473: The Rickies (October 2023)


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Connected, episode 473. Today's show is brought to you by Masterclass,

00:00:15   CleanMyMac, X, and indeed, I have returned to the show and verily,

00:00:21   thine introduce Federico Vittucci. Hello Mike, welcome back, how are you?

00:00:27   Thank you. Well, you know, you hear me. That ain't right, is it? It just ain't right, but I'm back.

00:00:34   You have. Yeah, you sound good. You sound good.

00:00:37   Oh, okay. Thank you.

00:00:38   Yeah, I think you do. I love this kind of, you know, deeper mic voice.

00:00:46   Hi Federico.

00:00:48   Yeah, well not that deep.

00:00:49   Yeah, that's too far. Okay, cool.

00:00:52   It's also my pleasure to introduce Mr. Steven Hackett. Hello, Steven.

00:00:56   Hello, boys.

00:00:57   Oh, that didn't sound good. You've missed that. I feel like your voice broke when you were low.

00:01:02   It did. No, it cracked right in the middle.

00:01:04   I don't think that's supposed to happen. How did you manage that? That was interesting.

00:01:08   Hello, boys.

00:01:09   I would like to thank everyone for the song recommendations. I think the phrase you were

00:01:18   looking for, by the way, boys, was "Elements." I think that was what you actually wanted people

00:01:22   to send me.

00:01:23   Not minerals.

00:01:25   Minerals and metals.

00:01:26   I was like, had that situation where I was screaming at the podcast, you know, like,

00:01:32   you want elements. That's the word you're looking for. But minerals, I did receive lots of songs

00:01:39   about minerals and metals. Interestingly, this has not happened before, so people used to send

00:01:46   tweets, right? Like that was how we did all this stuff. This time I received these song

00:01:50   recommendations as public masterdom replies, private masterdom replies, on threads, as

00:01:56   Instagram DMs and over iMessage. So nice. It was a full attack from every vector possible.

00:02:03   Okay.

00:02:04   I don't think I got any emails, but maybe I did. And I just blocked that sender forever.

00:02:10   So that probably was what would have happened.

00:02:12   I have some real-time follow up.

00:02:15   Fantastic.

00:02:16   As we speak, iOS 17.1 is rolling out. Finally.

00:02:22   It's out.

00:02:22   I can now delete the question I put into follow up, which is, aren't we expecting 17.1 by now?

00:02:27   The answer is yes, it's here.

00:02:29   Yeah. It's out right now. iOS, HyperOS 17.1, WatchOS 10.1, TVOS, whatever version.

00:02:36   Double tap. Mike can test it.

00:02:39   Double tap. Yeah, double tap.

00:02:40   Oh yeah. I'm the only one who can do it.

00:02:43   Mike can report back.

00:02:44   I'm going to be the double tap guy. That's going to be my new thing.

00:02:47   I have a story that I wrote about iOS and HyperOS 17.1. Not a huge release. Really,

00:02:55   the majority of changes are in the music app for the new playlist stuff that they're doing,

00:03:02   like cover templates, song suggestions, the new favorites instead of loving songs.

00:03:10   And for iPad users, you can now shift return in spotlight to add the current

00:03:16   app result to stage manager.

00:03:18   There's a lot of stuff still expected to come in the next few months, right?

00:03:23   Yeah. There's the journal app, the new emoji, the tap back reactions.

00:03:29   Oh my God. That's still not there.

00:03:31   No, not there.

00:03:31   What are they doing? Also, where are the emoji?

00:03:34   Like surely that should have been by now, right?

00:03:38   Yes, it should have been.

00:03:39   Yes. Well, look, I'm sick. I don't know what's wrong with you, but I'm sick, you know, and I'm

00:03:45   here, you know, I wouldn't miss this episode. So here I am. What's the deal with tab backs?

00:03:52   Okay. Well, Federico, put your story in the show notes so people can go read it and find

00:03:59   out everything that's new in 17.1.

00:04:01   We also have another piece of follow-up that I was discussing with Mike and iMessage.

00:04:09   The Xreal company, you know, the company that makes the glasses that I have, the Xreal Air.

00:04:16   They just officially rolled out in Europe and in the US the new version, the second

00:04:22   generation of the Xreal glasses. So they have the Xreal Air 2 and the Xreal Air 2 Pro.

00:04:28   These are not a huge upgrade.

00:04:34   Basically the Xreal Air 2, they have a slightly more comfortable design for the nose pads and the

00:04:42   the side arms of the glasses, but they're using the same display, they're using the same field of view,

00:04:50   same resolution, nothing is changing there. The Xreal Air 2 Pro, they have this new type of lenses

00:04:59   that are actually also found on a competing product called the Vichor 1. I forget the term,

00:05:08   but these are basically lenses that allow you to dim the lens itself so you can make them transparent

00:05:15   or darker if you don't want to see what's, you know, beyond the lenses. I still think this is not

00:05:22   a huge upgrade. Effectively you're still using the same glasses with the same resolution, same USB-C

00:05:27   cable, same 46 degree field of view in front of you, and I was actually hoping for upgrades to the

00:05:36   Beam accessory, which is the little battery pack that we discussed that allows you to enable

00:05:42   like proper spatial, sort of spatial computing positioning for the virtual monitors, but there's

00:05:52   no update on the Beam, whether it's a hardware refresh or a software update, so I was kind of

00:05:58   disappointed by that. I am keeping my first generation Xreal Air glasses. I've been using

00:06:06   them a lot and I'm in fact waiting for two different cables to simplify, because I realized

00:06:17   something, guys, that if I'm using the iPad with my glasses I cannot charge my iPad at the same time,

00:06:24   so that's a problem. Oh yeah, you need to velcro a USB-C hub to the back of it.

00:06:33   Or I could get one of these modern USB-C video splitters. There's apparently, after a lot of

00:06:44   research and a lot of time spent on Reddit, there's two cables that should be able to

00:06:49   accomplish what I want. One is called, it's made by a company called Red Magic, and this company,

00:06:56   they make these phones called the Red Magic Nubia. I have no idea what they are. You are in a world

00:07:03   of technology that nobody knows exists except you and people on Reddit. People on Reddit and John,

00:07:10   because I also, I also, I mean, yeah, poor John, you know, I drew, well, John is, he seems to be

00:07:15   enjoying this, but uh, it seems to be, evidence suggests he enjoys. I think, I think he's liking

00:07:23   this. I don't know. I, I know. That's like when you fall, that's like when you fall in love with

00:07:26   your kidnapper. That's what's going on with John. Oh, no. No. No. Anyway, so I am waiting for two

00:07:35   cables. One is the Red Magic Nubia USB-C adapter. This is just a USB-C video splitter that supports

00:07:42   charging up to, I want to say 65, no, 100 watts USB-C, and the second USB-C port you can use for

00:07:51   video out. And I also got a similar adapter by Vichor, the other company that makes glasses.

00:07:58   I bought this upcoming adapter separately. I, I just got the accessory from their website

00:08:05   and it shipped a couple of days ago from China. So now I'm waiting and I will report back because,

00:08:11   yeah, I need, I need to be able to charge my iPad when I use the glasses. I guess if you were using

00:08:16   the Magic keyboard, you could charge it through the thing on the Magic keyboard, but I guess

00:08:19   you're not always doing that. Yeah, speaking of that, I also, and this is actually already here

00:08:25   and I'm going to test it tonight. All of these is in preparation for this sort of setup that I

00:08:32   wanted to have at night. So I realized, well, it's kind of inconvenient to use the iPad with the Magic

00:08:39   keyboard case while I'm lying in bed using the glasses. Yeah, the angles are all wrong. The

00:08:44   angles are wrong. So my, here's my thought. I'm just going to put the iPad on the nightstand

00:08:50   somewhere with this upcoming cable that hopefully will work. I got from 12 South the Magic Bridge

00:09:00   accessory. So this is, this is like a little plastic thing that can hold together a Magic

00:09:07   keyboard like the desktop Magic keyboard and Magic trackpad. Oh, you were just talking about this,

00:09:12   right? Yeah, yeah. I mentioned it last week. Yeah, I got it. It's perfect. So now I have an integrated,

00:09:17   like a single... Oh yeah, that's all you need. You don't need the iPad. Exactly, exactly. So I can

00:09:22   just keep that on my lap, the glasses on, cables going to the nightstand, and in theory, you should

00:09:29   just be able to work that way. So yeah, but I don't have the cable at this point. So I will report

00:09:38   back. Do the, do using the glasses, does that impact the iPad battery in a meaningful way?

00:09:44   I haven't run any like proper tests or benchmarks with my eyes. No, I don't, I don't think so.

00:09:54   I don't think so, but I should be, I should actually try this with proper science. See what

00:10:01   happens. Steven, I wanted to get a vibe check from you on something. Yeah. Just want to see how this

00:10:05   makes you feel. Urban Outfitters have been selling vintage iPod and iPod minis. What? They do now

00:10:12   all appear to be sold out. This is part of what they're calling their vintage retro tech initiative.

00:10:18   The iPod mini was $199, which is way more expensive than the iPod mini originally was.

00:10:26   And the iPod Color and Classic were $349. They were all sold out. This is, I think they were

00:10:33   doing this because it's the 22nd anniversary or something of the iPod. It is. And so they were

00:10:39   selling them to a bunch of teenagers, I guess, who want to use them for TikTok, I suppose. This is

00:10:45   what I'm not being like disparate. Like I just can't understand why else they were doing this

00:10:50   and why they sold so fast. I guess it's like how people of my age like vinyl and then there's a

00:10:58   age younger like cassette and now the, you know, maybe the gen, what would it be? What's the one

00:11:02   under, it's not Z, like what's the next one? Alpha? Maybe they want iPods. I don't know.

00:11:08   My kids are, we've talked about this. My kids are like on the brink of alpha and Z.

00:11:15   But yeah. There's now a gen alpha. There's gen alpha now.

00:11:19   It's got to wrap around again, right? What'd you go do off to Z?

00:11:22   They need to stop with all these gens. It's useless. Like when you're old, you're old.

00:11:26   When you're young, you're young. All these terminologies are useless. Nobody cares anymore.

00:11:31   Scientists and popular media, we've done this exact thing on the show. Scientists and popular

00:11:34   media use the early 2010s as starting birth years. So my oldest is gen Z, but my younger two are

00:11:40   gen alpha. But yeah, this is a thing, right? This is, there are people who swear by like,

00:11:45   hey, I'm going to have an iPod. And it's like, you know, it's not that different than I think

00:11:50   what Federico does, but it's the iPod part that makes it exciting, I guess, to people.

00:11:56   But I feel ancient and I hate it. I wish they would get rid of the letters and like,

00:12:00   I like boomers, millennials and zoomers. These are just like good words. These are just fun words.

00:12:05   Like if you can't have a good catchy word, then you can't. Also because it sounds like a Pokemon

00:12:11   evolution, especially boomer to zoomer. Boomer to zoomer. Yeah. It feels like going from Charmander

00:12:19   to Charmelion, whatever. What's the name of the middle one? Ramone. Gen, gen pro, gen pro max,

00:12:26   gen ultra. Love it. That's really good. They gotta be good names. You know, millennials, a good name.

00:12:32   Yeah. Zoomers is a good name. We're all millennials here. This episode of connected is brought to you

00:12:39   by masterclass. We're learning something new feels good. Mike, tell me about your experience with

00:12:45   masterclass. Listeners of this show may know that I am a Formula One fan and my favorite Formula One

00:12:52   driver and someone I consider a role model is Lewis Hamilton. Sir Lewis Hamilton, I'll say.

00:12:56   Lewis. That's true. Lewis did a masterclass class called about having a winning mindset.

00:13:04   And I found this fascinating. I have always, I've been fascinated for a long time with like Lewis's

00:13:11   mentality of success and how he approaches that and how he attacks that. And that's what he talks

00:13:16   about in his masterclass. And the main thing that I took away from it was the idea of how I think he

00:13:23   talks about quite a lot and goes into a lot of detail on is the idea of getting your mind, your

00:13:29   fitness and your general health right. And if you can focus on these things, then you're able to

00:13:34   kind of better the other things in your life and excel at other things in your life.

00:13:39   I found it really inspiring. Like it was just like a very inspiring class to go through on

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00:15:06   So get 15% off right now at masterclass masterclass.com/connected.

00:15:17   Our thanks to masterclass for their support of the show and Relay FM.

00:15:21   Apple surprised everybody with an event coming at a very late time on Monday.

00:15:30   A terrible time. I will be brave and say a terrible time.

00:15:34   Terrible time. 5 p.m pacific. That makes it 7 p.m for me in the middle of the night for y'all.

00:15:40   I don't know what they're doing over there. The artwork is spooky. There's like a ghost finder

00:15:45   on the Apple website. There's a lot of stuff going on. Oh finder's dead. That's what it means.

00:15:50   This should have been risky. We're getting files in Mecha West Sonoma. Yeah, it's the end of finder.

00:15:55   It's the end of finder. Finder's dead. That would be bad for some of us with a lot of files to keep

00:16:01   up with. You killed it. Maybe. You put it through too much work and they'll find us dead. I hope

00:16:06   you're happy with yourself. But that means we do have a game of Ricky's to play. This was thrust

00:16:14   upon us just yesterday. These are... Let's set everyone's expectations. These aren't good.

00:16:22   All right. Speak for yourself. What do you want from us? Okay. Nobody knows what this event is

00:16:26   even for. I genuinely am not even sure that it's worth it. But we'll find out, I guess next week.

00:16:32   But like, what are we gonna... Anyway, we'll talk about it. The Ricky's is a game connected hosts

00:16:38   play before Apple keynotes and the beginning of a new year trying to predict future events.

00:16:44   It is made up of three rounds. Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick. There are

00:16:50   two type of Ricky's annual Ricky's and keynote Ricky's. We are playing the latter today. The

00:16:56   keynote Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman. This position is held until the next

00:17:01   keynote. After the Ricky's the host then play a game called the flexies. These two games are

00:17:07   separate but related. Please stand for the reading of the rules. Correct regular picks are awarded

00:17:23   one point. The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording

00:17:29   and no partial points may be awarded. Correct risky picks are worth two points but wrong ones

00:17:34   will cause a point to be deducted from that host total. Picks must have been approved as risky by

00:17:41   the two other hosts before the start of the game. A pick cannot be named risky if it has been

00:17:46   previously rumored by publications of record 9 to 5 Mac or MacRumors. Picks made for keynote Ricky's

00:17:52   cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote. The annual Ricky's have their

00:17:57   own subset of rules but we don't care about those today. All hosts are allowed to reuse picks

00:18:03   previously made by others. Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an

00:18:09   episode is complete. In the event of a tie dice by pcalc must be used in relay fm mode to pick

00:18:15   a winner. Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Ricky's.

00:18:20   Coin flips by Jason and other podcasts are allowed but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:18:26   If you saw the podcastathon you know what we're talking about. For keynote Ricky's the scoring

00:18:31   window starts when the event begins and closes when the picks are scored. Any information used

00:18:35   in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording. The audio picks is set by previous

00:18:42   performance. The winner of the previous associated games goes first. The previous loser goes last.

00:18:48   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies. I am the current keynote chairman.

00:18:54   Past results can be seen at Ricky's.co and Ricky's.net. These sites also have pages about

00:18:59   managing your own score keeping at home. You may be seated. Now do we resolve the rule changes that

00:19:07   were proposed during the last event? I think we need to. I think they're both relatively simple.

00:19:12   Okay. The first one is about the line dice while pcalc must be used in relay fm mode to pick a

00:19:17   winner. We wanted to include the knockout rules because in a three-way tie it works a little bit

00:19:24   differently. Are you prepared with language for that Mike or do you need a week to come up with

00:19:28   that language? We can revisit this. I've forgotten how the... I've forgotten it. Okay. I'm gonna leave

00:19:35   that one undone then. Yeah we can resolve this just by listening to the last time we did it.

00:19:40   Which was last time I believe. But... Oh no I remember how we do it. I remember how we do it.

00:19:45   We just flip a coin and we all pick heads or tails. Like we just flip one coin and then we

00:19:50   just keep going until there's one person left. Like that's the way we've always done it. So

00:19:56   dice... In the event of a tie dice while pcalc must be used in relay fm mode to pick a winner.

00:20:01   In the case of a three-way tie... Of a three-way tie, hosts all call at the same time

00:20:12   until only one person is left standing. Same time with flipping continuing

00:20:22   until a winner is selected. Named. So that's good. The other one I think is just a simple word change.

00:20:31   So for keynote rookies the scoring window starts when the event begins and closes when picks are

00:20:36   scored. We had wanted to change that to when the live stream begins because there was a pick made

00:20:42   about the music last time and we felt like that that was fair game. Yeah this is good but it is

00:20:48   very funny to me to make a pick for something we will never I believe want to use again. But

00:20:55   you never know. But you'll never know. So yes let's change it to the live stream.

00:20:58   Round one I get to go first because I am the keynote chairman and my round one pick is Apple

00:21:07   announces a new Apple silicon system on a chip. Discussion point if they do this is it weird that

00:21:15   the vision pro is going to come with an M2 and that we could see the M3? I don't know that they're

00:21:21   going to do this. Well that's the pick my friend but if they do is it will the vision pro keep them

00:21:26   from doing it? Your pick of its M3. I'm really in two minds about whether this is an event for the

00:21:35   M3 or not. Like I genuinely don't feel like I can answer it one way or another. So like this is my

00:21:42   feeling about this event in general. I have no idea why like I can't work out why this is

00:21:49   happening. Like I feel like I cannot get my head around what I believe they are going to be

00:21:56   announcing. Like I'm finding this one to be complicated because of its timing, the products

00:22:03   that are available, the things that they have and haven't done and the fact that it's Mac focused.

00:22:08   Like it's because I don't fully understand it but I know there's a lot of conversation about like

00:22:14   TSMC had to like change part of their process for the three nanometer chips which would suggest that

00:22:21   there may have been a delay on the actual real better process and if that's the case would they

00:22:26   want to do the M3? And also like yeah I'm very confused about this and I'm not convinced that

00:22:32   an M3 will happen but I also don't feel convinced that it won't. Like I'm definitely in two minds

00:22:39   about it. Say that they don't have an M3 and this is just the iMac gets an M2 and maybe an M2 Pro

00:22:46   or something. They're like that's not an event. Exactly. And there's and there everything else is

00:22:51   on the M2. What I mean I guess it's possible they could like spec bump the M2 somehow but again

00:22:56   that's not that's not an event. That doesn't make any sense. Yeah. Right like that why would you

00:23:00   need to do that? So this is what I mean. There's a lot of information out there at the moment and

00:23:06   none of it really seems to be coalescing around something specific to me. Right. That would warrant

00:23:13   actually having a live stream event and I know obviously this one is different. I think it is

00:23:20   inherently deprioritized by the fact that it is in the evening and therefore they are not bringing

00:23:27   people to an event at Apple Park which they have been doing now. Like there is something weird

00:23:33   about the setup of this one which also makes it complicated for me to try and understand what's

00:23:37   going on. It's also like oh well you would assume they should have something iPad related but all of

00:23:43   the imagery is about the Mac. Right. And the reason I say that is just because they haven't

00:23:47   had any iPad releases at all this year. Yeah. So I'm just I feel very much in two minds about this

00:23:53   event. Yeah. I don't understand it. As you will see in my pics today I am just leaning all the

00:23:59   way in that this is the M3 and if it's not I'm gonna really suffer next Wednesday but that's the

00:24:06   yeah it's it's definitely complicated. And yeah I don't know like I genuinely think like the Vision

00:24:13   Pro thing could be enough to not have the M3 now. Agreed. You know I definitely could see Apple

00:24:20   saying you know doing that. They could just put the M2 into the iMac and just like not release

00:24:26   an update to the MacBook Pros in the same year in which they've already done it. My first my first

00:24:30   are we good to move on from your first round pick? Yes yes that is my pick uh new Apple Silicon

00:24:37   System on a chip. Cool my first round pick is stolen from a shower thought that Jason Snell had

00:24:43   and shared with me on upgrade that Apple will be redesigning the 13-inch MacBook Pro. What do you

00:24:51   think it's gonna get? Again I am stealing this from Jason but I do think it's like that it will

00:24:56   look like the 14 and 16 right like visually and it won't have a touch bar anymore no touch bar.

00:25:02   No touch bar okay. And that this is a product that like you know you know I was I was I'm sorry if you

00:25:08   listen to upgrades I'm sure people would have said then like I think that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is

00:25:12   a product that only exists because people want to buy something called a MacBook Pro and they want

00:25:17   the cheapest possible thing because the MacBook Pro's entry-level price is really expensive now

00:25:21   when realistically what the vast majority of these customers would be better served by is the MacBook

00:25:26   Air which is now just like an absolute killer machine but they get the MacBook Pro because

00:25:32   they think they want a MacBook Pro because they used to have MacBook Pros and or it's like

00:25:37   uh corporations want to buy want to say hey we're going to get you a MacBook Pro and everyone gets

00:25:42   excited about it but they actually just want to buy the cheapest one which means they're getting

00:25:46   everybody the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a touch bar. I don't care what it said on stage during

00:25:51   WWDC I am convinced Apple do not want to continue developing the touch bar into macOS going forward

00:25:59   that is a thing that is clearly dead. It is a choice quote unquote that is available to

00:26:04   customers now just because they still sell it but I think that they will want to get rid of it and

00:26:09   if they continue to want to have this 13-inch MacBook Pro in the lineup which it seems like

00:26:12   they do because of price stuff they need to get rid of the touch bar. Yeah I mean during the uh

00:26:19   the live talk show at WWDC didn't they sort of like poke fun at the talk show a little bit like or

00:26:24   poke fun at the talk show. Well John Gruber did but like Tanas and Jaws were like people like it

00:26:32   it's an option they can have it if they want it you know like and okay that's what I remember.

00:26:36   I just think that that was very much like a we don't have an answer for this question

00:26:40   and so that's the end of it. I hope they do this I think it makes a lot of sense to make this

00:26:46   really seem like an in-between machine between the Air and the Pro because that's if it's going

00:26:52   to continue that's what it should be the touch bar makes it stand out it doesn't have MagSafe

00:26:56   so if they added MagSafe then you get basically a Thunderbolt port back so I hope this this comes to

00:27:02   pass. To answer the thing we're just talking about maybe this event is an M2 Pro iMacs and a new 13-

00:27:10   inch MacBook Pro. Could be yeah that could be the whole thing. And the M3 doesn't happen like that

00:27:15   that that could be a thing it is not beefy by any stretch but I expect that you remember how like

00:27:23   the MacBook Air would just like would never go away right and it was just like it seemed they kept

00:27:27   revising it but it never changed because it sold a lot and I expect that I mean I would guess the

00:27:33   13-inch MacBook Pro is probably the best-selling MacBook Pro. So Apple said I think when they went

00:27:39   to M1 and then maybe M2 as well the Air is the best-selling notebook and the 13-inch MacBook Pro

00:27:43   is the second best-selling notebook. And I expect that's still the same so to them understandably

00:27:49   uh that's important and it's worth like shouting about maybe. But I mean why why use the tagline

00:27:55   scary fast? Because they're fast and it's Halloween. No it doesn't matter why you if you're just

00:28:03   I mean the M2 is a known is a known entity at this point why you need to yes okay.

00:28:10   I don't think you understand Federico it's Halloween you know. Silly holiday,

00:28:16   you know the worst part about Halloween you know what it is like it's supposed to be a spooky

00:28:21   holiday. Yeah spooky online names it's the worst thing. Well no no the worst thing is like people

00:28:28   dressing up with costumes that are not spooky like how can you say well I'm a baseball player

00:28:34   like that's not spooky like you're supposed to be a ghost or a vampire or the devil like whatever

00:28:40   or a zombie the chainsaw guy from Resident Evil 4 like you name it but something spooky you can be

00:28:48   spooky baseball player but like not just oh I'm a fireman like is that like that sounds spooky.

00:28:54   I'm Oppenheimer. Is Oppenheimer scary? Maybe Oppenheimer's scary. Yes. You know he's spooky?

00:28:59   Okay that is um anyway so my pick I have thoughts the MacBook Air is not updated at this event.

00:29:09   I couldn't come up with anything better than this. Hey this is a round one pick baby you can say

00:29:13   whatever you like. I gotta get my points give me my points you know uh I don't think we're gonna

00:29:18   get new MacBook Airs. That seems it seems unlikely right I mean that's that's good well I mean but

00:29:23   this is the thing right so if Steven's pick is true. It could be it could be though. And we have

00:29:27   an M3 like that's in theory the candidate right like I don't know. Steven can we come back to you?

00:29:35   Yes please. Can I ask you a question based on what Federico just picked? If they do have a chip what

00:29:41   chip is it and what does it go in do you think? Well just gonna have to stay tuned for my future

00:29:46   picks. Oh okay all right fair enough all right fair enough okay well we'll come back to that.

00:29:51   So at the end of round one we are I'm gonna just uh run up the picks again Steven said

00:29:57   Apple announces a new Apple silicon system on a chip. Mike said the 13-inch MacBook Pro is

00:30:02   redesigned and I said the MacBook Air is not updated at this event. I don't think any of us

00:30:08   feel particularly good about any of that. Nope nope nope nope kind of risky because like everything's

00:30:14   risky everything feels risky. I'm trying to remember what this event feels like and I feel

00:30:19   like it feels like one of the COVID ones. Do you remember? Yes yes. When they had like three events

00:30:25   in a row month after month. Oh my god. Yeah it was 2020 because the September event happened

00:30:33   and they didn't announce any iPhones. Oh yeah. At that point it was like all bets are off

00:30:38   especially when they did one in November because like now what is it gonna be? So yeah so it feels

00:30:44   like that again where it's like I don't know why this is happening and so here we are. Yeah it's

00:30:49   weird I mean their cadence has kind of been off all year and yeah look no further than there's

00:30:54   been no new iPad hardware other than that pencil. All right round two my pick is the M1 iMac

00:31:02   receives an update. It's the only M1 machine that's like hasn't seen an M2 update or revision.

00:31:11   You can still get an M1 MacBook Air and I understand that because like the M1 MacBook Air

00:31:15   is still great and they can sell it as the cheapest laptop but there's no M2 iMac and the

00:31:21   the design and stuff I think is phenomenal like other than it only being 24 inches that's like

00:31:26   my only criticism of that design. I think it's fantastic in every other way. I loved the orange

00:31:31   one that I had in the studio for a little while that I reviewed and did a video on 100 years ago

00:31:36   but it is it's weird that it's just been hanging out and I think it's gonna get an update and I

00:31:42   think either M2 or M3 like I think Gurman at some point reported the iMac was gonna skip the M2 and

00:31:48   go straight to the M3. Maybe that's coming true but I don't think that'll sit around with an M1

00:31:55   past this event. My second round pick is the colors of the iMac are unchanged. What if there are no

00:32:03   new colors but they jettison some colors so instead of the six colors plus silver what if

00:32:09   it's four colors plus silver that's a change? Then they've been changed. So I'm gonna take

00:32:14   that because I amended the wording of the pick. Yeah you did. In such a way that if they don't

00:32:22   have a new iMac this is still correct so I'm willing to take the other part where like if

00:32:27   they remove a color then I'll lose it. Okay so hang on so if they do nothing to the iMac so one

00:32:36   week from today it is the same as it is today you get this point. The colors of the iMac are unchanged.

00:32:41   That's sneaky. That is quite sneaky but hold on if they do update to the iMac follow me here.

00:32:49   The colors the the roster of colors is the same and they have the same names but they are visibly

00:33:00   different from the... Oh so like it's a new blue. Yeah it's still called blue whatever. That's a

00:33:07   changed color. The names of the colors of the iMac are unchanged. That's my pick. Thank you.

00:33:14   Appreciate it. Oh Federico you should have left the loophole there. This is the loophole on

00:33:20   loopholes of picks. I'm just like... So hang on so what we need to do before we record the names now

00:33:28   yes because if they change we'll never know right they'll just like yeah hang on I'm looking at

00:33:33   seeing if I can find tech specs maybe they're listed there. Well I'd be on the shopping page

00:33:36   right when you go to buy? Blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, purple. I'm just going to put that in

00:33:42   M1 as a note just so we have it in the future. Do you not have this saved in Devon think? I do but

00:33:49   Safari was faster. Oh so they could have they used to do this with the iPod Nanos remember they would

00:33:56   like keep blue, green, pink but they would shift the hues around and so they could they could do that.

00:34:03   Man I'm looking at these web pages I love this computer so much I wish I had a need for a 24-inch

00:34:09   iMac. It's a great computer. I own one it's like a trophy. Yeah it's my trophy computer. I look

00:34:15   forward to collecting all the colors in 10 years. Yeah it'll be good times. Yeah I could do a repeat

00:34:21   of what I did with the G3. No you know what I think you should leave that for like the next

00:34:26   Stephen Hackett. Right like you shouldn't take that role on that should be like someone who's listening

00:34:33   to this show right now who's like 14 or something right? They want to be like me when they grow up.

00:34:40   In their 20s they want to be the guy who has a collection that gets submitted to the Henry Ford

00:34:45   museum although let's be real this one that's beautiful it is probably yeah do you ever think

00:34:49   about this do you ever think about this even who's the next Stephen Hackett? I try not to

00:34:55   that's kind of a weird existential thought. Who's the next version of you? I don't know.

00:35:01   There is someone out there that one of these people. If you're out there

00:35:05   send me an email with your address so I know where you are. This is like have you seen

00:35:11   the movie Looper? It's like that. This is what you're going for. If you're out there tell me where you are.

00:35:18   I'm coming to get you. Coming to get me. Yeah no I think that you need to leave this for like a

00:35:24   future generation like you got to give somebody else the opportunity to do this you know. We'll see.

00:35:28   Someone else has got to forge their own path and like build up enough cultural cache

00:35:34   where they can just say on a podcast send me your computers and people will do it.

00:35:38   Like you just have like an unfair advantage now you know. All right so I also have another boring

00:35:45   pick and I'm sorry I'm actually following the mic playbook here. My pick is the design of the 14 and

00:35:54   16 inch MacBook Pro is unchanged. Yep. That's my pick and you know I guess the sneaky mic approach

00:36:03   also works here. If there are no new MacBook Pros this pick still holds true and if there are new

00:36:11   MacBook Pros how can you sort of consider the unchanged? Well I guess it's one of those things

00:36:20   you'll know it when you see it. Like yeah. Going from the what are the iPhones that look the same

00:36:26   the 12 and the 13. Well yeah like that like you can tell it's the same design you know. Where the

00:36:33   new one it's different like even though they look the same it's different right. The design is new

00:36:38   on the 15 because they like rounded the edges off and stuff. Yes. Like that's new. Yeah that's new.

00:36:44   What I'm saying is that they will look maybe they will be I don't know 20 grams

00:36:50   heavier or lighter but what I'm saying is that from the outside the design will be unchanged.

00:36:55   I would maybe word that as like the visual design then. Sure. I mean you have different methods of

00:37:03   design right? Like the visual design of the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro is unchanged. I think

00:37:09   it's a good pick. I mean the design is really good and they've only used it for two generations and

00:37:14   I think you'll get this for sure. And they took that design and brought it to the MacBook Air.

00:37:20   Yeah exactly. It's the new design which is why like going back to my first pick it's like you

00:37:27   could imagine they might do it to the 13 inch MacBook Pro. If they consider that a product to

00:37:30   keep around it should look like what Apple's laptops look like now. Definitely. And it's a

00:37:37   good design. Like I feel like they went I mean there was that design article that came out a

00:37:45   while ago and one of the things in there was the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air were designed at

00:37:49   the same time. Like even though we didn't see the Air until later very clearly it's a design that

00:37:54   does scale pretty nicely and so I can't imagine them throwing that out after just just two revs.

00:38:00   This is a thermal corner we don't know about. Unless there's a thermal corner. I will say the

00:38:05   only time I've ever heard the fans in my M2 Pro MacBook Pro are when I do AI transcripts which

00:38:12   I've now done for all five podcastathons. They're all floating around. Keep those in dev and think

00:38:18   right? Let me recap round two. I said the M1 iMac receives an update. Mike says the names of the

00:38:26   colors of the iMac are unchanged and Federico says the visual design of the 14 and 16 inch MacBook

00:38:32   Pro is unchanged. This episode is brought to you by CleanMyMac X. Junk files, hung processes,

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00:40:19   now time for our risky picks. I'm swinging for the fences. Apple unveils an iMac Pro. Okay, are you fed

00:40:28   up of being the Chapman? Like, do you just not want it anymore or what? I just, I got inspired by

00:40:36   scary fast and all the dark artwork and you know, Apple knows that pros love space grey computers.

00:40:42   Do pros like Halloween? That has nothing to do with Halloween, that's just a coincidence.

00:40:46   What is the iMac Pro in your mind? Definitely bigger than 24 inches and comes with the

00:40:58   M, let's call it the M3 just for conversation, M3 Pro and/or M3 Max. Would you give it all up

00:41:06   for this computer? I really liked my iMac Pro. There's something nice about the all-in-one

00:41:11   lifestyle. Wait. But who knows? Wait, I thought there was something nice about not the only one

00:41:19   lifestyle. There's also things nice about that too. Ah, there's niceness for everyone, you know?

00:41:23   Yeah, I know both. Yeah, yeah, get you a set of it as both, you know? I mean, you have that already.

00:41:31   The situation with the iMac is you would not have both. That's the reason that you said for why you

00:41:37   wanted a laptop. Steven, do you think that maybe you've reached a point where, and please answer

00:41:43   honestly, maybe the solution for you is that you just want all the Macs in existence. Yeah.

00:41:53   And sometimes, you know, one day you wake up and you're like, you know, this Tuesday feels like a

00:41:58   MacBook Pro kind of day. And then you wake up on a Thursday and you're like, today I want to have an

00:42:02   iMac. And maybe if we go a layer deeper here in your brain, is your subconscious trying to tell

00:42:12   you that you should go back to work at an Apple store? That's not saying that. Federico, you said

00:42:19   something very important there. And I think it's very clear and I think you've done it. He does

00:42:23   want all the Macs. You want them all. His studio is full of them all. Like, Steven, this is you.

00:42:29   He's nailed it. You just want all the Macs. And so you'll keep finding new reasons to get all of the

00:42:34   Macs. Yeah. You should just embrace this. And it's fine if this is what lies underneath it all.

00:42:43   It's fine. I understand it. I also kind of want all the iPads. Yeah. You have created a career

00:42:49   for yourself in which it's okay to have all of the Macs. So like, you should just embrace who you are,

00:42:55   you know? Yeah. I did the dual Mac lifestyle for a long time. And this year I'm doing the MacBook

00:43:01   Pro plus Studio Display. So we'll see what happens. I would say if they have an iMac Pro at some point,

00:43:06   it would be hard to ignore. Steven, all of the Macs hack it. I like this. Steven Mackett.

00:43:14   Okay. I'm basically feeding off Steven's pick here. I'm like, I'm in his tailwind.

00:43:22   Drafting behind him. Apple unveils a new Studio Display Pro that is larger than the regular

00:43:31   Studio Display and features a new screen technology than the smaller model. I could

00:43:36   have stopped halfway but didn't. And just, this is where I am. The passion here. The passion is thick.

00:43:43   So Studio Display Pro that is bigger than the 27 inch Studio Display we have and features a new

00:43:52   screen technology. What are you thinking here? Mini LED? Probably Mini LED. Yeah. I do have a little

00:43:59   bit of a contention with the word new. I know what you mean. Well, new from before. From the...

00:44:05   Well, that's not been on a studio. It's like, it's not been on a studio. But not necessarily

00:44:09   something all new like Space OLED or something. Here's what I'm thinking. It's a 27 inch display

00:44:15   that is the same panel as the MacBook Pro's panel. So it's got like ProMotion. But that wouldn't be

00:44:21   bigger because you also say larger and it's currently 20. I just said 27 inches. I just

00:44:26   said 27 inches. The Studio Display is 27 inches now and your pick says larger. Apple unveils. Can

00:44:33   I just get rid of the larger part then? I think both larger and new technology. Wait, you think

00:44:37   Apple... Hold on, hold on, hold on. You think Apple unveils the Studio Display Pro that features a new

00:44:43   screen technology then the smaller model is not risky? I think the size is an important aspect of

00:44:49   this. This is BS. But yeah, keep it as it is. I mean, I mean, what size is the Pro Display XDR? 32.

00:44:57   32? Mike, Mike, in your mind, what should, why should this new Studio Display exist?

00:45:06   What does it do? You can plug your MacBook Pro into a screen and not take a downgrade.

00:45:11   Okay, so is it mostly about screen size or display quality? It's the technology. That's why I'm

00:45:19   actually thinking about more. Okay. You know, I was thinking about the 24 inch display on the iMac.

00:45:25   Yeah, I thought you might have been. Yeah, so it's fine. Leave it as it is. The rules said I had to

00:45:30   have it agreed. Leave it as it is. It's fine. And if everything exists other than larger, I'll just

00:45:36   take the moral victory, but I won't take the actual points, you know? I'm fine with that.

00:45:40   Yeah, I hope they do this because I mean, the Studio Display panel is old, right? It's like

00:45:46   the 5K iMac panel more or less and the MacBook Pros and even some of the iPads can do so much

00:45:53   more than the Studio Display can do right now. And then also you could, I'm sure you could like

00:45:57   plug a MacBook Air into it and get like a ProMotion because I bet the MacBook Air's

00:46:02   internals could support it. It just doesn't have to screen for it. Maybe. Well, I mean,

00:46:06   if an iPhone can do it. Well, it's like the problem with retina desktop back in the day.

00:46:10   It's the matter of how you get the data to that display. Like does Thunderbolt have enough

00:46:15   bandwidth for ProMotion or something else? If it's just micro LED or OLED, you know, obviously

00:46:24   the band was not a concern, but other features may depend on that. I bought the domain allofthemax.com

00:46:30   and forwarded that to Steven's website. Thank you. Nice. That was pretty good. All of the Max,

00:46:36   you know, kind of like the... All of the Max? Yeah. Yep. All right, so it's time for my risky pick.

00:46:43   So I should preface this by saying this is something I want and that I'm sort of willing

00:46:47   into existence. I have no idea. I don't actually think it's coming true, but hey, whatever.

00:46:54   Apple introduces a new desktop keyboard and/or trackpad that supports connecting to multiple

00:47:01   devices at once. They also support USB-C connections now. So my thinking is the desktop

00:47:08   versions of the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, they gotta update them to USB-C, right? Because

00:47:13   they're still using Lightning. So while they're doing that, why not also finally support devices

00:47:21   to multiple connections? Now that, you know, using an iPad at a desk with an external monitor is an

00:47:28   established reality, and with the Vision Pro coming out next year, why not finally have a

00:47:36   keyboard and trackpad that you can seamlessly pair with a Mac or with the Vision Pro all at once, or

00:47:43   with an iPad and with a Mac, you know, and so forth? It's really... These devices, these

00:47:49   accessories, they're really looking quite silly in comparison to other third-party keyboards when it

00:47:55   comes to multi-device connections, and Apple could do it better than anybody else. Like, I keep

00:48:02   thinking that the same switching technology that you have for AirPods could be used for input

00:48:07   devices, so I'm hoping that the fact that they need to update them for USB-C maybe also gives

00:48:16   them an opportunity to go the extra mile and support multiple device connections.

00:48:24   I don't think it's coming true, but the alternative... So we discussed this before the show.

00:48:32   I'm going to use this as a flexi, but my other risky pick was at least one M3 series chip

00:48:39   introduces support for Thunderbolt 5. That was my other risky I was considering. You're not making

00:48:46   it a flexi? I am making it a flexi. Oh, okay. Yeah, it's in my flexis. I think it's still a little too

00:48:54   early, maybe for Thunderbolt 5 in the M3, given that there are basically no Thunderbolt 5

00:49:01   accessories announced whatsoever. So maybe this is more of an M4 or M5 kind of thing down the road.

00:49:10   So yeah, I chose the keyboard and trackpad Ricky instead. You know, I was thinking about this last

00:49:18   week, right, because you were talking about your dream for the AirPods-style switching,

00:49:25   and I was trying to think, how could that work for input devices? How would you be able to tell

00:49:33   the other computer that you wanted it to be there? I don't understand how you could do that because

00:49:42   you can't interact with the computer if the devices are not already connected. I feel like

00:49:47   it would have to be a physical connection, like physical button, like the MX Keys has or something

00:49:54   to be able to. But maybe it's just more a matter of, you know, it could be smart, like the system

00:50:01   could be smart and be like, okay, I see that, you know, if this device was previously paired

00:50:06   with this keyboard and trackpad, and you're now looking at a login screen, I am going to assume

00:50:12   that you want to use them with this computer, and I'm going to let you type your password,

00:50:15   for example, like that could be a typical scenario. Or it could be a physical control,

00:50:20   right? Maybe we are overthinking this, could be just a little switch. I think if they want

00:50:24   to do this, which I think they should do it, why not, it should be, you would want a physical

00:50:28   control. It's a little button. And that's fine, that's fine, as long as you just let me pair them

00:50:33   with multiple devices at once. Just let me do it. Which is impossible, just let me do it, and, you

00:50:37   know, it's no bother to press a little switch. But right now it's possible. Keyboards have lots

00:50:42   of buttons on them already. You can fit one more in there. They're known for that, so. What's one

00:50:49   more? It's fine. Yes, so once again the text of my risky pick is, "Apple introduces a new desktop

00:50:59   keyboard and/or trackpad that supports connecting to multiple devices at once. They also support

00:51:07   USB-C connections now." You're, you're boned if they just release a new mouse that does this and

00:51:13   nothing else. Such an iPad user thing. Oh yeah, mice exist. No, I can't believe they're just,

00:51:20   if they do it, they're not gonna do just the mouse. It's gonna be the one that people use

00:51:25   the least, right? Yeah. Can you imagine? That'd be incredible. We have a new Magic, what is it now?

00:51:32   Magic Mouse? I think it's still the Magic Mouse, yeah. Second gen Magic Mouse, yeah. I almost said

00:51:36   Mighty Mouse. I was like, no, that's the wrong thing. That was the one with the bowl in it,

00:51:39   right? Yes, they got stuck all the time. Like the ball get gummed up, you have to go clean it.

00:51:44   It's terrible. So those are our regular picks and our risky picks. Maybe we'll actually

00:51:51   have a result that isn't a three-way tie though, which will be nice. Three-way tie, we all have

00:51:56   minus one point. Oh no, see that's sad. I feel like someone is at least gonna get a point. Like,

00:52:01   we spread it enough over the products, I think. I think so. I think someone's gonna get points. I

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00:54:08   the support of the show and Relay FM. The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Ricky's.

00:54:15   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

00:54:21   Scoring is completed separately from the main game, but like the Ricky's, the order of picks

00:54:25   is set by the results of the previous game and ties will be broken using dice by Peacock.

00:54:31   Please lie down as the rules are read.

00:54:33   Hosts must make a minimum of five FlexiPicks. Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

00:54:45   Wrong picks do not remove any points and no partial points may be awarded. The winner is

00:54:51   determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexis made by each host. The winner can use their

00:54:56   chosen title as long as they are the winner. Federico shall be named Prince Flexi and known

00:55:02   as King Flexi when having won both the keynote and annual games. Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington

00:55:09   and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable. I am the Attorney General Flexi

00:55:14   and use the title Secretary of Deflex when necessary. Loser of the Flexis must compensate

00:55:21   the winner by donating to a charity of the winner's choice. The amount of the donation is

00:55:26   $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser. The money must be donated on air. Federico is the current

00:55:34   winner of the keynote Flexis and Mike is the winner of the annual Flexis and if someone holds

00:55:39   all four titles they're allowed to choose their own name. You may be seated. Five Flexis and I

00:55:46   struggle to come up with even a basic amount. Yeah no one has eight this time you know.

00:55:52   Number one uh Johnny Shroogee makes an appearance uh he's the chip guy maybe there will be new chips

00:56:01   I'm assuming there I am assuming there will be an M3 um for this event again based on the tagline

00:56:09   and I'm assuming that the person in charge of the chips will say something. Can I ask you both a

00:56:14   question because yeah we keep mentioning taglines and do they actually really mean anything because

00:56:21   I feel like depending on who you ask depending on which time it is it either does or doesn't you know

00:56:25   sometimes they do sometimes they don't I think that makes it all the more fun I think Apple

00:56:32   sometimes goes super generic and then other times they basically tell you know. Number two

00:56:38   the event video is less than 90 minutes I don't think it'll be a long affair. All right if it

00:56:45   crosses an hour I'll be surprised. Yeah yeah I agree I think it'll be short and sweet.

00:56:50   Number three this was my discarded Ricky a list one M3 series chip introduces support for

00:57:00   Thunderbolt 5 first for the industry. This is my bind Ricky if you will. What does Thunderbolt 5 get me?

00:57:10   Up to well it gets you 80 gigabit per second transfers and with the boost technology that

00:57:19   I have up to 120 gigabit per second if you're doing like heavy video intensive tasks. Wow.

00:57:25   So it's like it doubles the bandwidth essentially available to you and it's still backwards compatible

00:57:30   with USB-C display port and all the those other standards but there are no Thunderbolt

00:57:35   controllers. I mean yes Zach in Discord one might say scary fast that was my thinking before like if

00:57:44   this actually comes true and I didn't use it as a risky pick I'm gonna be so upset. Oh yeah that

00:57:49   would be terrible. Number four vision pro is mentioned at some point during the video. So I

00:57:55   have this idea that Apple needs to remind people that this thing is coming out and it's going to be

00:58:00   very expensive and every opportunity they get they like to mention hey vision pro is going well

00:58:06   vision os it's happening so I'm assuming that they will drop in a mention of the vision pro somewhere

00:58:13   in the video. And finally number five at least one computer or accessory that gets updated is

00:58:21   less expensive in the US than before. You know maybe price drop for something you know maybe

00:58:29   maybe the MacBook pros will be 50 cheaper or whatever maybe the new trackpad will be cheaper

00:58:34   we'll see. Did you see that services are more expensive now? Yeah well they like to make their

00:58:38   money there but maybe big savings in hardware and you know price hike in software. Some kind of

00:58:47   Halloween joke is made. Genuinely okay my expectation is Greg Joszowiak is dressed as

00:58:56   something that's my expectation but other than that some kind of Halloween joke is made. I

00:59:05   believe someone will say carbon neutral. I want to go back to the Halloween thing for a second.

00:59:11   Yeah I think it was I don't know what even it was some event it was hardware only and the camera was

00:59:19   like panning through apple park and it passed Craig Federighi who looked very stressed and then

00:59:24   they moved on because it was all a hardware event. Maybe that happens this time but we see Craig like

00:59:30   dressed up as something. Yes. And the wandering across the background that could be fun. And look

00:59:34   Craig Federighi likes to dress up or well people like to dress up Craig Federighi whether he likes

00:59:40   it or not I'm not sure but they like to do it so I could imagine that. Yeah I mean look we're not

00:59:46   here to judge what a man does in his private home. I mean he always looks good while doing it so

00:59:51   pick number three all outside shots are filmed in the evening. Yes I like that a lot. I think they

00:59:59   like to like I can imagine this and I was like hey it's night time for us too you know.

01:00:04   Um four John Turnus looks great.

01:00:06   Five at least one Mac is available to order today. That's bold. And six

01:00:19   we do not get new AirPods Max even though I want them.

01:00:23   That's my six flexies. Is the AirPods Max the saddest thing on sale currently at apple.com?

01:00:32   Yeah it's rough. It may be. It's really rough I want them but I don't think it's gonna happen.

01:00:39   Just doesn't feel like it doesn't feel like it's ever the time. I don't remember if you said it on

01:00:43   this show Federico or on another show but these that like they're like HomePod now um and that

01:00:48   makes me really sad but I think that's where they are they're just like the original HomePod they're

01:00:52   gonna stick around for a really long time and then we're gonna think they're gonna get rid of them

01:00:56   because it's been so long and then they're like haha we did it again. My so you you made six we

01:01:03   should just note that you somehow came up with six which is impressive. I've got five. First the iMac's

01:01:10   input devices were updated with USB-C but otherwise remain the same pushing back on on

01:01:17   Federico's risky a little bit. There's if they update the iMac at all they I mean they have to

01:01:22   do USB-C right there's no way they keep shipping lightning keyboards and stuff. What if lightning

01:01:27   just becomes like the accessory connector? That'd be so sad. That's what it's for. Number two was

01:01:33   my bend risky. I never brought it to y'all but it was like in my little apple note it was in

01:01:40   contention for the risky. The M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max are all announced. Oh all of them okay. All

01:01:48   of them and I say this because there are rumors that the regular MacBook Pro not the weird 13 inch

01:01:54   but the 14 and 16 would get an update. That means that there has to be an M3 Pro and M3 Max unless

01:02:00   they somehow update it but keep the M2 in them. So I'm just really I told you at the beginning of

01:02:05   this I'm leaning into being M3 time. Number three the Mac Mini. Sorry I was that that that would be

01:02:12   very bold that they would do the more like that seems like a yeah like a lot because then you've

01:02:16   got to have enough products to put them all in if you're going to do that right and I'm not. And

01:02:20   your your TSMC business has to all be straightened out. Which I don't I just don't think it is. But I

01:02:25   mean also let's face it right so they're doing an event and it's weird weird timing online only but

01:02:31   it's still an event a pre-announced thing with graphics and everything. It's not press releases

01:02:36   right like. It's not a press release so it's gotta be something otherwise if you just do an event

01:02:41   to say oh hey here's an iMac with an M2 like no there's gotta be something there's gotta be

01:02:47   something. However number three says the Mac Mini is not updated. Oh my god I forgot about the Mac

01:02:54   Mini. I did not even cross my mind. It has the M2 and the M2 Pro. Yeah. But it wouldn't I mean

01:03:03   Apple has done these things at different paces and maybe this is iMac and MacBook Pro and the you know

01:03:08   the Mac Mini is the same. I'm spreading my flexies around here. Number four the iPad isn't even

01:03:17   mentioned. Yeah. Doesn't exist. What iPad? Remains of product in a lineup. And number five we do not

01:03:25   see Tim Cook on video. No. I have grounding for this. No that's wild. This could have been a

01:03:32   risky. No it's not because there's precedent so I'm pulling it up I'm gonna have the YouTube link.

01:03:38   I mean that could be precedent but if you would have brought this to me as a risky pick it would

01:03:43   be easy. Easy for me to say yes this is risky. See when they did the M2 Pro and M2 Mac's MacBook Pro

01:03:51   and the M2 and M2 Pro Mac Mini that was a YouTube thing it was 18 minutes long no Tim Cook. It was

01:03:57   all John Turness. Daddy Turness was driving. My favorite friend. Obviously I knew this Stephen.

01:04:02   How can I forget my favorite presentation and so I watched it you know I know this well but

01:04:09   I still think that they were weird times right where like no one really knew what was going on

01:04:17   right like about what wait no this is wait when was this? A year ago. Oh then ignore what I'm

01:04:23   about to say. Nine months ago even. Nine months. Can we go back to Mike's fourth flexi for a second

01:04:30   because I was thinking about John Turness looks great like how can that be objectively graded?

01:04:36   You know it when you see it and when you see it you'll be like it looks great. But it always looks

01:04:39   great. Exactly so you'll know it when you see it. There's no arguments here. This is this is

01:04:46   like the only way this point is not an already given point is that if John Turness is not in the

01:04:53   event. He could be yeah yes also but he could also be like I don't know like really really tired you

01:04:58   know. No no you know that's not gonna happen. They might Halloweenify him in some way he doesn't look great.

01:05:02   He comes out as a zombie. I would I'd still be into it but like other people might not

01:05:08   you know. What if okay brainwave time what if everyone we see from Apple in this event

01:05:15   is dressed up like someone else from Apple. Oh god I would love that. Oh my god oh my god. John Turness

01:05:21   instead of like dark jeans and a tight shirt comes out with kind of an oversized buttoned down short

01:05:25   sleeve shirt and he's Phil Schiller. But does he also have a mask? Like a Schiller mask. Like like

01:05:30   you remember when they remember when they did the video and it was Tim Cook removing the mask

01:05:36   from. Oh yeah the M1 iPad yeah. Because he stole it for some reason he stole the chip or something.

01:05:40   And it just and it just slapped right into an iPad. Oh my god they should bring back the mask. I will

01:05:46   say Stephen that thing that you just mentioned about like everyone's dressed up as someone else

01:05:51   like this you know they just don't have the courage that we do to come up with these ideas

01:05:56   right like we should be the ones that come up because that would just be really really funny

01:06:00   but you just know they won't do it. I keep saying we should work at Apple. Just on the events. Kate

01:06:05   okay John Turness dies his hair to match Craig Federighi. That'd be great. I'd love it. Oh my god

01:06:12   yes. This is what I'm talking about it's an impossible situation he's gonna look good.

01:06:16   That's that's a real daddy Turness moment. That's a flexi in the back that's why I went for six

01:06:21   because obviously one of them just in the bag already so I gotta be I gotta be fair to everyone

01:06:26   so. So that that's uh that's our picks uh we will be back on Wednesday grading these based on Apple's

01:06:34   event and I'm sure we'll be hanging out in the uh relay discord and I'm sure Mac stories will have

01:06:41   a bunch of stuff it's gonna be a fun but weird week next week. I'm gonna watch it in bed that's

01:06:46   my plan I should have my iPhone I'm just gonna go to bed I'm gonna watch it. If you want to find

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01:08:12   And you know you know my love of the N64 the greatest console you know it's the only video

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01:08:23   a little like I was born in 1964 that's what it means you know you know like it works better in all

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01:09:10   you guys gonna do anything? I guess not probably not right after the event because it's late but.

01:09:15   Well no I'm gonna be sleeping after I'm gonna be sleeping after the event that's what I'm gonna do

01:09:19   but we still need to decide I'm guessing probably do something on app stories too. I mean obviously

01:09:28   we'll recap the announcements. John will be sleeping because that will be two or three am.

01:09:35   We'll see. Well tell John if you're listening I'm around I can be your Federico for a night.

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