477: OS X Mountain Linen


00:00:00   [MUSIC]

00:00:08   Welcome to Connected, episode 477.

00:00:12   Today's show is brought to you by Masterclass, Notion and Oracle.

00:00:17   I am your welcomer, Mike Hurley, and I would like to welcome Federico Vittucci.

00:00:21   Welcome Federico.

00:00:22   I feel very welcome. Hi Mike.

00:00:24   I want to make everyone feel welcome. That's what I'm going for today.

00:00:27   I felt a really warm welcome from you today, so thank you.

00:00:32   Can you do this for Steven? Can you welcome him?

00:00:35   Benvenuto, Steven.

00:00:37   La SeƱor.

00:00:38   To the show.

00:00:39   Do you know what he... We have no idea what he said to you.

00:00:42   I said welcome.

00:00:43   No, but that's what you say you said welcome. We don't know what you said.

00:00:46   Oh, sure. Okay.

00:00:47   You know, you could have said anything.

00:00:48   Fair enough. Fair enough.

00:00:50   I cursed at Steven at the beginning of the show.

00:00:53   You put a hex on him.

00:00:55   No, not again!

00:00:57   A plague on your house.

00:00:59   I was laughing, Mike, because it sounds...

00:01:01   There was like a little bit of hesitation as if you forgot what show you were announcing.

00:01:06   Yeah.

00:01:07   Okay.

00:01:08   I forgot how to do it. I just started.

00:01:11   You're like, "Welcome to..."

00:01:12   I don't think I've ever said welcome at all.

00:01:14   Well, because I also had... The hesitation was me looking for the episode number.

00:01:18   Mmm.

00:01:19   But I don't know why I said welcome. But that's what you got.

00:01:22   It's different every time.

00:01:24   It's different every time.

00:01:25   Do you guys ever forget or like have to think for a second about how old you are?

00:01:31   Yes.

00:01:32   Mike got it wrong in a podcast once.

00:01:35   And then someone wrote in to correct me.

00:01:37   Yeah, we had follow-up.

00:01:38   Best follow-up of all time.

00:01:41   That is an unbeatable follow-up, right?

00:01:43   That someone writes in to tell you how old you are?

00:01:45   Did they say you're actually 34?

00:01:48   Yeah, it was that.

00:01:49   It's like Mike's actually... Whatever old it was.

00:01:51   I think I remember this.

00:01:54   Friend of the show, Rob, remembered that great follow-up.

00:01:57   My favorite piece of follow-up ever.

00:01:59   But I will give you another piece of follow-up that I enjoyed.

00:02:01   It came from many people. Many people sent it in to me.

00:02:05   I think I saw it first from Keegan.

00:02:07   Because I was talking last week about reading comics at night

00:02:10   and I wanted my iPad to be less bright.

00:02:13   There is an accessibility setting called reduce white point.

00:02:17   This is available in settings, accessibility, display and text size,

00:02:21   reduce white point.

00:02:22   When you turn this on, you can make the screen go incredibly dim.

00:02:26   And there's actually a slider for how dim you want it to be.

00:02:30   I then set this to my triple-click accessibility shortcut

00:02:33   on the lock button.

00:02:35   And I also put it in control center,

00:02:37   where you can have the accessibility shortcut in control center too.

00:02:40   And so now, at night, I can make my iPad go super dim.

00:02:45   I know at some point I'm going to forget that I turned this on

00:02:48   and I didn't think my iPad's broken.

00:02:50   But that is a problem for the future.

00:02:52   I know you don't have a whole scientific lab there to measure the nits.

00:02:56   But is it a noticeable difference?

00:02:58   It's just one nit.

00:02:59   -Oh, just the one. -If you can believe it.

00:03:01   Yep, one nit.

00:03:03   It's like when Apple said the Apple Watch screen go to one hurt

00:03:07   or whatever they said.

00:03:09   Yeah, one hurt. Everybody one hurt.

00:03:11   No, it's incredibly dim.

00:03:14   Like, really, really dim.

00:03:16   Like, it makes a huge difference

00:03:17   just how much further you can bring it down with the reduce white point.

00:03:21   I recommend that you try it, like, on a device,

00:03:23   just to see what it looks like if you do have this thing.

00:03:25   But yeah, this has solved my problem.

00:03:27   And I could tell that this was going to work

00:03:29   because so many people wrote in to tell me about it.

00:03:32   So, like, it's a thing that's gotten out there in the community somehow.

00:03:36   And now here on the Connected program,

00:03:38   I'm helping to perpetuate this information amongst the listeners.

00:03:42   We have some real-time follow-up.

00:03:44   -Okay. -Kate, the official historian of Relay FM,

00:03:47   says, "Mike has started two episodes of Connected with Welcome before today,

00:03:51   episodes 9 and 11."

00:03:54   Oh.

00:03:54   How can Kate know this?

00:03:57   I think we're in Underscore's thing,

00:03:59   where you can search for things we've talked about.

00:04:02   Pod Search or whatever he calls it.

00:04:04   So you could just search the word "welcome," I guess,

00:04:06   and it would come up.

00:04:08   Interesting.

00:04:09   Or Kate just, like, stopped time,

00:04:12   listened to every episode, and then confirmed it was.

00:04:15   They said, "I know things." That's kind of menacing.

00:04:18   [laughs]

00:04:20   It's a lot of power to just give one person, you know?

00:04:22   It really is.

00:04:24   That's why we only have one historian,

00:04:25   because otherwise they get together and you can't handle that.

00:04:28   Mmm. Or maybe there was some sort of historian death battle,

00:04:32   and Kate just came out victorious.

00:04:34   We actually legally can't talk about how the historian was picked.

00:04:38   -Okay. -Steven, I hope that you're stocking up

00:04:40   or have stocked up already, because Apple's stopped selling OS X Lion

00:04:44   and OS X Mountain Lion installers from the Apple Online Store.

00:04:48   -No! No! -Up until a week ago,

00:04:49   -they were still selling them. -No! What am I gonna do now?

00:04:53   From 2011.

00:04:56   Yeah, they got rid of all the linen releases of Mac OS X.

00:05:00   Mountain Lion was the one that they released by surprise, right?

00:05:04   They announced it by surprise.

00:05:06   -Yeah. -Like, Gruber and some other people

00:05:08   had, like, a press meeting, like, "Uh, Mountain Lion's here."

00:05:12   Was that, like, the briefings in, like, in a hotel room or something?

00:05:17   Yes, Daring Fireball Mountain.

00:05:20   It was the one where John Gruber wrote about it

00:05:22   and then was told not to do that anymore, I think.

00:05:25   I think is how the law goes. Like, he wrote...

00:05:27   -About the behind the scenes. -...about the briefing.

00:05:30   And I think was told, "Never do that again."

00:05:32   -Yeah. -"Because you're not supposed to do that."

00:05:35   You're not supposed to talk about, like, the...

00:05:37   But that was actually maybe the more interesting part.

00:05:40   I remember where I was when this news broke

00:05:44   'cause it was, like, such a wild day.

00:05:45   I was still working at the bank.

00:05:47   I was in a particular part of the job that I hated during that time.

00:05:51   Uh, and, yeah, I remember that. It was very exciting.

00:05:54   And that's all I've got for you on that one.

00:05:56   Lion, as I'm sure everyone remembers,

00:05:59   was sold digitally in the Mac App Store.

00:06:03   And it was the one Craig Federighi was young and nervous

00:06:06   and, like, his hand was shaking on the track pad, all that business.

00:06:09   Uh, but you could also get it on a USB installer.

00:06:13   Well, I dug mine out.

00:06:15   I have my USB installer in its little carrying case right here.

00:06:18   -Plug it in. -And Mountain Lion was only in the App Store.

00:06:21   But this is not as big of a deal as it seems because in 2021,

00:06:26   Apple made Lion and Mountain Lion and a bunch of other old OSs

00:06:30   available for free to download.

00:06:32   -So... -Right.

00:06:33   You can still get them. Don't worry.

00:06:36   -I'm worried. -Don't worry.

00:06:38   I'm worried.

00:06:39   Two not great releases, really.

00:06:42   Lion and Mountain Lion, but that's okay.

00:06:45   Isn't Mountain Lion, like, the one that everybody fantasizes about, though?

00:06:49   Snow Leopard is the one everyone...

00:06:50   Snow Leopard.

00:06:52   ...gets all hot and bothered over.

00:06:54   That's the one. No new features, but there were loads of new features.

00:06:57   Yes, some massive new features in Snow Leopard.

00:07:02   Lion and Mountain Lion were lineny, right?

00:07:05   Lineny UI everywhere.

00:07:07   And they brought a bunch of the iCloud stuff, so like reminders and notes.

00:07:12   No, no, Steven, it's Lion, not...

00:07:15   What did you say? Linen?

00:07:17   -Like, it's Lion. -They were lineny releases.

00:07:19   -Covered in linen. -Lion.

00:07:21   Linen-esque.

00:07:22   OS X Mountain Linen.

00:07:24   -OS X Linen. -Yeah.

00:07:28   OS X Mountain Linen.

00:07:30   Mountain Linen.

00:07:31   Linen.

00:07:32   The accent's coming out.

00:07:33   Linen.

00:07:35   Linen.

00:07:37   Oh, interesting.

00:07:38   That USB key was one of those weird, like, half USBs, right?

00:07:43   It's just exposed contacts.

00:07:44   It's like a piece of plastic with three little contacts on it.

00:07:47   It seems like the most fragile thing ever.

00:07:51   Can you plug it in right now into your computer?

00:07:53   Yeah, plug it in!

00:07:54   -Plug it in. -Come on.

00:07:55   -Plug it in. -Do it. Plug it in.

00:07:56   Plug it in, unseal it and plug it in.

00:07:58   Plug it in and charge it into the Lion on Apple Silicon.

00:08:01   See what happens.

00:08:02   I think I have an unsealed one, hang on.

00:08:03   He has more than one.

00:08:05   And also, do you get this?

00:08:07   -Yeah, hang on. -He won't unseal it.

00:08:09   Like, it's somehow important to keep the Mountain Lion installer

00:08:13   in a sealed box?

00:08:15   -Yeah. -Why is that important to you?

00:08:16   -I have an idea. -Lion.

00:08:17   OS X Lion.

00:08:18   Mac OS X version 10.7.

00:08:22   All right, I'm gonna plug it in.

00:08:23   Plug it in.

00:08:24   This might be the end of the podcast.

00:08:26   This is gonna crash.

00:08:27   Plugged into my CalDigit.

00:08:29   -So bad. -Okay.

00:08:31   Okay. Let me...

00:08:32   I'll put a screenshot of what shows up.

00:08:34   Install it.

00:08:35   Did you get the installer?

00:08:36   Just install it right now.

00:08:38   Click next.

00:08:39   Click continue.

00:08:41   Let's just fire up the wizard.

00:08:43   Okay. Mac OS X install. Do it.

00:08:45   -Do it. -Let's even get the custom icon.

00:08:47   Look at it. It looks like it.

00:08:48   That's cool.

00:08:49   That's cool that they still do it.

00:08:51   Double click it.

00:08:52   -Okay, I'm going. -Yeah.

00:08:53   -See what happens. -Do it.

00:08:55   Install Mac OS X Lion.app.

00:08:57   You coward. Install it.

00:08:59   See, you're one of those people that shows the .app.

00:09:03   Oh, no. You got an error.

00:09:05   Wow. You know what, Steven?

00:09:07   Appreciate that you actually clicked it, you know?

00:09:09   Wait, what's the error message saying?

00:09:11   This version of Mac OS X

00:09:15   is too new to install Mac OS X

00:09:19   from Mac OS X 10.7.

00:09:24   What?

00:09:25   I feel like at some point,

00:09:27   that has gone around on itself, you know?

00:09:29   Like, there's like a double negative in there somewhere.

00:09:32   This version of Mac OS X is too new to run install Mac OS X

00:09:36   from Mac OS X 10.7.

00:09:38   What?

00:09:39   So I think what they're saying is,

00:09:40   this version of Mac OS X, which I'm running,

00:09:43   it's not called Mac OS X anymore,

00:09:45   is too new to run the application install Mac OS X

00:09:49   from the volume Mac OS X 10.7.

00:09:53   But that's a hot mess of a sentence.

00:09:55   That's words in English.

00:09:57   Well, I thought it might have meant

00:09:58   that you could only run it from Mac OS X 10.7.

00:10:02   I don't know.

00:10:03   It's very confusing.

00:10:04   Bellroy have launched a new Apple iPhone.

00:10:07   Apple iPhone.

00:10:08   My word.

00:10:09   Have you guys heard about the Apple iPhone?

00:10:11   I know the Apple iPhone.

00:10:12   The Apple iPhone.

00:10:13   The Mac phone.

00:10:14   They've released a new Mac phone, iPhone 15.

00:10:17   Oh, jeez.

00:10:19   That mountain lion thing has firmed me off.

00:10:20   Now I'm the mountain lion, right?

00:10:22   Like I'm doing the same things over and over again.

00:10:25   The mountain lion is coming from inside the house.

00:10:26   Has released an iPhone 15 pro case

00:10:29   that has an actual button for the action button.

00:10:32   And I just wanted to see if this actual action,

00:10:35   if this excited the two of you.

00:10:37   And I wanted to maybe check in on your cases

00:10:40   and also if you're still using the action buttons.

00:10:42   That's too many questions.

00:10:43   Pick one.

00:10:45   Question number one.

00:10:46   Are you still using the action button?

00:10:48   I get what I want with the dull obvious question.

00:10:51   Yes.

00:10:51   What are you using it for now?

00:10:52   Multi-button still the same.

00:10:55   I got by default, creates a new task in things.

00:11:00   And if I press it again, runs Apple frames.

00:11:04   And I'm still working on finishing up an update

00:11:08   to the shortcut that when you run the action button

00:11:11   inside a compatible app, it does something else.

00:11:14   So if I run the action button when I'm using things,

00:11:18   it brings up a menu to do stuff with the selected task.

00:11:24   Steven, what's your action button doing right now?

00:11:26   It is tied to a shortcut that just gives me a text field

00:11:30   and whatever I put in the text field becomes a task name

00:11:32   for to do as inbox and it's automatically due today.

00:11:36   But in the 17.2 beta, anytime I try to use this,

00:11:41   but then try to dictate into it, it crashes.

00:11:45   So I need to work on that.

00:11:47   That's really good.

00:11:49   I think that tasks are the best thing

00:11:50   for the action button.

00:11:51   Like adding to a to-do list.

00:11:52   I think Federico, that was a genius idea that you had

00:11:55   like a brainwave and it 100% played out to be correct.

00:11:59   What are the two of you using for cases now

00:12:01   and are you happy with your cases

00:12:03   and is the Bora case good?

00:12:04   Still the Nomad one, Nomad leather case

00:12:07   holding up perfectly.

00:12:09   Oh yeah, you're using a whole ween leather one, right?

00:12:12   Yeah, yeah, because I hate the environment, yes.

00:12:15   Wow.

00:12:16   No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:12:17   It's not what I was getting at.

00:12:18   I was just saying you were using the fancy one.

00:12:20   They're both leather, right?

00:12:21   Yeah, I'm using the fancy one real bad for PlanetWear.

00:12:23   Which one is it?

00:12:24   Modern leather case, right?

00:12:27   They call it, I think.

00:12:28   I have no idea.

00:12:29   They sent an email saying,

00:12:31   "Hey, we have iPhone cases and I clicked buy."

00:12:34   I have the non-horween leather,

00:12:36   so the less expensive Nomad case.

00:12:40   And yeah, I love it.

00:12:42   It's like the Apple leather case, but better.

00:12:44   And it's held up great.

00:12:47   You're still caseless?

00:12:48   Oh, of course.

00:12:49   I like to live my life.

00:12:51   Mm.

00:12:52   You know?

00:12:52   I have thought about, like what would it be like

00:12:55   to use the fine woven case for a year?

00:12:57   But I don't think I'd make it.

00:12:58   I was with a friend the other day

00:13:00   who uses the fine woven case

00:13:03   and they've obviously had it on for,

00:13:05   I don't know, a couple of months.

00:13:06   Looked bad, looked real bad.

00:13:07   I didn't say anything to them, but--

00:13:09   Who was it?

00:13:10   That case.

00:13:10   Somebody we know?

00:13:11   I won't, yeah, but I'm not gonna say.

00:13:13   And it was real bad.

00:13:15   It looked terrible.

00:13:16   It really looked bad.

00:13:18   It looked like the whole case had faded,

00:13:19   is what it looked like.

00:13:20   Oh my God.

00:13:21   It did not look good to me.

00:13:22   I mean, if you're enjoying your fine woven case,

00:13:24   you know, go wild, you know, go woven crazy over there.

00:13:28   But like, I don't think it looks good, you know?

00:13:32   I think that it doesn't look good.

00:13:34   And yes, I am relitigating the fine woven drama, you know?

00:13:38   It is the holiday season, boys.

00:13:40   You know what that means?

00:13:41   Ho, ho, ho.

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00:15:05   Did you know about those awards by the way?

00:15:07   - You say awards like prizes?

00:15:08   - Multi-award winning, yeah.

00:15:10   We have won multiple awards for our Discord

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00:15:14   - Yeah, the Discordies, I think is what those are called.

00:15:16   - We've won multiple awards 'cause it's such a good Discord.

00:15:20   There are lots of wallpapers.

00:15:23   Steven, how many wallpapers

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00:15:26   It's huge, right? - Let me look.

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00:16:03   - Discordies, we're gonna win again.

00:16:05   - Yeah, we're gonna crush it.

00:16:07   - It's gonna be awesome.

00:16:08   Take that Club Max stories.

00:16:10   - That's unfair.

00:16:11   - Club Max Stories also won some awards.

00:16:13   - Oh yeah, okay.

00:16:14   - Yeah, congratulations Club Max Stories Discord.

00:16:17   - Thank you, thank you.

00:16:18   - You do have the coolest membership name out of anybody.

00:16:20   That's for sure.

00:16:21   Ours is just the Relay FM membership

00:16:24   'cause we're gonna go with a cool name.

00:16:26   - Well, 'cause there's so many names within the name, right?

00:16:28   - I have some bad news.

00:16:30   - Okay.

00:16:31   - Some long-term followup, really.

00:16:33   We've talked about HomePods before.

00:16:37   Federico's had many and sold many and bought many more

00:16:40   over the years.

00:16:41   What is your voice assistant of choice at the minute,

00:16:43   Federico?

00:16:44   - My voice assistant?

00:16:46   - Yeah, like are you using Amazon stuff, using HomePods?

00:16:49   What are you using right now?

00:16:49   - I use the HomePod primarily.

00:16:52   I have the Amazon Echo in the living room,

00:16:55   but I only really use it to turn on the outdoor lights

00:16:59   and close the shutters or open them in the morning.

00:17:03   - Okay.

00:17:04   - Is that so you can speak in Italian

00:17:05   and don't look silly in front of your friends?

00:17:07   Yeah, fair enough.

00:17:07   That is a genuinely good reason.

00:17:10   - But I just wondered what the difference was.

00:17:13   'Cause obviously I know all these things, the home kit.

00:17:15   - Yeah, as soon as Siri becomes multilingual,

00:17:19   but I'm gonna get rid of that Amazon Echo.

00:17:22   - The third of my three original HomePods has died.

00:17:25   I'm now zero for three on my original units.

00:17:28   - I have two of them.

00:17:29   They're still fine.

00:17:30   I've repurposed them here at the studio.

00:17:32   Like, what are you doing?

00:17:33   - I don't know.

00:17:34   I've gotten, we were talking about the MPU forums

00:17:36   the other day, like people are all over the place.

00:17:38   Some people's have lasted forever.

00:17:40   This one that just died was in the kitchen,

00:17:42   got the most use of the three by far

00:17:45   and lasted way longer than all of them, but it died.

00:17:49   So I replaced it with a, like the navy blue HomePod mini.

00:17:53   And it's fine.

00:17:54   - So how many HomePod minis do you have now?

00:17:56   - Bedroom, kitchen, two in the studio.

00:18:00   And then we have a kind of a floating one

00:18:02   on that battery dock that Federico brought

00:18:04   to the show a while back.

00:18:05   - That's quite a lot of HomePod minis.

00:18:06   - So five.

00:18:07   - That's a lot of HomePod minis.

00:18:09   - They're great though.

00:18:10   I mean, they're great.

00:18:12   They don't sound like, it doesn't sound as good

00:18:13   as the full one did in the kitchen,

00:18:15   but I wasn't gonna go buy another full-sized one.

00:18:18   So the mini it is.

00:18:20   - Sorry for your loss.

00:18:21   - This episode of Connected is brought to you by Masterclass.

00:18:26   When you learn something new, it just feels good.

00:18:31   Mike, tell me about your experience with Masterclass.

00:18:34   - So my favorite Masterclass that I have taken

00:18:37   was from Sir Lewis Hamilton, my role model,

00:18:41   hero of mine, he's a Formula One racing driver.

00:18:44   And I really look up to Lewis.

00:18:46   I find his story to be inspiring.

00:18:49   And that is kind of what I took the most away

00:18:52   from his Masterclass on kind of the winning mindset

00:18:55   is what he calls it.

00:18:56   So like how to get yourself into the position

00:19:00   where you are able to allow yourself to succeed.

00:19:04   And I found it to be really inspirational

00:19:06   and really interesting to hear him talk about his story

00:19:09   and also how to think about how it could be applied

00:19:13   to other people's life experiences too.

00:19:15   I really loved it.

00:19:17   It was awesome.

00:19:18   - Masterclass makes a meaningful gift this season

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00:20:57   It's Q&A time.

00:20:58   It's a holiday week.

00:20:59   We thought this would be a fun break

00:21:01   from kind of the normal tech stuff.

00:21:03   And honestly, people are only talking about open AI

00:21:06   and it's impossible.

00:21:07   - You've already heard that conversation a thousand times,

00:21:10   so we're not gonna have it.

00:21:10   - Yeah, we're not gonna have it on this show.

00:21:12   We're gonna do some Q&A

00:21:13   and I'm gonna start with a question from Ava.

00:21:16   Ava asks, "What is each of your favorite Apple products,

00:21:20   "hardware or software of all time?"

00:21:23   - I have a short list of contenders

00:21:24   and I'm hoping that in speaking them aloud to you,

00:21:27   I might be able to pick mine.

00:21:29   So, iPod mini, 'cause it's like, it's awesome

00:21:33   and it's what drew me to Apple.

00:21:36   I had a pink iPod mini that I loved.

00:21:38   The iPad mini is just the best, right?

00:21:41   Like over all of its iterations,

00:21:42   I've enjoyed that product a lot

00:21:44   and it's really good at what it does.

00:21:46   The M2 MacBook Air is my favorite Mac of all time.

00:21:50   And the iPhone 15 Pro Max is my favorite iPhone

00:21:54   and I know that it's like the newest iPhone,

00:21:57   but the newest iPhone isn't always my favorite iPhone.

00:21:59   Like the iPhone 14, kind of boring.

00:22:02   Wasn't a big fan of it, right?

00:22:04   Looking at this list,

00:22:06   the iPod mini would just be pure nostalgia,

00:22:08   so I don't think I'm gonna go there.

00:22:09   I think I'm gonna go iPad mini.

00:22:11   I think it's like, for me,

00:22:13   the best of all of the things that I like

00:22:16   about Apple products and so I think I'm gonna go there.

00:22:19   I'm gonna say the iPad mini

00:22:20   is my favorite Apple product of all time.

00:22:23   I had this list in mind,

00:22:25   two hardware devices and a software entry.

00:22:32   So I was gonna go with iPad Pro,

00:22:35   AirPods and shortcuts in my short list.

00:22:39   I mean, iPad Pro, because of course, shortcuts also,

00:22:44   I don't think I need to explain this, but AirPods,

00:22:47   and I'm not referring to any generation in particular here,

00:22:53   but just the idea of just how much I've been using AirPods

00:22:57   since the introduction seven years ago.

00:23:01   - Multiple hours a day.

00:23:02   - Multiple hours a day.

00:23:03   How they simply created a market that didn't exist,

00:23:07   a brand, redefined the whole category.

00:23:10   So, and shortcuts, I mean, obviously it used to be workflow

00:23:14   and then it was acquired by Apple.

00:23:16   I am going to go with,

00:23:20   I think it comes down to iPad Pro and AirPods for me,

00:23:22   and I think I will still pick the iPad Pro

00:23:25   as my favorite Apple product of all time,

00:23:27   just because of what it did to my life.

00:23:29   Like it really showed me the way

00:23:32   of what I wanted to do with my career.

00:23:34   And for all its problems, I still love using my iPad Pro.

00:23:39   Like I really do.

00:23:40   So mine is the iPad Pro.

00:23:43   - I've got three old ones and one new one.

00:23:46   The first one is purely emotional,

00:23:48   the third generation iPod,

00:23:49   the one with the red buttons no one liked.

00:23:51   My first iPod meant a lot to me to get it

00:23:54   and I used it for a long time.

00:23:56   12 inch power book, didn't own one at the time,

00:23:59   but it's like the super cool notebook from a long time ago.

00:24:04   Software, is this more about the idea of the application

00:24:08   than the application itself?

00:24:10   But Aperture, like a professional photo app from Apple.

00:24:13   Aperture had its issues, but I would still like photos

00:24:16   to gain some more powerful features.

00:24:20   And then the M2 MacBook Air is just so good.

00:24:25   The design is awesome.

00:24:26   There's really nothing to complain about in that computer.

00:24:29   And I had one and then I went MacBook Pro

00:24:33   from my only computer and got rid of the Air and I miss it.

00:24:35   I wish I had room for an M2 Air in my life.

00:24:38   - The cracks are starting to form.

00:24:40   This is how it begins.

00:24:43   - Maybe.

00:24:44   - Steven just needs to verbalize something like that

00:24:45   and then his entire worldview changes.

00:24:47   - Also really liked my Mac Pro.

00:24:49   Lots of good things.

00:24:50   This is a hard question.

00:24:51   - Pick one.

00:24:52   Pick one.

00:24:53   - 3rd gen iPod.

00:24:56   - You picked the worst iPod as the best Apple product ever.

00:25:00   - No, the worst iPod was the,

00:25:03   well, maybe the worst full-size iPod.

00:25:05   The worst iPod was the shuffle with no buttons.

00:25:07   Come on.

00:25:08   - I mean, that was just like its own thing, you know?

00:25:09   It's just out there living its life.

00:25:11   - Yeah, no one could use it.

00:25:12   - So yeah, it's the humane pen before the humane pen,

00:25:17   you know, like that's what it was out there doing.

00:25:18   It was out there doing that.

00:25:20   - Kariku wants to know, what did you have for breakfast?

00:25:23   - Okay, so mine's a very particular one.

00:25:29   So Silvia and I, we've been following a diet lately

00:25:32   and okay, so I'm gonna try my best to describe this.

00:25:37   I believe they're called the buckwheat crackers.

00:25:42   This 100%, like it's not peanut butter.

00:25:46   It's like 100% nuts sort of, how would you call it?

00:25:51   It's not cream. - Spread?

00:25:54   - Spread, yes, thank you.

00:25:56   Yeah, and that.

00:25:57   So just, and a coffee.

00:26:00   And actually also like, and a glass of,

00:26:04   again, 100% oat milk.

00:26:07   That was my breakfast.

00:26:09   - You have a glass of oat milk?

00:26:11   You should drink oat milk?

00:26:12   - Yeah.

00:26:13   - Interesting, I've never known anybody to do that.

00:26:16   I'm sure people do it, but.

00:26:17   - We found a really good brand

00:26:19   that it's just no sugar, no extras.

00:26:23   There's a lot of like these oat milks that you can buy

00:26:27   at like the supermarket that have either salt

00:26:30   or sunflower oil in them.

00:26:33   And this one is just water and oats, I guess.

00:26:36   - Have you considered like,

00:26:38   I know you drink your coffee as espresso, right?

00:26:40   Like, have you considered something like a cappuccino

00:26:42   with oat milk in the morning?

00:26:44   - Silvia does it, I don't.

00:26:45   - And you wouldn't want to do it?

00:26:47   - No, I just prefer them separate.

00:26:50   - Yeah, I understand that.

00:26:51   It's just because you're drinking the oat milk,

00:26:53   it's like, well, you could combine them,

00:26:54   but if you don't, I can't.

00:26:55   - She does it, she does it.

00:26:57   - I think Silvia has got the right idea there, to be honest.

00:27:00   - And I take my espresso with just one teaspoon of honey.

00:27:05   I stopped using sugar months ago, yeah.

00:27:08   - Steven, what did you have for breakfast?

00:27:10   - I had a glass of orange juice

00:27:13   and like a little oat bar kind of thing.

00:27:16   - I don't eat breakfast, I had a latte.

00:27:18   - What?

00:27:19   - I don't have breakfast.

00:27:20   - No, that's super bad.

00:27:21   - So what was the first thing you ate today then?

00:27:23   Did you have lunch?

00:27:24   - I had some, like, they're called rivita,

00:27:27   it's like a rye cracker with a Philadelphia cheese spread

00:27:30   and a tangerine.

00:27:31   That was lunch and that was at two o'clock

00:27:33   in the afternoon, I think.

00:27:35   I don't eat breakfast, breakfast gets on my nerves.

00:27:37   Because look, for breakfast,

00:27:38   all I want is things that are bad for me for breakfast.

00:27:40   So if I don't have breakfast,

00:27:42   then I don't have the things that are bad for me.

00:27:45   - Bacon and pancakes.

00:27:46   - Yeah, or just like cereal.

00:27:48   So I don't have it.

00:27:50   - All right, next up we have Peter.

00:27:52   This question is about me, so I don't know how to--

00:27:55   - I'm sorry, I didn't order them very well.

00:27:57   - Peter asks, how does Federico speak such perfect English?

00:28:02   Thank you, Peter, I don't think I do.

00:28:05   - You do.

00:28:08   Lots of practice, I would say, since I was little.

00:28:12   Lots of video games, lots of TV shows, lots of books.

00:28:15   TV shows and movies without subtitles

00:28:19   and just being podcasting for 10 years at this point.

00:28:22   So I mean, it would be concerning if it hadn't improved.

00:28:27   - Your English is super good though.

00:28:31   Like your English is basically perfect.

00:28:33   Like, listen to me a minute ago,

00:28:35   I couldn't even string a sentence together.

00:28:37   - Oh, you had some linen stuck in your throat earlier.

00:28:39   - I did, I did, that was the problem, right?

00:28:42   - Yeah, thank you, Peter, appreciate it.

00:28:44   - Nyleen asks, what's the worst--

00:28:46   - It's Nylean, let me tell you.

00:28:47   - Nylean, come on, Federico says it all the time now,

00:28:49   you can do this.

00:28:51   - Say it again.

00:28:52   - Nylean.

00:28:52   - Stephen and names, the permanent struggle.

00:28:56   - It's so bad.

00:28:58   They ask, what's the--

00:29:00   - No, no, come on, you can do this, you can do this.

00:29:02   - This is the American school system at work here.

00:29:05   - Wow, wow.

00:29:06   - Go for it.

00:29:07   - Nylean.

00:29:08   - Nylean, okay.

00:29:10   - Plus.

00:29:10   - What is the worst tech product currently

00:29:13   in your possession that you still use?

00:29:16   - This is such a good question.

00:29:17   - Yes, and it's easy answer for me, the Amazon Echo Show.

00:29:21   - Okay, why?

00:29:23   - We just replaced it, which was good.

00:29:25   Like we placed it with the little one.

00:29:26   So we had like the old 10 inch one

00:29:29   and we just replaced it with the eight inch one,

00:29:31   which is great because the 10 inch one

00:29:32   would just stop working.

00:29:34   Like it would just stop.

00:29:36   Like you'd ask it to set a timer

00:29:37   and it would just restart.

00:29:41   - Oh no.

00:29:42   - That thing was really struggling.

00:29:44   It was like a 2018 model or whatever

00:29:46   and it was very unhappy.

00:29:49   And we just replaced it.

00:29:50   The screen is better, it's smaller, which I prefer.

00:29:52   If we're gonna have to have it,

00:29:53   I would like it to have less counter space.

00:29:56   I do not want this product in my life.

00:29:58   This is something purely that my wife wants.

00:30:04   What I don't like about it is how much crap

00:30:07   it puts on the screen.

00:30:09   And I know that you can kind of get rid of the crap,

00:30:12   but Adina wants a lot of the crap that's on the screen,

00:30:15   which are effectively ads for how to do more stuff

00:30:19   with the Amazon Echo,

00:30:20   but she likes to ask it the questions it prompts to ask,

00:30:23   like what's the dog breed of the day?

00:30:26   Which is just like, who the hell cares?

00:30:29   You know what I mean?

00:30:30   Who cares?

00:30:31   Like who cares what Amazon thinks

00:30:33   is the dog breed of the day today?

00:30:35   I will say it did say,

00:30:36   it did ask me the other day to ask it

00:30:38   what the Pokemon of the day was,

00:30:40   which is I guess a real turning point for me.

00:30:42   But I don't like this product.

00:30:44   - Was it Lickitung?

00:30:45   - I didn't ask 'cause I refuse.

00:30:47   Yeah, I just, I think that they really dropped the ball.

00:30:52   Like the only thing I like about it

00:30:53   is that it shows me images, like from our photos.

00:30:57   I upload photos from our vacations

00:31:00   to the Amazon photo library thing,

00:31:04   and it shows me images, but I wish I could get rid of it,

00:31:07   but this is just one of these things that I'm losing,

00:31:09   is a battle I've decided to lose in my house

00:31:12   for the sake of harmony in the home.

00:31:13   I'm gonna go with the MagSafe battery pack.

00:31:17   - Yeah, it's a bad one.

00:31:18   - It's annoying.

00:31:20   If you have a Pro Max,

00:31:21   it can't charge your phone all the way.

00:31:23   And when I use it, I keep it charged, I keep it in my backpack.

00:31:26   There are times that it has saved my bacon,

00:31:28   but it's pretty bad.

00:31:31   - I'm gonna go with the Apple Magic track pad,

00:31:34   which I use with my iPad Pro.

00:31:38   - Like the external standalone track pad?

00:31:40   - Yeah, the external standalone.

00:31:41   - Wow.

00:31:42   - Have I told you guys what I've done?

00:31:45   I don't think I have.

00:31:46   - Oh no.

00:31:47   - So. (laughs)

00:31:48   - How many kickstands did you put on the track pad?

00:31:50   - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:31:52   Hold on, hold on, hold on.

00:31:53   So you know I have this setup

00:31:55   that lets me use the iPad Pro with the glasses at night.

00:31:59   Right?

00:32:00   I close the cover on top of the iPad Pro.

00:32:03   I use that fake clamshell mode technique

00:32:06   that I wrote about months ago.

00:32:08   And I can just watch TV shows or read stuff

00:32:12   with the glasses.

00:32:15   So Silvio doesn't see anything.

00:32:16   But of course I still need to control iPad OS.

00:32:20   And so I told you guys I got a Magic Bridge

00:32:24   from 12 South to hold the Magic Keyboard

00:32:27   and Magic Trackpad together.

00:32:29   And then I told you that I had gotten from Amazon

00:32:31   those glow in the dark stickers for the Magic Keyboard.

00:32:34   - Very janky glow in the dark stickers.

00:32:36   - Very janky.

00:32:36   Now let me tell you those glow in the dark stickers

00:32:38   didn't last long.

00:32:40   I hated that setup.

00:32:41   - I'm not surprised about that to be honest.

00:32:42   - I couldn't stand it.

00:32:43   I hated it.

00:32:44   I wanted to throw the keyboard out the window.

00:32:47   - Would you not like the way they felt?

00:32:48   - No, it just felt stupid.

00:32:50   I was like, what am I doing here?

00:32:51   Why do I do?

00:32:53   In 2023, why am I using a keyboard

00:32:55   with glow in the dark stickers on it?

00:32:57   Like it's ridiculous.

00:32:58   - Federico, it's a very good question to ask.

00:33:01   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:33:02   But I had an epiphany.

00:33:04   I realized, you know, there's this company called Satechi.

00:33:09   And they make a keyboard that I believe

00:33:12   is just about the same size as a Magic Keyboard.

00:33:17   And I was right.

00:33:17   Satechi, they make a keyboard called the Slim X1,

00:33:21   which is a very similar footprint, asterisk,

00:33:25   which I'll get back to in 10 seconds,

00:33:27   to the Magic Keyboard.

00:33:29   And it supports multiple devices

00:33:30   and it's properly backlit.

00:33:33   Now, when I say it's almost the same footprint,

00:33:36   it was almost the same footprint.

00:33:40   So long story short, I modded the Magic Bridge.

00:33:45   - Oh no.

00:33:46   - I had to cut some parts and I sanded it down.

00:33:50   (laughing)

00:33:52   And it works.

00:33:56   Now I have a modded Magic Bridge

00:33:58   that I personally sanded down

00:34:02   and it holds the Slim X1 and the Magic Trackpad together.

00:34:07   And it's, I actually, I think I did a pretty nice job.

00:34:12   I smoothed out the corners and I had to use a knife

00:34:17   to cut a bigger hole for the Satechi power button.

00:34:21   But it's perfect now.

00:34:25   I hate the Magic Trackpad though.

00:34:28   I hate the fact that, I don't know if it's because

00:34:31   Apple has patents on multi-touch trackpads,

00:34:35   I don't know what it is.

00:34:36   I hate the fact that there are no Windows equivalents.

00:34:40   Like there are no third party trackpads, essentially.

00:34:46   Like the Apple Magic Trackpad is the only accessory

00:34:50   that exists in its category.

00:34:52   And I hate that this is our reality.

00:34:55   I still have to use it because I cannot come up

00:34:58   with anything else that supports,

00:35:01   that is not a mouse, right?

00:35:05   Because I don't have the space on my lap

00:35:09   for a mouse at night.

00:35:11   I don't have the surface to put it on.

00:35:15   I gotta use a trackpad.

00:35:16   I gotta use the Apple Magic Trackpad.

00:35:18   I hate the fact that it doesn't support multiple devices.

00:35:21   I hate the fact that it charges via lightning

00:35:24   and I still have to use it.

00:35:26   So that's my answer.

00:35:29   - So you don't hate the product,

00:35:30   you hate the strategy around the product?

00:35:33   - The product, yes, I guess.

00:35:37   That would be a good way to frame it.

00:35:39   The product itself is very good.

00:35:42   The multi-touch gestures are very good

00:35:44   and it is arguably the best external input device

00:35:49   for iPadOS.

00:35:51   But I mean, the lens, I had to go to make this happen.

00:35:56   - I'm just glad you didn't have to sand down your trackpad.

00:35:59   - I hate this product because of the weird things

00:36:02   I've wanted to do.

00:36:04   That is a very interesting framing on this.

00:36:08   I hate the Magic Trackpad because when I'm in bed at night

00:36:11   using my X-Real AR glasses,

00:36:14   I need to use lightning.

00:36:18   - One day, one day, one day you will tell me,

00:36:21   T-Chi, you were right about consuming content.

00:36:25   We are glasses, today is not that day.

00:36:28   - Federico, Federico, I'm not accepting that.

00:36:30   I'm not accepting that because you use the X-Real glasses

00:36:34   that now you're like a prophet of everyone

00:36:37   should use glasses for their content.

00:36:38   - I am a digital prophet.

00:36:40   This is a thing from a long time ago,

00:36:42   like the idea of glasses for content.

00:36:45   - Yeah, but I do it in a special way.

00:36:47   - You sure do.

00:36:48   No one's gonna argue that.

00:36:50   - Oh, Mary's here.

00:36:52   - Hi, Mary.

00:36:52   - Hello, you have to come talk in the microphone.

00:36:55   - Hey guys.

00:36:56   - Does Mary know that that's in the podcast?

00:36:57   - She's taking the last calendars to the post office.

00:37:00   - I am gonna do that.

00:37:01   - Enjoy the post office.

00:37:03   - Mike says, enjoy the post office.

00:37:05   Do you have any headphone takes

00:37:06   to share with the audience this week?

00:37:07   - I was just about to ask,

00:37:08   are there any new headphones coming out?

00:37:11   - We'll see.

00:37:12   - She's ready, at a moment's notice.

00:37:13   - Keep me posted.

00:37:13   - We'll get to you on the show next time.

00:37:14   There's some new beats.

00:37:15   - Official beats correspondent, Mary Hackett.

00:37:18   - The other night, Mary came in.

00:37:20   She's just dragging calendars across the floor.

00:37:25   She came in from the garage and she said,

00:37:29   "Oh no, I've lost one of my earbuds."

00:37:30   It was on my iPad case and I carried it in from the garage.

00:37:33   And when I say it was raining outside, it was like a flood.

00:37:37   It was raining so hard.

00:37:39   If you dropped your earbud in the walkway,

00:37:41   it's dead forever, right?

00:37:43   This is the problem Adina has,

00:37:45   just leaving AirPods laying around.

00:37:46   I don't know what it is with these people.

00:37:48   You gotta put it in the case when you're not using it.

00:37:50   - I was outside, the case was inside.

00:37:52   I only kept one in.

00:37:53   - Take the case with you.

00:37:54   - But I can hear you if you need me.

00:37:56   - This is a real-time follow-up that you're getting.

00:38:00   - It's actually happening.

00:38:01   It's like in stereo.

00:38:02   This is like stereo follow-up.

00:38:03   - The follow-up is happening.

00:38:04   The follow-up is coming from inside the house.

00:38:06   (laughing)

00:38:08   - Okay, next question comes from Ryan who says,

00:38:12   "Why did you choose to rebrand the show

00:38:14   from the prompt to connected when you started Relay?"

00:38:16   - I don't know, because then Benjamin was gonna sue you.

00:38:19   (laughing)

00:38:21   - Okay, do you wanna go to the next question?

00:38:23   Just leave it there.

00:38:24   We got to the next question.

00:38:24   Federico, short question.

00:38:26   - James wants to know,

00:38:28   "What is your current setup for music listening?"

00:38:31   Oh boy.

00:38:32   Mike, you go first.

00:38:33   - So when I'm at the studio, I have just one HomePod mini.

00:38:36   I have my two HomePods, but they're for the TV,

00:38:39   and so I just leave them to do that.

00:38:40   So I have them plugged into my TV.

00:38:42   But really when I'm listening to music at the studio,

00:38:45   I'm only ever doing it when I'm sitting at the desk

00:38:47   where I'm like doing my work for the day,

00:38:49   and a HomePod mini on that desk more than suffices,

00:38:52   'cause then I also don't wanna be a pest

00:38:54   and have music too loud.

00:38:56   At home, all Sonos, every room, all over the place.

00:38:59   Sonos, Central, over there.

00:39:00   - Did you see that they're gonna do headphones next year?

00:39:03   - I did see that, and I'm intrigued.

00:39:07   I don't think- - I'm actually intrigued too.

00:39:09   I am.

00:39:09   - I don't think it would be for me,

00:39:12   but I also know how good that company is

00:39:15   at making products, so I wouldn't rule it out.

00:39:17   Like, I think it could be, I'm very interested.

00:39:21   - Does Sonos support regular AirPlay?

00:39:23   - Yes. - Yeah.

00:39:25   - And Bluetooth.

00:39:26   - If they had like AirPlay headphones,

00:39:28   they'd be pretty- - No, they would just

00:39:29   do Bluetooth. - Pretty sweet.

00:39:29   - They would just do Bluetooth.

00:39:31   You don't need to do AirPlay.

00:39:32   I mean, yeah, they could do AirPlay,

00:39:34   but they would just do Bluetooth, surely.

00:39:35   - So Sonos is gonna have headphones out

00:39:39   before the AirPods Max get a revision.

00:39:42   - That is very possible.

00:39:43   - I think it is, yeah.

00:39:44   - That is very possible.

00:39:45   I was feeling the lightning hate

00:39:48   that you had last night, Federico,

00:39:49   when I got my AirPods Max out to charge

00:39:51   for going on the plane, and I was like,

00:39:53   "Oh, now I need to find a lightning cable."

00:39:55   - Yeah.

00:39:56   - That was good times.

00:39:57   - I really dislike that I gotta keep

00:39:59   one of these stupid cables around,

00:40:01   because they're still accessories that use them, yeah.

00:40:04   - We still have them around,

00:40:05   because Adina needs to charge her AirPods.

00:40:07   She has three pairs of AirPods Pro.

00:40:10   I don't even know if I need to get into that.

00:40:13   And so we're not gonna replace hers.

00:40:17   We're not buying three pairs of AirPods Pro 2

00:40:19   to replace the AirPods Pro.

00:40:20   So she's gonna have to keep using those

00:40:22   for a while, I think.

00:40:24   - My simple answer is that

00:40:27   I have a HomePod mini with a portable--

00:40:29   - Simple answer.

00:40:31   - So I have a HomePod mini with a portable

00:40:33   charging base that we spoke about a few episodes ago.

00:40:38   I have AirPods Pro,

00:40:40   and I recently,

00:40:44   no, actually it was like a couple of months ago,

00:40:47   been using them and I really enjoy them.

00:40:49   I have the Bose QuietComfort Ultra wireless headphones.

00:40:55   Again, I didn't wanna use AirPods Max anymore.

00:40:57   I've been trying to get rid of lightning

00:41:00   everywhere in my life.

00:41:01   And so I really enjoy and I recommend the QuietComfort Ultra.

00:41:06   I tried the Sony XM5 first and I returned them.

00:41:11   Wasn't particularly a fan of the design and the sound.

00:41:16   The Bose ones, this came out this summer,

00:41:19   I believe they're excellent.

00:41:20   I really, really love them.

00:41:22   And they support pairing to two devices.

00:41:25   That's my, the simple answer.

00:41:27   Just a HomePod mini, AirPods Pro for something super compact

00:41:30   or wireless headphones if I wanna have something more

00:41:34   with noise cancellation.

00:41:36   The more complicated answer is that I have my whole setup

00:41:39   over here and I have a DAC,

00:41:44   which is the Matrix Audio X Saber 3.

00:41:47   I have a headphone amplifier called the Wells Audio Milo,

00:41:52   made in the US.

00:41:54   I imported this thing years ago and I love it.

00:41:58   And my go-to headphones are the Abyss,

00:42:02   the Diana Abyss and the, my favorite arguably

00:42:09   are the iFi Man SOSVARA.

00:42:12   These are audiophile headphones.

00:42:16   I have my whole setup with Roon running on my Mac mini server

00:42:20   with my personal music library.

00:42:22   That's for, and I have my comfortable chair here

00:42:25   in the office where I can just sit down,

00:42:27   listen to music and all of that.

00:42:29   But most on a daily basis, most of my music consumption

00:42:34   is iPhone, AirPods or the Bose headphones.

00:42:39   - So for me, if I'm in the office,

00:42:40   it's just the studio display and AirPods Pro for on the go.

00:42:45   And then, you know, HomePod mini

00:42:48   scattered throughout the house.

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00:44:55   All right, Patrick asks, if you could choose one company

00:44:59   to be acquired by Apple, what company would you pick?

00:45:03   - Dropbox, because I want it to be good again.

00:45:06   And between Dropbox and Apple, they're both making it bad.

00:45:09   So let's take Dropbox, make it good again.

00:45:13   - Let's make Dropbox great again.

00:45:16   And Apple's the one to do it.

00:45:18   - Enough.

00:45:18   - Thank you.

00:45:19   Someone had to stop me.

00:45:21   - Belkin, so Apple can finally make accessories

00:45:24   that make sense.

00:45:25   - Belkin's a good one.

00:45:27   - That would be really good.

00:45:28   I'm gonna go with both of y'all.

00:45:30   I think Dropbox and Belkin are both really good answers.

00:45:33   - Wow.

00:45:34   - I think that's good.

00:45:34   - I could hear the stalling when you were saying

00:45:36   how good Federico's were.

00:45:37   I wasn't expecting you to just straight up bail

00:45:39   on the question, but.

00:45:41   - I don't know, I mean.

00:45:42   - Appreciate the attempt.

00:45:43   - I don't know.

00:45:45   Those are both really good.

00:45:46   - Thank you.

00:45:47   - You're so kind.

00:45:48   - We appreciate it.

00:45:50   - What has come out of connected or the prompt

00:45:53   that you are the most proud of?

00:45:55   - The fact that we never got sued by anybody.

00:45:57   I'm keeping with that theme, yeah.

00:45:59   No, actually I have a serious one.

00:46:02   I was really proud when our work was on stage at WWDC

00:46:07   with Tim Cook in front of it.

00:46:09   - Great answer, such a good answer.

00:46:12   - Yeah, that's kind of unbeatable, right?

00:46:14   - Yeah.

00:46:15   - Yeah.

00:46:16   - That was pretty good.

00:46:20   - Friend of the show, Tim Cook for the day, you know?

00:46:22   I always enjoy our live shows.

00:46:25   2019 live show was fantastic

00:46:27   and it changed the course of the show forever.

00:46:30   - Was it the one with the tattoo?

00:46:32   - The one with the tattoo.

00:46:33   And it was ridiculous, probably unlistenable,

00:46:37   but I had the greatest time.

00:46:39   And I think we unlocked a new form for the show

00:46:44   because of that live show.

00:46:45   So it made me very happy.

00:46:48   - We did something, something happened in that show.

00:46:50   - We did a thing, we did a thing.

00:46:52   - I think for me, it's the ability and opportunities

00:46:55   we've had to talk to Apple or record at Apple after events

00:47:00   and being invited as press to WWDC

00:47:05   and the iPhone event this year, that's a big deal.

00:47:09   And I know we all do things beyond Connected,

00:47:11   but Connected itself has been part

00:47:14   of all those conversations.

00:47:15   And that's something I'm really proud of.

00:47:18   - We've had a lot of opportunities unique to this show.

00:47:22   - Okay, so next question got ready

00:47:23   because this is a complex one.

00:47:26   Zach wants to know, if you could add or change a rule

00:47:30   for the Ricky's or Flex's

00:47:33   without needing to consult your other co-hosts,

00:47:37   what would you change?

00:47:39   - I have a serious answer.

00:47:40   - Okay, that's serious.

00:47:41   - And I think it's something worth considering

00:47:44   for some point.

00:47:45   I would like to change the risky pick rules

00:47:49   so we could actually score points during that round.

00:47:52   - I agree.

00:47:53   - Ryan later pointed out that the last points scored

00:47:57   from a risky pick was in November, 2020.

00:47:59   So it's been three years since somebody scored a point.

00:48:03   So I think that this could maybe be something

00:48:06   that we consider at some point

00:48:07   in the not too distant future,

00:48:09   that we change things up when it comes to what's risky.

00:48:14   - I have something in mind here.

00:48:16   And I think we could potentially more nicely balance

00:48:21   the risky picks.

00:48:24   If we relax the rules a little around,

00:48:29   a pick needs to basically be totally new

00:48:34   and cannot be present at all on any rumor blogs.

00:48:39   And I feel like there's potentially something we can do

00:48:42   in terms of, because going into Apple events,

00:48:46   there's always something that has been rumored, right?

00:48:50   But that not even 9to5Mac or Gurman are sure about it.

00:48:55   I think we could make a decision and judge the pick

00:49:02   and say, "Okay, is this risky enough?"

00:49:04   If everybody is saying,

00:49:05   "Look, there's gonna be a MacBook Pro at the next event."

00:49:09   And it's pretty much a given, then okay, that's not risky.

00:49:14   But usually, like this always happens,

00:49:17   there's these new leakers and these like sources

00:49:22   that you don't hear often,

00:49:24   and they get picked up by 9to5Mac or MacRumors.

00:49:28   And they say, "Well, according to this person,

00:49:30   but they don't exactly have an established track record."

00:49:34   Now, technically speaking,

00:49:35   right now with the current rules of the risky picks,

00:49:39   we cannot use those rumors

00:49:42   because technically they have been rumored,

00:49:44   even though they are risky because they come from a source

00:49:48   with an unproven track record.

00:49:50   So I think there's probably something we can do there.

00:49:53   - 'Cause we are effectively making things up at this point.

00:49:56   - You mean, are you insinuating

00:49:59   that I did not have an inside source about the DAC?

00:50:02   Is that what you're saying?

00:50:03   - Yes, that is 100% what I'm saying.

00:50:07   Federico, I like this.

00:50:08   I think it's going to cause a lot more arguments.

00:50:13   - Yes.

00:50:14   - But I would be down for it.

00:50:16   - But also hopefully points.

00:50:18   - Yes, and I think one of the key things will be that

00:50:21   we will need to provide more detail

00:50:25   for these picks than the others.

00:50:27   And I think it will be down to the details.

00:50:29   Well, we will be in January doing the annual picks.

00:50:34   So I think we should maybe, or Steven,

00:50:37   if you would make a note

00:50:38   and we can table this for discussion,

00:50:40   I would ratify this rule change personally,

00:50:44   'cause I think we should do it.

00:50:45   Because we basically have a whole round

00:50:47   that nobody can ever score points in.

00:50:49   And so like, what's the point of the points?

00:50:53   - That's a good one.

00:50:53   That's what came to mind for me too.

00:50:55   And I saw you had written in the document.

00:50:56   I was like, yep, that's the one.

00:50:58   I did not realize it had been three years

00:51:00   since someone got a risky though.

00:51:02   That's wild.

00:51:03   - So it's time for a change.

00:51:04   - Kate asks, so that OpenAI stuff, huh?

00:51:08   We're not talking about OpenAI today.

00:51:10   - No.

00:51:11   - I do have a hot take though.

00:51:13   - Please go on.

00:51:14   - Yeah.

00:51:15   I would vastly prefer if OpenAI

00:51:20   had been absorbed into Microsoft.

00:51:22   I feel like this technology is safer in the hands

00:51:25   of a big company with more eyes on it

00:51:28   than a company that's clearly unstable.

00:51:30   The new board is all dudes, which is not good and is small.

00:51:34   I think more eyes and more people working on this is better.

00:51:38   And I wish that Microsoft had absorbed it.

00:51:41   - Did Microsoft get their seat on the board?

00:51:43   - I don't know.

00:51:44   - I know they were asking for one.

00:51:45   - It's wild to me they didn't have one before.

00:51:48   Like what happened there?

00:51:49   - It's the whole nonprofit thing.

00:51:51   I agree with you, but I do feel like this whole thing

00:51:54   has just meant Microsoft will have a much firmer grip

00:51:56   over OpenAI than they did before.

00:51:58   I don't think they're gonna keep allow,

00:52:01   they're gonna allow for a situation like this

00:52:03   to happen again because this tank, their stock,

00:52:07   it was not even, right?

00:52:08   So yeah, I can see what you're saying.

00:52:10   And I actually think it would have been very interesting

00:52:13   if Microsoft would have taken it,

00:52:14   but I would be very surprised if they did not have much more

00:52:19   power that they could exert over OpenAI now

00:52:21   than they even did before.

00:52:23   - What a wild weekend though.

00:52:24   I mean just.

00:52:25   - Aaron asked, do you think Vision Pro will impact

00:52:28   how you do your work?

00:52:29   - Yes, 100%.

00:52:32   It's the one thing that I know will change

00:52:35   in my work routine next year,

00:52:38   because I have all the right conditions

00:52:41   to make it an ideal accessory for me.

00:52:43   I spend usually all afternoons by myself

00:52:48   since Silve is at work.

00:52:51   And I don't have anybody else but the dogs to judge me

00:52:56   and the dogs, they love me, even if I'm wearing a headset.

00:53:00   - I like how you, that's ideal.

00:53:03   - No, it's like the dogs love me,

00:53:06   even if I'm wearing a headset,

00:53:08   which seems to suggest that there is someone

00:53:10   that maybe doesn't when he's wearing the headset.

00:53:12   - Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.

00:53:14   - Okay, fair enough.

00:53:15   Just checking, just checking.

00:53:16   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:53:17   Sometimes when I'm watching,

00:53:20   I'm watching For All Mankind with the glasses,

00:53:23   and sometimes Silve, she wakes up in the middle of the night

00:53:26   and a couple of nights ago, she woke up,

00:53:27   she looked at me, she was like,

00:53:29   and she went back to sleep.

00:53:31   She was like, she had that look.

00:53:35   It was like, this guy.

00:53:37   - It's like you live with a comment section.

00:53:41   - Yes.

00:53:42   (laughing)

00:53:48   - You know, someone's gotta keep you in check.

00:53:50   - Yeah, yeah.

00:53:51   - We've quickly failed, so.

00:53:53   - The question, the answer to this question is twofold,

00:53:57   which is like one, yes, whether we like it or not,

00:54:00   but two, like I am genuinely excited about it.

00:54:03   Like I am, I can't wait.

00:54:05   But whether we would want it or not,

00:54:08   like it's going to have to change our work

00:54:10   because this is what we do for a living.

00:54:12   And so we have to just get with the program,

00:54:14   but I'm excited about that program.

00:54:16   - What do you think, Stephen?

00:54:17   - I don't know.

00:54:18   - You don't know.

00:54:19   - I'm honestly nervous that it's going to be a product

00:54:22   that's not for me and that's going to be bad for me,

00:54:25   career wise.

00:54:26   - I think that's what I'm saying, right?

00:54:28   Like it kind of doesn't matter.

00:54:30   Like you could make that choice

00:54:31   if you were just a person, right?

00:54:32   But you kind of don't really have a choice, right?

00:54:35   Like at least for the first year or whatever,

00:54:37   you're just going to have to like deal with it,

00:54:39   which isn't nice, but like it's your job, right?

00:54:43   Like people want it from you.

00:54:44   They want the content, they want that Stephen take.

00:54:47   - Yeah, Stephen take is nausea, you know, potentially.

00:54:50   - But there will be a, I mean, okay, excluding that part,

00:54:54   right, like if you're able to physically handle it,

00:54:56   like people will still want a contrarian take on it,

00:54:59   which you'll be able to provide if you're not like into it,

00:55:01   but you're still going to have to like absorb yourself in it

00:55:04   and like do the thing.

00:55:05   - Yeah, time will tell.

00:55:07   - Next question comes from CCRNL.

00:55:11   - external kernel.

00:55:13   - The kernel, I think it's the kernel.

00:55:14   I think it's Colonel Sanders.

00:55:16   And they ask on the most recent episode of analog,

00:55:20   Casey said he was thankful for where his computing life is

00:55:24   these days.

00:55:25   How do you feel about your computing lives

00:55:27   at this point in time?

00:55:28   I don't know, I love mine.

00:55:30   I have the iPad, got my glasses.

00:55:33   I honestly love where I'm at at this point,

00:55:37   except for those accessories that I mentioned

00:55:39   a few minutes ago.

00:55:40   - And maybe iPad hardware.

00:55:42   I mean, it's fine as it is.

00:55:45   It's not like it's bad.

00:55:47   - It's not bad.

00:55:48   It's just, it's kind of boring

00:55:53   because it hasn't changed at all in five years.

00:55:55   But it's not, I mean, it's the big iPad pro

00:56:01   is a pretty good computer.

00:56:03   It's just, it's reliable is what I will say.

00:56:07   It's reliable and sure iPadOS could do more,

00:56:10   but I really do like the combination of what I have right now

00:56:15   between the iPad and the studio display

00:56:17   when I'm at my desk and the glasses

00:56:18   when I want to use the glasses.

00:56:20   And then if you look at, like,

00:56:23   I love that I'm surrounded by portable consoles,

00:56:26   like handhelds.

00:56:28   I love that we're living in a handheld revolution.

00:56:31   And even though it's technically not computing,

00:56:34   I mean, those things are computers.

00:56:36   So yeah, I'm pretty happy, I would say,

00:56:40   but really optimistic for 2024.

00:56:44   That's how I would describe it.

00:56:46   - I'm very happy with my computing is right now.

00:56:48   I have like very good set of devices and I'm very content.

00:56:51   - Yeah, same.

00:56:52   I mean, Apple Silicon has been such an amazing move

00:56:55   on the Mac and the iPhone 15 Pro Max is an incredible phone.

00:57:00   Mike, like you said earlier,

00:57:03   one of the best ones in a long time

00:57:06   and even things like AirPods, right?

00:57:08   Like they're amazing.

00:57:09   And I really have nothing to complain about

00:57:13   computing wise at all.

00:57:14   Ryan asks, what is your favorite album or song

00:57:17   that was released in 2023?

00:57:19   - I would like to recommend an album called Bewitched

00:57:22   by an Icelandic artist called Laufi.

00:57:26   The best way I can describe Laufi's music

00:57:29   is it sounds like they stepped into a time machine

00:57:31   from the 1950s and then just appeared now.

00:57:35   I will recommend a song called From the Start

00:57:38   from this album.

00:57:39   If you listen to that and like it,

00:57:41   you're gonna have a good time.

00:57:42   I don't know if I can pick just one.

00:57:44   I will go with song, Now and Then by The Beatles.

00:57:48   - Oh.

00:57:49   - Just because I love everything about it.

00:57:51   - I have a very Federico take on this song, I think.

00:57:54   - A very Federico take.

00:57:55   - I have not listened to it

00:57:56   because the thought of it makes me too sad.

00:57:58   - Oh no, it's a very good song.

00:58:01   - I'm sure it is, but just there's something about this song

00:58:04   that just the pure idea of the song makes me sad.

00:58:07   And I feel like that's almost something

00:58:08   that I could imagine you saying, so I've yet to hear it.

00:58:11   - Interesting.

00:58:12   For album, I am very much torn at the moment.

00:58:18   For now, I will go with Boy Genius, The Record.

00:58:21   It's up there.

00:58:23   If this is not gonna be my favorite album of the year,

00:58:26   it's probably gonna be either,

00:58:28   I'm torn between Boy Genius, the new Blink-182

00:58:31   and the new album by The Main.

00:58:35   So it's probably that I'm gonna go with Boy Genius.

00:58:38   - The new Blink-182 is very good.

00:58:41   - Yeah, it's really good.

00:58:42   - And just like so heartwarming to see them together

00:58:45   for such a long time.

00:58:46   But 1989 Taylor version is getting a lot of play in my house.

00:58:50   So there's that going on too.

00:58:52   - Obviously.

00:58:53   - You're allowed to like it.

00:58:55   - Yeah.

00:58:56   - Shame around here.

00:58:57   - No, it feels like you are-

00:58:58   - I'm holding out for reputation.

00:58:59   - It feels like this album is happening to you?

00:59:02   - It is a little bit.

00:59:03   - Okay.

00:59:04   - But when reputation comes out, I'll be dead.

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01:00:23   - Charles asked, if you could have one Apple product

01:00:26   gain water resistance, which would it be?

01:00:28   - AirPods Pro.

01:00:30   - They're not.

01:00:31   - Okay. - Okay.

01:00:32   - Well, they're like sweat proof, right?

01:00:34   Like I think if you dropped them in a bathtub,

01:00:36   they're probably done.

01:00:37   - Yeah.

01:00:38   - Or at least it's one of these things where,

01:00:40   'cause I know people put them through the washing machine.

01:00:42   - All the time.

01:00:43   - I think it's like one of these products,

01:00:44   I know like OTJ did it recently

01:00:46   for like the eighth time, I think.

01:00:47   - Mm-hmm.

01:00:48   - And he does it a lot. - True story.

01:00:52   - He puts his AirPods in the washing machine a lot.

01:00:55   It's one of these things where like,

01:00:56   maybe you can put it in a bag of rice and it will be okay,

01:00:58   but maybe it won't be, I don't know.

01:00:59   - My Lion USB installer is probably not waterproof.

01:01:02   - That's probably true.

01:01:04   I would choose the iPad mini because when I take a bath,

01:01:08   like Steven, I like to have an iPad mini with me

01:01:11   to watch videos and I'm always worried

01:01:13   that I'm gonna destroy my iPad mini.

01:01:15   In fact, the other day I accidentally sprayed it

01:01:17   with the shower head, so.

01:01:18   - Oh no.

01:01:19   - It was fine.

01:01:20   I was very scared, but it was fine.

01:01:22   - Did you do the thing where you started the tub

01:01:24   and it was still diverted to the shower head?

01:01:26   - Yes.

01:01:27   And the shower head was aiming at the iPad.

01:01:28   - Oh yeah.

01:01:29   I always jump, every time I do that,

01:01:31   I like jump back and scream a little bit.

01:01:33   - Oh, okay.

01:01:35   Little scream.

01:01:36   You know, I can imagine you doing that.

01:01:38   - And you're, you know, you're not dressed, right?

01:01:39   So you don't wanna cause a scene, but.

01:01:42   - I will go with just the keyboards in general.

01:01:47   Just, this has never happened to me,

01:01:49   but I always fear the thought of like,

01:01:52   oh, I have this bottle of water next to me,

01:01:54   or this cup of coffee next to me.

01:01:57   What if I, like, and this knock on wood and everything.

01:02:00   It's never happened to me, but like, I hate that thought.

01:02:04   - I have dumped liquid into a laptop and destroyed it.

01:02:07   - Very early on in Relay's life, you killed a laptop.

01:02:10   - No, it was like three weeks before the company launched.

01:02:13   I destroyed my MacBook Pro.

01:02:14   - Three weeks before.

01:02:15   - My name is T once, you know.

01:02:18   - No, it's Federico.

01:02:19   - What?

01:02:21   - It's Federico.

01:02:22   You said my name is T, but your name is Federico.

01:02:26   - Where do you quit a Zoom call?

01:02:28   - If you just, you just command Q, it will get you out.

01:02:33   - How do you think your experience of tech compares

01:02:37   to the experience your audience has?

01:02:40   Do you think you're ever disconnected

01:02:42   from what most people think about tech?

01:02:44   And if so, does it matter?

01:02:46   - I have an answer for this question

01:02:47   I've been thinking a lot about.

01:02:49   I think the answer is yes and no simultaneously.

01:02:53   I think that by and large, we have access

01:02:56   to much more technology than most of the people

01:03:00   in our audience would even bother to have, right?

01:03:04   Either by choice, like most,

01:03:05   'cause most people don't want to have all of the technology

01:03:08   in their lives that we have,

01:03:09   or we just have the resources to be able to acquire it,

01:03:13   whether financially or borrowed or whatever, right?

01:03:18   But I feel like if I didn't prioritize having access

01:03:23   to technology, my shows about technology would be boring.

01:03:28   Like I think that no matter what people might say

01:03:32   or think, if we did not have the new iPhones every year,

01:03:36   we would not be able to intelligently talk

01:03:38   about what is going on at Apple.

01:03:41   So we're kind of locked in

01:03:44   and I prioritize technology purchases

01:03:48   over other purchases for this reason.

01:03:51   So like there are things where I'm like,

01:03:52   oh, I won't buy this or I won't buy that

01:03:54   because I know I'm gonna have to save up to get this thing.

01:03:57   And so as well, like coming up with weekly content is hard

01:04:02   and having access to new products really helps us do that

01:04:06   and do our jobs.

01:04:08   And I understand that like it means that we are off kilter

01:04:13   with the people that listen to the shows,

01:04:15   but like you can just listen to us and choose

01:04:18   if you want this technology or whatever,

01:04:20   or make your own life choices.

01:04:22   But as technology entertainers or journalists or writers

01:04:25   or whatever you'd like to call us,

01:04:27   we need to use the technology, have the technology

01:04:31   and be able to talk about it.

01:04:33   And if we don't prioritize access to these products,

01:04:37   I don't think we're doing our jobs effectively personally.

01:04:39   So that is my feeling.

01:04:41   - I have an opinion here to build upon what you just said,

01:04:45   which I agree with completely.

01:04:47   And the thing is sometimes I hear people say,

01:04:50   oh, I wanna read.

01:04:52   And I think I've said this before on the show.

01:04:55   Sometimes I see these folks ask for

01:04:59   finally a normal perspective,

01:05:05   like an average person perspective.

01:05:07   And I see these people sometimes clamoring for a blog

01:05:12   or a podcast from regular people.

01:05:14   And see, the thing is, that's the kind of idea

01:05:17   that works on paper.

01:05:19   But I would bet, I would actually bet money on this,

01:05:24   that you wouldn't really want a podcast or a blog

01:05:29   from someone who doesn't do this for a living.

01:05:34   And see, the thing is, what we do,

01:05:37   whether it's categorized as entertainment or information

01:05:42   or a combination of the two,

01:05:43   ultimately people come to us

01:05:45   and we're really grateful that they do.

01:05:47   But I think if you really think about it,

01:05:50   at the end of the day, it's a very transactional thing

01:05:53   where people come to you

01:05:55   because they're either looking for escapism

01:05:57   or they're looking for information.

01:05:59   Or again, a combination of the two, right?

01:06:00   I wanna think about something else.

01:06:02   And in the process, I also get informed

01:06:05   about what's going on.

01:06:06   And so I feel like once you lose that,

01:06:10   once you lose that person who's very different from you

01:06:12   and does this for a living and has all the latest gear

01:06:15   and all the latest devices and is really into Apple,

01:06:18   if you lose that, you ultimately lose the audience

01:06:21   because nobody wants to listen to a podcast by my mom.

01:06:25   And I use my mom, could be my friend, could be my neighbor,

01:06:29   could be just someone does something else in their life.

01:06:33   You will maybe listen to an episode and be like,

01:06:36   oh, this is a really fascinating perspective,

01:06:38   but imagine coming back every single week.

01:06:40   And they're like, yeah, well, I don't know,

01:06:41   I'm still using an iPhone 11.

01:06:43   And I guess now they're doing the action button, who knows?

01:06:46   I don't care.

01:06:47   So yeah, I think we do have, my name is T,

01:06:52   we are disconnected from the rest of the audience

01:06:55   and that's exactly why it works.

01:06:58   I think you all summed it up really nicely.

01:07:00   I mean, I often compare what we do to like sports journalism.

01:07:05   I think there's a lot of parallel there, right?

01:07:08   Where we do, because we've been doing this a long time

01:07:11   and worked really hard at it, we do have access to things

01:07:14   and to people and to conversations that not everyone does.

01:07:18   And it's our job to portray and to share those conversations

01:07:23   and our opinions on things each week, right?

01:07:29   And it is hard each week, but I see this feedback a lot.

01:07:34   I see it a lot with MPU and I do struggle to understand it.

01:07:40   Because if what we were doing is like a journalistic endeavor

01:07:45   and I think it is to a degree, right?

01:07:49   There's always a mismatch there, right?

01:07:51   There's always someone who has the information

01:07:53   or the opinion and sharing it with other people

01:07:57   and that with it comes some level of disconnect.

01:08:01   And I don't think that's bad.

01:08:04   Now I think it's gotta be,

01:08:06   I think we have to pay attention to it.

01:08:07   I think we have to keep tabs on it.

01:08:09   I think if we were, I don't know,

01:08:13   something like flying around on private jets to WWDC

01:08:16   and really disconnected with how normal people are,

01:08:21   that would be a problem, right?

01:08:23   But because we just cover technology, right?

01:08:26   Like the three of us, almost everyone we work with,

01:08:29   like where does the normal people

01:08:30   in the rest of our lives, right?

01:08:31   Like we worry about the same things

01:08:33   everyone else worries about.

01:08:34   We have families, we have partners,

01:08:36   we have aging parents we worry about.

01:08:39   Like the rest of our lives is I think very typical.

01:08:42   It's just in this one area,

01:08:44   we've been fortunate enough to take an interest

01:08:45   and turn it into a career.

01:08:47   And with that comes some weirdness,

01:08:49   but I think in general and overall,

01:08:52   I think we're doing a pretty good job

01:08:55   at staying grounded in that

01:08:56   while also taking advantage of the opportunities we have

01:09:00   to make the best content we can.

01:09:02   - Or the other way to think about it would be,

01:09:04   would you go to a restaurant?

01:09:05   - Go to a restaurant run by someone who sometimes cooks.

01:09:09   (laughing)

01:09:12   - I just want a regular cook.

01:09:13   - I just want, okay, why don't we have restaurants

01:09:16   run by regular people that sometimes eat frozen food

01:09:19   and sometimes they cook?

01:09:20   - There is also like the regular person argument

01:09:24   kind of doesn't, that person doesn't even exist anyway.

01:09:26   'Cause like inherent in wanting to write a blog

01:09:29   or start a podcast and no longer a regular person,

01:09:32   like they already have an increased interest

01:09:35   in technology, like rather than everybody else.

01:09:40   Man, the cook argument is like perfect.

01:09:44   That is a regular person's kiss, you know?

01:09:48   - AAAA asks, Apple gives Mac detachable touch screens

01:09:55   but kills the iPad.

01:09:57   Are you happy or sad?

01:09:59   'Cause for you, the iPad's about the software.

01:10:02   - I think I'd be sad.

01:10:03   - And the flexibility of the hardware.

01:10:05   - I think I'd be sad, yeah.

01:10:07   I want iPads more than I want touchscreen Macs.

01:10:10   - It just be sad because it means it was a decade long

01:10:15   experiment that didn't work out.

01:10:17   - Ryan asks, do you regret creating a plan of succession?

01:10:21   - Wait, we have one?

01:10:22   - Triple J.

01:10:23   - Oh, that's not a joke?

01:10:25   - No, I mean, it is a succession plan

01:10:27   but there's no regret because nothing's ever come of it.

01:10:29   Like they're just there in case we have any dumb

01:10:31   and nothing's ever happened, but like--

01:10:32   - I thought it was more like an sort of off the cuff,

01:10:35   like, oh yeah, those guys are our successors.

01:10:38   - Maybe we need to talk about the succession plan again.

01:10:41   - Yeah.

01:10:42   - I just read a quote from Tim Cook

01:10:44   who was on Dua Lipa's podcast,

01:10:45   which is just like a sentence that I've just said

01:10:47   that I kind of can't believe I just said.

01:10:49   - Yeah.

01:10:50   - And he was talking about that they have like

01:10:53   very deep succession plans at Apple,

01:10:56   which you'd obviously assume him to say,

01:10:58   but that he has no intent, like no desire,

01:11:03   or like he doesn't want to go anywhere basically.

01:11:05   Like he's all good, he's set and he's happy, so.

01:11:08   - John Ternus is just waiting in the wings then.

01:11:10   - Oh, and he was ready and you know, he's ready.

01:11:13   He can't wait.

01:11:14   - And finally, we have reached the end of this Q&A episode.

01:11:19   Brans wants to know, since Relay began,

01:11:23   what is the longest amount of time

01:11:25   any of you have kept a single Mac for?

01:11:29   - I had my iMac Pro for I think like four years,

01:11:33   that might be it.

01:11:35   - Yeah.

01:11:36   - That was a long time, a long time product for me.

01:11:40   - I had my Mac Pro for three, little over three years.

01:11:45   And I would have kept it longer, but it was the,

01:11:48   I need to sell this before it's worth nothing

01:11:51   because this is a business, I do have to pay the bills.

01:11:55   And I didn't have the luxury of letting it depreciate

01:12:00   longer than it did.

01:12:01   - I think mine was either the MacBook Air

01:12:06   that I kept for a very long time from 2013.

01:12:10   I mean, it's up there, it's five years.

01:12:16   I think I had the MacBook Air for five years

01:12:18   and then I had the Mac Mini.

01:12:20   I used the Mac Mini as my main Mac from 2018 to this year,

01:12:25   to 2023, so five years,

01:12:27   until I got a MacBook Air with M2

01:12:30   and the Mac Mini became my home server.

01:12:35   So it's one of those two, usually five years would be the,

01:12:39   I guess, the span of my computers.

01:12:43   - Well, thank you all.

01:12:44   - We have had some cues.

01:12:45   - Yeah, we answered some questions.

01:12:48   We got introspective, I feel just really weird now,

01:12:52   but it's over.

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01:14:10   And until next time guys, say goodbye.

01:14:13   - I knew that you, cheerio.