471: Nightcore Titanium


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 471. Today's show is brought to you by Squarespace,

00:00:13   ZocDoc, and CleanMyMac X. I'm one of your co-hosts, Federico Vittucci, and it's my pleasure to introduce,

00:00:19   coming to you directly from a beach somewhere, Mr. Stephen Hackett. Hello, Stephen. Hello, Federico.

00:00:26   How are you? I'm relaxed. It's good. Okay, that's good. Yeah. Good for you. Yeah. We are joined

00:00:33   directly from a studio someplace in the London area by Mike Hurley. Hello, Governor. How's the

00:00:40   London area treating you today? Weather's weird in London at the moment. It feels like on a daily

00:00:45   basis it's oscillating between shorts weather and chinos weather. Like, I'm... It's very complicated

00:00:52   for me to work out what to wear every day at the moment. So that's how London is treating me right

00:00:57   now. We have some follow-up and it's about me, so I'll go first because I like it when it's about me.

00:01:04   I received my Nomad case, the one with the good leather that we spoke about last. Oh,

00:01:13   the Horween? The Horween leather. I mean, okay, so it's good leather for sure. I mean, it's a very

00:01:20   nice leather and I love, like, it's got this very... I don't know how to describe it. It's

00:01:25   very smooth but the texture is very... It feels very dense. Like, the texture of the leather

00:01:32   feels denser than the Apple leather case that used to be last year. Would you call it rich

00:01:40   Corinthian leather? Would you call it that, Stephen? I don't know. Would you? You are the

00:01:45   Corinthian expert, it seems. I would say that it's a very nice leather. The case, as you pointed out,

00:01:55   it does add a bit of bulk to the bottom of the phone, but because the bottom lip of the case

00:02:04   sits relatively flush against the display, I have found that it doesn't bother me when I try to

00:02:11   swipe with my thumb to, like, open the app switcher or just exit from an app to the home screen. It

00:02:17   doesn't get in the way, like, you don't feel that difference of height between the case and the

00:02:24   display, so that's good. This case has a proper action button that feels great to use. The side

00:02:32   button also has this very nice sort of metallic texture, like pattern on top of it, which looks

00:02:40   nice in my opinion. And I guess the one thing that I... I mean, honestly, I don't like that it's real

00:02:49   leather, right? I would have preferred fake leather, but Nomad, they don't make one. And the other

00:02:56   thing is the USB-C cutout is fine. I haven't run into any USB-C cable with an adapter that doesn't

00:03:05   fit, but some of them are a tight fit. And I guess maybe I would have liked to have a slightly larger

00:03:13   cutout for the USB-C connector, but it's still larger, this Nomad one, than the fine woven case,

00:03:21   so it's okay. The USB-4 cable that I have that I use for everything, I use for charging, I use for

00:03:27   display out with my Nintendo Switch, with my ROG Ally, like that cable fits, but it's a very tight

00:03:36   fit. So maybe in a future revision, Nomad could consider an even bigger cutout for USB-C, but

00:03:42   overall this is the case that I'm using. It's very nice leather, the action button works properly,

00:03:49   and I can recommend it, even though it is not an affordable case. It's on the more expensive side.

00:03:55   I've been really happy with it too, and I have not run into the port size issue, but I can see it. I

00:04:05   mean, I'm looking at my case now, like yeah, if you have a little bit bulky of a cable, but it is better

00:04:09   than Apple's cutouts for sure. Yes. And it's centered on the bottom of the phone. What an idea. So

00:04:18   I don't know if you guys have been seeing this, but people have been now sharing photos of their

00:04:23   off-center iPhone cases. It's just all over the place. I don't know what's going on over there,

00:04:28   but I'm pleased that you like the Nomad. I agree with you, it is expensive, but if you want like

00:04:35   a nice leather case, that's a two out of three connected hosts recommend it. I dropped my phone.

00:04:42   Oh, I heard. A couple of nights ago, I was in the bathroom. I had my phone in my hand, and I don't

00:04:50   know how I did this, but I slipped out of my hand, hit the tile floor, and kind of bounced, and it's

00:04:57   done this thing, which is very strange, where it's kind of bent the titanium frame a little bit, like

00:05:04   in the top corner above the camera, and it's kind of like, it's like, you know like the curve that

00:05:09   goes around. It's almost like flattened it out. There's a little, it's hard for me to explain,

00:05:14   but I've made a small dent, and there's now a part of my iPhone next to one of the antenna lines.

00:05:21   It's just a little bit sharp if you run your finger across it. That's terrible. I'm so sorry.

00:05:26   Well, no, I don't care, because it hasn't affected my phone's usability in any way, and I dropped my

00:05:33   phone really badly on tile, and the screen's fine, so the cameras are fine. That's all I care about.

00:05:40   I expect these things to get dinged up. If I didn't want them to get dinged up, I'd put them

00:05:44   in a case, you know, but very happy with the durability of the iPhone, because it didn't smash

00:05:50   into a billion pieces, which it should have, because it didn't just drop down. It went forward,

00:05:56   like bounced, you know, like that. This thing went for it, and it's fine, but I dropped it.

00:06:01   I just thought you should know that, because I wouldn't keep it from you, you know?

00:06:04   Yeah, yeah, who would keep secrets from their co-hosts?

00:06:06   Yeah, I know.

00:06:07   Exactly. I would never do that.

00:06:08   No, me neither.

00:06:09   That's not true, Federica. You very frequently start topics with,

00:06:15   "I have a surprise," or, "I have a secret." This is like-

00:06:18   Oh, that's in service of the content, you know? It's a good surprise.

00:06:22   Yeah. Good surprise. Well, I guess they've... Yeah, okay. They're not necessarily good surprises

00:06:28   when they begin, but usually by the end they are, you know? Sometimes they're like scary. You don't

00:06:33   know what's going to happen. Last week, we joked on the show that some people would want a transcript

00:06:38   of the Podcast-a-thon, and after the recording was done, I loaded up Mac Whisper and put it

00:06:46   on maximum and fed it, and fed it the 12-hour audio file. It took my M2 Pro, MacBook Pro,

00:06:56   I think four and a half hours to do it, and it's the loudest I've ever heard an Apple

00:07:01   Silicon computer. It was very unhappy, but it has generated a 105,000-word transcript,

00:07:10   and you can open it. I saved it as a plain text file.

00:07:14   This link is upsetting to my eyes. When I open it, something goes wrong in my eyes.

00:07:20   Yeah, because it's literally a wall of text, you know?

00:07:24   I didn't know this was a thing that could be done on the internet. I don't understand how this is,

00:07:29   like, I don't understand this. This is me not understanding how websites are made. I don't know

00:07:34   how this is on a link. I don't know how it gets there. I don't get it.

00:07:39   It's just a text file sitting on my server.

00:07:41   No, but why doesn't it download a file? Why do I just see the text?

00:07:46   Yeah, I don't know.

00:07:46   You don't know either. I'm very confused about this. I'm worried this is going to break your

00:07:52   website.

00:07:53   It is an amazing text document. I will say, if you download it, BB Edit's the only thing that

00:07:59   can open it without really struggling. Like, I opened it in Byword, and the poor thing can't

00:08:04   scroll. Like, it's just beach balling. But this is a wild document, and you should just go search

00:08:09   for random things, because it's not funny.

00:08:11   I'm going to pick out a random sentence and just read it.

00:08:14   Okay.

00:08:14   Oh yeah, no. It looked like it had an end at the end. Nope, that didn't work. Hi, can you

00:08:19   hear me? Do you understand? Laughing. Of the way. Where was it? What a beautiful day. Oh yeah, no.

00:08:25   It looked like it had an end at the end. What a beautiful stand. Laughing. Don't you? Don't

00:08:31   go understand. Don't go under sand. I don't want to go under the sand, Jason. It's cool,

00:08:38   so it gets everywhere.

00:08:39   Good spin. Wheel spinning. Lip reading. Alright, let's go. Alright, okay. I'm just sitting here.

00:08:46   Other people can sit. Mike, choose your partner. Jason, alright. You're too tired to move. I'll

00:08:51   just let you know. I'm actually impressed. This is incredible. I'm actually impressed by the

00:08:57   transcript picking up the sound effects. Like, laughing. Yeah, like it knows what a wheel

00:09:02   spin is. That's really weird, right? Yeah. Cheering, yelling, ball bouncing, upbeat music.

00:09:09   Yeah, later on it has race car engine revving. Triumphant music. Triumphant music. I just saw

00:09:15   that. Oval with claws. Hey, that's what lobsters are. That's it. Man, this is a real thing in here.

00:09:24   The Calax. 25 points to the winner. Incredible. Fundraising is fun. Fundraising is fun.

00:09:30   This is over and over again. Fundraising is fun. Laughing. Feel crazy is fun.

00:09:35   Wow, this is, this is, man, the AI is coming for us. It really is. So, you can go check out

00:09:42   the transcript. We do want to thank everyone who donated and was involved with the St. Jude

00:09:47   fundraiser. The final number, if you didn't see it on Mastodon or Discord or somewhere, $775,000,

00:09:54   which is just an incredible amount of money. That's basically 70 grand more than last year.

00:10:03   None of us expected to be able to top the previous year and to do so by so much money.

00:10:11   It's, it's incredible. The community really stepped up. It puts our lifetime total since

00:10:16   2019 at 2.98 million. I've already been rounding up to quote nearly $3 million over five years.

00:10:24   Yeah. It's given us a real good tee off for next year, you know,

00:10:27   like we'll, we'll hit the 3 million in like the first week or something, which would be nice.

00:10:32   Yeah. So, so thank you all. This is obviously something that takes,

00:10:37   it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot out of us. I know all of us involved, basically. I mean,

00:10:42   look, I'm at the beach for a reason after this finished, right?

00:10:44   Yeah. And I'm not here next week.

00:10:46   Yeah. You're out next week.

00:10:47   It's a, it's a tough, tough thing, but it's worth it. It's every, it's worth it.

00:10:52   Yeah. So it means, it means the world to us. And thank you. Just thank you. Now we've got some,

00:10:59   some follow-up and some, some, some listener questions and feedback. Mike,

00:11:02   do you want to take this first one?

00:11:04   Yeah. Rafi says, uh, it's interesting to see that long-time Mac users like Steven and Jason don't

00:11:11   see the benefit of Mac widgets and less long-time Mac users like my confederico

00:11:16   do. Maybe it's related to old habits. I'm a Mac user since 1991. And when multiple

00:11:22   desktops were introduced, I enjoy having, uh, and when multiple desktops were introduced,

00:11:26   I enjoyed having all of my important apps open all of the time in many different spaces.

00:11:31   I added widgets to my Mac, but they're all hidden behind open windows. I would prefer if

00:11:35   widgets were anchored to a specific desktop. Now here's one. I have two points in this question.

00:11:40   Like, I think there is that. I think there is something at play here, but I just want to say

00:11:44   for the record, I don't understand why Steven is considered this long-time Mac user. I think me

00:11:50   and Steven have been using Macs for about the same amount of time. And I think Federico as well.

00:11:54   You know why Steven is considered, uh, you know,

00:11:58   cause he's an old, old soul. Yeah. Just because he has really old computers. Like he hasn't been

00:12:04   using them for 40 years. Let's put our cards on the table. When did you start using the Mac on a

00:12:09   regular basis? Um, probably when I was, no, I know when it was when I was 18 years old.

00:12:15   What year? 2006. 2006 Mike. So yeah. Mike, you are my age. Yeah. 2006. Yeah. Okay. So I've got about

00:12:25   five or six years on you. And I started in 2008. All right. But that doesn't make you like

00:12:31   comparatively, I think that different. No, I'm closer to you than I am to Jason. Yeah. For sure.

00:12:36   But if you combine those five years with the fact that he's an old soul, like it exponentially grows.

00:12:44   No, I mean, I agree that Steven and Jason are in the same bucket. I just want it to be like,

00:12:48   I feel like my, my like credentials are being like questioned here. You know what I mean?

00:12:55   Like I've been using the Mac consistently every day. Well, here's the thing. That was when I had

00:13:00   my first Mac I'd been using Macs in school too. Yeah. But I didn't own one. Like my first Mac was

00:13:08   when I was 18. So anyway, the thing is, I think there's a different mindset of play here. Like,

00:13:14   I think me and Federico have been iPad pilled or something probably. And so like desktop clutter,

00:13:19   it's just not a thing that we want. Like not too many open windows, not loads of overlapping

00:13:23   windows. I think that's what it is. I don't think that this is a like legacy Mac thing as to why or

00:13:29   why not you might want to use widgets on the desktop or why you might like them. And I don't,

00:13:33   I don't want to speak for Jason. But for me, it's not that I don't see the value in the widgets. I

00:13:37   think they're in the wrong place. I think having them on the desktop is the wrong solution. That's

00:13:42   all. Bring back some sort of dashboard they could live on or something. Can't someone just make

00:13:48   this? I don't know. I know. So on Sunday's episode of MPU, John Syracuse is our guest. We recorded it

00:13:56   yesterday. And we talked for a long time with that episode about, you know, he has front and center.

00:14:01   And he basically said like window management stuff on the Mac is extremely difficult to write.

00:14:07   And so it may not be that a developer has any visibility into like where these widgets are to

00:14:13   be able to manipulate where they live. So I don't know. I could, I would be surprised if someone

00:14:18   could, could write like some sort of shim that made it more dashboard. Like I would love it.

00:14:23   And if it's out there, let me know. But I would be surprised. I could imagine in a couple of years,

00:14:28   Mac OS skyline is released and they say like, everybody loves widgets on the desktop and now

00:14:36   we're going to bring them right in front of your eyes. You just press this new key on the keyboard

00:14:41   or whatever, you know, and like, you will be able to see the skyline of your widgets. Here we go.

00:14:46   And it's a good throwback. So Jeffrey Waring asking, shortcuts triggered with the action

00:14:51   button whilst on the lock screen that require any type of user input or a time delay are borderline

00:14:57   useless as the screen shuts off dims if you are on an always on display after a few seconds and

00:15:04   cancels the shortcut altogether. I'd love to know if Federico has a workaround for keeping the lock

00:15:08   screen on or is he solely using the action button and shortcuts only when the phone is unlocked?

00:15:14   The second one, Jeffrey, because there's basically no way to know if a shortcut is running in the

00:15:22   context of the lock screen. This is one of the biggest limitations of shortcuts for power users

00:15:26   right now. Shortcuts doesn't have any idea of, or rather it does, but very little, like which context

00:15:34   am I running in? Like, am I a shortcut right now that's running on the home screen? Am I running on

00:15:41   the lock screen? Am I running from Notification Center? Am I running from the share sheet? Like,

00:15:45   you can, all you can do is basically just say, am I running on an iPhone, iPad or Mac or watch?

00:15:53   Like, that's all you can do. All these additional, like, areas of the operating systems are basically

00:16:00   unknown to shortcuts. There are some third-party workarounds to do this, right? But even if you try

00:16:07   the popular and free-to-download Actions app, it does have an action that I believe is called

00:16:15   "Is iPhone locked?" but that only tells you if the iPhone is actually locked. So if you pick up,

00:16:23   and I tested this a few days ago, if you pick up your phone and assume it's got face ID,

00:16:30   you look at it and you tap on a shortcut that has one of these actions to tell you if the phone is

00:16:38   on the lock screen, it's just going to tell you the phone is unlocked. And that's no different

00:16:43   from running that action on the home screen. It's always going to tell you the phone is unlocked.

00:16:48   There's no native way to say, okay, this shortcut, like when I tap the shortcut, is it running inside

00:16:56   the shortcuts app, in the lock screen, is it on the home screen? I would love to have these features

00:17:03   in shortcuts because that would allow for much greater flexibility. Like, for example, I would

00:17:10   design all of my shortcuts to be simpler if you're using them from the lock screen, because if you're

00:17:18   using them from the lock screen, I'm assuming you want to have quicker interactions, right? I would

00:17:22   do that, but I cannot, because there's no way to know if a shortcut is running on the lock screen.

00:17:28   And so, Jeffrey, essentially I do most of my action button shortcuts usage from the home screen, or

00:17:35   if I'm actually using my phone anyway. Yeah, this was a frustration, or like a limitation I found

00:17:41   out pretty early on, because my action button usage is typing tasks in, right? And I would type

00:17:47   like half of a word and then it would just cancel. I don't know why they have this limitation in place

00:17:54   that like if the phone is locked, it will, everything will work as long as you're fast enough.

00:17:59   Like I'm not really, this feels like a, like a, an unintended thing, because I can't work out what the

00:18:07   use case of that is, of like, oh you got to be fast, and then you can do everything.

00:18:12   Like it just is weird, like, so if I have to type something, then it will start taking the first few

00:18:17   letters and then just cuts off. And so it feels to me like this is something that could and should be

00:18:24   fixed, but I would be surprised if it was considered to be like high importance, if like,

00:18:33   of any high importance, but we'll see. This episode of Connected is brought to you by Squarespace,

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00:20:45   Last week we were talking about the fact that Federico was basically unable to use the natural

00:20:52   language text entry in Reminders, and I said it was working fine for me. Well, Gaz wrote in to say,

00:20:59   "There's a Reminders bug on the UK English keyboard and devices that does not allow you to set a due

00:21:06   date for the upcoming Sunday. No matter what you type, it always suggests the next Sunday.

00:21:13   This has been going on since iOS 15 and it's maddening." And I tried this. Like if I,

00:21:20   on my keyboard, try and do anything where I'm saying like this Sunday or Sunday, it always goes

00:21:28   to the following Sunday. So like today is the 11th and no matter what I do, it wants to put the task

00:21:35   in. It was October 22nd, not October 15th. That is wild.

00:21:38   What are they doing? And like I just got to ask like, what is happening?

00:21:42   Yeah. Okay. So sometimes, sometimes I ask myself this question, right? And I know that the answer

00:21:49   is complex, but still the answer is complex if you work at Apple, but you get a, I guess what I'm

00:21:56   trying to say is if you work at Apple and you're listening to this segment, try and put yourself

00:22:01   in the shoes of people from the outside. We'll look at this and our, and our natural reaction

00:22:06   is, and I don't blame ourselves for having this reaction. Does anyone at Apple even test this?

00:22:15   That's how I feel. That's how I feel with this specific thing. Like, because how,

00:22:20   if this is a feature that you have, does nobody ever do anything on Sundays? Like what is happening?

00:22:28   I guess maybe they have a really healthy work-life balance.

00:22:31   No, but like it isn't work though, right? Like Sundays is when I'm like,

00:22:35   you know, remember to buy this thing from the grocery store. Like that's all going in reminders,

00:22:40   you know? I don't know. But yeah, this adds to the issues that I covered last week and

00:22:47   those issues I've continued in beta two of 17.1, beta three, which came out yesterday. And I guess

00:22:56   we're going to talk about shortly. The bug is still there. Sometimes when I type in a natural

00:23:01   language, they just randomly assigns another date. And because of these problems, I mean,

00:23:06   I had to be realistic as much as I love reminders and all the new features and the UI changes in 17.

00:23:13   I, for now, for now, I had to move back to things as my task manager because at the very least,

00:23:19   like it lets me add proper dates and reminders to stuff.

00:23:24   Because the, like the, one of the reasons that I think this is so, uh,

00:23:28   like complicated or is such like a, of a detriment to reminders is adding a date and time to a

00:23:35   reminder is overly cumbersome. Yes. It takes way too many taps.

00:23:40   Why do I have to hit a toggle switch first? What is that? Like what is going on? And so like,

00:23:47   but this isn't an issue if you have good natural language input, which I think every to-do app

00:23:52   should have good natural language input. And like to me, that is like pure table stakes of

00:23:58   what it is to be, I think an app that requires any kind of text entry like this, like your calendar

00:24:03   apps, uh, to do apps, all of this kind of stuff. Yeah. If it just doesn't work, that is wild.

00:24:10   There are a couple of third-party apps, uh, InstaRemind on the Mac and remind me faster on iOS

00:24:15   that basically are a natural language process layer on top of reminders. But I agree with

00:24:22   you. It's it's too fiddly, especially on the Mac. And there's, there's things on the Mac. You can't

00:24:27   do an iPhone and iPad easily. It's so close to being good. And I mean, I used reminders all

00:24:33   summer and I'm back on Todoist because my spouse does not like reminders at all. And we have a

00:24:38   couple of shared lists and so, and I'm fine being a Todoist, but it is, it is frustrating because

00:24:43   we remind it's like, it's right there on the edge, but it feels like a lot of the clicking around and

00:24:49   toggles and check boxes you need. It just feels like it wasn't designed in 2023. It's like they're,

00:24:56   they're bringing forward this old design year after year. And I wish they would take some time and,

00:25:00   and really look and see where the market is and, and try to try to help move things along because

00:25:09   it is, it is really clunky in a lot of areas. Yeah. I'm, I'm still going to use it for what I

00:25:14   wanted to use it for, which is like for a better way to manage house projects with a shared list

00:25:19   and not be in my typical to do app. I don't want to cross the streams and it's going to be fine

00:25:25   for that, but this is not a tool that I would want to rely on for work if I can't easily or even

00:25:33   accurately enter due dates. Like I would never trust that the due date was correct and I'd have

00:25:39   to check it every time. Like, and that would be too annoying to me to do. Because then it makes

00:25:44   you, it makes you think about it and you're not supposed to think about it. The whole point of

00:25:48   these tools is that you, that they become a way for you to, to reduce the noise in your mind. And

00:25:53   if every time I'm adding a task, I'm unsure of whether the task got added to the right place,

00:25:58   like or the right day that, that would, that would just be too stressful for me really.

00:26:04   Just shame. This is the podcast where we have over time, uh, asked the question,

00:26:10   Hey Spotify, where's that lossless audio? You promised. Yes. Spotify HiFi. Well boys,

00:26:16   let me tell you about what I think is incredibly named Spotify. Supreme. I love this product name.

00:26:25   Supreme. Passionately like this is genius. Someone deserves a raise for this. I think whoever came

00:26:33   up with this name, they deserve to get one year of all of the increase fees. They just, it's good.

00:26:40   It's so good. It's like, is it super? Is it supreme? Is it premium? It's all of them.

00:26:46   Exactly. Well, it's like this, what do you, how do you go higher than premium? Right?

00:26:51   Super. Incredible. Yeah. I wished that I had a member's show to call Supreme. You know what I

00:26:58   mean? Like how we did like plus and stuff like that, but like, we just don't, I don't know if

00:27:02   we have any that could fit, but who knows maybe it's going to be connected to premium anyway.

00:27:06   So Spotify Supreme will have lossless audio, audio books. So an amount of audio books premium

00:27:15   gets this. I don't know if it'd be the same amount or more. This hasn't actually been officially

00:27:19   announced yet. I don't think, um, AI playlist generation. I don't really know what that means.

00:27:25   And, uh, some playlist mixing tools to adjust songs for like template for tempo, mood,

00:27:31   that kind of stuff. The last one I don't like, I don't like the sound of, of, uh, they're gonna

00:27:37   basically be, although I guess there are. Federico, this is like beats music or something.

00:27:42   This feels to me like I want a playlist of the, that's the third one. That's the third one.

00:27:48   The fourth one, the third one is beats music. Like give me a playlist. Like the fourth one playlist

00:27:56   mixing tools to adjust songs for tempo. Like, does it mean that it's like, is it, is it going to

00:28:01   change the pitch and tempo of songs? No, I don't think that. I just think it's like, I, it, it,

00:28:08   it is creating a playlist with songs of a similar tempo. That's how I read it. In that case,

00:28:13   it's awesome. Okay. I can't imagine they're going to adjust music. I mean, there's a whole,

00:28:18   there's a whole culture of, of people listening to remixed. Like, have you ever heard of like

00:28:24   nightcore versions of songs? Yeah. It's like a whole thing of like, especially, uh, young,

00:28:31   younger folks listening to like slightly different versions of songs that are sometimes more

00:28:38   electronic and it's like, they, they spend hours on YouTube streaming them. Um, and yeah, so I

00:28:44   thought it was that, but it makes more sense to, uh, that it's, uh, it's just like, yeah, we're

00:28:49   going to put together a playlist for songs that have the same mood or tempo that makes more sense.

00:28:54   This package, it will cost $20 a month, which is, but it's so premium, very expensive for a streaming

00:29:00   server for a music streaming service. I think that's twice the price of premium. It is. Yeah.

00:29:06   That's quite pricey. I do want to touch on the audio book thing just for a second. They did

00:29:12   announce that premium members, we get 15 hours of audio books a month, which just seems like a weird

00:29:21   way to measure audio. And I'm not an audio book person. So maybe this is how everybody does it.

00:29:24   But what if you're listening to a 16 hour book and you get to the end is like, Oh, I have an hour

00:29:30   left and you're, you're, you're cut off. Well then you pay them. Then I guess so. And their CEO has

00:29:36   this quote, uh, the verge has it. I believe this will bring a whole new generation of listeners to

00:29:39   audio books. Now take this with a grain of salt that we own a podcast company. Spotify did not do

00:29:46   well in podcasts. I mean, they have now a growing base, but in terms of purchasing podcasts and

00:29:54   content, they, I think blew that pretty badly. I'm just very curious to see this. Like, I can't

00:30:02   imagine they're going to get into audio book creation. I think they're, I think they've

00:30:05   learned their lesson probably about, Hey, we were streaming service. We're not a content platform,

00:30:12   but it also feels a little bit like they're still trying to get spoken word into Spotify.

00:30:18   They want to be the app that all of your audio is in. And while that sounds pretty nuts to a lot of

00:30:24   us who want podcasting specific features that Spotify doesn't have, or we just want our music

00:30:30   and podcasts separate. There are a lot of people who do like having podcasts in Spotify. We've seen

00:30:35   in our own numbers, Spotify listenership growing over time. And so then moving into audio books,

00:30:42   at least in this new way, I think is going to be really interesting to keep an eye on because

00:30:47   audible, which is owned by Amazon, at least in the U S is basically the platform. And can Spotify

00:30:54   take some of that? Like they've taken some podcasting away from Apple. I'm just fascinated

00:30:58   by this move and I'm going to be watching it very keenly to see how this goes for them over the next

00:31:03   couple of years. I think it will work fine because people get it as part of their plan. Right. So

00:31:11   like you might be, I got, I think it was, I think it was Ben Thompson who was talking about this

00:31:18   and he said like, you know, imagine you're listening to a podcast and as an author and

00:31:22   then Spotify can just give you the book, right? Like go listen to the book. Like that's quite a

00:31:30   compelling thing. I think like, you know, I'm sure there's many ways that that could expose itself.

00:31:36   That was kind of interesting to me, but I give you, it is funny that it's like this 15 hour thing,

00:31:41   like, and then you have to do something about it, but like audible is also weird, right? Like

00:31:45   audible, you pay them monthly and you get credits that you can spend on books. Like there's, there's

00:31:52   all this just like strange ways in which audio book stuff works, which I'm sure is all related

00:31:56   to some kind of publishing agreement thing, but yeah, this is part of their overall package for

00:32:01   Supremium, which, you know, obviously they have spent this whole time trying to work out how to

00:32:08   make, how to make lossless audio available in a way that competes with free. Like when Spotify

00:32:16   announced HiFi, Apple hadn't announced lossless music, audio for Apple Music. And Apple doesn't

00:32:22   charge more for it. It's just built in. Exactly. It's just built in. So now if they're going to do

00:32:26   it, they can't just be like, Hey, here's this and it's $20 a month. Like they have to make a package.

00:32:31   I would say as a package without all of the details, like we don't know if you get, and I

00:32:36   expect you do get more audio book hours or something. Um, it's a pretty decent package for

00:32:41   like a Spotify super user, but I think that is quite an expensive price for a service like this.

00:32:51   But Hey, maybe it will work. I dropped a link in discord to the nightcore version of titanium.

00:32:58   Mike, you're going to love this version of the song.

00:33:21   That's essentially what you can expect from nightcore covers on YouTube.

00:33:25   This is faster. It's faster and the pitch is higher. Um, yeah. This sounds like all of the

00:33:33   songs that I've ever heard in an Instagram reel that I didn't want to watch. Yes. Yes.

00:33:37   We talked in connector pro about wireless carplay a little bit more, but my phone is named ISMH

00:33:46   titanium with the I and the a like tie. So a bunch of I's and A's and the truck shows like,

00:33:54   Oh, connecting to, and then the phone name. And, uh, so I had to explain that to a family member

00:33:59   the other day. Like why is your phone called? The way to explain it is you just go, Hey,

00:34:05   Siri play titanium by David Guetta. You know, I should have, I should have an automation that

00:34:10   when my phone connects to carplay, it plays that song. Mike, there was a report out about the

00:34:15   refresh rate of the vision pro headset, and it seems like it could be good news for you

00:34:21   living in the UK. Could you explain this to us? Yeah. So previously Apple had spoken about the

00:34:27   fact that the headset would max out at 90 Hertz. Like that's what they were. Uh, it's like 90

00:34:33   frames per second, basically. That's what they were suggesting developers target. Um, but I'll

00:34:39   read from, this is from Mac rumors and this post was written by Julie Clover and the quote is

00:34:46   code found by M one Astra confirms that the maximum vision pro refresh rate is 100 Hertz,

00:34:52   but 100 Hertz is a mode that only activates to compensate for detected 50 Hertz flicker from

00:34:58   artificial lighting. Thank you, Apple. This is my concern. Cause like sometimes when I use, uh, like

00:35:05   a, the meta quest pro, which by the way, don't I feel great about buying that that was a very

00:35:10   long shelf life for that product. Yeah. The three kills that right. Uh, killed by anything else.

00:35:16   Yeah. Uh, it effectively has one difference over the three, which is the eye tracking,

00:35:22   which I do actually think is really important for, for like meat and stuff, but yeah. Oh boy. Anyway,

00:35:26   but sometimes I would get like the flickering from the overhead lighting that I have,

00:35:30   please stop writing into me to tell me that I shouldn't have it. I don't like it either,

00:35:33   but the room is very big and leave me alone forever. Uh, I w like though I would sometimes

00:35:38   the lighting would flicker. Um, and this is an issue I've had with other Apple products.

00:35:43   Like my studios players had this issue for a while. Um, where I would be on a call with someone and

00:35:48   the camera would just be freaking out because it's affected by the overhead lighting, the fit,

00:35:54   which is 50 Hertz here, not 60. And that's just the way lighting is. Um, and I was worried that

00:35:59   the vision pro would have this problem. So I am really, really happy to hear that they have

00:36:05   considered this and considered it specifically for this use case. Cause my concern was that I

00:36:10   would turn it on and it would be like some kind of rave in my eyes, which would not have been a good

00:36:15   experience. So I'm very enthused about this. How's your studio display camera doing? So, uh,

00:36:20   it has been on and off, which is the most frustrating thing for a while. I couldn't use it

00:36:24   at all because every time I turn it on, it would be just flickering and like tripping out. Then it

00:36:31   was okay. Then something, one of the Mac OS settings things fixed it. Then it stopped working

00:36:37   again on now it's like intermittent. Sometimes I'll turn the camera on and it would, and it would

00:36:41   adjust to the lighting. Sometimes it wouldn't. I have actually found an app, a Mac app called

00:36:48   webcam settings. Oh, this app lets me change the refresh rate of the camera from 60 to 50.

00:36:58   An app lets you do it? Yes. I don't know how. An app who quotes 2012 episodes of podcasts

00:37:06   as reviews. Well also, I mean, take a look at the, the, the, this was last updated three years ago.

00:37:12   Uh huh. Firewire camera is not supported. That's a bummer. If you are using an external webcam,

00:37:20   you get tons of settings with this app, right? Like you can change brightness, contrast, hue,

00:37:26   sharpness, gamma, zoom, pan, tilt, loads of stuff. All of that doesn't work with the studio display,

00:37:32   but changing the refresh rate from 60 to 50 does work. And so now I have, every time I have this

00:37:39   app open on my Mac, it fixes the problem. I hope that the vision pro team can send a note to the

00:37:45   studio display team and we can just have this taken care of for good. So we spoke last week

00:37:52   about the, uh, the work that I'm doing on version two of multi-button, which is going well. Uh,

00:37:58   and one of the things I'm doing is, um, adding support for sort of contextual actions inside

00:38:05   the app you're currently using. And I urge the developers to come up with ideas for

00:38:11   shortcuts that perform something specific while you are using the app. Um, the, as soon as like,

00:38:19   we recorded this on Wednesday and the Halide folks had already come out with, um, new actions for the

00:38:26   action button that do exactly what I meant. So in the latest version of Halide, um, you can install

00:38:33   this shortcut that unless you use multi-button, of course, this will take over, uh, all the other

00:38:39   shortcuts you may have configured with the action button. But with this shortcut, um, when you press

00:38:46   it and you're using Halide, uh, inside the app, you will trigger different features. You will be

00:38:53   able to switch between lenses to control your exposure mode, your focus mode, your resolution,

00:38:58   the capture mode of the app. And I think this is a very clever idea to add a physical contextual

00:39:06   control to the app that you're currently using. These are all like, these actions are all based

00:39:12   on the latest shortcuts technology, the app intents that any developer can use. And, uh,

00:39:18   it's just a great example of tying a physical control to something contextual to the app that

00:39:24   you're using at the moment. And it's exactly what I meant last week. Uh, so far, I have two examples

00:39:31   of apps that have this sort of support in shortcuts for performing something based on what

00:39:38   you are doing inside the app. Uh, Halide is one and the other, as I mentioned last week, is Things,

00:39:44   which I have been using with my action button. So it's very nice when I, when I am in, in Things,

00:39:50   um, instead of having to use the Things UI for scheduling tasks, like adding a date or adding a

00:39:58   time, all I need to do is select an item, select a task, press the action button, and the shortcuts

00:40:04   date picker comes up, which is much faster than the Things date picker. And I can just schedule

00:40:10   shortcuts from there just by pressing the action button. And that's what I hope more developers

00:40:16   will implement with shortcuts, like come up with actions that do something based on selection,

00:40:23   based on what you're doing in the app. I don't know, take a look at what Things is doing,

00:40:26   what Halide is doing. I truly believe this is the way to go in the future.

00:40:30   This is very cool. Very interesting. I would love to know, like, after a while,

00:40:36   well, I'd love to see if other apps do it. And I would love to know if people are using it,

00:40:40   you know, that's very, it's a very, it's an interesting idea. Um, and it's also like a

00:40:46   thing that I just want to, as soon as I don't understand how it works, like technically,

00:40:50   like I know, but I also don't know, you know what I mean? Like, why doesn't it just keep opening the

00:40:55   app over and over and over again? Uh, because you are, because the app is open, but like,

00:41:00   yeah, I just don't, how is it a trick the system? No, it's not a trick. See, that's the thing. It's,

00:41:07   it's not a trick. It's me. And I think a lot of people when they saw this were like, oh,

00:41:12   good luck getting approved. Like, no, this is just using the native Intense Framework.

00:41:18   And the Intense Framework is telling app perform this. And if the app is in the foreground,

00:41:24   that action is going to get performed in front of you. And, but there's nothing like,

00:41:31   it's not a workaround. It's not like a private API, which I've seen people suggest. No, it's not.

00:41:36   It's just, typically you're used to using shortcuts actions while you're doing something else. Like

00:41:42   you are on the home screen, you are in a widget or something. Here, it's doing the same thing,

00:41:48   but in front of your eyes. I think the bit where it just trips me up is like the first thing,

00:41:52   the first time you press the button, it doesn't open the app and perform the action, does it? It

00:41:57   just opens the app. But then when you press it a second time, it, like when the app is open,

00:42:01   it then performs the chosen action. Yes. Like that's the thing that I can't get my head around.

00:42:06   Like how that is happening. This episode of Connected is brought to you by ZocDoc.

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00:43:46   It's spooky season around here, so I bring two mysteries to the show today.

00:43:53   Mystery number one. What's going on with Find My Alerts? I keep my Find My Alerts are going

00:44:03   wild right now. Everywhere I go, I'm forgetting things, but you know what? I'm not. They're in my

00:44:07   pocket or in my bag. They are going off left, right and center. I've been seeing a lot of

00:44:12   people talk about this in our Discord too. My favorite one yesterday where I was listening

00:44:16   to a podcast on my AirPods and my watch told me, "Where are your AirPods?" I was like,

00:44:21   "They're in my ears." That's where they are. It's very strange.

00:44:26   I have the same problem. It's almost like my AirPods are having an identity crisis or something.

00:44:32   Like, "I'm lost." No, you're not. I don't know my purpose.

00:44:37   No, you are in my pocket. Everything's good. You're in my pocket.

00:44:41   I have my name. Where's my name? USB-C. What's going on?

00:44:44   Oh, by the way. Actually, by the way, I got the USB-C AirPods. I forgot to tell you guys.

00:44:50   I just figured, "Yeah, you know what? I'm going to want them when the Vision Pro is out."

00:44:54   Do you know why I didn't get them? Yeah, I might do them for the Vision Pro. Well,

00:44:58   I will do them for the Vision Pro. The reason I didn't get them yet, I never plugged my...

00:45:02   Well, I very, very rarely plug my AirPods in. I'd put them on a MagSafe charger.

00:45:07   That's how I charged them. That happened to me one night,

00:45:09   like a couple of weeks ago. I was like, "See, now I cannot plug them in anymore," because I removed

00:45:15   all the lightning cable from the house. So yeah, that's why I got them. But yes, these are alerts.

00:45:20   My issue there is traveling because at the moment... And I don't plan on a MagSafe traveling

00:45:27   setup. It's just because it's just going to take too much aggravation. I might do it later,

00:45:31   but I'm not planning on it. So I'm going to have to keep carrying a lightning cable for

00:45:35   when I'm traveling. I guess I'll ask actually connected listeners, if you have good MagSafe

00:45:41   charging traveling options, go to connectedfeedback.com and leave me some suggestions,

00:45:48   and maybe we could talk about them in the future episode. But please mention they got to be MagSafe,

00:45:53   because otherwise people are just going to send you a bunch of Qi chargers. They're like

00:45:57   MagSafe compatible. Well, do you want MagSafe compatible? Do you want proper MagSafe?

00:46:03   Like official MagSafe? Doesn't need to be official MagSafe, but MagSafe compatible. So like,

00:46:08   it's gotten a blessing. I would like the blessing. Now you're going to get a lot of recommendations.

00:46:12   Yeah, but that's okay though, right? Because what I want is MagSafe compatible, right? Like,

00:46:17   that's good. Is that what I'm saying? I want the one where they're getting the full speed charging.

00:46:22   Yeah, then you want MagSafe. Okay, because sometimes they're not MagSafe pucks is what I

00:46:28   mean, right? They're like... I mean, the Anchor Cube doesn't have a MagSafe puck like the Apple

00:46:35   one, but it's MagSafe certified. Yeah, I want the full MagSafe certification. That's what I want.

00:46:40   Okay, all right, cool. Yeah, because that also lets you use the standby, remember my charger

00:46:48   feature. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want all that. Even if it's just like you have a thing and you've put

00:46:53   two MagSafe pucks in it or whatever, like, but it's like a thing that you like, you can send me

00:46:58   that too. Even if I have to supply my own MagSafe charges. Second mystery. Okay. So I saw this on

00:47:06   9to5Mac and then I've been seeing every single day for the last three days, every single day for

00:47:12   the last three days. I have been seeing people posting the Relay FM members discord that their

00:47:19   iPhones are turning off overnight. And the way that they know this is they try and unlock their

00:47:25   phone in the morning and it wants the passcode. Then you go to the battery section of your iPhone

00:47:32   and there is a gap in the charging. Oh, so what it looks like, I mean, I don't, I don't think

00:47:37   anybody knows. Like Zach Hall wrote about this on 9to5Mac. I don't think people know that the iPhone

00:47:43   has actually turned off, but these are the two things that are happening. And every day, and I

00:47:48   just scored for the last three days, people have been posting. This is also, as you can imagine,

00:47:52   a big post about this on Reddit where it's like something's going on with the phones and they're

00:47:57   either turning off, they're rebooting or they're doing some kind of weird, like don't ask us about

00:48:01   charging kind of thing. So there's two mysteries going on right now boys. I think there's ghosts

00:48:06   in the iOS. There's Tim Cook visiting you at night, just randomly shutting off your phone.

00:48:12   You know, it's just like, let me turn this off. And you wake up and you got to put in a passcode.

00:48:18   This is weird. I assume it's some kind of bug. The phone is not supposed to reboot on its own.

00:48:25   So I'm sure this is a random bug that will get fixed at some point. Interesting mystery though.

00:48:32   Two mysteries, you know, spooky season. You've got to have your mysteries in spooky season.

00:48:36   17.1 beta 3 is out. We're on weekly betas right now, right? Like they're going on.

00:48:44   Weekly releases. Yes. There's been a bunch of changes. The action button now detects if it's

00:48:50   in your pocket and therefore will take longer to activate when you're pressing, if you don't take

00:48:55   out your pocket. So we'll reduce accidental touches. I say, if they're in there and they're

00:49:00   fiddling about with the action button, give us a double tap. Yeah. Now do that. Like you're already

00:49:07   adding like conditions to the action button. Like, oh, so, but if it's in your pocket, it takes on,

00:49:13   yes. Okay. This is the right direction. Now do more activation triggers or whatever. Yes.

00:49:19   Federico, they fixed your shortcuts issue that you were having, right? What was the problem and

00:49:24   how have they fixed it? If you recall in my review, there was a screenshot of the shortcuts

00:49:28   library comparing iOS 16 to 17 and the caption of the, of the image was look how they massacred my

00:49:35   boy. And that was a screenshot. Basically 17 shipped with the, the main library view of the

00:49:50   shortcuts app. If you have folders in shortcuts, it only showed you like the top four or top five

00:49:58   shortcuts for each folder. And then there was an arrow icon that you needed to press. If you wanted

00:50:04   to dig into a folder and see all the shortcuts in a folder that didn't make any sense because like,

00:50:10   if I'm in the all shortcuts view as it's the name of that tab show me, well, all my shortcuts

00:50:18   instead of a subset of them. This has been fixed. I heard from, from a couple of people that

00:50:28   that that was an accidental thing that shipped. I, well, I, I'm not sure I buy it. I ended like

00:50:39   there are accidents. And then there are accidents where you specifically design an icon that

00:50:45   performs an action in the S was an arrow button that lets you expand a thing like, sure. That

00:50:52   was an accident. I slipped and fell on the keyboard. I could pour myself a glass of wine

00:51:02   and drink and then be like, Oh, that was an accident. I drank a glass of wine as I was

00:51:07   recording a podcast, which is an accident that happened occasionally on this program.

00:51:12   You slipped and fell onto your microphone. Look, it just happened. All right. Just,

00:51:16   just some real time follow up. Uh, thanks to professor E. Gadd reference acknowledge.

00:51:21   Uh, I have ordered the Mophie three and one travel charger with magsafe. This thing looks awesome.

00:51:26   That was fast. I don't know if it's going to fit into my, uh, uh, the, uh, like dongle pouch that

00:51:34   I use. If it doesn't, then I'll have to try something else, but this is really nice. It

00:51:38   just folds up into a little thing and it's got a space for all three devices. I'm a bit, I like it.

00:51:43   This looks real good. And it's on the official Apple store. So there's a new tap back menu on

00:51:48   iPad and I can tell you Mac OS Sonoma, if you perform a two finger click on messages,

00:51:56   you get this new, you know how iPadOS has a slightly different look for context menu,

00:52:02   whether you perform a two finger click from the track pad versus a long press with your finger

00:52:08   on screen. Those like, for example, the copy, have you ever noticed how the copy and paste menu

00:52:13   on iPadOS looks different if you're bringing it up with your finger or from the track pad?

00:52:18   That's something that Apple started doing last year to sort of have slightly different UIs,

00:52:24   whether you are invoking the menu via touch or via pointer. And this is another of those sort

00:52:30   of slightly customized context menus. Now, when you two finger click with your track pad on a

00:52:35   message in the messages app, you get a new tap back menu that is optimized for the pointer. It

00:52:41   comes up immediately and it also works on the Mac. And still no stickers, still no custom tap back

00:52:48   reactions here, but they're obviously preparing for that. I assume in 17.2. So yeah, this is a

00:52:56   very nice change. We don't really have time to explore this today, but it's ridiculous to me that

00:53:01   the forward action is still under more and it's the only thing under more. Why is it in there?

00:53:06   Make it a top level thing. And who's forwarding an iMessage? This is not an email. Why is it even

00:53:12   there? Just get rid of it. Ah, so don't you ever forward things on WhatsApp? I do it all the time.

00:53:18   Yeah, but that's how you end up with misinformation. You know what I mean?

00:53:21   WhatsApp forwarding is like part of the downfall of civilization. Well, tell it to my mom. You

00:53:29   know, when you tell it to my mom, I got all these stupid memes from her all the time, you know,

00:53:34   get rid of forwarding. No one should forward messages. What should happen is when someone

00:53:39   forwards a message, it just gets deleted. Like no one will ever know. Just like just gone forever.

00:53:44   You also remember I said that Apple was adding for the UK via the open banking thing to show

00:53:51   bank account balances in the wallet app. Well, they've done this for Discover Card in the US.

00:53:56   Just the one, just the one. Maybe, you know, maybe you'll move into the future and get

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00:55:38   I am in the metaverse. Well, not right now. I am not in the metaverse now. But yes, I wanted to talk

00:55:43   briefly about these glasses that I got. Exreal Air glasses that I bought last week and that I've been

00:55:52   using for the past week. So it's a very actually simple idea. Obviously, I'm very excited for the

00:55:58   Vision Pro in the future. And I wanted to get a little, a very, very, very little taste of what

00:56:05   working with a display in front of my eyes could be. Now, these glasses, they are an extremely

00:56:14   simplified version of what a real Vision Pro is going to be. It's not even an approximation of

00:56:22   what a Vision Pro will be. These are just glasses that you put on and they project a display in

00:56:28   front of your eyes. These are literally USB-C glasses that you can use with any computer or

00:56:34   video game console that has a USB-C video out port. That's it. They just project... And they're

00:56:41   actually called, like, they are part of this idea of having a private display. And that's what really

00:56:49   intrigued me. I've always been fighting this battle, Mike knows, of me, because I sleep less

00:57:02   than Sylvia and I fall asleep usually a few hours later than Sylvia does. And I've always been

00:57:10   fighting this battle of whatever display I'm currently using in bed, whether it's my iPad,

00:57:16   or maybe I'm watching something on TV, or maybe I'm playing with my Nintendo Switch, I always

00:57:21   end up disturbing Sylvia somehow because she's very sensitive to light sources in the bedroom.

00:57:27   Yeah, didn't we talk about a neck-mounted iPad thing at some point?

00:57:31   We did. And there's also been the portable screen. The lengths this man will go to play video games

00:57:38   in bed, they are unrivaled. Yeah, because, you know, I could go... So what I've been doing for

00:57:46   the past year since we've moved, I can go in the living room and play on my big beautiful TV. But

00:57:52   the thing is, sometimes I'm tired and I just don't want to get up. Or usually what also happens is I

00:58:00   go to the living room and my dogs end up doing the, you know, "Oh, let me check on you," or "Let me

00:58:05   go back to the bedroom," "Let me check on you again." Like, they don't know where they're supposed to be

00:58:09   at night because they're like, "Well, mom is in bed, but dad is in the living room, so we don't know, we

00:58:15   gotta check on both." And they start doing this dance and I'm like, "Anytime, go to sleep," and they

00:58:21   don't understand. So it would be preferable if I could play video games in bed, but I also don't

00:58:26   want to bother Sylvia. And so I don't know how I was browsing around. I just came up, came across

00:58:34   this idea of, well, now there's this new sort of generational products. There are these glasses.

00:58:41   They look like regular glasses, just slightly chunkier, and all they do is they accept a USB-C

00:58:48   video source and they project a 1080p display per eye in front of your eyes. So that's what they do.

00:58:57   They have two 1080p displays per eye, the X-Real Air, by default they have 60Hz refresh rate.

00:59:06   If you perform the latest software update, you can go up to 120Hz. So you can use it at 120Hz.

00:59:15   And the update process itself was wild. I plugged my glasses into my MacBook Air and I had to open

00:59:24   a web page in Google Chrome and I updated the firmware of the glasses from Google Chrome via

00:59:32   the web. I guess it's part of the new USB access API that web browsers have. You can just do it

00:59:40   from a web page. And that was wild, incredibly convenient. And so for the past week, I've been

00:59:47   carrying these glasses around. For example, every Monday I go to Viterbo and I usually take the iPad

00:59:56   with me. Now in Viterbo I don't have a proper setup. I'm only there for a few hours. I don't

01:00:02   have a studio display like I do at home. And so I used to carry around a bigger portable monitor

01:00:08   with me because even the big iPad Pro, I would prefer the comfort of a bigger display if I'm

01:00:14   supposed to write or get some email done for a few hours. Last Monday, well two days ago,

01:00:21   I just brought the glasses with me. So iPad Pro and the glasses. And it was great. I can just

01:00:31   turn down the brightness of the iPad Pro so that I don't see it in the corner of my eye.

01:00:39   And the display was bigger and in front of me with the glasses. And it's just,

01:00:47   it's a very, very, very, very small taste of a Vision Pro experience, but in a much more

01:00:56   affordable device that is not a real computer, right? This is just a display. I've been using

01:01:02   them to play games as well. Now that's been my favorite part so far. I've been playing,

01:01:08   I've been playing Zelda by looking straight up at the ceiling, for example. And let me tell you,

01:01:15   it's the best thing ever. Like you just, you are in bed with a controller in your hands,

01:01:20   just looking at the ceiling. And on the ceiling, there's a 1080p giant Nintendo Switch. It's

01:01:26   incredible. I've been using it with the ROG Ally. Same deal. It's got USB-C video out.

01:01:35   You just plug it in and it works. I also gotta say that I find, and I'm gonna upset some people here,

01:01:43   the iPadOS way of dealing with external displays to be much more intuitive than whatever macOS does.

01:01:52   I don't understand the settings for external displays on macOS. I don't understand

01:02:03   the difference between main display and extend display. Like with the iPad, you plug it in,

01:02:11   you enable stage manager, and that's it. You have two displays. Like you go from one to the other.

01:02:17   On the Mac, like sometimes the dock would be on one display, but not on the other. Like it just,

01:02:24   it seemed very confusing. Much easier on the iPad. So overall, I would say the glasses alone have

01:02:32   been perfect for sofa usage. I've also been working from the sofa with this. And especially for the

01:02:40   bedroom. Silvia has been sleeping so well. She told me, she's like, "Hey, did you shut off the

01:02:46   TV? Did you not use your iPad these past few nights?" And I was like, "Uh-huh. You see,

01:02:55   I used the glasses." And then she looked at me and I quote, "Oh, you did the Robocop thing again."

01:03:03   So you mentioned this on App Stories Plus. And Silvia was not happy about this thing entering

01:03:14   the home, correct? She was not. But I could see a light in her eyes. No, she could see the light

01:03:22   in your eyes. But when she put it together, she's like, "Wait, if he's doing the silly Robocop thing,

01:03:31   but it means that I can sleep better, then maybe I'll, like I could see that maybe." What is the

01:03:39   picture quality like of these glasses? Like how good does it look? Is text crisp enough? Like,

01:03:45   it's crisp enough if you bring the display. So here's the parentheses. You can buy just the glasses alone

01:03:52   and just use the glasses without any other accessory. The X-Real company, they make this

01:03:58   external sort of device. It's like, imagine an iPod. It's got an actual click wheel on top of it.

01:04:06   But it's also a battery pack. It's this USB-C pass-through device called the Beam. And the Beam

01:04:14   basically is a little computer that does extra processing if you want to have spatial computing

01:04:21   features. So if you use the glasses, you cannot resize the display. You cannot move it. It follows

01:04:31   you around, so you turn your head. The display is always in front of you. It doesn't feel very

01:04:35   comfortable. It's okay for stationary usage. With the Beam in the middle, so it's this very compact

01:04:43   device, you can choose between three different modes. You can have the display follow you around.

01:04:49   You can leave it in a fixed position, or you can put it in picture-in-picture mode. And on the

01:04:56   other side, you can use some of the other built-in X-Real apps, which I haven't tested yet. The

01:05:04   spatial computing works, but it's kind of fiddly to get right. Just because I'm not a huge fan of

01:05:10   how you can resize the display diagonally, it is kind of fiddly. But in addition to display size,

01:05:20   the Beam also lets you adjust simulated distance, and that's what helps to make text more crisp and

01:05:26   legible. So if you make the display... The optimal distance for me to comfortably read, say, Ivory

01:05:32   and catch up on Mastodon, or read a draft for a Maxories article, is to make it a virtual 120-inch

01:05:42   display about three meters away from me. That is an incredible experience.

01:05:48   Okay, that's very specific.

01:05:51   Yeah, that is very cool looking. I have prescription lens adapters in the X-Real Air.

01:05:59   So overall, it's been going really well so far. But because you know me, and this is a whole new

01:06:04   world for me to explore, I am currently waiting delivery for a second pair of glasses.

01:06:11   These are coming tomorrow. These are coming tomorrow. We'll talk about them next week.

01:06:17   These are called the... I don't know how to pronounce the name of this company.

01:06:21   R-O-KID? A-RO-KID? Like it's one word. R-O-KID? R-O-KID? The R-O-KID Max. These are even more

01:06:32   odd-looking glasses, so it'll be fun to see. But a lot of people on Reddit... So take that with a

01:06:39   huge grain of salt. A lot of people on Reddit who are into this scene have commented that they have

01:06:47   a bigger field of view, the image quality is better, but most importantly for me, they have

01:06:52   built-in diopter adjustments. So each eye has a little... Each lens has a little wheel on top of

01:07:00   it, and you can adjust based on how bad your eyesight is individually. You don't need

01:07:08   prescription for these things. So yeah, I'm keen to try these out, see if the image quality is

01:07:13   better than the X-Real. If not, I will return them. But yeah, so this idea of you don't need

01:07:20   to carry around a portable monitor with you anymore, or you don't need to bother someone

01:07:25   sleeping next to you. You can just have the display just only in front of you. I am sold.

01:07:32   I am so sold on this idea, and all of these experiments so far are only reinforcing

01:07:40   my anticipation for the Vision Pro, because the Vision Pro is going to be this more bulky for sure.

01:07:45   I understand that, but also the image quality is going to be way better. I know because I've

01:07:50   tried it, and this is just an appetizer, if you will, for a few months until I get the real thing,

01:07:59   and that's going to be awesome. But I wanted to check, "Hey, are you still excited about

01:08:04   this idea of having a monitor in front of you?" Yes. Yes, I am.

01:08:09   It's the same with me with the MetaQuest Pro, though. Realistically, that helped me

01:08:16   contextualize a lot of thinking before I tried the Vision Pro. Then when I went into that experience,

01:08:21   I was going in with a specific thought in my mind. There is a value right now in you and others

01:08:30   trying out these kinds of devices as a way of trying to prepare for what is going to be a really

01:08:38   weird set of new things for us to talk about that we've not spoken about before coming at some point.

01:08:43   When I was hearing you talk about this, I was intrigued. I'm intrigued to hear what the other

01:08:49   device is like. If you really like it, I might give it a go too, just in the sense of understanding

01:08:56   the working in, because that's not a thing that we got to try. It's like, "What is it like to use

01:09:03   my Mac or whatever in front of my eyes as big as I want?" That is intriguing to me. I look forward to

01:09:11   a secondary review next week of the Rocket Max. Rocket Max. Yes.

01:09:17   Rocket Max. These product names are amazing.

01:09:21   Xreal. They used to be called Nreal, and I think they renamed it to Xreal because it's got XR

01:09:30   in the name. Oh, yeah. X is a cool letter. We all know this.

01:09:34   It's a cool letter. Did you get the AR Joypack with your Rocket Max?

01:09:40   I did not get the Joypack, but I am intrigued by it. The little extra accessory thing.

01:09:50   If you want to find links to the stuff we spoke about this week, including the product pages for

01:09:55   the Xreal Air and the other one whose name I've already forgotten, the Rocket Max, check out the

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01:10:46   You can find Mike online. He hosts a bunch of shows here on relay.fm, does amazing work over

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01:11:09   on Mastodon. I'd like to thank our sponsors this week, Squarespace, ZocDoc and CleanMyMacX.

01:11:14   Until next week guys, say goodbye. Adios, etché. Cheerio. Bye y'all.