476: Friends in the Couch Cushions


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade episode 476 for September 12th, 2023.

00:00:15   Today's episode is brought to you by ExpressVPN and FitBud.

00:00:19   My name is Mike Hurley and I'm joined by a man who has just returned from the Steve Jobs Theater, Mr. Jason Snow. Hi, Jason.

00:00:26   Oh, more driving through San Francisco, more all of that. Hi, Mike, how are you?

00:00:30   Appreciate you getting in and out, in and out real fast so we can get our reactions and thoughts and from you, some hands-on impressions.

00:00:39   Yes.

00:00:39   From the iPhone event, iPhone/Apple Watch event.

00:00:42   But we will start this episode, Jason, as we always do with a Snow Talk question.

00:00:47   We had a number of listeners write in about this and I'm going to take this question from both Ron and Chris, who wanted to know,

00:00:54   Jason, what sandwich did you have on your way home today?

00:00:57   Now, I'm thinking there are two lineages for this question.

00:01:01   One is that you referenced that you would be having a sandwich before we recorded.

00:01:06   And then also going back to WWDC, you were unhappy with the sandwich options provided.

00:01:11   Oh, that's true. I did notice I went past the food in the press area and it was also similarly kind of weird Apple food.

00:01:21   But I appreciate the upgradians who picked up my little note about having a sandwich on my way back here.

00:01:28   The people want to know.

00:01:29   I do that. There's a sandwich place called Alata's. It's near where Dan Frakes lives, don't be creepy.

00:01:36   And it's just like a deli and it's really good.

00:01:41   And I go there and generally I get the hot roast beef sandwich because it's really good and I eat it while I'm driving home.

00:01:47   I had a hamburger, a beef burger, cheeseburger, not all of those, one of those.

00:01:53   It was the cheeseburger and fries for dinner.

00:01:55   Cheeseburger and fries.

00:01:57   Which is strange.

00:01:58   So you're full of energy now.

00:02:00   I wouldn't say that necessarily. It's half past 10 at night right now for me.

00:02:05   I'm drinking a Coke Zero for a little bit.

00:02:08   Hey, Coke Zero buddies.

00:02:10   In the fridge, I got the Coke Zero and I got a Red Bull.

00:02:13   And if I have a Red Bull now, it will get me through, but it's not going to be good.

00:02:20   The energy that it provides is like a very different type of energy that I try to avoid.

00:02:26   More lonely really go for in certain circumstances.

00:02:29   And I feel like I have sufficient energy to get us through today's episode because I'm excited to talk to you about what was announced.

00:02:37   All right.

00:02:38   If you would like to send out a snow talk question of your own, just go to upgradefeedback.com and you can send in a snow talk question for us to answer in a future episode of the show.

00:02:49   Let's start out today's episode by looking at the draft results.

00:02:54   Must we?

00:02:56   I would say, yeah, we really should.

00:02:58   Yeah, we did. Yeah, we should.

00:03:00   You killed it.

00:03:02   You got nine out of 10 correct in the main pick area and won the St. Jude challenge, which also means that it's six points for Mike, five points for Steven.

00:03:12   You get one extra point in your challenge against Steven.

00:03:18   But to briefly go through it, because I don't want to dwell on it for obvious reasons.

00:03:23   I wouldn't mind dwelling on it like at least a little bit.

00:03:26   Well, that's what I'm giving you is I'm just giving you just a bare amount of dwellage for you because I get to say, well, it's 10-7.

00:03:36   Goodbye, everybody.

00:03:37   And that would be it.

00:03:38   So in the iPhone round, you killed it.

00:03:41   You got all five right.

00:03:42   USB-C, new camera, Dynamic Island on all models, new design touted for the pro phones and a new color option on a pro phone.

00:03:52   I got four out of five perfectly respectable titanium on a phone, three nanometer chip only in the high end model, a pro phone with a new piece of software, a camera feature that other phones don't have.

00:04:03   You had that whole 35, 22 millimeter, all the different millimeter equivalent toggles.

00:04:09   And it actually showed there's an indicator about what format it's shooting in as well that is not in the current builds of the OS.

00:04:17   So there are a couple of things going on.

00:04:20   Take it from me, the guy who has to update a book about photos.

00:04:22   Oh, yeah.

00:04:23   Yeah.

00:04:23   And I got the action button.

00:04:24   There's quite a lot for you actually as well, right?

00:04:26   Because there's a lot of stuff in there.

00:04:27   Yeah, we'll get to it.

00:04:28   Yeah.

00:04:28   The action button as well.

00:04:29   But I missed on the color matched USB-C cables.

00:04:32   I just thought that that would be a nice thing.

00:04:33   I'm surprised about that, to be honest, because there was so much smoke about this.

00:04:37   I know, right?

00:04:38   So I've come down personally that they were just photos of the USB-C cables of the iMac.

00:04:45   And they were just passed off.

00:04:47   Fished in Apple Watch.

00:04:49   So you won that by one.

00:04:52   I took the Apple Watch by one, unfortunately only worth two.

00:04:56   I said no new health-related sensors and new Apple Watch Ultra hardware.

00:05:01   Just adding a color to the original Apple Watch Ultra doesn't count.

00:05:04   There was an Ultra 2.

00:05:05   You said the Ultra will come in a different color option.

00:05:08   Sadly...

00:05:09   I can't believe this.

00:05:11   I honestly, Mike, I was right on the fence of like, will I buy an Ultra 2?

00:05:15   And I was sitting there thinking, show it in black, show it in black, show it in black.

00:05:18   They didn't show it in black.

00:05:19   I can't believe how little they actually added to this device.

00:05:26   That they did a version 2 and they seemingly added, like not a lot to the Apple Watch Ultra

00:05:32   and didn't add another color.

00:05:34   That is really surprising to me.

00:05:36   Maybe all of their vapor deposition machines for titanium were being used on iPhones and

00:05:41   they couldn't apply that to that.

00:05:45   But you did get the Series 9 featuring a new system on the chip with more performance.

00:05:49   That leads us to my favorite section, the other picks.

00:05:51   My favorite section did me wrong or I did it wrong.

00:05:56   You got them right.

00:05:57   AirPods Pro USB-C case, visit to the chip lab in the rainbow stage.

00:06:02   Whereas I got the video of Apple devices saving lives as shown.

00:06:05   It was the first thing in the event.

00:06:07   So I was very excited by that.

00:06:09   By the way, that was a really good one.

00:06:10   That was like a very effective one.

00:06:14   Again, I feel like maybe the tagline of it kind of pulled a little too hard in a way

00:06:20   that wasn't necessary.

00:06:21   Like, "At birthday they never thought they'd see."

00:06:24   It's like, "Alright, no we got that."

00:06:25   You didn't need to draw four underlines on the point.

00:06:29   Remember last year they had a kid go back to the scene of the plane crash she was in?

00:06:34   And I'm like, "Mmm, maybe don't do that."

00:06:36   Anyway, what I got wrong is I thought they would mention one of those cool AirPods modes.

00:06:41   I thought they would have had a little more lip service to the AirPods.

00:06:43   They didn't.

00:06:44   They did show a mode, but it was the mode for voice cancellation when you're on a call.

00:06:53   Not the same.

00:06:54   I'm not going to even argue for it.

00:06:55   That's not what I meant.

00:06:57   And similarly, I said, "Leonard Messi appears.

00:07:00   His name appears, but his face does not appear."

00:07:04   And I did not intend for that choice to involve the text of his name.

00:07:10   I thought you would see him, and we didn't see him.

00:07:14   And so that's enough for you to take it right there, because that's too down to me with

00:07:18   only one to play, the St. Jude Challenge, where we were trying to put points down on

00:07:23   things said in this video.

00:07:27   Aerospace grade was mentioned not in the context I expected, which was titanium, but for aluminum.

00:07:32   Yes.

00:07:33   Because I guess they've got like rover-grade titanium, I guess?

00:07:37   They do.

00:07:38   They do have rover-grade titanium.

00:07:39   Mars, interplanetary-grade titanium.

00:07:42   So I got four, and you got two for aerospace grade.

00:07:46   You got four, and I got one for breakthrough, because they did say breakthrough.

00:07:50   They did not name Bionic in the name of the new chip, and that was enough to decide that

00:07:55   one by one point to you, which means you will go up on Steven by one point in the St. Jude

00:08:00   Challenge in the final score there.

00:08:02   Ten for Mike, seven for me.

00:08:03   I remain the challenger.

00:08:06   And good news everybody, I got the tiebreaker.

00:08:10   That's the last bit that you really need.

00:08:13   I gotta say, I do feel robbed from Apple for not getting four marks, because they should

00:08:17   have done a color in the Apple Watch Ultra.

00:08:19   Not just for the draft, but that should have happened, and I could have got four marks,

00:08:23   but I will say I feel pretty good.

00:08:25   About nine out of the ten possible picks.

00:08:28   Pretty good choice, yeah.

00:08:29   In hindsight, I just decided to go a little too entertaining with my other, and that was

00:08:34   not good.

00:08:35   I would much rather have lost this ten-nine, honestly, and been like, "Oh, it's just because

00:08:43   the Bionic name change and all that," but that's not...

00:08:46   I lost it fair and square all the way through.

00:08:49   Steven and I did a little calculation there in the Steve Jobs Theater, and we agreed that

00:08:53   by the most generous and least generous methods, you beat me.

00:08:57   So it is decided.

00:09:02   I think I feel pretty confident that I've won the year.

00:09:05   Yeah, I think so.

00:09:06   There might be another event, but I'm not sure.

00:09:09   Maybe, maybe not, but it won't matter, because you're up two-nothing.

00:09:13   And yeah, you might be in line to be the Grand Emperor of all Relay FM keynote-related games

00:09:20   if you're...

00:09:21   We'll find out.

00:09:22   I don't know.

00:09:23   I think there's gonna be a lot of coin flipping on connected.

00:09:25   Yeah, I think that's what's gonna happen.

00:09:28   You need somebody to flip a coin over there?

00:09:31   We have apps for that.

00:09:32   Oh, okay.

00:09:34   I'm available.

00:09:35   I'm sure you are.

00:09:37   Sure you are.

00:09:39   You mentioned a few times there about the St. Jude Challenge, and that is because throughout

00:09:44   the month of September here at Relay FM, we are joining together with St. Jude Children's

00:09:49   Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

00:09:54   We have been raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital since 2019.

00:09:59   We have raised...

00:10:01   We started out, before we started this year, we raised $2.2 million as a community.

00:10:07   So far this year, we have raised over $260,000.

00:10:12   We are aiming for $2.5 million overall.

00:10:15   So we're like nearly 90% of our fundraising goal that we set.

00:10:20   So we're so thankful for the support so far.

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00:10:36   One cure closer, one child closer.

00:10:39   St. Jude is headquartered in Memphis, where actually I'm gonna be in Memphis later on

00:10:44   this week.

00:10:45   Jason's gonna be in Memphis next week.

00:10:46   We're gonna be there working on the podcast, which I'll tell you about in a minute.

00:10:51   But even though St. Jude is headquartered in Memphis, it has a global impact.

00:10:55   St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states of the US and all around the world.

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00:11:21   St. Jude Global shares knowledge, technology, and expertise of healthcare institutions around

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00:11:44   Today, St. Jude collaborates with more than 280 partners in St. Jude Global, representing

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00:11:52   That is amazing, but what they are doing this research for is to help children who are suffering

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00:13:57   I had a, just a moment of serendipity there where as I'm reading this, I saw Stephen's

00:14:04   cursor in the St. Jude Google doc that we have, which means he's probably also reading

00:14:09   it on Mac Power Users.

00:14:10   Because I think they're also recording now.

00:14:11   They're doing Mac Power Users right now.

00:14:12   So me and Stephen just like, we just joined forces in that moment to raise money for St.

00:14:17   Jude.

00:14:18   That's right.

00:14:19   That's, that's what happened.

00:14:20   Tis the season.

00:14:21   I have a B-Tails.

00:14:23   It's the B-Tails.

00:14:24   B-Tails are back.

00:14:25   I have some B-Tails for you.

00:14:27   This is dates.

00:14:28   This is dates more than anything else.

00:14:30   iOS and iPadOS, September 18th.

00:14:34   So that's next Monday.

00:14:35   Okay, sure.

00:14:36   So you know what we're talking about next week.

00:14:38   WatchOS September 18th.

00:14:41   Mac OS September 26th.

00:14:43   Oh God.

00:14:44   Whoa, calm down.

00:14:45   Oh no.

00:14:46   Apple, what are you doing?

00:14:47   No.

00:14:48   All in September?

00:14:49   No, no, no.

00:14:50   Unbelievable.

00:14:51   Oh God.

00:14:52   I didn't just give you this information, did I?

00:14:55   Yeah.

00:14:56   Oh really?

00:14:57   Oh, I'm so sorry.

00:14:58   I'm so sorry.

00:14:59   The burden that it falls upon me knowing that I have to turn the Mac OS review around in

00:15:04   that short amount of time when I was hoping for more, but you know, I'll do it.

00:15:09   I will say.

00:15:10   I'll make it happen.

00:15:11   Developers, uh, uh, uh, writers, developers, developers, developers, writers, writers,

00:15:17   writers.

00:15:18   I'm sorry.

00:15:19   I know this sucks for you.

00:15:20   Mike Hurley is just user of technology.

00:15:21   I'm happy that Mac OS is coming so soon to iOS.

00:15:24   Like it annoys me when it's like six weeks.

00:15:26   When it's out of sync, it's the worst.

00:15:28   I, oh, I agree.

00:15:29   I just, you just don't want to deal with it.

00:15:32   I get it.

00:15:33   I just don't.

00:15:34   I don't want to deal with just a lot of content in a short amount of time.

00:15:36   But then think about how much time I'll have on my hands in October.

00:15:39   Think about that.

00:15:40   So much time.

00:15:41   That's great.

00:15:42   Great news, everybody.

00:15:43   My October is clearing up.

00:15:44   Oh, also, did you know that there's an iPhone in the middle there as well, Jason?

00:15:50   You might have to do an iPhone review in the middle of all of that.

00:15:53   I mean, maybe.

00:15:54   Oh, and by the way, you come into Memphis, you know, oh boy, I feel bad for you right

00:16:00   now.

00:16:01   Uh, release candidates are out now for all of this stuff.

00:16:04   I saw, so, uh, I watched the keynote today with CGP Grey and underscore David Smith.

00:16:10   They came over to mega studio and we hung out and watched it together.

00:16:13   And afterwards underscore was trying to submit widget Smith.

00:16:17   He was just sitting there and trying to submit it and it wasn't working.

00:16:20   But I think now, uh, developers are able to submit their apps, which is really helpful.

00:16:24   I'm sure that, you know, there are some big stuff this year.

00:16:27   I think like stuff like widgets and all that kind of stuff.

00:16:30   And I'm sure people want to know that we're all good, you know, uh, with the, with the stuff that,

00:16:34   Oh, it's all submitted.

00:16:35   Underscore has confirmed that it has been submitted.

00:16:38   So that's good.

00:16:38   Good luck to widget Smith.

00:16:39   Good luck to all apps that have been submitted.

00:16:41   Uh, and I was actually quite surprised that vision pro got a couple of call outs, um, in the presentation, but one of them was talking about kind of how media and developers will super excited, very happy and underscoring again early next year for the vision pro.

00:16:58   Yep.

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00:18:45   Our thanks to express VPN for the support of this show and relay FM.

00:18:50   Let's start by talking about the iPhone 15 Pro.

00:18:55   Just go to the top. Let's do it.

00:18:58   Yeah.

00:18:58   This is, you know, obviously there's the most to say here.

00:19:02   And there'll be things that we'll cover here.

00:19:05   Maybe there'll be things that we just cover as part of the iPhone 15.

00:19:07   But the biggest thing, I expect probably the biggest thing, the thing that will probably make the most impact is

00:19:18   if the new design feels like a new design. So considering you've seen and held these devices,

00:19:24   can I get some impressions from you on this?

00:19:27   Yeah, it, I don't know. I wouldn't say that it looks different.

00:19:31   It doesn't look different.

00:19:33   Well, I mean, okay, the colors look different.

00:19:37   And because they are doing this, there are colors.

00:19:39   I had no idea that there were colors.

00:19:41   Well, well, there's a sort of like slightly blue titanium and a slightly black titanium and a slightly more

00:19:47   silvery gray titanium and a slightly grayer titanium.

00:19:50   Yeah.

00:19:52   Just the names real quick.

00:19:54   Black titanium, white titanium, blue titanium, natural titanium.

00:19:57   It just like, again, like what is going on?

00:19:59   I think white titanium was like a villain in Marvel comics in the 90s.

00:20:03   I'm going to Google it.

00:20:04   Uh, no, I was a white, white titan? I don't know.

00:20:09   White tiger is a, is a, is a,

00:20:11   Black titanium was in the Super Friends in the 70s.

00:20:13   Oh, see, I did a different version of that same joke.

00:20:16   Um, that was black lightning.

00:20:18   But, um, yeah, it is.

00:20:20   I mean, the blue titanium looks like midnight, right?

00:20:23   It looks like my midnight MacBook Air.

00:20:25   That's what it is.

00:20:26   It is incredibly dark, but with a blue tint.

00:20:28   That's what it looks like.

00:20:30   And the black one looks straight up like a, like a black iPhone.

00:20:34   And then there's the natural, which Steven Hackett was really excited by because it does look really good.

00:20:40   It is, it is a metallic gray.

00:20:43   There's no doubt about it, but it's a very nice, uh, metallic gray.

00:20:46   Um, and if you're excited about seeing a gray phone as Steven Hackett was, then, uh, good on ya.

00:20:53   Um, I don't think it looks very different at a glance.

00:20:58   You know, what's different about it is pick a one up.

00:21:01   Cause that is where it is very different.

00:21:05   Really?

00:21:06   It is very different.

00:21:09   Like I read all these stories about like, it's, it's, you know, 10% lighter, five to 10% lighter, whatever it was.

00:21:17   And it is, it's 10% lighter.

00:21:19   I just picked it up and I have been using a 13 pro for the last year.

00:21:24   Primarily.

00:21:25   I picked it up and it's like, Whoa, like so many things going on there.

00:21:30   One.

00:21:31   Absolutely.

00:21:32   Not, not a matter of trivia, right?

00:21:36   Not like, Oh yeah, it's lighter by a small number of grams and that no one will ever notice.

00:21:41   No, it's like.

00:21:42   Just immediately when you pick it up, you're like, Ooh, this is a lot lighter.

00:21:48   It is, it feels much more pleasant to hold it than it does the, uh, the 14 pro, which has that stainless steel frame and is much heavier.

00:21:56   But on top of that, then you've got the edges.

00:21:59   The edges are a little bit smoother, curvy.

00:22:03   Um, and so it's a little more pleasant to hold it in that way.

00:22:07   So that's nice too.

00:22:09   And, and that's when you, when you're holding it, you, the thing you might not notice at least at first, cause it's subtler, but it is absolutely there is it's also a little bit smaller.

00:22:19   So it's, I think the lightness is the thing that is the primary thing you will notice.

00:22:24   But I like the fact that Apple, when they, they use, as we have been talking about in the rumor roundup, they have a new process that they didn't talk about at all.

00:22:32   That allowed them to bring the edges of the screen in and what they've done every time they've done something like that in the past, it feels like they've said, great, we can make the screen bigger.

00:22:40   And, and I don't know if that's actually the case, but that's what it feels like.

00:22:44   It's like Apple's priority was always make the screen bigger and they made the, they made the, uh, the computer or the, in this case, the phone smaller.

00:22:51   Um, what, like they did on the iPad pro, right?

00:22:54   They, I think the iPad pro was an, was that it?

00:22:56   Or did they make the screen bigger?

00:22:58   No, they made it, they made it smaller.

00:23:00   So it's, it's, it's a good choice because it means that the phone is smaller.

00:23:03   Um, but the lighter is the thing that I think is going to be the biggest change, um, because it, it is appreciably like palpably lighter.

00:23:13   So I did some rough calculation and the 14 pro is about 10% lighter and the pro max is around, uh, 8% lighter.

00:23:24   So, I mean, that doesn't, honestly, it doesn't mean anything.

00:23:28   Um, unless you get an answer, like what you've just given, right?

00:23:32   Like that doesn't mean anything unless when you pick it up.

00:23:37   Right.

00:23:38   I looked at like, what's the difference in grams, right?

00:23:41   And, and the answer is, well, it's 30, what, 29 grams.

00:23:45   So then I know 19 grams, 19 grams, not a lot of grams.

00:23:50   That's 19 paperclips.

00:23:51   Right.

00:23:51   But, um, it's, it's absolutely, you can tell if you're somebody who has used the previous model and you pick it up.

00:23:58   Absolutely.

00:23:59   You can tell that it's lighter.

00:24:00   Um, it is a much more pleasant device to hold.

00:24:04   I was not expecting that.

00:24:05   I expected it to be sort of trivial.

00:24:07   Um, I don't think at a glance, it's going to be easy to tell that it's an iPhone 15.

00:24:14   And I, I wonder in the long run, if that is going to be the thing that limits it's, you know, that Apple won't necessarily get a big sales spike.

00:24:22   Like it often gets when it redesigns the phones, cause it doesn't feel like a redesign.

00:24:26   It really does.

00:24:27   It's a materials change, but it really feels like a refinement of this existing design that's been around there for a little while.

00:24:33   Yeah.

00:24:34   Yeah.

00:24:35   I mean, and it is that right.

00:24:37   Like it definitely is that, um, because it's the visuals and I think maybe, I don't know, maybe we're still even longer away from any significant change.

00:24:45   I don't know.

00:24:45   I don't even know, like how much can you really change now?

00:24:48   Like, I feel like it's.

00:24:50   Well, when your design goal is to make it in some ways as featureless as possible, right.

00:24:55   Where you're like, wait, we're taking the button off of it.

00:24:57   And like, I think that that is sort of Apple's aesthetic is to make it less.

00:25:02   I mean, they want it to be notable, but they also don't like, like having stuff on their stuff.

00:25:08   Right.

00:25:08   They want to keep it super simple.

00:25:10   So on that level, yeah.

00:25:11   I, I wonder how do you make an iPhone that looks like, Whoa, my God.

00:25:16   That the, well, like introducing interesting colors might be a way to do that, but that's not what they did here.

00:25:22   So, uh, it feels very much like an iPhone pro model, but I think it is definitely going in the right direction in terms of the, the way it feels to pick it up.

00:25:33   Because it's lighter and the titanium, you know, titanium has got that kind of texture on it.

00:25:38   Um, that I don't know if you can feel it, but you can see it and it's very pleasant.

00:25:42   It feels almost more like a natural material.

00:25:47   Um, right.

00:25:47   Stainless is, is polished and perfect until you get your fingers all over it and titanium has this, has a texture to it.

00:25:54   That's really nice that I like.

00:25:55   I have a titanium watch.

00:25:57   So I like it.

00:25:58   On the phone.

00:25:58   I don't think you can, I don't think I can.

00:25:59   I didn't feel the texture.

00:26:01   The reason why I thought is cause like, I thought like you can see it, right?

00:26:04   Be like, Oh look, this is going to be a brush texture, but then they PVD coat it.

00:26:07   And I imagine that that would remove a lot of that texture.

00:26:10   Exactly.

00:26:11   Doesn't, doesn't feel textured.

00:26:12   Um, and that's an important point because we had been talking on this show for a while about the fact that you can anodize titanium.

00:26:19   That's not what they did.

00:26:20   It's PVD coated, which is a different process to get to the result of very.

00:26:26   Restrained colors for this product.

00:26:31   Hey, maybe right.

00:26:33   We've ended up getting to where we thought we were going to get, but in a different path where it's like, I don't know, we'll find out from the material scientists.

00:26:40   Now that I'm about to say this, maybe you can't do as many color options with PVD.

00:26:44   And so like anodizing, if they would have gone down that route could have added more, but this, this didn't, you know, you talking about this design, I was catching up on my podcast backlog.

00:26:54   So, and I was listening yesterday to the episode of the talk show that you did a few weeks ago, I think it was now.

00:27:02   Yeah.

00:27:03   Um, and one of the things that you and John were talking about a lot was the 25th iMac anniversary thing.

00:27:09   And you were making a lot of references to two of you to like the beige and, you know, white plastic products that were around before.

00:27:17   And I kind of feel like metal texture, right.

00:27:22   Is that now, right?

00:27:25   That like something looking like a metal texture, whether it being the aluminum of a Mac or the colors of these pro phones or whatever, and like dishes or, you know, there's always, uh,

00:27:38   uh, exposed metal around the outsides or whatever.

00:27:41   I kind of feel like that is where we are beginning to move towards if we haven't already stepped over the line where it's like, that is just like the way a computer is supposed to look.

00:27:52   And maybe it's a little bit boring.

00:27:53   And I was thinking to myself, like, what is the iMac moment?

00:27:58   I don't know, but like, I'm wondering if they'll even be one, right?

00:28:02   Like, is there, is it possible for there to be an iMac G3 moment?

00:28:08   To happen to computers again from a visual departure?

00:28:12   I really don't know.

00:28:13   I don't know.

00:28:14   Maybe it's like it needs a new device, right?

00:28:17   Like maybe that's what it needs.

00:28:19   Maybe it's because obviously the vision probably in it because it still looks like all other stuff, but I don't know.

00:28:24   Maybe, maybe it needs something completely new.

00:28:26   Um, did you, did you take action and click the action button?

00:28:32   I did take action.

00:28:35   I'm confused.

00:28:37   I don't know if you can help me.

00:28:38   Is this a physically moving switch?

00:28:41   It is.

00:28:42   It is a button.

00:28:43   So when I press that button, the button goes in.

00:28:46   It does do that.

00:28:47   Okay.

00:28:47   It does do that.

00:28:48   And, um, if you press it in a normal sort of like press, it doesn't do anything except bring up a little thing that's sort of like the, you know, the touch ID cue that points at the, at the sensor and says touch here or the face ID cue that points at the sensor and says, look here or whatever.

00:29:05   It's like that where it's actually, it points at the button and says, press and hold to do whatever it is to turn on or turn off or whatever.

00:29:14   So you're not going to be able to, if you press it by accident, um, nothing happens.

00:29:19   You have to press and hold and then get a haptic.

00:29:22   And it's got the sort of like big, strong haptic for silent mode.

00:29:25   It's like, and when you come off of silent mode of noise mode, it does a single boop haptic.

00:29:33   Uh, but you can go to settings and there's a top level, I believe setting for action button now.

00:29:38   And in that top level setting, you can set it to camera or a flashlight.

00:29:43   Uh, you can set it to focus mode.

00:29:47   Pick it and you can pick a focus mode and then that button will turn that focus mode on and off.

00:29:53   You can have it run a shortcut.

00:29:54   You can have it run accessibility features.

00:29:57   All of those items are in play and with shortcuts open, that means basically you can do almost anything.

00:30:02   Um, but it's a press and hold that triggers it.

00:30:07   Not a, you know, accidental in your pocket, pressing of the button.

00:30:11   I am really intrigued to see how that feels in like long-term usage.

00:30:16   Cause like a press and hold, like I know why they're doing it.

00:30:20   I understand.

00:30:21   Uh, how long, I mean, this is a stupid question.

00:30:25   Are you holding it for a long time?

00:30:27   Like it's the difference between tap and press.

00:30:34   Does that make sense?

00:30:36   Right.

00:30:36   It's sort of like, hold and it goes, whereas if you, if you tap, it just goes, Hey, don't tap me.

00:30:42   You got to press it.

00:30:43   That is like literally it's pointing and saying, no, no, no, don't do that.

00:30:47   So it's just a little bit longer to get it.

00:30:50   And then it, and then it responds, but it's not like hold it for three seconds or something.

00:30:55   It's it's short, but it's not something that you're going to get by accidentally pressing it, thinking it's the volume up.

00:31:02   Weird.

00:31:03   Hmm.

00:31:04   Weird.

00:31:04   Do you know what you would put on this?

00:31:07   I don't.

00:31:10   I don't.

00:31:12   I really don't know.

00:31:13   It might be camera.

00:31:14   Yeah, I don't.

00:31:15   I think maybe do not disturb will be where I start.

00:31:19   Cause I'm going to leave my phone all sounds off always all the time anyway, cause that's just how I live my life.

00:31:25   Yes, absolutely.

00:31:26   Absolutely.

00:31:27   The advantage of camera is that not only can you press and hold it to open the camera, but then you can just use that button to do the shutter.

00:31:33   Oh, can you?

00:31:34   Mm hmm.

00:31:35   So that would, would that work anyway?

00:31:38   I don't know.

00:31:41   Maybe I didn't try that, but when it said his camera, it absolutely is the shutter button too.

00:31:46   Well, that might be a nice, nice thing to do.

00:31:48   Mm hmm.

00:31:51   A 17 pro we were on the last episode talking about got to get rid of the bionic name.

00:32:01   Doesn't make any sense anymore.

00:32:02   Why would you call it bionic?

00:32:03   Because that just name doesn't make any sense.

00:32:05   And so what they've done, I think is something that just feels more confusing, which is name the A 17, the A 17 pro.

00:32:14   Oh, okay.

00:32:15   Okay.

00:32:16   It is confusing.

00:32:19   All right.

00:32:20   I have a lot of thoughts about this one.

00:32:21   Get ready.

00:32:22   I'm sure on one level, on one level, I think this is a great choice because not only does bionic not mean anything, but you're, you're branding your chip with a pro, just like you have an M one and an M one pro.

00:32:33   Now you have an a 17 pro.

00:32:35   However, it all comes down to what are your intentions toward this product line, apple?

00:32:40   What are your intentions?

00:32:42   Because what I wonder is if next year, the base model iPhone will get a different chip.

00:32:55   I wonder if what this is saying is next year, it's going to be the a 18 pro and the a 18.

00:33:06   Rather than the a 18 pro and the a 17 pro, because it's weird if there's never a non pro for the a series, but I wonder if what they're doing is tipping their cards a little bit that going forward, they're going to do with iPhone.

00:33:21   Chips, what they've done to Mac chips, which is have it be a flexible enough design that they can just have it be the same architecture, but one of them be.

00:33:32   Uh,

00:33:34   be a lesser version of it.

00:33:37   That would be very different from what they're doing now.

00:33:41   Why not just call the a 16 bionic, the a 17, like, does it matter?

00:33:44   Uh, I guess you could, I think it matters.

00:33:48   Like why, why do we have, like, where's the regular a 16?

00:33:52   I mean, that's the other way.

00:33:54   That's the other way to go is, is if the a 16 bionic, I mean, yeah, you're right.

00:34:02   But, but then it's weird because you're like the ACE, wait a second.

00:34:04   The a 17 is the a 16 bionic.

00:34:07   That's weird, right?

00:34:08   To have two names for it.

00:34:09   Yeah.

00:34:09   But like what happens next year?

00:34:11   That's the question.

00:34:12   Introduce every year to new chips.

00:34:14   I don't think they're going to do that.

00:34:15   I think they've shown they don't want to do that.

00:34:18   Right?

00:34:18   Like, I can't imagine that from the a 18 year, they're like, oh, here's an a 18 and a 18 pro.

00:34:25   You say that and I get it in the sense that they've not, they have not done it like this before.

00:34:31   But this is how they do it on the Mac.

00:34:34   This is how they do it on the Mac.

00:34:36   They, they, they do three different versions, four different versions of those Mac chips.

00:34:41   And it does, it gives me at least some pause to think that maybe what they've decided to do is keep all their new products.

00:34:49   Going forward, not this year and last year with the iPhone, but going forward on the same chip generation and just have an, you

00:35:00   know, an a whatever and an a whatever pro for the two iPhone models.

00:35:04   The only difference with the one though is they don't introduce the chips at the same time.

00:35:10   I don't know if that makes a difference, but that's the thing they don't do.

00:35:13   And like, so I don't know.

00:35:15   So lots of questions, lots of questions about the, that are just based on the name because I like the parallelism of it.

00:35:22   But I, I, and this year is fine.

00:35:25   But next year, if there is an iPhone 16 with an a 17 pro chip in it and an iPhone 16 pro with an a 18 pro in it, like I have to say, well, what is the pro?

00:35:41   Why don't just call it the 18 then?

00:35:42   Why does it have pro in it?

00:35:43   If you're, if the only chip is pro, why is it pro?

00:35:47   It doesn't, it doesn't make any sense.

00:35:49   So it, maybe that's where we'll end up, but.

00:35:53   I look at it and I think I could see a pathway as a person who's not a chip designer.

00:35:58   I could see a pathway forward where what they're doing here is auguring a change in their chip philosophy for the iPhone going forward where there are two tiers.

00:36:11   And maybe that would, that would, uh, that would even go to, would that go to like iPads too?

00:36:16   I don't, I don't know.

00:36:17   I don't know how that would work.

00:36:18   I would expect, yeah, maybe.

00:36:21   I, the things I agree with you, like this seems like a perfectly viable, like process.

00:36:27   I'm just not convinced they're going to do that.

00:36:29   Cause I, cause it seems like they've made in the past few years, some very particular decisions about what chips go where.

00:36:37   I don't understand why you would call this pro if there's no a 17, I don't know.

00:36:43   And that you would be pro that next year you would presumably be putting a pro chip in your non pro phone.

00:36:48   I don't like it.

00:36:49   I don't like that idea.

00:36:50   And so if that's the case, this is a very weird decision.

00:36:54   Um, if they're, they're planning something different, um, then okay.

00:37:00   Like, so be it that, that would be, it would certainly, honestly, from a marketing standpoint, it would be better to have the both phones have an a 18 next year instead of a 17 and an 18.

00:37:13   They could just both be a 18.

00:37:16   Uh, and even if it, I mean, even if it was like the scandal was a 18 is actually a 17 pro.

00:37:22   Uh, but, but what if they bifurcated it?

00:37:25   What if it actually is a different chip, um, that they're making that's got, you know, newer cores on an older process or I don't know what that would be, or are they designing this chip so that it's got.

00:37:38   You know, what we talked about, about chip design where you're not physically like chopping the wafer, but you are designing one design and then, um, the simpler chip only gets like part of that design and the more complex chip gets the whole design and they put in that whole space.

00:37:57   There's extra CPU's or extra GPU's or whatever.

00:38:00   Like, is that what's going on here so that next year the, a 18 could come out and there would just be more GPU's and cores and whatever else on the high end one.

00:38:12   Or is that like completely ridiculous?

00:38:14   Because in the end, it's just a smartphone.

00:38:16   Why are you differentiating your chips at this level?

00:38:19   Uh, I just don't, I just don't know why you would just have pro this and pro that it doesn't follow.

00:38:24   So I don't know.

00:38:25   I mean, guess what?

00:38:26   Good news is we're all going to be debating this for a year and not knowing the answer.

00:38:32   So this chip is a three nanometers, which we were expecting.

00:38:38   Um, there's faster performance cores, better performance per watt on the efficiency cores, uh, two times neural engine.

00:38:46   It supports USB three, uh, with an optional cable at 10 gigabits per second.

00:38:51   Apple were very excited about the GPU.

00:38:55   Mm hmm.

00:38:56   Um, pro class, they called it 20% faster, six cores, improved efficiency, enables ray tracing.

00:39:02   And they were very excited about the games.

00:39:05   What I will say, um, and I know that it seems hard sometimes to understand that people are playing.

00:39:16   Like first person shooter games on iPhones, but people do play first person shooter games on iPhones.

00:39:21   Like it's a thing.

00:39:21   Like people play call of duty on their phone, like Fortnite on their phones.

00:39:25   Like they do this stuff.

00:39:26   Um, not on iPhones, but Fortnite on phones exists.

00:39:30   And they referenced a couple of console games that are coming to the iPhone.

00:39:36   And I was very surprised about this, like one of them, which is, um, Assassin's Creed, the new Assassin's Creed game.

00:39:44   I forgot the name of it, but they kind of, it is a simpler Assassin's Creed game.

00:39:48   Like that is in its design.

00:39:49   It's going back a little bit to what, uh, Mirage, I think is the name is going back to kind of like the, the, the, the, the origins.

00:39:55   Of the game, but it's coming out like towards the end of this year on PlayStation and Xbox.

00:40:02   So the fact that they are bringing it to the iPhone and I'm assuming an upcoming iPad, that's a surprise to me.

00:40:09   Like, I will remain intrigued.

00:40:14   Like I don't, I don't play games that way, but people do.

00:40:18   It'll be on the Mac too.

00:40:19   Right.

00:40:19   So you're getting all of Apple's platforms by doing that, presumably.

00:40:22   Yeah.

00:40:23   Cause they're bringing Resident Evil Village, which is Apple's favorite game of all time.

00:40:27   Well, I think as one game of the year twice, so it's more like two design awards or something funny like that, Resident Evil Village, but that's also coming to the iPhone along with the, uh, Resident Evil 4 remake, which came out earlier this year.

00:40:39   Like, look, they are doing some interesting stuff.

00:40:44   What does it say about a gaming strategy?

00:40:46   I do not know, but they're doing some interesting things.

00:40:49   I don't know.

00:40:51   So I lean forward at this moment for sure.

00:40:53   I don't know whether the GPU cores in the Mac, I think the GPU cores in the M series processors have just been the same ones.

00:41:07   I don't think there's a new Mac GPU.

00:41:09   Right.

00:41:09   So no, I'd have to look it up.

00:41:12   But I mean, that was what I immediately thought here is this is actually really interesting for the Mac because they, they said, we're really proud of this new GPU.

00:41:20   Core design we've gotten.

00:41:21   They're like, well, guess what?

00:41:22   That's the M3 Mac GPU core design, presumably.

00:41:25   Right.

00:41:25   Which means that they're talking about some pretty huge, they seem very excited.

00:41:30   Mac graphics power in the M3 generation too.

00:41:33   Like they, they seem very, very excited about this.

00:41:36   Right.

00:41:36   And they were talking again, a lot of the smart, sorry, they were talking about how they use in a neural engine in comparison and how the outside things like ray tracing, like this is what the serious graphics cards are doing.

00:41:47   Um, and so I am very intrigued to see if and how Apple are able to present an interesting case when it comes to GPUs.

00:41:58   And like, this could be the beginning of them being able to be much more competitive on gaming.

00:42:05   Uh, cause I will tell you like the fact that they are pledging to bring games from this year to the iPhone.

00:42:13   That's like, so that they showed up at a game called the division mobile.

00:42:17   That's always going to have been a mobile game.

00:42:19   Right.

00:42:19   But like the resident evil game and the Assassin's creed game, that is a surprise to me.

00:42:25   And so like, I'm very intrigued to see what that ends up looking like, but they seem very excited by the GPU.

00:42:31   Uh, let's talk about the cameras.

00:42:33   So there's a bunch of interesting stuff going on.

00:42:35   So like we got what we were expecting, right.

00:42:38   Which is the optical zoom.

00:42:39   It's a five X optical zoom.

00:42:41   Tetra prism.

00:42:43   The word of the day is Tetra prism.

00:42:45   That's so like, this is, that is their word instead of Periscope.

00:42:50   And like, realistically, I think someone can correct me.

00:42:53   It's not like massively different.

00:42:55   I don't think from like, they're doing things their own way, but like it is what we've been talking about.

00:43:01   Right.

00:43:02   Of like how Apple can create, they even spoke about it, the physical space inside of the larger phone to enable them to create this set of glass, which enables the light to bounce off.

00:43:14   And it gives them a five times optical zoom.

00:43:16   It's a 120 millimeter focal length.

00:43:18   Uh, and they've improved their optical image stabilization to help support this because that is another really important part of the process.

00:43:26   Because if you are increasing the zoom, any wobble will add for, will, will, will, will reduce the quality of the image.

00:43:35   Uh, and I saw this go by on threads from Sebastian DeWitt that in, um, the five times zoom Apple has, uh, what Sebastian referred to as like a mini map that pops up on the top right hand corner of the screen.

00:43:47   So you can see like, where are you aiming at in the overall image, like Samsung of course too.

00:43:53   So you can kind of see like if you're pointing your phone out, but now you're five times zoom and now you can't find the thing you're supposed to be zooming at.

00:43:59   You get kind of like a preview of the full frame.

00:44:01   So you could move it over to where it's supposed to be.

00:44:05   Um, so it's kind of just like helps you.

00:44:06   Uh, but this is Apple's method of this five times.

00:44:12   Okay.

00:44:14   Like, you know, uh, people had said six, I kind of don't care between five and six.

00:44:18   The thing I am, I have some pause over, uh, is the, the, we now have one X, two X, five X as a big jump.

00:44:26   And well, okay.

00:44:28   So the other thing that's going on here is the two X, and this is a new photos feature.

00:44:37   The two X is now, you know, you can zoom right between two X and five X.

00:44:42   And what it's doing is it's dynamically changing what part of the sensor it's using.

00:44:47   Right.

00:44:48   The idea there is that, um, it's, it's like going between, um, what one X and two X on the current phone.

00:44:57   So you've got this sort of like, um, you know, how do we use the sensor and then we process the image.

00:45:05   But I believe what happens when you tap on the two X, I think it is, is you get the like 24, 28, 35 millimeter focal lengths, or maybe that's tapping on the one X.

00:45:18   Anyway, so what they've done is, yeah, no, that's right.

00:45:21   So they've got this, so what they're doing with all of this is they're, they're doing this very odd thing where they are placing presets in the zoom into the 48 megapixel sensor, essentially.

00:45:36   Um, so that instead of like zooming to a 1.4 X or whatever, you just say 35 millimeter or 28 millimeter or 24 millimeter.

00:45:47   And they, it stops and they actually, it like pops up and then it goes to the X equivalent.

00:45:51   After a, after a second, um, between two and five, I don't, I don't know.

00:45:58   I don't know what it's got anything of it and cropping.

00:46:01   Uh, I didn't say anything and there doesn't appear to be anything.

00:46:05   And I feel like if they were doing anything fun, there'd be a three X in there as well.

00:46:09   You know what I mean?

00:46:10   Like, I don't think it would just be those buttons.

00:46:13   You're just going into super zoom mode.

00:46:15   Super.

00:46:15   So we'll see how that, that plays out.

00:46:18   I will say you, you touched on something like the thing I'm actually most excited about.

00:46:21   Is Apple gave me exactly what I wanted, which was stuff that that 48 megapixels sensor can do.

00:46:29   That's new.

00:46:30   So one is the focal length.

00:46:33   That sounds cool.

00:46:33   I'm intrigued to see what that's like, but there is now 48 megapixel heath.

00:46:37   Right.

00:46:39   Yeah.

00:46:39   So I can take a more usable 48 megapixel image.

00:46:43   Doesn't have to just be raw.

00:46:44   Yep.

00:46:45   Yeah, exactly right.

00:46:46   But the thing I am most excited about super high resolution, 24 megapixel photos.

00:46:51   Thank you.

00:46:52   Yes.

00:46:53   This is what I wanted, right?

00:46:54   Like I wanted something that was enabled by this larger sensor.

00:47:00   Always.

00:47:01   And I feel like this is what I was hoping for something.

00:47:05   I didn't know what it was, but this, I think is going to be that thing of like using the, the, the, the full data that it has available and being able to take a crop in and give me something that's like somewhere in the middle.

00:47:18   Great.

00:47:19   Like this, I'm very excited about this.

00:47:21   So explain this to me is that the, the idea here that you would, you're going to get a 24 megapixel image out, but it's using the use it's using more of the sensor.

00:47:33   The way I understand it from the way that they explained it is that they are taking, you know, they have, they take all the images that they're taking, right?

00:47:41   They take like 7 million images per photo or whatever it is.

00:47:44   Right.

00:47:45   But that they are taking information from the full 48 megapixel and laying that into the photonic engine.

00:47:52   So you will get a higher quality image, but you're using in the pipeline.

00:47:58   You're using other parts of it to clean up that image and make it look the best it can be.

00:48:03   But that they are taking the 48 megapixel data and using that to create a higher quality image on the other side of it.

00:48:12   At 24 megapixels.

00:48:13   24 megapixels.

00:48:14   Based on all 48 megapixels, instead of saying, nope, we're going to flatten this down to a 24 megapixel sensor and take a picture.

00:48:21   Instead, it's capturing some portion of the 48 megapixel image and then running it through the pipeline.

00:48:28   Yeah.

00:48:28   Can I read you from Apple's website?

00:48:30   Yeah, sure.

00:48:31   The new photonic engine combines the best pixels from a super high resolution image with another that is optimized for light capture.

00:48:39   So you automatically get 24 megapixel photos.

00:48:42   That's twice the resolution than before, the everyday shots of extra detail.

00:48:46   So like the 48 megapixel photos are not really usable in most circumstances because they need more light, right?

00:48:53   But now they're able to take data from those images and process it into something that is the new default as well, which is 24 megapixels.

00:49:01   But I'm also really happy that I can create a HEIF file of a 48 megapixel image, which I'm hoping will be easier to get to in the camera app.

00:49:10   To just enable me to take a simple image in the camera app without having to use a third party in situations where I could maybe take a nice landscape.

00:49:17   It looks to me, and this was just a glance I have to check, but it looks to me like what they've done is they've laid into the still photo area, what used to just be in the video area, which is information about what's being captured so that you can then tap on it and change what you're capturing.

00:49:34   That's what I want.

00:49:35   I think that's what's in there.

00:49:37   I saw something like that.

00:49:38   I didn't get a chance to use it, but it sure looks like that.

00:49:40   That's in there.

00:49:41   How about this one?

00:49:42   They are now, we've gone so far with portrait mode that they are now using machine learning to detect, is this a thing that I can do portrait mode on?

00:49:50   And if it is, you don't have to be in portrait mode.

00:49:53   It's just going to capture depth data.

00:49:56   Fantastic.

00:49:56   And unless you, and lets you make it a portrait.

00:49:59   So basically everything is a portrait mode if it can be.

00:50:02   Well, it's cinematic mode, right?

00:50:04   But in a way, it's like that function of cinematic mode where you can change the stuff around, but always all the time.

00:50:10   Yeah.

00:50:10   The difference is between being in portrait mode and not being in portrait mode seems to be that if you're in portrait mode, you see the portrait effect in the background.

00:50:20   And if you're not, you don't, but they still try to capture it.

00:50:24   And if they capture it, then when you edit it later, you can make it portrait mode if you want to.

00:50:29   And then there's the adjustable depth of field thing where they'll say, no, no, no, I've got the whole texture map here.

00:50:35   I want to be back there and focus on that, not on this thing that it was focused on in the foreground.

00:50:40   Even though, you know, obviously it's a phone camera image, it's all focus, but it will artfully blur the part that you want to artfully blur, even if it's the foreground instead of the background.

00:50:50   So it's just, we've come a long way with the depth data that's being captured.

00:50:56   Now there's just like, look, we're just going to capture it, right?

00:50:59   Cause you might want it later.

00:51:00   And it's just not a problem.

00:51:02   That's what the heap format does is it enables all that depth data to ride along with the image.

00:51:08   And so they're just going to capture it.

00:51:10   And great, right?

00:51:15   Like that is the kind of flexibility that I want.

00:51:18   And my hope would be here that I'll never need to choose to do portrait mode ever again, right?

00:51:23   In theory, or is that because I think if Apple's machine learning can detect something, it can detect a person, right?

00:51:30   Like I feel like if it can't do that at this point, I don't know what's going on.

00:51:34   It's literally looking at depth data from the LIDAR scanner, I imagine, and saying, yeah, there's enough here for me to capture and that there's some instances where it's not going to bother.

00:51:42   Yeah, I think it's a good idea.

00:51:43   And then also that you can, like, if there were two people, you could change who the focus was on, like all that kind of stuff.

00:51:50   I think that is fantastic.

00:51:52   I shouldn't have to make a choice.

00:51:53   I feel like for that, like it is machine learning, use the machine learning and it's doing it.

00:51:58   And I think that's awesome.

00:51:59   Sounds like there's a new smart HDR system as well going on.

00:52:02   They made a bunch of tweaks under the hood, it sounds like to the photographic pipeline.

00:52:07   I'm really hoping that this is the year that I wanted last year, camera wise.

00:52:12   Like, they've shown me enough stuff here where I'm like, I am intrigued about a lot of this and there are some things here that I really wanted.

00:52:20   Now, the five times optical zoom, I still reserve a bit of judgment on, but to be honest, three times, I think was too much in a lot of instances for me.

00:52:28   So I'll still have that, like that pseudo 2x, like the way that it works will be fine.

00:52:33   And then maybe I'll be able to take pictures of things I could never take pictures of before because of the 5x zoom.

00:52:38   So maybe I'll benefit from that.

00:52:40   Um, and for pros, 4K60 ProRes, Logging Coding for color and Spatial Video Capture for Vision Pro.

00:52:49   Yeah.

00:52:50   So the 4K60, they said it was, if you're using a USB, so you'll be able to do a USB 3.0

00:52:56   outboard recording device for video capture, which is pretty wild as an idea and you'll be able to do that.

00:53:02   And then, yeah, we, we speculated a lot about iPhone being able to capture something for Vision Pro and those two camera lenses.

00:53:10   Um, it's the ultra wide, I think, and the, and the, and the regular, uh, that are being used here.

00:53:16   Um, but they are not very far apart, but they are apart.

00:53:22   And apparently Apple has decided that it's good enough for them to say, you can do Spatial Video Capture.

00:53:30   You're capturing a stereo video image, and that will be viewable on Vision Pro.

00:53:35   I also wonder if at some point that's, that's one of these, like next month kind of things.

00:53:40   It's a later this year, essentially.

00:53:42   Um, I wonder if there'll be some other methods of sort of like tilt the phone to have a little bit of a depth effect or something on that Spatial Video, but it's also a Vision Pro feature.

00:53:51   With all of the sensors and AR kit and all that kind of stuff, you could do something with that on the phone.

00:53:56   There must be some, it's not going to be as affecting, but you could at least play it back and see what you've shot in some kind of approximation.

00:54:02   For sure.

00:54:03   But I, I feel like, yeah, you'll be able to tilt the camera or something and it'll sort of like extrapolate, uh, something, something like that.

00:54:10   I don't know.

00:54:11   We'll see.

00:54:11   So these phones, the Pro phones, like all the phones got USB-C.

00:54:14   Um, on the Pro phones, they got USB 3 support.

00:54:17   So 10 gigabit second.

00:54:19   With an optional cable, not in the box, which I think is an interesting decision for a thousand dollar phone that it could have maybe just sprung for the USB 3 cable.

00:54:26   For pros.

00:54:26   Yeah.

00:54:27   Um, but yeah, we mentioned that, I really know we mentioned that it's part of the chip, but that is part of the USB-C story.

00:54:32   Uh, AirPods Pro got USB-C, but it doesn't appear that you can buy the case on its own, which I am disappointed about.

00:54:39   That's too bad.

00:54:40   Really want to buy a new AirPods Pro, but I do really want them to have USB-C and maybe that's the decision that they're deciding to play with people like me.

00:54:47   Uh, AirPods, the AirPods have been done, have been updated so you can get USB-C AirPods.

00:54:52   Thank goodness.

00:54:52   And there is a $30 lightning to USB-C adapter.

00:54:55   Sure.

00:54:56   Of course there is.

00:54:57   Great.

00:54:58   The, uh, 15 pro starts at $999.

00:55:01   The Pro Max starts at $1,199, which is a higher starting price.

00:55:06   Yes, a higher starting price, but $256 is now the base.

00:55:11   I think that's, it's not awesome, but it's fine.

00:55:14   Right?

00:55:14   Like, it's fine.

00:55:16   What they didn't do is raise the price and have the base price be the, the base storage.

00:55:22   They basically eliminated the lower storage tier.

00:55:25   So just, you do have to go in at $1,199 and a $1,099, but what you're getting for $1,199 is what you got for $1,199 last year.

00:55:34   So.

00:55:35   Yeah.

00:55:37   So like better than expected, I would say, and that they didn't really, they raised the base, but not raised the price technically by spec.

00:55:45   So I haven't even dared to look at the pricing, uh, outside of America right now, cause it's just been too much to look at.

00:55:50   But I, I'm sure that it's more expensive.

00:55:52   I'm just, I was sitting with UK people who actually were surprised that it was, uh, that the pricing in the UK was pretty decent.

00:55:59   Um, so maybe, maybe so, I don't know.

00:56:02   So it's two 56, five 12 and a terabyte on the pro max.

00:56:07   I think they're still doing their one to one pounds to dollars conversion.

00:56:11   So yeah, I thought,

00:56:14   this is hilarious to me the way that they have dealt with this.

00:56:16   I go, cause I was like, hang on a terabyte was there before they just got rid of one of the options on the pro max.

00:56:21   They didn't.

00:56:22   Yeah.

00:56:22   There's not four, there's just three now.

00:56:23   And that's that.

00:56:25   That's pretty funny to me.

00:56:26   That's pretty funny to me.

00:56:27   But you're paying, you're, you're paying a major, uh, tax as you always are.

00:56:33   Cause 1,199 pounds is $1,500 for the, uh, for that pro max.

00:56:39   But the VAT is fine.

00:56:42   Really?

00:56:43   Like whatever it's when it's over the 20% difference is when it, when it kind of grabs my gears a bit.

00:56:49   All right.

00:56:50   Economic headwinds must have, I don't know, died down.

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00:59:12   Let's talk about the iPhone 15.

00:59:16   So, you know, we've spoken about a bunch of things, but there are a couple of parts here.

00:59:20   You know, one thing that I mentioned, the camera, it gets the 48 megapixel camera.

00:59:25   It has the 24 megapixel kind of like, um, high resolution default.

00:59:30   That's really great.

00:59:31   Last year's, it has last year's pro camera essentially.

00:59:33   And in that way, it's got the 48 megapixel sensor and the 24 MP mode and the, yeah, all those things.

00:59:40   So I'm very happy about that.

00:59:41   Uh, it has, um, like the pro phone div, I didn't mention it, ultra wide band gen two.

00:59:47   Right.

00:59:48   We're not calling it the U2 chip because they would have to pay Bono for that.

00:59:51   It works from up to three times further and has an integration with fine mice.

00:59:55   So like you can use the precision finding for your friends, which I think is great.

01:00:00   If you lose your friends in your couch cushions, you can find them now.

01:00:04   Now you know exactly where they are on the couch cushions.

01:00:05   That's a bit, uh, but the thing that we're expecting that they would do, they did.

01:00:09   Dynamic Island.

01:00:12   Yeah.

01:00:13   Great.

01:00:13   I, you know, I, people can go back and consult the record, but like there were, there were people who were saying,

01:00:17   Oh, Dynamic Island is a pro feature.

01:00:19   They're not going to bring that to the regular phone next year.

01:00:22   And I remember saying very clearly, they will absolutely bring it to the regular phone next year because they don't want it to be the touch bar.

01:00:28   They want it to be everywhere.

01:00:29   They like this feature.

01:00:30   They really like it.

01:00:31   They want everyone to have it.

01:00:33   And so now with 15, all the phones have the Dynamic Island, which I think will actually help that feature a lot because there will be many, many more phones.

01:00:42   And ultimately basically all the iPhones will have it.

01:00:45   And that will also spur developers to do better with the Dynamic Island.

01:00:51   Mike, I have some hands on with the iPhone 15.

01:00:54   Of course you do.

01:00:55   Uh, very smooth.

01:00:56   All those rough edges are, are, are worn out.

01:00:59   It's, it feels really good in the hand because they, they took their kind of like right angles and just like they're all super smoothed out.

01:01:05   Now it does feel really nice.

01:01:06   The colors.

01:01:08   Everybody gets to have their own opinion about colors.

01:01:11   I think they are really disappointing in that they are very pastel.

01:01:17   They're very pale.

01:01:20   Um, they're very, you could say subtle.

01:01:24   And I know that the one, the color on the back of the phone, people put cases on them and you don't see that anyway.

01:01:29   The one part of the design that I think looks really cool is the, um, the raised glass camera bump area has this color infusion, they call it.

01:01:39   And it's real.

01:01:40   Like it doesn't look like a, like on the yellow phone.

01:01:44   Um, which I spent the most time on.

01:01:46   They've done it to the whole back of the glass, right?

01:01:48   But maybe it's just more visible in that area.

01:01:50   It's, it's the, for me, it's in that little raised part that, um, is I had a very limited amount of time with this, but the thing that struck me about it was...

01:01:59   They said it's the whole thing, but maybe it shows more in certain parts.

01:02:02   It shows more because it's got that extra depth and it isn't.

01:02:06   Ah.

01:02:07   So the, the glass doesn't appear to have color on the top of it and it doesn't appear to have, be a slab of colored glass, if it makes sense.

01:02:19   It sort of looks like there's color in it.

01:02:23   Oh, okay.

01:02:25   I'm seeing some images here.

01:02:27   I see what you mean.

01:02:29   See what I mean?

01:02:29   That's a very cool look.

01:02:32   Yeah.

01:02:34   So that part, that part of it I really like, and there's an argument to be made that since that's the part that people actually see.

01:02:42   Huh.

01:02:42   Yeah.

01:02:43   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:02:44   Yeah.

01:02:44   Yeah.

01:02:44   Put the work in there.

01:02:45   It's the most interesting part of those.

01:02:47   That said, personal opinion.

01:02:51   I think that they're real, real boring and that's all, I mean, what can I say?

01:02:57   I think they're real boring.

01:02:58   They're very pastel in a way that they haven't been before.

01:03:01   Very pale.

01:03:02   Pale color and that's what they've decided to go with.

01:03:04   So the color, the colors are woke up and thought it was Easter and they dyed a few eggs, light pink and light yellow.

01:03:13   And that's what we got.

01:03:15   So not a fan of that, but the color infusion thing on that, on the camera square is, it's actually striking.

01:03:23   It's very interesting looking and it feels great in the hand.

01:03:25   And that thing, honestly, Mike, I know we've got a couple other things to talk about here that are in both.

01:03:31   But we've saved them.

01:03:32   Um, at the end of, before they go after the pro phone at the end of the iPhone 15 segment, I thought to myself, that's a really good phone.

01:03:40   Like that's a really good phone.

01:03:41   And we know knowing what was to come.

01:03:43   I thought to myself, I increasingly feel the differentiation of these two product lines and feel like most people don't need the pro phone.

01:03:59   Like we nerds do and anybody who cares about X, Y, or Z will do it.

01:04:03   But like $799, I got a, I got a PR pitch, which I guess I'm going to validate right now today from somebody who pointed out that they track iPhone prices based on constant dollars.

01:04:16   So factoring in inflation.

01:04:18   And according to them, this is the most favorable brand new, like regular iPhone model.

01:04:23   Uh, most affordable since 2007.

01:04:28   Um, and that's because we've had a lot of inflation, but they've kept that price at 7 99.

01:04:35   Huh.

01:04:39   Is that because of also the features in it or is it purely just based on.

01:04:45   Well, I mean that for some 99, for the infer in terms of versus inflation, it's just what it is.

01:04:51   But, um, but I came away thinking there's a lot of really good features in this.

01:04:54   Like when, with a 48 megapixel sensor with the, with the enhanced image pipeline, all those things, you don't get the big zoom camera, but you get all of those other things.

01:05:03   You get the satellite.

01:05:04   We haven't even mentioned.

01:05:05   They, they did say they kicked the can another year about what will happen to all of last year's phones in two years.

01:05:11   What are they going to have to pay to keep the satellite features, et cetera, et cetera.

01:05:14   But they did add that roadside assistance feature in on top of that.

01:05:18   Um, all of that.

01:05:20   And you get all of that, the dynamic island.

01:05:23   And it's seven 99 or eight 99 for the larger one.

01:05:25   It's just like, it's a really good deal.

01:05:27   And not, not everybody, not everybody needs the pro phone.

01:05:31   And I like the fact that while we make a lot of hay talking about Apple selling thousand dollar phones, which they absolutely do.

01:05:38   And a lot of us buy them.

01:05:39   I like the fact that the 15 at seven 99, that's a really good deal on a really good phone.

01:05:47   That is not a, uh, I got last year's model and it's got like, it's not, it's, it's not.

01:05:52   It's, it's a, yes, it is sort of last year's model in ways, but it's a, it's a pretty good phone in its own, right.

01:06:00   I just, I just wanted to say that, that I, I was more impressed with the proposition of what the iPhone 15 is that I think I expected to be.

01:06:07   I'm, I'm pleased and excited that they added the camera and the dynamic island.

01:06:12   I think those two features are really, really good.

01:06:14   Like to be putting into this phone and the whole new pipeline that goes along with it, which, you know, I'm going to, I'm going to also say.

01:06:22   Well, wait a second.

01:06:23   If that pipeline works on the 15, shouldn't it also be on the 14 pro in a software update?

01:06:29   And maybe it will, maybe they will.

01:06:31   I don't know.

01:06:32   Maybe that's a feature that the 24 megapixel and some of the other photo features that are not specific to the 15 pro will also be on the 14 process.

01:06:41   It's the same chip.

01:06:43   I don't know.

01:06:43   I do not know.

01:06:44   Uh, still at seven 99 and eight 99.

01:06:48   They spent quite a bit of time, uh, which I love trying to like bang people over the head with the idea that the, a bigger screen is better.

01:06:56   I thought it was very funny.

01:06:57   Like there was quite a bit of like, look how much more message you can read and look how much more website you can read.

01:07:04   You know, it's just like, okay.

01:07:05   Bigger text.

01:07:05   If you want bigger text.

01:07:06   Yeah, we get it.

01:07:07   All right.

01:07:07   We get it.

01:07:08   It's nice.

01:07:09   Yeah, sure.

01:07:10   That was very, um, anything else in the iPhone 15?

01:07:14   Like there were a bunch of features in this that we've already spoken about, right?

01:07:17   That like USB-C is in there.

01:07:19   Like there are, there are things that are going on, but I think that's probably it for that.

01:07:23   Right?

01:07:23   I think so.

01:07:25   Okay.

01:07:25   I think so.

01:07:26   Same availability, right?

01:07:28   Yeah.

01:07:28   For sale on Friday, arriving the following Friday.

01:07:31   Yeah, exactly.

01:07:31   Yeah.

01:07:32   Not that there's a ton much more to say about the Apple watch.

01:07:37   Well, I've got a couple of things I got to try double tap.

01:07:42   Okay.

01:07:43   Tell me about that.

01:07:45   So they said, you know, they're using various sensors, including even the heart rate sensor to try and get a sense of when you're double tapping.

01:07:53   I tried it.

01:07:54   They put, they put a watch on me and they had me do a good walk through a bunch of things.

01:07:58   And it was, um, sort of like with the vision pro, it was one of those things where I had to kind of learn the exact right gesture.

01:08:09   So my, my default, when I imagined what I would be doing was a little softer and a little faster.

01:08:17   Then it wanted.

01:08:19   So, and also one of the things that it's looking for when it's doing its machine learning is it's looking for a clear signal that you're double tapping and not just moving your hands around.

01:08:30   And, uh, it helps if you're, they actually had me like put my arm down and then they called me, but they wanted my arm down so that I lifted up to look and see who was calling me.

01:08:42   And then I double tapped and that worked.

01:08:45   And so that, that suggests to me that, you know, part of the training here is it's a lot easier for it to know that you're double tapping.

01:08:51   If you're coming out of a gesture and you know, where you're picking up your watch and you're looking at it, they're like, aha.

01:08:57   They, he just looked at the watch.

01:08:59   And now is he going to double tap?

01:09:01   Um, but even without that, like looking at the, at the watch face and double tapping to get to the widgets and then double tapping to scroll one by one through the widgets, I got the hang of it.

01:09:11   It was, like I said, a little slower than I expected.

01:09:14   And I was a little firmer with the double tap of my thumb and my index finger than I thought originally that I was going to be.

01:09:20   I think the Vision Pro is much more subtle about this because it can literally see your hand where as this has to intuit, the watch has to intuit this from.

01:09:29   Its place on your wrist, but I was able to get it working.

01:09:32   And I think where it's going to shine is not in like scrolling through widgets.

01:09:36   I think where it's going to shine is you got an alarm going and your hands are full or they showed like the guy with flour on his hands and stuff like that, where you can just go, you know, tap, tap, beats a nose tap any day to do a little finger tap.

01:09:48   So I think it's, I think it's a cool idea.

01:09:51   And once I got the hang of it, it worked pretty well.

01:09:54   So I'm, um, I'm kind of into it.

01:09:57   I don't think it's enough for me to personally upgrade at this point, but I think it's a great idea.

01:10:02   And the idea that this is basically going to be in every Apple watch going forward over time, uh, and that they've, they've been able to do something that will have some nice value for people whose hands are full, who don't have access to both hands and can't navigate that thing.

01:10:17   I think that's a, uh, I think it's smart.

01:10:19   So this is, I assume an adaptation and refinement of the assistive touch features that they added, which enable for some of this stuff on previous watches.

01:10:29   I think that's it.

01:10:30   They have, they have refined this to the point where they are building it into the standard UI and it's for everybody.

01:10:37   That maybe it's like it's, it's, it's prime time enough with the power of the S9 that they can do a much better job of detecting it.

01:10:44   So that's probably it.

01:10:46   That the ML model has been improved and they, and they feel better about it.

01:10:50   Um, one thing that it does do is when it detects it, it actually puts a little thing up that says I detected a double tap and then it does the thing, which is interesting, right?

01:11:01   What they, they, they want you to know that what you're about to see is done because we think you double tapped with your fingers.

01:11:09   And, and that's a, uh, like that's a choice they made.

01:11:13   They didn't want it to be an invisible thing.

01:11:15   They wanted the UI to say, yes, a double tap was received.

01:11:20   And then it does the thing that the double tap is supposed to do it.

01:11:23   So it's not quite instantaneous.

01:11:24   It is sort of like the double tap icon lights up and then the, and then the event happens.

01:11:29   And look, obviously I was, you know, struck by like, Oh yeah, I know that.

01:11:35   I know that I did that with the vision pro on, I know what that means.

01:11:38   You know, like I've experienced that gesture and I'm, I'm guessing this is like, Oh, this is like a standard.

01:11:45   And now it's going to be a standard gesture.

01:11:47   The Apple watch does it vision pro does it right?

01:11:49   Like this idea of pinching your, your, your thumb and finger together.

01:11:54   Like that's what it's going to be.

01:11:55   And maybe this is what it will be called on vision pro.

01:11:58   Cause I don't think they called it this idea.

01:12:01   I don't know.

01:12:01   I don't know.

01:12:03   I've got a wild idea too, which is maybe future max that have webcams in them.

01:12:07   We'll also be able to do, remember you can do your thumbs up to get the fireworks and all of that.

01:12:11   What if you can do a double tap and if it can see you, you do a little double tap.

01:12:15   With your fingers and it pauses your music or whatever.

01:12:17   I try to keep them on the Mac, baby.

01:12:18   Let's go.

01:12:18   Let's go.

01:12:19   They could try.

01:12:20   They could try some stuff like that.

01:12:21   It's possible.

01:12:22   Um, the other thing I got to do is I got to touch the fine woven, uh, yes, yes, yes, yes.

01:12:27   So I expected based on their description for them to be more fabricy at a glance.

01:12:35   And they're not knowing what I know about Apple's watch band styles.

01:12:40   I looked at them and thought, Oh, those look like the leather bands.

01:12:44   They're just not, they are a little more sweaty.

01:12:47   Um, but they're real close.

01:12:49   Like if, if you're a big fan of leather watch bands, I am sure many companies will sell you a leather watch

01:12:58   bands for the Apple watch, um, and leather cases for your iPhone.

01:13:02   But with a brief visit of the fine woven fabric, it looked close enough that I think that for a lot of people,

01:13:11   it will be a suitable replacement for the leather bands.

01:13:16   Um, you know, we'll, we'll see how it goes, but I thought they look pretty good and did not look dramatically

01:13:22   different than the leather bands that I've seen for Apple.

01:13:26   I am a daily user and huge fan of the magnetic link.

01:13:29   And when there were rumors that the leather was going away, I thought that that watch band was on its way out.

01:13:36   So I'm happy they've replaced it.

01:13:37   They've kept the styles.

01:13:38   They just replaced it with the fine woven.

01:13:39   I'm not a huge fan of the colors, but colors are colors.

01:13:43   It doesn't really matter though.

01:13:43   Do different colors.

01:13:44   They come and go, right.

01:13:45   They, they, they come and go and we'll, and we'll change.

01:13:48   I, I bought a, I refresh my leather one.

01:13:51   Um, I got like a blue leather one a few months ago, so I wouldn't have bought a new one of these anyway.

01:13:56   So maybe by the next time that they refresh them color wise, it might be a color for me in there.

01:14:01   Maybe so.

01:14:02   And I guess that's a good segue.

01:14:03   Yeah.

01:14:04   Let's just one last thing.

01:14:06   So we'll just say like, uh, yeah, series nine gets the S nine chip ultra wide band.

01:14:11   So you can do the finding of the phone and the watch and they can do the precision finding together.

01:14:16   Everybody finds everybody else.

01:14:17   Yeah.

01:14:17   And they increased, they, they, they, they made some refines to display.

01:14:20   They increased the brightness.

01:14:21   Brighter.

01:14:22   So yes, that's a, that's a win.

01:14:24   Apple watch ultra two.

01:14:26   Ultra two gets all those same features.

01:14:28   S nine ultra wide band and also a brighter display.

01:14:32   Brighter, brighter.

01:14:32   And you watch face end of story, which is just like very surprised.

01:14:37   I mean, I'm excited because I want an Apple watch ultra, right?

01:14:41   So like I'm buying an Apple watch ultra.

01:14:44   Um, as Steven texted me and said, you should have just bought an Apple watch already.

01:14:47   And I was like, yeah, I guess I may be waiting for longer than I needed to.

01:14:51   Um, but you know, I, my point still stands that like, I'm going to wait it out.

01:14:57   I have, Zach has asked if I've ordered one already.

01:14:59   I have not because I will be in the U S of a.

01:15:03   And so I have yet to work out how to make that work best for me when it comes to product ordering.

01:15:09   Uh, but yes, I will be buying one of these.

01:15:12   Uh, I'm super excited about it.

01:15:13   Uh, because I'm ready and you know, Apple did what I wanted.

01:15:18   Like I'm not going to have a gold, but I will be able to get a natural titanium iPhone pro max and a titanium Apple watch ultra.

01:15:25   And I expect they probably match together pretty nicely.

01:15:27   I would expect so.

01:15:29   And then I'll be happy.

01:15:30   But yeah, I'm, I'm surprised that they, I'm surprised that they did it.

01:15:33   Honestly, I'm surprised that there is a new Apple watch ultra considering.

01:15:37   So maybe it's just the S nine.

01:15:40   I don't know.

01:15:40   Here's my theory.

01:15:41   Here's my theory is.

01:15:42   Keep in mind, they had to plan this out before the product even is out there.

01:15:46   I think they were like, all right, we're going to do the ultra.

01:15:48   And then next year it's okay.

01:15:51   We got to, we got the new system and the chip coming in, you know, new system and package sip.

01:15:56   They just called it sip.

01:15:58   Um, yeah, I was like, I was confused about, I was like system on a PIP.

01:16:02   Like what is the, what is this?

01:16:03   I was very confused by this system in a potato.

01:16:07   It's a system in a potato powers itself.

01:16:12   So they, before the ultra is released, they have to decide what they're doing with the ultra too.

01:16:18   And I think that that's what they decided is look, we're doing the S nine and ultra wide band and all these other things that are rolling into the series nine.

01:16:27   So let's just rev the existing ultra in year two to do that.

01:16:32   And so it feels to me like Apple moves slowly enough that they didn't know.

01:16:38   One way or another, how the ultra was going to do in year one.

01:16:42   So they just committed to year two being a, let it ride and get it up to speed with the existing.

01:16:49   Cause the last thing you want is your high end ultra watch to be behind the series nine in terms of your brand new system and package, sorry, software and potato.

01:16:57   That your, uh, seldom indigo punch bowl, um, is you got to have it there.

01:17:05   So I wonder if the ultra three will be the one where they're like, Hey, everybody liked the ultra let's get it done.

01:17:12   Right.

01:17:12   Let's do something amazing, but maybe they just didn't commit in year two.

01:17:16   They're like, look, all we're going to do is put change the guts and otherwise just keep it the same.

01:17:20   It sure does seem like that's the way.

01:17:22   Cause like, I am surprised about the fact that, yeah, whatever they've done it.

01:17:31   This is it.

01:17:31   Apple watch ultra.

01:17:33   They don't have enough vapor.

01:17:34   They don't have enough vapor to deposit black on, uh, the titanium there.

01:17:40   It's all being used for the black iPhone pro.

01:17:42   So yeah, like there are many ways they could have named it.

01:17:45   This is the one they went with Apple watch ultra two.

01:17:47   I that's the name I would have picked ultra to stay in my would have picked.

01:17:52   I think it's a good name.

01:17:53   I think it's a good name.

01:17:53   We don't need series.

01:17:54   Series is for the basics and the ultra is now here and this is the ultra two.

01:17:59   Do we need, I just don't want anything else.

01:18:01   Right?

01:18:01   Like ultra two is great.

01:18:03   I don't want it to be ultra series two ultra series nine old.

01:18:08   I like fewer words, please.

01:18:10   Ultra two great stamp of approval from me.

01:18:13   I love it.

01:18:13   Apple spent a bunch of time.

01:18:17   I would say at one point too much time.

01:18:21   Talking about that 2030 carbon initiative program.

01:18:24   So, so you know how sometimes you get inside a parentheses and then there's

01:18:28   another parentheses inside of it.

01:18:29   Yeah.

01:18:30   Uh, we're in the middle of the Apple watch demo.

01:18:34   I gotta say man, that video, comedy sketch.

01:18:39   I wanted to claw my face off.

01:18:44   I was, you know, when you feel that like, what is it called?

01:18:48   Like a secondhand embarrassment.

01:18:50   What was that?

01:18:51   Like, what was that?

01:18:53   I, I gotta say, I didn't like, I'm going to disagree.

01:18:56   I'm going to disagree with you.

01:18:58   And the reason is I don't want to see one more pat on the back.

01:19:03   We're so great.

01:19:05   We really care video from Apple about how they're changing the world and they want

01:19:09   to leave it better than they did and all that.

01:19:11   And they have done so many of those videos still that, and I well, and I'm sick of

01:19:16   them.

01:19:16   So here they're aware that that's what they're doing.

01:19:19   And so they try to puncture it with some comedy and you take it the way you like

01:19:25   it.

01:19:25   I saw a bunch of people in various places while it was going on making comments

01:19:31   about like, Oh, Tim Cook has to act, but he's so wooden and it's so bad.

01:19:35   And I'm like, no, no, no.

01:19:36   The video knows that that's why it's funny is they keep cutting back to Tim

01:19:40   cook.

01:19:41   It's every time they cut back to Tim cook.

01:19:43   It's a comedy line.

01:19:46   Cause it's like, Oh right.

01:19:47   Tim Cook's in this video looking blankly off screen.

01:19:51   So it worked for me in that, in that way.

01:19:54   I think it was too long.

01:19:55   And I think some of the points were very strange.

01:19:58   And I think I recognize one of the actors who was in it, not Octavia Spencer, one of

01:20:02   the people who was an Apple employee.

01:20:04   I think I was like, I think I've seen her in something before, but you know what?

01:20:07   Yeah.

01:20:07   I think she was in elementary maybe.

01:20:10   Uh, I don't know.

01:20:11   There were, there were a couple of people there where I was like, I, these people

01:20:14   seem sort of familiar, but here's the thing.

01:20:17   I give them credit for trying to do something that was a little less, obviously

01:20:24   just so self-serious while also like literally basically doing a pitch for

01:20:31   their carbon initiative and saying that we're not kidding here.

01:20:35   I can't wait for the first come, uh, organization to come out and say that

01:20:39   Apple is still, I mean, they tried to head it off and say like, no, no, no.

01:20:43   When we plant trees, we mean it because there's so much carbon offset.

01:20:47   That's BS, right?

01:20:48   That it's just, it's not, it's, it's a, it's a fake way of, uh, of, uh, of

01:20:53   saying that you're, uh, reducing carbon, but you're really not.

01:20:58   And Apple was trying to say, no, no, no, we mean it.

01:21:01   We like good projects.

01:21:02   Good.

01:21:02   They said literally good carbon offsets, not the bad kind, the good kind.

01:21:07   It's like, okay, still, somebody's going to write a report about that and what

01:21:10   they didn't say and the ways that they blunted some of the things, but if

01:21:14   you're going to do this, I I'm glad that it wasn't a, you know, inspirational,

01:21:19   Oh, we're going to change the world thing.

01:21:21   And it was more like, yeah, yeah, everybody says this, but do you really mean it?

01:21:25   And they're like, no, no, we really mean it.

01:21:26   So that part is fine.

01:21:28   I find it extremely curious that it was done in the context of the Apple watch.

01:21:31   Although I understand that the Apple watch is the series nine is that

01:21:35   first fully carbon neutral product.

01:21:37   It just seemed weird.

01:21:38   Like we shifted gears and then we kind of like had to unshift for a while

01:21:44   because there was the video and then there were like Lisa Jackson's details

01:21:49   about the Apple watch on top of that.

01:21:51   And I think the message is perfectly fine.

01:21:53   I think they're saying, look, we are starting the process of shipping

01:21:56   products that are fully carbon neutral because we are going to get to be this,

01:22:00   this point in 2030, where we're completely carbon neutral and any of us who've

01:22:05   covered Apple for a long time, we've seen it right.

01:22:07   Like we've seen what happens here.

01:22:08   Which is they announced it and they start with a little bit.

01:22:11   They did that with the, after Greenpeace was yelling at them, they started what

01:22:14   2010, where they would show what was going into each product and like, oh yeah,

01:22:20   we're going to do better.

01:22:20   And like that became a huge part of what they do.

01:22:23   And this feels a little like that, which is like from now on, it's all going to

01:22:28   be about what products get the little green leafs on them, um, and are, are

01:22:33   declared carbon neutral.

01:22:35   And I think it's also funny that, uh, one side effect of this is that if you buy

01:22:39   the wrong Apple watch band, you do not get green leafs.

01:22:42   You get no leafs.

01:22:43   No leafs for you.

01:22:44   All right.

01:22:45   Let me just talk about what I didn't like about the video specifically.

01:22:47   Right.

01:22:47   Like I liked the message and that was good.

01:22:50   Like I want them to talk about this stuff cause I want to hear it.

01:22:53   Like I want to hear what they're doing, but like, I thought the video sketch was

01:22:57   too long.

01:22:57   I didn't like the fact that there were a couple of Apple employees and then some

01:23:01   comedians.

01:23:02   So like there was like a real mismatch with the comedy.

01:23:05   Um, I, I didn't, and I, what I, I think the thing that a lot of the jokes just

01:23:11   didn't land for me.

01:23:12   I didn't find it particularly funny personally, but the thing that frustrated

01:23:15   me about it was like, I know what you're saying about, like, you don't want to

01:23:20   hear this, like, Oh, look how good we are.

01:23:22   But they literally wrote a sketch where they, where, where Apple decided that

01:23:30   mother nature was going to be impressed by them.

01:23:33   So like there is some like, like that is so strange to me is like a saying.

01:23:38   I guess what?

01:23:39   Yeah, I totally get it.

01:23:41   I guess I preferred the tone because it was, um, it was at least trying to be a

01:23:49   little bit humorous.

01:23:50   Yeah.

01:23:51   Not just ponderous, but it doesn't change the fact that they are patting themselves

01:23:56   on the back.

01:23:56   Afterwards in the serious way anyway.

01:23:59   So it's like, just do well in the back.

01:24:00   Anyway.

01:24:01   Uh, it was, I, I liked to get this kind of detail in, even though it is funny, like,

01:24:08   as we say, right, that if you get a specific type of watch band, then it's not

01:24:12   good.

01:24:12   I actually do like that.

01:24:13   They're being open about that.

01:24:14   Like in the presentation, like if you get this one and this one, you're carbon

01:24:18   neutral, but if you get this one, it's not right.

01:24:21   And I thought, sorry, I also liked that.

01:24:24   And I think I like those new Nike bands with like the recycled color material

01:24:32   inside of them look amazing.

01:24:34   I love those.

01:24:36   Um, those looked really good.

01:24:38   They look so good.

01:24:39   Uh, so, and yeah, they're doing some stuff with Hermes too.

01:24:42   Um, yeah, you know, like I'm happy for this.

01:24:46   Uh, I didn't, I didn't really know much about this 2030 thing.

01:24:51   So I think they, they chose the right time to talk about it.

01:24:53   Um, and I, I like the carbon neutral thing, like on the boxes.

01:24:57   Like I think all that kind of cool and on the website.

01:24:59   So like they're like, if you go to the Apple watch bands, they, they note which

01:25:03   ones are carbon neutral, um, on, on the website.

01:25:07   Um, I'm, I'm a little bit intrigued cause like some of the, so like the fine

01:25:11   woven one isn't and wasn't that just no fine woven is all just not being leather.

01:25:17   Right.

01:25:17   It's the, it's the, it's the, we're not as bad as leather.

01:25:20   I think, I don't remember us to mention this on this show or I mentioned it

01:25:23   on connected, I know I mentioned it on one of them of like, people were like,

01:25:27   oh, uh, leather is bad for the environment.

01:25:31   And, but like, there was a thing that I've been looking into that we're like,

01:25:33   if you're trying to make synthetic leathers, it's not necessarily good for

01:25:38   the environment, like from a carbon perspective, because it's like vinyl

01:25:42   or something, it's not, and it's going to have, it's like special, the special

01:25:45   supple plastic that is the worst kind of plastic.

01:25:49   They have kind of proven to me a point of like, I think they wouldn't say,

01:25:52   which was like, it's actually not good to just be killing animals for the leather.

01:25:57   Right.

01:25:57   Like, which they didn't say that.

01:25:59   They didn't say that.

01:26:00   They didn't say that.

01:26:01   I thought they were going to say, first off, the cows are not great for the

01:26:04   environment.

01:26:05   And secondly, I think they didn't want to talk about the animals because there

01:26:11   is no reason why now all of a sudden they won't have decided to stop killing all

01:26:15   these.

01:26:15   Right.

01:26:16   They'd rather, yeah, they'd rather just talk about the environment and that's,

01:26:19   and that's fine.

01:26:20   I will also say, um, I love that they're using like re recycled yarn in some of

01:26:25   the bands that looks pretty nice.

01:26:26   I've got some socks that are made out of that, but like just the recycled in

01:26:29   general, right?

01:26:30   The recycled cobalt, like all of this stuff that they're recycling more and more

01:26:34   materials in all of the products than they have before.

01:26:38   So they are continuing.

01:26:39   Like I, it was a very, like, it was funny to me where it was like, you know, they

01:26:44   do it, they did like the whole thing, like talking about this and Tim was talking

01:26:48   in their little garden about how great it is about the Apple watch and the carbon

01:26:52   neutral products.

01:26:52   And he's like, and now the iPhone.

01:26:54   And that made me laugh because it was like, Oh boy, is that your problem?

01:26:58   Right?

01:26:59   Like trying to make the iPhone carbon neutral is going to be so hard.

01:27:06   Yep.

01:27:06   Yep.

01:27:07   And something I was really intrigued about and I want to know more about, and I

01:27:10   want to see if I can find it, is their shipping.

01:27:12   They'll talk a lot about shipping, putting things on boats rather than planes

01:27:15   because it's better.

01:27:17   I'm like really intrigued again with the iPhone, how they manage, how they will

01:27:22   manage that part.

01:27:23   Because the reason you put things on planes is a supply chain thing because it

01:27:26   gets there faster.

01:27:27   Yes.

01:27:28   And so that has got to be a big part about iPhone stock management is speed.

01:27:35   Right.

01:27:37   I think, I think what they're probably doing is trying to start production of all

01:27:44   of these products sooner because the truth is you can ship them if you produce

01:27:49   them in time.

01:27:49   One of the reasons now, yes, over the long run, you have to manage for demand and

01:27:54   that can change.

01:27:55   But in the short term, I think that the argument here is...

01:27:59   That's a way to do it.

01:28:00   It would have just surprised me if that was the way that they managed to do it.

01:28:03   But yes, that is a way to do it.

01:28:04   I think it's gotta be some of it.

01:28:05   I think some of it has to be them looking at themselves in the mirror and saying,

01:28:09   well, one way we get closer to carbon neutral is we got to have more discipline

01:28:13   on calling the hardware final earlier in the process so we can put them on those

01:28:18   ships.

01:28:19   And not...

01:28:20   Because I remember this happened a couple of years ago.

01:28:23   It might've been when the, when the pro was delayed, where they were talking about

01:28:27   how like everything was going on planes.

01:28:29   And you know, if you make them, because they make them in advance, if you make

01:28:35   enough of them in advance and give yourself enough leave time, you can put

01:28:38   them on a boat and they'll get across the ocean and then you can take care of it.

01:28:43   But you have to do that work and that will be less of an impact on the

01:28:47   environment.

01:28:48   So, um, maybe that's what they're doing is, is, is making the effort.

01:28:52   That's how I read that statement was we are going to make more of an effort to

01:28:56   ship more of our products on ships instead of on airplanes.

01:29:00   And there will still be, yes, there will still be, you order a Mac, you custom

01:29:04   configure it, it's shipped on an airplane.

01:29:05   But I think what they're really thinking is all the base models and you know, the

01:29:09   standard iPhone models where they're making many, many, many of the millions of

01:29:13   them in advance.

01:29:14   That's the kind of thing where you're not going in just in time analysis of your

01:29:18   demand.

01:29:18   You know, you're going to have demand pretty accurately, just make them and put

01:29:23   them on ships and do more of that in order to make the process less of a negative

01:29:28   impact on the environment.

01:29:29   That's probably what they're up to.

01:29:31   Yeah.

01:29:33   So I feel like that's it.

01:29:36   I think that's the iPhone and Apple watch event for this.

01:29:41   I did not have the carbon 2030 initiative thing on my bingo card, but there it was.

01:29:47   They definitely were going to be, that won't be the end of it, right?

01:29:50   Without those little leaves, the leaves are popping up here and there.

01:29:54   And if you get a certain kind of band, no leaf for you.

01:29:56   Good to have a follow up from Unescore on the, like for the early, for the

01:30:01   update and environment page on Apple's website.

01:30:04   Oh, nice.

01:30:04   Uh, an Apple watch has 12 kilograms of carbon, uh, like it's carbon, uh,

01:30:10   footprint for the ultra for the Apple watch ultra.

01:30:13   Yes.

01:30:13   The iPhone 15 pro is 66 kilogram carbon footprint.

01:30:17   So it's roughly 5.5 times higher for the iPhone.

01:30:21   It will be a lot.

01:30:22   Maybe that's going to be hard to do.

01:30:25   Although, although, you know, one of the things that's going in their benefit here

01:30:28   is that the electrification of China is happening very fast and that helps them

01:30:33   because that's the energy that they're using in their plants.

01:30:37   So the more of that they can get and get access to the better.

01:30:40   But yeah, it's a, you know, it's it, 2030 is still a ways out.

01:30:45   So they got, they got time.

01:30:46   They got time.

01:30:47   All right.

01:30:50   That's it for this week's episode.

01:30:52   We'll be back next week.

01:30:53   I'm sure we'll be talking about, uh, the OS releases because that's next week.

01:30:58   Yes, I guess we will.

01:31:00   Along with, yeah.

01:31:02   Along with any more information we find out between now and then about the, what

01:31:05   was announced today is always low tidbits.

01:31:07   I'm sure we'll be following up on those.

01:31:09   That's release day and you'll be in Memphis, Tennessee.

01:31:11   You'll be in the USA for that.

01:31:12   I'll be in the US of A.

01:31:14   I'll be A-OK in the US of A.

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