466: The Rickies (September 2023)


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:08   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 466.

00:00:12   It's a very special episode this week as we are making our picks for Apple's September 2023 event.

00:00:20   We will get to that after some other things, but I want to thank our sponsors for this episode, Express, VPN, and FitBod.

00:00:28   My name is Stephen Hackett and I'm joined by everyone's favorite British person, Mike Hurley.

00:00:34   I like this tone because I was wondering, like, am I going to burst into this episode, immediately throwing down the gauntlet and saying that I'm going to win and everything?

00:00:42   But then you were so nice to me, I just feel like I can't have that kind of energy. I'm happy to be here.

00:00:48   I'm glad you're here.

00:00:49   Oh, I'm supposed to introduce everyone's favorite Italian.

00:00:52   Wow, feelings over.

00:00:54   Federico Vittucci. Hi Federico.

00:00:56   Hello.

00:00:57   I was thinking, what nice thing is Stephen going to say about Federico?

00:01:00   No, you're supposed to say something nice.

00:01:02   But he didn't get to say it, I got to bungle it instead. I did say everyone's favorite Italian.

00:01:06   Well, that's good enough. Thank you.

00:01:08   I actually think that probably is true, by the way. Like, I don't know if I'm every, like, of our listeners, I'm not sure that I'm necessarily everybody's favorite British person.

00:01:17   I'm convinced that Federico is everybody's favorite Italian who's listening.

00:01:22   We just have one item of follow-up and it's a sad one.

00:01:26   [Hums]

00:01:30   That's what we want, right? What is that called? The last rites?

00:01:34   Taps.

00:01:35   That is a surprisingly accurate rendition of an instrument.

00:01:40   Thank you.

00:01:41   Have you done it with your mouth?

00:01:42   Yes, that was my mouth instrument.

00:01:44   Wow.

00:01:45   It was, depending on what instrument you thought it was. If he was going for guitar, it wasn't very good.

00:01:50   Nobody plays taps on a guitar. Do they? Or do they?

00:01:55   I want to see that.

00:01:56   You shouldn't.

00:01:57   YouTube. Taps on guitar. Oh, it's just people tapping guitars. That's not useful.

00:02:03   Yeah, that's no good. That's not helpful.

00:02:05   Okay, so, follow-up. iTunes movie trailer website and app has been taken down.

00:02:12   So if you go to trailers.apple.com, at least here in the US, it redirects to the TV app.

00:02:18   I got some email from readers when I said that. It's like, "Ah, it's not true everywhere," but here it is.

00:02:22   And, yeah, it's gone. So it's rolled into Apple TV stuff. And I guess it makes sense.

00:02:29   It's sad because this thing is ancient. Like, it really made big news in the 90s with Star Wars Episode 1,

00:02:35   when everyone thought that was going to be a good movie, and the trailer was on it, and it got seen by millions of people,

00:02:40   and like, broke the internet. And it's been downhill since then, and it's finally gone away.

00:02:47   So, goodbye, old friend.

00:02:50   Do you think it is at all possible that we may be partially responsible for this?

00:02:54   Yeah, I think we may have done it. Because listeners may remember that maybe a year ago, two years ago,

00:03:01   at some point in the past, we were talking about this, and I emailed the Mac.com email address that was attached to it.

00:03:11   Somebody should do the meme with the domino effect, with Steven with the small tile.

00:03:18   I found it. I'll put a link in the show notes to this.

00:03:24   Trailers@mac.com. I emailed them on November 13, 2019. So, four years ago.

00:03:32   Four years ago.

00:03:33   And I said, "I just came across this page, and it brought me real joy in remembering watching trailers in QuickTime back when I was in school."

00:03:40   Oh, no.

00:03:41   And then, 30 minutes later, they responded with an emoticon smiley face.

00:03:48   You went the one email inbox that just a handful of people were still monitoring, and they realized, "Oh, is this thing still on?"

00:03:58   And you, in appreciating an old website, actually killed it.

00:04:04   So, it's not that we are responsible. You are responsible, Steven.

00:04:07   Okay, so, Zach asks, "What happens if you email them now?" I'm going to reply.

00:04:11   I am sorry to see that the website has been taken down. I hope you are enjoying life in the TV app.

00:04:24   So, I'll report back if they ever get back to me.

00:04:28   Well, I mean, historically, it should be back before the end of the episode. If they're not, then we can only assume something terrible has happened.

00:04:34   Yeah, I think that's the lesson to be taken care of.

00:04:38   Last time they replied in 31 minutes. That's pretty good. And also, I totally forgot they sent you an old school emoticon with the nose.

00:04:47   The nose is the weird part. We have had this conversation. I remember having this conversation.

00:04:51   The nose is the weird part here.

00:04:54   Or, I'm just saying, Steven, you sent this email in November 2019.

00:05:01   Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You cannot blame me for 2020. You cannot blame me for 2020.

00:05:09   Small domino. Steven sends email.

00:05:15   Big domino. Pandemic!

00:05:17   Global pandemic.

00:05:19   Okay, well, September is here and September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. And for the fifth year running, those of us here at Relay FM and all of you out there in the Relay FM community are banding together to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

00:05:40   We have raised over $2.2 million for them over the last five years.

00:05:46   As I record this, we are very close to $2.4 million. Very, very exciting.

00:05:55   You can learn more at donate@stjude.org/relay. But Mike, will you tell us a little bit more about St. Jude?

00:06:03   You know, I'd love to. So we're very happy to join together again as we are hurtling towards that $2.5 million.

00:06:10   That's what we're aiming for this month because that's our total campaign total since 2019.

00:06:18   So we've been working together as a community to support the life-saving work of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because with your support, we'll be one step closer to that day.

00:06:27   One cure closer, one child closer.

00:06:30   St. Jude is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, but its work has a global impact.

00:06:35   St. Jude has treated children from all 50 states of the U.S. and from all around the world.

00:06:41   About 90% of children with cancer live in low and middle income countries.

00:06:45   That's unacceptable to St. Jude.

00:06:47   So they launched the St. Jude Global program to ensure that every child with cancer and other catastrophic diseases has access to quality care and treatment no matter where they live.

00:06:57   St. Jude Global shares knowledge, technology, and expertise of healthcare institutions, researchers, and fundraisers across the world to improve survival rates in their home countries.

00:07:07   For example, they train the doctors and researchers of tomorrow, host conferences, and share skills, and help nonprofit foundations raise awareness and build sustainable sources of revenue to support children in their countries with cancer and other blood disorders.

00:07:20   Today, St. Jude collaborates with more than 280 partners with St. Jude Global, representing more than 70 countries around the world and a growing list at that.

00:07:30   That's how far the reach of this work is.

00:07:32   Check out how St. Jude Global partnerships help in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and the Philippines at stjude.org/inspire.

00:07:39   So if you want to find out more about that, you can go there.

00:07:42   We continue to be so thrilled with the generosity of our community that have shown this year and over the last five years.

00:07:51   And we are asking for your support again this year to support the life-saving mission of St. Jude.

00:07:56   The fifth annual podcast-a-thon is fast approaching.

00:07:59   So live on Friday, September 22nd from 12 to 12 Eastern.

00:08:04   That is a 12-hour event, but we need your help to raise as much money as possible for the kids of St. Jude before that day, too.

00:08:13   Go to stjude.org/relay.

00:08:15   You can donate there.

00:08:16   You can also find out about fundraising.

00:08:19   If you sign up to fundraise yourself, you can set up a campaign as part of our rural team.

00:08:24   You can share that with your colleagues, with your family, with your friends, with your own community to help your fundraising, to help your dollars go further.

00:08:32   You know, like you can donate as much as you can donate.

00:08:35   But what if you also get donations from five other people in your life?

00:08:38   That's more money than St. Jude would have had to support its life-saving work than otherwise.

00:08:42   And if you do, there is some exclusive Relay FM merchandise available to you.

00:08:47   If you make an individual donation of your own, if you donate over $60, you get a pack of digital goodies.

00:08:54   If you donate $100, you get this and some stickers as well.

00:08:58   When you do make a donation of your own, please click the blue "Search Employer" button on the donation summary page to check if your employer offers a matching gift program, again being able to make your donation go further.

00:09:10   If they do, you'll get an email with details and how to have their match credited to our campaign total.

00:09:16   All of this information is available to you at stjude.org/relay.

00:09:20   St. Jude won't stop until no child dies from cancer.

00:09:23   With your support, we'll be one step closer to that day. One cure closer, one child closer.

00:09:28   This month and every month, let's cure childhood cancer together.

00:09:32   As part of the campaign, we are doing a bunch of extra stuff.

00:09:36   We mentioned the podcast-a-thon, but we have milestones we're doing as we raise money this month.

00:09:41   So just today, as we're recording this, Mike, you published a desk tour video, which included a preview of, I have to say, in its spec, a beautiful,

00:09:52   beautiful keyboard. Yeah. Yeah.

00:09:55   Incredible. I find folks over at Mode, it's a company that I really like.

00:09:59   I like their keyboards a lot. They sent me a pre-release version of their new keyboard, and I thought I could use it as an opportunity to show off the desk that I use every day.

00:10:07   So there's a bunch of little bits of information and shrinkage, some Mike lore in that video, I guess.

00:10:11   I did realize today something that I meant to put in the video but forgot, which was to explain why my desk is covered in stickers of Steven.

00:10:23   I think it's better that you didn't.

00:10:25   But I wanted to explain it. It was also part of, because I mentioned all the things that we're doing, there's various things that are St. Jude related on that desk.

00:10:34   And that was one of the things that I meant to show. And the thing that is particularly weird about this is there is an audience of people that will see this video that don't know me.

00:10:45   Because it's like, you know, this was part of a bunch of different people being sent this keyboard.

00:10:52   Realistically, I don't know why I was one of these people. There are people that are far more versed in speaking intelligently about keyboards.

00:10:58   But they sent me one, so I was happy to have it. And I thought I could do something fun.

00:11:01   But yeah, I realized that I completely forgot to reference why my desk is covered in stickers.

00:11:05   But there you go. There's also in that video, by the way, a preview of the screensaver.

00:11:11   I saw it. Yeah, I caught it. I saw it.

00:11:14   There's a lot of little easter eggs in that video. There's a few.

00:11:17   Yeah, so you're a vlogger again.

00:11:19   No, I did buy the vlogger microphone of the day, though. You know, the Rode Pro, the Rode little thing.

00:11:25   What's it called? The Rode? The wireless Rode microphone?

00:11:28   No, I own one.

00:11:29   They're really good. They're really good.

00:11:31   But yeah, there's a few easter eggs in that video. A couple that I haven't seen anybody mention yet.

00:11:36   So that'll be in the show notes. You can go watch it.

00:11:38   And Steven and I are going to be streaming. When is it? For Flight Simulator?

00:11:42   That will be this Friday at 11.30 AM Eastern.

00:11:47   And will be over on your Twitch channel at Mike.live.

00:11:51   We're really good at Flight Sim. So probably nothing terrible will happen to anybody on the ground under the planes that we're flying.

00:11:57   Have you ever flown?

00:11:59   Uh, no, I haven't.

00:12:01   Might have to change that during the podcast-a-thon, actually.

00:12:04   Yeah, I think we can set that up for the podcast-a-thon.

00:12:07   I want to see Steven behind the wheel?

00:12:13   Our company owns an Xbox now, so we can do that.

00:12:17   And then on Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on the 512 YouTube channel,

00:12:23   I will be building the Lego Technic Mars rover that just launched like two weeks ago.

00:12:29   That's a Technic set?

00:12:31   It is. I think.

00:12:33   Huh, I didn't know that. That's interesting.

00:12:35   I can't see it from where it is, but I think it is.

00:12:37   It looks like it, actually. Now I've gone and...

00:12:39   It's got some Technic vibes.

00:12:41   Yeah, so I'm very excited about that. I woke up early the day that it launched.

00:12:46   I set an alarm really early to get up and make sure I could get one for this.

00:12:50   So I'll be doing that on Saturday.

00:12:53   Oh yeah, just for this?

00:12:54   Yeah, I don't...

00:12:55   That was your reason?

00:12:57   I did it for my work.

00:12:59   You know, when my CPA is doing my taxes, he's like,

00:13:01   "How much did you spend at Lego.com?"

00:13:03   I was like, "But it was for St. Jude."

00:13:05   It was for the kids.

00:13:06   For the kids.

00:13:07   So that all is upcoming.

00:13:11   Now, Mike, one thing we're doing, if people go to stjude.org/relay,

00:13:15   and honestly, they should already be there donating now as I'm speaking,

00:13:18   but they will see a scoreboard there.

00:13:21   Can you explain the scoreboard and how this very podcast plays into it?

00:13:26   So the Podcastathon this year, there is a theme for the event,

00:13:29   and it is all about Mike versus Steven.

00:13:32   So we're going to be doing a bunch of challenges and games

00:13:34   throughout our 12-hour event on September 22nd,

00:13:37   with a points total accruing throughout the event to crown the co-founder champion.

00:13:42   That will probably be crowned at the end of the month,

00:13:44   because there are going to be a variety of activities around the Podcastathon

00:13:49   that will be leading into the points total, including the rookies.

00:13:54   So the total points that Steven and I score from the rookies

00:14:01   will be added into our individual points totals.

00:14:05   So next week, when we score it all up, we add up the rookies and the flexes,

00:14:11   the total amount of points that we each accrue will be added to the total,

00:14:16   or I guess subtracted as well. We haven't considered that.

00:14:20   I don't think that that is possible for the system,

00:14:22   so we'll have to work that one out later.

00:14:24   Let's find out.

00:14:25   But there's also a bonus round of the draft, the upgrade draft,

00:14:29   that's playing into this, with Jason playing on Steven's behalf.

00:14:32   It won't do negative numbers.

00:14:34   Yeah, so we'll work that one out later on.

00:14:37   Let's just hope, Steven, we have to just do a good job.

00:14:39   We just have to, I mean, look, I'm the defending champion,

00:14:42   and I plan on keeping my keynote crown, so yeah.

00:14:45   That doesn't seem right.

00:14:47   Are you sure?

00:14:49   Did you just crown yourself?

00:14:51   That doesn't sound right.

00:14:52   Is this like, is this a coup?

00:14:55   I actually think the only thing to do right now is to vacate the title.

00:15:00   You have to vacate the title.

00:15:04   The title's not vacant.

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00:16:41   It is now time, gentlemen, for the Bill of Rickies.

00:16:46   Let us start with the preamble.

00:16:48   The Rickies is a game connected hosts play before Apple Keynotes

00:16:51   and the beginning of a new year trying to predict future events.

00:16:55   It is made up of three rounds.

00:16:57   Each host makes two regular picks, followed by a risky pick.

00:17:02   There are two types of Rickies,

00:17:04   annual Rickies, which we're not playing today,

00:17:06   and keynote Rickies, which we are.

00:17:09   The winner of the annual Rickies is named the annual chairman.

00:17:12   This position is awarded every January.

00:17:14   The keynote Rickies winner is named the keynote chairman,

00:17:17   and this position is held until the next keynote.

00:17:20   After the Rickies, the hosts then play a game

00:17:23   called the Flexies.

00:17:25   These two games are separate, but related.

00:17:28   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:17:31   Okay.

00:17:32   Can confirm.

00:17:33   [Music]

00:17:43   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:17:46   The language used for regular picks must be finalized

00:17:49   and agreed upon during recording,

00:17:51   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:17:53   Correct risky picks are worth two points,

00:17:56   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host's total.

00:18:00   Picks must have been approved as "risky"

00:18:03   by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:18:06   A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored

00:18:10   by the publications of record, 9-5 Mac, or MacRumors.

00:18:15   [Music]

00:18:17   Picks made for keynote Rickies cannot be reused by the host

00:18:21   who made them for the next keynote.

00:18:23   The annual Rickies have their own subset of rules.

00:18:26   Once a host chooses something as an annual pick,

00:18:28   it cannot be reused in that calendar year.

00:18:31   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual Rickies

00:18:36   by the same host.

00:18:38   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:18:42   Scoring is completed during recording

00:18:44   and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:18:47   In the event of a tie, dice by Peacock must be used in Relay FM mode

00:18:52   to pick a winner.

00:18:54   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Rickies.

00:18:59   Coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed,

00:19:03   but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:19:07   [Music]

00:19:09   For keynote Rickies, the scoring window starts when the event begins

00:19:12   and closes when the picks are scored.

00:19:14   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable

00:19:18   at the time of recording.

00:19:20   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:19:23   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:19:27   The previous loser goes last.

00:19:29   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:19:33   As a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman

00:19:36   and I am the current keynote chairman.

00:19:38   Past results can be seen at Rickies.co and Rickies.net.

00:19:42   These sites also have pages about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:19:46   You may be seated.

00:19:48   Memory serves me that we wanted to make a change.

00:19:52   Yeah, is there a note somewhere?

00:19:54   But I don't remember.

00:19:56   At WWDC we were keen to make a change,

00:19:59   but I feel like we were maybe all too excited that nobody wrote down the change.

00:20:04   Maybe.

00:20:05   If a change is written in a document but no one writes it,

00:20:08   does it count as being written?

00:20:10   Well, it's not written in a document. It was just maybe said on a podcast.

00:20:13   It's a real mystery.

00:20:15   Well, we'll see if something comes up.

00:20:17   We should say in the show notes we have links to Rickies.co and Rickies.net

00:20:22   directly for this episode.

00:20:25   Don't click those links yet if you want to be spoiled for our picks.

00:20:28   Look at them after you listen to all of our picks.

00:20:31   We will start with round one, and I get to go first.

00:20:35   And I am saying at least one new iPhone ships with USB-C.

00:20:40   Yeah.

00:20:41   Do you want me to highlight a screen now? I can just go for it now.

00:20:44   Why would you?

00:20:46   Well, I guess I can't technically because of the rules, but you know.

00:20:48   Yeah, exactly. You just read all the rules.

00:20:50   Why would you immediately try to break them?

00:20:52   Yeah, but I'm in a fugue state when I'm in that document, you know?

00:20:54   That's a lot of words.

00:20:55   Look at you, Mr. Arrogance.

00:20:57   You're so convinced you're going to get this point.

00:20:59   I mean, you are, but still, you know?

00:21:02   But yes, you are getting this point, obviously.

00:21:05   Yeah.

00:21:06   They are.

00:21:07   So here's a question for you, Steven, and then also for you, Mike.

00:21:11   Where do you stand in this conversation, right?

00:21:15   I'm sitting.

00:21:17   Wow, Steven, Mike, I'm just going to ask you.

00:21:20   Steven's in timeout right now.

00:21:22   [Laughter]

00:21:24   Just go take a walk, clear your head, and come back.

00:21:27   Burn off this energy.

00:21:29   Yeah, we don't like it.

00:21:31   [Laughter]

00:21:35   Mike, so do you think there's going to be people upset at switching the cable?

00:21:42   Because, so here's, I'm debating this internally, because on the one hand,

00:21:47   I can see the arguments for people saying,

00:21:50   "Oh, we as nerds are going to love this switch to USB-C, but regular people won't."

00:21:56   And there's going to be this controversy, there's going to be another, you know,

00:22:00   gate something, you know, people are not going to understand that Apple was forced,

00:22:05   they're just going to see it as a money grab,

00:22:07   and they're going to be upset that they have to switch the cable.

00:22:10   I get that.

00:22:11   But also, I've heard from actual friends of mine who are not into tech blogs or tech podcasts,

00:22:19   I have heard from them saying,

00:22:21   "Oh, finally the iPhone is going to have the same USB cable as my other stuff."

00:22:26   So I am not so sure personally whether there's going to be a controversy or not.

00:22:31   What do you think?

00:22:33   I don't think that it matters what people think,

00:22:37   because the mainstream media, as we call them around here,

00:22:42   they are dying to write about something being bad about the iPhone.

00:22:47   So there's going to just be headline after headline about the,

00:22:54   "You can't believe what Apple removed from the current iPhone."

00:22:57   And it will just perpetuate this idea that we've all heard in the past

00:23:02   and continue to hear, and I guarantee people will say,

00:23:06   which is like, "Oh, Apple just keep changing those cables."

00:23:10   Like, first they did the lightning, and then they got rid of the headphone jack,

00:23:15   and now they're getting rid of the lightning cable.

00:23:17   So whether people will actually appreciate it or not,

00:23:21   I don't really think is that they,

00:23:23   people are going to just be,

00:23:26   will read enough and be told enough that Apple are doing this to make money.

00:23:31   I also don't feel like the thing that you said about them being forced,

00:23:35   that it will be Apple's line if they're going to make a line.

00:23:39   They were going to do this anyway.

00:23:41   I think this was coming, whether the European Union decided to do it or not,

00:23:46   because they could also just make an EU version of the phone

00:23:49   if they really had to.

00:23:51   Everybody knows this is just the right way to go.

00:23:53   Apple's proven over the years that they clearly prefer USB-C

00:23:57   in a lot of instances.

00:23:59   More and more products are getting it.

00:24:01   So this is just the perfect time.

00:24:03   They can do it now.

00:24:04   They can maybe say, "Oh, we had to do this."

00:24:07   But they're probably not going to say that,

00:24:09   I can't imagine that during any of the press stuff,

00:24:12   they're going to be like, "We did this because we had to,"

00:24:15   and not try and sell it as why this is better than what it was before.

00:24:19   Can you give us a normal answer, Stephen, without any dead jokes?

00:24:23   I think there'll be some up for,

00:24:25   but I think it'll be a lot less than Lightning was,

00:24:29   because Lightning came into the world on the iPhone first.

00:24:34   So your phone had this port that nothing else in your life had.

00:24:37   A bunch of people already have USB-C stuff,

00:24:39   and there's discussion in the Discord right now.

00:24:41   That's a good point that, well, the other end of the cable,

00:24:43   you may have a USB-A, and if you remember,

00:24:46   I think it was last year they switched to USB-C

00:24:49   to Lightning cables in the box.

00:24:51   So you're probably going to have to buy a power brick, maybe a cable,

00:24:55   but USB-C is everywhere, and so getting those things,

00:25:00   you have a lot more options than you did back then,

00:25:03   you know, in 2012 when Lightning came out.

00:25:06   So I think there'll be a hubbub, but I don't think it's going to be as bad,

00:25:09   and ultimately Mike is right that it is the correct call,

00:25:14   and it brings the iPhone in line with the rest of the industry,

00:25:17   so I'm all for it.

00:25:19   And even though, like, my household's going to be split,

00:25:23   because my wife uses an iPhone 13 mini,

00:25:26   and Mary refuses to give it up because she loves the tiny size,

00:25:29   and so we're also going to have some Lightning stuff in our house.

00:25:32   I think what my solution is going to be is that the dual,

00:25:36   is it the 35-watt charger that has, like, dual USB-C on it?

00:25:39   One is going to be USB-C cable,

00:25:41   and the other one's going to have a Lightning cable,

00:25:43   and that'll live in the kitchen for a couple years, and it'll be fine.

00:25:46   I see, I also have this problem with keeping at least one Lightning cable,

00:25:51   because Sylvia doesn't want to give up her AirPods 2.

00:25:54   She's still using AirPods 2.

00:25:56   They were good AirPods.

00:25:57   They were good AirPods, and she didn't like the redesign,

00:26:01   and so, like, she doesn't want to give them up.

00:26:03   That's wireless charging, though, right?

00:26:05   It could have wireless charging.

00:26:07   But more, like, I just see them.

00:26:10   I see how she charges them with the Lightning cable,

00:26:15   and so I know I'm going to have to keep a cable around.

00:26:18   I've been trying so hard.

00:26:19   Or you could just keep throwing all the cables out,

00:26:22   and she's like, "I need a cable," and it's like, "Well, you've got to go buy one,"

00:26:24   and then she gets it and you just throw it out again.

00:26:26   And, like, over time, it would try to be like,

00:26:29   "I think we should upgrade the AirPods."

00:26:31   Yeah, there will be a transition, but I think it'll be--

00:26:34   At some point, yeah.

00:26:35   Yeah, I think it'll be less spicy than the previous one.

00:26:38   I still need to replace one dock in my house, and then I'll be ready.

00:26:42   I need--the dock I have by my bedside is still one of the ones where I plug it in.

00:26:46   I need to change it, because I am all in on MagSafe now.

00:26:49   Yeah, I want to talk about that, because you've said that on a couple of shows,

00:26:53   and you were--you're afraid of magnets.

00:26:56   You always have been.

00:26:57   No, I'm not afraid of magnets. I'm afraid of fire.

00:26:59   You're afraid of magnetic fire.

00:27:02   Magnetic fire, especially.

00:27:04   Magnetic fire.

00:27:05   What has changed?

00:27:07   Standby.

00:27:08   What made you move to the MagSafe lifestyle?

00:27:11   It's all standby. Standby is, like, my favorite feature of iOS 17.

00:27:14   Well, I mean, technically, you don't need to use a--

00:27:17   I'm sorry to say this, but technically--

00:27:22   Standby truth. Let's go.

00:27:24   Technically, you can plug in a cable, place your phone in landscape mode,

00:27:29   and it's still going to work. Standby is still going to activate.

00:27:32   Yeah, but I don't like the cables, like, just like--

00:27:34   Oh, well, then I'm just--

00:27:36   I get it. I mean, you're doing the right thing.

00:27:39   I just wanted to give you an option.

00:27:41   I actually didn't know that, but I still wouldn't like it so much.

00:27:44   [laughter]

00:27:45   But now that I think about it--

00:27:47   All the cables.

00:27:49   Bring on the magnets.

00:27:51   See?

00:27:52   [laughter]

00:27:53   Also, Popsocket, they made a round magnetic Popsocket now.

00:27:58   Yeah, I saw that in your tour video. I had no idea.

00:28:01   I didn't. Alex Cox told me.

00:28:03   Because Alex Cox is, like, my person on the ground when it comes to Popsockets.

00:28:07   They let me know all the innovations, and they let me know.

00:28:10   And so, like, now I have it--

00:28:12   It's way nicer and easier to use and take off, and it's still super strong.

00:28:15   Well, you know, Alex writes the very well-known website 9to5socket, so--

00:28:19   I didn't know that.

00:28:20   That's good. Good to know.

00:28:21   Round one, my pick, very easy.

00:28:23   The Pro iPhones will use titanium instead of stainless steel for the chassis.

00:28:29   I'm so excited for this. I think it's going to look awesome.

00:28:32   Yes.

00:28:33   And it'll probably help with the weight. We may talk about that later on.

00:28:36   But, yeah, it's going to look good.

00:28:38   And look, the stainless steel has been around since the iPhone X.

00:28:41   That's been, what, six years? So it's time for a refresh.

00:28:44   When you set X, I had to think about it for a second

00:28:49   because I've become one of those people calling it and thinking about it as iPhone X.

00:28:54   Oh, no.

00:28:55   Yeah. I was like, "Wait, what's the 10?"

00:28:57   And then I realized, "Oh, the X."

00:28:59   The iPhone, Twitter.

00:29:00   10.com.

00:29:02   [laughter]

00:29:04   Yeah, I'm very excited. I'm very excited about this.

00:29:08   Titanium looks sweet on the Apple Watch Ultra.

00:29:12   I am keen to see what it means in terms of weight.

00:29:16   I just cannot stand the fingerprints on the sides of the stainless steel anymore.

00:29:22   Yeah. It's so bad.

00:29:24   I am so excited for titanium on the iPhone.

00:29:28   I'm going to say something wild for me.

00:29:32   I may consider, if it's really that sweet-looking and durable and light,

00:29:40   I may remotely--

00:29:42   Yes.

00:29:43   No. Now that you say no, if you're--

00:29:45   Join me.

00:29:46   Look, if you're so eager, I'm not going to say it.

00:29:48   Join me.

00:29:50   I may consider living without a case for a few days just to see what it's like.

00:29:55   It's so easy. It's so easy to live without a case.

00:29:58   We'll see. Anyway, let me repeat the text of my pick.

00:30:02   The Pro iPhones will use titanium instead of stainless steel for the chassis.

00:30:07   I'm excited about it. I'm excited. I hope that will look good, and I hope that it will be lighter.

00:30:12   My pick for the first round is at least one iPhone gets a telephoto lens with a more than 3x zoom.

00:30:19   I do realize now, like, telephoto lens, you might call me up on that one.

00:30:24   I'm going to say gets a camera.

00:30:27   Gets a camera with a more than 3x zoom.

00:30:30   Just draining the passion right out of it.

00:30:32   Yeah, but like-- because this is the thing.

00:30:34   We all know what I'm saying in this moment, but if they call it periscope, you'd be like,

00:30:38   "Oh, well, it's not actually a telepho--" you know.

00:30:40   So it's actually-- I'm going to say at least one iPhone gets a camera with a more than 3x zoom.

00:30:45   The 3x zoom is the maximum that it goes to right now, so this is obviously like 4, 5, 6, up 7, 8, 9, 10.

00:30:52   Wherever it goes.

00:30:53   A thousand.

00:30:54   Keep counseling. A million.

00:30:56   See into the future.

00:30:58   I was going to ask non-graded where you think it will land.

00:31:02   Like, do you have an idea of maybe where you'd want it or where you think it could be?

00:31:06   Not for the pick, just conversation.

00:31:08   I'm not sure that I want it.

00:31:10   That's my starting thing, right?

00:31:13   When you say, "Where do I want it?"

00:31:15   I'm not sure that I'm going to want it.

00:31:17   I feel like, honestly, maybe more than 3x is too much if it's the only telephoto.

00:31:24   Right? Like, my concern is what will happen is what's going to happen, right?

00:31:29   That they will have a-- it will be like 1x, 2x.

00:31:34   Really, it will be like 1x is real and then whatever the telephoto then starts out as real

00:31:40   and then everything else is just cropped, right?

00:31:42   I know the 2x is somewhere in the middle and that's fine, but like 3x is already kind of pushing

00:31:49   a lot of the time to the maximum of what I want from a zoom for what I'm realistically taking photos of on my iPhone.

00:31:55   But I'm holding out hope that it will actually be really good quality,

00:32:00   so then I will maybe use it in ways that I didn't use my iPhone before, right?

00:32:04   Because there will be like new types of photos that I can take, which I definitely felt that way with the ultra-wide.

00:32:09   There's different types of photos that I can take now.

00:32:12   So, I reckon probably 6x is where I reckon it will be because I feel like 3x to 5x,

00:32:20   it's like, is it really worth it that much? I don't know. I reckon probably 6x.

00:32:24   Want to add that to your pick?

00:32:27   Nope.

00:32:28   Okay.

00:32:30   Ryan asked a question in the Discord.

00:32:32   Mike, would you get the Pro and not the Max if the periscope lens happens?

00:32:36   No, because I'm not like anti-periscope lens.

00:32:39   I'm just like not sure it's going to necessarily be something that I like,

00:32:42   but I can then also just not use it if I don't like it.

00:32:46   It won't be the end of the world for me.

00:32:49   I might love it too, but I'm just saying like I'm not like in the camp of like this is obviously going to be better, you know?

00:32:56   I'm excited about it. I think it's going to be fun to have it.

00:33:02   It's always fun when we have a new camera or a new style of photo or video we can do with an iPhone.

00:33:09   And I think it's going to be pretty sweet to have the ability to really punch in at a sports event or watching a kid do something or whatever.

00:33:17   I will say like I got really excited about the large sensor last year,

00:33:21   and it did introduce like a thing that I find really frustrating with like the distance, like the focal distance of the main lens.

00:33:28   I find it to be quite frustrating.

00:33:30   So I don't want to get too excited again in case it ends up being something I'm not super excited about.

00:33:34   Federico, do you have periscope hype?

00:33:37   I'm torn because on the one hand, I do occasionally take advantage of the zoom,

00:33:43   mostly to take pictures of my dogs when they're doing something funny,

00:33:47   like they're running in the field and they're far away, and so the zoom helps.

00:33:51   And so in thinking about that scenario, I'm like, well, imagine if I had double the zoom, like 5x or 6x,

00:33:58   that would be pretty sweet because it means I can take a picture of Ginger running around and he's going to have pretty good detail.

00:34:05   But at the same time, that is very situational.

00:34:09   Like I am not, like I see a lot of people taking these artistic pictures using particular angles with the telephoto,

00:34:18   and I've never been able to take great pictures with that angle.

00:34:25   It's a functional thing for me. Like, yeah, I just need to zoom.

00:34:30   I would say most of my photo library is either, I mean, you know, let's not count selfies,

00:34:36   but most of my photo library is like main camera and ultra wide.

00:34:42   The telephoto is very situational for me. Like it depends on something.

00:34:48   Yeah, like my dogs are far away and doing something funny and it's easier to zoom in with the telephoto.

00:34:54   So I don't know. I don't think I have hype.

00:34:58   So my answer would be no, but leaving the door open for, you know, just to see.

00:35:06   I mean, I'll take it. Like I'll say I'm not super hyped. I'm more hyped about the titanium, honestly, than the Periscope plans.

00:35:13   Oh, and USB-C.

00:35:15   The end of round one. My pick, at least one new iPhone ships with USB-C.

00:35:21   Federico chose the Pro iPhones. We use titanium instead of stainless steel for the chassis.

00:35:26   And Mike said at least one iPhone gets a camera with more than a 3x zoom.

00:35:32   I think we're all going to do well in round one. I'm feeling good.

00:35:35   Round two. The two Pro phones will have different camera features.

00:35:41   Hmm. OK.

00:35:43   This year is going to be a year like maybe the 7 and 7 Plus and other years where you can get the regular sized phone.

00:35:51   Or if you want a different set of camera features, probably honestly better for most people, you get the big one.

00:35:58   You know, they do this some years. They don't do it other years.

00:36:01   This is clearly related to Mike's pick.

00:36:03   But I think it's going to be a year where people look at the big phone and say, gosh, I want that camera.

00:36:09   And it complicates their decision making.

00:36:12   Do you think there's a possibility it would be anything other than the Periscope?

00:36:18   Do you think it might add other things or do you think it's just the function of that?

00:36:22   I think chances are it's the telescope Periscope. Did I say telescope? The telescope lens.

00:36:28   Telescope. No, that would be...

00:36:30   Telescope Periscope.

00:36:31   That would be something.

00:36:32   Yeah. I could see Saturn on my phone.

00:36:34   Look, if they put a space telescope on the back of an iPhone, here's my credit card.

00:36:38   I mean, they might do. There has been rumors for years about some kind of astrophotography thing.

00:36:44   And maybe that is like an additional feature that it enables, right?

00:36:48   Like, hey, you can take pictures of the sky and maybe it won't be like...

00:36:52   What company was it that was replacing the images of the moon?

00:36:55   Wasn't it Samsung?

00:36:58   Might have been Samsung. Yeah.

00:37:00   There was a company take pictures of the moon and they were replacing it with a picture of the moon.

00:37:05   Samsung SpaceZoom.

00:37:08   SpaceZoom.

00:37:09   Yes. There's an article on The Verge in the show notes. It's very good.

00:37:12   Kate said something interesting in this quote.

00:37:15   What if there's more than two pro phones?

00:37:18   I don't think we need to bother thinking about that.

00:37:21   We don't need to worry about the wording so specifically.

00:37:24   Because like, if we start... The pics are already full of this very strange language.

00:37:30   Like, the minimum two pro... They're not going to do three pro phones, are they?

00:37:36   I feel like that's part of the pic then.

00:37:39   Yeah, I was going in that direction. What if...

00:37:42   Probably then ultra is not a pro phone, is it?

00:37:45   Oh, I'm sorry. I hold my hands up. I get the point. I understand it.

00:37:51   Yeah, you walked right through it.

00:37:53   I mean, I guess inherent in my pic is that there's not pro, pro max and ultra.

00:37:57   I'm fine with that.

00:38:00   I think this is not an issue for the pic.

00:38:04   But, just imagine the possibility... I'm just imagining the scenario.

00:38:09   It would be fascinating that maybe...

00:38:12   What if there's three phones and it hasn't leaked because it's using the same chassis of the pro max?

00:38:19   Like, what if the ultra is just a pro max but with the periscope lens?

00:38:23   The realistic thing that I think is more likely to happen is that the big phone is just not called pro at all.

00:38:29   But we're not going to lawyer that this time. We know what we mean.

00:38:34   But there's probably just the iPhone something pro and then the iPhone 15 pro and the iPhone 15 ultra is likely.

00:38:42   But we know what that means. It's fine for this time around.

00:38:45   If we start slicing that up, we also have to deal with Federico's "the pro iPhones use titanium."

00:38:51   That's what I'm saying. This time we know what we mean.

00:38:55   We're all going to agree that we're not going to get to the point scoring and be like "well actually there's only one pro phone."

00:39:01   We're good. We're good.

00:39:03   It's a thing to raise because there is the possibility of it changing this time.

00:39:09   But now we've raised it. We've all come to an agreement and we can carry on.

00:39:13   So Federico, you're up. And I almost chose this one. I was so close to it.

00:39:17   OK. So my second pick is at least one of the new iPhones will have a customizable "action button" instead of a traditional mute switch.

00:39:30   So this has been rumored. Code references have been found in the iOS 17 beta.

00:39:37   And we've talked about this before. The idea of Apple getting rid of the traditional mute switch that lets you only switch between ring or silent mode.

00:39:47   And instead bringing over a customizable button, sort of like the action button of the Apple Watch Ultra,

00:39:54   that allows you to assign different actions to a physical button on your phone.

00:40:00   The only thing I would like to clarify here is that I put "action" in double quotes because it doesn't have to be necessarily the official name of the button.

00:40:12   It's just a way to refer to it as an idea. Is that OK?

00:40:16   That works for me. Do you think it's going to be orange?

00:40:19   Ah, so I've thought about it. I don't think it's going to be orange.

00:40:22   I hope it's not orange.

00:40:24   I have a theory about this and it's out there, but the colors on the Profones are looking like they're going to be pretty boring.

00:40:33   All of them will look good with an orange button. Just putting that out there.

00:40:37   I don't want the orange button. I don't want an orange button on my iPhone.

00:40:42   I think it'll be color matched.

00:40:43   I don't really want it on my Apple Watch either, to be honest, but I think I would take it more there.

00:40:48   Because I could complement it with bands, I suppose, although that is actually quite limiting for what bands you can wear if you're trying to do that.

00:40:55   I don't really want an orange button on my phone, I don't think.

00:40:59   What I think, and obviously this is not part of the pick, but what I think is interesting is if this is happening and it looks like it's happening,

00:41:07   and you will be able to, for example, assign a shortcut to the button that opens the camera or turns on the flashlight.

00:41:19   At that point, why also have the camera and flashlight buttons at the bottom of the phone on the lock screen?

00:41:28   What if you could customize all of it?

00:41:31   It seems silly. Yeah, but they should have done it, right? But they should have done it in the iOS 17 beta.

00:41:36   Unless it's going to come out in the gold master after this event.

00:41:40   Or it's a feature just for the Pro phones.

00:41:45   Oh my god, no, why?

00:41:47   Only professionals can customize their camera and flashlight button.

00:41:51   They should have done it before. Those toggles should be an API for developers, and if so, it should be something that gets released at WWDC.

00:42:01   The thing is, Federico, I can also activate the flashlight from Control Center.

00:42:07   So the fact that it would be in three places rather than two places.

00:42:10   I think it's silly, but it's not necessarily an indication of the fact that those things are going to be customizable.

00:42:15   Because clearly Apple doesn't care if you have twice the toggles, very close to each other.

00:42:22   But I think it's silly that they're not customizable at this point.

00:42:25   Because you're going to have an action button, you're going to have Control Center, and you're going to have toggles at the bottom of the lock screen.

00:42:32   I mean, how many ways do you need to turn on a flashlight, really?

00:42:35   All three are innovative ways to walk around with a pinpoint of light coming out of your pocket.

00:42:40   When you've turned the flashlight on your pocket and you're walking around like a dope.

00:42:43   I want to try another one. I've never tried this before. Siri, turn on the flashlight.

00:42:48   It's going to work.

00:42:49   Yeah, it works.

00:42:50   Hey, it worked!

00:42:51   Hey, there's going to be...

00:42:52   I'm going to give you a fifth one. You could use back tap and a shortcut.

00:42:57   You could use back tap.

00:42:58   You turn on the flashlight. So realistically, you're going to have five ways to turn on a flashlight on your phone.

00:43:04   Or you could be one of my parents and have a flashlight app on your phone.

00:43:07   At least one iPhone gets a three nanometer processor.

00:43:11   Yeah, it feels good.

00:43:13   It's going to happen.

00:43:15   There was that report that they bought all of them, right, that someone's semiconductor could make.

00:43:19   Yeah, we talked about that last week because Federico was like, I want to walk in a place and say, you know, I'll take it all.

00:43:25   Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'll take it all.

00:43:28   So, yeah, I think, you know, this is going to be probably what's in the pro phones.

00:43:34   I would be... I'm most excited about this for the potential extra battery life.

00:43:41   Because as these processes shrink, you tend to gain efficiency in your energy consumption.

00:43:47   And if that means that these phones get an extra hour or two of battery life over the 14 Pro, I think that's going to be great.

00:43:54   Like, I'm always a fan of those slides.

00:43:56   And I like the way they talk about it. They started doing this years ago.

00:43:59   Like, oh, this phone gets two hours more battery life than the iPhone 8 Plus before it or whatever.

00:44:05   And so I'm going to keep my eyes open for that for sure.

00:44:08   No more battery life would be sweet.

00:44:10   If that's what that can do, that would be awesome.

00:44:13   So at the end of round two, my pick, the two Pro phones have different camera features.

00:44:19   Federico, at least one of the new iPhones will have a customizable "action button" instead of a traditional mute switch.

00:44:27   And Mike said at least one iPhone gets a three nanometer process.

00:44:31   That all feels good, right?

00:44:33   Mm-hmm. Yep, we're all going to win so far.

00:44:35   I actually feel like... I feel pretty confident that we all get maximum points from these first two phones.

00:44:42   So far, yes. I think so. All green.

00:44:45   You know what that means?

00:44:47   No, yes.

00:44:48   Three way climb flip challenge. That's what I think.

00:44:50   That's what that's going to mean.

00:44:52   But we'll find out.

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00:46:34   So next week I'll be traveling and if I get a workout in at the hotel I'm staying at, I can just look around the room and tell Fitbod I have this, this, and this, I don't have that.

00:46:42   And it will reconfigure my workout, accounting for the equipment I have available to me and where I am with all the rest of my exercise. It's really smart.

00:46:51   Personalized training of this quality can be expensive, but Fitbod is just $12.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

00:46:58   You can get 25% off your membership by signing up at fitbod.me/connected.

00:47:05   So go there now and get your customized fitness plan at fitbod, F-I-T-B-O-D, fitbod.me/connected for 25% off your membership.

00:47:16   Our thanks to Fitbod for the support of the show and Relay FM.

00:47:20   I come with a problem because we didn't technically follow the rules in that we have not settled.

00:47:29   Someone didn't.

00:47:30   No, I gave you plenty of time to decide.

00:47:34   No you did not. No you didn't.

00:47:35   Yes I did.

00:47:36   You came this morning.

00:47:38   Plenty of time!

00:47:39   You came this morning with a bunch of numbers.

00:47:42   Everybody, yeah, you came to us this morning with a math problem that you initially stated incorrectly.

00:47:49   No, you were incorrect in your math. You pulled the wrong phone.

00:47:52   No, no. Why are there edits to the message then?

00:47:55   You come to me in the morning when I write my iOS review with a bunch of numbers and equations and percentages.

00:48:02   And like what do you want from me, man?

00:48:06   So let me read my two possible risky picks and we can debate the merit of them.

00:48:12   The math, as I said in our group thread, is secondary.

00:48:15   The math is just necessary so we know if I get the points or not.

00:48:19   No, I don't think the math is necessary.

00:48:21   It is!

00:48:22   Like how can you say the math is secondary if I get the points or not?

00:48:27   The math is the whole pick.

00:48:29   Let me read them.

00:48:30   And I will just state, in your original message here you say 14 Pro so you were wrong.

00:48:35   I did the math on the 14 Pro and then you were like "Oh no, I meant 14 Pro Max."

00:48:38   So you did come at it incorrectly at first.

00:48:41   Well it was very late at night.

00:48:43   Okay, the one that doesn't involve any math is Apple announces a multi-device charger that looks a lot like AirPower.

00:48:51   I love it.

00:48:52   Easy.

00:48:53   It's perfect.

00:48:54   Risky pick done.

00:48:55   We can just close up, shop, and walk away.

00:48:57   It's got passion, it's wild, you're not gonna get the point, it's perfect.

00:49:03   It's perfect.

00:49:04   All around perfect.

00:49:05   It's everything you want from Ricky.

00:49:07   The other one is the 15 Pro Max, or Ultra, weighs within 10% of the 14 Pro Max's weight.

00:49:16   So to do that, the new big phone would have to weigh between 216 and 264 grams.

00:49:24   That's my issue.

00:49:26   What does it mean?

00:49:27   My issue is the 20% margin you end up with.

00:49:31   I think it's too much.

00:49:32   Yeah.

00:49:33   216 to 264 grams is a huge level of variance.

00:49:38   So what if I bring it down to say within 5%?

00:49:42   I cut those numbers.

00:49:43   Well then what's the number of grams?

00:49:45   Okay, so the 14 Pro Max weighs 240 grams.

00:49:51   So, point...

00:49:57   That's not right.

00:50:00   Now this range reminds me, when I was in middle school,

00:50:04   one time we were assigned this study group and we were supposed to, like,

00:50:09   three or four of us to get together at somebody's house and do a research on a topic.

00:50:14   And so I go to this kid, I was like 12 or something,

00:50:17   and like, "Hey, what time should I tell my mom to be dropped at your house?"

00:50:23   And he looks at me and is like, "Yeah, come over to 36 p.m.-ish."

00:50:29   I was like, "What?"

00:50:31   Yeah, "ish."

00:50:33   I was like, "What? Is it 230 or is it six?"

00:50:36   Like, "What kind?"

00:50:37   "Ish."

00:50:38   "This is that kind of range?"

00:50:40   Like, with it?

00:50:42   So if I say within 5%, then it needs to weigh between 228 and 252.

00:50:47   So that's 5% on each side.

00:50:49   It's pretty narrow.

00:50:50   I mean, is it risky?

00:50:51   Are you saying that it's gonna weigh 5% more or less than the existing phone?

00:50:56   That's what I'm saying.

00:50:57   Because there's been a lot of talk, including from the three of us,

00:50:59   that titanium is gonna make it weigh less,

00:51:02   and I think maybe it won't weigh as much less as we think it will.

00:51:05   I think my original reading of this was you were picking like 10% in one direction.

00:51:11   Oh, okay.

00:51:13   And like, that to me, I'm still not sure,

00:51:17   but like that to me feels better than the range, like on either side, right?

00:51:23   That either you're saying it's lighter or it's heavier, and you're saying within a percentage?

00:51:29   The true risky pick would be to go against the mainstream opinion and say it's gonna be heavier than the existing.

00:51:40   I mean, that would fit.

00:51:43   We're not doing that.

00:51:44   We're really in it, you know?

00:51:45   Would you accept just 5%, within 5% less?

00:51:49   So it would weigh between 228 and 240.

00:51:52   That's a 12 gram range I have to hit.

00:51:54   I mean, I still think the AirPower one is better.

00:51:56   I still prefer the AirPower one.

00:51:58   If I've got a choice, I'm going for the AirPower one.

00:52:00   Well, you do have a choice.

00:52:02   But I do think this needs to become a flexi, because you've got to get, like if you're right, you've got to get the mark.

00:52:08   But like, I just prefer the AirPower one. It's cleaner.

00:52:11   So what I'm gonna do, AirPower becomes my risky.

00:52:14   I don't like losing to math, you know what I mean?

00:52:16   This makes me unhappy.

00:52:17   AirPower becomes my risky.

00:52:22   I'm going back to 10% as a flexi.

00:52:26   I do also really like, just from a scoring perspective, what does "looks a lot like" mean?

00:52:32   You know it when you see it, right?

00:52:34   Yeah, yeah. It's not a cube, right?

00:52:36   Can you imagine if they introduced a wireless charging cube that worked just like AirPower,

00:52:44   but you don't get it because it doesn't look like it?

00:52:47   Yeah, you put the phone on top and the watch goes on the side.

00:52:51   I do also like that you've chosen "looks like" rather than "performs like", because we all know they can't do that.

00:52:57   But, but, but, but, hold on, hold on.

00:53:00   Because now we have a different problem.

00:53:02   I love it.

00:53:03   AirPower was never technically released.

00:53:08   So when you say, I mean, and we gotta get technical here because there are two points on the line.

00:53:13   When you say "that looks a lot like AirPower", it's like if I said "that looks a lot like a unicorn".

00:53:19   Yeah, it's a horse with a worn-out face, you know?

00:53:23   But have you ever seen one? What shakes the horn?

00:53:25   Well, but we've seen it. They showed us an image of AirPower.

00:53:27   What is the, we need to declare an official reference for AirPower.

00:53:32   Ah, I got it, I got it.

00:53:33   "That looks a lot like AirPower, comma, without designated charging targets."

00:53:40   Okay.

00:53:41   All right.

00:53:42   So we're really going for it. Yes, I love it.

00:53:44   Look, they've had six years to fix it.

00:53:47   If you win, if you win, because you get this right, I will send you money as a gift.

00:53:53   I won't even be mad.

00:53:54   You'll send St. Jude money.

00:53:56   I will give you, I will give St. Jude money, but I will give you specifically $5 so you can go buy an ice cream.

00:54:01   Dairy for your ice cream. Okay.

00:54:03   So I'm going to restate it because we went around and around.

00:54:06   My risky pick, Apple announces a multi-device charger that looks a lot like AirPower without designated charging targets.

00:54:13   Do we need to say the looks a lot like part?

00:54:16   I think that's what makes it funnier. Like I think.

00:54:18   All right. Yeah. I mean, yes. Great.

00:54:21   Yeah.

00:54:22   Yes.

00:54:23   I don't think any of us are going to get our riskies, but you know, I'm going to go out in style.

00:54:28   Yeah. Yeah. That's how you got to do it.

00:54:31   Okay.

00:54:32   So I'm up and my pick is also related to charging.

00:54:35   It is. Yeah.

00:54:37   So my risky pick is at least one of the new iPhones will support the new G2 wireless charging standard.

00:54:47   And see, this is a pick with an "and".

00:54:50   And quote, reverse wireless charging for AirPods cases.

00:54:56   So this is a two sided pick.

00:54:58   There are two elements in this pick.

00:55:00   At least one of the new iPhones will support the brand new and upcoming G2 wireless charging protocol.

00:55:07   Which I don't know if you guys recall was announced a few months ago.

00:55:10   It's launching this fall.

00:55:11   We've seen a bunch of announcements come out from a bunch of accessory makers.

00:55:15   And this is the brand new G standard based on the MagSafe specification.

00:55:22   So there's going to be magnets to align your phone with the charger.

00:55:27   And the second part is reverse wireless charging for AirPods cases.

00:55:32   So this was rumored last year.

00:55:35   So here's my thought process.

00:55:38   This feature, the fact that you will be able to charge the AirPods case by placing it on the back of the phone,

00:55:44   was supposed to come out with the iPhone 14 Pro last year.

00:55:49   And then according to a bunch of publications, the feature was tested and then it was shelved for 2022.

00:55:58   Saved for the future.

00:56:00   And my thinking is, what better time to reintroduce a feature that you tested before,

00:56:07   than the year when you're changing the cable, you're introducing some kind of complexity for people.

00:56:13   Including folks who have AirPods with a lightning connector.

00:56:18   It would be a very nice and tight message to say, we know you're going to change the cable,

00:56:25   but now you can also charge your AirPods like this.

00:56:29   Place them on the back of the phone.

00:56:31   So I got bad news for you.

00:56:33   I wonder if you're going to say the same thing I am.

00:56:35   Saturday, February 11th, 2023 Mac rumors.

00:56:38   iPhone ultra rumor reverse wireless charging still planned.

00:56:42   I think the fact that it's the Qi 2 thing.

00:56:45   I think that it's the combo part.

00:56:48   Because I feel like in combo pics before, we've gotten through.

00:56:51   Now you guys decide.

00:56:52   No, I think that this is okay.

00:56:54   Because we need to know it's Qi 2 and has reverse wireless charging for AirPods cases.

00:57:00   For me, that feels okay.

00:57:04   That's how I feel.

00:57:06   Chance from 9to5Mac is in the chat.

00:57:09   So if there's a good time to hear from an official publication of record,

00:57:13   now would be great.

00:57:15   But I think, yeah, it needs to be Qi 2 certified.

00:57:18   And...

00:57:20   And Qi 2 does not...

00:57:22   It's so hard to say.

00:57:24   That does not equal MagSafe, right?

00:57:26   There are differences.

00:57:28   I think MagSafe has more power.

00:57:30   Yeah, they are different.

00:57:31   So...

00:57:32   Well, I mean, basically, with Federico's pic, they have to say it's Qi 2.

00:57:38   Or we have to be able to find that it's Qi 2.

00:57:40   Like that's the thing we need to be able to point to and be like, there it is.

00:57:43   It says Qi 2.

00:57:44   Yeah.

00:57:45   Here's an article...

00:57:46   That's how it goes.

00:57:47   From Apple Insider talking about MagSafe versus the Qi 2.

00:57:54   It's so hard to say.

00:57:55   You're really struggling with that.

00:57:56   I can't say it.

00:57:58   So...

00:58:02   So my understanding was that Qi 2 is compatible with MagSafe,

00:58:05   but Qi 2 and MagSafe are two different things.

00:58:07   They are different things.

00:58:09   They both charge at 15 watts and have a ring of magnets,

00:58:12   but MagSafe obviously is not on Android phones, but this could be.

00:58:16   And it is confusing because Apple does not support Qi 2, even though it is...

00:58:26   Right, but they would have to.

00:58:27   They would have to say it.

00:58:28   I think that's the risky part.

00:58:30   They would have to go out of their way to say, "Oh, we also work with this."

00:58:35   I'm willing to give it to you as a risky pick,

00:58:37   but like, just barely.

00:58:40   Let me tell you why I think that this would be interesting for you, Federica.

00:58:47   So I'm not sure if it could work with the magnets,

00:58:55   because the magnets on the back of the AirPods

00:59:00   and the magnets on the back of the iPhone are the same, right?

00:59:04   Unless they have a new case.

00:59:06   A new case for USB-C that also supports this.

00:59:09   Right, but then it wouldn't work with MagSafe,

00:59:11   because the magnets, they've got to be opposite each other, right, for the polarity.

00:59:15   So who knows? There are magical things that can be discovered.

00:59:18   Who knows how magnets work?

00:59:20   You know what? That's a good point. Who knows? Nobody knows.

00:59:24   I mean, are you a magnet engineer? No, you're not.

00:59:28   So it's possible.

00:59:29   I mean, I'm holding two MagSafe pop sockets close to each other right now,

00:59:33   and they do not like it.

00:59:34   Yeah, so here's something from Chance.

00:59:37   It's a press release about G2.

00:59:41   "WBC member Apple," which is WBC is the Wireless Power Consortium,

00:59:46   "provided the basis for the new standard building on its MagSafe technology.

00:59:50   Apple and other members developed the new magnetic power profile,

00:59:54   which is the core of G2.

00:59:56   Its magnetic power profile will ensure that phones

00:59:59   or other rechargeable battery-powered mobile products

01:00:01   are perfectly aligned with charging devices,

01:00:04   providing improved energy efficiency and faster charging."

01:00:08   So I don't know if we know if it's exactly the same thing.

01:00:12   I wouldn't mind you adding an extra bit of passion spice on top of this.

01:00:17   But I think it can stand, but it's pretty passionless.

01:00:23   Oh, wow! You're just throwing the gauntlet down there.

01:00:29   Is this a bait? Are you trying to--

01:00:31   -No! -I think he's baiting you.

01:00:33   I'm not baiting you.

01:00:35   I mean, I could think of an extra passion ingredient to add in.

01:00:42   Sprinkle some passion on top.

01:00:44   So what's the watt limit for MagSafe? Is it 15 watts?

01:00:51   15. You could say it's within 5%.

01:00:55   Shut up.

01:00:57   I could say it's within 5% ampers per hour.

01:01:04   I could say that with MagSafe,

01:01:15   with the new MagSafe in the new iPhones,

01:01:19   they'll bump the limit to 20.

01:01:22   So they're still going to have a competitive advantage compared to G2,

01:01:25   with G2 being limited to 15 and the new MagSafe bumped to 20.

01:01:31   Federico, just say increase it from 15. Don't say that.

01:01:34   No, no. Numbers are passionate. People have always said that.

01:01:39   You wouldn't set a number. You were a range, right?

01:01:42   I did. I set so many numbers.

01:01:45   You were a range.

01:01:47   So I just think that you've already pushed him into changing this.

01:01:51   I just figure you're adding more and more on top.

01:01:55   Just say over 15. The maximum charge limit is over 15.

01:01:59   I know already, though, that this is going to be the thing that's going to make me lose.

01:02:03   See, that's...

01:02:05   Nah, there's no way of knowing.

01:02:07   Well, if I'm forced to do it, I will do it.

01:02:10   So at least one of the new...

01:02:12   I'm not forcing it, but if you want to sleep well at night playing the game well, you should change it.

01:02:16   No, see, what is this? What is this psychological thing you're doing?

01:02:20   Do I need to change it or not?

01:02:22   Is it risky? Do we have a risky adjudicator or something?

01:02:26   We don't.

01:02:27   There is no adjudicator. We must agree.

01:02:29   And I said it right. I think at least one of the new iPhones will support the new

01:02:34   CHEETU wireless charging standard and reverse wireless charging for airports cases is a risky pick.

01:02:39   And I think Steven agrees. He just wanted you to add more passion.

01:02:43   That was all he wanted you to do.

01:02:45   It can stand. It can stand.

01:02:47   My objection has been entered into the record, but I approve.

01:02:50   Okay.

01:02:51   Okay.

01:02:52   Mike?

01:02:53   Alright, so that's the text.

01:02:55   So I'm going to give a little lead up to mine, alright?

01:02:57   And then I'll give you the pick.

01:02:59   So we're talking about a periscope lens, right?

01:03:03   Which, just on the face of it, to a regular person like me, it doesn't make any sense.

01:03:11   Why is it a periscope?

01:03:12   Like there is no periscope that I know it to be like there's not like this little thing that's coming out of the phone and like looking around, right?

01:03:18   It's not like a submarine.

01:03:20   It's some like nerdy camera thing. Periscope, right?

01:03:24   I do not think Apple will talk.

01:03:27   We'll call this a periscope lens.

01:03:30   And I think part of that is shown in the fact that they have finally changed the naming of the camera to main camera, right?

01:03:39   Because we always complained that it was called wide and they finally realized that when you have an ultra wide and a wide, it doesn't make any sense to regular people.

01:03:47   It's just got ultra wide, main and telephoto.

01:03:50   So I do not think they are going to call this a periscope lens when essentially all it's doing is acting as the telephoto lens, right?

01:04:00   Like it just makes the telephoto lens go further.

01:04:02   So I think they're going to brand it.

01:04:04   Now that's like where I'm coming from.

01:04:07   The problem is I now need to come up with a name, right?

01:04:10   Because me saying they won't call it a periscope lens is just not enough.

01:04:15   So I've been trying my best and I had two options.

01:04:22   The one I'm going for is, this is my pick.

01:04:25   Apple calls the new camera the magic telephoto.

01:04:30   Magic telephoto.

01:04:31   Magic telephoto.

01:04:33   I love the name.

01:04:34   The only other name I had was ultra telephoto, but I thought that that would mean that it would maybe only ever be on the ultra phone.

01:04:44   And so like I decided to get rid of that.

01:04:46   And so I got the magic telephoto.

01:04:49   I love it.

01:04:50   Samsung beat him to the best name, right?

01:04:53   The Apple Playdee doesn't. Oh, Space Zoom?

01:04:55   Space Zoom.

01:04:56   Magic telephoto is a great name though.

01:04:58   Not a great name, but Space Zoom is pretty cool.

01:05:01   Look, whether it's good or bad, it's an Apple name, right? We can all agree on that.

01:05:05   Putting the word magic in front of something is like...

01:05:07   Magic telephoto pro.

01:05:09   That's what I got.

01:05:10   So the magic telephoto.

01:05:12   I need to do something, guys.

01:05:14   I need to add the passion to my pick.

01:05:18   I cannot sleep well at night.

01:05:20   Steven is right.

01:05:21   I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that you heard mine and you were like,

01:05:26   "Now I need more passion that doesn't fill me with confidence."

01:05:29   Yeah, yeah. I need to do it. Steven was right.

01:05:33   How could I live with myself if I went with a boring pick?

01:05:36   Sorry, Mike. We'll come back to the magic telephoto in five seconds.

01:05:40   That's fine.

01:05:41   Maybe 20 seconds.

01:05:42   So at least one of the new iPhones will support the new G2 wireless charging standard

01:05:47   and quote-unquote reverse wireless charging for AirPods cases. Period.

01:05:51   MagSafe charging speed will also be raised from 15 watts.

01:05:56   I'm going to enter it in the document. Okay.

01:05:59   So magic telephoto.

01:06:01   I love the name.

01:06:03   I think your reasoning is right that Apple likes to sort of productize things.

01:06:11   I mean, they give names to displays of all things.

01:06:15   And a great point in sort of pointing out that the white camera was renamed to main camera.

01:06:24   It makes sense to, you know, what is a periscope?

01:06:28   Nobody knows what a periscope is.

01:06:30   And those who do, associate it with the submarine.

01:06:33   Yep.

01:06:34   And I mean, I'm just saying, you have a phone made of titanium, you know.

01:06:41   Oh, no, no, no, no.

01:06:43   Having a submarine reference with Titan in the name.

01:06:48   Yep, yep. It's just bad.

01:06:50   But anyway, it was a submersible, so it's not a problem.

01:06:53   Yeah, sure. But still.

01:06:54   I don't think submersibles have periscopes, so it's okay.

01:06:58   I'm sure if they will do it, they will give it a name.

01:07:03   And sure, you're betting on a specific name, which is a good one, I think.

01:07:10   I mean, it's better than Dynamic Island, so.

01:07:15   I guess so.

01:07:16   Yeah, yeah.

01:07:19   Magic telephoto.

01:07:21   Okay. So, Stephen, let's read the three risky picks again.

01:07:27   I said, "Apple announces a multi-device charger that looks a lot like AirPower, without designated charging targets.

01:07:34   Federico said, "At least one of the new iPhones will support the G2 wireless charging standard and reverse wireless charging for AirPod cases.

01:07:44   MagSafe charging speed will also be raised from 15 watts."

01:07:48   Mike said, "Apple calls the new camera the Magic Telephoto. Not graded. Also considered Ultra Telephoto."

01:07:56   Also, sub point, not a periscope.

01:07:59   It's just context. That's all just context.

01:08:02   So they don't need to be entered into the record.

01:08:05   "It is now time to move into the Flexis. The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Riki's.

01:08:12   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

01:08:17   Scoring is completed separately from the main game, but like the Riki's, the order of picks is set by the results of the previous game,

01:08:24   and ties will be broken by using dice by Peacock. Please lie down as the rules are read."

01:08:29   "Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks. Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

01:08:40   Wrong picks do not remove any points, and no partial points may be awarded.

01:08:44   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexis made by each host.

01:08:49   The winner can use their chosen title as long as they are the winner.

01:08:52   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi, and is known as King Flexi when having won both the keynote and annual games.

01:09:01   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

01:09:08   Steven is the Attorney General Flexi and uses the title Secretary of Deflex when necessary.

01:09:14   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to a charity of the winner's choice.

01:09:22   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser. The money must be donated on air.

01:09:30   Federico is the current winner of the keynote Flexis, and Mike is the winner of the annual Flexis.

01:09:36   If someone holds all four titles, they are allowed to choose their own name and moniker.

01:09:43   You can be seated.

01:09:45   So I am the person who may be able to consolidate ultimate control.

01:09:51   Again.

01:09:53   In case you didn't remember that, because I am currently the annual winner of both, so I am annual Archduke Flexington.

01:10:02   Just in case you forgot.

01:10:05   Yeah.

01:10:06   You get the opportunity to consolidate and control once more.

01:10:11   I don't feel threatened by you. I am very confident that I will win both of these games.

01:10:16   Both the regular Rickeys and the Flexis.

01:10:20   Well, you're up first and you've only made five.

01:10:24   Please let the future winner talk.

01:10:27   Flexi number one. Some of the new iPhones will be more expensive in some European countries.

01:10:33   I don't even think that you need to... you could choose as you want.

01:10:39   I think it's just going to be more expensive anyway, like especially the big one.

01:10:43   Yeah.

01:10:44   Like for everybody.

01:10:45   That recklessness is what's going to make you lose.

01:10:49   Some of the new iPhones will be more expensive in some European countries.

01:10:54   Hey, maybe it's going to be more expensive in France and not in Germany. Who knows?

01:10:59   Do they still ship headphones in the box in France?

01:11:02   Do they? I think they do.

01:11:04   You all have talked about that in Upgrade, I think.

01:11:05   No, I think they changed it. I don't remember, but I think they changed it in the end.

01:11:10   Flexi number two. A new AirPods case with USB-C is unveiled.

01:11:15   So I think they're going to do what they did a few years ago when they introduced just the wireless charging case option.

01:11:22   For folks who had the AirPods without the wireless charging case, I think they're going to do the same with the USB-C connector.

01:11:28   If you have second generation AirPods Pro with the Lightning connector, you will be able to buy just the case for those AirPods with the USB-C port.

01:11:37   Number three. iOS 17 gets released on the week of September 18th.

01:11:43   So the week after the event. Starting Monday the 18th, any day is good enough.

01:11:49   So it's like one of those picks where you hope that by picking it you are willing it into existence.

01:11:54   I totally am. It's going to be Monday the 18th. Come on, it's obvious.

01:12:00   I mean, you want to do Wednesday the 20th, you know, be my guest.

01:12:03   But they're going to do the Monday.

01:12:06   Number four. Apple won't release any new leather accessories as part of the event announcements.

01:12:13   Can we talk about this for a minute?

01:12:14   Including cases and watch bands. Yeah.

01:12:16   So this has been a rumor going around the last few days, right?

01:12:19   I mean, the rumor says it's like, right, if I'm right, there's no more leather, but it doesn't necessarily say what's going to happen.

01:12:26   Like I assume they're going to have a leather effect case, like a vegan leather kind of thing.

01:12:31   I have a Flexi that addresses that a little bit.

01:12:33   Okay, great. We'll get onto that later on then.

01:12:36   Yeah.

01:12:37   And yeah, final Flexi iPhone 15. So the regular model gets slower speed USB-C transfers.

01:12:49   And then you're going to go higher than what?

01:12:52   The slower speed compare. So let me add paired to compare to the pro models.

01:13:02   They're not going to do Thunderbolt on the 15 and 15 plus.

01:13:05   Got to get those file transfer speeds up, you know?

01:13:07   Mm hmm.

01:13:08   All right. I'm up next. Some iPhones will come with color matched cables.

01:13:14   Number two. Apple Watch SE is not updated, but receives a price cut.

01:13:21   Okay. What are you thinking?

01:13:24   Well, currently it's $249 or $299 for GPS and then $30 more for cellular.

01:13:30   Maybe they drop it to like $229. I don't think it's going to be big, but it's been hanging out there for a year.

01:13:36   They got rid of the series three and they're still not at like that $199 kind of magic price point.

01:13:41   So I think they could just bump it down a little bit.

01:13:43   Apple Watch Ultra 2 comes in at least one new finish.

01:13:47   Probably that dark titanium that we've talked about.

01:13:50   Apple replaces its leather iPhone cases with a new product.

01:13:54   So not just getting rid of leather and just having silicon, but having something new.

01:14:00   There's that rumor that is called like fire woven and it's fine.

01:14:03   Fine woven.

01:14:04   Fine woven.

01:14:05   Fire woven.

01:14:06   Fire woven.

01:14:07   It's like completely heavy metal.

01:14:09   Yeah. That's your MagSafe charger, you know?

01:14:12   Yes.

01:14:14   Forged in the depths of the earth. Our new case.

01:14:19   It's vegan leather.

01:14:21   I thought it was fake leather a long time ago. I didn't know they were still using leather.

01:14:26   As far as I know, it's still real leather.

01:14:28   Yeah, no, it is.

01:14:29   I would think that Apple would be on the forefront of getting rid of that for animal purposes, for climate change reasons.

01:14:37   Like there's lots of reasons not to use it.

01:14:39   Yeah, and it's kind of gross they're doing it still. I also thought it was fake leather.

01:14:44   In looking into some stuff around notebook covers, a lot of vegan leather materials are not environmentally friendly.

01:14:51   So like you've got to find the balance still.

01:14:54   Yeah. Well, that's why they're using the woven fire, you know?

01:14:57   Fire woven.

01:14:58   I'm going to call it that for the next three years now.

01:15:00   It's like, I was going to say it's burned in my brain.

01:15:03   Well, it's fire woven. So you know it is.

01:15:06   Number five, iPhone Pro models will be equipped with Thunderbolt, but come with a USB-C cable in the box requiring a separate purchase of a Thunderbolt cable.

01:15:19   Yes.

01:15:20   Thunderbolt cables are expensive.

01:15:22   They are, especially the Apple ones, which are admittedly great Thunderbolt cables.

01:15:28   Yeah.

01:15:29   I got a bunch here. Those are really good, but they are expensive.

01:15:34   iPhone 15 and 15 plus get an always on display.

01:15:39   Wow.

01:15:40   They're going to get, assuming they're getting the dynamic island, the dynamic island and live activities are way better when you have an always on display.

01:15:49   Standby, way better when you have an always on display. I think they're going to do it.

01:15:54   I don't think this is going to happen.

01:15:56   This is risky material, Steven.

01:15:58   This should have been your risky pick.

01:16:00   Really?

01:16:02   Yeah, there have been a lot of rumors that this isn't the case.

01:16:06   So it's dumb, but not risky is what you're saying.

01:16:10   It's still risky, no, but the AirPower one's riskier and I want you to lose.

01:16:14   So, there have been a lot of rumors about the fact that they're going to hold off the, or there have been rumors from display analyst Ross Young,

01:16:24   that they're going to hold off the, the always on until they have a new display technology in the pro that like, because they need to keep some kind of differences between these devices.

01:16:35   But I feel like they're doing a lot of that this year, potentially.

01:16:38   I don't know. I think it would be a better product with an always on display. And so I'm putting it out there.

01:16:43   Number seven, by the time we grade these picks, our St. Jude fundraiser will be over $250,000.

01:16:50   We're at $187,000 right now.

01:16:53   Is this insider trading?

01:16:55   Yeah, yeah. I'm sitting on 40 grand to donate. You know, I'm just waiting to drop it. No, I'm not.

01:17:01   At $250,000, by the way, we were speaking about milestones earlier, Mike gets to audit my Mac setup at 250 grand.

01:17:08   I really want to do this in person.

01:17:10   Yeah. Oh, that'd be really good.

01:17:11   So I hope that we, we get there that I can just point at your computer and say, what's wrong with that? Why does it do that?

01:17:17   And number eight, the return of the king, the iPhone 15 Pro Max slash ultra weighs within 10% of the 14 Pro Max's weight.

01:17:26   Not graded. The new phone will need to be between 228 and 264 grams.

01:17:31   Everybody loves it. Everyone's favorite pick.

01:17:33   Those are my eight, eight flexes.

01:17:36   Yeah. I went for seven. The reason me and Steven are scoring so high is there's more potential points for us to add to our podcast.

01:17:42   That's what I'm talking about.

01:17:43   Mm-hmm.

01:17:44   Seven flexes are as follows. New Apple watch ultra band style.

01:17:49   Jon wrote a really good, good piece about this on Mac stories last month.

01:17:53   Put it in the show notes.

01:17:54   I will.

01:17:55   The Pro Max becomes the ultra.

01:17:58   Mm.

01:17:59   For some reason, I have the same one in there twice.

01:18:02   So you have six.

01:18:03   So I have six. I know I have six. I'm not entirely sure why I picked number three.

01:18:10   To be fair, we've never tried this as a possibility. Could I not just pick the same thing?

01:18:15   There was maybe a copy paste error. I'll never know about the lost flex either.

01:18:23   So I know I said.

01:18:24   That's amazing.

01:18:25   Number three. Apple say they formulated a new kind of titanium that has special properties.

01:18:31   Oh, they have to say it.

01:18:32   Yeah. Do you know what I'm remembering though? The gold.

01:18:35   In that event.

01:18:37   Yeah.

01:18:38   Well, I don't know if this is even you're thinking about, but in the Apple watch event in March 2015, the one that Federico went to, they had videos for aluminum and steel.

01:18:46   Like this is not your average aluminum. We put whatever in it.

01:18:50   And they also made a video for gold they put online, but did not show in the keynote, which is my favorite thing Apple's ever done.

01:18:56   It's like, but it's not normal gold. And this watch is $28,000 for a long time.

01:19:01   They talked about their metal work and I think you're right. They can't help themselves.

01:19:06   I mean, I know obviously they didn't do this for the titanium watches to my memory, but I just think that they're going to want to talk about why this is better titanium than any other titanium that's ever titaniumed when they talk about the iPhone.

01:19:17   Because it's a, it's a bigger deal. And like, isn't titanium, like there are bad properties with it, right? Like there was a reason that titanium iBook was so bad. Isn't it soft?

01:19:28   It is soft, but they can change that with metal work.

01:19:34   And that's what I think they're going to talk about is that formulation of this titanium that they've made. That means that it's strong and resilient and...

01:19:43   The big problem with the TiBook is that they painted it and the paint flaked off and it gave titanium a bad name for 20 years.

01:19:51   I'm going to add in a seventh, by the way. Apple debuts a new style of charger accessory for the iPhone.

01:19:58   Does it, what does it look like?

01:20:00   It doesn't look like air power.

01:20:02   I mean, maybe this was in there before Steven's thing. So like it just is what it is now.

01:20:07   Yeah, it could be anything. Could be anything.

01:20:10   Apple announces new AirPods Max featuring USB-C and made of titanium.

01:20:15   I mean, yes, please. Yes.

01:20:17   The titanium would probably be heavier than the aluminum ones, which is what everybody wants.

01:20:21   Or are you saying they'd replace the stainless steel band with titanium?

01:20:24   I don't know.

01:20:25   Because the outside things are aluminum. This could be heavier if they went with titanium.

01:20:30   Yeah.

01:20:31   I love it.

01:20:32   Whatever.

01:20:33   It's just saying that they're made of titanium. Look, titanium is in this year. You gotta go with titanium.

01:20:39   Who cares about steel and aluminum anymore? It's titanium. Yeah.

01:20:44   Pick six. Dynamic island on all new iPhones.

01:20:48   Pick seven. The David Guetta song doesn't play.

01:20:52   Oh, no. Come on.

01:20:54   I hate the song. It's a personal vendetta I have against the song.

01:21:00   Number six for me. I'm adding one.

01:21:19   The David Guetta song plays either before or during the event.

01:21:31   Oh, like in the warm-up music?

01:21:33   Yes.

01:21:34   That's fantastic.

01:21:35   Wow, wow, wow. Don't we have a rule about when things are scored?

01:21:38   No, that's your other podcast.

01:21:40   Oh, really?

01:21:41   That's your other show, man.

01:21:42   Yeah. All this has to do is between the...

01:21:46   Oh, okay. Hang on. Let me read the language. We actually may have a problem.

01:21:49   I don't think that's true.

01:21:50   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts when the event begins.

01:21:55   Well, the event begins when the live stream is up.

01:21:57   I think so, too.

01:21:58   I love it. Really?

01:22:02   I think he's okay.

01:22:04   Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Okay.

01:22:05   There's an event page with a thumbnail of a video. When the video goes up, the event has started.

01:22:14   Okay. Here's the thing. Apple presses play. They release a press release. Would that count?

01:22:18   Apple what?

01:22:19   The music begins.

01:22:21   The Titanic.

01:22:24   Then Apple releases a press release about air power. Would Steven get his pick?

01:22:28   They don't talk about it in the event.

01:22:30   Yeah. That rule is on upgrade. We don't say anything about when it's said.

01:22:34   Right. Well, yeah. But now we are... I think we need to codify an amendment.

01:22:39   We can keep it for this time, but for later that like when the live stream begins is the beginning of the event.

01:22:45   Let's change the rules. Yes. When the live stream begins.

01:22:50   Because we're making a... I feel like there was an understanding that we had. The understanding has now changed.

01:22:56   Like if I would have said to you before this, when does the event start? I don't think you would have said when the music begins.

01:23:03   This show is always an ongoing process.

01:23:07   Yeah. Yeah. So I'm cool with this, but I just think we need to state this is the fact.

01:23:12   Yeah. We need to say we are branching out and we are now including the pre-event live stream into potential guessing opportunities.

01:23:22   Okay.

01:23:24   It's allowed this time and we will deal with the rules next time.

01:23:29   Please make a note though.

01:23:30   I did. I have a comment in the Google doc.

01:23:34   So it will in the future say something like when the live stream begins.

01:23:37   So for context, I added a six flexi saying the David Guetta song plays either before or during the event.

01:23:46   And Mike's seventh pick says the song doesn't play.

01:23:49   Okay. So we have six, seven and eight flexis. Perfect.

01:23:53   So you can play along with us next week during the keynote. There are links in the show notes so you can see our picks and interact with them.

01:24:02   We will be recording next week on Wednesday at a regular time after after the dust has settled from the event.

01:24:10   And I'll be present hopefully with some hands on impressions, maybe if I'm lucky enough to get to do that.

01:24:16   In the meantime, if you want to find other links for things we spoke about, which is really just the iTunes movie trailer thing,

01:24:23   those links are in the show notes and they're on the web at relay.fm/connected/466.

01:24:29   But the most important thing in the show notes this week is stjude.org/relay, where you can donate and get involved with St. Jude's life saving work.

01:24:38   And thank you all to have been who have been involved in the campaign so far. It's been awesome.

01:24:43   You can find us all online. You can find Federico at maxstories.net where there will be an epic iOS and iPadOS 17 review in the coming weeks.

01:24:53   We're looking forward to seeing that.

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01:25:31   Do you ever think you should become ismh86 on Mastodon?

01:25:34   I probably should at some point deal with all that.

01:25:38   I have some other branding problems I've got to contend with in the next little while.

01:25:42   Oh yeah?

01:25:43   Yeah, I'll talk about it later.

01:25:44   Oh, switch on FM.

01:25:47   I think our sponsors ExpressVPN and Fitbod. Until next week when we judge our picks guys, say goodbye.

01:25:55   I'll do that to you. Cheerio.