461: Strong Neck Era


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   Hello, welcome to episode 461 of the Connected podcast from Relay FM.

00:00:13   This episode is brought to you by Fitbaud Electric and Fast Growing Trees.

00:00:17   My name is Mike Hurley and I'm joined by Federico Vatici.

00:00:20   Hello Mike, how are you?

00:00:22   Oh, I'm so good. How are you?

00:00:24   I am doing pretty good. I mean, except for the things we discuss on the Pro Show.

00:00:29   But otherwise, I'm doing very good.

00:00:31   And I'm also happy because our other co-host, Steven Hackett, is here with us today.

00:00:37   Hello, Steven.

00:00:38   Hello, boys.

00:00:39   How are you?

00:00:40   I am good.

00:00:42   It's the end of summer here. School starts back next week.

00:00:45   Kind of a weird, sad time.

00:00:47   Oh, whoa. Why is it sad?

00:00:49   Kids have to go back to school. I'll be all alone again.

00:00:51   I mean, part of that's nice, but also kind of sad.

00:00:54   As I said, don't you enjoy the peace and quiet?

00:00:57   I do enjoy the peace and quiet, but I also miss them, you know?

00:01:01   Oh, you're a good dad, Steven.

00:01:03   I try.

00:01:03   You're a good dad to us too, you know?

00:01:05   Well, let's get into that.

00:01:07   Let's do it, daddy.

00:01:08   Okay.

00:01:10   Let me guide you in the ways of follow-up.

00:01:14   We've been talking about the portable HomePod mini lifestyle, a lifestyle that Federico and I are both in.

00:01:19   I think, Mike, you should get in on this too.

00:01:21   You know, you got to back garden now.

00:01:23   You can take your HomePod mini out there and listen to some tunes.

00:01:26   Why would I do that when I'm full of Sonos?

00:01:28   I'm like Sonos out my ears.

00:01:31   It's like a Sonos spokesperson now.

00:01:33   I have two portable Sonos, so like, I'm all good.

00:01:36   Did you see The Verge just, like, I think as we started recording leaked the Move 2 from Sonos?

00:01:43   I didn't see that.

00:01:44   Yeah, I'll put it in the Discord.

00:01:45   Oh, this is nice.

00:01:48   I've been thinking about one of those for outside, actually.

00:01:52   It's waterproof, right?

00:01:54   Yeah, at least water resistant, at least.

00:01:57   It's not made of leaves.

00:01:58   Yeah.

00:01:59   Oh, and they're making it in green?

00:02:01   Coming in September.

00:02:03   The green is awesome.

00:02:04   I gotta pitch this.

00:02:07   Anyways, Sam wrote in and had a suggestion to make this the ultimate, kind of in the terms, I think, of our friend Austin, who is like,

00:02:17   the ultimate Nintendo Switch and like puts a bunch of stuff attached to it.

00:02:21   We're doing that with the HomePod mini.

00:02:23   Sam wrote in, Federico could totally get...

00:02:25   Oh my God, you are.

00:02:25   I hadn't thought of that.

00:02:26   That's so funny.

00:02:29   He's like, just going to like stick things to the side of it, just like Austin does.

00:02:33   That's so good.

00:02:33   In this case, a mini portable 4G Wi-Fi router.

00:02:37   So you could use your HomePod mini anywhere you have 4G.

00:02:41   I love it.

00:02:42   I love it.

00:02:44   Question.

00:02:45   So you're going to get a portable router with the SIM card in it.

00:02:49   When you're out and about, it's going to create a Wi-Fi network.

00:02:53   The phone connects to the Wi-Fi network.

00:02:56   How does the HomePod connect to it?

00:02:59   How do HomePods connect to Wi-Fi networks?

00:03:02   You set them up at home.

00:03:04   It's right in the name.

00:03:06   Well, yes.

00:03:07   I guess the question is, what happens to a HomePod when you take it out of the main Wi-Fi network at home and you take it with you?

00:03:16   How do you tell it, I'm on a different Wi-Fi now?

00:03:19   You're in a different quote unquote home.

00:03:22   I mean, you've also then got to use that, not your cell connection, which is less than ideal too.

00:03:28   Yeah.

00:03:28   Maybe what I would do is just make the mobile like hotspot Wi-Fi network, give it the same name as your home network.

00:03:38   Although it does look like you can change it in the home app.

00:03:41   Oh, that's not a recipe for disaster at all.

00:03:44   Yeah, I'm sure that will go totally fine.

00:03:45   No, nothing bad could happen.

00:03:47   There's no way anything could ever happen.

00:03:49   No.

00:03:51   No, it's fine.

00:03:52   It's fine.

00:03:53   Actually, this is well, this is a pretty interesting experiment, though.

00:03:56   Hmm.

00:03:57   I was out of town over the weekend and actually saw somebody for the first time.

00:04:02   And as long as I can remember actually using the like a little portable Wi-Fi hotspot, you know, for a long time, they were everywhere.

00:04:13   Steve Jobs got very mad about them when introducing FaceTime as like I was in a like a little coffee shop and saw somebody with a laptop and they had one of those.

00:04:23   And my guess was maybe some also some sort of like corporate security thing, right?

00:04:27   Like maybe it had a VPN or something engaged, but it just made me really wonder the last time, you know, those were widely in use.

00:04:36   I used to use one to record all of my podcasts on because my internet was so bad.

00:04:41   Oh, yeah.

00:04:43   One of the many ridiculous things that I had to do to record podcasts many years ago.

00:04:48   Moving on.

00:04:49   Do you remember when Apple Music and then Apple TV Plus ended up on American Airlines and we got the greatest PR artwork of all time out of Apple?

00:04:57   No one could forget.

00:04:59   Well, Canada wants to get in on this and it has been announced that Air Canada has Apple TV Plus shows for free and they're like in flight, you know, built into the seatback screen entertainment thing.

00:05:14   So that's cool.

00:05:15   Way to go, Apple.

00:05:17   Way to go, Canada.

00:05:19   Did they create a Canadian version of the good artwork?

00:05:21   Not that I have seen.

00:05:24   I'll put a link in the show notes that a news remark, a call of the American Airlines thing.

00:05:27   Just take some time. Just go take a look at the imagery that was made for a reason nobody could ever truly understand why it was made the way that it was.

00:05:35   No, we did go through this, didn't we?

00:05:36   I just remembered it's meant to look like the in-flight car, like emergency cars, right?

00:05:41   Yeah.

00:05:41   That's what it's meant to be.

00:05:42   But still, it's just so much work for this artwork and it's very interesting.

00:05:47   But hooray.

00:05:49   Go, Canada.

00:05:50   We're not going to get back into all the changes coming with watchOS 10 today, but I just wanted to put this out there.

00:05:57   If our feedback on Mastodon and in the feedback form and Discord are any measuring stick of how the world is going to accept these changes,

00:06:08   there are going to be a lot of confused and or frustrated watch users when watchOS 10 comes out.

00:06:15   I think once the dust settles, people will get used to it.

00:06:18   But it's it's really made me think like this has to be the modern in the modern times, at least the most frequently changed platform in term in terms of like just where things are.

00:06:36   Like think about Mac OS, right?

00:06:37   Like we've had the dock and the menu bar menus forever.

00:06:40   The iPhone, the iPad, they've added things and the iPad maybe is maybe even a better example with multitasking, at least.

00:06:47   But I think people are going to install watchOS 10 this fall and be quite confused.

00:06:52   I think you could say that like watchOS, to expand on what you were saying, I think is a very good point.

00:06:58   WatchOS in general is maybe the most change any operating system has ever experienced.

00:07:05   Like in its 10 years, the amount of different ways that either apps are made completely or the operating system works completely.

00:07:13   Like there's been huge changes in watchOS and like it's about to happen again, right?

00:07:18   There were like, oh, apps should be designed in a completely different way.

00:07:21   And the dock exists in a different way.

00:07:23   And the app list is in a different way.

00:07:25   Like it feels like there's so much change that comes to that platform, which I think would indicate that they still yet to really nail it.

00:07:34   Yeah, it's interesting, right?

00:07:36   Clearly, there were things in watchOS in the beginning that just didn't make sense, right?

00:07:41   Like the whole digital touch, that whole scene, right?

00:07:44   Sending your heartbeat to other people.

00:07:46   And that's gone from the side button all the way down to just like a little button in the messages app, which is very funny.

00:07:51   But what buttons do what changing eight years into the platform just seems a little bananas to me.

00:07:59   I wonder if this is like a symptom of the screen size.

00:08:04   It's so small and there's so little that you can actually put on screen at any one time that it just makes it incredibly hard to design.

00:08:14   They're just constantly trying to refine the user experience to make it as best as it can be.

00:08:21   And every refinement is actually a big change because there's limited buttons and there's limited screen real estate.

00:08:29   And so these changes, maybe it's harder to do and maybe it has a bigger user effect because of it, because it's all kind of a bit obtuse.

00:08:36   Maybe so.

00:08:37   That's a good point.

00:08:39   And I mean, I guess also, you know, having this product that was pitched originally as multiple things and eventually over the course of really a few years, it was clear that the direction for the Apple Watch was going to be a different one.

00:08:53   Surely that hasn't helped.

00:08:55   You know, sort of redefine a whole direction for the entire platform and then changing how apps were made and then changing how widgets were made.

00:09:08   It feels like it's the one operating system that Apple makes that has reached version 10 with at least in modern history, with like the most big changes in a relatively short timeline.

00:09:25   Yeah.

00:09:27   I wonder if like, if it was being, if the Apple Watch was being designed with the use cases that we have now for it, right?

00:09:39   If it would actually look like it does?

00:09:41   No, that's a fun exercise.

00:09:45   Because it was like, this was a fashion forward, risk computer for communication with other people and fitness, kind of.

00:09:59   And what else were they pitching it for originally?

00:10:02   Yeah, it was like timekeeping, fitness and health, and then interpersonal communication, all the tapping in, that sort of thing.

00:10:11   Where I feel like you could probably just say today it is fitness notifications.

00:10:19   Yeah.

00:10:20   Right?

00:10:21   Like it's, they also like, they talk about like, like media, but I don't really think that is used as widely as the other two.

00:10:31   Like I think there are people that use like me, I use my watch for playback controls, but I'm not one of these people.

00:10:36   Like I know Jason does this, right?

00:10:38   Where you connect your AirPods to your watch and go running and you can listen to a podcast.

00:10:41   I genuinely, I don't know how you do that.

00:10:44   I don't even know how to do that.

00:10:47   Like to connect my AirPods to my Apple watch.

00:10:49   Like I don't actually know how you do it.

00:10:51   I've never tried.

00:10:52   And I'm sure that like, yeah, but like, anyway, it doesn't matter.

00:10:59   And I just wonder if the Apple watch would look and act the way it does if it was made

00:11:06   with the current concept in mind, rather than the original concept.

00:11:10   Maybe the Apple watch ultra is actually more of it.

00:11:13   Like maybe that is the, Hey, and it kind of actually, if you think about it, yeah, it

00:11:19   probably is right.

00:11:20   Where like it's, it is more fitness focused in its design.

00:11:24   Right.

00:11:25   That like it is made.

00:11:27   Extreme fitness.

00:11:28   Yeah.

00:11:29   But like, I saw obviously as far as they can push it, but the Apple watch ultra is the

00:11:32   newest kind of design language, I suppose.

00:11:36   So yeah.

00:11:37   Interesting.

00:11:38   We had some feedback from Mike in relation to the conversation we've had about the potential

00:11:44   weight of things like the vision pro headset.

00:11:47   And I think we talked, I think we talked about maybe it was another show that just hurt somebody

00:11:50   make the joke, but vision pro and AirPods max together.

00:11:54   Like you would be, you'd be really struggling there.

00:11:57   Uh, well, Mike wrote in to let us know about helmet counterweights.

00:12:03   So these are weight packs.

00:12:06   They go, these particular ones go from 12 to 20 ounces and they Velcro on the back of

00:12:10   a helmet very often used in military applications.

00:12:14   Like say you have night vision, goggle helmet, and it keeps tipping forward.

00:12:19   Maybe you're not used to it yet.

00:12:20   This can help balance it out.

00:12:22   Don't think it does anything great for your neck longterm, but you can be a little more

00:12:27   balanced in the, in your use of force with some Velcro Velcro weights.

00:12:32   This is a great idea to get that strengthening going on.

00:12:36   So we're all ready.

00:12:37   Is this the kickstand of vision pro?

00:12:41   Could be Federica.

00:12:42   What do you think?

00:12:43   I feel like I kind of love this.

00:12:45   We should do it.

00:12:46   Just like buy them now.

00:12:47   I mean, they're pretty cheap.

00:12:48   They're pretty cheap.

00:12:49   $15.

00:12:50   Uh, I don't understand the sizing options.

00:12:54   They're in ounces.

00:12:55   Well, cause they're weights.

00:12:57   Yeah, exactly.

00:12:58   Oh, but ounces.

00:12:59   I see.

00:13:00   Sorry.

00:13:01   I guess.

00:13:02   What else would they pay?

00:13:04   All right, cool.

00:13:06   Yeah, we should get them.

00:13:07   Uh, we should get them.

00:13:08   Try this out.

00:13:09   Yeah.

00:13:10   Yeah.

00:13:11   So the, the lightest one is 340 grams.

00:13:14   If that helps you.

00:13:15   If that helps you.

00:13:16   And you can be like, uh, you can be like Goku in, in Dragon Ball when Goku trains with the

00:13:22   weights on, on his arms and shoulders.

00:13:24   And you've seen, you've seen Dragon Ball, right?

00:13:27   Mike has, I'm sure Mike has.

00:13:30   I've seen some Dragon Ball.

00:13:31   I didn't really like Dragon Ball.

00:13:34   Oh my God.

00:13:36   Really?

00:13:37   Yeah.

00:13:38   My, my issue with Dragon Ball Z was just, I, when I was a kid, like I didn't like the

00:13:43   way it looked.

00:13:45   Oh no.

00:13:46   Everyth, everyone was too veiny.

00:13:48   Oh no.

00:13:49   It was upsetting to me.

00:13:50   Well yeah, because you gotta, you gotta become super saiyan.

00:13:53   Yeah.

00:13:54   Wasn't there a thing with beans?

00:13:56   Yeah.

00:13:57   The magic beans.

00:13:58   The magic beans.

00:13:59   I'm talking about that on the show.

00:14:00   Yeah.

00:14:01   Yeah.

00:14:02   Yeah.

00:14:03   Yeah.

00:14:04   Yeah.

00:14:05   Uh, anyway, why did I mention it?

00:14:06   Oh yeah.

00:14:07   Because Goku trains when, when, you know, to become stronger, he realizes, well, I'm

00:14:09   going to train with weights constantly attached to me so that I build muscle.

00:14:15   And when I remove the weights, I'm going to be super fast and taller somehow, somehow

00:14:20   taller, bigger, taller, faster, and then it can teleport to play, but that's a different

00:14:26   thing.

00:14:27   So yeah, anyway, we should get these counterweights.

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00:16:56   Welcome back to the Quizzies where I'm Mike Hurley, Quiz My Connected co-hosts randomly

00:17:01   and by surprise on a variety of varying subjects.

00:17:05   This is how the 2023 scoring is going so far at 1,690 points.

00:17:11   We have Stephen Hackett at 1,770 points.

00:17:15   We have Federico Vatici.

00:17:16   But as we are playing a new game today, it's called Title or Not is the name of the game.

00:17:22   Oh my God.

00:17:23   I have consulted friend of the show GPT4 to create a selection of titles of this very

00:17:29   podcast.

00:17:30   It took a while, took some prompting to try and get it to understand that I wasn't looking

00:17:33   for things like 20 hacks for your iPhone, right?

00:17:37   Like I had to really kind of like drill it down into understanding our typical style.

00:17:42   I will read a title name to you.

00:17:45   You will tell me if it is real or AI.

00:17:49   That's all I want to know.

00:17:50   Real or AI.

00:17:52   I have 20 of these.

00:17:54   We may not do 20 of these.

00:17:55   We'll see how it goes.

00:17:56   But I have that amount at hand and there are 20 points available for each correct answer

00:18:03   that you label as real or AI.

00:18:07   Understand the rules?

00:18:08   I am at a disadvantage.

00:18:10   Tell me why.

00:18:11   Because I don't edit the show.

00:18:14   I don't put in the title in the CMS.

00:18:17   We picked the titles together.

00:18:18   I don't know what to tell you.

00:18:19   But I am naturally at a disadvantage.

00:18:22   Okay.

00:18:23   So when I win, keep it in mind that I win.

00:18:27   We'll see.

00:18:28   Despite my disadvantage.

00:18:30   You'll have the glory, right?

00:18:31   Yeah.

00:18:32   We'll see how this one goes.

00:18:35   Considering advantages and disadvantages, Steven, as you are losing, you will get the

00:18:39   first pick.

00:18:40   So in round one, Steven, you will get the first guess.

00:18:43   But you will both be answering.

00:18:44   Right?

00:18:45   So these are 20.

00:18:46   You'll both be giving your answers.

00:18:47   You can give the same answers.

00:18:48   You can give different answers.

00:18:49   That is up to you.

00:18:50   Okay.

00:18:51   Title number one.

00:18:53   Self-driving cars love jazz.

00:18:56   Is that real or AI-generated title?

00:18:59   Real.

00:19:00   Okay.

00:19:01   AI.

00:19:02   If you need an AI-generated title, Federico, you take 20 points.

00:19:06   There's something horrifically wrong with my scoring spreadsheet right now.

00:19:10   Title.

00:19:11   Title.

00:19:12   Real.

00:19:13   When I put in the number 20 and it changed it to 40.

00:19:16   Oh, wow.

00:19:17   Who could understand why that's happening, you know?

00:19:19   Oh, this is collusion.

00:19:21   Your votes are getting counted twice.

00:19:22   Okay.

00:19:23   Why is it doing that?

00:19:24   Hopefully, that bugs.

00:19:25   Oh, it's for some reason multiplying Federico's scores by two?

00:19:29   That's true.

00:19:30   It's not a disadvantage.

00:19:31   Stop the count.

00:19:32   He knows what to do because he knows that my point should count double.

00:19:40   Okay.

00:19:41   Look, this is going to end in an indictment one way or the other.

00:19:44   That's all I'm going to say.

00:19:46   Yeah.

00:19:47   Yeah.

00:19:48   Also, I'm above the law, so it doesn't matter.

00:19:49   That's a really good point.

00:19:50   That's a really good point.

00:19:52   Okay.

00:19:53   The spreadsheet has now been fixed.

00:19:54   I've worked out why this happened.

00:19:56   I replicated the Jeremy's quiz for this where Federico got double points if he got his correct.

00:20:03   Okay.

00:20:04   How long has this been going on?

00:20:05   It's not been going on.

00:20:07   The double counting of having to lead the whole time?

00:20:09   Oh, just that one because I have different templates for different styles of quiz.

00:20:14   You don't need to worry.

00:20:15   All right.

00:20:16   I am very worried.

00:20:17   Okay.

00:20:18   The fact that I noticed this immediately.

00:20:20   Let me just double check.

00:20:21   No, we're good.

00:20:22   We're good.

00:20:23   We're good.

00:20:24   We're all good.

00:20:25   We're all good.

00:20:26   I did double check.

00:20:27   All right.

00:20:28   So at the end of round one, that is 20 points to Federico.

00:20:31   Zero to Steven.

00:20:33   Question two, Federico, you pick first.

00:20:35   Let's go to the theater, my dear.

00:20:38   Real.

00:20:39   Real.

00:20:40   That is indeed a real title.

00:20:42   Number three, Steven, the GIF that cried.

00:20:47   AI.

00:20:48   The GIF that cried.

00:20:49   The GIF, the animated GIF, the GIF that cried.

00:20:53   AI.

00:20:54   That is indeed an AI generated title.

00:20:57   Oh no, I've got a...

00:21:00   Hold on.

00:21:02   What is happening here?

00:21:03   I think I've got an issue with my actual spreadsheet.

00:21:06   So we're going to have to wait a minute.

00:21:08   Why don't the two of you talk between yourselves for a second?

00:21:11   Yeah.

00:21:12   Okay.

00:21:13   Can you tell that I made this in a bit of a hurry today?

00:21:18   Hopefully that spreadsheet is not the same that you use for relay revenue.

00:21:26   I build that spreadsheet and I assure you it's perfect.

00:21:30   I was working on another spreadsheet of mine today and realized I'd made an error that's

00:21:34   been going on for a year, but it's all fixed now, so don't worry about it.

00:21:37   We're now on to...

00:21:38   Now I fix my actual spreadsheet.

00:21:40   Is great a hand for some surprise news next time you all have a phone call?

00:21:43   No, it was a relay spreadsheet, but it's nothing you need to worry about.

00:21:46   Number four, the title is, and I believe Federico's going first this time.

00:21:53   Running in Gucci shoes.

00:21:56   Running in Gucci shoes?

00:21:58   Running in Gucci shoes.

00:22:00   That sounds like something I would say.

00:22:03   But was it you or was it Federico AI?

00:22:06   Yeah, it was the AI.

00:22:08   Chagipiti.

00:22:09   Chagipiti.

00:22:10   It was AI.

00:22:11   Okay.

00:22:12   Steven?

00:22:13   I think that's a real title.

00:22:15   That is indeed a real title.

00:22:18   That doesn't feel modern though.

00:22:20   How old is that one?

00:22:21   Do you know?

00:22:22   106.

00:22:23   Oh, a long time ago.

00:22:26   Yeah.

00:22:27   It says, "With a week to go before Apple's fall event, the connected trio gather from

00:22:31   their respective lands to discuss the possibilities of new Apple Watch models, new Macs, and Apple's

00:22:35   situation in Ireland."

00:22:37   Okay.

00:22:38   That could be a modern description though.

00:22:41   Well, I think the island situation mostly resolved itself at this point.

00:22:46   We'll leave that to other people.

00:22:48   Internet spaghetti incident.

00:22:50   This is for you, Steven.

00:22:52   Real.

00:22:53   Okay.

00:22:54   Yeah, it's real.

00:22:55   This is an AI generated title.

00:22:57   What?

00:22:58   And I got you because I thought if I chose one of the spaghetti ones...

00:23:02   So to give a bit more context, I generated hundreds of titles and I picked the ones that

00:23:07   actually did feel like they could be real, right?

00:23:09   Like I didn't just take the first 10 that it gave me because most of them were absolute

00:23:13   garbage.

00:23:14   But I thought spaghetti, you'd go for it, right?

00:23:17   I am thinking about the ungenius episode about the spaghetti tree.

00:23:23   I think that's why that popped in my head.

00:23:25   I don't remember that.

00:23:27   Episode 141 of Ungenius.

00:23:28   We'll put that in the show notes.

00:23:30   Okay.

00:23:31   Can you put it in there?

00:23:32   Because I'm running a quiz right now.

00:23:33   Yeah, yeah.

00:23:34   I'll add it.

00:23:35   Doing it right now.

00:23:36   Question six.

00:23:37   You're up first Federico.

00:23:38   Pineapple Pizza Protocol.

00:23:40   Pineapple Pizza Protocol.

00:23:43   It's real.

00:23:44   Okay.

00:23:45   It feels like an upgrade title.

00:23:47   I don't think it's one of ours, so I'm going to say AI.

00:23:52   It wasn't AI.

00:23:53   It was in fact an AI title.

00:23:55   Okay.

00:23:56   So that's 20 points.

00:23:57   The moment was standing at 80 points for Steven and 60 points for Federico.

00:24:01   But those are double points for him just as a reminder.

00:24:04   Okay.

00:24:05   Interesting.

00:24:06   I remember when this was from an area where it was just suggesting titles that had alliteration

00:24:11   in them and I had to ask it to stop doing that.

00:24:16   It just decided on its own that all of them would have alliteration in them.

00:24:20   It's a hallucination.

00:24:21   Yeah.

00:24:22   And I was like, please stop.

00:24:23   There are pineapple titles for this show though.

00:24:26   I'm actually looking at one right now.

00:24:27   Episode 101 best represent pineapple.

00:24:31   Okay.

00:24:32   Question seven.

00:24:33   Steven, you're answering first.

00:24:35   You never want the egg.

00:24:37   You never want the egg.

00:24:40   Is that like an accusatory?

00:24:41   Like you never want the egg.

00:24:43   You never want the egg.

00:24:44   You never want the egg.

00:24:45   I think that's real.

00:24:46   Okay.

00:24:47   Yeah, I think that's real.

00:24:49   Episode 247.

00:24:51   Okay.

00:24:52   You never want the egg.

00:24:54   Is that an emoji episode?

00:24:55   With the dust settling from WWDC, the boys go through Apple's major platforms and talk

00:24:59   about what they're excited about seeing in these releases.

00:25:02   So no.

00:25:03   This episode WWDC episode, it's all about eggs.

00:25:06   But you never want the egg.

00:25:07   You never want it, but it was all about it.

00:25:10   Federico, I turn to you for question eight.

00:25:13   Haunted USB drive.

00:25:16   Haunted USB drive.

00:25:18   It lacks something.

00:25:19   It lacks the pizzazz that we usually have in titles.

00:25:23   I would say it's AI.

00:25:25   Can you read it one more time?

00:25:27   Haunted USB drive.

00:25:28   I'm going to say AI.

00:25:30   It is in fact an AI title.

00:25:31   Yeah.

00:25:32   I thought this one was going to get you.

00:25:33   This to me felt like something some of us would say, but when you say that Federico,

00:25:37   I don't think we'd say USB drive.

00:25:38   Right?

00:25:39   Like it would be something else.

00:25:40   Yeah.

00:25:41   That felt a little funny to me.

00:25:43   Or a little dated.

00:25:45   Like I don't know, there's something else that it could have been that would have worked,

00:25:48   but like if it was like haunted Apple watch or like haunted Hue light or something, I

00:25:53   think that would have worked.

00:25:55   But I don't meddle in what the AI suggests.

00:25:57   I just take it purely from GPT's brain.

00:25:59   Did you thank it for its service at the end?

00:26:03   I did.

00:26:04   I did use pleasantries.

00:26:05   I asked please and stuff like that.

00:26:06   Good.

00:26:07   You don't want to be murdered by your own quizzies.

00:26:09   Just like to, you know, I just like to be nice.

00:26:12   There's no reason not to.

00:26:13   It's better safe than sorry.

00:26:14   I think so, yeah.

00:26:16   Question nine.

00:26:17   We'll go to you first, Steven.

00:26:19   The devil on my shoulder.

00:26:22   Devil on my shoulder.

00:26:25   I'm going to say that one is, that one is real.

00:26:29   Okay.

00:26:30   But I'm very unsure of my decision, but I'm going to say it's real.

00:26:34   Would we use the word devil in a title?

00:26:40   I think it's AI.

00:26:42   Episode 175.

00:26:45   That's probably from our heavy metal days where we said the devil on our shoulder.

00:26:50   I know it sounds like peer pressure from Federico to buy something.

00:26:54   Yes, I think that that might be the case.

00:26:56   Probably, yes.

00:26:57   It was about CES.

00:27:00   Question 10.

00:27:01   We go to you first Federico.

00:27:02   Emoji secret society.

00:27:05   Real or AI?

00:27:06   Emoji secret society.

00:27:07   Yeah, I think it's real.

00:27:09   Okay.

00:27:10   I think it's real.

00:27:14   That was an AI title.

00:27:16   A lot of the titles had emoji in them.

00:27:20   Like said emoji in them.

00:27:21   So I think it picked that up from us at least.

00:27:24   Okay.

00:27:25   Steven, question 11 or title 11.

00:27:28   Banana phone reboot.

00:27:34   Banana phone reboot.

00:27:35   AI.

00:27:36   Banana phone reboot.

00:27:39   I think it's AI.

00:27:41   It is in fact AI.

00:27:42   Okay.

00:27:43   So, interestingly, episode 226 is called the Instagram secret society.

00:27:49   There were also a lot of our member now a lot of secret societies in the titles.

00:27:54   It's weird that we're so open about our secret societies.

00:27:57   We should probably stop that.

00:27:58   I don't know if it's suggesting that we are in them.

00:28:01   Right?

00:28:02   But like they just exist.

00:28:03   We're exposing them.

00:28:04   I've always wanted to be in one.

00:28:06   Yeah, me too.

00:28:07   I mean, we could start one.

00:28:09   Do some and like do some just do some light crime.

00:28:13   But like, oh, like some light level secret society crime.

00:28:18   Like, okay.

00:28:19   You know, like, yeah, that guy's doing light crime, but nobody cares.

00:28:24   Like the kind of crime that doesn't hurt anybody.

00:28:27   But it's technically crime.

00:28:29   You know, it's fascinating.

00:28:31   Gonna move on now to title number 12.

00:28:34   Federico, I believe we go to you first here.

00:28:38   Okay.

00:28:39   The title is waka waka ding ding ding ding.

00:28:42   Okay.

00:28:43   As real.

00:28:44   I remember that one.

00:28:46   Yes.

00:28:47   That is in fact very, very real.

00:28:51   So 308 from August 2020 may have been when we were all losing our minds a little bit.

00:28:57   And we went with waka waka ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.

00:29:01   Again, I don't know what that's about.

00:29:04   But this is the thing that is upsetting to me in this episode description.

00:29:08   Remember this is episode 308 from August 2020.

00:29:11   Mike is glad to never talk about Green Gate ever again.

00:29:15   Hey, speaking of that.

00:29:18   Do you know that next Saturday is the anniversary of iOS 13.6.1, which supposedly resolved it

00:29:27   for iPhone users.

00:29:29   Why do you know this?

00:29:30   It's on my calendar.

00:29:31   My...

00:29:32   You put Green Gate on the calendar?

00:29:33   No, no, no, no, sorry.

00:29:34   That was a confusing sentence.

00:29:36   Not the Apple history calendar.

00:29:38   But my calendar.

00:29:39   Yeah, but you understand, you can't just say it's on my calendar, right?

00:29:44   Like there's like a different weight when you say that because you have made three actual

00:29:49   calendars.

00:29:50   That's right.

00:29:51   Yeah.

00:29:52   Why is it on your calendar?

00:29:53   We're doing it right now.

00:29:54   That's why.

00:29:55   No.

00:29:56   Oh my God.

00:29:57   I mean, why is it on your like your Apple calendar?

00:30:00   Why do you have it on your calendar?

00:30:02   Because of this, because of what it's doing to you right now.

00:30:04   Steven, we have number 13.

00:30:07   If robots happen, we'll need to readdress this.

00:30:12   Robots happen real.

00:30:14   Okay.

00:30:15   Robots happen?

00:30:18   If robots happen, we'll need to readdress this.

00:30:21   AI.

00:30:22   That was a real title.

00:30:24   So the score stands at 140 to Federico and 200 to Steven.

00:30:29   Blaze it.

00:30:30   I don't know what's blazing.

00:30:32   What was blazing?

00:30:34   200 or 140?

00:30:36   Where is the blazing?

00:30:38   Hey, hey, blazing is a state of mind.

00:30:41   It's just like four and a two and a zero.

00:30:45   Is that all it is?

00:30:46   Yeah, I think that's probably what, yeah, probably what triggered it in my brain.

00:30:50   By the way, the discord, uh, where is this?

00:30:52   Some, uh, Mike suggested the next Apple history calendar should be about gates, which I think

00:30:58   is a great idea and you should bring it back, baby.

00:31:00   George Lucas it bring back another one.

00:31:02   That's good.

00:31:03   A gate calendar.

00:31:04   It could be like a mini one.

00:31:05   It could be broken.

00:31:06   Every one of them is a little bit broken.

00:31:08   Do you think that's so many to Apple employees at that point?

00:31:12   Yeah, sure.

00:31:13   Kind of be gay.

00:31:14   I think some Apple employees are going to be upset about one thing in this calendar.

00:31:17   That's fine.

00:31:18   Oh yeah.

00:31:19   Well I think, I think a lot of people are going to be upset about at least one thing

00:31:22   in the calendar.

00:31:23   If you did it, uh, back to the Kickstarter, you'll be able to order one soon.

00:31:26   Promise.

00:31:27   Slipping that in there.

00:31:28   Yeah.

00:31:29   Big money.

00:31:30   Uh, question 14.

00:31:31   We'll go to you to first Federico invasion of the cable organizers.

00:31:36   That's AI.

00:31:37   Yeah, I think it's AI.

00:31:38   It is indeed AI.

00:31:40   That's 20 points to each of you.

00:31:42   Steven, aliens use internet explorer.

00:31:48   That's funny, but that's not a real one.

00:31:50   Yeah, it's AI.

00:31:51   It is indeed AI.

00:31:53   Federico, the honking powers the vehicles.

00:31:57   It's real.

00:31:58   The honking?

00:31:59   The honking powers the vehicles.

00:32:02   I'm going to go with Federico and say real.

00:32:04   Okay.

00:32:05   That is in fact real.

00:32:06   This is a good streak.

00:32:07   We're on a perfect three in a row streak here.

00:32:09   Good.

00:32:10   See if we can keep it going.

00:32:11   Question 17.

00:32:12   Ostriches can't tweet.

00:32:19   That is an AI.

00:32:21   Okay.

00:32:22   Federico.

00:32:23   AI.

00:32:24   Perfect game continuing.

00:32:27   That was in fact AI.

00:32:29   Question 18.

00:32:30   You got three left here.

00:32:32   Oligarch modder community.

00:32:35   Oligarch modern.

00:32:37   Oligarch modder.

00:32:38   M O D D E R community.

00:32:40   The oligarch modder community.

00:32:43   AI.

00:32:44   Okay.

00:32:45   Real.

00:32:46   That is real.

00:32:48   Steven and Mike launch new careers as iPhone designers and Federico keeps refreshing Apple

00:32:52   music.

00:32:53   Also Swift playgrounds on the Mac, Apple news plus and a few things we are currently enjoying.

00:32:58   I would like to also just make a case for something Steven has done in the discord where

00:33:03   he suggested one of the AI titles as a title.

00:33:06   That is not a thing that can occur because it's going to break the scoring of the game.

00:33:10   Right.

00:33:11   Where like if it ends up becoming, if one of the AI titles becomes a title, I'm going

00:33:15   to have to change the point.

00:33:16   The points.

00:33:17   Oh, okay.

00:33:18   Well, let me take the show bot offline real quick.

00:33:22   I wish you the best.

00:33:23   Nothing falls over on its own.

00:33:26   Question 19.

00:33:28   And this goes to Steven first.

00:33:31   Yeah.

00:33:32   I'm odd this time.

00:33:33   Unexpected Turing test.

00:33:35   Real.

00:33:36   That was an AI.

00:33:37   Oh no, that's troubling.

00:33:41   I know it was unexpected.

00:33:43   And the final one Federico wifi in Wonderland.

00:33:47   It's real AI.

00:33:49   That was in fact an AI.

00:33:51   Wow.

00:33:52   I'm really bad at this game.

00:33:54   Federico you scored 220 points.

00:33:57   Steven, you scored 320 points.

00:34:01   All right.

00:34:02   Which brings the 2023 scores to Federico at 1990 points.

00:34:09   Steven at 2010 points.

00:34:12   The gap has been closed.

00:34:14   Join us next time for the quizzes.

00:34:17   Thank you.

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00:36:21   Our thanks to electric for the support of the show and relay FM.

00:36:25   So I wanted to talk about widgets real quick, just sort of as a little widget check-in for

00:36:32   iOS 17.

00:36:33   I don't have Sonoma.

00:36:34   I know that OTJ is sort of really liking widgets on Sonoma except for a few bugs.

00:36:41   I just kind of wanted to know from you guys, how have you been using widgets on your home

00:36:45   screens and lock screens?

00:36:46   I also have one other example to share that I think it's pretty cool, but first, how have

00:36:53   you been using widgets?

00:36:54   I've been very happy with a couple of widgets, a couple that Apple are making and a couple,

00:37:00   one or two that I've got from third parties.

00:37:03   My favorite, I just think straight up my favorite widget that has come around with iOS 17 is

00:37:08   the home widget.

00:37:09   Yes, yes.

00:37:10   That's fantastic.

00:37:11   It's one of the widgets that I wanted to mention.

00:37:15   Part of the reason why I really care about going as HomeKit native as I can with all

00:37:21   the accessories that I get for the house, just because that widget to have those controls

00:37:26   right there on the home screen is terrific, especially with the medium size, you get a

00:37:29   bunch of buttons.

00:37:30   I love it.

00:37:31   Yeah, like right now I've got the four main lights that I use, my main scene that I use

00:37:36   and my TV.

00:37:38   And I like that they're just always locked to my home.

00:37:42   So I've spoken about this before, but I have a HomeKit home, which is my home, and then

00:37:47   a HomeKit home, which is the studio, because I have some lights and stuff here too.

00:37:52   The iOS is supposed to switch location between the two.

00:37:55   The home app does a better job of this than the control center controls.

00:37:59   Yes.

00:38:00   And frequently I'm at home and I access the control center controls and it's still showing

00:38:04   me them for the studio or vice versa, right?

00:38:08   It's not yet caught up.

00:38:09   And also as well, like I've spoken about this a bunch of times, but that control center,

00:38:16   I don't always feel like it has what I'm looking for at any one time, right?

00:38:19   Like it's trying to show me what it thinks I want, which is fine, but I would like to

00:38:23   be able to say, I want exactly these things and this is exactly what this widget gives

00:38:27   me.

00:38:28   And so I can control my home stuff from my home screen, even when I'm not at home.

00:38:33   So like, and it's always just these fixed things in fixed positions.

00:38:38   Very happy with that widget.

00:38:39   I'm very pleased that they added it.

00:38:42   And then from a third party perspective, the only widget that I've tried of any kind of

00:38:45   newness to it is the Timery widgets, which developer Joe has shown off on Mastodon.

00:38:51   You know, so there's like stop buttons on it now and they show up in standby, stuff

00:38:55   like that.

00:38:56   So I'm very happy about that.

00:38:58   Steven, what about you?

00:39:00   Yeah, I'm in line with y'all.

00:39:03   Both the home app and what's available in the Timery stuff are both fantastic.

00:39:09   I think that the home one in particular is kind of the winning one for me so far.

00:39:13   I've also saw some stuff on Mastodon from our friend Greg who writes drafts and tally.

00:39:19   If you're not familiar with tally, it is a basically a very quick app to count up something.

00:39:27   And so you can use it in like a game or I don't know if you like counting the number

00:39:32   of something that happens over a given period of time, like you can very quickly do that.

00:39:38   And widget for sure is like the way to go for this.

00:39:42   And I have not seen it in action, but I know he's been talking about it and that's exciting.

00:39:49   So yeah, I agree with you.

00:39:52   The Timery one and the home one have been really, really excellent widgets.

00:39:56   I've been using them more than I thought, especially on the iPhone.

00:39:59   I'm sort of rediscovering the pleasure of stacks, especially now that widgets are interactive.

00:40:03   I feel like I'm more...

00:40:04   Oh yeah, you've got to stack it, baby.

00:40:05   Stack them right up.

00:40:06   I've got to stack them.

00:40:07   And I feel like now that those widgets are interactive, I'm sort of rediscovering the

00:40:12   pleasure of having multiple ones in the same spot, which is not something that I used to

00:40:17   do before.

00:40:18   I'm also really liking the music one for quick playback controls on the home screen and the

00:40:25   reminders one, because it lets me check things off right there from the home screen.

00:40:30   And technically the lock screen ones are also interactive, but I think I mentioned this

00:40:35   before.

00:40:36   I feel like the true glanceable widgets are the lock screen ones now.

00:40:41   I just don't think about interactive with my lock screen.

00:40:44   I glance at my lock screen, I look at it, but then if I want to touch with my thumb

00:40:51   and do stuff on the phone, I just go to the home screen.

00:40:54   I always forget that the lock screen ones even can have interactivity, because it just

00:40:58   doesn't make sense to me that they would.

00:41:00   Exactly.

00:41:01   Oh, so I'm not the crazy one.

00:41:03   Okay, thank you.

00:41:04   I've seen...

00:41:05   There's a couple of things that I want to point out.

00:41:08   There continues to be this bug in the iOS 17 beta where widgets that I configure from

00:41:14   the configuration panel of a widget, they lose their configuration if I reboot my phone

00:41:20   or just randomly.

00:41:22   So for example, I have a shortcuts widget that is set to a folder and every time I reboot

00:41:26   my phone or runs out of power and it turns off or whatever, it forgets the folder I pointed

00:41:33   the shortcut widget to.

00:41:35   Lame.

00:41:37   Or the notes widget, same issue, like it forgets the folder that I configured and I got to

00:41:42   go in and say, well, I got to reconfigure this widget again.

00:41:50   So that's the bug that I was hoping was going to get fixed, but it's still here with beta

00:41:56   4.

00:41:57   The one thing I've seen in a test flight, and I hope I can talk about this, I hope I

00:42:03   have permission.

00:42:05   The launcher would...

00:42:07   You ask for...

00:42:09   Is it forgiveness?

00:42:10   How does that go?

00:42:11   It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

00:42:13   I think that's what...

00:42:14   It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

00:42:16   Yeah, maybe not better.

00:42:18   I also feel like maybe that doesn't translate to that.

00:42:21   That just sounds weird, right, when you say it like that?

00:42:24   Yeah, it's not good.

00:42:25   I tried googling launcher iOS and I got a Google Play link for an Android launcher that

00:42:32   makes your Android phone look like iOS.

00:42:36   So that's the thing.

00:42:40   So anyway, I hope that I can ask for forgiveness later.

00:42:43   But the one thing I've noticed in a test flight, the launcher app...

00:42:48   So you guys know launcher, right?

00:42:50   We talked about launcher many times before.

00:42:53   Is this one of the OG ones?

00:42:56   Well, no, launcher by Chromulant Labs, the one with the red icon.

00:43:01   Yeah, I kind of consider that one OG.

00:43:04   It's been around forever, right?

00:43:05   Yeah, it's been around for many, many years.

00:43:08   The developer is doing interactive homescreen widgets.

00:43:13   Now get this.

00:43:15   In the launcher settings, you make a widget, you design a widget launcher, dragging a bunch

00:43:21   of icons for the apps you want to have.

00:43:23   But in iOS 17, what it lets you do is it lets you have folders in a widget.

00:43:30   So that when you tap on a folder, the widget refreshes and it shows you the contents of

00:43:37   a folder.

00:43:38   So thanks to interactivity, you can have multiple layers of widgets launchers in the same widget,

00:43:47   which I thought was pretty cool.

00:43:49   And I think this idea of, after all, you're just pressing a button to refresh a view,

00:43:55   right?

00:43:56   That's what happens.

00:43:57   I think we're going to get more examples.

00:44:01   Things we're not thinking of, because right now we've seen widgets that are like, "Yeah,

00:44:05   just press a button and something happens."

00:44:08   Or like the tally widget, you press a plus or minus button and it comes up or down.

00:44:15   I think we're going to see more examples based on this idea of the whole view of the widget

00:44:22   refreshes and it changes.

00:44:25   And in this case, I think it's a very clever idea for launcher.

00:44:29   So that's one that I got the beta like two days ago, and immediately I was like, "I need

00:44:35   to rethink my entire home screen because of this."

00:44:37   What kinds of things can you put in the launcher widgets?

00:44:41   Is it just like launching apps?

00:44:42   Is that what you're doing?

00:44:43   No, you can see the thing is I'm very excited about this one because you can put a bunch

00:44:47   of things.

00:44:48   You can put contacts, so like quick shortcuts to texting somebody or calling somebody, or

00:44:54   you can put shortcuts, like links to shortcuts.

00:44:57   Still, the shortcuts widget is better because the shortcuts, they run in line, whereas in

00:45:03   launcher it launches the shortcuts app.

00:45:07   And I still have to understand how this works.

00:45:10   I saw in the release notes for the beta that you can put in playback controls for music

00:45:16   as an interactive widget now.

00:45:19   So I need to think about all of this, essentially.

00:45:24   And I'm very keen to see what developers come up with in terms of widgets that have buttons

00:45:31   in them, but those buttons, they do more than just performing a quick action, like marking

00:45:37   a task as complete, and more of this style of interactive widgets where the whole view

00:45:42   of the widget changes and it shows you something else.

00:45:46   I am very intrigued about the kinds of weird concepts that might pop.

00:45:54   I think we've all seen some really interesting things that we can't talk about, of like concepts

00:46:01   for things that could be done that are like, I think people are going to enjoy it.

00:46:09   It's like weird stuff.

00:46:11   It's one of those things where you can do interesting things with this that you wouldn't

00:46:15   necessarily have assumed.

00:46:18   What you've just explained to me there is one of them, right?

00:46:20   Like a widget that could have folders in it because all it's doing is just showing you

00:46:26   another widget.

00:46:27   Really?

00:46:28   It's kind of fascinating, right?

00:46:29   Yo dawg, heard you like widgets.

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00:48:30   There was a rumor that a new iPad mini could be coming this year.

00:48:35   There's been a couple of rumors about it.

00:48:37   And I wanted to talk through a few things, features that I would like to see come to

00:48:42   the iPad mini.

00:48:44   And we can maybe talk about how likely they are or what the realistic output or result

00:48:49   might be of these things.

00:48:51   So the main thing that I want from an iPad mini refresh, which by the way, iPad mini

00:48:56   is the iPad that I use, is the only iPad I use really, like for myself.

00:49:00   Same.

00:49:01   Same.

00:49:02   We have an 11 inch iPad Air at home that we use to watch TV on.

00:49:07   Like if, you know, like we're just like sitting at the dinner table, whatever, and we want

00:49:11   to watch a show while we eat, like we just put it on there.

00:49:14   Is that the one you bought for stage manager testing last year?

00:49:16   Yeah.

00:49:17   Nice.

00:49:18   That's my, that is the third use case that this iPad has seen, but good.

00:49:23   So I'm very happy with it.

00:49:24   It's a good iPad.

00:49:25   It's got a great orange smart cover, which I think looks great.

00:49:29   But the iPad mini is the iPad that I use.

00:49:31   It's actually tends to be the device I use most at home, like even more than my phone

00:49:36   most days.

00:49:37   And the main thing I want to see from an iPad mini refresh is a new screen.

00:49:43   I think that the screen technology or the screen qualities is worse on the iPad mini

00:49:48   than it is on any of the other iPads.

00:49:50   Um, not, and I'm not talking about like, oh, it doesn't have mini led or whatever.

00:49:55   It's like, it's supposed to have the same screen as like the iPad Air, right?

00:49:59   Like that's how it's kind of listed, but it looks, mine looks worse quality for sure.

00:50:04   So I would like to see the screen updated.

00:50:07   I would love mini led or OLED or something, but that I guess seems unlikely.

00:50:13   What do you guys think about potential screen upgrades for the iPad mini?

00:50:17   I think they've got to do something.

00:50:19   I don't particularly see it on mine, but I know there are complaints about the jelly

00:50:23   scrolling because the display is really kind of meant to be used in one direction, but

00:50:29   if you rotate it the other way, then you kind of get that misaligned scrolling a little

00:50:34   bit.

00:50:35   I get that.

00:50:36   I think they've got to do something about that.

00:50:38   I think all of this though, including the rest of us are going to get to what is the

00:50:43   iPad mini?

00:50:44   Like it's not the cheapest one by a stretch.

00:50:49   Now is it like a premium small tablet?

00:50:52   If they're going for premium small tablet, then yes, I definitely would want mini led

00:50:57   or OLED or something to get those blacks better because so much of, at least my use of the

00:51:03   iPad mini is for media consumption.

00:51:08   An extra screen could go a long way towards that.

00:51:10   I feel like we all want a premium iPad mini, but Apple is not going to make a premium iPad

00:51:15   mini.

00:51:16   Don't do this.

00:51:17   No, Federico, don't say that.

00:51:21   Come on.

00:51:22   I want to see that.

00:51:23   I feel like the premium iPad mini, like an iPad mini pro is the device of our dreams.

00:51:29   That's exactly the problem.

00:51:31   I think they will do OLED once, you know, unfortunately, as I say this, I'm sorry, but

00:51:39   they will do OLED many years after they've done OLED and all the other iPads.

00:51:44   I know realistically that OLED is not coming to the iPad mini first, right?

00:51:48   But like mini LEDs got to move to the other iPads at some point, but I guess they didn't

00:51:54   even put it on the 11 inch, did they?

00:51:55   So no, it's just, it's still just the big one, which has been revised since it got that

00:52:00   screen.

00:52:01   So it is, you know, that is interesting that it's only on that, that super high end for

00:52:06   me, they could, they could just make this current screen better than it is.

00:52:09   Cause it isn't as good.

00:52:11   They could.

00:52:12   Yeah.

00:52:13   I do want to provide a little context for the premium small tablet thing.

00:52:17   So the 12 inch iPad pro starts at 10 99.

00:52:22   The 11 inch iPad pro starts at seven 99.

00:52:25   It's a big jump there.

00:52:28   iPad air five 99 iPad, 10th generation, four 49 iPad, ninth generation, three 29 iPad mini

00:52:36   sixth generation.

00:52:38   The current one is four 99.

00:52:40   So it is in between the regular iPad and the air in terms of cost.

00:52:47   So cost currently the iPad mini is on the lower end of things yet.

00:52:53   It doesn't really feel like it is.

00:52:55   It's just kind of an interesting place that it finds itself in.

00:52:58   Yeah.

00:52:59   I think that the price though, like, I mean, usually size dictates price.

00:53:04   Right.

00:53:05   And like that is not, that's not happening here.

00:53:08   Yeah.

00:53:09   It's quite, it is quite expensive.

00:53:11   Like $500.

00:53:13   I'm very, I'm very sorry to make you sad, but none of, none of these things in this

00:53:19   list are going to happen anytime soon.

00:53:21   Just let me go through my list.

00:53:23   All right.

00:53:24   And I just, I like to dream.

00:53:25   I like to dream it has to leave the iPad, the 10th gen iPad, right?

00:53:30   Like because it's more expensive and at the moment they look the same, right?

00:53:35   They have like the same features, right?

00:53:37   So like the 10th, I think the only thing that's, that's majorly different between the current

00:53:42   iPad and the iPad mini is which Apple pencil it uses outside of that.

00:53:50   They are pretty similar in their base specs, except the chip and I want to ask like, do

00:53:56   they take this as an opportunity to move the iPad mini to an M base processor?

00:54:02   So this part I am more in agreement with.

00:54:04   I think it would make sense, but not because of a premium aspect and more of a cost effective

00:54:11   strategy to give it an M1, not even an M2 or an M3, just give the refresh iPad mini

00:54:17   an M1 chip.

00:54:18   Yeah.

00:54:19   I could see, but I wouldn't even see an M2 from last year.

00:54:24   No, I don't think so either.

00:54:26   I think it would be an M1.

00:54:27   I think all the iPads need to move to M chips in the way that all the iPads move to USB-C,

00:54:32   right?

00:54:33   Like I feel like that's the thing that should just happen anyway.

00:54:35   And then I can use stage manager on my iPad mini.

00:54:38   You know what I mean?

00:54:39   Yay!

00:54:40   Can you imagine?

00:54:42   I always forget like when I put the beta on my iPad, I was like, all right, let's see

00:54:45   what's up.

00:54:46   I forgot stage managers now.

00:54:48   Yeah.

00:54:49   I mean, stage manager is great now.

00:54:50   I've won it everywhere.

00:54:51   So you know, stage manager on the iPhone.

00:54:55   What a turnaround.

00:54:56   Oh, I kind of would love to have stage manager on the iPhone, but Hey, that's not here to

00:55:00   talk about the iPhone.

00:55:02   What's next in your list?

00:55:04   Next in my list is face ID.

00:55:06   Yes, please.

00:55:07   I mean, it's got to happen at some point again, probably not going to be in the iPad mini,

00:55:11   but like, I mean, I guess it could though, right?

00:55:14   Cause the pros got it.

00:55:15   It's in the pro and the air.

00:55:17   So it's just, oh no, it's not in the air, is it?

00:55:20   Speaking of face ID, which I don't think they're going to do anytime soon, but speaking of

00:55:24   like speaking of the face, something I kind of want for, for the iPad mini is a neck mount

00:55:34   for the iPad mini.

00:55:36   So that when I'm, when I'm lying in bed, I can, I have a little structure right around

00:55:43   my neck, extending in front of my face and I can just place the iPad mini there, you

00:55:48   know, at a distance, at a safe distance for my eyes.

00:55:52   Oh Federico, these things exist.

00:55:54   So like, yes, like they're everywhere on the Amazon.

00:56:00   Somebody thought of it.

00:56:01   Yes.

00:56:02   Yeah.

00:56:03   Ah, see, never lose faith in humanity.

00:56:07   Guys, somebody made it.

00:56:09   See, look how happy this guy is.

00:56:11   Bendable gooseneck, 360 degree rotation.

00:56:15   Perfect.

00:56:16   Now, the only thing is, do I want to be seen wearing one of these?

00:56:22   No, this is one of these things that like you, you have to keep under the bed.

00:56:26   You even have to wait for Sylvia to go to sleep.

00:56:28   Like you can't let your wife, your partner see you with this, you know, you just can't

00:56:32   let her see you like this.

00:56:34   But it's, I mean, it's, it's quite the setup.

00:56:36   It's seven centimeters long or 27 inches.

00:56:41   Those at home with the wrong measurement system.

00:56:44   Seven centimeters and 27 inches are not the same.

00:56:47   That's not the same.

00:56:48   They're different.

00:56:49   That's different.

00:56:50   Wait, that's, that's, that's what, that's what it says.

00:56:54   Maybe it's what it says, but seven centimeters is not 27 inches.

00:56:57   That's so hugely different.

00:57:00   27 inches to centimeters.

00:57:02   It's 68 centimeters.

00:57:03   It went the wrong way there.

00:57:04   What's happening?

00:57:05   That's great.

00:57:06   There you go.

00:57:07   I'm getting one of these Federico.

00:57:08   This one here, like I'm looking at it on the, on the, on Amazon in the UK, it's called the

00:57:15   Moco neck holder.

00:57:17   It's got like a travel pillow built into the back of it.

00:57:20   Yeah.

00:57:21   I mean, look at that.

00:57:22   Look at that thing.

00:57:23   That's where you stick the weights from earlier.

00:57:25   That's where you put the weights.

00:57:27   Just future training.

00:57:28   Not only is it comfortable, you'd be training your neck.

00:57:31   It's all about the neck training.

00:57:33   2024 is like strong neck season.

00:57:35   Like that's what we're all going to be going for.

00:57:37   We're going to be in a strong neck era.

00:57:39   So we're going to be all about, I love it.

00:57:41   I love it.

00:57:42   I'm pasting a picture in this cord of your neck.

00:57:44   Oh no, no, no.

00:57:45   Of this gentleman.

00:57:47   Free your hands.

00:57:50   Steven, can you please, please work this into the show?

00:57:55   Yeah.

00:57:56   I'm on it.

00:57:57   Here's the thing about this image.

00:58:00   This guy's not even wearing it.

00:58:01   It's right.

00:58:02   You can see it's photoshopped, right?

00:58:04   Oh yeah.

00:58:06   Very poorly photoshopped.

00:58:07   I'm just checking that you can both see this because this guy's not even wearing it.

00:58:12   He's so free.

00:58:13   He's got his neck too.

00:58:15   Anything else on the iPad?

00:58:17   iPad?

00:58:18   iPod.

00:58:19   The iPad mini that you would like to see?

00:58:22   Just make a keyboard cover.

00:58:24   Just YOLO it and make a keyboard cover.

00:58:26   They don't make one anymore, right?

00:58:29   No.

00:58:30   I don't know if they ever did, like Bridge did.

00:58:34   Bridge did.

00:58:35   But Bridge I don't think makes anything anymore either.

00:58:37   No, the only thing they're making is headlines.

00:58:39   I'm going to put a link in the show notes to an incredible 9-5 Mac article by Fred that

00:58:43   has showed Chance Miller about the downfall of Bridge.

00:58:46   I don't think we ever spoke about it, but it's a really, really well reported article.

00:58:50   Good and sad.

00:58:51   I used to use that and I think Apple should do it.

00:58:55   Just why not?

00:58:56   Tiny, just a tiny keyboard.

00:58:58   But realistically, I just want a new iPad mini because ultimately I just don't want

00:59:01   them to kill it.

00:59:03   So if they do anything, I'll buy a new one just because I just want it to keep existing.

00:59:07   Yeah, proof of life is the best feature for an iPad mini, I think at this point.

00:59:12   That's very sad.

00:59:13   But that's a very sad thing.

00:59:16   It's been that way since like the great one.

00:59:19   Do you remember that?

00:59:20   Like there was that great one, the iPad mini?

00:59:22   The iPad mini too when they did retina.

00:59:25   And I feel like since then it's just been a case of like, please tell me this thing

00:59:29   still exists.

00:59:30   It was a good time.

00:59:31   That was a good time.

00:59:32   Good time to be alive.

00:59:33   That's fair.

00:59:34   Yeah.

00:59:35   I remember those days.

00:59:36   Yeah.

00:59:37   Life was easier in some regards.

00:59:39   Anyway.

00:59:40   Yeah.

00:59:41   I think I'm going to get one of these neck holders.

00:59:43   Please report back.

00:59:44   Be true to yourself.

00:59:46   Yeah.

00:59:47   My true self is honestly neck accessories.

00:59:49   Free hands.

00:59:51   Free your hands.

00:59:52   I got my neck light.

00:59:53   I'm going to get a neck holder for the iPad mini.

00:59:56   I honestly feel like...

00:59:57   You could be playing like Nintendo.

00:59:59   Right at the same time.

01:00:00   Oh my, oh my, oh my God.

01:00:02   I honestly feel like the neck as a body part is vastly underutilized.

01:00:08   Like when you think about it, we should be doing more things with our necks.

01:00:12   Yeah.

01:00:13   I do feel like this is one of those things though where like you'll get the neck holder

01:00:16   and then after like three days you'll realize why you don't do this.

01:00:20   But I wish you the best of luck.

01:00:23   I don't know, man.

01:00:24   I feel like with the neck you can wear things, you can hold things.

01:00:28   It's both functional and aesthetic.

01:00:30   And decorative.

01:00:32   And decorative.

01:00:33   You know, it's like, it's like the neck.

01:00:36   Look, the neck is the new hands.

01:00:40   That's what I'm telling you.

01:00:41   If you want to...

01:00:42   I can't even, I can't even do it.

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01:02:10   Bye y'all.

01:02:10   Bye all.