483: Send John Your Face


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:07   Hello and welcome to Connected episode 483 and happy new year.

00:00:13   It is made possible by our sponsors Fitbod, NetSuite, and ExpressVPN.

00:00:19   My name is Stephen Hackett and I have the pleasure of being joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:23   Well, hello there.

00:00:24   Hello.

00:00:26   It's just the two of us today.

00:00:28   It is.

00:00:28   So we're not, we're not annies today, no annies today because we are absent Federico.

00:00:36   Annies next week.

00:00:37   Did you think it was this week?

00:00:39   Tell the truth.

00:00:40   Oh, 100% I did.

00:00:42   Wait, isn't that, wait, I've gotten the names mixed up.

00:00:45   This isn't the annies, it's annual rickies.

00:00:47   Rickies?

00:00:48   No, it's the annies.

00:00:49   What are we, what is it called?

00:00:50   The annies.

00:00:51   No, annies is what we just did.

00:00:53   It's the year in review.

00:00:55   Is it?

00:00:56   Yeah.

00:00:57   So annual picks, annual rickies.

00:00:59   Okay.

00:01:00   We're not doing the rickies, but yes, I prepared for the rickies.

00:01:03   I've done all of it.

00:01:04   I've done all of my picks because I thought it was this week.

00:01:06   I forgot.

00:01:07   I even got my risky approved and everything.

00:01:10   So like I'm, I'm done.

00:01:11   So I'm just ready and waiting for next week.

00:01:14   That's when I knew you were off by a week.

00:01:16   Because you're like, what do you think about this risky?

00:01:17   I was like, wow, he's on top of it.

00:01:18   Oh no, he thinks it's in two days.

00:01:20   Yeah.

00:01:21   Yeah.

00:01:22   Yeah.

00:01:23   It was great.

00:01:24   I forgot the planning.

00:01:25   I forgot how we were planning this one out, but we will be doing it next week.

00:01:29   Yeah.

00:01:30   New Year's takes a little bit longer in Italy is what we're saying.

00:01:32   Yeah.

00:01:33   This hasn't hit them yet.

00:01:34   It will be new year in like two more days.

00:01:38   Little known fact.

00:01:39   Due to the curvature of the earth.

00:01:42   Okay.

00:01:45   Let's start the new year with some old stuff and talk about follow-up.

00:01:51   Kurt wrote in one last submerged AirPod story.

00:01:56   This will sound wild, but I swear it's true.

00:01:57   I was doing some painting when I had my right AirPod Pro drop into a gallon of paint.

00:02:04   I immediately wrote it off and even ordered the overpriced single AirPod to replace it.

00:02:11   That's a sad story.

00:02:13   About a week later when I hit the bottom of the paint can, the old AirPod emerged.

00:02:17   I carefully wiped it off and it still works.

00:02:21   I'm convinced that the high viscosity of the paint kept it from intruding too much.

00:02:25   Science is good.

00:02:27   I don't believe this story is true.

00:02:29   You think it's made up?

00:02:30   I'm just going to tell you this right now.

00:02:31   I don't believe that this story is true.

00:02:33   I'm not saying that this person lied, but I also don't think they're telling the truth.

00:02:37   This doesn't seem possible to me.

00:02:41   It's got to be wrecked, right?

00:02:42   How could it not be wrecked?

00:02:43   I don't understand.

00:02:44   How could it live inside a tin of paint for a week and not die?

00:02:52   It seems like it would be dead.

00:02:55   I don't understand how that could happen.

00:03:00   Maybe there needs to be somebody smarter than me who can explain why this is the case, but

00:03:03   this just feels like it doesn't make any sense to me that this AirPod could continue to survive.

00:03:11   It seems like it did.

00:03:12   I don't know if there's any way ARK can prove this, but if you can, let us know.

00:03:19   Big news, Mike.

00:03:21   Nope.

00:03:22   Tim Cook will be at Relay 10.

00:03:24   No, I've consulted the legal team.

00:03:27   You cannot say that.

00:03:29   That is not something that you legally are allowed to say.

00:03:31   Where did this image come from, then?

00:03:33   I don't know, but I don't know if it's a real photo.

00:03:37   It could be a real photo, but it's got nothing to do with it.

00:03:40   Can you explain this?

00:03:41   This was weeks ago now that this came up.

00:03:45   We talked about that picture of Tim Cook standing in front of the Vision Pro that was very clearly

00:03:50   photoshopped with his arms crossed.

00:03:55   We said, "Yeah, you can just put them in front of anything."

00:03:56   Then listener Taylor sent this image in, which is in the show notes and in the Discord, of

00:04:01   Tim Cook standing in the theater where we're doing the 10th anniversary show in July.

00:04:07   He's there.

00:04:08   He's waiting for us.

00:04:09   That would be...

00:04:11   Can you imagine if we landed Tim?

00:04:15   It'd be a big get.

00:04:16   He was just on one of the Fortunate Family teams.

00:04:19   Oh, so he's not even in the audience, but he's also not even being interviewed.

00:04:29   He's just one of...

00:04:30   He's just on the team.

00:04:31   He's on the team.

00:04:32   I will say, if Tim showed up and was just in the audience, I would be perturbed by that.

00:04:38   What if he was in the audience and we saw him, but we didn't do a shout out or anything?

00:04:42   That would throw me off.

00:04:43   He would nod a little bit like, "Hey, man."

00:04:47   I would be thrown off if I looked out and saw him in the crowd.

00:04:54   That would throw me off.

00:04:56   It seems like Eddie Q maybe would be more exciting to have in the audience because he

00:05:01   might throw something at us.

00:05:02   You've seen pictures of him at the sidelines of basketball games.

00:05:05   He gets fired up.

00:05:07   Maybe someone would answer a question wrong and he would just lose it.

00:05:12   Lose it.

00:05:13   Storm the stage.

00:05:14   Could be.

00:05:15   I don't think we're going to have any Apple executives on stage.

00:05:19   No, we're not going to.

00:05:23   I don't know why you keep couching.

00:05:24   It's not going to happen.

00:05:26   We know what the show is.

00:05:28   I don't want them there.

00:05:30   It's not for them.

00:05:31   It's for us.

00:05:34   We're doing an event celebrating us and then Tim Cook shows up and then everyone's just

00:05:39   talking about Tim Cook.

00:05:40   I want them talking about me and you.

00:05:42   You know?

00:05:43   That's true.

00:05:44   Yeah, the Mac Roomers article would be like at some podcast thing.

00:05:46   Exactly.

00:05:47   Exactly.

00:05:48   It's like, "Get out of here."

00:05:50   Get out of here.

00:05:51   You know?

00:05:52   We don't want you.

00:05:53   Go away.

00:05:54   Yeah.

00:05:55   Go back to your stocks.

00:05:56   Get out of here.

00:05:57   Go back to do something else.

00:05:58   Go back to the gym.

00:06:00   Get out of here.

00:06:02   Jeez.

00:06:04   Wes wrote in looking for consumer advice.

00:06:07   We're definitely the podcast for you.

00:06:09   We're pretty good at it, I think.

00:06:11   I think so.

00:06:12   We're the show for you, Wes.

00:06:13   Wes wrote in, "I've been a listener of Connected and MPU for going on six years."

00:06:18   Thanks, Wes.

00:06:19   "I'm an educator, writer, and minister going on sabbatical in January.

00:06:23   I need a space away from the rest of my family.

00:06:25   So inspired by Mega Studio and the pod cabin, my father-in-law and I are building a writing

00:06:30   shed in the backyard.

00:06:32   At Mac, would you recommend I put in my cabin?

00:06:35   I have a work-issued M1 MacBook Pro, but I want a dedicated computer for the space.

00:06:39   My main goal is to conserve space, write, and research in the cabin."

00:06:44   What do you think?

00:06:45   A Mac Mini?

00:06:47   But then you need a display.

00:06:50   But it's a dedicated computer, right?

00:06:52   So it's not going to move.

00:06:55   My thought was a MacBook Air.

00:06:57   Because it's like super little.

00:06:59   You can just stick it in a drawer if you're doing something on the desk that you don't

00:07:03   want the computer for.

00:07:05   And then you have a MacBook Air at the end of it, which is a cool computer.

00:07:08   I know you're a big desktop user.

00:07:10   You know, you're trying to... you'd have this guy buy a Mac Pro probably, but you got to

00:07:14   embrace the laptop lifestyle like the rest of us.

00:07:16   I think a Mac Mini is the answer.

00:07:18   Because you can put together a cheaper set.

00:07:23   A Mac Mini plus a studio display?

00:07:25   Who said studio?

00:07:27   You said studio display.

00:07:28   I said display.

00:07:29   Oh, so you're going to get him to buy some janky thing off Amazon.

00:07:32   I don't have a studio display at the machine that I'm talking to you about.

00:07:35   I have an LG display and then also some Dell display.

00:07:39   It's very doable.

00:07:41   And janky.

00:07:42   Yeah, sure.

00:07:43   I mean, to be fair, you have had and owned and used all of the displays, so you would

00:07:49   know.

00:07:50   That's true.

00:07:51   I think Mac Mini and a display and then some keyboard and mouse would be great.

00:07:57   Because if you're a writer, you shouldn't be using a laptop keyboard.

00:08:01   You got to use something with some panache to it.

00:08:04   You got to get some mechanical keyboard all up in there.

00:08:08   You can feel the keys doing their thing as you're writing.

00:08:11   And I also feel like if you want it to be dedicated and you want to write in that space,

00:08:15   laptop is not good because you'll be tempted to take it out.

00:08:18   And I think you want a machine, you buy a display once, you have the display for 10

00:08:24   years and you could replace the Mac Mini if you want a few times.

00:08:27   I'm definitely in the desktop life now, even with my laptop.

00:08:34   That's what I think.

00:08:35   If this is a dedicated space and you already have a laptop, get a Mac Mini.

00:08:39   Steven says get a MacBook Air.

00:08:41   Get a MacBook Air.

00:08:43   If only Federico was here.

00:08:45   He would say get an iPad or a Surface.

00:08:48   You don't want to do that.

00:08:50   No.

00:08:51   Those things are dead.

00:08:52   You can't do a real sabbatical with an iPad, as they say.

00:08:55   Everyone knows the one thing you can't do on an iPad is write.

00:09:00   I will say I was working on an article for something, a long form piece of writing.

00:09:08   What?

00:09:09   Long form for me.

00:09:10   Who are you?

00:09:11   A couple of hundred words.

00:09:12   Can you imagine?

00:09:13   I was working on something when I was away and I didn't have my laptop and I had my iPad

00:09:17   Mini.

00:09:18   I had my iPad Mini screen, the keyboard.

00:09:22   I hated it so much.

00:09:24   It was so bad.

00:09:25   It was a terrible time.

00:09:27   Bye everyone.

00:09:29   This is where I admit that Wes's feedback is several weeks old.

00:09:32   Wes may have already bought a computer.

00:09:34   I hope that Wes made the right decision and bought a Mac Mini.

00:09:38   And I hope the writing schedule goes well.

00:09:39   It's very exciting.

00:09:40   Let us know.

00:09:41   Wes, let us know who won.

00:09:44   Yeah.

00:09:46   Wes bought a Mac Studio.

00:09:48   So, thus concludes follow up.

00:09:52   Congratulations.

00:09:53   We've done it.

00:09:54   The first follow up of the new year.

00:09:56   Happy new year.

00:09:57   Happy new year.

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00:12:38   So Wes's question made me think about workspaces and I wondered if you had anything that you

00:12:46   wanted to do differently in the pod cabin in 2024.

00:12:50   I'd like to expand it.

00:12:52   No, I'm just kidding.

00:12:53   Oh, here we go.

00:12:55   I want to put a new level on the top.

00:12:57   That's right.

00:12:58   We're going up, baby.

00:12:59   The other way is up.

00:13:00   Actually, I was thinking about going down.

00:13:01   You'd want such a huge staircase to go up.

00:13:03   Oh, yeah.

00:13:04   The ceiling's so high.

00:13:05   It is.

00:13:06   You would lose half of the floor plan to just put the staircase spiraling around, you know?

00:13:12   Well, use the staircase to go up, use the fire pole to come down, obviously.

00:13:15   Yeah, baby.

00:13:16   Let's go.

00:13:17   No, I mean, so this marks my third year in the expanded office, the beginning of the

00:13:22   third year.

00:13:24   And I really don't have any major plans for changes.

00:13:28   I feel like overall, the the bones of it are good.

00:13:32   There are a couple of work space related projects I'd like to get done this year, one of them

00:13:38   being inventory, the collection for realties this time.

00:13:42   This has been on my list for a couple of years, but I really need to get it done.

00:13:47   So that may hopefully that will happen.

00:13:49   But also, I have I being relay FM has accumulated quite a bit of equipment over the last 10

00:13:56   years, not all of which we use anymore.

00:13:58   And so I also have a task for them work on in the spring, kind of going through our equipment

00:14:05   and making sure inventory is correct, but also like seeing what we need to keep seeing

00:14:10   if we can clean house a little bit.

00:14:12   Because we have we got a bunch of stuff that we use in different stages of like our live

00:14:16   show production that I've just kept that we don't actually need anymore.

00:14:20   And I feel like I could get some space back with some spring cleaning.

00:14:25   A lot of microphones.

00:14:26   Lot of microphones.

00:14:27   There's a whole drawer of them over there.

00:14:28   Hmm.

00:14:29   Probably don't need all of them.

00:14:31   What about you?

00:14:32   Yeah, I mean, I've been in mega studio for three years now.

00:14:38   And I mostly have not changed it at all.

00:14:41   Like it's kind of been the original layout.

00:14:45   And I want to make some changes to my recording desk this year.

00:14:52   So as it stands right now, I am facing the wall.

00:14:58   And I have behind me these like panels.

00:15:00   If anyone's ever seen a clip from the upgrade, we do like the web, the video clips, web clips.

00:15:07   What am I talking about?

00:15:08   You'd like the video clip.

00:15:09   You sound so old.

00:15:11   Yeah, we do a special webisodes.

00:15:13   Oh, yeah, yeah, we're doing those.

00:15:17   And I want to make this desk better for video.

00:15:23   And so I want to flip my desk around.

00:15:26   So behind me is the wall.

00:15:28   But I want to put some like bookshelves, like some shelving behind me to put stuff on.

00:15:33   So it's like, aesthetically pleasing.

00:15:36   Do you want me to build a Calex for you when I come in July?

00:15:39   Absolutely not.

00:15:40   No, I am buying...

00:15:41   I'll make sure it's screwed into the wall so it doesn't fall over.

00:15:45   Not going to bother screwing it into the wall.

00:15:47   What's the point?

00:15:49   I'm gonna get some I found like these IKEA shelves that I like the look of that aren't

00:15:53   Calex and I was looking at the ones you had, but then I found some different ones that

00:15:57   I liked.

00:15:58   They just look pleasing.

00:15:59   And probably gonna put my keyboards and stuff like that behind me.

00:16:02   So it'll look good, right?

00:16:03   As a visual also gives me somewhere to put all my keyboards.

00:16:06   Are you gonna you're gonna do some lighting so you can like light them and look really

00:16:09   cool in the background?

00:16:10   I hadn't thought about that.

00:16:11   But that's probably a good thing to do.

00:16:13   I could I could get some of that like those like light strips or whatever.

00:16:17   I might do that actually.

00:16:18   That'd be sweet.

00:16:19   I'm gonna write that down.

00:16:20   Let me write that down.

00:16:21   Okay.

00:16:22   Do you have a notebook or something to use for that?

00:16:24   I have the Sidekick notepad right in front of me.

00:16:26   But I do use Notion.

00:16:29   I'm using Notion to plan this out.

00:16:30   That's the way I do things these days.

00:16:33   Light strips, or shelves.

00:16:38   And I'm gonna I need to I know I'm gonna have to redo the way the desk is arranged, but

00:16:44   I don't know what that's gonna look like yet because I have like the two monitors and stuff

00:16:48   and I think I'm gonna need to redo that.

00:16:52   This is the original Steven face desk.

00:16:55   Yes.

00:16:56   That I'll still be using.

00:16:57   And I'm thinking about for video, getting a refurb iPhone to use as a camera instead.

00:17:07   Because webcams suck.

00:17:08   This is what I've found out.

00:17:11   Using a proper camera, you know, like an actual camera camera as a webcam would look good.

00:17:15   But I also want to be able to use this setup to do like other video stuff like Instagram

00:17:24   reels and stuff like that.

00:17:28   So using an iPhone for that is perfect because I can very easily do portrait content and

00:17:33   then share the video right from the iPhone itself.

00:17:36   And so I think I'll be able to set it up so I can have like dual purpose with it.

00:17:40   Because I'm finding myself doing more of that, wanting to do more of that and needing to

00:17:44   do more for various projects.

00:17:47   And so I think it would be really cool for that.

00:17:51   So I have to and then I'm gonna have to see how that kind of the spacing of all of this

00:17:55   would affect the rest of the studio.

00:17:57   Like I might have to move some other things around because I don't yet know like how much

00:18:02   space I'm going to need between the desk and the wall really to make that comfortable.

00:18:07   So I might have to do some more moving around.

00:18:10   Once I've gotten this set, so like priority number one is getting everything ready for

00:18:15   the studio, like for the recording area.

00:18:20   And this is one of those things where it's like once I start this project, it has to

00:18:23   be completed quickly, because I will be breaking down my recording right area.

00:18:28   Yeah, you gotta have everything like staged and ready to go.

00:18:32   Yes, and like maybe do it in like two or three days and it's got to be done, right.

00:18:36   So this is one of those things where I'm like, I'm taking time to try and properly plan it

00:18:40   all out before I make any moves of it.

00:18:45   And then once I've gotten that all set, and any knock on effects have been had, I want

00:18:51   to get like a new desk slash table in the studio that can just be for design stuff.

00:18:58   Because like at the moment, I don't really have a space for that.

00:19:02   And it's something where I can occupy a lot of physical space very quickly if I've like

00:19:07   got lots of sheets of paper, books and stuff like that.

00:19:11   I also want to be away from computers when I do this.

00:19:14   And so I think like my different inspiration stuff, all my drawing tools and like all in

00:19:20   one space, I really like the idea of that just having this one desk, which is that's

00:19:24   what this desk is for.

00:19:25   It's that kind of how I kind of your overhead desk.

00:19:30   You know, like that it's, I know its purpose changed a lot over time, but like it has always

00:19:34   been like, hey, this is a single purpose thing, right.

00:19:39   And I want to have one of those.

00:19:41   But where that's going to go, I don't know yet until I've like done the most important

00:19:45   thing, which is rearranging this desk and kind of getting it better for video.

00:19:51   So that's kind of a big project that I've got that I'm trying to work through right

00:19:56   now.

00:19:57   But I'm starting, the pieces are starting to fall into place.

00:20:00   Do you have a code name for this project?

00:20:04   I don't think I do.

00:20:05   No.

00:20:06   Should we work on one?

00:20:08   We can.

00:20:09   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:20:10   I'm trying to think.

00:20:12   The problem with code names to me right now is my new assistant sees all of these projects

00:20:18   and I want them to make sense to her.

00:20:21   Well you just need a database in Notion mapping the code names.

00:20:24   The project names.

00:20:25   To the real ones.

00:20:28   My immediate thought was Project Hollywood because it's all about video.

00:20:31   I'm in.

00:20:32   I'm in.

00:20:33   Project Hollywood.

00:20:34   You've done it.

00:20:35   Yeah, I don't think you could come up with something better than that.

00:20:37   There we go.

00:20:38   It's in Notion now.

00:20:40   Project Hollywood.

00:20:41   Perfect.

00:20:42   You're a genius.

00:20:44   Thank you.

00:20:46   I love it.

00:20:47   Project Hollywood, baby.

00:20:48   Project Hollywood.

00:20:49   We're going Hollywood.

00:20:50   Let's go.

00:20:51   So like the stuff that I want to do, I want to make some, and I want to like dabble with

00:20:59   real stuff, but like just me talking to the camera, but really I need it for Cortex brand

00:21:05   stuff.

00:21:06   Like Kerry's like, make this real.

00:21:07   I have to go make it.

00:21:09   And I would like to have, one, I would like to just have a place where I can just very

00:21:16   easily make that content without having to think too much for it.

00:21:19   And also I would like to maybe get one of those, what are they, prompt us or something.

00:21:29   Because I usually need to say a bunch of stuff, right?

00:21:31   And it's just easier if I just had a prompt and I could read it.

00:21:35   I saw that David got the prompt, the Elgato prompt, and he seemed to dig it.

00:21:39   So I might do that.

00:21:41   I've got one here in a box.

00:21:42   I haven't, I haven't said it.

00:21:43   Oh, I'll be keen to know what you think of that.

00:21:46   But I thought that that would be a very easy way to be able to produce content and like

00:21:52   do what needs to be done with it, you know, like achieve what I'm supposed to.

00:21:57   So we'll see.

00:21:58   I might do that.

00:21:59   That's, that's like a, let me get everything else set first and then maybe I'll look at

00:22:03   doing something like that.

00:22:04   I don't even know how well that works with an iPhone, if at all.

00:22:07   I don't know.

00:22:08   Uh, I need to, I need to play with it.

00:22:12   I get the impression that you can kind of make it work with everything, but I don't

00:22:15   know.

00:22:16   It comes with a bunch of like attachment things, kind of like the vision pros on the come with

00:22:20   all that.

00:22:21   Was it the light shields?

00:22:23   So I feel like you could adapt it to almost anything, but I plan on getting to mine, opening

00:22:29   mine pretty soon.

00:22:30   I just haven't gotten a chance to get to it yet.

00:22:32   What do you have it for?

00:22:33   Uh, cause I like to do some more video stuff too.

00:22:37   And even just doing like our, um, you know, we do a bunch of like St. Jude meetings and

00:22:42   stuff.

00:22:43   I'm going to play my game with, uh, some professionalism.

00:22:46   Wait, so why would you, so you can, the Elgato one, you, you, the max sees it as an external

00:22:51   screen so you can like put the zoom call on it or put your document on it or whatever.

00:22:58   So we'll see.

00:22:59   We'll see if it sticks or not.

00:23:00   I may end up shipping you mine.

00:23:02   We'll see.

00:23:03   Okay.

00:23:04   It does say it works with a phone, but it might need, the phone might need to be in

00:23:08   a certain like configuration.

00:23:10   But they do say that you can use a phone with it.

00:23:13   So, but I don't know if you can do it portrait or landscape or whatever, but with enough

00:23:17   gaff tape, anything will work with it.

00:23:19   You know what?

00:23:20   That's a really good point.

00:23:21   That's a really good point.

00:23:22   So what, what would you, would you plan to put like a proper camera behind it then?

00:23:25   Like for you?

00:23:26   I currently have a Sony, uh, what is it?

00:23:29   The VZ one or ZV one.

00:23:31   Always look really good on our video calls.

00:23:33   Yeah.

00:23:34   I currently have one of those hooked up on a little, on a little mount over my laptop.

00:23:38   I have a Logitech Brio and I hate it.

00:23:45   Let's talk about slightly larger iPhones.

00:23:48   See if we can break the El Gato.

00:23:50   That's right.

00:23:51   Already.

00:23:52   That's right.

00:23:53   This, uh, this story on MacRumors caught my eye, uh, looking at possible changes to the,

00:24:02   uh, you keep adding things to the links.

00:24:04   I'm very confused.

00:24:05   That used to be my job.

00:24:06   Now is it suddenly your job?

00:24:07   Absolutely.

00:24:08   Was this never your job?

00:24:09   I have been adding the links to connect to Ms. Yes.

00:24:14   How many weeks did we take off?

00:24:16   You have you forgotten that this is what I do for our show?

00:24:20   Maybe I did.

00:24:21   Uh, I do on a regular basis accidentally add things to the wrong show all the time.

00:24:26   So I got doing all the time MPU and I add a link to connected or to something else.

00:24:29   It's bad, but I have managed the adding of the links to the CMS for the entire run of

00:24:34   this podcast.

00:24:35   That has always been my job.

00:24:36   Well, I'm just going to close that tab then.

00:24:39   You've gotten very confused.

00:24:41   Slightly, slightly larger iPhone.

00:24:44   I can't believe that you just, that's very strange to me that you're just like, Oh, I

00:24:48   do this.

00:24:49   What is that meme?

00:24:51   Right?

00:24:52   This is mine.

00:24:53   You take it.

00:24:54   I made this.

00:24:55   That's right.

00:24:56   That's you.

00:24:57   Take my, do you do it for MPU?

00:24:58   Yes.

00:24:59   Yeah.

00:25:00   Okay.

00:25:01   That must be where you're getting confused.

00:25:02   And I've recorded like three MPU since I did the last connected.

00:25:03   So maybe I'm just in that.

00:25:05   Yeah.

00:25:06   And MPU fever dream.

00:25:08   Always.

00:25:09   So the iPhone 15 pro has a 6.1 inch display and the iPhone 15 pro max the world's best

00:25:18   iPhone is at 6.7.

00:25:21   And according to multiple sources, decided by this Mac rumors article, the 16 pro will

00:25:29   go to 6.3 inches.

00:25:30   So up 0.2 inches diagonal.

00:25:33   And the same for the pro max.

00:25:34   It'd go from 6.7 to 6.9.

00:25:38   That's 170 to 174 millimeters for our metric friends.

00:25:43   So the, the pro phones, according to this would get a little bit bigger, but the regular

00:25:48   iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 plus would retain the old sizes 6.1 and 6.7.

00:25:56   So if you went to a store, if you light them up by size, you would have the iPhone 16 at

00:26:03   6.1 inches, the iPhone 16 pro at 6.3, the iPhone 16 pro 16 plus at 6.7 and the iPhone

00:26:17   16 pro max at 6.9.

00:26:21   That tracks to me.

00:26:22   I think that kind of makes sense.

00:26:23   They will get bigger from, so it will be consistent, right?

00:26:28   That like the plus will be bigger than the pro.

00:26:31   The max will be bigger than the plus.

00:26:34   Wait, I need to draw that out.

00:26:35   The regular iPhone is the smallest.

00:26:39   Pro is a bit bigger.

00:26:40   Plus is a bit bigger.

00:26:42   Max is the biggest.

00:26:43   Pro max is the biggest.

00:26:44   I don't think I like the idea of the pro max getting bigger.

00:26:49   I don't know how I feel about the phone, the physical size of the phone getting larger,

00:26:55   even though it's only a little bit.

00:26:57   But like the screen getting bigger is fine, but the fact that the phone will actually

00:27:02   get bigger, I don't know.

00:27:04   It's only by a few millimeters though, so maybe you won't notice it.

00:27:08   But yeah, I don't really know why they're doing this to be honest.

00:27:12   Like it just doesn't, I don't understand the point of this.

00:27:16   The article does say that maybe this would allow for more like internal changes.

00:27:21   Maybe they could put more battery in there or whatever, which would be nice, I suppose.

00:27:24   But like this is to me a curious decision to make phones bigger.

00:27:32   I will say at 6.9 inches, the iPhone 16 pro max would be almost twice the screen size

00:27:39   as the original iPhone.

00:27:41   Like that original 3.5 inch design, because we'd be getting close to seven inches.

00:27:46   Can I ask a question?

00:27:47   Is that how it works?

00:27:49   Is it actually two times the size or is there like something weird about math?

00:27:53   Well, because it measures diagonal, I think it's twice the size, twice the area.

00:28:02   Maybe a mathematician can weigh in at Discord and save me, but I think it would be twice

00:28:09   as big.

00:28:10   I can go get an original iPhone if you give me a second and I can just lay it over my

00:28:13   15 pro max and see.

00:28:15   I don't think it was going to give you what you need, but you can go and you should go

00:28:18   do that because you have the ability to do that.

00:28:20   Like why would you not do that?

00:28:22   You're just sitting on this like treasure trove of stuff.

00:28:25   This thing feels like a toy.

00:28:27   Zach says different aspect ratios measure differently.

00:28:32   Hmm.

00:28:34   I guess that makes sense.

00:28:36   Let's look, this is very scientific.

00:28:38   Yeah, please let me know what you think about.

00:28:40   I mean, it's a lot bigger.

00:28:42   Oh, I have no doubt that it's a lot bigger.

00:28:46   No one was arguing that, that it was going to feel normal in any way.

00:28:50   Let me, uh, let me, I'll just take a picture and have it in the show notes.

00:28:54   Okay.

00:28:55   So then on the fifth, on the 15 pro max, the whole iPhone fits beneath the, the camera

00:29:02   bump.

00:29:04   Wow.

00:29:06   That's small.

00:29:07   Take a picture here.

00:29:08   It's not a great picture.

00:29:09   Cause I'm taking it on an iPad.

00:29:10   What am I not?

00:29:11   I can hang on.

00:29:12   I have an iPhone 12.

00:29:13   Let me do it in that a little bit better.

00:29:17   I wonder with Apple doing this, like, is it just another way to separate the regular line

00:29:26   and the pro line?

00:29:27   Like, like you said, does it give them the opportunity to have, have more features and

00:29:34   more battery life?

00:29:35   Is it just, I just don't, I don't know why they would do it if they don't do it across

00:29:43   the line.

00:29:44   That's the part that's more interesting to me is that it would only be in the pro line.

00:29:47   Hmm.

00:29:48   Yeah.

00:29:49   This is one of those things where like, this is a piece of information that may or may

00:29:53   not be accurate, but it's like it out of context doesn't make any sense.

00:29:58   Right?

00:29:59   Like it just like, there's no way of us knowing why they would do this.

00:30:03   It may literally just be what you said earlier of like, it makes the lineup look better and

00:30:08   that maybe they think they can get more pro phone sales doing this, or there might be

00:30:12   some technological reason of a thing that they're adding.

00:30:15   And if they make the phone a little bit bigger, it helps.

00:30:18   Like it's just, this is a piece of information that like in a vacuum, we probably can't do

00:30:23   much with right now other than just ponder it.

00:30:26   Mm hmm.

00:30:27   But you're worried about it getting too big?

00:30:32   My worry is that it's going to get too big for no reason.

00:30:37   You know, I like the size of the phone as it is right now.

00:30:42   And I like that they made it lighter.

00:30:44   And if they make it bigger, are we going to start on doing that?

00:30:47   You know?

00:30:48   Hmm.

00:30:49   I don't know.

00:30:50   Yeah, the this article does have weights as well.

00:30:54   And it's about additional, it's about an additional four grams.

00:30:58   So it still wouldn't be where the stainless steel phones were.

00:31:01   But yeah, I do worry about the weight as well.

00:31:05   I don't want it.

00:31:06   I don't want that to change because I love that about this phone so much.

00:31:08   It's like it's easy to forget, because you just live with that every day.

00:31:12   But if, you know, we were getting rid of the old phones and it's like, oh, wow, that's

00:31:17   a huge difference.

00:31:18   Mm hmm.

00:31:19   So it's one of my favorite things about this phone is the weight of it.

00:31:24   It just feels so good to hold.

00:31:25   It's really nice.

00:31:26   I've been using it without a case recently and it's so good.

00:31:29   Like a like a like a like a champ, you know?

00:31:32   Like a gentleman.

00:31:33   It's the best way to live.

00:31:34   Like it is the best way to live.

00:31:35   No case on the iPhone, just as Steve intended.

00:31:38   Wow.

00:31:40   And you don't you don't even have AppleCare.

00:31:41   Who needs it?

00:31:43   They just lie to you and they say that they'll fix your phone, but they won't.

00:31:47   And then they call you a liar and a cheat and a fraud because you have scratches on

00:31:50   your phone and you just want to pay them to replace it, but they won't do it.

00:31:54   Did they say all of those things to you?

00:31:56   Effectively, yes.

00:31:57   Yeah, they did.

00:31:58   Interesting.

00:31:59   Interesting.

00:32:00   That photo is in Discord now.

00:32:02   It took me a while to get it airdropped.

00:32:03   OK.

00:32:04   Do you have a link for me to add to the show notes?

00:32:06   It's already in the show notes, son.

00:32:08   Oh, wow.

00:32:09   Look at you.

00:32:10   I put it on 512pixels.net's web server and then just link to it.

00:32:15   Get the affiliate money in there, you know?

00:32:18   Yeah.

00:32:19   That's not how that works.

00:32:25   You want to use FastMail?

00:32:26   Here's my affiliate code.

00:32:27   Have you seen have you held or seen an original iPhone recently?

00:32:31   Probably when I came to you.

00:32:33   It's so good.

00:32:34   Like it's thick.

00:32:35   It's a thick boy.

00:32:39   Really side by side 15 Pro Max.

00:32:41   Maybe it's not that thick, but it feels so good in the hand, like the rounded edges and

00:32:45   the aluminum and the plastic, like.

00:32:48   They really.

00:32:49   They nailed it.

00:32:50   That's a bit of an outgo now.

00:32:54   I mean, it's of its time, I guess.

00:32:57   Where did we tier list rank the iPhone?

00:33:02   I mean, it depends on how you're tier listing.

00:33:05   If it's on looks, no, it's not going to be towards the top.

00:33:08   But if it's hand feel or importance, it's it's S tier.

00:33:12   But we did do it.

00:33:14   Did we?

00:33:15   Yeah.

00:33:16   And we we S tiered it.

00:33:17   We S tiered it.

00:33:19   Good.

00:33:20   That's good.

00:33:21   Yeah.

00:33:22   Listen to Ryan says, look how small the camera lens was.

00:33:25   That's the first thing I think every time I pick this thing up, it is microscopic compared

00:33:30   to the camera bump on the modern phones.

00:33:33   Yeah.

00:33:34   I know that people like they pine for that.

00:33:37   Right.

00:33:38   Like, well, you could just have a bad camera if you like.

00:33:41   You know what I mean?

00:33:42   Yeah.

00:33:43   I don't.

00:33:44   There's no way of doing what you want, which is and making the phone good to hold.

00:33:51   Just is what it is.

00:33:52   Is what it is.

00:33:53   Yeah.

00:33:54   The first iPhone didn't have video.

00:33:56   OK, now we're just reminiscing about the original iPhone.

00:33:58   We have to move on.

00:33:59   You are.

00:34:00   OK.

00:34:01   I'm ready to go.

00:34:02   My last thing on iPhone size.

00:34:05   Do you think we're ever going to see a small phone again?

00:34:07   No.

00:34:08   It didn't sell right.

00:34:12   Obviously, because they would have kept doing it.

00:34:14   And they're making all the phones bigger.

00:34:17   There's a reason, right?

00:34:18   Like, they just keep making the phones bigger and bigger and bigger because it's clearly

00:34:21   what people buy.

00:34:24   And in the volumes that make sense for Apple, there are other companies that can probably

00:34:29   be very happy with the sales of a small phone.

00:34:32   But clearly Apple isn't or they would have kept making the mini.

00:34:36   And like, I guarantee you the SE gets bigger.

00:34:40   Yeah.

00:34:41   I think the SE could adopt the mini size, but I think it'll be in between like the mini

00:34:47   and the pro.

00:34:48   I don't think it'll be as small as the mini was.

00:34:50   No, I think the next SE, if they do one, will be bigger than the mini, I think, and will

00:34:56   be bigger than the current SE.

00:34:58   And I do believe it will be good.

00:35:01   They will put Face ID on it.

00:35:03   Like, they're going to go the whole nine yards.

00:35:04   Because I just, I can't imagine they would ship a new product to the home button now.

00:35:09   Oh yeah, for sure.

00:35:11   I think that that phone is a small phone just because of what it's building on.

00:35:16   And like, it will build on top of a new frame.

00:35:19   And I wouldn't be surprised if that frame was the regular iPhone frame, you know?

00:35:23   Could be.

00:35:24   And it just moves on from there or whatever.

00:35:25   I can't, I would be very surprised if they created a whole new form factor for the iPhone

00:35:32   SE.

00:35:33   That wasn't kind of like building on top of something else that they've done.

00:35:39   This tier list is wild.

00:35:41   6S+ got S tier?

00:35:44   Yeah.

00:35:45   How?

00:35:46   Why?

00:35:47   I guess we have to go listen to that episode if we want to know.

00:35:52   Yeah.

00:35:53   I have no doubt that there was a reason.

00:35:56   Episode 404.

00:35:58   Not found.

00:35:59   Okay.

00:36:00   I have a little, uh, that was a little programming joke for you.

00:36:04   Is that programming?

00:36:06   A little web server joke for you.

00:36:08   Yeah.

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00:38:40   It's incredibly early in the year but we are, I think, fully in Vision Pro season.

00:38:47   I think it's happening.

00:38:50   There's a lot of rumors that are suggesting any day now for either an event or a product

00:39:00   release or something.

00:39:02   We put one in the show notes, it was the most recent.

00:39:05   It was a rumor from a Chinese investor news service that seemed to indicate the end of

00:39:11   January for product release.

00:39:14   But Ming-Chi Kuo has been saying that Apple is basically in full production right now

00:39:19   and is expecting late January, early February, and on sale time due to the way that the supply

00:39:25   chain works.

00:39:26   I feel like everything that we've been told would suggest it was now and I would say everything

00:39:31   that I've heard, you've heard, anybody's heard from any source, sketchy or otherwise, is

00:39:39   suggesting that it's happening.

00:39:43   Now is the time.

00:39:46   And I am mentally preparing myself.

00:39:50   You should be financially preparing yourself.

00:39:52   It's all of these things because there's no world in which this is simple for me specifically.

00:40:00   If I want to get one of these, there is going to need to be a trip to America to buy one.

00:40:09   Big Apple buddy.

00:40:12   I don't think that's going to work though.

00:40:15   This is something I have to go.

00:40:18   It would if you send John your face and then he goes to the Apple store with your face.

00:40:23   It's not out of the question.

00:40:25   Maybe I could make a 3D printed mask and John could take that and wear my face as his face

00:40:32   and go into the Apple store.

00:40:34   He could, you know the trench coat thing, three babies in a trench coat, he could do

00:40:39   one of those.

00:40:40   He could put my head on top of his head so it would be the right size and then put a

00:40:44   trench coat around him and just walk into the store and be like, "Hello there, I've

00:40:48   come from my fitting."

00:40:50   He could do that.

00:40:51   But I don't know if John wants to do that to be honest.

00:40:55   Also I feel like the John experience, that is a Federico reserved thing.

00:41:00   I don't think he's going to do for me what he does for Federico.

00:41:04   And neither would I expect him to really.

00:41:06   But I'm expecting wild things to happen.

00:41:09   I'm also expecting it to happen any day now.

00:41:14   I've had it in my mind this week, kind of like in the evening to be keeping my eye on

00:41:19   Mastodon or if an invite is going out.

00:41:22   I feel like it's, genuinely I feel like next week there could be invites for the week after

00:41:31   for an event.

00:41:32   I know you have another document here, like what do you expect?

00:41:35   I think there would be a full on event.

00:41:38   What do you think?

00:41:40   I do think there will be an event.

00:41:43   At first I was like, "Well what would they do?"

00:41:44   And then I remembered that in March of 2015, the event that our friend Federico went to

00:41:51   where they introduced the one port MacBook, the whole back half of that event was basically

00:41:56   the final announcement of the Apple Watch.

00:41:59   The Apple Watch of course was introduced in September of 2014 with the iPhone 6 and 6

00:42:03   Plus, which they rushed through.

00:42:05   If you go watch that keynote, it's hilarious how fast they get through the iPhone.

00:42:09   But they announced the Apple Watch and then basically nothing.

00:42:13   And that's the period we're in now.

00:42:15   They announced it in June and there's some software stuff happening, but there's no hardware

00:42:19   yet.

00:42:20   So I think there's an opportunity for them to have an event where they go back over the

00:42:25   Vision Pro, but they fill in the blanks.

00:42:28   Things we don't know.

00:42:30   They give us more demos of what software looks like on it.

00:42:35   We get a better picture of what does it look like with the different straps and the light

00:42:43   shields.

00:42:44   What does that process look like?

00:42:45   Giving us more information and of course giving us the price because all we know is it starts

00:42:48   at $34.99.

00:42:50   What does that mean?

00:42:51   How much space does that come with?

00:42:52   Can I get more space for more money?

00:42:55   We don't know.

00:42:56   Can I get, how much is a battery pack?

00:42:57   Yeah, yeah.

00:42:58   Right, so genuinely there's things like that we just don't know.

00:43:02   And I 100% think that it is a full on event because it's also just like, you know, as

00:43:06   well as the demos from third parties, which they will inevitably have of apps and games

00:43:11   and all that kind of stuff, right, which is probably one of the reasons they've been holding

00:43:15   so many developer sessions, right?

00:43:16   So they can pick out some cool stuff.

00:43:19   But there's also like, I think a lot of what this device is like to work with has not been

00:43:26   shown yet and I'm expecting should be part of the introduction of it.

00:43:36   That it's not just an entertainment device because that's definitely not what they pitched,

00:43:39   but it is most of what they've shown.

00:43:42   And so I think that there is a bigger story to tell there.

00:43:46   There is more of a justification for why this thing costs three and a half thousand dollars

00:43:50   and why your company should buy it for you.

00:43:53   You know?

00:43:54   Yeah.

00:43:55   Um, I can think that there is still a lot of that story left to tell and I 100% expect

00:44:01   them to do an event, an iPhone like event for it to give it the treatment that they

00:44:07   want to give to it.

00:44:08   Like this is an important product.

00:44:11   Like I genuinely think that this is the biggest, most important product that has launched in

00:44:18   the time that I've been covering Apple.

00:44:21   More than the watch?

00:44:22   Way more than the watch.

00:44:24   Yeah.

00:44:25   Yeah.

00:44:26   Wow.

00:44:27   Because we always knew the watch was going to be an accessory, right?

00:44:32   Like I don't think realistically we expected that we were going to be living our lives

00:44:40   with just watches.

00:44:42   Right?

00:44:44   There is an expectation that Apple is saying that this is a new way to use a computer,

00:44:52   right?

00:44:53   Like this is a computer, this one.

00:44:56   Like it's the watch we knew was tied to the iPhone.

00:44:59   This thing works on its own.

00:45:02   Like it is a computer and I'm, I find that to be very exciting.

00:45:10   It might not go anywhere, right?

00:45:11   It might be bad.

00:45:12   It might be a disaster.

00:45:16   But that's not what they're saying.

00:45:17   It's not what they're pitching.

00:45:19   And if we're to believe what they're telling us, like this is the future of computing.

00:45:25   I don't know that it's going to be, but it's clearly a, it's a big deal and I'm excited

00:45:32   about that.

00:45:33   And I, I'm in the camp of like, I'm ready to see how this thing is going to change everything.

00:45:39   Like, we'll see what happens.

00:45:40   But like, I, I'm, I definitely think that this is the most important product that has

00:45:46   been introduced in the time that we've been doing this.

00:45:50   Interesting.

00:45:51   Yeah.

00:45:52   I think because I struggle with the, Hey, I haven't used it and you have, so your point

00:45:56   of view is different, but I struggle with the, uh, importance level of this product

00:46:04   in people's lives.

00:46:05   We're like, and again, we have 10 years of hindsight with the watch.

00:46:09   So if you want to have the clock to like episode two of the show, maybe we were talking differently

00:46:14   about this, but 10 years in the watch has become very important to people.

00:46:20   And I think that's independent of, is it a computer or not?

00:46:24   Because the watch isn't a computer.

00:46:25   I mean, it is a satellite device, even in cellular mode, it's still basically a satellite

00:46:30   device to your phone.

00:46:33   And they haven't, they've loosened those bonds, but they haven't broken those bonds over time

00:46:37   yet.

00:46:38   So the vision pro is its own computer.

00:46:40   It can do its own setup.

00:46:42   It has its own apps.

00:46:43   It has its own everything, but the watch is something you wear every day.

00:46:47   It makes a meaningful impact in your life, health and fitness wise, communication wise.

00:46:54   And I just am not sold on that being true for the vision pro yet.

00:46:58   Maybe it will be, but I I'm just unwilling to say at this point that it's the most

00:47:02   important thing that we've seen in our time covering them, but we'll see.

00:47:07   We'll find out.

00:47:08   Let me, let me try and pitch you on this a little bit more.

00:47:10   All right.

00:47:11   Sharks.

00:47:12   Let's go.

00:47:13   The scope of what they are introducing is, is as big as anything we've seen, right?

00:47:20   Because the watch, right?

00:47:22   So the watch is very important to people, but like in the same way that AirPods are,

00:47:28   right?

00:47:29   Like you couldn't imagine living your life without it right now.

00:47:32   But if you had to, you could make it work.

00:47:35   Sure.

00:47:36   Right.

00:47:37   You could use something else or whatever, but the vision pro is hardware and it's

00:47:44   the start of a series of hardware that is inherent in the marketing of the product,

00:47:48   right?

00:47:49   That we know it's going to be more than this.

00:47:51   It is a full operating system that they have developed with a new input method, which is

00:47:57   eye tracking and the right, like the whole eye tracking tapping method.

00:48:01   It's akin to mouse clicking.

00:48:04   It is akin to multi-touch.

00:48:07   It is a brand new input method, which will inherently create a new set of applications

00:48:13   that work with that idea in mind where, and people will take to it very quickly and very

00:48:20   easily because it genuinely feels like it's reading your mind.

00:48:23   It's so fluid, right?

00:48:25   Where like you're interacting with what you're looking at is such a natural thing.

00:48:30   Like people are going to be excited about that and it will generate new applications

00:48:35   that we haven't seen before in the same way that the iPhone did in my opinion.

00:48:40   But it also like the Mac in a way, you can make apps for its operating system or you

00:48:48   can use iPad apps on it, right?

00:48:51   So it's like almost like in a way like with catalyst on the Mac.

00:48:56   You can make native applications for this thing or you can use iPad applications on

00:49:01   it.

00:49:02   So it has its own inbuilt set of applications that will be available to it in the store

00:49:07   because they're available on the iPad and the iPhone.

00:49:09   And also you'll be able to make apps for it.

00:49:11   If developers opt into that and we have heard that a lot aren't.

00:49:15   Well I don't know about, we'll see, right?

00:49:17   We'll see.

00:49:18   I don't know how that's going to end up.

00:49:19   I don't think that we can take any reports to that right now as being really anything,

00:49:23   right?

00:49:24   Like that's the thing that we can't make our mind up about how many apps are available

00:49:27   until it ships.

00:49:30   Because like if you're like saying, oh, let's say Slack, right?

00:49:34   Well maybe they want to actually test it on a device before they check the box.

00:49:39   But ultimately like why would they not just check the box?

00:49:42   Like what's it going to hurt?

00:49:44   But I don't know.

00:49:47   But the potential is there, right?

00:49:48   This is what I'm saying.

00:49:49   I'm not saying that any of the things that I'm saying is going to be the way that this

00:49:52   device goes, right?

00:49:54   But the potential is there and it's what Apple is trying to make happen.

00:50:00   And so this is why I'm saying it's like if it doesn't work, that is also huge for us

00:50:07   to talk about.

00:50:08   So like that, that's what I mean, right?

00:50:10   Like I think this is the biggest thing that has happened in our 10 years of doing this

00:50:17   because of the implications.

00:50:20   It's either going to change how we use computers or it's not going to do that.

00:50:25   And either one of those stories is going to be very interesting to follow for the next

00:50:30   10 years, right?

00:50:32   Like it is a point in history is what we're entering into right now.

00:50:38   And so I'm very excited about it as you can tell probably.

00:50:41   Yeah.

00:50:42   And I'm not saying you shouldn't be and I'm not saying that I'm not.

00:50:44   In fact, as we get closer to it, I've become more excited about it.

00:50:47   I was pretty cool on it over the fall.

00:50:51   But we're coming at it from a different place, right?

00:50:54   Like you notably have had issues with these kinds of products before, with motion sickness,

00:51:00   right?

00:51:01   So like you're just inherently not going to be excited about it if your nervous that it's

00:51:06   going to make you vomit, right?

00:51:07   So like that is like a very different place to come at than me.

00:51:12   Yeah.

00:51:13   Yeah.

00:51:14   You're right though.

00:51:16   Apple is pitching this in a way that we really haven't seen.

00:51:21   They flirted with this before, like in the time when they're talking about the iPad was

00:51:24   the future of personal computing, or your watch is going to replace your phone, like

00:51:29   they have flirted with the ideas before.

00:51:32   But this one does feel different.

00:51:36   And I think part of it is that this is maybe even more than the Apple Watch.

00:51:42   This is like the thing that sets up Tim Cook's legacy outside of the value of the company.

00:51:47   That's the real legacy of Tim Cook is the wealth that he has generated.

00:51:51   But product wise, this is the one right?

00:51:54   The Apple Watch definitely feels like a Johnny Ive, Tim Cook kind of era thing.

00:52:01   But this feels different in a way.

00:52:03   This feels like this is as much as any product has been Tim's, this feels like the one.

00:52:09   And that makes it definitely more interesting from a historic historical perspective, because

00:52:16   if it flops, or it takes 10 years to get good, like Tim Cook doesn't have 10 more years at

00:52:21   the helm.

00:52:22   There's no way.

00:52:23   And so how we judge Tim Cook's time as CEO will be for better or for worse for right

00:52:31   or wrong will be wrapped up in how does the vision pro go?

00:52:36   You know, how does how was the launch? How was the first few years of this?

00:52:40   And I don't know if that was that's something that Tim Cook, how he feels about that, but

00:52:48   he stuck with it for better for worse.

00:52:50   I think the rhetoric of the company so far, and I believe what we will continue to see

00:52:55   later on this month, next month or whatever, they are treating it like this is the biggest

00:53:02   deal.

00:53:03   Yeah.

00:53:04   So they either believe it or doing a good job of selling it.

00:53:09   And so I feel like everybody there must understand what they're setting up.

00:53:16   Like this is the contribution to society.

00:53:23   This is the thing.

00:53:24   It's like, oh, there was the Mac and there was the iPhone.

00:53:27   And now there's this.

00:53:28   Because like, let's be real, right?

00:53:30   The iPad and the Apple Watch, they are not that.

00:53:33   Right?

00:53:34   Yeah.

00:53:35   Like, they are a big deal.

00:53:37   They are huge.

00:53:38   They are bigger than anyone ever could have assumed either would be.

00:53:41   But like, they are both building on the iPhone.

00:53:44   The iPhone was not building on the Mac.

00:53:46   It was its own thing.

00:53:47   And like, Vision Pro is has the potential to be its own thing just because of the way

00:53:52   they are architecting it.

00:53:53   Right.

00:53:54   And I think they want to pitch it that way.

00:53:57   Because what else is there?

00:54:00   And so like, this is the thing.

00:54:02   And so we'll see.

00:54:03   But that's why I think it's a big deal.

00:54:04   Because of all of these reasons, like all these things that they're doing to set it

00:54:09   up, all the ways that they're talking about it, and the potential of it.

00:54:14   Like, this could mean we've already seen it with with meta, right?

00:54:18   Like if Apple's working on large language model stuff, that actually ties really well

00:54:24   with a device like this, like with these kinds of devices, like they did those Ray-Ban glasses,

00:54:29   right?

00:54:30   And people thought they were okay.

00:54:33   And then they were like, oh, yeah, but and even Zuckerberg was like, when they were introduced

00:54:37   in a new one, he's like, we work on this thing.

00:54:39   And we were trying to do stuff with it.

00:54:41   And we thought it would take a few years, but then we tied our LLM to it.

00:54:44   And now it's like a whole different thing that we didn't even expect, like, because

00:54:48   these things can see what you're seeing.

00:54:51   And so this could end up being like that weird backdoor into finding some way of making a

00:54:57   large language model make sense for them.

00:54:59   It's like they've also got this device that sits on your face, and you can just talk to

00:55:02   it.

00:55:03   And it just does whatever you want.

00:55:04   So I don't know.

00:55:06   This is what it is, though.

00:55:07   I'm excited about it.

00:55:09   And I think this year is going to be really interesting because of it.

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00:56:57   But that's not all.

00:57:01   There is obviously going to be other things this year.

00:57:03   It's probably going to be a pretty big year across the board.

00:57:08   MacRumors posted their "What to expect in 2024" guide, and I've kind of gone through

00:57:12   that and picked out a few things that maybe we could touch on.

00:57:15   Obviously, predictions the next week, but maybe this is like setting the table for that.

00:57:19   Spoke about bigger screens on the iPhone.

00:57:23   But there is also an expectation for all iPhones to be able to capture spatial video, obviously.

00:57:30   Along with capturing video, there's also apparently on the Pro phone is going to be a capture

00:57:35   button.

00:57:36   So a new capacitive button for taking photos and videos, which would be where the current

00:57:41   millimeter wave antenna is if you have a millimeter wave iPhone.

00:57:45   I'm going to look at my phone.

00:57:46   It's going to be around that area.

00:57:47   So it's below the sleep wake button on the right side.

00:57:51   Yeah.

00:57:52   And so it will be like on that right side, there'll be another like probably a little

00:57:56   lower down on the phone.

00:57:57   So it's easier to hit.

00:57:58   But yeah, like a like a button that you were just pressing hold to take photos with.

00:58:02   Which is weird to me.

00:58:04   I don't know why now.

00:58:05   Like, I really don't know why now.

00:58:07   Like why are you adding this to the iPhone?

00:58:10   It's weird because it's four seconds after the action button showed up.

00:58:14   But if it's tied to photo video, maybe they want this to be more in line with the vision

00:58:20   pro hardware because the vision pro does have a button to capture spatial video.

00:58:25   And maybe they want those things to be close more closely aligned.

00:58:31   I don't know.

00:58:32   It's for me the way that I hold my phone at least in my right hand.

00:58:35   Seems like a weird place for a button that far down.

00:58:38   But I guess I guess we'll see.

00:58:41   I wonder how much of a button it's going to be, right?

00:58:44   As opposed to just like a flat area.

00:58:47   Yeah, maybe.

00:58:48   You know, there was that rumor that they were going to move to solid state buttons instead

00:58:55   of physical buttons.

00:58:56   And maybe maybe that's this.

00:58:58   I don't know.

00:58:59   I think I've seen reference to that, that it would be like a like a capacitive haptic

00:59:06   feedback button.

00:59:09   So yeah, so like not an actual button that stands out maybe, but an area.

00:59:15   I don't know.

00:59:16   I really don't know like what why now.

00:59:18   I really don't know like why are we doing this now?

00:59:22   Like I guess we'll see.

00:59:25   But other than that, the iPhone will probably be pretty much what we expect.

00:59:29   Are you recording spatial video?

00:59:31   I did on vacation.

00:59:32   Did you get some of the lamb?

00:59:34   I had some stuff.

00:59:35   Did the lamb get spatial video?

00:59:36   No, when we went on our big vacation.

00:59:38   So when we went to America in November, I took a bunch then.

00:59:42   Just so I would have some stuff to look at.

00:59:46   But I haven't had like I want if I'm going to do it, I want to try and create videos

00:59:51   that will evoke a memory rather than just like a random thing.

00:59:54   Because that seems to be from all the reporting, like what really is quite effective.

01:00:00   And so that's that's kind of what I've been doing.

01:00:02   And I will take more when the time like calls itself, you know.

01:00:08   Yeah, I have taken two spatial videos so far.

01:00:12   So it doesn't show up as a media type in the Mac app for photos, but you can make a smart

01:00:16   album for spatial video.

01:00:19   I have two one just like I sat on my bed and it's like, panned around my bedroom.

01:00:25   But the other one was during the recent bowl game of the University of Memphis football

01:00:30   team played in and it's from my standing where I where my seat was and it's of the team being

01:00:37   awarded the trophy at the end.

01:00:41   And that one I think could be really interesting.

01:00:44   Like I did that one purposefully.

01:00:45   I thought before we before we went to the game was like, this will be a good opportunity

01:00:50   for spatial video.

01:00:51   There's a lot of depth here, right?

01:00:52   I'm in the stands, the football fields way down there.

01:00:55   And having means a lot to you emotionally, a lot to me emotionally.

01:00:59   It was also like 28 degrees outside.

01:01:02   Like I see my phone freezes when I take it out of my pocket.

01:01:05   But so I haven't taken I've only taken the two, but I am very curious to see how that

01:01:11   goes over time.

01:01:12   Yeah, I took like 20.

01:01:14   Like I was just like making a point of it.

01:01:18   And yeah, but like they're all of a certain thing.

01:01:20   So I want to try and get more.

01:01:22   The thing was I now forget to take them like it was on my mind to do it on the trip specifically

01:01:28   because one of those reports that just come out again, I think about like people going

01:01:32   to see them in New York.

01:01:33   And I was like, I'm going to do it on this trip.

01:01:37   So when I can look at them, I will have some stuff to look at.

01:01:41   But now I'd forgotten about it until you just asked me.

01:01:45   So yeah, because like, I do take the majority of video in portrait mode.

01:01:51   Like I just just how I take video most of the time.

01:01:56   It's also how I look at video though, right, which is why I do it.

01:02:00   Man, I'm flipping that baby into landscape.

01:02:02   Yeah, well, that's because you're a dad.

01:02:04   Like when I'm looking at videos, I'm looking at them in portrait on my iPhone.

01:02:08   You know what I mean?

01:02:09   So like, to me, video is mostly portrait now.

01:02:12   Unless there's like a specific reason to make it landscape, which is rare, I think for me.

01:02:18   So I need to be more mindful of doing it.

01:02:24   For the Mac, couple of things I pointed out, maybe you have something more exciting.

01:02:29   I don't know.

01:02:30   M3 Studio, probably?

01:02:33   I feel like the whole M3 changeover will happen this year.

01:02:38   I think we'll see it across the line.

01:02:40   Oh, because it will be what Macbook Air?

01:02:43   The Airs, the Mac Mini, and Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

01:02:48   Who cares about Mac Pro?

01:02:50   No one does.

01:02:52   I still hope they do some sort of like beyond the Ultra for the Mac Pro.

01:02:56   But yeah, I expect that the M2 will be swept away, you know, maybe a WWDC or even before.

01:03:02   Yeah.

01:03:03   In fact, in fact, to go to go back a section, they're going to do an event for the Vision

01:03:11   Pro and they do want to pair it with something else like they did in 2015.

01:03:16   M3 Macs, new iPads early in the year.

01:03:20   There could be something there.

01:03:21   Yeah, I wonder.

01:03:22   All right, so let's just real quick run through that and I'll come back to that.

01:03:25   So I hope there'll be a new display, but I don't know, but I still want one.

01:03:29   Like I want Studio Display Pro.

01:03:31   Like I want a studio display that can do ProMotion.

01:03:33   Yeah, it'd be sweet.

01:03:36   And then with the iPads, we're looking at, as we mentioned before, OLED iPad Pro, M3

01:03:41   powered, maybe MagSafe, some new accessories, and obviously a higher price.

01:03:45   And there's also a revamp of the rest of the line expected with a new edition of a larger

01:03:50   iPad Air.

01:03:51   So that's kind of like, let's look at that Mac and iPad.

01:03:55   My gut would say that that's just going to be its own thing.

01:03:59   Maybe in March or something.

01:04:01   Because I don't know if that is that already.

01:04:04   Yeah.

01:04:05   I mean, January feels early.

01:04:06   Yeah, it feels very early.

01:04:10   So and also like, I feel like they could probably just do enough with the Vision Pro on its

01:04:15   own.

01:04:17   I think so too.

01:04:18   Maybe.

01:04:19   Yeah.

01:04:20   I'm not sure how that works but I'm not sure what this is.

01:04:24   Or what this does is like divide, divide, divide, divide.

01:04:28   And a lot of these living things that we're talking about,

01:04:32   that the people don't understand,

01:04:33   I think the people that we're talking about,

01:04:36   are people who are not aware that they can't even post it,

01:04:38   not even when they aren't even seeing it.

01:04:41   So I think most of the people who are not familiar with that,

01:04:44   are people who are not quite aware of that,

01:04:47   that are afraid that they can't even post it.

01:04:49   They have to be ready to go the week after.

01:04:51   So, we'll see.

01:04:55   So iPad, not an iPad year in 2023.

01:05:01   They could do a bunch of stuff, move to OLED on the Pros,

01:05:06   maybe the M3, maybe MagSafe, new accessories.

01:05:11   So let's start with the iPad Pro.

01:05:14   What are you thinking there?

01:05:17   - Well, I mean, it looks expensive and exciting.

01:05:21   Maybe, I mean, it looks expensive and it looks interesting.

01:05:25   - Yeah.

01:05:26   - I don't know, like the software's just not there,

01:05:31   it just isn't there.

01:05:33   And like, this, well I'm sure it'll be really nice

01:05:36   for everybody that uses an iPad Pro and wants a new one,

01:05:39   but like, making a more expensive iPad Pro,

01:05:44   like I'm just not really sure where we're going, you know?

01:05:48   I'm just not sure that that's what the lineup truly needs,

01:05:52   is a higher price on the iPad Pro.

01:05:54   Like, I really don't know.

01:05:56   Where like, I feel like a bigger iPad Air

01:05:58   has made me more intriguing for a lot of people.

01:06:00   Like, I feel like an OLED iPad Pro

01:06:03   could be very tempting to me,

01:06:05   like if anything's gonna tempt me away,

01:06:07   like just a really nice screen on an iPad

01:06:09   would maybe do that, even though I love my mini.

01:06:12   But an OLED screen is a very exciting prospect,

01:06:16   but that's me as a weird nerd.

01:06:21   But like, I'm just, I'm unconvinced about this.

01:06:25   And because I'm just not really sure what the story is,

01:06:29   then just like, ah, it's like faster, why?

01:06:34   And it's now got an OLED screen.

01:06:36   It's like, that's nice, but like, what for?

01:06:40   I don't know, I don't know.

01:06:42   I feel like I'm being maybe unnecessarily harsh here,

01:06:44   but like, I'm just, I feel like it's just getting harder

01:06:47   and harder to tell the story of the iPad now.

01:06:50   Like, I'm just not sure what's going on.

01:06:53   - I feel like that's not a new question though.

01:06:57   Like, I just listening to you talk, I was like,

01:06:59   yeah, but I kind of felt that way

01:07:01   about the iPad Pro the last several years.

01:07:04   - And that's kind of my point, right?

01:07:05   Like, that I feel like it's become harder and harder

01:07:08   to tell the story in the form that it's currently in.

01:07:11   So if you're gonna tell me that story

01:07:13   and then tell me it costs more,

01:07:16   that's where I'm starting to be like, I don't know guys,

01:07:18   like, what are we doing here?

01:07:20   Oh, the screen's better.

01:07:23   Oh yeah, like the last time?

01:07:24   Yeah, but better than that.

01:07:25   Oh, okay.

01:07:26   - Yeah.

01:07:27   - Oh, it's more powerful now.

01:07:29   What, like the last time?

01:07:30   Yeah, but more than that.

01:07:31   It's like, oh, we have a new keyboard.

01:07:33   Like the last one?

01:07:33   Yeah, but this one's more expensive and cooler.

01:07:36   All right.

01:07:36   And the price of all of it's more.

01:07:38   Like, I feel like that that is becoming

01:07:42   a very complicated story.

01:07:44   Yeah, I think it is.

01:07:45   When there isn't like the,

01:07:46   oh, and we also did this with iPad OS.

01:07:49   And like, now it's like,

01:07:52   we're giving you all the potential that you've wished for.

01:07:56   I don't know, man.

01:07:57   I don't know.

01:07:58   But like, I'm like, oh, like an OLED screen

01:08:01   might be nice for me for watching my YouTube videos on.

01:08:04   And I'm just not sure that that really is like

01:08:07   doing the best for the product.

01:08:11   - Do, yeah.

01:08:14   All I really want out of the iPad this year

01:08:17   is like for it to make sense.

01:08:19   And I just don't know if we're gonna get that.

01:08:21   - Yeah, I don't think so.

01:08:22   - It may actually get worse.

01:08:23   - I feel like it could make,

01:08:24   well, it's gonna get worse,

01:08:25   but it could be like,

01:08:26   there's an interesting story

01:08:27   and like there'll be two iPad Airs, right?

01:08:30   Like that's like interesting,

01:08:32   but it is only gonna make it more confusing, probably.

01:08:36   I don't know.

01:08:38   Or like, it might be that thing that we spoke over before.

01:08:40   Like maybe they do what we want

01:08:41   and it's like, oh, it looks like the Mac now.

01:08:44   Like it's like the laptops.

01:08:46   Two Airs, two Pros.

01:08:48   - Yeah.

01:08:49   Apple Watch, you know,

01:08:51   this is the year of the Apple Watch 10, assumedly.

01:08:55   And Apple normally uses that opportunity

01:08:58   to do something exciting.

01:09:00   They did it, of course, with the iPhone 10.

01:09:02   They did it with the iPad 10th generation.

01:09:04   It moved away from the home button

01:09:06   and lightning to the new design.

01:09:10   With this is the rumor that comes back every few years

01:09:13   that they would break compatibility

01:09:15   with existing watch bands.

01:09:17   I feel like if you're gonna do it,

01:09:20   you've gotta do it when there's a redesign.

01:09:23   Like if you did it on the Series 8 or something,

01:09:25   it's like, well, this thing looks just like the old thing.

01:09:27   Why did you do this to me?

01:09:28   But if they're gonna revamp it

01:09:30   and they have something that's actually better,

01:09:32   the boys on ATP talked about this recently.

01:09:34   The band system now, the attachment,

01:09:37   to me, it seems like it works pretty well.

01:09:38   I'm sure it could be improved in terms of bulkiness

01:09:41   and how much space it takes inside the watch case.

01:09:44   But this, you know, people were mad about

01:09:48   30-pin to lightning, seems like lightning to USB-C

01:09:52   is less of a big deal.

01:09:53   But if you break Apple Watch band compatibility,

01:09:56   I think people are gonna be mad.

01:09:57   'Cause I think people, even though they're-

01:09:59   Oh, gonna lose it.

01:10:00   Even though an individual band may not be that expensive

01:10:04   unless you buy the Apple Watch Ultra ones,

01:10:07   people have the bands they like

01:10:08   and they move them between watches.

01:10:10   And I think if Apple does this,

01:10:14   it's gonna be, it could be a dustup for sure.

01:10:17   It has to be a bloodbath is what it's gonna be.

01:10:19   Like, it will happen.

01:10:21   I don't know if it's this time,

01:10:22   but like, it's going to happen at some point.

01:10:26   Yeah.

01:10:27   'Cause I think that the Apple Watch bands

01:10:28   take up too much space in the case, right?

01:10:30   Like in the physical space.

01:10:32   It's quite a big chunk

01:10:34   that they have to take out of the thing.

01:10:37   And this is the rumor that like, you know,

01:10:40   this, whatever this X watch is,

01:10:42   that has been rumored before, is these things.

01:10:45   Like it's a new design.

01:10:46   And what is seems to be unknown

01:10:48   is if that is actually this year or not.

01:10:51   And there is a possibility that weirdly,

01:10:54   this might be next year's watch.

01:10:55   Like, it seems like no one's completely sure,

01:10:57   which I don't know.

01:10:58   If they do a new design,

01:11:02   like I kind of expect that they will change the band system.

01:11:05   I'm not keen on it,

01:11:07   especially because the rumors are a magnetic band system,

01:11:10   which seems like an easy way to lose a watch.

01:11:15   I got them pretty well with the magnetic band,

01:11:23   but that's like five magnets holding it together.

01:11:26   It's about one magnet point, right?

01:11:28   Yeah.

01:11:29   And so, I don't know.

01:11:31   I genuinely don't know.

01:11:32   But with this watch this year,

01:11:35   we could be looking at potentially blood pressure monitoring

01:11:38   and sleep apnea detection.

01:11:40   There is still the rumor out there of glucose,

01:11:43   but that's not gonna be this time, I don't think.

01:11:45   There's no rumors pointing at it being now,

01:11:47   but that is still on the way.

01:11:50   - Yeah.

01:11:50   Maybe they'll rework the blood oxygen thing.

01:11:52   So it's, they're not in legal battle.

01:11:57   - The follow up to that is they went to an appeals court

01:11:59   and got it overturned for the time being.

01:12:01   That is the follow up to the,

01:12:03   what is the name of the company?

01:12:06   - I always want to say Mimosa, but that's not right.

01:12:09   - Mime stream.

01:12:10   Massimo, thank you for the Mimosa thing.

01:12:14   Massimo, it came to me.

01:12:16   Yeah, so they got an appeal.

01:12:19   But that, I don't know how long it was gonna last.

01:12:22   There is a time to it, but I don't remember what it was.

01:12:24   That's Apple Watch.

01:12:28   And then very quickly, just to run this out,

01:12:30   the home stuff, I'm still hoping for a home pod

01:12:32   with a screen, but there's no rumors of this.

01:12:33   I also still want new AirPods Max.

01:12:37   - Yeah, for real.

01:12:38   I mean, it's been 83 years, you know?

01:12:42   - Yep.

01:12:43   And I feel like with OSs,

01:12:45   there's gonna be AI machine learning,

01:12:48   is gonna play a big part just 'cause if it doesn't,

01:12:51   what they're doing over there.

01:12:52   And regulation, like sideloading, RCS,

01:12:54   like this kind of stuff is gonna be popping up a lot.

01:12:57   I just saw that Japan is starting to work on legislation

01:13:01   like the EU is about sideloading.

01:13:03   So like, it's just gonna keep hitting from all sides.

01:13:06   - Yeah, Apple's gonna spend a lot of time in court

01:13:09   and in front of legislative bodies

01:13:11   in the next year or two or five.

01:13:13   And I think it'll be something we all have to contend with.

01:13:16   Well, I think that does it for this week.

01:13:21   Thank you so much for joining us here in the new year.

01:13:23   As a reminder, next week,

01:13:24   we'll be doing the annual Ricky's.

01:13:27   So we have been grading our picks for 2023.

01:13:31   We have a rule change we're going to discuss, I believe.

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