484: The Rickies (January 2024)


00:00:00   (upbeat music)

00:00:02   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 484.

00:00:11   It's made possible this week by Notion and ShipStation.

00:00:15   My name is Steven Hackett and I have the pleasure

00:00:17   of being joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:20   Hello, and I have the pleasure of being joined

00:00:22   by Federico Vittucci, ciao Federico.

00:00:24   Hello, I'm back.

00:00:26   We're back together again.

00:00:27   Back together after three months, we are back together.

00:00:30   (laughing)

00:00:32   You guys remember September?

00:00:34   That was the last time we did a show together.

00:00:37   So today we have some very important work.

00:00:39   We will be grading our annual picks for 2023

00:00:43   and then we'll be making annual picks for 2024.

00:00:47   But first we have some very brief follow-up.

00:00:51   Mike, do you wanna take us through this?

00:00:53   Yeah, it's just worth mentioning

00:00:55   that we have details for the Vision Pro now.

00:00:57   I figure everybody listening to the show probably knows this.

00:01:00   We'll probably get into this more over the coming weeks

00:01:03   as we hurtle towards pre-orders next Friday

00:01:07   and then it's on sale in Apple stores on February 2nd.

00:01:12   So this kinda came out of nowhere

00:01:15   in the way that it happened, right?

00:01:16   Like I think we were all expecting something,

00:01:20   but this was a bit of a surprise

00:01:22   in the way that it went down.

00:01:25   And there's not really any more big information

00:01:27   except we know that there are storage tiers

00:01:30   and it starts at 256 gigabytes for $3,500.

00:01:34   We have that to look forward to.

00:01:38   Yeah.

00:01:39   I look forward to that configurator.

00:01:41   Well, we'll be talking a lot more about that I'm sure

00:01:44   in the near future.

00:01:45   And then there's something in here that says

00:01:47   Mike has something that needs to be addressed.

00:01:48   What?

00:01:49   Welcome back to the quizzes.

00:01:51   We don't have time for this.

00:01:52   Where I'm my early quiz,

00:01:53   I connected co-hosts randomly and by surprise

00:01:57   on a variety of varying subjects.

00:01:59   There are two things.

00:02:01   One is a very quick game,

00:02:02   but the reason we're doing that quick game

00:02:04   is maybe you forgot, like I forgot

00:02:07   that we reset the points every year.

00:02:08   Oh yeah.

00:02:09   We're in a new year.

00:02:10   Oh yeah.

00:02:11   So we have to reset the points.

00:02:14   The 2023 champion was Steven Hackett.

00:02:17   Boom.

00:02:18   With a total of 2,020 points.

00:02:21   Federico was at 2000 points.

00:02:23   There was a 20 point difference

00:02:25   that decided the 2023 champion.

00:02:28   That has made Steven a two time champion in the quizzes.

00:02:32   However, this time it was only a 20 point difference

00:02:35   compared to 2022 where there was a 2000 point difference.

00:02:39   So Federico, you've made some significant gains.

00:02:42   Yeah, ready for 2024 Steven.

00:02:43   And I look forward to some domination in 2024,

00:02:47   but we're going to be playing the second round

00:02:50   of who's Ricky was it anyway.

00:02:53   I have a selection of Ricky's for you.

00:02:56   The annual Ricky's of 2021 and the keynote Ricky's of 2020.

00:03:00   I have picked three picks from each year.

00:03:05   So we will do them.

00:03:06   We'll do like, we'll do year one and year two.

00:03:09   I will read a Ricky to you.

00:03:11   You just have to guess which one of the three of us

00:03:13   picked it.

00:03:14   If you get all three correct from each year,

00:03:17   you get extra points.

00:03:18   It's 100 points for every correct answer

00:03:21   and a bonus 100 points if you get all three correct per year.

00:03:26   So we will start with the three examples

00:03:29   from the 2021 annual Ricky's.

00:03:32   Federico, you will get the first answer.

00:03:35   Okay.

00:03:36   As I'm going to give you a hand.

00:03:38   And the first one is Federico, who said,

00:03:42   a Mac gets a touch, a Mac gets a screen

00:03:46   that supports touch and or Apple pencil input.

00:03:50   Whose pick was that?

00:03:51   - 2021.

00:03:55   - 2021 annual Ricky's.

00:03:57   - Mike said it.

00:04:00   - Okay.

00:04:01   Steven, who said that?

00:04:02   - I'm gonna say Federico said it.

00:04:04   - Steven gets a hundred points.

00:04:06   - I said it?

00:04:07   - It was indeed Federico that said that.

00:04:08   - Yeah. - Okay.

00:04:10   Okay.

00:04:11   - Pick number two.

00:04:12   Let me go back to Federico.

00:04:13   - We're gonna get the first pick on all of these today.

00:04:16   No in-person WWDC 2021.

00:04:21   Whose pick was that?

00:04:22   - Mike said it.

00:04:25   - Okay.

00:04:27   Steven, whose pick was that?

00:04:28   - I said it.

00:04:29   - That is enough 100 points.

00:04:31   - Oh my God.

00:04:32   - Steven Hackett.

00:04:33   - It's not off to a good start.

00:04:34   - It's that early domination, you know?

00:04:36   - Hey look, we got four more, right?

00:04:38   Things can still turn around.

00:04:41   Apple will release a new programming app for iPad.

00:04:45   Federico, who said that?

00:04:46   - I said it.

00:04:48   - Okay, Steven, who said that?

00:04:49   - Federico said it.

00:04:51   - It was me.

00:04:52   So neither of you get the points there.

00:04:53   - Oh my God. Okay.

00:04:55   - So we now move to the keynote for November, 2020.

00:04:59   It's just like, I was looking through it.

00:05:01   I was like, what was that one about?

00:05:02   - That's, I know what it is.

00:05:04   - Interesting.

00:05:06   - Apple Silicon.

00:05:08   - Was it?

00:05:09   We'll find out.

00:05:10   - First pick is Apple demos, iOS apps running on a Mac.

00:05:15   Federico, who picked that?

00:05:17   - I don't know.

00:05:19   - One in three.

00:05:21   - I'm just gonna stick with Mike.

00:05:25   - Okay, Steven.

00:05:27   - Federico.

00:05:28   - That's 100 points for Federico.

00:05:32   - Hey.

00:05:33   - That's some points on the board, baby.

00:05:34   - Nice.

00:05:35   - It was me, I said that.

00:05:36   Second pick is the first Apple Silicon chip

00:05:39   is a variant of the A14 family.

00:05:42   Federico, who said that?

00:05:43   - Steven said it.

00:05:49   - Okay.

00:05:50   - Mike said it.

00:05:51   - No points, it was Federico.

00:05:54   - Okay.

00:05:55   - Okay.

00:05:56   - Final pick, a desktop Apple Silicon Mac is announced.

00:06:01   Who said that Federico?

00:06:02   - I'm gonna go with Mike said it.

00:06:09   - Okay.

00:06:10   - It was me after I had a dream about it, about the Mac mini.

00:06:14   - Oh my gosh.

00:06:16   - Steven is correct.

00:06:17   So we finished the first round of the quizzes for the year.

00:06:20   Federico has 100 points, Steven has 300 points.

00:06:24   Thank you so much for listening

00:06:26   and all participating in the quizzes.

00:06:29   We'll be back again in the future.

00:06:35   So now we are going to move into the grading

00:06:39   of our 2023 picks.

00:06:41   And that means we need to read the bill of Ricky's.

00:06:45   I will start with the preamble and we'll go from there.

00:06:49   The Ricky's is a game connected host play

00:06:53   before Apple keynotes at the beginning of a new year,

00:06:56   trying to predict future events.

00:06:58   It's made up of three rounds.

00:07:00   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:07:04   There are two types of Ricky's, annual Ricky's

00:07:07   and keynote Ricky's.

00:07:08   We're playing the annual Ricky's today.

00:07:10   The winner is named the annual chairman.

00:07:12   This position is awarded every January.

00:07:15   After the Ricky's the hosts then play a game

00:07:17   called the flexies.

00:07:18   These two games are separate, but related.

00:07:22   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:07:25   Correct regular picks are awarded one point.

00:07:34   The language used for regular picks must be finalized

00:07:37   and agreed upon during recording

00:07:39   and no partial points may be awarded.

00:07:42   Correct risky picks are worth two points,

00:07:44   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted

00:07:46   from that host total.

00:07:48   Picks must have been approved as risky

00:07:50   by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:07:53   A pick cannot be named risky

00:07:54   if it has been previously rumored by publications of record

00:07:58   nine to five Mac or Mac rumors.

00:08:00   We're going to come back to that for the 2024 games.

00:08:03   So just hold your horses.

00:08:05   Picks for the keynote Ricky's.

00:08:06   - I will never hold my horses.

00:08:08   - My horses will not be held.

00:08:10   Picks is, picks, picks,

00:08:11   picks made for the keynote Ricky's cannot be reused

00:08:16   by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:08:18   The annual Ricky's have their own subset of rules.

00:08:21   Of course, once a host chooses something as an annual pick

00:08:24   they cannot reuse it in that calendar year.

00:08:28   Additionally, picks may not be used

00:08:29   in back to back annual Ricky's by the same host.

00:08:33   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks

00:08:35   previously made by others.

00:08:37   Scoring is completed during recording

00:08:38   and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:08:41   In the event of a tie, dice by Peacock

00:08:44   must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:08:47   In case of a three-way tie,

00:08:48   hosts all make their calls at the same time

00:08:50   with flipping continuing until the winner is named.

00:08:53   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins

00:08:57   in relation to the Ricky's.

00:08:59   Coin flips by Jason and on other podcasts

00:09:03   are technically allowed, but they're frowned upon

00:09:05   and subject to public shaming.

00:09:07   For keynote Ricky's, the scoring window starts,

00:09:09   blah, blah, blah, we're not doing keynote Ricky's.

00:09:11   The order is set by previous performance.

00:09:14   The winner of the previous associated game goes first,

00:09:17   the previous loser goes last.

00:09:19   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:09:22   And as a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman.

00:09:26   Federico is the current keynote chairman.

00:09:29   Past results can be seen at rickys.co and rickys.net.

00:09:32   These sites also have pages

00:09:34   about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:09:37   You may be seated.

00:09:38   - It's been a good year of my reign.

00:09:42   I'm happy to put it on the line today

00:09:45   and succeed and continue.

00:09:47   - Nah.

00:09:48   - Four more years.

00:09:49   - Nah, four more years.

00:09:51   - Four more years, yep.

00:09:53   That's what I'm going for.

00:09:55   Four more years, new term, four more years.

00:09:57   - All right, well, let's start with round one

00:10:01   and Mike you're up.

00:10:02   - And I will just before we start,

00:10:04   'cause people I think get confused,

00:10:06   why do we make all that noise?

00:10:07   We call it harmonizing.

00:10:09   And it's because Steven has a bell that he plays

00:10:11   if we get things correct.

00:10:13   And me and Federico can't hear it over Zoom

00:10:15   'cause Zoom cuts it out.

00:10:17   So to make sure we can hear it, we all hum

00:10:19   and then we hear if the bell sounds.

00:10:21   Round one, I suggested Apple releases a larger MacBook Air.

00:10:26   (humming)

00:10:28   I didn't hear the bell.

00:10:31   - Was there a bell?

00:10:32   - Did you bell?

00:10:33   - Yeah, I hummed and belled.

00:10:34   (bell ringing)

00:10:35   - Can you just do it on your own please?

00:10:37   See what happens.

00:10:38   (bell ringing)

00:10:41   - Nothing happens.

00:10:42   - Nothing happened at all.

00:10:43   - I rang it.

00:10:44   I hummed and I rang.

00:10:45   - You're not humming loud enough.

00:10:47   Hum louder Steven.

00:10:48   (humming)

00:10:51   No, I can't hear the bell anymore.

00:10:53   All right, bell is, we forget the bell,

00:10:55   we forget the harmonizing, we all know it's correct or not.

00:10:57   It's not working anymore.

00:10:59   We, you've got the no bell filter on.

00:11:01   - That mean, does that mean it's a no bell prize?

00:11:04   - Oh my God.

00:11:07   - You've been fired.

00:11:08   (laughing)

00:11:09   Jeroen please leave.

00:11:10   Please leave the podcast.

00:11:12   That's it.

00:11:13   - Yeah, yeah, bigger, bigger MacBook Air.

00:11:17   - Bigger MacBook Air.

00:11:19   - Yeah, this very understated to be honest as a thing.

00:11:24   I forget.

00:11:25   - Yeah, I forget this exists.

00:11:26   - I forget the 15 inch MacBook Air exists

00:11:29   until people mention it.

00:11:31   And then I remember.

00:11:32   But like, I have no concept of it existing.

00:11:35   - Does anybody have it?

00:11:37   - I don't.

00:11:39   - Like honestly, like is it one of the,

00:11:40   to me the 15 inch MacBook Air

00:11:43   is the equivalent of the iPhone 15 plus.

00:11:47   - Yes.

00:11:47   - It's that type of product.

00:11:49   - No, it is.

00:11:50   It's exactly that product, right?

00:11:52   Like there are already products bigger than

00:11:56   the 13 inch MacBook Air, right?

00:11:58   There's two of them.

00:12:00   And they are more desirable

00:12:03   because they've got higher specs and features.

00:12:06   People tend to go to that product.

00:12:08   But now this one just exists in the lineup

00:12:10   for people that purely want a bigger screen.

00:12:12   - Yeah.

00:12:13   - But don't want to spend all the money.

00:12:15   So like it's a good addition to the lineup

00:12:17   for that customer.

00:12:18   But because of the existence of the MacBook Pros,

00:12:22   it is at least by us, it just ignored.

00:12:25   It's like a blind spot.

00:12:27   - Yeah, it's overshadowed.

00:12:28   - It's not a product that I would buy.

00:12:30   - By people like us.

00:12:31   - I want the MacBook Air because I want something portable.

00:12:35   And the 15 inch MacBook Air is inherently not.

00:12:38   - Exactly, exactly.

00:12:40   - Yeah.

00:12:41   - Yeah.

00:12:42   Okay, so round one.

00:12:45   My pick was Apple releases a new Mac mini,

00:12:48   ungraded detail, same design, M2 inside, question mark?

00:12:52   - Hmm.

00:12:53   - Question mark.

00:12:54   (bell dings)

00:12:55   Wait, we decided to not do it

00:12:56   because the bell doesn't work.

00:12:58   - Sorry, sorry.

00:12:58   - There's no point if the bell doesn't work.

00:13:01   - Okay.

00:13:02   - Well, there's a new Mac mini.

00:13:03   - Yeah.

00:13:04   - Is the ungraded detail correct?

00:13:06   I don't remember.

00:13:08   - It is.

00:13:09   Same design, it has the M2 and the M2 Pro.

00:13:11   So like, Federico even undershot a little bit.

00:13:15   Good job.

00:13:16   - Yeah, thank you, thank you.

00:13:17   And you know, I still have my M1 Mac mini doing just fine

00:13:21   as a home automation server.

00:13:23   I don't think I'm gonna change it anytime soon.

00:13:25   Maybe by the time the M4 Mac mini is out or something.

00:13:29   But yeah, the M2 Mac mini was released last year.

00:13:31   It's out, it's good, yeah.

00:13:33   - I guess the only difference is

00:13:34   it's only Sylvanelle, right?

00:13:35   They don't have the black one.

00:13:38   - Yeah, yeah, that was Intel only.

00:13:40   There was never a M1 space grid.

00:13:42   - Yeah, the M1 is also silver, yeah.

00:13:44   Yeah, yeah.

00:13:45   - Okay.

00:13:47   - Yeah, all right.

00:13:49   Round one, my pick.

00:13:51   WWDC 2023 follows the same format as 2022

00:13:56   with a small number of people invited in person.

00:14:00   - Yes. - Yes.

00:14:02   - No, no, it's okay. - I mean, I was there.

00:14:03   There was a lot of people there.

00:14:05   - But it's not 5,000 people.

00:14:07   It's not a full conference.

00:14:09   - Yeah.

00:14:10   - Same format. - Okay.

00:14:11   I agree the same format part.

00:14:13   I just think, and you get the point, what I'm just saying.

00:14:16   I don't think it's small anymore.

00:14:18   I think it's still a pretty big to-do.

00:14:20   It's just not what it was, right?

00:14:22   - Yeah, and I think that's what I was getting at,

00:14:24   but yeah, I get it,

00:14:26   but I think that I could have been more specific probably.

00:14:29   - Yeah, I'm fine with it, but yeah, it's not small.

00:14:33   There's a lot of people,

00:14:33   and it's only gonna keep increasing.

00:14:36   A couple of weeks ago, I met with Jelly,

00:14:38   the wonderful Jelly of GifRapt,

00:14:40   and Jelly does a lot of wonderful work for us

00:14:42   around the illustrations for the St. Jude campaign.

00:14:44   He was in London, and we were hanging out,

00:14:46   and we were talking about WWDC,

00:14:48   'cause he lives in Australia,

00:14:49   so it's a long way for him.

00:14:51   I kind of suggested to him

00:14:53   that I don't think "For the foreseeable future"

00:14:55   is worth coming to WWDC,

00:14:58   if you've gotta make that kind of trip.

00:15:00   - Yeah.

00:15:01   - Especially if you don't have a pass,

00:15:03   which is, that feels completely pointless.

00:15:06   But I do think, though, that it is going to grow,

00:15:12   but we could be 10 years away from it being a scene again.

00:15:17   - Yeah, yeah.

00:15:20   It was also the first time the three of us

00:15:22   have seen each other since the pandemic, right?

00:15:26   - Yep. - Correct.

00:15:28   - But we have still not attended a keynote together.

00:15:32   - Yeah, I was invited to the keynote, but couldn't make it.

00:15:35   I flew out the next morning, but yes.

00:15:38   Maybe-- - So you two have,

00:15:41   me and Federico have, me and Steven have never.

00:15:44   - Right.

00:15:44   - It's the way that that's gone so far.

00:15:48   - This is our year, I think. - Who knows?

00:15:50   I don't know, man, I don't wanna put that kind of--

00:15:52   - You don't wanna put that energy out there?

00:15:54   - No, I'm not putting that energy in.

00:15:55   - No.

00:15:56   - Well, at the end of round one, we're all tied up.

00:16:01   - Woo! - Pretty good, huh?

00:16:02   - Nice. - Yeah?

00:16:03   - Round two, my first pick is an iPhone gets USB-C.

00:16:09   - Not, just, and they all got it.

00:16:11   They all got it. - Just one, yeah.

00:16:13   How do we feel about USB-C?

00:16:17   We like USB-C, we love USB-C, I think.

00:16:19   - Yes, love it.

00:16:22   I've met with a thing where I want to,

00:16:24   I mentioned this on the show a week,

00:16:26   I think last week where I won a project Hollywood

00:16:29   where I wanna make my studio better for video,

00:16:32   and I wanna get an iPhone for that.

00:16:33   And I've definitely met with this thing of like,

00:16:36   do I wanna just invest in a USB-C iPhone

00:16:39   rather than a lightning iPhone?

00:16:41   And I think the answer is probably yes,

00:16:44   just because of what I wanted,

00:16:45   'cause I want it to be for video

00:16:47   that having USB-C is probably beneficial.

00:16:51   - Yep. - But there is like,

00:16:52   oh man, that's not gonna be the cheaper iPhone.

00:16:55   I'm gonna try and get a refurb one, I think.

00:16:57   - Yeah. - Like a iPhone 15.

00:16:59   But I did think that it would at least mean

00:17:01   I could not have to worry about

00:17:03   getting decent storage size, right?

00:17:05   'Cause I could just have it plugged into a Mac all the time

00:17:08   and just offloading the video.

00:17:10   - Mm-hmm. - Yeah.

00:17:11   - Very good.

00:17:13   All right, and in round two,

00:17:16   I said there will not be an iPhone 15 mini.

00:17:20   - Never again. - Yeah.

00:17:22   There's an iPhone 15, an iPhone 15 Plus,

00:17:24   there's no iPhone 15 mini.

00:17:26   They don't make small phones anymore.

00:17:29   So I know there's some of you out there

00:17:32   who are missing this kind of product.

00:17:34   - I don't, but there's some people out there

00:17:37   who want a small phone.

00:17:39   I'm sorry. - I hear there are

00:17:40   some small Android phones, if you wanna--

00:17:41   - You know? - Go get one of those.

00:17:43   - Get an Apple Watch, you know?

00:17:45   It's basically the same size. (laughing)

00:17:47   - Get the humane pin.

00:17:48   It's the smallest phone you can get.

00:17:50   - Oh man. - Sure, yeah.

00:17:52   - It's pretty small.

00:17:54   It's also a phone. - It's pretty small.

00:17:56   - I said no Intel Macs are left on sale

00:18:00   as new at the end of 2023.

00:18:04   This was something that, when I saw this in the document

00:18:06   a couple of days ago, I had to go check,

00:18:08   'cause it still felt like that could not be the case.

00:18:12   You know what I mean?

00:18:13   It's like, it would not surprise me

00:18:14   if there was one of them just like a ghost,

00:18:16   just like hanging around.

00:18:17   But no, they did it, they did the thing.

00:18:19   - They did it. - All gone.

00:18:20   - Yeah, the Mac Pro was kind of the last one

00:18:23   to make the move, and it did so

00:18:25   in the most underwhelming way possible,

00:18:28   but the Intel era is gone.

00:18:32   - Yeah, definitely the ugly luckling of the transition.

00:18:35   - Yeah, it is.

00:18:37   That's unfortunate.

00:18:38   - Is it though?

00:18:39   - We don't have time to litigate that today.

00:18:43   - It's idealistically unfortunate, but it's fine.

00:18:46   - There you go, there you go.

00:18:48   So at the end of round two.

00:18:51   - We're still tied. - Still tied.

00:18:53   - All tied up, baby.

00:18:54   - All tied up.

00:18:56   - As often these games go.

00:18:58   - Yes, which we will talk about later on.

00:19:02   - Yeah.

00:19:03   - Let's move on to some risky picks.

00:19:06   - My pick was for the year,

00:19:08   Apple shows off their headset in March.

00:19:11   They announced developer tours at WWDC.

00:19:13   They show it off again in September.

00:19:15   It ships to customers in October.

00:19:17   - You couldn't have been more wrong.

00:19:20   - There was a world in which I was right,

00:19:21   and we all know it.

00:19:22   - Sure, there's a timeline.

00:19:23   There's a timeline in which this happened.

00:19:25   - Yeah, there's a world in which I look like The Rock,

00:19:28   but we don't live in that world.

00:19:30   - Well, I got 25% of this pick correct.

00:19:33   - Wait, which part?

00:19:34   Developer tours at WWDC.

00:19:36   - We will, but we, you know,

00:19:37   like if we want to talk about how wrong, right,

00:19:40   we can maybe, we'll see where we go later on

00:19:42   throughout these picks,

00:19:43   but I got 25% of my pick correct.

00:19:47   - Yeah.

00:19:48   - Yeah, and I can tell you preemptively

00:19:50   that I got 0% of my pick correct.

00:19:52   (laughing)

00:19:55   - What is that pick Federico?

00:19:56   - My pick was Apple will release its biggest iPad ever

00:20:01   with a display of at least 16 inches.

00:20:05   It won't be OLED.

00:20:06   It'll have the front facing camera on the landscape side

00:20:09   and two USB supports at least.

00:20:12   It'll be called iPad Studio.

00:20:14   - This is one of the biggest leaps anyone has taken

00:20:19   'cause you just went so far.

00:20:20   - Record scratch for the first time in 10 years.

00:20:26   For the first time in 13 years, I'm sorry,

00:20:29   there was no new iPad in 2023.

00:20:33   Literally zero tablets from Apple.

00:20:36   - This took them so much work to try and get this thing.

00:20:39   They just couldn't do anything else

00:20:40   and they just couldn't get it over the line, you know?

00:20:42   - Can't do it.

00:20:43   - Yeah, so none of this pick came true

00:20:48   because there was no new iPads last year.

00:20:51   - Yeah, so that would still be a sick iPad though.

00:20:54   Can we just say?

00:20:55   - It would totally be a sick iPad, yes.

00:20:58   Yeah, but Steven, you wanna keep me company

00:21:03   with some iPad, Ricky's?

00:21:06   - Yeah, Apple releases an iPad Pro with a screen

00:21:09   between 15.0 and 15.999 inches,

00:21:14   which replaces the 11 inch model.

00:21:16   - What I like about it,

00:21:18   I don't remember exactly the conversation

00:21:21   where that was put in, you know what I mean?

00:21:23   Like 0.999, like I'm sure there was some kind of litigation.

00:21:28   - You know that's our fault.

00:21:28   You know that is our fault.

00:21:30   - This is not a pure pick.

00:21:32   - It's wrong.

00:21:34   - You two were really on one with this iPad.

00:21:37   - Oh yeah, big time, big time.

00:21:41   I don't know why.

00:21:42   - I don't know if I ever remember feeling

00:21:43   like a 16 inch iPad was coming,

00:21:45   like definitely within a year.

00:21:47   - We were convinced that stage manager

00:21:49   was made for bigger iPads, I think.

00:21:51   - Yeah, that was probably it, right?

00:21:53   I mean, copy them, there's gotta be a reason

00:21:57   for them to have done this.

00:21:58   Now, Steven, remind me, do we have in the rules

00:22:03   the way that the flipping occurs now?

00:22:05   - Yes, it's where we all pick.

00:22:08   - We all pick until there's one person standing.

00:22:11   - Yep. - Yep.

00:22:12   'Cause that's where we are.

00:22:13   We are all tied up, as they say.

00:22:15   - Yet again.

00:22:16   - Okay, we've all got a call, right?

00:22:19   - We do.

00:22:20   - Who's calling first?

00:22:22   - Heads.

00:22:24   - Wait, who needs to call it now?

00:22:26   - All three of us.

00:22:27   - We all have to call it.

00:22:29   We're just in a standoff now as to who's going next.

00:22:32   - I'm going tails.

00:22:34   - All right, I'm gonna go heads.

00:22:36   I didn't hear that, but I, hang on,

00:22:39   what am I looking at right now?

00:22:41   It's some weird coin.

00:22:43   Oh, it was heads, there we go.

00:22:44   It says it at the top, it says it was heads.

00:22:46   I can take a screenshot if there's any...

00:22:48   - Uh, uh.

00:22:49   - Nah, so Federico's out.

00:22:55   - Okay. - Yeah.

00:22:56   Sorry Federico, I didn't have the volume up.

00:22:58   - It's fine. - But it says heads

00:22:59   at the top of the screen.

00:23:00   - Okay, I'm gonna go with heads again.

00:23:05   - All right, I'll go tails then.

00:23:07   - Tails.

00:23:10   - Yeah, baby.

00:23:11   - All right. - I told you,

00:23:12   four more years.

00:23:13   Four more years, let's go!

00:23:16   Let's go!

00:23:17   - He's gonna be in soft football.

00:23:17   - Four more years, let's go!

00:23:20   Annual Chairman Forever, let's go.

00:23:24   - Congratulations.

00:23:25   - Thank you very much.

00:23:27   - Congrats, Mike.

00:23:28   - Thank you, thank you.

00:23:30   I don't ever wanna decide this on a coin flip ever again.

00:23:33   - Yeah, well, we're gonna get to that.

00:23:35   - Yeah. - Mm-hmm.

00:23:36   - We got some more stuff to do first.

00:23:38   - But by the way, let's go.

00:23:40   You know?

00:23:43   Can I get a let's go from the two of you?

00:23:47   - Mm-hmm.

00:23:48   - Let's a go.

00:23:49   - There we go, that's all I wanted, thank you.

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00:26:10   Flexi time.

00:26:13   Woo woo woo woo.

00:26:15   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Rikis.

00:26:18   It consists of a series of additional picks

00:26:20   in relation to the upcoming Apple event or year.

00:26:24   Scoring is completed separately from the main game,

00:26:27   but like the Rikis, the order of picks

00:26:30   is set by the results of the previous game,

00:26:32   and ties will be broken by using dice by Peacock.

00:26:36   Please lie down as the rules are read.

00:26:39   (dramatic music)

00:26:42   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

00:26:49   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

00:26:53   Wrong picks don't remove any points,

00:26:56   but no partial points will be awarded.

00:26:58   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage

00:27:02   of correct Flexis made by each host.

00:27:05   The winner can use their chosen title

00:27:07   as long as they are the winner.

00:27:09   In case you've forgotten these, I will now remind you.

00:27:11   Federico shall be named Prince Flexi,

00:27:14   and is known as King Flexi when having won

00:27:16   both the keynote and annual games.

00:27:20   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington

00:27:22   and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

00:27:26   Mine is the Attorney General Flexi,

00:27:29   and I am the Secretary of Deflex when necessary.

00:27:33   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner

00:27:36   by donating to a charity of the winner's choice.

00:27:39   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi

00:27:42   made by the loser.

00:27:44   The money must be donated on air.

00:27:47   Mike currently is the winner of both the keynote

00:27:50   and the annual Flexis.

00:27:52   So good work there, Mike.

00:27:55   - I am the Archduke.

00:27:56   - It's true.

00:27:57   And if you were to hold all four titles,

00:27:59   then you could choose your own title,

00:28:01   but that's not applicable today.

00:28:03   So you may be seated.

00:28:05   (gentle music)

00:28:07   - I look forward to the day

00:28:09   when you are the Secretary of Deflex.

00:28:11   - I know.

00:28:12   - That will be a good time, and we'll all enjoy it.

00:28:13   - Well, it could start today.

00:28:15   It could start today.

00:28:16   - No, it can't start today,

00:28:18   because you just lost the annual.

00:28:20   You just lost.

00:28:22   - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:28:23   Those titles are just for the Flexis.

00:28:25   I could be-

00:28:26   - No, just for the Flexis.

00:28:27   - Yeah, if I win the Flexis today,

00:28:29   and I win the Flexis in a March event,

00:28:31   then I could be Secretary of Deflex.

00:28:34   So we'll see.

00:28:35   - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:28:38   Okay, I forgot.

00:28:39   Yes, there isn't like a consolidate.

00:28:42   Yeah, okay, all right.

00:28:43   My picks were, there is no iPad bigger than 12.9 inches.

00:28:50   - Correct.

00:28:52   - See, that was my proof.

00:28:53   You know what I just said a minute ago?

00:28:55   That I didn't think the 16 inch iPad would happen.

00:28:58   There it is.

00:28:59   It's my first Flexi.

00:29:00   - It's in black and white.

00:29:01   - I really didn't think it was gonna happen.

00:29:03   - Highlighted in green.

00:29:04   - An iPhone gets a periscope camera.

00:29:07   Now-

00:29:09   - I mean, technically.

00:29:12   - So I would say this is the same

00:29:14   as a small number of people.

00:29:15   You know what I'm saying.

00:29:19   Technically it's a tetra prism camera,

00:29:22   but when I said periscope,

00:29:24   we all knew it meant bigger telephoto, right?

00:29:27   Like how they build it is not-

00:29:28   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:29:29   - I'm fine with you getting this.

00:29:31   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:29:32   - Now this one I have a question on.

00:29:34   And it looks like somebody graded it green

00:29:36   and it wasn't me.

00:29:38   Apple's headset has widgets that look similar to iOS.

00:29:42   - Who graded it green?

00:29:43   Where are widgets?

00:29:44   - I graded it green based on a Mastodon post

00:29:49   by our friend Underscore showing WidgetSmith

00:29:52   working in the, I guess, the simulator.

00:29:54   - That's an app.

00:29:56   - But you can stick the widgets wherever you want.

00:30:00   - Yeah, but they're not like widgets

00:30:01   like on the home screen.

00:30:03   - So this is my question.

00:30:05   Like I don't sure if I give this to myself.

00:30:07   - There's no widgets gallery.

00:30:08   - There's no such thing as widgets,

00:30:09   but you can, what app has widget code can just,

00:30:14   they can exist, they can look exactly the same.

00:30:17   - You can make app interfaces like Windows

00:30:20   that look like widgets, but there's like an easy,

00:30:23   a pretty clear cut way to tell

00:30:25   whether widgets are supported or not.

00:30:27   There's no widget gallery on Visualize.

00:30:30   - I don't think that there are widgets.

00:30:31   That's why I didn't grade this.

00:30:33   But what I did, I did put this into the notes today

00:30:35   to just to ask the question, right,

00:30:37   of like you can make things that look and smell like widgets

00:30:40   but they're not widgets.

00:30:42   - Yeah, should we call Underscore?

00:30:45   - No, 'cause I know that he'll tell the correct answer,

00:30:47   which is like they're on.

00:30:49   - Okay, so.

00:30:51   - The Vision OS does not have widgets,

00:30:53   but he is able to build WidgetSmith as like a,

00:30:56   what do they call it?

00:30:58   There's one of the things where you can actually

00:31:00   break out something onto its own.

00:31:02   There are three types of apps, right?

00:31:03   - Okay.

00:31:04   - And so because he's building it in SwiftUI elements,

00:31:07   it's like he can make that work.

00:31:09   - Okay, all right.

00:31:09   - But it's not, as Federico said,

00:31:11   there isn't a widget gallery, right?

00:31:13   That doesn't exist on Vision OS.

00:31:15   - Okay, okay.

00:31:16   So widget-like things but not widgets, so no point.

00:31:19   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:31:20   - Okay.

00:31:21   - Apple releases an iMac with a larger screen.

00:31:24   - Mm-mm, nope.

00:31:24   In fact, they said they're not gonna do it.

00:31:26   - They said they wouldn't.

00:31:27   - That could be wronger in a Flexi there, really, you know?

00:31:30   - Yeah.

00:31:32   - AirPods Max 2 feature a foldable design

00:31:35   and come with a new case that fully encloses them.

00:31:39   - Nope.

00:31:40   - You could have stopped after AirPods Max 2.

00:31:42   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:31:43   I was just trying to like get it out into the world, right?

00:31:48   I was wishing. - Yeah.

00:31:50   - Like this next one, the iPad Mini gets updated

00:31:52   featuring either a mini LED or OLED screen.

00:31:55   - Oh boy. - I didn't think

00:31:56   it would happen, but I wanted it.

00:31:57   I want both of these things.

00:31:58   And then my final one too.

00:32:00   These last three, this was just my wishlist.

00:32:02   This was my list to Santa Cook,

00:32:04   but he did not give me any of these things.

00:32:05   Apple releases a new monitor.

00:32:07   I wanted all three of these things and I got zero.

00:32:09   - This is a shopping list, not Flexis.

00:32:12   - Doesn't matter, man, doesn't matter.

00:32:14   - So at the end of your Flexis,

00:32:17   you have two out of six or seven?

00:32:22   - Or seven. - Two out of seven.

00:32:24   - Two out of seven.

00:32:26   - Okay. - Two out of seven, correct.

00:32:28   - All right. - All right.

00:32:30   - I'm up next.

00:32:31   I said the iPad Mini would be updated in 2023.

00:32:34   It's a negative.

00:32:37   Apple Music classical ships in 2023.

00:32:41   - It did. - Got that.

00:32:43   Even the iPad version.

00:32:44   - Yeah, even that.

00:32:46   - Twitter will file for bankruptcy in 2023.

00:32:49   - I mean.

00:32:51   - Shockingly did not happen.

00:32:52   - They have not.

00:32:53   They have not. - They have not yet.

00:32:55   - Not yet.

00:32:57   The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro use the same generation system

00:33:01   on a chip.

00:33:01   - They do not, right? - Did not.

00:33:05   Although the rumor is the 16 and 16 Pro might,

00:33:07   so maybe this will be ahead of its time.

00:33:08   - Yeah, okay.

00:33:10   - Apple sells an iPhone 15 Ultra.

00:33:13   - Nope. - Nope.

00:33:14   The Apple Silicon Mac Pro allows third party GPUs

00:33:18   to be used.

00:33:19   - I wish.

00:33:21   - Not that one.

00:33:24   I will literally buy, and I'm gonna put this on the record,

00:33:26   if Apple ever brings back external GPUs,

00:33:31   I'm gonna buy a Mac Pro.

00:33:32   If they ever do it. - Oh my God.

00:33:36   - If eGPUs come back to Apple platforms,

00:33:40   save this bit of audio,

00:33:43   and come back to haunt me in the future,

00:33:45   I will buy a Mac Pro.

00:33:46   - It's okay.

00:33:48   And lastly, the Mac Mini is updated

00:33:52   to include more than one system on a chip option.

00:33:56   I got it right, M2 and M2 Pro.

00:33:59   - Nice, nice.

00:34:02   - So that is two out of six for me, I believe.

00:34:04   - Two out of six, better ratio than Mike.

00:34:06   - Why?

00:34:07   - Kinda two if you don't count today.

00:34:08   - One, two, three, four, five, seven.

00:34:11   Two out of seven.

00:34:12   - It's indentated.

00:34:13   - You've done this, both of you have done this

00:34:15   two times in a row.

00:34:16   Like why do you need to count them?

00:34:17   - I don't know.

00:34:18   - What is wrong with you?

00:34:19   - I need a number of these in the document

00:34:21   instead of using bullets clearly.

00:34:22   - Yeah, that would actually make sense, right?

00:34:25   We should be numbered.

00:34:27   - I failed math in high school, so that's my problem.

00:34:31   All right, so my flexes.

00:34:33   Number one, there will be new ways to invoke Siri by voice

00:34:37   instead of saying, "Hey, assistant."

00:34:40   Yeah, now you can just say Siri and it'll work.

00:34:44   - Are y'all doing that?

00:34:44   Have you turned off the hey?

00:34:46   - I did and then forgot.

00:34:48   - Same.

00:34:50   - Awesome.

00:34:51   - Number two, Apple will revive the HomePod line

00:34:57   with new devices.

00:34:58   - Yeah, new is doing a lot of work, but yeah.

00:35:03   - They came back with the original quote unquote

00:35:06   original HomePod, right?

00:35:07   - Yeah, it's an interesting, it's a revival.

00:35:09   - Well, it's a revival, something that was dead.

00:35:12   - The HomePod specifically was revived.

00:35:14   - The HomePod line.

00:35:17   - Very specifically.

00:35:18   - Johnny Sergi's doing CPR on it in the back.

00:35:20   - Yeah.

00:35:21   Wait, what is this in the Discord?

00:35:25   - There's a lot of things happening

00:35:28   in the Discord right now.

00:35:30   New devices plural must be at least two.

00:35:32   - Oh, with new devices, it comes with two colors.

00:35:38   - But this is not great, it's not in the notes.

00:35:42   - No, your pick says, "We'll revive the HomePod line

00:35:46   with new devices."

00:35:47   - New devices.

00:35:48   - And they have one new device.

00:35:49   - Well, it comes into college.

00:35:52   - Apparently it was discussed when,

00:35:54   I don't know how people remember these things

00:35:56   or if they just.

00:35:57   - Because they all are, so Kate says, plural,

00:36:01   "It was discussed when it was picked."

00:36:03   That's what Jason adds.

00:36:04   There's a timestamp, wow.

00:36:07   So I think Federico misses it, right?

00:36:12   - I mean.

00:36:14   - Oh, it says in the notes here,

00:36:15   "More than one, excluding the HomePod mini."

00:36:18   So it must have been in our conversation,

00:36:20   but we didn't put it in our document.

00:36:21   - Well, but it doesn't exclude colors.

00:36:22   It doesn't exclude colors.

00:36:23   - But colors on different devices, thumbs down.

00:36:26   - Okay.

00:36:28   - All right.

00:36:30   - Did not get that one.

00:36:31   - Number three, second generation AirPods Max

00:36:34   will ship during the year.

00:36:35   We have established that they didn't.

00:36:38   - Killing me, man.

00:36:39   - Number four.

00:36:39   - Just killing me.

00:36:40   - There is no second gen Apple Watch Ultra.

00:36:43   - There is a second gen Apple Watch Ultra.

00:36:46   - Technically for a period of time there wasn't.

00:36:49   Then it came back again.

00:36:51   - Just in the US, just here.

00:36:54   Number five, Apple brings new actions to shortcuts

00:36:57   to control Windows on iPadOS.

00:37:00   Also incorrect.

00:37:03   Number six is interesting.

00:37:04   So I said, Apple releases new developer APIs

00:37:07   for stage managers, stage manager.

00:37:10   Now, I remember that there was something

00:37:15   for developers in stage manager.

00:37:17   So I asked around to people in the know.

00:37:21   And what they did is something that I think requires

00:37:26   a bit of adjudication.

00:37:29   So there was this bug that caused a lot of headache

00:37:33   to developers who wanted to figure out how to work

00:37:35   with stage manager and the keyboard,

00:37:38   the software keyboard on iPadOS.

00:37:41   So what they did in 2023,

00:37:44   they explained a workaround that they actually rolled out

00:37:49   in iPadOS 16.1.

00:37:54   They, it wasn't an API.

00:37:59   It was this technique to deal with the software keyboard

00:38:03   that Apple explained to developers in 2023.

00:38:08   - I mean, I will just ask you point blank,

00:38:09   do you think you got this?

00:38:11   - I don't think I got it.

00:38:12   - No, I don't think you got it.

00:38:14   I appreciate the legwork though.

00:38:16   - But I don't think I got it.

00:38:18   - No.

00:38:19   - Sorry, buddy. - And lastly, I said,

00:38:21   at least one Twitter app update will be rejected

00:38:25   from the App Store.

00:38:26   Do we remember if at any point--

00:38:29   - I've done some digging on this and I can't find anything.

00:38:31   - So what did happen is they rejected a metadata change

00:38:36   to change the name from Twitter to X,

00:38:40   but that seems to be independent of like a new build.

00:38:44   Like the app, well, it may have been in conjunction

00:38:47   with an app update, but the app wasn't rejected.

00:38:50   The metadata change was rejected.

00:38:51   And what Apple changed was the rule about the metadata,

00:38:55   not a rule about the app.

00:38:57   - I mean, that qualifies as an app update though.

00:39:00   - Yeah, I'm willing to give it to you,

00:39:02   but by like the skin of your teeth,

00:39:04   I think just a little bit.

00:39:06   - Yeah, 'cause I feel like it's just,

00:39:07   we don't fully understand the function.

00:39:10   Like I would expect that the only way you could change

00:39:12   the name of an application is to do it via an update.

00:39:15   And if they rejected the metadata change,

00:39:17   they rejected the update.

00:39:19   You know?

00:39:22   - That makes us tied two out of seven for all of us.

00:39:27   - Yep. - Perfect.

00:39:28   I will turn my phone off silent again.

00:39:32   I will, the volume put is at maximum.

00:39:36   - All right, who's gonna call first?

00:39:38   I'll call first. - If you're gonna win again,

00:39:40   Mike, I swear this game is Rick D'Inofrio.

00:39:42   - I will call Tails, there you go.

00:39:44   I'm started with that, see how that makes you feel.

00:39:46   - Yeah, I will also call Tails.

00:39:48   - I'll go Heads then.

00:39:49   - All right.

00:39:50   - Heads. - All right, Steven won.

00:39:54   - Yay! - That's the end of that.

00:39:56   That's the end of that.

00:39:57   - Oh, y'all have to pick for the loser.

00:40:00   - Oh. - Hmm.

00:40:01   - Oh no. - 'Cause someone has to donate.

00:40:04   - I know I will have to donate.

00:40:06   - Probably. - Federico, you call.

00:40:09   - Heads.

00:40:10   - Heads, yeah, there you go.

00:40:14   You're having a bad luck day today, Federico.

00:40:16   - Wait, I said heads. - Yeah, he just won.

00:40:18   - Oh, then I lost. - I won.

00:40:20   - You're having a good luck day.

00:40:21   Well, I consider it to be the true winner

00:40:23   to donate to charity, personally.

00:40:26   - Oh. - Nice spin.

00:40:27   - I can't speak for the two of you,

00:40:28   but I think the true winner is the person.

00:40:30   - Nice spin, Piai.

00:40:33   - That's a good, good, good work in there.

00:40:38   - Would you like to give me a charity, Steven?

00:40:40   - Yeah, so I'm going to say,

00:40:44   I didn't have one picked, so I'm looking through.

00:40:49   - Steven, this is the first step

00:40:51   toward the making of the Secretary of the Flex.

00:40:55   - Oh, it is.

00:40:56   - Yeah.

00:40:58   - So you go to win, you have to win a keynote flexies, right?

00:41:01   - Yeah. - You are now attorney,

00:41:02   what are you now? - AG Flexi.

00:41:04   - AG Flexi. - Attorney General Flexi, man.

00:41:06   - Yeah, yeah, so Steven has evolved into AG Flexi.

00:41:09   - Yeah.

00:41:10   Yeah, Mike, I'm going to say

00:41:14   the Stax Music Academy here in Memphis.

00:41:17   So it's staxmusicacademy.org.

00:41:20   They do music, a lot of music history stuff in Memphis,

00:41:26   but music stuff for students in the city,

00:41:30   a bunch of really cool stuff.

00:41:31   There's a charter school,

00:41:33   and I think you should donate some money to them.

00:41:36   - I will, what is the total?

00:41:38   - $250, I believe, right?

00:41:39   It's $50 per wrong pick, you had five wrong picks, so 250.

00:41:43   - Yeah.

00:41:44   - Oh.

00:41:45   Wait, really?

00:41:49   That sounds like a lot of money.

00:41:50   - Isn't it?

00:41:50   It's $50 per wrong pick.

00:41:52   - Yeah, now you understand my pain.

00:41:53   Yeah, buddy, yeah.

00:41:55   - No, it's $25, $25.

00:41:58   - Yeah, I mean, jeez, jeez.

00:42:00   - Come on, Steven, we were about to scam him.

00:42:02   - So it's 125.

00:42:04   - I will tell you right now, I'd already opened it.

00:42:06   I wasn't going to believe anything anybody told me

00:42:08   because it just seemed like way more money than I remember.

00:42:12   Oh, dear.

00:42:14   - $2,500.

00:42:15   - $2,000.

00:42:17   - You're going to get your name on a building down there.

00:42:20   - I will also cover the transaction fees.

00:42:23   - You should.

00:42:24   I mean, you're a decent human being, right?

00:42:26   - Done.

00:42:28   - Thank you very much.

00:42:29   (upbeat music)

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00:45:09   - All right.

00:45:12   I think as has been proven today and all of 2023,

00:45:17   the risky has gotten out of hand.

00:45:22   - Yeah.

00:45:23   - And in a way to try and make something be risky enough,

00:45:28   we have had to like layer too much.

00:45:30   So my suggestion,

00:45:33   so we need to relax the risky rules.

00:45:37   And I think that we should do this piece by piece

00:45:41   over the course of 2024.

00:45:43   And maybe by the end of the year,

00:45:45   we have like truly landed on something good.

00:45:48   I think the first step is remove the contingent

00:45:53   of could never have been rumored before.

00:45:56   - Yes.

00:45:57   - And then we go from there.

00:45:59   - Okay.

00:45:59   - So we still all have to agree.

00:46:01   - Before we discuss this, I also wanna say,

00:46:03   we can talk about this in a couple of minutes.

00:46:05   I also have an idea for an addition to the game

00:46:09   that we can talk about next time.

00:46:11   But first, the risk factor.

00:46:16   - Yeah. - I agree.

00:46:17   - Okay.

00:46:18   So I can just remove the sentence that says

00:46:20   a pick cannot be named risky

00:46:21   if it has been previously rumored by publications

00:46:23   of record nine to five for Mac rumors.

00:46:25   I can just delete that.

00:46:27   - At this point, all kinds of things get rumored.

00:46:29   - Yeah. - Right?

00:46:31   Especially with this new generation of quote unquote

00:46:33   leakers that we have.

00:46:35   All kinds of things get rumored and get picked up.

00:46:38   So I think it's making the game impossible.

00:46:42   - It is. - At this point.

00:46:43   - We also had a to-do item in here

00:46:46   to name Jason as the adjudicator.

00:46:49   Do we feel like that's necessary?

00:46:50   Or do we wanna leave that kind of

00:46:52   in the parking lot for now?

00:46:53   - Why did that?

00:46:55   I know there was some kind of,

00:46:57   we had a fight and we had to call Jason.

00:46:59   Maybe we don't need to.

00:47:01   I don't think we need to worry about it.

00:47:02   - Yeah, we're just gonna get rid of that.

00:47:04   Not give Jason any more power than he already has.

00:47:06   So the only change--

00:47:07   - Well, he actually has negative power

00:47:09   in the bill of, in the bill of--

00:47:11   - So the only change is removing the rule,

00:47:14   the sentence about nine to five Mac and Mac rumors.

00:47:17   - Yeah.

00:47:18   - Okay.

00:47:19   And basically what we are doing is sort of like,

00:47:22   we'll know it when we see it.

00:47:24   Like if something is risky or not.

00:47:26   - The reason that this was introduced

00:47:27   is because we were arguing too much

00:47:29   when we were trying to agree

00:47:30   as to whether something was risky or not.

00:47:32   Like that was why this part was put in

00:47:35   to try and stop the fighting.

00:47:36   - But also the game was new.

00:47:37   We've been doing this for a good number of years.

00:47:40   - No, that was added like a year or two ago.

00:47:44   Yeah, we've not always done it that way

00:47:45   with the rumors of record and stuff like that.

00:47:47   - Yeah, that was added.

00:47:48   And so it's just gonna have to be a case of like,

00:47:52   by now I would hope that we've internalized it.

00:47:55   'Cause I do think that there is a thing of like,

00:47:57   if something has been rumored in the last week,

00:48:00   it's not risky anymore, but like I don't, right?

00:48:03   Like unless it's a rumor which is just like out there.

00:48:08   So like I think that we'll be able to understand that

00:48:12   as we hit it and we'll just have to work on it

00:48:13   as time goes on, right?

00:48:15   Like I just think that's just the way

00:48:16   we're gonna have to play this now.

00:48:17   And just see, that's what I'm saying.

00:48:18   Like we start with this and we see how it makes us feel

00:48:22   as we move through the year.

00:48:23   - Okay.

00:48:24   Federica, do you wanna talk about your possible addition

00:48:27   or do you wanna say about that?

00:48:28   - Yes, so I wanna leave you with an idea.

00:48:30   - All right.

00:48:31   - So let it sit in your brain for a few weeks

00:48:35   and if there's an event in March, we can reconsider this.

00:48:38   So hear me out.

00:48:41   Are you both familiar with Mario Kart?

00:48:45   - Yeah.

00:48:45   - Yes.

00:48:46   - I mean, you've know the, why are you playing?

00:48:48   You know that.

00:48:50   - So you know in Mario Kart, the game is designed

00:48:53   to help you out if you are consistently in the last spot.

00:48:58   - Rubber banding.

00:49:01   - Rubber banding.

00:49:03   Every once in a while, if you're last,

00:49:05   you get the blue shell,

00:49:06   which causes havoc and fun in the game.

00:49:12   I am thinking of something along the lines of a blue shell

00:49:16   for the Riki's where if you consistently lose something,

00:49:21   you get a special power every once in a while

00:49:29   to alter the game.

00:49:31   - We've toyed with this before, right?

00:49:34   That like, but it was in the opposite

00:49:37   that the winner could have a rule change of their choice.

00:49:42   - Yeah, which seems a little power hungry in hindsight.

00:49:45   - Exactly.

00:49:46   So I'm thinking let's flip that on its side.

00:49:49   Let's give no power to the losers.

00:49:52   So something to think about, what could it be?

00:49:56   I don't know, but just the equivalent of a blue shell.

00:50:00   - Okay.

00:50:01   - Before the game.

00:50:02   - I will be willing to accept this on one condition.

00:50:06   The loser has a name.

00:50:11   - What do you mean?

00:50:12   - You were named as the loser, right?

00:50:17   - The loser idol.

00:50:18   - Yes, the way that it would then be written in the rules.

00:50:22   - Right, so we gotta come up with loser names.

00:50:25   - Has to have a name attached to them,

00:50:28   which is not good to have, you know?

00:50:29   Like it's a name you don't want.

00:50:31   It's like a, what is it?

00:50:33   - It's a shame skull.

00:50:34   - It's a scarlet letter kind of thing.

00:50:35   Like you are shamed and therefore you can use your power

00:50:41   your embarrassing power.

00:50:43   - Like in this case, for example, Mike,

00:50:45   you would be not the Duke, but let's say the-

00:50:48   - Like the pauper.

00:50:50   - Of Smellington or something like that.

00:50:54   - Like the jester of something.

00:50:57   - The jester of Smellington.

00:50:59   - I would wanna put some guard rails around it

00:51:02   that it wasn't like you were just gonna give yourself points.

00:51:04   Like it has to be, right?

00:51:07   - It has to be something that gives you another shot

00:51:09   or something.

00:51:10   Like a blue shell essentially.

00:51:13   - I tell you what, let's have listeners,

00:51:16   if they have ideas for power ups off of the game,

00:51:18   submit them on the feedback form on the website.

00:51:21   - Like one could be like, you get an extra regular pick.

00:51:25   - Exactly, exactly.

00:51:26   - Ooh, yeah, okay.

00:51:28   - But we just need to work out the mechanics.

00:51:30   Like how long do you have to be the loser for?

00:51:33   - Yeah, it has to be like at least twice in a row,

00:51:38   if not three times.

00:51:39   - I would say twice.

00:51:40   Like if somebody has lost two times in a row,

00:51:44   they get the ability to change the rules

00:51:47   for the next round is probably a good.

00:51:51   - Maybe, let's think about it.

00:51:53   Let's think about it and get suggestions from people.

00:51:55   - This is good fun.

00:51:56   This is good fun.

00:51:58   - So let us know in the feedback form if you have ideas.

00:52:01   - No.

00:52:02   - Round one, Mike you're up.

00:52:05   - The first OLED iPad is introduced.

00:52:08   I am, I've like Kirby, I have taken in all of your energy

00:52:13   from the both of you from last year

00:52:16   and I'm now spitting it back out at you in the form of.

00:52:19   - Are you going all in with iPad?

00:52:21   - Yes, for the first two picks I'm all iPad.

00:52:25   I've gobbled up your enthusiasm.

00:52:28   I've chewed it, made it smaller

00:52:30   and I'm spitting it back out at you

00:52:31   in the sense of the first OLED iPad is introduced.

00:52:35   - Okay, nice.

00:52:37   Sounds like it's gonna happen, so yeah.

00:52:40   - I mean, if they don't, I mean, what's going on?

00:52:42   Just pack up and go up.

00:52:44   - All right, Steven you're up.

00:52:48   - The Apple Watch 10 brings an updated design

00:52:51   inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra in some way.

00:52:55   - How do you quantify this?

00:52:58   - I think it could be a flat screen.

00:53:00   It could be an action button.

00:53:02   It could be a crown guard.

00:53:03   - Put this in the ungraded details for context.

00:53:06   - Yeah, so we have like an idea.

00:53:08   - So ungraded, action button?

00:53:12   - Could be, yeah, action button.

00:53:13   - Flat glass or crown guard.

00:53:18   - Okay, that's good enough.

00:53:21   - You don't, yeah, it's just 'cause it's the in some way,

00:53:24   right, like I can see that particular wording

00:53:27   coming back to be a problem later on.

00:53:30   - Does it have to be called Apple Watch 10?

00:53:33   - I mean, I could change this to the new Apple Watch,

00:53:37   like the 10th generation Apple Watch.

00:53:38   - That's fine, no, it's fine, it's fine.

00:53:40   - Yeah. - Yeah.

00:53:42   - We know, and you see it.

00:53:43   This is an interesting pick because this,

00:53:45   I mean, it could be this year,

00:53:46   it could be next year, right?

00:53:48   - Could be, I mean, they're on series nine,

00:53:51   so we'll see, see what they do.

00:53:52   - Right, but like, so there is this,

00:53:54   the rumor about the Apple Watch X, right?

00:53:56   - Mm-hmm, I think it's Apple Watch Twitter.

00:53:59   - That would denote the 10th year,

00:54:03   and this isn't that?

00:54:05   - Yeah, but neither was the iPhone 10 and its 10th year, so.

00:54:09   - Is that true?

00:54:10   - Yes.

00:54:11   - No, it was its 10th year.

00:54:12   - Oh, was it? - It was 2017, yeah.

00:54:14   - Well, okay. - Yeah, because they started,

00:54:16   the numbering was different 'cause we had the like--

00:54:18   - But Apple's not gonna release the series 10

00:54:21   and then do the series X and it'd be different somehow.

00:54:24   So I'm standing by this.

00:54:27   - Yeah, no, you should, but I'm just saying,

00:54:28   I'm just like, we're conversing here.

00:54:30   Like this idea of Apple Watch X,

00:54:32   that might just be what it's like they're calling it, right?

00:54:34   But it might be just like symbolic of like,

00:54:36   like the iPhone 10 was, that will be this

00:54:40   for the Apple Watch, and like,

00:54:42   that might not be this year, but.

00:54:44   - Sometimes I think about the fact

00:54:45   that there was never Windows 9 or the iPhone 9.

00:54:49   - It's weird, right?

00:54:50   - Yeah.

00:54:51   Okay, round one, my pick.

00:54:54   The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is substantially redesigned

00:54:58   after four years.

00:54:59   - There's something about the after four years

00:55:02   that I just find very charming.

00:55:04   - You know.

00:55:06   - You're just like, is it because you're upset?

00:55:08   Like why is that in here?

00:55:10   Okay, fair enough.

00:55:11   - That's the context.

00:55:12   The context reflects my mental state about this product.

00:55:17   Yeah.

00:55:19   - What you're missing is it actually says

00:55:20   after four years, suckers, I hate you.

00:55:23   Also an interesting addition that you see in here.

00:55:25   - Bills, yep.

00:55:26   - Unnecessary.

00:55:28   - Yep.

00:55:28   - Quick question, quick question.

00:55:31   Two questions actually.

00:55:32   One, what if they did this in January?

00:55:35   That would be before four years, technically.

00:55:38   Just gonna put that out there.

00:55:39   (laughing)

00:55:42   - Okay, it's substantially redesigned for the first time.

00:55:47   - Okay, that's better.

00:55:51   - For the first time since its introduction.

00:55:55   - Perfect.

00:55:56   - In 2020.

00:55:57   - Okay.

00:55:58   And I would like some ungraded adornment

00:56:03   on what substantially redesigned could be.

00:56:06   - Ungraded.

00:56:07   - Well, I actually, before we get there, if you don't mind,

00:56:09   I would like to ask a similar question to Federico

00:56:11   that we asked of Steven.

00:56:13   I mean, the Magic Keyboard is new, right?

00:56:16   Like if you would have made this pick in 2019,

00:56:20   you would have said the Smart Keyboard.

00:56:21   - Okay, yeah.

00:56:25   - Say like the high-end keyboard for iPad Pro

00:56:27   or something like that would maybe be a kind of pick to you.

00:56:31   'Cause they might not call it the Magic Keyboard.

00:56:33   - We could use this official name, can't we?

00:56:35   Isn't it just Magic Keyboard?

00:56:36   - Yeah, but they might come up with a new name completely.

00:56:39   - Yeah, but what if they come out with like Pro Keyboard

00:56:42   for iPad Pro or something?

00:56:44   - Why don't you just call it the keyboard?

00:56:45   The keyboard for iPad Pro.

00:56:46   - The keyboard.

00:56:47   - Yeah, the keyboard for iPad Pro.

00:56:50   'Cause it's always gonna be attached to that product.

00:56:53   - Yeah.

00:56:54   - No matter what it is.

00:56:54   - Very detailed.

00:56:55   A function row, a brand new--

00:56:58   - That's a backlight, maybe?

00:57:00   - Backlight, yeah.

00:57:01   - Ooh, yeah.

00:57:02   - Also a brand new aluminum body instead of like the...

00:57:07   What is that material?

00:57:09   - It's weird, whatever it is.

00:57:11   - Rubber, whatever.

00:57:12   Could be multiple USB ports, more viewing angles,

00:57:19   like all these things.

00:57:20   I mean, I'm pretty sure that this was rumored

00:57:21   by Mark Gurman months ago.

00:57:24   That they're making like a proper laptop thing.

00:57:26   Essentially the Apple version of a bridge keyboard.

00:57:29   - But you know, that works.

00:57:32   - But you know, that actually works.

00:57:34   So yeah.

00:57:34   The keyboard for iPad Pro is substantially redesigned

00:57:38   for the first time since its introduction in 2020.

00:57:41   - I love it.

00:57:42   - Let's hope that it doesn't put Apple out of business.

00:57:44   - No.

00:57:45   - That's what finally did them in.

00:57:47   - Round two.

00:57:48   There is a new, larger, non-Pro iPad.

00:57:53   - Yeah, so the big iPad Air.

00:57:55   - The big iPad Air or the iPad Studio that you've picked

00:57:59   from last year, I guess.

00:58:00   - The best timeline could be,

00:58:05   they don't actually release the 15 inch iPad Air

00:58:08   and they do release an iPad Studio,

00:58:10   but it's called iPad Pro Studio.

00:58:12   - And it's 19 inches.

00:58:14   - It's between 19.0 and 19.99.

00:58:19   - No, no, but I mean, it seems pretty much a lock

00:58:22   at this point that they are gonna do the big iPad Air.

00:58:26   - Yeah, they've done it with the MacBook Air,

00:58:28   they did it with the phone.

00:58:29   This is a thing they're doing now.

00:58:32   - I just don't know.

00:58:35   I don't, like, we can draw comparisons,

00:58:39   but it's just like, but why?

00:58:43   I don't know, we'll find out.

00:58:44   I'm just not sure if I,

00:58:46   I think like it's not so compelling with the iPhone,

00:58:50   less compelling with the Mac.

00:58:51   I think it's even less compelling with the iPad,

00:58:53   but we'll see.

00:58:55   - Okay, I'm up next.

00:59:00   There will be no second generation Vision Pro

00:59:03   announced in 2024.

00:59:05   - Yeah, I think you're right.

00:59:07   I don't think they're gonna announce any headsets.

00:59:10   - Can you imagine?

00:59:11   (laughs)

00:59:12   It's six months later, they're like,

00:59:14   you've got a new one and it's $2,000 cheaper.

00:59:16   - It'd be like the iPad three to four cycle.

00:59:20   Remember how fast that was?

00:59:22   - Oh, it's exactly what Meta did to me.

00:59:26   They're like, here's the Quest Pro,

00:59:27   few months later, here's the Quest three,

00:59:30   it's better and cheaper.

00:59:31   Oh, okay, thank you for that.

00:59:33   - And also like Steven, I think this is,

00:59:36   you phrased this pick right,

00:59:38   because you're saying no second generation Vision Pro.

00:59:41   If they announce an Apple Vision or Vision SE

00:59:44   or Vision S, whatever, it doesn't count,

00:59:48   because you're saying second generation.

00:59:49   - There's no way though.

00:59:49   - Right?

00:59:51   Even that, surely they don't.

00:59:53   - I don't think they're,

00:59:55   I don't think you're gonna do any other headsets this year.

00:59:58   - I would be surprised if they did it.

01:00:00   - But just in case, Steven is saying no second gen Vision Pro.

01:00:04   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:00:06   Yeah, that's my hedge a little bit.

01:00:08   - Yeah, yeah.

01:00:09   All right, and my second pick is iOS 18

01:00:14   will bring new AI features based on large language models

01:00:19   with some generative capabilities.

01:00:22   - Yeah, I hope so.

01:00:24   - I think so.

01:00:25   - I don't wanna say Siri because hey,

01:00:28   maybe they're not gonna call it Siri anymore, who knows?

01:00:30   But what I'm saying is the next version of iOS,

01:00:33   AI, large language models, some generative features.

01:00:36   - Okay.

01:00:40   - Risky pick time.

01:00:41   - Risky pick time.

01:00:42   - Risky pick time.

01:00:43   - These, I think these Riskys,

01:00:45   they already embody some of the new spirit

01:00:48   because we knew we wanted to do this.

01:00:50   They are, I think compared to last year's, they are tamer.

01:00:54   My pick is a game made by a studio owned by Meta

01:00:58   is released on the Vision Pro.

01:01:00   - I love this.

01:01:02   I love it.

01:01:03   - We know already that there are some third parties studios

01:01:06   bringing their games to the Vision Pro,

01:01:08   but not owned by Meta.

01:01:09   That is the key factor.

01:01:11   - They've named only a small handful of games.

01:01:14   I mean, look for me, if we go all year

01:01:18   without either Beat Saber or Vacation Simulator

01:01:23   or Supernatural, like something terrible has happened.

01:01:26   Like Meta surely are gonna do this

01:01:31   is the way that I view it.

01:01:32   And that's why it seems like a logical thing,

01:01:34   but it will also still be like a funny moment

01:01:37   when it happens.

01:01:38   They own all the best studios now making VR games.

01:01:42   So like basically I feel like as well,

01:01:45   Apple have to try and convince them to do it.

01:01:47   - Yes, that's how the relationship I think is gonna be now.

01:01:51   It's not Meta sort of like pushing to be like,

01:01:54   oh, we gotta be on the Vision Pro,

01:01:55   but more like sort of Apple going to Meta and saying,

01:01:58   can you please, can you guys please

01:02:00   bring some of your games to this platform?

01:02:03   Yeah.

01:02:04   I like this a lot.

01:02:06   I also like Steven's risky pick a lot.

01:02:10   Apple CEO succession plan leaks.

01:02:14   - This is mad lad energy and I love it.

01:02:17   - And the reason this is wild is that you're not saying

01:02:22   that they will share their succession plan,

01:02:25   but that it will leak.

01:02:27   - It will leak.

01:02:28   Yeah, I was going for the fences in 24.

01:02:30   - Yeah, it's big, it's big energy.

01:02:32   - It's a big one, it's a big one.

01:02:34   All right.

01:02:36   - Speaking of swinging for the fences.

01:02:38   (laughing)

01:02:40   - I couldn't help myself.

01:02:42   I already toned it down a bit.

01:02:44   - At my request Federico made this simpler.

01:02:47   - Now you tell me if I gotta make it even simpler.

01:02:51   Okay, let me read the original text

01:02:53   as it is in the document right now.

01:02:55   A new iPad Pro will feature a front facing camera

01:02:58   on the landscape side, higher than 27 Watts fast charging

01:03:02   and eventually support more than four windows

01:03:05   in the same stage manager workspace.

01:03:08   Is this too much?

01:03:09   - I think this is fun.

01:03:12   I think if you're gonna, for me,

01:03:15   this is still like the kind of level of risky

01:03:17   'cause it's like you just picked a bunch of things.

01:03:20   You know?

01:03:21   - Eventually, and by eventually I mean.

01:03:23   - It has to be by the pick and time.

01:03:26   - It has to be by the end of the year.

01:03:27   Therefore, if they release it.

01:03:28   - 'Cause they could release it

01:03:30   and then it could come later in the year.

01:03:31   Right, but it obviously has to be by the time that we score.

01:03:36   And I think that this, to me,

01:03:38   this is kind of, I think, still in the spirit of it.

01:03:40   'Cause you've picked a bunch of features, right?

01:03:42   And it's like, you have to hit them.

01:03:44   It's like a list of stuff.

01:03:45   - And for context, a previous version of this pick

01:03:48   had the detail of options with more than 16 gigs of RAM.

01:03:53   Right now, the iPad Pro one terabyte model

01:03:57   tops out at 16 gigs of RAM.

01:03:59   I still think they're gonna make a 24 gig of RAM version

01:04:03   of the iPad Pro, we'll see.

01:04:05   But I removed the RAM mention.

01:04:08   So once again, a new iPad Pro will feature

01:04:10   front facing camera on the landscape side,

01:04:12   higher than 27 watts fast charging,

01:04:16   and eventually support more than four windows

01:04:18   in the same stage manager workspace.

01:04:21   - I think this works.

01:04:23   - All right.

01:04:25   - It's very exciting.

01:04:26   - That's the regular picks and the risky picks.

01:04:30   - Now it's time for the flexies.

01:04:33   - Well, I just wanted to say about my round one picks,

01:04:35   why I'm so iPad heavy.

01:04:36   'Cause I had a Vision Pro one in here,

01:04:41   which I would have got the point,

01:04:43   which was Vision Pro ships by March.

01:04:45   So if we had done this episode last week,

01:04:49   I would have already scored a point.

01:04:50   That's why I went all iPad,

01:04:51   'cause it was just like, these are the things

01:04:53   that then made sense to me after that.

01:04:55   - Yeah.

01:04:57   Okay, flexies.

01:04:59   As Attorney General, I will go first.

01:05:02   The M1 MacBook Air is still on sale at the end of the year.

01:05:08   - Interesting.

01:05:12   - It's the price point, boys.

01:05:13   You know, I was all about it.

01:05:14   - Yeah, I got it, I got it.

01:05:16   - And then a couple of iPad ones.

01:05:18   The ninth generation iPad,

01:05:20   that's the one with the lightning port and the home button,

01:05:22   is taken off the market by the end of the year.

01:05:25   - Yeah.

01:05:26   - But it hits the price point, Steven.

01:05:27   - But they can move the 10th one down.

01:05:29   - They can move the 10th.

01:05:30   - Can they?

01:05:31   - Yeah, I think they will.

01:05:31   - Can they?

01:05:32   - I think they will.

01:05:33   - So I'll ask, I mean, I'm not trying to just be an idiot,

01:05:36   but I'm just asking, like, why could they do that

01:05:39   to the iPad but not the M2 MacBook Air?

01:05:41   - Because the, I think it's about how good

01:05:45   the M1 MacBook Air is versus how bad that iPad is.

01:05:48   - Okay.

01:05:49   - And that iPad is like the old design,

01:05:51   and I don't think they want that kicking around anymore.

01:05:56   - Okay, so up next, an updated iPad Air

01:05:59   comes in at least one new color.

01:06:02   And for your listening pleasure,

01:06:04   I have listed the colors as space gray, starlight,

01:06:08   pink, purple, and blue.

01:06:10   - Okay, so a new color.

01:06:11   - God, that list is just, makes no sense.

01:06:14   - No.

01:06:15   - No, it doesn't.

01:06:16   - Why space gray and starlight?

01:06:17   Where is midnight, the other color that complements,

01:06:20   whatever, I have to count on it.

01:06:22   - It's a mess, it is a mess.

01:06:24   - Don't try and make sense of it.

01:06:27   - Apple TV+ launches spatial content for the Vision Pro.

01:06:31   Ungraded, could be new content

01:06:34   or remastered existing content.

01:06:36   - What does this mean?

01:06:40   What are you saying?

01:06:42   I'm not sure what this is.

01:06:43   - This is, is this different from the 3D immersive stuff

01:06:46   that they already announced?

01:06:48   - Which they've already said they're gonna do.

01:06:49   - Wait, have they?

01:06:51   - Yeah, it's in the press release.

01:06:52   - Oh no.

01:06:54   - I win, I get the point.

01:06:55   - Sorry, sorry bud.

01:06:57   No, that's not how this works.

01:06:59   - Does that make that invalid completely?

01:07:04   - Well, I mean, it depends what you're,

01:07:06   that's what I'm saying.

01:07:06   I wanna know what your pick is.

01:07:09   - I tell you what.

01:07:10   - Because if it's like, if it's on Apple TV+,

01:07:13   is it like an Apple TV+ show

01:07:15   has some spatial content attached to it?

01:07:17   - Are you more thinking of like

01:07:21   360 degree sort of immersion?

01:07:25   Like, I don't know what you mean.

01:07:26   - What I'm thinking is like, yeah,

01:07:30   I'm watching an episode of Ted Lasso

01:07:32   and I can like look around the scene

01:07:34   and like look around the locker room

01:07:36   and that sort of thing.

01:07:37   - Well, that's like.

01:07:42   - What I would say is that if your pick could be,

01:07:45   if I'm hearing what you're saying,

01:07:46   Apple launches immersive video, which is their thing.

01:07:51   Apple launches immersive video that includes

01:07:54   Apple TV+ IP or something.

01:07:59   - That would work for me.

01:08:01   - Okay, 'cause they've said that they're gonna have,

01:08:03   it says Vision Pro introduces Apple immersive video,

01:08:06   a remarkable new entertainment format pioneered by Apple,

01:08:09   but it doesn't have anything other than encounter dinosaurs,

01:08:12   which is one of the demos, but you said Apple TV+.

01:08:15   So I would say if you said like that they created

01:08:18   some immersive video using Apple TV+ intellectual property,

01:08:23   they haven't said they're gonna do that

01:08:26   and so that feels like a thing.

01:08:28   - So Apple launches immersive video content

01:08:32   using TV+ IP?

01:08:35   - Yes. - Okay.

01:08:37   - Which is also fun pick.

01:08:39   - Yeah, okay.

01:08:41   - And then AirPods Pro 3,

01:08:46   I'm done with the AirPods Max 2, I don't believe anymore.

01:08:49   So AirPods Pro 3. - Friendship ended.

01:08:52   - Friendship ended with Max.

01:08:54   Launch with lossless support.

01:08:57   - Nice, I wish.

01:08:59   I don't think it's gonna happen this year,

01:09:00   but I hope you're right.

01:09:03   - We'll see. - Yeah.

01:09:04   Okay, so that's five flexes.

01:09:08   I also have, I believe, five flexes.

01:09:11   I can count.

01:09:12   Number one, as a result of allowing side loading on iPhone

01:09:16   in certain countries, a major controversy about security

01:09:20   and or malware on iOS happens.

01:09:23   - Ooh. - Yeah.

01:09:25   - That's good, man. - This is the side gate.

01:09:28   Side gate. - Yeah.

01:09:29   - That's what this one will be.

01:09:30   - I'm imagining that something will happen

01:09:33   because somebody will have side loaded something

01:09:35   on their iPhone so they were not supposed to do.

01:09:38   - Like, look, I tell you what this is gonna be

01:09:40   and like this, 'cause what this reminds me of

01:09:42   is like the AirTag thing.

01:09:43   There will be something about side loading some app

01:09:47   onto someone's phone who's in an abusive relationship.

01:09:50   - Yeah. - And this app

01:09:51   is tracking something about them.

01:09:53   Like that is 100% what it would be.

01:09:56   Like. - Unfortunately, yes.

01:09:57   - Yeah, but like that's just the way that these things go

01:10:00   and like that is also the kind of thing

01:10:01   that would rightly cause a big.

01:10:04   - A major, yeah.

01:10:06   - Like press thing.

01:10:08   - Yeah, number two.

01:10:11   Vision Pro will not be available in Italy in 2024.

01:10:16   - Want one. - Sadly, yeah.

01:10:19   - I kinda want you to add officially to that

01:10:21   because you're gonna have one, right?

01:10:23   - Yeah, but available is not Big Apple.

01:10:27   - I am not a country.

01:10:29   (all laughing)

01:10:31   But yes, you can add officially.

01:10:38   - Number three.

01:10:40   A Vision Pro will be used

01:10:42   on the International Space Station.

01:10:44   - God, I wish I thought of this.

01:10:46   - Madness.

01:10:48   - No, it's actually not.

01:10:50   - Why? - Years and years ago,

01:10:53   in 2015 or '16, NASA flew HoloLens

01:10:58   on the International Space Station.

01:11:00   - I didn't even know this, so I'm glad that I have some.

01:11:04   - My favorite part of this

01:11:05   is one of the immersive spaces is the moon.

01:11:08   - Yeah, now you can be on the moon.

01:11:10   - So I want now the astronaut to be looking at the moon,

01:11:13   but then they put their Vision Pro on

01:11:14   and now they're working on the moon.

01:11:16   - There you go.

01:11:17   - You can be on the moon twice.

01:11:20   - Yeah, yo dog.

01:11:21   How'd you like the moon?

01:11:23   - How'd you like moons?

01:11:24   - How'd you like moon on your moon?

01:11:25   (all laughing)

01:11:27   Oh, it's like we got moon at home.

01:11:29   (all laughing)

01:11:31   (B

01:11:36   Number four, you will be able to create shortcuts

01:11:41   with the new large language model infused Siri in iOS 18.

01:11:46   This is something I've been saying for a while.

01:11:50   You should be able to create some version of a shortcut

01:11:53   with natural language.

01:11:54   Like, hey, I wanna make a shortcut that does this and this,

01:11:57   just without having to use drag and drop.

01:11:59   Just let me use my voice and assemble the shortcut

01:12:01   for me.

01:12:03   - So what you've done here,

01:12:05   I just wanna highlight this for a second.

01:12:07   - Yes, yes.

01:12:08   - You have combined the bugginess of shortcuts

01:12:11   and the hallucinations of chat GPT.

01:12:14   - Exactly.

01:12:15   - See, this will cause the controversy

01:12:20   that you've previously mentioned.

01:12:21   Does your phone just start spitting out information

01:12:24   on the open web?

01:12:26   - Are you getting it?

01:12:27   These are not two separate bits.

01:12:28   (all laughing)

01:12:29   - One thing.

01:12:30   (all laughing)

01:12:32   And lastly, number five,

01:12:34   iPadOS 18 will feature new controls

01:12:37   for audio input and output.

01:12:39   Hashtag believe.

01:12:41   - This is the zombie pic.

01:12:43   - Yes, comes back to the achieve.

01:12:45   - I have six flexes.

01:12:48   - Okay.

01:12:48   - So I'm going one more.

01:12:49   Number one, new AirPods Max.

01:12:52   (all laughing)

01:12:53   Just roll it again, baby.

01:12:55   Let's go.

01:12:57   - Okay. - Yeah.

01:12:57   - Number two, we will be able to watch Avatar,

01:13:00   The Way of Water in 3D on Vision Pro.

01:13:03   - My boy, Jimmy.

01:13:03   - Yeah.

01:13:04   - Let's go.

01:13:05   And I'm waiting to watch this movie

01:13:06   until I can watch it in 3D on my Vision Pro

01:13:09   with a 150 inch screen in front of my face.

01:13:12   Apple adds another sport to TV+.

01:13:16   - Ooh, that's good.

01:13:17   - F1.

01:13:18   - Maybe F1.

01:13:21   I don't know, but like I think,

01:13:23   they're in the conversation all the time

01:13:25   and I think at some point they're gonna pick up something.

01:13:28   I think they seem to have just done so much work for MLS.

01:13:31   Like I think they're gonna pick something else up.

01:13:34   Third party Apple watch faces are introduced.

01:13:38   - Wow, this should have been your risky pic.

01:13:40   - It was gonna be my risky

01:13:42   if you didn't agree to the mental one.

01:13:45   I was listening to a podcast

01:13:48   and I remember which one it was and someone said it

01:13:50   and they were like, "Someday."

01:13:52   And I was like, "Maybe now is someday."

01:13:54   And you know what made me think about it?

01:13:56   Third party keyboards.

01:13:58   That was a thing that they did, right?

01:14:00   And when it happened, we were all like,

01:14:03   'cause it had been years of us wanting it

01:14:06   because of SwiftKey and it was on Android.

01:14:08   And it was like, there's no way Apple would do that.

01:14:11   And then they just did it all of a sudden.

01:14:14   My next one, Apple introduces a HomePod with a screen.

01:14:18   - Nice.

01:14:20   - And finally, VisionOS receives updates at WWDC

01:14:24   that shipped later in 2024.

01:14:27   - Like VisionOS too.

01:14:28   - Yeah, but I didn't wanna call it that

01:14:30   in case it wasn't that.

01:14:32   - In case they go from VisionOS 1 to VisionOS 18

01:14:36   to match the numbers of the other platforms.

01:14:38   - It's like iPhone OS, they rename it, right?

01:14:42   And then now it's like VOS 1 or something.

01:14:45   - Or, stick with me here,

01:14:48   they start naming it after big cats.

01:14:50   - Oh no. - Or small cats.

01:14:53   - VisionOS Panther.

01:14:55   Oh my God, there's brush metal everywhere.

01:14:58   - They should name VisionOS after dogs, if you ask me.

01:15:03   Like VisionOS Beagle, VisionOS Golden Retriever.

01:15:08   See? - VisionOS Labradoodle.

01:15:12   That was great. - See?

01:15:13   - Oh, that one. - Rolls of your tongue.

01:15:15   - Yeah, it does. - Yeah.

01:15:18   - All right. - Pitbull Mastiff.

01:15:20   (laughing)

01:15:22   Let's go, baby.

01:15:24   - VisionOS German Shepherd, why not?

01:15:27   - The drooliest update yet.

01:15:29   - Okay.

01:15:32   - Well, that does it.

01:15:34   We have graded our 2023 picks

01:15:36   and we have made confidently some picks for 2024.

01:15:41   We will of course be checking in on these

01:15:43   throughout the year in our document.

01:15:45   In the meantime, if you want to check out the scores at home

01:15:48   there's some links in the show notes.

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01:15:57   This week we covered CES

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01:16:32   - If you think what's weird that goes on the website

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01:16:36   - Yeah.

01:16:37   - You know, that's where the real fun's happening.

01:16:39   - Uh huh.

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01:17:24   And until next time, say goodbye.

01:17:27   - Arte vedeci.

01:17:28   - Goodbye from your annual chairman.

01:17:30   - And this is the Attorney General, Flexi, signing off.

01:17:36   - You don't even know your own title.

01:17:37   You know?

01:17:38   (both laughing)