474: Redesigned Into a Butterfly


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00:00:07   From Relay FM Disconnected, episode 474.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by Fitbaud Electric and Indeed.

00:00:15   I'm Federico Vittucci and it's my pleasure to be joined as always by Mr. Steven Hackett.

00:00:20   Hello, Steven.

00:00:20   Hey Federico, how are you?

00:00:22   I am doing fantastic and I am ready to adjudicate some points today.

00:00:27   Yeah, we got a bunch of stuff to talk about.

00:00:30   We are also joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:33   Hello, I have two things to say.

00:00:35   One, I don't like the idea of Federico appointing himself adjudicator.

00:00:38   Two, we had a very good pro show, Get Connected Pro.co, where we spoke about some real deep GTD

00:00:47   things.

00:00:47   No kidding, that's what we spoke about.

00:00:49   And there is always something about Federico's introduction that jolts me back in, like,

00:00:56   the energy of a Federico introduction to the show.

00:00:58   You know, like, I'm in like a certain, like, you know, like, I mean,

00:01:01   contemplative, wait,

00:01:04   Com-pla-

00:01:05   Contemplative?

00:01:07   What? Yes.

00:01:08   There you go.

00:01:09   Thank you.

00:01:09   What Steven said, I'm in one of those kinds of moods, but then Federico's like, from,

00:01:13   and I'm like, oh, here we go.

00:01:14   I'm ready to go again.

00:01:15   So it brings me back to life.

00:01:16   It wakes me up, wakes me up.

00:01:18   Wake me up.

00:01:18   It's, it's really a day when I'm the one who gets the pronunciation.

00:01:22   Pronunciation, correct.

00:01:24   Oh, that is an all-timer, right?

00:01:26   Flubbing the word pronunciation.

00:01:29   That is like a-

00:01:30   I struggle with things.

00:01:31   You just, you just hit an all-time record right there.

00:01:34   I'm proud of you.

00:01:34   We do have our picks to grade from Apple's scary fast event, but first we have some follow-up

00:01:41   and we start with some maybe good news about iOS 17.2.

00:01:47   This is very funny to me.

00:01:49   So Federico has been speaking for weeks about the issues that he had with reminders, where

00:01:55   he would type in a natural date and it just would not even get close to what he was asking

00:02:01   for.

00:02:01   Now, when we started talking about this, listener Gaz wrote in to say that there has been an

00:02:07   issue with the British English, um, configuration with reminders that it was just impossible

00:02:13   to set things for a coming Sunday.

00:02:16   Like if you, if you said like, do this on Sunday, it would always select the next week's

00:02:21   Sunday.

00:02:21   So we were talking about these concurrent issues.

00:02:24   And in 17.2, the Sunday problem has been fixed.

00:02:28   Federico, how's yours?

00:02:30   How's your problem going?

00:02:31   Not fixed.

00:02:32   So yeah, you can now schedule things for Sunday if you're in the UK.

00:02:40   Maybe the reminders team likes me, but doesn't like you.

00:02:45   I doubt it.

00:02:46   I doubt it because I'm a very likeable person.

00:02:49   Wow.

00:02:50   So humble too.

00:02:51   How can you, how can you like explain the fact that this bug got fixed, but your bug

00:02:56   didn't get fixed?

00:02:57   When people think of me, they think, Oh yeah, Federico is very humble and likeable.

00:03:00   Very humble.

00:03:01   Yeah.

00:03:01   That's what people think.

00:03:02   Very humble.

00:03:04   So if anything, you're too humble, you know?

00:03:07   If anything, that's been a problem being too humble in my life.

00:03:10   It's real fun for you.

00:03:12   I got a headache sometime.

00:03:13   I'm like, what's this headache?

00:03:15   And I'm like, yeah, it's too, I'm too humble.

00:03:17   It's too humble.

00:03:18   Too much humble in there.

00:03:19   Too much humble is making me sick.

00:03:20   My humble, it is, it is very sick.

00:03:26   Please, please help.

00:03:30   I was off the beta train on my 15 Pro Max and 17.2 dropped, I guess, was that last week?

00:03:38   And the journal app is a part of it.

00:03:40   I think we're going to talk about journal in a future episode.

00:03:43   It's very interesting, but also not very interesting at all.

00:03:48   I feel very conflicted about it, but that's a future episodes problem.

00:03:53   I don't think I'm going to install the beta.

00:03:56   I think I'm just going to wait.

00:03:57   It's not worth it for journal.

00:03:58   Spoilers.

00:03:59   Well, there's a lot of stuff in that I'm interested in, which I think maybe all of it is not exactly

00:04:04   what I want, but I am, what I've seen at the journal app is interesting for me.

00:04:09   This is takes from somebody who doesn't use day one, right?

00:04:12   So maybe for you, it's like, well, this is not a replacement for day one, but for me,

00:04:16   I'm like, oh, maybe it's just this fun way to like, for my phone to snitch on me to myself.

00:04:21   I don't know where it will be interesting to see how it works.

00:04:23   But I'm also want tag backs, which I think maybe aren't as good as I want, but, and then

00:04:30   mine, I'm assuming emoji will appear in this beta before it ships, right?

00:04:35   Could be that seems like, yes.

00:04:38   Yeah.

00:04:39   Cause it usually they just show up right, like the release candidate or whatever.

00:04:42   And it's like, ha ha, the emoji is here.

00:04:45   Good news.

00:04:46   The USB-C Apple pencil is now available for sale.

00:04:50   Perfect.

00:04:51   I didn't realize it wasn't shipping the day they announced it, but here we are.

00:04:55   What's the point of two press releases for this thing?

00:04:58   Why didn't they just do this one today?

00:05:00   You know, why would you have it wrap around on both sides of the M3 announcement?

00:05:05   This is very strange.

00:05:06   Let me go take a look at the newsroom now.

00:05:07   So you've got a pencil and then you scroll down and the pencils there again.

00:05:11   That is very strange.

00:05:12   It isn't even that long.

00:05:14   October 17th to November 1st, two press releases about the Apple pencil of USB-C.

00:05:19   Must be very proud of it.

00:05:21   They, I do want to play with it.

00:05:22   I want to see what you know, like, I hope it makes a good sound.

00:05:25   I can't, I kind of, I kind of want to get, I kind of want to get one.

00:05:29   Yeah.

00:05:29   But I'll tell I shouldn't get one.

00:05:31   Do it.

00:05:31   Order it right now.

00:05:32   But why?

00:05:34   They could talk about it.

00:05:35   You could review it on the show.

00:05:37   Yeah.

00:05:38   I mean, if you feel like that will be worthwhile content.

00:05:41   I mean, it's Federica's money.

00:05:42   You know what?

00:05:43   I'm doing it.

00:05:44   Whatever.

00:05:45   Maybe it's John's money.

00:05:46   No, it's half of John's money.

00:05:47   No, it's mine.

00:05:49   Is that what you said?

00:05:50   No, this, no, no, it's my money.

00:05:53   No, I mean, I mean, I'm buying it with my personal account.

00:05:58   It's our money, you know, it's our money.

00:06:00   Deliver, when is November 6th?

00:06:04   Is it like next week?

00:06:05   Next week.

00:06:06   That's like the end of this week.

00:06:08   It's too far away.

00:06:10   I want something I want it now.

00:06:12   Then wait until November 6th.

00:06:15   But the wait is also what makes it sweet.

00:06:18   So, okay.

00:06:20   Okay.

00:06:21   Yeah.

00:06:21   What if you want to, what if you want a wait now?

00:06:24   Right.

00:06:24   So it's like a sweet thing, you know, you think of it that way?

00:06:28   That's a life hack.

00:06:29   That's deep.

00:06:30   I'm doing the check out.

00:06:31   You keep going.

00:06:33   Obviously we're going to talk about the event today, right?

00:06:38   What?

00:06:38   Yeah, I know there was an Apple event.

00:06:39   Are you ready?

00:06:40   We did another one.

00:06:40   When we scored the Ricky's, but I just wanted to know, considering how this was such a different

00:06:46   event than usual, did the two of you have any kind of like different setup in how you,

00:06:52   how you consumed the event, how you watched the event?

00:06:54   Oh yeah.

00:06:55   Yes.

00:06:56   Okay.

00:06:56   Yeah.

00:06:57   What was it?

00:06:57   Well, it was very sad.

00:06:59   Okay.

00:07:00   Given the time zone difference, I watched the event at 1am.

00:07:06   I watched it by myself in the living room.

00:07:10   Sylvia had already gone to sleep.

00:07:12   So it was just me.

00:07:14   I was like, well, good night to my work.

00:07:17   Day starts now.

00:07:17   And it was just me wearing AirPods, watching on the TV.

00:07:22   And I worked until 4am or something.

00:07:28   And he also, also in the living room, I started writing blog posts for Mac stories in the

00:07:34   living room because I didn't want to bother Sylvia with the keyboards noise.

00:07:38   And after a couple of hours, Zelda came to check on me.

00:07:43   She was like, she was just standing in the hallway looking at me.

00:07:46   She was like, what are you doing?

00:07:48   And I told her, go to bed.

00:07:49   And she went back to bed and yeah, usually I either watch the event with Sylvia or I

00:07:57   just, you know, I have a dinner break at some point.

00:08:02   Like I go grab a coffee.

00:08:04   Like I have an like a semblance of normal life in the middle of an event.

00:08:09   Here it was just me being very tired, especially toward, you know, at 3, at 3.15am ish.

00:08:16   I was like, man, kind of tired now.

00:08:20   And I thought, well, should I make myself a cup of espresso now?

00:08:23   And then I realized that's a very bad idea.

00:08:25   It would have gone bad.

00:08:26   There's no way that goes well.

00:08:28   Yeah.

00:08:28   And so I just, I held strong and then at 4am I was like, nope, I'm done.

00:08:34   Whatever is left, John will pick it up.

00:08:35   And he did.

00:08:37   So thank you, John.

00:08:39   It was 7pm for me.

00:08:41   So the thing I realized like midday is like, oh, this is how it always feels for y'all.

00:08:45   Like I had a whole workday and then there was an Apple event.

00:08:48   It sucks.

00:08:49   We've gotten used to it, but like there is that like the anticipation of like, I can't

00:08:56   do anything today, but I have to wait.

00:08:59   Right.

00:08:59   Like that's how it always feels.

00:09:01   And then it'd be like, all right, and here we go.

00:09:02   So yeah, that's kind of how it usually is.

00:09:05   Yeah.

00:09:05   I tracked 13 hours of work on Monday.

00:09:09   So I did my normal workday.

00:09:12   I took a little time off in the afternoon once the family was home from school, hung

00:09:16   out for a bit.

00:09:17   And then the big difference for me, like I watch it at my desk as I normally do, taking

00:09:22   notes like I normally do.

00:09:24   The thing that was different for me because of the time change is that I prewrote part

00:09:30   of the article that I published after the event based on rumors of what was happening.

00:09:36   Like I didn't know anything, but I was like, you know, if there's going to be an M3 iMac,

00:09:41   chances are it's going to be the same.

00:09:42   So I had some like boilerplate stuff and I reused some of it.

00:09:45   Some of it I didn't.

00:09:46   It's really the first time I've done that for an Apple event.

00:09:48   There's passion in the writing usually, you know what I mean?

00:09:51   Like you like to think that it's like being artisanally crafted and we're seeing inside

00:09:55   of the machine.

00:09:56   No, it's a content farm over here.

00:09:57   Taboola, any day now.

00:10:01   The other big difference was is that I recorded a podcast right afterwards.

00:10:06   So normally upgrade goes right after an event and we'll do connected the next day or like

00:10:13   this time we're basically last, you know, sort of in our circle.

00:10:18   But I recorded app stories with John because as Federico said, it was the middle of the

00:10:23   night.

00:10:23   Thank you, Steven.

00:10:24   And oh, you're welcome.

00:10:25   It was so much fun, but that I very rarely do that.

00:10:29   And, you know, we got some stuff slightly wrong in that episode.

00:10:33   Actually, something big wrong.

00:10:35   I realized afterwards I texted John.

00:10:36   I was like, please take out the sentence that I said, because it's not accurate.

00:10:40   But it was a lot of fun and I wrapped up my day pretty late, but it was a fun change

00:10:46   of pace.

00:10:47   I feel like you lived my life.

00:10:49   Like I think I did what my life is.

00:10:51   Yes.

00:10:51   Right.

00:10:52   Yeah.

00:10:52   It's like the recording straight after and getting things wrong.

00:10:55   Like that's just part of the experience, you know, and then you deal with it next week.

00:10:59   That's right.

00:10:59   It's Federico John's follow up to mop up anything we got incorrect.

00:11:03   But it was it was fun.

00:11:06   And there was so much like, why is Apple doing this?

00:11:08   Maybe it's because of Japan, like, you know, on and on.

00:11:11   They did it because they thought it'd be fun.

00:11:13   And for a one off, I think it was kind of fun, but it's it's not something that is going

00:11:19   to be ongoing, I don't think so.

00:11:21   Yeah.

00:11:21   Please, please never do it again.

00:11:22   I have all of your listening like, yeah, it was fun.

00:11:24   And I imagine all the PR people being like, don't you guys love this?

00:11:29   Isn't this fun?

00:11:30   And we're like, yeah, no, don't do it.

00:11:33   Never do it again.

00:11:34   Nobody likes this.

00:11:35   No one's liking this.

00:11:36   But congrats for trying something new.

00:11:39   I said this is not great, but I just think they didn't go hard enough.

00:11:41   Like if they were going to do it, they should have done it.

00:11:43   But I don't think they really embraced it to the level that it should have been embraced.

00:11:47   At least an executive should have been in costume.

00:11:50   At least one.

00:11:52   And the most they did was like, there was some wolf noises when Tim came out and there

00:11:55   was smoke and he said, Good evening.

00:11:57   And he didn't even say it in a fun voice.

00:11:59   Like, Jason made the point and I feel like this was really good.

00:12:02   And like, I think comes from Jason's background to like the corporate world of like, when

00:12:07   it was conceived, it was full of stuff.

00:12:09   And then executives just kept taking it out until it was left with like, there'll be some

00:12:16   special effects.

00:12:17   And Johnny Srouji will say, Welcome to my lab.

00:12:19   And then that's the end of it.

00:12:21   Right.

00:12:21   And there were some bats flying over Apple Park.

00:12:26   Yeah, they got a bad bat problem at Apple Park.

00:12:29   Someone's got to look out for that.

00:12:30   I'm worried about engineers getting rabies.

00:12:33   This is a problem.

00:12:34   Well, you know, Apple Park uses a lot of outside air to cool the building.

00:12:37   You know, those bats are in there now.

00:12:39   I can't get them out.

00:12:40   You can.

00:12:41   There's nothing you can do about it.

00:12:42   They're all up in the belfry.

00:12:44   It was the day before Halloween, right?

00:12:45   And so me and Adina make jack-o'-lanterns.

00:12:47   If you don't know what a jack-o'-lantern is, you should go check out episode 198 of the

00:12:51   Ungenius podcast here on Real AFM, which Steven and I host.

00:12:54   We talk about Wikipedia articles and we spoke about jack-o'-lanterns.

00:12:58   And I was on the episode, me and Steven spoke about what I could maybe do, which was I wanted

00:13:03   to do the dotted face emoji, but my pumpkin just wasn't shaped right.

00:13:08   It was more horizontal than like round.

00:13:11   And so I carved the finder face into my pumpkin.

00:13:14   So I made a finder jack-o'-lantern getting in the whole spirit of things, you know?

00:13:17   Nice.

00:13:18   It's good.

00:13:19   It's very nice.

00:13:20   So you're like, dude, did you like it?

00:13:21   Did you like it?

00:13:22   I was very good.

00:13:23   Very good.

00:13:23   Very good.

00:13:24   I thought it was pretty okay.

00:13:25   Never carved a pumpkin in my life.

00:13:27   It's good fun, man.

00:13:28   It's good fun.

00:13:29   It's like a thing that it's not really a big deal here, but it's becoming more.

00:13:33   But we just, me and Undina just decided to make it a thing that we could do at Halloween.

00:13:37   Thank you.

00:13:38   Speaking of the holidays, Steven.

00:13:40   Yes.

00:13:40   There's a different holiday coming up and we want Real AFM listeners to get prepared

00:13:44   for it in a fun way.

00:13:45   What is that?

00:13:46   That's right.

00:13:46   We have put together an ugly sweater, Real AFM podcast, t-shirt or sweatshirt or a tank top.

00:13:54   You know, sometimes it's hot at Christmas where you may live.

00:13:58   The old Christmas tank top.

00:13:59   Yeah.

00:14:00   Yeah.

00:14:00   That's for the Australians in the audience.

00:14:03   But yeah, we worked with our designer JD on this and it has come out so well.

00:14:08   So it's a very typical sort of holiday sweater feel with snowflakes and, you know, gifts,

00:14:16   but also iPods and the RSS logo.

00:14:19   And I absolutely adore this shirt.

00:14:23   I've got one, I got an early one that actually wore on a stream during September.

00:14:28   And so it's, that's out there for you to go find, but it's awesome.

00:14:33   This is for sale only until November 13th.

00:14:37   We did this early so you can get it in time for the holidays.

00:14:41   Orders should ship right at the end of November, early December.

00:14:45   So you have this in plenty of time for your office holiday party, or, you know, you got

00:14:49   to go to your grandmother's house for Christmas, whatever it may be.

00:14:53   You can wear this shirt and everyone will love it and you'll be the most popular person there.

00:14:57   Everyone will be like, oh man, I also love my syndication to be really simple.

00:15:02   And you can be like, yeah.

00:15:04   You know, imagine, don't you want people to say that to you?

00:15:08   I do.

00:15:09   I do.

00:15:10   I do like my simple syndication.

00:15:12   Really RSS is not that simple.

00:15:14   Can I just say as someone who has been working.

00:15:15   It's actually incredibly complicated and scary.

00:15:17   Yeah.

00:15:18   We have done some stuff in our feeds to support some new features in Apple podcasts.

00:15:23   And, uh, not as simple as it says on the 10th.

00:15:25   Really horrible syndication.

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00:16:06   It's actually my favorite thing about the app.

00:16:09   They have over 1400 HD video tutorials.

00:16:12   They're shot from multiple angles to make sure that learning each exercise is a breeze.

00:16:17   And I appreciate that if I'm trying something new.

00:16:19   I want to make sure that I'm doing it correctly and safely.

00:16:21   And those videos put my mind at ease.

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00:17:36   The Ricky's is a game connected hosts play before Apple keynotes and the beginning of

00:17:41   each new year trying to predict future events.

00:17:45   It is made up of three rounds.

00:17:47   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:17:52   There are two types of Ricky's, annual Ricky's and keynote Ricky's.

00:17:55   We're playing the latter today.

00:17:57   The keynote Ricky's winner is named the keynote chairman.

00:18:00   This position is held until the next keynote.

00:18:03   After the Ricky's, the hosts then play a game called the flexies.

00:18:07   These two games are separate, but related.

00:18:11   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:18:20   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:18:22   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during the recording

00:18:27   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:18:30   Correct risky picks are worth two points, but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted

00:18:34   from that host total.

00:18:35   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the

00:18:40   game.

00:18:40   A pick cannot be named risky if it has been previously rumored by publications of record

00:18:46   nine to five Mac or Mac rumors.

00:18:48   Picks made for keynote Ricky's cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next

00:18:53   keynote.

00:18:53   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:18:58   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:19:05   In the event of a tie, dice by P Calc must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:19:11   In the case of a three way tie, hosts all make their calls at the same time with flipping

00:19:17   continuing until a winner is named.

00:19:19   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Ricky's coin

00:19:25   flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed, but they're frowned upon and subject to

00:19:31   public shaming.

00:19:33   For keynote Ricky's, the scoring window starts when the live stream begins and closes

00:19:37   when the picks are scored.

00:19:38   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:19:43   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:19:46   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:19:49   The previous loser goes last.

00:19:51   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:19:54   As a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman and I am the current keynote chairman.

00:20:02   So we'll see if I retain my title today.

00:20:04   Past results can be seen at Ricky's.co and Ricky's.net.

00:20:08   These sites also have pages about managing your own score keeping at home.

00:20:12   You may be seated.

00:20:13   Stephen, how's the feeling that like you've only had it for like a month or whatever?

00:20:19   It's a pretty short one.

00:20:20   You know, sometimes you have a keynote holder for months, months and months and months.

00:20:24   Like this one could be, well, usually this one could be a while, though I think we're

00:20:28   expecting something earlier next year, right?

00:20:31   Yeah, I mean Vision Pro.

00:20:32   Yeah, Vision Pro.

00:20:33   So we'll see.

00:20:34   You know, sometimes you can hold it from like October to June if you're lucky, but not this

00:20:39   time.

00:20:40   Not this time.

00:20:40   Well, we'll see.

00:20:41   Let's start with round one.

00:20:42   Maybe not this time for you at all.

00:20:44   My first round pick.

00:20:46   Apple announces a new Apple Silicon system on a chip.

00:20:49   Not only one, but three.

00:20:56   The M3, the M3 Pro and the M3 Max all announced and all shipping in real life computers.

00:21:03   Congratulations.

00:21:04   I wasn't sure about this, but this is what the whole event, right?

00:21:08   Really?

00:21:09   Yeah.

00:21:09   Just coming out party for the M3.

00:21:12   Like this was the whole thing.

00:21:13   So I mean, as I said last time, I really was just going to lean into the M3.

00:21:17   And if it didn't happen, there'd be a lot more red in this document next to my initials.

00:21:21   But yeah, they all knew they're on the new three nanometer

00:21:26   process.

00:21:26   We're not sure of what flavor or three nanometer process, but time will tell.

00:21:30   And all three at once.

00:21:33   So the base and the two higher chips all at once.

00:21:40   The first time Apple's done that, I think it makes a lot of sense to do it this way.

00:21:43   And you know, who knows what will happen in the future as a sudden app stories like this

00:21:49   doesn't line up with the two things we knew before with the M1 and the M2.

00:21:53   So who knows how they'll do it in the future.

00:21:55   But certainly exciting to see Apple Silicon continue to march forward at a pretty good

00:22:00   pace.

00:22:00   Do you feel like you won an M3 in your life?

00:22:05   Like, what they spoke about, does that excite you at all?

00:22:10   It is exciting.

00:22:11   I have an M2 Pro, MacBook Pro, and I'm going to hold on to that.

00:22:14   I'm going to sit this one out.

00:22:16   But very exciting.

00:22:17   If you have an Intel machine, it's time.

00:22:21   Like if it's in your budget, now's a great time to jump aboard the Apple Silicon train.

00:22:26   So I've got my first point.

00:22:28   Mike, you're up.

00:22:29   The 13-inch MacBook Pro is redesigned.

00:22:31   Now, you look, isn't the most ultimate redesign?

00:22:36   A cancellation.

00:22:37   No, now it's bigger and cooler.

00:22:41   Like if you think about it, if you think about it, when the 14-inch was introduced, did we

00:22:48   think of it as like a new product?

00:22:51   No, it was just like, oh, the 13-inch has been replaced with the 14-inch.

00:22:56   And so like, really, like the computer still exists, right?

00:22:59   It's the entry level MacBook Pro.

00:23:01   There's like a whole separate thing.

00:23:03   It's got an M3 in it, right?

00:23:05   So it's just like an enhancement.

00:23:07   And, you know, they got rid of the touch bar.

00:23:09   They got rid of the touch bar.

00:23:10   They changed the ports.

00:23:12   Like if you think about it, it's kind of like, it's like how a caterpillar gets

00:23:18   redesigned into a butterfly.

00:23:20   Wow.

00:23:20   The 13-inch MacBook Pro has been redesigned into a 14-inch MacBook Pro.

00:23:27   Like I, there is an argument.

00:23:29   I'm making this argument.

00:23:31   The argument is here and now I put it to the world.

00:23:33   Hey, Federico.

00:23:35   Sidebar, real quick.

00:23:37   I hear resounding agreement from my co-hosts.

00:23:41   I mean, he sounds like a salesperson on late night TV.

00:23:48   I can kind of get behind it as an argument.

00:23:51   You want to believe in it, but you can't.

00:23:54   I mean, you could argue that it was redesigned so much, it gained an inch.

00:23:58   You know?

00:23:59   Yeah.

00:24:00   I mean, wouldn't we all like it?

00:24:05   You know, we've all been there.

00:24:07   It was redesigned so hard, it got bigger.

00:24:09   So...

00:24:10   Yes.

00:24:10   It's like the, it's the most ultimate redesign, you know?

00:24:14   It still exists.

00:24:16   Like there is still a product in the lineup, right?

00:24:19   That like, it's not like they were like, there is no...

00:24:21   Oh.

00:24:23   Steven has just left the call.

00:24:24   He's so mad.

00:24:25   Okay.

00:24:26   Steven's left.

00:24:27   So Federico, Steven's left the podcast right now.

00:24:29   Okay.

00:24:30   Are we in agreement that I get this point?

00:24:31   Okay.

00:24:32   I will give you the point, but I don't think Steven, I don't think Steven will.

00:24:36   Doesn't matter.

00:24:37   Do we all have to agree if we ever like, have we ever actually established this?

00:24:41   Out of a technicality, if the other host is gone from the moment we are adjudicated,

00:24:46   this technically you get the point.

00:24:49   Hey, my internet dropped, but now I'm back.

00:24:54   It's fine.

00:24:55   We resolved this.

00:24:56   There's nothing to worry about.

00:24:57   So I sort of said that I would kind of give Mike the point, but to keep things professional,

00:25:06   because I mean, arguably you could, you could say, well, I used the line, it was redesigned

00:25:12   so much, it gained an inch.

00:25:15   Um, but in all seriousness, we should probably call Jason.

00:25:21   Oh yeah.

00:25:22   I think we should.

00:25:23   Wait, cause this is the thing like I realize now Steven, is there a way that we resolve?

00:25:31   Like what is the resolution?

00:25:33   We don't have a, uh, adjudicator named in our rules.

00:25:36   Yep.

00:25:36   No.

00:25:37   I think the closest thing we have is the coin flip.

00:25:40   How do we coin flip?

00:25:45   Heads it was redesigned, tails it wasn't?

00:25:47   Like what does that mean?

00:25:48   I think so.

00:25:49   I think it's exactly what we do.

00:25:51   Really?

00:25:52   Is this the precedent we're going to set now?

00:25:54   That adjudication is based on luck?

00:25:56   No, see if Jason is free.

00:25:58   Call him up.

00:26:00   Chance Miller of 9to5Mac, AKA a publication of record says that he's with us, that it's

00:26:06   a redesign.

00:26:07   Does that work?

00:26:07   We don't know that chance.

00:26:08   People aren't verified and discord like they are on Twitter.

00:26:13   I'm actually pretty sure that they are, um, in our discord anyway, because of the way

00:26:19   that that works.

00:26:20   I don't know.

00:26:20   This machine was not redesigned to the 14.

00:26:23   It was replaced.

00:26:24   I mean, come on.

00:26:25   That's a point of view, you know, it's like a perspective.

00:26:30   Okay.

00:26:31   Obi Wan.

00:26:32   Like there is a perspective in which it has been redesigned.

00:26:35   Yeah.

00:26:35   I guess Mike, see if you can get Jason on the phone.

00:26:37   Maybe we can move on to the next one while I do that.

00:26:40   Okay, so my, uh, my round one pick was the MacBook Air is not updated at this event.

00:26:48   Yeah.

00:26:53   It was just, uh, the MacBook Pro and the iMac.

00:26:57   I was pretty positive that we wouldn't get any MacBook Air updates and the people made

00:27:02   fun of me for having a, what's the, what's the term?

00:27:05   Passion.

00:27:07   Buzzkill pick.

00:27:08   A buzzkill pick and as always the buzzkill pick gave me the point.

00:27:13   So no MacBook Air.

00:27:16   I don't know what we are expecting an M3 MacBook Air.

00:27:19   Honestly, I'm guessing.

00:27:20   Wow.

00:27:21   June?

00:27:21   June.

00:27:22   Yeah, maybe June, maybe next June.

00:27:24   I could see that.

00:27:25   I am perfectly content with my M2 MacBook Air.

00:27:29   So I have no reason to look for an upgrade, but yeah, this event, no MacBook Air.

00:27:34   Do y'all think the MacBook Air will get an M3 before the MacBook Pro gets an M4 or do

00:27:41   you think that they're moving into a world where the MacBook Air is kind of one cycle

00:27:45   behind?

00:27:46   No, I think they'll do it this year.

00:27:49   Like I think.

00:27:49   I do too.

00:27:50   Cause they've done one every year, right?

00:27:53   Yeah.

00:27:53   They did M1, M2, M3.

00:27:54   And if you think about it, like with the way that this one's gone, at least like there

00:27:58   have been other products that get the M3, even like the base M3 before it anyway.

00:28:03   So.

00:28:03   What?

00:28:04   No, that's not true.

00:28:05   The M1 and M2, the MacBook Air was the first machine.

00:28:07   Yeah, I know.

00:28:08   But I'm saying this time, there are other products that have already got it.

00:28:11   So I think they'll just get it when it's time to rev that machine, which would probably

00:28:15   be in the summer.

00:28:15   Yeah.

00:28:16   I wonder if the 15 inch M2 throws a wrench in that a little bit for them.

00:28:20   That one seemed late.

00:28:21   Yeah.

00:28:22   But then also they did two MacBook Pros this year.

00:28:24   So.

00:28:24   That's true.

00:28:25   That is true.

00:28:26   I don't think they care, you know?

00:28:28   Any word from Mr. Snell?

00:28:29   No, I've messaged him.

00:28:32   We may have to circle back around on this when he's available.

00:28:35   Okay.

00:28:35   We'll see if he becomes available.

00:28:37   If not, we'll find a new way to resolve this.

00:28:40   You know?

00:28:40   So we have some real time follow up Lex in the Discord.

00:28:43   Two picks have been adjudicated before.

00:28:46   Apple updates a standard Bluetooth Magic Keyboard from Federico was adjudicated by Jason in

00:28:50   September of 2021.

00:28:52   In April of that year, Federico's pick, there will be a setting to disable the higher

00:28:57   refresh rate on at least one new iPhone, was adjudicated by Mike.

00:29:01   So there is some precedence for.

00:29:02   I don't understand how I am able to adjudicate.

00:29:05   I don't know.

00:29:08   This is cool.

00:29:09   Because then in that situation, couldn't Federico be adjudicating this pick?

00:29:13   Because I think I'm going, yes.

00:29:14   Federico's saying yes.

00:29:17   Yeah, but why would you adjudicate?

00:29:18   You have an opinion.

00:29:19   Like we are in opposition to each other, right?

00:29:22   Me and you here.

00:29:23   Federico is rolling on my side.

00:29:25   So isn't that two-third like, it's two out of three, right?

00:29:30   Are you sure Lex, is this the same mic that's doing a show with us?

00:29:34   It's a different one.

00:29:35   We found another mic.

00:29:37   Could be.

00:29:37   Adjudicated.

00:29:38   Look, we have time.

00:29:40   We have time until we need to work this out.

00:29:42   So we could just keep going through and then we'll just see what happens.

00:29:46   We got time.

00:29:47   Okay.

00:29:47   Okay.

00:29:48   Well, it does affect some things as we move into round two.

00:29:51   So we'll just, we'll see if Jason comes back.

00:29:53   All right.

00:29:53   Round two.

00:29:54   The M1 iMac receives an update.

00:29:57   Hmm.

00:29:59   I was thinking about who could adjudicate the point.

00:30:10   Sorry.

00:30:11   The M3.

00:30:14   So the iMac, as rumored, skipped over M2 completely and it's the same iMac.

00:30:20   I think the design is awesome.

00:30:21   I do wish for a bigger one, but the 24 inch iMac lives on with the M3.

00:30:27   And my pick was the name of the colors of the iMac are unchanged.

00:30:33   Yes.

00:30:38   Blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, and purple remained.

00:30:41   Same colors.

00:30:42   They didn't drop any colors, which I kind of thought was like not outside of the realm

00:30:47   of possibility.

00:30:48   Like maybe, I don't know, maybe the purple and the orange don't sell very well.

00:30:52   So they're going to drop those, but they are the same, which I'm glad for.

00:30:56   Cause I think, I think the iMac's the most fun product in the lineup right now.

00:30:59   In my round two pick, I said the visual design of the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro is unchanged.

00:31:07   There are two Stevens on the zoom call.

00:31:13   This is chaos.

00:31:14   This episode has devolved into chaos now.

00:31:17   I love this.

00:31:18   The visual design of the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro is unchanged.

00:31:23   Unchanged.

00:31:25   No, I agree.

00:31:26   Oh, they removed the USB-C port.

00:31:28   It's a totally different computer.

00:31:29   Well, I was, well, the 14 is, I mean, it got a new color and finish, but that's not a difference.

00:31:36   I think this design has really stood the test of time so far.

00:31:39   It's, it's so good.

00:31:41   I think we're going to continue to see this form factor for, for years to come.

00:31:44   And I'm just fine with it.

00:31:45   This is where I would normally tell you what our pick, our scores are, but we don't know

00:31:49   because Jason Snell's in the shower or doing something.

00:31:52   So we'll come back to that.

00:31:55   We'll come back to that.

00:31:56   We still have time.

00:31:57   We still have time.

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00:33:50   It's now time for our risky picks.

00:33:53   Mine was Apple unveils an iMac Pro.

00:33:56   How confident were you in this?

00:33:58   Not very.

00:33:59   I do still think it will happen one day, right?

00:34:02   Your boy Turnus kind of threw cold water on it saying that the 4.5K display was a great

00:34:08   replacement for the old 5K iMac.

00:34:10   Where did he say that?

00:34:11   He said it during the keynote.

00:34:13   Oh, did he?

00:34:13   Yeah.

00:34:14   Oh, I missed that.

00:34:15   That's not great.

00:34:17   You were not paying attention to his words, Mike.

00:34:20   I don't listen to what he says.

00:34:21   I just like what he says.

00:34:22   You just look at the pictures.

00:34:23   I just look at him, you know?

00:34:25   It's fine.

00:34:26   Even when he came on, Idina was like, "Oh, there he is."

00:34:29   You know, everyone knows.

00:34:30   Everyone agrees with my household.

00:34:32   She's in on the whole story, okay.

00:34:34   Yeah, she knows.

00:34:35   She knows, yeah.

00:34:36   Is Turnus your hall pass?

00:34:39   Look, I'm not gonna get into that right now.

00:34:43   It's not needed.

00:34:44   We're doing some adjudications.

00:34:45   This is an important adjudication happening right now.

00:34:47   We don't need to discuss this.

00:34:48   I mean, have you ever heard this episode so far?

00:34:51   Are you sure?

00:34:52   I've only heard about a third of it, so...

00:34:57   Yeah, who knows?

00:34:59   Who knows what's happening?

00:35:00   Who knows what's happening?

00:35:01   My pick was Apple unveils a new Studio Display Pro that is larger than the regular Studio Display

00:35:08   and features a new screen technology than the smaller model.

00:35:11   How confident were you about this?

00:35:13   I mean, for me, it hinged on there being an iMac Pro, right?

00:35:18   Then I could have imagined this happening.

00:35:20   And the fact, even when they were just talking about the MacBook Pro,

00:35:23   I was still having hope, right?

00:35:25   This is like a display for professionals.

00:35:28   There was also a lot of, you know, like how people,

00:35:30   they keep their eye on what's in stock and what isn't, right?

00:35:34   And they talk about that online.

00:35:35   There was a lot of talk about the Pro Display being a little bit supply constrained.

00:35:41   So I was getting my hopes up a little bit, but no, it didn't happen.

00:35:46   One day it will, and I'll be excited for when that day will come.

00:35:50   But I don't know when that time will be.

00:35:53   So, as I said, I said, Apple introduces a new desktop keyboard

00:35:59   and/or trackpad that supports connecting to multiple devices at once.

00:36:04   They also support USB-C connections now.

00:36:07   No, not just multi-pairing, but they just straight up did not update

00:36:16   any of the accessories to USB-C.

00:36:18   And it sort of became the thing that alongside the new base model MacBook Pro,

00:36:24   everybody's complaining about.

00:36:26   Like those accessories unchanged and still using Lightning.

00:36:30   This is a big surprise.

00:36:31   Like that is very strange that that didn't happen.

00:36:35   I don't know what it's going to take to make it happen.

00:36:38   It felt like the obvious thing to happen,

00:36:40   especially when they did a new iMac, but it didn't happen.

00:36:44   I would now like to welcome to the call Jason Snell.

00:36:47   Jason Snell has joined us on the call.

00:36:50   Jason, can you hear us?

00:36:51   Hey boys, how's it going?

00:36:54   Hello.

00:36:54   Hello, Jason.

00:36:56   Right, very good.

00:36:56   Jason, I'm here to petition something to you.

00:37:00   I would like to have the floor for a moment, all right?

00:37:02   All right.

00:37:02   The 13-inch MacBook Pro is redesigned.

00:37:05   Now, if you think about it, you know, when a caterpillar goes into its cocoon, Jason,

00:37:13   it emerges a beautiful butterfly.

00:37:16   The butterfly is bigger than the caterpillar.

00:37:18   It has more beauty than the caterpillar.

00:37:22   It has a new design, a fresh design, maybe more ports than a caterpillar.

00:37:25   Who could tell?

00:37:26   I don't know.

00:37:27   I don't know how butterflies work.

00:37:28   So the question here is like the 14-inch MacBook Pro

00:37:32   just took over the spot of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

00:37:35   It has the base M chip.

00:37:37   It doesn't have the exact same configuration.

00:37:39   There's no touch bar anymore, but it got bigger.

00:37:41   In the sense of when the 14-inch MacBook Pro was introduced,

00:37:45   it wasn't like we're like, "Oh, what is this new computer?"

00:37:47   We knew that it replaced the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

00:37:50   So now the standard 13-inch MacBook Pro that was left

00:37:53   has been redesigned into a 14-inch MacBook Pro.

00:37:56   Wouldn't you agree, Jason?

00:37:57   Mike, I feel like your question is answered by your own question,

00:38:02   which is indeed the 14-inch MacBook Pro did fill the spot previously occupied

00:38:08   by the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

00:38:10   A different computer.

00:38:12   Boom!

00:38:13   Redesigned though.

00:38:14   Like redesigned from an old computer to a new computer.

00:38:17   Like if you imagine they went away and they were like,

00:38:19   "Let's make this different. Here's a new computer."

00:38:21   If they had never, if we'd never seen a 14-inch MacBook Pro before

00:38:24   and it was a completely new design,

00:38:26   I still don't think I would agree with you,

00:38:27   but I would be more inclined.

00:38:29   But it's an existing design that already existed.

00:38:34   And so, no.

00:38:36   Okay.

00:38:37   That's a no?

00:38:38   Well, Jason, we're done with you now.

00:38:40   I for absolutely...

00:38:44   Need any coins?

00:38:45   No, we're good.

00:38:46   There was not a part of me that thought I even had a choice,

00:38:48   like a chance in this,

00:38:50   but I started to sway Federico and so thought I would run for the enzyme.

00:38:54   You know what I would have done, Mike, if Jason was not picking up,

00:38:57   I was going to call my mom and explain the thing in Italian.

00:39:01   I was thinking maybe John Voorhees could have been the next call

00:39:03   rather than your mom, but like...

00:39:05   No, but John is resting today.

00:39:10   So that's why I thought of John immediately,

00:39:12   but I didn't want to bother him.

00:39:13   He's had a long day this morning.

00:39:16   Well, then we will count that as not a point for Mike.

00:39:19   Jason, thank you for your adjudication.

00:39:21   You are welcome.

00:39:21   Anytime.

00:39:22   Okay.

00:39:23   Don't forget, I won the draft.

00:39:24   On a tiebreaker.

00:39:25   You sure you don't want me to call my mom and explain the point?

00:39:28   It doesn't matter.

00:39:30   Tiebreakers still require knowledge, you know?

00:39:32   It wasn't like a coin flip.

00:39:33   So, oh, he's gone now.

00:39:34   All right.

00:39:35   No, we're good.

00:39:36   We're good.

00:39:37   And we have resolved this.

00:39:39   Steven, you can now talk about the points.

00:39:41   Okay.

00:39:42   So at the end of the Ricky's, Mike has zero points.

00:39:48   Federico has one point and I have one point.

00:39:53   Meaning we got a coin flip for the win.

00:39:57   Okay.

00:39:59   So the first time where I've had to go to control center to turn off mute for the coin flipping.

00:40:05   Oh yeah.

00:40:05   Cause usually I would just hit the little switch.

00:40:08   All right.

00:40:09   So I am on the most recent version of Dice by Peacock.

00:40:12   We can clear that out.

00:40:14   Let me check that I'm on relay FM mode.

00:40:16   And I'm going to, I don't know who to ask to go heads or tails.

00:40:22   Do either of you have a preference that one of you should pick?

00:40:25   I don't know who's going to pick first.

00:40:27   You pick first.

00:40:29   Oh, here we go.

00:40:30   Mind games.

00:40:32   I am going to say, I mean, let me get in touch with the universe for one second.

00:40:38   I just got a message.

00:40:39   That was what that thing was.

00:40:40   The universe is telling me heads.

00:40:44   I picked tails, Mike heads.

00:40:46   Thank you.

00:40:47   Universe.

00:40:48   Federico announced his own win for himself.

00:40:50   Wow.

00:40:52   Insider trading.

00:40:53   Yep.

00:40:53   Congratulations Federico.

00:40:55   You've taken back the win.

00:40:57   Steven, you did only have it for like four weeks in the end.

00:41:01   But you know, get hunger for later on.

00:41:05   You know, there'll be more that come around for you.

00:41:07   Congratulations Federico.

00:41:09   Thank you.

00:41:09   Thank you.

00:41:10   Federico won the Mac event.

00:41:12   How does that make you feel, Steven?

00:41:17   Not great.

00:41:18   Maybe a new laptop would make me feel better.

00:41:21   You know what?

00:41:22   I agree.

00:41:22   Why don't you go on and have two laptops?

00:41:25   I have the two laptop lifestyle.

00:41:26   I think that's what the kids are doing now.

00:41:28   Some people do that.

00:41:28   Yeah.

00:41:29   Congratulations, buddy.

00:41:31   I deserve it.

00:41:32   So.

00:41:32   Wow.

00:41:34   You do.

00:41:35   Yeah.

00:41:35   I'm on your side because you tried to give me a point.

00:41:38   Yeah.

00:41:39   You know, you're my best friend.

00:41:41   That's all it takes to get my love is just offer me the ability to get a point.

00:41:46   Yeah.

00:41:47   I really was surprised about the way that went.

00:41:49   I thought I would give it a go.

00:41:51   I did not think that I would be able to win anyone over.

00:41:53   I was very close.

00:41:54   Maybe if Jason won the draft, he would have given me the point, you know?

00:41:58   Oh wow.

00:41:59   Collusion.

00:41:59   Maybe.

00:42:01   Or the what's the opposite of collusion.

00:42:03   What happens if you win the draft and the Ricky's?

00:42:06   I have had that before.

00:42:08   I think.

00:42:09   I think something to consider.

00:42:11   I don't know what happens.

00:42:12   I think.

00:42:12   I think at that point I can retire.

00:42:15   Maybe.

00:42:15   Oh, well, that's not.

00:42:16   Let's not go that far.

00:42:18   I mean, like, can it get any better than that?

00:42:20   That like I win it all.

00:42:21   I don't think it can get any better than that.

00:42:23   Like, I feel like if I have the Ricky's trophy.

00:42:28   So here's the thing.

00:42:29   I feel like if I am both annual chairman and keynote chairman, like if I line up the two

00:42:35   discs on the Ricky's trophy and aim them towards the draft pennant, if it says champion, I

00:42:41   feel like I will open a portal to a new dimension or something.

00:42:45   You know, I'll be on a higher plane of being at that point.

00:42:48   I have updated my trophy to reflect Federico's position.

00:42:52   Oh yeah.

00:42:52   So wait, let me do that.

00:42:53   And we always forget to do that.

00:42:56   It's big circle on London, little circle on Rome.

00:42:59   Oh, you know what?

00:42:59   I never changed it.

00:43:00   Mine was already on Rome.

00:43:01   What?

00:43:02   Well, because when it happened, we were in California.

00:43:08   What was I supposed to do?

00:43:09   You don't travel with yours?

00:43:10   No, and neither do you.

00:43:13   This is why we should have actual real closing ceremonies.

00:43:15   Because then when we're traveling, we can just like put them on pause until we return,

00:43:20   right?

00:43:21   Oh, maybe.

00:43:22   So Federico was always champion at Mega Studio.

00:43:25   Yeah, that's how much he loves me.

00:43:26   To be fair, I'm easy to be loved also.

00:43:29   You really are.

00:43:30   You really are.

00:43:31   So humble.

00:43:32   So humble.

00:43:34   So humble.

00:43:34   Awesome.

00:43:36   Okay.

00:43:37   The last event, Mike, you were at home.

00:43:39   Only I was in California.

00:43:40   Oh yeah, it was September.

00:43:42   Yeah, I just didn't do it because we don't have the closing ceremonies.

00:43:45   If we have the closing ceremonies, we remember to update the trophy, but we never do it.

00:43:49   So what prompts me to update the trophy?

00:43:51   You know, also you don't know where I was.

00:43:54   I mean, I could be anywhere.

00:43:55   You weren't in California.

00:43:56   Well, that's what you think.

00:43:58   Maybe I was in a hotel, you know?

00:44:00   You came all the way to California, but didn't go to Apple Park.

00:44:03   You know what?

00:44:03   That's just, it's the other side of town.

00:44:05   I got to get an Uber.

00:44:06   Maybe I was wearing a disguise.

00:44:07   You know, I thought Jason looked taller this time.

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00:45:08   They're not going to make you wait around.

00:45:09   No.

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00:46:18   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Ricky's.

00:46:22   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or

00:46:28   year.

00:46:28   Scoring is completed separately from the main game, but like the Ricky's, the order of

00:46:33   picks is set by the results of the previous game and ties will be broken by using Dice

00:46:38   by Peacock.

00:46:39   Please lie down as the rules are read.

00:46:41   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

00:46:47   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

00:46:50   Wrong picks do not remove any points and no partial points may be awarded.

00:46:54   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexis made by each

00:46:59   host.

00:46:59   The winner can choose their title as long as they are the winner.

00:47:03   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi and is known as King Flexi when having won with the

00:47:08   keynote and annual games.

00:47:10   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

00:47:15   I am the Attorney General Flexi and I use the title Secretary of Deflex when necessary.

00:47:21   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating to a charity of

00:47:25   the winner's choice.

00:47:27   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser.

00:47:31   The money must be donated on air.

00:47:37   Federico is the current winner of the keynote Flexis and Mike is the winner of the annual

00:47:42   Flexis.

00:47:43   If someone holds all four titles, they are allowed to choose their own moniker.

00:47:48   You may be seated.

00:47:49   All right, so I'll go first.

00:47:52   Add five Flexis.

00:47:55   Number one, Johnny Shuji makes an appearance.

00:48:03   Number two, the event video is less than 90 minutes long.

00:48:08   Number three, at least one M3 series trip introduces support for Thunderbolt 5, a first

00:48:21   for the industry.

00:48:22   I love that line at the end, you know?

00:48:27   Nope.

00:48:29   Number four, Vision Pro is mentioned at some point during the video.

00:48:35   Nope, it was never, never, not a single mention.

00:48:39   And lastly, number five, at least one computer or accessory that gets updated is less expensive

00:48:47   in the US than before.

00:48:48   Yeah, I forgot which one, but when I saw it, I went into the document.

00:48:56   The 14-inch MacBook Pro, that one that quote unquote replaced the 13-inch is $1,599.

00:49:04   So that's down from $1,999.

00:49:07   So three out of five, that's a 60% correct ratio.

00:49:11   That's right.

00:49:12   And we hand it over to Mike and Mike, I believe there's a mistake in the scoring of your

00:49:19   wikis.

00:49:19   Okay, we'll find out.

00:49:21   Some kind of Halloween joke is made.

00:49:23   Hmm.

00:49:25   Even the good evening counts as a joke to me.

00:49:32   Yeah, there were bats, there was all kinds of stuff, but just nothing leaned in enough.

00:49:36   Tim Cook was wearing an orange Apple Watch band.

00:49:38   It was good.

00:49:39   Big jokes.

00:49:39   Two, someone says carbon neutral.

00:49:42   This is graded incorrect.

00:49:45   Someone said carbon neutral during the video.

00:49:48   Did they?

00:49:48   Yes, I was checking.

00:49:50   I believe it was the woman Kate.

00:49:54   In what reference to what, though?

00:49:56   A Mac.

00:49:56   A Mac.

00:49:57   Well, obviously a Mac.

00:49:59   What?

00:49:59   Yes.

00:50:00   Carbon neutral.

00:50:03   Something along the lines was like, and we continue in our efforts for carbon neutrality

00:50:10   or something like that.

00:50:11   Okay.

00:50:12   Yeah, there's a screenshot.

00:50:13   Yeah, here it is.

00:50:14   Yes.

00:50:14   Spall found it and reaching our goal of carbon neutral products by 2030.

00:50:18   Look at me go.

00:50:19   All right.

00:50:20   Wow.

00:50:21   Okay.

00:50:21   Thank you Federico.

00:50:24   We're even better friends now.

00:50:27   We're like, what is even more than best friends?

00:50:29   Are we lovers now?

00:50:31   Easy.

00:50:32   Am I John Turnus?

00:50:35   You can be my John Turnus.

00:50:38   Three, all outside shots are filmed in the evening.

00:50:41   With an iPhone.

00:50:46   Yeah.

00:50:47   Which is cool though, right?

00:50:49   It's cool that they did that.

00:50:50   Super cool.

00:50:51   I love it.

00:50:51   When we were watching it, I sent, I said it to you guys, I was like, oh, it said it was

00:50:55   filmed on iPhone.

00:50:56   And we all do it just kind of like, oh, they must've done that before.

00:51:00   And then we just moved on and then the internet exploded about it over a couple of days.

00:51:05   I think it's super cool.

00:51:06   I haven't watched that video yet, but it's high up in my watch later queue.

00:51:10   The one where they did the behind the scenes.

00:51:11   Yeah, it's good.

00:51:12   Super interesting.

00:51:14   Four, John Turnus looks great.

00:51:17   Hmm.

00:51:17   He did look great.

00:51:24   He did look great.

00:51:25   Five, at least one Mac is available to order today.

00:51:29   This felt like the riskiest one for me because it was so late, right?

00:51:36   That like, would they still do today?

00:51:38   And they did.

00:51:39   You could order a bunch of them today or yesterday or whenever it was.

00:51:43   I don't even know what day it was.

00:51:44   Monday.

00:51:44   Monday.

00:51:46   And six, we do not get new AirPods max, even though I want them.

00:51:50   A hundred percent.

00:51:56   Yeah, that's pretty good.

00:51:57   That can't have happened much.

00:51:59   Surely.

00:52:00   Very impressive.

00:52:01   Look at that.

00:52:03   Well done.

00:52:03   I would love it if one of the scorekeepers into discord could let me know if anybody's

00:52:08   did 100% on their flexes before.

00:52:10   First time, apparently it's the first time.

00:52:13   A first for the industry, right?

00:52:16   Yes.

00:52:16   I am now, I'm now a flexi neutral.

00:52:19   This is the first for the industry.

00:52:21   A hundred percent flexes all the time.

00:52:23   Renewable flexes.

00:52:25   The IMAX input devices are updated with USB-C, but otherwise remain the same.

00:52:30   Number two, the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max are all announced.

00:52:36   Nice one.

00:52:40   This is a good one.

00:52:41   And this is the one that I thought about bringing to you as my risky, but I didn't.

00:52:46   Now I kind of wish I had.

00:52:47   I feel like I might have gone with that.

00:52:50   Yeah, maybe.

00:52:51   That's okay though.

00:52:51   Super exciting either way.

00:52:53   Number three, the Mac mini is not updated.

00:52:56   Number four, the iPad not even mentioned.

00:53:02   I don't even think seen.

00:53:07   I don't even recall seeing one.

00:53:09   I saw, I saw a post on Mastodon.

00:53:12   If I can find it, I'll, I'll put it in the show notes.

00:53:14   I don't promise I can find it.

00:53:15   It was a picture of, you know, there are people like in a kitchen in the Apple video and there's

00:53:19   an iMac on the, like on the island in the kitchen.

00:53:23   They've done this multiple times.

00:53:24   Yeah.

00:53:24   And someone was like, bro, this is why they have iPads.

00:53:27   Like no one puts an iMac here.

00:53:29   Bad year for the iPad, right?

00:53:31   Yeah.

00:53:32   Well, you got that sick pencil.

00:53:34   No new iPad hardware at all.

00:53:37   Maybe quiet year for next year.

00:53:39   Big year.

00:53:41   That's what we can hope for.

00:53:42   Deaf times.

00:53:42   And the stage manager got fixed.

00:53:44   Breaking news.

00:53:45   The Apple music voice plan canceled.

00:53:48   No, what am I going to do now?

00:53:50   I was just getting ready to sign up for it.

00:53:53   I saw Reader refresh in the background behind my Safari tab and that was the top of the list.

00:53:59   So that's hilarious.

00:54:00   That is hilarious to me.

00:54:01   Why even bother?

00:54:04   Like just, just don't even bother.

00:54:06   Like just let it go.

00:54:07   Like, you know, how am I going to listen to music now?

00:54:10   With your hands, like an animal.

00:54:11   Did I use my hands?

00:54:12   I mean, I guess this is, they've gotten rid of this because they just put up the prices,

00:54:16   right?

00:54:16   So like this is, they just cleared something out that I probably six people subscribe to.

00:54:21   Number five, we don't see Tim Cook on video.

00:54:25   We did.

00:54:25   We did.

00:54:26   And he said, good evening.

00:54:27   It was so good.

00:54:29   Where does that leave us?

00:54:31   Federica and I are tied again.

00:54:33   Again.

00:54:34   Oh my God.

00:54:34   At 60%.

00:54:36   Double ties.

00:54:37   Oh my gosh.

00:54:38   So many notifications are happening and noises.

00:54:41   All right.

00:54:41   So I pick heads.

00:54:43   Wait, wait, wait.

00:54:43   We need to decide something.

00:54:44   Is this heads to win or heads to lose?

00:54:46   I guess it's heads to win?

00:54:49   Heads for second place.

00:54:50   Heads for second place.

00:54:52   All right.

00:54:52   And I choose tails.

00:54:54   So heads.

00:54:55   Yay.

00:54:56   So how does this work again?

00:54:59   How much money is that?

00:55:00   It's $25 per wrong flexi.

00:55:03   $50.

00:55:04   And Federico donates it to wherever you tell him to Mike.

00:55:06   I would like Federico to make his donation to the Red Cross to help with the civilians

00:55:13   in Israel and in Gaza.

00:55:15   Okay.

00:55:16   So redcross.org?

00:55:21   Yeah.

00:55:22   They'll make sure the money gets to where it needs to get to.

00:55:24   They may have specific donation hubs, but probably not right now.

00:55:31   I reckon it's people making a donation.

00:55:34   Don't know.

00:55:34   Oh, real time follow up from Lex.

00:55:37   100% flexi score is not unprecedented.

00:55:40   WBC 2019.

00:55:42   This happened loads of times.

00:55:44   WBC 2019.

00:55:45   Steven and Federico both got it.

00:55:47   March of 2019.

00:55:50   Mike and Steven both got it.

00:55:51   Annual 2019.

00:55:53   I got it.

00:55:54   You got an annual?

00:55:55   Whoa.

00:55:56   I was so good at the flexis in 2019.

00:55:58   We all were apparently.

00:56:01   Something happened, right?

00:56:02   In 2019, we all did it.

00:56:04   That feels like maybe we weren't flexi enough in 2019.

00:56:09   I would suggest maybe we have stretched our wings.

00:56:12   You know what happened?

00:56:13   Oh, COVID.

00:56:14   Wait, no, that's before.

00:56:16   Oh, you're saying we caused COVID because of our flexi scores?

00:56:19   No, COVID changed us.

00:56:21   Oh, it made us worse at it.

00:56:22   It made us more flexible and therefore worse at the flexis.

00:56:28   Yeah.

00:56:28   It wasn't technically called the flexis yet.

00:56:31   There's now like a historian argument happening in Discord where Kate and Lexer and Cage match.

00:56:36   You see, what was it then?

00:56:40   I think it was just bragging rights.

00:56:41   Yeah, but you see, I don't think that counts then.

00:56:44   That was a different thing.

00:56:45   Bragging rights, like didn't have the money behind it.

00:56:49   Like, I think we could say there have been times where 100% scores have been like successfully

00:56:56   achieved, but in the flexis, this is the first time.

00:56:59   It's very impressive either way is what I'll say.

00:57:02   Okay, I donated to the Red Cross.

00:57:04   Where is needed most?

00:57:08   Thank you.

00:57:08   Thank you, Federico.

00:57:10   And thank you for listening.

00:57:12   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about, head on over to the website,

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00:57:28   As we mentioned earlier, we talked about getting things done and weekly reviews on the Pro

00:57:32   Show.

00:57:33   Fun conversation for us to have.

00:57:35   We don't normally talk about that sort of stuff, you know, it's nice to spread our wings

00:57:39   a little bit.

00:57:39   If you want to find us online, there's lots of ways to do that.

00:57:42   Federico is the editor-in-chief of maxstories.net.

00:57:45   Lots of great coverage of the M3 event over there by you and John.

00:57:49   So thank you for staying up late and writing for the rest of us.

00:57:53   You can find Federico on Mastodon as Viticci at maxstories.net.

00:57:59   Mike hosts a bunch of other shows here on relay.fm.

00:58:02   We mentioned Cortex, State of the Apps, and the Pro Show.

00:58:05   It's a true great.

00:58:08   Go listen to that.

00:58:08   Thank you.

00:58:09   Yeah, I really enjoyed it.

00:58:11   You can find Mike as imike@mike.social on Mastodon and imike over on Threads.

00:58:18   You can find my writing at 512pixels.net and I co-host MacPowerUsers here on relay.fm.

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00:58:33   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week for making the show possible.

00:58:37   Fitbaud, Electric, and Indeed.

00:58:39   Until next week, guys, say goodbye.

00:58:42   Adios, adios.

00:58:43   Cheerio.