460: Never Skip Neck Day


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00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 460. It's made possible by our sponsors, Vitaly, Squarespace, and Factor.

00:00:18   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:21   Hello, my name is Mike Hurley and I'm joined by Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:25   Hello, it's me. Hi.

00:00:26   Hey buddy.

00:00:27   Hi.

00:00:28   How is everybody?

00:00:29   Tired because it's way too hot.

00:00:31   Oh, what are you dealing with over there?

00:00:33   Typically around 40 degrees Celsius.

00:00:35   Oh!

00:00:36   Yeah, and it's been like this for two weeks.

00:00:39   It's 104.

00:00:40   I will agree Federico, that is too hot.

00:00:42   I'm very low energy during the day.

00:00:45   Are you having, like is this abnormal for this time of year or what?

00:00:49   Well, yes, yes. It is slightly...

00:00:52   Oh, storms and wildfires again. Oh no.

00:00:54   Yeah, so in Italy there's this problem right now of this crazy storms,

00:01:02   unlike almost hurricane level storms in northern Italy.

00:01:07   It's been causing all kinds of destruction up north, even in Milan a couple of nights ago,

00:01:13   and wildfires in southern Italy, which is also very bad.

00:01:19   And here in central Italy, where I am in Rome, it's just hot.

00:01:25   And thankfully the fancy AC system that I have now, like, makes it very nice to spend time at home.

00:01:34   But as soon as you go outside, and I mean I need to go outside to do stuff,

00:01:38   it's just exhausting after a while.

00:01:41   But I don't want to complain too much, and I gotta say this on the show,

00:01:46   I don't want to complain too much, because as much as it is hot and I'm kind of low energy,

00:01:52   I'll still take this over the winter season, anytime.

00:01:57   Like, anytime. At least it's not raining, it's not cold.

00:02:01   You know, I can't stand people who are like, "Oh man, I love when it rains."

00:02:07   No, what is wrong with you? You know, what is wrong with you? Nobody loves the rain.

00:02:11   Do people love when it rains?

00:02:12   Yes, some people say that. And they're liars. And they're wrong.

00:02:17   I think I would take that over the 40 degrees, because I wouldn't like that,

00:02:22   but it's not because I love the rain. I just don't want the 40 degrees.

00:02:26   Yeah, no.

00:02:27   But I wouldn't say like, "Oh, I love when it's cold and raining." I don't feel that way.

00:02:32   Let's start with some follow-up. I went back to Dropbox. I'm sorry, I ever tried leaving.

00:02:38   Who are you apologizing to?

00:02:40   Dropbox. Do you think they're listening?

00:02:43   Maybe.

00:02:44   I don't remember you leaving. I know we had that conversation,

00:02:47   but I felt like the conversation was very resounded in like, "No, I'm going to stick with Dropbox."

00:02:52   I feel like this all happened in your head, or you did it and you didn't tell us.

00:02:55   No, I'd taken everything off of Dropbox, or a lot of things off of Dropbox, and put them in documents.

00:03:01   Oh, because it wasn't syncing.

00:03:02   Right, yeah.

00:03:03   Because it had like freaked out, but now it's all back in Dropbox. It took four days to sync.

00:03:07   So I'm also apologizing to Comcast, I guess, but life is good again.

00:03:12   Oh, just like Jeeps.

00:03:14   Wait, what?

00:03:15   Life is good. That's what it says on the back of the Jeep, right?

00:03:17   Oh, that's true. You know my wife has like an unrational hatred of that brand?

00:03:22   I do know that.

00:03:23   Like you think...

00:03:24   Yep, I do know that.

00:03:25   It's very funny.

00:03:27   This is very interesting. So she hates the brand Jeep.

00:03:31   No, no, no, not Jeep. No, there's a brand called Life is Good.

00:03:35   Which is a terrible brand name.

00:03:36   Which is terrible. And people who drive Jeeps often have Life is Good paraphernalia on their Jeeps.

00:03:44   Why is that? Why did these things go together?

00:03:46   They're not related, right?

00:03:48   No, just people... If you're a Jeep person, you have a Life is Good thing on the back.

00:03:53   So look, on their homepage, they have two dudes standing next to the back of a Jeep, and it's got a Life is Good tire cover on it.

00:04:02   The tire covers are very... They seem to be the thing that I see all the time.

00:04:07   We talked about watchOS 10 and the dock and like the double click thing, and now I'm just confused as to what this watch on my wrist actually does.

00:04:16   So Darren wrote in to say, "I think you guys are missing the boat when saying that by getting rid of the dock to show your favorite apps,

00:04:24   Apple has taken away a quick way to get to your favorites.

00:04:27   Instead, with the new grid view, like one tap on the crown, that's not new, that list view has been there forever.

00:04:34   But if you double click on it, you can have your favorites at the top.

00:04:38   No, no.

00:04:40   That doesn't seem to work. I can't drag them around. So Federico, do you know what's happening here?

00:04:43   This is the thing that Federico was telling us about. At the top of the honeycomb, they just put your apps there.

00:04:49   So the honeycomb...

00:04:51   Yeah, so the honeycomb has been slightly tweaked, right, in watchOS 10. It doesn't start in the center of the honeycomb anymore.

00:04:59   It starts at the top and all the icons are placed so that you can just scroll from top to bottom.

00:05:06   You don't have to pan around like before.

00:05:09   Got it.

00:05:10   So the thinking is, you're missing your favorites, just pin them to the top of the honeycomb.

00:05:16   And in theory, this is the part I mentioned, and it was not working for me.

00:05:22   In theory, watchOS 10, when it launches, it should automatically migrate your dock favorites from watchOS 9 into icons placed at the top of the honeycomb in watchOS 10.

00:05:36   Right? So that should happen for people at some point in September.

00:05:42   I still think that, OK, that's one way to go about it. I still think that the dock was a better design, you know, with the thumbnails.

00:05:50   Yes.

00:05:51   And it's bigger and, you know, you see, you get more on screen than a bunch of tiny icons to choose from.

00:06:00   So, yeah, you can do this in watchOS 10 if you want to, and the system will do that migration for you.

00:06:06   I still feel like icons are not as good as the old dock view from watchOS 9.

00:06:12   So I just switched to mine and it has all four of the clock related things next to each other.

00:06:18   Stopwatch, timer, world clock and alarms.

00:06:21   But I don't know what is what because all these icons look the same.

00:06:24   That's one of the problems.

00:06:26   OK, I'm going to try this.

00:06:28   I turned off the honeycomb view years ago, so I think that's where I was confused.

00:06:32   I'm going to give this another shot and see what happens.

00:06:34   There's zero way that this is better. Like, there is no way that this is better.

00:06:38   Yeah, it's not better.

00:06:40   Because here's the thing. I also don't want to use the honeycomb view. So now what?

00:06:44   Yeah.

00:06:45   Right? Like, I don't want to do that because I don't like that UI. I think that is bad UI.

00:06:49   I can never find one I'm looking for. Like, this is that thing of, like you just said about the clock icons.

00:06:56   I know the word timer. I can never remember which one of the four clock icons is the timer just by looking at them.

00:07:03   Because they're like four orange clocks. This is like, this isn't helpful.

00:07:08   And so like, this is not better. It's so much worse. Like, just because they have an affordance, it's still a poor one.

00:07:16   And the double click is your most recent apps, which is kind of useful, but the dock was better.

00:07:24   OK, now I understand. I've been very confused about this for a week.

00:07:28   OK, we spoke about the portable HomePod mini situation. This came up in the Relay FM Slack.

00:07:35   And our friend Marco pointed out that some Amazon Echo models are actually designed for battery stands out of the box.

00:07:44   Like, they had one that had some sort of like pogo pin arrangement on the bottom, and it had a quarter 20.

00:07:52   So you could like screw this particular Amazon Echo into a battery base made by another company, like from the beginning, designed for that.

00:08:01   So that is pretty cool. And I wouldn't mind seeing Apple explore that a little bit.

00:08:07   Like, are there ways to make a more portable HomePod product?

00:08:13   I mean, because like the stand thing that you pointed out, like I've got one now too, like it's fine.

00:08:18   But it would be cool if Apple sort of accounted this for in the design of the product, I guess.

00:08:23   For sure. Here's an idea. MagSafe for the HomePod mini.

00:08:27   That'd be sweet.

00:08:28   Just at the bottom, you attach it. They're never going to do it.

00:08:32   I don't think it's the kind of product that Apple wants to make, but still it'd be pretty nice to have.

00:08:37   I forgot about the Echo with the mouth hole in it.

00:08:41   Oh, yeah.

00:08:42   The Echo Studio.

00:08:43   Remember, remember I had them for like a week last fall and then I returned them on Amazon.

00:08:50   They were weird.

00:08:51   That doesn't sound like you.

00:08:52   Yeah, that's me. That'd be me trying things and returning them. Yes.

00:08:58   Oh, I think they got a new version. It's got buttons on the top.

00:09:00   It's a thing.

00:09:02   They're just rearranging stuff. I feel like the Echo. OK, this is my theory that I just came up with.

00:09:07   OK.

00:09:07   The Amazon Echo product line is kind of like the iPod Nano used to be. They have to refresh it every year,

00:09:14   but some years they don't know what to do. So they put a mouth hole in it or they add buttons or they take buttons away.

00:09:20   That sort of thing.

00:09:21   Just to make it look different.

00:09:22   Maybe they'll make one that you can strap onto your wrist.

00:09:24   I think the mouth hole has a specific purpose. It's base, right?

00:09:28   I think so.

00:09:30   Yeah, but I mean, they do do weird ones like now they have the Echo Pop. Have you seen this one?

00:09:37   What is the Echo Pop?

00:09:39   It is just really small and it's in colors.

00:09:42   So like, I do agree with your theory. They just like can't stop making them.

00:09:47   Like they just they just keep making them.

00:09:50   It's just like it's got a slightly different shape. I don't really know what else. It's like cheaper maybe.

00:09:56   I don't know.

00:09:58   I totally missed the news of the existence of a HomePod Pop of Echo Pop.

00:10:03   I mean, it wouldn't be hard to miss because they have so many of them.

00:10:07   There's a lavender one.

00:10:08   Do you remember remember when they did the microwave with the Amazon voice assistant in it?

00:10:14   Did you guys know or remember that they make Echo sunglasses?

00:10:19   Yes.

00:10:20   What?

00:10:21   Yes.

00:10:22   They make audio sunglasses with Alexa inside.

00:10:26   Incredible.

00:10:27   I remember that.

00:10:29   They need to just chill. They're on the second generation of these.

00:10:33   Yeah. Who's buying them?

00:10:36   I don't know. No one.

00:10:39   No one is buying them, right?

00:10:41   They make two versions of earphones? Like earbuds?

00:10:45   They made a second version of the Echo Auto, which I had no idea that was still a thing.

00:10:51   Like the car accessory. They're on version two of that now, apparently.

00:10:56   A lot of new cars have the Amazon voice assistant built in now to like manage in-car stuff, which is pretty wild.

00:11:04   I still have my one Echo in the living room and I still use it on a regular basis.

00:11:13   And I still cannot believe that Apple is not doing multiple languages for the HomePod.

00:11:18   I think it's wild that they can do multiple languages with the keyboard.

00:11:22   And they have a actually very, very good multilingual keyboard.

00:11:26   Google is doing multi-language assistance.

00:11:29   Amazon is doing multi-language in Alexa and Apple is not.

00:11:33   I think it's wild that they're so behind on that particular front.

00:11:38   That is literally the only reason why I'm forced to use an Echo.

00:11:41   Otherwise, I would just, you know, take it, give it to somebody else, give it to my mom or sell it or whatever, and put a HomePod there.

00:11:51   Like I would immediately do it, but I can't.

00:11:54   Saying about, this is a slight left turn, you said about the keyboard.

00:11:59   And it made me remember a thing that I think I've noticed and I just wondered if you'd noticed it or if you have any thoughts about it.

00:12:05   So the new keyboard does the prediction, right? I really like it.

00:12:09   It predicts all the next words for me.

00:12:11   It seems like it doesn't do this if you use swipe typing.

00:12:15   I don't use swipe typing.

00:12:17   This is an information that I have noticed.

00:12:20   And I'm letting you know, because you're probably in the world where you're collecting pieces of information.

00:12:25   I feel like when I'm swipe typing, it doesn't do any suggestions of words that are coming next.

00:12:30   I've yet to see it and I use it quite a lot.

00:12:32   Not exclusively, like I use both like typing out words and also swipe typing words.

00:12:38   And I have yet to see a like word suggestion, like one of those like greyed out word suggestions in swipe typing.

00:12:46   Very interesting.

00:12:47   I'm saving a note for myself.

00:12:50   Something to check out.

00:12:52   Suggestions do not work with swipe typing.

00:12:56   This is live notes for the review.

00:12:58   What app did that go into?

00:13:00   Yeah, what app did that go into?

00:13:02   Notes for now.

00:13:04   Yeah, I'm still in the note taking phase.

00:13:07   I haven't written anything yet.

00:13:09   So very different schedule, very different vibe this summer.

00:13:13   Okay.

00:13:14   All right.

00:13:15   Good vibes.

00:13:16   Friend of the show, Dan Seifert from The Verge wrote in to say that he really likes his dbrand leather skin for you, Stephen.

00:13:24   Yeah, Dan's a real leather daddy, it looks like.

00:13:28   Okay, we're going with that.

00:13:30   I'm sure he wants you to just keep talking about that.

00:13:33   I'm sure Dan is really happy about that.

00:13:35   Yeah, go for it.

00:13:36   So I think I'm going to try it on the next phone.

00:13:39   I mean, I'll upgrade this fall and I think I'll give this a shot then.

00:13:43   So I'll report back, I guess, in the fall.

00:13:45   Very exciting.

00:13:46   We spoke last time about iOS 17 betas and battery health.

00:13:51   We felt like some of us were seeing big drop offs after installing the betas or maybe because of cases or MagSafe charging.

00:14:00   We asked for feedback.

00:14:01   We got like a bajillion responses.

00:14:04   I read all of it and it's all over the place.

00:14:07   So a lot of people have dropped multiple percentage points in their battery health since installing the beta.

00:14:14   That seems fast to me.

00:14:16   So I wonder if there's something in iOS 17 that has changed the way that they factor that.

00:14:22   Like, do you remember way back in the day, they're like, "Oh, the phone doesn't drop bars.

00:14:26   Our algorithm was wrong."

00:14:28   So they changed it.

00:14:29   Maybe it's one of those type situations.

00:14:30   It could be.

00:14:31   That's a very good point.

00:14:32   Yeah.

00:14:33   Or is it another one of those battery gates?

00:14:35   Are we going to find out that they've been under reporting battery health on us again?

00:14:39   You know, we're going to be plunged back into that hellscape.

00:14:42   Can you imagine?

00:14:44   This feature is here because you got into trouble about batteries and you messed up the feature.

00:14:48   I will say that I'm at 92% now and I think I was at 93% last week.

00:14:52   So that's a percentage point a week.

00:14:54   So by September, you're going to be at 85 just in time for a new phone.

00:14:59   It's going exactly as planned.

00:15:03   But not everyone running the betas has seen this.

00:15:05   So I don't know.

00:15:07   Some people say they blame MagSafe or a case.

00:15:12   Some people don't.

00:15:13   Like I said, it was all over the place.

00:15:15   But there are definitely people who have seen big drop-offs.

00:15:18   So my gut feeling is like there's something here that's changed about this or it's a bug in 17.

00:15:26   These numbers aren't as bad as they look.

00:15:28   But I don't--I can't say for sure.

00:15:31   Yeah.

00:15:32   It feels like something is going on.

00:15:34   And the battery life in these betas is not very good.

00:15:38   And the phones are hot all the time.

00:15:40   To me, this just feels like an open and closed situation, right?

00:15:43   My phone is hot constantly.

00:15:45   Yes.

00:15:46   I'm convinced that it's having an effect on it.

00:15:49   But I'm not mad about it because I shouldn't have put the beta on if I wanted things to be normal.

00:15:55   Right?

00:15:56   I feel like this is an agreement that we all come to.

00:15:59   If I'm going to do this, weird things are going to start happening.

00:16:02   And maybe it's destroying my battery.

00:16:04   But that's kind of the price I'm paying.

00:16:06   But the thing is, we're now at beta 4.

00:16:09   And we're going to talk about it shortly.

00:16:11   And usually by beta 4, the phone is not getting that warm at this point in the beta season.

00:16:22   Yes, the phones are still getting warm and the battery life is still not great.

00:16:27   I wonder what's going on.

00:16:29   Maybe I need to restore my phone.

00:16:31   No, no, no, we're not getting into that.

00:16:33   I've got a ghost in the machine now.

00:16:35   There's nothing I can do about it.

00:16:37   I kind of wonder if maybe some of the new machine learning stuff they're doing, you know, with Spot.

00:16:42   Turns out the keyboard is destroying the battery.

00:16:45   That could be, right?

00:16:47   That could be.

00:16:49   Battery GPT.

00:16:52   Every text you send is like 0.01% of your battery health.

00:16:56   The noisy group chat, it's just like you just destroy your phone in a day.

00:17:02   I think, honestly, I think beta 4 is worse than 3 so far in this regard.

00:17:07   It's only been, what, a day?

00:17:09   But my battery life yesterday was abysmal.

00:17:12   The keyboard is better just typing on the iPhone.

00:17:15   There were a lot of keyboard related bugs before.

00:17:18   That part got better in beta 4.

00:17:21   I don't think anything else did.

00:17:23   And also, like, and I mean this sort of speaks to, no, I'm going to say this later.

00:17:30   So put a pin in this dot for later.

00:17:32   Yeah.

00:17:33   Okay.

00:17:34   Yeah, we're going to come back to that.

00:17:35   Real quick, I just want to invite you to help the Relay FM back office shape the co-founder quiz.

00:17:43   We have a podcast-a-thon coming up very soon.

00:17:47   We're going to announce dates for that in a couple weeks, but it's coming quickly.

00:17:50   And Kathy and others are working on the annual quiz.

00:17:54   So there is a Google Form link in the show notes.

00:17:57   If you have suggestions about, if you have suggestions for questions that should be in the quiz,

00:18:05   go fill out that form.

00:18:07   Go help them out.

00:18:08   We would appreciate it.

00:18:09   What we're looking for here is esoteric trivia about Relay FM.

00:18:13   That's what we're looking for.

00:18:14   It's not like what's Steven's favorite color.

00:18:17   It's like this is trivia about the history of the network usually.

00:18:23   So they're the kinds of questions.

00:18:25   It describes this in a little bit more detail in the form.

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00:20:03   So the pin that I saved before about iOS 17 Beta 4, which just came out as developer beta yesterday,

00:20:11   I assume we're getting a public beta, well, maybe not today, but next week.

00:20:16   I think they're still probably doing them a couple of days after or the week after.

00:20:21   My thought so far is that in previous years, Beta 3 and Beta 4 had more changes and additions to the original release from June

00:20:35   than what we are seeing this year in iOS 17.

00:20:39   And it does not surprise me, given that Apple is so focused on the Vision Pro and Vision OS.

00:20:45   So I think what we saw in June is pretty much what we're getting in September, probably even less,

00:20:52   because they're going to punt some features to later in the iOS 17 cycle.

00:20:56   But basically the thought that I had was, yeah, I was expecting more changes, tweaks, additions,

00:21:03   and we got very, very, very minimal stuff so far.

00:21:08   And I'm good with it. I'm not complaining. I'm good with it. It's just a change that I noticed from previous years.

00:21:14   There's stuff that's not in the beta as yet, like being able to put stickers as tapbacks.

00:21:21   And it's not going to be in 17.

00:21:23   Oh, really?

00:21:24   Yeah, that's coming later this year.

00:21:27   Why? What's the limitation there? That's very strange. I must have missed that. I don't know how I missed that.

00:21:39   Yeah, I think I told you on the show and you didn't react. I was like, yeah, maybe it doesn't care.

00:21:44   Maybe I didn't understand what that meant. I don't know.

00:21:47   Yeah, they said that's coming later this year. So in theory, 17.1, Stephen even said maybe they want to do like with emoji.

00:21:56   And you just said nothing. Maybe you were thinking about something.

00:22:00   What show was this?

00:22:02   Unconnected.

00:22:04   Oh, I know the podcast. Was it when we did the live show, when we were like together?

00:22:08   No, no, no. It was like last week or two weeks ago.

00:22:13   Maybe I was too busy thinking about pranks. I don't know.

00:22:16   Yeah, maybe, maybe. Maybe everybody was like, yeah, Mike's gonna say, he's gonna react to this news.

00:22:22   Everyone was waiting. I let everyone down.

00:22:24   Mike is going to be so upset.

00:22:26   I'm going to write a public apology and screenshot in Apple Notes.

00:22:30   You should write an apology for not being upset enough when the world was waiting for you to be upset.

00:22:39   You did nothing.

00:22:42   I just stood by.

00:22:45   When the world was waiting for your anger, you just stood silent.

00:22:53   Why is Mike not talking about this?

00:22:57   Yeah, literally you become the meme.

00:23:00   So anyway, Beta 4. All right, three things I want to point out.

00:23:05   The first one, the weird app picker menu, you know, the giant one in the messages app.

00:23:13   Those icons that we've seen in iOS 17 Beta 1, 2, and 3, they were kind of strange, you know,

00:23:21   kind of a different style from the typical Apple iconography.

00:23:25   I think people need to get off their friggin' high horses about this.

00:23:28   Interesting.

00:23:29   Oh, it looks like Facebook.

00:23:30   Like, just chill out.

00:23:32   Facebook is used by like billions of people.

00:23:35   Like if they take some UI design from Facebook Messenger, that's not the worst thing in the world.

00:23:41   Look, all it took was to tell him that he didn't get upset enough.

00:23:44   Yeah, I know. Now I'm getting really upset.

00:23:45   How dare you?

00:23:47   But also, I do think there is a regression here though, which I'm kind of mad about.

00:23:50   So like in the previous one, the little photos thing shows you a preview of your last image.

00:23:54   And now it's just the crappy photos icon.

00:23:56   I want the image.

00:23:58   Counterpoint, counterpoint, counterpoint.

00:24:01   I see what you mean, but for consistency and for being able to see at a glance,

00:24:08   what's better, to have a preview of your latest photo that's always changing,

00:24:13   or a photos icon that is always the same?

00:24:16   I mean, the word photos does a decent job of telling me that, but I know, I get your point.

00:24:20   I get your point.

00:24:21   No, no, I get your point, but...

00:24:22   I could go either way, and I kind of liked the idea, but I guess that's what Apple is thinking.

00:24:28   I can, you know, I agree that like, I can see both sides of that.

00:24:33   They've chosen this one.

00:24:34   At least it is visually consistent because none of the others change, right?

00:24:37   Every time you open it.

00:24:38   Yeah.

00:24:39   But I do think it is very strange to me that people are so mad about this design,

00:24:44   and like refer to Facebook all the time.

00:24:46   It's just very, like, I don't know what's so wrong about this UI anyway that makes people mad.

00:24:52   Like, it's just like a picker.

00:24:54   So, yeah, it's a bigger context menu than what we're used to seeing from Apple.

00:25:01   The thing I will say, it is especially huge on the iPad.

00:25:07   Oh, I haven't tried that.

00:25:09   Take it down a notch, maybe, you know, you tap on this thing, it's like,

00:25:13   "Ooh, just got this giant menu." It's like, "Okay, I get it.

00:25:17   You want me to pick things from this menu?"

00:25:21   On the iPhone, I think it's fun.

00:25:25   I like the animation that they added in this beta when you open and dismiss the menu.

00:25:30   It sort of pops back into the plus button.

00:25:33   I think that's very nicely done.

00:25:35   I do kind of wish, though, that it was a little bit more like Path, you know?

00:25:39   Yeah, dude, yes.

00:25:41   The thing that I don't like about it, and I would say this is way worse in light mode than dark mode,

00:25:48   is in dark mode, it doesn't really feel like it takes over your screen as much.

00:25:52   I feel like it's the same amount of information density as in light mode,

00:25:57   but I think it is visually more appealing in dark mode than it is in light mode.

00:26:01   But I don't think it needs to cover the entire screen in the way that it does.

00:26:07   But just overall, I'm fine with the UI, personally,

00:26:12   and also it is significantly better when and what it replaced,

00:26:15   so I kind of just take your wins and losses.

00:26:19   We finally got rid of that ridiculous button that you had to press twice to get your images

00:26:23   because you never pressed the right one, you know what I mean?

00:26:26   Also, in iPadOS 17 Beta 4,

00:26:30   we now have favicons for your favorites in the Safari Favorites bar,

00:26:37   which is an excellent change, in my opinion, at least.

00:26:41   You can disable these in settings.

00:26:43   I just like the fact that you now have a touch of color here and there in your Safari Favorites.

00:26:49   So at least for me, easier to find my favorites at a glance.

00:26:55   And again, you can go into Settings and turn off these icons

00:26:58   if you don't want to see them in the Safari toolbar at the top of the screen.

00:27:01   Because these are in tabs, right? But they weren't in the favorites.

00:27:04   They were in tabs before, but they were not in favorites.

00:27:08   Now you can have them in your favorites too.

00:27:10   And lastly, the Shortcuts widget.

00:27:13   In theory, this was working for some people before,

00:27:17   but for a lot of people, the Shortcuts widget, especially on the iPad,

00:27:20   it just never appeared, this Excel version.

00:27:24   Now there is an Excel-sized, the huge one, basically, Shortcuts widget for iPad.

00:27:31   I think I'm going to have fun with this.

00:27:34   Probably not as much as Matthew Casanelli. I can already imagine Matthew.

00:27:38   He responded to your post saying, "I have once again gone off the deep end."

00:27:42   Yeah, I can only imagine like 20 home screens all made of Excel Shortcuts widgets.

00:27:48   So this is 16 actions, right, it looks like?

00:27:51   -16? Yeah. -Yeah, 4x4.

00:27:53   4x4. No, it should be more than that, right?

00:27:56   Yeah, it is 4x4, because they're not square. They're the rectangular ones.

00:28:01   I thought it was more. Still, it's 4x4.

00:28:05   It is Excel-ent.

00:28:08   Sometimes I wonder why we put up with you, Stephen.

00:28:14   Yeah, there's that widget.

00:28:17   Look, you even suggested it as a title. Your own joke.

00:28:22   You gotta play the game, man.

00:28:24   Yeah, but if you suggest it as a title, that is you thinking nobody else will.

00:28:29   So are you really that proud of your joke at that point?

00:28:32   So, closing thoughts so far on this beta season.

00:28:36   Phones are getting hot, batteries are not lasting as much.

00:28:40   Yeah.

00:28:41   iPad is going fine, I think, would be my conclusion so far.

00:28:47   They fixed what they wanted to fix with Sage Manager. I'll take it.

00:28:53   Could still be improved, yes, but we're not gonna get that this year.

00:28:57   And I feel like it's gonna be relatively simple, speaking of my state with the review.

00:29:06   I had this feeling in June. I think it's gonna be a pretty easy and fun one.

00:29:10   There were more challenging years, for sure.

00:29:14   And not even speaking of last year, but what was it, two or three years ago with Safari always changing?

00:29:20   Now that was tough to handle.

00:29:22   Or even just years that had more features, right?

00:29:25   They're just challenging because there's just more to cover.

00:29:27   I think we said this last month, sort of grab bag style of a release, which is fine.

00:29:36   Totally fine. It's actually pretty fun. There's some really fun things.

00:29:39   And I haven't played around with the airdrop features at all.

00:29:43   I think I'm gonna convince Silvio to just install the public beta at some point.

00:29:47   But yeah, I think this should be a pretty easy one to handle.

00:29:52   Standby still rules.

00:29:54   Standby is great.

00:29:55   Standby rules is a fantastic feature.

00:29:58   And one final thing I'll say, and take this as you will.

00:30:02   I have filed, I believe, around 20 feedback items.

00:30:08   And I followed the unspoken, unwritten, I guess, rule of the feedback filer.

00:30:16   Which is I filed my feedbacks before beta 2.

00:30:21   Everybody's like, "Oh, make sure you get your feedbacks in because it really matters."

00:30:26   And that was a good chunk of my time to do that.

00:30:30   And I didn't because it's the right thing to do.

00:30:32   Not a single one of those feedback items has been addressed.

00:30:37   Sometimes I wonder, does it even matter really to file those feedbacks in June and to rush to get them in?

00:30:46   Does it even make a difference? Right?

00:30:50   Well, the counterpoint is I got the reminders badge fixed last year.

00:30:55   So it counts overdue and today.

00:30:58   That was a feedback and admittedly a blog post.

00:31:01   Wait, wasn't that a feedback that you filed because you spoke about it on a show and someone told you to file the feedback?

00:31:06   I don't think someone told me to. I filed a feedback, we talked about it, and I wrote a blog post.

00:31:11   But was it in the first weeks after WWDC?

00:31:14   I think I did it at WWDC.

00:31:17   I don't know, man.

00:31:18   I guess, again, this year they're doing all the Vision Pro stuff, which we're going to talk about.

00:31:27   The Vision Labs, the developer kits.

00:31:30   It is a different year for sure, but just as a piece of information, none of the 20, almost, feedback items I've filed have gone addressed.

00:31:41   And I don't know, I kind of feel like it was useless.

00:31:45   That's how I'm feeling.

00:31:47   And I hope that it wasn't, but it kind of feels like that.

00:31:51   Speaking of the Vision Pro, so they announced a bunch more information.

00:31:55   So I think more details about things we knew were coming.

00:31:58   The developer kits are coming soon.

00:32:00   You can put in an application right now to get a developer kit.

00:32:05   We'll put a link in the show notes to James Thompson.

00:32:08   He, I believe James applied for one, and took a screenshot of the terms, the things that you have to do, which are just incredible about what you're agreeing to.

00:32:18   It's like that nobody else in your life or at your work will be able to see this thing and you'll keep it locked in a room.

00:32:23   And if you go on holiday, you have to contact Apple so you can work out where you're supposed to put it.

00:32:28   And there's a Pelican case and you've got to lock it in the Pelican case.

00:32:31   It's just like a whole thing. It's incredible.

00:32:33   It's just a great thing to read.

00:32:35   And developer labs, this is where you as a developer can go to an Apple building, campus somewhere,

00:32:42   and take your app and try it out and have people from Apple look at it and guide you a little bit.

00:32:50   It'll begin next week in London and Cupertino.

00:32:53   That's way faster than I thought it would be.

00:32:55   Yes. It's just like, oh, you want to?

00:32:58   Like they announced it on Monday and the next, and I think the first one is next Monday.

00:33:04   So if you were sitting around and waiting before getting work on your Vision Pro app, that was a bad idea.

00:33:09   Maybe they're also doing something they're calling compatibility evaluations.

00:33:14   Yes.

00:33:15   That sounds like a severance type of thing.

00:33:18   A little bit, yeah. It really does.

00:33:20   Please, we welcome you for your compatibility evaluation. Please step in.

00:33:24   Yes.

00:33:25   So there's a checklist that you're supposed to do, and then you can submit an application for compatibility evaluation.

00:33:37   So Apple will look at the app and evaluate it on Vision Pro,

00:33:43   and then you'll get an evaluation back within a few weeks with anything that they have found.

00:33:51   It's first come, first serve, so if you can't travel to one of these things and you don't get a developer kit,

00:33:57   there is still a way for Apple to take a look at this.

00:33:59   And I get the sense from reading this it's going to be more than just like what the App Store does.

00:34:05   This feels like you're going to get logs back and screen captures back.

00:34:09   So they really are going to spend some time with these, I hope.

00:34:12   And I think it's a cool fallback if you can't make one of the other two things work for you.

00:34:18   Well, I expect there's like a scale thing, right?

00:34:20   For each developer kit, there's ten places at a developer lab.

00:34:23   For each developer lab, there's ten compatibility evaluations. You know what I mean?

00:34:27   They can do more of those than they can do with the other things.

00:34:31   So even if you want to make it but you don't get a spot,

00:34:35   this is at least a way to send something to Apple and have somebody take a look at it and give you some guidance.

00:34:41   It feels collaborative in a sense.

00:34:44   Which is really cool. I'm glad they're doing it.

00:34:46   And clearly Apple wants these apps to be as good as possible.

00:34:50   The question is, is this the time that we announce our app for Vision OS?

00:34:57   123 Vision.

00:34:59   123 Vision?

00:35:00   The grand return of the 123 brand.

00:35:03   And what would be the point though?

00:35:05   It's not like you could talk about it though, right? You just have it.

00:35:07   Yeah, but you know, we'd have it.

00:35:09   Yeah, yeah. What I'm really keen on, and I don't know how long it will take to get this information,

00:35:15   is in what state is this hardware when it arrives at developers?

00:35:21   Like, what's the operating system? What has it got in it?

00:35:26   You know what I mean? Like, can you use Safari?

00:35:28   Yeah.

00:35:29   Can you use Messages?

00:35:31   Does it actually have the full thing?

00:35:34   Can you log in with your iCloud account and just use it?

00:35:38   Because the simulator is pretty full of things, right?

00:35:42   Is it going to be running the simulator?

00:35:44   Or will it only allow you to run your application and any dependencies that are needed for that?

00:35:51   I'm really keen to find that information out.

00:35:55   And I guess that's just going to be the case of...

00:35:57   I don't think anyone can tell us.

00:35:59   Someone will. Someone might not tell us, but someone's going to tell someone, right?

00:36:02   That's how these things always go.

00:36:05   There are rules. People break the rules.

00:36:07   Within a week of the developer kits going out, we will get an understanding as to what's on them,

00:36:12   the same as literally every single time this has happened in history, right?

00:36:15   But, yeah, I'm very keen to understand that.

00:36:19   And I'm sure...

00:36:20   I have no doubt that this is going to be a very complicated thing from Apple's perspective,

00:36:24   because every developer will be requesting one of these, right?

00:36:29   Why would you not?

00:36:30   I do hope that Apple make some concessions for maybe some developers

00:36:35   to be able to talk about their experiences a little bit, though.

00:36:38   I'm going to use Underscore as the example here, right?

00:36:41   Just because we know him, and Underscore does a great job of communicating his experiences of being a developer.

00:36:46   But if he was able to get a DTK, or just a developer kit, there's no T in this one, right?

00:36:53   There's nothing to transition from. A DK. A Donkey Kong.

00:36:56   If he was to get a Donkey Kong, then I think it would benefit Apple for some developers

00:37:03   to be able to talk about their experience of using it in the same way that they had people from the media go and try it, right?

00:37:09   And talk about it.

00:37:10   Yeah. Well, I mean, do you remember way back in the day that the whole SDK was under an NDA?

00:37:16   Yeah.

00:37:17   So iOS developers couldn't even talk to each other. It was so dumb, and they eventually got rid of it.

00:37:22   I agree with you. This should be a thing that people can do.

00:37:27   You could word it in such a way of, like, you can talk about what the software experience is like,

00:37:32   but you can't talk about the hardware. I think that would be fine, because it's kind of no different to the simulator, right?

00:37:37   In that way, yeah. I just think it would behoove them, if they want to encourage developers,

00:37:45   to be able to at least have some developers who are blessed in a way, to be able to talk about their experience in public with the developer kit.

00:37:55   But, hey, I don't make the rules.

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00:39:58   It's an exceptionally rare thing, in life or in business, that you get a second chance to make another big impression.

00:40:12   Twitter made one massive impression and changed the way we communicate.

00:40:16   Now X will go further, transforming the global town square.

00:40:20   X is the future state of unlimited interactivity centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking, creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunities.

00:40:33   Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we're just beginning to imagine.

00:40:40   For years, fans and critics alike have pushed Twitter to dream bigger, to innovate faster, and to fulfill our great potential.

00:40:47   X will do that and more.

00:40:49   We've already started to see X take shape over the past 8 months through our rapid feature launches, but we're just getting started.

00:40:56   There's absolutely no limit to this transformation.

00:41:00   X will be the platform that can deliver, well, everything.

00:41:04   Elon Musk and I are looking forward to working with our teams and every single one of our partners to bring X to the world.

00:41:12   X CEO? That's funny to say that out loud.

00:41:16   X CEO? Current X CEO?

00:41:20   Linda Yaccarino everybody.

00:41:22   I have never heard so much baloney.

00:41:24   This is, you know what this feels like Federica? I think you'll get this.

00:41:27   This feels like a monologue that someone in a Horizon game would say.

00:41:34   This sounds like a video game monologue.

00:41:37   None of this even sounds real.

00:41:40   This sounds like an NPC in Horizon giving you directions for a side quest.

00:41:46   But it's like some fake keynote.

00:41:49   It sounds like someone's putting, you know, there's Steve Jobs in it, right?

00:41:52   Like, oh, we're going to do like a black background and we're standing on a plate.

00:41:58   It's an exceptionally rare thing.

00:42:01   And it's so fake poetic.

00:42:03   Like you're literally talking about Twitter is now called with the letter X.

00:42:09   Like I don't even know where to begin with the stupidity of all of this.

00:42:15   And they haven't gotten to make a second.

00:42:19   Like they've just decided that they're going to rebrand the company.

00:42:24   It's not like this came to them.

00:42:26   Not, yes.

00:42:27   It's not like, oh, we've been blessed by the gods of X to take upon the mantle of this, of this huge mission.

00:42:34   No, no.

00:42:36   What you've done, what you've done is you've taken Twitter and you've swapped a bird logo for a letter X.

00:42:45   And now suddenly you're changing the world.

00:42:48   And you've like halfway done it.

00:42:50   Right?

00:42:51   You've like halfway, you've like only half like actually done a rebrand.

00:42:55   But this rebrand is now apparently meaning that you're going to become a payments and banking platform.

00:43:01   Sure.

00:43:02   You want to give your money to Elon Musk, you know, to see it.

00:43:06   This is true.

00:43:07   Like he has done so many like ridiculous things, right?

00:43:12   From a business perspective with this company.

00:43:15   This is the biggest one, right?

00:43:17   Like I feel like this has got to take the cake of like the most ridiculous business decision that he has made as the owner of Twitter.

00:43:29   It's like this, this doesn't make any, there is zero sense to this.

00:43:33   This makes no sense.

00:43:34   Like why, why would you take like the one piece of value that Twitter actually had was its brand and just get rid of it?

00:43:44   For such a bad brand like X as so bad, like it's not, it's unbelievable.

00:43:55   Truly.

00:43:56   It is.

00:43:57   It feels like a joke that's been taken too far.

00:44:01   It feels like we are in a prank.

00:44:09   I think this is what I feel like.

00:44:11   I feel like I'm watching this from a distance because I'm not using Twitter anymore.

00:44:17   But whenever I hear these updates from Twitter, I just feel like it's some kind of performance art piece at this point.

00:44:30   This is what it feels like to me.

00:44:31   It feels like, hey, how far can, is he the richest man in the world?

00:44:37   I don't even know.

00:44:38   How far can a rich guy take this joke until people stop paying attention to him?

00:44:46   He's talked about this for a long time.

00:44:49   Going back to the acquisition phase of all of this, I think it's clear that he wants to take Twitter and use it as a base to like rebuild WeChat for the rest of the world.

00:45:03   Sure.

00:45:04   That quote that Mike so wonderfully read, that sounds like the pitch for WeChat, right?

00:45:10   It's going to be social and payments and everything all together.

00:45:13   It's a thing he can't do, no matter what he wants to do.

00:45:17   No.

00:45:18   I don't think anyone would really strictly trust it.

00:45:22   And no regulator would allow it.

00:45:25   No American regulator is going to allow him to build WeChat or how WhatsApp is in India.

00:45:31   That's what he's going for.

00:45:33   That's not going to happen.

00:45:35   It's just not, no one's going to allow this.

00:45:37   But it doesn't even matter if they did because who would trust this company with their money, like their actual money?

00:45:44   Like, oh yeah, I want to get the X debit card.

00:45:49   Like, no, I'm not going to, like, who's going to do this?

00:45:52   Honestly, here's what I say.

00:45:54   If you would, then good luck to you, right?

00:45:56   Like you should give him your money.

00:45:58   If you out there would trust Elon Musk with your money in this way, then you should give it to him.

00:46:05   Yeah, I saw someone on Threads the other day.

00:46:08   I forget who it was. If it was you, forgive me.

00:46:10   But it was like, everybody gets your bank account information ready for the X relaunch.

00:46:14   It's like, oh no, don't do that.

00:46:17   That's incredible.

00:46:19   Yeah.

00:46:20   I mean, I guess he thinks that he can build this on top of the social graph that is Twitter.

00:46:26   But he's burned a lot of that social graph to the ground.

00:46:30   And the people who are still there who aren't like journalists or sports people, right?

00:46:37   Just like regular people.

00:46:38   Some of them will be super into this, right?

00:46:40   Because he does have fans and they'll be up for this.

00:46:44   Other people, you know, who are hanging out and giving him eight bucks a month or whatever.

00:46:48   But you can't build what he called in a Twitter reply to somebody the world's most valuable platform.

00:46:55   At this point with what's left of this thing.

00:46:58   Just bananas.

00:47:01   It's just like I struggle to follow the decision making process, right?

00:47:06   There is none.

00:47:07   I can't.

00:47:08   Like, I know you were very right to point out Steven.

00:47:12   He has been talking about this the entire time, right?

00:47:15   And like, fine, if that's what you have ambition to building.

00:47:19   But why would you rebrand the company in such a haphazard way then?

00:47:23   Right? Like if you really wanted to go with X, right?

00:47:27   Because I know that this has been like his thing forever, right?

00:47:29   He's always loved X.

00:47:31   Fine, right?

00:47:33   But why not actually just do it then?

00:47:35   Like why like crowdsource a logo and then like just change the logo.

00:47:42   But like, is it called X or is it called Twitter?

00:47:45   Like, can anyone actually answer that question?

00:47:47   Like, I feel like I don't know.

00:47:50   Like, what is the...

00:47:51   I think he says X.

00:47:52   Right, but it still says Twitter everywhere and the app is still called Twitter.

00:47:55   So like, does Twitter part of X?

00:47:57   You can't rebrand an entire app on a Sunday with four employees.

00:48:02   It takes some time. Give them a break.

00:48:05   But like, but that, I know, that is my point though, right?

00:48:08   Of like, if this was his like plan, it wasn't a very well thought out plan.

00:48:14   No, it wasn't.

00:48:15   And like, I genuinely feel like at the moment, he is doing all of these things just to get people to log on to Twitter, right?

00:48:21   Like, he just wants people to log on.

00:48:25   So he just keeps doing things that are more and more extreme to get people to log on.

00:48:32   Like, the rate limiting thing was that because people wanted to log on to see what would happen to them, right?

00:48:37   And then like, now this is it.

00:48:40   Like, oh, everyone wants to go check Elon Musk's Twitter account, like log in because you have to log in to look at it.

00:48:45   So you can see like at what point is he going to drop the logo, right?

00:48:50   And so like, how far does this go? Does he delete Twitter to get people to log on to Twitter?

00:48:55   Like, where does this end?

00:48:58   It ends with, you know, what he's going to do next.

00:49:02   If you don't tweet in a specific number of months, you're going to get your account deleted automatically.

00:49:12   I think that, yeah, you know what, that probably will happen.

00:49:15   It's going to do that.

00:49:16   David in the Discord post, I saw it today, like that, you know, brands have the gold checkmark to keep that now and keep your, like, for them to not allow people to impersonate you.

00:49:29   You have to spend $1,000 or more in ads a month.

00:49:32   Oh, yeah. See?

00:49:33   So there's already some kind of threat going on at this point.

00:49:39   Yeah, it's certainly going to delete accounts from people who don't tweet.

00:49:42   Like, our accounts, our accounts, they're going to go.

00:49:45   They're going to go. They're just going to go.

00:49:47   And let it, I don't care. Like, let it go. I don't care.

00:49:51   Maybe I should just go delete it myself.

00:49:53   Oh, yeah.

00:49:54   Right?

00:49:55   Oh, yeah.

00:49:56   So I don't even give him the same sanction.

00:49:58   You're not breaking up with me. I'm breaking up with you.

00:50:00   Yeah.

00:50:01   It's not me. It's you.

00:50:06   They also took the @x handle.

00:50:11   Yeah.

00:50:12   It belonged to a photographer named Gene Wang, and they just took it.

00:50:18   They've done that forever, though, man.

00:50:20   Like, that was a thing that was happening before Musk.

00:50:22   Like, some brand would come along and they'd be like, "Oh, here you go."

00:50:26   Yeah, I mean, and if you had a short handle, like, you would have problems all the time.

00:50:30   The company, this is a quote from a TechCrunch article by Sarah Perez.

00:50:35   In a letter, the company, formerly known as Twitter, thanked Wang for his loyalty

00:50:39   and offered him a selection of X merchandise and a tour of X's HQ as a quote, "reflection of our appreciation."

00:50:47   What is the merchandise? Show me the merch, Elon. I want to see it.

00:50:51   Well, you know, he took all the Woke T-shirts out of the office. Maybe they just rebranded those, too.

00:50:56   I just hope the tour gets past the police tape because the SFPD had to intervene

00:51:01   because they closed the sidewalk in the street to take down the Twitter sign without city approval.

00:51:07   I think they didn't get all the way with that because of that. Like, I think it just says ER was the last I'd seen.

00:51:14   On one side, yeah. It's incredible.

00:51:16   Yeah, which is also quite telling that it now says ER.

00:51:20   If we were to rebrand the show with a letter, what letter would we pick?

00:51:26   I feel like connected as sort of a G vibe.

00:51:30   Interesting.

00:51:31   Like, like...

00:51:32   No?

00:51:35   No, it's fine.

00:51:37   The funny thing is, you'll never know which one I was referring to.

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00:54:14   I made a purchase.

00:54:16   Okay.

00:54:17   I have here on my desk a set of Brown Beats Studio Pros.

00:54:22   Yes.

00:54:23   Big Apple Buddy came through. By that I meant I ordered them and then UPS brought them.

00:54:28   I mean your Big Apple Buddy was just Apple.

00:54:30   Yes, my regular delivery guy.

00:54:33   If anything, the biggest Apple Buddy.

00:54:38   Are they your buddy?

00:54:40   I feel like sometimes there's like, what are you doing with your life?

00:54:44   You know?

00:54:45   Anyways, here we are with some brown headphones on my desk.

00:54:50   What do you all want to know?

00:54:51   Why'd you get brown? Like, I just don't understand why you do that.

00:54:55   Let's start with the brown.

00:54:56   I feel like if a product offers brown, you should choose brown.

00:55:01   So I kind of feel like, and I was telling this to Silvia today.

00:55:05   I kind of feel like in recent years I've become sort of a brown convert in terms of like the brown color for furniture, for clothes.

00:55:14   Like it has grown on me a lot.

00:55:17   I don't know if it's like a fashion thing or just with age I started liking the color brown for more objects in my life.

00:55:26   Probably about both.

00:55:27   Probably?

00:55:28   I gotta say, I saw your picture, Steven.

00:55:31   You sent us a selfie of you wearing the Beats 2D Pro.

00:55:35   I kind of dig the color. I kind of like it.

00:55:37   I think I could pull them off.

00:55:39   You know, brown headphones.

00:55:41   I think the brown headphones are cool.

00:55:43   They are very much like other Beats that you may have used in the past.

00:55:49   Like, still kind of plastic-y.

00:55:51   Do they creak?

00:55:53   Yeah, not the nicest build quality.

00:55:55   I don't like the creaking.

00:55:57   That's no good.

00:55:59   The brown in particular shows a lot of fingerprints.

00:56:04   And I would imagine the other darker colors would too.

00:56:07   I guess because it's kind of that matte plastic.

00:56:10   But the trade-off is they weigh a lot less than AirPods Max.

00:56:16   So AirPods Max weigh 385 grams and these weigh 260.

00:56:22   Noticeably less.

00:56:24   And you definitely feel that weight difference.

00:56:27   Now, I haven't used AirPods Max in a long time, but my complaint was the weight.

00:56:32   And these are definitely more comfortable than those, at least to me.

00:56:36   They do have noise cancellation and transparency.

00:56:40   And both are good, but I feel like both are kind of a step behind the AirPods Pro 2, which are my daily earbuds.

00:56:49   Good, but not as great as those.

00:56:53   And overall, a lot of the features just kind of aren't as nice as some of the AirPods.

00:56:59   They don't auto-pause when you take them off.

00:57:02   They have an on/off switch, so you kind of got to manage that.

00:57:05   But you get USB-C, and if you use USB-C to physically connect to something, you can have nice, high-quality lossless music.

00:57:17   Of course, charging over USB-C is sweet.

00:57:20   And they fold down into a case that's really pretty manageable in size, way better than the storage you get with the AirPods Max.

00:57:28   The on/off switch, I don't like the thought of that.

00:57:32   I go back and forth on that.

00:57:33   Because, yeah, it's nice that the AirPods Max are sort of like, they automatically just work.

00:57:40   But I'm also a bit of a control freak.

00:57:44   And I know myself, and I know that being able to actually decide I'm turning them on or turning them off, not a bad thing.

00:57:53   Honestly, the one aspect that really sticks out for me is they don't pause when you take them off.

00:58:00   That would bug me.

00:58:01   That's probably the thing that would bug me the most.

00:58:04   More than you have to use a power switch.

00:58:08   It kind of surprised me.

00:58:09   I was listening to something, and then one of my kids came in my office and I took them off.

00:58:14   I was like, "Oh, they're still playing."

00:58:16   I was like, "It surprised me."

00:58:18   Because I'm used to the AirPods auto-pausing.

00:58:22   They've done it forever.

00:58:24   So that feels like a bit of a miss.

00:58:26   I don't know how complicated or cost, how it would have impacted the cost to do that.

00:58:34   But it's a really nice feature.

00:58:36   And it makes these feel cheaper than they are.

00:58:39   Because these are still pretty pricey.

00:58:41   That's the biggest bummer to me, I think.

00:58:43   How do you adjust volume and stuff?

00:58:47   So on the left ear cup, the B artwork has a button.

00:58:53   So you can press the top of it and it will get louder.

00:58:57   And you can press the bottom of it and it will get quieter.

00:59:00   I'm reaching for them.

00:59:01   And it's actually like the old iPod click wheel.

00:59:04   And it actually moves in and you can hear the click maybe.

00:59:06   [Clicking sound]

00:59:09   So you can actually click the button.

00:59:11   And that's nice that you can feel it.

00:59:13   I think that works a bit better than some of the AirPods.

00:59:16   You're sliding around or pinching or that sort of thing.

00:59:19   Well, because the AirPods Max has the crown, right?

00:59:23   Oh, yeah.

00:59:24   That's really nice as a volume adjustment.

00:59:27   And also as a button for play/pause that you can use.

00:59:30   You click it for play/pause.

00:59:31   And then it has the secondary side button looking thing for the ANC and transparency switch.

00:59:39   Yeah.

00:59:40   And it's funny, the Vision Pro basically uses those same two controls, but for very different things.

00:59:45   Yeah.

00:59:46   It's got a digital crown and a button on that thing.

00:59:48   What does the button do?

00:59:49   It takes the memory photos of your kid's birthday party.

00:59:55   Oh, yeah.

00:59:56   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:59:58   But just of your kid's birthday party.

01:00:00   It doesn't work otherwise.

01:00:01   It's actually locked to just the birthdays of your children.

01:00:04   It has a scene recognition unless it's a birthday party and it's not going to work.

01:00:08   And it uses two factor with your calendar to confirm.

01:00:11   Yeah, to confirm, yes.

01:00:12   So people in the Discord obviously want to know how they sound.

01:00:15   They sound like beats.

01:00:17   There's a lot of low end.

01:00:18   There's a lot of high end.

01:00:19   There's not much in the middle.

01:00:21   Would you say they're pretty muddy or crunchy?

01:00:23   I would say it's velvety, but velvety, but punchy and maybe a little spiky.

01:00:29   But kind of rounded.

01:00:30   And how many X's does it have?

01:00:33   I would say it's full like 5X.

01:00:36   If you were to compare these headphones to an animal, which one would it be?

01:00:40   A Hyena.

01:00:41   And how's the sound stage by any chance?

01:00:44   I would say the sound stage is captivating, but ultimately artificial.

01:00:53   Can you feel the tannins when you listen to music?

01:00:58   Do they make you tired or what?

01:01:01   I fell out of my chair.

01:01:02   After Thanksgiving dinner, would they make you fall asleep?

01:01:05   They would, but they look really good with like Thanksgiving-y, you know, sort of decorations

01:01:10   because of the brown.

01:01:11   The brown.

01:01:12   Would you give these headphones to your best friend or your best enemy?

01:01:17   I think I'd give them to, you know, just like a person I saw walking down the street.

01:01:21   But is it a graduation present or a wedding present?

01:01:24   I would say graduation present.

01:01:26   Kids like the bass.

01:01:27   So you're waiting in line at the DMV.

01:01:30   Do you put this on or do you put on AirPods Pro?

01:01:33   I'd put on Vision Pro at the DMV, I think.

01:01:35   Okay.

01:01:36   Because it's the last place you want to be.

01:01:38   All right.

01:01:39   So, seriously, are they fun to listen to music to?

01:01:43   Yeah, they are.

01:01:44   I mean, if you listen to the kind of music...

01:01:47   All my answers are very clear.

01:01:48   I don't know why you need to circle back on this.

01:01:50   Some people don't understand audio, so you've got to put it in different terms.

01:01:54   In practical terms, yes.

01:01:56   Yeah.

01:01:57   There's not a gold USB-C cable, so I would probably upgrade to a gold-plated cable.

01:02:02   Clearly, you need that.

01:02:04   No, I mean, if you listen to music that sounds good, punchy, with a bunch of low and highs,

01:02:09   then it sounds great for sort of modern music like that.

01:02:13   Now, they are not like neutral reference headphones you're going to listen to Apple Music classical with.

01:02:19   If you were a Beats person before, I don't think this really changes that part of the equation.

01:02:26   I don't know.

01:02:28   I kind of feel like I would totally get along with somebody who's going to listen to Apple Music classical wearing Beats.

01:02:33   I mean, they do, lossless.

01:02:36   They are my kind of people.

01:02:40   Arguably, these are the best headphones that Apple produces for classical music, right?

01:02:47   Because these are the only headphones that Apple sells that do lossless.

01:02:51   At the moment, yes.

01:02:52   Yeah, you don't hear any, I don't know what the middle part of the orchestra is.

01:02:55   You know, it's a lot of timpani, drums, and flutes.

01:02:58   You just get drums and trumpets.

01:03:00   Yeah, the bassoon is totally lost in the soundstage.

01:03:03   You lose it. I can't hear the bassoon in this mix.

01:03:06   If you could just adjust the equalizer, it would be good, please.

01:03:09   I still feel like I want these headphones.

01:03:14   There's no H-chip in these at all, which is quite peculiar, because previous Beats headphones...

01:03:20   Right. That's what does all the cool stuff that we want.

01:03:23   Yeah, and that's just weird, because other Beats headphones have done that.

01:03:28   And so, I like the fact that even Apple makes these kinds of weird considerations for whatever reason.

01:03:35   It's just like, it's all a bunch of trade-offs.

01:03:38   I will say, I think the reason these are such a big deal is because it really shows how bad of a value the AirPods Max are, at this point in their lives.

01:03:49   Well, I mean, I guess it depends, right?

01:03:51   Would you pay $200 for a digital crown for the fact that they turn off on their own for... what else?

01:03:58   A really cool case.

01:03:59   Maybe you want a strong neck. I don't know.

01:04:02   Never skips neck day.

01:04:04   I mean, there is a difference in features, right? And I guess you can choose what's most important to you in style.

01:04:09   Right? I don't think these are particularly stylish. I think AirPods Max have a style.

01:04:14   I don't know if it's good or bad, but they have a look to them.

01:04:18   Apple is fine with the look, because if you had a bunch of tables with Beats over the last eight years, they all kind of look the same.

01:04:25   And, as Zach points out, they don't do the inner device auto-switching.

01:04:29   I'm going to be completely honest, right? For me, if you put both of these together with the feature list, I would go AirPods Max.

01:04:38   Because there's just enough things that are missing that I enjoy that would annoy me.

01:04:43   I wouldn't like the fact that I have to click a physical button on the side of these things.

01:04:47   I'm not going to like that as I'm moving around or going to hear plastic creaking.

01:04:51   I've used Beats before. I know what it's like, right?

01:04:53   I would not like that it doesn't have the auto-switching, because I really like that a lot.

01:04:58   I wouldn't like the fact that I'd have to turn them off. That wouldn't annoy me.

01:05:02   There are enough things in there, I would still go AirPods Max.

01:05:08   Even though I know it's a worse deal, but I'm thinking about my long-term enjoyment with this product.

01:05:13   And I think I would get more long-term enjoyment out of the features and benefits that they have over the Beats.

01:05:19   Your mileage will vary, right?

01:05:20   Yeah, totally. And you can look at these and see what's coming for AirPods Max, assuming they update them at some point.

01:05:26   They'll move to USB-C, they'll do lossless over the cable.

01:05:30   I think all that's coming. It's just a matter of when they do it.

01:05:34   Maybe I think they do it after the iPhone goes USB-C.

01:05:37   So yeah, Beats Studio Pros. They're pretty good. That's the review.

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01:06:50   It's very confusing.

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01:07:17   Until next week guys, say goodbye.

01:07:19   Arrivederci.

01:07:20   Bruzchetta.

01:07:21   Bye y'all.