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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 462. It's made possible this week by our sponsors,

00:00:14   ExpressVPN, Indeed, and Nom Nom. My name is Steven Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:21   Hello! Hey bud. It's just me and you this week. Just me and you, and you and me. So happy together.

00:00:29   I think maybe for the next two weeks. This week and next week. Next two episodes.

00:00:35   This week is Federico's birthday and we want you to get something for him, dear listeners.

00:00:41   So if you pick up your iPhone and find your third most used emoji, just note what it is,

00:00:49   and then go to Mastodon. Federico is Vitici at maxstories.net on Mastodon.

00:00:57   And describe to him your third most used emoji.

00:01:00   I thought that this could be like in the honor of the of the Jeremy's, right? Which Federico is so

00:01:06   good at. Usually when someone's not on the show for a period of time we just say send emoji to

00:01:11   them, but instead you can be Federico in this scenario and try and describe this emoji in text

00:01:17   to Federico. So you should do that and that would be really great. We would do it on threads, but

00:01:23   he lives in the EU. Yeah, so it's not going to work. So what is yours? Describe yours for me.

00:01:28   Salute.

00:01:28   Unfortunately I have the best emoji for description right there. I feel like you should have said

00:01:37   something about like saluting face cut in half or something. Okay, I can do that.

00:01:42   So I'm going to send that to him now. I'm sending to him, it's a little bit longer than yours,

00:01:49   but it is eyes looking to the left in a sus manner. Saluting face cut in half vertically.

00:01:58   There we go. And post it. Excellent. I hope everybody joins us in celebrating Federico's

00:02:05   birthday by sending him very cryptic messages. Yes, and I would say don't include the emoji,

00:02:12   just the description. Yes, don't put the emoji in there. Don't put the emoji in there. So anyways,

00:02:16   we hope our friend has a good birthday. We miss him and we'll be reunited soon.

00:02:20   Okay, so our friend Quinn posted on threads a picture of his brown

00:02:28   beats with the brown Zune. I forgot just how brown the Zune was. It was the most brown. This is a

00:02:39   bad looking piece of technology. It is not good looking, this brown Zune. I feel like history has

00:02:47   remembered the brown Zune correctly, which is that it's bad looking. The Zune itself looked cool.

00:02:54   This brown Zune, not good. It's like double injected with some sort of green as well. You

00:03:00   can kind of see from the edge. Well, I wonder if that is an aging. Let's see, brown Zune.

00:03:07   I don't know if that's like, you know, maybe there's been some sunlight damage.

00:03:14   No man, the press photos have it. Really? Yeah, I'll send you a

00:03:18   copy image address. Yeah, I would say that, you know, this is one of those like historic

00:03:26   things like memes and technology or whatever, right? The brown Zune. And I would say that

00:03:34   most of these things typically like they become memes, right? And they weren't actually as bad

00:03:39   as you remember them. This is as bad as you remember it visually. It's not a great looking

00:03:47   device. No. The Zune HD though is pretty sweet. The metal. Is that what this is? No,

00:03:53   this is that's a regular Zune like a Zune 30 or something. But like I think the Zune,

00:04:01   even this Zune, like the Zune looks fine, right? Like as actually quite a cool piece of technology

00:04:07   design wise. I just think that they did a bad job with this one colorway. Like it wasn't the

00:04:13   only color. You get it in different colors, but like this was just not great. I never owned a

00:04:18   Zune. Yeah, me neither. If you want to learn a lot about it though, there's an ancient episode

00:04:23   of flashback where Quinn and I talk about it. Whoa, February, 2020. Didn't even know.

00:04:28   February 27th, 2020. You had no idea. The whole world was going to be a brown Zune very soon.

00:04:35   If you think about it, COVID was like the brown Zune. If you think about it. So this is technically

00:04:41   the Zune 30, the brown. Yeah. So they named their models. Nice. You notice 30 gigabytes?

00:04:46   Yeah. Yeah. They named it by size. The UI design was interesting then too, right? Oh,

00:04:52   the Metro design. Yeah. Was that Metro? Because I thought Metro was the key was like this tile.

00:04:59   This was like pre pre Metro, like Metro inherited a lot of Zune stuff like the all lowercase,

00:05:06   big text, white on black. This also was like some of the precursor to Windows phone, right?

00:05:13   Yes. Design style too. And then then I think that was where yeah, then it became Metro and

00:05:18   Windows phone. And then that moved over to the PC and everyone hated it. Yep. Called

00:05:23   Windows modern design or something. Cause they didn't use the name. Windows phone seven, man.

00:05:30   So some good ideas. One of the best ideas, live widgets. That is an incredible segue that you

00:05:37   have just performed. Was that a thing? Live widgets and windows phone. Yeah. But remember

00:05:41   they had an ad. I will remember it until the day I die. It's like a dude standing at a urinal

00:05:47   and he like pulls his phone out and he can just glance at like the live tiles really quickly

00:05:51   and then move on. Cause it just had all the information there. That feels like a very early

00:05:55   2000s ad to me. Like I don't know when this ad was made that that feels like an early 2000s ad

00:06:02   of like the attitude that it's going for. Like, ah, people use the bathroom. It's like, oh yeah,

00:06:09   I know. But like got a link in the discord for people. Bathroom bathroom. Really? Is that the

00:06:15   name of the ad? I don't know. This is just, uh, it came up on, uh, on, uh, Google search. Oh yeah.

00:06:22   Cause the guy says, really? Oh, here's a, here's an article. Microsoft settles bathroom ad dispute.

00:06:28   So apparently there was some issue between them and a company in Florida over this ad.

00:06:32   Who knew this was so spicy? Oh, he dropped the phone in the... It's edgy, man. I don't understand.

00:06:37   This, this ad is really weird. Not as weird as the Palm pre ad. Remember that one? Oh, with the,

00:06:44   the woman who didn't look real. Yeah. It was like if you took drugs and then watched, uh,

00:06:51   Lord of the rings or something. I don't know. Well, I think what they were going for was like

00:06:55   meditative, right? Like, cause the phone looked like a stone. And so they were going,

00:07:02   I think they were going for something like yoga-y maybe. I don't know. Maybe I'm not remembering

00:07:08   this. Anyways. Timery is going hard on widgets. So I, I, you know, I've been using the beta,

00:07:14   but Joe's posting about them on Mastodon too. So I put a link in the, in the notes. Like the obvious

00:07:20   one is a button to stop the current time entries and that's cool. And it's showing up in like all

00:07:25   different types of widgets, which is good. Um, but something which is super cool, which I had not

00:07:30   really considered is that so in the app you can have saved timers, right? And you could always

00:07:35   have a saved time as widget and it would show like the most six most recent widgets or whatever.

00:07:40   But Joe has set up a new widget option that will allow you to have multiple pages of saved timers.

00:07:47   And so you just have left and right buttons in the widgets. You can just page through the widget.

00:07:51   I think we're, we're reaching that point where people are doing weird stuff, which is good.

00:07:56   Right. And so like the idea that you can just have a bunch of widgets in the one widget and

00:08:02   you can just page through them all. That is cool. Like who needs stacks when you can just

00:08:07   widget pagination, you know, I love my favorite thing about time Marie out of

00:08:12   many things that I love about it is it all is it all of his examples are parks and rec references.

00:08:17   It's just very good. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

00:08:21   It's good. It is very good. But yeah, I'm, I'm digging, I'm digging these widgets.

00:08:25   I'm seeing more and more interesting stuff on different betas now that I think a secret,

00:08:31   but, uh, people are doing some cool things. I think we're, I think we're going to have a

00:08:36   good time. Like with, I was 17 with widgets again, it's going to be a brave new world.

00:08:41   So listen to Michael Roten. They have, I think pulled off the best use of basic 64 of all time.

00:08:48   The sound that I use, uh, from the St Jude air horn that signifies the start of the quizzes.

00:08:57   Michael has turned this into a shortcut using base 64. Oh no. So you can now press this button

00:09:07   whenever and wherever you want and it will make the noise using base 64, a basic 64 encoded sound.

00:09:12   Uh, I don't know if this is like a preferences as the iCloud link is in the, uh, I'm going to put it

00:09:18   in the show notes. I don't know if this is a preference when I installed it on my Mac,

00:09:21   it installed it as a menu bar shortcut, which just was very funny to me as a thought of like,

00:09:28   Oh, I must need it like immediately, you know, whenever at all times, you used to be walking

00:09:32   down the street and need a quiz, a random stranger and just go for it. Wait, no, I'm not doing the

00:09:41   actual sound. So I haven't played the sound cause I don't Federico would call foul if the quizzes

00:09:46   began right now. You know, I think we could hear it as an example and then we can move on. All

00:09:51   right, well let me get my iPhone pulled it off my ankle. Apple watch ultra man tied to the action,

00:09:55   but like would the Apple watch ultra even play the sound?

00:09:58   Sounds good. That's what it does. That's the shortcut. Last week we spoke about

00:10:05   mobile hotspots. I don't remember the context of this, but we talked about them and we were curious

00:10:12   if they were still widely in use, you know, outside of things like maybe it's a security

00:10:17   device for your company, corporate internet or something. And we got some feedback from

00:10:22   SIM saying that the portable hotspots are actually super popular in the film industry

00:10:27   because trucks and people and everything are moving to new locations all the time.

00:10:32   The easiest option is to give every department or every person who needs access to the internet,

00:10:37   a mobile hotspot so they can work from their computers, from their laptops, whatever,

00:10:42   and not have to worry about tethering or killing their phones or whatever.

00:10:46   And then it's just, you know, part of the expense of the production. So

00:10:50   a use case I definitely had not considered, but one that makes a lot of sense to me.

00:10:53   Because we were talking about the mobile internet things for the HomePod.

00:11:01   That's right.

00:11:02   Yeah.

00:11:03   Okay. So that's some follow-up. We did it. We did it without Federico, which makes me

00:11:07   sad, a little sad. You know, what would Federico follow up about? Would he have said anything

00:11:13   about the Zune? We'll never know.

00:11:15   Well, I mean, he could collect it all up and bring it back to the show in a couple of weeks time.

00:11:19   Maybe in two weeks, it's just all Federico follow-up.

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00:12:53   the show and Relay FM. So our friend Casey has a new app out. The call sheet has launched.

00:12:59   You and I have both been fortunate enough to use it during his beta cycle. Can you tell us

00:13:05   a little bit about this app? So if you are the type of person like me, like I think there are

00:13:11   a lot of people that are like this, but you're watching something on TV, you know, TV show or

00:13:17   movie like I've seen this person before. What do I know them from? This is what call sheet is for.

00:13:22   It's for looking up those stuff. So it is an application which uses the movie database,

00:13:27   gives a front end to that. So you can search for TV shows and movies, the cast and crew within them,

00:13:35   whether you're looking for actors, directors, producers, you know, you can look at a show,

00:13:39   you can see who's in it, you can tap through, see what they've done and kind of like go through the

00:13:43   stack of like finding different people, what they've been in and carrying on going through

00:13:48   and through and through. And Casey has built a really, really nice, well-designed, thoughtful

00:13:54   application to display this kind of information. We've all have our ways of doing it. Both me and

00:14:02   Casey have used the IMDB app for a long time. Like we've both been IMDB users. And I think this was

00:14:08   one of the places it came from. Like we would frequently lament, as I'm sure he has with many

00:14:11   other people, like that that app is just full of ads and it's just like not very well maintained,

00:14:17   I think. And so Casey took it upon himself to build, it's kind of one of those things where he,

00:14:23   I believe, just decided to put out into the world what he wants, you know, like,

00:14:28   and so CallSheet was born. Yeah, I wrote this in my link to it, but I really like believe it

00:14:35   that CallSheet is sort of the best of the indie app scene because it takes on a really big app

00:14:42   written by lots of people who don't care, but does a better job at it in every single way. Like think

00:14:47   about back in the day, Twitterific or Tweetbot versus the Twitter app, right? Huge app, right?

00:14:55   Lots of people working on it back in the day. Tweetbot and Twitterific, small teams building

00:14:59   really like polished experiences all throughout their app. And I think CallSheet is sort of next

00:15:06   in line in that thread. And I think that's really cool. I mean, I'll say this, like, it's Casey's

00:15:11   best app hands down. It is so good. The more you dig into it. It does more than I thought it did.

00:15:18   I learned about it while reading it, even though I've been using it for months, because it's so

00:15:22   feature rich. It's like everything that you could think about in an app like this. He thought about

00:15:28   and I'm really proud of him. I'm really happy for him. And I hope it does really well. And I think

00:15:33   it will. I mean, he's done a very good job. Like it's been in beta for a long time and he's done

00:15:39   a lot of work refining it. It's one of those kinds of applications where it's trying to surface and

00:15:45   show a lot of information well, and those kinds of apps are hard to make. And I think that he

00:15:51   clearly put the work in and it's just very good. This is one of those applications. Look, you know,

00:15:56   like we're all friends, right? And so like some, when a friend does a thing, you want to compliment

00:16:01   that friend and share it with other people. But this is just an application that I would be happy

00:16:06   to use, even if Casey hadn't made it. You know what I mean? It's just really good. Like it is a

00:16:12   very, very good app. He's done a very good job with it. We recommend that you try it out. And

00:16:17   he's also like the business model is good. I think he's implemented subscriptions in a good way where

00:16:23   the app is like completely usable for 20 searches. And then after that, it's an in-app subscription.

00:16:29   And I think it's like a very good free trial model. And then of course, right? You have an

00:16:34   in-app subscription. You also then get a free trial for a week, right? So you can like keep

00:16:39   using it. But like the 20 free, like full on searches, it's great. And I think for a lot of

00:16:45   people will last them a little bit of time too. Like, you know, unless you want to blast through

00:16:51   20 searches, you got like a big afternoon planned. I don't know. But it will last you probably a

00:16:56   couple of weeks. You search a few things, realize that you like the utility of it and go for it.

00:17:01   And like an application like this has to be good because like you're competing with Google

00:17:04   ultimately, right? Like it's super easy to Google for these things, but it's about the way that the

00:17:09   information is shared and what the realistic use case is, which is then like going through a bunch

00:17:15   of different things in an experience, in an environment that's nice to use. And he's done

00:17:19   a good job. I think one of the best features of it is the ability to turn off select information to

00:17:25   avoid spoilers. So you can hide cast character names, cast episode counts, episode titles,

00:17:32   and episode thumbnails. So if you're sensitive to those sorts of things, you can hide them.

00:17:38   He talks about in his blog post about the reason he did that. That, you know, sometimes secret

00:17:43   identities or the fact that a character is going to get killed off early. And, you know, maybe you're

00:17:47   watching the show years later and you don't get spoiled. This one person is only there for three

00:17:51   episodes, right? And so you can, you can tailor that. Um, and one of my favorite things in it is

00:17:58   the, uh, uh, the ability when you're on like a media page, the quick access link is what he

00:18:05   calls it, where you can jump to Wikipedia or a parental guidance information or trivia page.

00:18:12   But I actually set it to, uh, to go, uh, where to watch that's actually powered by the just watch

00:18:19   database, which is another app, uh, iPhone app. That's kind of long these lines. It lets you

00:18:24   search for something and it tells you where you can stream it, uh, for, you know, if you have an

00:18:29   account or where you can purchase it or rent it or things like that. And I use just watch all the

00:18:34   time. And so now it's all kind of in one place for me. And I think that's, I think that's pretty

00:18:38   sweet. So on the spoilers, I have like a good example of something that happened to me, which,

00:18:45   uh, please permit me to spoil house of cards real quick. Uh, so we were watching. So if you've look

00:18:52   spoilers for the very old Netflix show house of cards that like people don't really watch anymore

00:18:58   because like Kevin Spacey no good, but at the time we didn't know that. Um, so, uh, I was watching

00:19:04   house of cards and, uh, was hearing like what his role was. And I was like, we're watching season

00:19:10   one and there've been like three or four seasons at this point or something. We were late to it.

00:19:13   And he's like chief whip or something, right. Is this role. And I was like, but I didn't understand

00:19:19   that from the context of the show. So like I Google Kevin Spacey house of cards job and it was

00:19:26   like president. I was like, damn it. So like we're in season one and it's just like spoiled,

00:19:34   like the biggest like plot point of like the next three seasons. That's hilarious. This is why

00:19:39   course sheet would be good because if course it was around then and I would have used it,

00:19:44   then I would not have known that Kevin Spacey becomes the president or was it. Well, Kevin

00:19:49   Spacey doesn't become the president, but Frank Underwood becomes a president. I'd have no idea

00:19:53   about it. And then I could have watched him piece and bliss. Can you believe my show was spoiled?

00:19:59   Look at that. Was that, was that an impression? That's me playing Kevin Spacey playing Frank

00:20:04   Underwood. Okay. That's really good. You don't, you can't see it, but I looked directly at the

00:20:08   camera when I did it. Beta five has been released for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, MacOS, and of course,

00:20:21   tvOS, as we mentioned in the pro show. Pro version connected by the way, you may be wondering ad free

00:20:27   longer version of the show this week. We, uh, spoke about some tvOS leaks in a relation to the

00:20:33   vision pro kind of interesting stuff, but for beta five, I feel like there's actually quite a bit

00:20:38   here. I want to start with the changes in the app store because I think they've thrown both you

00:20:46   and, uh, and me for a bit of a loop. And so in the app store, like if you're on a search page or just

00:20:54   uh, uh, an app listing, the buttons used to be all capital letters. You would say get or open or

00:21:01   update right in all caps, like open this app, but now it's a title case. It's just a big, oh, little

00:21:09   little PEN. And I don't know, I don't know how I feel about it. I don't like it because it's new,

00:21:14   right? Like, because it's like, that's the issue. Like I opened the app store today and it says like,

00:21:22   like get and like open and update right. Like regular words. Uh, but now it looks wrong. So I

00:21:30   don't like it, but realistically it's, this is the way it should have always been. Like there was no

00:21:35   reason why these buttons should have been in all caps. It's not like a convention of iOS, right?

00:21:41   Like every other word on the screen around them is also written just regularly, right? Like in title

00:21:47   case or just, I don't even know if you'd call this title case. It's just a word written, right? Like,

00:21:53   you know what I mean? There's no more words. So it's not really title case, I guess, or is it?

00:21:57   How do you define it? The word is capitalized, I think is. Yeah, yeah. Cause it's just one word in

00:22:03   a box or like ellipses or whatever. Capitalization, frustration, my grammar's bleeding. Indeed. Are

00:22:09   you, are you like, beep, like doing some deep poetry right now? I don't know what's happening.

00:22:13   I don't feel very good. I'm kind of losing my voice and like, it's just a weird day. I think

00:22:16   it's coming across. So like get, open, update, right? Like now they just look, now they're just

00:22:21   regular and there's something about that that's weird, but realistically this is probably the way

00:22:25   it should have always been. Do you remember when they changed it from free to get? That was a weird

00:22:29   day. People freaked out. Why did they do that? Yeah, cause it's stupid. It doesn't make any sense.

00:22:35   You can still get an app that costs money. In 2014, okay, the first two Google results,

00:22:42   Business Insider and Time Magazine. That's how big of a deal it was. Apple made a huge,

00:22:48   massive change to how one word made a massive change to the Apple store. It's a big little

00:22:56   change. Wait, can you read that? I'm sorry. I stepped all over you there. Can you read that

00:23:01   again? Cause I was so surprised. How one word made a massive change to Apple's app store. Did they say

00:23:06   massive twice in the same thing? No, I think we sort of went over each other. I need to talk about

00:23:13   the home screen in this Time Magazine article. So you have contacts and calculator in a folder by

00:23:20   themselves with extras, called extras, voice memo, Words with Friends, Facebook, FaceTime, Shazam,

00:23:26   Twitter, Drudge Report, Direct TV, Google, Google Maps, The Weather Channel, Starbucks, Night Sky,

00:23:33   and then another version of Words with Friends. Whose phone is this? Whoever the reporter is.

00:23:40   Lynchy. Anyways, yes, people freaked out about that, you know. I'll put it in the Discord right

00:23:45   now. Who's framed the Drudge Report so often they need it on their home screen? Not important. Okay,

00:23:49   moving along. This is one of those things where I feel like you don't want the answer to that

00:23:54   question. Yeah, I don't want to know. I don't really know much about the Drudge Report. I

00:23:58   just know that it exists. It's better we just move on. Okay. Apple... No, no, I want to dig down in

00:24:05   this one. Can we talk about this? Also, there's another app that looks like Words with Friends.

00:24:09   Yeah, that's what I said. Yeah, it's like some other word game. Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah,

00:24:14   it's not just another word game. It's like the same thing. It's another Zynga game, right? It

00:24:18   used to be a dog, I think, and it's not a dog anymore. So, Apple has also been tweaking the

00:24:24   live voicemail feature, which I'd say up until Beta 4, I'm not sure actually worked. I don't

00:24:30   think I get voicemails anymore, which is fine with me, honestly. Do you want to check? Yeah,

00:24:35   call me. I could just call you. Well, no, you have to like call me with my phone number,

00:24:39   though, not FaceTime. Yeah, no, that's fine. Okay. I'll build the connector podcast for the call.

00:24:45   Oh, good. All right, let me do that because I have actually not tried this. I think you should put

00:24:49   your phone on speaker and obviously put it up to the microphone. Yeah, hopefully it won't read your

00:24:53   phone number, though. It shouldn't. We'll work that out. Well, no, right? We'll get it. It'll

00:24:58   start with my area code is 91. Nice contact poster. Thank you. This is the first time I've

00:25:03   seen one of those. I don't think I've seen one before because I don't think that was working in

00:25:07   a previous Beta either. It would just, when I would go to it, it would just show me just

00:25:11   an avatar, like the little circle one for you. All right, let's call you, see what happens. Okay.

00:25:14   What could go wrong? So, I have my phone.

00:25:19   It's very international. I'm going to send you to voicemail.

00:25:22   You've reached the voicemail of Steven Hackett. Leave a message and I'll get back with you.

00:25:30   I'm pretty sure that this has just gone through to your, like, carrier's voicemail.

00:25:35   Nope. As you're talking, I see the text that you were saying. So, I'm going to answer.

00:25:39   But it never beeped. I'm going to answer. It never beeped or anything. Okay.

00:25:42   Hello. Hello. Hi. How are you? How are you? Fine.

00:25:48   This is annoying to listen to. You should try calling me now. Try calling me now.

00:25:51   Who set that up? Did you set that up? That, like, this is Steven Hackett?

00:25:57   Yeah, but I recorded it, like, 15 years ago. All right, let's call you.

00:26:01   So, if I just, what if I just press the voicemail button?

00:26:05   Yeah. User busy. Cancel or callback.

00:26:08   Okay. So, things are going well.

00:26:11   Try it again. Try it again. I might have pressed the wrong button. I may have pressed the wrong

00:26:14   button. I've never seen user busy on a phone call. I'm too busy for you. Go away.

00:26:18   I'm recording a podcast here. I just see message, remind, do I have to set this up somehow?

00:26:25   Oh, you probably do. Yeah. All right. Come back, come back to me at the end of this topic.

00:26:30   This feature is very confusing. Apparently, Apple thinks it is too, because what the release notes

00:26:37   say and what reporting has said, but though we couldn't confirm it, is that the prior

00:26:42   default voicemail message had wording that said the person you're calling may pick up.

00:26:46   And so, now I guess, okay, so now I guess they got rid of that. It plays your voicemail message.

00:26:51   I see the transcription, which is the first time that's ever worked for me,

00:26:54   and then I can pick up and, like, interrupt the voicemail. But it's very strange and fuzzy how

00:27:01   this actually works. I'm sure people will get used to it. In fact, I think it's gonna be really cool

00:27:04   once people just kind of know how this works. But for now, it's a little weird.

00:27:09   Ramon is saying that it's a US only feature.

00:27:12   Oh. Steve asked, did you have to think for a minute whether they said your name or phone

00:27:17   number and your voicemail? Yes, because in the US, I think the default, if you don't record one,

00:27:21   is like the person at 901 dot dot dot my phone number is busy leaving message.

00:27:28   I think for mine, it's just like, welcome to the EE voicemail. EE is the name of my carrier.

00:27:33   Right.

00:27:33   EE.

00:27:34   EE. It actually stands for everything everywhere,

00:27:38   but they just like, that was the name of the company.

00:27:39   Oh, that's the worst.

00:27:41   But they just dropped that. Like, they're not referred to as everything everywhere,

00:27:44   anywhere now. They're a result of a merger.

00:27:46   Right. So they're everything everywhere, nowhere.

00:27:49   Exactly.

00:27:50   Got it.

00:27:50   They, T-Mobile here, like the T-Mobile here, merged with another network called Orange in a

00:27:58   deal that would never be allowed to be done today, I'm expecting. And they created EE.

00:28:03   But it was very important at the time because EE were the first 4G LTE network. And so kind of two

00:28:12   networks had to come together to allow up the bandwidth space really to put an LTE. This was

00:28:18   a long time ago. This was like whenever the iPhone got LTE, they were like right there on day one.

00:28:24   Oh yeah.

00:28:24   Because they needed the spectrum space.

00:28:26   Are you still on LTE?

00:28:27   No, I'm on 5G.

00:28:29   Okay.

00:28:30   I signed up for a new plan and got 5G, like just because I didn't particularly want 5G,

00:28:36   nor do I really feel like it helps me in any way in my life. But I signed up because I could have

00:28:42   got a way better plan.

00:28:44   Got it.

00:28:45   Like, they were, I was like off net, like off plan for years. And they just kept sending me

00:28:51   deals. And like, I ended up getting a deal that was just like mega good. Like, I think for like

00:28:55   50 pounds a month, I think my plan is. Everything unlimited, even abroad.

00:29:01   That's pretty sweet.

00:29:02   It's a great plan. It's a great plan.

00:29:05   Yeah, it's a great plan.

00:29:06   Like unlimited data, uncapped unlimited data when I'm in America.

00:29:11   Live correction, live voicemails only available in the US and Canada at launch. Call Tyler Stahlman.

00:29:17   Moving on. Another feature in Iowa 17 that I know Mike, you've talked about other places,

00:29:23   is the mood logging feature in the health app. So this is in the health app. You also have the

00:29:28   ability to turn on notifications where it can remind you a couple of times a day, like, hey,

00:29:33   check in, how are you feeling? They've tweaked that design a bit more. And I was curious,

00:29:38   like, have you been using this and if you have, and you're willing to share, how is it, how's it felt?

00:29:44   So, I mean, I'm, I am only using it for cortex. It's not like I'm going to talk about it,

00:29:50   like, on the next episode. So I'm only using it for follow up. Like, I don't particularly have

00:29:55   a need right now for it because I'm seeing a therapist once a week. So like, I'm getting

00:30:00   enough, right? Like, I don't, I don't also need my phone to give me therapy at the moment. And so I'm

00:30:06   trying it. What I like about this feature and what I think is good about this feature is the visual

00:30:10   nature, like the graphics, like when, so the notifications are good. Like it just, I don't

00:30:15   know if it's on a timer. I haven't really paid attention to that, but like multiple times a day,

00:30:19   it will pop up and be like, Hey, how are you feeling? It will ask you, how are you feeling

00:30:23   right now? But you can also, um, go into the health app and do that whenever you want, which

00:30:29   just like medications, by the way, not easy. I feel like to find on the phone. Um, like I

00:30:35   wished that there was a way to more easily just get into that. I, is there a, I don't think there's

00:30:42   a watch app. I'm on not on the watch beta, but I don't think they broke that one out. Is there,

00:30:46   is there a mood app on that would be super weird if there was on the watch another easy to use that,

00:30:51   but, uh, but the notifications, they pop up, they ask you like, how you feeling right now?

00:30:55   Or how have you felt today? Like they're the two things that you can do. It's the same as when you

00:30:58   go into the health app and you go to that section and you go to logging, it will ask you like,

00:31:03   do you want to log how you're feeling right now or how you felt all day? And then you kind of

00:31:07   had the slider for like, you know, from like very negative to very positive. And it's like a slider.

00:31:13   And as you adjust the slider, the animation changes and the colors change. I think that

00:31:18   there's a lot of thought that's gone into that. I'm sure there's science has gone into that,

00:31:21   but the way that I look at it is like, it helps kind of like break down a barrier when there's a

00:31:25   visual and all words like you can kind of like, depending on the type of person you are, maybe you

00:31:31   resonate more with the imagery than the words or vice versa. And I think that's kind of cool.

00:31:35   So on watchOS real quick, they've built it into the mindfulness app. So if you open the mindfulness

00:31:40   app, there's a state of mind section and you can do your logging in there. That's great,

00:31:46   but I still don't understand why this stuff is like not easy to get to like proactively.

00:31:52   That's true of so, so much in the health app. The health app is so jumbled full of stuff. I,

00:31:57   I find it kind of frustrating. And also, and I know you can customize it and I have,

00:32:00   but I still want too many pink pieces of data. And also they move around throughout the day. Like,

00:32:05   it's just not simple. Um, but you know, I like the, I like the, the visuals of it. Like I like the UI

00:32:11   when you're, when you're in it. But the problem is like, it asks you to describe kind of like how,

00:32:18   like you, you tell it how you're feeling and it's like, what, what is describing the feeling?

00:32:22   It's like you then give, like, so you say you're very pleasant, then it gives you a bunch of words

00:32:25   you can choose from. And there's loads of these. There's like loads and loads of words. I don't

00:32:31   know, like say like 20 or 30 words that you can choose from. Like there are like a bunch that are

00:32:35   highlighted, but then you can go in and choose more. Then it asks you what is making the biggest

00:32:40   impact. And there's just not enough words. There's like 15 words that you can choose from. And I've

00:32:46   hit a bunch of instances where I've wanted to say like, Oh, I'm feeling good or I'm feeling bad. And,

00:32:52   and I can't find something that matches the impact. So like I had one where it was like,

00:32:57   I was frustrated about something with a home thing, like a renovation thing at home,

00:33:02   but there wasn't, there isn't like a home as the impact. So like there wasn't, I didn't feel like

00:33:07   I could accurately log it and you can only, they have a text field for additional context,

00:33:14   but that only appears after you've chosen something. So like, I don't really feel like

00:33:19   that they've done a good enough job with the amount of things that you can select. But,

00:33:25   but again, it's like all of this stuff, right? They have done a good job, I think, of making like a,

00:33:29   a, a base thing that exists. And if people want more, they can go and get it elsewhere.

00:33:34   I'm just happy that it exists because I think this stuff is helpful for people.

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00:35:31   and relay FM. Audit me daddy. Oh hey daddy audit me that did something to me I was not

00:35:38   expecting. So with Federica not here I thought we could talk about something mac related. Yes.

00:35:46   And I thought that maybe you could make my mac life better and so I have asked for you to order

00:35:55   my Macintosh or my usage of said Macintosh and then make recommendations for how I should

00:36:03   should change what I'm doing. I am a Mac power user so this is what I thought I thought as a

00:36:08   Mac power is like how often do you get to talk to a Mac power user I may as well take a vant in

00:36:13   your case every day but yeah but not with your Mac power user hat on like that's not like a you know

00:36:20   like that's not like a always I don't always get that in fact in fact what I would say is I never

00:36:24   get that version of you I listen to my power users you're never that version so I want you to be that

00:36:29   version treat me treat me like you're David and you know and like and like paint me or something

00:36:36   you know. Let's start with hardware. Okay. I know you have changed your mac hardware and your mac

00:36:42   your general mac setup several times you have the studio you were working at home for a long time

00:36:47   you had the studio we had covid you're back in the studio again what what mac hardware is is in

00:36:53   your life right now so I use two macs every day I have a macbook air and I have a macbook pro okay

00:37:01   macbook pro is permanently docked to two monitors inside of my recording area in the studio which is

00:37:09   like soundproofed area in the studio which is not nice to sit and work in all the time because it's

00:37:15   like curtains and whatever so I also have like a bigger desk where I have my macbook air which

00:37:22   plugs into a studio display but then my macbook air is also the computer that comes home with me

00:37:28   every day and if I ever need to do a little bit of work at home then I'll grab the macbook air

00:37:32   it's rare but it happens. So the macbook pro is essentially a desktop? Yes. Why is it not just a

00:37:39   desktop? Because the mac studio I want costs like three thousand pounds. Fair. I just have yet to do

00:37:46   that. Yeah. Like it's a plan like I have now that now that they have by the way like I'm not telling

00:37:52   you to do this but I have 100% thought to myself well I'm gonna do whatever you tell me to do and

00:37:58   if you tell me to buy a mac studio before next week's episode I don't want to do that sure but

00:38:04   it is kind of the power I'm putting in your hands I ask you to wield it lightly but it is it is a

00:38:10   really good computer. Oh I know it's a really good computer it's why you got rid of yours

00:38:15   and replaced it for a macbook pro. Yeah. Like I have decided that I want a mac studio and

00:38:22   the main reason I haven't done is that if I buy a mac studio I also want to buy another studio

00:38:25   display it's like it's too much money and just like I just I will get to it I just don't want

00:38:29   to do it yet. Sure. But now that they have revised the mac studio I am confident that it is a product

00:38:36   that will remain like I just like many of us right I just wasn't completely sure and I wasn't sure if

00:38:42   I wanted to buy into that. Yeah. Like was it going to be another iMac Pro moment? Yeah man the iMac

00:38:47   Pro makes me sad it was such a good computer you had one right? Yeah I had I had one for years I

00:38:54   think it was maybe the longest I've used a mac I had it for like four years. I loved I loved the

00:38:59   iMac Pro it was so good. I understand why you have multiple setups I will say I have the same issue

00:39:05   you do I work in a bigger room it's not as quiet as I would like it to be over podcasting I have

00:39:11   uh portable like stand-up foam pieces like they're hard to explain they're in frames they're like

00:39:20   framed acoustic panels that are on wheels and so I can put them behind my desk when I'm recording

00:39:25   and yeah I tried that it wasn't enough for me I I needed I need like acoustic curtains in this room

00:39:32   like realistically I need to build a room inside of this room I just don't want to do that. Can I

00:39:38   audit your workspace? I mean... When is your lease up? Let's start there. Well I'm not really on a

00:39:45   lease anymore I'm like on a rolling like it is a goal of mine one day to actually actually buy

00:39:52   a studio but this is years into the future just because like I'm giving someone a rent payment

00:39:57   every month and I can't really do the things I want to do because I don't like I don't want to

00:40:02   start drilling into these walls because I have to put this studio back to it the way I found it and

00:40:09   also there's only so much I can do anyway so like one day I will find myself an actual studio space

00:40:14   somewhere but that's in that's into the long term future I'm happy where I am for the moment. So

00:40:19   you've got a macbook pro so there's effectively a desktop yes the other thing I wanted to mention

00:40:23   is like why do I want separate machines it just popped into my head there because obviously you

00:40:27   have the one machine that's where it was where I was going I was like okay so you have these two

00:40:31   why do you have two my recording computer I want in a completely stable state like it does not run

00:40:37   the most recent version of the operating system the heart like the apps that are on it are set up

00:40:42   in just a certain way like I don't want to I thought about this for a while I was like oh

00:40:48   I could just have one laptop and I could just have it be the one machine and I move it from place to

00:40:53   place like desk to desk I tried that I didn't like doing that it was just annoying because this is

00:40:58   also a time where before the studio display existed and no displays in my life would ever work properly

00:41:04   if I unplug them yeah I'm still using those displays but now they stay plugged in all the

00:41:10   time so it isn't a problem except when I need to restart my mac and then it's just like oh I spend

00:41:15   like 10 minutes plugging and unplugging things until it works again but I also kind of realized

00:41:21   that I I've always valued the peace of mind that keeping a mac in a stable software and operating

00:41:31   system state provides me but I'm also primarily a mac user now so I also want the most recent version

00:41:40   of the operating system immediately so I kind of need two max to deal with these two parts of my

00:41:46   personality yeah I get it I mean I went from two machines down to one and it comes with some costs

00:41:53   there for sure so you got the MacBook Pro you got the MacBook Air as the sort of everywhere else

00:42:00   machine how do you so you're recording how do you get files from one to the other Dropbox and you

00:42:06   got gigabit so it's pretty quick everything goes into Dropbox in me anyway right like that's just

00:42:10   like a thing like every file I have goes into Dropbox got it I don't even put unless something's

00:42:18   on the desktop but nothing important goes on the desktop like ever the only thing that like I

00:42:23   frequently use on the desktop is so for upgrade we have these like shortcuts that I use that Jason

00:42:33   wrote that create timestamps you use them too right and it throws a text file onto my desktop

00:42:40   but I all I ever do is just copy the text out of that and just put it in slack for Jim and then

00:42:46   that's the end of it like it's not a file that I need it's all in Dropbox all in Dropbox so the

00:42:51   max you do would be expensive would the m2 pro mac mini fit like would that would that give you

00:42:56   enough storage and power everything you need for that station I'd imagine that it would if I'm

00:43:01   gonna do it I want a max studio if I'm gonna do it like because this mac pro I have I have the m1 max

00:43:09   like I really want to go up like and also like when I do this my plan is it will be like the

00:43:16   iMac pro for me where it's like I'm gonna have the machine for like five years or something and it's

00:43:21   just gonna do its thing so like if I'm gonna do it I want to do it plus I want one of the good

00:43:27   things for me about the max studio and it was what really like 100 sealed this to me was something

00:43:33   David said on Mac power users about like and you were talking to him about it of like I could get

00:43:39   rid of the dock that I use because I will have enough I/O for everything I need on the machine

00:43:46   and I would like that because I'm very happy with the dock I have an OWC dock and it works great but

00:43:53   it's just an extra hassle like today I had a thing where like I don't know why but my ethernet stopped

00:44:00   working so I had to unplug and replug the ethernet cable in and restart my mac because something went

00:44:05   weird at the dock I've had it happen a couple of times it's like whatever but I just want all of

00:44:12   this stuff is always easier and always better when it's just plugged directly into the computer

00:44:16   so like it's just another reason why max studio will be a thing for the future yeah I've got a

00:44:22   cal digit uh the t is the ts4 the current one I think I think it's the one I've got and yeah

00:44:28   so I have one cable to the laptop and then everything else comes off of that and it's

00:44:32   definitely not as nice as the max studio where things are just permanently there yeah I really

00:44:37   like the OWC dock I know everyone always talks about the cow digit cow digit doc cow digit but

00:44:41   I have the 11 port thunderbolt dock from OWC and I prefer it to the cow digit I think it looks nicer

00:44:48   and I found the cow digit to be unreliable with monitor stuff the OWC is better okay they're all

00:44:57   reliable when it's not a studio display yeah this is better so that's the hardware you've talked

00:45:03   about why you have multiple setups I do think that having a desktop would be nice for you

00:45:09   in that station but I understand that that's a bunch of money if you want something to last a

00:45:14   long time and another reason I haven't done it by the way is I'll also have to re-do the desk

00:45:19   completely and I'm just like I can't be bothered with it right now you gotta find a Sunday

00:45:23   afternoon to do that you know yeah it's like it's none of this none of the way I have this set up is

00:45:29   going to work like it's all going to have to change because plus the desk that I use to record on is a

00:45:35   small desk I got like the smallest desk that fully made like it's not very big so every inch of this

00:45:42   desk is very effectively planned and used it's it is the best layout I've ever had on a desk

00:45:49   right it's just like all set nicely um but that will all have to change and I and I'm confident

00:45:55   I can make it work but it's just like another reason why I haven't been like super like keen

00:46:01   on going to the max studio route but the issue I have I know I have is the longer I leave it

00:46:06   the less money I can make out of this metal pro that's true like that's that's where the clock

00:46:10   is ticking but just trying to line everything up hasn't been awesome I don't know if you knew

00:46:15   by a boy house last year and we're decorating the whole house so it's like you know money is

00:46:22   going where it needs to go yeah we're in unprecedented economic times yeah

00:46:25   etc mine mine are extra unprecedented let's switch gears to software you have provided a couple of

00:46:36   full of images that we can put in the discord and in the show notes of your menu bar and your doc is

00:46:43   this from the macbook air I assume yes okay because that's that's your daily really you're you're just

00:46:49   sitting down actively the same okay like but the macbook pro has a couple of different things

00:46:54   um like I have skype in the dock of my macbook pro which I don't have in my macbook air okay um

00:47:03   but like there's like a couple of things that are different but yeah no I did them

00:47:07   I did two things one it is on the macbook air and also plugged into the studio display

00:47:14   got it which was important because when it's just a map okay all of the things in my menu bar you

00:47:20   don't see them all yeah yeah chaos yeah yeah I use uh I use what what did we just said it what is

00:47:29   the name of this app uh bartender yeah all the time no but even then like even with bartender

00:47:35   like if I have a time retimer running yes that's because you have too many things okay so I want

00:47:38   to put this in the discourse people can see your menu bar you don't need all this stuff visible all

00:47:43   the time what are you talking about some of the stuff like battery and audio that can go into

00:47:47   control center why easily so I'm gonna tell you no on that one right like hey who's doing the

00:47:54   auditing here son well okay but I can I don't just have to do well I guess that is the point isn't it

00:47:59   I do have to do whatever you're telling me yeah I don't like that though can I can I answer for my

00:48:03   crimes please if you would call them out so battery is that like the macbook air surprises

00:48:11   me sometimes where it's like oh no I just didn't charge and I'm not aware of that until it's too

00:48:17   late and I think this comes from like being plugged in all the time like sometimes it doesn't

00:48:21   charge like it purposefully isn't charging like the mac is trying to do some smart stuff of assuming

00:48:29   like oh I don't need to charge right now like it assumes that I don't need battery it's like

00:48:33   sometimes I'm at home and I've got my laptop open and my battery's super low but I guess it will

00:48:37   tell me right yeah all right I'm gonna agree with you on that one I will although you should be

00:48:43   keeping these for the end you're supposed to make your recommendations for me at the end so you

00:48:46   should be keeping notes all right I'm gonna put an image in my menu bar I'm doing it now with

00:48:51   bartender expanded so people can see it uh so you've got you got your less a lot of stuff in

00:48:57   the menu bar all the time what is that moom do I see moom is your window manager moom is my window

00:49:03   manager okay that's good I think that's uh spoilers for the upcoming episode of mac power users but

00:49:08   that's the one everyone should try first that's good you've got some stuff in here though that

00:49:12   I'm not super familiar with right off the bat what's the downward arrow in a box and the circle

00:49:17   next to it that is drop zone this is a voorhees app right like he's a fan of it I think I heard

00:49:24   about it on a mac power users episode interesting it was one of the like this is ages ago like uh

00:49:30   cheap utilities for the mac episode or something like that like 10 under 15 or something like that

00:49:37   I don't remember what the conceit was but it was like you guys were just running through a bunch

00:49:41   of mac apps that you like and I've got to say there is something particularly fun in that

00:49:46   because you always say like ah did you not hear on my power users like I must have forgotten proving

00:49:52   that you can also forget sure well the on sunday's episode we rounded up like 15 window managers and

00:49:59   it's pushed all other mac utilities out of my brain I don't remember there are no the only

00:50:02   mac utilities that exist yeah managers yeah um okay so you've got that you got some inside a

00:50:09   bartender you've got you guys got a whole bunch here could you just quickly run through them maybe

00:50:14   left to right yeah that's the Wacom app okay for a Wacom tablet then carabiner elements oh boy

00:50:22   you're doing the hyper key thing yeah I do this for the um the aforementioned uh shortcuts that

00:50:31   I use to trigger the note things for uh taking notes when I'm recording with json of like edit

00:50:38   points and stuff I have like so it's bound like caps lock is therefore replaced to shift control

00:50:47   command option or whatever and so I press like caps lock a to bring up the notes thing however

00:50:55   when I'm actually I have that but then I also have a macro pad which is also bound to those same

00:51:01   things okay so I could press those buttons but I also want it so when if I'm recording while

00:51:06   traveling it's the it's the same thing like caps lock a caps lock s that kind of stuff to fire

00:51:11   those off uh then it's time machine but you knew that yes then I have clean my mac then I have set

00:51:19   app and then obsidian obsidian yeah that's a terrible menu bar icon obsidian what are you doing

00:51:25   yeah yeah well it's the new logo right the new have you seen that you know the new logo I like

00:51:31   the new yeah yeah it's bad oh I like it raycast which is an even worse logo that's the worst one

00:51:36   up here I think it's like it's like ibm it looks mate there's something really 1981 about it yeah

00:51:43   I don't understand the raycast logo at all uh then hand mirror which is a really cool little utility

00:51:49   which um lets you just show your camera it just gives you like your camera in a little drop down

00:51:55   window so you can see how you look before going on a call uh pop clip okay which lets you do stuff

00:52:01   with text like it ostensibly like you should cut copy paste when you highlight text but I have a

00:52:07   few things there so like if I highlight a bunch of links it will allow me to open all those links at

00:52:12   once which is very helpful um and I also have it for title casing stuff okay um then I have istamp

00:52:19   menus yeah you got cpu memory ssd and then your network activity yeah why do you care about what

00:52:27   about any of that like you have a awesome apple silicon machine the main one I want is network

00:52:33   activity and it's like if I think something's going wrong but I just leave it there it's just

00:52:38   like in there like it's in bartender I never see it like yeah yeah so if I ever need it it's there

00:52:43   uh but I don't uh back blaze good call and then spotlight text expander rocket which is the

00:52:51   emoji app and air buddy you have you have really put together like a who's who of mac utilities

00:52:56   here so I commend you for that there's some really good stuff in here it's because I listen to this

00:53:00   podcast these guys just talk about my values all the time it's really it's menu bar power users

00:53:08   we just do other stuff sometimes yeah yeah I think my concern about your menu bar is that there are

00:53:15   some things that should probably be in bartender and some things that probably shouldn't be like

00:53:20   for example okay I would think as the way I do it time machine is pretty important to me like I want

00:53:26   to know if my backups have just stopped or if one's currently running and maybe if I give it 30

00:53:32   seconds I can you know then eject the drive and move on that I feel like is more important than

00:53:37   something like moom or screenshot x or p-couch are you making an are you making a recommendation

00:53:44   because we've we've already had this conversation yeah but I feel like okay okay oh or you can

00:53:50   split it if you want I will split it we're gonna give you recommendations now already down this

00:53:53   road I just I feel like the priority of what is in the menu bar what is not is just a little bit

00:53:58   confused in places that's all well I would say I feel like I never need time machine like I don't

00:54:04   ever want to think about it like I don't want to check that it's happening like it should just be

00:54:08   working should be right but but also time machine will tell you if it hasn't been backing up after

00:54:16   like 14 days like yeah but that's fine because I use back place okay and I guess I guess you're

00:54:22   like me everything's in dropbox everything's in dropbox yeah okay so like I'm willing to take your

00:54:28   recommendations but there I feel like there are some things where maybe I can give additional

00:54:31   context for it's like I can put it in the menu bar but like I don't need it there well in that case

00:54:37   I would just I would try to find a couple of things that could go into bartender really so your

00:54:43   time or a menu bar item can be visible at all times that feels like yeah I think I think I'm

00:54:48   gonna well I'm gonna make make your suggestion of removing the battery why volume though do you

00:54:57   think you see you don't think I need that I don't think so I mean it's just running control center

00:55:01   and if you're hooked up to an interface it doesn't work anyway so yeah but this this mac isn't but

00:55:05   like I have it because it's also like a quick way to attach my air pods even though you're running

00:55:11   everybody everybody I feel like I can never really get my air pods where I want them to be

00:55:16   yeah do you use the auto switching thing yes yeah it's it's I've turned it back on in the beta and

00:55:22   I think it's better now than it used to be but sometimes it just doesn't do what I want it to do

00:55:25   I love it except with the mac like that's the problem like on ios and ipad os it's awesome

00:55:32   but on the mac it's kind of never really doing what I want it to do so I want a bit more control

00:55:37   over it you also have uh what is the icon in between one password and fantastical what's the

00:55:45   clock icon the clock it's called the clock it's a wild clock got it okay I was like why why do you

00:55:52   have I would say I could move that to bartender I don't need that enough yeah so I use else when

00:55:59   to make time list but I also use it to quickly just like see what time it's going to be in a

00:56:04   place well let me ask you this question has else when changed their menu bar icon no so this is

00:56:09   what I'm going to say else when developers you are in our discord your app does not need to have its

00:56:15   name in my menu bar you don't need to be as wide as the date apple puts up there just put your icon

00:56:21   get rid of the name please please please please please we love the app elswin is an incredible app

00:56:29   it's one of my favorite apps this is almost a deal breaker for well for putting it in the menu bar

00:56:34   so just I don't use the menu bar utility you gotta banish it you gotta that's no good apparently you

00:56:39   can now remove the name from the menu bar app we are now being given live I don't know but I'm being

00:56:43   told that Steven you can remove the name from the new route okay someone tell me where it is and we

00:56:47   go okay I will come back to that that's good I'm glad that's there I seem to get it working other

00:56:52   than that I feel like yeah I feel like your menu bar is okay just I think I think the top level

00:56:55   needs some tidying up that's what I would say all right so I'm gonna what I'm gonna do I'm gonna

00:57:01   the clock well the clock is gonna be replaced for elswin so that's one I'm gonna put the battery

00:57:08   and sound into control center back into control center and I'm gonna see how I feel about that

00:57:18   else when we'll also be in bartender because I don't I don't need that there all the time

00:57:22   and I'll know where to go to find it okay all right they're good ones this episode of connected

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00:59:11   support of the show and relay fm most important question mike where is your doc placed in the

00:59:17   middle good good where is supposed to be that's that's where we want it uh it's more like a palette

00:59:23   there i think more than anything else but that's cool it's on the right it's on the right like a

00:59:27   civilized person if you send feedback telling us where what the dot where the correct placement of

00:59:34   the doc is we're not going to read it because this is a personal decision and many of us believe and

00:59:41   just know that the right side is the correct side wait you can't say it's a personal decision and

00:59:47   then say what's correct you can't i can say what i want because i'm on the show right ah i see i see

00:59:54   yeah if you if you wanna if you want to disagree with us start your own podcast and say it on the

00:59:59   podcast nine years later you can say it on your own podcast no uh i i used to be a bit of a a bit

01:00:06   hard on people about burning the doc in the wrong place and as i've gotten older and and wiser and

01:00:12   honestly um just older uh i've learned that you know some people just can't be helped and they

01:00:18   don't want to listen you're oscillating so wildly here right now i'm loving it's it's some sort of

01:00:27   uh tests for our listeners so you got a bunch of stuff in here probably a few more things than i

01:00:31   do but you're a professional you have oh no the mac stories virus has gotten you you have the app

01:00:38   store uh and your doc with the badge turned on yeah tell me tell me about that don't have an

01:00:45   answer for it it's a good question i feel like the app store no matter what i tell it refuses to

01:00:54   update applications automatically yes on the mac and the iphone both so maybe this is why i've

01:00:59   decided to keep it because i feel like if i'm not aware of it like i'm never my apps are never

01:01:05   going to get updated that's fair so what what do you do how do you keep your apps up to date if

01:01:09   you don't see uh i just open the app store like once a month and like oh gosh there's 27 things

01:01:13   in here yeah i can't live my life that way this so look if you want if you're telling me i need

01:01:18   to remove it then i'll remove it but like the reason i keep it is i've been through this before

01:01:22   right and it's just like uh yeah well there's no other way for me to update the apps because also

01:01:26   the notification i never want that all right i don't want the notification that tells me that's

01:01:31   that's yeah it's the worst possible because it's i'm never ready you know like i i'm ready for this

01:01:37   when i'm like oh let me do some chores on my mac or whatever right like i'm just tidying up some

01:01:40   stuff getting rid of some windows or whatever and i'm like oh i could also update some applications

01:01:45   so i could go and update some applications so i think that's why i leave it there okay okay i

01:01:49   think that i think that makes sense what i will concede is like i don't need set up in the dark

01:01:53   i'm gonna get rid of that yeah their icon's pretty good though but i don't think it i think set up

01:01:58   actually does a better job than the mac app store of like updates like it deals with updates in the

01:02:02   way that other mac apps do with updates so like it pops up and they use them and like hey this

01:02:06   needs to be updated will you update it and it's like yeah okay i'll do it right like i'm used to

01:02:10   this yeah well like i kind of even though like the mac app store updating flow should be easier it

01:02:17   isn't like i actually kind of like my app to tell me it needs an update and then i do the update

01:02:25   right because like i've opened the app i know it's only going to take like an extra minute and i'll

01:02:30   be ready to do whatever it was i wanted to do in the first place so yeah i like that flow so what

01:02:35   what is your okay so so next you've got settings you need that on the mac i use alpha and i usually

01:02:43   just search and hit it but that's fine yeah but i don't need it there i was a guy for years people

01:02:51   would pile on me on twitter because i had doc in the setting of uh i had settings in the dock of my

01:02:56   iphone and people thought it was uh ridiculous yeah that's bananas we're not turning our attention to

01:03:01   you today okay but that that's wild uh i'm curious looking through this list i see what i think is

01:03:07   some rough groupings could you tell us a little bit of if that's the case or yeah there are some

01:03:13   groupings so like some apps see the problem is some apps are snuck into the groups so like that

01:03:19   top group infiltrated yeah that top group used to be like apple stuff okay then set up went in there

01:03:25   because it was like the logical place to put the setup icon icon next to the app store right sure

01:03:30   right but you got like it goes finder app store setup settings safari music right and then sonos

01:03:40   and i see why those two are together right you get your media playback control type stuff

01:03:45   then i've got messages slack and discord okay and then notes obsidian and notion yeah obsidian

01:03:53   is not going to stick around i was going to say didn't you move aren't you moving out of obsidian

01:03:58   i am moving it's slow okay like everything new is going in and now like the old stuff is being moved

01:04:04   out but that's gonna take a while uh then i got reader r-w-e-d-e-r reader yeah classic that's good

01:04:11   it's the best one um todoist uh mime stream mime stream mime stream spark

01:04:23   timere zoom logic audition quick time audio hijack piezo fission forecast overcast fusion cast

01:04:35   that's the cast section so that's your podcast production section yeah why audio hijack and

01:04:43   piezo just because pa's is like good for fast little stuff i okay uh why do i use piezo i mean

01:04:50   it looks good but it's cool i use pa's okay so yeah all right i know what really this is on

01:04:59   the macbook this okay so i have this when i'm recording so i like to have two recordings of

01:05:06   every podcast right so when i'm recording a zoom call i use zoom right and audio hijack sure when

01:05:16   i use skype there is no skype recording anymore yeah yeah call recorder is long gone to use audio

01:05:24   hijack and piezo okay okay i i understand that um it's just frustrating to me that i can't yeah

01:05:35   the big thing you do is whatever you're recording on skype is get rid of that like you tell him come

01:05:39   on i'm also struck okay so so the way that that i tend to think about the doc on the side is

01:05:47   vertical hierarchy and so more important things seem like kind of bubble further up and i still

01:05:55   do some grouping like you do right like slack and discord and ivory like you know there's kind of

01:06:01   communications you know they're together um i have zoom audio hijack logic forecasts and overcast

01:06:07   towards the bottom because those are podcast things i've seen a couple days a week but things

01:06:12   like spark and mime stream kind of lost there in the middle no man's land and also there's no

01:06:19   badges on them is all your email checked like what's your philosophy on badges on the mac

01:06:23   i'm trying to get rid of badges from everything other than messaging services so like we were

01:06:29   talking about this i've taken badges off todoist on my phone and i need to take badges off todoist

01:06:34   on my mac and like i don't want email badges yeah like i'm trying to get to a point in my life

01:06:42   where i only have badges for instant messaging okay wow how old you sounded real old there for

01:06:49   a second why instant messaging well but that was it it wasn't just like messaging it's like

01:06:55   for slack but only dms for iMessages right do you know what i mean so it's like what i would

01:07:03   consider to not just be messaging but instant message yet you have discord with the badge with

01:07:08   no number someone tell me how to get rid of it i can't i just i feel this makes me like an old man

01:07:14   it is i feel like it's almost impossible to get discord to not give me some kind of badge no

01:07:19   matter what i do agreed yeah i don't want the red badge with the white dot in the middle but i also

01:07:25   want to get numbers you know yeah see i have no i have notifications off for discord on the mac

01:07:32   i have desktop notifications but unread message badge turned off and so i just have notifications

01:07:40   for like a very few things and then uh but never badges but yeah it is discord i think is a little

01:07:47   confusing in that in that way i think that's totally fair totally fair discord wants your

01:07:51   attention all the time yep um you got two male apps here mime stream and spark mail spark mail

01:07:59   is for if i can remember correctly is relay stuff with you and cari so you can have like

01:08:03   side conversations and and my personal email and your personal email is in there because mime

01:08:07   stream doesn't do iCloud it's just Gmail right now correct what's in mime stream then cortex stuff

01:08:12   just cortex okay because they're all Gmail accounts okay my actually really good it's yeah i

01:08:18   and i'm kind of like i'm in this like diff i'm in like a difficult phase of email again because it's

01:08:24   like now i'm getting enough email like part of the reason i was able to keep the apps separate was

01:08:30   because it wasn't getting a lot of email through the cortex email but now i'm dealing with more

01:08:34   of that yeah and so like i have to use the gmail app on my iphone and so i'm kind of like shut this

01:08:41   out it went to spark but i really don't want to do that uh i'm in a i'm in a bad i'm in a bad email

01:08:46   i'm always in a bad email spot right and like right now is bad i you know steven i also thought

01:08:51   i'm thinking like can and this i don't know if i can do this but like can i turn off notifications

01:08:58   for email like i feel like i feel like maybe i could do that but i don't know i'm scared but

01:09:04   like i feel like i can get in closer to the point where i can do that and i would love to do that

01:09:10   but i can't bring myself to do that but i don't if i'm if i might be an honest in myself i i don't

01:09:17   think i need it but i think the main honestly the main issue i would find is like triaging

01:09:24   like i triage email from notifications all the time i literally someone something came in when

01:09:30   you were talking i deleted it from the notification like this is gone exactly so i feel like otherwise

01:09:34   every time i sit down and open my emails be like ah right it's gonna be like too much do you

01:09:39   subscribe to the thing i know some people do this and it's madness to me like i'm only looking at my

01:09:44   email between one and three pm no no no no because do you know why i exist in the real world yeah

01:09:50   right like i i tried this yeah i tried this we have a company people need us yeah i tried this

01:09:56   when i worked at the bank yeah well bank's not a real company i mean it worked oh it worked because

01:10:01   i just didn't care that's the way to do it you know what i mean if you just don't care then like

01:10:07   you can get away with a lot of things but that wasn't yeah like that was the thing i could do

01:10:12   then uh but now i kind of like i care so i don't you know but yeah no i i would like to i would

01:10:20   like to i'm thinking about it like obviously i don't know why but like i'm thinking about a lot

01:10:24   of things with notifications right now like nothing's happened and just like it's just

01:10:27   things are popping i'm like you have open pandora's box right like i thought of one thing so i'm like

01:10:32   well what about this other thing as well right i noticed uh a couple things here that i just have

01:10:37   a couple questions about parcel and shortcuts are you using them enough for them to take up

01:10:43   docker the state i don't know why they're there okay i'm gonna i'm gonna ask you a question too

01:10:48   i want to see if you have this issue and i don't know why this happens when i get notifications

01:10:52   from parcel on my mac when i clear them it opens the app yeah why why how how and why no other app

01:11:02   that i use does this but if i press the x button it opens parcel why does that happen i don't i

01:11:09   don't know is it a catalyst app maybe that's like a weird uh i don't i don't know but do you have

01:11:15   this happen if you haven't noticed uh yes i do isn't that strange it is weird like i don't use

01:11:21   any other application where this happens because it also just feels like who is that who who who's

01:11:28   that for you know what i mean like who's that for i've said no i don't want it like but you open the

01:11:34   app like that doesn't make any sense yo i blame notifications on the mac for this by the way

01:11:40   because that the system is bad that's true it's true uh you also have things down here like

01:11:47   floating out i guess well first of all is numbers always there or is it there just because it's open

01:11:51   at the moment uh numbers is always there now wow big business boy yeah yeah yeah and you've got

01:11:59   things what's going on with things and why is it not with todoist uh technically things is part of

01:12:05   the podcast production workflow okay but like so down at the bottom there there's just a bunch of

01:12:11   miscellaneous stuff right underneath pixel maker bro it's just like here's a bunch of stuff you

01:12:16   know numbers is part of that but yes things is just things is just down there things is just

01:12:23   living its life i don't think i want it doesn't make sense to me to put it up with todoist

01:12:28   because it isn't like my other apps right it's not a daily yeah it's not a daily it's like once a

01:12:32   month and you have uh one stack down there that i assume is the download stack you you got a pdf or

01:12:40   something that's like failed downloading it's like progress bar sticking in there actually this is

01:12:45   another weird bug i have on the mac my downloads folder always has a like in progress oh no there's

01:12:53   nothing i can do about it it seems like yeah well uh you need a new computer uh yeah but this isn't

01:13:00   the computer i want to change yeah so i am a huge fan of the download stack i use it all the time

01:13:06   it's fantastic i do however so the before at some point this changed but it's in the past

01:13:13   it was it would only show like the most recent thing there is the icon or you or by um sorted

01:13:20   alphabetically and i didn't like that because it meant the download stack looked different over

01:13:25   time and i found that to be a little troubling and so i used to have a folder with the download

01:13:32   icon pasted onto it and the folder was named asterisk asterisk asterisk and so i sorted by

01:13:37   name and it was always there but now i don't know when this changed at some point they changed it

01:13:41   where you can display as a folder so if you look at my screenshot you just see the little downloads

01:13:46   folder down there and i can just go in there when i need it it's much cleaner yeah and it would hide

01:13:52   your janky broken pdf situation although it is kind of funny well no because it's it's like

01:13:58   there is no thing well at least it wouldn't be the icon in the uh but i actually kind of like that

01:14:04   because it forces me to deal with the things that are in there okay right because otherwise it like

01:14:10   it gets super full like one day we need to talk about like what it's like to work with steven

01:14:16   hackett when it comes to file management it's really good everything's nicely organized no

01:14:20   it's not no it's not really good because it's like imagine a world where there's alphabetical

01:14:26   sorting except where there isn't sometimes things get aaa at the beginning because they need to be

01:14:30   at the top other than that or underscores or like stars like this is what it's like like that just

01:14:39   so one example right now okay so dropbox relay fm admin saint jude campaigns the folders are 2019

01:14:48   2020 21 2022 2023 saint jude i named it that so in the sidebar i don't have a folder that just says

01:14:55   2023 but when it comes out of the sidebar i'll change it back understand you just be a year you

01:15:02   what you share all this stuff with me you know yeah yeah you see fine with it do i

01:15:08   uh i know i didn't even know this one like i've used it like this i feel like that the the saint

01:15:16   jude folder is very much your domain except for a folder that i just added to that one which is

01:15:20   very rare that i put things in there but there's something in there which i'm very excited about it

01:15:24   oh yes yes that is gonna if we could pull this one off oh boy is gonna be a fun time around here but

01:15:32   like mine is like we have a folder relay fm like dropbox relay fm branding underscore final art

01:15:39   and then inside of that underscore png is the top folders yeah that's that needs that that's legacy

01:15:46   from a previous designer who i need i need to i need to clean that up the branding folder is bad

01:15:51   i will give you that yeah but i know you want it there at the top like i knew so you'll just find

01:15:55   another you'll just if you don't call it underscore you just put triple a final art like that's

01:16:01   better it's not like that's better oh man oh i just found uh this funny stuff in this branding

01:16:07   folder okay oh there's so much stuff there's like there's just like a bunch of stuff in here

01:16:12   yeah incredible yeah so happens when your company is nearly a decade old so like there's gonna be

01:16:17   weird there's gonna be weird stuff instead of the final artwork folder yeah some of it's not final

01:16:22   at all is what we're saying overall i feel like your doc is in much better shape than your menu

01:16:27   bar okay and i feel like i understand your two laptop life even though i think it should be

01:16:32   desktop and a laptop but i understand why you're putting that off this isn't as much madness as i

01:16:37   thought it would be there are things that you haven't asked me about what do you want to be

01:16:42   asked about i don't want to be asked about it but you're like tell me about your backup situation

01:16:45   like that's tell me about your backup situation well we talked about you have time machine

01:16:49   is that on both computers or just one no just on the just on the air no no no man

01:16:56   i have time machine on the macbook pro but not the computer that you're actually working on

01:17:03   i don't even know what the time machine oh wait no wait did i change that hang on wait stop

01:17:11   be right back where's he going yeah there's no time machine but you should blame apple for it

01:17:15   really because they didn't put enough usb-c ports in the back of the studio if only there was a way

01:17:20   to get more ports that you'd already paid for i don't want to do i don't want to dock on that

01:17:25   desk i don't want you could set up a wireless time machine to like a like a okay so if you have

01:17:30   a desktop here's the thing you get a desktop for your recording machine uh-huh you put a big ssd

01:17:36   off the back of it and you make that a time machine target for your other computer and it

01:17:40   just backs up over the network i don't fully know what that means but i have no doubt that i can

01:17:45   look into it i can set it up for you just fly me over fly me over baby yeah all right okay we'll do

01:17:50   that but uh maybe by the time maybe next year that'd be a great idea by the time you come to

01:17:55   london i'll have bought a max studio about that okay i can guarantee all of that and then you can

01:17:59   come to the studio you can kind of make a studio and you can uh you can hook me up because i don't

01:18:05   fully understand what you're asking of me but it sounds like a good thing yeah look i've done the

01:18:08   touristy stuff in london because i was there for your wedding uh next time i come back it's just

01:18:12   going to be to wire things up in your office sounds like a great time i'm looking forward to it

01:18:17   you're really great yeah i know you are i'm not yeah i don't want you all up in here messing with

01:18:22   things you're not going to like the cable management no i've seen pictures we're not

01:18:26   we're not even touching your pc today and it's beyond my you're not going to like the cable

01:18:30   management down here um i guess my big no the pc's cable management is pretty good it's like the

01:18:36   i've seen pictures of the floor and all the switches the power cables oh yeah that's the

01:18:41   problem like the the multiple like extension cords plugged into extension cords is that dangerous it

01:18:49   feels dangerous but you should let you do it right i mean you can drive it 90 miles an hour

01:18:57   but you shouldn't you know i have i'm sure it's fine i guess my biggest question it goes back to

01:19:01   the the two machines and we've touched on it we danced around a little bit but you know what is

01:19:07   sort of your methodology or your i've said there were philosophy a bunch but your philosophy for

01:19:13   keeping those two machines the same like i could see bad i could see i see two roads one like you

01:19:22   keep them identical and it's just a pain or the recording machine is so different like it's really

01:19:27   just recording like it doesn't have your email and it doesn't have your whatever you're doing in

01:19:32   things yeah i thought you're kind of in between i guess yeah and also like i've kind of like the way

01:19:40   that i my philosophy for it now because i tried both keep it exact and keep it separate and

01:19:47   realistically now it's just like it's neither right where it's and and that's kind of the point

01:19:53   of it like if there are big changes like i'll make those changes like i'm making changes to

01:19:57   the dock and like my docks are mostly the same on machine to machine and so i'll make those changes

01:20:02   because that's just like muscle memory stuff right so like i'll make those changes in both places

01:20:07   it is hilarious to me now looking up at my menu bar and seeing that i have the power on this

01:20:14   macbook pro you don't need that like i have the battery icon there you don't need that this

01:20:19   machine is never unplugged that's hilarious but like i i don't try to run them super close because

01:20:27   if i try and do that it's just an exercise in frustration because there is just no good way

01:20:33   to do that and so i kind of treat it as a little bit in the middle where big fundamental changes

01:20:38   i'll try and keep in sync across both machines and but otherwise i will operate them uh kind

01:20:45   of differently like do you remember when we started relay i was still at my job and i recorded in like

01:20:52   that podcast studio in the building that like some startup had built that i borrowed from them once a

01:20:57   week i don't think i do remember yeah and then one day i came in they just like torn it down and

01:21:03   didn't tell me even though like i'd paid for part of it and cool thanks guys oh my god that is a

01:21:08   blast from the past i remember it now you're telling me a long time ago for some reason in my

01:21:13   memory you were just recording at the office but like you were yeah this was like an incubator and

01:21:18   they built a little studio and i'd help them and part of the deal was i got to use it um and then

01:21:22   one day they just torn it out oh cool uh thanks for texting me you know my office is only three

01:21:27   stories above you could just come up and told me in that situation i was using truly a recording

01:21:32   computer that computer was there all the time i just had my own user on it and like it was kind

01:21:37   of nice that all i had on the dock was like safari audio hijack pro i guess at the time and skype like

01:21:44   it was like this it's like a it's like an appliance almost and maybe that would be

01:21:49   the only that would help the frustration if you've treated them like really differently like this one

01:21:54   is kind of a moat unto itself but something to think about i am going to think about that

01:21:59   actually uh and you could you could try it by just creating a new user and then i'm terrified

01:22:05   of creating a new user ah somebody but like there are settings right they're not gonna say that's

01:22:10   true like what happens the first time i open logic oh yeah it's not gonna know anything about you but

01:22:15   yeah and i don't want to live in that world but are you opening logic on the recording computer

01:22:18   you know yes where i edit so you're editing on the recording computer god i think i think that

01:22:22   fell through the cracks in my brain okay i didn't say it but yeah so it it's it's the production

01:22:28   machine right like i'm okay so then why do you have logic and all that stuff on your map of care

01:22:32   why is that in the doc because i do also sometimes edit on the map okay i guess it doesn't need to be

01:22:36   in the doc though does it yeah i could take i could i honestly don't need logic in the doc

01:22:41   because i always start logic with a template file in finder but it's just there so do i but i like

01:22:47   i just like to know it's there well you know if someone like looks over your shoulder like oh

01:22:52   that guy he edits you know big big editor energy yeah wow look at all these audio apps

01:23:00   the dog is full of stuff that i never heard of full of audio apps i've never heard all in all

01:23:04   i think you're in good shape think about some tidying up all right think about time machine

01:23:08   think about well no i'm gonna wait for time machine you gotta come here and do it think

01:23:12   about roping off the recording machine a little bit better well i'm gonna well i'm gonna think

01:23:16   harder about buying and you can that too yeah i mean it's a good time to to start over you know

01:23:21   max studio i wouldn't do that wouldn't do that i would look at an m2 pro mac mini that may be

01:23:29   enough it may not be enough io that may be the only problem no i want to do max studio if i'm

01:23:33   going to do it i'm going to do it yeah otherwise i'll just stay with this backboard pro as the

01:23:37   value slowly leaks out of the back yeah i mean what a computer that leaks that's no problem

01:23:42   well i think that does it for this week if you want to find the stories we spoke about and links

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01:24:08   think is uh is open season you can find us online maybe you should create like a doc placement

01:24:14   button and you could just straight up delete everything that goes just goes to analog's

01:24:18   feedback form yeah you can find us online uh we're on threads mike is imike i m y k e he is also the

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