game by reading of the bill of Ricky's.

00:08:10   I start with the preamble because that comes first.

00:08:13   The Ricky's is a game connected hosts play before Apple keynotes in the beginning of

00:08:18   a new year, trying to predict future events.

00:08:20   It is made up of three rounds.

00:08:22   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:08:26   There are two types of Ricky's annual Ricky's and keynote.

00:08:30   Ricky's the winner of the annual Ricky's is named the annual chairman.

00:08:34   This position is awarded every January.

00:08:37   The keynote Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman.

00:08:40   This position is held until the next keynote.

00:08:43   That's the one we're playing today.

00:08:44   After the Ricky's the host then play a game called the flexies.

00:08:48   These two games are separate, but related.

00:08:51   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:08:53   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:09:05   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording

00:09:09   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:09:12   Correct risky picks are worth two points, but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted

00:09:17   from that host total.

00:09:19   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:09:23   A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored by the publications of

00:09:28   record nine to five Mac or Mac rumors.

00:09:31   Picks made for the keynote Ricky's cannot be reused by the host who made them for the

00:09:36   next keynote.

00:09:37   The annual Ricky's have their own subset of rules.

00:09:41   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar

00:09:45   year.

00:09:45   Additionally, picks may not be used in back to back annual Ricky's by the same host.

00:09:50   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:09:54   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:09:59   In the event of a tie, dice by pCalc must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:10:06   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Ricky's coin

00:10:12   flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed, but are frowned upon and subject to public

00:10:18   shaming.

00:10:19   For keynote Ricky's, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when the

00:10:24   picks are scored.

00:10:25   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:10:31   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:10:34   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:10:37   The previous loser goes last.

00:10:40   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:10:45   As a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman and Federico is the current keynote

00:10:50   chairman.

00:10:51   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:10:55   These sites also have pages about managing your own score keeping at home.

00:11:00   You may be seated.

00:11:03   So we do need to address one issue.

00:11:06   If Mike wins this, he will reign supreme with all four titles.

00:11:11   So he needs to win the keynote and the flexes.

00:11:13   I have to win a lot.

00:11:15   But this is the closest we've ever been.

00:11:16   Maybe we need to address what this person would be called because just chairman doesn't

00:11:23   feel like it's grand enough.

00:11:24   We had a couple suggestions.

00:11:25   Listener Drew wrote in and recommended the unified champion of connected.

00:11:31   This is apparently from professional wrestling.

00:11:33   I like unified champion.

00:11:36   Martin wrote in with his supreme Ricky flex.

00:11:41   If we're going with wrestling, undisputed is used quite a lot.

00:11:46   Okay.

00:11:46   Which I would quite enjoy to be the undisputed champion.

00:11:51   Okay.

00:11:51   Now don't we have like a joint name thing?

00:11:55   Wasn't that a thing that we did once?

00:11:57   Yeah, we do.

00:11:58   Yeah, so Federico Shelby named this is, this is part of the flexes.

00:12:02   I'm sorry.

00:12:03   But there's like, we have like for the flexes, there is a name for if we got both keynote

00:12:09   and annual.

00:12:09   So I think it would have to include that, right?

00:12:12   So mine would be, uh, we will get to this later on, but if I won both the keynote and

00:12:18   annual, I would be arch Duke Lexington.

00:12:21   Like that would be my full name.

00:12:23   So I think it would have to be something like arch Duke champion.

00:12:28   The undisputed champion arch Duke, flexington.

00:12:31   I think that's what I would go with.

00:12:33   I do also feel like personally as the person who's closest to having this happen to them,

00:12:40   uh, that that person should get to choose the name.

00:12:43   Yeah.

00:12:43   I don't want to necessarily codify it in the rules because in a way, if this happens, like

00:12:48   you could have a bespoke name each time it happens.

00:12:50   I think that's part of it.

00:12:51   You get to be whoever you want to be.

00:12:53   I think that's your, that's your extra prize, right?

00:12:56   That if you have managed to hold down the entire thing, uh, that you should, uh, you

00:13:03   should get to choose.

00:13:03   Okay.

00:13:04   So that's what we're going to go with.

00:13:05   If you, if someone holds all four, you get to pick your title.

00:13:07   We will codify this in the rules for next time.

00:13:10   I'm just going to write it down for now, but we're not changing the document.

00:13:12   Currently.

00:13:13   Someone holds all four titles.

00:13:16   They are allowed to choose their own, their own moniker.

00:13:25   That's what I was looking for.

00:13:26   Monica Bing.

00:13:27   That's good.

00:13:29   Yep.

00:13:31   That was what we were going for.

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00:15:12   Okay, the order is Federico and then Mike and then me.

00:15:16   So you're up, buddy.

00:15:18   Okay, so my first regular pick is about health.

00:15:24   And specifically, my pick is the health app gets mood tracking and an iPad version.

00:15:31   So two features, one pick.

00:15:33   I'm that generous.

00:15:35   You see?

00:15:35   That's a bold first pick.

00:15:38   I'm bringing the passion back for the Ricky's.

00:15:42   We're going to be in person.

00:15:43   You know, you either do it with passion or you don't.

00:15:46   Can we get some clarifications?

00:15:47   Sure.

00:15:48   For help with scoring?

00:15:49   Mood tracking.

00:15:51   Like, so one of the rumors is journaling.

00:15:56   Is that mood tracking or does the journaling have to have a mood tracking feature within it?

00:16:00   No, I think the health app itself will have some kind of mood check thing where you say

00:16:09   I'm feeling stressed or I'm happy, I'm relaxed or something like that.

00:16:15   And an iPad version, it is what it is, an iPad version.

00:16:18   Health on the iPad.

00:16:19   Graded here, but like I'm expecting the iPad version to take advantage of the bigger screen

00:16:26   with like some kind of grid layout.

00:16:28   I would expect graphs and charts to look really nice on the iPad's display.

00:16:33   But yeah, so the text of my pick is the health app gets mood tracking and an iPad version,

00:16:41   which means I would expect that you will be able to open the health app, say I'm feeling such and

00:16:47   such, and you will be able to do it on the iPad as well.

00:16:52   It will be interesting to see how they're going to sync data with end-to-end encryption

00:16:56   across devices, but I mean, they already kind of do.

00:17:00   I mean, there must be a way, right?

00:17:02   Because like my Apple Watch and my iPhone manage it.

00:17:05   I'm excited for this, and especially, you know, I think the mood tracking feature,

00:17:10   especially if it gets combined with some shortcuts integrations and stuff like that,

00:17:15   would be super nice to have like a quick, like a one tap shortcut to say how you feel.

00:17:22   I think there's a--

00:17:23   Plus, there's an entire market of apps that already do this and that could save their data

00:17:31   into the sort of health database instead of each having their own silo.

00:17:37   Yeah, I used one for a while.

00:17:38   I don't remember what it was called now, but I used like a--

00:17:41   It was like a year or something.

00:17:42   I was using a mood tracking app and I found it really helpful.

00:17:46   Like just as like a simple thing can be really helpful.

00:17:48   And there can be an interesting combo with journaling in here though, right?

00:17:54   Like I do imagine that if Apple was to write a journaling app, that it could also talk

00:18:01   to the mood tracking function in health.

00:18:06   I would expect that that would be a pretty clear integration between the two.

00:18:11   But like so many things, I think basically everything in health,

00:18:15   whether Apple makes it or not, they have it accessible to write to and read from.

00:18:20   You know, I'm thinking of like the pedometer or whatever, you know?

00:18:24   So this would be tied into that.

00:18:26   I think this would be a really nice feature.

00:18:28   And I think on the iPad, it might be good because you'd be able to actually see more.

00:18:32   I find the health app really could do a little bit more space than I have on the iPhone sometimes.

00:18:38   It's quite a data rich experience.

00:18:43   I think getting it on a bigger screen would be better.

00:18:46   I agree.

00:18:47   Yeah.

00:18:47   All right.

00:18:48   Should we move on to my pick?

00:18:48   Okay.

00:18:50   Okay.

00:18:50   We're going to bring the passion down a notch with the headset is unveiled.

00:18:54   That's it?

00:18:56   Yeah.

00:18:57   Okay.

00:18:58   I'm going to give you part of the reason I've picked this.

00:19:01   I have two reasons for picking this.

00:19:02   One, I want the points.

00:19:04   Two, I'm kind of thinking about like the structure of the episode next week.

00:19:10   That if, as we tend to do is like mostly score the Ricky's as like the conversation,

00:19:16   that we might need to actually have a reason to talk about the headsets.

00:19:21   Not like this helps us do that.

00:19:23   But also I want the points.

00:19:25   Passion is not needed.

00:19:27   Passion is just an extra sprinkling.

00:19:30   It's not in the rules.

00:19:31   Um, within the rules, the headset will be unveiled.

00:19:33   And to be fair, I don't think this is the first time that it's been given.

00:19:37   So who could tell what's going to happen?

00:19:38   Not graded, but I'm just going to ask you, uh, where do you stand on the name?

00:19:43   I think they will go with Apple reality.

00:19:49   Yeah.

00:19:49   Okay.

00:19:50   But that, but that's it.

00:19:51   Uh, I.

00:19:52   Not reality pro.

00:19:54   I don't know.

00:19:55   I go backwards and forwards on it because to me, it's strange to give something the pro name

00:20:00   when there's nothing else.

00:20:02   Right.

00:20:02   Like it's the only one.

00:20:04   However, when I like have this argument with myself, they maybe want to put the word pro

00:20:09   on it to be like, yeah, it's expensive.

00:20:11   So like there will be a cheaper one later on.

00:20:13   Um, so I'm, I'm not sure, but I, I do think reality.

00:20:18   I think we were talking about, I think we were talking about it on this show, Eva, last

00:20:21   week or a couple of weeks ago about just like, this is just the way that Apple names things

00:20:26   that they could just call it Apple headset and it would work.

00:20:28   But, um, I think, I think reality is, is probably where they're going to go.

00:20:33   And I don't know if this is going to come up later on, but I'll just mention it now.

00:20:37   Uh, I, I actually am leaning towards reality.

00:20:40   OS as the OS name.

00:20:42   Reality.

00:20:43   I like reality OS more than XR OS personally.

00:20:47   Yeah.

00:20:47   Me and Jason was talking about this on the draft and he kind of solidified it to me because

00:20:51   he was just like XR is a stupid term that does not make sense to people unless they

00:20:57   know what it means.

00:20:58   And so calling it that doesn't make sense, especially again, when you look at the names

00:21:04   of the operating systems, they're all very clear, like what they support.

00:21:08   They are named after the product that they are focused on.

00:21:13   So I think unless they're going to call this Apple XR, which I really don't think they

00:21:18   will.

00:21:19   Um, I think I'm leaning towards reality for both of them.

00:21:24   The pro I'm not sure about yet.

00:21:26   I do want to just read out your annual risky pick just for some more context.

00:21:31   It's already in red in our document.

00:21:33   You said Apple shows off their headset in March.

00:21:36   They announced developer tools at WDC and show it off again.

00:21:39   An event in September.

00:21:40   It ships to customers in October.

00:21:43   I still think that at that time I was right.

00:21:45   Wow.

00:21:46   Like, but then things changed.

00:21:47   But I still believe that in January that was the plan.

00:21:52   But now here we are, I'm with staring down the barrel of a three hour long keynote for

00:21:57   sure.

00:21:57   And I don't think your pick is a repeat of your risky.

00:22:00   So I think you're clear of that rule.

00:22:01   Yeah.

00:22:01   I mean, this is why, like, they're going to have to on Monday do the job of showing the

00:22:09   hardware for the first time, showing the system apps and its uses showing games and everything

00:22:14   before they even get to talk about the developer story, if at all during the keynote, like

00:22:19   they might not even really talk about the developer story during the keynote other than,

00:22:23   like, you'll be able to make apps for it and then just move on because they can do all

00:22:27   that later on.

00:22:28   Right.

00:22:28   And we have a very sweet solution for you.

00:22:31   What would the sweet solution be?

00:22:34   Right.

00:22:34   So if the original sweet solution was web apps, I just take your iPad app and bring

00:22:41   it to the they are going to do that, though, like they are doing literally are.

00:22:47   I joked on we recorded app stories today and I joked that.

00:22:50   Well, not joke, but I said, like, hey, maybe they're going to do, like, reality catalyst.

00:22:56   And that's what they're going to call the system for taking your iPad app and it works

00:23:00   on the headset.

00:23:02   I mean, they have Mac catalyst.

00:23:03   They might just do reality catalyst.

00:23:06   And that's how you take your iPad app and it works on the headset.

00:23:10   I doubt it will be coming.

00:23:12   Who knows if it would be called that?

00:23:13   But that's realistically probably what the system will be, right?

00:23:16   Like, it's not just going to run the iPad app as such as probably some changes you want

00:23:20   to make, like how similar you'd want to ideally make changes to your app for catalyst.

00:23:25   But in essence, it will do it will be that right.

00:23:29   But remind me the catalyst apps catalyst apps ran on Intel Max, right?

00:23:34   Yes, they do.

00:23:34   Yeah.

00:23:36   See, I imagine all this stuff is more simple now, right?

00:23:38   Because it's in essence the like, you know how, like, we could get iPhone apps on our

00:23:45   Macs like iPad apps on our Macs just because it was all Apple silicon.

00:23:48   This would be Apple silicon too.

00:23:50   So like, it's even simpler.

00:23:51   They to just to have these things run.

00:23:54   Mine is of a similar passion level.

00:23:58   Apple announced a 15 inch MacBook Air.

00:24:00   I think yours is a is a smidge more passionate than mine.

00:24:03   I feel like mine is a lock.

00:24:04   I'm not sure if the MacBook Air is like a lock lock.

00:24:08   You know what I mean?

00:24:09   Like, it's definitely out there.

00:24:11   This is probably the time they're going to do it.

00:24:12   But yeah.

00:24:14   This keynote could go by and they don't do it.

00:24:16   And we wouldn't be like, Oh my God, I can't believe it.

00:24:19   Right.

00:24:19   Which is what would happen if there was no answer.

00:24:21   Like, it's just a MacBook Air.

00:24:22   If we had done this two weeks early or something, I don't think I would have picked it because

00:24:27   I think there was room where this could have like slipped in to a PR thing in May.

00:24:32   But here just a few days ahead of the keynote, I feel like I feel much better about it not

00:24:37   being before WBDC.

00:24:40   Right.

00:24:40   They're not going to announce this on Thursday or Friday.

00:24:42   Oh, wait, wait.

00:24:43   The press release 15.

00:24:45   No, I'm kidding.

00:24:45   That would be incredible.

00:24:46   Can you imagine?

00:24:48   How great would that be though?

00:24:49   Would that be too late for you at that point?

00:24:51   I don't know.

00:24:52   That's never happened before.

00:24:53   I think so.

00:24:54   I think I think I think I'd lose the point.

00:24:56   Federico says the health app gets mood tracking and an iPad version.

00:25:03   Mike says the headset is unveiled and I picked Apple will announce a 15 inch MacBook Air.

00:25:11   Feeling pretty good.

00:25:12   I think I think we all have a good shot at all these.

00:25:14   Can you imagine if the headset's not unveiled?

00:25:16   Can you imagine what are we going to do there?

00:25:19   Like, are we just going to talk about widgets?

00:25:21   Yes.

00:25:22   What to us?

00:25:23   Yeah.

00:25:23   I mean, that's what we've done at many others.

00:25:24   We've gone through many others.

00:25:26   What was even life like before the headset?

00:25:30   I cannot remember.

00:25:31   I cannot remember.

00:25:33   Anyway, is it time for round two?

00:25:35   I feel like it's time for round two.

00:25:36   It's time for round two.

00:25:38   My pick is Apple introduces a brand new journaling app.

00:25:44   This is the base text of the pick and not graded.

00:25:47   I think this app will have obviously some location based features to maybe say,

00:25:54   hey, I was with my friend today at such and such place.

00:25:57   Maybe we'll I mean, I'm sure as it's a journaling app, you will be able to take notes.

00:26:04   You will be able to attach images and videos, I assume.

00:26:08   In addition to location data.

00:26:11   And maybe there will be integration with music.

00:26:14   I think it'll be interesting to imagine this sort of like journaling app where you can

00:26:20   really take advantage of all the integrations that Apple can do.

00:26:24   So like, I was with friends and he knows what you mean with friends because you can

00:26:29   look him up in the find friends thing.

00:26:33   And maybe you can customize a page for a day and put a song in it.

00:26:39   And so like when you open a page for next Monday, you will, there's a little Apple music

00:26:45   button there that plays a song.

00:26:47   All these different things that only Apple can do.

00:26:50   Maybe it connects to your reminders, right?

00:26:54   So I'll be really keen to see what Apple's take on that.

00:26:58   I would assume they would absolutely advertise the privacy angle of their journaling app.

00:27:05   What they can do in terms of design.

00:27:07   Is it just going to be something that looks like notes?

00:27:09   Is it going to be something that looks like free form?

00:27:11   I think in recent years, we've seen like a lot of Apple apps, they kind of have that

00:27:19   samey look.

00:27:20   I mean, that's, broadly speaking, that's kind of true of the whole SwiftUI generation of

00:27:24   apps.

00:27:25   You know, they got that SwiftUI look to them.

00:27:28   But maybe here they can try something a bit different.

00:27:31   If it's a journaling app, maybe it can have a little, you know, a few fun visual traits.

00:27:36   I don't know.

00:27:37   We'll see.

00:27:38   But yeah, so my pick is Apple introduces a brand new journaling app.

00:27:42   And I'm really curious to see what they do with this.

00:27:45   On the design, I was listening to App Stories and you guys did your reality OS, XROS kind

00:27:53   of predictions.

00:27:56   And I was hit by the idea that, I think we're about to reenter the age of skeuomorphism.

00:28:02   Like, I think skeuomorphic design is going to come back in a significant way because

00:28:09   of the headset.

00:28:10   But I think it may be constrained just to the headset, right?

00:28:13   That like, you're going to actually be able to create things that look real because you

00:28:18   want them to look real.

00:28:19   So like, we're not going to, you know, our apps on the headset are not just going to

00:28:23   be big blank white canvases.

00:28:25   They're going to look like things.

00:28:26   They're going to look like rooms.

00:28:27   They're going to look like fields or whatever it's going to be.

00:28:29   That's the hope at least.

00:28:31   Right.

00:28:32   That's what you'd hope.

00:28:32   But thinking of that, you know, with just what you were saying there, I could imagine

00:28:38   them maybe being a little more playful with a journaling app.

00:28:40   So it doesn't just look like the notes app and reminders.

00:28:43   Like, I think it might be nice to give it maybe a little bit more color, at least, you

00:28:49   know, that, you know, maybe the background isn't white.

00:28:53   Maybe the background is like more of a kind of like, you know, yellow paper kind of color

00:28:58   or something like that to maybe give it just a little bit more of a visual flair.

00:29:04   That would be my hope anyway.

00:29:06   I'm also really, I'm intrigued by this idea of a journaling app because I want to see

00:29:11   how much that app sort of eats into the usage of Apple Notes.

00:29:17   Just because I know that so many people are using Apple Notes as their own journaling

00:29:21   app.

00:29:21   You know, it's right there on your phone.

00:29:23   You make a folder.

00:29:24   Maybe you lock that folder with touch ID or face ID, and you got your own system for private

00:29:30   notes.

00:29:30   And of course, it's not ideal for that.

00:29:32   Just like Apple Notes, it's not ideal for checklists.

00:29:35   And yet so many people use Apple Notes as a basic to-do system.

00:29:39   And so many use it as a journaling sort of diary type of experience.

00:29:44   And I've seen it.

00:29:45   Like, even in my family, I see Apple Notes being used like this.

00:29:49   And so to have a native component for it, to have a native sort of alternative for it,

00:29:53   I want to see what happens.

00:29:56   Because if you got your own journal right there made by Apple, why not use that instead

00:30:01   of Notes?

00:30:02   All right, should we move on to mine?

00:30:03   This might be one of these ones, and I'm saying this up front, where we may need to have a

00:30:06   bit of discussion about how we score this.

00:30:09   Like, I just want to know what I'm saying before I say it, and then we can talk about

00:30:13   it.

00:30:13   My pick is that a widget-like interface comes to the Apple Watch.

00:30:17   Okay, what does that mean?

00:30:19   So what I'm saying is the idea that widgets will become the kind of new way that apps

00:30:25   look, right?

00:30:26   Or that, like, blances return, and it's iOS style widgets.

00:30:30   So this is where we need to talk about this.

00:30:33   How are we going to grade this pick?

00:30:36   Or is there something that you would like me to write as a clarifier?

00:30:39   Would you like me to reword this pick in some way?

00:30:42   What do you think?

00:30:43   I feel like I just need to get some clarification on the widget-like.

00:30:49   Aspect.

00:30:49   Well, I am...

00:30:50   What is widget-like and what isn't?

00:30:52   Does it look like a widget on the iPhone?

00:30:55   That's what I'm saying.

00:30:56   What if they're called...

00:30:58   I'll tell you what, hang on, hang on, hang on.

00:30:59   I'm going to rewrite it so I can help you out here so we can make it undeniable.

00:31:03   WatchOS...

00:31:06   Don't make this mistake.

00:31:07   The next video.

00:31:08   Here's what I'm trying to write now, but I might need your help with it.

00:31:11   Of, like, that...

00:31:12   Hold on.

00:31:13   Developers can bring their iOS widgets.

00:31:18   To WatchOS.

00:31:19   That's what I'm trying to say.

00:31:21   Interesting.

00:31:23   Are you sure you want to go with this?

00:31:25   No, but I feel like I wasn't going to be able to get the two of you to score the previous one.

00:31:32   Are you?

00:31:32   So let me ask you this.

00:31:33   Let me ask, because I need to understand what you mean here.

00:31:35   Yeah.

00:31:36   Do you mean that you think

00:31:40   WatchOS will have widgets that have to look like iOS widgets?

00:31:47   Or do you just think that Apple is going to do widgets on WatchOS?

00:31:51   Widgets on WatchOS.

00:31:54   Okay, so they don't have to look like the iOS ones.

00:31:56   Like, they can still be widgets, but look like...

00:32:00   Does WatchOS look like iOS to you?

00:32:02   No.

00:32:04   And why do widgets have to look like iOS ones?

00:32:06   They don't.

00:32:07   But I just mean that, like, I think that there will be a lot of similarities between

00:32:14   what they're going to do on WatchOS to what they're already doing.

00:32:16   I mean, I'm fine.

00:32:17   I'm fine if you just want to say that WatchOS 10 will get widgets,

00:32:22   because it doesn't have widgets right now.

00:32:24   You know what?

00:32:25   That's perfect.

00:32:26   Thank you.

00:32:26   I'm good with that.

00:32:27   You know, you don't need to say that they need to look like iOS widgets.

00:32:31   Yeah, yeah.

00:32:32   That's what I was trying to say.

00:32:34   I was doing a really bad job.

00:32:37   They obviously don't have widgets.

00:32:38   So yeah, WatchOS 10 gets widgets.

00:32:39   That's my thing.

00:32:41   I guess the only risk for you is that they need to be called widgets.

00:32:44   Or glances.

00:32:46   Don't bring that word back.

00:32:47   Because you could argue that a complication is like a little tiny widget, right?

00:32:52   Whereas what we mean here is...

00:32:54   I've rewritten it again.

00:32:56   WatchOS 10 gets support for WidgetKit.

00:33:00   But no, but that's incorrect, because our complications are already written with WidgetKit.

00:33:05   Yeah.

00:33:05   I think they are.

00:33:06   WatchOS 10 gets widgets.

00:33:09   Widgets.

00:33:10   That's what I'm glad about.

00:33:11   We know what it means.

00:33:12   WatchOS 10 gets widgets.

00:33:13   Yeah, who knows?

00:33:15   This one might be hard to score.

00:33:16   We'll find out next week.

00:33:18   But what my pick is, WatchOS 10 gets widgets.

00:33:21   My round two pick is a bit of stagecraft.

00:33:26   I'm saying the phrase "one more thing" will be used before the headset is announced.

00:33:32   They used it with the Apple Watch.

00:33:34   Remember Tim Cook's voice like broke a little bit?

00:33:36   It's very sweet.

00:33:37   I think this is...

00:33:38   If you're going to use it, now's the time to use it.

00:33:41   I don't think they should.

00:33:42   Why not?

00:33:43   I just feel like that's done now.

00:33:46   No, they'll do it.

00:33:47   I'm not saying they won't.

00:33:51   I'm saying I don't think they should.

00:33:53   Like, I think that that phrase is gone away now.

00:33:58   But I think that Tim Cook will not be able to resist it.

00:34:02   I think he'll keep saying it until he has his big breakout product.

00:34:06   So every time they introduce something new, one more thing will be used.

00:34:10   Like, I'm on board of you.

00:34:12   I just think that it's not necessary anymore.

00:34:15   I guess this predicates that the headset will be last, right?

00:34:19   Which I think it has to be.

00:34:21   And if you look at every keynote ever, the big quote unquote surprise thing is always last.

00:34:27   So...

00:34:31   Yeah, they're gonna be like, "We have one more thing and still two hours."

00:34:34   "We have one more thing!"

00:34:37   It's like 25 minutes into the DORI DORI DORI keynote.

00:34:40   And you're like, "Great! We're almost done! 20 minutes."

00:34:43   Like, when they introduced the watch, it was alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

00:34:48   And if you go back and watch that keynote, like, Apple Pay is in there too.

00:34:51   And all that is like 40 minutes.

00:34:53   It's like, "Oh, they're already done with the phone?"

00:34:55   Like, you know.

00:34:56   Oh my gosh, this is...

00:34:57   So, Zach says in the Discord, "Tim used one more thing for the Apple Watch, the iPhone 10, and Apple Music."

00:35:04   Oh, Tim.

00:35:06   Oh, really though?

00:35:08   Those three things aren't the same.

00:35:11   Everything about the Apple Music keynote is garbage.

00:35:13   I don't know. Drake with the jacket was pretty cool.

00:35:15   The jacket was pretty sweet.

00:35:17   No, it was terrible.

00:35:18   The jacket was fine, but we didn't need Drake on stage.

00:35:20   We didn't need any of it.

00:35:22   That's the worst.

00:35:23   The keynote was the worst!

00:35:25   It was so bad.

00:35:26   I got a good blog post out of Drake's jacket back in the day.

00:35:30   As you do.

00:35:31   As you do.

00:35:33   I'm not surprised.

00:35:34   So Federico, do you want to recap round two?

00:35:36   All right, round two.

00:35:37   We're going with me first.

00:35:39   And I said, "Apple introduces a brand new journaling app."

00:35:44   Mike said, "After much deliberation, watchOS 10 gets widgets."

00:35:51   Steven, you picked the phrase, "One more thing will be used before the headset is announced."

00:35:59   Just very quickly went to Google.

00:36:00   So the YouTube, sorry, the WWDC 2015 keynote was two hours and 20 minutes long.

00:36:06   One more thing was set at one minute and 39 seconds.

00:36:09   There was so much.

00:36:12   They spent so much time talking about Apple Music.

00:36:15   Wait, did you say one minute and 39 seconds?

00:36:18   One hour and 39 minutes.

00:36:19   Like, "Geez, hey, good morning.

00:36:21   We have one more thing."

00:36:23   I will agree.

00:36:24   It was all good.

00:36:25   Good morning.

00:36:26   More thing for you today.

00:36:28   Ah, that was good.

00:36:32   Good morning.

00:36:33   How is everybody feeling?

00:36:35   We got one more thing for you today.

00:36:37   That's it.

00:36:37   Stop asking, "We have one thing."

00:36:39   That's it.

00:36:40   Leave us alone.

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00:38:35   It is time for the Risky Picks round and I'm going first again and I will tell you,

00:38:41   I'm pretty sure this has to be the longest text for a Risky Pick that I've ever done.

00:38:48   And I'm risking it all with this.

00:38:50   The next version of iPadOS will introduce a brand new audio routing system with support for selecting

00:38:58   different input sources similar to macOS.

00:39:01   It continues.

00:39:03   The feature will finally allow podcasters like me to record local audio while also being on a

00:39:10   FaceTime or Zoom call, assuming apps add support for it.

00:39:14   I can't believe this has finally found its way into the Ricky's.

00:39:18   Well he's not even done yet.

00:39:19   There's some not graded stuff too.

00:39:21   Yeah but that's the pick.

00:39:22   We can talk about the not graded but like just the pick itself, the long requested feature

00:39:28   for us to be able to record and have a call at the same time has finally found its way into the Ricky's.

00:39:34   Non-graded, I do believe that it's going to be like if they do it, I think it's going to be like

00:39:40   a macOS where if you plug in like for example a USB device and it does not require special drivers

00:39:48   like a USB pre-tube for example, it just shows up in the sound settings panel and you can just

00:39:54   select it as an input or output device and I think it's going to be like that.

00:39:58   Obviously it also means the sounds page of settings on the iPad will need to be redesigned

00:40:03   because right now it's basically nothing.

00:40:06   Like there's no audio management system at all on the iPad right now.

00:40:09   All you get is Control Center and you can expand the little audio tile and you can choose where to

00:40:17   play audio.

00:40:17   Like it's basically nothing compared to what you can do on macOS.

00:40:22   And I just feel like the context of this pick is obviously this is something I want

00:40:28   and this is something over the years I've spent a lot of money trying to make happen

00:40:33   with the current limitations of iPadOS and I never got quite what I wanted.

00:40:38   And also the arrival of Logic and Final Cut.

00:40:42   I think it's time for the iPad to get a much better just in general audio system.

00:40:48   Whether it's about where you want to play audio or the kind of microphone you want to use.

00:40:53   I think it just looks kind of silly to have a platform with Logic and Final Cut and no

00:41:02   sound page in settings that lets you select a microphone or another type of source and

00:41:08   also a platform that doesn't let you have concurrent audio streams on your computer.

00:41:14   Like it just feels kind of silly to have a computer that you pay $2,000 for and it runs

00:41:19   Logic and Final Cut and still you cannot listen to music or be on a call at the same time

00:41:24   or watch two videos at the same time.

00:41:26   It just looks kind of ridiculous.

00:41:29   So yeah, once again the text of the pick because I realize there's people inserting this

00:41:35   live into Ricky's related websites.

00:41:38   The next version of iPadOS will introduce a brand new audio routing system with support

00:41:44   for selecting different input sources similar to macOS.

00:41:48   This feature will finally allow podcasters like me to record local audio while also being

00:41:54   on a FaceTime or Zoom call (assuming apps add support for it).

00:41:59   If you're ever going to pick it, it's now, right?

00:42:03   Like I feel like this we've finally had something happen which would suggest that maybe

00:42:08   Apple would want to add this.

00:42:11   Where like previously it was purely just like we wanted it.

00:42:15   But now professional audio and video creation tools could be helpful to add these features.

00:42:23   But I hope you're right.

00:42:25   I hope so too.

00:42:26   All right, you're up next Mike.

00:42:28   Apple introduces a co-pilot like feature for Xcode powered by artificial intelligence or

00:42:34   machine learning.

00:42:36   God, this is, well props to you for really going risky here.

00:42:44   It's important my passion into this one.

00:42:46   So this is some not graded information.

00:42:49   So I'm assuming they will create something like GitHub co-pilot where effectively as

00:42:56   you're writing code, there will be machine learning going on which will be able to suggest

00:43:02   to you ways to improve your code or solve some common problems.

00:43:06   I assume it would probably live in a sidebar and would be a beta feature.

00:43:12   Beta feature?

00:43:13   How do we call that in America?

00:43:15   Beta with a D.

00:43:16   I lost myself there.

00:43:17   It's more the E sound that I'm looking for than the B sound.

00:43:22   I know that the B sounds there.

00:43:23   Joe it ain't ready yet.

00:43:25   Put it in the beta.

00:43:26   I guess so.

00:43:27   And I'm sticking with AI or ML because I don't think we know yet where Apple's going to fall

00:43:37   on this and I'm hoping that the two of you will accept that as they'll either call it

00:43:43   AI or machine learning because technically all of the stuff we call AI is actually machine

00:43:50   learning right now.

00:43:50   There isn't an artificial intelligence.

00:43:53   It is just machine learning but we will call them AI now.

00:43:56   So let's just call it AI.

00:43:58   But yeah, I think they'll do this eventually whether it's now or not.

00:44:03   I don't know.

00:44:04   I think if they're going to do it anywhere maybe this would be the first place they would

00:44:10   do something like this and if they have something close it would be kind of cool to have something

00:44:16   in WWDC that is jumping on this AI train.

00:44:20   Right?

00:44:20   So like Apple is not completely left behind.

00:44:25   But let me ask you, based on what data?

00:44:29   Like what did they train?

00:44:31   What did they train this co-pilot like thing against?

00:44:35   Because GitHub, I mean Microsoft and you know they have all of their like open source GitHub

00:44:41   repos to train the model against.

00:44:44   What do you mean Apple has their entire code base?

00:44:47   Right.

00:44:48   So you think it's based on Apple's own code?

00:44:50   I have no idea.

00:44:51   I mean but it could be like what if you were to speculate?

00:44:54   I would assume it would be something I don't know about in the sense of like so there all

00:44:59   of their photos machine learning Apple just bought the rights to like a billion photos

00:45:05   right so it could just be something like that.

00:45:07   Like there is some database out there like they could have worked with GitHub I don't

00:45:12   know right like where they're just like we'll just give you a bunch of money can you just

00:45:15   give us a bunch of data?

00:45:16   I imagine it would be something like that.

00:45:18   Like there's just like a bunch of stuff out there and they've just trained it against

00:45:22   a data set.

00:45:25   They could have used some of their own data I don't know and it could also be like oh

00:45:29   it's a beta feature because if you opt into this we're also going to do differential

00:45:34   privacy on your code and use that like you know like if you opt into this you're maybe

00:45:40   giving the ability for the system to train itself up.

00:45:44   I don't know.

00:45:45   That's a good question though but that's just kind of one of those things which I feel

00:45:49   like money and desire would solve that.

00:45:52   They can probably solve it yeah you're right.

00:45:54   I mean you can just can you buy code like you can buy pasta?

00:46:00   You probably can.

00:46:02   But maybe you don't need to buy it like I don't know what the terms are for open source

00:46:06   software like I don't know right like I think there are a lot of cloudy questions about

00:46:11   what can be used.

00:46:13   I just feel like it'd be kind of weird if Apple went out and said yeah we scraped a

00:46:18   bunch of open source projects to train our model and it's like whereas I could imagine

00:46:24   Apple saying and we trained our model against our purest finest code from our own apps.

00:46:32   Yeah that's pure and fine all the time.

00:46:34   Hopefully it's not based on the shortcuts code but.

00:46:36   But that could be it though right that like they say like oh we started this with our

00:46:43   own apps and over time we're gonna build it out with whatever right or like we're

00:46:48   announcing today a partnership with whoever and you know like that I don't think it would

00:46:54   be very good to start with because these things need to get off the ground somehow.

00:46:57   But I could just if I thought they were going to do anything kind of new in this space this

00:47:04   feels like a place to start.

00:47:06   Yeah but also as people in the discord pointed out training against Apple's internal code

00:47:12   that would probably be a nightmare for Apple like you.

00:47:14   Well but it's not like they're just gonna let this feature free like they can they can

00:47:19   remove.

00:47:20   Could be trained could be trained against all the code snippets that they show off in

00:47:24   public at WWDC like in sessions.

00:47:26   Yeah.

00:47:27   I don't know I don't know.

00:47:28   There's there is and there is a way to keep it.

00:47:32   Yeah.

00:47:33   Clean right like there is a way like there is shipping source code all over the place

00:47:38   that you can go through like they could they have a way to make sure that they are.

00:47:44   Yeah I agree.

00:47:45   Able to just you know not have any internal code names sneak out even though that happens

00:47:49   all the time.

00:47:50   So that's two risky picks there's only one left to go.

00:47:53   The best one really.

00:47:56   The announced price of the headset will be less than $2,500.

00:48:00   So this is risky in two ways.

00:48:03   Just before you get to that this might be the shortest risky pick of all time.

00:48:08   But carry on.

00:48:08   This is risky I think Stephen in a couple of ways.

00:48:13   First everybody is saying that this is going to cost more than $3,000.

00:48:16   And second this is not shipping anytime soon and neither Mike nor I think there's any

00:48:24   reason for Apple to announce any sort of detail about pricing.

00:48:28   Whereas you think they will announce the price for the headset and it's going to cost less

00:48:33   than what everybody's projecting.

00:48:36   Can you explain your position here?

00:48:38   I just I get the sense that over $3,000 is just so much money.

00:48:45   I'm reminded of the iPad everyone thought was going to cost at least $1,000.

00:48:49   Apple came out at $4.99.

00:48:50   What should we price it at?

00:48:52   Well if you listen to the pundits we're going to price it under $1,000 which is code for

00:49:03   $9.99.

00:49:07   When we set out to develop the iPad we not only had very ambitious technical goals and

00:49:18   user interface goals but we had a very aggressive price goal.

00:49:24   Because we want to put this in the hands of lots of people.

00:49:31   And just like we were able to meet or exceed our technical goals we have met our cost goals.

00:49:41   And I am thrilled to announce to you that the iPad pricing starts not at $9.99 but at

00:49:52   just $499.

00:49:56   There has been no reporting of the price being less than $3,000 and so maybe Apple's happy

00:50:03   to have that expectation set really high and they can come and undercut it so it looks

00:50:06   less expensive.

00:50:07   Less than $2,500 still very expensive potentially but a little bit better than $3,000.

00:50:14   I can't help but think if they don't if they don't share the price I totally get it.

00:50:20   But I feel like if it's substantially less than the rumors why not have that out now?

00:50:27   And it's a risky pick right?

00:50:29   Like I understand there's risk here but there's also a sweet taste of glory just on my lips

00:50:34   with it.

00:50:34   The only argument I could probably use in favor of your pick is if you announce the

00:50:44   pricing now and it's yeah it's gonna be expensive but you give people several months to save

00:50:51   money for this purchase.

00:50:53   Whereas if you announce it in November and you say well it ships in two weeks and it's

00:50:58   gonna cost $2,500 everybody will be like oh no I really want to get this but I don't have

00:51:04   the money saved for it.

00:51:05   I don't know I go back and forth on this because on the one hand why talk about money now when

00:51:11   it's just a developer event and it's like is it gonna be final hardware we don't even

00:51:15   know.

00:51:15   On the other hand like yeah announce the pricing now let the people save money for it you know

00:51:22   months in advance and sort of be become familiar with the idea that this is gonna be a premium

00:51:30   product you know five months from now or whatever.

00:51:32   And Zach points out in the Discord he beat me to it they did announce a starting price

00:51:39   for the watch in 2014 and so much of this feels like an echo of the Apple watch.

00:51:44   I think there's room for it.

00:51:46   I don't know so my feeling on this is twofold.

00:51:49   One the iPad one is something that people bring up a lot but $1,000 to $500 that was

00:51:55   like oh that's a great price $2,500 instead of $3,000 it's still a lot of money it's not

00:52:00   like everyone's like would be like oh wow only $2,500.

00:52:05   I leave the door open to less than $2,500.

00:52:09   I know but like I don't think that there's gonna be a price that they could go to where

00:52:13   people are gonna be like shocked like they were with the iPad right it's not like this

00:52:18   thing at $2,000 is a steal right whatever it costs it's gonna be seen as expensive which

00:52:25   is why I would think that because of that do they want all the articles to be written

00:52:30   about the price when it's announced.

00:52:33   If they whatever the price is for this thing it will be very expensive yes and every article

00:52:39   will focus around the price and I'm not sure if that's what they want to do for its first

00:52:44   outing.

00:52:44   I think it's better to get that out of the way now than when consumers can actually order

00:52:49   it so say that it's $3,000 or $2,500 I agree with you not a big huge difference like the

00:52:55   iPad isn't it better to get people used to that idea months before they can buy it instead

00:53:02   of being super amped for it say they bring it out in September or October and say hey

00:53:06   these are the final features this is the this is the price you can order it next Friday

00:53:11   and then you have then you have like the sale cycle being much closer to the shock of the

00:53:17   price for people who don't pay attention to the rumors and I think if you do the blow

00:53:22   now like rip the band-aid off now people will have adjusted to it by the time it's available

00:53:28   for them to order.

00:53:31   That's very fair however when is this thing shipping what will the economic landscape

00:53:37   of the world be like then what will currency exchanges be like like strong headwinds baby

00:53:42   there could be very very strong headwinds on the headset.

00:53:44   If you're right on this one I'll be thrilled because I would love to know now plus I would

00:53:53   love it to be less than $2,500 yeah but I would be I would be surprised because I hadn't

00:54:00   thought of what event like what Federico just said like it might not be shipping hardware

00:54:05   like they might not show what it looks like it might just be like these are the capabilities

00:54:11   of it this is the operating system we're going to show you the hardware later on.

00:54:16   I doubt that too.

00:54:17   I doubt that but I don't know right.

00:54:19   I'm gonna I'm gonna be so bummed if they do that like I I hope it's I don't think they're

00:54:24   gonna do that but I hadn't considered that until you just said it yeah this one is it's

00:54:29   such a simple pick but it's very risky.

00:54:31   I think that's one reason I love it it's so like you said so short so straightforward

00:54:38   but I feel like the passion per word is very high it's concentrated.

00:54:44   The the PPW high PPW score.

00:54:48   High PPW Mike do you want to recap the risky picks?

00:54:53   I do Federico's pick is for the third and final time the next version of iPad OS will

00:54:58   introduce a brand new audio routing system with support for selecting different input

00:55:03   sources similar to Mac OS.

00:55:05   This feature will finally allow podcasters like me to record local audio while also being

00:55:11   on a FaceTime or Zoom call assuming apps add support for it.

00:55:15   I picked Apple introduces a co-pilot like feature for Xcode powered by artificial intelligence

00:55:22   or machine learning.

00:55:24   Steven picked the announced price of the headset will be less than $2,500.

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00:57:39   It is time for the Flexis.

00:57:43   I will start with the preamble.

00:57:45   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Rickeys.

00:57:48   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or

00:57:53   year.

00:57:54   Scoring is completed separately from the main game but like the Rickeys the order of picks

00:57:58   is set by the results of the previous game and ties will be broken by using dice by Peacock.

00:58:04   Please lie down as the rules are read.

00:58:14   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

00:58:17   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

00:58:20   Wrong picks do not remove any points and no partial points may be awarded.

00:58:24   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexis made by each host.

00:58:29   The winner can choose their chosen title as long as they are the winner.

00:58:33   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi and is known as King Flexi when having won both the

00:58:37   keynote and annual games.

00:58:39   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

00:58:45   I am the Attorney General Flexi and use the title Secretary of Deflex when necessary.

00:58:51   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to a charity of

00:59:00   the winner's choice.

00:59:01   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser.

00:59:06   The money must be donated on air.

00:59:09   Mike is the current winner of the keynote Flexis and the winner of the annual Flexis.

00:59:13   You may return to your seats.

00:59:16   Please announce the Archduke Flexington.

00:59:19   The Archduke of Flexington!

00:59:21   Oh, I feel like we need a trumpet.

00:59:24   The Archduke of Flexington!

00:59:28   Thank you.

00:59:29   Thank you very much.

00:59:31   Hello.

00:59:31   Hello, 'tis I Archduke Flexington to tell you my five Flexis.

00:59:39   Yes, because I was wondering if I should add more and then forgot to do that during the

00:59:45   episode.

00:59:45   So I have the prerequisite five Flexi picks.

00:59:49   The iPadOS cursor appears to have been repurposed for using iPad apps in VR.

00:59:55   How?

00:59:56   What does that mean?

00:59:58   So like, so you know how the iPadOS cursor looks, how little circle?

01:00:03   Okay.

01:00:04   That's going to track your finger as you move around iPad apps.

01:00:08   Two, no Mac Pro teaser video.

01:00:10   Well, does it mean if they don't do a teaser but they do a trailer, is that, is that, does

01:00:17   that still count?

01:00:18   No, I'm saying there's no teaser video.

01:00:20   There's no teaser video.

01:00:21   Let me ask this.

01:00:22   If our boy John Turnus gets on stage and says, hey, here's the Mac Pro.

01:00:25   Mac Pro is coming later this year.

01:00:27   Here's what it is, but there's no teaser video.

01:00:30   You get this right.

01:00:32   Yeah.

01:00:32   I'm saying there's no teaser video like they've done for the two previous Mac Pros and the

01:00:36   iMac Pro.

01:00:36   It just keeps repeating this line.

01:00:38   It doesn't want to...

01:00:40   There's no video.

01:00:40   So Federico, for the last two Mac Pros and the iMac Pros, they did this whole video showing

01:00:46   it off.

01:00:46   With like cool music.

01:00:47   [Music]

01:01:03   [Music]

01:01:25   Three, we do not know what the price of the headset will be.

01:01:29   Interesting.

01:01:30   Okay.

01:01:31   Four, the headset portion of the keynote lasts over an hour.

01:01:35   Five, heartbreak.

01:01:38   TVOS is not covered in the keynote.

01:01:40   Well, you know it's going to happen.

01:01:41   I love TVOS, right?

01:01:43   Obviously, everyone knows this about me.

01:01:45   If they spend any time talking about TVOS in this keynote, that time has been wasted.

01:01:52   Like I cannot imagine anything worthwhile of putting into WWDC keynote.

01:01:57   If they do, it better be like, oh, Netflix is in the TV app now.

01:02:02   You know what I mean?

01:02:02   Like that's the kind of level it's got to be at.

01:02:04   Otherwise, it ain't worth it.

01:02:06   Right.

01:02:06   There will be something.

01:02:07   They'll put things in TVOS.

01:02:09   I have no doubt.

01:02:10   But it won't be covered in the keynote is my pick.

01:02:13   That's my five flexes.

01:02:14   I have seven flexes.

01:02:17   Well, I have seven because I saw that Stephen had seven.

01:02:19   So I felt like I needed to match Stephen.

01:02:22   Number one, the messages app gets an easier way to send photos that does not require tapping

01:02:30   an iMessage app anymore.

01:02:32   Oh my God, please.

01:02:34   I still always open the camera.

01:02:35   Yeah, it's awful.

01:02:37   This is so annoying.

01:02:38   And there used to be like a standalone images like photos button, right?

01:02:42   There used to be like a thing that would just open the photo picker.

01:02:46   And that's what I want to come back.

01:02:48   Like don't let me.

01:02:50   And that iMessage app, sometimes it gets stuck and it doesn't attach your images to a message

01:02:56   and you need to do it again.

01:02:58   It's so bad.

01:02:58   Number two, stage manager for iPad gets support for clamshell mode with external displays.

01:03:06   It's so distracting that you want to use your iPad on an external display and you still

01:03:12   see the iPad's display right there.

01:03:15   Like it's, come on.

01:03:17   Number three, the next version of macOS is called Skyline.

01:03:21   Man, you will not stop will you with this Skyline talk.

01:03:24   Until they give me macOS Skyline, I will not stop.

01:03:28   But thankfully they're giving it to me this year.

01:03:31   So I'm happy.

01:03:33   Number four.

01:03:34   Oh wow.

01:03:36   Number four, we see at least one new dynamic island feature, right?

01:03:42   I mean, just one, even one.

01:03:45   Obviously the text of my pick number five is unfinished or it got deleted.

01:03:50   What does this mean?

01:03:52   Somebody deleted it because right now it just...

01:03:58   Right now in our document, it just says the wallet app.

01:04:06   I need some clarification.

01:04:08   I feel like you're gonna have to clarify that one.

01:04:12   Hang on, I'm digging into the...

01:04:14   Well, maybe I just, maybe I got distracted.

01:04:18   Okay, Federico, I'm going through the history and it has always just said the wallet app.

01:04:24   The wallet app gets a new design.

01:04:29   That was my pick.

01:04:31   Ah, there we go.

01:04:33   The only change is that you put a period at the end.

01:04:38   That's all that happened.

01:04:39   It was always just the wallet app and then eventually you just put a period at the end.

01:04:42   My wish is the wallet app.

01:04:44   Just whatever.

01:04:45   Now the wallet app gets a new design.

01:04:47   Please, that's the pick.

01:04:49   You know what I mostly want from the wallet app is that I don't have to press two buttons

01:04:55   to get the information from the back of the wallet pass.

01:04:58   Like that should just be there on the main screen.

01:05:00   That and also the whole design, it's just so slow to use.

01:05:04   Like I don't understand how cards get organized.

01:05:08   I want to organize them manually.

01:05:09   I want to make folders.

01:05:10   Like it doesn't need to look like my real wallet because guess what?

01:05:14   I hate my wallet and a phone should be easier to use than a physical wallet.

01:05:18   Like I don't get it.

01:05:19   Just, you know, anything works except what it is right now.

01:05:23   Number six, some new shortcuts features get covered in the state of the union.

01:05:29   And number seven.

01:05:30   Which one of the three of us is going to have to watch the state of the union?

01:05:32   I will.

01:05:34   So don't worry about it.

01:05:36   Um, okay.

01:05:37   Yeah.

01:05:37   You take one for the team.

01:05:39   Number seven, the next version of iOS brings at least again, one new AirPods related feature.

01:05:47   At least one new AirPods thing.

01:05:50   I don't know what, which is why I'm saying at least one.

01:05:52   So I also have seven.

01:05:55   Feel like we needed to up the ante a little bit this time.

01:05:58   My first one is that the keynote video runs over two hours.

01:06:06   There's no way it doesn't.

01:06:07   Yeah.

01:06:08   Yeah.

01:06:09   This next one, I went back and forth a lot.

01:06:11   The 15 inch MacBook Air will be powered by an M3.

01:06:15   Aha.

01:06:16   So they're going to introduce the M3 you think?

01:06:18   I think so.

01:06:18   With the MacBook Air.

01:06:20   They, they introduced the M2 with the MacBook Air.

01:06:23   They introduced the M1 with the MacBook Air.

01:06:25   Number three, Apple reframes an existing feature as being powered by quote AI.

01:06:32   Yeah.

01:06:34   You know, they're going to do it.

01:06:35   Let's be sad.

01:06:36   They kind of have to do it.

01:06:37   Yeah, but I don't want them to stay true.

01:06:39   They have to do it.

01:06:40   They have to do it, but it will make me sad.

01:06:42   Kevin Lynch has a major role in introducing the headset.

01:06:46   Why?

01:06:48   Because he took it over and he did the Apple watch.

01:06:52   Did he take it over?

01:06:53   Yes.

01:06:54   At some point.

01:06:54   Interesting.

01:06:55   You remember a couple of, I looked, I saw this today and I was intrigued because I didn't

01:06:59   remember that happening.

01:07:00   And then I'm not saying this is to be all and end all, but do you remember a few weeks

01:07:03   ago, Mark Goan wrote an article where he referenced every single person who was

01:07:07   significant in yeah.

01:07:09   Kevin Lynch is not in.

01:07:10   Oh, I seem to have mixed this up with the car, with the car.

01:07:15   Oh, with the car.

01:07:16   Yeah.

01:07:16   I don't remember Kevin Lynch ever being put on that product.

01:07:19   Well, so I'm excited to see how much of an impact he has.

01:07:22   I mean, I can remove it.

01:07:25   I'm really excited to see, uh, here's a guy that did not oversee this project.

01:07:35   He's got a major impact on the show.

01:07:37   I think I only have, I think I only have six.

01:07:41   Yeah.

01:07:42   So yeah.

01:07:43   Wow.

01:07:44   What happened there?

01:07:45   Oh, another editing error has occurred in our document and there's now a complete.

01:07:50   Yeah.

01:07:50   It said, uh, it said Tim Cook the whole time.

01:07:52   Aren't I a good, good friend?

01:07:55   What if your pick just said Kevin Lynch?

01:07:58   Oh no.

01:08:05   Just what about Kevin Lynch has a role appears a wild Kevin Lynch appeared.

01:08:12   You could, if you still, if you care about Kevin Lynch that much, he might still be doing

01:08:17   the watch over spot.

01:08:18   I know they gave that to Jeff too.

01:08:19   Didn't they?

01:08:20   Jeff Williams just gobble, gobble, gobble, but taking all the roles.

01:08:25   That's that's Jeff Williams.

01:08:27   So what are you going to do?

01:08:29   You're going to keep it.

01:08:30   I want to remove it.

01:08:31   No, keep Kevin.

01:08:34   Steven, this is for Jared Cook.

01:08:39   Has a major role.

01:08:40   Can't you pick anybody else?

01:08:46   Come on.

01:08:48   Jeff Williams.

01:08:49   Even yeah, Jeff Williams is better than Tim Cook.

01:08:53   Jeff Williams has a major role in introducing the headset.

01:08:55   There you go.

01:08:56   There you go.

01:08:57   Okay.

01:08:57   If Kevin Lynch introduces the headset, you're gonna be so mad.

01:09:02   I iPadOS 17 gains lock screen customization.

01:09:06   Should.

01:09:06   Yeah.

01:09:07   Yep.

01:09:07   It's a year behind.

01:09:09   Number six, we see a Mac pro preview.

01:09:12   Okay.

01:09:12   So with this last two, I see your seat.

01:09:14   You're going against both of us.

01:09:17   Okay.

01:09:17   I am.

01:09:18   Okay.

01:09:18   Number seven, the next version of Mac OS is not called skyline.

01:09:23   Oh yeah.

01:09:24   Right.

01:09:25   Because it should be named after another boring California thing that nobody knows

01:09:29   instead of a cool word that resonates worldwide like skyline.

01:09:33   Right.

01:09:34   They're just going to call it.

01:09:35   What?

01:09:36   Mac OS Santa Clara.

01:09:37   What are they going to call it?

01:09:39   Like Mac OS.

01:09:40   That would be too well known.

01:09:41   Well, yeah, exactly.

01:09:43   That's even too well known.

01:09:44   Mac OS name of a Hill somewhere.

01:09:50   And it's like a big deal.

01:09:52   You know how for California people, when they hear a thunder, that's like, Oh, thunder is

01:09:57   like, yeah, guys, nature exists.

01:10:00   And it's like, okay, I don't know where he's going now.

01:10:03   We've lost him.

01:10:04   We've lost Federico.

01:10:05   He's gone now.

01:10:06   It's like to anybody in Europe.

01:10:09   That's like a totally normal thing, but they're like, Oh guys, we have a mountain.

01:10:14   Let's, let's name the operating system after a mountain.

01:10:17   And it's like, yeah, that's nice.

01:10:19   That's cute.

01:10:20   You got a mountain.

01:10:21   I'm going to go with Mac OS interstate two eight.

01:10:26   Those on the Apple maps logo the whole time.

01:10:28   Yeah, it's been right there.

01:10:31   It's been looking at us the whole time.

01:10:32   Well, that brings us to the end of the flexes.

01:10:36   We'll be grading these in person together next week at WVDC.

01:10:43   Oh, by the way, there was a reason that I didn't have enough time to think of two flexes.

01:10:48   No, welcome back to the quizzes.

01:10:54   Where I'm Mike Hurley quiz my connected co-hosts randomly and by surprise on a variety of varying

01:11:00   subjects.

01:11:01   It's the end of the show.

01:11:02   For 2023, we currently stand at the scoring of Steven with 1,540 points and Federico with

01:11:11   1,620 points.

01:11:14   This is after our members special where the points changed.

01:11:18   You can go to get connected, wait pro get connected pro.co is where you can go to sign

01:11:25   up and hear our members special where we did a full passionate ones episode.

01:11:30   So I have just two questions for the quizzes this time.

01:11:33   This came to me in a moment of inspiration in a moment of inspiration for each of these.

01:11:39   There are 150 points available.

01:11:43   Now you may think Mike you're inflating the scores again because I've been trying to keep

01:11:46   it to tens.

01:11:47   But there's a very good reason for this because we're going to see how much you believe in

01:11:54   yourselves and if you're willing to put points on the line.

01:11:58   I have two questions.

01:11:59   Question number one is who will win the Ricky's?

01:12:01   Question number two is who will win the flexes?

01:12:04   I want each of you to answer who you think is going to win both the Ricky's and the flexes.

01:12:10   If you're right, you will gain 150 points.

01:12:13   You gain no points if it was you that was right.

01:12:16   It's only who you pick.

01:12:17   You can pick yourself and you will get those points.

01:12:20   But there are 150 points on the line.

01:12:22   Oh my God, we're playing against ourselves.

01:12:24   You could be playing against yourself.

01:12:26   If you believe in yourself that much, you can say yourself and you will get the points

01:12:29   if you win.

01:12:30   But if you think somebody else has a better chance of winning, you may as well say it

01:12:34   because you'll get 150 points in the quizzes.

01:12:36   Stephen, who do you think will win the Ricky's?

01:12:39   Me.

01:12:40   Oh, Stephen's betting on himself.

01:12:42   Okay.

01:12:42   Okay.

01:12:44   Federico, who do you think will win the Ricky's?

01:12:46   I will win the Ricky's.

01:12:48   Wow, you too.

01:12:49   All right.

01:12:51   Stephen, who's going to win the flexes?

01:12:53   Me.

01:12:53   Look, you seriously wanted us to play a game about self-confidence?

01:12:58   Yeah.

01:13:00   Federico, who do you think is going to win the flexes?

01:13:02   I will win the flexes.

01:13:03   I mean, you both have more than me.

01:13:05   Like I was the easy pick.

01:13:06   All right.

01:13:06   Fair enough.

01:13:07   There are 150 points on the line.

01:13:09   The two of them only believe in themselves.

01:13:11   We'll find out what happens next time.

01:13:13   That was the quizzes.

01:13:14   Thank you for listening.

01:13:15   If you want to find links to the couple stories we spoke about and the scorecards for this

01:13:23   wonderful event, check out the links in the show notes at relay.fm/connected/452.

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01:13:35   It's just five bucks a month.

01:13:36   You can find us all online.

01:13:38   Federico is the editor-in-chief of maxstories.net, where they are promising

01:13:44   wall-to-wall coverage of WBC.

01:13:46   I am super excited that the Max Stories team is going to be on the ground together,

01:13:50   just like we are.

01:13:51   It's going to be a whole group hug situation at WBC.

01:13:55   Family reunion.

01:13:57   That's right.

01:13:57   You can find Federico on Mastodon as Vitici at maxstories.net.

01:14:04   You can find Mike on a bunch of other shows here on relay.fm.

01:14:07   Mike, what are y'all doing for upgrade next week?

01:14:10   Do you know yet?

01:14:11   We're going to be recording at Apple Park,

01:14:14   kind of, I think, probably during the State of the Union.

01:14:19   Right now, our time is 1.45pm, subject to change.

01:14:27   We'll be recording that live.

01:14:29   You'll be able to listen to that at relay.fm/live.

01:14:33   And I think there may also be an overflow stream or something,

01:14:36   depending on if the stream goes down.

01:14:38   We're not sure about that yet, but we'll be posting about it

01:14:41   on Mastodon and in the Discord.

01:14:43   So yeah, that's going to be on Monday,

01:14:45   but that will be available on Monday as always.

01:14:48   You can find me on MacPowerUsers here on relay.fm,

01:14:51   and I write over at 512pixels.net.

01:14:54   And Mike and I also are both on Mastodon.

01:14:56   He is imike@mike.social, and I am ismh@eworld.social.

01:15:02   I did thank our sponsors this week, CleanMyMacX, Indeed,

01:15:06   and Notion.

01:15:07   And until next time, when we're together, boys, say goodbye.

01:15:10   Adi Conti. Cheerio. Bye y'all.