467: The Natural Boys


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00:00:07   From Really FM, this is Connected, episode 467.

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00:00:17   My name is Mike Hurley and I try to channel the energy of the one and only Federico Vittucci.

00:00:22   Ciao Federico.

00:00:23   Ciao Mike, how are you?

00:00:25   Oh, I'm good. I'm excited about today's episode.

00:00:28   Mmm. Yes, me too.

00:00:30   And it's also my pleasure to introduce someone who's not at his usual location right now,

00:00:38   coming directly from California into your ears, Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:44   Hello, Steven from California.

00:00:46   Hi. Hello.

00:00:47   Are you surfing it up?

00:00:49   Surfing it up, bro.

00:00:52   Are you on the mavericks over there, you know?

00:00:55   Just ripping some fat maverick.

00:00:56   Checking out El Capitan.

00:00:59   Air cap. Oh, we call it air cap.

00:01:01   Oh, sorry. My non-California is showing.

00:01:04   Yeah, really. Jeez, get with the vibe, bro.

00:01:07   I suppose I should.

00:01:09   Yeah, we got our man in the field.

00:01:11   That's right.

00:01:12   Steven, I read your wonderful art.

00:01:14   You've been doing some good work over at 512 pixels this week.

00:01:19   512.

00:01:20   You've been writing some good articles.

00:01:21   I'll put them in the show notes.

00:01:23   But you were at the Apple event that was yesterday.

00:01:27   Yep, yesterday.

00:01:28   Oh, boy.

00:01:29   Yeah, man.

00:01:30   Something happened less than 12 hours ago, and I just don't know, you know?

00:01:34   24 hours ago even.

00:01:35   Like, this is what iPhone week is like.

00:01:39   And you had a bunch of hands on time.

00:01:41   We spoke about it a little bit in the pro show, getconnectedpro.co.

00:01:45   But had a good 24 hours?

00:01:48   I have.

00:01:49   It's definitely hectic.

00:01:51   Super fun to be at my first iPhone event.

00:01:53   And I've been to a bunch of WBCs, but this is a special thing.

00:01:58   And I was able to soak that in and get a bunch of impressions

00:02:02   and hopefully do a good job taking in everything

00:02:05   that Apple had to offer this week.

00:02:06   But as our man on the ground, you wrote some impression stuff.

00:02:12   And I wanted to touch on a few of the things

00:02:14   that you wrote in your article.

00:02:16   So you had some time with the Apple Watches.

00:02:19   I don't think we were going to talk about this-- well,

00:02:21   we wouldn't have because we didn't presume it--

00:02:23   this new double tap feature that they've added,

00:02:25   where you can like-- it's like the Vision Pro gesture, right?

00:02:28   Where you pinch your fingers together to activate something

00:02:31   on the watch.

00:02:32   It says, "The new double tap gesture is really neat,"

00:02:34   is what you said.

00:02:35   "In my demos, it worked perfectly every time.

00:02:37   Also, I was told directly that there is not

00:02:39   an API for third party developers

00:02:41   to integrate this into their app beyond use of notifications.

00:02:44   Once you're in a third party app,

00:02:46   there's no double tap support, at least for now."

00:02:48   So I wanted to get the thought from you.

00:02:50   What did you think about double tap?

00:02:51   And then I guess we could all talk about the fact of how weird

00:02:54   that second paragraph is.

00:02:56   So you enjoyed it?

00:02:58   You thought it felt natural?

00:03:00   Yeah, it really did a good job at picking up on that gesture.

00:03:06   Now, Assistive Touch has been in watchOS for a couple of years

00:03:09   now.

00:03:10   And this seems to build on that technology.

00:03:12   But with some new ways, they're like using blood flow

00:03:15   through your wrists and how it changes when

00:03:17   you tap your fingers together.

00:03:18   Who knew that was a thing?

00:03:20   But it is pretty sweet.

00:03:22   And think about it like the return key on your MacBook.

00:03:26   That's kind of how I'm thinking about it, where it will

00:03:28   do the default thing in the UI.

00:03:30   So if you're running a timer, it will stop the timer.

00:03:32   If you have a stopwatch, it will pause.

00:03:37   Like, it'll do whatever is the obvious default thing to do.

00:03:43   But the API thing really caught me off guard.

00:03:45   And it's like Apple's done last minute API changes

00:03:50   and additions based on hardware, right?

00:03:53   That's not unprecedented.

00:03:54   I think they could have done it.

00:03:56   Now, I don't know when it's coming.

00:03:57   Does it come in watchOS 10.1?

00:03:59   Does it come in watchOS 11 next year?

00:04:02   I don't know.

00:04:03   But the only way currently, from what

00:04:06   I was told, that this works with third party

00:04:08   software on the watch is if you are interacting

00:04:11   with their notifications.

00:04:12   But if you're in their app, there's

00:04:16   no affordance for this, at least currently.

00:04:19   And I don't love that.

00:04:20   I think that's a bit of a miss.

00:04:22   It's just weird.

00:04:23   Because I assume all that really you

00:04:28   would be looking for as the developer, right,

00:04:30   is that-- or from this is that you as the developer

00:04:34   would be able to classify what is the expected default

00:04:38   action to occur--

00:04:39   Exactly.

00:04:40   --when something's going on in the app.

00:04:43   It's a very strange thing to not have any kind of story around

00:04:48   and not even have details of like, oh, yeah,

00:04:50   this is going to come in 10.1 or whatever.

00:04:54   It's very odd.

00:04:56   So let's imagine I had DUE, right, like the app DUE.

00:05:01   If I open DUE and did the double tap feature,

00:05:04   just nothing happens.

00:05:06   If there was an alarm going off, nothing can happen.

00:05:10   That's my understanding.

00:05:11   Weird.

00:05:12   I don't know about this feature, though.

00:05:13   Like, I mean, this to me is like,

00:05:15   I don't know how much I'd use it.

00:05:17   The one thing I did think about, which is funny to me,

00:05:18   is like the Apple Watch is finally a one-handed device.

00:05:21   Because that was what we were all talking about, right,

00:05:23   before it came out.

00:05:24   And then it came out and we realized, oh, no, you can't--

00:05:28   you have to use two hands because one of them

00:05:30   is your wrist.

00:05:30   It depends how flexible you are, I guess.

00:05:32   But--

00:05:32   You know what?

00:05:33   That's a good point.

00:05:34   I should work-- you know, actually,

00:05:36   if I wore it like midway up my forearm but like facing inside,

00:05:40   I maybe could kind of get-- anyway.

00:05:43   So OK, that's interesting.

00:05:45   Anyway, so you said about the phones.

00:05:46   You said physically the 15 and 15 Plus are very similar

00:05:49   to the 14 before them.

00:05:51   The sides are still flat, but the rounding at the edges

00:05:53   makes it feel more comfortable in the hand.

00:05:57   It's an in-betweeny from the iPhone X, you know,

00:06:01   XR, 11, sort of that age of phones,

00:06:04   and what we've had the last few years with the flat edges.

00:06:07   The edges are still flat.

00:06:09   Like it would still--

00:06:11   I guess if you trusted it, would stand up along its edge.

00:06:14   But it's just right where it meets the front and back glass.

00:06:17   There's a little bit of a radius there.

00:06:20   It's subtle, but it's nice.

00:06:22   It does feel nicer in the hand.

00:06:24   And it does this weird optical trick

00:06:26   where it makes the phone look a little bit thinner than it is.

00:06:29   I remember them doing this like on the iPhone 3G

00:06:31   back in the day.

00:06:32   It's like, oh, the round-- you know,

00:06:34   it's narrower or thinner at the edges and how nice it is.

00:06:37   And of course, they did it with that stupid iMac in 2012 too.

00:06:40   But it is a nice tweak.

00:06:43   And it does help the phones feel just a little bit different

00:06:46   from their predecessor.

00:06:47   Now, most people are going to slap it in a case

00:06:49   and never notice.

00:06:50   But it is there waiting for you when you go caseless.

00:06:53   Is this a phone that you think lends itself

00:06:57   more to a caseless usage?

00:07:01   I don't know, because the iPhone 15 now

00:07:03   shares the matte back glass.

00:07:05   It's not the shiny glass like it used to be.

00:07:08   And some people think that's grippy,

00:07:09   or some people think that's more slippery.

00:07:12   I think the caseability is probably about where it's been.

00:07:16   These aren't radically different enclosures.

00:07:19   I love that word you just made up.

00:07:21   Caseability?

00:07:23   Yeah.

00:07:23   Thank you.

00:07:24   So what's the caseability like of the natural titanium finish?

00:07:28   Am I going to want to show that off?

00:07:30   You're going to want to show it off.

00:07:31   Is it pretty caseable?

00:07:32   Yeah, baby.

00:07:32   Give it to me.

00:07:33   It's so sick.

00:07:34   All right.

00:07:34   I'm happy.

00:07:35   Is it-- does it--

00:07:37   does it look like the DeLorean?

00:07:40   It does.

00:07:41   It diffuses light in an interesting way.

00:07:44   Now, the DeLorean--

00:07:45   I know.

00:07:45   The DeLorean was stainless steel.

00:07:47   I know.

00:07:48   But it was brushed.

00:07:49   It was brushed.

00:07:49   And this is brushed.

00:07:50   This looks very much like the old Apple Watch series 6 and 7

00:07:55   that came in titanium.

00:07:57   Very similar to that.

00:07:58   I think Apple's artwork over indexes the brushing.

00:08:02   And in real life, it's a bit more subtle than I

00:08:06   think what they showed off, at least in the video.

00:08:08   I haven't spent a lot of time with their product photography

00:08:10   yet.

00:08:10   But in the video, it's like, oh, gosh,

00:08:12   this is going to look like streaks up and down my phone.

00:08:15   And it's not like that in person.

00:08:17   So what you're saying is that it doesn't look like the brushed

00:08:21   metal UI?

00:08:23   Not really, no.

00:08:26   OK.

00:08:26   I mean, I made that joke on Macedon.

00:08:28   But it was a joke.

00:08:29   But I think natural is the color.

00:08:31   For me, it feels the most special.

00:08:34   It feels the newest out of the other ones in a weird way.

00:08:37   Because it's kind of like--

00:08:39   it's a little bit bronzy, but not really.

00:08:41   It's not-- it's very much like the Apple Watch Ultra.

00:08:46   It's just a nice finish.

00:08:47   And the natural is definitely the one

00:08:49   I'm personally excited about the most.

00:08:51   Yeah.

00:08:52   I think that's also the color I'm going to get.

00:08:54   If it's supposed to look different,

00:08:56   it got to look different.

00:08:57   Yeah.

00:08:58   Yeah.

00:08:59   I agree.

00:09:00   Before we get into the Ricky's, we

00:09:01   have a couple more items on the docket here.

00:09:03   I guess we turn our attention towards Federico Vittucci.

00:09:07   iOS 17.

00:09:09   Oh, I did a little--

00:09:11   Yo.

00:09:13   You're like, pull up, pull up.

00:09:14   You wish.

00:09:18   iOS 17.

00:09:20   Just to let you know, by the way,

00:09:21   I am drinking a Red Bull right now.

00:09:23   Because it was the only way I was going

00:09:24   to get through today's show.

00:09:25   And it gives me a very different kind of energy,

00:09:28   which is what we're all experiencing right now.

00:09:31   But that's just where I am.

00:09:33   So iOS 17, iPad OS 17, and watch OS 10,

00:09:38   they all come out on Monday, September 18.

00:09:41   How's the TV OS review, Mike?

00:09:44   The what?

00:09:45   As you can see, there is no release date for TV OS.

00:09:49   It's in here too.

00:09:49   It's on the 18th.

00:09:51   No, no, no, no, no, no.

00:09:52   No one's got that release date yet.

00:09:54   I wrote et cetera.

00:09:55   That covers the watch and the TV.

00:09:57   There is no release date.

00:10:00   Look, trust me, on the TV OS there's no set release

00:10:03   date for TV OS, which means that there's no review yet.

00:10:10   Thank you for reminding me about that.

00:10:12   That's later, though.

00:10:13   That's going to come later.

00:10:14   I've got to really take my time with it.

00:10:16   And Mac OS Sonoma, September 26, which

00:10:19   I'm actually excited about.

00:10:20   I'm happy that Mac OS is coming out in September and not

00:10:22   October.

00:10:24   Federico, how are you feeling?

00:10:26   I am feeling pretty good.

00:10:28   I think unless something horrible happens,

00:10:33   I am on track to publish my review, iOS and iPad OS,

00:10:37   on Monday.

00:10:38   So the review is all done.

00:10:41   I've done a first pass of editing.

00:10:44   I just need to do media screenshots and videos.

00:10:48   I got some extra bonuses planned.

00:10:51   And everything is lining up for publishing the review

00:10:54   on launch day just before iOS and iPad OS 17 come out.

00:10:59   So the people will have a few hours

00:11:01   to read the chapters they want to read, or maybe

00:11:04   the whole thing if you're a fast reader.

00:11:06   Everything's looking good for Monday so far.

00:11:10   Yeah, and next week I'm sure we will

00:11:12   be diving into your review on the show.

00:11:15   And Mike will be auditing my Mac setup

00:11:21   because we hit a milestone in our St. Jude campaign.

00:11:23   That's next week, is it?

00:11:24   It is next week.

00:11:26   Speaking of St. Jude, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness

00:11:29   Month, and for the fifth year in a row, those of us at Relay FM

00:11:33   are banding together to raise money for St. Jude Children's

00:11:36   Research Hospital.

00:11:38   As I say these words, we have raised $271,000

00:11:42   in the month of September so far,

00:11:44   which is absolutely incredible.

00:11:46   We're getting ready to surpass $2.5 million

00:11:49   over the last five years.

00:11:52   And we do this because St. Jude will not

00:11:53   stop their lifesaving work until no child dies from cancer.

00:11:58   With your support, we'll be one step closer to that day,

00:12:01   one cure closer, one child closer.

00:12:04   Mike, do you want to tell us a little bit about the Global

00:12:07   Childhood Cancer Prevalence WHO partnership?

00:12:11   Whoa, OK.

00:12:12   Yeah, definitely.

00:12:13   Apple named it.

00:12:15   Oh, great.

00:12:15   In 2021, St. Jude and the WHO launched the global platform

00:12:19   for access to child cancer medicines.

00:12:22   It aims to provide chemotherapy medicines in the next few years

00:12:25   to as many as 120,000 children around the world with cancer.

00:12:29   St. Jude, while based in Memphis, Tennessee,

00:12:32   which is where I'm going to be, which is where both me

00:12:33   and Steven are going to be-- neither of us

00:12:35   are there right now, but we'll both be there later on--

00:12:38   even though it's based in Memphis, Tennessee, the work

00:12:40   of St. Jude expands around the world.

00:12:42   So I mentioned the global platform for access

00:12:46   to childhood cancer medicines.

00:12:47   But also in 2018, St. Jude-- and this became part of that--

00:12:51   St. Jude was the first and only World Health Organization

00:12:55   collaborating center for childhood cancer

00:12:57   with the goal of this to raise the survival

00:13:00   rate of six common childhood cancers to 60% by 2030.

00:13:04   St. Jude is in the pilot phase of their platform initiative.

00:13:08   And in April this year, they met with representatives

00:13:11   from the program's first few countries

00:13:13   to figure out all of the logistical details

00:13:15   and the processes for how they will get these chemotherapy

00:13:18   and cancer medicines to the hospitals that need them,

00:13:22   which is incredible.

00:13:24   We talk about the kids whose lives

00:13:26   are saved at St. Jude in Memphis, the kids that

00:13:29   are brought from all over the US, all over the world,

00:13:32   there for treatment.

00:13:33   But now it's also going the other way as well,

00:13:36   where St. Jude is not only sending their treatment,

00:13:38   but also the lifesaving drugs that are needed out

00:13:42   to hospitals all over the world to try and help

00:13:45   more and more kids.

00:13:46   So no matter where you are in the world,

00:13:50   St. Jude's work can have an impact.

00:13:52   - Yeah, it was such a remarkable thing

00:13:55   that it happened to be in my backyard when we needed it,

00:13:59   but that's really what it was.

00:14:01   It happened to be here because their reach

00:14:03   is so international.

00:14:04   And I remember for the almost two years

00:14:08   that our son was on active treatment,

00:14:10   having chemotherapy at St. Jude,

00:14:13   we got to meet families from all over the world

00:14:15   who had traveled to Memphis for their treatment.

00:14:19   But at the same time, even then, I knew

00:14:22   that there were so many more around the world

00:14:24   that I would never get to meet, yet they were benefiting

00:14:26   from the same things we were.

00:14:28   And it makes the world feel a little bit closer.

00:14:31   And that's something that I really appreciated

00:14:33   about that sort of active treatment time,

00:14:36   our exposure to all these different types

00:14:38   and people from all around the world.

00:14:41   And we're gonna get to celebrate that

00:14:43   with the fifth annual podcast-a-thon live

00:14:46   on Friday, September 22nd,

00:14:49   from 12 noon to midnight Eastern time.

00:14:52   That is 12 hours. - 12 hours, baby!

00:14:55   Let's go.

00:14:56   - Keep drinking those Red Bulls, bud.

00:14:58   - Oh, yes, there's gonna be a crate under the desk,

00:15:01   and that's gonna get me through one an hour for 12 hours.

00:15:05   That's my commitment to you. (laughs)

00:15:07   - Thankfully, we'll be at a hospital.

00:15:09   (both laughing)

00:15:12   Please go to stjude.org/relay to donate.

00:15:17   You can donate directly.

00:15:18   You can also set up a fundraiser and raise money

00:15:21   with your friends and family, your civic organization,

00:15:24   your school, your church, whatever it may be.

00:15:26   And you can set up a donor-advised fund.

00:15:29   And really important to our particular audience

00:15:32   is that you can set up a match from your employer.

00:15:37   So very often, companies will match your donations

00:15:39   to charitable causes.

00:15:41   There's a link on the page to show you

00:15:44   how to get that set up.

00:15:45   If your company uses their own system,

00:15:48   and once you get approval, shoot us an email,

00:15:51   and we can get that amount added to the campaign.

00:15:54   So we've got lots of that going on.

00:15:58   It's been really cool to see

00:15:59   what people are up to this year.

00:16:01   But that URL one more time, stjude.org/relay.

00:16:05   - Also, don't forget that today's Ricky's

00:16:10   will impact the scoring of the podcast as well.

00:16:12   So the total points that me and Steven are accruing

00:16:16   through the Ricky's and the Flexis will be added

00:16:19   to our overall points total, which you can see at any time

00:16:22   over at stjude.org/relay,

00:16:25   which then will give us the starting place

00:16:27   for the shenanigans of the podcast.

00:16:29   Before we get into the Ricky's,

00:16:31   should we go through our shopping list real quick,

00:16:34   the things that we are interested in buying?

00:16:37   Steven, why don't you kick us off?

00:16:39   - Yeah, so I am not in the market for a watch.

00:16:41   I'm holding onto the original Apple Watch Ultra.

00:16:45   - Why ever not?

00:16:46   - Yeah, 'cause it's the same.

00:16:49   I did pick up the Orange Ocean Band though,

00:16:51   'cause that thing looks awesome,

00:16:52   and I like the Ocean Band a lot.

00:16:54   In terms of the phone, 15 Pro Max,

00:16:57   natural titanium, 512 gigs.

00:17:00   - I am also not getting the new Ultra.

00:17:04   I am not getting the USB-C AirPods

00:17:07   until it becomes more clear

00:17:09   exactly which benefits they're gonna be.

00:17:11   I'm gonna get a Pro Max, natural titanium, 512 gigs.

00:17:17   - All right, I think we're all gonna get the same phone.

00:17:20   - We're all getting the same phone.

00:17:23   - Natural gang, we're the natural boys.

00:17:26   (laughing)

00:17:28   Pro Max, natural titanium, 512 gigabytes.

00:17:33   I am gonna be getting the Apple Watch Ultra too,

00:17:36   and I want the Orange Beige Trail Loop.

00:17:38   - Okay, but what a finish.

00:17:40   - I know.

00:17:40   I like that Trail Loop, the orange one with the beige,

00:17:45   I think it's pretty cool.

00:17:46   And I'm also gonna get as a second band,

00:17:49   probably the Orange Ocean Band.

00:17:51   - Awesome, that sounds good.

00:17:52   So we'll be very similar, all three of us,

00:17:54   for the next year.

00:17:55   That's fun.

00:17:56   - That's nice, that's my favorite.

00:17:57   I like it when we're the same.

00:17:58   - But give me a few tips here, because it's been a while.

00:18:00   I think this year I'm gonna try

00:18:02   and do what I used to do years ago,

00:18:03   I think I'm gonna try and pre-order for the actual

00:18:07   release date.

00:18:08   What's the socially accepted way to do it?

00:18:11   You gotta pre-save the product in the Apple Store app?

00:18:15   Like, what's the consensus from the people

00:18:18   that do this every year?

00:18:19   - I think the pre-saving is a thing to do now.

00:18:22   Like, it actually does help,

00:18:24   because then when you go to buy,

00:18:27   you just press the button and everything's pre-filled,

00:18:29   you don't have to select all the stuff anymore.

00:18:32   So that's the way to go, is doing the pre-saving in the app.

00:18:36   - Okay, I think I just did.

00:18:38   From the website, but I guess it should also show up.

00:18:40   - Yeah, it'll sync, if you're signed into the same account.

00:18:43   - Yeah, and obviously that's the thing

00:18:44   you should also do, right?

00:18:45   Have it on the website and on the phone,

00:18:47   'cause who knows which one's gonna show up first.

00:18:50   - Right, right, okay.

00:18:52   - But I mean, I don't know,

00:18:52   unless we see something different,

00:18:54   it seems like that rumor of there being

00:18:55   some kind of constraint on the Pro Max

00:18:57   doesn't necessarily seem to have borne out

00:19:00   the fact that they're all coming out the same day,

00:19:01   but I guess we'll see what happens

00:19:03   whenever one tries to buy.

00:19:04   - Yeah, I think it's gonna be a big year for the big phone,

00:19:08   so we'll definitely be ready on time to order.

00:19:11   This episode of Connected is brought to you by NetSuite.

00:19:15   If you have a business, you might be able to relate to this.

00:19:17   You get to a certain size and cracks start to emerge.

00:19:21   Things you used to do in a day are taking a week.

00:19:23   You have too many manual processes

00:19:25   and you don't have one source of truth.

00:19:28   It's never a good feeling when everything in your business

00:19:31   is disjointed, too many processes in too many places.

00:19:35   You want clarity and you want one place

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00:19:39   The solution to untangling that disjointed feeling

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00:19:58   I'm definitely aware of those moments in a business

00:20:01   where your internal organization has not kept up

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00:20:06   and your productivity.

00:20:08   With too many manual processes, getting work done

00:20:12   feels harder than it should, and NetSuite is a great solution

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00:20:19   If you wanna make sure cracks do not emerge

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00:20:28   36,000 is the number of businesses that have upgraded

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00:20:40   25 is because NetSuite turns 25 this year.

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00:20:52   One, because your business is one of a kind,

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00:21:01   Manage risk, get reliable forecasts, and improve margins,

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00:21:08   As a business owner, it makes such a difference

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00:21:16   Right now, you can download NetSuite's popular KPI checklist

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00:21:37   to make sure your business is one that continues to thrive.

00:21:40   Our thanks to NetSuite for the support of the show

00:21:43   and Relay FM.

00:21:44   It is now time, gentlemen, for the Bill of Rickies.

00:21:48   Let us start with the preamble.

00:21:51   The Rickies is a game connected hosts play

00:21:53   before Apple keynotes and the beginning of a new year,

00:21:56   trying to predict future events.

00:21:59   It is made up of three rounds.

00:22:01   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:22:05   There are two types of Rickies, annual Rickies,

00:22:09   which we're not playing today,

00:22:10   and keynote Rickies, which we are.

00:22:13   The winner of the annual Rickies

00:22:14   is named the annual chairman.

00:22:15   This position is awarded every January.

00:22:18   The keynote Rickies winner is named the keynote chairman,

00:22:21   and this position is held until the next keynote.

00:22:24   After the Rickies, the hosts then play a game

00:22:27   called the Flexies.

00:22:28   These two games are separate, but related.

00:22:31   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:22:34   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:22:48   The language used for regular picks must be finalized

00:22:51   and agreed upon during recording,

00:22:53   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:22:56   Correct risky picks are worth two points,

00:22:58   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted

00:23:00   from that host's total.

00:23:02   Picks must have been approved as risky

00:23:05   by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:23:08   A pick cannot be named risky

00:23:10   if it has been previously rumored

00:23:12   by the publications of record,

00:23:14   nine to five Mac or MacRumors.

00:23:17   Picks made for keynote Rickies cannot be reused

00:23:22   by the hosts who made them for the next keynote.

00:23:25   The annual Rickies have their own subset of rules.

00:23:28   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick,

00:23:30   it cannot be reused in that calendar year.

00:23:33   Additionally, picks may not be used

00:23:35   in back to back annual Rickies by the same host.

00:23:39   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks

00:23:41   previously made by others.

00:23:43   Scoring is completed during recording

00:23:45   and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:23:49   In the event of a tie, dice by Peacock

00:23:51   must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:23:55   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins

00:23:59   in relation to the Rickies.

00:24:00   Coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed,

00:24:05   but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:24:08   For keynote Rickies, the scoring window starts

00:24:12   when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:24:16   Any information used in scoring

00:24:18   must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:24:21   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:24:25   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:24:28   The previous loser goes last.

00:24:31   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:24:34   As a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman

00:24:37   and I am the current keynote chairman.

00:24:40   Past results can be seen at Rickies.co and Rickies.net.

00:24:44   These sites also have pages

00:24:45   about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:24:49   You may be seated.

00:24:49   As normal, we have links to follow along on the web,

00:24:55   Rickies.co and Rickies.net,

00:24:58   but we're gonna move right into round one

00:25:01   and I got to go first this time.

00:25:03   And I said, at least one new iPhone ships with USB-C.

00:25:07   - Ding.

00:25:11   - Oh, there's no bell.

00:25:13   You didn't bring a bell or a microphone stand.

00:25:15   - I forgot to pack a bell

00:25:17   and I forgot to pack a microphone stand.

00:25:18   It's been a minute since I've traveled

00:25:20   with audio equipment, okay?

00:25:22   Give me a break.

00:25:22   - It's only been like three months.

00:25:24   - No, I didn't take anything to WBC

00:25:27   as I recorded in Apple's fancy studio.

00:25:29   So USB-C everywhere.

00:25:31   The iPhone 15 is limited to USB 2.0 speeds with--

00:25:35   - Travesty. - Travesty.

00:25:37   - I'm so mad about this, boys.

00:25:38   I've had the change of heart.

00:25:40   I'm furious. - Really, you are?

00:25:41   - I'm furious.

00:25:42   No.

00:25:43   - What I am-- - No, it's stupid.

00:25:45   - What I'm a little mad about is that the 3.0 cable

00:25:48   for the Pro is optional.

00:25:49   It's not in the box. - Why?

00:25:51   Why are you mad about that?

00:25:52   - Because these are $1500 phones.

00:25:54   - Steven, do you not already have a cable that could do this?

00:25:57   - I don't know because USB-C is very confusing.

00:26:00   - No, you definitely have a cable that could do this.

00:26:00   - No, come on, no, no, no, no.

00:26:02   That's not confusing for you. - You use a Thunderbolt cable.

00:26:04   - That argument that USB-C is confusing,

00:26:06   like I find it so funny,

00:26:07   but like, oh, USB-C is so confusing.

00:26:10   Like we are literally nerds and this is our job.

00:26:14   Like we have complicated setup and every--

00:26:18   No, you're not.

00:26:19   No, you're not.

00:26:20   You're not a man of the people. - No, 'cause you,

00:26:21   I know you know.

00:26:22   You would just use a Thunderbolt cable

00:26:23   and it's gonna do the job.

00:26:24   - I mean, I would.

00:26:25   - Exactly.

00:26:26   And this is my point.

00:26:27   Look, if you're like, oh,

00:26:28   I can't believe it's not in the box.

00:26:29   Everyone that needs the USB 3.0 speeds

00:26:33   for the iPhone that they're about to buy

00:26:35   already has the cable that they need for this.

00:26:38   100% they already have it.

00:26:40   Anyway. - So anyway,

00:26:41   you get the point.

00:26:41   Yeah.

00:26:42   (laughing)

00:26:43   - Anyway.

00:26:44   - Related to this, AirPods Pro 2 now,

00:26:49   or will on the 22nd come with a USB-C charging case.

00:26:53   You cannot buy this case separately.

00:26:56   And even though this product has the same name,

00:26:59   it has support for things the AirPods Pro 2

00:27:01   with lightning don't.

00:27:03   It's like a silent revision.

00:27:04   And I find it kind of confusing that--

00:27:07   - Now this is annoying.

00:27:08   - Yeah, I just wanna buy the case.

00:27:09   - I am on board with this.

00:27:11   Like this is really annoying.

00:27:12   'Cause I don't want to do this.

00:27:15   - Yeah, why?

00:27:16   Like I don't wanna buy new AirPods Pro.

00:27:19   - No, I'm not going to, like no way.

00:27:21   - And also, the problem is it seems like only

00:27:26   the USB-C version will have the last less

00:27:28   when you're using the Vision Pro.

00:27:30   So I will have to buy new AirPods Pro,

00:27:34   even though I don't want to.

00:27:36   - Has anyone fully confirmed this with Apple?

00:27:41   That like the old one won't do the lossless?

00:27:44   - No, I don't think so.

00:27:46   - Right, 'cause like I know it says it will, but--

00:27:49   - Yeah, but sometimes these things

00:27:50   on the Apple website can, you know.

00:27:53   - Right, but it's like, I don't know, like, I don't know.

00:27:56   I would like someone to confirm it completely.

00:28:00   - All right, Federico, you're up.

00:28:01   - I said, the Pro iPhones will use titanium

00:28:05   instead of stainless steel for the chassis.

00:28:08   (both humming)

00:28:10   Yeah, I mean, they made a big deal out of the fact

00:28:15   that they're using titanium.

00:28:16   The whole animation before the event

00:28:20   with all the little particles of titanium coming together.

00:28:23   - Is that how they make it, do you think?

00:28:25   Like, is that how titanium works?

00:28:27   Like it's all just little stones?

00:28:28   - I think that's how titanium looks, yeah.

00:28:30   - Wow, and then you just like squish them together?

00:28:33   - Yeah, it's like little magic dust

00:28:35   that eventually comes together as titanium, yeah.

00:28:39   - Didn't know that, that's good.

00:28:40   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's how it works.

00:28:42   They made a big deal out of their custom process.

00:28:45   Wasn't this one of your picks somewhere, Mike?

00:28:50   That you kept saying that Apple would say,

00:28:53   oh, we invented a new technique for--

00:28:56   - It's actually a Flexi, we'll get to it later on.

00:28:59   - It is a Flexi, yeah, they did that.

00:29:01   - I remember, I was actually pretty happy with this

00:29:03   'cause like it was the idea that I was convinced

00:29:05   they were gonna talk about their metallurgy

00:29:06   and then a metallurgist came out and I was like,

00:29:09   here we go.

00:29:10   And that woman was like absolute nerding out

00:29:15   and like was so, I could tell,

00:29:17   was just like so happy about it.

00:29:18   Like, I'm gonna tell you about this thing we made

00:29:22   and we're taking these two,

00:29:23   and like it was like a bunch of words

00:29:25   and we're putting these metals together

00:29:26   and no one else can do it.

00:29:27   It's like, it was really cool.

00:29:29   - It was cool.

00:29:30   There's still aluminum involved in the process.

00:29:35   My end, Steven, you have more details than I do.

00:29:39   It's aluminum inside, like in the internal chassis,

00:29:42   but titanium outside?

00:29:43   - That's right, and they did that

00:29:45   to further bring down the weight

00:29:47   'cause the previous Pro phones used a steel alloy,

00:29:50   I think all the way through.

00:29:52   So they made that change, so it definitely weighs less.

00:29:56   But they also made a point in this part of the keynote

00:29:59   to say how the back glass is easily swapped now.

00:30:03   On previous phones, if you broke the back glass,

00:30:06   you were in a world of hurt

00:30:07   because they had to replace the whole phone

00:30:09   or like the whole chassis,

00:30:10   and now it seems like it just comes off.

00:30:13   We'll wait for the teardowns here in the next week or so.

00:30:16   But it seems like when they were in there redesigning this,

00:30:20   that they had multiple goals.

00:30:21   And I can tell you the weight is definitely noticeable.

00:30:24   We'll talk about specifics a little bit later, of course,

00:30:27   but it's a nice change, but it still feels really premium.

00:30:32   I think it feels more premium than the steel did, honestly.

00:30:36   - Timery Joe had a question for Steven

00:30:39   about the natural titanium iPhone 15 Pro.

00:30:43   Timery Joe says, "The marketing images on the Apple website

00:30:46   showed the natural titanium having a kind of goldish tint,

00:30:49   at least compared to the white titanium.

00:30:52   Having seen the phones in person,

00:30:54   how gold is the natural titanium?

00:30:56   Is it more silvery in person

00:30:57   or more like something like starlight?"

00:30:59   - It's more neutral in person

00:31:01   than I think some of the photos look.

00:31:03   It is warmer than the white and silver phone,

00:31:08   but it's in line with the Apple Watch Ultra.

00:31:11   It's very much of that vein.

00:31:12   So slightly warm, but it's really nice looking.

00:31:16   Again, really premium looking,

00:31:18   and it feels the most special.

00:31:20   The white and the black,

00:31:21   we've had similar color ways to that.

00:31:23   The dark blue is pretty close, like the midnight,

00:31:26   like on your MacBook Air mic.

00:31:28   But this looks the most new out of all of them.

00:31:33   - The naming is very funny to me.

00:31:34   It's like white titanium, black titanium,

00:31:36   blue titanium, natural titanium.

00:31:38   It's like, what is going on?

00:31:41   Why?

00:31:41   - Well, yeah, no starlight, no midnight, no Titan gray,

00:31:46   which was rumored to be the name color.

00:31:48   No space gray. - No space gray, nothing.

00:31:50   And right, they have a blue color called midnight.

00:31:52   They didn't call it that.

00:31:53   And they put the word titanium into all the color names.

00:31:57   Yeah, they're really proud of it.

00:31:58   They can't help themselves.

00:31:59   They did that 20 years ago with the titanium PowerBook G4.

00:32:02   They called it the titanium PowerBook G4

00:32:04   every time someone said it.

00:32:06   And here we are again.

00:32:07   They're very proud of it.

00:32:09   But the colors are all pretty nice,

00:32:13   and the finishes look really nice.

00:32:15   And I think this is a great new chapter

00:32:17   for pro iPhone construction.

00:32:20   - And they're coloring them with PVD, right?

00:32:22   Is PVD colored?

00:32:23   - Yeah, they even said, yes, you can anodize titanium,

00:32:26   like, and winked at the camera

00:32:27   to all the upgrade listeners, I felt like,

00:32:29   'cause you guys went round and round on that.

00:32:31   - But please stop talking about it.

00:32:32   We're doing PVD instead. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:32:34   So it is PVD coded.

00:32:36   I think they said it takes like 14 hours per phone

00:32:38   to do the coding.

00:32:40   - Seems inefficient.

00:32:41   - Who knows how that's gonna go, but yeah,

00:32:46   they all look nice, but the natural feels

00:32:49   like the one to get this year.

00:32:51   - Okay, my round one pick was at least one iPhone

00:32:54   gets a camera with a more than 3x zoom.

00:32:57   - Hmm. - Hmm.

00:32:57   - Hmm. - Hmm.

00:32:58   - Ding. - Yeah, we got a 5x

00:33:02   optical zoom on the Pro Max, thanks to the Tetra Prism.

00:33:06   We'll talk about that name a little bit later on.

00:33:09   And then they also spoke about,

00:33:11   like Apple were kind of telling the Pro Max

00:33:14   as having seven lenses in your pocket.

00:33:16   And this comes from the ultra wide,

00:33:19   which is a 30 millimeter focal distance.

00:33:21   Then you've got 24, 28, 35, and then 120.

00:33:26   This is from the telephone.

00:33:28   This is very confusing, Steven, this millimeter thing,

00:33:31   the focal, can you help me with this?

00:33:33   - Yeah, so what they're doing is they're using

00:33:35   the 48 megapixel sensor on the main camera

00:33:39   in some different ways than they did last time around.

00:33:43   So they had the 2x last year, which we talked about.

00:33:46   You hit the 2x button and basically it's cropping

00:33:48   into the sensor area and pulling your image

00:33:51   from just a select part of the sensor.

00:33:53   And basically they're doing that even more now.

00:33:56   So the ultra wide is always 13 millimeter,

00:33:58   which is what it was, really wide,

00:34:00   but not quite fish-eyed look.

00:34:04   And then the main you can set to 24, 28, or 35,

00:34:08   and you can set your default.

00:34:10   So if you really like one of those looks,

00:34:14   you can use it all the time.

00:34:15   And then the telephoto jumps all the way to 120.

00:34:18   - But is it not just digitally cropping,

00:34:21   the images?

00:34:22   - It is, so it's shooting on the whole 48 megapixel sensor

00:34:26   and then pulling data from it.

00:34:29   So it is cropped, but not sort of in the traditional sense

00:34:34   that you might do in Photoshop where you're losing data,

00:34:37   you're just capturing less data.

00:34:40   That was okay on the 14 Pro.

00:34:43   It wasn't the best mode.

00:34:44   I think 1x looked better.

00:34:46   I think these will all look pretty good.

00:34:49   I think this updated, it's an updated sensor, not all new.

00:34:54   I think they're doing a lot of work there.

00:34:56   I mean, they're also doing the thing sort of,

00:34:59   we're gonna talk a little bit in round two,

00:35:01   but the 48 megapixel camera now can,

00:35:04   you can get 24 megapixel images out of it

00:35:07   before you got 12, because they bend four pixels

00:35:11   on the sensor to one, or you could shoot raw

00:35:14   and get the full 48, which those images looked incredible

00:35:18   in the right settings, but were kind of difficult

00:35:20   to deal with, and now they're sort of met in the middle,

00:35:23   and yeah, you'll get a 24 megapixel out of it,

00:35:25   and you get some of the best of both.

00:35:28   So they're using all of that data

00:35:31   to basically set these zoom levels basically in hardware.

00:35:36   So the seven lenses in your pocket,

00:35:38   like yeah, that's a little,

00:35:39   I mean, that's a little product marketing, right?

00:35:41   Like that's not really what it is,

00:35:43   but you seem to have much better flexibility

00:35:46   with this new camera system, especially the main camera.

00:35:51   - Don't know how I feel about 1x, 2x, 5x, right?

00:35:54   Like they're the actual options.

00:35:56   That's a big jump, two to five.

00:35:57   - It is.

00:35:59   - And I'm, I mean, I'm sure you tried that out.

00:36:02   How, like, what does the 5x feel like?

00:36:07   - It's weird.

00:36:08   I mean, it looks great, but I had one of these in my hand,

00:36:11   and I pointed it to the ceiling in the Steve Jobs Theater

00:36:14   and hit the 5x, and it sort of broke my brain a little bit

00:36:19   because we've, I mean, you've been able to zoom to 5x before,

00:36:23   but it's digital zoom, and it looks blocky and noisy and bad,

00:36:28   but this looked fantastic,

00:36:29   and I handed the phone back to the person

00:36:31   who worked at Apple, you know, that had the demo units,

00:36:35   and they were like, oh yeah,

00:36:36   we're deleting a lot of pictures people took of the ceiling,

00:36:38   'cause like, that's just instinct.

00:36:39   It's like, what's far away?

00:36:40   Uh, look up, you know?

00:36:42   (laughing)

00:36:44   - Well, 'cause it's also better than taking a picture

00:36:46   of the person standing on the other side of the room, right,

00:36:48   that you don't know.

00:36:49   - At 5x, yeah, it's like the whole screen

00:36:51   is just Eli Patel glaring at you.

00:36:53   - Take it to your soul.

00:36:54   - Yeah, I would take that photo and keep it,

00:36:56   but it's pretty cool, you know?

00:36:59   I wanna see, they talked a big game

00:37:00   about the low light stuff

00:37:02   and some other things they're doing,

00:37:03   but in the beautifully lit Steve Jobs Theater,

00:37:07   5x looked very good, and I do wanna talk a little bit

00:37:10   about that it's not a straight periscope, right?

00:37:12   It's not just a tube of light.

00:37:13   They're calling it the Tetra Prism.

00:37:15   It's not branded that, they just said,

00:37:17   that's just how this works,

00:37:18   and the light takes four turns from the lens to the sensor,

00:37:23   and that's how they're getting that additional length.

00:37:25   So very, I'm sure, expensive to engineer that.

00:37:29   So at the end of round one, we're tied.

00:37:31   All tied up, one point each.

00:37:34   Round two, my first pick.

00:37:36   The two Pro phones have different camera features.

00:37:40   Yes, the Pro Max got the, all the fancy zooming stuff,

00:37:45   the 5x 120 millimeter telephoto,

00:37:48   and the other Pro phone did not,

00:37:51   but both do the cool main sensor 48 to 24 megapixel trick.

00:37:55   - This is the thing I'm most excited about.

00:37:57   In fact, even the iPhone 15 does this too.

00:37:59   The new 24 megapixel ultra high resolution photos.

00:38:05   This is what I wanted last year, and I've got it now.

00:38:10   I've like, great, you have a 48 megapixel sensor.

00:38:13   What does it give me?

00:38:15   Well, now they're using the data from the sensor.

00:38:18   They're putting it into the photonic engine

00:38:20   and spitting out what should be a much higher resolution

00:38:24   and higher quality image at the end of it.

00:38:27   I'm very excited about this.

00:38:28   I'm also excited about the 48 megapixel Heath file,

00:38:32   which is, that's in the release candidate of iOS.

00:38:37   I have it on my 14 Pro Max now.

00:38:39   - Oh, nice.

00:38:40   - As an option.

00:38:41   So this is now, if I wanted to take an image

00:38:44   with the full sensor, I don't have to take a raw image,

00:38:48   which is like a thousand gigabytes.

00:38:50   It's just like a regular sized image

00:38:53   with all of that information in it,

00:38:54   and I can just tap the button at the top to change.

00:38:57   But yeah, I'm super excited about this higher resolution

00:39:00   image for regular photos that will be generated

00:39:04   by this sensor.

00:39:06   So I'm very excited about this.

00:39:08   I don't think we harmonized for you.

00:39:09   - Oh.

00:39:10   (both humming)

00:39:13   - Gotta get it, you know?

00:39:15   - My second pick in round two was at least one

00:39:18   of the new iPhones will have a customizable action button

00:39:21   instead of a traditional mute switch.

00:39:23   - Ding. - Yeah.

00:39:26   - It's literally called the action button.

00:39:29   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:39:31   - It's on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

00:39:33   And it lets you switch between nine modes.

00:39:36   One of them, I think, coming later this year.

00:39:38   So you can, by default, it's still set to silent.

00:39:41   So you take an iPhone 15 Pro out of the box,

00:39:43   you long press the action button.

00:39:46   It's not just a quick press.

00:39:47   - That's right. - You can long press it,

00:39:49   and you switch between ring and silent mode.

00:39:51   However, you can also customize it to change your focus mode,

00:39:55   open a specific camera view, toggle the flashlight,

00:39:58   record a voice memo, translate,

00:40:00   which is coming later this year, open the magnifier,

00:40:04   use the accessibility shortcut,

00:40:05   or run any shortcut from the shortcuts app.

00:40:09   Obviously, I am very excited about this.

00:40:11   There's an interesting software story here

00:40:14   for the iPhone 15 Pro.

00:40:15   And just the idea of now you have a system-wide button

00:40:19   that you can use from anywhere on your phone

00:40:22   to launch whatever you want,

00:40:24   especially if you're a shortcuts user.

00:40:26   I think this is gonna be really fun to play around with.

00:40:29   And I also like the settings UI

00:40:33   for customizing what it does.

00:40:34   - They went way too hard on that, like in a good way.

00:40:39   - It's beautiful. - They went so hard on it.

00:40:43   There was no need to make it look the way that you did,

00:40:45   but thank you for doing it.

00:40:48   It's like somebody was like,

00:40:49   "Whoa, we can use Unity for stuff like this.

00:40:51   Oh, great, let's go for it."

00:40:53   It's very strange.

00:40:54   - You basically cycle through a bunch of splash screens

00:40:57   when you change those settings.

00:40:58   I think the default being silent ringer

00:41:00   makes obviously perfect sense.

00:41:02   And the press and hold, it's more than a long hold.

00:41:04   Like you press and hold it kind of a beat longer

00:41:08   than you think you will.

00:41:09   And it tells you that it's got a little UI that pops up,

00:41:12   but that means you can't easily accidentally do this

00:41:14   in your pocket, which is really good.

00:41:17   And the button is the same brush material,

00:41:20   so it looks really nice on the side of the phone.

00:41:22   It's right exactly where the ringer switch was,

00:41:25   so there's no new muscle memory.

00:41:27   I'm excited about this.

00:41:28   And I think there's gonna be some really cool stuff to do,

00:41:31   especially around shortcuts and accessibility

00:41:33   that this will unlock.

00:41:34   - Without having used it,

00:41:36   do each of you know what you would wanna put on that button?

00:41:39   - For sure, I think at a basic level,

00:41:42   a shortcut to save a note or like append,

00:41:47   because that's the one thing

00:41:49   that I find myself struggling with the most.

00:41:51   Like all the time, like I have a thought

00:41:54   and I need to put it somewhere.

00:41:56   So for sure, it's gonna be a shortcut to do that.

00:42:00   I am also playing around with the idea of

00:42:03   like when I long press the action button,

00:42:05   I get a list of multiple shortcuts that I can run,

00:42:09   like top five shortcuts or something, something like that.

00:42:12   - Steven?

00:42:13   - On my Apple Watch Ultra, I use it to trigger

00:42:15   the flashlight, which is not the most useful thing.

00:42:18   I have like a shortcut half built

00:42:20   that basically gives me a menu

00:42:22   of like common home kit things I do.

00:42:24   And I wanna finish building that out.

00:42:26   And I think that's gonna be my action button shortcut.

00:42:30   It's especially when you're walking into the house

00:42:32   or it's like, hey, turn these lights on or off.

00:42:35   Like just having something really quick there

00:42:37   would be nice.

00:42:39   So that's my plan,

00:42:40   but I need to finish building up that shortcut.

00:42:42   - I mean, at the moment, the best I have is do not disturb.

00:42:45   Like that's where I'm gonna start.

00:42:48   And then I'll see if something jumps out to me,

00:42:50   but like realistically that is quite useful for me.

00:42:54   Like being able to quickly turn on do not disturb,

00:42:56   I think will be pretty sweet.

00:42:58   However, I may just do that

00:43:01   as the action button on my Apple Watch.

00:43:03   'Cause realistically, if I turn it on in one place,

00:43:06   it goes on in all places.

00:43:07   And so then I don't need to do that, right?

00:43:09   So I'll say like, that's probably where I would start.

00:43:12   The one thing that I really wanna know,

00:43:14   and I haven't seen anybody that could confirm this or not

00:43:17   is like, so how do you turn the phone to silent?

00:43:22   'Cause it doesn't exist anywhere else

00:43:24   on the phones currently.

00:43:27   - From control, I bet they're gonna add

00:43:29   the toggling control to it.

00:43:30   - Yeah, me too. - I hope so.

00:43:31   Like the iPads, right? - Yeah, exactly.

00:43:33   - That's what I hope.

00:43:34   'Cause like I was like, oh, let me go take a look.

00:43:36   And it's like, oh wait, if you go to settings in the sounds,

00:43:39   there is no option in there to do this.

00:43:42   Like the only way to do it is the ring switch.

00:43:45   - It's permanent, baby.

00:43:47   - Yeah. - Yes, yeah.

00:43:48   It's like monkeys paw up, we give you an action button,

00:43:51   but you always have sounds on your phone

00:43:53   and there's nothing you can do about it.

00:43:56   - Make a decision before you customize it

00:43:59   because then you'll stop forever.

00:44:01   - Because if you change it,

00:44:04   like you lose the option for silent mode.

00:44:06   Every time you change, you lose one action button.

00:44:09   - We have real-time follow up from someone who did see it

00:44:12   on Dema Unit in Control Center.

00:44:14   - Who?

00:44:15   - I'm just gonna say Jason, Jason texted me

00:44:18   and then both of us.

00:44:19   Yeah, so that's great.

00:44:20   Thank you, Jason Snell. - Thank you, Jason Snell?

00:44:23   Is that how you pronounce it, I think?

00:44:23   - Jason Snell.

00:44:24   That's great, I'm very excited about that.

00:44:26   That's way better.

00:44:27   - All right, Mike, you're up.

00:44:28   Take us home for round two.

00:44:30   - At least one iPhone gets a three nanometer processor.

00:44:33   (mimics phone ringing)

00:44:37   And they gave us a terrible name or a confusing name.

00:44:40   - No, no. - It's confusing.

00:44:42   What are they gonna, A17 Pro.

00:44:44   - I have a theory.

00:44:45   Finally, there's no Bionic in it.

00:44:47   - Yeah, Bionic's dead.

00:44:48   - Oh, I'm happy about that.

00:44:49   I'm happy about that, don't get me wrong.

00:44:51   I didn't want Bionic there anymore.

00:44:51   - Yeah, it's a real naming bonanza now.

00:44:54   - Exactly. - I think I have

00:44:56   the same theory as Steven, but go on.

00:44:59   - So one thing they mentioned when they talked about USB-C

00:45:03   is that the A17 Pro comes with the USB 3 controller on it

00:45:08   and that's how they've been able to do this.

00:45:10   I don't know if that's the feature,

00:45:13   but will it lose something and become the regular A17

00:45:17   when it goes into the iPhone 16 line next year?

00:45:22   Kinda think it might because in Apple's other naming schemes

00:45:26   for its other processors that are based on this,

00:45:29   Pro is like more than the base

00:45:31   and I could see them leaving the door open.

00:45:33   Maybe it's not the USB 3 controller.

00:45:35   Maybe it's something else.

00:45:37   Maybe it's fewer cores.

00:45:39   - Maybe it's the YO GPU that they're so excited about.

00:45:40   - Yeah, it could be that.

00:45:41   It could be that that's, you know,

00:45:42   instead of six cores, it's four or something

00:45:44   and it becomes the A17 next year.

00:45:46   I don't know, this is a new chapter

00:45:48   and they changed the name for a reason,

00:45:49   but we may not know the reason for another year.

00:45:52   - 'Cause I guess this is how the computers go, right?

00:45:56   Oh, wrong.

00:45:57   Wait, with the computers, do we get the Pro ones first

00:46:01   or the regular ones first? - No, the regular one.

00:46:02   We've done like the M1

00:46:03   and then the Pro, Max, and Ultra come later.

00:46:05   - Okay, 'cause that's why it's confusing to me, right?

00:46:08   If like, if that's the plan,

00:46:09   why did they put the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 15?

00:46:12   - Yeah, I don't know.

00:46:14   - Why didn't they put the A17 in?

00:46:16   'Cause they wanted to like prioritize the three nanometer

00:46:19   just for the Pro phones? - I think so.

00:46:20   And these cores will be the basis of the M3

00:46:23   whenever they show up.

00:46:24   And so maybe it is that,

00:46:25   or maybe they're just continuing this path

00:46:28   where the base phone gets last year's Pro stuff

00:46:32   and they can keep the price where it is because of that.

00:46:34   I did see a thing,

00:46:37   I think it was in Ben Thompson's newsletter,

00:46:39   but don't quote me.

00:46:41   I've read a lot of stuff the last 24 hours.

00:46:43   - No, it's too late.

00:46:44   I quoted you. - Oh no.

00:46:46   (laughing)

00:46:48   - Oh no, oh no. - The damage is done.

00:46:51   - The wafer cost from TSMC

00:46:54   for the three nanometer processors is a lot higher.

00:46:58   And maybe Apple is trying to preserve that

00:47:02   or keep costs down.

00:47:04   Maybe that kept them from doing this in the base phone.

00:47:07   But I think they're just in this cycle, right?

00:47:08   Where new stuff comes to the Pro

00:47:10   and then in a year or two or three,

00:47:12   it goes down to the mainstream phones.

00:47:14   And that's fine, I guess.

00:47:16   - Steven, if you wanna take a little break here, you can,

00:47:20   'cause I wanna have a gaming sidebar with Federico.

00:47:22   - Okay.

00:47:23   - So Federico, during the advanced ray tracing segment,

00:47:28   which was very funny to me, just in general,

00:47:32   they showed off a couple of games that surprised me

00:47:34   coming to the iPhone,

00:47:35   the main one being Assassin's Creed Mirage.

00:47:37   And obviously I laughed to myself

00:47:40   when they showed Resident Evil Village

00:47:42   because it's just like,

00:47:43   my God, just get a new favorite game.

00:47:45   But then they were like, oh, we've also got RE4 Remake.

00:47:47   'Cause like, wait, that came out this year

00:47:49   and then like earlier this year.

00:47:50   And they're like, oh, and Assassin's Creed Mirage,

00:47:52   which comes out in like a few weeks,

00:47:54   that's coming to the iPhone.

00:47:55   It's like, what is happening?

00:47:57   That was weird to me.

00:47:59   - Yep, yep.

00:48:01   - So I talked about this on AppSource last night with Jon.

00:48:04   - Yep, yep, yep, yep.

00:48:05   - Yeah, so Mirage is coming,

00:48:09   they said in the first half of 2024.

00:48:12   So we might as well get another demo at WWDC next year.

00:48:16   I am very intrigued by this idea

00:48:21   of having proper AAA titles

00:48:25   and all of their complexity on a phone.

00:48:29   I really wanna see what it's like to play a Ubisoft game

00:48:32   on a phone with the inventory and the map and everything.

00:48:36   But also, I mean, those videos,

00:48:40   that RE4 footage, it looked very good.

00:48:45   And I mean, sure, the ray tracing demo that they did,

00:48:50   they were like, and you can do ray tracing

00:48:52   at 30 frames per second.

00:48:53   I mean, obviously that's far beyond what you can get

00:48:56   on a high-end PC these days.

00:48:59   But it's still impressive, again, for a phone.

00:49:02   And so I wanna see what this--

00:49:06   - The assumption is this is like,

00:49:08   the M3 Pro, right, should be very competitive then,

00:49:13   would be my expectation,

00:49:15   if they have created this new type of GPU core.

00:49:18   But the thing that is interesting to me here

00:49:22   is I think you can see a change in Apple's gaming attitude

00:49:27   because Assassin's Creed Mirage is an Ubisoft game,

00:49:31   as is the Division Mobile.

00:49:33   The Division Mobile is just a mobile game.

00:49:35   That was coming out anyway.

00:49:37   It was already, I think there's already been beta for it.

00:49:41   That has not had anything enabled via this A17 Pro chip,

00:49:45   but that was, hey, let's do a deal here, right?

00:49:50   That's how I look at that.

00:49:51   And that is intriguing to me.

00:49:53   We're gonna give you a really smashing moment

00:49:55   to talk about your Division Mobile game that's coming.

00:49:58   And then we'll also give a moment

00:50:00   to talk about Assassin's Creed Mirage,

00:50:03   which is a full-on console game that's coming to the iPhone.

00:50:06   So I'm excited about that.

00:50:08   It seems that they vary them with Capcom,

00:50:11   they vary them with Ubisoft.

00:50:13   This is the kind of thing that we need to see Apple doing

00:50:16   if they are truly going to have a broader gaming strategy.

00:50:20   They need to be corporate friends and partners

00:50:23   to these large gaming companies.

00:50:25   And it looks like two of them,

00:50:26   they're building good relationships with.

00:50:28   And I think that's very good news.

00:50:29   - And also coming this year on the iPhone,

00:50:33   Death Stranding is also coming this year.

00:50:36   - Yes, yes, of course.

00:50:37   I forgot about that.

00:50:38   - I wanna believe that,

00:50:39   wanna believe the Director's Cut edition

00:50:41   that we got on consoles. - Yes, it is.

00:50:44   - I wanna see how these games get released on the App Store.

00:50:47   These are console games that you pay $70 for

00:50:50   on a console or PC.

00:50:53   Are you gonna spend $70 on the App Store?

00:50:55   They're not gonna be priced like that.

00:50:56   But also if it's a Resident Evil 4 remake,

00:51:00   it's gotta be the full game.

00:51:01   So will customers be in a situation

00:51:05   where if you wanna play this game on PS5, it costs you $70?

00:51:08   If you wanna play it on a phone, it costs you 20?

00:51:11   I don't know what to think.

00:51:14   I honestly don't know what to think.

00:51:16   - Can you imagine these games getting added to Apple Arcade?

00:51:19   - Can you imagine that?

00:51:21   - They could, why not?

00:51:23   A thought that I had, a thought that I had was,

00:51:25   is it too wild to imagine,

00:51:28   couple of years from now, maybe even next year,

00:51:30   multiple Apple Arcade tiers.

00:51:33   Like you can have basic Apple Arcade

00:51:35   or you could have Apple Arcade Plus, right?

00:51:38   - Which has console quality games.

00:51:40   - Which has console games.

00:51:41   - The most pro arcade.

00:51:43   - Indeed, this is the most pro arcade we've ever made.

00:51:46   They are laying the foundation.

00:51:49   This foundation is different.

00:51:50   And it genuinely feels to me that it's just like,

00:51:52   they had some kind of breakthrough,

00:51:54   which we're now starting to see in graphics.

00:51:57   And they're like, well, what's good for graphics games?

00:52:00   Well, we need to start getting some of those then.

00:52:02   - If they can get a ray tracing demo

00:52:07   to run a 30 FPS on a phone this year,

00:52:10   they might as well get 60 frames ray traced games

00:52:16   on a Mac next spring, on a phone next year,

00:52:21   on an iPad next year.

00:52:24   And that suddenly becomes a very serious type of hardware.

00:52:27   - We're in a different,

00:52:28   yeah, we're in a very, very different situation.

00:52:29   - Very different situation.

00:52:31   Because right now, if you wanna run something

00:52:33   like Cyberpunk 2077 with ray tracing

00:52:37   at 60 frames per second,

00:52:39   you're gonna need at the very least,

00:52:41   a 40 series Nvidia GPU.

00:52:43   At the very least. - Which is thousands.

00:52:45   - Which is thousands of dollars

00:52:48   for a very, very large object

00:52:52   that you need to have somewhere on your desk

00:52:54   or under your desk.

00:52:56   And to have that in a little chip in a phone,

00:53:00   that's a very different type of narrative, very different.

00:53:04   - Very excited about this genuinely.

00:53:05   I just think it's cool

00:53:07   and I'm excited to see what this means.

00:53:09   And I think that this just lends more credence

00:53:14   to this idea of like, the Mac Pro doesn't,

00:53:19   there's no point, right?

00:53:20   Like there's no point, they don't need it.

00:53:23   They don't need it.

00:53:24   Like, I think that this is just the furthering of that idea.

00:53:27   That like, if they're able to do 30 frames per second,

00:53:30   ray tracing on an iPhone,

00:53:32   they don't need external graphics cards.

00:53:34   They don't need them.

00:53:36   'Cause they've found something

00:53:38   that's gonna make this work.

00:53:39   Now, obviously the next step is,

00:53:42   people have to make games for the platform, right?

00:53:45   Which is maybe a little trickier.

00:53:47   They're also doing that on the other side too.

00:53:50   And like getting new games,

00:53:52   not just Resident Evil Village six times, right?

00:53:55   Like this is good.

00:53:57   These are all really good in-roads.

00:53:59   Steven, I can see you're back now,

00:54:01   so we can stop talking about video games.

00:54:02   - I didn't go anywhere.

00:54:03   I just sat here quietly.

00:54:04   - But you could have, you could have, you know?

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00:56:35   Risky pick time.

00:56:37   I said Apple announces a multi-device charger

00:56:41   that looks a lot like AirPower

00:56:42   without designated charging targets.

00:56:45   Not only did I get this wrong,

00:56:47   they've discontinued MacSafe Duo,

00:56:49   which was the closest thing we had.

00:56:51   Yep, it's gone.

00:56:53   - I love how Apple is dealing with this transition

00:56:56   by just removing products from the line.

00:56:57   - Yeah, the battery pack's gone too.

00:56:58   - It's like, oh, you wanted USB-C?

00:57:00   We'll show you.

00:57:01   - I saw Steve Tranton Smith today was saying

00:57:03   that they don't make a dock anymore.

00:57:04   They always made the little iPhone dock.

00:57:06   No, but you can get rid of them.

00:57:08   You don't deserve them.

00:57:09   You're not allowed it.

00:57:11   - We don't make chargers.

00:57:13   Wow, chargers?

00:57:15   Wow, we never made chargers.

00:57:17   Who makes chargers?

00:57:17   - You said you had USB-C cables everywhere.

00:57:20   Fine, use them, use them.

00:57:22   - Exactly, yeah.

00:57:24   So yeah, Steven, I'm sorry.

00:57:26   - That's okay.

00:57:28   - Maybe you should have gone with your previous research.

00:57:29   - You know what, we're gonna talk about that.

00:57:32   - We're gonna get to that.

00:57:33   I mean, you can keep complaining as much as you'd like, but.

00:57:37   - That my victory was stolen from me?

00:57:38   Yeah, I'm gonna keep talking about that.

00:57:39   - No, you didn't follow the rules.

00:57:41   You didn't follow the rules.

00:57:42   - You didn't follow the rules.

00:57:44   Federico, you're up.

00:57:45   - No, I did.

00:57:46   - I'm up.

00:57:48   I said at least one of the new iPhones

00:57:51   will support the new G2 wireless charging.

00:57:55   So far so good.

00:57:58   And then it went downhill from there.

00:58:01   And reverse wireless charging for AirPods cases.

00:58:06   MagSafe charging speed will also be raised from 15 Watts.

00:58:11   Only the G2 happened.

00:58:13   - Did that actually happen?

00:58:15   - Yeah, it is confirmed, I believe,

00:58:18   either in the press release or on the website.

00:58:21   It says upcoming G2 standard will be supported,

00:58:26   but no sign of reverse wireless charging,

00:58:30   no sign of a faster MagSafe, still 15 Watts,

00:58:35   regular Qi still limited to 7.5 Watts.

00:58:39   What you can do though is you can use a USB-C cable

00:58:44   to charge your AirPods from an iPhone.

00:58:47   - And an Apple Watch too.

00:58:49   You can plug an Apple Watch cable in.

00:58:51   - And an Apple Watch too.

00:58:52   You know, it's USB-C.

00:58:53   - I was thinking, I said it on the show

00:58:55   and I was thinking about it more,

00:58:56   I don't think they're ever gonna do

00:58:57   the reverse wireless charging

00:58:59   because the magnet just won't line up.

00:59:01   And like that's, if they have MagSafe in both the phone

00:59:05   and the case, then I don't think we're ever gonna get it.

00:59:08   And I think to me, honestly,

00:59:10   it's like it's proven by the fact that they're like,

00:59:11   you can just use this cable and charge the two of them.

00:59:13   'Cause that was the thing you couldn't do before.

00:59:15   And now you can just do that if you want to.

00:59:17   - They also didn't bring any faster wired charging

00:59:21   with the USB-C port.

00:59:22   That remains at the previous limit.

00:59:24   - I wonder why that is for them.

00:59:27   Do you think it's like a safety thing?

00:59:28   - I don't know.

00:59:29   I'm not sure what happened there.

00:59:32   I mean, other companies charge pretty quickly over USB-C

00:59:35   and seems fine.

00:59:37   I don't know what's going on there.

00:59:39   - Maybe they just don't want to make wired charging better

00:59:41   'cause they really just want you to use MagSafe.

00:59:42   - I mean, they buried the lead on the USB-C port

00:59:45   real hard in the keynotes.

00:59:46   - I don't think they're gonna be able to do it,

00:59:51   but I do believe the idea

00:59:52   that they would like to have no port.

00:59:54   And so maybe it's just like,

00:59:55   we don't want to make the port any better.

00:59:57   We just want to keep telling people to use MagSafe instead,

01:00:00   which they definitely did in the presentation.

01:00:02   Like they were really hopping on about MagSafe.

01:00:05   My pick was Apple calls the new camera,

01:00:07   the magic telephoto.

01:00:09   - It was a good one.

01:00:10   - I feel vindicated in the idea that was like,

01:00:14   I was convinced they would not call this a periscope.

01:00:16   Like that was where I was coming from.

01:00:17   And I just thought they can't help but brand it.

01:00:19   And they surprised me.

01:00:20   They didn't actually brand it.

01:00:22   Although Tetra Prism, that's like a thing, right?

01:00:24   Like they didn't come up with that or did they?

01:00:26   - I don't know if they came up with it,

01:00:28   but they're not referring to it in the marketing material.

01:00:31   Like it's the Tetra Prism camera.

01:00:34   Really, I mean, they call it the telephoto on the specs page

01:00:37   just the same as it always was.

01:00:40   Apple kind of restrained themselves

01:00:42   on putting a bunch of new branding on things this year.

01:00:45   I mean, they named it Natural Titanium.

01:00:47   It's like the most non-brand you can get.

01:00:50   - So talking about branding, obviously they kept with max,

01:00:53   right, it's like pro max.

01:00:54   I actually think now like an ultra could have both a

01:00:59   like regular telephoto and the Tetra Prism with maybe longer.

01:01:04   - We're going to four cameras, baby.

01:01:08   - We're doing four lenses.

01:01:09   - Honestly, I kind of wish they went with four lenses

01:01:10   this time so I could have had like a 3X and a 5X,

01:01:14   but we'll see how I feel about that

01:01:15   when I actually get the phone.

01:01:17   But yeah, I was convinced they wouldn't call it

01:01:20   a periscope, I mean, how different is Tetra Prism

01:01:24   to what Samsung's doing?

01:01:25   I don't know, but it's effectively the same idea.

01:01:28   And it's just one of these things of like,

01:01:31   almost like a Reality Pro where we said a thing for so long

01:01:36   and now we just can't say it anymore because it's not true.

01:01:38   Like it's not a periscope lens,

01:01:39   they're not calling it a periscope lens.

01:01:40   So we can't call it a periscope lens.

01:01:42   We have to just call it the 5X solfo lens and just move.

01:01:45   - Oh my God, I forgot about the Reality Pro.

01:01:48   - Right, 'cause that was like a couple of week period

01:01:50   where I had to keep tripping myself of like,

01:01:53   no, it's not Reality Pro, it's Vision Pro.

01:01:56   But 'cause we have these short hands for things.

01:01:57   - Yeah, when we called it XROS, remember that?

01:02:01   - Yes.

01:02:02   - Oh, that was silly.

01:02:05   Okay.

01:02:06   - Although no one liked that, no one liked that,

01:02:08   but that was just what it was being called.

01:02:11   - So we are tied.

01:02:12   We each got both of our regular pics

01:02:15   and we each lost our riskies.

01:02:17   So we are tied with one point each.

01:02:21   So Mike, what do we do now?

01:02:22   - Well, hilariously, we now revert back

01:02:25   to the coin flip knockout rules,

01:02:27   which is this is the third time this has happened

01:02:30   in Ricky's history.

01:02:31   The second time was the last time we did this.

01:02:34   And the first time was in 2019, I think.

01:02:38   - I have a question.

01:02:40   - Yeah.

01:02:41   - When's the last time somebody got a Ricky correct?

01:02:46   Like a risky pic?

01:02:47   Oh, that's a good question.

01:02:51   I am convinced that somebody can...

01:02:53   So I feel like you might be angling towards something

01:02:57   that I was thinking about today, which is just like...

01:02:59   - Is our game broken?

01:03:01   - Yes, we've broken the game.

01:03:02   We've broken the game.

01:03:03   - I think maybe we have.

01:03:05   - Yeah, and so like that is a consideration for later on,

01:03:08   but we do have the coin flip knockout rules,

01:03:11   which is we all, 2020, November, 2020, says Jason,

01:03:16   who runs a Wikipedia.

01:03:17   - Let's see, November, 2020.

01:03:19   - November, 2020 was the last time

01:03:21   that somebody got a risky pic.

01:03:23   - Who got it?

01:03:24   Steven got it?

01:03:24   - Don't say that was such a surprise in your voice.

01:03:27   (laughing)

01:03:28   - Of all of us?

01:03:28   Come on, no way.

01:03:30   - No, both of you, both of you got it.

01:03:33   - We both got our risky picks in that one.

01:03:37   - November, 2020, Steven said

01:03:39   the desktop Apple Silicon Mac is announced.

01:03:41   - Oh yeah, the Mac mini, my dream.

01:03:43   My dream of the Apple Silicon Mac mini.

01:03:45   - And Mike said an Apple Silicon Mac is cheaper

01:03:48   than the product it replaces.

01:03:50   - Yeah, which I think was also the Mac mini.

01:03:52   - Maybe there's just a thing in there

01:03:53   where like those are risky, but not wild.

01:03:55   And I think we've just gotten more wild all over time.

01:03:57   So maybe this is a thing for the three of us

01:04:00   of like being a bit more realistic of our risky picks.

01:04:03   Although I don't think mine was wild.

01:04:04   Like I don't think mine was super out there.

01:04:07   I think the two of you have more that was super out there.

01:04:10   But mine was complicated

01:04:12   because I was trying to name a thing,

01:04:13   which is just like, never try and do that.

01:04:15   So the coin flip knockout,

01:04:17   this is the third time in Ricky's history.

01:04:19   We all just say heads or tails

01:04:21   and we keep going until there's one person left.

01:04:24   - Okay. - Okay.

01:04:26   - So I'm gonna say heads.

01:04:28   - I'm gonna say tails.

01:04:29   - I'm gonna say heads.

01:04:31   - Coin says tails, but I'm saying

01:04:35   you should visit stjude.org/relay.

01:04:38   - So thank you to Kathy Campbell for that.

01:04:40   And that just means that Steven wins.

01:04:41   That's the end of that.

01:04:43   Congratulations, Steven Hackett.

01:04:44   - I have retained my keynote chairman status.

01:04:47   - Well.

01:04:49   - Now you two need to flip for the loser.

01:04:52   - Oh yes, okay.

01:04:53   - Why, what do we need a loser?

01:04:55   - Because y'all are still tied.

01:04:56   - Yeah, we're tied.

01:04:58   There has to be an order, right, for the next one.

01:05:01   So heads or tails?

01:05:04   - Heads.

01:05:05   - Get your tails to stjude.org/relay and donate now.

01:05:10   - That was Jason.

01:05:12   By the way, this is something that James Thompson did

01:05:15   and put it in there.

01:05:16   This will be, Dice by Peacock will be playing, I think,

01:05:20   quite an important role in the Podcastathon.

01:05:24   More about that later on.

01:05:25   And thank you to our Relay FM hosts who,

01:05:28   unbeknownst to us, recorded some St. Jude messages

01:05:32   that got put into Dice by Peacock.

01:05:33   It's in the Relay FM mode right now.

01:05:36   - So that's me and then Mike and then Federico.

01:05:40   - When you think about it, the loser is the new winner.

01:05:42   - Interesting.

01:05:42   - Of these games, yeah.

01:05:44   - Interesting.

01:05:45   - Yeah, okay.

01:05:46   - More fashionable, so.

01:05:48   - The lose?

01:05:49   It's more fashionable to be the loser?

01:05:51   - Yeah, because you came in last

01:05:53   and everybody's waiting for you.

01:05:54   They're like, "There he is."

01:05:57   - Or maybe everyone just got on with the thing

01:05:58   that they were doing and then you just arrived

01:06:00   and they were all busy?

01:06:01   - No, no, no, no, no.

01:06:01   - Okay, fair enough.

01:06:02   - No.

01:06:03   - But there's money on the line.

01:06:05   - This episode of Connected is made possible by ZocDoc.

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01:07:53   Our thanks to ZocDoc for their support of the show

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01:07:58   It is now time to move into the Flexis.

01:08:01   The Flexis is a game held after each edition

01:08:04   of the Rickies.

01:08:05   It consists of a series of additional picks

01:08:07   in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

01:08:10   Scoring is completed separately from the main game,

01:08:12   but like the Rickies, the order of picks is set

01:08:14   by the results of the previous game,

01:08:16   and ties will be broken by using dice by Peacock.

01:08:19   Please lie down as the rules are read.

01:08:21   (dramatic music)

01:08:24   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

01:08:30   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

01:08:32   Wrong picks do not remove any points

01:08:34   and no partial points may be awarded.

01:08:37   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage

01:08:39   of correct Flexis made by each host.

01:08:41   The winner can use their chosen title

01:08:43   as long as they are the winner.

01:08:45   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi

01:08:48   and is known as King Flexi when having won

01:08:52   both the keynote and annual games.

01:08:54   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington

01:08:56   and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

01:09:01   Steven is the Attorney General Flexi

01:09:03   and uses the title Secretary of Deflex when necessary.

01:09:07   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner

01:09:11   of the Flexis by donating to a charity

01:09:13   of the winner's choice.

01:09:15   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi

01:09:18   made by the loser.

01:09:19   The money must be donated on air.

01:09:23   Federico is the current winner of the keynote Flexis

01:09:26   and Mike is the winner of the annual Flexis.

01:09:28   If someone holds all four titles, by the way,

01:09:30   they're allowed to choose their own label,

01:09:33   their own name, their own moniker.

01:09:35   You can be seated.

01:09:37   Number one, some of the new iPhones will be more expensive

01:09:42   in some European countries.

01:09:43   This is wrong.

01:09:44   In fact, the iPhone 15 Pro is cheaper in Europe than before.

01:09:48   Yes, this is wild.

01:09:49   Literally, literally. The Apple Watch 2.

01:09:51   The opposite.

01:09:53   Hey, I'll take it.

01:09:55   But this is one of those ones

01:09:56   where you actually win by losing.

01:09:58   Yeah, true.

01:10:00   Number two, a new AirPods case with USB-C is unveiled.

01:10:03   Yep.

01:10:04   It just comes with AirPods in it.

01:10:09   Yeah, well, but there's a case.

01:10:12   No, you get it.

01:10:13   Didn't say anything about what's inside.

01:10:16   So number three, iOS 17 gets released

01:10:20   the week of September 18th.

01:10:22   It is Monday the 18th.

01:10:27   So stay tuned for my review.

01:10:31   Number four, Apple won't release any new leather accessories

01:10:35   as part of the event announcements,

01:10:36   including cases and watch bands.

01:10:39   Ding.

01:10:41   Yeah.

01:10:43   Steven, Steven, thoughts on flex woven, fine woven,

01:10:47   whatever it's called.

01:10:48   The fine woven is fire.

01:10:49   Fire woven.

01:10:50   Fire woven.

01:10:52   It's really nice.

01:10:53   I did not get to play with any cases that were fine woven,

01:10:56   but I have one coming to my house tomorrow, apparently.

01:10:58   So I ordered one, it's like, it'll be here Thursday.

01:11:01   It's like, oh wow, okay.

01:11:02   So I guess I'll have some thoughts on that

01:11:05   somewhere on the internet later this week.

01:11:07   But the watch bands at least are all very nice.

01:11:09   It seems very high end.

01:11:12   I know some people who still want leather,

01:11:13   they'll have to turn to third parties,

01:11:15   but I think this is a good move.

01:11:16   I got an email from Bellroy today

01:11:19   that they have leather iPhone 15 cases

01:11:22   shipping within the next two days.

01:11:24   And I don't know how that's possible.

01:11:25   Yeah, that's wild.

01:11:27   How do you do that?

01:11:28   I don't know how they did that.

01:11:29   I did order also a peak design case.

01:11:31   And I think fine woven will be pretty similar

01:11:34   to the feel of that case.

01:11:36   Oh yeah.

01:11:38   Number five, iPhone 15 gets slower speed USB-C transfers

01:11:42   compared to the pro models.

01:11:43   (humming)

01:11:46   We talked about it before.

01:11:48   Nobody cares, but I get the point.

01:11:50   And number six, the David Guetta song

01:11:53   plays either before or during the event.

01:11:56   And--

01:11:57   I was so happy that that didn't happen.

01:11:58   Astoundingly it did not.

01:12:00   Great restraint shown there, I think.

01:12:04   So that gets me four correct flexes out of six

01:12:11   for 66%.

01:12:13   The flexes of the beast.

01:12:15   That's gonna be hard to beat.

01:12:16   That's pretty good.

01:12:17   Some iPhones will come with color match cables,

01:12:21   which is not the case.

01:12:24   Apple Watch SE is not updated, but receives a price cut.

01:12:29   Nope, same price.

01:12:31   They were like, "And it costs this."

01:12:33   And I scrambled to my open connected tab.

01:12:35   I was like, "Oh, that's the same cost it used to be."

01:12:38   The Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes in at least one new finish.

01:12:42   No, I can't believe they didn't do it.

01:12:43   There was like a ripple through the room

01:12:45   when they finished the Ultra 2 section

01:12:48   and there was not a new finish.

01:12:49   Number four, Apple replaces its leather iPhone cases

01:12:52   with a new product.

01:12:53   Find woven, wins again.

01:12:59   - By the way, how funny is it that like,

01:13:01   they're almost like guilting you now

01:13:03   with the carbon neutral Apple Watches?

01:13:05   Like that there's some that aren't

01:13:07   and so it's like, "Oh, what, so you're gonna,

01:13:09   whoa, you're gonna buy the Ocean Band?

01:13:11   Whoa, what do you hate the environment?

01:13:12   Do you hate the ocean?

01:13:13   Why would you buy the Ocean Band?"

01:13:15   It's very strange.

01:13:16   It's a very strange scenario we found ourselves in.

01:13:18   - We didn't really talk about that.

01:13:19   And now there's someone sawing outside my hotel room,

01:13:21   so I'm sorry.

01:13:22   It just is what it is this week.

01:13:24   We talked about that on Mac Power Easers last night though.

01:13:27   So if you wanna hear a lot more

01:13:28   about Apple's environmental stuff,

01:13:30   there's a whole chapter and MPU about it.

01:13:32   What are they cutting outside?

01:13:33   What are you doing?

01:13:34   - That they're trying to get in.

01:13:35   - Yeah, well, they know that I have to check out

01:13:37   in 30 minutes.

01:13:37   Okay, number six, no, number five.

01:13:42   iPhone Pro models will be equipped with Thunderbolt

01:13:44   but come with a USB-C cable in the box

01:13:46   requiring a separate purchase of a Thunderbolt cable.

01:13:49   Spiritually, this is right.

01:13:51   Just all the specs are wrong.

01:13:52   - You're in the right track.

01:13:53   - The spirit of the Flexi is right.

01:13:56   - But the flesh of the Flexi is wrong.

01:13:58   - Yeah.

01:13:59   (laughing)

01:14:01   - Number six.

01:14:03   - Flesh.

01:14:04   - Flesh.

01:14:05   - The fleshy.

01:14:06   (laughing)

01:14:08   - Love my Flexi wife.

01:14:10   Number six, iPhone 15 to 15 plus getting always on display.

01:14:14   - Got dynamic island though.

01:14:15   - And it's brighter.

01:14:16   And it's brighter, but no, always on.

01:14:19   - So always on is for pros.

01:14:20   Only pros want their screens to be always on.

01:14:22   We all know this.

01:14:23   - Number seven, by the time we grade these picks,

01:14:25   our St. Jude fundraiser will be over $250,000.

01:14:29   And we were at 270 when we started this episode.

01:14:31   - Ding.

01:14:34   - Oh yes, the insider trading Flexi.

01:14:38   - Yeah, this was one of those things where it's like,

01:14:40   you know, you kind of,

01:14:41   well, how can you argue with the charity pick?

01:14:43   But we now have entered into this realm of like,

01:14:46   we can just pick anything.

01:14:47   - I have.

01:14:48   - Like Mike will watch it at his studio.

01:14:50   - I may have opened a can of worms I shouldn't have,

01:14:53   but it's for the kids.

01:14:54   - Yeah, this is Pandora's Flexi.

01:14:56   Like you didn't want to have done this.

01:14:59   'Cause yeah, it's very odd.

01:15:01   - Yeah, this opens a whole new world of possibilities

01:15:04   for the future.

01:15:05   But we'll talk about it.

01:15:06   - We're gonna play 4D Flexi next time.

01:15:08   - Number eight.

01:15:12   - The weather would be nice.

01:15:13   - There we go, here we go.

01:15:16   - The iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra

01:15:19   weighs within 10% of the 14 Pro Max's weight.

01:15:24   Not graded.

01:15:25   The new phone will need to be between 216 and 264 grams.

01:15:30   You know what it comes in at boys?

01:15:32   221.

01:15:33   Hmm, ding.

01:15:36   Hmm.

01:15:39   Ding.

01:15:42   - Numbers, am I right?

01:15:43   - Numbers.

01:15:44   - How do they work?

01:15:44   - I got it as a Flexi and I'll take it here.

01:15:48   You know, it is what it is.

01:15:50   - It wouldn't have been,

01:15:51   remember we said to you as the Ricky,

01:15:53   - Had to be 5%.

01:15:54   - And it wouldn't have been.

01:15:55   - So instead of costing me a point in the main game,

01:15:58   I'm getting a point in the Flexis,

01:15:59   but it's not enough because I only got three right.

01:16:02   That is 37%.

01:16:04   That is not enough to catch Federico.

01:16:06   - No, but is it enough to catch me?

01:16:09   Let's find out.

01:16:10   - See how Mike does.

01:16:12   Number one, new Apple Watch Ultra Band style.

01:16:16   No, just the three.

01:16:17   - The new colors are nice.

01:16:19   - Yeah, the colors are nice.

01:16:20   The colors are nice in general.

01:16:22   And I will say on the final band,

01:16:23   I'm happy that the magnetic link remains

01:16:26   'cause that is my favorite watch band.

01:16:27   I don't think I'm that keen on the colors they've got,

01:16:30   but colors, they change them.

01:16:32   So I'm just happy that that watch band style

01:16:34   is sticking around even though there's no leather anymore.

01:16:37   And by the way, those Nike ones look sick.

01:16:40   - Yes.

01:16:41   - They look so good.

01:16:43   - Yeah, I put some pictures of those on Instagram.

01:16:45   They look really cool.

01:16:46   - Oh, I missed that.

01:16:47   - Yeah, those are my stories yesterday.

01:16:49   - I was in the stories.

01:16:50   Okay, well, I'm gonna go to Steven's story.

01:16:52   - Well, I'm an influencer.

01:16:53   - ISMH86.

01:16:55   - Shut up.

01:16:56   - No, just a little bit of using it.

01:16:58   Oh yeah, look at that.

01:16:59   There it is.

01:17:00   Oh, all right, fair enough.

01:17:01   Oh, that looks really good.

01:17:03   Yeah, I like it.

01:17:04   It's like, it's like Terazzo Watch band.

01:17:06   Three, Apple says they have formulated

01:17:10   a new type of titanium that has special properties.

01:17:15   (humming)

01:17:18   They said a lot about it.

01:17:20   And they also were talking about Mars rovers

01:17:22   and all that kind of stuff.

01:17:24   Very exciting for everybody.

01:17:25   - Very exciting indeed.

01:17:27   - Apple debuts a new style of charger accessory

01:17:30   for the iPhone.

01:17:31   They actually, as we mentioned earlier-

01:17:32   - What chargers?

01:17:33   What chargers?

01:17:34   - They got rid of them.

01:17:36   - Apple don't make chargers.

01:17:39   What are they?

01:17:40   Five, Apple announces a new AirPods Max

01:17:45   featuring USB-C and made of titanium.

01:17:48   Steven, the Discord's very upset about this titanium pick.

01:17:51   You graded it as correct, so-

01:17:53   - What titanium pick?

01:17:55   - I didn't grade this.

01:17:56   - What, formulated a new kind?

01:17:57   - About the new kind of titanium.

01:17:59   Yeah.

01:18:00   I don't know.

01:18:01   I'm just saying, everyone's saying,

01:18:02   you said it was correct,

01:18:03   so I'm just gonna keep going on that.

01:18:05   Six, Dynamic Island and all new iPhones.

01:18:08   (hums)

01:18:10   Yes.

01:18:13   And seven, the best one of all,

01:18:14   the David Guetta song doesn't play.

01:18:18   - I refuse to hum.

01:18:19   (hums)

01:18:20   ♪ Titanium ♪

01:18:22   (hums)

01:18:24   - That's pretty good, right?

01:18:28   - That was good.

01:18:29   - That's pretty good.

01:18:30   - So what's your percentage?

01:18:31   - Okay, so that would be three out of seven, 42%.

01:18:36   So I owe a hundred bucks somewhere.

01:18:39   - Up to St. Jude.

01:18:40   I continue to be Prince Flexi.

01:18:43   That is the takeaway from this episode.

01:18:47   - And I remain the chairman.

01:18:48   - Let's face it.

01:18:49   - No changes in leadership today.

01:18:51   - Yeah, peaceful transfer of power.

01:18:53   - We do the whole thing, nothing's changed.

01:18:56   - Nothing's changed.

01:18:56   (laughs)

01:18:58   I've donated $100 to stjude.org/relay.

01:19:01   - Well done. - Thank you.

01:19:02   - If you wanna find links to the stories we spoke about

01:19:05   and the scorecards on the web,

01:19:07   check out the links in the show notes

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01:19:31   He's imike there on Macedon.

01:19:33   And he is imike on Threads.

01:19:36   Mike is also the host of a bunch of other shows.

01:19:38   Upgrade is in my queue.

01:19:39   Y'all's episode right for the keynote yesterday.

01:19:42   Cortex, the Panatic, lots of great stuff.

01:19:44   And your work over at Cortex brand.

01:19:48   Federico's the real person you wanna pay attention to

01:19:50   next week because the iOS and iPadOS 17 reviews

01:19:53   will be out on Mac Stories.

01:19:54   So be sure to follow along.

01:19:56   He is vatici@macstories.net on Macedon.

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01:20:13   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week.

01:20:15   They are NetSuite, Squarespace and ZocDoc.

01:20:18   Until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:20:20   (speaking in foreign language)

01:20:21   - Cheerio.

01:20:22   - Bye y'all.

01:20:23   - Also hilariously, just didn't change the scores

01:20:26   for the podcast thing.

01:20:29   Either we have, well, I've got three.

01:20:31   - Nice.

01:20:32   - 1614 leading into the podcastathon.

01:20:35   - Okay, well, currently now.

01:20:36   Wait, did I get four wrong flexis or five?

01:20:39   Did I know the wrong amount?

01:20:40   - Yeah, I think you got,

01:20:41   I think you donated the wrong amount.

01:20:42   - Oh, okay.

01:20:43   I'm also gonna make a $25 donation separately.

01:20:45   - Thank you.

01:20:48   - It's fine.

01:20:49   Everybody settle down.

01:20:50   - Lots of people are very upset about lots of things.

01:20:54   - Yeah, it's fine today.

01:20:55   - Stealing with that.

01:20:56   - $25.

01:21:01   - That's a natural price.

01:21:03   - The flexi.

01:21:04   - I'm willing to give Mike's titanium pick a point

01:21:09   because I mean, yeah, it's the roverb thing,

01:21:17   but I think what Mike was saying,

01:21:20   like all the things I said about like bonding it

01:21:22   to aluminum, like all the part.

01:21:26   - Yeah, I think that's where Steven was coming from too.

01:21:29   It's just like, it's the flexis, it's fine.

01:21:32   Like gang, it's gonna be okay.

01:21:34   We're all gonna be okay.

01:21:35   Like it's gonna be okay.

01:21:36   [ Silence ]