457: Ricky Connectedson


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, Episode 457.

00:00:12   It's made possible this week by our sponsors, ExpressVPN, FitBod, and Indeed.

00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett, and I have the pleasure of introducing my friend, Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:23   Hello! And I have the pleasure of introducing my friend, Mr. Federico Faticci.

00:00:29   Hello! Hi! Hello!

00:00:32   We're together. We're together. Again.

00:00:35   There's no one else here, just us. Oh yeah.

00:00:37   Unless James is still hanging out in the Zoom. I mean, let's see.

00:00:41   Nope, just the three of us. We're good. All good so far. All good so far.

00:00:45   Let's do some follow-up, and we want to start with Lookup.

00:00:50   So this is the feature that we talked about last time that is in the Photos app,

00:00:56   where you can see a bunch of information based on what's in the photo.

00:01:01   We talked about how that's expanding this year.

00:01:03   We also talked about how cool it would be if that was just in the camera viewfinder,

00:01:07   so I could just point my phone at a plant, and it would tell me it was poison oak

00:01:11   without me touching it and finding out later.

00:01:13   Joel wrote in, saying it's been a feature for at least two iOS versions now,

00:01:17   and they use it for plants and insects.

00:01:20   It's quite good at getting general species, but struggles a bit with the specifics.

00:01:24   It gives you a nice ballpark to work with, though.

00:01:27   It also tries to identify cats, dogs, as well as landmarks and artwork.

00:01:32   And there's this webpage. This is one of those weird things.

00:01:36   It's kind of a support document, but it's also just the online iPhone user guide.

00:01:40   But it walks through the different things that Visual Lookup can see.

00:01:48   Kind of. It says, "You can identify and learn about popular landmarks, statues,

00:01:53   art, plants, pets, and more."

00:01:55   Why not just list all the things? Like, why "and more"?

00:01:59   Surely there's a list of all of the things it can detect, right?

00:02:03   You think it's just one more thing?

00:02:05   Yes.

00:02:06   Apple does like that terminology.

00:02:07   Yeah, what is the one more thing?

00:02:09   Anyway, I'm offended because it's like you never read my iOS reviews.

00:02:13   I've been talking about this stuff for two years.

00:02:15   I know this exists from your iOS reviews.

00:02:17   And Steven needed listener Joel to tell him about it.

00:02:20   I read a lot. You know how much I read?

00:02:21   Yeah, yeah, sure.

00:02:22   In a given week.

00:02:23   The reason I know is because when I was reading one of your iOS reviews,

00:02:27   I went to try it and I didn't have it.

00:02:29   And then I did some Googling and found out when it came in,

00:02:32   like, I don't know, I was 15 or whatever,

00:02:34   it was only in America, which didn't make any sense to me.

00:02:37   Yeah, we only have plants here.

00:02:38   You can't identify plants anywhere else.

00:02:41   Oh, I'm sorry, Federico.

00:02:42   I'm also sorry for what comes next in this feedback.

00:02:46   Listener Ricky wrote in, "I can't believe that I have to report this,

00:02:50   but the bottom of my Apple Watch Series 4 has turned green.

00:02:53   It's only a small portion of the screen,

00:02:55   though less than half the height of the bottom complications.

00:02:57   Just notice it last week, not sure what happened."

00:02:59   There's no Ricky.

00:03:00   There's no Ricky.

00:03:01   Ricky, let me tell you, let me address you directly, Ricky.

00:03:05   All right, listen, this is just for you.

00:03:07   You don't have to report this.

00:03:10   You don't.

00:03:11   No, they don't.

00:03:12   No, there's no Ricky.

00:03:15   Come on, of all names,

00:03:17   Steven came up with Listener Ricky.

00:03:18   The name did make me laugh.

00:03:20   Mr. Ricky Connected Something.

00:03:22   I think Ricky broke their watch.

00:03:26   Greengate is the whole thing.

00:03:28   Just part of your screen has turned green.

00:03:29   Like something is broken in your watch, my friend.

00:03:31   Trust me, I'm an expert.

00:03:33   Anybody, ah, you got them before me, though.

00:03:35   Up next, I just wanted to,

00:03:41   I just want to take a moment

00:03:43   and just reflect on how close we are

00:03:45   to the dream of all USB-C.

00:03:48   So this comes out of Germin's newsletter on Sunday.

00:03:53   We have the MacRumors link in the show notes.

00:03:56   That he's talking about USB-C coming to the AirPods Pro case

00:04:01   later this year, possibly alongside the new iPhones.

00:04:07   It doesn't seem like there's going to be like new AirPods.

00:04:11   I think this is going to be very similar

00:04:12   to when they added wireless charging.

00:04:15   Remember, you could just buy a new case

00:04:17   with the Qi charging.

00:04:20   And I kind of think it'll be like that.

00:04:21   Like after any point,

00:04:24   you automatically get USB-C with your AirPods Pro.

00:04:28   But if you're like a bunch of us who already have them,

00:04:31   you just want a new case, you can do that for less.

00:04:34   And I'm excited about that.

00:04:35   I just cannot wait until everything in my life is USB-C.

00:04:39   The only thing that'll be lightning is,

00:04:41   you know, other people's iPhones in the house.

00:04:43   But all my stuff at least will be just one cable,

00:04:46   which is going to be sweet.

00:04:47   - When did the AirPods Pro come out?

00:04:49   Was it last year?

00:04:50   - The second gen one?

00:04:52   - Yeah.

00:04:53   - Last year, yeah.

00:04:55   - Last September?

00:04:56   'Cause like my thinking is like,

00:04:58   yeah, I would get the USB-C case,

00:05:01   but I'm going to see what the price difference is

00:05:03   because the AirPods batteries degrade quite quick,

00:05:07   not quickly, but they do like reliably, right?

00:05:10   Like they're so small, those batteries degrade.

00:05:13   So like, rather than just,

00:05:14   see if the case is like $180 or whatever,

00:05:17   then I might just go the whole way

00:05:19   and replace my AirPods Pro, you know?

00:05:21   'Cause then I can get more years out of the battery life.

00:05:24   But I do want this big time.

00:05:26   - I will have lightning though, still in my life.

00:05:29   My daughter uses an iPhone SE

00:05:31   and whatever the current one is.

00:05:33   - Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second.

00:05:35   - No, she's on an eight.

00:05:36   - You guys are all like, oh, well it's charging.

00:05:39   So why do you even care?

00:05:40   - Guys, I have some breaking news.

00:05:42   - Okay.

00:05:43   - iOS 17 beta three is out.

00:05:45   - Woo!

00:05:46   - Well, I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

00:05:47   - I will consider putting it on my phone.

00:05:49   I'm not going to do it immediately

00:05:51   'cause I want to see, you know,

00:05:53   but this will probably be the one that goes on my phone.

00:05:56   - It's more just in shared areas.

00:05:57   Like I don't have a wireless charger in the kitchen.

00:05:59   We have one of those, was it the 35 watt,

00:06:02   the dual USB charger from Apple?

00:06:04   - Yeah.

00:06:05   - And it has USB-C to lightning

00:06:07   and I think USB-C to something else.

00:06:11   You know, there are a few places,

00:06:12   like in my wife's van, it'll be annoying

00:06:14   'cause she does not have a wireless carplay

00:06:15   and you know, I'll have to stick a USB-A to C cable

00:06:18   in there for when I want to drive it.

00:06:19   But even just like traveling,

00:06:22   is this going to be nice to like ditch lightning,

00:06:24   at least in my bag?

00:06:26   - Yeah, and this is going to be,

00:06:28   I think this is going to be an iPhone year

00:06:31   for a lot of people.

00:06:32   - Yeah.

00:06:33   - Because this, it's not sexy, it's not exciting, right?

00:06:38   But I think it will be one of those things

00:06:41   where a lot of people are like,

00:06:42   yeah, this is worth the upgrade.

00:06:44   Like just 'cause it's, then you just need one cable.

00:06:47   Like it's just like an extra thing

00:06:48   to push you over the edge.

00:06:50   So I think this is good.

00:06:52   Yeah, as Chance points out, AirPods Max though,

00:06:56   you know what I mean?

00:06:56   That thing's just like hanging out there,

00:06:58   doesn't get any new features.

00:07:00   It's got the old port, what's going on?

00:07:02   Maybe, maybe they'll do it, you know, in September.

00:07:06   New AirPods Max, that'd be cool,

00:07:08   but I'm not holding out any hope.

00:07:10   - They came out of what, 2020?

00:07:11   - 2020, yes.

00:07:13   - Inter-directory price was 549.

00:07:15   - Steven, they are that price now.

00:07:17   - Okay, I just, I just landed on the Wikipedia page.

00:07:19   It was the first thing that came up.

00:07:21   - Yeah, 549 pounds.

00:07:23   I just assume it's probably the same.

00:07:24   - Yeah, it's the same in USD.

00:07:27   - That's a lot of money today for these.

00:07:30   Let me tell you, I like my AirPods Max,

00:07:32   but they are not worth 549 pounds today.

00:07:36   Absolutely not.

00:07:37   - It looks like Best Buy has them at $500,

00:07:39   basically, all the time.

00:07:40   - Not worth that, not worth that.

00:07:43   - Yeah, it's a little sad that they've been left behind,

00:07:46   'cause I think people who like them really like them.

00:07:48   - Let me tell you what I want.

00:07:50   I want AirPods Max with the like Vision Pro headband style.

00:07:55   - Mm. - On the top.

00:07:57   They give me that. - Yes.

00:07:58   - I want that.

00:07:59   - You should be a product designer at Apple.

00:08:01   - You know what?

00:08:02   - You have good ideas. - See you, boys.

00:08:04   There aren't many jobs that I would quit my percussive life

00:08:08   for, but that's one of them.

00:08:09   - Well, upload your file on your way out the door, please.

00:08:11   - I have no skills in this area,

00:08:13   so I don't think it's a concern, you know?

00:08:14   - It's not like the, what was it,

00:08:16   the Apple historian job that we talked about

00:08:17   a few years ago?

00:08:19   So Federico, you've been on the beta,

00:08:21   and I think you mentioned last week

00:08:22   that you were using the AirPods beta,

00:08:24   and I wanted to check in with that,

00:08:25   and particularly get your impressions,

00:08:27   if you don't mind sharing, of the new features,

00:08:31   the adaptive audio, personalized volume,

00:08:33   and conversation awareness.

00:08:35   - They haven't really changed,

00:08:38   and I think it's an issue of this first beta

00:08:41   of the AirPods Pro firmware.

00:08:43   In fact, I'm hoping that there's gonna be a second beta

00:08:45   now that there's a new developer beta for iOS.

00:08:48   I hope they push out a new firmware update

00:08:50   for the AirPods Pro too.

00:08:52   Couple of things I've noticed.

00:08:54   Adaptive audio, every time you enable it in Control Center,

00:08:58   it doesn't stick as the default option.

00:09:01   I'm guessing that's a bug,

00:09:03   but basically every time I gotta go in

00:09:04   and re-enable adaptive audio.

00:09:06   And the personalized volume has been working nicely,

00:09:09   I would say, but there was one instance,

00:09:12   a couple of days ago, where something funny was happening,

00:09:16   and suddenly the volume, I was listening to a podcast.

00:09:21   In fact, I was listening to Mike,

00:09:23   and suddenly Mike got really quiet,

00:09:27   and I thought, wait, did I accidentally lower the volume

00:09:30   on my Apple Watch or iPhone somehow?

00:09:32   And I didn't, it was like a full volume.

00:09:34   So I'm thinking that something funny was happening there.

00:09:37   And it was fine after like 20 seconds,

00:09:40   but it wasn't long enough for me to notice

00:09:43   and go check on my phone.

00:09:44   So there's a few bugs right now,

00:09:47   but overall, the adaptive audio, it works.

00:09:52   And it's like, it feels like,

00:09:54   and I mentioned a couple of weeks ago,

00:09:57   or last week, I don't remember,

00:09:58   I mentioned sometimes it's kinda weird

00:10:00   where somebody's talking to you

00:10:02   and it doesn't pick it up immediately,

00:10:04   but overall, I think it's a really nice blend

00:10:08   of two behaviors rolled into one.

00:10:12   And I'm really keen to see new firmware updates

00:10:17   because I feel like I'm just gonna leave this enabled

00:10:20   all the time and just use that.

00:10:22   And when it works, when you get close to somebody

00:10:26   and you can tell that the audio

00:10:28   is adapting to your surroundings, it's super nice.

00:10:32   - What is the personal volume like reacting to?

00:10:36   - I don't know.

00:10:37   See, that's the thing I'm investigating.

00:10:39   And if I cannot find any more details,

00:10:41   I'm gonna ask Apple for more details.

00:10:43   It's like personalizing the audio

00:10:46   based on your patterns or whatever.

00:10:48   I don't recall the exact wording.

00:10:51   I can find it for you.

00:10:52   I know, so overall, I would say,

00:10:55   don't put this on your main AirPods right now, maybe,

00:11:00   unless you're really curious, but I'm into it.

00:11:05   And I'm searching for personalized audio right now.

00:11:08   Let me see.

00:11:08   - There is something very funny about-

00:11:10   - Personalized volume.

00:11:11   - Don't put the beta on your work AirPods.

00:11:13   That's something funny about that.

00:11:15   Don't put it on your production AirPods.

00:11:19   - Don't put it on your production, unless you're like me.

00:11:21   Adjust the volume of media in response to your environment.

00:11:24   Personalized volume will help fine tune

00:11:27   the media experience on your behalf,

00:11:29   utilizing machine learning of your listening preferences

00:11:34   over time together with the conditions in your environment.

00:11:39   - So is this like that feature in cars

00:11:41   that when you drive faster, the music gets louder?

00:11:45   You know what I'm talking about?

00:11:46   - Yeah, whatever this means.

00:11:49   Machine learning of your listening preferences over,

00:11:51   like it means everything and it means nothing,

00:11:53   this sentence.

00:11:54   - Yes.

00:11:56   - Sure, okay.

00:11:57   But I can tell you that one time you got really quiet

00:12:00   and I thought it was weird.

00:12:02   - Which is the opposite for me.

00:12:04   I usually get really loud.

00:12:05   - Yeah.

00:12:06   - So that's how you know it was the software that was broken.

00:12:08   - Yeah, it was.

00:12:09   I could tell, oh no, mic is never this quiet.

00:12:11   - If only, you know what I mean?

00:12:13   Jeez.

00:12:14   - I got sticker designs back from our friend, Jelly.

00:12:17   He created the stickers for the previous

00:12:20   two Apple history calendars.

00:12:21   He's also done a bunch of work on our St. Jude campaigns

00:12:23   over the years, including some very good work

00:12:26   for later this year that I can't tell you about yet.

00:12:29   - I haven't seen it if it's changed,

00:12:30   which is upsetting to me.

00:12:32   - We've seen the same things.

00:12:34   - Okay, good.

00:12:35   I was gonna say, I hope you haven't been getting

00:12:36   the skinny without me, you know?

00:12:37   - It's all done.

00:12:38   It's all approved, it's finished now.

00:12:40   - Oh, this is the energy we're bringing to this September.

00:12:45   - But no, for the 2024 Apple history calendar.

00:12:52   So we've got a G4 Cube, an iPod Mini, an iPhone 4,

00:12:57   and a Flower Power iMac.

00:12:58   Those are the stickers there, the chapter art right now.

00:13:00   There's also some leaks in the show notes.

00:13:02   And this is your next to last warning,

00:13:04   because the Kickstarter ends on the morning of the 14th.

00:13:08   So it is coming up quick, just a few days left.

00:13:12   So go back it if you haven't.

00:13:13   Time is running out.

00:13:15   - I better hurry up before I forget.

00:13:17   No, I backed it already, don't worry.

00:13:19   I was writing at the beginning.

00:13:20   I was writing at the beginning, come on.

00:13:21   - That's good.

00:13:22   I wonder who was first.

00:13:23   You may have been first, let me see.

00:13:24   - No, I wasn't, I wasn't.

00:13:26   I tried to be, but I was not, someone beat me.

00:13:29   - Let's see who was first.

00:13:31   - Don't forget, don't spill all the beans, you know?

00:13:33   - I was first.

00:13:34   - Oh, our friend Spencer was first.

00:13:36   - See, it wasn't me, I knew it wasn't me.

00:13:39   - You were number, well,

00:13:41   you're not even on the first page here.

00:13:43   - No, I know, you--

00:13:45   - You were late.

00:13:45   - You probably did that thing

00:13:46   where you did it too soon again.

00:13:48   - You were number 27, Mike.

00:13:50   - Yeah, so that's pretty good.

00:13:52   - There's no Federico in here.

00:13:53   - Yeah, what a way, what?

00:13:55   - Could not find backers that match your search.

00:13:58   - Uh-oh.

00:14:00   - I didn't back you?

00:14:00   - Oh, you've been doxxed, Federico.

00:14:02   - Let me see, gotta fix it right now.

00:14:05   - Brutal.

00:14:06   - Oh, maybe it's one of those things where I said,

00:14:08   I'll do it after the show and then after the show, I forgot.

00:14:11   - Could be, we've all done that before.

00:14:12   - Yeah, see, I didn't back it.

00:14:14   Oh, let's do it.

00:14:15   - Still got time, baby.

00:14:16   - No, keep it that way.

00:14:17   (laughing)

00:14:19   - Which one do I want?

00:14:20   - I want Get It All, I want the Get It All.

00:14:22   - Get It All.

00:14:23   - Get It All.

00:14:24   - Get It All.

00:14:25   - Get It All, Get It All.

00:14:27   (humming)

00:14:30   Yeah, it's Get It All by T-Rex.

00:14:33   - T-Rex, baby, yep.

00:14:35   - Yeah?

00:14:35   - Yeah.

00:14:37   - Yeah.

00:14:37   - Did you know that Youngblood is like the nephew

00:14:41   of the T-Rex singer or something?

00:14:44   - I did not know that.

00:14:45   - Yeah, hold on, this is the type of information

00:14:48   that I know.

00:14:49   - I'm trying to finish back on the calendar, come on.

00:14:51   - No, this is how it doesn't happen.

00:14:53   - Yeah.

00:14:54   - Hold on, hold on.

00:14:56   Youngblood.

00:14:57   - Dominic Richard Harrison.

00:15:01   - Oh, was that a fake news winner already?

00:15:03   - Oh, here we go.

00:15:04   - No, no.

00:15:06   Well, I'll find you.

00:15:07   - I mean, it does not say it on the Wikipedia page.

00:15:11   - Yeah, his grandfather, Rick Harrison,

00:15:13   played with '70s rock band T-Rex.

00:15:15   - Oh, I didn't see that one.

00:15:17   - Somebody on Twitter said, "I don't recall

00:15:20   any Rick Harrison T-Rex."

00:15:22   - There you go.

00:15:23   (laughing)

00:15:24   There you go, here we go.

00:15:26   - I must have.

00:15:28   - This one person played one time?

00:15:30   - Yeah, somebody on Twitter said, "Thanks, I thought so.

00:15:35   Yet several Youngblood articles and bios all quote it.

00:15:38   Wonder why this hasn't been picked up before."

00:15:42   - Why is no one talking about this?

00:15:44   - Wait, was Rick Harrison?

00:15:46   Like, now I need to get to the bottom

00:15:48   of this conspiracy theory.

00:15:50   But first I gotta finish back in the calendar.

00:15:53   So, 60, get it all, I understand, pledge, done.

00:15:57   - Oh, no, no.

00:15:58   So, okay, his grandfather, whose name was Rick Harrison,

00:16:03   was in music, and I think at least once played with T-Rex.

00:16:08   And he ran a music store,

00:16:13   apparently attracted the likes of Noel Gallagher,

00:16:16   Coldplay, Johnny Marr, and Bryan Adams,

00:16:19   according to the Doncaster Free Press.

00:16:22   - Oh, I found the same article.

00:16:24   - Yeah, so there is a connection,

00:16:27   but it's not the one that that tweet

00:16:30   would want you to believe.

00:16:31   - Okay, all right.

00:16:34   So, yeah.

00:16:36   Anyway, there was a connection somewhere.

00:16:38   - Thank you for backing.

00:16:41   - Sure, do you see my name now?

00:16:43   - Yes, number 705.

00:16:45   - I joined 705 people in supporting your project.

00:16:50   - And you only had to be peer pressured

00:16:52   on a podcast to do it.

00:16:54   Steven, if only you could peer pressure every listener.

00:16:58   - Listeners.

00:16:58   Let's do my best here.

00:17:00   - Oh, are you doing it?

00:17:02   This is the peer pressure?

00:17:03   Okay. - I'm gonna do it.

00:17:04   I'm gonna give you the hard pitch.

00:17:05   - I have a family to feed.

00:17:07   - There we go.

00:17:07   Yes, do it, come on.

00:17:09   - The calendar goes a long way.

00:17:11   - Go for it.

00:17:12   - To doing that.

00:17:14   I mean.

00:17:15   - You gotta buy food.

00:17:16   - Gotta buy food.

00:17:17   You know how expensive kids are?

00:17:19   You gotta buy clothes for them

00:17:20   and they're always growing.

00:17:21   - Yeah.

00:17:22   - It's like my bank account.

00:17:24   - She's very sick.

00:17:25   We are very online.

00:17:31   - That's such an old meme though.

00:17:33   - It's an older meme, but it checks out.

00:17:35   - And also I think that was a reference to the pro show,

00:17:38   which, listeners, we all have families.

00:17:42   - Yeah, we all do.

00:17:44   Dogs are expensive too.

00:17:46   - It's true.

00:17:47   I have a new kitten.

00:17:48   You know, I gotta pay for that.

00:17:50   - I'm decorating a house.

00:17:51   Someone's gotta pay for that.

00:17:53   Get connected pro.co.

00:17:55   Get connected pro.co.

00:17:57   - Yes.

00:17:58   Steven, what is the kitten story?

00:18:00   - Kitten story is that we were visiting my mom's family

00:18:04   a few weeks ago and my grandmother and aunt lived together

00:18:09   and they're way out in the country.

00:18:10   Like no cell service out in the country.

00:18:13   And we were just like hanging out on their property

00:18:16   and they have some, I don't wanna call them spare cats,

00:18:21   but there's a lot of cats that live outside

00:18:22   that don't really belong to anybody.

00:18:24   And one of them had kittens

00:18:27   and there was one little black kitten in particular

00:18:30   that was like really smaller than the others and not eating.

00:18:33   And this kitten basically attached itself to our daughter.

00:18:37   - Oh yeah.

00:18:38   - And so I had already left.

00:18:40   I left a little bit earlier to go meet another family member

00:18:43   and I started getting pictures of my daughter

00:18:46   holding this tiny kitten that weighs less than half a pound.

00:18:49   Like you can hold her in the palm of your hand.

00:18:52   - Power of a kitten.

00:18:53   - And so we're like, well, we'll take her to the vet

00:18:56   and like make sure she's healthy.

00:18:58   And if she's not like deal with that.

00:19:01   But so we took her to the vet in North Carolina

00:19:03   where we were visiting family

00:19:05   and she had some stuff wrong with her, but nothing major.

00:19:07   My daughter had to like syringe feed her

00:19:09   the first week we had her.

00:19:11   But now the kitten is much healthier.

00:19:14   Her name is Piper.

00:19:15   - Piper.

00:19:16   - And Piper crossed a pound just I think last weekend.

00:19:20   So she's growing and we're like, well, we'll get her healthy.

00:19:25   And like we knew somebody who was looking for a cat.

00:19:27   We also kind of would see how our dog responded to the cat.

00:19:31   And so far that's been fine.

00:19:32   Like the dog's not trying to eat the cat

00:19:33   and mostly they mostly ignore each other.

00:19:35   And so it seems like we're keeping her

00:19:38   and she's been to the vet like three times and cat food.

00:19:41   So anyways, please buy a calendar.

00:19:43   - 'Cause somebody's got to pay the piper.

00:19:46   - Pay for the piper really.

00:19:48   - Well, look at that doesn't work though.

00:19:50   The cat wants money.

00:19:52   What can I say?

00:19:53   Cat wants money.

00:19:54   Someone's got to pay it.

00:19:55   - So go check it out.

00:19:56   It's also, it's the, I mean, it completes the trilogy, right?

00:19:59   Like if you've backed the previous two,

00:20:01   this completes the set.

00:20:03   And if you haven't backed them.

00:20:04   - To be fair, Steven,

00:20:06   I feel like if somebody has backed the last two calendars,

00:20:09   they're going to back this one.

00:20:10   - I hope so.

00:20:11   - And if they're not going to,

00:20:12   no amount of like convincing from you can do it, right?

00:20:16   Like if someone's done it two times in a row

00:20:18   and they don't want to do it again,

00:20:20   like I feel like you can't change their minds.

00:20:23   But so what you should say is

00:20:25   this is the best one of the trilogy.

00:20:26   So if you've missed out so far,

00:20:28   you want to jump on board now.

00:20:30   - I do think it's the best of the trilogy.

00:20:31   - There you go.

00:20:32   See, you said it.

00:20:33   - I think it's, I'm very happy with the artwork so far.

00:20:36   And I think the history in it is really,

00:20:41   it's super interesting

00:20:43   'cause it covers Apple's retail and services,

00:20:46   but there will be more in here that people don't know.

00:20:48   You will learn more from this one than the previous two.

00:20:51   'Cause everyone knows that Apple made a 12 inch power book

00:20:53   and it was awesome, but.

00:20:55   - Sure.

00:20:56   - Not everybody knows that eWorld took part in,

00:20:59   you know, take your kids to work day and.

00:21:02   - I didn't know that.

00:21:03   Yeah, I feel like this is the one

00:21:05   I'm actually going to read all of the things.

00:21:07   'Cause like I have a vague idea

00:21:09   of a lot of the like time periods, right?

00:21:11   Like when it's September in the hardware calendars.

00:21:15   - Yeah. - I'm good.

00:21:16   - So many, I've found. - Or like

00:21:17   in the software calendars.

00:21:17   There's like so many versions of operating systems.

00:21:20   Like I know these things are happening,

00:21:22   but I didn't know what you just told me.

00:21:23   So I'm gonna learn something.

00:21:24   - I tell you what.

00:21:26   - What?

00:21:27   - Pick, each of you pick a date and I'll read to you

00:21:29   what's on the new calendar.

00:21:31   - All right, my birthday, January 31st.

00:21:34   - January 31st.

00:21:36   Let's scroll up.

00:21:37   Okay, so, oh, this is the one from this year, 2023.

00:21:42   Tysa's Corner, the last Apple store

00:21:44   featuring the original design is closed for renovation.

00:21:49   - I've got to say, Steven, you failed me

00:21:51   because I knew that.

00:21:52   - Oh, well that happened this year, so.

00:21:55   - Okay, that is true.

00:21:57   There's nothing you can do about that.

00:21:58   - It's a bad example.

00:21:58   - It's modern history as they call it.

00:22:00   - What about November 12th?

00:22:03   - November 12th, let's scroll down.

00:22:05   - Does every day have something on it?

00:22:07   - No.

00:22:08   Oh, this, y'all probably picked two that you know.

00:22:11   1996, the ill-fated Apple cafes concept introduced.

00:22:15   - No, I have no idea what that is.

00:22:17   - No, I don't know.

00:22:18   - I'll put a link in the show notes

00:22:19   that you can read afterwards.

00:22:20   I wrote a thing about it a few years ago.

00:22:22   - Are they like, I suck at it, I didn't even read your blog.

00:22:24   Are they like, Cyber Cafe, is that what they were called?

00:22:28   - I got my hands on some artwork and stuff.

00:22:30   - Whoa, no, they didn't make that, did they?

00:22:34   - Yeah.

00:22:35   - Did they make that building?

00:22:37   - No, they did not, sorry.

00:22:38   I was also reading something in the Discord that caught my eye.

00:22:42   No, they did not make this.

00:22:43   They never made it past the concept phase.

00:22:45   But that building is sick.

00:22:46   - Oh, you're being fact checked in the Discord Live?

00:22:48   Is that what's happening to you right now?

00:22:49   - Yeah, I don't like that at all,

00:22:51   so I'm making a note to check on that.

00:22:54   - Your entire basis for the calendar has been rumbled.

00:22:58   - Well, I can just do it right here.

00:22:59   512 pixels, calendar dates one.

00:23:02   What was the date, 31st?

00:23:03   - Right in front, yeah, January 31st.

00:23:05   - Apple's final store with 2001 interest.

00:23:07   - Just so listeners get the context,

00:23:09   Zach says that this definitely didn't happen in January.

00:23:12   The old store and the new store

00:23:13   are at different locations in the mall.

00:23:15   - Apple ties its corner in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

00:23:18   with temporary close for renovations

00:23:19   starting Tuesday, January 31st,

00:23:22   according to Michael Stieber,

00:23:23   who writes a weekly newsletter about Apple's retail stores.

00:23:25   A reopening date has not been announced.

00:23:27   - Oh, hang on, we've got confusion

00:23:29   between Tysons and Tysons.

00:23:31   - Oh yeah, Tysons. - They're two different things.

00:23:34   Why would there be so similar?

00:23:37   Why is that?

00:23:37   Tysons and Tysons?

00:23:39   - What? - They're two different things.

00:23:40   - It is true.

00:23:42   - Tysons, Tysons.

00:23:43   - Yeah, but like, what,

00:23:44   Federico, did you know these two places existed?

00:23:46   - No, I had no idea. - That's what I'm saying.

00:23:48   - I thought somebody in Discord was typing "T.G." wrong.

00:23:51   - So. - T.G.'s corner.

00:23:52   - All right, each of you pick one more date

00:23:55   and then we'll move on.

00:23:56   - July 7th.

00:23:57   - July 7th.

00:23:59   That's your anniversary.

00:24:00   July 7th, 1998.

00:24:04   Apple expanded educational prices

00:24:06   to faculty, staff, and students,

00:24:08   making personal purchases.

00:24:10   - What about my birthday, August 10?

00:24:15   - August 10.

00:24:17   Actually not one on August 10.

00:24:19   - Oh. - Can I read you

00:24:20   the day before?

00:24:21   - Sure, why not?

00:24:23   - 1991, Apple Link used to send first email from space

00:24:27   via Macintosh Portable aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

00:24:30   - That's a pretty good one.

00:24:32   - That is something else that I wrote about

00:24:35   because the Computer History Museum had the wrong date

00:24:37   in their article and I corrected it for them.

00:24:40   - I remember that.

00:24:42   Yes, I remember that.

00:24:44   - Yeah, like the dates were wrong in a bunch of places

00:24:46   and I tracked it down.

00:24:47   Real good journalism there.

00:24:49   Also, my slug for that blog post is very good.

00:24:53   Space emails.

00:24:55   So anyways, I would love for people to check that out.

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00:26:37   - So I was on this website, YouTube.

00:26:41   Do you guys know YouTube?

00:26:42   - It's like a TikTok for old people.

00:26:45   - Slight diversion when we're talking about history.

00:26:48   Do you guys remember like early YouTube,

00:26:49   like pre Google YouTube?

00:26:51   Like, do you remember that?

00:26:52   - Yeah.

00:26:53   - That's all I wanted to say.

00:26:54   It's just like wild to think that it was a company

00:26:57   pre Google owning it.

00:26:59   And again, I just wonder how many people don't know that.

00:27:01   Right? Like.

00:27:02   - I used to watch it on my Nintendo Wii.

00:27:04   - Oh yeah, they had a Wii channel.

00:27:06   - Yeah, they had a Wii channel.

00:27:07   - Yeah.

00:27:08   - That was like 2006, right?

00:27:10   That was when it was bought.

00:27:11   - Yeah.

00:27:12   - I don't remember how much money it was,

00:27:14   but I know it wasn't a lot of money.

00:27:15   Rather like it was like $60 million

00:27:17   or something like that, which is just like bananas.

00:27:20   Maybe someone can fact check me on that,

00:27:21   but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

00:27:23   So I was on youtube.com and I was watching a video

00:27:28   from Shane Watley, who's a really good homekit YouTuber.

00:27:32   And I know he was on MacPowerUsers a while ago.

00:27:35   - Yeah.

00:27:35   - It was a good episode on MacPowerUsers.

00:27:36   I really like Shane.

00:27:37   Shane like super knowledgeable.

00:27:38   He seems like a decent dude.

00:27:40   Like seems like a nice guy and I like his videos.

00:27:43   And he was doing like a setup tour.

00:27:45   I like setup tours, especially for homekit YouTubers.

00:27:48   It's good.

00:27:49   That's what you want.

00:27:49   They actually use their stuff.

00:27:51   He had his iPad on a stand and he took his iPad off

00:27:55   and he put it on and he's like, and now it's charging.

00:27:57   And I was like, what, what's he doing?

00:28:00   Like, and I, it took, I had to like,

00:28:02   I was like looking at the video and I looked through

00:28:05   like the description.

00:28:05   I was trying to find it.

00:28:07   So you know your favorite case company,

00:28:09   Pataka Federico, do you still use Pataka cases?

00:28:11   - I don't anymore, but they are good cases.

00:28:14   - They make a product called,

00:28:16   I'm assuming this is the MagEZ.

00:28:20   - I read it as magnets with a Z on the end of magnets,

00:28:23   but that's not what this says.

00:28:25   - Could be that too.

00:28:26   I think it's MagEZ and they make a,

00:28:29   it's kind of like a case.

00:28:31   - Oh, MagEZ, now I get it.

00:28:34   Okay.

00:28:35   - It's a case that they make a MagEZ case for their,

00:28:37   for iPads.

00:28:38   And it's like just a very thin case that you can put around.

00:28:41   It's similar to their iPhone cases, right?

00:28:42   Like it's super thin and it's made of that like

00:28:45   woven material.

00:28:46   It looks like carbon fiber,

00:28:48   but I don't think is carbon fiber.

00:28:50   I think it's something else.

00:28:51   They make a version of it called the MagEZ Pro,

00:28:55   which has a integrated USB port into the case.

00:29:00   So like the bot was just like flexible part

00:29:03   at the bottom of the case, like rubber,

00:29:04   and you can put the cable in and it stays,

00:29:07   I would say pretty flush, like surprisingly so.

00:29:09   Like there's a little piece of rubber at the bottom

00:29:11   and then it's got this like X pattern on the back

00:29:14   of like pins, which you can then attach

00:29:17   different Pitaka charges to, including a stand.

00:29:22   They make like an iPad stand that you can attach it to.

00:29:25   It attaches magnetically and charges.

00:29:28   I do not think this is Qi charging.

00:29:31   Like I think it is their own like pin charging.

00:29:35   So like if you were interested in this and bought this,

00:29:38   like you would have to get their stand

00:29:41   and their specific charger if you want to do the wireless.

00:29:44   Although realistically, I don't see this as useful

00:29:46   unless you want to put it in the stand.

00:29:48   Like this, I don't see that it's worth getting

00:29:51   like a specific charger and a specific case

00:29:54   just to do this wireless charging.

00:29:56   Like to me, that doesn't make sense.

00:29:57   But I see it as like, if you want to,

00:29:59   if you are like, you want to have a stand, right?

00:30:02   To put your iPad on next to your desk,

00:30:04   this seems like a very good option for that

00:30:06   because it will also charge at the same time.

00:30:08   And they say that you can still use this case

00:30:13   inside of the Magic Keyboard and it works.

00:30:16   'Cause they have what looks like pass through pins

00:30:20   for the smart connector.

00:30:23   And maybe it's thin enough that you can close it.

00:30:26   Like I don't know, but I'm expecting yes if they say so.

00:30:30   So yeah, I just thought this was really interesting

00:30:31   as a product 'cause I feel like this has somehow missed me.

00:30:34   I don't know if you guys knew about this,

00:30:36   but also Apple should do this, I think now.

00:30:40   I think they should just do this now.

00:30:42   - It's definitely more compelling

00:30:43   than the charging via the pins,

00:30:46   which I think Logitech did a stand years ago

00:30:48   and it's super slow and terrible.

00:30:51   - Can you still charge through the keyboard?

00:30:56   - Yeah, you can.

00:30:57   - Yeah, so you can plug that in and that charges.

00:31:00   I couldn't remember if it charged or not, but yeah.

00:31:03   Obviously from the history of YouTube,

00:31:06   Wikipedia page by the way,

00:31:08   Google bought the site in November, 2006

00:31:11   for $1.65 billion.

00:31:13   - Oh, it was in the billion, okay.

00:31:15   - So I'm gonna see what that was today.

00:31:17   - I mean, that still is an incredibly cheap amount of money

00:31:21   for what Google got.

00:31:23   - Oh yeah, how many zeros are in billion?

00:31:26   - So you think Instagram was a good deal?

00:31:28   Is it one, no, it's like three more than a million?

00:31:35   - Okay, so that is close to 25 billion in today's money.

00:31:39   Wait, no, that's an extra zero, hang on.

00:31:40   - 2.5 billion?

00:31:42   - 2.5 billion.

00:31:44   - Which is still not enough.

00:31:45   - That's still only two and a half Instagrams.

00:31:46   - That's still not enough.

00:31:48   I mean, if YouTube was a product today,

00:31:51   even at the scale and size that it was then,

00:31:53   it would be worth more than that.

00:31:55   - Yeah, I mean that and Apple buying Next

00:31:57   are two of the great all time tech acquisitions.

00:32:01   - But anyway, Pataka stand.

00:32:03   I think this is a cool product.

00:32:05   - It's cool, but I'm not sure about always using

00:32:08   the USB support on the iPad Pro.

00:32:11   - What don't you like about that?

00:32:12   - Because like, well, I use my iPad Pro

00:32:15   with an external display.

00:32:16   So what am I gonna do when I need to use the USB support?

00:32:22   - You could just pull, you could unplug the thing.

00:32:24   - Nah, it's too permanent as a solution.

00:32:29   - See, this is why Apple should do it, right?

00:32:31   'Cause then you could have it on a stand that charges

00:32:33   and then you could still also plug in the thing.

00:32:35   - They should do it, they should do it.

00:32:37   They should support MagSafe.

00:32:38   Like I've come around on this idea.

00:32:41   - Seeing this product made me come around on it

00:32:43   'cause it's like, if they did MagSafe,

00:32:44   so many things could exist, right?

00:32:47   Like so many things could exist that would be like this.

00:32:51   - Yeah, all of that, yeah, yeah, absolutely, I agree.

00:32:54   - And I think it would encourage more people

00:32:57   to make more iPad accessories

00:33:00   when they could do it right now, but no one's like,

00:33:03   it's like, why would you do it for the like the little,

00:33:06   like what are they called?

00:33:07   The smart connector pins.

00:33:08   It's like a whole different thing where it's easier,

00:33:11   I think to make a product that has a wireless charger inside

00:33:14   'cause that is a more commoditized technology at this point.

00:33:18   So they should totally do it.

00:33:20   Or even like a lot of people do, if they made,

00:33:24   you know, if they did it with MagSafe,

00:33:25   people could just make a stand that just has a cutout

00:33:28   for a MagSafe puck and just bring your MagSafe puck, right?

00:33:31   So I actually seeing this, like just kind of,

00:33:36   I was looking at the product pages

00:33:37   and I was like, yeah, they should do it.

00:33:40   Like they should do it.

00:33:40   And I don't think it would be the primary way

00:33:43   for most people to charge their iPads, like realistically,

00:33:46   but I think it would be a good addition to the iPad

00:33:49   to have also a MagSafe connector.

00:33:51   - Yeah, I just don't like the look of their stuff that much.

00:33:54   - I don't like it either, it's not my aesthetic.

00:33:57   - Your aesthetic is no phone.

00:33:59   I mean, no phone, no case on your phone.

00:34:02   - No phone. - No case.

00:34:02   - And a pop socket.

00:34:05   We all have very different aesthetics, you know?

00:34:07   - No case, a nightstand charger made of like wood and sun.

00:34:12   - Cork, that's how mine is, we got the same ones.

00:34:15   - Wooden cork, baby.

00:34:17   - Since we're talking about iPhones,

00:34:18   Rob wrote in, I thought it was a pretty good question.

00:34:21   I think now's a good time of year to talk about it.

00:34:24   So Rob writes, "It might be a little early

00:34:26   to start talking about the iPhone for the fall."

00:34:28   It's not, it never is.

00:34:29   "But I'm curious where you are with storage

00:34:32   when you order a new phone."

00:34:34   Rob says they've been at 256 gigs for the last few phones,

00:34:37   but they're at a point where I'm ready to move to 512,

00:34:40   the best size.

00:34:41   I know it depends on the user,

00:34:42   but that doesn't stop a little discussion.

00:34:44   What do you think?

00:34:44   Is 512 the new 256 in 2023?

00:34:48   - I feel like, yes.

00:34:50   I have the 512 right now,

00:34:52   and I have 212 gigabytes available.

00:34:54   So I probably only have a couple of years

00:34:57   before I need to go up again.

00:34:59   'Cause I do things like,

00:35:02   I keep all my photos and videos on my phone.

00:35:04   Like it's just a thing I like to do.

00:35:06   - Same.

00:35:07   - I feel like this is just one of those things

00:35:09   where it will just have to just keep going up

00:35:13   as time continues,

00:35:14   because you just accumulate more things on the phone, right?

00:35:16   And also the cameras get better.

00:35:18   So the photo sizes get bigger

00:35:19   and we take more photos every year.

00:35:21   And it just keeps accumulating to the point where,

00:35:25   yeah, you need to keep bumping it up.

00:35:27   But I feel like, yeah,

00:35:29   the people who used to buy 256 back in the day,

00:35:32   like 512 is now like the, what replaces that?

00:35:36   I feel like it just bumps.

00:35:38   - Yeah, I made the move this year.

00:35:41   So I've got the terabyte phone

00:35:43   and I'm using 717 gigs of it.

00:35:45   - Whoa!

00:35:46   - I have 642 gigabytes of photos and videos.

00:35:52   - That's a lot.

00:35:52   That's a lot of tips.

00:35:54   - So I went up this year knowing

00:35:56   that with the family shared library thing,

00:35:59   that my photo library was getting ready

00:36:01   to drastically increase

00:36:03   because we use mine as the basis for the family one.

00:36:06   And so it's just been, there's a lot of stuff in there.

00:36:09   And I was getting to a point

00:36:12   where I was basically always out of space.

00:36:14   And I really, I know it's silly.

00:36:16   I know iCloud photo shared library thing works really well,

00:36:19   but I like having my photos and video local.

00:36:21   And that's what pushes me over.

00:36:23   I mean, without that,

00:36:24   I could buy a much cheaper phone each year.

00:36:28   - I know it's like a simple thing,

00:36:29   but like I just don't like when I wanna find an image

00:36:32   and I have to wait for it to download.

00:36:35   I just find that annoying.

00:36:36   So I just like having all the images there.

00:36:38   Federico, what are you at storage like size wise

00:36:41   and storage used on your phone?

00:36:44   - One terabyte phone.

00:36:45   And it looks like I'm only using 171 gigabytes.

00:36:49   - Okay, we got some misbalance here.

00:36:53   I think Federico, you could come down.

00:36:57   You can come down now.

00:36:58   - Yeah, I mean, I guess I can probably go for 512

00:37:03   and it's fine.

00:37:05   - Federico, you can go for 256 and you'll be fine.

00:37:07   - See, I like to not stress over these things.

00:37:13   - You've overcompensated a little bit.

00:37:15   - Probably just a little.

00:37:18   - Do you keep your photos and videos local?

00:37:20   - I do not.

00:37:21   - That's what it is.

00:37:22   - I mean, you clearly could.

00:37:23   - Well, no, do I hold on?

00:37:25   Let me confirm.

00:37:26   - You surely aren't.

00:37:27   You surely aren't if you're only using a hundred gigabytes.

00:37:30   - No, I'm not.

00:37:31   I'm not, I'm not.

00:37:32   - I feel like you should turn that on.

00:37:33   - Not while we're recording, but later.

00:37:36   - Go for it, man.

00:37:37   You got the space, you got room to spare.

00:37:39   Unless you have a one terabyte photo library.

00:37:43   - How big is your photo library?

00:37:45   Do you know?

00:37:46   - I was just checking.

00:37:47   Is there a way to know?

00:37:49   - Are you at a Mac?

00:37:52   - Oh, geez, my phone says iPhone needs to cool down.

00:37:55   (laughing)

00:37:58   - Whoops.

00:38:01   That's too many photos.

00:38:03   - Downloading an update and using the iPhone's

00:38:07   local storage screen, which is like the slowest thing

00:38:10   in iOS, I could see how that cooked your phone.

00:38:13   - Yeah.

00:38:13   - So I have 35,203 photos and I have 1,151 videos.

00:38:18   So I'm pretty sure that's like more than a hundred gigs.

00:38:27   - Yeah, you have like twice the amount

00:38:29   that I have photos and video wise

00:38:32   and mine is like a hundred and something gigabytes.

00:38:35   So you've probably got like 250 gigabytes of photos.

00:38:38   - Probably enable.

00:38:39   - There's no problem, you can.

00:38:42   You have 900 gigabytes available on your phone.

00:38:45   So what do you think is gonna happen?

00:38:47   - I don't know.

00:38:48   Because like, you know this.

00:38:50   - Are you at your Mac where they're all downloaded?

00:38:53   - No.

00:38:54   - Okay.

00:38:55   - No.

00:38:55   - I was gonna say.

00:38:56   - I am at my Mac, but they're not all downloaded.

00:38:57   - They're not downloaded.

00:38:58   Okay, I say you can look in finder and tell you.

00:38:59   So I have 77,000 photos, 4,450 videos.

00:39:04   You know what this is called?

00:39:09   Parenting.

00:39:10   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:39:12   - Yeah.

00:39:12   - And I'm sure it like exploded for Federico

00:39:15   when he got the dogs.

00:39:16   - And last time he saw me, you know, a lot of.

00:39:18   - Yeah, I just started taking pictures of Steven.

00:39:20   - It was cool.

00:39:21   - And next thing, yeah.

00:39:22   - And then during the pandemic,

00:39:23   I started downloading pictures of Steven.

00:39:25   (laughing)

00:39:28   Just to keep up.

00:39:29   - Where from?

00:39:30   Anywhere specific or we don't wanna share your secrets?

00:39:32   - We don't need to talk about that from his iCloud.

00:39:34   Wait, what?

00:39:35   (laughing)

00:39:37   Let's move on to another topic.

00:39:41   We don't need Steven to know.

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00:42:03   It is time to play the Aries,

00:42:06   picking an heir to the Apple history throne.

00:42:09   If you're not familiar with this,

00:42:10   this is a game that I'm walking Mike and Federico through

00:42:14   to see who can take over for me when I'm gone.

00:42:17   We talked about hardware on connected 442

00:42:20   and listeners first max on connected 447.

00:42:23   The current score, Mike has 12 points.

00:42:27   Federico has nine points, but today gentlemen,

00:42:31   there are 36 points up for grabs.

00:42:34   - Steven, that's a lot of points.

00:42:36   - I know.

00:42:37   - That might be too many points.

00:42:39   You may have done that thing that I did

00:42:41   where the points scale whack.

00:42:43   - There are 36,000 points available.

00:42:46   - I have a question for you.

00:42:48   So if this is taking the air to your Apple history throne

00:42:53   and the calendars are technically a part

00:42:56   of your Apple history expertise.

00:42:59   - They are.

00:43:00   - If you die, do we get the calendar money?

00:43:05   - Yeah.

00:43:06   - That's complicated.

00:43:07   - I don't think it should be.

00:43:08   - Hopefully I'm alive.

00:43:10   You know, we only eight days left on the Kickstarter, so.

00:43:12   - Yeah, but like the money still exists.

00:43:15   - It's true.

00:43:16   Even after the Kickstarter campaign.

00:43:18   - I mean, you have to, I guess.

00:43:19   - In fact, that's when the money exists.

00:43:21   - This makes me uncomfortable.

00:43:23   - Well, you shouldn't have brought it to the table.

00:43:25   - Well, why are we picking a hair to the throne?

00:43:27   If not in case of.

00:43:28   - If there's no money.

00:43:29   - I needed a trick for the game.

00:43:31   We need a hook.

00:43:31   You always need a hook, you know?

00:43:33   - But like, yeah, and the hook should be cash.

00:43:36   - It's points.

00:43:38   It's points today.

00:43:39   - Cash tomorrow.

00:43:40   - Like to what extent, to what extent can we take over

00:43:43   your life when you're gone?

00:43:45   - This is important.

00:43:46   Like living in my house and raising my children?

00:43:48   - Yeah.

00:43:49   - No, I don't want that in my house.

00:43:50   (laughing)

00:43:51   - No, but like hanging out with your family,

00:43:53   all your relatives, going to those parties that you do

00:43:56   with like 45 different cousins.

00:43:58   - You can do that now.

00:43:59   You can do that part now if you want to.

00:44:00   - You can take that over with me any time.

00:44:02   - Can I get the dog?

00:44:03   Can I get the cat?

00:44:05   - Yeah. - All of that.

00:44:06   - Federico, there's also a snake.

00:44:08   If Mike gets a snake, the snake goes away.

00:44:12   Is all I'm gonna say.

00:44:13   - Mike didn't like the snake.

00:44:14   Anyway, anyway, anyway, back to the game.

00:44:17   - So this idea came from listener Howie.

00:44:20   And as soon as I saw it, I loved it.

00:44:22   Today, I have prepared a list of 12 Apple trademarks.

00:44:27   There's a link that the guys cannot look at

00:44:29   'cause it would be cheating.

00:44:31   But there's a link in the show notes

00:44:32   to Apple's trademark webpage.

00:44:35   You can see everything they've trademarked over the years.

00:44:37   And I picked out 12.

00:44:39   And how we're gonna do this is you get one point

00:44:43   for each item you can accurately describe.

00:44:46   And each entry has a bonus question

00:44:50   worth two additional points.

00:44:53   - Can you give me an example of what that first part,

00:44:56   what do you mean accurately describe?

00:44:58   - An item.

00:44:59   - So this is not on here.

00:45:01   But say that I said, okay,

00:45:03   Apple has a trademark on the word iMac.

00:45:06   And you would need to describe what an iMac is.

00:45:10   And then maybe the bonus question would be,

00:45:13   what year did the first iMac come out

00:45:14   or something like that?

00:45:16   - Okay, so you have a tailored bonus question.

00:45:18   - For each item.

00:45:20   Yeah. - Wow.

00:45:21   - I spent all afternoon on this yesterday.

00:45:23   - I don't understand what we need to describe.

00:45:25   You say iMac and I gotta tell you it's a computer?

00:45:28   - Yeah, like it's an all in one desktop computer.

00:45:30   - Federico, I'm thinking they're not gonna be that easy.

00:45:33   - Well, the first one's pretty easy.

00:45:34   - Okay. - They get harder as we go.

00:45:36   - But like, how do you decide

00:45:37   whether the description is right or not?

00:45:39   - Yeah, that's true.

00:45:40   - I'm in a good mood.

00:45:42   - So I think if you're in the ballpark, you'll get it.

00:45:44   The bonus one though, there are right and wrong answers.

00:45:46   So we'll see how this goes.

00:45:48   Let's just do the first one.

00:45:49   - All right.

00:45:50   - I think we'll all understand.

00:45:51   Federico, you were behind, so I'm gonna let you go first.

00:45:54   - Thank you.

00:45:54   - We have to play the honor system, right?

00:45:56   Because like, I'm gonna hear what he says.

00:45:58   So I need to be honorable?

00:46:00   - Yes.

00:46:01   - All right.

00:46:02   - And I think we'll probably alternate.

00:46:03   So we'll alternate who goes first.

00:46:05   - Oh, we're not answering the same questions?

00:46:07   - No, no, we'll alternate who goes first.

00:46:09   So if you have the desire to cheat,

00:46:11   you know, you've got a round to think about what you've done.

00:46:13   - Yeah, I could cheat next time.

00:46:15   - Look, we've been on the show for 10 years.

00:46:16   Like, we can't trust each other in these games now.

00:46:18   What are we doing?

00:46:18   - I don't think anyone can be trusted, but.

00:46:21   - Okay.

00:46:22   - I can talk to my therapist.

00:46:22   - Round one, Federico, is the EMAC.

00:46:27   Can you describe the EMAC please?

00:46:30   - An EMAC?

00:46:32   - Mm-hmm.

00:46:32   - EMAC with an E.

00:46:36   - With an E.

00:46:37   - It's a personal computing device that runs my class.

00:46:42   - Could you be any more specific?

00:46:50   - Lets you do computing.

00:46:53   - Maybe something about the form factor come to mind.

00:46:57   - Oh yeah.

00:46:58   An EMAC is a, you know, a three-dimensional object.

00:47:03   - Okay.

00:47:06   - And it's a, well, I kind of want to say that it's a.

00:47:08   - Steven, we're really going to be testing your,

00:47:11   your kindness on this one.

00:47:12   - It's a, it's an EMAC is a portable computing device.

00:47:17   - Mike.

00:47:19   - It is the iMac for education.

00:47:21   It is a bulbous iMac G3 styled Macintosh.

00:47:26   - We're going to give that to Mike

00:47:28   because it's not a portable, it weighs like 50 pounds.

00:47:30   This was a CRT based machine,

00:47:33   initially sold to education,

00:47:35   but then it was made public.

00:47:37   Cause apparently the public wanted it.

00:47:38   It looks like a bigger iMac.

00:47:40   It's an all white bonus question.

00:47:42   You can each pick up two points here.

00:47:44   - Two?

00:47:45   - For the bonus question, it's two, two points.

00:47:47   - Wait, so it's one point for the first question,

00:47:50   two points for the bonus?

00:47:52   - 36 points on the board today.

00:47:55   - This is what happens Steven.

00:47:56   You get crazy with the point scoring

00:47:57   and then before you know it, you're in the thousands.

00:48:00   - All right.

00:48:01   Federico, what year was the EMAC introduced?

00:48:03   - Mm,

00:48:04   2003.

00:48:10   - Mike.

00:48:11   - 2001.

00:48:16   - Y'all split it, it's 2002.

00:48:19   - Okay.

00:48:20   - Well.

00:48:21   - So we're both very close.

00:48:23   Mike has one point, Federico has no points.

00:48:25   - Okay.

00:48:26   - That I thought was going to be the easy one.

00:48:29   - I would say I didn't find that hard.

00:48:31   I'm just going to say.

00:48:33   - I know what the EMAC is.

00:48:34   - Yeah.

00:48:35   Some of these I think go against,

00:48:37   we'll see how this goes.

00:48:39   This may be a disaster.

00:48:40   This may be the last time we do this, we'll see.

00:48:42   Number two.

00:48:43   - And we're at number one.

00:48:45   - Yeah.

00:48:46   Number two, Mike, you're up first.

00:48:49   Please describe Ceramic Shield.

00:48:52   - Oh, it's the glass coating on the iPhone.

00:48:55   It's like the, what some people would call

00:48:59   the kind of Gorilla Glass, it's Corning's thing

00:49:02   and it's what goes on the iPhone.

00:49:04   - Yeah.

00:49:05   - Okay.

00:49:06   - It's a type of glass.

00:49:11   Or it's like, yeah, it's a type of glass

00:49:18   that covers the iPhone for enhanced durability.

00:49:22   - Cool.

00:49:23   I'll give it to both of you.

00:49:24   One point each.

00:49:25   Co-developed to an Apple and Corning,

00:49:29   showed up on the iPhone 12 line.

00:49:31   This is the front cover glass.

00:49:32   You got all that right.

00:49:33   Bonus question.

00:49:35   By what amount did Apple say Ceramic Shield

00:49:38   improved drop performance?

00:49:40   - 27%.

00:49:42   (laughing)

00:49:43   - Federico?

00:49:44   - 75.

00:49:46   - Four.

00:49:47   - Four?

00:49:48   - Four?

00:49:49   - Four times better.

00:49:50   - Why even tell you that?

00:49:51   - Four?

00:49:52   - Four times better.

00:49:53   - Four?

00:49:54   - Four.

00:49:55   - Four times?

00:49:56   - Yeah.

00:49:57   - Oh.

00:49:58   - Oh, so it's like 400%.

00:50:00   - 400%.

00:50:01   - Oh.

00:50:02   - I thought you meant 4%.

00:50:04   I was like, what's the point then?

00:50:06   - 4%.

00:50:07   (laughing)

00:50:08   - Can you imagine?

00:50:08   This is 4% better.

00:50:09   - This is 4%.

00:50:10   - That's why we branded it.

00:50:12   - Yeah.

00:50:12   Tim Cook's like, how much did we spend on that?

00:50:14   (laughing)

00:50:16   So we each got that one.

00:50:18   Good job.

00:50:19   - Okay.

00:50:19   - Federico, you are up.

00:50:21   - Yeah.

00:50:22   - Briefing room.

00:50:23   - Oh yeah.

00:50:24   So the briefing room is a room inside Apple retail stores

00:50:30   where things like personalized setups

00:50:35   or sometimes they actually use it

00:50:38   for like actual briefings with the press

00:50:40   if there's no other location nearby.

00:50:42   But just, it's like a private room inside Apple stores

00:50:46   where they do these kinds of things.

00:50:48   - I agree with all of that.

00:50:50   The only, well, I would have said the only thing

00:50:52   I would add is like they've done things

00:50:54   where like people could do like presentations there.

00:50:57   The way it was like originally pitched

00:50:58   was almost as if you could just hire it.

00:51:01   But obviously that's not a thing

00:51:02   that anyone could realistically do inside of an Apple store.

00:51:05   - Yeah, that's all correct.

00:51:08   Super exclusive conference room in the Apple store.

00:51:11   Bonus question.

00:51:13   In what year did Federico blog about the briefing room?

00:51:17   - Me?

00:51:18   - Mm-hmm.

00:51:18   - Me.

00:51:19   - Yeah.

00:51:20   What year did you blog about it?

00:51:21   - Me personally.

00:51:24   - You personally.

00:51:26   - 2012.

00:51:27   - Michael.

00:51:28   - 2017.

00:51:33   - 2011.

00:51:34   Federico was very close.

00:51:38   - Almost there.

00:51:39   - Wow, that's way longer.

00:51:41   I thought that was like an Angela Ahrendts thing.

00:51:43   - Yeah, it seems like it should be, right?

00:51:44   But yeah, 2011.

00:51:47   - Yeah, I mostly try to guess which period of my life

00:51:50   I was blogging about these things.

00:51:51   - Yeah, that, you know what Federico, smart.

00:51:54   Like, it's been a long time

00:51:56   since I wrote that kind of article.

00:51:58   - Yeah, yeah.

00:51:59   - That's a real John thing now, you know?

00:52:01   - That's an OTJ story.

00:52:04   - I don't even think John covers Apple stores anymore.

00:52:07   - Yeah, Stupor's got us all covered.

00:52:10   All right, number four.

00:52:12   Well, I gave you each a point there.

00:52:14   So Mike has three, Federico has two.

00:52:16   Number four, Mike, please describe the velocity engine.

00:52:21   - What?

00:52:25   - In Back to the Future 2.

00:52:26   - Velocity engine?

00:52:29   - The velocity engine.

00:52:30   - Velocity engine.

00:52:31   - I'm gonna say this is something to do with

00:52:36   scaling of metal APIs.

00:52:40   - Yeah, I was gonna say the same.

00:52:42   - Yeah.

00:52:42   - Okay, well.

00:52:44   - The velocity engine is, I also think it's,

00:52:49   it does ring a bell and I was gonna say it's about metal.

00:52:53   So it's something that has to do with.

00:52:55   - If we're both wrong, can we have another go?

00:52:58   If it's not metal, can we have another go?

00:52:59   - I think it has something to do with the metal framework.

00:53:03   - I like what you're thinking,

00:53:04   but you're just about 10 years off.

00:53:07   Velocity engine was the vector processing unit

00:53:11   in the G4 and the G5.

00:53:13   Apple made a big deal of it at the time.

00:53:14   - Yeah, I would have never guessed it, never.

00:53:16   - As soon as I said it, I was like,

00:53:18   engine is not the right word that denotes

00:53:21   it's a physical thing, right?

00:53:22   - Bonus question, what were the three companies

00:53:25   behind the PowerPC platform?

00:53:28   - Who's going first?

00:53:29   - You.

00:53:30   - Okay, I wanna ask a clarifying question.

00:53:32   You can decide if you wanna answer this.

00:53:34   Is one of these companies Apple?

00:53:36   - Yes.

00:53:37   - All right, so Apple was one of them.

00:53:39   That's a gimme for us both, right?

00:53:40   - Mm-hmm.

00:53:41   - All right. - They need the other two.

00:53:43   - Apple, Motorola, IBM.

00:53:48   - Federico.

00:53:49   - Apple, Motorola, and.

00:53:51   - Uh, whatever, Intel.

00:53:54   - No, not Intel, it is IBM.

00:53:57   Apple, IBM, and Motorola formed the AIM Alliance.

00:53:59   (groans)

00:54:01   - Nice.

00:54:02   - I totally pulled that one out of nowhere.

00:54:04   'Cause I didn't think it could have been Intel.

00:54:06   - Yeah.

00:54:07   - Because they switched from PowerPC to Intel.

00:54:10   - Yeah, and I was like, I don't know.

00:54:13   (laughs)

00:54:13   - Yeah, that's good.

00:54:14   - As soon as I said it, I was like,

00:54:15   ooh, could it have been ARM?

00:54:16   But I guess ARM was later, right?

00:54:18   - Mm-hmm.

00:54:19   - I don't trust them, all right.

00:54:20   The AIM Alliance, did you say?

00:54:22   - AIM, A-I-M, yeah.

00:54:24   They formed it back in the '90s.

00:54:27   - As you would.

00:54:29   - Okay, number five.

00:54:32   Federico, you're first.

00:54:34   Please describe Shake.

00:54:36   - What?

00:54:38   - Shake, S-H-A-K-E.

00:54:40   - Like the Grimace Shake?

00:54:43   - Yes. (laughs)

00:54:44   - Extremely online, I know what that means.

00:54:47   - That thing looks incredible.

00:54:48   I can't drink it.

00:54:49   - I wish I would have got one, to be honest, but.

00:54:51   - The color is so good.

00:54:53   - Yeah.

00:54:54   - Wait, so it's Shake, like a milkshake.

00:54:57   - Yeah, yeah, Shake.

00:54:58   Shake, Shake, Shake.

00:55:00   You know, shake it off.

00:55:02   - Some sort of acronym, features of a computer.

00:55:07   Like this computer is based on the Shake architecture,

00:55:11   and Shake means something.

00:55:13   - Okay, Mike.

00:55:14   - Software, hardware, and kill of it.

00:55:18   - Exercises.

00:55:19   - Kill of it, energy.

00:55:21   - There you go.

00:55:22   Shake was an application as part of the Final Cut Suite.

00:55:27   - No way you know this.

00:55:28   You Googled this.

00:55:29   - No, I know that, but I don't know what it did.

00:55:32   And so I'm going to assume it was for image stabilization.

00:55:37   - I'm gonna give it to you,

00:55:38   'cause it was part of the Final Cut Suite,

00:55:41   but it was for image, like image compositing.

00:55:46   - Yeah, it was like Shake, Motion.

00:55:49   - Yeah, all those, yeah.

00:55:51   Or DVD Studio Pro was in there.

00:55:52   There was Soundtrack.

00:55:53   - Never heard of it.

00:55:54   - That was Federico.

00:55:55   That was when they used to sell it in that big box

00:55:57   for like a billion dollars.

00:55:59   - So Apple did not invent Shake.

00:56:02   It was acquired from a company called Nothing Real,

00:56:05   which is a pretty good name company.

00:56:06   - Great name.

00:56:07   - They did not make a Mac OS X version.

00:56:09   Apple made a Mac OS X version

00:56:12   and got rid of the other ones.

00:56:14   And version 2.5 added OS X support.

00:56:18   That price was $4,950.

00:56:21   That's $8,400 today just for Shake.

00:56:25   - You know how we have like Sherlocking?

00:56:28   I would like to propose Shaking,

00:56:31   which is when Apple buys a company

00:56:33   and gets rid of every other platform.

00:56:36   - Yeah, like, yeah.

00:56:38   They didn't do it with Apple Music,

00:56:39   but they could have, right?

00:56:40   - They could have.

00:56:42   - I am never gonna get good at this game.

00:56:44   - Oh, we'll see.

00:56:45   There are some more that I think will be more up your alley.

00:56:48   - I don't have this type of memory.

00:56:51   - A bunch of these apps went away

00:56:53   when Final Cut Pro X came out.

00:56:56   'Cause Final Cut Pro X basically adopted

00:56:58   a lot of this stuff and other stuff Apple just got rid of.

00:57:01   Bonus question.

00:57:03   When was Shake taken down from sale?

00:57:06   And you know what?

00:57:07   I'll just take a year.

00:57:08   I don't need the date.

00:57:09   What year was Shake taken down from sale?

00:57:11   - Wait, you wanted the date?

00:57:13   What do you think is wrong with us that we would know that?

00:57:16   - It was in the calendar.

00:57:18   - I don't, I don't know.

00:57:19   - You don't have the calendar.

00:57:20   - Yeah, I actually don't know

00:57:21   if this was in the calendar or not, but the year.

00:57:23   Give me the year that Shake was taken off the market.

00:57:25   - I didn't even know what it was.

00:57:27   I'm just gonna, 2007.

00:57:30   - I'm just gonna say what I thought

00:57:31   and I know it's wrong, but '96.

00:57:34   - 2009.

00:57:35   So once again, Federico gets very close with the years.

00:57:38   Number six.

00:57:40   Federico, you are up first.

00:57:42   - I think I'm up first.

00:57:43   - Right?

00:57:43   No, Mike's up first.

00:57:45   AirPrint.

00:57:47   - This is the Bonjour powered feature to send a print

00:57:51   to a printer that supports that Bonjour technology.

00:57:56   - It was a wireless printing feature that allowed you

00:58:01   to connect to a compatible wireless printer

00:58:03   and printer documents from there.

00:58:05   - Showed up in iOS 4.2.

00:58:07   Remember everyone was mad the iPad couldn't print it first?

00:58:10   - Yeah.

00:58:11   - That was a fun time.

00:58:12   - As of 2020, the list of supported printers

00:58:15   is over 6,000 devices long.

00:58:18   Bonus question, how many printers were supported at launch?

00:58:22   It's 6,000 as of three years ago.

00:58:26   - Four.

00:58:28   - 12.

00:58:29   - Can I make a suggestion for the second round?

00:58:32   Can you give us closest wins please?

00:58:34   - Okay, we'll do closest wins in the back.

00:58:35   - It is unbelievable that you thought we would get the years

00:58:38   of any of this nonsense that you've thrown at us.

00:58:41   I can't believe you wanted the actual date

00:58:44   that Shake was acquired.

00:58:45   What is wrong with your brain

00:58:46   that you think everybody knows this?

00:58:48   - Okay, the back half, we'll do closest wins

00:58:52   in the bonus round.

00:58:52   How does that sound?

00:58:53   - Thank you.

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01:00:50   How are we feeling for round two, boys?

01:00:52   - Quite. - Excellent.

01:00:53   - Good.

01:00:54   (cat meows)

01:00:55   Oh, I thought you did the Ricky's

01:00:56   or the Quizy sound for a second.

01:00:58   - No, no, it was just one sound.

01:01:00   I was gonna do it out of excitement

01:01:01   and then realized that it would cause a quiz incursion

01:01:04   and then we would be stuck forever.

01:01:06   - Yeah, the episode would just fall in on itself

01:01:09   like a black hole.

01:01:10   Number seven, who's up?

01:01:13   Mike's up first.

01:01:15   - No, I think it's Federico.

01:01:16   - I'm sorry, I keep getting it backwards, okay.

01:01:18   - Spreadsheet.

01:01:19   - Federico, please describe Inkwell.

01:01:24   - Inkwell, can you spell it?

01:01:26   - I-N-K-W-E-L-L.

01:01:29   - Inkwell is a software feature of my class

01:01:33   that lets you draw with a compatible stylus in apps.

01:01:38   - Federico, I will not have it

01:01:42   that you don't know these things.

01:01:44   The fact that you just pulled Inkwell.

01:01:46   - I think I remember this.

01:01:50   - Oh, I know why you remember it.

01:01:52   Before you even say it,

01:01:53   can I see if I know what you're gonna say here?

01:01:55   - Go for it.

01:01:56   - This is why I know.

01:01:58   The Modbook Pro.

01:01:59   - No.

01:02:01   - Because I think Steve Transmith tweeted

01:02:04   about this years ago.

01:02:06   - Probably.

01:02:06   - Federico, do you know what the Modbook Pro is?

01:02:10   - Yeah, yeah, we talked about it.

01:02:11   - Yeah, so Modbook Pro used Inkwell,

01:02:14   and yeah, it is a handwriting recognition drawing

01:02:18   kind of feature that was built into macOS.

01:02:21   Is it still?

01:02:22   - That's the bonus question.

01:02:24   - Okay.

01:02:25   - You got that both right, both of you got that right.

01:02:27   Bonus question, when was Inkwell removed from macOS?

01:02:32   - So the answer is no then.

01:02:34   - Yeah.

01:02:35   - When was the Apple Silicon transition?

01:02:43   - It was two years ago with Big Sur.

01:02:44   - Was it 2020?

01:02:48   - Mike.

01:02:49   - 2016.

01:02:50   - Mike says 2016, so it was removed with macOS Catalina.

01:02:57   It was the death of 32-bit everything.

01:03:00   Catalina came out in 2019, so Federico was closer,

01:03:05   so Federico gets the bonus points.

01:03:06   - Sure was, sure was.

01:03:08   - Nice.

01:03:09   - Congratulations, good job.

01:03:11   - Thank you, thank you.

01:03:12   - Number eight, Mike, what is Retina HD?

01:03:17   - I hate this.

01:03:18   This feels like a trick question.

01:03:21   - This one is tricky, this may be the trickiest one.

01:03:23   - This feels like a trick question because like,

01:03:27   my mind is like, it's something to do with Retina displays,

01:03:32   but the HD throws it, so it's like,

01:03:35   oh, well it's not the original one.

01:03:37   And so like now I'm like,

01:03:38   I don't think it's got anything to do

01:03:40   with Retina displays at all now.

01:03:43   - I will say, I think you're overthinking it.

01:03:44   - When Retina displays came to the iPad,

01:03:47   it's like flight control HD, I don't know.

01:03:51   That's what I thought I got,

01:03:51   I ain't got nothing more than that.

01:03:53   - Federico.

01:03:54   - If I recall correctly, Retina HD was the name

01:03:58   for Retina displays on iPhones when the iPhones got bigger.

01:04:03   - Correct.

01:04:04   - Oh, I don't know any of this stuff.

01:04:06   - The Retina HD came with the iPhone 6,

01:04:10   here's something from the iPhone 6 press release.

01:04:12   The Retina HD display offers advanced technologies,

01:04:15   including higher contrast for deeper blacks

01:04:17   and dual domain pixels for more accurate colors

01:04:20   and wider viewing angles.

01:04:21   This shipped on the 6, 6S, 7, 8, and the SE 2 and 3.

01:04:26   Very good work Federico.

01:04:28   I thought one of y'all would get this.

01:04:30   Bonus question, what came after Retina HD?

01:04:35   There's two answers I will accept for this.

01:04:37   So what was the next Retina brand?

01:04:39   - Liquid Retina XDR.

01:04:42   I think I went too far, ah!

01:04:46   Okay, whatever, I said it, I said it.

01:04:48   - Liquid Retina.

01:04:49   - Yes, Federico gets it, the Liquid Retina display

01:04:52   was on the XR and the 11.

01:04:54   - Why did you have to say XDR?

01:04:58   - I don't know, I got too excited.

01:05:00   - The iPhone X, XS, and XS Max got Super Retina,

01:05:05   and now we're at Super Retina XDR.

01:05:08   Okay, man Federico just picked a bunch of points there.

01:05:12   - What's the score?

01:05:13   - Oh, what is the score?

01:05:15   I see he doesn't do math.

01:05:17   - Seven, eight, nine to Federico.

01:05:19   - Steven, your spreadsheet is terrible.

01:05:21   - I'm using notes.

01:05:22   - Oh my God.

01:05:22   - Oh, what is wrong with you?

01:05:24   - I don't know.

01:05:25   - You don't know how to run a quiz.

01:05:27   - Mike has eight, Federico has nine, it's very close.

01:05:32   - There's one in it.

01:05:33   - Next question, Federico goes first.

01:05:36   Federico, what were jam packs?

01:05:38   - What?

01:05:39   - Jam packs.

01:05:41   - Can you spell it?

01:05:43   - J-A-M, jam, space, pack, jam pack.

01:05:48   - It's a feature of GarageBand or Logic.

01:05:53   It feels like a feature of a music app

01:05:56   that lets you download jam packs for your jam session.

01:06:01   Something like that.

01:06:02   - Mike.

01:06:03   - It's downloadable music loops for GarageBand.

01:06:06   - I'm gonna give it to both of you.

01:06:08   For a long time, these were sold

01:06:10   in retail stores in actual boxes.

01:06:13   - Oh my God, yes.

01:06:14   - Wow.

01:06:15   - They were.

01:06:16   Oh, I remember those.

01:06:18   They had like the pictures of the music instruments

01:06:20   on the front of them.

01:06:21   - That's right.

01:06:22   And the bonus question really gets

01:06:24   at how well you remember them.

01:06:26   Just name one jam pack out of the five

01:06:29   that I have written down here.

01:06:30   Just one, just give me one.

01:06:31   - Just one.

01:06:34   - Just one.

01:06:35   - Just one.

01:06:36   - Hip hop.

01:06:37   - Classic rock.

01:06:38   - Unfortunately, neither of you got it.

01:06:40   They're remix tools.

01:06:42   - Of course, no way.

01:06:43   - Rhythm section, symphony orchestra,

01:06:46   world music, and voices.

01:06:49   - I love world music.

01:06:51   - World music.

01:06:52   I love listening to this world music.

01:06:55   - It's like you know what they're talking about

01:06:58   and it ain't good.

01:06:59   - Yeah.

01:07:00   - Yeah.

01:07:01   - I can't wait to hang out in the rhythm section later.

01:07:03   - Yeah.

01:07:04   - It's gonna be awesome.

01:07:05   So you just got a point there.

01:07:06   Mike, you're up first for number 10, Dashcode.

01:07:10   - I assume it's some kind of programming language.

01:07:15   That's all I have.

01:07:16   - Dashcode sounds like an old feature of Xcode or something,

01:07:21   but I wouldn't know what else to say.

01:07:23   - I don't think I'm gonna give it to you

01:07:24   because initially it was a standalone application.

01:07:28   It got rolled into Xcode before it was killed off,

01:07:31   but this was how developers were supposed

01:07:34   to build dashboard widgets.

01:07:36   - Well, if it was rolled into Xcode,

01:07:38   why don't I get the point?

01:07:39   Because at some point it was part of Xcode.

01:07:42   - That's fair.

01:07:43   I'll give it to you.

01:07:44   - Oh, whoa, you so easily moved.

01:07:46   - You said programming language.

01:07:47   - It's in programming.

01:07:48   You needed a language for it.

01:07:50   - Oh, you needed to know like JavaScript and stuff.

01:07:52   Bonus question.

01:07:53   You can redeem yourself here, Mike.

01:07:54   - No, I can't.

01:07:56   - What other platform benefited

01:07:59   from the technology in Dashcode?

01:08:01   - Platform other than what?

01:08:03   - Other than macOS.

01:08:04   - And you mean like, you mean like computer platform?

01:08:07   What other of Apple's computer platforms benefited

01:08:10   from the technology in Dashcode beyond a macOS 10?

01:08:14   - iPhone OS?

01:08:15   - Federico?

01:08:16   - Hmm, some old Apple TV.

01:08:19   - It is iPhone OS.

01:08:21   - Hmm.

01:08:22   - How?

01:08:23   - Bunch of the Dashcode stuff got rolled

01:08:24   into the build web apps for iOS.

01:08:28   - I thought it might've been that.

01:08:29   Like, you know what I was thinking it was specifically

01:08:32   was the icons, but I don't know,

01:08:35   but that's what went to my mind.

01:08:37   - Federico number 11, please describe Fairplay.

01:08:41   - It's the DRM encryption thing

01:08:45   that they use on the iTunes store for, yeah, DRM.

01:08:50   - Yeah, it's Apple's DRM.

01:08:53   - Yep, very good.

01:08:54   It is the DRM that initially just dealt

01:08:57   with the iTunes music store.

01:08:59   I think Fairplay went on to evolve

01:09:00   into kind of what we have now for the app store, I guess,

01:09:03   but showed up first in the iTunes music store.

01:09:05   - Did Apple make that available to other people

01:09:07   or was it always just this, do you know?

01:09:10   - Don't, I don't remember to be honest with you.

01:09:13   Bonus question, when was all music sold

01:09:17   in the iTunes music store sold DRM free?

01:09:20   So what year did the iTunes music store go all DRM free?

01:09:23   - Music on the iTunes store is DRM free?

01:09:26   - Has been since some year.

01:09:30   - So this is not a trick question.

01:09:32   - It's not a trick question.

01:09:33   - Federico's gonna go buy some music after this.

01:09:35   (laughing)

01:09:37   - Well, no, because it's--

01:09:38   - It's not high enough format for him.

01:09:40   - Yeah.

01:09:41   - It's compressed.

01:09:42   - Well, let's see.

01:09:44   Let's go with 2010.

01:09:49   - 2006.

01:09:50   - Federico gets it, it was 2009.

01:09:53   There was an early run at this that was just,

01:09:56   I think just EMI maybe, or it's like just one.

01:09:58   And then a few years later, like,

01:09:59   "Oh, everybody's doing it now."

01:10:01   - And that's also when they started splitting prices.

01:10:04   Remember like some songs are 69 cents.

01:10:06   - iTunes plus.

01:10:07   - iTunes plus.

01:10:09   - I picked that because I was trying to pick a year

01:10:13   when the iPod touch was still relevant.

01:10:15   - Yeah.

01:10:16   - That was my thinking.

01:10:18   - Good, very good.

01:10:19   Number 12, Mike you're up.

01:10:22   What is PIXLET?

01:10:23   - What?

01:10:24   - P-I-X-L-E-T, PIXLET.

01:10:27   - PIXLET.

01:10:28   - PIXLET.

01:10:29   If you're even in the ballpark, I'll give it to you.

01:10:31   Something to do with the Pixar imaging computer.

01:10:34   - It'd be a good pet name.

01:10:35   - It's an excellent pet name.

01:10:37   A PIXLET.

01:10:38   Seems like it's something that has to do

01:10:42   with a laser printer or something.

01:10:45   - Mike was closer, but I don't think he got it.

01:10:49   'Cause you said, "Well, it has something to do

01:10:50   "with the Pixar computer."

01:10:51   - Said the Pixar imaging computer.

01:10:53   - Yeah, it's a video codec created by Apple

01:10:56   to let you watch like a DV video in QuickTime.

01:11:01   And it required a PowerBC G4.

01:11:07   It was kind of back in that day.

01:11:08   It offered real-time playback, get this resolution,

01:11:11   960 by 540.

01:11:13   - Ooh, that's a good stuff.

01:11:15   - Cooking with gas, baby.

01:11:17   Like Inkwell, it died in the 32-bit death.

01:11:21   Bonus question, where does the name come from?

01:11:25   - Where does the name come from?

01:11:28   - Something to do with the Pixar imaging computer.

01:11:30   - It comes from Pixel, like Pixels.

01:11:35   - The name PIXLET is a contraction of Pixar Wavelet.

01:11:39   At WWDC 2003, Jobs said that the codec was developed

01:11:44   at request of animation company Pixar.

01:11:47   So Mike gets it, Federico does not.

01:11:50   - The reason I went with this was, you remember USDZ?

01:11:53   - Yeah.

01:11:54   - Yeah, that was like part made by Pixar.

01:11:56   So I just figured Pixar made this.

01:11:59   - So at the end of this round, Mike,

01:12:03   Mike, you scored today 14 points.

01:12:06   Federico scored 16.

01:12:09   - Cool.

01:12:10   - So Federico won today.

01:12:12   - Federico doesn't know any of these things.

01:12:15   - That's not my voice.

01:12:16   I don't sound like that.

01:12:18   - Well, you want me to do an Italian accent?

01:12:20   - Yeah, I don't know.

01:12:21   - I don't know any of these things.

01:12:24   What am I supposed to do?

01:12:25   It's a me.

01:12:28   - Wow, yeah, it's really into world music.

01:12:33   (laughing)

01:12:35   - This brings the overall score, Mike 26, Federico 25.

01:12:46   - I just want to pause you for a second

01:12:49   'cause I don't want you to get into the mess

01:12:50   that I get into all the time.

01:12:52   Kate has said in the Discord,

01:12:54   "Are you sure, Steven?

01:12:55   "That's not what I have."

01:12:57   So I'm saving you from followup.

01:13:00   Kate has a different scoring than you do.

01:13:02   Now this happens to me all the time, right?

01:13:04   Well, I think I have a score and then Kate says,

01:13:07   "No, you got it wrong."

01:13:08   And then when I check, it's like, "Oh yeah, Kate was wrong."

01:13:10   - All right, I put a screenshot from Apple Notes

01:13:12   into the Discord and we'll figure this out.

01:13:14   Oh, they did a spreadsheet.

01:13:16   - Kate's got us tied at 14, 14, so.

01:13:20   - How?

01:13:21   Okay, maybe.

01:13:22   - Go through Kate's spreadsheet.

01:13:23   - Yeah, I guess so.

01:13:25   - So either it's 14, 16 to Federico or a tie at 14, 14.

01:13:30   - I like Steven's points better.

01:13:32   - Oh, do you?

01:13:34   (laughing)

01:13:36   - Also, it feels kind of unfair that we have started doing

01:13:41   the closest wins only for the second round.

01:13:44   Like what has the first round done to you

01:13:47   that doesn't deserve the better treatment?

01:13:50   - I think it's kind of unfair that we did change that rule.

01:13:53   'Cause I proposed to change that rule

01:13:56   because you sounded sad.

01:13:57   - Look, it's all about ethics in quiz rounds.

01:14:00   - That's true.

01:14:01   - You're not being very ethical right now, but hey.

01:14:04   - Yep, that's a good point.

01:14:05   - You also listen to world music, so.

01:14:08   - I'm just double checking these scores.

01:14:10   So Kate, Emma says, "Kate give Federico one point

01:14:14   for Inkwall, Steven gave him three points."

01:14:17   - 'Cause he was closest to the year

01:14:19   that it was discontinued, I think.

01:14:20   - Oh no, we're wrong.

01:14:22   - All right, this is gonna, I don't know if you can,

01:14:24   or maybe this can just be edited down later on.

01:14:28   (upbeat music)

01:14:30   - I shouldn't have two points for Dash Code.

01:14:40   - You should have just one.

01:14:41   You should not have the bonus.

01:14:43   - Yep.

01:14:44   - So it is 14, 14.

01:14:46   - Yep.

01:14:47   - Kate, as always, is correct.

01:14:49   So the final score is 26, 23.

01:14:52   - Yep.

01:14:53   - But y'all tied at 14 each today.

01:14:55   - Nothing has changed.

01:14:56   - Justice.

01:14:57   - You're still winning.

01:14:58   - Justice changed.

01:15:00   - Yeah, justice that I didn't lose today.

01:15:03   - Well.

01:15:04   - Okay, sorry, I regret the error.

01:15:06   - You see, I'm telling you, you just gotta pay attention

01:15:09   'cause you end up in these situations where

01:15:12   you have to come on next week and be like,

01:15:13   "I don't know how to score."

01:15:15   But I should point out that I'm the ethical winner

01:15:18   because I was very close in the first round of the quiz.

01:15:22   However, somehow it was decided that the first round,

01:15:26   the new rules would not be retroactively applied.

01:15:30   - You got way more points in the back half than Mike did.

01:15:33   - Yeah, because I'm always closest.

01:15:35   Your game is an impossible game.

01:15:37   Only you and a bunch of-

01:15:38   - This was a game about knowledge,

01:15:41   and I had the knowledge.

01:15:43   - No, you didn't have, like we literally tied.

01:15:46   - Not in the first half, but also if you look at like,

01:15:49   oh, he's just, I'm not gonna let him antagonize me.

01:15:52   I'm leaving it there.

01:15:53   - Okay.

01:15:54   - This is not a game you're gonna win against me.

01:15:56   - Exactly, I thought I'm not gonna let you do it

01:15:58   'cause I know I won't win.

01:15:59   So I'm just gonna, listeners can make their own decision.

01:16:02   You know?

01:16:03   - Yeah, and they have.

01:16:04   - And they have, I'm sure they have.

01:16:06   - Well, probably never do this again.

01:16:08   So we'll see what happens.

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01:16:41   This week we spoke at depth, surprisingly,

01:16:44   about the salute emoji and how we interact

01:16:47   with the family members when it comes to emoji

01:16:49   and text messages.

01:16:50   It's a lot of fun.

01:16:51   You can find us all online.

01:16:53   Federico is the editor-in-chief of maxstories.net

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01:17:01   Mike co-hosts other shows here on Relay FM.

01:17:05   Go check him out.

01:17:06   Congratulations, thoroughly considered.

01:17:07   I saw it was what, 100 episodes?

01:17:09   It's the, I think the longest it's taken me

01:17:12   to hit 100 episodes on any show I've ever done.

01:17:14   (laughing)

01:17:15   That show has been going for, I think, nine years,

01:17:19   eight or nine years.

01:17:19   It's a long time.

01:17:21   And we just got to 100.

01:17:21   Well, congrats on that.

01:17:23   Mike is also the co-founder of Cortex Brand

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01:17:35   Humblebrag, geez.

01:17:38   I mean, come on.

01:17:39   Come on, bro.

01:17:40   The other calendar projects, you know,

01:17:41   they don't have the prestige of Apple history.

01:17:45   That apparently Mike is going to inherit at some point.

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01:18:04   I'll be with you.

01:18:05   Cheerio.