147: Stacked September


00:00:00   What color is it? I like to do a lot of sort of neon 80s kind of magenta and cyan kind of colors. Is that just for podcasting?

00:00:07   It's in the Hue app. There's like a theme that's called Soho. I use that a lot when I'm doing work. So I'm doing writing stuff

00:00:13   I also put on the Soho colors which matches my obsidian theme which is neon 80s. So it's a very consistent lighting look

00:00:21   I'm gonna take a look at the Hue app. Do you have the Hue app for your office? Do you have Hue light stuff?

00:00:25   I have a couple of lamps of Hue bulbs in them. However, for some reason that I can't fully understand and it's happening again

00:00:31   The Hue app doesn't really work for the studio, but I have the lamps running

00:00:35   I think the problem with these lighting setups is there's a

00:00:38   S-curve you need some number of light bulbs to make it look good, right?

00:00:43   So it's like yeah having four light bulbs is eight times better than having two light bulbs

00:00:47   You need a bunch but then it tails off very fast. Like now there's too many

00:00:51   So if you just have a couple I don't think you get the real effect of these themes

00:00:55   I discovered the delights of LED strips as part of redoing this office and that I was like, oh, right

00:01:02   Yeah, we have one of those couple of those at home. Actually, I used to have one of my old desk in mega office

00:01:08   Oh, yeah, and we got one for Idina because she really liked it, too

00:01:11   But I don't have any of that kind of stuff in the studio. I mean

00:01:14   It's still a thought of mine to

00:01:17   actually take advantage of

00:01:21   Floor lighting in the studio to not have these big overhead lights that I have

00:01:27   Yeah, and you now do make more bright bulbs

00:01:30   Hmm, like that's a thing that they do that they didn't do when I first started buying these they actually just have like much brighter bulbs

00:01:38   Which I think I would need and would take advantage of getting a few lamps

00:01:41   But this is now gonna be a project which goes along with the home because we like floor lighting at home to Robin and overhead

00:01:47   Mmm, and so I think once we try and work out how the lamp situation for home

00:01:53   It might give me some ideas for the studio, too

00:01:55   But I'm in kind of a phase right now where I want to read do some stuff in the studio

00:02:00   But I just haven't really got the capacity for it right now

00:02:04   But I think it might be something I'd take a look at towards the end of the year starting next year

00:02:08   I can't remember where I first came across it

00:02:10   But I like whatever I discovered the existence of LED strips as like oh, that's intriguing

00:02:14   I was watching some tutorial where someone was putting them together and they just they made the off-handed comment about how all

00:02:20   Lighting is so much better if you're never looking directly at the source of the lighting. Yeah, and I was like, ah

00:02:25   Right. So like I've tried to do that with all of the lights in my office is like none of them

00:02:31   Am I ever looking directly at they should all be bouncing off of something or like you use the LEDs to hide them under the desk

00:02:37   You should never look at the LED strip

00:02:39   You should just look at it bouncing off of other stuff

00:02:42   But I look directly into the LED strip and never look directly to the LEDs to also

00:02:46   I think it's funny that you were saying that you want brighter bulb because I want nothing more than dimmer bulbs

00:02:51   Like their 1% is not dim enough for me. I'm like I need this bulb dimmer

00:02:56   I agree of you in some circumstances right that like I do want dim

00:03:00   But I just mean the amount of light that would be dim in the studio to light

00:03:05   The studio is a lot of light needed, you know, hmm something I did get with Hugh recently in the bedroom

00:03:11   They have Edison style bulbs now, which I really like. What does that mean? I don't know what that means

00:03:17   So like if you look at the bulb if you just google Edison bulb

00:03:21   It's like a bulb style where you would see the filament in like a coil. Oh, I think of these as hipster light bulbs

00:03:27   Yeah, okay. Yes, they hipster light bulbs

00:03:29   yeah, and so Hugh made a range of hipster light bulbs and of course we got them for the bedroom and

00:03:33   They are just inherently less bright, huh?

00:03:37   So they're really good for the bedroom like we have a lamp on each side of bed and like it they like shine down towards

00:03:44   Us but you can put it really low. It's it feels to me low at any other hue bulb that I've used

00:03:49   Did you colors or is it just white? It's just warmth. I think mmm

00:03:55   No, see I like I want all my neon lighting, but I wanted it like

00:03:58   0.25% brightness that that's how I work. I've got 20 light bulbs, but I all want them at like

00:04:05   Tiny amounts of light

00:04:07   So, how's September going Mike, you know

00:04:12   I had this thought because I wanted to like touch base of you about this anyway today

00:04:16   Mmm, because it's hilarious to me that it was two episodes ago two episodes ago where I was talking about how busy I was

00:04:23   Where like I've gotten to the point in my life, I think where the word

00:04:28   September has a different

00:04:31   meaning

00:04:35   Uh-huh, it has a different emotional valence perhaps. Yeah, I think that's what's going on

00:04:40   I don't really feel this way about other months maybe December right because December's Christmas, you know

00:04:45   So it's like awesome good nice family time or whatever

00:04:47   But I feel like the word September has like a really different meaning to me now

00:04:54   And I think it's you know

00:04:55   I say it a lot during the month more than I would a regular month right like September is childhood cancer awareness

00:05:00   Like it becomes part of like a thing that I say

00:05:03   But then you know, it's just coupled in the iPhone event and travel and like yeah this one

00:05:09   It's been really tough and it continues to be very busy

00:05:12   But I found some moments this month where it's been rewarding feeling you're like once we actually start getting into the fundraising stuff

00:05:20   It's you gets a different feel and as we're recording this

00:05:24   I'm a couple of days away from traveling to Memphis and that also really changes the feel of the month for me

00:05:30   Yeah, but it is also what makes the rest of it

00:05:33   So complicated because I am also gonna be away for like a third of the month so they could you know that adds in

00:05:39   Complication to the rest of it. So it's been pretty busy and I don't think anything could highlight their busyness of the month

00:05:46   Then the fact that I got invited to the iPhone event and I said no. Yeah, that's an indicator of

00:05:53   How busy your calendar is? Why did you say no to going to the iPhone event Mike?

00:05:59   It was just too complicated and I've got too much stuff on this month and I I could not see a way to make it work

00:06:06   Mm-hmm that wouldn't cause some kind of problem that I wouldn't have otherwise had

00:06:11   Mm-hmm. So like for a selection of reasons which are complicated. I cannot change my travel from London to Memphis

00:06:20   Mm-hmm. And so it was always gonna have to be I would need to be back here to leave again. That's crazy

00:06:28   No, it felt like way too much

00:06:30   And so I said no but like the thing about it that's just so interesting to me is it's like well

00:06:36   That's like the hot ticket, right? I just listen to a podcast as someone described the iPhone event. It's like the Super Bowl of Technology

00:06:42   It's like yep, that's pretty fair. Yes. Everyone's paying attention whether you usually care or not

00:06:48   Like I'm listening to like podcasts this week that aren't tech podcasts and they're referencing the fact that there's a new iPhone, you know

00:06:55   Like it's just like it permeates popular culture. Yeah, I have a friend who calls it Apple Christmas see for me

00:07:01   Actually, I would say it's the bit of EDC

00:07:03   But that's because I mean it more right for me like finding the software is the most exciting but I can understand how

00:07:07   People would assume that this is it because it's when the toys are announced, right?

00:07:12   So you got invited to the North Pole and you're like, I can't make it. I was like no Santa

00:07:16   So it was just just such a strange thing to do right for me

00:07:23   I'm like, here's the thing that you had always like I imagine they're like maybe not even thought like because it's such a

00:07:30   hot ticket

00:07:32   Even more so than debbity see right because it's like in the Steve Rose Theatre which puts a hard cap on how many people they can

00:07:38   invite

00:07:39   Wwec

00:07:40   Outside so they can just keep increasing the number if they want to add more rows of chairs

00:07:45   All right, it's a very different thing. However many humans you can fit in that enormous circle

00:07:50   Yeah, exactly. So they can just keep increasing it and I feel like the 2021

00:07:55   Or 2022. Sorry, I should say 20 22 WBC the first one where they have people come to the campus

00:08:02   It did feel like that like it just kept getting bigger and bigger more more people were getting invited

00:08:07   Like from developers and media and stuff like as it was as the month was going on

00:08:11   This one is like there's a hard cap on it and I was super

00:08:16   happy and honored to receive the invite immediately right like as soon as it came out it landed in my inbox and

00:08:22   I sat on it for a couple of days and I thought about it and I had a bunch of conversations

00:08:27   With people in my life. I looked at it. I looked at it from a bunch of different angles and just ultimately

00:08:33   Realized that I'm going to do a bad job of something

00:08:39   That is important if I go to this

00:08:43   Including I may have done a bad job with my iPhone

00:08:47   Episodes right like the episodes of upgrade and connected and this show that was scheduled to be done this week

00:08:54   with the travel and how condensed it was gonna be and probably how

00:08:59   Wired in a bad way. I was gonna be it would have made everything worse and it would have made st

00:09:05   Jude's stuff worse

00:09:06   It would have made family stuff worse like everything would have been brought down and buy in this one instance

00:09:12   Different years might be different might plan for it differently next time

00:09:14   I had like if we think this might happen again

00:09:16   but I don't know I just felt like it was a

00:09:19   Thing to mark to have gotten it and also a thing to mark in my personal growth that I could turn it down and feel

00:09:26   Confident and content with that decision it is strange to say I think you did make the right decision

00:09:34   Like you said it's amazing to be invited like that's great

00:09:37   But it it is surreal to be at a position like that to try to think through like is this a thing that I can add

00:09:45   right because

00:09:47   Again, like you said you don't plan your September's around the idea that you're going to get an invitation to something like that

00:09:53   I haven't happened before. Yeah, exactly. So I was like, oh

00:09:55   It's like we were saying that you know those two episodes ago how?

00:09:59   For your career

00:10:02   September has become this really big month that started with the iPhone and then these other events

00:10:09   Like st. Jude like other things that you're doing like it's all sort of

00:10:12   Taken over the month of September as like these are the big projects now and I think

00:10:18   This year has now really solidified that with this event

00:10:22   It's like oh the thing that started all of this I cannot actually make time to go for because of my prior commitments

00:10:30   Yeah, it's a real

00:10:32   Interesting career moment. Yeah, I can only imagine

00:10:35   Like how do you think you would explain that to?

00:10:39   Younger Mike. I don't think I can

00:10:41   Thought about this like I was talking with another friend of mine who was in a very similar situation and also couldn't make it and

00:10:49   I said to him like could you even imagine us from three years ago?

00:10:56   We are you think about like when you say younger like 20 year old me? Yeah, I'd like two or three years ago

00:11:01   Saying like oh you'll get an invite to the iPhone event

00:11:06   but you decide not to go because you have different priorities that time it's like

00:11:10   It's a wild thing to imagine in my line of work

00:11:15   Yeah, I don't think I could explain it to myself

00:11:18   It's like oh the you'll have different priorities of like but there is no other priority. It's the iPhone

00:11:25   You know, yeah, I like that you already shortened this timeline to three years ago you because yes

00:11:30   I was imagining like young Mike right? Let's say ten plus years ago and explained to him the situation

00:11:36   Would you like no three years ago Mike would have a very hard time with understanding the situation

00:11:40   Yeah, we don't even need to go back that far. Yeah, it's just a strange thing to have done. I really like

00:11:46   Took a moment when I was when I like you click it and you RSVP know

00:11:52   No click submit like I took like one of those mental image kind of things

00:11:56   Like remember this feeling because it's so weird to do

00:12:01   look any all of this was helped by the fact that my WWDC experience was an

00:12:07   actual like

00:12:10   May as well have been a dream

00:12:12   Mm-hmm had just how perfect it was like

00:12:16   going to the event and being with my friends and

00:12:20   Then getting to try the vision Pro

00:12:22   It was unbeatable like and I knew that as well which really helped like it's like this event

00:12:27   was not going to grant me like I'm not gonna get like

00:12:32   Special access or something like because this doesn't happen. Mm-hmm

00:12:36   All right

00:12:37   As we were talking about on the episode the vision per episode

00:12:39   This kind of idea is maybe happened like three or four times in modern Apple history

00:12:45   Yeah, yeah of people being able to use a device like we've significant time before it comes out

00:12:50   And so it's just never a thing that I even would have imagined for myself to be able to have done

00:12:56   And so now I feel like I kind of had the perfect experience

00:12:59   So this coming along three months later

00:13:02   It didn't sting so much that I couldn't make it because I already had something this year

00:13:08   Which is just like far away and exceeded my expectations

00:13:12   That I didn't need to prove something to the younger version of me by doing this

00:13:18   Yeah, I think there's always this danger in

00:13:21   obligations to your former self, but this is a slight different version right which is

00:13:26   It's easy to end up still like carrying the goals of a younger self

00:13:32   Even when that's like it doesn't really make sense

00:13:36   I think it's mentally useful a lot of times I've discussed this like previous theme episodes

00:13:40   Right as you sort of like imagine if you're in this situation today like clean slate without all of the history that got you here

00:13:48   What kind of decisions would you make I often find that as like a like a clarifying way to try and?

00:13:54   Rethink the past goals of your younger self and I think it's just very common that

00:14:02   In people's careers when they're pursuing a goal

00:14:06   Especially if it's a goal over a long period of time both like your career and the world around you

00:14:13   change in ways that

00:14:16   Can make that goal like not as sensible or not as important as it previously was

00:14:21   But it's really easy to not notice that in the moment to be like, aha

00:14:26   like this is the thing that I've been chasing for a long time and it's like

00:14:29   Right, but it was like a different you who started this like and does this make sense right now?

00:14:35   And and it doesn't always and like

00:14:37   Yeah, I think that's really difficult to do for everyone like I know I sometimes catch myself doing that sort of thing

00:14:43   It's very easy to just

00:14:45   Unintentionally carry forward past versions of yourself that aren't actually relevant to your current goals and current decisions

00:14:53   I hope I can do it one day like I would like to sit in that theater

00:14:57   It would be a cool thing to achieve

00:14:59   Yeah

00:14:59   And it would it's still a bucket list item to tick off and I hope that one year everything lines up and I'm able to

00:15:06   Time it out differently. Like for example, if the iPhone event was next week, it would have been doable

00:15:11   I'd be in America already. Mmm, right and so like a lot of the complication

00:15:16   I think we could have worked around differently, but it just couldn't work out this time

00:15:21   I hope I get to do it, but I feel really

00:15:24   pleased with

00:15:26   Myself that I'm in a position where I was able to do it and I was able to get through it all

00:15:31   With like minimal jealousy of my friends who were there

00:15:35   Like that was the thing I was worried about like, oh am I gonna be super jealous and like I wasn't

00:15:41   Mm-hmm. I was just happy for people that were there

00:15:44   I kind of wished I was with them because I wanted to see them but I didn't regret it

00:15:49   Basically, there was no regret all my friends are at the prom, but I'm not at the prom right now

00:15:53   Like that's that's not how you want to be feeling on the day and there was no regret

00:15:56   Well, I'm very happy for you. But yeah, it could not have fit into what I'm going to dub stacked September

00:16:03   This is absolutely terrible of me to say but as

00:16:10   The person who has a lot to do but not remotely as much as you this morning

00:16:16   I had one of those mornings where I woke up and I'm kind of like

00:16:19   Right, you have that like tension like oh god, right like immediately you wake up with like the list of things that you have to do

00:16:26   And it was like it was a five in the morning, right? And I'm like, oh god, right? I've got all these things

00:16:30   it's like wait wait just like

00:16:32   Think about Mike remember what Mike has to do. It's like, ah, okay

00:16:37   You can still be busy and feel busy like just cuz I'm busy doesn't mean I

00:16:44   Mean like if it helps you not feel bad, right but like that's awesome. It's an exercise in comparison

00:16:50   Yeah, but I wouldn't set it as like I shouldn't feel this way because oh, I don't mean it that way at all

00:16:55   No, like yeah, just to be very clear. I think that's a really dumb mental framing that lots of people do

00:17:01   Yeah is the like oh someone has it worse than me. So I shouldn't feel bad

00:17:06   Yeah, I think that's just really dumb

00:17:08   I mean it much more in the way of

00:17:11   It's like we got that great ask cortex question a while ago about like doing each other's jobs, right?

00:17:15   Yeah, just any time I think about trying to do your job. It's so horrifying to me, right?

00:17:21   It's more like that. You want my job in like April if you want it like that's like a good time

00:17:26   Is that the chill Mike time? It feels like it. I don't have any bad feelings about the word April

00:17:32   So right, it's probably pretty good. Just a negative valence for a stack September stack September. Oh

00:17:39   Hi Mike, what are you doing here? You're in my ad. I'm here because the subtlety is back

00:17:46   Stack September is also subtle September. Oh, I love it

00:17:51   The only problem is it's running until October but don't even think about that it starts in September

00:17:56   Yeah, it starts in September. They will still be on sale at October, but you know, you want to get them in stack September

00:18:02   Maybe that's the thing about stack September actually lasts for six weeks. That's what makes it so stack

00:18:08   And back for a limited time only

00:18:10   cortex brand

00:18:12   Dot-com you will find all five colors of our teas and sweaters navy black gray red and green

00:18:19   but this year we're adding a whole new product the subtle hoodie a

00:18:24   Lightweight hoodie in the same colors and material as the subtle sweater. I am very excited about this

00:18:31   I've had a model of this for a couple of weeks and I've been wearing it and I love it

00:18:35   so we have had our original hoodie for years, but it's a very thick hoodie and

00:18:40   I like in the kind of spring and autumn time to have like a thin hoodie. We're in the studio

00:18:45   Maybe I'm going down to the shops or something and not have to you know, have a coat

00:18:50   It's like a nice layering item

00:18:51   And so we've been able to bring the subtle embroidery to a nice lightweight hoodie this year

00:18:57   So close expand calm is where you go find them. We have them in all the colors something

00:19:02   I'm actually pretty pleased about this year. We have more color consistency than we've ever had before

00:19:07   Between the items so we've made some tweaks to some of the colors. One of them is a new blue

00:19:12   We have new blue in the sweater and the hoodie

00:19:16   They are much closer than before the sweater as well in general. I think is a higher quality item

00:19:23   It's softer on the inside than some of the sweaters we've had in the past

00:19:26   this is all the result of

00:19:29   Finally being able to make more decisions on stock management. Yeah because of the pandemic

00:19:36   Yeah, yeah, like there were just things we could not have access to

00:19:39   I've been trying to make the subtle hoodie for like two years at this point

00:19:44   But we could never get all of the colors that I wanted like even this time

00:19:49   We had to make some choices and we found the right one and I'm super happy with it

00:19:53   So it's still not as easy as it could have been but this is the easiest it's ever been so we can finally offer

00:19:59   This full range in all of the colors with the new edition

00:20:03   It's just about what we were able to get access to color wise and I think now the entire product line

00:20:08   Looks how I want it to and I'm super excited about it. So as we mentioned it's a limited time sale

00:20:13   It's available for just three weeks. So you have until October the 10th to get your order in

00:20:18   So if you're listening to this right now, and you're like, oh man, I've wanted to get one of those or that sounds really good

00:20:24   Let me go check it out. You have until October the 10th after October the 10th

00:20:28   It's not on sale anymore. So if you want it, you've got to go now and get it

00:20:33   I'm just gonna say this. I think I say something like this every year

00:20:35   This has got to be our most I regret I didn't purchase it item because we always get messages

00:20:43   After it's done where people like oh, it's like I want to get like no no limited time until October 10th

00:20:50   You want to go you want to get the shirts?

00:20:53   This is the time of year right? It starts at Stacks of timber if you're hearing this early October

00:20:59   You better get a move on right before it actually closes, especially our subtleties. This is basically

00:21:05   99% of my wardrobe now are the subtle

00:21:09   Right now I

00:21:13   Love the material. It feels really nice. It's like the perfect weight for an everyday t-shirt little thing

00:21:20   I love is that there's no tag on the back. It's just like a nice detail to put it on I

00:21:25   am

00:21:27   Extremely picky about t-shirts and I always feel like God is such a hard time finding one. That's good

00:21:32   This is the best one like it just is it's why I'm wearing it all the time

00:21:38   So I put in a huge order to make sure that I have enough for the whole year every time because it's like I want all

00:21:46   of these

00:21:47   here's how much I know that people really like this shirt, so we've done this for a number of years now and

00:21:53   Digging through the data as the head of logistics. There you go. Basically

00:21:58   Basically every year we do this sales almost

00:22:04   Perfectly double for many years in a row now

00:22:07   Yeah

00:22:07   and what that says is that the people who bought it last year like all of them buy it again when this year comes around and

00:22:15   We add some more people

00:22:17   So I feel like that speaks for itself that people buy these shirts love them and then want more of them. I just like

00:22:24   Cannot praise them highly enough. That's why I'm wearing them all the time and it's just worth remembering if you know around here

00:22:31   Why do we call it the subtlety like where did that come from?

00:22:33   Like obviously the name was a joke that when it was just a subtlety because it's like subtlety

00:22:38   But then we added the sweater and the hoodie and then the joke didn't make any sense anymore

00:22:42   I forgot that like it's funny. It's so long ago. I forgot that's the origin of where it was in my head

00:22:47   It's just like oh, it's it's the subtle shirt, right the subtlety

00:22:50   But the reason that this product existed is I was looking for something with our logo

00:22:57   That I felt like I could wear in any environment

00:23:01   Mm-hmm that like something that didn't feel like a typical much

00:23:05   t-shirt and like we have that you can go to our store at any time and buy like the big screen printed cortex logo on a

00:23:13   T-shirt and I own them and I love that

00:23:14   But I don't want to wear that all the time and I don't want to wear that in every instance and I feel like I can

00:23:19   Go and I can have meetings with people I can go to like smart casual events

00:23:24   And I can be wearing the subtlety or I can wear the subtle sweater and I fit in and it's comfortable

00:23:31   And it just looks like a nice piece of clothing that it is

00:23:35   But it's more subtle. It's more like

00:23:37   Understated but you're still able to wear something with a brand that you appreciate which I hope is our one

00:23:43   So that's why it exists. I'm super happy that we've added the hoodie now

00:23:47   I will be buying a bunch of the hoodies and a bunch of the sweaters and a bunch of t-shirts like I do

00:23:52   Every single year like so many cortexes do go to cortex brand

00:23:57   Dot-com and you can find the subtlety the subtle sweater and the subtle hoodie today, by the way to find the subtle hoodie

00:24:04   Click on the sweatshirts

00:24:05   That's where it is on the store or you can just click any of the links in the show notes and it'll go directly to

00:24:10   the product of your choice cortex brand calm only until

00:24:14   October 10th cannot stress this enough

00:24:17   October 10th is the last day

00:24:20   Go now cortex brand calm

00:24:23   I have a little piece of feedback that I just wanted to mention that was sent in by a

00:24:29   Cortex in that I quite liked and it's this article about Douglas Adams author of

00:24:35   Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy, which I quite enjoyed as a kid

00:24:39   You know, he wrote like the first book and it was very popular and then like the pressure is really on

00:24:44   He's got to work on the sequels. How did he work on the sequels?

00:24:47   well short answer is he didn't he was having an extremely difficult time working on the sequels and

00:24:53   It turns out that he was basically

00:24:56   Forced to do a graycation his publishers

00:25:00   Rented a big suite in a hotel and locked him in it to finish a book that was way overdue

00:25:09   I just found this kind of like a little charming article

00:25:12   but also kind of crushing because it's like clearly he had a bunch of difficulty working on these kinds of projects and

00:25:17   so much so the detail here that I quite like is

00:25:21   They did not trust him to just be in the hotel room and actually write

00:25:27   So his editor was just sitting on a chair

00:25:31   Facing away from him to make sure that he was writing. Oh my god, right?

00:25:36   This is in the time of typewriters

00:25:38   And so the article is just describing here how the editor was saying like oh he'd you know

00:25:43   he'd bring like his crossword puzzles and books and like admin work to do or whatever and

00:25:48   He would just be listening for the sound of typing and if he didn't hear typing for a significant amount of time

00:25:55   He would like turn around and see how Douglas Adams was doing and apparently Douglas Adams was just like very sad most of the time

00:26:02   But this is how they got the book finally finished from him

00:26:06   which I just think is like a very funny example of this kind of thing of like

00:26:11   Put someone in a place where there are just no distractions and only give them one thing to do

00:26:16   Which is this typewriter because we need to get this book finished man. So this is the follow-ups to the hitchhiker's guide

00:26:22   Yeah, this one is particularly talking about like so long and thanks for all the fish, which I think is the last one in the series

00:26:29   I'm not a hundred percent sure about that. But what also charmed me about this is

00:26:33   I'm not going to say who it is, but I have a writer friend who is

00:26:38   The worst person I've ever met at deadlines my god

00:26:44   You're saying that I can't do this. No, no, no, no Mike, okay

00:26:49   Listen first of all, the thing that's different is I basically don't have deadlines, right?

00:26:56   Like I set up my whole life so that there aren't really deadlines. So I don't miss deadlines. I just don't have deadlines

00:27:02   It's a big difference, right?

00:27:04   So I've got this friend who does have deadlines right set by publishers who he has missed

00:27:10   consistently for like

00:27:12   half a decade off right it's like the biggest misses of deadlines of anyone I've ever known and

00:27:18   He has done

00:27:21   Basically the virtual version of this so he has an assistant

00:27:26   But his assistant isn't physically located where he is

00:27:29   So he shares his computer screen with his assistant who virtually watches him type

00:27:36   That's not what I thought you were gonna say if you say get on zoom or whatever. That is the nuclear option

00:27:42   It's the fun. I like the idea that like this assistant could just move the mouse point back to the word processor

00:27:49   It could start to drift off and then the mouse just like moves back over click

00:27:55   It starts blinking at you

00:27:57   Yeah

00:27:58   so his assistant has a dual screen set up specifically for this so that they can have

00:28:03   His shared screen on one monitor while they're working and it is the exact

00:28:09   Situation that like Douglas Adams had 30 years ago

00:28:12   like she's waiting to see that the cursor doesn't move that words aren't appearing on the screen for a little while and then is like

00:28:18   Hey, what are you doing?

00:28:21   You know you mentioned that you found this sad or whatever and I can imagine a lot of people do

00:28:27   Feel that way like like I don't think this is sad. This is just these people's processes like

00:28:33   this is what it takes to do the work and as long as the work is still good and

00:28:39   The person wants the work to exist. I don't consider this to be a sad thing

00:28:44   It's just how the work is done

00:28:47   yeah, I mean I think Douglas Adams it quotes him as

00:28:51   Literally weeping when asked about his deadline. Sorry. He was having a much harder time

00:28:56   Yeah

00:28:59   He was going for a different set of circumstances there like so my friend is again

00:29:03   Like he's doing the thing where he's trying to set up a system that gets more work out of him

00:29:07   This is the thing. I think if you set it up for yourself, that's fine. Yeah, if somebody sets it up for you

00:29:12   That's not so fine

00:29:14   Commerce in the middle of it. All right, like that's not so good. That's exactly what this is

00:29:19   Like he was forced to do this. It's like the publishers like we're the people who pay your money

00:29:24   You need to be in this hotel room at 3 p.m

00:29:28   tomorrow and we're not leaving until we get a book out of you and it's like

00:29:33   Alright if we remove that part of it just like this idea that I'm happy you brought in it

00:29:38   Like, you know someone who has a similar situation

00:29:40   Yeah, it's like this is just what it takes to get the work done

00:29:43   I like for a lot of people including me it is deadlines like that. Yeah what I need

00:29:50   otherwise

00:29:52   The work doesn't get done. I drift, you know

00:29:55   yeah, and I've always said that like I think it's interesting that

00:30:00   deadlines clearly do work like that for some people that like and if you know that that's the thing and if it feels to me like

00:30:06   that's true for

00:30:09   It's got to be like the vast majority of people are like that. I think the majority of people

00:30:14   I think they exist. I think deadlines exist for a reason like this idea of

00:30:18   when work needs to be done and how it's done and like I think it's

00:30:23   perpetuated an idea and I do believe that it comes from the fact that like

00:30:27   People by and large meet deadlines and that inherently suggests that it works at least a little bit

00:30:33   I don't know if it's good or bad for people

00:30:35   But is it better or worse than the things not being done? Like I don't know

00:30:40   so anyway, I found it an interesting little article and I like this as I

00:30:44   Think of what I do compared to most people as seeming quite extreme and weird

00:30:50   So I was very happy to read an article about an extremer and weirder situation

00:30:56   Yeah, at least no one's locking you inside of a hotel room. Yeah, anyway

00:31:00   So we made reference to iPhone event that means there must have been an iPhone

00:31:08   Yeah, there was a new iPhone event. I hosted you at mega studio. We had like a fun little evening

00:31:13   It was you me and underscore widgets myth. I'll watch the Apple event together

00:31:18   I like that crew good crew definitely more entertaining than just watching it on your own

00:31:23   I really don't like watching these events on my own. Oh, yeah at this point. I've seen like a lot especially

00:31:28   Wwc I've watched more

00:31:30   Wwcs in the company of others even in like hotel rooms in San Francisco or San Jose

00:31:35   And so like I've gotten that feel for what it's like to watch with people talk to people laugh make jokes

00:31:42   Like what did he say? Oh, you know like that kind of thing that goes on

00:31:45   Like I much much prefer being able to watch these events with people rather than watching them on my own

00:31:52   I couldn't believe that you wanted to host us because

00:31:56   that again in stack September was a very busy day for you because we're watching the event and

00:32:02   Then you were recording upgrade in like a couple hours afterwards

00:32:06   Yeah, but it's better than just hanging around on my own see again

00:32:11   This is just the difference between us first

00:32:13   Like if I had to record a podcast is like no no social event ahead of this. No, no

00:32:17   I thought watch that event on my own but like hosting two other people that's a whole day in and of itself

00:32:24   Well, there were some moments after the event before you guys left because I had hours to spare still which was good

00:32:31   where you were talking and I was just silent for a while because I was like making some notes, but

00:32:36   Mmm, I just enjoy watching these events with people because I also like to hear different

00:32:41   Thoughts and feelings before I'm then going to talk about it, you know

00:32:46   Mm-hmm. Yeah, and it's also always fun to kind of see what gets the small involuntary

00:32:51   Reactions out of people right like what causes someone to like laugh or go huh or whatever like it is interesting to see like word

00:32:59   You know, how do other people react a little different moments at the event?

00:33:02   I was gonna say I think it is fair to say I also much more

00:33:06   enjoyed watching this event with other people because it was perhaps

00:33:11   one of the

00:33:13   Less exciting Apple events that I have ever seen. I don't know if I'd necessarily agree with that like, okay

00:33:20   This is better than last year

00:33:22   Like well the iPhone at least maybe you're excited by the Apple watch ultra because it was new, right?

00:33:26   Mm-hmm, but like the iPhone portion and like just in general if you're a pro customer, especially if you're a pro max customer

00:33:33   This is a more intriguing

00:33:36   Prospect than last year's phone. I think yeah, okay

00:33:39   So that is the difference because like you're the pro max guy right? Whereas I like I made this decision of I'm just never doing this

00:33:45   I'm always tempted but I don't know I'm gonna have a policy decision of I'm not buying the big phone

00:33:50   Well, because I always regret it. We'll see I think there's a lot of this going on this time. It's gonna change again

00:33:56   I agree that you feel this way. No, there's a policy like

00:33:59   You can't change the policy. Yeah, it's impossible

00:34:03   To the laws of nature this it's set at central this policy like this

00:34:07   Oh

00:34:09   Actually, you know I was talking to a guy and he found a way to get around these central policies

00:34:15   So I just need somebody to like I don't know like turn off your Wi-Fi and order an iPhone for you

00:34:20   But yeah, I think for someone who has a policy of not getting the big phone

00:34:24   I feel like it was a pretty uninteresting year

00:34:28   The thing I am most excited about is the overall camera package this year

00:34:33   Okay, because at least from what they were talking about and you know

00:34:37   We are still in limbo stage

00:34:39   If not, actually having these phones and like there are of well when we're recording there are no reviews

00:34:44   There might be reviews by the time this episode comes out. I don't know right? Yeah, we're still under all the embargoes

00:34:49   Well people are we're not I meant we is it like the greater we the great like the society is still under the embargoes

00:34:56   Last year they introduced the larger sensor the 48 megapixel sensor, right and it enabled 48 megapixel

00:35:03   Images if you shoot in raw and then that was kind of the end of it, right?

00:35:06   the other thing that it did it brought the 2x back because they were just sample certain portion of the sensor and I was very

00:35:12   Excited about the 48 megapixel sensor because I was looking forward to some big jumps in image quality

00:35:17   But it just ended up not being a thing last year

00:35:21   Because it just bindle the images down to 12 megapixels unless you went for the 48

00:35:26   But now they have introduced kind of what I have been

00:35:30   Didn't know I was asking for but what I was asking for which is a new 24 megapixel default super high-resolution image

00:35:37   where it is taking the data from the 48 megapixel sensor and putting it into their pipeline to create a better image at the end and

00:35:44   What I think is fantastic is this is actually gonna be on all the phones all four phones are getting this feature this year

00:35:51   Which I think is great

00:35:52   And so they have done what I hope they would do

00:35:55   Because I was a little let down with the sensor last time because I didn't really feel like I was getting what?

00:36:00   Was promised to me in a way. Yeah. Yeah, at least from the like the rumors beforehand, right?

00:36:05   I think a sensor is gonna be big news

00:36:07   but I didn't really feel like I was getting a big change and

00:36:10   my hope was that they would take the next year of it being on people's devices and work on it and

00:36:17   Generate something new at the end of it and that's what they've done. I don't believe that this changes the 14 Pro

00:36:23   I think because there is actually changes to the 48 megapixel sensor itself to enable for this new whatever

00:36:31   these lenses need to have

00:36:33   But now like all of the phones the 15 the 15 plus the 15 Pro 15 max get this 48 megapixel sensor and the 24

00:36:41   megapixels super high-resolution default

00:36:43   Okay, that's a good point. I'm realizing I remember that part in the presentation

00:36:49   But I feel like I did not put that together about like of the actual image being bigger part

00:36:54   I think in all of these presentations now like some of these numbers like they're just crazy big numbers

00:36:58   Right or they're talking about different things and it's like there's sometimes in the yeah the technical detail sections

00:37:03   It's like is this the part where I don't fully pay attention

00:37:06   Because you're just gonna say that the numbers are bigger each time right or am I fully paying attention?

00:37:11   Yeah, yeah, and there's stuff you need to see like, you know

00:37:13   Like in the pro phones they're talking about like you can choose the focal distance. So like the focal length for images

00:37:20   You know, and it's just like I kind of vaguely understand what that means, you know

00:37:26   It's like but I don't know what it looks like for my iPhone

00:37:29   Right. It's like I need to see that part but I can understand the concept that they're giving

00:37:34   The other thing that I'm happy about is this is on the 14 now. It's in the final version of iOS 17

00:37:42   They've enabled a 48 megapixel heath file

00:37:46   Which basically means it's not massive file sizes

00:37:50   But you're able to take full advantage of the 48 megapixel sensor without going through the processing

00:37:55   So if you want a full data high quality image, you're able to get that in a more compressed form

00:38:02   So it's like, you know a couple of megabytes rather than a hundred megabytes

00:38:05   So that's right like I'm happy about these changes like I think it will make

00:38:12   For a better default and that with the heath stuff will make it more likely for me to take the larger sensor images again

00:38:19   I was shooting photos for a little while in the raw thing and then I realized very fast like oh this is

00:38:23   wildly

00:38:24   Hard to deal with right? It's complicated and now now it being in the heath format

00:38:30   It's just what actually all iPhone photos are currently in

00:38:32   Mm-hmm, and now they've got this for the like the 48 megapixel sensor as well and there's other stuff like portrait mode

00:38:40   They've made that

00:38:42   What looks too much better you take a photo of a person and it captures the data of the portrait and you can later on

00:38:48   Turn it into a portrait mode image. Yeah, I mean importantly Mike a photo of a person or a dog

00:38:53   Sorry, how could I forget?

00:38:56   Literally my first note under the iPhone section when I was watching the event was I was dog auto portrait exclamation mark

00:39:04   I am really happy with that on the software side because I feel like that's a constant annoyance

00:39:10   Of do I want to take a portrait mode photo here? And for me the main thing with that was always

00:39:15   It's the trade-off with the live photo

00:39:18   like the live photo is really valuable to have and

00:39:21   So having to say like I'm gonna give up the live photo

00:39:26   Because I think that this moment will make a good portrait photo

00:39:30   It always felt like a bad kind of roll of the dice

00:39:33   Like I don't want to be making this decision and like I really like the portrait

00:39:38   Yeah, I think over the years it's gotten so much better. You can get some great

00:39:41   The first version was kind of shaky

00:39:43   But like if you haven't tried it in a couple of years like the portrait mode thing

00:39:47   I think looks really good and I have a bunch of photos where I'm very happy that I got them as portrait mode

00:39:52   I typically go in and edit them and you can adjust the amount of blur

00:39:57   Yeah, I typically will bring it down a little bit from the default

00:40:01   But yeah the same like I have so many images now

00:40:04   Like if I'm taking a picture of someone I will always also take a portrait photo now

00:40:09   Mm-hmm, like if someone's like hey take a picture of me like it's just you know, I'll go landscape portrait and then portrait mode

00:40:16   You know, like I'll do like so you get them in both. It's like I don't know

00:40:19   Maybe you want to post it on Instagram story. So I've got to get a portrait image for you

00:40:22   I don't do this for like

00:40:24   Brando's industry who asked me which I do get asked quite a lot

00:40:27   I didn't always points this out people always ask me a lot to take photos of them

00:40:31   I don't know what vibe I give off. Anyway, like if it's of a friend or a family member

00:40:36   I also take like a portrait mode photo. And so I like that now I wouldn't need to do this

00:40:41   I hope that Apple is able to work out at some point live portrait mode

00:40:45   Right, if you're gonna allow me to do that if I can take a live photo and then turn it into a portrait mode later

00:40:51   On why can't I have the best of both worlds?

00:40:53   I mean they must be able to do that at some point because they basically do that with their cinematic mode

00:40:58   I mean, that's what cinematic mode is exactly. That's why I think it's like let's do it

00:41:03   Let's just go for it because as well like they've brought some of those cinematic mode ideas to portrait photos as well

00:41:09   You can change what the focus is after the fact if the portrait photos

00:41:13   So you've got two people you could change it to the other person. Yeah, that's cinematic mode stuff is interesting

00:41:19   I've actually just in the past like couple months

00:41:22   I've noticed a few like vloggers on YouTube are clearly using cinematic mode on their phone to shoot stuff

00:41:29   And I felt like oh, that's very interesting

00:41:32   Like I think most people would never notice again, like if if you're working in this professionally

00:41:37   It's very obvious straight away of like, okay

00:41:39   I can see that that's not a real lens like this is being done with portrait mode on an iPhone

00:41:45   But I thought like oh it's an interesting way to put like a soft blur on

00:41:50   Everyone who is not the primary focus of the vlogger. I just I wondered like I wonder if this is just kind of

00:41:57   Crossed over some useful threshold because it's just like turning up a little bit here and there but yeah

00:42:03   It does make me think about live portrait mode photos. Like it's the same idea. I wonder if it's just a

00:42:08   Again, if it's like a computational processing problem, like they just can't do it fast enough, but I don't know but either way

00:42:16   I'm just really glad to not have to

00:42:19   Always do that small

00:42:21   cognitive task of do I want this to be a normal photo or do I want this to be a portrait photo and all

00:42:27   joking aside

00:42:29   It really is serious about it being for dogs, right? I think like for dogs and kids

00:42:34   You never know what they're going to do, right? They're not like patiently waiting for their photo to be taken

00:42:38   So that's why the trade-off is like a harder trade-off to make in those circumstances

00:42:42   But of course the thing we haven't mentioned on the pro is the five times zoom blends

00:42:47   Five times zoom is a lot of zoom. I'm not gonna be able to make a decision about this until I use it

00:42:53   I'm not like really excited about it though. Why not? Why aren't you all into the big zoom?

00:42:59   Big phone big zoom. I've wanted it as an option

00:43:04   Like I'm not sure how I feel about 1x 2x 5x like that jump from two to five is quite a lot. Oh

00:43:12   That is I would have ideally like to fourth lens at each other fun like so I got one two three and five like that

00:43:19   Would have been my ideal

00:43:20   Hmm, and so I'm not gonna know really until I use it like maybe 2x will do most of the time what I need

00:43:28   And then I have the 5x

00:43:29   Like for things that need that and that's just like a better option than 3x was I don't know like this is gonna have to

00:43:36   Be one of those things. I'm not gonna be able to judge for a while

00:43:38   Like it's very impressive like the images on their website. It's very impressive what you can get for a 5x zoom

00:43:45   But I'm just not sure

00:43:47   that that's what I

00:43:49   Need yeah, you know, it's funny. I didn't think about it cuz it's like I

00:43:53   Think they're 5x is like a hundred and twenty millimeter or equivalent. I wasn't really thinking that is that right?

00:43:59   Is it 120 120? Yeah, like that's what I used to shoot when I was the second shooter for weddings and

00:44:06   120 lets you get very far away

00:44:09   Like that was the purpose of using that lens is to get natural photos of people because they just don't even realize that they're they're getting

00:44:15   Their photo taken you get all the like

00:44:17   Oh, here's the family just acting natural at the dinner kind of photos because people just don't tune into it the good photos

00:44:23   They're different from the portraiture photos. Yeah, I like candid. That's that's my favorite

00:44:28   Yeah, and I liked being the candid photographer because then I could be further away from everyone

00:44:34   Right, that's why I had that job and my wife had the job of doing all the formal photos

00:44:38   It's like I don't have to interact with anyone back here

00:44:40   But it is a like in my use of the phone whenever I punched into 3x

00:44:45   I've never felt like I wish it was more

00:44:47   Whereas I have felt that when it was just the 2x zoom is like oh if I could just get a little closer

00:44:52   That'd be great. Yeah, but the 3x for everything that I'm taking photos of normally that's as far as I ever want to go and

00:44:59   Yeah, 120 millimeters is that's really far with 5x the thing that I'm wondering about with that is because I do agree with you

00:45:07   But the pause that I have in my mind is like is there just things that I think there's no point taking a photo of this

00:45:12   Yeah, that's true. And so I don't and like now I might be able to and so

00:45:18   Maybe that will be good. The jury is out for me on this lens. Well like for everything else. I'm like, yes

00:45:26   This is what I was hoping they would do and now I just need to make sure that it lives up to what the presentation shows

00:45:31   You know, so you're still definitely getting the big phone then for oh, I mean, there's no doubt

00:45:35   Cuz like for me, it's not anything other than the screen

00:45:39   Like it doesn't matter what else they do

00:45:42   I buy the big phone and I've always bought the big phone because I want the biggest screen right right like for watching videos for

00:45:50   Reading messages for reading web pages. Like I always want the biggest screen iPhone that I can get

00:45:55   It's the device I use like

00:45:57   All day every day like now it's on the standby mode. I want a nice big screen for the standby mode like

00:46:03   That's just my preference big screen for standby mode would be nice. Yeah, there's loads of great reasons to get the big phone

00:46:10   Mike always the always the big phone evangelist. Oh, that's me, man

00:46:16   I've been in the pocket for big of big phone for a really long time now

00:46:20   What do you think about the titanium? This is one of those things?

00:46:24   I have to wait to see it in person. It's hard to judge so our friends on the ground

00:46:30   Okay, so like people like Jason and Steven

00:46:33   They've all been telling me that it is

00:46:36   very noticeably lighter

00:46:39   So lighter to me feels like the kind of thing that it can be a double-edged sword. I just kind of wonder how that feels

00:46:47   Maybe it's a bit like there's some kind of uncanny valley of lightness

00:46:51   Where ultimately you want the phone to feel like nothing right you want it to feel just like a almost massless object

00:46:58   That's just a piece of glass right. That's where we're headed with these things

00:47:01   but there's some amount of weight which feels nice and solid and

00:47:05   I think the current generation of phone really

00:47:09   Hits a feels nice in the hand sort of weight size ratio

00:47:15   So I mean I suspect I'll just be happier with a lighter phone

00:47:19   But this is why I would be curious to see it in person and to just see

00:47:23   How does this actually feel?

00:47:26   Do our friends on the ground like the lightness because saying that it feels lighter is different from saying that they like it

00:47:31   Yeah, everybody seems to be excited about it

00:47:34   I mean I am happier for thinner bezels right like I'm always happier for that like even if we're just like decreasing the physical size

00:47:40   Of the phone by 2% and making the bezels smaller like I think that's nice

00:47:43   So that's great for the case either way the other thing of course just with the titanium

00:47:48   To me is like the colors

00:47:50   This is all color and this does this is in everything. I don't

00:47:56   What's going on?

00:47:58   Like I was just talking about a suggestion the other day because there was recently was the 25th anniversary of the iMac. Mm-hmm and

00:48:06   He was on the talk show with John Gruber and they were talking about

00:48:10   beige computers

00:48:12   Mm-hmm, and then the iMac came in and it was big and bright and colorful, right?

00:48:16   And I was just thinking about like what computers look like now

00:48:19   And by and large they are

00:48:22   Metallic tones. Yeah, it's silver everything silver and like

00:48:26   Will we ever get something now that comes in and it's like here we go

00:48:31   It's new and I'm not sure we will now

00:48:33   I think because what at least with what we have like I can't imagine a

00:48:38   phone or a laptop or something like bursting into the scene and being like this is up ending everything with its brand new design because

00:48:46   These things are just all about screens now. Yeah. Yeah, it's just about a screen and so like I figure maybe something

00:48:53   That's like a new device

00:48:54   Right then like the ones that we're currently using might be the thing that comes in and changes what it means to look

00:48:59   What a computer will look like

00:49:01   Yeah, it's just like, you know, I was hoping for something a

00:49:04   Little more like the iPhone 15. I don't like the colors particularly

00:49:12   But I like what they're doing right with like this

00:49:15   Color infused glass like all of the images look really interesting like it's got this kind of like weird

00:49:22   Frosted and like the color pools in certain areas like it looks interesting like visually interesting

00:49:29   and the pro phone is like

00:49:31   here is for

00:49:34   just

00:49:35   Tones this again was a laugh-out-loud moment for me when they said and it comes in four great colors, right?

00:49:41   And they have it zoomed in so you don't see the phones in full. It's like guys

00:49:45   We need to sit down and have a review as a class of what a color is. There's one color

00:49:51   There's one color right? There's one color and it's with an asterisk again

00:49:56   This is one of these like I want to see it in person

00:49:58   It's it's hard to tell kind of things seems like my is not four colors guys

00:50:03   my MacBook Air is the midnight one, right and

00:50:07   This is Steven said to me that it looks like that. All right, that's sort of what I was expecting

00:50:12   Yeah, which is like the least blue something could be but blue

00:50:16   Yeah

00:50:16   if I was like giving things a grade it feels like it's a student who's trying to like just barely pass with a thing as like

00:50:22   Yes, that is technically a color right midnight blue is like you've just crossed the threshold into blue

00:50:29   I don't know

00:50:31   Like I just I just reached behind me to one of my old iPhones and it like it still kills me

00:50:35   I've got the the one that they actually did the pro one. That was really blue. I think this is the 13

00:50:41   It's like that one year they made one that was beautiful and actually blue like no one would disagree that it was blue

00:50:48   It's like I bought it. I loved it

00:50:50   It was one of my favorite phones ever and it's like and we only did it that once like why?

00:50:55   I've been trying to like talk myself into this question. It's like, okay gray

00:51:00   maybe

00:51:02   Like think about this for a minute

00:51:04   like maybe the richest company on earth knows something that you don't about colors and there's a reason that they're not doing

00:51:11   Real colors on their phones

00:51:13   Do you think you know better than them for what colors their phone should be and a reasonable answer to that is no, right?

00:51:19   I don't know better the richest company on earth probably does know better what colors to make their phone

00:51:24   But then it still seems crazy to me and you even talk about the regular iPhones again when they introduced it

00:51:32   They zoomed in real close on the pink one

00:51:36   And so it looks like it's actually like a bold bright

00:51:40   I mean this would be the year for it

00:51:42   It looked for a second like oh they made like a Barbie pink phone and then they zoom back out and it's like oh no

00:51:48   It's a little bit more like they put some drops of pink dye in milk. That's what it actually looks like

00:51:54   It's like make it pink like am I crazy?

00:51:57   I think you'd sell a billion of them if you made it like really pink make the green one really green, you know

00:52:04   Don't make it milk, but a little green. I don't know. That's

00:52:09   We say this every year, but every year I'm like continually baffled anew by this. I don't get it

00:52:15   I don't get it at all

00:52:16   It does make you feel like you're losing the plot a bit right because it is that thing of like surely they know

00:52:22   But like am I the only what what is happening?

00:52:25   is it just us who wants these like it's the weird thing of like is it just me and

00:52:30   Everyone I know like it's one of the things that my wife complained about immediately. Like what are these colors?

00:52:37   What happened to my gold phone like nope, no gold phone for you

00:52:40   Everyone I talked to you they want to know like why doesn't Apple make colors like I don't know. I just don't get it

00:52:46   I don't know if I can really talk myself into I know better than Apple on this one, but I would pay

00:52:52   Real money to be the fly on the wall at whatever meetings they have when they decide colors

00:52:59   Like I just want to know like

00:53:01   What's your reasons? Like there's got to be reasons, right? There can't just not be reasons

00:53:07   I don't know

00:53:09   It really bugs me like I just I just want a like a nice blue phone like they made that one time

00:53:15   But I don't know maybe like I'm the only guy who bought the blue one and that's why they don't make it

00:53:19   Is it me that is wrong?

00:53:22   No, it is the Apple who is wrong

00:53:26   I am intrigued about the titanium, you know for me. I'm sad that they got rid of the gold, but it's something different

00:53:34   And so sometimes I just want different. I've done the gold phone for a few years now

00:53:38   and so I'm also gonna we'll talk about this in a second and the treatment soft to an Apple watch ultra this year and

00:53:44   The natural titanium iPhone looks like it will kind of match with the Apple watch ultra and I guess I can live with that

00:53:51   I do really like the brushed metal look

00:53:53   Yeah, that's cool

00:53:54   But I like I'm hugely biased here because I've like I've had the brushed metal on my wedding ring for forever

00:53:59   Like I just really like that look that I do like on the case

00:54:03   But yes, you're gonna get the Apple watch ultra, huh? Yeah, I was hoping I

00:54:06   Was hoping for a little a little more

00:54:10   for an update because I have waited for

00:54:15   The best part of a year like maybe like nine months

00:54:20   Mm-hmm. The thing is like I I don't care whether they update or not specifically

00:54:25   But it is weird to me that they did update it and they updated it with so

00:54:31   little mm-hmm like a brighter screen

00:54:34   this is the same for both watches brighter screens faster processors ultra wide band 2 and the faster processor has this like

00:54:41   Tapping with your

00:54:44   Finger and thumb thing to do stuff in the UI. I think they call it double tap which is very

00:54:50   Reminiscent of how you interact that's not reminiscent is the way you interact with the vision Pro

00:54:56   Well Mike, it's only reminiscent of this for someone who has

00:55:00   Pro right I do not

00:55:02   I cannot reminisce about what it was like to use the vision Pro. Thank you very much

00:55:10   So reminiscent don't you think not really no I don't

00:55:19   I'm intrigued to see what this will look like

00:55:25   This isn't necessarily something that I would have up and I don't think anybody should upgrade that Apple watch for this feature

00:55:31   Specifically, but I am ready like I have a series 7

00:55:35   So and I get like 11 hours battery life on my watch now every day. He's just driving me mad

00:55:41   So like I'm ready for an upgrade so that feature where you tap your fingers together the reminiscent one

00:55:47   That has existed on the watch as an accessibility feature

00:55:51   I like stumbled upon it one day and I turned it on just to try it. I

00:55:55   tried it for a little while and

00:55:58   It's interesting now, I'll just grant that whatever version they currently have is better than the accessibility version

00:56:06   Which was a little I'm about to say the word gross

00:56:11   But I mean I mean gross as opposed to fine like your movements had to be sort of gross to make it work

00:56:17   So assuming that they make the movement a little bit better and a bit more precise

00:56:21   My experience was that there was still kind of a like fundamental UI problem here in that

00:56:27   You never exactly knew

00:56:30   What the gesture was going to do?

00:56:34   Yeah, they describe it as like oh when you do this gesture when you tap your fingers together

00:56:38   It will perform the default action

00:56:41   I think the difference that we'll find here is that as an accessibility feature

00:56:46   It was just like trying to plug in to the system when now

00:56:50   The system watch OS apps have been designed with this in mind. So maybe it will do the thing you're expecting

00:56:58   But that is a very weird

00:57:01   User experience challenge. Yeah, you have to anticipate what the user will want to do and

00:57:11   They will do a thing and it's got to do that and if it works 95 percent at a time

00:57:17   It's still not enough

00:57:19   Which is the complicated thing, right?

00:57:22   like yeah, every time somebody wants to do a thing and they tap the thumb and finger together and

00:57:28   It does a different thing is going to be annoying. So this is a very intriguing thing and at the moment

00:57:36   This is only in Apple's apps. There is no API for this third-party apps cannot use this feature

00:57:41   Hmm, maybe that's why like it's got to be a bit more refined and thought through I don't know

00:57:49   But what's different here is that the new processor is?

00:57:52   enabled this feature to

00:57:55   Be more reliable so they're able to roll it out

00:57:59   It's just like a system thing rather than just the accessibility thing that has existed before

00:58:04   Yeah, I mean I never I never had any problem like again once you sort of learn what is it looking for?

00:58:08   I never had any problem with it not registering right am I doing the double tap?

00:58:12   I still think it's it's not even a question of predicting what the user does even in their demo

00:58:17   It highlights what I think is a weird problem of when someone calls you you do the gesture to answer

00:58:24   But it's the same gesture to end the phone call. Mm-hmm

00:58:28   And I think that that's just there's just like a little cognitive hurdle every time

00:58:34   That one makes sense to me because it's like if someone calls you you put your AirPods in

00:58:38   You click the button and then when you're done you click the button again, like that's what they're trying to build on right of like

00:58:44   What is the thing that you're most likely to do at any point? So they showed an example of the alarm went off

00:58:50   Yeah, and the lady tapped her thumb and finger together and the alarm stopped that it was like the reason I turned it on was

00:58:57   Exactly that use case right? It's competing with the nose tap right? No more nose tapping. That's what they're trying to do here

00:59:02   So I'll try it out

00:59:05   I'll be curious to see if there is a new version but I was just aware of like I tried it for a while

00:59:09   I tried to make it work and I just found the slight cognitive

00:59:14   Overhead of what is it gonna do here? Yeah a little weird

00:59:18   That was even with the UI would like highlight

00:59:21   It would it would still make it very clear if you were looking at the phone like which button is it going to press or?

00:59:26   What's gonna happen, but I just still found it like

00:59:28   Awkward each time and it was weirdly more natural to just keep doing nose tapping

00:59:34   Like I've been doing all of these years. That's there is a precision in that and at least you're making a choice

00:59:38   Yeah, I'm making a choice and also if it doesn't work, you know, why?

00:59:42   You're using your nose. So maybe you're more forgiving about it

00:59:46   Yeah

00:59:46   You're more forgiving of the errors and also if we were to reminisce about the way that the vision Pro gesture works

00:59:52   Yes, the advantage that the vision Pro has is it knows exactly what you're looking at

00:59:58   Yeah

00:59:58   So I can imagine there it just feels so much more natural because the system knows like you're looking at this thing

01:00:05   Again, like in a way that is even hard for me to explain is it was precise in a way that I could not even explain

01:00:12   To you and this is a thing that we all get to experience one day

01:00:16   but like this idea that like

01:00:19   You don't really know where you're looking

01:00:22   Like this is the thing that was really surprising to me that it felt like honestly

01:00:27   it was reading my mind is what it felt like because I

01:00:30   would want to do a thing and

01:00:33   most of the time all I would need to do is just tap my

01:00:37   Fingers together and the thing would happen because I was looking there. Mm-hmm. Like there didn't need to be a lot of

01:00:46   Appreciation between my brain and my fingers because my eyes were just in the middle doing the thing for me

01:00:53   Yeah, it's very peculiar and this obviously isn't gonna be like that because it's live quite limited

01:00:59   But yeah, this is coming in October to the Apple watches

01:01:02   My hope would be that there might be a developer story between now and then but that doesn't seem to be one yet

01:01:08   And because that will be weird to me right that like if this is the thing that only Apple's apps can do is like well

01:01:13   That's not helpful. Yeah, but I don't know I could also see that being the case

01:01:16   just in like the reason this feature is interesting at all to think about is

01:01:21   It feels like the first step along with the vision Pro of maybe Apple trying to build up some kind of

01:01:28   Physical language interface with the system like that's what this is. Yeah, I'm on board with that. But like if it's going to

01:01:36   Truly work and catch on with people it needs to be as ubiquitous as possible

01:01:43   Yes, and if there's only a subset of applications that it works in people aren't going to build it into their muscle memory

01:01:49   Mm-hmm

01:01:50   if every time you want to check the weather and you want to like I don't know what it would be like a

01:01:55   Show forgot to switch from weekly to daily forecast or whatever

01:01:59   And it doesn't work in the weather app that you use where you're gonna stop doing it

01:02:03   You know what? I mean, like I think that's the weirdness about it. But yeah, I'm excited about getting an Apple watch ultra

01:02:09   I love the way the thing looks like I like the screen, you know

01:02:13   It's bigger than I want overall like physically not the screen like the actual case of the watch

01:02:18   I'm not a huge fan of the crown guard like the part that sticks out of the side

01:02:24   Yeah, and I'm also not a big fan of the fact that there is a big orange button

01:02:29   I know ways I like the orange button

01:02:31   some of the time and like I'm gonna get to watch bands that will have orange in them because it will match but

01:02:38   When I'm wearing a suit

01:02:41   Sometimes I still want to wear my Apple watch and I have a gold Apple watch and I put the gold

01:02:46   Milanese band on it and I think it dresses it up

01:02:49   I don't think it is as easy to dress something up in a way that I like when there's orange all over the thing

01:02:55   There is no dressing up the Apple watch ultra

01:02:57   I don't think you can make that thing look fancy for a fancy party. Like it's just not gonna happen

01:03:02   You know

01:03:03   I have a couple of watches that I love and that I haven't won in a long time and maybe they will get used a

01:03:08   Little bit more once I move over to the Apple watch ultra

01:03:11   But Apple you kill me

01:03:12   like I just want to be able to continue getting all of my fitness stuff and I can't

01:03:16   if I want to wear a nice watch because you put orange on the watch, you know, like that's the

01:03:21   The trade-off. Yeah, I think the biggest surprise for all three of us watching the event that all of us were like

01:03:27   Oh my god, really was Apple ultra watch - it's like, okay

01:03:30   So the upgrades are minor like they've done basically nothing to upgrade it

01:03:33   But surely they're about to tell us about their new color once again

01:03:40   Nope

01:03:42   They used all the color on the iPhones

01:03:44   It's all I don't think you saw them this all it's all there you didn't want to get black titanium. Yeah, I just think

01:03:53   Completely blown away. I was like all of these minor upgrades

01:04:00   Surely they are in service of the fact that there's actually a new color like nope

01:04:07   All of us were shocked in that room. It was unbelievable

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01:06:25   Should we just mask cortex questions? Yeah, let's do some mass cortex. Love it. Lyber asks

01:06:31   How many tabs do you have open on average and for gray?

01:06:35   How many tabs do you tend to have open during a research stint? Oh

01:06:39   Why don't you go first Mike? Alright, so I am a tab group user

01:06:45   Okay, okay. So the way that I work is on my

01:06:49   MacBook Air, which is the machine I do most of my work from I do have a bunch of tabs open there and just like the

01:06:54   Non grouped tab section and that tends to be around 10 tabs and this is usually like things that I want to remember

01:07:00   Or things that I'm tracking for a limited time and then they're just gonna go away

01:07:06   Like I have like a tab which has our st. Jude page on it and stuff, right?

01:07:09   So like these are just like temporary things and keeping my eye on and then they go

01:07:12   Uh-huh, but outside of that I am very heavy on tab groups. I have five tab groups relay FM

01:07:19   recording cortex brand home and vacation and

01:07:23   I say home and vacation. They are like here's a thing that I found that I might want to get for my house

01:07:30   I'll put it in this tab group and then one day I'll get to it

01:07:32   It's like a little storage and similarly forget vacations if we're going on a vacation

01:07:36   That's where I'll put like the restaurants that I like and then I'll go through them and pick the ones that I want and put

01:07:42   them into trip see

01:07:43   Then cortex brand and relay FM. I feel like a pretty self-explanatory right? Like these are the tabs that I have open

01:07:50   that are related to

01:07:53   These businesses so it's all the various

01:07:57   Websites and web services that I use like for the relay FM one

01:08:02   It's got the tabs open for our publishing systems and that kind of stuff. I'm excited for Mac OS Sonoma

01:08:08   That you will be able to be

01:08:11   Like there's like a new kind of thing I think school profiles

01:08:14   So you'll be able to be signed in to?

01:08:18   Accounts for the same service in different profiles

01:08:22   I'll have a relay FM profile and a cortex brand profile

01:08:26   So I could be signed in to say two different YouTube accounts on each one or whatever stuff like that

01:08:31   I actually have you used the beta at all on the mat. No, I haven't used it. Okay. I don't mess around with the Mac OS base

01:08:37   That's danger town for me. That's too far. Yeah

01:08:41   I'm just realizing like I don't have any idea how that works with

01:08:44   With the tab groups like does it just change what things you're signed into or is there a whole different group of tab groups?

01:08:51   It sits above tab groups. Okay, so inside of the I think they're called profiles

01:08:56   But inside of these profiles you can then have tab groups so you can have separate tab groups for different profiles

01:09:01   Is that what you're saying? Yeah

01:09:03   And I think once you set these up on the Mac, they didn't sync to your other devices. Oh, that's intriguing

01:09:08   So I'm pretty excited to try some of that out, but it might not stick. I might not like it

01:09:12   It might be too many clicks, but I'm gonna give it a go and see see what I think

01:09:15   But then the last one is the recording tab group

01:09:18   Which is like this is the limited set of tabs that I have open when I'm recording a show

01:09:22   Which would be like the CMS ad system and whatever show document I'm working on except for cortex where it's in notion

01:09:29   Mmm, what about you?

01:09:32   So I have kind of a weird setup here that is not a surprise

01:09:37   [Laughter]

01:09:39   Mike what is a tab, right?

01:09:41   [Laughter]

01:09:42   Here we go

01:09:43   I feel like for years

01:09:44   I was a big proponent of something like tab groups in Safari and then we got tab groups and I really like them

01:09:51   but there's one part of this which just

01:09:53   Kills me every time still

01:09:56   Which is that like the default tab group in some sense is this local only tab group that doesn't sync across

01:10:05   Devices I find this just very

01:10:07   Infuriating to work with for a bunch of reasons like it kills me that this the whole thing doesn't sync

01:10:13   The analogy I always use is it's like if in the notes app every time you made a new note that note was

01:10:19   Only saved on that device and you had to manually put it into the sync folder if you wanted it to sync everywhere

01:10:25   Like I think that would just be obviously crazy

01:10:28   But whatever they've made a decision that when you click a link it opens in like the local tab group and fine

01:10:34   Whatever. I find that frustrating but it's something that I've gotten used to over time that I now don't think about it anymore

01:10:40   Yeah, I think this is like the computer version of what we were talking about before with having goals or like things that you did

01:10:48   because of your past self like this to me just totally reads as

01:10:51   It works this way because this is the way browsers have always worked with just the local stuff

01:10:56   But if you were building a browser today, you would never make this design decision. Like if you were starting from scratch

01:11:02   No one would do it like this, but so I so cannot live with this that what I've been doing

01:11:07   This whole year is I have two browsers and my default browser is actually I cannot believe

01:11:15   I'm about to say these words. My default browser is

01:11:19   Microsoft Edge

01:11:21   He's been Bing pilled

01:11:27   You are living proof for why Microsoft has invested so many millions of dollars

01:11:34   Into this stuff. It was just to get you to use Bing

01:11:39   Rewind two years ago and like ask my past self like hey

01:11:45   Two years from now. You're gonna set Microsoft Edge as the default web browser on your computer

01:11:52   Why do you think this will happen? I would have no ability to describe that future scenario be like, I don't know

01:11:59   I had a brain concussion and like couldn't think straightly anymore. Like I have no idea why I would do that kind of thing

01:12:05   So yeah edge is my default browser. You are right

01:12:09   It is because I have been being pilled and I do want to use Bing as my main search engine

01:12:14   I think being with their Bing chat just like is just straight up better than Google in a lot of scenarios

01:12:21   So I do want to use

01:12:23   Let me just finish one thing. Okay, if it was only that I

01:12:28   Probably wouldn't be using Microsoft Edge as the default one

01:12:32   Like I do like it but like what's the marginal increase in value over something like Google or duck duck go?

01:12:37   I think it's better but it's not like enough better to be running an entire separate browser

01:12:42   It's the combination of these two things that Safari has a really annoying feature

01:12:48   So I want to use Safari in a different way, which I'll get to in a second

01:12:52   And so then if I am going to have another browser

01:12:56   Which browser is it going to be that's going to be the default?

01:12:59   I click on a link and I know that this link isn't gonna sync anywhere

01:13:04   It's just like living in this browser on my computer in that context making the decision

01:13:09   Then if I use edge I can use Bing is like the deciding factor for what is the other browser?

01:13:15   Okay, do you use the vertical tab thing that they made?

01:13:19   I forgot they even did that. I think I tried that for like a day and I hated it. Okay

01:13:24   I just wondered like there are a few things that people like about edge

01:13:27   This is one of those things of like

01:13:30   It's a different way of doing things that maybe works differently

01:13:33   Better with other people's brains that like the tabs are in a sidebar rather than at the top of it

01:13:37   What I was well-wowing about I actually before I get to that

01:13:42   This is very funny because we need to back up three levels now about my yeah

01:13:47   We're in many many parentheses down at this point

01:13:50   I'm very happy that we did this question today because I don't

01:13:54   Know that this would have come up in state of the apps. Like I can't imagine having asked what browser are you using?

01:14:00   Browser category. Yeah for state of the apps

01:14:04   I know I'll have another question before I get to the question that I wanted to get to which is do you use this on your

01:14:09   iPhone to use edge on your iPhone

01:14:11   Actually do use edge on my iPhone. I feel like you have to like this is this is a thing

01:14:16   Like if you use a browser

01:14:18   You have to use that browser everywhere in my opinion

01:14:21   Because yeah, like this is why I use the Chrome app for like a really really long time because when I was using Chrome

01:14:26   Well, you've got to use the browser you're using because you got all your history there or you're like synced tabs and stuff

01:14:32   It's all in there. You can't just

01:14:34   Flip-flop between browsers. I think it's wild that people do that. I have an exception to that which is okay

01:14:40   I don't use edge on my iPad, but it's just because I have a very different use case on my iPad show moments entirely

01:14:46   reading and

01:14:48   They're just

01:14:50   Edges reader mode is so much worse than safaris reader mode

01:14:54   I'm willing to make the trade the other way, but it's just like I have a very particular use case for the iPad. Yeah

01:14:59   I found yeah, it's edge. So the question I wanted to ask you was like how much are you actually using?

01:15:07   The Bing AI's such I mean, I'm using it in every case when I would have used Google two years ago

01:15:14   Why is that better for you though? Like in searching like what is the chat search?

01:15:20   Provide men is better than like a web search. So there's two things I

01:15:24   Have felt for years like the quality of search engine results has just gotten worse across all search engines

01:15:32   I think that's just a byproduct of SEO. Yeah, it's like SEO has ruined the Internet's

01:15:37   It's people like knowing what to target

01:15:39   It's that problem of like oh page rank is a genius idea until everyone knows that you're using page rank and then they game the system

01:15:46   So it has been a problem for years for me that like search engines are obviously less useful than they used to be

01:15:53   and so one of the things that I find really useful about Bing is that it is

01:15:58   functionally

01:16:01   Looking at something like the first two pages of search results and summarizing them for you

01:16:06   Like that's functionally what it's doing

01:16:08   So instead of just going to Google and then I have to be like, okay, which of this is spam SEO garbage and which isn't

01:16:15   Bing is functionally doing that

01:16:18   It's not that the search results themselves if you just go to Bing and like see what URLs it returns are that different

01:16:25   It's that it is then doing the thing that I would do which is look at all of these and try to make some kind

01:16:32   Of judgment about which of these is the actual good one, but why do you think you can trust its answer?

01:16:37   well, so the reason I like Bing is because

01:16:40   When it gives you the answer it also gives you the link to click and see where it has come from. Okay, so

01:16:48   Again, just the way I'm using a search engine is I'm never

01:16:52   Looking for the search engine to give me the answer. I'm looking for where the answer is

01:16:59   Yeah, the end result for me is that I'm always clicking on one of the things that Bing tells me about with the footnote and

01:17:05   Yeah, totally. Sometimes I click that link and I mean it's like it's the same story like with the citation links on Wikipedia

01:17:13   Right, you click the link you're like, oh, hey

01:17:15   I found that over here and you click it and it's like the thing doesn't say remotely what you just said

01:17:19   Yeah, but that effect again

01:17:21   Isn't that different from just using a regular search engine?

01:17:25   Sure, I mean if you're using a search engine the way you use it, which is not how people use search engines, right?

01:17:31   Like how do you think people use search engines like they're they're searching for things for answers like and they

01:17:36   Take the answer that the engine gives them. They don't be like, oh, let me go get the citation for this

01:17:42   Mmm, I am also one of these people like I am searching for the answer. I only want the answer

01:17:49   I don't want how did we get here?

01:17:53   Right, like that's the difference between you and I think most of the users

01:17:58   But so in some sense what you're saying is that you're looking for like Google gives you a little summary box at the yeah

01:18:04   I love those right? So you're

01:18:06   Most of the time when you're googling something you're really just looking for that summary box

01:18:10   Like tell me what the answer is. Is that what you mean?

01:18:12   If it has one that's where I'll stop right and like and if that seems to make sense to me

01:18:17   Then I'm gonna go with it doesn't mean it's true

01:18:19   Mmm, I think that is more of the average users or more typical users

01:18:24   Experience of a search engine I can give you another use case like why is being really useful?

01:18:30   Mm-hmm. I think the key with a lot of AI tech in its current state is

01:18:35   Most of the value is not in the initial question

01:18:40   It's your ability to refine the question as time goes on

01:18:44   So you say like I'm looking for this and then it gives you results and you're like, ah

01:18:47   But more like that and then it can do this

01:18:49   One of the things I'm using Bing for is trying to find where am I gonna do the next?

01:18:55   Gratation right? Well, like find me a hotel and I can do the thing which is like hey, I'm looking for a hotel

01:19:01   It's got to be within like easy train access from central London

01:19:06   I'm trying to find places that have air conditioning like there should be a supermarket

01:19:10   Nearby and a gym if possible and like all of this kind of nonsense

01:19:13   Have you ever asked Bing if an air conditioning unit can go to 16 degrees Celsius?

01:19:17   Look if I could get Bing to call the front desk and ask them what is the real temperature in the room?

01:19:23   I would 100% do that. How far away are we from that? I don't think that far. I don't think we're that far

01:19:29   No, it's not Google did that a couple years ago and people were super mad and now look at us now look at us again

01:19:35   It's like oh the first person who does the demo how outrageous and then you just wait 18 months and it's like I doesn't have this

01:19:41   Feature outrageous. That's what happens. You can't make a call for me useless

01:19:45   yeah, but so one of the things that is really useful here is

01:19:50   Bing has a like a limit for how many times you can go back and forth

01:19:54   But for a task where it's like, oh, I know I'm gonna do this thing

01:19:58   Multiple times like I'm not just trying to find the one answer now

01:20:02   I've actually started a little habit of making text documents that are related to

01:20:08   Questions that I ask and so what I have is something to like paste into

01:20:12   Bing now

01:20:14   Which is I'm looking for a hotel with these qualities and you can preempt it when you previously used it

01:20:21   You know, it gives you a suggestion of three hotels

01:20:23   But then the next time you search you can tell it like this one was no good because of this

01:20:28   This one is more like what I was looking for because of why

01:20:31   And it clearly does get better at that and then doesn't waste time suggesting things that it's suggested in the past

01:20:37   So I'm very slowly building up a little library of like frequent queries

01:20:42   That get a bit more precise each time based on what happened last time

01:20:48   Are you sure they call that prompt engineering, you know? Yeah. No, I'm a prompt engineer. This is the future of work, right?

01:20:55   Obviously, this is what we're all gonna do. Uh-huh. So I don't know

01:20:58   I don't know if that answers your question about why do I find being useful?

01:21:01   But those are the two things is like being

01:21:04   Unlike something like chat GPT which just tells you a story and you have no idea why chat GPT thinks the thing that it does

01:21:11   right being actually gives you the link of like here's why I think this and you can go look and

01:21:17   Then the ability to like refine searches in an iterated way over time is very useful

01:21:23   So what you're saying is when it comes to web searches citation needed. Yes citation needed

01:21:29   It's good to know. So this is why Microsoft Edge is my default web browser is I do want to use Bing and

01:21:36   I want to have it just very clear to me that when I open a link

01:21:40   It's gonna go into this place and I know that this browser works like web browsers have worked for a thousand years and that

01:21:46   The tabs don't go anywhere. They just live on whatever computer that I'm on and so on my edge browser on my different devices

01:21:52   It's just links of like whatever I happen to open that

01:21:56   I haven't closed since last time and that's pretty tight like five

01:22:01   Tabs at most like because I'm really just looking up something

01:22:04   That's all it is, but Safari has now become the place because of tab groups

01:22:10   that is the this is where I can now have all of

01:22:15   the things that I'm looking at for the various projects that I'm working on and

01:22:20   I just love this like tab groups are so good for me for this of the ability to just open up like

01:22:27   Endless tabs that are on a topic and know that they will sync across devices

01:22:32   Can't you do this in Bing like why do you do this in Safari? It doesn't work the same way

01:22:36   Okay

01:22:36   This is one of these like the devil's in the details lots of browsers if you look at a feature list will say oh

01:22:43   We have tabs that sync but it's always in some slightly annoying way

01:22:47   Whereas the Safari one is just seen you just ask the search engine. Hey sync my tabs because now

01:22:54   What I'm gonna do is I'll ask Bing. Hey Bing. Can you iteratively self-improve and I would like you to have syncing tabs

01:23:01   so just like learn how to code yourself and improve yourself and

01:23:05   How could this possibly be the beginning of the end of the world? Just be like, hey

01:23:11   You remember all these URLs, please just do that for me, please and then I'll come back to you every day and say

01:23:16   Where are my URLs and then you can?

01:23:18   Yeah, so I looked into it

01:23:21   I forget exactly how the like syncing works for Microsoft, but it's like it's not as seamless as Safari

01:23:26   There's some reason it's slightly annoying. I can't remember the details right now, but the Safari one is just great

01:23:32   It's just automatic like when I open up my Safari now, I just have a list of

01:23:37   I've got about 20 tab groups that are all related to some project. Well that sort of overstates it because of what often happens is

01:23:46   This is why I was like, oh there's profiles for Safari

01:23:49   Tell me more because what I really want is I want folders for my tab groups because I want to distinguish visually much more clearly

01:23:57   These are inactive projects or these are things that like I've started but I'll come back to later

01:24:02   But I want to leave the 50 tabs that are open like I want to save those

01:24:06   I would like to like visually distinguish times where it's like here are the two active projects and

01:24:13   Here's all of the other stuff that just like exists in some stage of incompleteness

01:24:17   So, I don't know if I'll be able to do that with profiles or not

01:24:20   But I mean you could I don't know if you'll like the result but it is a way to put your group somewhere

01:24:24   Yeah, again, the devil is always in the details of how these things work

01:24:27   But if there is some way I can hide the ones that are inactive, I would like to do that

01:24:34   It's like, you know, cuz I've just got some weird names that I look at all the time where it's like oh, yeah

01:24:38   Project jelly like 50 tabs on a topic. It's like alright, but that one's not gonna be done for like a year if ever

01:24:44   Over like Oh project blue. I don't even remember what project blue is that I click on it

01:24:50   It's like ah, right. There we go a hundred tabs on a thing that

01:24:54   Mentally planning it out will be like two years from now if that project is finished

01:25:00   So it's like I don't want to have to look at that all the time for a thing

01:25:03   That's like a really far away away. Have you ever shared a tab group with someone? No

01:25:07   Why would I do that? Well, cuz you have like

01:25:10   People that help you out with a research. I just wondered if maybe

01:25:13   It went that far the way I'm using tabs

01:25:16   It's just like there's no reason to share it with someone because what I'm constantly doing is

01:25:20   You're growing the branches and then you're pruning the branches and you grow them again and prune them again. So it's like

01:25:26   exploration and then I work from the end backward of like

01:25:30   okay, close all the unnecessary things new phase of exploration close all the unnecessary things and

01:25:35   Ultimately, then I try to do little loops where I'll try to go through

01:25:39   Backwards all of the tab groups and basically get them into obsidian

01:25:43   Like what's the useful information on here get it into obsidian because you don't actually want it to live in this tab group

01:25:48   But the exploration phase can be really big and quite far-reaching

01:25:53   Before it all gets condensed down. So for the current project, there's

01:25:58   128 open tabs that are getting

01:26:02   Coalesced down into the project. It's actually not the next project. That's the project after the next one. But yes, that's naturally that

01:26:08   The current project actually hasn't zero tabs. Okay, it's in animation, right? It's getting done the September video

01:26:16   That makes sense though. The research is done, right? Actually the video didn't have research which is delightful

01:26:21   What what a delight that was but yeah

01:26:23   So the thing that'll probably be for if I'm being realistic about it the thing that's probably for November

01:26:28   It currently exists as 128 tabs on my browser

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01:30:02   There's a question in our document here

01:30:06   We have a running list of these questions that people submit at cortex feedback calm

01:30:12   This one has been in here for quite a while. I think it just like moves around a bunch and

01:30:17   I think today you may have moved it up a little bit

01:30:21   the question is from Ben who asks, how do you deal with the fear and

01:30:28   This question has always intrigued me. I think the way that in probably intrigues you to of like

01:30:36   Mm-hmm. What does he even really mean? That's all Ben gave. Yeah, there's no context or anything

01:30:41   No context and so I guess this is one of those things you got to take from it

01:30:45   what you're putting into it and my assumption is we probably are coming at this from the same place of like

01:30:52   The fear of it all going away. Yeah, I don't know. I just I found this question kind of

01:30:57   intriguing this time. Yeah, I think partly it caught my attention because

01:31:04   Like I said at the start I find myself extremely stressed leading into the final months of the year, right?

01:31:09   It's like we're in stack September and that is when it gets serious

01:31:13   Yeah, I had someone say to me the other day when I was like talking through like oh man

01:31:17   I gotta do all these things and like it's really high stakes

01:31:19   They said to me like well, you know

01:31:22   September is the beginning of winter and winter is the end of the year. So the year is almost over

01:31:28   I was like no no don't say that

01:31:31   That doesn't help right compressing the timeframe, but now I can't get that out of my head

01:31:36   so I think it sort of caught my attention because

01:31:38   That's kind of been on my mind

01:31:40   but it also just like it has lived here as just an intriguing question like how do you deal with the fear and

01:31:46   That can apply to a lot of things

01:31:50   But it already sounds like you're taking this in a very different way than I'm taking this. Yeah, I think I am

01:31:55   I want to know what you're thinking about and then we could talk about what I'm thinking about. So

01:31:59   *sigh*

01:32:01   Trying to take this question at its most high level

01:32:06   I think a lot of questions around fear

01:32:10   in the modern world are

01:32:13   Questions around

01:32:16   uncertainty about the future

01:32:18   We know you're not afraid of being eaten by a tiger where it's like, ah, I have a very clear image of what that is

01:32:24   I think that's just not the sort of fear or stress that people deal with mostly in modernity

01:32:30   I think people are dealing with stuff that is around uncertainty

01:32:33   Like as a good example, we talked at the end of the year and have still kind of yet to revisit the topic

01:32:40   Although we sort of did today about oh no AI has burst onto the scene all of a sudden

01:32:47   Like what does this mean?

01:32:49   Yeah, at some point we should get back to this and I'm actually this is the great thing about the cortex podcast content calendar

01:32:57   I'm just gonna put this in there as a thing like at some point

01:32:59   I think we should talk about AI again because it has been a year

01:33:03   Yeah, and a lot has changed and it's only really made passing phrase

01:33:07   I have found it kind of interesting actually how we haven't discussed it

01:33:10   But yeah, so we should like throw that into the future

01:33:12   but I think like that's a good example of like a thing comes up and there can totally be a

01:33:18   What does this mean right like if I have no idea as

01:33:22   Content creators

01:33:26   There's always like this uncertainty about the things that you make and how they're going to be received

01:33:31   I also feel like this caught my attention because I'm really aware of

01:33:35   The video that's going to go up this month the one that's going to go up in September

01:33:40   Definitely has the feeling to me of

01:33:45   This video could really whiff like this one could really miss

01:33:49   I think it has like quite a high variance in outcomes.

01:33:53   I could see this just not working at all. That's just very bad. It like makes you feel

01:34:00   Uncomfortable especially because this is one that's just gonna be really complicated

01:34:04   Like it's taken a long time to do and is a big thing and if it misses it's just very bad if that happens

01:34:10   but again, like I view that as a kind of

01:34:14   fear of

01:34:16   uncertainty you don't know what is going to happen and it's like oh it's

01:34:21   Embarrassing if you make something that's like earnest and it just does poorly and you go. Oh, right. That's bad

01:34:29   It's uncertain about like what is the future of your work look like if a tool comes around all of a sudden that like might impact

01:34:37   that in a direct way and

01:34:41   On the very small scale it's just like oh, there's a lot of uncertainty about

01:34:45   How much of what I need to do? Can I get done in the next few months and I think

01:34:52   For me the thing that unites all of this stuff is

01:34:57   Two things it's like one you have to sort of notice in the first place that you're feeling this uncertainty about the future

01:35:05   It can be sometimes trickier to notice that than you think

01:35:10   Again, it can get kind of muddled up in other feelings like I am stressed, but you don't necessarily recognize like oh

01:35:17   I am uncertain about something like that's the more precise thing that's going on here and

01:35:23   for me anyway, the biggest thing that always helps with this is just

01:35:29   slowing down and

01:35:32   writing things down

01:35:34   particularly on

01:35:35   Physical paper to look at and to try to think about the situation

01:35:41   Over the years. I've discussed doing various different versions of this

01:35:45   but this was another thing that I did on my most recent vacation was just I

01:35:51   just had a pen and I was writing things down and

01:35:55   Like tearing out pages and rearranging them and looking at them and thinking about like, okay

01:36:01   Here are the different things that I need to do

01:36:03   It is part of the reasons why I've always been a big advocate of

01:36:07   Actual paper even though like so much of my life is digital and it is that like slowing down. It's that

01:36:14   deliberateness and so

01:36:16   Over a couple of days. I eventually like made a little

01:36:20   document that I was writing that I just called like the plan and sort of outlined

01:36:27   the critical things over the next couple of months and made notes on

01:36:33   Again trying to reduce uncertainty of

01:36:35   If you're running behind

01:36:39   Which of these things is the first thing to go?

01:36:42   what is the point at which you need to make a decision about if this is going to happen or if that is going to

01:36:49   happen and

01:36:50   that kind of thing to me is the best tool in the modern world for

01:36:56   kind of getting rid of the fear is

01:36:59   Do your best to?

01:37:02   Reduce uncertainty and

01:37:04   Practically that often means

01:37:08   use a slow tool like writing on paper to

01:37:13   deliberately think through the details of whatever it is you're dealing with because

01:37:20   facing the details is

01:37:22   much better than

01:37:24   Having this just vague thing in the back of your mind that you are not dealing with

01:37:32   How do you deal with the fear Mike? Typically, I'm fine like

01:37:36   Typically, I don't have it. You're fearless. Is that what you're saying?

01:37:39   No, I mean it what I'm thinking about with the fear is like the fear that this is all gonna go away

01:37:44   Right and by this you mean what my entire career like, right?

01:37:48   I'm gonna lose it all or I'm gonna lose enough of it that I can't do it anymore. You know, like

01:37:52   lose enough of

01:37:55   The way that I make my living and I need to find a new living right? Mm-hmm

01:38:00   because if I can't support my family, I can't keep doing this I have to get a job and

01:38:04   Usually it's fine because I kind of like

01:38:09   use the past as a way to inform the future in this regard of like

01:38:14   Whatever comes up whatever hassle I may have whenever worry. I may have stress concern

01:38:19   I look at my past and I'm like, well, I made it through all of these things over the last ten years

01:38:25   I'm sure I will be able to continue doing that and like that's what gets me through most of the time

01:38:30   Mm-hmm, and I believe in myself as a you know, the ability to be able to adapt and change and we've done enough of that over time

01:38:37   but

01:38:39   This is an interesting time to ask me this question

01:38:42   Because I am feeling the fear at the moment more than I have it a while

01:38:48   And I think it's because of stacked September. Mm-hmm

01:38:52   so I was thinking about this a little bit and

01:38:56   I kind of imagine

01:38:59   We're going metaphorical here. All right. So imagine we've got like a jar, right and

01:39:04   at the very top of this jar is

01:39:08   Fear. Mm-hmm, and I need enough of a water level

01:39:13   to rise to the very top of this jar to hit the fear and

01:39:17   that water level is just

01:39:20   Stress so like stress is the liquid and the more stress that I have

01:39:26   the closer I am to hitting that point where I'm now just gonna

01:39:30   Start treating everything like it's the end like and I'm catastrophizing, right? Mm-hmm

01:39:36   The more stressed I am the more likely I am to catastrophize

01:39:39   This is something that I'm living in right now a little bit more than normal where any

01:39:44   Bad thing that happens is kind of like well, that's that's it then. Mm-hmm. And this is because I am

01:39:50   more than usual a kind of

01:39:55   wits-end kind of feeling you know, like I've been talking about this over the last few weeks, right like

01:40:00   We've just got enough going on all at the same time in all of my various endeavors that all feel really important

01:40:07   and so that puts a pressure on me where I'm like

01:40:11   This is all hard, but what if it all went away?

01:40:16   I don't really know why this is happening

01:40:19   Like there are certain pressures that I always have and like they usually fine

01:40:25   but I think I've just got a few things just hitting at the same time and that mixture of stuff is now making me like

01:40:32   Worried that the whole thing's gonna gonna crumble to pieces

01:40:35   So this is just like a really interesting time to ask me this question because I think I have this

01:40:41   Stress on me right now more than I not even normally do like more than I can remember in a while. Maybe like

01:40:48   the last time I'm gonna be felt like this was like

01:40:53   April 2020. Mmm, right like that was maybe the last time I felt like or any minute this

01:40:58   This whole thing could come crumbling down

01:41:01   The complicated thing is it was really easy to point to what it was then and be like, well, obviously, right?

01:41:06   Everyone felt like that, but I it's not for me to

01:41:09   Exactly. It's harder for me to do that right now

01:41:11   it's just like what because I've got like a bunch of stuff going on for some reason I'm now like

01:41:16   Just assuming that the whole thing's gonna fall down. I mean, yeah, I guess welcome to my brain

01:41:21   Like I don't really have much of a an answer for it

01:41:24   one of the things that I've been doing recently at the request of my therapist is

01:41:30   Gratitude journaling so I've added that into my theme system journal

01:41:33   So the big box in the middle where I usually write down what I'm thinking is now gratitude

01:41:37   So I'm doing that and I know that you do it and I know that it helps you

01:41:41   so I'm adding that in it's just like I don't know like I think it's more of a

01:41:47   Pressure release valve of like, alright, you're stressed. You've got a bunch of stuff going on. But what's the good stuff?

01:41:51   What are you happy about? And that is nice. Like I do enjoy that as an activity every day

01:41:56   But I know that I will feel better once this year draws more towards a close

01:42:03   Before we go today, I want to let the clotexins know that on Saturday September 22nd from 12 p.m

01:42:12   To 12 a.m. US Eastern Time. Yes, 12 hours at twitch.tv/relayfm

01:42:18   You will be able to tune in to watch the podcastathon for st. Jude

01:42:23   We're gonna be at the st. Jude campus and we're gonna be streaming for 12 hours this year

01:42:28   With a variety of games challenges and activities the theme for the podcastathon this year is Mike versus Steven

01:42:36   So the co-founders are going at it and we're gonna crown a champion at the end of it

01:42:40   I love your Mike versus Steven art, by the way. Yes, so charming

01:42:44   That's the desk mat art that for people that sign up to fundraise themselves

01:42:49   They can earn a desk mat that we've made and this artwork is gonna be making its way into lots of things in the podcastathon

01:42:55   We have our first in studio guests. We have

01:42:59   Jason and Kathy who are both hosts at relay FM are gonna be like our

01:43:03   Adjudicators and they're gonna be helping score some games and getting involved in some of the games

01:43:07   That means Steven will be competing against of each other from a production standpoint. This is gonna be the biggest and best

01:43:15   Podcastathon like we have a set designer this year. We have three sets in the studio

01:43:21   Believe how this grows every year. I'm very excited about it to be honest. I cannot wait. I love doing the podcastathon

01:43:30   It is a great day. I'm full of nervous anticipation for 12 hours. Like I think it will be fine

01:43:37   But we'll find out. Yeah, because we've done like 10 and it was it doesn't really feel any different to 8

01:43:44   But I don't know. We're also being more physical than we would normally be so, okay

01:43:50   I don't know how that's gonna change things. Maybe I'll get to our six and we'll need a little nap

01:43:54   I don't know. We'll find out that's gonna make it harder. Yes, that's there's not a mystery if it's gonna be more

01:43:58   Oh, yeah, it's gonna be harder Mike. It's gonna be great

01:44:01   I can't wait and I expect by our 10 me and Steven will just be out of our minds

01:44:05   Which I think will also be a fun thing of its own. So that is Saturday September 22nd from 12 to 12 u.s

01:44:11   Eastern time at twitch.tv slash relay FM

01:44:14   I'm pretty sure that no matter what time zone you're in you'll be at least catch some of it this time

01:44:19   So come and check us out. We're gonna have a great time and I hope you'll be able to join us

01:44:24   You can learn more about the podcastathon and our fundraising efforts this month and st. Jude and make a donation

01:44:31   They're going to st. Jude org slash relay

01:44:34   Good luck on the day Mike. Thank you

01:44:37   Thank you!