475: The 2023 September Event Draft


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 475 for September 4, 2023.

00:00:15   This episode is brought to you by Squarespace and TextExpander, and it is the draft for the iPhone event, the September event of 2023.

00:00:25   I am one of your competitors.

00:00:26   I am Mike Hurley, and I am joined by my co-host and co-competitor, Jason Snell.

00:00:33   Who let that marching band in here? Was it you?

00:00:36   Well, the summer is over.

00:00:37   They are the as known as the official end of summer marching band because the summer of fun is over.

00:00:43   We say goodbye to the summer as we now enter the fall of content.

00:00:48   They are also the summer is about to begin marching band if you think about it.

00:00:53   It's a different band.

00:00:54   Oh, it's they literally there's a second band that plays exactly identical music.

00:00:58   We have the summer of fun marching band and then the end of summer marching band.

00:01:03   They are two different marching bands.

00:01:03   I think they just walk around the corner, change their uniforms, march right back in.

00:01:07   Honestly, I think they're cashing their checks.

00:01:10   I don't care what they're doing, right?

00:01:11   But they have their specific jobs.

00:01:13   They wear the different uniforms and they're there's like they take the like the surf rock band and they push them.

00:01:20   They're on like a platform and they're just pushing them away.

00:01:22   Push them off?

00:01:22   Yeah.

00:01:23   Do they push them off the platform or do they push the platform away entirely?

00:01:26   I don't know what happens when they turn the corner.

00:01:28   All right.

00:01:29   More lore.

00:01:30   The upgrade lore is expanding.

00:01:31   It's canon.

00:01:32   It's canon.

00:01:32   That's canon.

00:01:33   I have a snow talk question for you, Jason Snow, and it comes from me as they sometimes do.

00:01:38   And I just want to know, are you ready to venture back to Apple Park?

00:01:41   I mean, technically I need a week because the event is a week from tomorrow.

00:01:50   Well, I don't mean now.

00:01:51   Should we record this? So I'm not ready right now, but yes, it would be great to be back at Apple Park and the Steve Jobs theater and watching, you know, it's a little weird because it's just watching a video on the screen now.

00:02:04   But then afterward that the hands on areas there and I'll see a lot of the same people I see.

00:02:09   I'll see some people that I don't normally see.

00:02:11   Um, are relay FM's own Steven Hackett is going to be there, right?

00:02:15   He sure is.

00:02:16   So the two of you will be on the ground.

00:02:18   I had the very surreal experience, which is something that I don't think I could have explained to myself of even five years ago that I was invited to go to the iPhone keynote and RSVP'd no, that I would not be going, which is a, it's a very surreal thing.

00:02:34   It is just as much as I want to be there with you and with Steven, because me and Steven have never been to a keynote together, so I thought that would be a sweet experience for some time. It's just something that I cannot do in good conscience right now.

00:02:48   Like, yeah, I've got too much going on this month and it would jeopardize too many other things that I've got happening.

00:02:54   And so like, I don't feel bad about it.

00:02:57   Like it's a shame, but like I feel good in knowing I made the right decision.

00:03:01   So like, I feel like I made the right decision.

00:03:04   So next year, should you just plan to spend September in America and just do it that way?

00:03:10   This is a conversation that me and Steven are probably going to have, right, about like timing, because like we are able to set the timing of a lot of things.

00:03:18   That's true.

00:03:19   Maybe there is a way to time this, to time stuff a little bit different, but it's also like you're timing against something that you have no idea when it's going to happen. So it's always pretty complicated.

00:03:29   It's true.

00:03:30   You see, I mean, I also am not going to, I don't really feel like making an entire decision, like plan a decision for something that might not even happen next year.

00:03:39   It's true.

00:03:40   So.

00:03:41   It's true.

00:03:42   We'll see how it goes.

00:03:43   You know, it's very different, right?

00:03:45   As you say, if it was going to be like an in-person presentation, like I might have pushed a little harder and swung for it a little differently.

00:03:52   But as you say, really all that I feel like I'll be losing out on is the hands-on environment, right, because we're going to be watching the same video.

00:04:01   You'll just be in a different scene.

00:04:04   A different, yeah, a different location.

00:04:05   Now, why are you so busy?

00:04:07   This is a transition, Mike.

00:04:08   Why are you so busy this month?

00:04:09   I love that.

00:04:10   I am so busy this month as we are, I think, all so busy this month because we are raising money for the kids of St. Jude.

00:04:18   As once again at Relay FM, we come together during September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

00:04:23   For the fifth year in a row, the Relay FM community is moving together, like joining together to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:04:32   Their life-saving work is very important.

00:04:34   It's very simple.

00:04:35   They will work until no child dies from cancer.

00:04:38   And we support that.

00:04:39   And I know our listeners support it too because we have currently raised $152,000.

00:04:45   It is September 4th, and we are raising money throughout all of September.

00:04:50   With your support, we'll be one step closer to the day that no child will die from cancer.

00:04:54   One cure closer, one child closer.

00:04:57   We have been doing some stuff over the last couple of weeks.

00:05:00   You know, we spoke about this a little bit already, and the community has come together in a huge way to, I think, the last parts where we've been at any other point.

00:05:10   But this is just the beginning of our month-long campaign. St. Jude, they care for some of the world's sickest children regardless of their race, ethnicity, beliefs, or ability to pay.

00:05:21   Their patients receive customized care to make sure that they can treat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases, no matter what barriers that these children may face.

00:05:31   Because of its supporters, St. Jude can provide children with cutting-edge treatments not covered by insurance at no cost to families.

00:05:39   Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing, or food, meaning that they can do the one thing that matters most, to focus on helping the child live.

00:05:49   This September, join Relay FM and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in recognizing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by honoring those impacted by childhood cancer.

00:05:58   And the way that you can honor them is with your money.

00:06:01   Go to stjude.org/relay. It is as simple as that. This costs money, and it is donors like you who help make this whole thing possible to change what it means for a child to survive when they are diagnosed with cancer.

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00:08:08   Jason, we are here today for the draft.

00:08:12   We are.

00:08:13   I would like to go through the rules as they are written.

00:08:16   Okay.

00:08:17   This year we are going to have 10 rounds in the draft. There's 20 overall picks within the two of us. The draft will be split into three categories. We're going to have iPhone picks, Apple watch picks and other picks.

00:08:29   The winner of the previous draft will get the first pick. That is the reward and that person was me.

00:08:34   The items that we will be picking from are chosen from a predetermined list of choices which we have both agreed could be verifiable on screen and not ridiculously obvious.

00:08:46   As for an item to count, it must either clearly be announced on stage or on a slide during the presentation. The draft is scored purely from the beginning to the end of the keynote presentation.

00:08:57   Right. The content. I guess we could change this. I mean it's the content of the video. It must be. So if we say they introduced this processor. Like one of our picks is a three nanometer processor, right?

00:09:08   They basically have to say three nanometer somewhere in the video, right? Otherwise we don't know and we can't go outside of the content of the film, I guess they call it now. That's not going to happen.

00:09:21   So it has to be based on the content of the presentation. That's what we're judging here.

00:09:25   Indeed. Stephen Hackett will adjudicate in case of any scoring stalemate between Jason and I and I'm going to have spies on the ground at Apple Park to make sure that no money changes hands between the two of you.

00:09:36   It's all on the up and up. I'm going to have my spies there. No partial points are awarded, just four points only. Something's either correct or incorrect.

00:09:44   The points awarded on the episode of final and will be finalized during the scoring segment. In the case of a tie, there is a tiebreaker question. The loser gets pick of the tiebreaker.

00:09:54   This is something that I always forget. Is that, does that mean you get the tiebreaker question and then I have to say over or under? Is that what that means? I forget this every time.

00:10:03   Yes, that's basically what it means. Traditionally, we choose the runtime of the presentation as the over under.

00:10:13   And so you get to say what the runtime will be and then I get to say over or under on that. Is that correct?

00:10:20   No, no, I think, is that it? Yeah, I think so. I pick the over under margin and then you choose higher or lower.

00:10:29   The winner becomes draft champion and they display the champion pennant as I have behind me right now.

00:10:35   The loser becomes the draft challenger and displays the challenger pennant, which Jason has behind him.

00:10:42   You can find an interactive scorecard for this so you can score along during the keynote next week over upgrade.cards.

00:10:50   This is courtesy of the wonderful discord moderator, Zach Knox. Thank you, Zach, for your continued efforts in making the draft a interactive experience for the upgradeians.

00:11:01   You can also pick up your own draft T-shirt at upgradeyourwardrobe.com. This is available all year round if you would like one of your own.

00:11:10   I'm going to run through some previous results. So far for this year, there's just been one draft, which is abnormal. There's usually one in the spring, but it wasn't this year.

00:11:20   And I won that. It was the WBC draft in previous September events. You have won all of them except 2022.

00:11:29   It's the only time that I won that event. You're on a bit of a winning streak here. So, yeah, I'm doing pretty well.

00:11:35   So I'm expecting it to end. We'll see. Obviously, I had the advantage, right? This is the advantage I get first picks, but it doesn't mean the tides can't turn as they have turned in the past.

00:11:45   That's right. It's true.

00:11:47   The tiebreaker then. So, what would you like to set as the tiebreaker?

00:11:53   Well, I am going to put... So they leave a two-hour slot, but they don't always fill it.

00:11:59   And in fact, last time, the presentation was 95 minutes long. I am going to set the presentation over/under at 93 minutes.

00:12:16   This is very complicated.

00:12:21   Uh-huh.

00:12:24   So last year, right, was it just the iPhones and just Apple Watches, basically?

00:12:31   They also did the new AirPods.

00:12:33   Yeah. And so, the problem these days is trying to work out what the product balance is going to be.

00:12:40   Where last year, they spent a lot more time on the Apple Watch because they had the Ultra.

00:12:45   Now, we're not expecting that this time, but we're expecting maybe a bigger iPhone presentation because they're going to have some new stuff there.

00:12:52   So that might like rebalance it a little bit.

00:12:56   Where like maybe there's not a lot of time spent for the watch, but there might be more time spent for the iPhones this time than there was before.

00:13:04   I think you're exploring the two ways to view runtime, right? Which is how much do they have to talk about?

00:13:09   And then there's almost a filler, kind of an inflationary expansion kind of thing, which is how...

00:13:16   Right? Because they're not going to do a 30-minute presentation. So it's sort of a, what do they feel like they can do to get their money's worth?

00:13:24   So you stack up, I feel like you stack up the blocks of like the product announcement saying that gives you, like it did with WWDC, it gives you kind of a minimum of like, oh, well, they've got a lot or they've got less than they did.

00:13:35   And then there's the more intangible question, which is, you know, if all they have are the phones and the watch and the watch didn't change very much,

00:13:44   but they've got some new stuff for the phones, it becomes a question of like, well, how much time do they give to periscope lenses, right?

00:13:53   How much time do they give to that stuff? How much time do they give to USB-C or whatever to kind of puff it up?

00:14:00   Because I don't expect that this is going to be a tight 60, right? It seems unlikely.

00:14:06   I'm going to say this could be on the longer side. So I'm going to say over 93 minutes.

00:14:18   Okay? I'm going that way purely on like, this is, no matter what else is in there, this is the iPhone event, right? Like that's what this is.

00:14:26   Like you can put anything else in it. You can have the Apple Watch Ultra in there, but this is the iPhone event.

00:14:31   And I think this year is going to be a bigger story for at least one iPhone model. And so I think they're going to take the time to tell that.

00:14:38   I think that's right. I mean, I obviously set this at a point where I have a hard time picking.

00:14:44   I think there's a chance that it's a lot shorter just because they don't have as much to do it.

00:14:48   Clearly there's, Zach Knox points out like 2021 was 78 minutes. It was a lot shorter.

00:14:55   So they can make it shorter, but I think that there's also this whole idea that you want to get your money's worth.

00:15:01   The world is watching. You want to set the presentation. And it's also possible. I don't remember, but like sometimes when those presentations are short,

00:15:09   it feels like it's because something came out, right? Like they're like, no, we can't announce that to take that out.

00:15:14   Also, sometimes we have a level of presentation that is surprising. Last year, I was really surprised at how much time.

00:15:23   Remember that video they did for the AirPods where like the woman who's introducing them is like on the subway and she's out outside.

00:15:32   And then she goes into a cafe and she's demoing all of those things. Well, I'll remind everybody that at WWDC,

00:15:40   they announced some new noise processing features for the AirPods firmware and AirPods as primarily iPhone accessories.

00:15:50   This would be a time to reestablish that and talk about it. Even if they're just making a minor update to the AirPods, just the case or whatever also lets them kind of like go through that.

00:15:59   So there's plenty of opportunity for this to balloon up to above 93 minutes. I don't really know. So it's, I mean, that's the beauty of the over under thing, right?

00:16:08   It's kind of a, I'm just setting the bar at where I think it's going to be hard and then you make a hard decision and we see.

00:16:14   And if I set the bar badly, then that's bad for me. And otherwise, that's the beauty of it. It's either over or it's not.

00:16:22   I think this is going to be on the longest. I think last year, I think it really showed that they, like I said, they were flexing with the visual presentation and I expect that to continue.

00:16:33   I think we saw it at WWDC with the Vision Pro part of the demo was like visually very interesting.

00:16:39   And I think they're going to do that again. And all of that means that they can take their time a bit more if it's not just people standing in front of screens for an hour and 25 minutes, right?

00:16:48   Never underestimate Apple's ability to talk about photography for a long time.

00:16:54   A long time. But you know, like we're going to talk about obviously the things we're expecting, but the entire iPhone lineup is going to get a bit of a shake up this year.

00:17:03   And this should be seen as one of the bigger years for the iPhone. And so I expect that to be reflected in the amount of time they spend talking about it.

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00:19:17   So we move now into the first round. The iPhone picks.

00:19:23   So I have my little list. So I go through this morning. I take a look at our list that we've worked out over the last week.

00:19:32   When on the end of last week's episode we realized, oh my God, we need to draft next week most likely.

00:19:37   And then we then we sprang to work putting the list together.

00:19:41   So I have my little short list here and my first pick is going to be USB-C announced on all models of iPhone.

00:19:50   All right. It's time.

00:19:53   Yeah, it's time. I mean, arguments could be made about why they're doing it now, but realistically, this is the right move for everyone.

00:20:02   Who doesn't want this? You know what I mean? Let's get rid of one more cable in our lives and go all USB-C.

00:20:08   It is a vastly superior connector in my opinion, just because I have them everywhere.

00:20:14   And the lightning cable, I just, you know, I'm losing it. I don't know where that thing is. Get out of here.

00:20:20   I was struck by Mark Gurman's newsletter this week. We didn't do a rumor roundup.

00:20:28   He didn't really have anything new to report. So he sort of like played pundit a little bit.

00:20:33   And I thought I was surprised where he was trying to contribute to the discourse that we that Gruber wrote about it.

00:20:40   I wrote about it about like how the general public is going to react to this change.

00:20:44   And I think the answer is going to be that I mean negatively because I was still hearing like, oh, Apple, they just keep changing the cables.

00:20:51   And like people's stand up comedy routines several years, like a couple of years ago. And it's been 11 years, right?

00:20:58   Like it's a thing. It's a meme. It's going to get heightened again.

00:21:02   I think it's going to slide away faster this time because I think the conditions are very different. But the fact is it's going to be a thing.

00:21:07   I was surprised that Mark Gurman also said something about how people will be mad because they will have invested in a bunch of lightning accessories that don't work.

00:21:16   And I don't know. I feel like that's overstated and that there's less of that and that a lot of accessories are invalid between iPhone versions anyway.

00:21:29   And a lot of people have already learned their lesson from all of those clock radios that were in hotels that use the dock connector.

00:21:39   I think that everybody is either, you know, there's a lot of USB-C out there. There's a lot of lightning or USB-C out there.

00:21:48   And there's a lot of swapping a cable kind of stuff. Right.

00:21:52   And so I think it's going to be less of an issue. But Mark leaned into the whole Apple doesn't want to do this.

00:21:57   They just wanted to wait until they made the portless iPhone. And I kind of rolled my eyes at that.

00:22:02   It's like a portless iPhone is kind of a dream. And even when it comes, I think it's going to be, you know, portless except for a magnetic connector that Apple makes that does data.

00:22:13   Right. Like it's going to not really be portless. It's going to be sort of like plug in a plug.

00:22:18   And I've always been skeptical of that report. So I think I you know, again, I'm sure there are people inside Apple and maybe these are the people Mark Gurman is talking to.

00:22:26   Who are like, we just we didn't want to do this with stupid EU and all that. And like, I think he's overstating it.

00:22:32   Honestly, I think that this is a logical step for them. And they were forced into a timeline by the EU.

00:22:40   And but I would say that's if that's the case that Apple really just planned on using lightning until many years down the line when it finally could invent a portless iPhone.

00:22:49   I'm glad they got forced into it because this is a better situation. Everybody's got USB-C stuff.

00:22:54   It will be a transition that will be a little bit painful for some people, but a lot less painful, I think, than the last one.

00:23:00   So, I mean, I don't even know if I believe the forced into narrative because we like we have to all agree on a thing here because we all apparently agree that it takes multiple years to design an iPhone.

00:23:12   Right. Like that's an agreement that we all seem to have made together of like, well, they can't make any changes because they have been planned multiple years in advance.

00:23:19   What so they could have like six months ago just been like, oh, better pull that lightning cable out of it. Like, no, like, you know, they've been planning to put this on there for at least a year before that thing came down from the European Union.

00:23:31   Like this has just been the route that they were going on. Or at least have maybe for multiple years had it running in parallel. Right.

00:23:38   Of like, this is a thing that we might do and it's a different design for the phone.

00:23:42   Yeah, I think I mean, honestly, I think there was that conversation they had shortly after they introduced lightning, which was USB-C was coming then, but it wasn't ready when they did lightning.

00:23:51   And then USB-C comes along. They're like, well, you know, we already committed to this. And honestly, I think they would have switched sooner if there hadn't been such an outcry and so much negative publicity about the connection, the dock connector to lightning switch.

00:24:06   Where they're like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we can't, we can't do it yet. And they're finally going to rip the bandaid off and great, I'm glad they're going to do it. But I would actually say this would have happened sooner if they hadn't gotten beaten up so much about the lightning switch.

00:24:21   And there's going to be so many articles written about this. Right. Because there are publications, you know, like the world media is like hungry.

00:24:31   You don't believe what Apple's doing again.

00:24:33   But we, I think we all have to be sensible about this and realize that like, this is very different to when they did it the last time. Like they went from one proprietary connector to another proprietary connector where this time they're going from a proprietary connector to a cable that people already have in their home for something else that they own.

00:24:52   Yeah. An established standard. Also, I don't think this gets talked about enough. Eleven years ago, people were attaching their phones to their computers to sync stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody, I mean, sorry to those who still do that, but nobody does.

00:25:06   Nobody does that. That era has ended. It's a charging cable. Maybe it's a cable for your carplay or something. And again, it's a cable swap, right? People very rarely is something designed,

00:25:21   like there's no car place so far as I know where there's like a little dock with a lightning welded into it. Like a hard wired lightning cable. Exactly. Yeah, exactly.

00:25:31   Instead, it's a USB plug and you would just take your USB lightning plug out and put in the USB to USB-C plug and it works. I'm sure they're going to be edge cases, but yeah, the scenarios are really different now than they were 11 years ago when the last time, you know, the last time that the switch happened.

00:25:50   Before upgrade. That's how long ago it was. That's forever ago. Ancient history. Before Relay FM existed. Yeah. With my pick in the first round, I'm also going to go with something that I, I mean, firmly expect to happen, which is a transition from stainless steel to titanium.

00:26:09   I don't know why I said it that way. I just thought it would be exciting. Presenting titanium in this, a better lighter metal that is going to be much nicer for pro phones than that heavy old stainless steel.

00:26:23   This isn't your father's iPhone. This one, sir, is titanium. This was my second pick. This is going to be my second pick. Like this one is, these two, they feel sun. Right? They feel right. Yeah, they do.

00:26:38   And I'm excited about this. I'm intrigued to see truly what a titanium iPhone would feel like. Like people talk about it being lighter and I, and I want, I'm really intrigued to see what it feels like to hold the stainless steel and the iPhone and the titanium iPhones, like in each hand and see how they feel next to each other.

00:26:59   I'll report back on Tuesday. Yeah, I'm intrigued. This is one of those things where I feel like we've, it's been built up so much that like when we actually do it, it's not going to feel that excellent. You know, it's not going to feel that different because the hype is too high at this point.

00:27:13   Right. And you're going to be looking for the, the, the weight difference and it'll be different, but like how different and we'll argue about like, can you really tell? And you'll probably, that'll literally probably be a conversation we have in our next episode.

00:27:26   Jason, did you feel the titanium phone and how does it compare to the, the, the pro and all of that? And we'll, we'll find out. But titanium, like I was thinking again about how two years ago I did myself a, I gave myself a little treat cause it was just my and Lauren's wedding anniversary.

00:27:47   And I got her a nice thing a couple of years ago. Like I'm not going to go into the details, but I got her like a piece of like a jewelry upgrade essentially.

00:27:59   And it always comes up when these things happen of like, what is my equivalent of that? What would I get? Cause I am mostly other than a wedding ring, other than a wedding band, I am completely unadorned. Right.

00:28:11   and I had a flash of insight and I thought, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna get the titanium apple watch in black.

00:28:21   And here's the thing, Mike. I love it. I love it. I love the titanium. I love how it looks. I love how light it is.

00:28:30   For people who don't know, this is one of the Series watches. This is not the Ultra.

00:28:34   This was, they had titanium in the Edition line before.

00:28:37   Seven? I don't even remember what series it is. It's two years ago, Series.

00:28:43   So, I love it. And, so, more titanium. Titanium all the things, is what I say.

00:28:51   Because it's, as we learned on this podcast from experts, who are listeners, titanium, anodizable, into various colors.

00:29:02   We've come a long way from the paint, the silver paint on the titanium power book. And I'm really looking forward to entering the titanium iPhone era.

00:29:10   Alright, my second pick is the Pro Max/Ultra, depending on what it's called. Maybe that's giving away a potential pick.

00:29:20   Large high-end phone.

00:29:21   Nondescript large high-end phone to gain a new camera with increased telephoto zoom. Aka Periscope lens.

00:29:33   Right, like this is the biggest phone will get some kind of new camera module and it will enable a larger zoom.

00:29:42   You know, people said it's somewhere between 5, 6x instead of 3.

00:29:47   I'm intrigued to see what it will end up actually being like, but that's what I'm expecting.

00:29:54   Yeah, more zoom on the big one. Now, I have a question for you, which is, what happens if there's an increased telephoto zoom on both the Max/Ultra and the non-Pro?

00:30:08   Well, I mean, this pick isn't only.

00:30:10   Okay.

00:30:11   Right, it's just saying that that phone will get it.

00:30:14   Okay, alright.

00:30:15   Well, that's good for you.

00:30:19   Yeah.

00:30:20   Some of them are onlys.

00:30:24   Yeah, I think it feels, nobody's saying it for sure, but it sure feels like there's a big camera upgrade in the offing here.

00:30:36   Right?

00:30:37   This is the thing that, honestly, people have been talking about Apple experimenting with a Periscope lens.

00:30:42   The idea here, again, is it's pure optics. You're increasing the depth of the, I'm not a physicist, but it's increasing the length of the lens, essentially, by having a much longer run than the thickness of the camera or of the phone.

00:31:01   So, the only way you can do that is by turning it on its side.

00:31:03   So, they have a mirror, it goes down and you can actually have the camera housing run, the actual optics run further down.

00:31:10   And it's a big deal. Samsung has done it. I think other phone makers have done it. Apple hasn't done it.

00:31:16   But they've been rumored to be experimenting with it for years.

00:31:19   And it feels like this is the time when we're going to see it in that one high-end phone that's got the space and this is going to be there.

00:31:28   On MacBreak Weekly, Leo Laporte likes to bring out this photo he shot that's taken from a bluff, I think, on the ocean over to another bluff.

00:31:40   And he keeps zooming in. And it was taken with one of these, I think, Samsung Periscope phones.

00:31:45   And it's amazing because it's this really far away bluff across. It's like a landscape.

00:31:51   And you keep zooming in and eventually you can literally see that there is a guy on that landscape looking back, holding a camera.

00:31:59   It's pretty impressive, right? And some of that is digital zoom with cleanup.

00:32:04   But this is how Apple will do it too, probably, is that they will have an increased optical zoom.

00:32:11   And then there will be some digital zoom with using the sensors to clean it up and make it look pretty good.

00:32:19   And I can't wait to see it because this could be just a huge step forward for iPhone users in terms of photography.

00:32:27   I'm trying to reserve my excitement because I got overexcited about the 48 megapixel sensor.

00:32:36   I thought last year that the new sensor going into the iPhone was going to be a huge step change, like one we hadn't seen in a long time.

00:32:46   And I would say that that did not happen.

00:32:49   There is a big change that you can unlock with given the right tools and the right circumstances.

00:32:56   But I don't think that it has made a very noticeable big jump from the previous system.

00:33:04   So I'm expecting there to be a difference. But how big a difference will that be? I don't know.

00:33:12   Also, like how much will I want to use it? I don't know. Right?

00:33:16   Like, am I going to be frustrated by the fact that I have now like one, two and six?

00:33:23   Like, is that going to be too much?

00:33:25   Right. And all those intermediate steps. And will that be frustrating?

00:33:29   Yeah. Like, do you know when you're at four what's happening and how that's being captured?

00:33:34   And do you feel OK about that?

00:33:36   And I think that those are all good questions.

00:33:39   So good. I applaud you for reserving your enthusiasm over that one.

00:33:43   Yeah. All right. What's your second pick?

00:33:47   I think this is pretty certain. But the question is about the stagecraft more than anything else.

00:33:51   But I'm going to pick that the three nanometer chip, the new three nanometer chip is only in the high end phones.

00:33:58   You know, this is a bowl. I think this bowl for round two. I had this in my shortlist.

00:34:03   My judgment was reserved by the case of like, we may know this to be accurate,

00:34:09   but it relies on three nanome of being described in the presentation, which maybe.

00:34:18   But I mean, I could have I could change this to be new chip only in the high end phone.

00:34:26   But now we're making you know, now we're going in.

00:34:28   But I think this is the right way to do it.

00:34:31   I think the only question is, do they describe that it's using a new three nanometer process?

00:34:37   And honestly, I think they do. I think we're going to see there's picks later,

00:34:41   but I think we're going down into the chip lab or it's stagecraft equivalent of that.

00:34:46   However they choose to do it, maybe they'll fly into space and Johnny Scrooge will be in space going,

00:34:51   "Hey, three nanometers!" I don't know.

00:34:53   But I do know that it's pretty that they're using the new three nanometer chip.

00:34:59   And they'll probably only put in the high end phones because they'll do the thing that they do now,

00:35:03   starting last year where they'll roll down the last generation chip into the low end models,

00:35:10   but the high end models will get the new chip. So the question is really, do they say three nanometer?

00:35:13   I think they will. - I can see it happening,

00:35:16   but I don't have 100% confidence in it too, you know?

00:35:21   - Well, I'm at the point where I don't have 100% confidence in any of these.

00:35:27   So I'm left with the first three I felt pretty good about.

00:35:31   Now we're at four. Hmm. All right.

00:35:33   So that's mine. Three nanometer chip only in the high end phones.

00:35:36   Not going to bring it down, but they are going to say that it's a three nanometer chip.

00:35:40   All right. My third round pick is, this is something I was referencing earlier

00:35:44   where I feel like this is going to be a year where the entire line gets some big upgrades.

00:35:50   And I think that that will come in the form of the Dynamic Island coming to all announced phones.

00:35:55   So that was next on my list.

00:35:57   The regular iPhone 15 will also get the Dynamic Island.

00:36:01   I think that that is something that will just make the phones look different, right?

00:36:08   Like even if the bodies stay the same,

00:36:11   the rumors are suggesting will be the case, right?

00:36:13   That the iPhone 15 is going to, when the screen is off,

00:36:17   look like the previous iPhone 14.

00:36:19   But when the screen is on, it's going to have the Dynamic Island.

00:36:22   And I think it will make an effect.

00:36:24   I think it will be something that maybe people are aware of,

00:36:27   that there are iPhones that have it, but theirs maybe doesn't.

00:36:30   And that maybe if the next phone that they upgrade to will,

00:36:33   that it will make it feel like a more modern iPhone.

00:36:37   Yeah, I think the risk here is,

00:36:40   in my mental model of what all the iPhone rumors are,

00:36:44   I feel less certain about this.

00:36:47   I think it's one of those things that feels to me

00:36:49   like we all assume this is what they're going to do.

00:36:51   And because it's the lower end model and all of that,

00:36:55   like remember we had all of those rumors

00:36:57   about like the new cutouts on the iPhone last year.

00:37:01   And it turned out that they weren't hole punches.

00:37:03   They were the Dynamic Island.

00:37:05   And yet I don't feel like we've talked about that at all

00:37:08   about the lower end iPhones.

00:37:10   But I do kind of assume there was a report that said,

00:37:14   no, no, no, it's going to come to all of them.

00:37:16   Because there were some people who were saying

00:37:18   the Dynamic Island was going to remain a pro feature.

00:37:21   And then there was a report that said,

00:37:22   no, that's not the case.

00:37:24   It also makes sense.

00:37:24   I think it's good and I think Apple likes it.

00:37:26   And I think it's a differentiator of the iPhone

00:37:29   as a product line, not of pro iPhones.

00:37:33   So I believe, I believe. - It serves function, right?

00:37:36   Live activities become more interesting and more useful.

00:37:39   Live activities are an extension of notifications,

00:37:43   which is an incredibly important part of it.

00:37:44   - And you want them everywhere.

00:37:44   - You want them everywhere.

00:37:45   - For developers to embrace them,

00:37:48   the more phones that have the Dynamic Island,

00:37:50   the more they're going to say, okay,

00:37:51   we need to prioritize what we're doing

00:37:53   for the Dynamic Island.

00:37:54   And yeah, actually in the last year,

00:37:57   we don't do like exit interviews here,

00:38:00   but I will say I have primarily been using a pro phone

00:38:05   this last year.

00:38:07   And I switch around 'cause I've got some review units

00:38:13   and then I've got the one that I own.

00:38:15   And I'll say this, the thing that makes me

00:38:18   not want to go back, not want to leave the pro model

00:38:22   is the Dynamic Island because I do use it,

00:38:25   especially when I'm traveling and I'm using Flighty.

00:38:28   And I just, I like having it there.

00:38:30   I really do.

00:38:31   - It's just a pleasant feature.

00:38:32   - Yeah, more could be done with it for sure.

00:38:34   More could be done with it.

00:38:36   And I hope more is done with it on the software side.

00:38:38   But like one way that all of that happens

00:38:41   is that it needs to be not on one or two models of phone.

00:38:45   It needs to be on now an additional four models.

00:38:49   So it'll be six different phones

00:38:50   that have the Dynamic Island.

00:38:52   That's better, right?

00:38:53   Now we're getting somewhere.

00:38:54   That's my turn now.

00:38:56   - Yup.

00:38:59   - This is a tough one

00:39:00   'cause I feel like I've left the area of certainty now.

00:39:05   Or near certainty, nigh certain items

00:39:09   and have entered the more hazy items.

00:39:14   - The wilderness, the wilderness of Drawsby.

00:39:16   - I am, I'm out in the wilderness now.

00:39:18   I'm, oh boy.

00:39:23   How do, what do I want to do here?

00:39:27   I am going to say,

00:39:30   I'm gonna bet on a thing that I've learned

00:39:35   through the years that happens and ruins the book

00:39:42   that I write about the Photos app,

00:39:43   which is a pro phone gets a camera software feature

00:39:48   other phones do not have.

00:39:52   Because there's usually one, right?

00:39:54   There's usually something where it's like,

00:39:55   oh, and now you have this mode.

00:39:57   And honestly, if there's a super zoom,

00:40:00   all of that, right? - Yeah, this one's actually

00:40:01   pretty easy.

00:40:02   Like if we, in a sense of like,

00:40:04   if we can agree that the telephone or zoom seems obvious,

00:40:08   then this one's a lock, right?

00:40:11   - Yeah, I suppose so.

00:40:11   I mean, the question is just like,

00:40:13   it comes down to the details of the interface

00:40:15   and how they show it.

00:40:16   And if there is, like, there's a clarity

00:40:18   where they're like, oh, and you enter this mode.

00:40:20   And it's like, well, there you go.

00:40:21   It's a new mode and I have to update my book.

00:40:23   - Well, let's have a conversation now then,

00:40:26   actually about this.

00:40:27   Like if the iPhone ultra or Pro Max has a button

00:40:32   that says 6X rather than three,

00:40:35   is that a software feature? - It's not a new feature.

00:40:37   - All right, cool.

00:40:37   So there has to be like...

00:40:39   - I think, yeah, just changing the label

00:40:41   is my sneaky way of saying that there's an increased zoom.

00:40:44   And that's not what I'm trying to do here.

00:40:45   I'm trying to say that there will be some other thing

00:40:47   in the UI or a thing you have to enable or something

00:40:50   from one of the Pro phones, probably the high-end model.

00:40:54   I know it's a little bit squishy,

00:40:55   but the way I view this is I finished my update

00:40:59   to my photos book, take control of photos,

00:41:03   gotta name it, and handed it in.

00:41:06   And we agreed that it's basically done

00:41:08   and we're holding it because probably

00:41:11   they're gonna show something at the iPhone event

00:41:13   that makes me go, okay, all right, I need to change that.

00:41:15   And it will be in the camera.

00:41:17   It might be something big, right?

00:41:18   They might have like a whole new mode.

00:41:20   Sometimes they introduce new modes.

00:41:22   Photographic styles was a new mode they just threw in.

00:41:26   - It could be a new file format, right?

00:41:29   I feel like that would count, I think.

00:41:30   - Right, there's lots of stuff here.

00:41:32   So we'll just keep an eye on it.

00:41:34   But I feel like every year this happens.

00:41:37   So I'm gonna pick it.

00:41:38   - I like the idea of the way to score this

00:41:42   is does Jason have to reopen his draft file

00:41:45   to take control of photos?

00:41:47   Like there's something funny about that to me.

00:41:49   (laughing)

00:41:51   So this is, I get a point for it at least.

00:41:53   I'll be, in that moment, I'll be like, hey, I get a point.

00:41:56   Oh God, I gotta update the story now, the book.

00:41:58   All right, fine, fine.

00:42:00   - This one is, so my fourth round pick here.

00:42:04   Okay, I mentioned I have my little short list, right?

00:42:10   - Yes.

00:42:11   - And I rank the short list in a likely order.

00:42:16   But what always happens is when I relook at it now,

00:42:18   like in the cold light of podcast recording,

00:42:22   I move things around.

00:42:23   - Yeah, you're like, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:42:24   - Yeah, and I'm moving one around.

00:42:25   - That's much riskier than I thought.

00:42:26   Okay.

00:42:27   - To which I feel pretty confident in,

00:42:30   which is Apple touts a new design for the Pro phones.

00:42:36   - That's a good one.

00:42:37   I thought about that one too.

00:42:40   - It's complicated, right?

00:42:42   This is another one where it's like,

00:42:43   you have to believe it when we see it.

00:42:45   And it's, you know, but I think--

00:42:46   - And it's stagecraft, right?

00:42:48   - Is the new Pro phone going to look different enough

00:42:52   that they touted as a new design, as opposed to being,

00:42:56   and we're gonna have to judge this ourselves as we do.

00:43:00   It's a gentlemanly agreement to judge these things.

00:43:02   But like really what it comes down to is,

00:43:05   is Apple saying, well, we, like saying,

00:43:07   oh, it's got a new material for the frame, it's titanium.

00:43:11   Like, well, that's not a new design.

00:43:12   That's a change in the frame.

00:43:14   They need to really say and lean into,

00:43:18   we got, this is one of those years

00:43:19   where there's a new design, essentially.

00:43:21   They need to really kind of like hit that point.

00:43:23   - There are words we're looking for,

00:43:25   like refine and all that kind of stuff, right?

00:43:27   To like suggest that this one,

00:43:31   they are saying does not look like the other one,

00:43:33   whether we believe it to be true or not.

00:43:35   And there've been enough rumors of this, I think,

00:43:39   that you could see it, like you piece it together, right?

00:43:41   We've heard like smaller bezels, we've heard new frame,

00:43:45   we've heard new buttons and we've heard curving on the glass

00:43:49   and maybe a different glass texture.

00:43:51   If you do take all of that stuff and put it together,

00:43:54   there's a story that you can tell about the fact

00:43:56   that this phone has a new design.

00:43:59   - It looks different.

00:44:00   - Yeah, and I believe Apple will always,

00:44:03   if they can, try to lean on that

00:44:05   because they know it sells more phones when they do.

00:44:09   - They do, they do.

00:44:11   - Both round pick for Jason Snow.

00:44:14   - It's getting harder and harder.

00:44:16   Yikes.

00:44:20   There are a lot of things on here that are like,

00:44:24   it could happen, it might happen,

00:44:26   but I'm not like super confident.

00:44:31   - We also have some very picky things.

00:44:34   - Yeah, and I have the,

00:44:39   I have one more pick after this

00:44:42   to do something a little bit wackier

00:44:44   or a little bit more daring.

00:44:46   So I'm gonna go a little less daring

00:44:47   and I'm just gonna get on

00:44:49   the color matched USB-C cables bandwagon.

00:44:52   - Okay, interesting.

00:44:54   - There will be some color matched USB-C cables,

00:44:56   not saying for which phone,

00:44:57   not saying whether they'll be in the box

00:44:59   or they'll be available separately,

00:45:00   but that they will mention the color matched

00:45:02   or we will see color matched USB-C cables.

00:45:05   - I went back to the vaults on this one.

00:45:07   So I was thinking, if they're gonna change it,

00:45:10   they're maybe gonna tell you

00:45:12   they're gonna put it in the box, right?

00:45:15   It's like, oh, you're gonna get a new cable.

00:45:17   But then I also thought,

00:45:18   will they, will they say we're gonna put a cable,

00:45:22   a color matched USB-C cable in the box and like show it?

00:45:25   You know what I mean?

00:45:26   - But is it gonna be in the box

00:45:27   or is it gonna be available for the pro phone?

00:45:29   I think they might do that, but like,

00:45:31   or are they just gonna be available

00:45:32   and we got a lot of colors and you can, you know,

00:45:34   I just feel like I like this story enough

00:45:37   to think that the color matched USB-C cables

00:45:39   will exist in some form and they will be mentioned.

00:45:41   I don't know the details.

00:45:43   Although, yeah, I would love it

00:45:44   if every iPhone gets a color matched cable in the box.

00:45:48   And somebody pointed out to me,

00:45:51   the beauty of that is also,

00:45:52   you'll know what your new iPhone cable looks like.

00:45:56   So from a like minimizing people getting frustrated about

00:46:00   like, oh, I picked up a lightning cable

00:46:02   instead of the cable for my phone.

00:46:04   The beauty of the, you know, not only will it be nice

00:46:06   and they say braided and like nice cable,

00:46:10   but the color matching means it will not look like

00:46:12   all of your white lightning cables and you'll be like,

00:46:14   aha, that's my phone cable.

00:46:17   So I like this story.

00:46:19   I'm gonna go with it.

00:46:20   I also have gone back and forth on it, but you know,

00:46:23   so we get later in the draft,

00:46:24   you start making rash decisions based on limited information.

00:46:28   That's just how it goes.

00:46:29   - Can I approach the bench for a clarification?

00:46:32   - Okay, I'm sitting in a chair and not a bench, but sure, yes.

00:46:35   - Can you go sit on your bench please?

00:46:38   - My microphone's not near there, unfortunately.

00:46:39   So I can't. - It's a shout.

00:46:41   So we have a pic that says color option added to at least

00:46:44   one of the pro phones is different to what we've seen before.

00:46:48   I think for this pic, it's gonna have to be like,

00:46:51   not a blue, not a green, right?

00:46:55   - I was willing to go with not a name used before.

00:47:00   - All right, that's good.

00:47:02   I like that.

00:47:03   - Right, so like if it truly is Titan gray or something,

00:47:08   that's new, it's Titan gray, isn't that a-

00:47:10   - But if they say like, titanium blue, right?

00:47:14   Like that's not like blue, like whatever the blue was,

00:47:18   but we had before, if it's like Titan green,

00:47:21   well, that's not safari green, which is what we have.

00:47:23   - Right, right, so it's just, we changed the name

00:47:25   and they say the name and it's a name we haven't heard

00:47:27   before attached to an iPhone.

00:47:29   That would be what that would be.

00:47:31   - My final pick is color option added to at least one

00:47:35   of the pro phones is different to what we've seen before.

00:47:37   Now, realistically, I think that this is a,

00:47:41   we're leaning into titanium and we're giving it a color,

00:47:44   but I'm covering my basis for if it's blue something, right?

00:47:49   Or green something.

00:47:50   - Sure.

00:47:51   - But I think that I'm leaning into the idea realistically

00:47:56   that they are going to have something which is closer

00:48:02   to in color for the whole phone,

00:48:05   what a raw titanium looks like, like the Apple watch ultra.

00:48:09   That's what I think that they will do that

00:48:11   because I think that they will know

00:48:13   and I think rightly know people will kind of dig that.

00:48:17   I think that we're gonna hear a lot about titanium

00:48:22   and I think that they will wanna celebrate

00:48:24   that they have titanium and that this is meant

00:48:26   to be something people are supposed to be excited about.

00:48:29   And so, this idea of there being a color of an iPhone,

00:48:34   which borrows from titanium in some way,

00:48:37   I think we're gonna see that happen.

00:48:39   - It's just nothing but it's pure titanium.

00:48:41   It's just purest of the natural color.

00:48:44   - They made a titanium screen, you can't use it,

00:48:46   but they thought you'd like it.

00:48:49   - Yeah, it's literally just a slab of titanium

00:48:51   you stick in your pocket.

00:48:52   - Yep, very light.

00:48:54   - All right, I'm gonna wrap it up.

00:48:56   I have a Boulder pic that I'm not gonna go with,

00:48:59   but I'm going with, I mean, again,

00:49:02   I'm just gonna go with it.

00:49:04   My percentage of liking it is lower now as we go on.

00:49:08   I'm gonna hop on the action button,

00:49:11   say at least one iPhone is gonna not have a mute switch,

00:49:14   it's gonna be a button.

00:49:15   - Yep.

00:49:17   - The rumors are out there.

00:49:18   I think it's one of those things where like,

00:49:21   sometimes when you're diagnosing rumors,

00:49:23   which is sort of what the draft is,

00:49:25   you end up with this sort of thing of like,

00:49:27   I haven't talked about that lately,

00:49:29   but they talked about it and they said it was gonna happen

00:49:32   and it seems like it would happen.

00:49:34   And there was the, in some ways what happens is

00:49:37   the report comes out, we all debate it

00:49:42   and then we forget about it.

00:49:44   And like the report's out there, like it's done.

00:49:46   They're like, yeah, this is happening.

00:49:47   And then we're like tired of it and we move on.

00:49:50   And then you get to the draft and you're like,

00:49:51   oh yeah, that was a thing we talked about, right?

00:49:54   That's probably happening.

00:49:55   And I just, for all the reasons we talked about back then,

00:49:58   I love the idea that you could repurpose the mute switch

00:50:01   to have it do different things.

00:50:02   It could still be mute if you want it to be that.

00:50:05   But as somebody who always leaves my phone muted,

00:50:07   I would rather use that switch for anything else.

00:50:09   So I'm gonna try to wish it into existence.

00:50:12   At least one iPhone, maybe all of them, come on,

00:50:15   make it all of them, will have a button up there

00:50:18   instead of a mute switch.

00:50:19   - That is the end of the iPhone picks.

00:50:22   - How are you feeling so far?

00:50:25   I need to take a knee. - I'm gonna say,

00:50:27   - Get some breath here.

00:50:28   - On this round, I feel confident.

00:50:31   Okay?

00:50:33   - That's all I'll say.

00:50:34   How are you feeling?

00:50:35   - I'm feeling pretty good.

00:50:37   I feel like I could have made some wackier picks

00:50:39   that were a lot less likely and I don't think I did.

00:50:41   So I'm not, there have been moments

00:50:44   in your winning streak on this draft.

00:50:46   And even before that, when I would win,

00:50:47   there were moments where I'd look at one of my picks

00:50:49   and I'm like, did you pick that just 'cause it's wacky?

00:50:53   - Yeah. - 'Cause even,

00:50:54   I picked it and I don't think it's gonna happen.

00:50:56   That's not great.

00:50:57   This one I feel better about.

00:50:59   I feel like there's some that are an amount of risk here,

00:51:02   but I don't, I'm not looking at it right now

00:51:04   and thinking I have deep regrets.

00:51:06   I feel like I'm pretty positive about mine too.

00:51:09   - Today we play to win.

00:51:10   - So far.

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00:53:14   It is now time to move in to the Apple Watch picks.

00:53:21   Now--

00:53:22   - Oh, wait.

00:53:23   - I mean, you could do that if you want to,

00:53:25   but I don't think you need to.

00:53:26   - That was a laser misfire.

00:53:28   Sorry, it's not time for lasers.

00:53:29   - It happens.

00:53:30   We don't think this is gonna be a big Apple Watch year,

00:53:33   so we only have two rounds for the Apple Watch.

00:53:35   - Yeah.

00:53:36   You're up.

00:53:39   - Cold light of podcast, you know?

00:53:45   - I know, right?

00:53:46   You live in that fantasy world where you're imagining,

00:53:48   this is part of the danger of drafting,

00:53:50   is you start to imagine your fantasy keynote.

00:53:53   - Yep.

00:53:54   - And you're like, "Oh, that'll be so good."

00:53:56   And, "That'll be so great."

00:53:57   And then in the cold light of day of the podcast,

00:54:00   you look at it and you're like, "Yeah, but really?"

00:54:00   - And it's also like, not only will it be so good

00:54:02   when they do it,

00:54:03   won't it be awesome that I will then win a point from it?

00:54:06   But it's like, it doesn't always work like that.

00:54:10   - This is why drafting is tricky.

00:54:12   'Cause you let the wishes in.

00:54:15   Like, look, I wanna be a big,

00:54:18   I'm a big proponent of people being creative

00:54:21   and having a rich inner fantasy life.

00:54:24   - Sure.

00:54:25   - But for drafting, it's super dangerous.

00:54:28   'Cause then you let the wish casting in

00:54:30   and you're drafting rainbows and don't do it.

00:54:33   Don't draft rainbows.

00:54:34   - Rainbows have typically done pretty well for you

00:54:37   in stage form.

00:54:38   - Well, in terms of the stage craft, yes.

00:54:39   The rainbow stage you can draft, that's fine.

00:54:41   But just don't draft unicorns.

00:54:43   - You know what, Jason?

00:54:44   I'm looking towards rainbows, I'm doing it.

00:54:46   The Apple Watch Ultra comes in a different color option.

00:54:49   - Okay.

00:54:51   You think this is a rainbow pic

00:54:53   'cause it was my number one Apple Watch pic.

00:54:56   - I mean, there are colors in a rainbow.

00:54:59   - Okay, sure.

00:55:00   Well, the new color will not be colorful, right?

00:55:02   It will be black, probably.

00:55:04   - Most likely, yes.

00:55:05   Most likely.

00:55:06   - Everybody's favorite color of the rainbow, black.

00:55:11   - Hey, look, Apple calls it a color.

00:55:14   The simple fact that this is,

00:55:15   I think the Apple Watch Ultra was a success.

00:55:18   I think this was the thing that no one really knew

00:55:20   what was gonna happen when they put it out.

00:55:22   But what actually happened was people bought it

00:55:24   because it was the most expensive Apple Watch

00:55:26   and that was the watch that they wanted

00:55:27   and that was the one that they were gonna wear,

00:55:29   which I think is a valid reason

00:55:30   to buy the Apple Watch Ultra.

00:55:32   And I expect, especially if Apple is going all in

00:55:37   on titanium, that they could maybe also match up

00:55:41   at least one more color option to go alongside it

00:55:44   from the options that they have for the iPhone.

00:55:47   It also allows them to do something at least

00:55:50   to rev the Apple Watch Ultra on a 12-month cycle.

00:55:54   This is where we're gonna find out

00:55:55   if the Apple Watch Ultra is a 12-month cycle product as well.

00:55:59   We're gonna find out here.

00:56:00   And I think if they do it,

00:56:02   this will be the way that they do it.

00:56:04   - All right.

00:56:05   I'm gonna go with a bummer pic,

00:56:10   which I know people don't like the bummer pic,

00:56:14   but it's gotta be done.

00:56:16   No new health-related sensors.

00:56:20   - Yep.

00:56:21   - Womp, womp. - Not this time.

00:56:22   - Nope.

00:56:23   - Gotta wait for the X.

00:56:24   - Yeah, yeah.

00:56:26   I just think we get rumors of sensors here and there,

00:56:31   but as we've seen, it's really hard.

00:56:34   It's really hard to get sensors into the Apple Watch

00:56:36   because they have medical applications

00:56:39   and there are all the issues.

00:56:40   And we had this whole conversation last year

00:56:41   about temperature and we were like,

00:56:43   oh, we're gonna use it to detect and warn you

00:56:45   that you might be running a fever and all that.

00:56:47   And it ended up being a useful but incredibly constrained

00:56:50   cycle tracking thing, right?

00:56:52   With a lot of asterisks attached to it.

00:56:54   So I'm gonna just say no.

00:56:56   No new health-related sensors.

00:56:59   - All right.

00:57:00   Interesting, okay.

00:57:01   It was on my list.

00:57:04   It was because I just don't see it happening

00:57:08   this time around.

00:57:09   - Never bet against no sensors.

00:57:13   - Yep.

00:57:13   - There's a lot of negatives in there, but yeah.

00:57:15   Always bet on no new sensors.

00:57:17   - Or not.

00:57:19   All right, my second and final Apple Watch pick

00:57:23   is that there will be a new system on a chip

00:57:25   with more performance for the Series 9.

00:57:28   - Yeah, no, that was mine too.

00:57:31   You got your winner advantage going for you here.

00:57:34   - I had a thought about this.

00:57:35   - New system on the chip.

00:57:36   - I don't want to know what you think.

00:57:37   This isn't in the pick, but just a thought.

00:57:40   Could they also put this in the ultra?

00:57:43   - Yes.

00:57:44   - Right, and then that might be another reason

00:57:46   to revise the ultra this year, right?

00:57:50   Where they also have a new chip inside of it,

00:57:53   which is more powerful, and they might push on that.

00:57:56   Maybe, I'm sure that they'll say it can allow

00:57:59   for something new, and that maybe they will say

00:58:02   that they want to bring that to the ultra as well.

00:58:04   I don't know.

00:58:05   - Mm-hmm.

00:58:06   - But it's been a long time since we had

00:58:08   a performance increase on the Series 9 Apple Watch.

00:58:11   - Honestly, I think the only question here

00:58:12   is how detailed do they go into about the system

00:58:15   on the chip and do they claim more performance?

00:58:16   - Yeah.

00:58:17   - But I think you're, I cannot imagine

00:58:19   that they would do this and not say that.

00:58:21   - Yeah.

00:58:22   - So we have Apple Watch Ultra hardware not updated.

00:58:26   But we don't have Apple Watch Ultra hardware updated?

00:58:31   Is that right?

00:58:33   Can I not pick that?

00:58:34   - I mean, you can pick it.

00:58:42   (laughing)

00:58:43   But what is that?

00:58:44   What is an update to the Apple Watch Ultra hardware?

00:58:47   That's a physical change.

00:58:49   - Well, and colors don't count, right?

00:58:51   - Yeah.

00:58:52   - That is part of it, is that, well,

00:58:54   it's the system on a chip, right?

00:58:56   It's like, we actually, this is not the Apple Watch Ultra,

00:58:58   this is the Apple Watch Ultra Series 2,

00:59:00   or if, you know, and it's got the new chip in it

00:59:03   and whatever, that would be what it would be.

00:59:04   - Is that, but is, yeah.

00:59:07   - Or do you mean like design changes?

00:59:09   'Cause that's not gonna happen.

00:59:10   - I didn't put this in there,

00:59:11   I think you put this in there.

00:59:12   - Yeah, I think I was trying to do the,

00:59:14   is there gonna be, it's an open question.

00:59:17   Is there gonna be a new, well, one of the rumors is,

00:59:20   'cause there's not gonna be a design change,

00:59:22   the Apple Watch Ultra just came out.

00:59:24   The question is, do they just say,

00:59:26   we also continue to sell the Apple Watch Ultra,

00:59:29   it's great and now there's a new color?

00:59:30   Or do they say, here's the Apple Watch Ultra Series 2,

00:59:33   it's got a new chip in it?

00:59:35   That's my question.

00:59:37   Is do we know which one of those?

00:59:40   Is gonna be it.

00:59:41   But what I don't wanna do is say,

00:59:43   what you say, which is a different color option.

00:59:44   Like if it's just the Apple Watch Ultra,

00:59:46   but it comes in black now,

00:59:48   that's not a new Apple Watch Ultra, right?

00:59:50   That's an Apple Watch Ultra color change

00:59:53   on existing hardware.

00:59:55   So that's my question for you.

00:59:57   Can I do that?

01:00:00   - Wait, tell me what you wanna pick.

01:00:03   - Apple Watch Ultra,

01:00:04   like new Apple Watch Ultra version, colors don't count.

01:00:10   Does that work?

01:00:11   - I don't know how we'll score it.

01:00:15   - Well, what do you mean?

01:00:16   I mean, if they just say,

01:00:18   we added a color to the Apple Watch, it doesn't count.

01:00:20   If they say, we put a new processor in the Apple Watch

01:00:23   and it's the Apple Watch Ultra and it's Apple Watch Ultra,

01:00:27   whether they call it Series 2 or they call it something else.

01:00:30   - Well, let's say, if it's like new or Series 2 or 2023

01:00:35   or like what, yes, then sure, right?

01:00:39   Like-

01:00:40   - Okay, how about this?

01:00:40   Let's do this.

01:00:41   Sorry for negotiating this on the show,

01:00:43   but how about new Apple Watch Ultra hardware?

01:00:46   Colors don't count.

01:00:47   - Okay.

01:00:48   - Right?

01:00:49   It actually needs to be new.

01:00:51   If it's literally last year's Apple Watch Ultra

01:00:54   in a different color, it doesn't count.

01:00:55   - Something physical needs to change, right?

01:00:57   Whether it's a physical-

01:00:58   - No, no, no, no, no.

01:00:59   - It might not look any different,

01:01:00   but they're making a claim, yeah.

01:01:01   - I'm not saying about looks.

01:01:02   Physical includes chips, it includes senses,

01:01:05   it includes something.

01:01:07   It's not visuals.

01:01:08   It's like a physical item must change.

01:01:11   That's how we know.

01:01:12   - Right, right.

01:01:13   - But yes, that works.

01:01:13   - And changing the color or changing the orange

01:01:15   on the button or whatever is not, that's not it.

01:01:17   It's a, and this is coming right out of your pick actually,

01:01:20   where I'm sitting here looking at the Apple Watch Ultra

01:01:22   doesn't change and thinking, well, wait a second.

01:01:24   If there's a new system on a chip on the Series 9,

01:01:26   would they not put that in the Apple Watch Ultra?

01:01:28   At the same time, they've changed series of Apple Watch

01:01:32   with no changes on the inside to speak of, right?

01:01:36   Just to iterate it.

01:01:37   Why wouldn't they do that with the Ultra?

01:01:38   So I'm gonna throw that in.

01:01:40   - Yeah, and I don't think this is obvious

01:01:41   because I'm still unsure if they'll do anything to it.

01:01:44   - I am too.

01:01:45   I'm out, I only had three picks that I was willing to make

01:01:48   in this round, Mike, and we picked them in the first three.

01:01:50   So I'm left with this, yeah.

01:01:53   - All right, that's the Apple Watch.

01:01:55   So our final regular pick round is what we are calling Other,

01:02:00   and this could include absolutely anything else.

01:02:05   - Indeed.

01:02:06   And I get the first round here

01:02:08   and I'm gonna go for AirPods Pro get USB-C.

01:02:13   - Okay, that's a good one.

01:02:16   That's a good one.

01:02:18   And we should say all this,

01:02:21   this doesn't mean they're new AirPods Pro even.

01:02:23   It means that there will be a USB-C charging case

01:02:26   and it will be announced in the event.

01:02:28   And then presumably there'll be USB-C shipping,

01:02:31   but you can also get the case, but whatever it is,

01:02:34   as long as it is mentioned that AirPods Pro

01:02:36   have a USB-C charger on them now, instead of lightning,

01:02:41   that's it, that's all this pick is, right?

01:02:45   - Yep, and it follows history, right?

01:02:47   When they brought like Qi charging to the iPhone,

01:02:51   they introduced like a wireless charging AirPods case,

01:02:56   and you could just buy the case on its own.

01:02:59   And then also it just started shipping like that

01:03:01   for everybody else.

01:03:03   - Um, I am gonna go with,

01:03:08   boy, I've got a bunch of things

01:03:13   that I feel pretty good about, not 100% good about,

01:03:16   but pretty good about.

01:03:17   I'm gonna go, because I feel like last year I said,

01:03:21   this would absolutely be a draft pick next time.

01:03:24   Video of Apple devices saving lives is shown.

01:03:28   - I mean, this was my second pick.

01:03:31   This is the satellite rescue.

01:03:33   - Oh, and car crash detection?

01:03:35   - Yes, yeah.

01:03:36   I mean, they did that last year too, but yeah, yeah.

01:03:39   - Yeah, but like, if there's been another life saved,

01:03:42   I mean, they're gonna, and look,

01:03:44   we're not throwing shade, right?

01:03:45   It's an incredible thing that these devices

01:03:48   can save our lives, but--

01:03:49   - But Apple also makes these videos about it,

01:03:51   and the idea that you could have,

01:03:53   like those people whose lives were saved

01:03:55   in the Maui wildfires because they got help.

01:03:58   Like, I mean, there's so many opportunities here.

01:04:01   I feel like they've got to do it, 'cause this is,

01:04:03   and honestly, it is, I'm trying not to be cynical here,

01:04:07   because it's really legitimately amazing,

01:04:10   but it's also important marketing for Apple to say,

01:04:14   we built life-saving features into our devices,

01:04:18   and it's a reason you should use our devices,

01:04:20   is because they will,

01:04:21   if you are in a certain kind of emergency,

01:04:24   they will help save your life,

01:04:25   and that's one of the things we do.

01:04:27   It's important for them to do that.

01:04:30   So they do this from time to time, I think so.

01:04:33   - This is one of those scenarios

01:04:35   where two things can be true,

01:04:37   and I think it's something that there are a lot of people

01:04:39   who just struggle to see this,

01:04:40   but you can both add a feature

01:04:43   because it's good for the world,

01:04:45   and also add it because it's good to sell your product.

01:04:48   And both, you can hold both as truths,

01:04:51   and I think that that's what Apple do here, right?

01:04:54   Like, you can add this feature

01:04:56   because it will save people's lives,

01:04:58   but you can also add this feature

01:05:00   because more people will buy your products

01:05:02   because it has it.

01:05:03   - Yeah.

01:05:04   - There's a question for you.

01:05:05   I'm trying to work this out, and I can't remember.

01:05:08   Do the Apple Watches have the satellite SOS feature?

01:05:12   - No.

01:05:13   - I wonder if that's something they could add.

01:05:16   I'm looking now, and I don't think they do.

01:05:19   - That's why one of our options is something about,

01:05:24   or that was one of our Apple Watch options,

01:05:27   was satellite emergency feature added to one

01:05:28   Apple Watch model.

01:05:30   - Because if they added that--

01:05:30   - I'm not sure, I think it's too small.

01:05:32   - I think probably.

01:05:33   - I think it's too small, but you would think

01:05:34   the Apple Watch Ultra, the moment they could do it

01:05:36   with the Apple Watch Ultra, they would,

01:05:37   but I think it's just too small

01:05:39   'cause they're using the iPhone body as the antenna,

01:05:43   or an antenna in the long iPhone body

01:05:46   in order to do the satellite feature.

01:05:47   So I think they probably can't, but you know they want to.

01:05:50   - You know, I wonder, I don't know enough about this,

01:05:52   but what about an Apple Watch band that's an antenna, right?

01:05:57   I feel like if it ever became possible,

01:05:58   at some point they would try to do that

01:06:00   because it's like a full feature.

01:06:00   - Absolutely, and probably in the Apple Watch Ultra first,

01:06:05   but yeah, absolutely, you know they want to do that.

01:06:08   - All right, my second other pick is,

01:06:10   we pay a visit to Apple's chip lab.

01:06:13   - That was gonna be my pick.

01:06:15   - Gonna go downstairs and see where Johnny works,

01:06:18   and Johnny's gonna talk about how many

01:06:20   Nanome is three equals, you know?

01:06:23   - Right, now we should say, this is a stagecraft pick

01:06:26   in the sense that we have to go to the place

01:06:29   that they are saying basically is where the chip people live.

01:06:32   And if they don't, if Johnny Srouji just appears on stage

01:06:35   or outside Apple Park or whatever and talks about the chip,

01:06:38   or other people talk about the chip,

01:06:40   but this is a thing they've been doing,

01:06:42   which is going to a, I don't think it's a set,

01:06:46   I think it's a dressed up place

01:06:49   that is part of the chip group's offices,

01:06:51   and then they do a shoot there.

01:06:53   But that's the stagecraft here, is they're gonna do that

01:06:56   because they've got a whole new thing to brag about,

01:06:58   which is the three nanometer process on the new chip.

01:07:02   - Yep, yeah, I just feel like

01:07:04   this is just one of those things, right?

01:07:06   Like if they are going to spend some time

01:07:08   talking about a new processor in detail,

01:07:10   every time they have done this, right?

01:07:13   Like they go downstairs and there's all these fun doors,

01:07:16   and then they're in this like silvery room

01:07:19   with like computers all over the place,

01:07:21   and Johnny Srouji's walking towards the camera

01:07:23   and he's telling you what chip the new iPhone has.

01:07:25   And so, we've seen this more with Macs, I think, right?

01:07:29   Which understandable,

01:07:30   'cause that's where a lot of the action's been.

01:07:32   But if three nanometer is such a big deal,

01:07:36   and Apple's super proud of it,

01:07:38   and there was this like rumor that they bought all of them,

01:07:41   they're gonna wanna make it a selling point,

01:07:42   however they can.

01:07:44   - I agree, it was next on my list, so I agree with you.

01:07:48   Doing a lot of that.

01:07:49   Is this what it's like to lose the draft?

01:07:51   You have things sniped right in front of you?

01:07:53   I think it is. - Yeah,

01:07:53   I spent a long time doing this.

01:07:55   (laughing)

01:07:55   I spent a long time watching those pics get taken up.

01:07:59   But who knows though, ties can change.

01:08:02   - Yeah.

01:08:03   Thinking that they're gonna talk about AirPods

01:08:05   at least a little bit, they did last year.

01:08:07   So that's the risk here, I think,

01:08:09   is maybe they don't really talk about AirPods.

01:08:11   I'm a real believer in this pic, assuming they do,

01:08:14   because this is a thing that was announced at WWDC

01:08:17   and part of the beta cycle,

01:08:19   but I feel like when you're coming to the iPhone event

01:08:22   and you're getting everybody's attention

01:08:24   and you're talking about AirPods,

01:08:26   they have been beta testing over the summer

01:08:28   these three new modes for AirPods that are in the firmware,

01:08:31   adaptive audio, personalized volume,

01:08:33   and conversational awareness.

01:08:35   And I feel like if they're gonna talk about AirPods at all,

01:08:39   they will mention at least one

01:08:41   and perhaps even all three of those modes.

01:08:44   So my pick is at least one new AirPods mode

01:08:47   of those three, adaptive audio, personalized volume,

01:08:50   and conversational awareness is mentioned,

01:08:52   even though it was mentioned at WWDC,

01:08:55   I feel like you gotta bring it back around

01:08:56   and show it off and say,

01:08:58   look at this amazing adaptive audio mode

01:09:00   or personalized volume, these are marketing features

01:09:03   and this is a marketing event,

01:09:04   why would you not mention them now?

01:09:06   - I would like to see another demo and more conversation

01:09:09   about the adaptive audio thing,

01:09:12   'cause I'm intrigued to know more about that

01:09:15   having not used it.

01:09:16   So I would benefit from this personally.

01:09:19   So if they do it, I'll be happy.

01:09:22   - For my final pick in the draft,

01:09:23   I'm going to choose the honorary draft pick,

01:09:27   which is the rainbow stage

01:09:28   at the center of Apple Park is seen.

01:09:30   - They do love doing a flyover, don't they?

01:09:32   - They love a flyover.

01:09:34   There's so many opportunities for flyovers.

01:09:36   Sometimes you're just going to join Lisa Jackson

01:09:38   on the roof, you know, like there are many opportunities

01:09:40   in which you could see the rainbow stage.

01:09:43   This feels like a, I don't know, we'll find out,

01:09:45   but it feels like a bit of a hallmark

01:09:47   of these presentations at this point

01:09:48   that some kind of aerial shot will be shown.

01:09:51   - Sure.

01:09:53   Yeah, that was actually very high on my list of probabilities.

01:09:57   - Of course it was.

01:09:57   - So it was definitely high on my list here, right?

01:09:59   - I'm surprised you didn't pick it already.

01:10:01   - Well, I was saving it,

01:10:02   'cause I think that the ones that are more likely

01:10:05   and, you know, it isn't always necessarily seen.

01:10:08   It depends entirely on how they choose to shoot the event

01:10:11   and what they choose to show.

01:10:13   But they like to swoop in over Apple Park

01:10:15   and then down to Tim, and you will see the stage

01:10:19   if it's out there when they shoot it.

01:10:21   - We have had it in the past where it was like

01:10:23   the final shot of the presentation.

01:10:26   - Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:10:27   Yeah, yeah.

01:10:28   So I wanna pick the counterpart to that,

01:10:31   which is the stage of the Steve Jobs theater scene.

01:10:34   It's a similar thing, right?

01:10:35   Where what they did is they shot Tim Cook

01:10:37   on the stage of the Steve Jobs theater

01:10:40   to make it feel like an iPhone event,

01:10:42   but it was just in the video.

01:10:43   He wasn't, you know, he, when I'm there watching it,

01:10:47   he won't be on the stage, right?

01:10:49   He'll just be on the video.

01:10:51   So I think that's a bit of stagecraft that they may,

01:10:54   I'm really torn here.

01:10:55   They may go with, I might go with that.

01:10:56   And I have another pick that I think is fun.

01:10:59   So what do you think, one of our options

01:11:02   is the Lionel Messi pick, which is literally

01:11:06   Lionel Messi appears somewhere in the video.

01:11:09   It doesn't, his image appears.

01:11:11   It could be a montage of MLS or of TV+

01:11:16   or of the stars of Apple or whatever.

01:11:18   It literally is just that Apple is so into Lionel Messi

01:11:22   that his visage will appear.

01:11:25   His image appears at some point.

01:11:27   He doesn't have to say anything.

01:11:28   Doesn't have to be custom.

01:11:29   Could literally be a sports highlight.

01:11:31   It doesn't matter.

01:11:32   It's just Apple is messy mad right now.

01:11:35   So it's like, we're gonna stick Messi in the keynote.

01:11:37   - This is the zeitgeist pick, right?

01:11:39   We always have one of these in the services

01:11:42   kind of like corner of our pick options.

01:11:45   It was Ted Lasso for a long time.

01:11:48   I think just purely Lionel Messi appears

01:11:51   or Lionel Messi is seen is like perfectly valid

01:11:54   for a draft pick.

01:11:55   - Right.

01:11:56   And I don't think they're gonna be doing services stuff.

01:11:58   Right? Probably.

01:11:59   But it doesn't matter if they have a video

01:12:02   that shows look at this great iPhone screen.

01:12:05   And one of the things is Messi scoring a goal, right?

01:12:08   Wouldn't that be like, if there's anything

01:12:10   they're gonna do, this is not like a bit with Ted Lasso.

01:12:14   This is literally just the appearance of Messi.

01:12:17   I'm gonna go with it.

01:12:18   Lionel Messi appears.

01:12:19   Essentially is shown at some point is all that means.

01:12:25   Nothing special.

01:12:27   And if he doesn't appear in the stage

01:12:28   of the Steve Jobs theater scene, I'll be sad.

01:12:30   But you know what?

01:12:31   I just, it tickles me to think that Apple

01:12:34   is gonna do a whole presentation

01:12:35   that might have nothing to do with the MLS deal

01:12:37   or anything like that.

01:12:38   It doesn't matter.

01:12:39   It doesn't matter.

01:12:40   Lionel Messi will be worked in somewhere

01:12:43   'cause it's too much.

01:12:44   The Apple sizzle reel these days,

01:12:46   there's like this reel one is everything else Apple does.

01:12:50   And reel two is just Lionel Messi highlights, right?

01:12:54   At this point.

01:12:55   They are so in on him.

01:12:56   And it just delights me to say they can't resist.

01:12:59   They won't, even at the iPhone event,

01:13:00   you will not be able to escape Lionel Messi

01:13:03   because Apple is an investor in Messi.

01:13:07   - Messi for Messi over there.

01:13:09   You know?

01:13:10   - Yeah, the draft got a little messy at the end, didn't it?

01:13:11   - It sure did.

01:13:12   It always does.

01:13:13   So that locks in the traditional picks

01:13:16   of the draft, but we do have a bonus round

01:13:19   as we do on occasion.

01:13:21   We always have a bonus round for the Mac OS naming

01:13:23   and there is a bonus round with one draft pick on the line,

01:13:27   but it's not as simple as that.

01:13:29   Allow me to explain.

01:13:31   So this year, the Podcastathon is gonna have a new theme

01:13:36   that we've not done before.

01:13:39   And it is Mike versus Steven.

01:13:41   That is the theme of the Podcastathon this year.

01:13:44   So throughout the event, the 12 hour event,

01:13:47   which is happening on Friday, September 22nd,

01:13:51   Steven and I are going to be competing

01:13:53   in a variety of challenges.

01:13:55   And we will be amassing points throughout the Podcastathon

01:13:58   and we'll be crowning the co-founder champion

01:14:01   at the end of the month between us.

01:14:03   But these points scored are not going to be exclusive

01:14:08   to the Podcastathon and we are going to be integrating

01:14:11   the draft on upgrade into these points scoring efforts

01:14:14   with this bonus round.

01:14:17   I will obviously be playing on behalf of myself

01:14:19   and Jason will be playing on behalf of Steven.

01:14:23   - Yes.

01:14:25   - Additionally, the winner of this bonus round

01:14:27   will also get one draft point.

01:14:29   This round will be adjudicated,

01:14:32   and this is the first time you will be hearing about this,

01:14:34   hopefully, by Zach Knox in the case of disagreement.

01:14:37   - Congratulations, Zach.

01:14:38   - Zach, you've been promoted to adjudicator

01:14:40   of this bonus round.

01:14:41   - 'Cause Steven can't be trusted.

01:14:42   - Mm-hmm.

01:14:43   So, yes, because this benefits Steven

01:14:46   and Steven will take any advantage that he can,

01:14:49   then we cannot allow for him to adjudicate this round

01:14:55   in the case of a scoring disagreement.

01:14:58   So we will be asking Zach Knox for their opinion

01:15:01   of how this will be scored.

01:15:03   This is, also, this bonus round is formatted

01:15:06   very differently to any other bonus round

01:15:08   that we've done before, so allow me to explain.

01:15:10   We have five terms or phrases.

01:15:15   - Yeah, or stagecraft items.

01:15:17   It's the things that might be said or shown

01:15:19   or played in the keynote.

01:15:21   - Yes.

01:15:22   Jason and I have 10 total points that we can distribute

01:15:27   and bet on any of these five things happening

01:15:30   during the event.

01:15:32   We can bet as many of these 10 points as we want

01:15:34   on any of these five, and whichever ones happen,

01:15:38   the score will be totaled up.

01:15:40   The person with the most points at the end of it

01:15:43   will be considered the winner of this challenge.

01:15:45   So that will be the one draft point,

01:15:47   but the total number of the points that are scored

01:15:51   will be going into the appropriate person's

01:15:54   podcast-a-thon total.

01:15:57   - So rather than us saying yes or no for each of these

01:16:00   and getting a point if we're right or wrong,

01:16:01   we have a pool of 10 and we can lay down numbers

01:16:05   on the ones that we're more certain with,

01:16:07   and if it's right, we get those points,

01:16:09   and if it's wrong, we lose those points.

01:16:13   - This might make more sense as we go through the game.

01:16:14   So Jason and I have 10 points to assign,

01:16:16   and we have five things.

01:16:19   So, and I'm gonna read them all now,

01:16:21   and then we can go through again

01:16:22   and put our scoring on them.

01:16:23   So periscope is said, aerospace grade is said.

01:16:28   - Think titanium.

01:16:30   - Bionic is said, think chip.

01:16:34   - Bionic is said in the name of the new chip, right?

01:16:36   If they say the old chip's name, that's not bionic.

01:16:39   It needs to be in the name of the new chip.

01:16:41   We're gonna say, yes, we're still doing bionic

01:16:44   after all these years, yes.

01:16:46   - The word breakthrough is said.

01:16:49   - I just, there are no rumors about that.

01:16:51   I just, they always say that, right?

01:16:53   - And finally, David Guetta's song titanium is played.

01:16:56   (laughing)

01:16:58   - Yeah.

01:17:00   - I like that one.

01:17:01   - Shout out to Federico,

01:17:02   who suggested this on connected last week.

01:17:05   I love it.

01:17:06   - So I have 10 points to put my bets down

01:17:09   and I'm going to assign my bets accordingly, Jason.

01:17:13   - Okay.

01:17:14   - I am going to place two points

01:17:17   on the word periscope being said.

01:17:19   - Okay.

01:17:20   - I am going to place two points

01:17:22   on aerospace grade being said.

01:17:25   - Okay.

01:17:26   - I will place two points on bionic being said.

01:17:29   - Okay.

01:17:30   - And I will place four points

01:17:32   on the word breakthrough being said.

01:17:34   - Wow.

01:17:35   - I will assign zero points to David Guetta's song

01:17:38   titanium being played as part of the keynote event.

01:17:41   - Okay.

01:17:43   Federico is so disappointed in you, Mike.

01:17:44   - Well, look, it's a great idea.

01:17:47   I hate this song, so I don't want to hear it.

01:17:49   - You don't want to hear it?

01:17:50   Okay.

01:17:51   If you hear it, you're going to be extra mad now.

01:17:53   - I will be super mad.

01:17:54   But I figured that will just be doubling up

01:17:57   on the feeling that I already feel, you know?

01:18:00   - Yeah.

01:18:00   So periscope, the challenge there is,

01:18:03   will they describe it as a periscope camera?

01:18:05   - Yeah, I have a theory about this

01:18:07   that I might share on connected.

01:18:09   - Unique thing that we're doing

01:18:11   and we're using mirrors and we're all of that,

01:18:13   or they may just say periscope.

01:18:16   So it's a question of the marketing wording

01:18:20   for that feature and if they talk about it at all.

01:18:23   It's a little like not saying metaverse, right?

01:18:25   It's like, we don't like periscope.

01:18:28   Makes people think of Kelsey Grammer.

01:18:30   Not going to do it.

01:18:31   That's a reference.

01:18:32   Aerospace grade, titanium.

01:18:34   So I was looking back last year,

01:18:37   aerospace grade is something that they use

01:18:39   to describe the Apple Edge Ultra.

01:18:41   It's aerospace grade titanium.

01:18:43   And of course they say surgical grade stainless steel.

01:18:46   They really like pumping up the grade of the metal.

01:18:50   It's like this awesome metal that they made.

01:18:53   Bionic, my rationale for listing that here is that,

01:18:56   boy, they keep doing that, right?

01:18:57   Like you'd think it would get old,

01:18:59   but it apparently hasn't.

01:19:03   And then breakthrough is they just can't resist it.

01:19:06   So I am going to put, let's see,

01:19:11   I'm gonna put two down on periscope,

01:19:15   four down on aerospace grade.

01:19:18   I guess if we put the same,

01:19:21   then we're basically like, I'm zeroing out those as choices.

01:19:26   So three on bionic then.

01:19:28   And what is that?

01:19:33   That gives me one more for breakthrough.

01:19:35   And that's what I'll do.

01:19:35   Nobody's playing anything on David got the song titanium

01:19:39   being played.

01:19:39   So now it's not gonna make me mad.

01:19:41   So just to give.

01:19:42   Actually, I'm gonna do a little wild card here.

01:19:46   Steven Hackett gets a point.

01:19:48   No, but that, no, that's 11 points.

01:19:51   Seven points possible for Steven and none.

01:19:53   And like 10 for me.

01:19:55   So no, you're playing on behalf.

01:19:56   You are Steven Hackett in this scenario.

01:19:59   You're not Jason O'Knell.

01:20:00   You know?

01:20:01   - I know, but it's now so tempting to do that

01:20:05   because just because of literally just because of that.

01:20:08   It's kind of an old song though.

01:20:10   I here's my rationale is I actually think

01:20:12   that there's a chance they'll do it,

01:20:14   but it's kind of an old song.

01:20:16   - It's not a cool song.

01:20:17   Apple like cool music.

01:20:19   This is not cool.

01:20:21   - Okay, so I guess there were really only four things

01:20:22   we were picking from.

01:20:23   So you and I are gonna cancel each other out on Periscope,

01:20:26   but I'm going in on aerospace grade.

01:20:29   I am peaking a little bit above you in terms of bionic

01:20:32   and you are all in on breakthrough

01:20:34   and we'll see what happens.

01:20:35   And the winner of this total point

01:20:37   will get a point in the draft,

01:20:39   but the total points from this will be assigned

01:20:42   to Mike versus Steven.

01:20:43   So two games happening at the same time.

01:20:45   - If this is still something you don't understand,

01:20:48   there are two ways where you can try and help understand.

01:20:50   Go to upgrade.cards, which is the scorecard

01:20:53   and play around with the scorecard

01:20:54   and you'll see what happens

01:20:56   because Zach is incredible as well as being an indicator

01:20:59   has made this work for us in the scorecard

01:21:02   with not too much notice.

01:21:03   So Zach, we appreciate you,

01:21:04   but also it will make sense when we score it next week.

01:21:07   - This is essentially a keynote bingo

01:21:10   at a very simple level,

01:21:11   which is while you're watching,

01:21:13   listen for the word Periscope,

01:21:15   listen for aerospace grade,

01:21:17   listen for bionic in the name of the new chip

01:21:19   and listen for the word breakthrough.

01:21:20   And if you have fun, you can score along with those

01:21:23   'cause if they say breakthrough,

01:21:24   Mike is gonna leap into the lead

01:21:27   and we'll see, we'll just see.

01:21:32   - This one's gonna be hard.

01:21:33   I know the scoring of this is gonna be hard

01:21:35   'cause it's like listening for words,

01:21:36   but hey, we'll find out and this part is mostly--

01:21:38   - Upgradients are gonna be listening.

01:21:40   You all out there, you listen,

01:21:41   listen for these words as you pay attention.

01:21:45   It'll be like a little,

01:21:47   if you're in Europe and this is happening

01:21:49   later in the evening, drinking game maybe?

01:21:53   I mean, drink responsibly everybody,

01:21:55   but like if they say aerospace grade,

01:21:57   drink is what I'm saying.

01:21:59   If they say Periscope--

01:22:00   - Could be a drinking game for me,

01:22:01   but probably wouldn't be great for the show.

01:22:03   - For the show, no, probably not.

01:22:06   Although, you know,

01:22:07   that would be a heck of a show, wouldn't it?

01:22:09   Jason, I won the draft, woo!

01:22:11   - All right, you can tune into the podcast

01:22:14   at home for St. Jude on Friday, September 22nd

01:22:17   from noon US Eastern time to midnight US Eastern time

01:22:21   at twitch.tv/relayfm.

01:22:23   Jason Snell will also be there.

01:22:25   - In person.

01:22:26   - We'll be talking more about this

01:22:27   as we roll up towards the podcast a ton.

01:22:29   And don't forget, you can go to stjude.org/relay

01:22:32   to find out more about all of this stuff.

01:22:34   We actually have a running,

01:22:35   we will have a running score board up there as well.

01:22:39   And you'll also be able to find out more information

01:22:41   about how you can donate

01:22:43   to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

01:22:45   For next week's show,

01:22:48   we're gonna be kicking it usual school as we have.

01:22:51   So Jason's gonna be there in person.

01:22:53   So we will be recording live on Monday, Tuesday,

01:22:57   not on Monday, on Tuesday on iPhone event day,

01:23:00   a couple of hours most likely after the event has wrapped up

01:23:04   with the episode coming out a little bit later on

01:23:06   that evening.

01:23:08   - Right, yeah, I'm gonna,

01:23:10   it looks like probably what's gonna happen is

01:23:11   I will attend the event and go to the hands-on area.

01:23:14   And then I will, it's actually what I did,

01:23:18   I think not last year.

01:23:20   Did we do it in an Apple studio last year in the fall?

01:23:24   I'm not sure. - Yes.

01:23:25   So this is going back to like 2019.

01:23:27   - Yeah, so we're going back to the classic old school,

01:23:29   which is I'll do the hands-on event

01:23:31   and then get in the car and drive home.

01:23:34   And then we'll, in the meantime,

01:23:36   Mike will have processed his thoughts about the whole thing.

01:23:39   - And read all the web pages. - I'll use the car ride

01:23:40   to process my thoughts and then,

01:23:43   and probably eat a sandwich.

01:23:44   And then we'll do the show in the afternoon Pacific time.

01:23:49   - So you can, we'll be posting about that on Mastodon

01:23:53   when we go live as always.

01:23:54   We're at Upgrade Relay there, so you,

01:23:56   no, we're not, that's a different one.

01:23:58   We are Upgrade at Relay FM on social.

01:24:02   That's it.

01:24:03   So many, so many handles.

01:24:05   - I know, we're gonna have to simplify this at some point,

01:24:07   but we haven't gotten there yet.

01:24:08   - Well, everybody needs to decide on it, right?

01:24:11   We can't. - Yeah.

01:24:13   - If we could decide on it,

01:24:14   then Twitter would still be Twitter

01:24:17   and it wouldn't have gone the way it did.

01:24:19   And then we wouldn't have to worry about any of this.

01:24:21   - It's also true.

01:24:22   - If you wanna send us your feedback,

01:24:23   follow up and questions, if you have questions,

01:24:25   depending on how much is announced,

01:24:27   depends on whether we'll have an Ask Upgrade

01:24:29   for next week's episode,

01:24:31   but you can still send in those questions

01:24:32   and we'll get to them the following week.

01:24:34   Go to UpgradeFeedback.com.

01:24:36   You can check out Jason's work at SixColors.com

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01:24:55   You can watch video clips of the show on Mastodon,

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01:24:59   when we are at Upgrade Relay.

01:25:01   - I think YouTube.

01:25:03   I think we're reliably posting to YouTube now.

01:25:06   - Yeah, but it's more complicated

01:25:07   'cause I don't think we have enough subscribers

01:25:10   to actually have a name.

01:25:11   So I'll put a link. - Right, but you can look

01:25:13   for us and we're there.

01:25:14   - I'll put a link in the show notes to the YouTube channel.

01:25:16   If you could go and subscribe to that, that would be good

01:25:18   because then we could give that a URL.

01:25:20   - A name.

01:25:22   - Thanks to our members and supporters of Upgrade Plus.

01:25:25   We will be talking today on Upgrade Plus

01:25:26   about what we didn't pick in the draft

01:25:28   or some of the things that were left

01:25:29   in our big long document.

01:25:32   Thank you to our sponsors for this week's episode,

01:25:34   TextExpander and Squarespace.

01:25:37   And thank you for listening.

01:25:38   Until next time, until next Tuesday,

01:25:40   when there's a brand new iPhone,

01:25:41   say goodbye just now.

01:25:43   - Bye everybody.

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01:26:05   [ Silence ]