465: "I'm Not a Doctor, I'm an Auditor"


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00:00:08   From RelayFam, this is Connected, episode 465.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by Cleamam X, Fast Growing Trees,

00:00:15   and Nom Nom.

00:00:16   One of your returning co-hosts, Mr. Federico Vittucci.

00:00:20   And it's my pleasure to introduce Steven Hackett.

00:00:23   Hello, Steven.

00:00:23   Hey, man.

00:00:24   It's been a minute since we've been on the show together.

00:00:27   I know, right?

00:00:28   How are you?

00:00:29   How's your family?

00:00:29   Great.

00:00:31   Great.

00:00:31   You sound refreshed.

00:00:33   I am refreshed.

00:00:34   I am relaxed.

00:00:35   I mean, I have a vibe going at the moment, you know?

00:00:39   Yeah, I'm good.

00:00:41   I'm good.

00:00:41   I'm writing the iOS review.

00:00:43   It's good.

00:00:44   Good time.

00:00:45   Good time to be on the show.

00:00:48   Good.

00:00:48   We are also joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:51   I thought about pretending not to be here.

00:00:55   You know, I thought that would be funny.

00:00:56   Yeah, it's not.

00:00:57   But then I gave up.

00:00:59   Because I can't actually keep my mouth closed for more than five minutes.

00:01:02   So, you know, that's the problem.

00:01:05   That even if I sat here and pretended, I wouldn't last for very long.

00:01:09   So we can just kind of give it up, you know?

00:01:10   Have you ever considered a silent retreat?

00:01:13   Do you think I could manage?

00:01:15   Can you imagine me on a silent retreat?

00:01:17   I wouldn't last 20 minutes.

00:01:19   Yeah, that's why I'm asking.

00:01:21   Maybe that's something you need to fix.

00:01:22   No, I've never considered that.

00:01:24   I've never considered that.

00:01:25   I don't think I could handle that.

00:01:27   Nor would I want to.

00:01:29   I would like to go on a noisy retreat.

00:01:31   Hey, that's just going to the city.

00:01:33   I was going to say, that's just every time you go outside.

00:01:36   That's just my life, man.

00:01:37   Ah, no, but it's me making all the noise.

00:01:40   Like, that's not usually what I do when I go outside.

00:01:42   Interesting, interesting.

00:01:44   So that's what your brain thinks about.

00:01:46   Okay.

00:01:47   It's because, you know, good information.

00:01:49   The most noise possible.

00:01:50   That's what I would like to make.

00:01:51   But what matters today is that we are all back together.

00:01:56   We are.

00:01:57   You're back from the beach.

00:02:00   I was pretty sick last week,

00:02:02   so no one needed to hear my voice last week.

00:02:04   Mike's here.

00:02:06   It's all good.

00:02:07   I'm the constant currently.

00:02:09   You, yeah, you are.

00:02:10   I'm the one that can be relied upon.

00:02:12   I am the constant.

00:02:13   Yeah.

00:02:13   You watch how sick I get now.

00:02:14   (laughing)

00:02:15   You know what I mean?

00:02:16   You're coming to Memphis in three weeks.

00:02:19   Don't put that energy.

00:02:20   Bad time of the year to get sick, right?

00:02:22   Bad time of the year.

00:02:22   Don't put that energy out there.

00:02:24   We got a lot of feedback.

00:02:26   Mike, you mentioned on a previous episode

00:02:29   maybe wanting to get into 3D printing.

00:02:32   Thank you everyone who sent in feedback via the form.

00:02:36   That's the best way to get feedback to us.

00:02:37   Mike, where is that feedback form?

00:02:39   How can people find it?

00:02:40   Connectedfeedback.com.

00:02:42   That's right.

00:02:43   There's also a link in the show notes each and every week.

00:02:45   Wait, there's also, we also have a funny one, right?

00:02:47   Is it 123feedback.com?

00:02:50   Sure.

00:02:51   That sounds about right.

00:02:52   Nope, no, it's not that.

00:02:54   (laughing)

00:02:55   It's not that.

00:02:55   But should it be?

00:02:56   It's not that.

00:02:57   I don't know what it is.

00:02:58   Should it be though?

00:02:59   I don't know.

00:03:00   There's another domain now,

00:03:00   but I just don't remember what it is.

00:03:01   This website may be impersonating 123feedback.com

00:03:05   to steal your personal financial information.

00:03:07   You should go back to the previous page.

00:03:09   You should go back.

00:03:10   Don't go there, go back.

00:03:11   I'm not looking at whatever that is.

00:03:13   Don't go there alone, you know?

00:03:16   Do it with your family around.

00:03:17   So many people send in feedback.

00:03:19   It basically fell into two buckets.

00:03:20   A bunch of people recommended the, I guess, Prusa, P-R-U-S-A.

00:03:25   I think it's Prusa.

00:03:26   Prusa Mark III or the new one, the Mark IV.

00:03:29   I've got the Mark IV and I absolutely love it.

00:03:34   You can get it as a kit you build yourself

00:03:36   or you can get it pre-built, which is what I did

00:03:39   because I was afraid of putting it together incorrectly.

00:03:43   I saw someone build one of these on Instagram recently

00:03:45   and it was terrifying.

00:03:47   Yeah, so I spent a bit more to get it pre-built

00:03:51   but I've been very happy with it.

00:03:53   And it is, basically with 3D printing,

00:03:57   the more you spend, not only the nicer the machine is

00:04:00   but the more it can do for you.

00:04:01   So it does a lot of its measuring and setup

00:04:06   and it has some like orientation stuff to check each time.

00:04:09   It basically handles a lot of that for you

00:04:11   where a lot of less expensive printers,

00:04:13   you're doing a lot of that manually

00:04:15   and there's more room for error.

00:04:17   So the Prusa got a bunch of votes.

00:04:19   The other one that got a bunch of votes

00:04:21   and I looked at this but I went for the Prusa

00:04:24   is the Bamboo Lab X1 Carbon.

00:04:28   Now they have several different printers.

00:04:31   They look pretty different from the Prusa

00:04:32   'cause these are enclosed

00:04:34   but a lot of people also liked this brand.

00:04:37   I don't have any firsthand experience with it

00:04:39   but it looks like another great product

00:04:41   and they're comparable in price.

00:04:42   Like they're sort of in the same,

00:04:44   you know, prosumer tier of 3D printer.

00:04:48   - I am more drawn to the Bamboo Lab, purely on aesthetics.

00:04:52   Like the Bamboo Lab printer looks like,

00:04:54   oh, this is a cool thing.

00:04:55   The Prusa looks like someone built it

00:04:57   out of things they found in the garage.

00:04:58   - They did and in fact, parts of the Prusa are 3D printed.

00:05:02   So like if something breaks,

00:05:05   you can print a new part for yourself.

00:05:07   - Yeah, but how?

00:05:08   'Cause it's broken. - Well, yeah.

00:05:09   I mean, I guess so.

00:05:10   And it's like black and orange.

00:05:11   The Prusa is my aesthetic, right?

00:05:12   It looks great in my studio.

00:05:14   I've been really happy with it.

00:05:15   But I just can't, like what I can't fathom

00:05:20   is like this Prusa is a thousand pounds

00:05:23   and the Bamboo Lab is 1300 pounds.

00:05:25   The Prusa looks like half price wise.

00:05:28   Like if you just look at these things, right?

00:05:30   You're just like, no, the Bamboo Lab looks

00:05:32   like it costs what it costs.

00:05:34   I'm actually kind of surprised

00:05:35   that the Prusa costs as much as it costs

00:05:37   but I'm not gonna get into this for a while, but.

00:05:39   - We have some real time feedback from OTJ

00:05:43   who sent us a link.

00:05:45   3D print, the title, this is a Verge story.

00:05:48   3D printer nightmare fuel.

00:05:50   Bamboo X1C and P1P started printing

00:05:55   while owners were asleep.

00:05:57   - Bamboo says it's keenly aware

00:06:01   and deeply concerned by this behavior.

00:06:03   This sounds exciting.

00:06:04   - Yeah, 'cause these things you can,

00:06:06   at least the Prusa, I'm sure the Bamboo works the same way.

00:06:09   You can put it online.

00:06:11   And so you can like set up a print job in a browser

00:06:15   or in their companion app.

00:06:17   Mine, I did not put on my network.

00:06:19   And so when I want to print something,

00:06:20   I have to save files to a USB drive

00:06:22   and then go plug it in.

00:06:24   But who would want that thing on the internet?

00:06:25   So that's a little upsetting.

00:06:29   - Yeah, I mean, this isn't in my immediate future,

00:06:32   but like it's something I think I would like at some point.

00:06:34   I would like to see yours when I come to Memphis.

00:06:36   - Yeah, yeah, I mean, it's just out right behind me, so.

00:06:41   - Can someone tell me about the PlayStation portal?

00:06:44   Because I've tried reading about this

00:06:47   and I don't think I understand what it's for.

00:06:50   - So you're not the PlayStation, right?

00:06:52   - I do know, I'm aware of the PlayStation, yes.

00:06:55   - Okay. - There's this company

00:06:56   called Sony.

00:06:57   - I edited that episode and I left all the video games talking.

00:07:01   - If you don't know what this thing is at all, Steven,

00:07:02   then I'm gonna assume that you weren't listening fully.

00:07:06   - I mean, I know that it's remote play, right?

00:07:08   Like that's- - Right.

00:07:09   - Okay, okay, so you have knowledge.

00:07:11   - Or you're just reading this blog post, I'm not sure.

00:07:13   - It's remote play, but like, why would you want this

00:07:16   instead of something like a Steam Deck?

00:07:17   That's the whole thing.

00:07:18   - Aha.

00:07:20   - 'Cause it can't play PlayStation games.

00:07:21   - Okay, so it's the content.

00:07:22   - Yeah, well, technically like on a Steam Deck,

00:07:26   you can install a third party remote play client,

00:07:30   but like it's a bit of an involved process

00:07:34   and it's gonna have limitations in terms of stream quality.

00:07:37   Whereas with the portal, which is this new $200 device,

00:07:42   Sony is sort of advertising a couple of benefits here.

00:07:45   You will be able to have 80, what is it?

00:07:50   1080p streaming at 60 frames per second

00:07:52   with the ability to wake up your PS5 on your local network

00:07:57   to play games instantly.

00:07:59   And they're also gonna introduce this new audio

00:08:02   sort of protocol called PlayStation Link,

00:08:06   which on the regular PlayStation 5

00:08:09   will require a separate USB dongle to plug into your PS5.

00:08:13   - I did read about that, yeah.

00:08:15   - The rumors are pointing to the future PS5 slim revision,

00:08:19   having this PlayStation Link support built in.

00:08:22   It will essentially enable this quote unquote,

00:08:25   lossless audio and very low latency audio

00:08:28   with the compatible headphones that Sony is making.

00:08:32   These headphones having been built with this specific drivers

00:08:37   that most likely Sony built alongside Odyssey,

00:08:45   which is this audio company

00:08:47   that they also acquired last week.

00:08:50   So yeah, but basically the appeal of the portal

00:08:52   is for people like me, for example,

00:08:55   where I have my PS5 in the living room

00:08:58   and most of my gaming time is at night.

00:09:00   And usually when I wanna play a game on my PlayStation

00:09:03   and Sylvia is sleeping

00:09:05   and I have a couple of hours for myself

00:09:06   because I go to bed later than Sylvia,

00:09:09   I could go back to the living room and just play by myself.

00:09:12   However, my problem is that if I go to the living room,

00:09:15   I'm still gonna make noises,

00:09:17   just walking around and opening the cabinet

00:09:21   where the PS5 is.

00:09:22   And the other issue is my dogs are gonna get curious

00:09:26   and they're gonna walk back and forth

00:09:29   between the bedroom and the living room to check on me.

00:09:31   They're like, "Hey, why are you here?"

00:09:33   And mom is in bed and they do this all the time.

00:09:36   So ideally I would prefer to play PlayStation games in bed,

00:09:41   but without bothering my partner.

00:09:46   So this is the appeal, for example,

00:09:48   you can play on a tiny screen, but it's still a PS5 game.

00:09:52   And you don't have the technical limitations

00:09:54   of say a Steam Deck running Chiaki,

00:09:56   which is this third party client for remote play.

00:09:59   - And $200 is the new piece of information

00:10:03   from last week and the name.

00:10:05   And that's what I feel like to me,

00:10:08   that is on the high end of my sweet spot.

00:10:11   Like 200 is like, okay.

00:10:14   I'm gonna get one of these now,

00:10:16   like that was the last thing I needed

00:10:18   where it was like, yeah, okay, that's not too bad.

00:10:21   And an eight inch screen,

00:10:23   we're talking like Nintendo Switch kind of sides.

00:10:25   And obviously it's not an OLED like the Switch is,

00:10:27   but I'm intrigued about this.

00:10:29   And I think it's kind of priced

00:10:32   just about where it needs to be.

00:10:35   I would say like, I see a lot of people that are like,

00:10:37   this thing's wild, what is the point of this?

00:10:40   Like, I don't understand that outrage.

00:10:42   I do think that the lack of Bluetooth is like annoying.

00:10:46   Like I support the idea of the PlayStation link thing.

00:10:50   Like I think that's cool, right?

00:10:51   It's like it's solving an interesting set of problems

00:10:53   of like low latency and stuff.

00:10:55   It should also have Bluetooth though.

00:10:57   Like, you know what I mean?

00:10:58   Like we shouldn't only have the PlayStation link thing,

00:11:02   but realistically it also does have a headphone jack on it

00:11:05   too, so it's not like it has nothing.

00:11:07   Like, so there are ways to still get the audio.

00:11:09   But anyway, I'm very intrigued about this

00:11:11   and it's priced at a, for consumer technology,

00:11:16   a level that is like, okay, I'll give this a go

00:11:20   for that price.

00:11:21   - Yeah.

00:11:22   Some real time breaking news.

00:11:24   Mark Gurman is reporting that Apple is looking at 3D printing

00:11:29   to make devices and major manufacturing shift.

00:11:33   And apparently some of these parts could come as soon

00:11:36   as the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 9.

00:11:39   - So what, you'll be able to 3D print an Apple Watch at home?

00:11:42   Like you'll just pay Apple for like the schematic

00:11:44   or whatever and like you just don't even need

00:11:46   to go to them anymore?

00:11:47   - Yeah, it's gonna be sweet.

00:11:48   - Love it.

00:11:49   - Yeah.

00:11:50   - I mean, this is like 3D printing, right?

00:11:54   - Yeah.

00:11:55   - Like there is 3D printing in like major manufacturer

00:11:58   already where you could like 3D print metal

00:12:01   and it's not like it's got that like texture running

00:12:03   through it like regular 3D printing does.

00:12:06   Can you imagine you get your next iPhone

00:12:07   and it's like 3D printed plastic?

00:12:11   - I saw this post by Mark appear on Mastodon.

00:12:16   Ivory was opening the background and my brain,

00:12:18   so the post says Apple design a major shift

00:12:22   on how to produce products working on 3D printing

00:12:25   of device bodies.

00:12:26   My brain quickly skinned the post and read it

00:12:30   as working on 3D printing bodies.

00:12:32   - Yeah.

00:12:33   (laughing)

00:12:35   I love it.

00:12:36   - And yeah, I was very confused for a second.

00:12:39   - I'm gonna have to say there was no like,

00:12:41   I didn't have an anonymous informant.

00:12:43   It's not why I was asking about 3D printing.

00:12:45   I had no idea that this was coming.

00:12:46   That is a very strange,

00:12:48   it's very strange that this is hit right now.

00:12:50   Do you think Mark's listening?

00:12:51   Hi Mark.

00:12:51   - Do you think he's listening?

00:12:53   Maybe, maybe he's out there.

00:12:56   - Hey.

00:12:57   - Hey.

00:12:57   - Hello.

00:12:58   - Hey guys.

00:12:59   - Hi.

00:13:00   - Hey, can I tell you about the work of St. Jude?

00:13:01   I would love to do that.

00:13:02   - Please tell us all about it.

00:13:03   - Because September, which is basically here,

00:13:07   it's childhood cancer.

00:13:08   - It's basically September.

00:13:09   - September never ends.

00:13:10   Wait, no, that's not the song lyric.

00:13:12   Did I mess up that reference?

00:13:13   - Wake me up.

00:13:14   - Wake me up when September ends.

00:13:17   - Wake me up.

00:13:18   (laughing)

00:13:21   - Shave me.

00:13:22   - Different song, different song.

00:13:26   - Yeah, we've now, we're doing a mashup.

00:13:29   I'll be awake all of September

00:13:30   because September is childhood cancer awareness month.

00:13:33   And for the fifth year in a row, that's one, two, three,

00:13:36   four, five, the Relay FM community is coming together

00:13:40   to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:13:43   When I say coming together, well, what does that mean?

00:13:46   Well, in the previous four years, collectively,

00:13:48   we have raised $2.2 million for the work of St. Jude

00:13:52   Children's Research Hospital,

00:13:53   which is an astronomical amount of money.

00:13:56   We're on the verge of 2.5 million this year.

00:13:59   This is super important because St. Jude

00:14:01   won't stop their life-saving work

00:14:02   until no child dies from cancer.

00:14:05   With your support, dear listener,

00:14:07   we'll be one step closer to that day,

00:14:09   one cure closer, one child closer.

00:14:13   I wanna tell you a little bit about St. Jude.

00:14:16   St. Jude opened its doors in 1962.

00:14:20   Believe it or not, I wasn't around then,

00:14:22   but back then, childhood cancer

00:14:24   was largely considered incurable.

00:14:27   This mission that they had was a real moonshot.

00:14:32   But today, treatments developed at St. Jude

00:14:35   have helped push the overall cancer survival rate

00:14:37   from 20% to more than 80% since opening.

00:14:42   But that's not 100%.

00:14:44   So there is still work to do.

00:14:47   Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease

00:14:50   among US children ages 14 and younger.

00:14:53   And we all believe that every child deserves a chance

00:14:56   to live their life and celebrate every moment.

00:14:59   When you support St. Jude,

00:15:01   you are helping make cures possible for kids with cancer

00:15:04   like my oldest son, whose life was saved at St. Jude.

00:15:08   This September, we ask you to join Relay FM

00:15:10   in showing support for St. Jude

00:15:12   and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

00:15:14   by going to stjude.org/relay.

00:15:18   The link is in the show notes.

00:15:21   There you can donate directly.

00:15:23   You can start your own campaign and fundraise

00:15:26   through your school or civic organization

00:15:28   or neighborhood or friends and family.

00:15:31   You can set up a matching gift.

00:15:32   So if you want to say, "Hey, for the next $500,

00:15:37   "I will match it with my own gift."

00:15:39   All sorts of things you can do, donor-advised funds.

00:15:42   A big thing I know in our audience is the ability

00:15:45   to have your company match your donation.

00:15:48   So a lot of companies do this.

00:15:49   We make it really easy to do that at stjude.org/relay.

00:15:53   Lots of good stuff.

00:15:54   Mike, can you tell people a little bit about

00:15:56   what's coming up in terms of live stream and events?

00:15:59   - Throughout the month of September,

00:16:00   we'll be doing a bunch of streams and content.

00:16:02   Obviously, we have the podcast with them.

00:16:04   We'll talk about that in a minute.

00:16:05   But there's stuff that me and Steven

00:16:07   and others in the Relay FM host community

00:16:10   will be participating in.

00:16:12   So I am gonna be playing Starfield this Friday.

00:16:17   So that's when Starfield Early Access comes out.

00:16:19   So you'll be able to join me at 12 p.m. US Eastern,

00:16:24   9 Pacific, that's five British summertime.

00:16:27   Up mike.live, I'm gonna be playing Starfield

00:16:30   for the first time, so it'll be blast enough.

00:16:31   And you can come hang out with me for a few hours.

00:16:34   We'll play some Starfield.

00:16:35   We'll talk about the work at St. Jude.

00:16:36   We'll have a great time.

00:16:38   - And then Steven is gonna be also doing a stream

00:16:41   where he is, for reasons that will become apparent

00:16:44   later on in the month, disassembling a MacBook.

00:16:48   This is a MacBook, right?

00:16:49   - Yes, yep.

00:16:50   - The white plastic polycarbonate MacBook.

00:16:52   He's gonna be taking one of those apart

00:16:54   and he's going to try and do it from memory

00:16:56   because Steven used to take apart a lot of these

00:16:58   when he was an Apple genius.

00:16:59   That's gonna be on Saturday, September 2nd,

00:17:03   at 1 p.m. US Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific,

00:17:06   6 p.m. British summertime.

00:17:08   And there's just a couple.

00:17:09   We've got a bunch of other stuff.

00:17:11   There's always milestones, streams that you can find

00:17:14   over at stjude.org/relay.

00:17:16   You can see the things that we've got.

00:17:17   There's new stuff going in all the time.

00:17:19   And this is just additional content,

00:17:21   additional fun stuff that we'll be able to do

00:17:23   as little thank yous throughout the month for you donating.

00:17:26   It also gives us an opportunity to spend more time

00:17:29   talking about the donations.

00:17:31   We're gonna be doing some Flight Sim streams.

00:17:33   We're gonna be doing a bunch of other stuff.

00:17:35   And the biggest event will be Podcastathon 5,

00:17:40   which is when, Steven?

00:17:43   - Friday, September 22nd, 12 noon Eastern,

00:17:48   all the way through midnight.

00:17:51   We're going 12 hours this year.

00:17:52   - 12 hours.

00:17:54   - 12 hours.

00:17:55   Seemed like a really good idea when we suggested it.

00:17:57   Now it's a little frightening.

00:17:58   - No, it's great.

00:17:59   Podcastathon 5 is 50% longer than any Podcastathon.

00:18:03   And it is 50% more bonkers.

00:18:06   I saw some of the stuff today, Mike, I was on campus,

00:18:08   actually recording an interview that's gonna be played

00:18:11   during the Podcastathon that I'm very proud of.

00:18:13   It's gonna be so much fun.

00:18:14   We will be joined in person by Jason and Kathy

00:18:19   as our co-host this year.

00:18:22   It's gonna be so much fun.

00:18:23   So take off work Friday, tell your family

00:18:26   you're gonna be watching a 12 hour live stream.

00:18:28   Friday, September 22nd.

00:18:30   We will be posting about this, both Mike and I

00:18:34   and Relay on Instagram and Mastodon and Threads.

00:18:37   You'll have lots of reminders for all of this stuff.

00:18:39   But the most important thing, stju.org/relay.

00:18:44   - I have two things I wanna mention

00:18:47   just before we move on about this.

00:18:48   So one is like people may be looking at the artwork

00:18:52   and they're like, this is really interesting.

00:18:53   Why are Mike and Steven so angry at each other?

00:18:56   Right, like if you look at the desk mats and stuff

00:18:59   that we're doing because also at stju.org/relay

00:19:01   not only can you donate, you can sign up to fundraise.

00:19:04   And if you fundraise, there are additional,

00:19:06   what do we call them?

00:19:08   Do we call them rewards for if you fundraise?

00:19:12   Relay FM, exclusive merchandise available to you

00:19:14   if you set up your own fundraiser,

00:19:16   which includes a desk mat.

00:19:17   And that desk mat has me and Steven in fighting pose

00:19:19   because the theme of Podcastathon 5 is Mike versus Steven.

00:19:24   That's the theme.

00:19:26   And so through actually beginning next week,

00:19:30   I think we'll begin the first point scoring things.

00:19:34   So we're gonna be integrating this into some of our shows

00:19:36   over the next couple of weeks where the,

00:19:39   really the overall thing the podcast has done

00:19:41   is a selection of activities and games

00:19:44   where Steven and I will be in competition

00:19:46   to crown the one true co-founder at the end of it.

00:19:51   What Steven doesn't know is the company goes to the winner.

00:19:54   - Oh, well.

00:19:56   - Yeah, yeah.

00:19:57   - Okay.

00:19:57   - We're going real pro wrestling with this.

00:20:00   The winner gains control of the company.

00:20:02   That's what's gonna happen.

00:20:04   No, that part's not true,

00:20:05   but there is going to be Mike versus Steven

00:20:08   throughout the whole thing.

00:20:09   Go to stj.org/relay and you can learn a little bit more.

00:20:12   The second thing I have to mention before we continue is,

00:20:15   - Oh no.

00:20:17   - Welcome back to the quizzes where I, Mike Hurley,

00:20:19   quiz my connected co-hosts on a selection of topics.

00:20:22   Today I have just one question for you both

00:20:25   and it's worth a total of 10 points.

00:20:27   The current scoring is Steven with 2010 points

00:20:32   and Federico with 1990 points.

00:20:35   You're actually really close to each other.

00:20:36   - That is really close.

00:20:38   - So these 10 points could make a big difference.

00:20:40   It's one question, you both give me your answer.

00:20:43   The question is, should listeners of this show

00:20:45   go to stj.org/relay and donate money?

00:20:48   Steven?

00:20:49   - Heck yes.

00:20:50   - Okay, Federico?

00:20:54   (laughing)

00:20:55   - Yes.

00:20:57   - Great, that's 10 points each.

00:20:58   Thank you so much for listening to this round of the quizzes.

00:21:01   - Good job everyone.

00:21:02   We have a little bit of follow out.

00:21:05   Mike and Jason were kind enough to invite me

00:21:07   on Monday's episode of Upgrade, Upgrade 474,

00:21:12   titled I'm not a doctor, I'm an auditor,

00:21:15   because I got to audit Jason's computing setup.

00:21:18   And so if you want to hear me go through his hardware

00:21:21   and his doc and his, what else are we talking about?

00:21:23   The menu bar and all sorts of stuff, go check that out.

00:21:27   It's always fun to join y'all, Mike, on Upgrade,

00:21:29   so thank you for having me.

00:21:31   - It was an episode of Upgrade that had a little sprinkling

00:21:34   of connected energy.

00:21:35   - Did have some connected energy, yeah.

00:21:38   Including Jason and I joking so much

00:21:40   that you couldn't start the show, which I enjoyed.

00:21:43   - That made it to a clip on Instagram, yep.

00:21:47   - Yeah, 'cause y'all have a social media manager

00:21:49   over there on Upgrade, very fancy.

00:21:51   - Yep.

00:21:52   - Also just, I want to give a shout out to our friend

00:21:54   David Sparks, today, Wednesday, August 30th,

00:21:56   he has launched his Obsidian Field Guide.

00:21:59   There's a couple links in the show notes to that.

00:22:01   And Sunday's Mac Power Users will be all about Obsidian

00:22:06   and his Field Guide and the process

00:22:09   and a whole bunch of great stuff.

00:22:10   It's a really good episode.

00:22:11   David works so incredibly hard.

00:22:14   This Field Guide took him like a year to do.

00:22:16   It's so much work, he does such a good job.

00:22:19   And so I wanted to shout it out here.

00:22:21   If you are using Obsidian,

00:22:23   you want to take it to the next level

00:22:24   or you're Obsidian curious,

00:22:26   the Field Guide is a great place to learn more about it.

00:22:30   And David just absolutely killed this one.

00:22:33   I've gone through it and it's fantastic.

00:22:35   - Yeah, I look forward to checking this one out.

00:22:37   - This episode of Connected is brought to you

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00:24:38   Our thanks to CleanMyMacX for their support of the show

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00:24:43   I wanted to highlight something

00:24:45   that our friend Rosemary Orchard and her team

00:24:48   over at Snailed It Development have been up to.

00:24:50   So I think we talked about this

00:24:52   when it happened earlier this year,

00:24:53   but developer Alex Hay, the developer behind such greats

00:24:57   as Toolbox Pro, Logger for Shortcuts, Nanomate

00:25:00   and a bunch of others,

00:25:01   unfortunately passed away earlier this year.

00:25:04   And there was a lot of, obviously a lot of love

00:25:08   and outpouring for him and his family,

00:25:11   but a lot of us were also curious

00:25:13   about what was going to happen to his apps

00:25:16   and Rosemary and Snailed It

00:25:19   have taken over those applications.

00:25:23   And so we have a blog post that they wrote

00:25:25   that's in the show notes.

00:25:26   Most excitingly to me is that Alex was actually

00:25:29   in the process of a big update to Toolbox Pro

00:25:32   and they plan on finishing and shipping that update.

00:25:36   So I just, I love the story.

00:25:38   I'm so glad these apps have a good home.

00:25:40   Federica, could you talk a little bit about these apps?

00:25:42   I know that you've covered Toolbox Pro and others

00:25:44   over on Mac stories over the years.

00:25:47   - Yeah, Alex was an incredibly talented developer,

00:25:51   especially, you know, I especially appreciated Alex's work

00:25:55   because of how skilled and knowledgeable he was

00:25:58   about shortcuts and sort of the entire iOS,

00:26:02   iPadOS and eventually Mac OS automation scene

00:26:05   powered by shortcuts and shortcuts actions.

00:26:07   And Toolbox Pro was truly some pioneering work

00:26:14   from Alex in terms of this idea of adding features

00:26:18   to shortcuts in the form of shortcuts actions

00:26:22   made by a third party app.

00:26:24   Toolbox Pro is what could be referred to as a,

00:26:28   sort of as a headless application in terms of that,

00:26:32   meaning that you don't open the Toolbox Pro app

00:26:35   to do anything.

00:26:36   It's just a container for shortcuts actions,

00:26:39   all kinds of shortcuts actions, right?

00:26:41   Most importantly, Toolbox Pro allowed the sort of

00:26:44   integrations that not even Apple itself

00:26:48   is building into shortcuts.

00:26:49   Things like Apple Music integrations, right?

00:26:52   Integration with the Apple Music Search API

00:26:54   and the Playback API.

00:26:56   And Toolbox Pro has hundreds, I want to say, of actions.

00:26:59   Things like creating interfaces.

00:27:02   You can do that with Toolbox Pro.

00:27:04   Searching the App Store, presenting lists,

00:27:07   and Logger was another shortcuts enabled,

00:27:10   sort of shortcuts based utility that allowed you

00:27:12   to have proper developer like outputs in a console.

00:27:17   So if you want to check on the error logs

00:27:21   for one of your shortcuts,

00:27:22   and you want to get more details about what happened,

00:27:25   you can install Logger and have a proper console

00:27:29   for your more advanced shortcuts.

00:27:30   And Automate, which I believe was Alex's most recent work,

00:27:34   is another shortcuts utility that exposes visual actions

00:27:40   for Notion, which is something that Notion,

00:27:43   very popular web service, doesn't have.

00:27:46   Notion doesn't offer any native sort of visual,

00:27:50   sort of do-it-yourself shortcuts actions.

00:27:52   It has an API.

00:27:53   However, getting started with that API

00:27:56   requires a lot of work.

00:27:57   And I know that because I have built some Notion shortcuts

00:28:00   with the sort of raw API, and it requires a lot of skill,

00:28:05   and a lot of knowledge.

00:28:06   And Automate simplifies all of that

00:28:08   with a bunch of visual actions.

00:28:10   So this is, I mean, given the tragic circumstances,

00:28:15   but it's such a great story of a developer's legacy living on

00:28:21   and sort of being passed on to another skilled team

00:28:25   of developers who truly care about automation.

00:28:28   I cannot wait to see what Rosemary and team do

00:28:33   in terms of preserving Alex's legacy

00:28:35   and continuing the work that Alex started years ago.

00:28:39   I believe Alex was already working on a version

00:28:41   of Toolbox Pro for macOS, for example.

00:28:43   So I am very keen to see where this goes,

00:28:47   and I'm just happy to know that these apps now have a home,

00:28:50   especially Toolbox Pro.

00:28:52   It's such a must-have utility

00:28:55   if you're a shortcuts power user.

00:28:56   So I'm glad to see this sort of come to be like this.

00:29:01   - Yeah, it's good community members too,

00:29:04   like it's in good hands, good stewardship.

00:29:09   It's very complicated, like emotionally,

00:29:14   like to both try and celebrate and commiserate something

00:29:17   at exactly the same time.

00:29:19   - Yes, exactly, yes.

00:29:20   - And I imagine that this is even more complicated

00:29:23   for the Snail Kit folks of like how to do this,

00:29:27   'cause yeah, it's a difficult thing,

00:29:30   but it's also a good thing too.

00:29:34   - I have some real-time follow-up

00:29:35   about voicemail transcriptions.

00:29:37   We talked about this a couple of weeks ago,

00:29:39   and we were unsure if it was actually working or not,

00:29:42   but during the show, I got a phone call,

00:29:45   and I sent it to voicemail and reached over.

00:29:48   - This is the fake voicemail though, right?

00:29:49   This is the non-real voicemail, okay.

00:29:52   - They are leaving a message,

00:29:54   and your iPhone lock screen is transcribing it for you.

00:29:57   And I think for the first time, I'm on Beta 8 now,

00:30:00   which came out yesterday, it worked.

00:30:01   So I could see the voicemail that my family member

00:30:03   was leaving me as I was recording.

00:30:06   So I don't have to worry if something's wrong.

00:30:07   I now know what's up, and they even said,

00:30:09   "I know you're probably recording, but blah, blah, blah."

00:30:12   Pretty sweet.

00:30:13   So for the first time I've seen this work,

00:30:15   and now I'm not like worried that something's wrong,

00:30:19   trying to check a voicemail during the show.

00:30:20   - Did these go to voicemail?

00:30:22   Like do you open the phone app and they're there?

00:30:25   Like you can look at them afterwards?

00:30:27   - Yes, yeah, so it is saved as a regular voicemail.

00:30:31   It's pretty slick.

00:30:33   I only took eight betas to get it going, but that's fun.

00:30:36   - It's a lot of betas, right?

00:30:37   Like eight is a lot?

00:30:39   - Feels like it.

00:30:40   - Is it a lot?

00:30:42   Federico, is it a lot?

00:30:43   Is eight an abnormal?

00:30:44   - No, it's regular.

00:30:47   More than 10 is a lot.

00:30:49   - It's weird.

00:30:50   - Okay.

00:30:51   - Yeah, yeah.

00:30:52   But we got to 12, I believe, one year, I wanna say.

00:30:56   And that was a lot.

00:30:58   The voicemail thing, just something real quick I wanna say.

00:31:02   I am still not sure how I'm supposed to test it in Italy.

00:31:07   Meaning I'm using my phone in English.

00:31:13   My phone is set to the English language.

00:31:16   And then whenever someone calls me and leaves a voicemail,

00:31:21   and that has happened on a couple of occasions this summer,

00:31:24   they are speaking Italian,

00:31:26   but it gets transcribed in English.

00:31:29   - Oh, wow.

00:31:30   - As you can imagine, it's English

00:31:30   that doesn't make any sense.

00:31:32   So my assumption is that this voicemail transcription

00:31:35   doesn't do any sort of language detection.

00:31:38   So what, am I forced to use my phone in Italian

00:31:41   if I wanna get voicemail transcription in Italian?

00:31:43   - Well, it only works in Canada and the US.

00:31:48   So like you must have it your phone set to a thing.

00:31:51   - So it's my region setting.

00:31:52   - That's why it's working, 'cause it doesn't work for me.

00:31:54   - Okay, so that's what--

00:31:55   - You actually can test it, but you can't test it.

00:31:59   - I can test it, but someone needs to call me on the phone

00:32:02   and leave a proper English message.

00:32:04   Okay, can you call me at some point over the next few weeks?

00:32:08   - You just let me know and I'll call you

00:32:09   and I'll whisper sweet nothings to your iPhone.

00:32:12   - Thank you, appreciate it.

00:32:14   - I'll make sure I at least give you a sentence.

00:32:16   You can take a screenshot.

00:32:17   The rest of it may not be fit for print.

00:32:19   - Wow.

00:32:20   - So you gotta get that screenshot quick

00:32:22   before I start cursing.

00:32:23   I'm back with another plea for the reminders team.

00:32:26   - Hi, it's me.

00:32:27   - It's me, your most annoying user.

00:32:30   So last year I got a change in reminders

00:32:35   to make the badge match the today view.

00:32:39   So the badge would have overdue and due today tasks.

00:32:44   Right, got that in the beta last year.

00:32:46   Super excited, super happy.

00:32:48   I'm back in reminders.

00:32:49   I've been using it full time for months now.

00:32:51   And another thing has come to bother me.

00:32:54   And so I wrote a blog post.

00:32:56   And look, it's not running to the press

00:32:57   when you are the press.

00:32:58   So I filed a feedback.

00:33:00   It's FB13055999 as linked,

00:33:04   or as mentioned in this blog post.

00:33:07   But my current frustration is the today view.

00:33:11   So they have this feature where you can divide it up

00:33:15   into morning, afternoon, and tonight.

00:33:18   Things have something similar to this

00:33:19   where you have like, oh, this task will be due this evening.

00:33:22   Just a good feature.

00:33:24   My problem is the sorting.

00:33:25   So Apple, with this view on or off,

00:33:29   puts your tasks that are due today,

00:33:31   but with no due time at the top of the list.

00:33:36   So you have, you say that you have five tasks for today.

00:33:39   The first three don't have times.

00:33:41   You see those first.

00:33:42   And then you see the other ones that have due times.

00:33:45   And I find this to basically be backwards,

00:33:48   not only from how every other task manager does it,

00:33:51   but in my mind, a task with a time,

00:33:56   like the time is important, right?

00:33:58   If I say, hey, you need to go do this thing at 3 p.m.,

00:34:02   I need to go do that thing at 3 p.m.

00:34:04   And if I have to scroll past a bunch of tasks

00:34:07   that don't have a time,

00:34:09   I find that to be a bit frustrating.

00:34:10   So all that's outlined in this document

00:34:12   as well as the feedback that I filed.

00:34:16   And I just wanna put this out into the world.

00:34:18   If anyone's listening, I would love you to consider this.

00:34:21   - I think you're right.

00:34:22   I'm also, I run into this problem every single time

00:34:25   because on the one hand, I like this idea

00:34:28   of assigning like timeless reminders with a date,

00:34:33   just today or tomorrow, without a time.

00:34:37   - That's how a lot of mine are.

00:34:38   You know, just like at some point today,

00:34:40   get this done. - At some point today, yes.

00:34:43   The problem is exactly what you described,

00:34:45   that throughout the course of the day,

00:34:48   I open the today view and I miss those reminders

00:34:53   because they got mixed in with all the other reminders

00:34:56   that have a time.

00:34:57   So I agree, there needs to be a better separation,

00:34:59   like put them at the end or something, like I agree.

00:35:03   So I hope they listen to this feedback item.

00:35:05   And I will also mention another thing

00:35:07   that I also filed the feedback for,

00:35:11   which is what you just mentioned, Steven,

00:35:13   the today view has this special sections

00:35:17   for morning, afternoon, and tonight.

00:35:19   Nice feature copied from things, nice feature, I like it,

00:35:23   but a couple of things.

00:35:25   First, these times cannot be customized.

00:35:28   And I'm pretty sure that I brought this up in my review

00:35:31   whenever this feature became available.

00:35:33   I don't recall if it was last year or iOS 15,

00:35:36   when reminders got these three sections.

00:35:39   Tonight, for example, means 6 p.m.

00:35:42   Now, I'm not an American, I don't eat dinner at 6 p.m.

00:35:46   Tonight for me, tonight means at the very least 9 p.m.

00:35:50   Now this problem would be solved if only these times

00:35:53   what they mean could be customized.

00:35:55   Like tonight is not 6 p.m., 6 p.m. is afternoon for me.

00:35:59   Like why should it be tonight?

00:36:01   So that problem, like that flexibility

00:36:04   needs to be added in at some point.

00:36:06   And second, these are sections, right?

00:36:09   These are sections of the today view.

00:36:11   However, these are like custom sections

00:36:16   compared to the proper sections

00:36:19   that Reminders is gaining with iOS 17.

00:36:22   In iOS 17, you can create sections inside of your lists.

00:36:27   Which is sweet.

00:36:29   Which is sweet and I love it.

00:36:31   Thanks to those sections in iOS 17,

00:36:34   you can choose to view a list in list mode

00:36:37   with all your sections arranged vertically,

00:36:41   or as columns.

00:36:42   So you can turn Reminders into like a Kanban board,

00:36:45   for example.

00:36:47   It would make sense in my opinion

00:36:49   to have these sections of the today page

00:36:53   to also be, you know, to also support those display modes.

00:36:58   Right?

00:36:59   So what I'm asking for is,

00:37:00   why can I not view the sections of the today page as columns?

00:37:05   But I can view other sections in Reminders as columns.

00:37:09   So it's like they have these legacy sections

00:37:12   in the today view that do not support the same view options

00:37:16   of the other sections in Reminders in iOS 17.

00:37:19   Similarly, the scheduled page has the same problem.

00:37:24   The scheduled view has sections for today, tomorrow,

00:37:29   the next two days,

00:37:31   and then it goes like rest of September, for example.

00:37:35   I would love it if I could view those sections

00:37:38   in the scheduled view as columns, but I can't,

00:37:41   because these are not quote unquote, real sections,

00:37:45   like the rest of iOS 17, they are custom sections,

00:37:48   and they do not support those view modes.

00:37:51   It's like these inconsistencies,

00:37:52   they don't make a lot of sense in my opinion.

00:37:54   And yeah, I also think those Reminders

00:37:58   should be placed at the bottom,

00:37:59   and I should be able to customize whatever tonight means.

00:38:03   And by the way, someone asking the Discord,

00:38:04   I eat dinner at the very least at 9.30 PM.

00:38:09   Man, I was in for Mantera,

00:38:10   and everybody eats dinner like 11 PM, 11.30.

00:38:13   One time we went to the restaurant,

00:38:15   we ordered at midnight, and it was perfect.

00:38:19   It was so sweet, everybody just,

00:38:22   yeah, those are my kind of schedule.

00:38:23   I understand why they may be a little too late

00:38:25   for a lot of people, but yeah, at the very least 9.30 PM.

00:38:28   Yeah, we have a several people are typing situation

00:38:31   at Discord right now.

00:38:33   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:38:34   Mid-zack, midnight dinner, it was incredible.

00:38:38   Midnight dinner sounds like a band I wanna listen to.

00:38:42   Midnight dinner? Yeah.

00:38:43   It's like the opposite of neutral milk hotel.

00:38:46   (laughs)

00:38:47   Well, I can't go there, I'm lactose intolerant.

00:38:49   Exactly, well, it's neutral.

00:38:51   I don't know, does that mean there is milk at the hotel,

00:38:54   or there's no milk at the hotel,

00:38:55   or the milk is in like perfect stasis at the hotel?

00:38:57   Anyway, I see what you're saying about the Reminders thing,

00:39:02   about like the grouping.

00:39:03   I could see it going one way or the other,

00:39:06   but like reading your post,

00:39:07   I understand why you would want it to be

00:39:09   the way that you want it to be.

00:39:11   Yeah, make it an option.

00:39:13   I feel like a Reminders application,

00:39:17   like it's an app that should have settings,

00:39:19   because people want different things.

00:39:21   Like I know when I wrote this OTJ texted me,

00:39:24   it was like, you're wrong, because the way he uses it,

00:39:26   is he has all of his untimed tasks at the top,

00:39:29   and then each day he kind of filters them.

00:39:30   So like he drags, okay, this one I'm gonna do

00:39:32   in the morning, this one I'm gonna do in the afternoon.

00:39:33   I think I would live the OTJ lifestyle in that one,

00:39:36   but I'm not like, it's kind of like,

00:39:39   I don't know if I really feel like one way

00:39:41   is better than the other,

00:39:42   but it does feel like a personal decision.

00:39:44   Yeah, so just give me the option to have it the way I want it.

00:39:49   John literally said, I hope you don't get this.

00:39:53   He did say that.

00:39:53   He's actively rooting against you.

00:39:56   He doesn't even want a setting.

00:39:57   He thinks it's so bad,

00:39:59   he doesn't even want there to be a setting.

00:40:01   I'm pretty sure he's lobbying for this feature not to exist.

00:40:05   John has released like, what's your feedback number?

00:40:08   It's like, he's done the same feedback number,

00:40:10   but with a B at the end, and it's like, don't do this.

00:40:14   It's anti-feedback.

00:40:16   Yeah.

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00:42:41   - All right, it's iPhone time.

00:42:43   We all knew it was coming and here it is.

00:42:45   - Wait, they're making a new one?

00:42:46   - Breaking news, there's gonna be a new iPhone this year.

00:42:49   In iPhone gate, there's gonna be a new one.

00:42:52   That's the gate this year that there's a new iPhone.

00:42:55   - Wonderful. - Nice.

00:42:57   - We all got invited.

00:42:59   - We did, which is very awesome.

00:43:02   - Which is great.

00:43:03   Currently only Steven's going.

00:43:05   We're not, it's complicated.

00:43:09   You know, like this is complicated.

00:43:11   Steven will be there.

00:43:13   We can confirm.

00:43:14   - I will. - The connected podcast

00:43:15   is willing to confirm that Steven Hackett

00:43:17   will be boots on the ground.

00:43:19   - And the event is taking place

00:43:22   on the 15th anniversary of 512Pixels,

00:43:26   which is really special to me.

00:43:29   I love it. - We'd like to thank Tim

00:43:30   for recognizing it, you know?

00:43:32   - I mean, technically it's the 15th anniversary

00:43:35   of "Fork Bomber."

00:43:37   - That's true, but you know.

00:43:38   - Just saying. - Oh.

00:43:40   - Re-branded to me. - You know,

00:43:41   when you said that to me, I was like,

00:43:43   wow, that time's gone fast.

00:43:46   But it's actually the anniversary

00:43:48   of you having your own website, right?

00:43:50   'Cause it used to be under a different name.

00:43:52   That makes more sense to me.

00:43:53   'Cause I was like, oh my God.

00:43:54   Like you made me feel really old.

00:43:56   But I didn't really put any more thought into it than that.

00:43:59   Where if I would have, I would have realized

00:44:01   what Federico just realized.

00:44:02   - Yes, of my own site.

00:44:03   Yeah, it was called "Fork Bomber" for quite a few years.

00:44:07   It's been 512 longer now, I think.

00:44:10   But. - Yeah, definitely.

00:44:11   - Definitely, that's probably like 10 years ago

00:44:13   at this point.

00:44:13   Anyways, I wanted to go through kind of the state

00:44:16   of the rumors and get everyone's temperature

00:44:19   on what we think.

00:44:20   This is not the Ricky's.

00:44:22   We'll be playing that next week

00:44:24   where we make our official, like, sealed guesses

00:44:29   about what Apple's going to do.

00:44:31   - Sealed?

00:44:32   Do we have a seal?

00:44:34   - Yeah, the Vittigi seal.

00:44:35   - You said, is it like?

00:44:39   - Slap it on there.

00:44:40   - Well, this.

00:44:41   - I think it becomes sealed when it shows up.

00:44:44   - They're not sealed at all, right?

00:44:46   Because we share them with each other,

00:44:47   at least the Ricky pic.

00:44:49   We share with each other before.

00:44:50   - They're the official, like, once they're made,

00:44:53   we can't change them, like.

00:44:55   - Right. - Okay.

00:44:56   - Really, I started the sentence?

00:44:58   - Not as in like it's taped up in an envelope

00:45:01   and no one can open it.

00:45:01   - Yeah, they're not like notarized.

00:45:03   - Right, we could probably do that.

00:45:04   - They should be, though.

00:45:05   - Yeah. - Should they?

00:45:06   (laughing)

00:45:07   - Like, the thing we should notarize is the rules,

00:45:10   but the problem is we can't keep them the same

00:45:12   for more than six months.

00:45:13   - Oh, you're just, you're paying a notary.

00:45:14   - I just go to the, just go to the notary

00:45:16   every single time.

00:45:18   - There is a notary somewhere who is like salivating

00:45:20   at the idea of notarizing the Bill of Rickeys,

00:45:24   'cause like that is just a never-ending stream of money.

00:45:27   - If you're listening and you're a notary

00:45:28   in the United States, send us some feedback

00:45:31   on the feedback form.

00:45:32   - Do you need to be a notary in the United States?

00:45:33   Can you not be a notary in Italy?

00:45:35   - Well, the company is in the United States.

00:45:39   - But this isn't anything, like, who owns Connected, though?

00:45:42   - I mean.

00:45:43   - Right.

00:45:44   - Who edits Connected, I feel like is the real question.

00:45:47   - Wait, so is that how it works?

00:45:49   Like, whoever edits it owns it?

00:45:51   - You're not my boss.

00:45:52   - That's true, I don't know.

00:45:54   Maybe, okay, no, I got it, I got it, I got it.

00:45:55   - That would make Jim Metzendorf

00:45:57   the owner of Mac Power Users, you know that, right?

00:45:59   Like, that's what would happen if that was the case.

00:46:01   - We round robin the country in which we notarize the bill.

00:46:05   - Ah, perfect.

00:46:08   - I don't want the hassle.

00:46:10   (laughing)

00:46:11   - So you don't want me to do it,

00:46:12   but you don't want to do it either.

00:46:14   - No, I never said I don't want you to do it.

00:46:16   That was not a thing that I never said that.

00:46:17   - Not just a principle.

00:46:18   He likes the thought of having the possibility.

00:46:22   - I never suggested I wanted to be in charge

00:46:25   of notarizing anything, 'cause I don't want that aggravation

00:46:28   of, like, going to a notary.

00:46:29   Like, you could write back the tape.

00:46:31   Mike never said, "What about a notary in Great Britain?"

00:46:34   Like, that was never a thing that I wanted to do.

00:46:35   - Yeah, it was set her again.

00:46:36   It was set her again.

00:46:37   - Like, I don't want to do it,

00:46:39   but I do like the idea of it happening.

00:46:41   What we need is, like, a notary in international waters.

00:46:46   Like, someone who is, like-

00:46:47   - Pirate notary.

00:46:48   - I'm fascinated by that, okay.

00:46:50   - But someone who has no affiliation to any country,

00:46:53   so it, like, it lives just-

00:46:55   - Can you be one of those countries where, like, you know,

00:46:59   people go to do quote-unquote "business"?

00:47:02   Like, can we get, can we get, like, a notary

00:47:05   in the Cayman Islands, for example?

00:47:07   - Oh, or, like, Panama or something?

00:47:10   - Yeah.

00:47:11   - Or, like, what's that place?

00:47:12   Is it Sealand?

00:47:13   Is that what it is, Stephen?

00:47:14   - Principality of Sealand.

00:47:15   - Yeah, Principality of Sealand.

00:47:17   If you are a notary in Switzerland, maybe,

00:47:20   ooh, that's probably the one, right?

00:47:22   Switzerland?

00:47:23   - Yeah, 'cause Switzerland don't care.

00:47:24   They're neutral, you know?

00:47:26   - We could go skiing once a year

00:47:27   and get, like, the Bill of Rickeys notarized.

00:47:30   - I love it.

00:47:30   - That feels like a good excuse for a vacation.

00:47:32   - Yeah.

00:47:33   - If you are a Swiss notary,

00:47:35   please write in and let us know.

00:47:38   - We probably have one listening.

00:47:39   So, okay, anyways, all this started

00:47:42   because I started a sentence

00:47:44   that didn't know how it was gonna end.

00:47:45   Next week, we're doing the Rickeys.

00:47:47   These are not our guesses.

00:47:50   I just want to, like--

00:47:51   - But if you, but seriously,

00:47:53   if you happen to be a Swiss notary,

00:47:55   like, if we can find a Swiss notary in the show's audience,

00:48:00   we're gonna do something.

00:48:01   I don't know what, but we're gonna do something.

00:48:03   - We will have to.

00:48:04   I mean, like, I feel like if there is someone in Switzerland

00:48:08   who is a notary, like, at this point, if they, like--

00:48:10   - I mean, they have notaries in Switzerland.

00:48:11   - We have to do something.

00:48:13   - I don't know.

00:48:13   Do they? - Swiss notary.

00:48:17   - I mean, I feel like they've got to, right?

00:48:19   Like, maybe if anywhere in the world

00:48:21   with all of the banks and stuff--

00:48:22   - Oh, yeah, they got notaries.

00:48:23   Yeah, notary services in Switzerland.

00:48:25   Here we go.

00:48:26   Tons of things in here.

00:48:28   I want to start with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

00:48:32   This is kind of where things stand in the rumors.

00:48:35   Apple is gonna continue the regular phone

00:48:40   kind of being a year behind the Pro phone.

00:48:43   So this year, it looks like the iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus

00:48:47   will get the Dynamic Island,

00:48:49   and I assume live activity support along with that.

00:48:53   - Whilst I believe this is happening, it is,

00:48:56   'cause I know what you're saying about that,

00:48:58   but, like, it's not getting always on display.

00:49:01   So, like, we skipped to Dynamic Island, right?

00:49:04   That is interesting,

00:49:05   because it's all about a priorities thing, right?

00:49:08   Like, for whatever reason,

00:49:09   Apple feel like the Dynamic Island is more important

00:49:12   to roll out to all the phones first.

00:49:15   And that's just intriguing to me.

00:49:17   That's like a thing that they've decided,

00:49:19   but like the always on,

00:49:20   they're gonna keep that for a while longer.

00:49:23   - That makes sense if you think about, like,

00:49:25   how they're slowly, arguably,

00:49:28   extending the things that go in the Dynamic Island.

00:49:31   Like with iOS 17, they're doing a bit more,

00:49:34   and they're gonna continue that, most likely next year.

00:49:37   So it makes sense to also have the base model iPhones

00:49:41   have the Dynamic Island.

00:49:42   - One of the big features of iOS 17 is standby,

00:49:45   and realistically, that is an always on display feature.

00:49:48   While it works on other phones,

00:49:51   it is nowhere near as useful on other phones.

00:49:54   - But that's exactly the point.

00:49:55   One of the best features means you gotta, if you want it,

00:49:57   it's one of the best features,

00:49:58   but if you want it, you gotta pay.

00:50:00   - But the Dynamic Island for whatever,

00:50:02   I mean, it's just like, I don't know,

00:50:03   like for whatever reason,

00:50:04   the Dynamic Island is something where they're like,

00:50:06   "No, we should get this on all the phones

00:50:07   as fast as possible."

00:50:08   It's just intriguing to me.

00:50:09   Like, I wonder what that means for live activities

00:50:13   as time goes on.

00:50:14   Like, are they really gonna push that?

00:50:16   'Cause this, again, it's one of those things

00:50:18   where like it has so much promise and I use it a lot,

00:50:20   but there are so many apps that I wish support it,

00:50:22   but don't still.

00:50:24   - We're also gonna see an updated 5G chip from Qualcomm.

00:50:28   The only reason I put this in there

00:50:29   is just to touch on the topic of Apple's 5G modem business

00:50:34   continues just to get pushed further down the line.

00:50:37   - Nice.

00:50:37   - So like they've struggled with that.

00:50:39   'Cause they bought that business from Intel four years ago,

00:50:43   I think.

00:50:44   It's been a minute

00:50:45   and we have not seen Apple's own modems quite yet.

00:50:49   - So an updated 5G chip from Qualcomm.

00:50:54   - Perfect.

00:50:55   So I don't need to get my vaccine this fall.

00:50:58   - Not yet.

00:51:00   I mean, the thing that's interesting,

00:51:03   I don't know if like realistically

00:51:05   there's much of a big change here.

00:51:07   I think really it's more intriguing

00:51:10   that like Apple just have yet to pull it together

00:51:13   to get this working themselves.

00:51:15   But it doesn't surprise me.

00:51:16   'Cause I think I heard you mention this

00:51:18   maybe on Mac power users recently, Stephen,

00:51:21   about this particular thing.

00:51:22   I don't know why,

00:51:23   but I think I heard you talk about this.

00:51:25   This is so complicated, right?

00:51:27   They cannot mess this up.

00:51:29   They cannot get it even a little bit wrong, right?

00:51:33   Like the 5G connection on an iPhone.

00:51:37   Like this has to be rock solid

00:51:41   before they put it out there.

00:51:42   So I think this is gonna be a multiple years

00:51:45   from now still thing.

00:51:46   Where like if you get like 5% of them go wrong,

00:51:49   well, you can't do it.

00:51:50   Like you just can't do this.

00:51:52   It's like this is Antennagate waiting to happen.

00:51:54   But in like maybe a potentially real more serious way.

00:51:58   We're looking at some updated colors.

00:52:00   According to Mac rumors,

00:52:02   we're looking at midnight or black,

00:52:04   starlight or white, yellow, blue,

00:52:07   and perhaps the return of the coral color

00:52:10   or something like that from the iPhone XR,

00:52:13   which was a pretty good color on the XR, I thought.

00:52:15   Great color.

00:52:16   It's one of my favorite iPhone colors.

00:52:18   Yeah, the XR had some good colors.

00:52:20   None of these are super, super exciting.

00:52:24   They're kind of in the palette

00:52:25   Apple's been playing in for a while,

00:52:26   and they're still gonna use the aluminum side rails.

00:52:30   So I think these are gonna look pretty similar

00:52:33   to previous regular iPhones,

00:52:35   except for the notch becoming the dynamic island.

00:52:39   And of course--

00:52:40   Oh my God, the notch.

00:52:41   That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

00:52:43   I know. The notch.

00:52:45   Yeah.

00:52:45   Notch, I haven't heard of that guy for a long time.

00:52:48   (laughing)

00:52:50   It was a notch like you doing in a place like this.

00:52:53   Wow.

00:52:54   The biggest physical difference may be

00:52:57   the inclusion of a USB-C port at the bottom.

00:53:01   So of course, EU regulation is coming

00:53:03   that USB-C needs to be on new devices.

00:53:07   MacRumors and others are saying that they could come

00:53:10   with color match braided cables,

00:53:12   which I just wanna shout out Apple's braided cable game.

00:53:16   I've got several now just kind of over the years

00:53:18   that I've gotten products.

00:53:19   Braided cables are the way to go.

00:53:21   And if these are color matched, that would be sick.

00:53:24   I think people are gonna dig that.

00:53:26   I am very ready to spend money,

00:53:28   as much money as it will end up inevitably taking

00:53:31   to remove all lightning cables from my life.

00:53:34   I'm ready.

00:53:35   I can't wait.

00:53:36   See you later, lightning.

00:53:37   Like you're gone.

00:53:38   I'm done with you.

00:53:39   I just want USB-C.

00:53:40   So like cannot wait to get rid of them all.

00:53:43   Bye-bye.

00:53:44   Can't wait.

00:53:44   There's a lot of talk about what flavor of USB-C

00:53:48   we would get on these phones.

00:53:49   Like, is it gonna be?

00:53:50   Oh, this is so infuriating to me is the thing.

00:53:53   Who cares?

00:53:54   Who cares how fast the USB port is?

00:53:57   Oh, it's gonna be 2.9.

00:53:59   Who cares?

00:54:00   Why?

00:54:02   I love this energy.

00:54:03   Keep going.

00:54:04   It's ridiculous.

00:54:06   No one cares.

00:54:07   Like anybody that actually cares, get the pro phone.

00:54:11   Like if you're transferring terabytes

00:54:14   of pro raw footage off your,

00:54:17   like just get this.

00:54:18   This isn't important.

00:54:19   Who cares?

00:54:20   There's so many articles written about speed.

00:54:23   Who cares?

00:54:25   Who cares?

00:54:26   I love this.

00:54:27   That's what I have.

00:54:28   I feel like I see this every two days.

00:54:30   Someone's writing an article about USB 2.0 speeds.

00:54:34   Oh, my poor pro raw footage going so slow.

00:54:38   Just like, just come on.

00:54:40   I think it would be nice if it were faster than USB 2.0,

00:54:45   but that's okay.

00:54:46   Are you gonna be an iPhone 15 customer, Steven?

00:54:48   No, but built in.

00:54:50   Right, well, that's what I'm saying.

00:54:51   But I guess it's built into your argument,

00:54:53   the idea that the pro would have faster,

00:54:56   like 3.0 or even Thunderbolt.

00:54:58   They're gonna do Thunderbolt.

00:54:59   'Cause the rumor is that the regular phone will be slow.

00:55:02   Yeah.

00:55:03   Like that's what I've seen.

00:55:05   And that the pro phone will have the capacity for more.

00:55:09   It'll be interesting.

00:55:10   But even if it doesn't, so what?

00:55:12   So what?

00:55:13   Just airdrop it.

00:55:14   Like it's fine.

00:55:15   You'll be fine.

00:55:16   You can live.

00:55:17   I know you can.

00:55:18   Okay.

00:55:19   This phone would assume it would be powered by the A16

00:55:21   that's currently in the 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max.

00:55:24   You know, stepping down the processor

00:55:26   to the regular phone a year after it debuts.

00:55:30   I don't know how successful that's been for them.

00:55:32   It's hard to tell these, this recent run of phones,

00:55:36   it's hard to eyeball what is what.

00:55:38   So I don't know how many iPhone 14s

00:55:41   I've seen out in the world, but.

00:55:43   Yeah.

00:55:44   I think they want people on the fence to move up to the Pro,

00:55:48   but this is the recipe they set a couple of years ago

00:55:52   and they seem to be continuing to follow it.

00:55:54   That the 15 and the 15 plus will kind of be,

00:55:57   some of last year's Pro stuff

00:55:58   kind of mixed in with some new stuff.

00:56:00   Can I say something?

00:56:01   Can I say something?

00:56:02   Please.

00:56:03   Yes.

00:56:03   Without being, but without being attacked.

00:56:04   Oh, I can't promise that.

00:56:06   Can't promise that.

00:56:07   I'll try though.

00:56:07   Nobody cares about the chip in the phone.

00:56:09   Oh no, there's no attack there.

00:56:11   Like this isn't a thing.

00:56:12   No one cares.

00:56:13   It's only us.

00:56:13   It's just John Gruber and Apple marketing.

00:56:16   Like nobody cares.

00:56:17   I forget.

00:56:18   I don't even know what chip is in the phone.

00:56:20   I don't know.

00:56:21   Cause I also don't actually really care.

00:56:23   Cause like it doesn't do anything for me.

00:56:26   I see these arguments.

00:56:27   I see these arguments sometimes from people

00:56:29   being like, ah, the iPhone 14 was not successful

00:56:34   because they didn't use the same SOC as the, no.

00:56:39   It wasn't that.

00:56:40   Like nobody, literally no regular human being

00:56:45   that buys a phone at the Apple store

00:56:48   or the shopping mall or whatever,

00:56:49   or from the carrier company.

00:56:51   They're not like, hmm, but let me compare.

00:56:54   Does it have the A15 bionic or the A,

00:56:57   nobody thinks like that.

00:56:59   They only care about the camera.

00:57:00   But like realistically, do the three of us care

00:57:03   what system on a chip is on our iPhone?

00:57:05   I don't even care.

00:57:06   I don't care.

00:57:06   That alone doesn't do anything for me.

00:57:11   Like we're past that point a long time ago.

00:57:14   - Like if they stopped naming it

00:57:16   and they just said the iPhone has chip in it,

00:57:20   I will be fine with it.

00:57:22   - And this iPhone does this.

00:57:24   Like that's kind of, like I know that each year

00:57:27   that certain things are enabled by what they put

00:57:29   on the chip or whatever.

00:57:30   But like just the idea, I don't even know why they

00:57:33   even really talk about it in this way anymore

00:57:37   of like, here's the A17.

00:57:39   Like I just like, why are we even still talking

00:57:43   about this part specifically?

00:57:44   - Why is it still called bionic?

00:57:46   Also what's this thing with bionic?

00:57:49   I don't get it.

00:57:49   - Yeah, it was an okay podcast on this day.

00:57:52   - Not really, not really.

00:57:53   - No, it's bad.

00:57:54   - Yeah, I've just got another thing that's real for them.

00:58:01   Steven, do you care about what chips on your phone?

00:58:02   - No, not really.

00:58:05   - Do you?

00:58:06   - What if it enables foster USB transfer speeds?

00:58:09   Do you care about that?

00:58:10   - I mean, I do care about that.

00:58:11   - Yeah, there you go.

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01:00:01   Pro and Pro Max, let's talk about this.

01:00:03   I think this is where the--

01:00:04   Let's talk about Real Phone.

01:00:05   I wanna ask you two a question before we begin

01:00:07   'cause we're naming it.

01:00:09   Pro Max or Ultra, what do you think?

01:00:11   Ultra.

01:00:12   Ultra, Ultra, Ultra.

01:00:13   Yeah, I'm Team Ultra.

01:00:15   Yeah, so am I.

01:00:16   Come on, let's get rid of that name.

01:00:17   Pro Max, get out of town.

01:00:18   Ultra, I wanna be in the Ultra Club.

01:00:20   That's where I wanna be.

01:00:21   iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra.

01:00:25   I like it.

01:00:26   I Ultra.

01:00:26   Pro Ultra.

01:00:27   (groaning)

01:00:28   You know?

01:00:30   No, please don't do that.

01:00:32   They put--

01:00:33   Don't do that.

01:00:34   They, oh God, they might do that.

01:00:35   Put a pin in that because it may happen.

01:00:38   (laughing)

01:00:40   Oh, please don't do that.

01:00:42   Keep it as Pro Max.

01:00:43   They're gonna do it.

01:00:44   (laughing)

01:00:44   You know them, they're gonna do it.

01:00:46   Well, is Pro Max better or worse than Pro Ultra?

01:00:51   I think Pro Ultra is better.

01:00:52   It's less, Pro Max is less syllables.

01:00:56   That's true, but Pro Max sounds like a plumbing product

01:00:59   of some sort that you like to clean your pipes out with.

01:01:01   But Pro Ultra feels like a supplement.

01:01:04   Supplement.

01:01:05   Right, like that's gonna give me increased testosterone

01:01:08   or something.

01:01:09   (laughing)

01:01:10   It's big, big news.

01:01:11   And this is what I'm excited about.

01:01:13   A move to titanium for the side rails instead of steel.

01:01:17   This should make these phones way less,

01:01:20   which would be fantastic.

01:01:22   And I think they have the opportunity,

01:01:24   we're gonna talk about the colors,

01:01:25   but I think there's an opportunity to sort of really

01:01:26   kind of refresh the look and feel of this phone.

01:01:30   I'm a big fan of Apple's titanium work.

01:01:33   The Apple Watch, was it the series six and seven,

01:01:36   I think that were titanium or maybe seven.

01:01:38   Yeah, I think six and seven.

01:01:39   It was like a brushed titanium that looked really good.

01:01:42   I had one of those watches for a couple of years.

01:01:45   Of course, the Apple Watch Ultra is titanium,

01:01:47   not brushed, but sort of bead blasted.

01:01:49   I think it looks really nice.

01:01:51   And I think this could be a really nice addition

01:01:54   to the phone.

01:01:56   But honestly, anything that gets the weight down,

01:01:58   I'm in favor for it.

01:01:59   'Cause these phones, especially the Pro Max, it's heavy.

01:02:02   And this should at least help with that.

01:02:05   I can wait.

01:02:06   Yeah.

01:02:07   I mean, having been now an Apple Watch Ultra user

01:02:11   for how many months, I don't even remember.

01:02:13   Yes, give me titanium.

01:02:15   Yeah, but.

01:02:16   No, no, but no.

01:02:17   Yeah, but no gold.

01:02:20   The rumor is no gold anymore.

01:02:22   They're gonna get rid of gold.

01:02:23   I don't think that's inherent to the titanium

01:02:27   unless they just can't make it shiny enough.

01:02:29   But.

01:02:30   This just makes me sad though.

01:02:32   Yeah, it looks like the iPhone Pro Ultra Max

01:02:36   will be space black, silver, some sort of blue color,

01:02:41   and then tightened gray, which I think my guess is the,

01:02:46   I mean, there's a dummy units out now, so who knows.

01:02:48   But the silver and tightened gray, I think will be similar

01:02:51   and just be more like the back glass

01:02:53   is slightly differently colored,

01:02:55   but not a wide range of color here.

01:02:58   And yes, of course, the gold being gone

01:02:59   makes a lot of people sad, including our friend Mike.

01:03:04   But it's like, could you have imagined

01:03:06   that they could make the Pro Phone colors even more boring?

01:03:10   No, that's impressive that they've done that.

01:03:12   Yeah, you know what, actually, bravo.

01:03:15   Like, I wouldn't have thought that one.

01:03:17   No, I'm gonna be sad about this.

01:03:18   I'm gonna be sad about this.

01:03:19   Mike, now that we're talking about titanium and colors,

01:03:22   can I put forth a formal proposal?

01:03:26   Yes.

01:03:27   For you and Jason on upgrade?

01:03:29   Yes.

01:03:30   You're gonna do the draft, right?

01:03:33   And you're gonna need a tiebreaker, right?

01:03:35   Well, the tiebreaker's always set, but continue.

01:03:38   There might be something else we can do.

01:03:39   Well, okay, it's an idea, it's an idea.

01:03:41   You may wanna think about it.

01:03:44   If you need a clean tiebreaker for the draft

01:03:49   for the iPhone 15 event,

01:03:51   a potential question will be,

01:03:53   will Apple use during the event

01:03:57   David Guetta's titanium song at any point?

01:04:01   (laughing)

01:04:02   Ooh, I hate that song, you know that?

01:04:06   Like, I hate that song.

01:04:08   But, but, you know, Apple, they may put it on at some point.

01:04:13   You know, just something to think about.

01:04:17   That, you know what, that is something to think about.

01:04:20   But then your Google Doc'd smoke it, you know?

01:04:22   It's a real, that's a real head scratcher, I guess.

01:04:24   (laughing)

01:04:27   I mean, for me, if they do this,

01:04:32   probably Titan Gray is what I'll go with,

01:04:33   'cause it will at least be different.

01:04:35   Same.

01:04:35   What I want now is like, what is the closest color

01:04:38   to match the Apple Watch that I'm gonna buy?

01:04:40   That's what I'm gonna wanna try and get.

01:04:41   Yeah, we're gonna get to the Apple Watch here in a minute,

01:04:44   'cause I think there could be some new things there.

01:04:46   Beyond the colors, we're looking at slimmer bezels.

01:04:49   This has been rumored for quite a while now.

01:04:51   And some of the mockups and things people have done

01:04:54   of what the bezels may look like.

01:04:55   I think it's gonna look pretty nice.

01:04:56   I think it's gonna make the current phones look old,

01:05:00   you know, like Apple can do.

01:05:02   Yeah.

01:05:03   Big news on the chip side, y'all.

01:05:05   Apple's first three nanometer chip, the A17.

01:05:09   There was a story that apparently Apple is gonna,

01:05:12   is buying all of TSMC's three nanometer chips,

01:05:16   like they're just gonna do it all,

01:05:18   because this, I guess, will filter into the M3

01:05:21   and some other things across the line.

01:05:24   But big news on the chip front.

01:05:26   Chip boys have something to be excited about.

01:05:28   Comes with chips.

01:05:29   I feel like this is something on Federico's bucket list,

01:05:33   that he could go to someone and say, "I'll take them all."

01:05:37   No, one of my dreams, one of my dreams,

01:05:40   one of my many things is to walk into some kind of restaurant

01:05:44   or like a coffee shop, look around, just be in all casual,

01:05:49   just look around, look at the menu,

01:05:50   you know, just browse.

01:05:53   And I mean like, so how much for the whole place?

01:05:57   Just like that.

01:05:59   Oh, wow, okay.

01:06:00   You know?

01:06:02   That would be cool.

01:06:03   Yeah.

01:06:03   I thought you were gonna say like,

01:06:04   "I'll have one of everything," but no, you want us

01:06:07   a little bit higher. Yeah, yeah, also that,

01:06:07   also that, which is similar vibe, similar vibe, you know?

01:06:11   And see, I'll have one of everything.

01:06:13   Every time I see a cab, which is not very often,

01:06:15   we don't have very many here,

01:06:17   but always think about your thing of like,

01:06:18   "Hey, follow that car," you know?

01:06:20   Like, it'd be so cool to say, it'd be so cool to say.

01:06:25   Yeah, I know, I, every time I, when we were on vacation,

01:06:29   we were taking turns, we rented a car,

01:06:32   and often I would say, you know, for directions,

01:06:35   I would say to my friend, "Just follow that car."

01:06:38   And Silvio said, "Follow that car," like,

01:06:41   in terms of like the joke that I often say,

01:06:44   and I had to explain, I had to explain to my friends

01:06:46   what that meant.

01:06:47   Yeah, I hope I get to do it someday.

01:06:52   Do you think if you got in a taxi and said,

01:06:54   "Follow that car," that they would?

01:06:57   They would, but it's how you sell it.

01:06:59   I think it's how you sell it, you know?

01:07:02   Yeah, yeah, anyway, well, we were talking about chips,

01:07:08   I think, A17, three nanometer,

01:07:12   it's gonna unlock the future in ways

01:07:14   we can't even begin to understand.

01:07:15   That USB transfer speed's gonna be so fast.

01:07:19   No, no, but let's talk about that in a minute,

01:07:21   because I do have serious thoughts about USB speeds.

01:07:26   Before we get to your USB-C Thunderbolt stuff,

01:07:31   I do just wanna very quickly touch base

01:07:34   on the customizable action button.

01:07:38   It's something that has like come and gone

01:07:39   out of the rumors,

01:07:41   but I think is a very exciting possibility,

01:07:44   especially if it's like the Apple Watch

01:07:45   where you could tie it to a shortcut,

01:07:48   or work out at a flashlight, or something like that.

01:07:50   And I'll wait for these two, like tying shortcuts

01:07:53   to finally having to use for that space

01:07:58   on the side of the phone.

01:08:00   I'm very excited about that.

01:08:01   In recent iOS 17 betas, the vibration has changed

01:08:05   when you hit the mute switch.

01:08:07   It's like much more pronounced now,

01:08:09   and maybe that's hinting at, okay,

01:08:12   when this button is, maybe when it's in that mode,

01:08:14   or maybe all the time when you press it,

01:08:16   you're really gonna get haptic feedback

01:08:18   that you've done something.

01:08:19   So I feel like this is gonna happen.

01:08:22   Okay, Federico, take us home with this Thunderbolt

01:08:26   theory desire that you have,

01:08:29   'cause I know USB transfer speeds

01:08:30   are really important to you.

01:08:32   So what would you like to see here?

01:08:33   - Connected is the number one podcast

01:08:35   for USB transfer speeds.

01:08:36   Yeah, whenever I find myself being a photographer

01:08:39   at a wedding or being a documentarian

01:08:43   down in the South African wilderness,

01:08:46   those transfer speeds always come in clutch, as they say.

01:08:50   They've saved me.

01:08:51   - The C stands for clutch, USB clutch.

01:08:56   - Transfer those files.

01:08:58   You wanna come into a room and say that.

01:09:00   - Yeah. - No, but seriously.

01:09:02   - Siri. - I am intrigued.

01:09:05   I am intrigued by this idea

01:09:08   of the Pro phones having Thunderbolt.

01:09:11   Because what if, like just imagine,

01:09:15   not this year, obviously,

01:09:16   because it will require a major software undertaking,

01:09:20   but maybe next year, maybe a few years down the road,

01:09:23   just imagine a scenario in which,

01:09:26   and huge asterisk here,

01:09:29   this Apple wouldn't be the first company to do this,

01:09:33   but imagine a scenario in which your phone,

01:09:36   you plug in a Thunderbolt cable,

01:09:39   you plug in the cable into a studio display,

01:09:42   and your phone becomes a desktop workstation.

01:09:45   So what I'm imagining- - Stage manager.

01:09:47   - I told you stage manager on the iPhone,

01:09:52   but like Samsung has something similar, right?

01:09:54   It's called Samsung DeX.

01:09:56   - Yep. - And I believe

01:09:57   someone else did it a decade or so ago,

01:10:00   like this idea of, yeah, it's your smartphone,

01:10:03   but what if you plug it into a dock at your desk,

01:10:08   and suddenly you have a desktop environment?

01:10:09   Like this is not a new idea.

01:10:11   However, Apple has the ecosystem to do it right,

01:10:16   and to do it in a way where,

01:10:19   you have the same apps on your phone,

01:10:20   on your Mac, on your iPad.

01:10:22   What if, like imagine just a scenario

01:10:26   in which iOS 18 or iOS 20,

01:10:30   sounds silly to say iOS 20, by the way,

01:10:33   but I guess we'll get there at some point.

01:10:36   Imagine iOS 20, imagine iOS 20,

01:10:39   like your phone apps support multiple windows.

01:10:44   At some point, multiple windows for iPhone apps

01:10:46   will happen, right?

01:10:47   I mean, why not?

01:10:48   The Palm did it years ago, and it was pretty sweet.

01:10:52   But like imagine multiple windows for your phone apps,

01:10:55   and it's Thunderbolt.

01:10:57   And I mean, why not do it where,

01:11:00   your phone is your computer already,

01:11:02   but what if it could also be your computer computer?

01:11:06   So like you just buy a display, you place it on a dock,

01:11:09   maybe it's like a MagSafe thing even,

01:11:11   that supports data transfers,

01:11:13   and suddenly you have a desktop environment

01:11:16   powered by your phone.

01:11:18   It wouldn't be if it's Thunderbolt,

01:11:20   and if Apple has the ecosystem of third-party apps to do it,

01:11:23   it wouldn't be too wild to imagine something like that.

01:11:27   Sure, there's a big downside in this theory,

01:11:31   which is, well, if your phone is your computer,

01:11:35   then it means you're not buying a separate computer

01:11:39   on your desk.

01:11:40   So which that would be, you know,

01:11:43   a point against doing this sort of unified computer theory.

01:11:48   Apple wants you to buy multiple computers.

01:11:53   They want you to buy the phone and the tablet

01:11:55   for when you're on the couch,

01:11:56   and the computer for when you're on the desk.

01:11:59   But just maybe imagine that is all I'm saying.

01:12:03   I mean, it would be pretty sweet.

01:12:04   - It would be. - It would be.

01:12:05   - But they're never gonna do it.

01:12:06   - No, I don't think so.

01:12:08   I would like it, but I don't know about it.

01:12:10   - They're never gonna do it.

01:12:11   So Thunderbolt will enable faster transfer speeds,

01:12:15   faster charging rates, hopefully.

01:12:17   And you know, maybe at some point,

01:12:20   I will be able to plug in my phone into an eGPU

01:12:23   and see what happens.

01:12:24   I don't know.

01:12:25   - You have to try that, you know,

01:12:28   you're obligated to try that.

01:12:30   - I tried, by the way,

01:12:32   what happens if you plug an iPad Pro into an eGPU?

01:12:34   Nothing happens.

01:12:35   - Nothing happens. - No, nothing happens.

01:12:36   - Yeah, they got a support driver kit, you know,

01:12:39   it takes time.

01:12:39   Also in the rumors is a potential big camera update

01:12:44   for the Pro Max Ultra,

01:12:46   a periscope lens that could allow five to six times

01:12:50   optical zoom.

01:12:53   This actually came up to me,

01:12:54   I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday about,

01:12:57   you know, he's like, you know,

01:12:58   what are the new iPhones gonna be?

01:12:59   And I was like, you know,

01:13:00   rumor is the big one's gonna get this nice optical zoom.

01:13:04   And he was like, legitimately excited about this.

01:13:08   I think he's on an iPhone 12 maybe.

01:13:10   So he's kind of like, you know,

01:13:11   about time to upgrade on his cycle.

01:13:14   And he wants it to be able to take like

01:13:16   better pictures of his kids, like playing sports.

01:13:18   Like I think one of their kids plays golf

01:13:20   and we've all done it, right?

01:13:22   We like zoom in too far on a phone

01:13:24   and it's like really pixely

01:13:25   'cause the digital zoom just kind of falls down

01:13:27   after a certain point.

01:13:28   But if the optical zoom can get you closer,

01:13:31   you may not need to go to the digital zoom at all.

01:13:33   You know, what we saw from 2X to 3X.

01:13:35   And so while this seems like it's just gonna be

01:13:38   on the big phone because of the physicality

01:13:40   of a periscope lens,

01:13:42   I do think that people are gonna find this

01:13:43   to be a meaningful camera update.

01:13:46   Now, will that push more people to the big phone,

01:13:48   the most expensive phone?

01:13:49   We're gonna talk about prices in a minute.

01:13:51   I don't know.

01:13:52   But I do think for people who are already

01:13:54   willing to carry the biggest phone

01:13:57   or the camera's like the most important thing,

01:14:00   this could be a real selling point.

01:14:03   And I'm very excited to see how Apple

01:14:05   talks about this periscope zoom lens.

01:14:09   I'm hopeful that we still have something

01:14:12   in the 2 or 3X region that's optical

01:14:15   in addition to the 5 or 6.

01:14:17   I hope that we don't have to go from 1 to 5

01:14:19   and everything else is in between is digital.

01:14:22   But I think this could be a big deal

01:14:24   for a lot of people looking for a new phone.

01:14:28   - I think you're gonna lose the 3.

01:14:31   And I think it's probably one of the reasons

01:14:33   why they introduced the cropped 2X.

01:14:38   - Yeah.

01:14:38   - And made such a big deal over the fact that like,

01:14:41   it is optical in a way.

01:14:44   Right, like you know, it's like,

01:14:45   yeah but it's just the middle part.

01:14:47   And like they might do more of that I think.

01:14:49   - I think so too.

01:14:50   - They're not gonna add another,

01:14:51   it's not gonna be another lens, right?

01:14:54   They're gonna do like four lenses.

01:14:55   - Yeah, surely not.

01:14:56   - Now we're doing four lenses.

01:14:58   - Screw it, four lenses.

01:15:00   Yeah, I'm hoping for some overall camera improvements

01:15:07   on this phone and I'm excited for the,

01:15:12   I'm excited for the periscope zoom just to see what it does.

01:15:15   But I am hoping for something that improves the issue

01:15:19   I have where I feel like the macro mode

01:15:21   is on way more than I want it to be.

01:15:23   - Yeah, it's a little quick to jump to that.

01:15:26   - Yeah, they've got to do something to change the,

01:15:30   is it the focal distance?

01:15:32   Like the focal range, that was one of the things

01:15:34   that changed when they added the larger sensor,

01:15:36   which is why it flips to that macro mode so much.

01:15:39   And I really wanna see something change there

01:15:41   because look, it's good, but it's not as high quality

01:15:45   as the main lens and I would like them to try

01:15:48   and find some way to improve upon that situation.

01:15:52   - Lastly, let's talk about price.

01:15:54   It seems like there could be an increase of $100

01:15:57   to the base price of the Pro phones.

01:16:00   The 14 Pro is 999 for 128 gigs

01:16:04   and the 14 Pro Max is 1099 for 128 gigs.

01:16:08   Of course, both those prices are here in the US.

01:16:11   It's unclear, I think to me, maybe I missed this,

01:16:14   that would that price increase still be at 128 gigs

01:16:18   or maybe they bumped to 256 to help justify the $100?

01:16:23   I just don't know, but it feels like people

01:16:26   are pretty confident that these Pro phones

01:16:28   are gonna be a little bit more this year, which hurts

01:16:32   because these phones are really expensive.

01:16:35   - Yeah, I would love to see how they justify

01:16:38   the price increase on the Pro phone.

01:16:40   Like at least with the Pro Max,

01:16:41   if it's gonna be different, like the Ultra, right?

01:16:44   Like it's gonna be different,

01:16:45   it's gonna have different features more than the other phones

01:16:48   while I don't want the prices to increase,

01:16:50   I could see how they would, you know, like all this

01:16:53   and that, but like, yeah, I think it's gonna be complicated

01:16:56   to increase the price of the regular Pro.

01:16:59   - I think so too and I think maybe that's why

01:17:02   they'll bump it to 256 to help balance that out,

01:17:07   but we'll see, like all this stuff, right?

01:17:09   We're just a couple of weeks away.

01:17:10   So a couple other just miscellaneous things

01:17:13   that could be coming in this September event,

01:17:16   Apple reportedly plans to announce a USB-C charging case

01:17:20   with a new somehow updated AirPods Pro.

01:17:24   I wonder if they'll do like what they did

01:17:26   with the wireless case that you could also just buy the case

01:17:29   for your existing AirPods Pro.

01:17:32   I think that's a little unclear at this point,

01:17:34   but if you're moving away from lightning,

01:17:36   you kind of want your accessories to do that too.

01:17:39   Now it's different I think with the keyboard,

01:17:40   trackpad or mouse that's at your desk all the time

01:17:43   that yeah, like those will go to USB-C at some point,

01:17:46   but if you have lightning ones, that's less of a big deal.

01:17:49   But if you're traveling and you have USB-C phone,

01:17:53   USB-C laptop, USB-C iPad, and just your AirPods

01:17:57   or lightning, that's a bit of a bummer.

01:17:59   So I'm hopeful that they'll have a case

01:18:02   that you could just purchase for less

01:18:03   'cause a lot of people, you know,

01:18:05   may not be ready to upgrade their full AirPods Pro,

01:18:08   but it makes sense that this has to follow.

01:18:11   - There's precedent, there's precedent for that, right?

01:18:14   Was it the original AirPods

01:18:17   where they had a wireless charging case that came later on?

01:18:20   - When the phone got wireless charging.

01:18:21   So I think the phone and AirPods basically have to be

01:18:24   lockstep with their charging technology.

01:18:27   And then we mentioned earlier the possible inclusion

01:18:30   of 3D printing technology in the Apple Watch Series 9.

01:18:34   - Other than that, the Series 9 looks like

01:18:35   a pretty small update, some possible new finishes or colors,

01:18:40   and then the Ultra 2,

01:18:43   potentially a new darker titanium finish.

01:18:46   So maybe whatever they do on the space black

01:18:48   or the Titan gray, something, the Pro phone,

01:18:52   maybe that would carry over to the Ultra 2.

01:18:56   Mike, you're in the market for a new Apple Watch, right?

01:19:00   You're looking at the Ultra?

01:19:01   - This is the thing I'm most excited about.

01:19:03   I'm more excited about just buying an Apple Watch Ultra

01:19:07   than any of the rumors for the iPhone.

01:19:11   'Cause I want one.

01:19:12   I want the new watch and my poor little watch that could,

01:19:16   like more often than not these days,

01:19:18   I'm getting that 10% battery warning at the end of the day,

01:19:23   even though I charge my watch every morning when I wake up

01:19:26   'cause I do the sleep tracking.

01:19:28   So I really want the new Apple Watch.

01:19:32   I'm very excited about it.

01:19:33   And it's gonna be fun for me,

01:19:36   like with the new watch OS as well,

01:19:38   like getting new watch OS and new watch,

01:19:40   like new screen size and stuff.

01:19:42   I think that's gonna be pretty cool

01:19:43   because it does look like the new watch OS

01:19:46   is being designed a little bit more

01:19:48   with a bigger screen in mind, right?

01:19:50   Like going kind of like full color and stuff like that.

01:19:53   So I'm pretty excited about,

01:19:55   I am actually really excited about

01:19:56   the new Apple Watch for me.

01:19:58   - Yeah, if it's only,

01:19:59   if it's just a new dark titanium finish,

01:20:01   I'm not gonna upgrade.

01:20:03   I got my ultra in the same, no, was it January?

01:20:07   A few months ago, really.

01:20:09   And if it's just a new color and maybe new chip,

01:20:12   like whatever, I'm not gonna upgrade my ultra.

01:20:15   I'm just gonna keep this one and maybe consider next year.

01:20:19   - That's where I am.

01:20:20   I got the ultra when it was new last fall

01:20:22   and I feel no urge to update this watch.

01:20:26   Even on the beta, the battery life is like more than enough

01:20:29   for a couple of days.

01:20:30   - Yup.

01:20:31   - It's held up really well.

01:20:32   I've got one small nick on it, but that's it.

01:20:35   And usually at this point,

01:20:37   can aluminum Apple Watch would have

01:20:39   quite a few dings in it for me.

01:20:40   So I'm happy to stay with the ultra for another year.

01:20:45   I think it's a fantastic product.

01:20:47   And I think having another option will be nice

01:20:50   because all the other Apple Watches,

01:20:51   you can get in a bunch of different finishes

01:20:53   and the ultra sort of stood alone is like,

01:20:55   it's just this one finish.

01:20:56   And I think they were right to start with the titanium,

01:20:59   but it's time to branch out a little bit.

01:21:02   And if they could do it to match the phones,

01:21:04   like what Mike wants, I think ultimately,

01:21:06   I think people will dig that.

01:21:08   That does it for our rounding up of the rumors.

01:21:11   It's a preview.

01:21:13   Preview.

01:21:15   I was trying to put rumor and preview together,

01:21:17   but nothing's coming to mind.

01:21:19   - Roomy view.

01:21:20   Room with a view.

01:21:21   - Next week, we'll be playing the Ricky.

01:21:25   So between now and then,

01:21:26   if you think about us throughout your day,

01:21:28   just know we're probably debating or arguing

01:21:31   about what each pick can be, what is risky, what is not.

01:21:36   But we'll be back next week with that.

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