498: He Sees You When You're Sleeping


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00:00:07   From relay.fm, this is Connected, episode 498. Today's show is brought to you by our excellent sponsors,

00:00:13   JAM, Squarespace, Netsuit, and ZocDoc. I'm Federico Vittucci, and it's my pleasure to be joined by Mr. Steven Hackett. Hello, Steven.

00:00:21   Hello Federico, how are you?

00:00:23   I am doing great. I just got some excellent shopping recommendations in the pre-show from you and Mike, so go listen to those.

00:00:33   Yes, we're also joined by another person that is not you, Steven.

00:00:36   It's not me, but it's Mike Hurley. Hi Mike.

00:00:38   Hello, my name is getconnectedpro.co. If you would like to hear us talk about backpacks for like 10 minutes.

00:00:46   And how to spend my money because my backpack broke and I need a new one to travel and stuff.

00:00:53   And Federico's bag is a jump scare, so you've got that for you as well.

00:01:00   It's not what you would expect.

00:01:02   Mike couldn't believe that I used that thing for five years.

00:01:05   I just couldn't believe it was able to last. That's the thing that's surprising to me.

00:01:11   Did that bag smell real bad when you opened it?

00:01:13   Yeah, kind of. Like a petrol smell.

00:01:17   Pure, pure mechanic, per like petroleum. Yeah, yes.

00:01:23   I kind of thought it might.

00:01:24   Yeah, it smells like the insides of planet earth. That's what the smell is.

00:01:31   getconnectedpro.co.

00:01:33   Follow up.

00:01:35   We have some follow up.

00:01:36   Follow up.

00:01:37   Steven, this is an interesting one. Go on.

00:01:40   I tried the Solo Top Lifestyle. So this is the little Etsy clip you put it on the Vision Pro.

00:01:48   I will say, when you get it, you should watch the video on Etsy of how to install it.

00:01:52   Because I was like, oh, I can figure this out.

00:01:54   And I could not figure it out how to watch the video.

00:01:56   And you get the Solo Knit Strap Headband thing, you know, with the adjustment knob, the wide one.

00:02:03   One that goes around the back of your head.

00:02:05   And this one, the little clips kind of do another one, kind of like at a 45 degree angle.

00:02:10   Like to the top of your head.

00:02:12   And you would recommend it going down a size.

00:02:14   So I wear the medium around the back of my head, the smaller over the top of my head.

00:02:18   I like a 45 minute spatial phone call with underscore this morning.

00:02:23   And this is the way to use the Vision Pro.

00:02:26   Yes.

00:02:26   Totally sold.

00:02:27   Oh, yes.

00:02:30   It looks, I'm sure it looks goofy, but you already look goofy wearing a Vision Pro.

00:02:34   So super comfortable.

00:02:36   I feel like it didn't.

00:02:37   You know, it was like balancing the pressure on the back and the top of the head way less fiddly

00:02:43   than the dual strap thing.

00:02:44   I think it looks better than the dual strap.

00:02:47   This is Federica.

00:02:48   You were right.

00:02:49   This is really good.

00:02:50   Thank you.

00:02:51   Thank you.

00:02:51   I'm so pleased to hear this.

00:02:52   And yeah, look, I tried all of this.

00:02:56   It continued, including I got like a cheap knockoff from Amazon US of the Solo Top.

00:03:02   It's still not as good as the Solo Top.

00:03:05   Like the material, it's the creator of the Solo Top really, really created a really nice product.

00:03:13   And as a reminder, there is also a Solo Top dev version.

00:03:17   If you want to use it with the developer strap made by the same person, a different purchase.

00:03:22   They should have called it Solo Top Pro.

00:03:24   That would be the aluminum one.

00:03:28   They should have called it Solo Top Pro.

00:03:31   Look, I want to do this.

00:03:34   I will do this, but I got to wait.

00:03:36   I'm not going to do the whole like, can someone buy me the band and ship it?

00:03:41   I'm just going to wait until the Vision Pro is in the UK and then I'll buy a second band

00:03:46   and I'll try this out.

00:03:48   Yeah.

00:03:48   Maybe that happens soon enough.

00:03:50   I reckon it's going to happen within the next month.

00:03:53   I genuinely think before WWDC, but it's just about when.

00:03:57   Like I could imagine they might announce it around about the same time that iPads are announced

00:04:02   or something, they might do one of those like party weeks where there's like a bunch of

00:04:06   stuff happening.

00:04:06   And one of these things might be like, oh, international availability for the Vision

00:04:10   Pro.

00:04:10   Because I really do think it will be before WWDC.

00:04:14   And I feel like it's just a case of when now, because it does seem like they have the availability,

00:04:20   like they have stock availability.

00:04:21   And so that's not the thing anymore.

00:04:24   In my opinion, you can just make it available.

00:04:27   And then when they do, I can buy accessories freely rather than having to try and get a

00:04:33   big Apple buddy to ship them.

00:04:34   No, no.

00:04:36   So on last week's episode, I was half remembering something that Craig Federighi said about

00:04:43   Apple's training data for photos.

00:04:46   I had a couple of people write in and Jamie was one of them who said, I'm almost certain.

00:04:51   See, Jamie's in the same boat as me.

00:04:53   The reference to licensing images was Craig Federighi at a talk show live.

00:04:57   But I can't find any reference to it.

00:04:59   I agree.

00:04:59   This is where I remember it.

00:05:01   Jamie says the decision was about Google's image processing in the cloud as opposed to

00:05:05   on device and whether that was limiting Apple's accuracy because they didn't have access to

00:05:09   user photos.

00:05:10   I'm pretty sure he said something along the lines of, we don't need to scrape our users

00:05:13   data to find photos of trees to train on, which I remember him saying.

00:05:17   I remember people cheering and clapping.

00:05:19   And I think he clarified that they licensed imagery.

00:05:23   This is what I remember.

00:05:25   So the fact that Jamie also remembers it this way, I'm just going to take it as that's for

00:05:29   sure.

00:05:29   Because what I don't really want to do is watch hours and hours and hours of old talk

00:05:34   show videos to find it.

00:05:36   So I'm just going to say they said it.

00:05:38   Just to make sure that this is not a Mandela effect type situation where we are collectively

00:05:43   making up something.

00:05:45   This occurred.

00:05:46   This this statement.

00:05:48   Well, I don't know.

00:05:48   Maybe this is a Mandela effect situation.

00:05:50   Me and Jamie are the one with, we're in it now, but I'm just going to take it as fact.

00:05:55   Okay.

00:05:56   Okay.

00:05:57   I'm sure somebody will find it if it actually happened.

00:06:00   I tried looking on pod search and couldn't find that phrase.

00:06:04   Before last week's episode, I was, I was Googling, I was searching, I was trying all kinds of

00:06:10   stuff and I just couldn't find anything definitive.

00:06:14   And so I'm just going to take it as this is what happened.

00:06:17   Okay.

00:06:17   All right.

00:06:21   So, uh, that, that sound we have played a couple of times.

00:06:26   Welcome back to Correctionies, a reoccurring quizzes sub-segment.

00:06:33   It's the, it's a podcast within a game show where I correct quizzes results from previous

00:06:40   episodes.

00:06:41   Jason of Quizipedia wrote in to say, "Apologies for the belated follow-up, but when catching

00:06:47   up on the quizzes, I noticed an important issue in episode 484, two questions were incorrectly

00:06:53   graded.

00:06:54   Number one and number three.

00:06:55   Number three is a wash.

00:06:56   Steven and Federico should have both gotten 100 points, but in the first question Federico

00:07:01   was actually right and Steven was wrong."

00:07:03   So this was where I was asking you to guess previous picks.

00:07:07   I don't know what happened, but I think I, well, I know what happened.

00:07:12   I wrote down some stuff incorrectly.

00:07:13   I wrote down some stuff.

00:07:14   I also know what happened.

00:07:15   Okay.

00:07:16   Sure.

00:07:16   Yeah.

00:07:17   Federico, this is an energy that you can give, but ultimately you're going to win out of

00:07:22   this.

00:07:23   So like, I'm not, you know, I wouldn't really worry about it too much.

00:07:28   And so basically, uh, uh, I scored things incorrectly.

00:07:35   There is now a new points total and I realized now I may have not actually calculated the

00:07:40   points total correctly.

00:07:42   Um, but we're just, well, of course.

00:07:46   Um, basically some mistakes were made.

00:07:54   All right.

00:07:54   I'm just, I'm just, I'm but one man.

00:07:56   Um, and now the, the, the, the new points total is Federico has 390 points.

00:08:04   Uh, and Steven has 370 points and, uh, that's where we are.

00:08:10   So Federico is now in the lead.

00:08:12   So a complete reversal of the entire game that was only noticed by Jason of Quizypedia.

00:08:23   Thank you.

00:08:26   It's not a complete reversal.

00:08:27   You're just slightly in the lead.

00:08:31   Slightly?

00:08:32   Quite in the lead.

00:08:34   120 points.

00:08:35   You know, I felt, I felt that I was actually doing better this year.

00:08:40   There's more corrections coming in.

00:08:42   Now through the discord, which is weird to me.

00:08:45   It's like, why are all the corrections coming now?

00:08:47   That's what I want to know about.

00:08:48   Uh, so I tell you what, how about the discord?

00:08:51   Someone in the discord tell me what the points are and I'm just going to update the points

00:08:56   to be whatever that is.

00:08:57   No, we gotta do a recount.

00:08:59   We gotta stop the count and do a recount.

00:09:02   Yes.

00:09:03   Yeah.

00:09:04   All right.

00:09:05   I can do that.

00:09:06   And by the end of this episode, there will be updated points for you.

00:09:09   How about that?

00:09:10   Yeah.

00:09:11   Thank you.

00:09:11   Anyway, it was more like for amateurs.

00:09:16   I, from this moment on, I retire because this is dead.

00:09:22   No, you've done it now.

00:09:24   I hope you're all happy with yourselves.

00:09:26   The quizzes is dead.

00:09:27   It's over.

00:09:28   No one.

00:09:29   It's not happening anymore.

00:09:30   Quizzes is dead.

00:09:33   Is it dead before this correction around the winner?

00:09:37   This is dead.

00:09:39   Goodbye quizzes.

00:09:41   Mike, let me make you, let me make you feel better with some teach Italian.

00:09:49   So today we are going to learn some basic activities for when you're going to travel

00:09:55   to Italy next.

00:09:57   More specifically, I want you to learn how to say that you want to eat because you're

00:10:02   hungry.

00:10:03   You know, very basic, like a human survival type situation.

00:10:07   You got up, find some food.

00:10:10   Um, we're going to do the very basics, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, right?

00:10:14   So how would you say those things and how would you use them in a sentence?

00:10:17   Um, so let's start from, start from the morning, obviously with breakfast.

00:10:22   Um, now these words are potentially complicated for you guys, especially the first one.

00:10:27   So good luck.

00:10:29   Breakfast is Colazione.

00:10:33   Colazione.

00:10:36   Yes.

00:10:36   That's correct, Mike.

00:10:39   Can I hear it one more time?

00:10:40   Sure.

00:10:42   Colazione.

00:10:44   Colazione.

00:10:46   What I'm trying to say is Cola and Calzone smashed together.

00:10:52   No, no.

00:10:53   Calzone-one.

00:10:54   Calzone-one, baby.

00:10:56   So Cola, so Cola is easy enough.

00:10:59   Cola.

00:11:00   The second part of the word, cione.

00:11:03   Cione.

00:11:03   Yes.

00:11:04   Yes.

00:11:06   Close enough.

00:11:06   Yes.

00:11:07   Perfect.

00:11:09   Lunch.

00:11:09   Pranzo.

00:11:12   Pranzo.

00:11:14   Oh yeah.

00:11:15   Pranzo.

00:11:16   Yeah.

00:11:16   And this is another one in Romanian.

00:11:18   It's pranz.

00:11:19   Pranz?

00:11:20   Oh, that's-

00:11:21   Yeah.

00:11:21   P-R-A-N-Z.

00:11:22   I don't really like pranz.

00:11:23   Pranz.

00:11:24   Pranz.

00:11:25   Pranz is a different word that I've forgotten now.

00:11:28   But pranz, I think it sounds like plums.

00:11:31   It's very confusing.

00:11:32   Yes.

00:11:32   So in proper Italian, you would say pranzo.

00:11:35   Like I told you, I wouldn't say pranzo.

00:11:38   I would say pranzo.

00:11:39   Like that's with a slightly different z sound at the end.

00:11:43   That's the sort of dialect that we have over here in Rome.

00:11:46   And lastly, now when you look at dinner, you may think of the famous wrestler and actor John Cena.

00:11:53   Well, in fact, you pronounce this chena.

00:12:00   That's how you say it.

00:12:01   Not cena, it's chena.

00:12:03   Chena.

00:12:04   Yes.

00:12:05   Chena.

00:12:08   Yes.

00:12:08   All right.

00:12:09   So now we know these words.

00:12:11   And so let's say that you're in Italy and you're staying at a hotel or something and you say,

00:12:16   "Hey, let's go have dinner."

00:12:17   Right?

00:12:18   How would you say that in Italian to maybe one of your Italian local friends or something?

00:12:23   Let's go have dinner.

00:12:25   Andiamo means we go.

00:12:29   A to chena.

00:12:33   Andiamo a chena.

00:12:36   Andiamo a chena.

00:12:38   Chena.

00:12:38   Yes.

00:12:39   Yes.

00:12:40   That is perfect.

00:12:41   Now let's make it finally one more thing for you guys slightly more complicated.

00:12:45   What should I cook for lunch?

00:12:48   So let's say that you're staying in Italy at an Airbnb, you have a kitchen or something,

00:12:52   and you have an Italian guest and you want to impress the guest.

00:12:56   So what should I cook for lunch?

00:12:57   You would say,

00:12:58   actually, let me correct you.

00:13:00   There's a typo in my own translation.

00:13:02   Oh, stop the count.

00:13:04   No, this is not a count situation.

00:13:06   There's nothing to count.

00:13:09   Cosa devo cusinare per pranzo.

00:13:14   Whoa.

00:13:15   Yeah.

00:13:17   Yeah.

00:13:17   Can you say that again?

00:13:18   Okay.

00:13:19   So let me translate.

00:13:20   What is cosa?

00:13:22   All right.

00:13:22   The first word.

00:13:23   Should I.

00:13:24   Yes.

00:13:26   Should I is devo.

00:13:28   It means it would be like I'm a must I would be like a proper.

00:13:34   This verb means must like to having to do something.

00:13:39   So cosa devo cook cushion are for lunch.

00:13:47   Per means for pranzo, which is lunch.

00:13:51   Cosa devo cushion are per pranzo.

00:13:56   Perfect.

00:13:58   Yes.

00:13:58   Thank you.

00:13:58   Thank you.

00:13:59   Yeah.

00:14:01   That's when you can, you can, you can do it.

00:14:04   You can do it.

00:14:05   You can do it.

00:14:06   Cosa devo.

00:14:08   Yes.

00:14:09   Kaina devo.

00:14:11   Yes.

00:14:12   Cushion are.

00:14:14   Cushion are.

00:14:16   Yes.

00:14:17   Per per pranzo.

00:14:20   Yes.

00:14:21   That's good.

00:14:22   Well done.

00:14:23   Well done.

00:14:24   These are two actual sentences that you learned today.

00:14:28   Thank you for following along.

00:14:30   What a time.

00:14:31   What a time.

00:14:32   Now you can just come to, just come to Italy and offer people to come.

00:14:35   Just walk around Rome.

00:14:39   Yeah.

00:14:39   The problem is when they tell me what they want for lunch, I'll have no idea what they're

00:14:44   saying.

00:14:44   You'd be like, uh huh.

00:14:46   Uh huh.

00:14:46   Uh huh.

00:14:47   Uh huh.

00:14:47   Uh huh.

00:14:48   See, see, see.

00:14:49   Yes.

00:14:50   See.

00:14:50   This episode of connected is brought to you by jam.

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00:15:16   And then you go back and forth for days or weeks in the ticket, trying to figure out

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00:16:38   So there's currently some game emulation drama going on in the App Store.

00:16:46   As Apple revealed, was it last week that they updated the developer guidelines for the App

00:16:52   Store?

00:16:53   We spoke about it last week.

00:16:54   So it happened in a few days.

00:16:56   We spoke about it last week.

00:16:56   Yeah.

00:16:57   That game emulators for retro consoles are now allowed on the App Store.

00:17:04   And sure enough, over the past week, we've seen the first submissions for game emulators

00:17:09   appear on the App Store, except that there's a bit of drama going on because not all of

00:17:15   these emulators are actually legit.

00:17:17   So the first case of this currently unfolding drama was the first Game Boy emulator that

00:17:28   was released on the App Store called IGBA.

00:17:30   Now, this looked familiar to me when I first saw it.

00:17:34   And sure enough, this IGBA, it looked like a ripoff version of Riley Testuts.

00:17:42   You may remember Riley as one of the founders of Altstore.

00:17:46   It looked like a ripoff full of ads of Riley's original open source project, GBA for iOS.

00:17:54   GBA for iOS, which eventually became part of Delta, the Delta emulator.

00:17:59   But I remember GBA for iOS as one of the first legit Game Boy advanced emulators for iOS.

00:18:07   And this IGBA emulator that was released on the App Store last week was just a ripoff

00:18:12   of that open source project.

00:18:14   And I'm pretty sure that Riley had in the licensing for the open source project a clause

00:18:20   not to release forks of GBA for iOS on the Apple App Store.

00:18:25   Without his approval.

00:18:26   Exactly.

00:18:27   Which, by the way, breaking news, as I just went to MacRumors to put the links in the

00:18:31   show notes, the Delta game emulator is now available on the iPhone.

00:18:35   What?

00:18:36   Delta is now on the iPhone.

00:18:38   What?

00:18:39   So Riley has shipped a version.

00:18:41   Download it right now.

00:18:42   Yeah, this is a question that I have in our show notes, which I was wondering about is

00:18:47   if Delta would be on the App Store, App Store, or if he was just going to keep it for the

00:18:53   Altstore.

00:18:55   But no, it's on the App Store now and you can download it.

00:18:58   And yes, as Stephen said, you should do what I have done with the two other emulators we're

00:19:02   going to talk about today.

00:19:04   I just downloaded them immediately.

00:19:06   And so I'm doing that again here.

00:19:09   So Delta is here and it covers NES, SNES, N64, and DS.

00:19:16   Geez.

00:19:17   Yes, baby, let's go.

00:19:19   Love it.

00:19:20   Let's go.

00:19:21   That's very great news.

00:19:22   Yeah.

00:19:23   So this is legit from Riley, right?

00:19:27   This is not, uh, no, this is, I mean, I'm trusting MacRumors, but yes, I'm going to,

00:19:32   I'm going to go ahead and say that this is legit.

00:19:34   Nice.

00:19:35   Nice.

00:19:36   Nice.

00:19:40   Yeah.

00:19:42   Yeah.

00:19:52   Yeah.

00:20:02   Yeah.

00:20:12   Yeah.

00:20:22   Yeah.

00:20:32   Yeah.

00:20:42   Yeah.

00:20:52   Yeah.

00:21:02   Yeah.

00:21:12   Yeah.

00:21:22   Yeah.

00:21:32   Yeah.

00:21:42   Yeah.

00:22:02   Yeah.

00:22:06   Yeah.

00:22:10   Yeah.

00:22:20   Probably is the PlayStation 3 retro.

00:22:22   Like that's where personally, I would draw the line at the PS3, Xbox 360 era, but we'll

00:22:30   see what Apple thinks, I guess.

00:22:32   Yep.

00:22:32   So we now have them.

00:22:34   Uh, I think this is interesting.

00:22:36   We have a good emulator.

00:22:38   I think the question is like, what is going, I really don't know.

00:22:44   I feel like I can't foresee what's going to happen here.

00:22:48   Like, is this going to be something that everyone is going to be okay with forever?

00:22:54   I guess.

00:22:54   I mean, that's, uh, everyone has been okay with them on PC, on Android.

00:23:00   And, uh, this is just what's going to happen now.

00:23:04   They're also on the iPhone.

00:23:06   Like there seems to be like, there has to be this retro thing is the important part.

00:23:10   Right.

00:23:10   And so everyone has to be, as you say, cool with it.

00:23:16   Like there's going to be a certain point, like is the Wii U like old enough GameCube?

00:23:24   Like these are the things that's going to have to happen.

00:23:26   Yeah.

00:23:26   I think, uh, um, Mike in this card just wrote something that I think it's totally accurate,

00:23:32   like a vibe spaced policy.

00:23:34   Oh yeah.

00:23:34   Like it's a vibe.

00:23:36   Like is the Wii U retro?

00:23:38   I would say no, because it's, I don't know.

00:23:40   Maybe, and look, maybe a simple rule would be anything that is older than 10 years can be, or 15 years can be considered retro.

00:23:50   I don't know who's going to come up with that definition, but maybe that could be an approach.

00:23:54   Like just draw the line at a specific time period.

00:23:57   And that's what you can say it's retro.

00:23:59   Um, maybe.

00:24:00   Well, I don't think Apple will draw the line at all.

00:24:04   They don't want to draw the line.

00:24:07   You don't want to put this in writing, right?

00:24:11   To be like everything from this book.

00:24:13   Because again, I, I, I, I feel convinced that they are going to do everything that they possibly can to stay out of this.

00:24:20   Right.

00:24:20   Which comes down to that thing of like, you have to own the rums.

00:24:24   That's what they're saying.

00:24:25   Right.

00:24:25   Essentially.

00:24:26   That has to be your property.

00:24:28   Well, everybody knows that it's not.

00:24:30   But that's just what Apple's going to say.

00:24:32   It was like, well, you signed up to the rules and our rules said you needed to own the intellectual property of the emu, of the games that go in your emulator.

00:24:40   Which like, there is a scenario in which such a thing could exist, right?

00:24:44   Nintendo could put this on the store and it's essentially emulating a console.

00:24:48   Right.

00:24:49   Or like Apple could make an emulator for classic Mac and put it on the app store if they wanted to.

00:24:53   Right.

00:24:54   Like they own that IP.

00:24:55   They, and so when Nintendo, if Nintendo come and say, hey, there is a Wii U emulator on the app store, then Apple goes, here's the contact information for that developer.

00:25:07   We wish you the best of luck.

00:25:09   Right.

00:25:10   And, and I don't, I don't have a problem with that.

00:25:13   Like, I think that this is the way it should be done.

00:25:15   Apple, this is not on Apple in my opinion.

00:25:18   Like, it is interesting that they've made this available now.

00:25:22   Like this is a thing that can now exist out in the world.

00:25:25   But I do feel like this is something that, this is on the companies that decide to make them and the companies that own the IP.

00:25:34   This is a conversation between the two of them.

00:25:36   I don't feel like this is something that Apple should be involved in.

00:25:40   But then I also do want this kind of thinking to extend to lots of other stuff that happens in the app store.

00:25:45   That Apple doesn't feel the need to put itself in the middle of anything.

00:25:48   But they do.

00:25:50   So, but this is really interesting.

00:25:51   I've never used Delta because I've never wanted to jump through the hoops of doing like the sideloading or whatever.

00:26:00   Federica have used it before.

00:26:02   You've used it, right?

00:26:03   Yes, it's very good.

00:26:04   It's excellent.

00:26:05   Yeah.

00:26:06   I'm using it right now.

00:26:07   What are you doing?

00:26:08   What are you playing?

00:26:09   Playing Star Fox 64 on my iPhone.

00:26:11   Did you just have a Star Fox?

00:26:13   How do you have that?

00:26:14   You just got that?

00:26:16   We don't have to talk about where the ROM came from.

00:26:18   No.

00:26:19   Okay.

00:26:20   I'll ask a quick question.

00:26:21   Did you acquire it just now or did you already have previous acquisition of such a thing from a source?

00:26:26   I acquired it just now.

00:26:28   Just now.

00:26:29   Interesting.

00:26:30   Interesting.

00:26:31   There are devices that you can buy that can do this, right?

00:26:36   Like what is the one that I'm thinking of?

00:26:38   Is it the communicator or something it's called, I think?

00:26:41   No, the GB operator, which is the one that I use.

00:26:44   GB operator.

00:26:45   That's the word I'm looking for.

00:26:46   That's the word I'm looking for.

00:26:48   That is a device that I own and have used and it's cool.

00:26:51   I just want to tell you that I signed in with my EU account and I am now using Alt Store on my iPhone.

00:26:59   Tell us about what that's like.

00:27:01   Can you explain what's going on here?

00:27:03   Yeah, so first I had to sign in with my, as we established last week, I had to sign in with my Italian Apple ID for the App Store.

00:27:12   Then I paid a 1.50 something cents euro fee to Alt Store.

00:27:21   That's how they're dealing with the CTF, I guess.

00:27:24   And that's per year, right?

00:27:26   Per year, yeah, using Stripe.

00:27:28   And then a page came up in Safari saying, "Thank you for supporting us. Download."

00:27:34   I clicked the download button and it told me, "You need to approve this installation in settings."

00:27:41   I took screenshots of everything, so let me go through the screenshots.

00:27:46   "Your installation settings on this iPhone don't allow apps by Alt Store to be installed directly from the web.

00:27:52   You can change this in settings."

00:27:55   I opened the settings app.

00:27:56   At the very top of the settings app, there was an option to allow installation from Alt Store LLC.

00:28:01   I tapped that button and a full screen prompt came up saying, "Allow apps from Alt Store LLC."

00:28:08   And there were two buttons, allow and ignore.

00:28:10   I tapped allow, then I went back to Safari.

00:28:12   In Safari, I clicked download and another full screen prompt came up saying,

00:28:17   "Alt Store.io" - that's the website - "would like to install an app from Marketplace."

00:28:22   I clicked install app Marketplace.

00:28:25   The icon did not end up on my home screen.

00:28:28   It ended up on the app library.

00:28:30   That's, I guess, because of how I've configured my iPhone.

00:28:32   Then I opened Alt Store and I went to the apps section.

00:28:38   There was clip.

00:28:40   I had already pledged using Patreon for clip.

00:28:44   And I clicked install.

00:28:46   And when I clicked install, another full screen prompt came up saying,

00:28:50   "Alt Store would like to install an app."

00:28:53   I clicked install app and let's see.

00:28:56   I now have clip on my iPhone.

00:28:58   And clip, oh yeah, "Allow clip to use your approximate location."

00:29:02   This is what they're using to monitor the clipboard in the background.

00:29:09   And it literally has a map view that I assume is going to show you all the things you've copied and where geographically.

00:29:18   That's a clever workaround.

00:29:20   But yeah, I got it.

00:29:22   Now, we're doing this live, I guess, right?

00:29:25   Do it live.

00:29:27   What happens?

00:29:29   I think I can put it on record.

00:29:33   I'm going to be the first person to do this ever, at least live on a show.

00:29:39   What happens if I sign out of my Italian Apple ID for the app from Settings?

00:29:44   So you've downloaded some stuff.

00:29:46   I've downloaded some stuff.

00:29:48   I have an app marketplace and an app from a marketplace on my iPhone.

00:29:52   I'm going to sign out.

00:29:54   Let's see.

00:29:56   Ah, okay.

00:29:59   No, so this is a location prompt.

00:30:01   This is nothing related to the App Store.

00:30:04   Let's see if I'm logged out.

00:30:07   I am not logged in anymore.

00:30:09   So if I open All Store, I mean, it's working.

00:30:15   Okay.

00:30:16   And I open clip and it's working.

00:30:20   You know?

00:30:22   So what happens if I sign back in?

00:30:25   Maybe restart the phone.

00:30:27   Maybe restart the phone and I'll let you know how it goes.

00:30:29   But yeah, after signing out, it seems to be working.

00:30:31   Now I restarted the phone.

00:30:33   But yeah, thank you EU.

00:30:36   Big day for Riley Tested, right?

00:30:39   Delta on the App Store and All Store.

00:30:42   The one euro fifty, that would cover the fee for you, plus they would get 50 cents, right?

00:30:52   Is that right?

00:30:53   How much is the core technology fee?

00:30:56   Is it a euro?

00:30:59   Or is it euro fifty?

00:31:00   It's a half euro, I think.

00:31:02   It's half a euro, so they're making a euro?

00:31:04   Okay.

00:31:06   Interesting.

00:31:08   Interesting.

00:31:09   It's all happening.

00:31:10   I am.

00:31:11   Yeah.

00:31:12   It's here.

00:31:14   And by the way, I was able to install everything from the web.

00:31:20   So that was nice from Safari.

00:31:23   And All Store, Riley actually has a blog post showing off some examples of apps that will be available on All Store, including UTM.

00:31:35   I'm really excited to try that one.

00:31:37   That's a virtual machine that lets you run Windows on an iPad, for example.

00:31:42   There's a bunch of things.

00:31:44   Okay, so my phone restarted.

00:31:47   Again, we're doing this live.

00:31:49   I can confirm I am still signed out from the App Store.

00:31:53   So no Apple ID.

00:31:55   Let's see.

00:31:57   All Store launches.

00:32:00   And clip is working.

00:32:02   No Apple ID.

00:32:03   And you're in your US Apple ID.

00:32:05   No, I am into no Apple ID at the moment.

00:32:08   All right, sign into your US Apple ID.

00:32:10   Yeah, but that breaks it.

00:32:13   Or not break it, but turn it off.

00:32:16   Let's see, well, we're gonna do this.

00:32:20   I'm signing in.

00:32:23   And by the way, clip is now literally monitoring my clipboard in the background.

00:32:28   It's crazy to have this sort of feature now.

00:32:32   But everything I copy, I get a notification on my phone.

00:32:36   I am signed in.

00:32:38   I am signed in with my US Apple ID again.

00:32:41   Let's first quit the App Store to make sure.

00:32:45   I'm signed in with my US Apple ID.

00:32:48   I am force quitting All Store just to be safe.

00:32:53   It's working.

00:32:55   That's weird.

00:32:57   As I said before, you are in the edgiest edge case.

00:33:02   So who knows, right?

00:33:04   Maybe this works for 30 days and then it cuts off.

00:33:07   We really don't know what this is gonna look like.

00:33:09   Hey, if I gotta sign out and sign back in every 30 days, I'll take it.

00:33:12   Yeah, that's not too bad, is it?

00:33:14   Yeah, yeah, I'll take it.

00:33:17   And just as another test, let's see if I'm actually going to MacStories.net

00:33:23   and I'm copying some text with clip.

00:33:26   It just pops up and it's like, hey, do you wanna--

00:33:28   Copy? Oh my god, it's instant.

00:33:30   Clipboard change, swipe down to save to clip.

00:33:32   Swipe down, allow paste.

00:33:35   Oh, this is so-- This is incredible.

00:33:38   Imagine the world you live in now.

00:33:40   Oh my god.

00:33:42   The world of a clipboard manager on an iPhone.

00:33:44   I'm gonna get so much work done on my phone now.

00:33:47   Too bad you can't do it on the iPad.

00:33:49   No, he's gonna cut an iPhone in half

00:33:52   and then he's gonna stick an iPad screen on the iPhone.

00:33:56   That's probably what's gonna happen.

00:33:58   I have never seen this kind--

00:34:00   So when you get the notification from clip,

00:34:02   I thought that you had to swipe down and press a button,

00:34:07   but it's not like that.

00:34:09   It's something that I've never seen done before.

00:34:11   You literally just swipe down the notification

00:34:14   and when you swipe it down, it disappears and it copies.

00:34:18   It doesn't show you any more UI.

00:34:23   It's just-- This is wild.

00:34:27   And yeah, it also works with images.

00:34:32   Yeah. Well, okay.

00:34:35   Well, this segment went off the rails completely.

00:34:37   Basically, there were emulators.

00:34:40   Those went away and now the one everyone wants is here.

00:34:43   So, and also Europe.

00:34:46   Here we are.

00:34:47   I would like to issue my quizzes corrections.

00:34:49   Thank you to Jeremy and Kate and the Discord.

00:34:51   We have now corrected everything.

00:34:53   The scores for 2024 stand as Stephen with 370 points

00:34:56   and Federico with 490 points.

00:34:59   So Federico is 120 points in the lead,

00:35:02   but it doesn't matter now because I've retired.

00:35:04   Oh, come on.

00:35:05   That's the end. Say goodbye.

00:35:07   You know, say goodbye.

00:35:09   Say goodbye.

00:35:10   Goodbye.

00:35:11   I refuse. No.

00:35:12   We're not saying goodbye to the quizzes.

00:35:14   No, I'm not.

00:35:15   No, I just need to work out what it is that you need to do

00:35:18   to get Nintendo DS games running on Delta

00:35:22   because they haven't put all the files in.

00:35:24   There's like something I need to work out.

00:35:26   Mike, I literally got you.

00:35:29   I know you got me.

00:35:30   Why do you think I said it?

00:35:32   I have been waiting for this moment for my friends.

00:35:36   I add a folder in my iCal drive for like the past couple of years

00:35:41   called Nintendo DS BS and firmware.

00:35:44   Now, will it contain screenshots?

00:35:46   Will it contain photos of my dogs?

00:35:48   Will it contain, I don't know, Nintendo files?

00:35:51   Who knows?

00:35:52   Maybe I'm going to send you pictures of my dogs.

00:35:54   We could tell.

00:35:55   We could tell.

00:35:56   We could tell what's in this folder, you know?

00:35:58   Yeah, check our message.

00:36:00   Thank you.

00:36:02   It's a wild world that all this stuff is just happening.

00:36:06   Yeah, and look, who says regulation does nothing?

00:36:09   Now we can all play Star Fox 64 on our iPhone.

00:36:13   I'm going to play Pokemon on my iPhone.

00:36:18   I have wanted to do this for nearly 20 years.

00:36:23   The iPhone is so-

00:36:24   Nintendo, why did you never do this, you know?

00:36:27   This was there for you.

00:36:29   Like Pokemon Red on an iPhone?

00:36:31   I should have been able to do this before now.

00:36:33   Now thank you to Riley, you know?

00:36:35   Now I can do it.

00:36:36   Thank you, Riley.

00:36:37   Yeah.

00:36:38   Did you know that there's a service called Delta Sync

00:36:42   that uses Dropbox to sync your stuff?

00:36:45   No, I don't know anything about this.

00:36:47   Yeah, you can sync your games, save data,

00:36:50   save states, and cheats between devices.

00:36:53   Is this an official thing?

00:36:55   Yeah, it's in Delta.

00:36:56   It's in the Delta settings.

00:36:58   I got some bad news.

00:36:59   This is how they're making money, maybe?

00:37:01   Bad news.

00:37:02   What's the bad news?

00:37:03   The iPad version of Delta is literally just an iPhone app

00:37:07   in the center of the screen.

00:37:09   Hilarious.

00:37:10   Well, okay.

00:37:12   I mean, give Riley some time, you know?

00:37:17   I'm just saying, it'd be sweet to have it.

00:37:19   Set your iPad up, use a controller, play some games.

00:37:24   That's weird that it's not in the iPhone.

00:37:26   All right, so I have my Nintendo DS in it.

00:37:28   My Nintendo DS emulator all set up.

00:37:30   Yeah, nice.

00:37:32   So what I love about Delta, though, to give an example,

00:37:35   because I've been following this scene for a long time,

00:37:38   so many of these janky emulators that are coming out on the App Store now,

00:37:42   they are usually either rip-offs of other emulators,

00:37:45   such as the case for GBA for iOS,

00:37:47   or they are web wrappers.

00:37:50   They're like a little view for actually a web page

00:37:55   for one of these online emulators that also exist these days.

00:38:01   For example, that AdBoy emulator that came out

00:38:05   was literally a web view for the AdBoy online emulator.

00:38:12   Whereas with Delta, you get a proper emulator made by someone

00:38:16   who actually developed a GBA emulator before.

00:38:18   And for the Nintendo DS emulation,

00:38:21   it tells you what kind of emulator core it's using.

00:38:26   And in the case of DS emulation in Delta,

00:38:29   it's using Melon DS, which is a popular DS emulator,

00:38:33   with a core built into Delta.

00:38:36   So it's got the source and the developer.

00:38:39   There's a link to donate to the developer from Delta.

00:38:43   So yeah, it's very cool.

00:38:45   And man, this is wild that on the same day,

00:38:50   I get to use a Nintendo emulator and the clipboard manager on my phone.

00:38:54   This is incredible.

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00:40:58   I've made a purchase.

00:41:03   Okay. Is it Star Fox?

00:41:06   Yes.

00:41:08   The humane AI pin. No, I'm just kidding.

00:41:11   No.

00:41:12   Can you imagine?

00:41:13   I was so excited. I was so excited.

00:41:16   He's taking one for the team.

00:41:18   Taking a real big one.

00:41:20   Real big one. A real warm one right to the sternum.

00:41:24   Everyone's seen the humane AI pin reviews, I'm sure, by now.

00:41:29   David Pierce did a great job.

00:41:31   My guys, Brownlee did a great job. I read some others.

00:41:34   Just a hot mess of a product. It's bad.

00:41:38   Mike, I know something you have said before.

00:41:42   What was the plan for this before ChatGBT came along?

00:41:46   And I think maybe the plan was just like,

00:41:50   "Hey, we're just going to have a little Siri-like thing and maybe do it all on device."

00:41:53   I had someone contact me on Mastodon to say that they believed that this was always the plan,

00:41:59   because if you were working in AI, you knew something that was coming.

00:42:03   I don't buy that idea.

00:42:06   I just don't. I think it's what you were saying.

00:42:09   I expect they were building something that was going to be

00:42:13   as much of an assistant as Google Assistant,

00:42:17   as Siri is and all those kinds of things.

00:42:20   But then when I think about that, I'm like, "So why can't the thing even set a timer?"

00:42:24   Did they start over, which is possible?

00:42:27   I would love to know. What was this product going to be?

00:42:31   Because I do not believe when they started it that they...

00:42:35   Well, okay, because here's the thing. This is what this guy said,

00:42:39   and Ramon was saying in the chat too, that they felt like this was going to happen.

00:42:42   Fine. So did they build a product not knowing how it was going to connect to anything?

00:42:48   Because OpenAI have their system, but you couldn't have guaranteed

00:42:53   that there would be a company that had a large language model

00:42:57   that they were going to allow you to plug into via an API.

00:43:00   No one could have known that. If that was the bet, that is very strange to me.

00:43:04   That they were building a product with no idea what it was going to be powered by.

00:43:09   They just started building it with an idea. That seems very strange.

00:43:14   And then I was also getting into the idea of they wanted to build...

00:43:18   We talk about this a lot, right? If you were building something on top of somebody else's thing,

00:43:23   you're opening yourself up to trouble anyway, because then you were at the whims of another person.

00:43:29   I mean, there is an argument about that for all of AI right now,

00:43:32   which is like everyone's building at the whim of either Microsoft or NVIDIA or both.

00:43:38   Wherever those companies decide to go is where the whole industry is going to go.

00:43:43   You mean OpenAI instead of Microsoft?

00:43:45   No. Well, I mean, because I'm thinking of Azure.

00:43:49   But yeah, you could throw OpenAI in there too, depending on the type of company you are.

00:43:53   Because a lot of people use Azure to host their stuff,

00:43:59   which is one of the reasons Microsoft and OpenAI work together.

00:44:02   Or you could plug into OpenAI and just have a front end on to check GPT.

00:44:06   Or you're relying on NVIDIA to power the data centers.

00:44:09   This is weird anyway.

00:44:11   But, anyway, whatever it is, this product is obviously bad.

00:44:15   And it's bad for a bunch of reasons.

00:44:17   It's bad that it costs $700.

00:44:19   It's bad that it has a monthly subscription fee.

00:44:22   And it's bad that it just doesn't work very well.

00:44:26   And I also really recommend people listen to the Vergecast as well from last week.

00:44:33   Because it's just interesting. I like it.

00:44:36   And I think we would all enjoy it.

00:44:39   And I would enjoy it in the way of just listening to them debate the score.

00:44:42   Which is just fun.

00:44:44   Because David Pierce gave it a four.

00:44:47   But there is an argument that it should have been a three.

00:44:50   And just hearing them argue about a four versus a three, I just find kind of fun in a way.

00:44:55   That's just a fun thing for me.

00:44:57   But I don't know if I was surprised by the reviews.

00:45:07   I do think I expected it to be...

00:45:10   To get a little bit more mixed reviews than it did.

00:45:15   Where the reviews were just universally like, "This is bad."

00:45:18   You know?

00:45:19   I don't know if I necessarily thought we were going to be at that level.

00:45:24   What do you guys think?

00:45:26   I mean, I was hoping that the product was going to be better.

00:45:32   I was hoping that obviously the hardware itself wouldn't get hot on your chest.

00:45:40   Yeah, that was a big question.

00:45:42   For our products to get warm, the pin that goes on your t-shirt...

00:45:47   That's a very bad product to not fine-tune so that it doesn't get hot. Uncomfortably so.

00:45:54   On your chest.

00:45:56   But yeah, I said it before.

00:45:59   I think this is an interesting form factor.

00:46:03   And I would totally buy something from Apple that does this sort of thing.

00:46:08   Like all these devices, like the Rabbit R1, the AI pin...

00:46:13   I would like to have the Apple version of this in the future that integrates with my ecosystem.

00:46:19   For all the reasons that you and Jason mentioned on upgrade.

00:46:22   When it comes to the locking effect for iOS and Android.

00:46:26   It's the reason why I don't...

00:46:30   I'm intrigued, but ultimately I don't want to buy this product.

00:46:33   But I was still hoping that it was going to be better than this.

00:46:36   I mean, basic things like, "I cannot set timers."

00:46:39   Or, "It just doesn't understand what you're saying."

00:46:42   "It takes forever to respond."

00:46:44   "The laser UI is so weird."

00:46:48   It screams to me of a kind of product that was conceived in one way and shipped in another.

00:46:58   And I think you can tell that the experience isn't finished.

00:47:02   Because the product isn't finished.

00:47:04   Because maybe a version of a different product was finished.

00:47:07   But that's not the one that goes for sale.

00:47:10   I don't know why they shipped it. Now.

00:47:13   I genuinely don't know why they shipped it now.

00:47:15   I can't understand the scenario where this is what they did.

00:47:21   Their roadmap has a bunch of stuff on it, right?

00:47:25   And I'm kind of a bit surprised of why didn't they just wait a little bit longer.

00:47:30   What was the harm in delaying this?

00:47:33   I don't know what that harm would have been.

00:47:36   Because I don't... This just doesn't feel like it's it.

00:47:42   Let me just give you a thing.

00:47:44   You've got the summer version of this.

00:47:49   The spring has shipped as 1.1.

00:47:51   And that does everything that it does right now.

00:47:53   Their summer release has the nutrition stuff in it.

00:47:57   Which they showed off a bunch but isn't in there right now.

00:48:00   Photo sharing via SMS.

00:48:03   Right now if you send an image to someone that you've taken on the AI pin,

00:48:08   it sends them a link to go and download it.

00:48:11   Timers and a clock.

00:48:13   I think it can tell the time but I don't know if that's built in.

00:48:17   I think it might be going to the web for that.

00:48:19   Time based reminders.

00:48:21   Just like a few other things.

00:48:23   It's kind of like why... I don't...

00:48:25   I know you've got to ship at some point, right?

00:48:27   Like you do.

00:48:29   But this just felt like it weren't it.

00:48:31   Yeah and I really wonder where the product can go.

00:48:35   And we'll talk about in a minute.

00:48:37   Like if it's in the public.

00:48:39   It's been killed now anyway.

00:48:41   But I do...

00:48:43   It's just... The whole thing is very strange to me.

00:48:46   The hardware looks good.

00:48:48   It feels well thought out.

00:48:50   It seems like...

00:48:51   Heat issues assigned.

00:48:53   They built good hardware.

00:48:55   The whole package that you get looks fantastic.

00:48:57   It looks nice.

00:48:59   It looks like something Apple built.

00:49:01   Genuinely. That's what it looks like.

00:49:03   The fact that that projector actually works at all.

00:49:06   I think is a big surprise to me.

00:49:09   I thought that there was no way...

00:49:11   I genuinely when I saw that for the first time was like...

00:49:13   They won't ship with that. They can't do that.

00:49:15   They did that. I think that is impressive.

00:49:17   They managed that.

00:49:19   Yeah it doesn't work great in a lot of sunlight.

00:49:21   Okay. But that's the thing that...

00:49:23   My iPad isn't great outside either.

00:49:25   You know what I mean? This is a problem always.

00:49:28   The fact that it works at all I think should be commended.

00:49:31   But there are just things about this product that are...

00:49:34   Peculiar.

00:49:36   And a lot of it is the way...

00:49:38   I mean a lot of the problems that this product has is because it can't connect to your phone.

00:49:42   And that is just like the fundamental issue at play here.

00:49:46   It hasn't got any of that information about you.

00:49:49   And it needs its own phone number because it can't connect to a phone.

00:49:52   Like it just... It can't do that.

00:49:55   And that is the problem.

00:49:57   But then their execution of what they tried to build also wasn't great.

00:50:01   I think something that I shouldn't have been surprised about but it was to see it

00:50:05   was how long it takes to do everything.

00:50:07   A long time.

00:50:09   But if you talk to ChatGPT you're waiting for the answer, right?

00:50:13   But it's like... It's whatever.

00:50:15   But there's just something about the way that this product is.

00:50:18   You're like asking a question and you're just kind of like...

00:50:20   You're not looking at anything.

00:50:22   At least for ChatGPT you watch it start writing the answer.

00:50:25   So you feel like something's happening.

00:50:27   And also because I think as humans, I think we are naturally inclined

00:50:33   to accept latency with text but not with speech.

00:50:37   Because for example you wait for a response to a text.

00:50:41   You don't wait for a response to a question to put somebody you're talking to.

00:50:46   Usually.

00:50:47   Yeah, at least with no visual cue, right?

00:50:49   Like if I ask you a question and I can see your thinking, I can see your thinking.

00:50:52   But if I can't see you it's strange.

00:50:55   It's still kind of awkward if you're just going to stare at me.

00:50:58   I'm like... Imagine me going like...

00:51:01   Hmmm...

00:51:02   For 10 seconds in front of you.

00:51:04   That would be strange.

00:51:05   It would be strange but not as strange as if I asked you a question

00:51:08   and you just sat doing nothing looking blankly at me for 10 seconds.

00:51:12   That would be truly weird.

00:51:14   Yeah, but still I think the reason why people are OK with ChatGPT

00:51:17   is because it's like when you're watching the type indicator for somebody

00:51:20   on iMessage or WhatsApp, like OK, they're typing.

00:51:23   And ChatGPT is like OK, it's typing.

00:51:25   Give it a second.

00:51:27   But with speech you've got to be fast.

00:51:30   You've got to be instant.

00:51:31   Otherwise it's just odd.

00:51:33   I am bummed out about this though.

00:51:35   Like I'm bummed out that the product is what it is.

00:51:38   There is a possibility that it sets this kind of hardware back a little bit

00:51:43   but probably it will be OK.

00:51:46   But I wanted it to be successful because I like technology.

00:51:52   Ultimately.

00:51:53   That's a good way to put it.

00:51:55   And it hasn't been and it isn't.

00:51:59   I'm really intrigued about the Rabbit R1.

00:52:02   I think reviews for that should be coming very soon now too.

00:52:06   When is it launching?

00:52:08   Next week I think.

00:52:10   Next week?

00:52:11   Yeah.

00:52:12   Can you buy one?

00:52:13   I know that people that ordered them their shipping

00:52:15   and I think they have an event.

00:52:17   I got an Instagram ad today to tell me that they have a pickup event.

00:52:20   I think it's next week.

00:52:22   And I also think I heard David Pierce say that the reviews are expected

00:52:27   in the next week or so.

00:52:29   My thinking about that is I think that that product has less lofty ambition

00:52:36   and so it may review better.

00:52:38   Maybe.

00:52:39   That's my kind of gut feeling on it.

00:52:41   People might be expecting less from it

00:52:45   and so it may review a little bit more on the scale.

00:52:49   I think that the scale that the AI pin got reviewed on

00:52:53   was way higher than it should have been.

00:52:56   And that is because of the way Humain pitched it.

00:52:58   And the price.

00:52:59   I think those two things are two sides of a coin.

00:53:02   Yeah.

00:53:03   Because it's a phone.

00:53:05   That's the price of a phone and that's the price of a monthly subscription for a phone.

00:53:09   And so you're really putting it up there.

00:53:12   And I feel like a $200 device which looks like a toy and kind of acts like a toy,

00:53:17   it might review differently.

00:53:20   I'm really intrigued.

00:53:22   I don't have super high hopes now, especially coming off this.

00:53:27   But I really hope that this is like,

00:53:32   in a couple of years' time, we will laugh more about this

00:53:35   because of how good X is instead, right?

00:53:38   Like, there's going to be something else which comes along and is super good.

00:53:42   But yeah, this won't.

00:53:45   What do you all think about this in the context of the DOJ's complaint

00:53:52   over the iPhone and like the Apple Watch, for instance,

00:53:56   where they basically say,

00:53:59   "Hey, Apple, you have built this thing in such a way

00:54:03   where other companies can't integrate with your devices.

00:54:07   Is that a factor with this?

00:54:12   Would this have been better if they could tap into all the Apple Watch stuff

00:54:17   or things like that or do you think that's sort of a separate issue?"

00:54:21   Well, I think this is honestly for me,

00:54:27   like it's proving the DOJ's complaint to be more right.

00:54:31   Yeah.

00:54:32   Like, the smartwatch thing, okay, right, like I get it, but fine.

00:54:39   I mean, they mentioned the smartwatch,

00:54:41   but I think it's a broader issue than just that.

00:54:44   Yeah, of course.

00:54:45   Yeah, like they mentioned the smartwatch because that's what we have, right?

00:54:48   And if they're going to try and make a case,

00:54:51   they might be able to find evidence to talk about that.

00:54:54   But I think that this kind of product is showing that.

00:54:59   Like it's what Jason wrote about last week.

00:55:02   Like, we are in a situation where this type of product

00:55:06   can really only be truly effective if either it's made by Google or Apple

00:55:13   or it's so incredible that everyone wants to plug into it.

00:55:18   And that's the original iPhone, right?

00:55:19   Like, the original iPhone was successful

00:55:21   because everyone wanted to make apps for it.

00:55:23   Like, there is another device and we spoke about this with like,

00:55:26   I think probably the closest thing on the horizon would be a Johnny Ive,

00:55:30   Sam Altman device might be the only thing where it might generate enough excitement

00:55:36   from the wider tech community that like, Uber would want to make an app for it, right?

00:55:41   But like, Uber's not making an app for the AI pin.

00:55:43   They're just not going to do that and so you're stuck.

00:55:46   But if this device could connect to my iPhone

00:55:50   and could transmit data between the two, it would be infinitely better.

00:55:55   But Apple's not going to allow that because they're going to make their own one.

00:55:59   And I think that's a problem. I think that's a problem.

00:56:02   I think it is too.

00:56:05   And we don't, I mean, we can't know for sure that this would be like a radically better device

00:56:11   if it was more integrated with our phones.

00:56:14   I think part of specifically this device,

00:56:17   one reason this device is complicated to talk about because the company behind it,

00:56:20   you know, some of these people made the first iPhones

00:56:24   and now they seem to be bent on building a world without the smartphone,

00:56:29   which is like a bet that I would never take.

00:56:33   Smartphones are hard to win against.

00:56:35   But in a world, you know, the next one of these things that comes along,

00:56:40   maybe it's not designed by somebody who is anti smartphone.

00:56:44   They are limited in what they can do.

00:56:47   And I don't know if the DOJ suits the way to fix that,

00:56:50   but I think the suit does talk about it in an interesting way.

00:56:53   Yeah, it does.

00:56:55   So you're not buying one?

00:56:58   Not planning on it. I am remaining open to the rabbit.

00:57:05   Yeah, I may be more, yeah, I think I'm in the same boat.

00:57:10   I think I'm more intrigued by the rabbit.

00:57:12   This is $200 and if it's fun to play with, then I will enjoy it, right?

00:57:16   I still don't know what I'm going to, what I, what I should know what I could do with it though.

00:57:21   Like, like that, I don't know.

00:57:25   Well, they need to show you that, right?

00:57:27   Like that's, yeah, I guess.

00:57:28   I agree with you. I don't know either, but that's what I'm hoping in the next week or so,

00:57:33   someone's going to show me.

00:57:34   I mean, it is kind of funny. Maybe it's going to happen again because on last week's episode,

00:57:38   we were like, where are the reviews of the AI pin?

00:57:40   And then it came the next day. So maybe tomorrow, we're going to find out, you know?

00:57:44   Could be.

00:57:46   Could be.

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00:59:40   The most unfortunate thing for Humain here is that there is a really big story about their product, but it's got nothing to do with their product.

00:59:50   All of the internet now is talking about Marques Brownlee, MKBHD's review of the product.

00:59:57   I mean, it really just seemed to stem from a tweet that someone posted, and they're just like,

01:00:03   "You shouldn't publish reviews that are so negative you could kill companies," essentially.

01:00:10   And this has been a storm that has been brewing for Marques for like a month or two,

01:00:19   based upon a review he did of a car called the Fisker Ocean. Is that it, Stephen?

01:00:27   That's it. Yeah, this is an EV sort of crossover that is pretty bad in terms of software and some physical things in the car.

01:00:39   He had a negative review of it, as did basically every other car journalist that has touched the thing.

01:00:47   And he was towards the end of the review cycle.

01:00:51   So he reviews the car, he says it's bad, he shows all the ways that it's bad, as do all the other car reviewers that spend time with it.

01:00:59   They all have kind of overlapping comments on the places where this car isn't up to standards that we expect now.

01:01:10   His review comes out, and before his review came out, this was already true,

01:01:16   but it continued after his review came out, Fisker's in a death spiral financially.

01:01:21   And their stock has been cratering for some time.

01:01:25   They have been warned that they could be delisted from the stock market in the US,

01:01:29   because if there's a certain threshold, if you fall below for a certain amount of time, you'll be delisted.

01:01:34   So all that's going on, but people say, "Well, Marques finally killed Fisker because of this negative review."

01:01:42   He has a follow-up video, because in this process, Fisker says, "Hey, hey, hey, we're going to have a software update. It's going to fix all this stuff."

01:01:51   One thing about that software update I just want to note is that they have to have physical hands on the car.

01:01:58   Fisker has to send a technician to you to apply the update, because this car is so broken, it can't run over-the-air updates.

01:02:06   Which my Toyota can do, right? Not an EV, not a fancy car, it can do it.

01:02:12   Fisker even botched that. And he re-reviewed it with the new software, and some of the stuff was better, some of it was worse, some of it was the same.

01:02:21   But that was sort of the background, and that wasn't on his main channel, that was on his autofocus channel.

01:02:27   But that was sort of in the background leading up to the humane AI pin.

01:02:31   Yeah, but it's still got 5 million views on that video. It's incredibly successful.

01:02:38   I think because people wanted to see the review of the car that was bad.

01:02:41   And so this has been a storm brewing for him now, and I think part of it is just because people want to chase for clout online.

01:02:54   And so I think one of the reasons this guy posted this tweet saying "You should do no harm in your product reviews, shouldn't be so negative, you can kill companies."

01:03:04   I think part of that is like, "Oh, this guy's name is Daniel Vassala, who published this post."

01:03:12   I think there is part of it where it's like, "Well, this is going to get you a lot of engagement."

01:03:17   But I think part of what's going on here is something that I think we've been saying for a while, I've said it for a while.

01:03:24   I've believed for many years now that Marcus Brownlee is the single most important one individual person in technology.

01:03:31   He's so powerful in his audience size, and because he's so good at what he does, that he has the ability to shape opinion.

01:03:43   And that's what I think is going on here. He made a really good review about the AI pin, it's fantastic.

01:03:52   And then he made a really good video talking about it and all the drama about it.

01:03:56   And I do believe still that he has the ability to massively change the fortunes of a company due to his reach and the respect that people have for him.

01:04:06   But I don't think that he is "responsible" for these other companies.

01:04:13   Because it comes down to, for both of these companies, with Fisker and Humain, Marcus didn't get anything really wrong.

01:04:21   He just reviewed the products for what they are, right? You can see it in the videos. He talks about how they are.

01:04:29   If this kills those companies, it's not his responsibility. Especially when, like, they sent it to him.

01:04:38   It's not like he hunted it down to get it and do a hit job. They sent him the product. He was a reviewer for the product.

01:04:46   But what I do feel like is the thing here is that Marcus is so popular. He has the ability to change public perception.

01:04:56   There is probably 4 million people out of, say, the 4 million and 20 people that would have watched his video about the AI pin that now would never buy the AI pin.

01:05:09   Which is what his reviews are for, to inform you. But now there's so many more people that have an opinion about Humain than they did prior to watching that video.

01:05:21   But that is just the nature of this. Because the flip side of it is, Marcus Brownlee has the ability to make you as well.

01:05:30   If Humain had a product and it was really good, and his video came out and it was really good, orders would have gone through the roof.

01:05:40   This is just what happens. It's up to the companies to make the products. He's going to review the products.

01:05:46   If it's good, great. If it's bad, it's not great. And then that's just kind of the way it goes. That's my two cents on this situation anyway.

01:05:55   This whole story made me think about something that I don't know what kind of feelings I have.

01:06:04   Because I think to an extent we are also part of that problem, what we do.

01:06:08   So obviously the whole story regarding Marcus and the criticism from that guy on Twitter, it's silly.

01:06:16   Like, do no harm? What does that even mean?

01:06:19   You're not a medical doctor, you're viewing iPhones.

01:06:22   In case people don't know, that is part of the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take.

01:06:28   And it's like, look, oh, okay, a company is harmed. That's just the way it goes, man.

01:06:35   And I can tell you, I did not take that oath when I got my journalism diploma. It's not a thing.

01:06:42   So obviously that is silly. And I agree with Mike. It's probably something done for clout or engagement on Twitter because some people do that.

01:06:51   And if that person generally believes that idea, well, they generally believe a stupid idea.

01:06:56   So that being said, Marcus, like any other journalist, is just doing his job reviewing a tech product.

01:07:05   And sometimes it's a good product and sometimes it's not. And it's a really bad one.

01:07:10   The job of any critic, I think, is to be able to separate feelings and context from the actual work that you're reviewing.

01:07:20   Whether it's a product like a device in this case or a movie or an app or a music album.

01:07:27   Context and feelings are important, but you got to write for consumers if that's what you want to do.

01:07:33   And, you know, people who you're telling people, should you spend your money on this or not?

01:07:38   But this whole story made me think that we live in such fascinating times now and it's kind of scary.

01:07:46   I mean, this is what I'm about to say is probably so obvious that, like, most people will react by saying T.G.Y. or even saying these things. Duh.

01:07:55   But, like, I think it's I think it's so different from when we were younger than now individuals that are not part of any organization.

01:08:08   Have the power to really make or break companies and chore a company breaks itself if it releases a bad product.

01:08:20   But I guess what's changed now is that these consequences can be so much faster and at a global scale than they used to be.

01:08:32   Like, if a company like, for example, let's take the when we were kids, like obviously the Sega Game Gear was a bad product, you know.

01:08:43   But like that became clear if my memory serves over time, because then maybe you started buying video game magazines and then you realized, oh, there are not so many games coming out or the battery.

01:08:57   It requires too many batteries and they don't last long. And that was before the Internet, obviously.

01:09:03   There was no NKBHD for the Sega Game Gear in the 90s telling you, hey, you shouldn't buy this thing, you know.

01:09:10   So now the consequences of these reviews from online creators are massive and immediate.

01:09:19   And I think that is kind of scary.

01:09:22   Like if you are like Mike, you make products. Imagine if somebody with the scale of NKBHD makes a video that says, hey, you know, these notebooks, they suck.

01:09:33   They're terrible. You shouldn't buy them. You would face immediate consequences from that video.

01:09:41   And I think that's kind of scary.

01:09:43   I mean, it is scary.

01:09:45   I mean, it's scary that someone could just make that video and they're wrong.

01:09:49   Like that's the scary part. I have to believe that people would be honest.

01:09:54   I mean, and if someone is making a like they're being truthful in their product review, I would feel confident because I think the products are good.

01:10:08   But if there are things that I know aren't good about them, then they're going to explain them and they're going to show them.

01:10:14   And then that's just on me, right?

01:10:15   Like if there was some like fatal flaw where like once you got to the 10th page of our notebooks, all the pages fell out.

01:10:22   Like I would know about that, you know?

01:10:24   I guess what concerns me is obviously we all like him.

01:10:29   NKBHD because he does great work.

01:10:32   But like if this is how the system works now, let's go beyond them, Marquez.

01:10:37   But if this is how the system works now, what happens when the next person with the scale of Marquez,

01:10:44   and maybe even bigger, I don't know.

01:10:46   What happens when that person says something that is just not true?

01:10:49   Or they'll just... what happens if that person uses the platform to personally attack a company or to personally attack somebody who released the product?

01:10:59   That's what really concerns me with...

01:11:01   But I've got to believe, because otherwise I can't live my life comfortably, that that person won't have success that is either being gained or lost after that point.

01:11:13   I hope so.

01:11:14   You don't get to Marquez's size by being a person like that.

01:11:19   Like what's the long game there, right?

01:11:21   You, for 10 years or whatever, you work on the internet being honest, building a huge audience.

01:11:27   And then one day you decide I'm going to nuke a company from Orbit?

01:11:31   Like I just don't know if that's something super feasible.

01:11:35   Don't forget, like this is what we're dealing with here.

01:11:38   But like it just hasn't worked because it's stupid.

01:11:41   People love to cancel people.

01:11:43   So like what I'm saying is in this situation where this creator you're talking about decides that they're going to go on a vendetta, they will be cancelled over that.

01:11:52   Because that's what people are trying to do to Marquez, right?

01:11:57   People want... that's what the clout chasing is.

01:12:00   This person who posts these... or the people that post these messages, because it's not just this one guy, but it's this one guy who got popular, right?

01:12:07   They are hoping that the internet is going to go, "Yeah, you're right! Screw that guy! Boo!"

01:12:13   But it didn't happen.

01:12:15   Because that's what I genuinely would happen.

01:12:18   Like if some... now look, there is obviously a scenario where someone has been always lying, right?

01:12:24   But then they are probably not going to get to Marquez's level.

01:12:29   They're going to have a very specific audience that they're just going to have anyway and it's full of people that already believe the nonsense that that person's talking about, right?

01:12:36   Like, the turn seems unlikely to me.

01:12:40   Yeah, yeah. So maybe like... you're right. I should be more optimistic about this.

01:12:47   It's just... I think it's just, you know, thinking back of how I used to read reviews.

01:12:53   And I said that we are part of the problem because we also create content, including reviews of stuff on the internet.

01:13:01   Not at Marquez's scale, but still we do it.

01:13:05   But I remember like, when I was younger, it was different, you know?

01:13:10   And instead today, product recommendations are just so easily accessible that to see a company with the stock price going under after a video,

01:13:22   even though the video is totally justified and correct, it is still quite the sight.

01:13:28   You know, it's still, "Wow!"

01:13:30   Like, times have really changed because like, that was not possible until a decade ago.

01:13:37   And now it is.

01:13:38   And so if you're a company, I guess, now more than ever, I think, I guess my takeaway here would be don't release unfinished crap because the end may happen very quickly for you.

01:13:55   Like, you know, it's like... And sometimes maybe you think that what you're releasing is good enough.

01:14:01   That's the problem.

01:14:02   Maybe, maybe whether because you're delusional or maybe you genuinely believe that your product is great,

01:14:09   and maybe you release it thinking, "Oh, this is so great."

01:14:12   And then you realize, "Oh no, the reviews are tanking my product."

01:14:15   And there is also a scenario where, like, and this does happen, we've all experienced this,

01:14:20   you don't know what's wrong. Like, people use the thing differently than what you expected because you made it with your mind.

01:14:30   And then like, like that can happen too.

01:14:32   I don't think that's going to happen in the case of the AI pin because there are just things that don't work about it.

01:14:37   But there are other types of, like, for example, in the video that Marques made talking about this review,

01:14:43   he references a Razer phone and that the Razer phone, he like said, had like a very bad vibration motor in it.

01:14:51   And then in the second version, they fixed that and they said to him, "Hey, look, we fixed this."

01:14:56   That could have just been a scenario that a vibration motor was a low priority for Razer.

01:15:01   You know, it's just that you can't necessarily understand exactly how people are going to approach and deal with the thing that you've made.

01:15:08   Like, I think the thing that you're bumping up against and talking about is the thing that I'm also seeing people talk about,

01:15:15   which is like, individuals have too much power.

01:15:18   What we really need is impact for newspapers and media organizations.

01:15:24   Like, I just got to say, I don't know what that is, honestly.

01:15:29   Like, a media organization can't also have a point of view that could be biased in one way or another.

01:15:34   Like, everybody has biases.

01:15:37   There's an example in this case.

01:15:40   So, in the fall, Time Magazine awarded the humane iPad the best invention of 2023.

01:15:50   Time co-chair and owners, Mark and Lynn Benoff, investors inhumane.

01:15:58   So, you're using your magazine to prop up one of your investments.

01:16:04   And I'm not saying individual creators can't do that too, but just because you are, I mean, it's Time Magazine.

01:16:12   Like, just because you're a big, you know, known name doesn't mean you also can't do bad things.

01:16:19   Yeah.

01:16:20   Yeah, that is true. That is true.

01:16:23   And the last thing I want to say is that maybe, I think a lot of companies make the mistakes that they want to try and be the next Apple.

01:16:35   Not just in terms of aesthetic, but in terms of secretive vibe.

01:16:42   And I don't think it's serving them well.

01:16:45   I think if humane, instead of trying to be all fancy and Apple-like with a secret product that nobody had seen before.

01:16:56   If they had been a little more open and less cagey and less like we want to be the next Johnny Ive in a secret room, sort of blessing you with this product from the sky.

01:17:09   I think it would have served them better to be more open and understand maybe some of the feedback upfront.

01:17:15   So there's a reason why Apple can be Apple and there's a reason why Apple can be secretive.

01:17:21   Those reasons, they don't necessarily apply to other startups.

01:17:26   I would also just like to give an in memoriam segment for the word honest.

01:17:35   This is my honest review.

01:17:38   No money was exchanged.

01:17:40   You guys know me. You all know me.

01:17:45   I get upset with the way that people use words and phrases.

01:17:49   Honest is one of them.

01:17:51   If you say this is my honest review, what you're saying is every time you don't say that you're lying.

01:18:00   Stop saying it. Stop it.

01:18:03   No, why does everyone have to say, guys this is my honest review about this product.

01:18:08   Why do you need to do that?

01:18:10   Just say it. Just say it.

01:18:12   Just say it.

01:18:13   And if you've been paid, then say you've been paid.

01:18:16   There is this inherent thought online now that if you say anything positive without saying this is my honest review, you've been paid for it.

01:18:26   And no one ever gets paid by any of the technology companies to publish reviews anyway.

01:18:31   It drives me mad.

01:18:33   You disagree with me, Steven?

01:18:35   This is my honest review.

01:18:37   I don't disagree with you, but I think one reason it does get said is that you can't guarantee everyone who watches your video knows you.

01:18:48   And if someone is just searching "humane AI pen" and they come across a review from Marques Brownlee,

01:18:55   now he's got a bajillion subscribers, right, but not everyone who watches subscribes or knows him or pays attention.

01:19:03   I think you're kind of saying it as a cover, you know, cover your rear in case people don't know who you are.

01:19:09   Yeah, but if you don't know someone and they tell you they're being honest, but you don't know them, why would you trust them anyway?

01:19:17   If you're so mistrusting that you will believe that people are lying to you just because you clicked on a video, why would them saying "Oh, I'm being honest."

01:19:25   Why would you believe they're honest?

01:19:27   I think you're just getting worked up over something that doesn't really...

01:19:29   I am. No, I am. You know I am.

01:19:31   I think Aaron in Discord said something that absolutely tracks with me.

01:19:38   Aaron says that this happens a lot. It's a very common sentiment in the gaming community and in gaming reviews.

01:19:45   This is something that I agree, this is something that I run into all the time.

01:19:49   Like whenever I'm watching reviews for graphics cards or video game handles and controllers or whatever, they use that expression all the time.

01:19:57   And I think, I mean, I gotta say the word, I think it goes back to the stupid gamergate stuff for like people accusing creators to be dishonest and unethical with their video game or console reviews.

01:20:13   So I think there's an element of that. Like people trying to sort of safeguard themselves from being "cancelled" by gamers over those kind of accusations.

01:20:25   But yeah, I also think it has lost all meaning at this point. Especially like when you see those reviews, those titles on YouTube with like, I don't know, let's say...

01:20:38   Nintendo Switch OLED, colon, my "honest" review. And it's like title, uppercase, all caps. That is so silly.

01:20:49   Because honest is now starting to mean bad. Like this is where it's trending towards.

01:20:58   And like maybe this upsets me and Federico more, obviously me the most, for this reason Stephen. This is so prevalent in gaming content. Like everything is prefaced this way.

01:21:10   And it is starting to mean like my honest review is a bad review? It's really weird. We're losing sense of the word honest now.

01:21:22   But in that one, of all the types of things that annoy me, this one upsets me because it's the word honest. We're losing sight of what that means.

01:21:31   It's... oh god. Internet man. But in essence MKBHD rules. We love him. I will stan him forever.

01:21:43   And people that think that he has any right.

01:21:47   Wow, check out all those biases. Jeez.

01:21:49   I know. One of my very favourite things that MKBHD ever made.

01:21:52   Is this your honest review of MKBHD?

01:21:54   This is my honest review of MKBHD. It's the fact that he said everyone has biases. I was so happy someone finally said it on YouTube and he said it.

01:22:01   And it allowed all YouTube creators to take a big sigh and point at that video forever when people said you're biased. It's like yeah we all are.

01:22:10   He's great and people are just trying to cancel him but he can't be cancelled because he's too cool.

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01:24:11   As promised, we are here to judge the UEs which were picks that we made based on changing legislation around the DMA.

01:24:24   I think we made a fatal mistake in this game by setting the deadline just a month out or whatever it was.

01:24:33   To be fair to us, at the time that we set this, the rules were changing weekly.

01:24:41   They basically have stopped changing since we made these picks.

01:24:45   Because it's come into effect. I think it's too late. Not necessarily too late, but it's in effect now.

01:24:54   So whatever it is is what it is and there will be a time period in which things will change again, but it's not right now.

01:25:02   Yeah. So can we just jump ahead and say that we got all wrong?

01:25:08   Yeah. Let's recap our picks though. Like what we said could change within a month.

01:25:14   We had two rounds of picks. Federico, what was yours?

01:25:18   I said the core technology fee is considerably altered, especially for web distribution. No.

01:25:25   Mine was that the member of good standing language would be removed from the review guidelines.

01:25:32   You still got to be a member of good standing. You still got to do it.

01:25:37   I picked developers aren't required to use Apple's scary screens for alternate payments. You still have to.

01:25:47   Now we move on to round two.

01:25:50   That was an easy one. Round two I said, "Oh boy, Phil Schiller is replaced as the head of the initiative."

01:25:57   The biggest swing here, I think.

01:26:00   He's still making news. He's still doing stuff.

01:26:03   Yeah. I think I read a headline today that said, "Phil Schiller says he doesn't know if the App Store is profitable."

01:26:12   Yeah. Okay.

01:26:14   Yeah, I saw that.

01:26:15   Which is one of these things where I'm like, "Well, then I have some questions for Phil Schiller."

01:26:20   Isn't he the head of this? Why doesn't he know? Does nobody know? Is no one ever bothered to check?

01:26:26   Look, this is the company that made numbers. They're using numbers instead of Excel. Who knows? Who knows what's happening?

01:26:34   Let me tell you something. I work with a guy who can do some horrific things in numbers.

01:26:38   Oh, I know.

01:26:39   It can do stuff. It just, everything's very, very slow.

01:26:42   Sometimes I open this number sheet that Gray made, and I'm not kidding. I have to wait like 35 seconds for it to do its calculations.

01:26:49   Need a MacStudio.

01:26:50   It's all the maths happening in the document.

01:26:54   Too much maths.

01:26:55   Yeah, lots of maths.

01:26:56   Lots of maths, man. Lots of maths.

01:26:58   Lots of them.

01:26:59   Can I open a potentially spicy sidebar?

01:27:01   Oh, please.

01:27:03   Ooh, spicy.

01:27:04   So in this 9to5 article about Phil Schiller maybe not knowing if it's profitable.

01:27:12   So this comes from a cross-examination where he says, "I believe it is profitable.

01:27:18   I am simply saying profit as a specific financial metric is not a report I get and spend time on.

01:27:24   It's not how we measure our performance as a team."

01:27:27   Sure, sure, Phil.

01:27:29   Okay.

01:27:30   Yeah, yeah.

01:27:31   Also in this is a comment that Apple people don't take notes in meetings.

01:27:38   And this was went around on Threads. This guy on Threads, he worked at Apple for like four years and thinks he's the next generation of jobs.

01:27:45   We cannot open this can of worms today. We can't. We can't do that.

01:27:49   That guy's a charlatan and the worst, but what a stupid rule. Write stuff down.

01:27:57   No, no, no.

01:27:58   We all stopped taking notes and learned to just listen and be part of the conversation and remember what we're supposed to do.

01:28:05   And that became how we worked.

01:28:07   Yeah.

01:28:08   Look, let me tell you what's actually this is.

01:28:10   So my boy Darius on Threads I guess was right about that. The rest of his stuff.

01:28:13   No, no, no.

01:28:15   What they're saying is they don't have meeting minutes because then they can't be put in court.

01:28:23   That's what this is.

01:28:25   Hmm.

01:28:26   It's like a never-seen...

01:28:27   The minutes exist at the meeting.

01:28:29   But if they believe that, they wouldn't send emails around saying if we put iMessages on Android, people will leave the iPhone.

01:28:35   Like you can't have it both ways, Apple.

01:28:37   Yeah, but they don't do that anymore. They don't do that anymore.

01:28:40   I hope not.

01:28:41   Right? Although look, maybe it says they've gone back to 1997. So maybe, look, maybe I'm being too cynical, but yeah, okay.

01:28:49   I think that's mad, right? That's madness, right? To not take notes in a meeting.

01:28:53   How does anyone... I have meetings all the time where I leave them and I'm like, I don't remember anything.

01:28:58   You may get a product to solve that problem, so how could you be honest about it?

01:29:02   That's true. My honest review of meetings is that they should be notes taken.

01:29:06   Do you have this... I had a meeting with my accountant a couple of days ago and I don't remember anything.

01:29:15   I left and I was like, I don't remember anything.

01:29:18   The great thing was someone... Yeah, but even then, like you write down and you're like, oh, this was too...

01:29:24   Some things are too high in the sky for me, you know what I mean?

01:29:27   Like talking to accountants, like I don't understand what's happening.

01:29:30   But the good thing was there was somebody that was on Zoom for that meeting, so the meeting was recorded, so I could watch it back and remind myself of what was said, which I think that's very cool.

01:29:39   This could have been solved if you had some sort of pin on your chest that was just listening all the time.

01:29:47   Or a pendant. Have you seen the pendant?

01:29:49   Oh yeah, we can't talk twice.

01:29:51   I think the pendant's awesome.

01:29:53   For what?

01:29:54   I think it's a great idea. If I'm having a meeting with you and something can just transcribe the meeting and give me summary at the end, I think that's a great idea.

01:30:02   I just want that, but like for just for everyday life, like for things my girlfriend tells me to do.

01:30:08   I think that thing can do that. You can press and say like, remind me of doing this and then you're good.

01:30:13   Really?

01:30:14   Yeah. I like that pendant's $99 as well. This is called by a company called Limitless.

01:30:21   Which used to be called Rewind, by the way.

01:30:24   Wait, Limitless is also the name of Casey's company.

01:30:26   No, Casey's company's name is Limitless.

01:30:30   Yes. It's also the name of a really bad movie.

01:30:35   I liked that movie at the time. It probably isn't good now.

01:30:38   I don't think it holds up.

01:30:40   No. It's Bradley Cooper taking ecstasy to become a superhero, right?

01:30:47   He wanted to unlock the other 90% of his brain.

01:30:50   Sure.

01:30:52   And that's what Limitless does for you. It unlocks the other 90% of your brain.

01:30:57   We were scoring.

01:30:59   What? Oh yeah, Sheila doesn't take notes. Yeah, I don't know about this to be honest. This note taking thing. I'm not sure if I fully believe it.

01:31:07   Okay. If you go to relay.fm/connected, there's a feedback form. You can make it anonymous.

01:31:15   Tell us if people take notes at Apple now or if this is a thing from the 90s that Phil Schiller and Michael Derry is still text about.

01:31:25   Yeah, please. You can be anonymous.

01:31:27   Why did you keep mentioning him?

01:31:29   You've got to stop. You've got to stop doing that. I don't want to bring this vendetta to this podcast. Where were we?

01:31:38   I'm going to invite him on. Come on.

01:31:40   No, no, no. Stop it. Mike, you're round two pick.

01:31:48   Oh yeah, we still have to finish this.

01:31:50   Yeah, we haven't all done yet. Call technology fee removed for fully free applications.

01:31:55   Yeah, no.

01:31:58   Federico just paid his part just earlier today.

01:32:01   I literally just did.

01:32:04   I like that. I played my part. Like he salutes to the old stars.

01:32:09   That's right.

01:32:10   There you go.

01:32:11   Changes to rules about apps being installed from an alternate source.

01:32:16   First of all, I can't believe y'all let me make this a pick. It's so broad. It's like any change.

01:32:22   This exact text.

01:32:23   No, here's the thing. Because of this, I went back and listened this morning to the previous pick.

01:32:29   And what we were talking about was the idea that if you downloaded it, say you downloaded the Facebook app from the app store,

01:32:39   and then you went to alt store and wanted to download the Facebook app from the alt store,

01:32:44   that you have to delete one to install the other and it don't go over each other. That's kind of what we were talking about.

01:32:51   I agree that this was like a weird thing. But what we were talking about, what you were talking about,

01:32:57   is that idea of like, if you install an app from an alternate source, you have to treat it as if it's a brand new application,

01:33:04   nothing can be shared between the two. That's what your pick was.

01:33:08   Anyways, that exact text is still on Apple's website. So no change.

01:33:12   Because literally nothing has changed since we did these picks. There have been no more amendments.

01:33:18   No.

01:33:19   So I would like to make a suggestion.

01:33:20   Okay.

01:33:21   We whole cloth kick this down the road by six months.

01:33:25   So in the middle of October, we try this again.

01:33:28   We take these picks, completely as they are, and say six months in the future, where are we?

01:33:37   You're probably right.

01:33:39   Alright, I'm making a task, re-score UEs.

01:33:43   Just making a task.

01:33:45   Making a task. I'm going to make it do for...

01:33:48   Saving it twice if it's in things, because he can't repeat the reminder.

01:33:52   Wow.

01:33:53   Steven heck is doing his job.

01:33:56   I'm actually out of town that one week. I said it for the third week of October.

01:34:02   Third week of October. We'll revisit.

01:34:05   Steven is remembering...

01:34:09   The milk.

01:34:10   The milk.

01:34:11   Oh, man.

01:34:14   Well...

01:34:16   He sees you in your sleep.

01:34:18   He's friends with Michael Darius.

01:34:25   He doesn't take any notes.

01:34:29   Yeah, I'm too powerful for notes.

01:34:32   Can't be insane.

01:34:34   I take notes on everything. Maybe I'm just old and forget things.

01:34:38   No, you're an effective person.

01:34:40   Yeah, I run two companies.

01:34:42   I'm making widgets over here. I'm not making widgets.

01:34:46   You take notes, because people that want to get things done, they take notes.

01:34:49   No matter how you take them, you just got to take them.

01:34:52   Because that's too many meetings you have to have otherwise.

01:34:55   But also, Phil Shiller, all he's doing is meetings, right?

01:34:58   That's all he's doing.

01:35:00   Is he getting all down in the weeds?

01:35:04   He just says some stuff and everybody else has to go and do it.

01:35:07   I expect everybody leaves a room after talking to Phil Shiller

01:35:11   and immediately starts putting things in their phone.

01:35:15   They leave the door and go, "Oh my God!"

01:35:17   They try to remember everything they were speaking about and take the notes of that.

01:35:21   Because Phil won't allow them to take notes when they're in the room with him.

01:35:25   Yeah.

01:35:26   All right, let us know, Apple employees, how this works in real life.

01:35:30   I think that does it for this week's episode of Connected.

01:35:35   What a ride.

01:35:36   I mean, what a ride.

01:35:40   If you want to find links to stuff we spoke about, head on over to the website.

01:35:44   relay.fm/connected/498.

01:35:49   Those show notes are also in your podcast player of choice.

01:35:52   A couple of things I want to draw your attention to.

01:35:54   We mentioned the feedback form.

01:35:56   It's the best way to get in touch with us.

01:35:57   You can make it anonymous.

01:35:59   Send us a note.

01:36:00   Tell us you love us.

01:36:01   Tell us what we get wrong.

01:36:02   We'd love to hear from you.

01:36:03   Tell us how you take notes in our meetings in Apple.

01:36:06   Tell us how you take your notes.

01:36:07   That's what I want to know so bad.

01:36:09   Actually, send us your meeting notes.

01:36:12   Send us your meeting notes.

01:36:14   It's a different thing.

01:36:15   So that we can believe you.

01:36:17   Or if you don't take notes, tell us everything that was in the last meeting

01:36:22   and we'll check it in the future, see if you were right.

01:36:24   Yeah, but also we're not soliciting information from a corporation.

01:36:29   I am.

01:36:30   We're not violating...

01:36:31   Am I not allowed to do that?

01:36:34   You're violating journalistic practices.

01:36:36   Oh, I don't have any journalistic ethics.

01:36:38   Okay, cool.

01:36:39   Yeah.

01:36:40   I'm an entertainer.

01:36:41   Feedback journalism.

01:36:42   I actually don't have any ethics.

01:36:44   So there you go.

01:36:45   Life is easier that way.

01:36:47   Wow.

01:36:48   It's way easier.

01:36:49   Ethics schmetics.

01:36:50   If you want to become a member and support our crooked ways, you get to prove.

01:36:57   Wait, no, you can't.

01:36:58   Didn't you take an oath?

01:37:00   Like you put your hand on the Chicago style guide, raise your other hand to the sky?

01:37:06   AP style guide, Chicago style guide.

01:37:09   Get out of my face.

01:37:11   Federico, you're the Chicago because of John.

01:37:13   And Steven is the Memphis style guide.

01:37:16   AP style guide.

01:37:17   The Memphis.

01:37:18   Although I have been writing with the Oxford Comma Sum and it's weird.

01:37:24   Why have you been doing that?

01:37:26   Oh, because of underscore?

01:37:27   Because of underscore.

01:37:28   I love that someone can finally make you use it because I failed.

01:37:34   There was a time Federico where Steven removed an Oxford comma from one of my descriptions

01:37:41   and I was very upset.

01:37:43   Now I just silently fix typos.

01:37:45   Yeah, that's fine.

01:37:47   Typos, that's all good.

01:37:49   Everyone needs a good typo fix every now and then.

01:37:51   I'm just so happy that like the rule of widget has come down upon you and now you need to

01:37:56   Oxford comma.

01:37:57   As we talked about, he gave me the task to come up with a style guide for the company.

01:38:01   And we're having a lot of debates about what that means.

01:38:04   Mostly just me and myself.

01:38:06   He doesn't care.

01:38:07   Yeah, you're looking in the mirror and you're like, can you do this?

01:38:10   Yeah.

01:38:11   You know in Memento, like he has this stuff written all over him.

01:38:14   It's like that.

01:38:17   Widgets are capitalized.

01:38:24   People who think they should stop listening to this show when we start the wrap up, they

01:38:28   are fools.

01:38:29   Yeah.

01:38:30   Think of the things you miss.

01:38:32   People who skip chapters.

01:38:34   What's wrong with them?

01:38:35   What's the deal with people who skip chapters?

01:38:37   I don't know.

01:38:38   If you see, here's what I don't like while we're on this.

01:38:41   What I don't like that there are a couple of apps that let you pre-select chapters.

01:38:47   That is like that is almost like a crime.

01:38:53   Maybe this is a crime.

01:38:55   Maybe I start getting around that by changing the closing chapter name a little bit each time.

01:39:01   So this time I'm going to spell it.

01:39:03   Every chapter is a chit-talian.

01:39:05   I'm going to call this one closing, but with a zero instead of an O.

01:39:09   No, no, no.

01:39:10   You know what you should do?

01:39:12   You should use the invisible Unicode character.

01:39:15   Just put it at the end.

01:39:16   That might actually break some podcast players.

01:39:19   Well.

01:39:20   Find a way to find out.

01:39:21   Has that sort of thing ever stopped you before?

01:39:25   Actually it hasn't.

01:39:26   There have been many times where we've done a thing, especially in this show, where we're like,

01:39:30   "This might break some stuff."

01:39:32   Does that mean we'll find out?

01:39:34   What if the title was 70 numbers in a row?

01:39:37   Would that be a problem?

01:39:38   That did break the website.

01:39:40   We had to fix that.

01:39:41   Well, but it didn't completely break it.

01:39:43   We just had to change some way the things were wrapped.

01:39:47   Yeah.

01:39:48   Yo, dog.

01:39:49   I think it makes me sad.

01:39:51   This has made me think.

01:39:53   I didn't want to do chapters for podcasts when I first started doing them.

01:39:57   And it was for these kinds of reasons, which is just like, the show is the show.

01:40:01   It's the beginning to the end.

01:40:03   And it makes me a little sad to skip.

01:40:05   But over time I have become a person that if I'm not interested in this topic, I will skip.

01:40:10   Right?

01:40:11   But the idea of not even giving it a shot to begin with, before you've even pressed play,

01:40:16   you're like, "Just don't even give me this part of the show."

01:40:19   Makes me sad.

01:40:20   Makes me sad.

01:40:21   See, now I have a dilemma about where to go.

01:40:27   We were talking about membership, though.

01:40:28   Yeah, we just...

01:40:29   Membership.

01:40:30   You get Connected Pro, which is a longer, ad-free, more ethical version of the podcast.

01:40:35   And you get access to the Relay Members Discord, where all we do is share links to ROMs, to games, to download.

01:40:43   Yeah.

01:40:44   You get a newsletter and some members-only podcasts.

01:40:47   They're all pretty good.

01:40:50   Go check it out.

01:40:51   Seven bucks a month.

01:40:52   It's the best seven bucks a month you'll spend, is what I'm going to say.

01:40:55   If you want to find more of us online, we're around.

01:41:00   You can find all of us on Threads and Mastodon.

01:41:03   Let's start with Mike.

01:41:05   Mike is the co-host of a bunch of other shows here.

01:41:08   It's like I'm in trouble.

01:41:09   He's on a bunch of other shows here on Relay FM.

01:41:13   He's on Threads as iMike.

01:41:15   He is on Mastodon as iMike at Mike.social.

01:41:18   And he's also making notebooks.

01:41:22   You can't use them at Apple, but you can use them other places that allow you to take notes in meetings.

01:41:26   I look forward to your honest review.

01:41:28   It's a pretty good notebook.

01:41:30   Oh, thank you. Thank you.

01:41:32   I mean, it's not waterproof, I discovered, but it's pretty good.

01:41:36   Did I tell you about that?

01:41:38   It's waterproof notebooks.

01:41:39   You didn't.

01:41:40   Waterproof notebooks exist, but they're terrible.

01:41:41   I dropped my subtle notebook in a puddle of water when it was raining.

01:41:45   And now it's all crinkly.

01:41:47   Yeah, honest review cannot withstand rain. Sorry.

01:41:52   Honest review of Steven's hands. Not that useful.

01:41:55   Not grippy.

01:41:57   Not grippy.

01:41:58   Not grippy.

01:41:59   You can find Federico at maxstories.net.

01:42:03   Honest review of maxstories.net. It's pretty good.

01:42:06   Oh, thank you.

01:42:08   Try hard.

01:42:11   It's pretty good.

01:42:12   It's pretty good.

01:42:13   I mean, you know, it's by Federico and friends. I feel like you're kind of, you know, downplaying John's contributions with that tagline.

01:42:21   No, we're not doing this again. No, we're not doing this again.

01:42:24   Let's give an honest review of Federico's friends.

01:42:29   Some of them are bullies and they're doing it to him right now.

01:42:34   That's true.

01:42:36   I really honestly, Federico, I really did enjoy y'all's recent roundup of HomeKit hardware.

01:42:42   Oh, thank you.

01:42:43   I have a lot of things bookmarked for future research.

01:42:46   So thanks for that.

01:42:48   Well, I must ask, the reviews of these products, were they honest?

01:42:53   Were they paid for by the big HomeKit?

01:42:55   They were dishonest reviews.

01:42:57   Perfect.

01:42:59   That's the new spin on it.

01:43:01   Because everything is a honest review these days, you can find honest reviews everywhere.

01:43:07   Like, what about this honest reviews?

01:43:09   That sounds intriguing, right?

01:43:11   So that's what we're going to do.

01:43:12   This honest reviews.

01:43:13   What about the hottest reviews?

01:43:15   Oh, what about this hottest?

01:43:19   Please wrap it up, Steven.

01:43:23   I beg you, please.

01:43:24   You can find my unbiased, excellent blog website at fivephilpixels.net.

01:43:33   The best threads account you could follow is ismh86.

01:43:37   And the most impactful Macedon account is ismh@eworld.social.

01:43:42   And every Sunday, which is the Lord's Day, we release the best podcasts on Relay FM.

01:43:49   MacPower uses it.

01:43:50   Are those two related, Steven?

01:43:52   It's hard to say.

01:43:54   OK.

01:43:55   It's hard to say.

01:43:56   I'd like to thank our sponsors this week for making the show possible.

01:43:59   JAM, Squarespace, NetSuite and ZocDoc.

01:44:02   And until next time, say goodbye.

01:44:04   Arrivederci.

01:44:05   Bye-bye.

01:44:06   Bye, all.

01:44:07   Bye y'all.