453: By the Meat of Your Teeth


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00:00:08   From relay.fm, this is Connected, episode 453. Today's show is brought to you by ExpressVPN,

00:00:15   CleanMyMac X, and Fast Growing Trees. I'm one of your hosts, Federico Vittucci, coming to you

00:00:20   directly from Apple Park in the Apple Podcasts studio, and it's my pleasure to introduce for this

00:00:27   very special episode, my friend that I see now after four years, Mr. Steven Hackett. Hello.

00:00:33   Hello, you weren't as tall as I remembered you being.

00:00:36   No, I'm taller.

00:00:37   He is taller because he's wearing big shoes.

00:00:39   No, no, I don't have heels. I told you the other day.

00:00:43   Hello, Steven.

00:00:45   Hello, buddy.

00:00:46   Hi.

00:00:47   And we are joined in between us, Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:50   Hold my hands, boys.

00:00:51   Why are they sweating?

00:00:53   Well, because we're doing a show right now. I get sweaty when we're doing a show.

00:00:56   I am uncomfortable with Federico's, like, energy.

00:01:00   Why?

00:01:00   I feel like he's up to something.

00:01:02   I don't like it.

00:01:03   There is an energy. There is an energy in this podcast space right now,

00:01:06   and it's coming from Federico. But we have things to do, right?

00:01:09   We do.

00:01:10   Okay.

00:01:10   We start a follow-up.

00:01:12   Please.

00:01:13   That's what we do.

00:01:14   Follow-up.

00:01:14   The most important follow-up is that we're together, and that's very nice.

00:01:17   Yes.

00:01:17   It's very good to see everybody.

00:01:19   Yeah.

00:01:20   I got Mike a gift that I gave him earlier.

00:01:22   Yep.

00:01:23   I saw him at the hotel.

00:01:24   Yep.

00:01:24   How is the-

00:01:26   It sucks.

00:01:27   Do you have a gift for me?

00:01:29   No. Do you remember? I don't know if it was last week.

00:01:31   That, like, replacement for the PopSocket, the Osnap thing.

00:01:34   Yeah.

00:01:34   So Stephen bought one of those and brought it for me.

00:01:36   It is maybe the flimsiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

00:01:39   It was a disaster.

00:01:40   I don't know how- this was recommended as something people use.

00:01:43   I would not want to hold my $1,000 phone with this thing,

00:01:47   because I'm convinced it will just shear straight off.

00:01:50   So, yes, that's not going to work for me.

00:01:51   Wait. So you've seen me after four years, and you've brought me nothing?

00:01:54   That is also actually a really good point.

00:01:55   Did you get him a gift?

00:01:57   It's for after the show.

00:01:58   Oh, hello.

00:01:58   Oh.

00:01:59   He's gonna give you a massage or something.

00:02:02   We're having dinner tonight.

00:02:04   All right, cool.

00:02:05   Dim's on Stephen.

00:02:06   We nailed it.

00:02:07   I got the company card. Let's go.

00:02:08   Let's do it.

00:02:09   Let's do it.

00:02:10   We do have bigger fish to fry?

00:02:13   We do.

00:02:13   All right.

00:02:14   We have some picks to score.

00:02:16   We will start the reading of the rules.

00:02:20   The Ricky's is a game connected hosts play before Apple keynotes at the beginning of a new year,

00:02:24   trying to predict future events.

00:02:27   It is made up of three rounds.

00:02:28   Each host makes two regular picks, followed by a risky pick.

00:02:32   There are two types of Ricky's annual Ricky's and keynote Ricky's.

00:02:37   The winner of the annual Ricky's is named the annual chairman.

00:02:40   This position is awarded every January.

00:02:43   The keynote Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman.

00:02:46   This position is held until the next keynote.

00:02:49   That's the one we're playing today.

00:02:51   After the Ricky's, the host then play a game called the flexies.

00:02:54   These two games are separate, but related.

00:02:57   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:02:59   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:03:11   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording,

00:03:16   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:03:18   Correct risky picks are worth two points,

00:03:21   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host total.

00:03:25   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:03:30   A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored by the publications of record

00:03:35   nine to five Mac or Mac rumors.

00:03:37   Picks made for the keynote Ricky's cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:03:43   The annual Ricky's have their own subset of rules.

00:03:47   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick, they cannot reuse it in that calendar year.

00:03:51   Additionally, picks may not be used in back to back annual Ricky's by the same host.

00:03:56   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:04:00   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:04:05   In the event of a tie, dice by pCalc must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:04:13   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Ricky's.

00:04:17   Coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed, but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:04:25   For keynote Ricky's, the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes

00:04:30   when the picks are scored.

00:04:31   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:04:38   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:04:40   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:04:44   The previous loser goes last.

00:04:46   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:04:51   As a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman and Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:04:57   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:05:01   These sites also have pages about managing your own score keeping at home.

00:05:06   You may be seated.

00:05:09   So we're going to start in round one.

00:05:11   That's where you begin in these things.

00:05:12   - Usually.

00:05:13   - You could do round robin and start with two.

00:05:15   - That's a different set of rules.

00:05:17   Federico, you are up first.

00:05:19   - Mm-hmm.

00:05:20   - Your first pick.

00:05:21   - All right.

00:05:22   So my first pick for the game that we all play.

00:05:25   - Do you forget the name?

00:05:26   - No, I ain't wrong.

00:05:28   - Okay.

00:05:28   You know this thing.

00:05:29   - Say it.

00:05:29   Prove that you know the name.

00:05:31   - What's the name of the game?

00:05:31   - I'm not going to say it.

00:05:32   - He doesn't know the name.

00:05:33   - Have you forgotten the name?

00:05:35   - No, I know that it's called the Ricky's.

00:05:38   - Okay.

00:05:40   - I just wanted to create an energy of mystery.

00:05:41   - Okay.

00:05:44   Oh, I've missed doing this.

00:05:48   Oh, I've missed this.

00:05:49   - So it's fine.

00:05:51   - No, this is good.

00:05:52   No, that was a good one.

00:05:53   - You're round one pick.

00:05:54   - I get it.

00:05:55   You're a fan.

00:05:55   - I'm a big fan.

00:05:56   - Yeah.

00:05:56   - Wow.

00:05:57   - So I said the health app gets mood tracking and an iPad version.

00:06:02   - Yeah.

00:06:03   - Don't we have that thing?

00:06:04   - I forgot to pack it.

00:06:05   - Oh, come on.

00:06:07   - Ding.

00:06:08   - But there's no harmonizing.

00:06:09   - Ding.

00:06:11   - There are people in this room right now and they have no idea what is going on.

00:06:18   - We apologize.

00:06:19   - I am sorry.

00:06:20   - We promise people listen to our show.

00:06:22   - So in the future ones, we will harmonize and then you can ding.

00:06:25   - Okay.

00:06:25   - Anyway, I said the health app gets mood tracking and an iPad version.

00:06:30   And both of those things came true.

00:06:32   I believe they first showed the iPad version.

00:06:35   So health running on the iPad, which is basically what we were expecting.

00:06:39   Like there's a sidebar, there's a grid of the different data points, charts, and all

00:06:43   of that.

00:06:43   And then later as part of the mental health features, which by the way, I'm really happy

00:06:47   to see and to see Apple on, you know, prime time, keynote time saying mental health is

00:06:52   just as important.

00:06:52   - They spent a long time on that.

00:06:53   - They spent a long time on that.

00:06:56   Super happy to see it.

00:06:57   But they showed off this new way of sort of tracking your emotions and logging your mood

00:07:02   and how you're feeling, what you're feeling.

00:07:04   That was great.

00:07:05   And for this reason, I get a point.

00:07:07   - So they showed that as part of the Apple Watch part.

00:07:10   - Yeah.

00:07:10   - But it is one of those things.

00:07:11   I'm not saying it's one of those things where it is everywhere.

00:07:14   It's like, you know how they're like, it's on everything, but they just show it where

00:07:17   it's most relevant.

00:07:18   But they should...

00:07:19   And I like the way it looked on the Apple Watch.

00:07:20   I think it made sense.

00:07:21   Visually, it's like you would scroll through the different emotions and moods and put them

00:07:27   in.

00:07:27   - Yeah.

00:07:28   I thought it was great.

00:07:28   I mean, depression, anxiety are things a lot of people deal with.

00:07:31   I definitely have them in my past and sometimes present, depending on how long that countdown

00:07:37   timer goes across the room, make it worse.

00:07:39   But I think they're handling all that as you would expect.

00:07:43   Apple handles all this really well.

00:07:45   And I think the UI is very approachable.

00:07:47   Like you could do this, you can be very comfortable with it.

00:07:50   I was super glad to see you get this point because I think we've talked for years about

00:07:54   mental health needing to be an aspect to these products.

00:07:59   I'm glad they've done it.

00:08:00   - Yeah, I think it's like the meditation app is part of it and Breathe is part of it.

00:08:04   But now it's like, this is like a full-on thing.

00:08:07   Like I don't remember the names, but there's like the survey quiz of things that you can

00:08:10   take, which help assess kind of depression, anxiety, and stress levels, which is more

00:08:15   than just the mood tracking.

00:08:16   So it was like a twofer.

00:08:18   Shall I just do mine?

00:08:18   Because before we go to talk about it, right?

00:08:20   - Yeah.

00:08:21   - So my round one pick was that the headset is unveiled.

00:08:24   - No, this is not a point.

00:08:25   I didn't see a headset.

00:08:26   What's a headset?

00:08:27   - Thank you.

00:08:30   - It's not called a headset.

00:08:32   - But did you know what it was called then?

00:08:34   - Yes.

00:08:34   - You knew it was called Apple Vision Pro?

00:08:38   - It was gonna be called Apple Vision Pro.

00:08:39   - If you've known for months, then potentially that invalidates.

00:08:42   - I helped the decision-making.

00:08:44   - That's really good.

00:08:44   Is anyone gonna burst out of a closet and like stop you from saying what you're saying?

00:08:48   - No, no, no, no.

00:08:49   I'm all clear.

00:08:50   - Let's just stop with this a second.

00:08:51   You actually tried it today.

00:08:52   - Yes.

00:08:53   - And I don't think we have the time today to go through it all.

00:08:59   But like, can you give us some top line?

00:09:01   - I posted this on Mastodon.

00:09:05   It is, generally speaking, the most mind-blowing moment of my 14-year career.

00:09:12   I have never felt using a technology product what I experienced today before.

00:09:19   Like, it's hard to describe until you try it.

00:09:23   - Yeah.

00:09:23   - And it was a pretty self-contained demo.

00:09:27   30 minutes, they take you through this bunch of features.

00:09:30   But it's so different from any other VR headset.

00:09:36   It's so different, obviously, from trying ARKit on your phone, right?

00:09:42   It kind of hits you in a way.

00:09:46   And I don't know, speaking for me, it hit me

00:09:49   when I tried the immersive video stuff that they show off and the spatial photos and video.

00:09:55   It makes you...

00:09:58   Maybe this is kind of a scary thought, but it made me feel like really good.

00:10:05   Anyway, it made me feel...

00:10:09   It felt nice being in there.

00:10:12   - What does that mean?

00:10:13   - Like I didn't want to take it off.

00:10:16   - No, but also they want...

00:10:18   - This is what we're getting.

00:10:19   It's like sci-fi movies.

00:10:20   They weren't your memories, but you still liked them.

00:10:23   So there is that idea of like...

00:10:26   Because that's the whole risk with this stuff, right?

00:10:27   - Yep.

00:10:28   - It's the whole metaverse thing.

00:10:30   - Yep.

00:10:30   - Like, do you create a world that's not too nice to live in?

00:10:35   - Get out.

00:10:35   - You said you named it.

00:10:37   When it comes to crimes currently in this episode, you are the highest crime level.

00:10:41   - Yeah, that's why I'm saying get out.

00:10:42   - You did it?

00:10:42   - Yes.

00:10:43   - So I feel like that is something to contend with,

00:10:48   and we will be talking about that for a long time of like...

00:10:51   How...

00:10:53   - How to balance all of that.

00:10:55   - Yes.

00:10:56   - Yeah.

00:10:56   - And also, is it bad?

00:11:00   Right?

00:11:01   Because throughout history of like, oh, the kid's reading too many books,

00:11:06   the kid's watching too much TV, right?

00:11:08   But like we've, as times moved on, it's like, yeah, but that's fine though.

00:11:11   - But to be fair, what's also impressive about it is that it always defaults,

00:11:16   and it always goes back to showing the world around you.

00:11:20   - It's an AR first device.

00:11:21   - It's an AR first device, and you can see that all throughout the experience.

00:11:25   It always goes back to making you present in the room, in the space, and censoring you.

00:11:33   - And censoring you.

00:11:33   - Yeah.

00:11:33   - And when somebody starts talking to you, you can see them right away.

00:11:38   It's really incredible.

00:11:40   And I do believe that once this thing ships next year, it'll be this moment in time where...

00:11:48   And hopefully, if you forget a demo at some point, once you try it,

00:11:55   I'm 100% convinced that you will think that there's a moment before this and after this.

00:12:00   - Okay.

00:12:01   Well, my moment after this is after this.

00:12:03   - Well...

00:12:03   - I'm going to try it literally after this.

00:12:06   So my before moment is now, right now.

00:12:09   - Right now.

00:12:10   - My after moment is after this.

00:12:12   - Your pre-vision.

00:12:12   - Yes, my pre-vision.

00:12:15   - Mic pre-vision.

00:12:16   - I like it.

00:12:16   - All right.

00:12:18   So anyway, you get a point.

00:12:19   - Oh, thank you.

00:12:20   - Yes.

00:12:21   - Okay.

00:12:21   - Yes.

00:12:21   - Cool.

00:12:22   My round one pick, Apple will announce a 15-inch MacBook Air.

00:12:27   - You want to hum and you hum and all, ding?

00:12:30   - Yeah.

00:12:30   - Hum.

00:12:31   - Ding.

00:12:32   - What are we doing?

00:12:34   - Yeah.

00:12:35   - I've played around with one of these.

00:12:38   - Yeah, how is it?

00:12:39   - It is a bigger MacBook Air.

00:12:42   Looks like a MacBook Pro, but it doesn't have the speakers, which makes it look strange

00:12:46   when it's open because it's like you think it's one thing, but it isn't.

00:12:50   You know, like just the visual language of it.

00:12:52   - You could add your own speaker holes later, I'm sure.

00:12:54   - Very carefully, you could.

00:12:55   But the thing that struck me the most is how light it is for a 15-inch laptop.

00:13:01   - So it really, I've been curious about this because I use a 14-inch MacBook Pro, I've

00:13:05   had the M2 Air, and I kind of thought like, well, is it going to kind of be in between?

00:13:10   But talking to you and other people who have seen it, it really seems like it is really

00:13:14   just a slightly larger Air.

00:13:16   - Mm-hmm.

00:13:16   - And that's great because the M2 Air, I mean, you're...

00:13:18   - They didn't even give it a new chip.

00:13:20   - Yeah, you have one in your lap, it's the perfect laptop.

00:13:22   The M2 Air is gold stars all the way down.

00:13:25   - Yeah, and I feel like that the 15 is just like a bit more, right?

00:13:30   I think it is more for the person who, where the laptop is their main device.

00:13:34   Like, I remember back to like when me and Idina first started dating, she was in a flat-sharing

00:13:39   situation, so she just had like a small room in a place in London.

00:13:42   And when we would watch shows, we'd just watch them on a laptop, she didn't have a TV.

00:13:46   And the common space wasn't somewhere that we would watch TV because there were like

00:13:49   three people that lived there.

00:13:50   - Right.

00:13:51   - And so it felt like, well, a bigger laptop in that scenario just means we have a bigger

00:13:55   screen to watch movies on or whatever.

00:13:57   It's like I think back to those kinds of things.

00:13:59   - Yeah, and that's how a lot, I mean, a lot of people, their notebook is their only computer.

00:14:03   They got a notebook and a phone.

00:14:04   - And potentially their only screen is where they watch their TV shows.

00:14:07   - That's how we were, I mean, for years.

00:14:09   - Yeah, I think we've all had that time in our lives, right?

00:14:11   - Do you have a TV now?

00:14:12   - This was before we had a home together when we were just dating.

00:14:16   - When Mike was on the streets.

00:14:18   - When we were in our dating part of our relationship.

00:14:20   I know that for both of you, it was a very long time ago, the dating part.

00:14:25   - It's true.

00:14:25   - It's 10 years for me and Idina to see it this December.

00:14:28   - My 16th wedding anniversary was three days ago.

00:14:31   I'm very old.

00:14:32   - And then how long were you dating before that?

00:14:34   - We dated for five and a half years.

00:14:37   - That's like 21 years?

00:14:39   - Yeah, our relationship can drink.

00:14:40   - Oh, that's so long though.

00:14:41   - She kept up with you for 21 years?

00:14:45   - Your relationship is old enough to drink.

00:14:47   - She didn't, I already made that joke.

00:14:49   She didn't know about the weird mat collecting until we were married.

00:14:53   - You should have been upfront about that.

00:14:54   - You should have been upfront about that.

00:14:55   It's like a catfish situation.

00:14:56   - No, it was like, oh, you know, I study a journalist.

00:14:59   - I'm gonna be a journalist.

00:15:02   - I'm gonna be a reporter.

00:15:04   - But actually I just have a room with a bunch of old computers in it.

00:15:09   What a letdown.

00:15:10   This is unnecessary, really.

00:15:16   Do you see what I put up with?

00:15:18   Do you see?

00:15:18   Dear listener, people in this room, they harass me.

00:15:21   - No, this is not.

00:15:23   - I'm your elder.

00:15:24   - So you are finally admitting to being an old guy.

00:15:28   - You're older than you.

00:15:29   - You're the older, not elder.

00:15:31   - Are you older or older?

00:15:32   - Round two.

00:15:33   Federico, you're up.

00:15:35   - I said Apple introduces a brand new journaling app.

00:15:39   - No, this didn't change around.

00:15:43   It's always you.

00:15:44   - It's very confusing.

00:15:45   - Anyway, yeah.

00:15:46   So, oh, also there was some non-graded details.

00:15:50   - Which you nailed.

00:15:52   - Which I nailed, location features for friends, ability to take notes and attach images,

00:15:57   maybe integration with music, question mark.

00:16:00   - So I think Jason was telling me about this.

00:16:03   The friends stuff isn't based on location like we thought.

00:16:07   - Yeah, it's not.

00:16:08   - It's based on other pieces of information.

00:16:09   - We were in the briefing together when he asked.

00:16:10   - Oh, really?

00:16:11   - Yeah.

00:16:11   - And so you can maybe correct me if I'm wrong, but what he was telling me is it's based on

00:16:15   things like text messages and calls and photos, not like Find My, which was what the original

00:16:20   owner suggested.

00:16:22   - Yeah, it doesn't have integration with people, but not how we were expecting it to be.

00:16:27   But yeah, so journal, which is not in the, so I have iOS 17 on this form.

00:16:31   - Of course you do.

00:16:32   - But, right.

00:16:33   But it's not here, journal, and it's coming later this year.

00:16:38   So I'm getting the free form vibe for it.

00:16:41   It's gonna be a couple of months later, maybe.

00:16:43   - Which is a shame because it's actually the thing I'm most excited about.

00:16:46   Second thing I'm second most excited about on iOS 17 is the journal.

00:16:50   - What's the first?

00:16:50   - What's the first?

00:16:51   - Emoji stickers as tap backs.

00:16:52   - Oh, he's gonna be insufferable.

00:16:54   - Oh my God.

00:16:55   - But it's perfect, right?

00:16:56   - Well, why not?

00:16:56   - Who doesn't want that?

00:16:57   I'm just gonna do tap back.

00:16:57   - Let me just text Craig real quick and ask him to pull it.

00:17:00   - Oh, yeah, look at this.

00:17:00   Why is he doing this?

00:17:01   - He's gonna, hey bud.

00:17:02   - He keeps picking.

00:17:02   He's been in this room too long.

00:17:04   - Yeah.

00:17:04   - Yeah.

00:17:04   - I think that's the problem.

00:17:05   - I've been here too long.

00:17:06   I now work here.

00:17:07   - Oh, congratulations.

00:17:09   - Yeah.

00:17:09   - That's really good.

00:17:10   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:17:11   This is my team.

00:17:12   - Oh.

00:17:12   - Are they all looking at you now?

00:17:15   - Is John still here?

00:17:15   - Hey, John.

00:17:16   - John, come get your boy, John.

00:17:18   - Oh.

00:17:19   - That is gonna be interesting to see how much developers can sort of donate

00:17:26   moments or suggestions to journal because I saw that from the Apple integration,

00:17:33   you really get like this gallery of like activities that you can pick and say,

00:17:37   yeah, I wanna add this to my journal.

00:17:39   I'm not sure if the third-party integration will be as visually rich as that,

00:17:45   or if it'd be like a more simple thing, but regardless, I think it's gonna be

00:17:49   really fun to have.

00:17:50   Imagine like having your exercise app or a third-party podcast player,

00:17:55   like all of that sort of going into journal, which is why I think third-party journaling

00:18:00   apps will have real struggle in terms of matching this kind of integrations.

00:18:07   - Hmm.

00:18:07   - I'm interested to see how it works, like things going in and the potential stuff

00:18:14   going out, but I like it.

00:18:15   - I kind of view it, and we'll see how it plays out, but in my mind, it's kind of like

00:18:19   the notes extension, right?

00:18:20   You can send stuff to notes.

00:18:22   I know Mike and I, at least, we each keep sort of a running log of like when

00:18:27   amazing things have happened in our career or in life, right?

00:18:30   Someone at night says, "We're very sad people and we need affirmation."

00:18:33   And we've just saved those things over the years.

00:18:36   Like, "Yeah, it's like, oh, this is cool Macedon thing.

00:18:38   Just send it over here."

00:18:39   Like, I hope that it's sort of that level of integration where it's not a big song

00:18:45   and dance every time.

00:18:46   - Yeah.

00:18:46   - Up next.

00:18:47   - WatchOS 10 gets widgets.

00:18:49   - Hmm.

00:18:50   - Hmm.

00:18:51   - Ding.

00:18:52   - Okay.

00:18:53   That was my pick, is that there will be widgets as part of WatchOS.

00:18:58   - Yeah.

00:18:58   - It was something that we were gonna see added, and it's not necessarily the way I expected,

00:19:05   but I like it, right?

00:19:07   So there are...

00:19:08   I was kind of imagining more, more like glances, like that you would swipe up and see the widgets.

00:19:16   - Same.

00:19:16   - But really it's like they're doing it in a different way where like you can do kind

00:19:22   of like the scroll up and the widgets will appear.

00:19:25   - It's not super dissimilar from the way the Siri watch faces laid out.

00:19:29   I think it's better.

00:19:30   - It looks very visually reminiscent of that.

00:19:32   - And my favorite thing about it is that you can have a widget with complications inside of it.

00:19:37   - Yeah.

00:19:38   - Because some of my...

00:19:38   - It's the widget widget.

00:19:39   - Yeah, because some of my favorite watch faces I don't use very often because they don't have

00:19:44   enough complication slots.

00:19:45   - Yeah.

00:19:46   - Because I'm a big info boy, I wanna know what's going on.

00:19:48   And I'm very excited to see how that pans out.

00:19:52   And I think it's interesting that it's done by app intent.

00:19:55   So something like your weather app can sort of bubble up to the top when something's going on.

00:19:59   And if you're following a sports game, maybe that's at the top.

00:20:02   I'm excited to see how that plays out.

00:20:04   And I think it's an opportunity.

00:20:05   We had the same thing with widgets on the phone a couple of years ago where app developers

00:20:11   can surface their apps beyond just being kind of in jail behind their icon, right?

00:20:17   And so these apps can bring information to me throughout the day.

00:20:20   I'm super excited about it.

00:20:23   And I'm glad they went this route as opposed to like a today view or something with kind

00:20:27   of widgets off to the side somewhere.

00:20:29   - I think I'm not sure about, I know you can pin some, but like I just wanna see realistically

00:20:33   how am I gonna want stuff moving around all the time like in like flow.

00:20:40   - Sure.

00:20:40   - Like if I, do I really wanna know what the weather's like right now even though the watch

00:20:43   one sits on?

00:20:43   - I do, always.

00:20:44   - I know you do, you're a big weather boy.

00:20:46   But you know, so it's interesting, but I like that they added it.

00:20:49   Widgets are everywhere now.

00:20:50   - Everywhere.

00:20:51   - And so, but, and I think that this is good for watchOS 10, but I will say it was, I think

00:20:56   less of a redesign for watchOS 10 than I was maybe thinking it might be, but there was still

00:21:00   a lot there.

00:21:00   They've also done like the kind of complication like design inside of apps, which is nice too.

00:21:06   - Yeah.

00:21:06   - So I'm intrigued to see how it's gonna.

00:21:08   - Yeah.

00:21:10   - Go on a panel.

00:21:10   - Something I talked about on Mac power users is that I wanted watchOS to take better advantage

00:21:16   of the ultra screen, right?

00:21:18   Like this big, beautiful screen.

00:21:19   And even the regular watches have gotten bigger over time.

00:21:21   And this new design language pushing everything to the edge, there's a lot more color everywhere.

00:21:25   I think this is gonna feel much more vibrant and modern.

00:21:28   You know, when watchOS started, you had big bezels.

00:21:32   It was really important to keep power down.

00:21:33   So everything was black on the OLED screen.

00:21:35   And now we're at a point where we have the battery life and the power to do these things

00:21:39   that are more visually interesting.

00:21:41   So yeah, it's not a complete overhaul, but what they've shown so far, I think is really

00:21:45   attractive looking.

00:21:47   And it's the first year I've ever been tempted to do a watchOS beta.

00:21:50   - Yeah.

00:21:50   - I'm afraid of it.

00:21:51   - Oh boy.

00:21:52   - But yeah, they do it.

00:21:53   - Oh boy.

00:21:54   I don't know.

00:21:55   All right.

00:21:55   Your round two pick.

00:21:57   - My round two pick.

00:21:58   The phrase, "One more thing will be used before the headset is announced."

00:22:02   Ding.

00:22:04   - Yeah, you were correct.

00:22:06   And I was saying this to Steven earlier, like when we're watching it in the large audience

00:22:12   that we were in, it was feeling like it was building to a moment.

00:22:16   Like the pacing of the keynote was very good in general as fast, but that kind of just

00:22:23   before the Vision Pro, I'm really struggling to get that name right.

00:22:28   But like just before that was announced, it felt like there was like a tension building.

00:22:34   - I had it just by myself in my office.

00:22:36   - So that was definitely a thing that was built.

00:22:39   - I was like, "Oh, it's coming."

00:22:40   The pacing of it, it's like, "We're going to go back to Tim."

00:22:44   And when he was in the Steve Jobs Theater, it's like, "Oh boy, it's coming."

00:22:48   You know, that space feels reserved.

00:22:51   And it's also where he announced 5G with the Verizon guy.

00:22:54   But normally it's reserved for like these big moments.

00:22:56   - In this age.

00:22:57   - Yeah.

00:22:58   - Yeah, it's a phrase we've often used at Apple.

00:23:00   You know, my predecessors.

00:23:02   - This is his thing for the day.

00:23:04   - There's such a deep history.

00:23:05   - Your predecessors.

00:23:06   - Are you running a fever?

00:23:07   What is wrong with you?

00:23:08   - Hey, have you ever wondered what this pocket, this tiny pocket in jeans is for?

00:23:12   - Oh, it's given an iPod Nano joke.

00:23:14   - It is an iPod Nano joke.

00:23:15   - Have you ever wondered what this pocket is for?

00:23:16   - No.

00:23:17   - Yeah, I wanted to put something in here today, but like it doesn't fit in there.

00:23:22   - Okay.

00:23:23   - And so I had to put it in the other pocket.

00:23:25   - Is this going somewhere?

00:23:26   - Yeah.

00:23:27   - I'm so afraid.

00:23:28   - Yeah.

00:23:28   - What is it?

00:23:29   - So I really wanted to put it in here for the show of it.

00:23:31   - Okay.

00:23:32   - I have an iPod.

00:23:33   I bought an iPod.

00:23:36   - Okay.

00:23:36   - But it's a phone.

00:23:37   - Okay.

00:23:38   - So...

00:23:38   - Are you getting it yet?

00:23:39   - This is what I've been using to listen to music.

00:23:42   - Oh yeah, I knew about this.

00:23:43   - Yeah.

00:23:44   - But I wanted to show it to you in person and the audience didn't.

00:23:47   - Yeah, so this is a iPhone 12 mini?

00:23:50   - Yeah.

00:23:50   - This is an iPhone 12 mini.

00:23:52   - Okay.

00:23:52   - Where I put an iPod wallpaper on.

00:23:54   - Uh-huh.

00:23:55   - And I use it as my music player now.

00:23:57   - Okay.

00:23:58   - Yeah.

00:23:58   - And I just think it's a cool thing that I've done.

00:24:00   - Okay.

00:24:01   - And I'm very proud of it.

00:24:02   - So you have day phone, night phone is what you've done.

00:24:05   - Yes.

00:24:06   - I've been using two phones for like two months at this point.

00:24:10   - As Apple executives often do.

00:24:11   - Right.

00:24:11   - And we've been running iOS 17 for a while on the phone.

00:24:17   - You have to stop.

00:24:18   - You have to stop this.

00:24:19   - No, why?

00:24:20   I don't see why.

00:24:22   - What does the settings notification say?

00:24:24   - It says settings notification Sunday at 3.39 AM.

00:24:28   You've got to deal with the notifications on this second phone.

00:24:30   - No notifications, I'm a busy man.

00:24:31   - Okay, so I'm holding a red iPhone mini in my hands as a iPod wallpaper.

00:24:37   So you use this to listen to music now?

00:24:38   - Okay.

00:24:39   - That is my iPod.

00:24:40   And you can see the thing that I've done here, it's all music based.

00:24:46   - Okay.

00:24:47   - So the home screen, it's just a bunch of widgets for music and music apps.

00:24:52   - Okay.

00:24:54   - Yeah, don't you like it?

00:24:56   - It looks really nice.

00:24:57   - I do like it.

00:24:57   - Yeah, it's mine.

00:24:58   - I do really like, so can I ask you?

00:25:00   - Yes.

00:25:01   - Do you, is you actually only listen to music at home on that phone now?

00:25:05   - Yeah.

00:25:06   - That is a very interesting thing to do.

00:25:08   - Yeah.

00:25:08   - Yeah, because you have like a expensive DAC.

00:25:10   - What happened to the Android thing?

00:25:11   Yeah.

00:25:11   - And Android things and a PC, is all that gone?

00:25:14   - Well, no, but...

00:25:15   - There it is.

00:25:16   - What is?

00:25:18   - That's nothing.

00:25:19   - What?

00:25:20   - He's saying that you're going to just go back to your Android.

00:25:22   - So you have day phone, night phone.

00:25:23   - Yes.

00:25:24   - You also have day music set up, night music set up.

00:25:26   - Yeah.

00:25:26   - Yes.

00:25:27   - Okay.

00:25:27   - Well, yeah, anyway.

00:25:29   - They're asking in the Discord, do you have a podcast iPhone now as well?

00:25:32   - No, I don't.

00:25:33   - That's next though, right?

00:25:34   - Well, no, because like, for example, when I was on the plane on the way here,

00:25:38   I needed to keep an eye on my iPhone's battery because I forgot to pack my good battery in the

00:25:44   carry-on bag.

00:25:46   And so instead I sort of offloaded the music playback to the iPod.

00:25:49   So I had Apple Music all downloaded, you know, a bunch of playlists, a bunch of albums,

00:25:54   and instead of wasting the battery of the main phone, I just used the music phone.

00:25:58   - So what you're saying is day phone, night phone, overall, good idea.

00:26:03   - I think so.

00:26:04   - He was ahead of his time.

00:26:06   - I think that guy was onto something.

00:26:07   - He was ahead of his time.

00:26:08   - Yes.

00:26:09   - I feel bad for him really, in hindsight.

00:26:12   - At the end of round two, we are fully tied.

00:26:15   - Oh, yeah.

00:26:16   - Federico has two points, Michael has two points, I have two points.

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00:27:51   We now move into the risky picks round.

00:27:54   This is where everything can change.

00:27:56   Federico, what was your risky pick?

00:27:59   I said the...

00:28:01   Oh boy, I'm really sad.

00:28:02   Read the whole thing.

00:28:03   The next version of iPadOS will introduce a brand new audio routing system

00:28:10   with support for selecting different input sources similar to macOS.

00:28:15   This feature will finally allow podcasters like me to record local audio

00:28:20   while also being on a FaceTime or Zoom call.

00:28:22   Parenthesis, assuming apps add support for it.

00:28:26   So...

00:28:28   Okay, so... well...

00:28:30   I mean, this was... we wanted it.

00:28:32   Yeah, I'm sad.

00:28:33   I'm not disappointed in you.

00:28:34   One thing I will point out is that there's a good chance I will eventually get this feature,

00:28:40   but there's no way to verify it right now.

00:28:42   No... okay.

00:28:44   Well, the rule says that's to be verified by...

00:28:46   Yeah, I know, I know.

00:28:47   ...for those...

00:28:47   Just, you know, there's a... I saw that there's a session,

00:28:50   and I sent you boys a screenshot of it,

00:28:54   and I was able to verify that the session exists, but it's not out yet.

00:28:58   And it says, "Support external cameras in your iPadOS app."

00:29:02   It says, "Learn how you can discover to connect external cameras in your iPadOS app."

00:29:10   Blah, blah, blah.

00:29:12   "We'll show you how to rotate video..."

00:29:14   You don't care about video.

00:29:16   "...from both external and built-in cameras..."

00:29:18   Okay, it looks like we don't care about video.

00:29:21   No, in this context.

00:29:22   In this context, not important.

00:29:23   "...support external microphones with USB-C and perform audio routing."

00:29:31   This is the text of the session that is coming out in two days.

00:29:37   But we don't know what it means.

00:29:40   But also as well, like, that's not necessarily similar to macOS.

00:29:45   Like, it doesn't sound like that...

00:29:47   Because you've been...

00:29:47   You have the beta installed on your iPad too, right?

00:29:50   And there's no, like... you can't just do audio routing in the system anywhere.

00:29:54   It seems like it's like an app-based thing or whatever.

00:29:57   There's no way to verify right now.

00:29:58   And I know that we need to verify this.

00:29:59   It will be interesting to follow up on this one.

00:30:01   I should see realistically what this means.

00:30:03   It's not a point.

00:30:04   It's not a point.

00:30:05   But in spirit, it is a point.

00:30:06   In... well, sure.

00:30:08   So you could say that I'm the moral winner.

00:30:10   No, I couldn't say that.

00:30:11   I think you could say this.

00:30:12   I think everybody here would agree that I'm the moral winner.

00:30:15   Everybody here is not going to agree with you, including the two of us.

00:30:19   No, no, no, no.

00:30:19   Look, you may be able to come back on next week's episode and take this moral victory lap.

00:30:24   But as of right now...

00:30:24   And if you do, it's a victory for all of us.

00:30:28   No, no, no. Just for me.

00:30:29   To be fair, Federico, you still could win today.

00:30:32   So we will get to that.

00:30:34   No, because we know that the system you're using is rigged.

00:30:38   It's rigged.

00:30:39   Yes.

00:30:39   Okay.

00:30:40   I said Apple introduces a co-pilot-like feature for Xcode powered by AI on machine learning.

00:30:47   I swung for the fences.

00:30:48   They brought transformer models to other things.

00:30:51   Auto correct, which sounds awesome.

00:30:53   It's really nicely done.

00:30:55   Is it good?

00:30:55   It's much better than before.

00:30:57   And the live transcription thing for FaceTime is also using that.

00:31:00   So they are dipping their toe into this water, I think, faster than I expected.

00:31:04   To actually put it into shipping consumer things rather than developer things is...

00:31:08   The keyboard is used by literally everybody who has an iPhone.

00:31:11   So I'm excited about that because you both texted me a lot.

00:31:15   I make lots of mistakes in my auto correct because I don't pay any attention when I'm writing.

00:31:19   So I look forward to maybe being a bit better powered by Apple tea.

00:31:26   All right.

00:31:28   My risky pick.

00:31:30   Last one.

00:31:31   The first part came true.

00:31:34   They did announce a price.

00:31:35   See, that was the thing where we thought it was risky because we just didn't think they would do it at all.

00:31:40   Yeah.

00:31:40   So I felt real good when they said the price is in the back half of the sentence.

00:31:43   Crushed my hopes.

00:31:44   My pick was the announced price of the headset will be less than $2,500.

00:31:49   You were $1,000 off.

00:31:52   How much could a banana cost?

00:31:53   Yeah, exactly.

00:31:54   That's a grand between friends.

00:31:55   That was a thing, right?

00:31:57   Do you remember when it was like a moment in the audience when they announced the price?

00:32:02   A lot of money.

00:32:04   Well, actually you've used it.

00:32:05   Is it worth $3,000?

00:32:07   Okay.

00:32:07   That is, I think, a very valid thing to say.

00:32:11   Have they been able to show you why it would cost that much?

00:32:15   I blocked one guy on Mastodon today who replied to me saying the Apple Vision Pro is another reality distortion thing and it's working on new sheeple.

00:32:31   Oh, wow.

00:32:31   When sheeple gets thrown in, that's like, you know what you're dealing with.

00:32:36   That's prime block material.

00:32:37   Yeah.

00:32:39   I think it's worth it.

00:32:41   I don't think it'll be worth it for a lot of people and I think that's the point.

00:32:45   I think, you know, this sort of like very high-end, very niche sort of for the, I don't want to say for the super fan, but for like the person who's really into the enthusiast.

00:32:57   For the enthusiast who's really into the Apple ecosystem, I think it makes a lot of sense.

00:33:01   I was telling Mike this earlier.

00:33:02   It's the first time in a while, the iPhone 10 was probably the last time, where like people just in my life

00:33:09   who don't listen to my shows, don't read Five Trail Pixels or Mac stories, are texting me.

00:33:14   Wait, do people in your life don't read Mac stories?

00:33:16   There are a few.

00:33:17   Tell me about the headset.

00:33:19   What is this thing?

00:33:20   Because it's broken through and they usually, the second question is about the cost, but people are intrigued by the technology and the product.

00:33:29   And I'm super excited.

00:33:31   I mean, you've tried it, Mike, you get to, that these early impressions are so positive.

00:33:38   Yeah, I don't think I've read it in like a negative review, quote unquote, impressions.

00:33:44   Yeah, me neither.

00:33:45   I mean, in a couple of videos I've watched, everyone's very positive.

00:33:48   So I got the pick wrong, but I think I'm like Federico, a moral winner.

00:33:53   Yeah, I think the moral loser here is Mike.

00:33:57   Yeah.

00:33:58   Yeah.

00:33:58   Yeah.

00:33:59   I think you should feel bad about this.

00:34:01   Well, do you know what though?

00:34:02   We're going to have to wait and see, aren't we?

00:34:03   No, I don't think...

00:34:04   We are now by the rules.

00:34:06   The rules.

00:34:07   Tide.

00:34:08   Oh, I bet you love that.

00:34:10   You and your rig game.

00:34:12   Me and my rig game love this.

00:34:13   Yeah.

00:34:14   This is a...

00:34:14   It's happened one time before.

00:34:16   ...precedented three-way tie.

00:34:18   This first happened at WWDC 2019.

00:34:22   I went back and...

00:34:24   Because I woke up this morning in a panic.

00:34:26   I'm just going to say, look what happened after 2019.

00:34:30   Yeah, Jason was banned for flipping coins.

00:34:31   Are you saying...

00:34:32   I think he's saying that...

00:34:33   Oh, the other thing.

00:34:34   I think he's talking about the pandemic.

00:34:36   Yeah.

00:34:36   I don't...

00:34:37   Somehow related to the fact that you won the Ricky's in June, which was quite a long time...

00:34:41   He was the one who got the virus tattoo that year.

00:34:43   That's true.

00:34:44   You did do that.

00:34:45   Let's park this part of the conversation.

00:34:47   Yeah.

00:34:47   We don't have to blame the pandemic on each other right now.

00:34:50   We could do it later.

00:34:51   We'll see how the coin flipping goes.

00:34:53   So I listened back today to that to try and remember how we resolved this last time.

00:34:58   Okay.

00:34:59   And I proposed two options and we went with the following, which was,

00:35:03   we will just flip coins via...

00:35:07   We used Siri then, now we will use the dice by PicoCap until there is just one person.

00:35:13   So I would say what I think it's going to be.

00:35:16   You say...

00:35:16   So we all say the same heads or tails.

00:35:18   And then we keep rolling until there's one left.

00:35:21   No, no, no.

00:35:22   It's one coin flip.

00:35:23   You say...

00:35:24   So we all make our pick for the coin flip.

00:35:26   I flip the coin.

00:35:27   Whoever's right advances to the next round of it until there's just one person.

00:35:32   This is unfair.

00:35:32   And last year I won it in the first round.

00:35:35   How is it unfair?

00:35:36   What's more fair?

00:35:37   More fair would be to adjudicate based on the proximity of the pick.

00:35:44   No, that's not fair.

00:35:45   We're not changing the rules to proximity today.

00:35:48   What is this, upgrade?

00:35:49   Okay.

00:35:51   So...

00:35:52   No, it's just, you know what it's going to be.

00:35:54   Tell me.

00:35:55   The developer is your friend.

00:35:56   Do you want to do it?

00:35:59   No.

00:35:59   Okay.

00:36:00   So we are... hold on.

00:36:03   Right.

00:36:03   Let me turn up the volume.

00:36:04   And I'm going to make sure I'm in relay FM mode.

00:36:07   Also, you're just...

00:36:10   Who says it first?

00:36:12   No, right.

00:36:13   So we're all doing it.

00:36:14   So, okay.

00:36:14   Heads or tails?

00:36:15   Well, but now you're going to see the opposite of what I say.

00:36:18   Just to, you know, to...

00:36:19   Heads or tails?

00:36:21   Heads.

00:36:21   I'm going to say tails.

00:36:22   Heads.

00:36:24   All right.

00:36:24   So here we go.

00:36:25   I could win this.

00:36:27   If this is tails, I absolutely win this.

00:36:29   You know that, right?

00:36:30   Heads.

00:36:31   Damn it.

00:36:31   All right.

00:36:31   So...

00:36:32   Ha ha!

00:36:33   Jesus.

00:36:33   All right.

00:36:35   So I'm going to go to the bottom of the document.

00:36:37   Mike is the loser.

00:36:38   Okay, great.

00:36:39   I told you.

00:36:40   It's heads or tails between the two of you.

00:36:44   All right.

00:36:44   So now I don't know who gets to go first.

00:36:46   Actually, Steven picked first.

00:36:48   So now you pick first.

00:36:48   Heads or tails?

00:36:49   Why are you looking around?

00:36:52   He's looking.

00:36:53   Inspiration.

00:36:54   You know, heads.

00:36:59   So you got tails.

00:37:00   Okay.

00:37:01   Well, unless you want to be heads too, but then we could go on forever.

00:37:03   That does seem to invalidate this game.

00:37:05   We could just keep going forever.

00:37:06   So Federico heads, Steven tails.

00:37:09   Yes, sir.

00:37:09   All right.

00:37:10   Tails.

00:37:11   Collusion.

00:37:12   Yes.

00:37:13   Yes!

00:37:14   I knew this was going to happen.

00:37:16   I will say, which is I've never seen this happen before.

00:37:19   And this was strange.

00:37:20   It said tails before the coin landed.

00:37:24   What?

00:37:25   Yeah.

00:37:26   I've never seen this happen in an app before.

00:37:28   I mean, we can rewrite the rules to use a better app later.

00:37:31   That was very strange.

00:37:33   The coin was still flipping.

00:37:34   It was like in the air in the app.

00:37:36   Well, it feels good to be a winner.

00:37:37   I will say I'm just going to join you in this.

00:37:40   I can't change the rules, but that felt fishy.

00:37:44   Well, we can address the rules in a future episode if you want.

00:37:47   That was fishy.

00:37:48   I'm just saying a three-way tie.

00:37:50   This is a repeat of 2019.

00:37:52   So enjoy this space because you're not going to see you next year.

00:37:57   This is weird.

00:37:57   Take a look around, take it all in now, because we're not going to come back.

00:38:01   Isn't that weird?

00:38:02   The three-way tie and he won again.

00:38:05   But I can't win a one-on-one coin flip to save my life.

00:38:08   But three-way ties and the app was being weird.

00:38:11   Congratulations to you, but I'm not sure I believe in it.

00:38:14   Three-way tie, he won again.

00:38:15   Well, I will rule over my kingdom with justice, goodness, and truth.

00:38:20   I'm going to have a press conference tomorrow.

00:38:22   Are you?

00:38:22   Are you going to succession me?

00:38:24   Don't succession me.

00:38:25   There's going to be a press conference tomorrow.

00:38:26   Hey, no spoilers.

00:38:27   And we'll address this.

00:38:28   OK.

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00:39:59   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of The Rickies.

00:40:03   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

00:40:08   Scoring is completed separately from the main game, but like The Rickies,

00:40:12   the order of picks is set by the results of the previous game,

00:40:15   and ties will be broken by using dice by p-calc.

00:40:19   Please lie down as the rules are read.

00:40:21   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

00:40:32   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

00:40:34   Wrong picks do not remove any points, and no partial points may be awarded.

00:40:38   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexis made by each host.

00:40:44   The winner can choose their chosen title as long as they are the winner.

00:40:47   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi and is known as King Flexi when having won

00:40:52   both the keynote and annual games. Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington and uses the name

00:40:57   Archduke Flexington when applicable. I am the Attorney General Flexi and use the title

00:41:03   Secretary of Deflex when necessary.

00:41:10   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to a charity of the

00:41:14   winner's choice. The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser.

00:41:20   The money must be donated on air.

00:41:22   Mike is the current winner of the keynote Flexis and the winner of the annual Flexis.

00:41:29   You may return to your seats.

00:41:31   Mike, you are up first.

00:41:34   My first one was the iPadOS cursor appears to be repurposed for using iPad apps in VR.

00:41:40   Now, at first, this didn't seem to be the case. I found a clip from a session video today.

00:41:46   It's in there.

00:41:46   It's in there. I showed it to Steven. Steve Charlton Smith posted about it on Mastodon

00:41:51   that when you are using a trackpad, it has the little circle that goes around the UI

00:41:58   and in the headset. I didn't think this was in there, but it's only when you're using like

00:42:04   a Bluetooth trackpad, which makes sense.

00:42:06   Hmm.

00:42:08   Ding.

00:42:09   No Mac Pro teaser video. Is Mark says green?

00:42:14   There was not a teaser video. He just came out and just said it.

00:42:17   Oh, come on. So it's technically correct because it's not a teaser video?

00:42:21   Yes. I'll take that. I mean, I'm not doing I'm looking at the score. I'm not doing well.

00:42:25   So I'll take that one.

00:42:26   It is correct, but it was a weird pick. But you need to address something here with this pick.

00:42:31   So this was pointed out in the Discord today by Jason, who runs a Rickypedia at rickys.net.

00:42:38   Because last time Federico, you mentioned that you thought that or somebody mentioned that this

00:42:42   might have been the long your iPad OS routing system may have been the word count, the longest

00:42:48   Ricky. But it was actually my one from last year. It was close. The reason we're doing this is

00:42:54   because I picked the Mac Pro last time as my Ricky. And this is what I said. Apple gives a

00:42:59   sneak peek of the new Mac Pro. It features a case design inspired by the 2019 Mac Pro.

00:43:04   It features more ports than any other Apple Silicon Mac available today. Check. It does

00:43:08   not have support for third party GPUs. Check. It features a chip name that has not appeared

00:43:12   in any other product. Kind of. I mean, it hadn't. I mean, it's at the same time. It has a starting

00:43:18   price of at least $6,999. And it is coming later this year. I check check. This was wrong then.

00:43:24   But I was basically correct. This is the most ahead of your time pick ever made.

00:43:28   If this if I made that pick this time, I probably I think I would have basically got it right.

00:43:34   But it wouldn't have been sneak. Close. So here's the thing. The discords popping off as the kids

00:43:39   say that there was a video. It's not a teaser video because then the man just announced it.

00:43:43   Teaser video means there's an iMac Pro announced in June. It comes in December. You could have

00:43:48   bought you bought yesterday. You could buy yesterday. I did not buy. Well, I don't know.

00:43:52   I haven't checked your credit card statements. Have you looked at the company's card? No,

00:43:56   because I can't. Interesting. He doesn't let me. You want to go out to dinner later? Yeah.

00:44:02   All right. I want you to go. All right. Rattle us through your last three. We do not know what

00:44:07   the price of the headset will be. The headset portion of the keynote lasts over an hour.

00:44:11   It's just under the very close. TV OS is not covered in the keynote. It had a huge section

00:44:16   in the middle. The shame that you should feel right now. Yeah. As the TV OS person. To be fair,

00:44:23   it was shoved into something about it. It wasn't. So I will now be at somebody sent this to me on

00:44:34   Mastodon today that I will now be the audio and rather than the TV OS guy, I'm the audio and home

00:44:41   guy now, I guess, because TV OS is now I'll just, I'm happy that TV OS got stuff. It was the only

00:44:47   system that got a redesign control center. Which is something that I thought should have happened.

00:44:51   And I'm happy about that. And that FaceTime thing. Continuity camera looks awesome on TV.

00:44:55   I'm very excited about that. Me too. Because I often have FaceTime calls on the iPad pro on

00:45:02   a stand, which is in front of the TV. So now we can just get rid of that part. Who needs an iPad?

00:45:06   That's what I'm saying. All right. So you ended up two out of five. That's 40%. It's 40%. Currently,

00:45:13   I'm in the lead. Yeah. Blow him out of the water. First out of one. All right. So I said with my

00:45:20   seven picks number one, the messages app gets an easier way to send photos that does not require

00:45:26   tapping and I message app anymore. Can you explain this though? So they have completely changed

00:45:32   sort of messages, how it deals with, uh, I sort of legacy I message apps and they're definitely

00:45:41   demoted, right? It's like a graveyard. Yeah. It's like, so basically there's a new, there's a new

00:45:45   plus button and when you tap it, you got this giant pop up with like the default features. Is

00:45:52   it full screen? No, it's not. You know what it looks like path. It looks like that. So you get

00:45:59   this pop up and these are nice. Yeah. It's very nice. And these icon design, I have thoughts,

00:46:04   camera photos, stickers, audio location, and I think there's also like a cash one in there.

00:46:10   Yeah. And under more, that's when you get the legacy smaller and they're smaller and full

00:46:16   screen. So now when you want to attach a photo, uh, it opens the new native photo picker and

00:46:23   yeah, it's still the same amount of taps, but it is logically better. It's a level up from the

00:46:29   camera and photos are like, they're in the same place now. We both think you get it. I mean,

00:46:34   yeah, he does get it. It's by the skin of your teeth, but I think you get it. I think it's

00:46:38   by the meat of your teeth. Yeah. Number two, I said stage manager for iPad gets support for

00:46:45   clamshell mode with external displays. Which didn't happen, but real quick, can you talk

00:46:50   about how great stage manager is now? Yeah. I so much better than last year. I was showing

00:46:56   Mike this morning. Um, go imagine Steven multitasking system that, uh, for example,

00:47:03   when you place a window somewhere, it stays there. Oh, like system seven and 1996 overlapping windows.

00:47:10   Yeah. They overlap for real. And you can resize them. Yeah. You can resize them more freely.

00:47:16   You have keyboard shortcuts to add windows to your workspace. Amazing. What a concept. Um,

00:47:21   I'll write about this soon, but yeah, I was watching like over Federico's shoulder today

00:47:26   while he was doing some work and like you was zip, zip, zipping around in that thing. It looked good.

00:47:30   So you're going to abandon the Mac again? We'll see. Well, we both have Macs. He has an iPhone.

00:47:37   Sorry. Well, one is an iPod. I feel like we need a name for this. The iPod phone. The iPhone.

00:47:44   I thought I thought thank you. All right. There's no support for clamshell mode. Yeah.

00:47:53   It seems like that's the next logical step though. I hope so. You had to have camera support and

00:47:58   stuff. They added support for camera, for external cameras. And I mean, it's right there. It's right

00:48:03   there. So just, you know, close it and you should be able to use it. Anyway. Number three, let it

00:48:08   ring out for everyone to hear your next pick. The next version of Mac OS is called skyline.

00:48:14   One of my favorite. Sonoma. Why would you call? It's a good name Federico. It's a good name.

00:48:22   It's in a place in California. I, when they were just doing the video,

00:48:27   I was just sitting and staring at him waiting for it to happen. And he was disappointed.

00:48:33   What's Sonoma? Wine country. Wine country. You like wine, right? I like wine. I like Italian

00:48:39   wine. I like real wine. Wine. Number four. Are we getting kicked out? Because of you this time.

00:48:54   Number four, we see at least one new dynamic island feature.

00:49:00   Yeah. We got the new drop stuff. The name, the bump thing, which Federico, which Federico, which

00:49:12   Craig Federighi, yeah. For guy made fun of like eight years ago in a keynote. Yeah. Now they're

00:49:18   bummed phones again. So this is a point. Number five, the wallet app gets a new design. Does it?

00:49:25   No. Oh, this made me sad. I used wallet too because I flew in today. So I was using wallet all

00:49:29   day. You know, I was like, I wish this was better. Number six, some new shortcuts features get covered

00:49:36   in the state of the union. Ding, ding. Yes, they did. They have, first of all, the, all the new

00:49:44   widget interaction stuff is all based on app intents. So the shortcuts team is also responsible

00:49:49   for that now. But what they also showed in the state of the union was this new sort of promotion

00:49:54   for app shortcuts, which as you recall, they launched last year. These sort of one action

00:50:00   shortcuts for apps, they got promoted to a top level result in spotlight. So now when you search

00:50:06   for, for example, for say ivory, you search for ivory on your iPad and you see the icon for ivory

00:50:13   and right next to it, you see some of the top shortcuts for it in like this, this row of results.

00:50:20   It's really well done. That's cool. Really cool way to sort of showcase the app shortcuts for the app.

00:50:24   And a new Excel widget, right? Yes. And they have the new Excel widgets on, on the iPad.

00:50:31   Finally. And I believe they have. The little widget became more dense as well. Wait, what?

00:50:37   Yeah. The little iPhone widget. The little widget. The little widget.

00:50:43   Do you have it? Can I see it? No, it's kind of not working for me. Okay. Fair enough.

00:50:58   Is there more than one shortcut in the one? Two, I think. That's great. In the widget, there's two.

00:51:04   Let's see. Number seven. Number seven. The next version of iOS brings at least one

00:51:11   new AirPods related feature. I cannot believe. Oh, sorry. I cannot believe you got this, but I'm super

00:51:18   excited about this feature. What's it called? Adaptive audio. This is exactly what I want.

00:51:22   Like it's best of both worlds. Like the meme, why not both? So you get transparency and you get

00:51:31   noise cancellation. Gets you an update that can do both, you know? Do you use AirPods, bro? Yeah.

00:51:36   They're my backpack. I always forget. Cause you had that like time. I didn't like the first ones

00:51:41   didn't work for me, but I love that the twos. Okay. So Federico, you got four out of seven.

00:51:49   So you're 57.1%. You are now last. I'm currently last. You are first. And I'm winning. I'm the loser

00:51:58   again. Well, let's see what I do. I'm still winning over the years. So, you know, whatever.

00:52:02   You need to do this later on. My first one, the keynote video runs over two hours.

00:52:08   Yeah, it did. The 15 inch MacBook Air will be powered by an M3. Well, no, this is not. No M3s,

00:52:16   but we did get a new M2 Ultra in the studio and the pro, but no M3s. Apple reframes an existing

00:52:23   feature as being powered by AI. No, they even said machine learning, which I was surprised about.

00:52:29   Those letters did not pass over anyone's lips. I'm happy because it means that Apple is being

00:52:34   true to what these things actually are, which is not AI. They are machine learning.

00:52:39   What? Jeff Williams has a major role in introducing the headset. Neither was it Jeff Williams or Kevin

00:52:51   Lynch. It was neither. We saw both of them. No, Jeff Williams. Yeah, we had a lot of discussion

00:52:57   internally as to who we get to introduce the headset. And who did you decide on? Yeah, well,

00:53:02   I should have been me. Should have been me. Oh, okay. But who's somebody? I chose to be in the

00:53:07   audience just to sort of get the vibe from the people. Yeah. Incredible. We didn't see Jeff at

00:53:14   all. No, we didn't see Jeff. He, and I realize now that it was a bad pick. Oh, you realize now?

00:53:21   We'll see. Just now. We'll see him in the fall with new watch hardware, I'm sure. Will we?

00:53:25   Yeah. Based on past experience and my next Flexi. Okay. iPadOS 17 gains lock screen customization.

00:53:34   Boy, did it. Ding. It looks good. It does. It is reminiscent of when they brought widgets for the

00:53:40   first time. Cause there's over there on the sidebar. And Federico, get me wrong cause I

00:53:44   haven't played with any betas. You can do a lot of them in the side. In landscape, you can do like a

00:53:50   whole column. But on portrait, you just get like under the time, like on the phone. So that part in

00:53:54   the keynote, when they're showing them on the left-hand side, I was sitting next to underscore

00:53:59   David Smith and he just went, Oh, there's an extra tall one. It's like, how can you, how,

00:54:04   how can you just visually understand that? But he knew there's a new sign. Can we just say

00:54:09   the year of underscore? Well, I mean, for good and bad, I feel like. His summer's ruined,

00:54:14   but widgets everywhere. Everywhere. Did you know that Dave got a dog and called him widget?

00:54:18   Did he? Why is that joke? That's no, he didn't do that. But it was a puppy.

00:54:25   He called him little widget. There we go. I would say widget is a pretty good name for a dog.

00:54:31   It's a good name. She got a dog calling him little widget. Who are you talking to now? Me or him?

00:54:35   You? I don't want a dog. I have a dog already. Yeah. Eva corn dog. That's such a great name.

00:54:40   It was a good name. Yeah. Number six. We see a Mac pro preview. Not only that,

00:54:46   it's shipping next week. I'm sorry. Well, are you getting one? No. Is it a preview?

00:54:54   Yeah, it's previewed. But in the same way that we agreed, it wasn't a teaser video.

00:54:59   We gave him a point. You give me a point. No, but like mine was, it was not a teaser video.

00:55:04   Yeah. So like previewed it. Well, is it a preview? It's a preview and now it's for sale.

00:55:11   Isn't that just? No, that's not how it works. Are you taking it away from me? I don't know.

00:55:18   It's up to you all. I don't know. No, you should fight for it. Yeah, fight for it.

00:55:22   I think I deserve the point. Was that a good fight? I don't think he put up a good fight.

00:55:26   It always puts up a good fight. Okay, that's it then. He put up a good fight.

00:55:29   There you go. Thank you. Number seven, the next version of Mac OS is not called Skyline.

00:55:36   The old counter pick.

00:55:37   All right. So I got four out of seven. Which is?

00:55:43   51, 57.1%. So back we go. We are tied. Okay. You can pick first.

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00:57:35   of this show and Relay FM. I've got to get the phone out again. I've got to do the whole thing.

00:57:40   So we either split or I take it all home. No, I'm not letting you take it all home. Well,

00:57:44   it's really not up to you, is it? All right, so what do you want? Federico heads all tails.

00:57:49   It's rigged anyway. Well, if it does it again, then I'm going to see this. It's only it's only

00:57:55   not rigged if I win. There it is. Well, I mean, by your standards, yes. That's how it works. Yes.

00:58:02   Yeah. Heads or tails? Heads. Heads? Okay. I'm going to go tails. Well, you have to. You don't have a

00:58:09   choice in this. Okay. Heads. Congratulations. Congratulations. So Federico, you win the

00:58:18   Flexis. Yes. And that means I have to donate money. Yes. How much? $25 per wrong pick. So it's $75

00:58:28   for me? Yes. Yes. So to a place of his choosing. Where do you want me to donate money to? Boy,

00:58:35   do I have a good charity for you. iPods for children. iPods for children. So I picked the

00:58:44   ASPCA. That's the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Okay. Yeah.

00:58:51   So a bunch of good dogs on the front page. Is it $75? It is. And cats. Dogs and cats. Dogs and cats.

00:58:58   All the great animals. All the great animals. All kinds of animals. So while you do that,

00:59:03   I'm going to ask Federico a couple questions. Yeah. Because you weren't here last year. You

00:59:07   had some stuff going on at home. You were moving and buying a house and everything.

00:59:10   I need to have a US address. You can use mine. How has it been being back? Oh, really nice.

00:59:17   Just to be around people. Well, not like I'm not around people at home, but in the sense of like

00:59:26   being around you guys. And I haven't seen you in person for four years. And there's this kind of

00:59:36   energy, this kind of vibe here at Apple Park. And I was really concerned about... There's a particular

00:59:40   vibe in this room too. We have a good vibe today. Yeah. Well, look, I've been here like three hours

00:59:45   at this point. And um... Blink twice if you're hostage. I don't know if I'm coming back given

00:59:51   the things I've said today. I don't know if I'll be coming back. But here at Apple Park,

00:59:57   I was really concerned that the different format of WWDC was going to be, yeah, like there's fewer

01:00:03   people around and everything is more spread out. And I thought I'm gonna like the old format

01:00:11   in San Jose with the convention center more. But I've been hanging around here since yesterday and

01:00:17   just this place has this kind of like this special energy. Somebody, I don't recall who, somebody

01:00:25   asked me like, "How does it feel to be at Apple Park?" And I replied, "It smells good." It does. It

01:00:33   does smell good. It smells like outside. It smells like nature. Do you think that's natural nature?

01:00:39   Or do you think they're piping that in? I don't know. By the way, I cannot donate to the SPCA.

01:00:44   I just can't do it. They won't accept my credit card. Are you seriously refusing? Federico,

01:00:51   Steven's address is not on my credit card. Okay, okay. We'll do this afterwards. I can do it on my

01:00:56   card and then you pay me 75 bucks. Wow. What have those animals done to you? We've done this before.

01:00:59   I've donated for you and you paid me back. It's fine. Look, I get it that you don't like dogs,

01:01:03   but this is next level even for you. It's pretty dark. I don't know what's happened to me right

01:01:07   now. Think of poor little Widgee. Yeah, look at that little dog and this little car. Look,

01:01:10   it just says, "Donation transaction failed. There is nothing I can do about this." Wow.

01:01:18   Welcome back to the Quizzies, the Canadian Quiz Show.

01:01:22   You really choked on your intro. I wasn't ready for it. You just pressed the button.

01:01:28   No, not again. Welcome back to the Quizzies, inside of the Quizzies, where I like early quiz,

01:01:34   my connected quiz co-hosts, randomly, and by surprise, in a variety of varying subjects.

01:01:40   I do not have a quiz for you today, but we do have to resolve the scoring of the last one,

01:01:48   where what ended up happening was I asked the two of you, "Who will win the Ricky's and who will

01:01:52   win the Flexys?" and offered a 150-point bounty to the person who guessed correctly. And in the most

01:01:59   boring way possible, this is how it was resolved. You both wanted to give the points to yourself.

01:02:05   Each of you won. You both get 150 points. Nothing has changed.

01:02:10   Welcome back to the Quizzies.

01:02:15   I was really hoping in this that maybe one of you was gonna like play the counter on this.

01:02:20   Yeah, we didn't know. Can you give us our scores for the year?

01:02:22   So now the scores for the year is Federico, you're at 1,620 points, and Steven, you're at 1,840

01:02:32   points. So the points gap is really close. Well, you know what? It's as close as it was last week

01:02:38   before we did this as well. So nothing has changed. We're just moving in parallel.

01:02:42   What you're saying is that all of this was useless. All of this was for nothing,

01:02:46   because also no charities received any money either, because the ASPCA will not accept

01:02:51   foreign transactions. No, or because you... Well, no. Whatever it is you were gonna say,

01:02:58   don't say it. Don't say it. It's probably best for everyone if you don't say it.

01:03:02   Should we wrap it up? I think we should. Yeah. I am exhausted. Me too. It's good I don't have

01:03:08   anything important up to this. Thank you very much for joining us for this very special in-person

01:03:13   episode of Connected. We didn't do the thing. We gotta do like a group high five. We held hands

01:03:19   for a while. That was terrible. If you wanna find links to the show notes, there may be something

01:03:27   in there. I don't even know. Currently I've added zero. We'll do the Ricky's, .co and rickys.net

01:03:31   links. Yeah, I'll do that. Those are on the web at relay.fm/connected/453. They're also in your

01:03:36   podcast app of choice. There's also a link in both places to submit feedback. So leave feedback or

01:03:41   follow up for us. And it'll go in the outline for future weeks. Very short follow up this week,

01:03:46   but we'll be back on it next week. Especially if your risky comes true after the fact. You can also

01:03:53   join and get Connected Pro, which is a longer ad-free version of the show each and every week.

01:03:57   Thank you all to our members. And you can find us all online. Federico is the editor-in-chief

01:04:03   of maxstories.net. Y'all have been super busy this week. App Stories pumping out. Y'all recorded like

01:04:09   15 of those today. Yeah. So Alex is doing some great coverage of some of the smaller features.

01:04:14   I love those stories. He's doing a great job. If you wanna follow along with Federico online,

01:04:18   he's on Mastodon as Fitichi at maxstories.net. You can find Mike on other shows here on relay.fm.

01:04:25   Y'all did Upgrade live after the keynote on Monday. It was fantastic. Thank you. You're also

01:04:31   the co-founder of Cortex brand and you are on Mastodon as iMike and mike.social. Yeah. Why are

01:04:38   you doing this from memory? I don't know. It's literally down there. You could just look at it.

01:04:41   I just thought, I just figured he was gonna, he had like a script for all of this. No,

01:04:46   he does have a script for all this, but for some reason he's not consulting. All I have is the

01:04:49   Mastodon links. He wants to show off that he can still memorize things. Even as he is an older.

01:04:55   His age. Yeah. Please carry on. What show is this? What do you think it is? Please carry on.

01:05:03   You can find me. I write at 512 pixels.net and I'm on Mac power users every Sunday here on relay.fm.

01:05:10   This week though, we're doing a very special episode in the same place. If I'm allowed back

01:05:14   tomorrow. So that episode will be out tomorrow evening. And you can find me on Mastodon as ismh

01:05:20   at eworld.social. I'd like to thank our sponsors this week. They are express VPN,

01:05:26   clean my Mac X and fast growing trees. Until next time, gentlemen, say goodbye.

01:05:31   I'll do that. Cheerio. Bye. All.