500: The Rickies (May 2024)


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00:00:07   From Relay FM, this is Connected Episode 500!

00:00:11   500!

00:00:13   500! 500!

00:00:15   500! This episode is good to you!

00:00:16   That's... that's...

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00:00:18   This episode is good to you!

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00:00:20   Jam, Squarespace, ExpressVPN and listeners like you! Because it's episode 500! My name is Mike Hurley, I'm joined by Federico Vittucci!

00:00:28   Hello! Hi! Ciao! It's good to be here!

00:00:31   We're also joined for this very special episode of Connected by Mr. Steven Hackett. Hello, Steven!

00:00:37   Hello, boys!

00:00:40   Can you believe it? That we've done this thing for like half a thousand times?

00:00:44   I know.

00:00:44   I don't like it when you say it like that.

00:00:46   Half a thousand! Half a thousand times we've said, you know, "Welcome to Connected!"

00:00:53   You know, we've said our names half a thousand times.

00:00:56   You know, we've done it all. Like, 500 times we've been on this fun, informative, silly, the greatest show in the world after all, you know.

00:01:06   We're celebrating a lot of things this year. It's the Year of Celebrations and I like that episode 500 is amongst all of that, you know?

00:01:12   Mm-hmm. What's wild is in another 57 episodes, there will be 10 times the number of episodes of Connected and the War of the Prompt.

00:01:22   Hmm. I don't like that either.

00:01:23   I don't know. That number was like, "Oh, I've been doing this a long time."

00:01:27   Well, we should start with follow-up.

00:01:31   Do we have a show besides the fact that we are celebrating 500 episodes?

00:01:34   No, that's it. Thanks for listening, everyone.

00:01:36   That's it. Bye!

00:01:37   Bye-bye now.

00:01:38   Follow-up.

00:01:39   Follow-up.

00:01:42   I was out last week. Jason was out last week. I know an upgrade he talked about it, but we were together along with Casey Liss and Micah Sargent and Kathy Campbell and MVO, who's one of our moderators on Discord and one of our Discord members.

00:01:59   We were at St. Jude last week as part of a conference.

00:02:03   St. Jude works with a lot of content creators and a bunch of those people work together and we got to hang out for a week, see the campus, hear from a bunch of people doing great work at St. Jude.

00:02:12   Casey just straight up announced this in his blog post, which I love. He is going to be joining us on the Podcast-a-Thon as a host this year.

00:02:21   So, it was good to have him.

00:02:22   Well, in your blog post, you announced the date. So, you know, everyone's announcing things.

00:02:26   Everyone's announcing things.

00:02:28   Mm-hmm.

00:02:29   So, yes.

00:02:30   Go check the blog posts.

00:02:31   Yeah. Look, blogs are where it happens, you know?

00:02:35   Yeah. I mean...

00:02:38   Yeah.

00:02:39   Mm-hmm. Yeah.

00:02:40   Mm-hmm.

00:02:41   Sure.

00:02:42   Blogs.

00:02:43   The open web.

00:02:44   The open... It's like a deep and open framework.

00:02:47   But for websites.

00:02:48   But for websites. So, anyways, if you haven't seen those blog posts, go check it out. I am psyched about September, but September will come in its own time.

00:02:56   Before that, Micah, there's some Delta news.

00:02:59   Yeah. So, me and Federico spent a lot of time talking about the Delta emulator last week.

00:03:03   And we were having conversations about, like, if or what was next for the emulator.

00:03:07   And Federico, you seemed like...

00:03:09   You're like, "Oh, this has been going on for so long. This is probably just how it's going to be."

00:03:12   But it turns out that that's not the case.

00:03:15   I don't know if this is because of the success of Delta or not.

00:03:18   But Riley Testa, one of the guys behind Delta, posted some posts on Mastodon.

00:03:26   One is that they're working on a visual overhaul for the iPhone app.

00:03:30   So, kind of like making it a little bit more modern and refined feeling.

00:03:34   But also that there is an iPad version coming, which looks just fantastic.

00:03:40   Like, it looks fantastic.

00:03:42   So, I'm very excited about that.

00:03:44   Especially the iPad version.

00:03:46   It looks like they have built a keyboard or something?

00:03:51   Like, some kind of UI element that you can use it in split screen and still get the controls.

00:03:55   It looks really interesting and weird.

00:03:57   It's a custom keyboard, and I think it's a really clever idea for a custom keyboard, too.

00:04:00   So that you can use Delta on the iPad in split view, but still have the controls.

00:04:05   And have the two screens in the case of a DS on the other side.

00:04:08   And the keyboard, of course, with the way that iPadOS works.

00:04:12   Sort of auto layout and all that kind of stuff automatically resizes and lays out again the interface.

00:04:20   So you can have this custom keyboard with the controls at the bottom.

00:04:23   And in split view, Delta above the custom keyboard.

00:04:26   It's really a genius implementation of a technology, custom keyboards, that's been around since the days of iOS 8.

00:04:32   And we're coming up on the 10th anniversary of custom keyboards.

00:04:36   And I can probably count maybe two that are actually good.

00:04:41   How are we all going to celebrate the decade of custom keyboards?

00:04:45   I'm sure. Stephen, make a calendar.

00:04:47   What if I secretly re-release Underscore's emoji keyboard?

00:04:54   Oh my god, emoji plus?

00:04:57   Oh, there was the one, yes.

00:05:00   Oh, wow. Plus from the past.

00:05:02   Don't worry, David. I'm not going to do that.

00:05:04   I am sort of surprised that David hasn't put you in charge of the company's software preservation efforts.

00:05:13   Someone give him a new job. Someone give him a new job.

00:05:17   Do you know how many apps that man has made?

00:05:20   Yeah, you should make a screenshot.

00:05:25   I just spent the weekend of Underscore. We went hiking.

00:05:28   I think much to Stephen's dismay, as both of the people that he works with were just climbing mountains together.

00:05:34   My work daddies.

00:05:35   Stephen, they've been talking behind your back.

00:05:38   Your business partner and your new boss.

00:05:40   They've been talking behind your back.

00:05:42   As you can imagine, though, Underscore had only good things to say.

00:05:46   That's nice.

00:05:47   But he was mentioning just through conversations and apps that I don't even know existed, the stuff that he's worked on.

00:05:54   I love the idea.

00:05:56   I mean, Dave, you can choose if you want Stephen to welcome this or not, I guess, of you at some point.

00:06:00   Like, this is the history.

00:06:02   Oh, that'd be so good.

00:06:04   That'd be so good.

00:06:05   Yeah.

00:06:06   Gotta do it.

00:06:07   Emoji plus plus.

00:06:08   I just found the Federico Vittucci review here on MacStories.

00:06:12   Yeah.

00:06:13   Nice.

00:06:14   Stephen, have you put a task into the list about this already?

00:06:16   No. No, I have not.

00:06:18   Okay.

00:06:19   I'm just bracing for a GitHub issue to open with my name on it.

00:06:22   The iPad has joined the European Union.

00:06:27   The iPad is free. The iPad is free now.

00:06:29   Free from the shackles of Phil Schiller.

00:06:31   Yes.

00:06:32   What's going on here?

00:06:34   So the European Union essentially added iPadOS as a gatekeeper.

00:06:42   And Mike had an excellent explanation and discussion with Jason on the latest episode of Upgrade about this.

00:06:48   Essentially, and correct me if I'm wrong, Mike, the idea right now with the European Commission is that the iPadOS, like regular users, do not cross the threshold of what should be considered.

00:06:59   What's the terminology?

00:07:00   Gatekeeper.

00:07:01   Gatekeeper.

00:07:02   But the business customers do.

00:07:05   And so the European Union is sort of preparing and sort of arguing that tons of business users are already locked into iPadOS and the regular users, sort of like non-business customers, are possibly about to cross that threshold.

00:07:21   And so they -- I don't want to say that they made an exception to just say, "Let's roll iPadOS into the iOS as a gatekeeper."

00:07:27   No, they have.

00:07:28   But that's essentially what they have done.

00:07:30   So iPadOS, Apple will have six months to comply and basically do the things that they have done with iOS.

00:07:39   So third-party marketplaces, third-party browsers, the core technology fee, all the things that they have done on iOS, they will need to do on iPadOS as well.

00:07:49   Realistically, I guess this means that this will happen in iPadOS 18 later this year, quite possibly not even in the first version of 18, but maybe 18.1 or something, because six months would be in October, and typically Apple releases software updates in September.

00:08:07   So it's possible that iPadOS 18.1 will have the DMA functionalities that the EU requested.

00:08:16   And this also means that the Epic Games Store, for example, will be coming on the iPad.

00:08:26   And so Fortnite, I believe Epic has already announced, that Fortnite, in addition to launching on the iPhone in the near future at some point, will also be releasing on the iPad later in 2024.

00:08:38   So if you play Fortnite on the iPhone via the Epic Games Store at some point on your phone, you will be able to carry over your account, I guess, later in 2024 on the iPad too.

00:08:50   And of course, AltStore, all these other companies that are working on third-party marketplaces, they will be able to make them available on the iPad as well.

00:08:59   All good news if you live in the EU and you are an Apple customer, I guess.

00:09:04   Yeah, my view on this is that the European Union seem to have kind of like... they've bent their rules here.

00:09:13   They've decided they want this, which I agree with. I agree with the idea of them putting this in there, but it is very much just like, "Ah, you know, let's just throw the iPad into it."

00:09:24   And so they've done that, and so here we are.

00:09:27   It's just ironic after all these years, it's the EU that says you can do real work on an iPad.

00:09:33   Yes, I mean, I think Federico said on Mastodon, they found the one person who truly cares about the iPad.

00:09:41   And they are, in fact, in Europe, you know?

00:09:43   The one person who actually cares, as Federico said, is in Europe, and they've decided, "I'm happy that it's going to be there because it's going to make that experience better for European Union customers."

00:09:54   Right? So if you're thinking of something like... what's that keyboard manager Federico, is it Clip?

00:09:59   Clip.

00:10:00   Clip.

00:10:01   Clip.

00:10:02   And people want that to work on your iPad, right? If you're used to having it work on your iPhone, and now that will be a possibility, including Delta for iPad, right?

00:10:10   So they won't have to make a separate app for EU customers. Now they'll be able to make that available in their app marketplace in the European Union as well.

00:10:18   So this is a good thing. It's just, to me, very funny that they're just like, "Yeah, this complies now too."

00:10:25   Why? You know, it's going to, at some point, it's just like a very funny thing, but I appreciate it. I like this way of getting things done.

00:10:33   This episode of Connected is brought to you by Jam.

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00:10:59   You're going to go back and forth over weeks in the ticket or on Slack trying to figure out if there's a local storage API to blame,

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00:11:49   It's so easy to get your teammates to use it because Jam is just a Chrome extension.

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00:12:26   Apple was very gracious to hold their iPad news until episode 500 so we could make our picks.

00:12:33   This is normally the time where we would be reading the rules, but we have some special AI-generated music from our friend James Thompson sent us this,

00:12:44   and so we're going to let the robot take it from here.

00:12:48   It stands for the reading of the rules.

00:12:50   [Music]

00:12:54   Correct regular picks are awarded with one point.

00:12:57   The languages for random picks must be finalized and created upon during recording.

00:13:01   No partial points may be awarded.

00:13:04   Correct risky picks are worth two points.

00:13:07   Wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from their host total.

00:13:10   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of the game.

00:13:15   Picks made for keynote rookies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:13:20   For the annual rookies, hosts have been forbidden from choosing any pick they made during the previous calendar year.

00:13:25   Additionally, picks may not be used in back-to-back annual rookies by the same host.

00:13:30   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks made by others.

00:13:34   Scoring is completed during recording.

00:13:36   It cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:13:39   In the event of a tie, a dice by pick-out must be used in Relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:13:45   In the case of a three-way tie, hosts all make their calls at the same time.

00:13:50   We flip the cut chewing until a winner is named.

00:13:53   [Music]

00:14:05   Jason Snell has a lifetime bent on flipping any coins in relation to the rookies.

00:14:10   Coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed.

00:14:14   But a frowned upon subject to public shaming.

00:14:17   For keynote rookies, the scoring window starts when the live stream begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:14:23   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:14:28   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:14:31   The winner of the previous associated game goes first.

00:14:34   The previous loser goes last.

00:14:36   Winners were recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:14:39   [Music]

00:15:02   Okay, are we back? Did everybody survive that?

00:15:05   We're back.

00:15:06   There's something poetic about the fact that for episode 500 we're being replaced by AI.

00:15:11   And you specifically, Steven, are being replaced by AI.

00:15:14   Here we are.

00:15:17   Well, the AI hasn't made any picks yet. That's still us.

00:15:21   So let's go to round one. Federico, you are first because you won the last event.

00:15:26   Oh, I did? Wait, what was the last event? Was it the Mac one?

00:15:31   It was the Mac one.

00:15:32   Yeah, so we must also salute our chairman. Congratulations Federico.

00:15:38   Yes, what's my name? What's my name for when I win stuff?

00:15:42   You're just the chairman right now.

00:15:44   There's not names for this part. Did you not hear the rap?

00:15:48   Isn't that how people call John Gruber, the chairman? Now I'm the chairman? Okay.

00:15:53   In my mind, you've always been the chairman.

00:15:55   Oh, thank you. You're so sweet.

00:15:57   All right, so my number one pick. The new iPad Pros come with a new-to-the-platform display technology.

00:16:06   So the idea being that we all know that these new iPad Pros, both the 11-inch and the 13-inch, will have OLED displays.

00:16:14   Now, I don't want to specifically mention the word OLED in the phrasing of the pick,

00:16:21   because Apple may, for example, they didn't call the current iPad Pro display a mini-LED display.

00:16:27   It's a Liquid Retina XDR display. But we all know it's a mini-LED panel.

00:16:33   I'm just thinking that maybe Apple will have a fancy name for this display technology as well.

00:16:38   I'm expecting that both iPad models will get it, and I just want to kind of ask you guys,

00:16:44   and especially Mike, Mike is good with words with these things,

00:16:47   do you have any possible names that Apple may call the display instead of like "iPad Pro with OLED"?

00:16:54   Which is literally what Nintendo did.

00:16:56   Nintendo did it. They literally called it the Nintendo Switch OLED when they did that.

00:17:00   But maybe Apple will.

00:17:02   Well, my expectation is it will match the iPhone convention for the screen naming.

00:17:10   What's it called?

00:17:11   It's called the Super Retina XDR display.

00:17:14   Super Retina XDR.

00:17:16   Now, I'm expecting it to be the same, because in theory, it's OLED and it will be ProMotion.

00:17:21   Right. I forgot that it's Liquid Retina on the iPad and Super Retina on the...

00:17:27   And it's weird, right? So what's the tier like? Is it a Liquid Super?

00:17:34   Liquid mini-LED maybe, and Super is OLED?

00:17:38   Liquid Retina is LCD or I guess that one 13-inch iPad.

00:17:42   Super Retina XDR I believe is only used for OLED.

00:17:46   I like how we're trying to make sense of this because these names are ridiculous.

00:17:49   Yeah, and XDR is only on the 12.9.

00:17:54   So the 12.9 currently is the Liquid Retina XDR display, and the 11 is just a Liquid Retina display.

00:18:01   So I guess XDR now means ProMotion?

00:18:04   Because it's extreme dynamic range, right?

00:18:06   Oh no, because the XDR part, sorry, that is the mini-LED part, right?

00:18:11   Yes, yes.

00:18:12   So hilarious. Oh, they both have ProMotion though. Oh my god.

00:18:16   Right, okay, so the XDR is extreme dynamic range and that's what mini-LED provides, right?

00:18:20   And that's why the 11-inch doesn't have it, because it's just got like a standard HDR display.

00:18:26   So yes, I would expect Super Retina XDR would be the name.

00:18:31   Okay, so Super Retina XDR.

00:18:34   So once again, my number one pick is the new iPad Pros come with the new to-the-platform display technology.

00:18:41   Because obviously OLED is already on the iPhone.

00:18:44   I don't think that this is a pick, at least it's not in this part, so I'll just ask you now and neither of you can tell me to kick rocks until later on if you want.

00:18:53   Do we still think there is the possibility of like a Mac display option?

00:18:58   Oh yeah, I think so.

00:19:00   As an extra?

00:19:01   As like an extra?

00:19:02   As an extra.

00:19:03   To get your iPad up to $4,000 or something?

00:19:06   Yeah, why not, right? Why not? And still use Stage Manager with four windows on it.

00:19:10   But at least you won't get any glare, you know? No glare in those windows.

00:19:14   Right, because when you're using Stage Manager, the problem is the glare, not Stage Manager.

00:19:19   Like that's the problem, the glare.

00:19:20   Well yeah, because like if the glare hits the wrong part and like you've got your window there, oh man, you can't see it, you've got to move it.

00:19:26   Right, right, right.

00:19:28   Okay.

00:19:30   Steven, you're up.

00:19:31   Apple updates its Pro apps for the iPad.

00:19:35   Okay, I'm going to need some clarification here.

00:19:39   Like Pro apps and for the iPad?

00:19:43   That's Final Cut and Logic.

00:19:45   Okay.

00:19:46   I can say updates Final Cut Pro or Logic for the iPad, if you want me to be more specific.

00:19:52   Okay, that would be better.

00:19:53   But also, just wanted to know some context, like what do you mean updates?

00:19:57   Like during the event they say, like if they just say, "We're also working on an update that does such and such," but they just announce it.

00:20:06   It's not out yet.

00:20:07   So technically they have an update.

00:20:09   See?

00:20:11   I think you're cutting that too close.

00:20:14   What I mean is announce, right?

00:20:16   These iPads aren't going to ship on the 7th.

00:20:18   These updates would probably ship when the iPads do, so.

00:20:21   Okay.

00:20:22   Announce is updates.

00:20:23   That's fine.

00:20:24   Look, I think there's going to be a new silicon of these things.

00:20:27   We can debate later what that means.

00:20:29   None of us went real hard on what chip it'll get.

00:20:32   I'm sure they go and want to tout the screen.

00:20:34   Spoilers.

00:20:35   Oh, I did.

00:20:36   That's way down here.

00:20:39   Way down here in the document.

00:20:40   So I think, you know, and it's been a minute since we've heard about these apps, so I think they're going to have something there.

00:20:47   Okay, so can you read your pick again?

00:20:49   Apple announces updates for Final Cut Pro and/or Logic for the iPad.

00:20:54   Okay.

00:20:56   All right.

00:20:57   Non-graded.

00:20:59   Just kind of want to know what you're thinking.

00:21:01   Any ideas?

00:21:03   What these updates may be?

00:21:05   I mean, you use Logic, right?

00:21:07   I do.

00:21:08   Not on the iPad, though.

00:21:09   Not on the iPad.

00:21:10   I have some thoughts on this in the Flexi, so stay tuned.

00:21:12   Okay, okay.

00:21:14   All right.

00:21:15   Nice thoughts.

00:21:16   Yes, thoughts.

00:21:17   Okay.

00:21:18   My first round pick is that the iPad Pro features a camera on the horizontal bezel.

00:21:23   Yeah.

00:21:24   I hope so, man.

00:21:25   I really hope so.

00:21:26   I hope so.

00:21:27   I hope you're right.

00:21:28   I was thinking about this.

00:21:29   I was wondering about this.

00:21:30   This was potentially going to be a pick, but it just felt boring.

00:21:32   They'll probably rotate the Apple logo, too, if they do that, right?

00:21:36   Oh, yeah, because now it's a landscape first.

00:21:39   Did they do that on the 10th gen?

00:21:41   Let's see.

00:21:43   I'm spending a lot of time on the Apple website during today's episode.

00:21:46   Yeah, me too.

00:21:47   I'm looking at various tech specs and images.

00:21:49   Oh, they probably have to go to the store.

00:21:52   No, they did not.

00:21:53   They did not do that.

00:21:54   Okay.

00:21:55   The Apple logo is still in the portrait, so maybe they won't.

00:22:00   Maybe they won't, but I feel like they could.

00:22:02   Especially on the Pro, right?

00:22:04   That thing is a laptop replacement for most people.

00:22:07   Yeah, because the Magic Keyboard has it that way, doesn't it?

00:22:10   Mm-hmm.

00:22:11   The Magic Keyboard's logo is on landscape, which makes sense,

00:22:14   because if you attach the Magic Keyboard and use your iPad in portrait,

00:22:19   you're a monster.

00:22:20   Are you?

00:22:23   Why would...

00:22:24   But then the keyboard's just hanging out there, right?

00:22:28   No, I'm just saying some people have devised solutions to use,

00:22:33   not with the Magic Keyboard, but like using...

00:22:36   There are benefits to using an iPad in portrait.

00:22:39   No, I'm not saying that.

00:22:40   It's like, hey, look, pull one out for everyone's favorite keyboard,

00:22:43   the original iPad keyboard stand.

00:22:45   Right, exactly.

00:22:46   There is a benefit for a portrait iPad in a keyboard,

00:22:48   because you get a longer display.

00:22:50   I just mean, Apple's Magic Keyboard,

00:22:52   if you're ever using your iPad in portrait while that thing's attached,

00:22:56   that's big forearm strength or whatever.

00:22:58   Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:23:00   I hope you're right.

00:23:02   I hope they figure out the Face ID situation,

00:23:05   the Apple Pencil charging situation there.

00:23:09   Somehow, I have no idea how, because I'm not an engineer,

00:23:14   nor do I work at Apple.

00:23:16   What?

00:23:17   I just know that...

00:23:18   Yeah, didn't you know?

00:23:20   I don't work at Apple.

00:23:21   I feel like there has to be a solution to this problem.

00:23:24   Yes, it's probably not going to be an easy solution,

00:23:27   but there is a solution,

00:23:29   and if they design from the ground up with the product to be that way,

00:23:33   I'm sure they can make it work.

00:23:35   Knowing Apple, knowing Apple,

00:23:37   I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with some incredible solution

00:23:42   where the Face ID module is also a magnet for the Apple Pencil,

00:23:48   because here, people over the past couple of years

00:23:51   have sort of gotten stuck on this idea

00:23:53   about how do you fit two components in the same spot,

00:23:56   where you need to have both Face ID and charging.

00:23:58   And knowing Apple, I wouldn't be surprised if their answer is,

00:24:01   "But who says they need to be two components?

00:24:04   What if it can be one component that does both things?"

00:24:07   Or what about three components?

00:24:09   Like, what I'm saying,

00:24:10   the Face ID and the camera don't need to be next to each other.

00:24:13   They just are, right?

00:24:14   Like, the Face ID sensor is not the camera.

00:24:16   Yeah.

00:24:17   So if the Face ID sensor was the problem,

00:24:20   they could put that somewhere else in one of the other bezels

00:24:22   and then just have the camera on the logical place for it to be.

00:24:26   There are tons of options, I think, available to them.

00:24:29   I'm intrigued to see what they're going to do.

00:24:31   I'm also like, there are rumors that the bezels are going to get thinner.

00:24:34   And that, I just, I don't understand how that's going to happen.

00:24:38   If it needs to happen, and if it does,

00:24:40   how on earth they fit any camera in that thing is going to be intriguing.

00:24:45   Maybe you're going to have one of those little pop-out cameras.

00:24:47   Remember when that was the thing?

00:24:48   When they left those phones,

00:24:49   where the camera would rise out of the phone?

00:24:51   That was a good time, man.

00:24:53   That was a good time.

00:24:54   That was good, that was good.

00:24:55   Okay, so read your pic again, Mike, please.

00:24:58   The iPad Pro features a camera on the horizontal bezel.

00:25:03   Perfect.

00:25:04   All right, and that's the end of round one.

00:25:07   We're going into round two for regular picks, and I'm going to go first again.

00:25:11   My pick is, Apple unveils a redesigned keyboard accessory for one of the new iPads.

00:25:17   So, yeah, obviously, we are expecting both iPad Pro and iPad Air.

00:25:23   I am not convinced.

00:25:25   There's some debate about this idea that Apple is making a new keyboard,

00:25:30   and it sounds like it's going to be more laptop-like,

00:25:33   maybe made of aluminum sort of keyboard.

00:25:35   And some people believe that keyboard is going to be compatible with all models of iPad announced next week,

00:25:42   whereas I personally think it's going to be a Pro-only accessory, but we'll see.

00:25:47   In any case, I'm expecting a redesigned Magic Keyboard, essentially.

00:25:52   I am not convinced that this is going to replace the Magic Keyboard from 2020.

00:25:58   I wouldn't be surprised if the Magic Keyboard stays around at a lower price point,

00:26:03   and Apple is announcing—this is not my pick, I'm just explaining, providing context.

00:26:08   I wouldn't be surprised if Apple comes out with a Magic Keyboard Pro that's more expensive and more laptop-like

00:26:14   and enables additional features, as we'll see later in my risky pick.

00:26:20   Yeah, so this pick, the way that I wrote it down, sort of accounts for that scenario,

00:26:29   where there's a redesigned keyboard accessory for one of the iPads, because maybe it's only an iPad Pro accessory.

00:26:36   We have a potential problem.

00:26:39   For the annual 2024 Rickies, you said,

00:26:46   "The keyboard for iPad Pro is substantially redesigned for the first time since its introduction in 2020."

00:26:51   I did not remember that.

00:26:53   Whoopsie! Now I'm going to search, too. I forgot.

00:26:58   Can you read that again?

00:27:00   "The keyboard for iPad Pro is substantially redesigned for the first time since its introduction in 2020."

00:27:09   I think if you were to give this pick some detail, then it would steer clear of being a repeat.

00:27:16   But I think as it stands now, I think you're a little too close to your previous one.

00:27:21   Yeah, no, I think I'm going to pick something else.

00:27:26   Why don't you go ahead, Steven, with your pick, and I'm going to think of something.

00:27:30   I'm going to wrap back around again. I love it.

00:27:32   Yeah.

00:27:33   To be fair, I also forgot about the ineligible picks since I didn't read the rules, but Jason, award-winning short cutter in the Discord,

00:27:42   and the editor-in-chief of Wikipedia, Quizopedia, sent me the ineligible picks document.

00:27:50   Mine...

00:27:51   Oh, that's good. So you can just let us know here, right?

00:27:55   Yeah.

00:27:56   Thank you.

00:27:57   "The new iPad Air comes in the current iPad Pro sizes, 11-inch and 12.9-inch."

00:28:03   You know, I like this pick. I think it's fine.

00:28:08   You got a potential problem, I think.

00:28:11   Okay.

00:28:12   Which is this bezel's getting smaller.

00:28:14   Oh, yeah, with the numbers.

00:28:16   It might be 13. They might do it.

00:28:19   It could be. So I did consider that.

00:28:22   Yeah.

00:28:23   And just my thought process, and we'll see if I'm right or not, is that the iPad Air is going to basically inherit the iPad Pro design,

00:28:30   which would mean the iPad Air has slightly smaller bezels than it does today, but it would be the same as the iPad Pro is today.

00:28:38   And the new iPad Pro is even smaller bezels.

00:28:41   So I am threading that needle with this, but I really think the iPad Air, guys, I really think it's a recycled iPad Pro design.

00:28:48   No.

00:28:49   Maybe with some colors.

00:28:50   I was confusing that in my mind. The bezels for the Pro, yes.

00:28:55   The Pro might go to 11 and 13 or whatever.

00:28:59   Yeah. Oh, definitely. I could definitely see that.

00:29:01   The iPad Air would be 11 and 12.9.

00:29:03   Even though I've said for years they should just... It's fine. Just round it up.

00:29:07   Like, this should have been the 11 and 13-inch iPads for a long time.

00:29:11   Oh, yeah.

00:29:12   But, yeah. All right. Cool.

00:29:14   So that's mine. What about yours, Mike?

00:29:18   So my second-round pick is that the iPad Pro has a higher starting price for both models.

00:29:25   Personally, and I don't want to change your mind, I'm just saying this is potentially risky.

00:29:31   I don't need to say both. I feel like I could just say one, but I'm just going to go for it anyway because I want the passion.

00:29:39   You have developed passion over the years.

00:29:41   Yes. I definitely have. As I've gotten older, my passion has increased.

00:29:47   And I do feel like having the iPad Air be essentially the iPad Pro gives them the ability to add more, and they're doing that.

00:30:01   The OLED screens are going to increase the prices, in my opinion.

00:30:05   Or at least they will use this as an opportunity to increase the prices of the iPad Pro.

00:30:09   So I just see them doing that.

00:30:13   I don't think it's going to be like, remember those rumors where it's like the iPad is going to cost like $9,000?

00:30:17   Yeah.

00:30:18   But I can imagine something like a $50, $100, $200 price increase for the iPad Pro that will, one, help them make more money from it as they're making it more expensive, and two, will push out that product line a little bit from each other.

00:30:33   So there could still be some sense for some people as to why they would choose an iPad Air over an iPad Pro because there is a greater price delta between the two.

00:30:42   Federico, have you recovered?

00:30:45   I do have a new round two pick, which is Apple Envails and new Apple Pencil.

00:30:52   Obviously, it's right there in the event invitation artwork.

00:30:58   And we are expecting an Apple Pencil 3 or whatever it's going to be called.

00:31:03   I saw this wild rumor on Reddit, of all places.

00:31:07   I mentioned this on App Stories.

00:31:09   It's this rumor from a Telegram channel that was based on a translated post from the Chinese social network Weibo.

00:31:19   So imagine the game of telephone there.

00:31:22   That it's going to be called the Magic Apple Pencil.

00:31:26   The Magic Pencil.

00:31:30   Ah, interesting.

00:31:33   But I don't know.

00:31:34   I'm just going to say Apple Envails and new Apple Pencil.

00:31:37   And non-graded, I would expect that this pencil has for sure support for gestures, sort of like AirPods, where you can maybe squeeze the pencil to perform additional features.

00:31:51   Maybe it's a programmable thing that you can configure in settings.

00:31:55   And I also, and again, non-graded, I also, I'm fascinated by the idea of haptic feedback that we saw reported over the past couple of weeks.

00:32:05   So the idea of when using a brush tool, for example, maybe you get a certain type of feedback.

00:32:12   Whereas if you're using something like a pen or a pencil tool, you get a different type of feedback from the pencil.

00:32:18   That would be interesting.

00:32:20   And it's sort of like that kind of haptic technology.

00:32:23   It reminds me of the PlayStation DualSense controller, with how we can communicate different types of surfaces, for example, if your character is walking on ground, versus swimming, for example.

00:32:40   And the DualSense with the haptic feedback supports different types of tactile communication.

00:32:46   That fascinates me in an Apple Pencil.

00:32:49   We'll see.

00:32:50   And yeah, once again, Apple unveils a new Apple Pencil.

00:32:55   Can I read back the non-graded section, just for the record?

00:33:00   Non-graded, support for gestures like squeezing and the inclusion of haptic feedback.

00:33:05   Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:33:08   Hold me closer, tiny pencil, you know?

00:33:11   Yeah.

00:33:12   Why do you think it would be small?

00:33:14   What if it's just massive, like four feet long?

00:33:17   That's how they solve the battery issue.

00:33:20   It's really chunky.

00:33:22   Yeah.

00:33:23   It's like, do you remember the student at cosmonaut? It's just that.

00:33:25   I do. Yeah, it was great.

00:33:26   It's just that.

00:33:27   It was a great product.

00:33:28   I do think that there's going to be some pencil stuff.

00:33:31   I mean, not only is it in the invitation, but that's, even though it works on basically every iPad now, or like every iPad uses some version of the pencil, I think Apple really views the iPad Pro and like the pencil of having a bit of a special relationship.

00:33:46   They were introduced at the same time at that event, you know, many years ago.

00:33:50   So I do think you're on track with a new pencil.

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00:36:02   Alright friends, it is time for the best part of this game.

00:36:08   The Risky Picks, also known as the Riki's.

00:36:11   So I thought long and hard about my risky pick.

00:36:15   Also because we haven't gotten one of these right in a while.

00:36:20   And before I read you mine, I sort of want to preface that by saying that I picked this one.

00:36:28   Because the more I think about these iPad Pros and the big deal that Apple seems to be making about them.

00:36:35   The more I struggle to believe that they're just gonna come out and say "We have these new iPads, they have a new display and there's a new Apple Pencil and a new keyboard."

00:36:46   And that's it. So basically the event, the announcement is mostly about the accessories.

00:36:52   There's gotta be something and maybe this is just me wish casting but I feel like there has to be something that after six years of the 2018 iPad Pros announcement.

00:37:04   I feel like this is an opportunity for Apple to reset the iPad Pro narrative.

00:37:11   To tell a new story with the iPad Pro.

00:37:14   Especially because I feel like this product needs to be differentiated more from the iPad Air.

00:37:19   Particularly if the iPad Air is also getting a 13 inch version now.

00:37:24   So my pick, my risky pick is the new iPad Pros can run a version of Mac OS when needed.

00:37:34   Didn't you say you wanted somebody to win a risky pick this time?

00:37:37   [Laughter]

00:37:40   It's about time somebody got one right. Let me pick the most risky.

00:37:45   You've been Mac pad pilled is what happens.

00:37:49   So this has been a discussion that's been going on for quite some time.

00:37:56   Obviously I built the Mac pad.

00:37:58   Jason has been writing and podcasting about this for a long time including I believe a few episodes ago on upgrade.

00:38:06   The idea that, so you have these iPads. You have the iPad Air and you have the iPad Pro.

00:38:12   And the iPad Air is gonna get a bigger version supposedly compatible with a Magic Keyboard or a future keyboard accessory.

00:38:18   Most people would be fine with an iPad Air.

00:38:21   So what is the reason for the iPad Pro to exist?

00:38:26   There are some features of the iPad Pro, right?

00:38:29   Like the better display, the four speaker audio, Face ID.

00:38:37   There are features that justify the existence of a Pro model.

00:38:42   But as time goes on I feel like those features, those exclusives don't do enough to justify why this product is called an iPad Pro.

00:38:52   What's pro about it that the iPad Air cannot do?

00:38:57   And I think Apple has such a unique opportunity here to make the kind of product that no other company can make today right now.

00:39:07   There's no other company that can build that kind of product.

00:39:10   And I think running Mac OS, a non-graded here, it can be a native instance of Mac OS available sort of like as an app almost.

00:39:21   It can be virtualized.

00:39:23   Apple has the Hypervisor framework, which is their virtualization framework, has been sitting dormant in iPad OS for the past couple of years.

00:39:30   It's there. They have done nothing with it.

00:39:34   Or maybe it can be an iPad OS version of Mac Virtual Display. In that case you will need to have a Mac nearby.

00:39:42   So personally I would rather see either native Mac OS or virtual Mac OS.

00:39:49   But there's an important thing that I want to say here.

00:39:51   I am not saying that Apple needs to pivot the iPad line by saying, "Sorry, we were kidding with iPad OS. Now these iPads are going to run Mac OS."

00:40:00   I am not saying that, nor do I think that's a good idea.

00:40:04   I'm saying that a good way to differentiate an iPad Pro from an iPad Air would be this computer.

00:40:12   It's a pro machine that costs multiple thousands of dollars or euros.

00:40:18   When you need it, if you need to do complex work on it, because we make the chips and because we make the ecosystem,

00:40:26   you can, upon demand, use Mac OS.

00:40:31   Especially, and this is why I think this new keyboard accessory will be an interesting story,

00:40:38   especially if they have a new, better keyboard coming out.

00:40:44   When I saw that rumor from last year, from Mark Gurman, that Apple was going to make a more laptop-like keyboard,

00:40:52   that's where I started thinking about this concept of, "But would it be so horrible, would it be so bad if you took an iPad Pro and when you dock it into this keyboard,

00:41:02   that's got the same trackpad, the same keys, the same function keys of a Mac?"

00:41:07   At that point, what's stopping you, as in Apple, from saying, "But what if the user needs it and we just let them use Mac OS?"

00:41:20   If they have a compatible input accessory.

00:41:24   And at the core, it's still an iPad.

00:41:26   So when you detach it, it's still an iPad, a tablet running iPad OS with touch and everything.

00:41:33   So yeah, I am arguing for a native version of my MacPad, essentially, as an opportunity to start telling a new story for the iPad Pro,

00:41:45   as a hybrid machine that only Apple can make, that makes sense within their ecosystem,

00:41:51   and that would justify the existence of a much, much more powerful computer at the very top of the line of the iPad family.

00:42:00   So once again, my risky pick is the new iPad Pros can run a version of Mac OS when needed.

00:42:09   So I'm following along with you here and the reasoning of the iPad Pro needs a more compelling "what can it do" compared to the other iPads,

00:42:21   other than just "there's a nicer screen and you can use more expensive accessories."

00:42:26   It is not a mega compelling story en masse.

00:42:33   However, we're probably going to talk about this before this episode is done.

00:42:37   I think that a potential spanner in the works of this pick was the Mark Gurman report over the weekend,

00:42:43   that there is a possibility that this iPad might be touted with technology that makes it an AI device,

00:42:52   and that could be the thing, whatever on earth that means, maybe we'll get into this too,

00:42:59   whatever on earth that could mean, that could be the thing, right?

00:43:02   Where they're like, "Oh, and in the iPad Pro, you can do this, which is powered by AI,

00:43:08   and only possible because of the whatever chip."

00:43:12   So there could be a scenario where they follow exactly what you're saying,

00:43:15   like of "show me why this thing is better and is more expensive,"

00:43:19   but it could be doing something different.

00:43:22   That would be my potential challenge.

00:43:24   I want your version more, though.

00:43:27   Yeah, and the way I see it, it wouldn't be a failure on Apple's part to say,

00:43:33   "Now you can also use MacOS."

00:43:35   If anything, it would be sort of like a badge of honor, because, again, they are the only company that can do this.

00:43:41   I've used the Surface for six months last year, and it's a decent laptop, and it's a horrible tablet.

00:43:49   And here, Apple has these devices that are fantastic tablets and can be used just fine as laptops,

00:43:56   and I say that because I do, because I built my own version.

00:44:01   So, we'll see. Probably not going to get it, but hey, that's how you play this game, I guess.

00:44:07   Well, it's a way to play the game, but that's not been a risky pick scored in four years or whatever it was.

00:44:15   Well, I'm going to change that.

00:44:17   Oh, you are, are you?

00:44:19   You are, yeah. Okay.

00:44:21   Four words. We get new Macs.

00:44:26   At the iPad event?

00:44:27   Yeah, sure.

00:44:28   Okay.

00:44:29   Why do you think this is going to happen?

00:44:31   He said he's going to get this point, he said.

00:44:35   Two points, sir.

00:44:37   What Macs are we getting?

00:44:39   Something with the M4.

00:44:41   Okay.

00:44:42   Maybe a Mac Mini?

00:44:43   At the iPad event?

00:44:44   Is this because you can't accept the possibility that a non-Mac would get this chip before an iPad? Is that what's going on here?

00:44:53   I mean, it's part of it. It's weird.

00:44:54   Yeah, there you go. I knew it. There you go. It's like, "Ugh, ew, bleh."

00:44:58   "Ugh, the iPads got it."

00:45:00   It's also that we're recording this a day early.

00:45:02   It's also that I've basically not been in my office for a week and a half between St. Jude and then going out of town yesterday.

00:45:12   So, look, I'm just saying. I just got to believe, you know. It could be a Mac.

00:45:20   I don't want to live in a world where an iPad has the M4 and the Mac Pro has an M2-based chip. I just can't.

00:45:28   But that's the world we're living in.

00:45:30   But I don't want it to be the world we're living in.

00:45:32   I will tell you, Steven, right now, if they put an M4 in a Mac, it's not the Mac Pro.

00:45:37   No, I know. I know.

00:45:39   So the iPad Pro would have an M4, but the Mac Pro still would be on an M2.

00:45:43   I understand that, but it's that if one Mac has it, it helps. That's all.

00:45:50   We get a new Macs. We get a new Macs.

00:45:52   Also, look, WWDC is just whatever it is, like seven days away. It's very soon, in June.

00:45:59   And sometimes Apple likes to clear the decks.

00:46:02   And I think WWDC is going to have a lot of software talk. I think it's mostly a software show this year with AI and Siri and intelligence and all that nonsense.

00:46:10   And so if you've got some Macs waiting, why not just let them out?

00:46:14   Let them out to play with the new iPads.

00:46:16   Which Macs? Just tell us.

00:46:18   Let them lose, you could say.

00:46:20   Which ones? Just tell us what you think.

00:46:22   Are you non-graded?

00:46:24   Yeah, non-graded. I just want to know. You seem so confident.

00:46:28   I think we could see an M4 Mac Mini that's still on the M2.

00:46:34   And I think we could potentially see... I guess the iMac just got updated. I'm going to say the M4 Mac Mini because it's still hanging out on the M2.

00:46:42   That is not much of a...

00:46:45   That would make you feel better? An M4 Mac Mini?

00:46:49   Any Mac with the M4 would make me feel better.

00:46:51   So you're just saying the Mac Mini, so do we...

00:46:53   It's not graded!

00:46:54   Is the pick "We got new Macs" or "We got new Mac"?

00:46:58   Well, there's more than one. You get multiple SKUs.

00:47:03   We get new Macs. I'm taking my non-graded out. We get new Macs.

00:47:06   Okay.

00:47:07   The non-graded is not graded, so it doesn't matter.

00:47:10   Yeah, but it does introduce that conflict.

00:47:12   But it made him look bad.

00:47:14   Yeah, no, this pick is bad. All three of our risky picks are bad.

00:47:18   Mine is actually...

00:47:20   Whoa, whoa, whoa! I haven't even said mine yet!

00:47:24   So, my pick. The iPad Pro gets MagSafe, but it's not what you think.

00:47:29   And what is it?

00:47:30   Not the iPhone MagSafe. That's my pick.

00:47:33   So what is it?

00:47:34   Hang on. Is "not the MagSafe the iPhone has", which is not really a phrase. That makes sense.

00:47:40   You don't understand what that means?

00:47:42   So, why, Simeon, you don't understand what that means?

00:47:43   Not the MagSafe an iPhone has?

00:47:45   You don't understand what that means?

00:47:47   The iPad Pro gets MagSafe charging.

00:47:50   This is how you want to word this, but it's not what you think.

00:47:53   Not the MagSafe an iPhone has.

00:47:55   But that is graded.

00:47:57   Yes, the full pick is the iPad Pro gets MagSafe charging, but it's not what you think.

00:48:01   Not the MagSafe an iPhone has.

00:48:04   So let me understand here.

00:48:07   If the iPad Pro gets a larger puck in the back of the device,

00:48:15   Is that like the iPhone?

00:48:17   That's not the MagSafe the iPhone has.

00:48:19   Ah, no, you're being clever here.

00:48:22   No.

00:48:24   It's not the MagSafe the iPhone has.

00:48:26   We agreed to pick.

00:48:27   The iPad Pro gets MagSafe charging, not the MagSafe an iPhone has.

00:48:31   So are you saying that if they do MagSafe and it's a wireless charger,

00:48:36   but just by virtue of being bigger than the iPhone MagSafe circle, you get the risky pick?

00:48:42   I mean, if it will help you, an iPhone MagSafe charger will not charge the iPad Pro is what I'm saying.

00:48:48   That won't happen.

00:48:50   I have questions.

00:48:52   You've left a door open here that I feel like is not risky.

00:48:56   We just need to talk about it.

00:48:58   Which is Mac MagSafe.

00:49:00   Oh yeah, for sure.

00:49:02   That's what I think it's going to be.

00:49:04   Okay.

00:49:05   But then you've got to say it.

00:49:06   No, no, I don't have to say it.

00:49:08   Stephen didn't have to say what Macs.

00:49:09   He just says we get new Macs.

00:49:11   Y'all didn't say my pick isn't risky.

00:49:13   I'm sort of now on the fence about yours being risky.

00:49:15   A little bit.

00:49:16   Well, it was agreed.

00:49:17   That's the rule, right?

00:49:18   The rule is it was agreed.

00:49:19   I presented the pick to you beforehand.

00:49:21   You said, yep, that's good.

00:49:22   I can change it back to the original wording where it's just the iPad Pro gets MagSafe charging,

00:49:27   not the MagSafe an iPhone has.

00:49:29   No, I think it's funny that it's not what you think.

00:49:31   Okay, but yeah, that's why I added it in there.

00:49:33   That's what I'm saying.

00:49:34   This is not the MagSafe charging that the iPhone has.

00:49:38   So you're saying that if they do that, but it's not going to be compatible with existing MagSafe accessories?

00:49:45   Yeah.

00:49:46   But that's a different pick because that rules out Mac MagSafe.

00:49:50   Oh, no, I'm not talking about Mac, but Mac MagSafe is what I think it's going to be, so I'm not ruling that out.

00:49:55   I'm ruling out iPhone MagSafe.

00:49:57   All you're saying is not iPhone MagSafe?

00:49:59   Yeah.

00:50:00   Okay.

00:50:01   But that would also mean it won't work with Qi charges, right?

00:50:06   It will not charge the way that the iPhone charges, but it will be called MagSafe is what I'm saying.

00:50:12   Okay.

00:50:13   Okay.

00:50:14   Again, my pick is it's called MagSafe 2, right?

00:50:19   Which is like...

00:50:20   MagSafe as well, not MagSafe 2.

00:50:23   MagSafe 3.

00:50:25   No, because it's like they don't call Apple Watch charging MagSafe.

00:50:30   Actually, I think they do.

00:50:31   No, they don't.

00:50:32   I checked this.

00:50:33   Really?

00:50:34   It's just magnetic wireless charging.

00:50:36   Of course.

00:50:37   Okay, I'm fine with it.

00:50:39   I'm fine with it.

00:50:40   Okay.

00:50:41   Yeah.

00:50:42   Thank you.

00:50:43   There was the expectation that you're just going to be able to take an existing MagSafe

00:50:46   puck for the iPhone and just slap it to the back of the iPad and that it was going to work.

00:50:50   Yeah.

00:50:51   But yeah, so I'm good with it.

00:50:53   Actually, the non-graded part of this is I think it will be either Mac MagSafe or it

00:51:00   will be very much like it.

00:51:02   Right?

00:51:03   Like I don't think it makes a lot of sense to try and hold up this iPad with a magnet.

00:51:12   Like I think that that is not going to work.

00:51:16   So there's no point trying to make it look like it will.

00:51:20   Like I think that's going to be too complicated.

00:51:23   I am not confident that...

00:51:25   I mean, I don't know this, but I am not confident that the magnet strength of MagSafe could

00:51:31   hold a 12.9 inch iPad.

00:51:33   And if they make it like that, people will try to make accessories that are like that.

00:51:39   And I don't think that's a good idea.

00:51:42   And I think Apple probably knows this.

00:51:44   And so they will probably...

00:51:46   I'm very confident they will want to add a magnetic charging method because they have

00:51:50   magnetic charging for everything else at this point that is portable.

00:51:56   The iPad doesn't have it.

00:51:57   So I could imagine that they either... you know what they could also do?

00:52:01   I just thought of this.

00:52:02   I have no idea if this is impossible.

00:52:04   That little magnet where you charge the pencil, what if you could also put a charger there?

00:52:07   And it like boop.

00:52:08   It charges both of them.

00:52:09   Then you can't charge your iPad and pencil at the same time?

00:52:11   Yeah, you're using the pencil because you're an artist.

00:52:14   That'd be incredible.

00:52:15   I don't know.

00:52:16   But yeah, I think magnetic charging is coming to the iPad.

00:52:18   I think they'll call it MagSafe, but it's not going to be the iPhone one.

00:52:22   Okay.

00:52:23   That's your pick.

00:52:25   Okay.

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00:54:42   [MUSIC]

00:54:56   [MUSIC]

00:55:06   >> As Duke of Lexington, I present you with seven flexis.

00:55:24   >> Are you ready, boys?

00:55:26   >> I'm ready.

00:55:27   >> I'm ready.

00:55:28   >> The new Apple Pencil has a button.

00:55:30   >> Okay.

00:55:31   >> Because I want a button.

00:55:32   >> A physical button.

00:55:33   >> I don't actually think there will be one, but I would prefer it if they put one on there.

00:55:37   So this is just sometimes your flexi, it's the thing you want.

00:55:41   Federico, you know you said earlier about that name, Magic Apple Pencil?

00:55:46   >> Magic Pencil.

00:55:48   >> This made me laugh because I think there's going to be four Apple Pencils on sale.

00:55:54   >> What was that?

00:55:55   >> That's what I think is going to happen.

00:55:56   >> Remember that chart they did on Apple Newsroom?

00:55:58   >> Yeah, they'll need to update the chart because there's going to be another one.

00:56:01   I don't believe, so I think that they are going to add a lot of complexity to this new Apple Pencil,

00:56:07   one way or another.

00:56:08   If they're putting a button on it or they're putting gestures on it or whatever, right?

00:56:13   I don't think that that can replace the one that we currently have.

00:56:17   Plus, I could also imagine it connects differently to the iPad if they do something weird with the camera, right?

00:56:24   So it can't replace any other pencil and the other pencils have purpose.

00:56:29   I think they're needed and they're preferential for the products that they're already used for.

00:56:34   So I can imagine them selling four Apple Pencils from next week.

00:56:38   I also think this, pick number three, the new Apple Pencil will come in color choices.

00:56:43   >> Ooh, okay.

00:56:45   >> Which goes with number four, which is that the Magic Keyboard matches the aluminium colors of the iPad.

00:56:51   >> Yes, I agree with this.

00:56:52   >> This was a Jason Snell pick at some point that I'm now using and I thought everything can get a little bit of color even though it won't be much color.

00:56:59   I'm going to hedge here and say the iPad Pro does not get an M4 chip.

00:57:05   >> Spicy, okay.

00:57:07   >> What about the new Macs?

00:57:09   What are they going to get?

00:57:10   >> They're not going to get anything because there won't be any.

00:57:13   >> I'm going to follow this up with iOS 17 AI enhancements for iPad only.

00:57:18   >> Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.

00:57:20   >> iPadOS.

00:57:22   >> iPadOS.

00:57:23   >> Okay.

00:57:24   >> Not iOS.

00:57:26   >> Oh my God.

00:57:27   >> I'm sorry.

00:57:28   >> Look, you ripped it in half, all right?

00:57:31   You've done more travesties than me.

00:57:35   >> I may have decapitated a computer but at least I follow the style guide.

00:57:40   >> At least you called it by its name, you know?

00:57:42   >> Yes.

00:57:43   >> iPadOS 17 AI enhancements for iPad only.

00:57:47   If they do put an M4 chip in it, they may release something before iOS 18 that is just

00:57:54   for the iPad which satisfies this idea that there's going to be some kind of special thing

00:58:01   for AI going on with this computer.

00:58:04   >> Okay.

00:58:05   >> Okay.

00:58:06   >> Okay.

00:58:07   >> I love it.

00:58:08   >> Finally, this was going to be my risky but I decided not to do it to everybody.

00:58:14   Apple's iPad Pro keyboard features a new key switch technology.

00:58:18   >> No, no.

00:58:19   >> Wow.

00:58:20   >> No.

00:58:21   >> I was a keyboard expert.

00:58:22   >> I think they're going to do it.

00:58:23   >> Okay.

00:58:24   >> So we have butterfly, right?

00:58:25   >> Yeah.

00:58:26   >> Like that was a key switch technology.

00:58:27   I think that Apple is going to proudly have invented yet another way for a key to be.

00:58:34   >> Question for you.

00:58:36   >> Mm-hmm.

00:58:37   >> Give us a name.

00:58:38   From butterfly to wing technology.

00:58:43   >> Maybe they just stick it backwards.

00:58:46   It's caterpillar switches.

00:58:48   Cocoon switch technology.

00:58:50   I don't have a good name yet.

00:58:52   >> You could go even backwards.

00:58:54   Bacteria switches.

00:58:55   >> The amoeba switch.

00:58:58   Super key switch XDR.

00:59:01   >> Super switch.

00:59:02   Okay.

00:59:03   All right.

00:59:04   Cool.

00:59:05   >> Liquid switch.

00:59:06   >> I can imagine them trying to get cute again.

00:59:09   And this might be a way to do that.

00:59:12   >> Wow.

00:59:13   All right.

00:59:14   Seven flexes from the Duke of Flexington.

00:59:16   Thank you.

00:59:17   >> Of course.

00:59:18   >> Thanks, Duke.

00:59:19   >> Mm-hmm.

00:59:20   >> I also have seven flexes.

00:59:22   I had six, but I thought of one as Mike was talking.

00:59:25   >> I've been watching the two of these guys furiously putting things in the document as

00:59:30   I've been talking.

00:59:31   >> Yes.

00:59:32   >> I now have 20 flexes.

00:59:33   Are you ready for the next 13?

00:59:35   >> I wonder what the record is of how many -- I think we did 10.

00:59:39   >> I picked 10 at some point.

00:59:43   I remember my donation to charity being very high.

00:59:46   >> Federico, you've got like another five minutes to come up with another three if you

00:59:49   want to beat your record, you know?

00:59:51   >> It's true.

00:59:52   >> I could try.

00:59:53   I could try.

00:59:54   Don't tell me.

00:59:55   >> Okay.

00:59:56   New iPad Airs come in new colors that are as vibrant as the back of the iMacs.

01:00:01   I'm done with wimpy pastel colors.

01:00:04   I want bold colors on the iPad Air.

01:00:06   >> Okay.

01:00:07   Orange iPad.

01:00:08   >> Can I ask you a question?

01:00:09   >> Of course.

01:00:10   >> Don't the current iPad Airs have that kind of color?

01:00:12   >> They're not as vibrant.

01:00:13   >> I think they might be.

01:00:15   Or am I thinking of iPad?

01:00:18   >> I think you're thinking -- God, I hate these names.

01:00:20   I think you're thinking of the 10th Gen iPad.

01:00:22   >> The 10th Gen iPad is more vibrant.

01:00:24   >> That's the one.

01:00:25   Thank you for the correction.

01:00:26   You're right.

01:00:27   Yep.

01:00:28   Yep.

01:00:29   >> The Air needs to have some fun.

01:00:30   >> We're looking for that basically, right?

01:00:32   >> The iPad Airs colors to look like the iPad's colors, which are the best iPad colors.

01:00:36   >> They are.

01:00:38   The new Apple Pencil is named the Apple Pencil Pro.

01:00:42   Actually, I'm going to take out the is named Apple Pencil Pro.

01:00:46   >> Thank you.

01:00:47   >> Okay.

01:00:48   >> Thank you for getting the style guide correctly.

01:00:50   >> Apple announces AI-powered changes to iWork.

01:00:54   >> Do they still call it -- I don't think they call it iWork anymore.

01:00:56   >> I mean the iWork apps.

01:00:57   Like we know --

01:00:58   >> No, this isn't -- I'm just saying.

01:01:00   I don't think they call them --

01:01:01   >> They don't.

01:01:02   >> I don't think they refer to them that way anymore.

01:01:04   >> No.

01:01:05   >> Which is a shame, but probably for the best.

01:01:07   >> iLife and iWork were like great brand names for a long time.

01:01:10   >> Yeah.

01:01:11   >> I almost pitched this as a risky.

01:01:14   Maybe I should have.

01:01:16   Final cut for iPad gains a feature specifically for video in Vision OS.

01:01:22   >> Oh.

01:01:23   >> Oh, what?

01:01:24   >> Ooh.

01:01:25   >> Huh.

01:01:26   >> You know, they want people making content for this thing.

01:01:28   >> See, this is a good one.

01:01:29   Okay.

01:01:30   >> Yeah.

01:01:31   >> So none of the other ones are bad, but this is very good.

01:01:34   >> This would be like immersive, like making immersive video?

01:01:39   >> Yeah.

01:01:40   >> Okay.

01:01:41   >> Something new that they call out for Vision OS video.

01:01:45   >> Very cool.

01:01:46   >> This is like the inside out of Federico's risky.

01:01:51   iPad pass-through is announced for Vision OS.

01:01:54   >> Nice.

01:01:55   Nice.

01:01:56   >> Bring your whole iPad in there.

01:01:58   >> Oh.

01:01:59   Oh.

01:02:00   Oh, so you could look at your iPad and bring the screen of your iPad?

01:02:04   >> Yeah.

01:02:05   Like the, maybe I should call this iPad virtual display?

01:02:07   >> Yeah, yeah.

01:02:08   Pass-through, I was like, what, you looked through it?

01:02:10   >> Yeah, sorry.

01:02:11   Yes.

01:02:12   See through iPads.

01:02:13   iPad virtual display.

01:02:14   >> When you have your Vision Pro on, your iPad doesn't exist anymore.

01:02:17   >> Yeah.

01:02:18   If your iPad dies in Vision OS, it dies in real life.

01:02:21   >> So.

01:02:22   >> Come on, that was funnier than you gave me credit for.

01:02:24   >> It was funny.

01:02:25   It was, I'm sorry, that was.

01:02:26   It was very good.

01:02:27   But, so, because I was thinking, I was trying to wrap my head around this, that if you and

01:02:30   Federico are correct, you could use a virtualized Mac in Vision OS via an iPad.

01:02:38   >> Yes.

01:02:39   >> Yeah, man.

01:02:40   >> Yes.

01:02:41   >> Okay.

01:02:42   >> Yeah, let's go.

01:02:43   >> Let's check it.

01:02:44   >> Let's do it.

01:02:45   >> Let's check it.

01:02:46   Let's go, baby.

01:02:47   Let's go.

01:02:48   >> It's just, it's just Apple ID, login errors all the way down.

01:02:49   >> Did it happen to you too, by the way?

01:02:50   >> No.

01:02:51   >> Did you get your?

01:02:52   >> No.

01:02:53   >> No?

01:02:54   >> No.

01:02:55   >> Okay.

01:02:56   >> I'm going to go to the iPod today.

01:02:57   Like, this is my life forever.

01:02:58   Like, everything's broken.

01:03:01   >> It is bonkers to me that Apple has not addressed it.

01:03:04   >> Yep.

01:03:06   >> What are you doing?

01:03:07   >> Somebody wrote to me, by the way, we're talking about the fact that over the weekend,

01:03:10   like Friday night, a bunch of people got their Apple IDs locked and had to reset their iCloud

01:03:15   passwords.

01:03:16   I was one of these people.

01:03:18   And we know of a bunch of people who have reached out to Apple to ask for comment on

01:03:22   this and they're not saying why it happened, which is really weird.

01:03:28   Somebody wrote to me to say that, like, there is, like, a requirement in the -- under some

01:03:34   kind of law somewhere either in the UK or Europe that they would have to disclose if

01:03:39   this was some kind of breach of some kind.

01:03:42   But Apple doesn't care about fines.

01:03:47   Number six, a new Apple Pencil is announced that only works with the new iPad Pros.

01:03:52   >> Okay.

01:03:53   Okay.

01:03:54   >> Yep.

01:03:55   So that would be the previously mentioned Apple Pencil Pro.

01:03:59   >> The APP.

01:04:01   New iPad Pros start with at least 256 gigabytes of storage.

01:04:07   So -- >> The APP is just at.

01:04:10   >> No, it is.

01:04:13   Some non-graded context here.

01:04:15   Currently, the iPad Pro starts at 128 gigs, which is not enough for a Pro product.

01:04:20   I think this is also, to your point, Mike, earlier about the screens.

01:04:24   They throw some more storage in there, they can charge even more for it.

01:04:28   So maybe the 256 becomes the base price.

01:04:33   So new iPad Pros start with at least 256 gigabytes of storage.

01:04:38   >> Okay.

01:04:39   All right.

01:04:40   Well, because look, something you should know about me, I'm the kind of person who gives

01:04:46   in to temptations.

01:04:48   And Mike tempted me and I couldn't resist myself.

01:04:53   I now present to you listeners of Connected, 11 flexes.

01:05:00   I am ready to lose -- >> Only 11?

01:05:02   >> How many do you want?

01:05:05   >> Can't go to 12?

01:05:08   Make it like a -- >> We'll see as well.

01:05:09   >> We'll see as we go.

01:05:10   >> And maybe one just falls out of here.

01:05:14   We'll find out.

01:05:15   >> So number one, the new iPad Pros have slimmer bezels than before.

01:05:20   I think they're going to do it.

01:05:21   They're going to slim it down just a little bit more.

01:05:23   >> The thing that I am most interested about is still like that it will be thinner, right?

01:05:29   Like I have no idea what that is going to feel like.

01:05:32   >> That's going to be nice.

01:05:33   >> A few days ago I took my iPad mini out of its smart cover and I was like, oh, my

01:05:40   God, this thing is so thin.

01:05:42   When these things don't have cases on, they're super thin, I can't even imagine what this

01:05:46   less than 5 millimeter iPad Pro would feel like.

01:05:48   >> That's going to be nice.

01:05:50   >> It's going to be really nice.

01:05:51   >> It's going to be weird.

01:05:54   >> Number two, Apple refreshes its input accessories for USB-C.

01:05:59   I mean, what are they doing with the magic keyboard and the magic trackpad?

01:06:02   >> Nothing.

01:06:03   >> This is nothing, right?

01:06:05   >> Doesn't matter.

01:06:06   >> Now is the time.

01:06:08   Number three.

01:06:09   >> Hang on.

01:06:10   >> The new iPad.

01:06:11   >> Hang on.

01:06:12   >> Yes.

01:06:13   >> Hang on.

01:06:14   >> Hello.

01:06:15   >> This would fit really nicely with new Macs.

01:06:16   >> Steven, they had an event for new Macs and they didn't do it then.

01:06:19   >> They've had a couple of Mac events when they could have done it.

01:06:22   >> Yes.

01:06:23   >> Well, I guess we'll USB-C next week.

01:06:25   >> Can you imagine if both Steven and I would get our risky and Mike does not?

01:06:31   Like that would be, you know, poetic justice.

01:06:33   >> It's not what you think.

01:06:34   >> It's not what you think.

01:06:35   >> It's not what you think.

01:06:38   I feel very confident, Federico, that you will not get yours, even though I won it.

01:06:44   >> Okay.

01:06:45   Number three.

01:06:46   The new iPad keyboard can also be paired with a Mac or Vision Pro.

01:06:51   I feel like this laptop-like keyboard, just making it exclusive to the iPad Pro, that

01:06:58   feels like a waste, you know?

01:07:01   Especially because Apple doesn't really have a Vision Pro peripheral story at the moment,

01:07:08   and a new keyboard that's locked to the iPad Pro, that would feel strange.

01:07:13   I really think it's time for Apple to make the sort of product that, yeah, you can attach

01:07:19   an iPad to it, but also you can use it wirelessly with other products.

01:07:23   If anything, I would play -- here's where I play the environmental card here.

01:07:28   Why force people to buy even more products and just -- it feels like a waste of money

01:07:37   and material to force people to just buy a keyboard and you have a chance now in 2024

01:07:44   to correct the mistake of 2020 with the Magic Keyboard that's iPad only, just also make

01:07:49   it fall back to Bluetooth or something.

01:07:52   >> Well, there could be an entire argument made about the iPad Pro in general, about

01:07:57   making new things that people are going to buy because you're not doing much of it.

01:08:01   The one thing I will say about your pick here -- I'm not saying that it won't happen, but

01:08:06   just a thing to consider -- that would mean you would need to have a battery in this keyboard,

01:08:10   right?

01:08:11   >> Oh, yeah.

01:08:12   Oh, yeah.

01:08:13   >> There's a battery in the current one, isn't there?

01:08:14   Oh, no, no, there's not.

01:08:15   >> No, no.

01:08:16   >> No.

01:08:17   >> No.

01:08:18   But, yeah, I think it will have a battery, yes.

01:08:20   >> Okay.

01:08:21   Federico.

01:08:22   >> Yes.

01:08:23   >> I'm afraid that your keyboard dreams are just a bridge too far.

01:08:29   >> I don't get it.

01:08:30   >> Bridge keyboard.

01:08:31   >> Okay.

01:08:32   >> What a great response to the joke there, you know?

01:08:38   Oh, man.

01:08:39   >> Number four, the video -- number four, the video is shorter than 31 minutes.

01:08:48   >> No way.

01:08:49   There's no way this is less than 30 minutes.

01:08:51   >> We'll see.

01:08:52   >> Well, I mean, if it's just iPads, which it is, then maybe it could be.

01:08:57   How long was the October event?

01:08:58   >> 30 minutes.

01:08:59   >> There you go.

01:09:00   >> Yeah?

01:09:01   >> There you go.

01:09:02   >> And I said 31 because, like, what if it's 30 minutes and 15 seconds or something?

01:09:07   So I just wanted to be sure.

01:09:10   Number five, we're not even halfway through.

01:09:13   The new iPad Pro has the M4.

01:09:16   >> Okay.

01:09:17   >> So, yeah, doing the opposite of that.

01:09:18   >> Did you actually think this is going to happen or are you just picking it?

01:09:21   >> I think it's going to happen.

01:09:23   There's evidence in the iPad OS code that suggests the model numbers and sort of the

01:09:29   some of the strings that 9to5Mac has found that they're pointing to these iPad Pros skipping

01:09:35   a generation, so going from M2 to M4.

01:09:38   I think it's going to happen.

01:09:39   I think it will have the M4.

01:09:43   Number six, the new Apple Pencil is compatible with and has special features for Vision OS.

01:09:50   I believe there was a rumor for this a while back, the idea of, like, Apple is working

01:09:55   on Apple Pencil that you can use as a pointer of sorts while wearing the Vision Pro.

01:10:00   I think, once again, because Apple needs a better Apple needs a lot of things for Vision

01:10:06   OS, but one of those things is a better peripheral story.

01:10:11   And having an Apple Pencil that maybe lets you draw in AR and lets you point at things

01:10:15   and is compatible with Vision OS, I think that would make for a really compelling accessory.

01:10:20   Number seven, games...

01:10:23   So originally my flexes were ending at six, and then Mike, as the devil on my shoulder,

01:10:29   tempted me, and so this is the result of Mike's devilish axe.

01:10:33   Passionate devil.

01:10:35   Number seven, gaming on the iPad Pro is mentioned with at least a AAA game shown.

01:10:42   That's good.

01:10:44   That's a...

01:10:45   I just saw that there's the Assassin's Creed Mirage game launching officially now in June.

01:10:49   Maybe this is a way to show Assassin's Creed Mirage running on the new iPad Pro.

01:10:53   Oh, I forgot that that was gonna be on the iPad.

01:10:57   Hilarious.

01:10:59   I...

01:11:01   One of my picks, my potential risky picks, was gonna be We See Delta.

01:11:11   Which seems impossible, but also, like, it's been the number one app, you know?

01:11:17   Can you imagine?

01:11:19   Can you imagine?

01:11:20   They just show an empty app?

01:11:21   Oh, look at this emulator.

01:11:25   They share with Pokemon Unbound.

01:11:28   There's no ROMs here, what are you talking about?

01:11:30   Not an official Nintendo game.

01:11:33   Number eight, the new iPad external keyboard has at least one programmable action key.

01:11:42   Whoa.

01:11:43   Hello.

01:11:44   Hello.

01:11:45   Yeah, so I'm thinking action button right before the iPad.

01:11:50   Oh, are they gonna put an action button on the iPad?

01:11:53   I know.

01:11:55   Could they do that?

01:11:56   They should do that.

01:11:57   They could do that.

01:11:58   We haven't thought about it.

01:11:59   Number 12, flexi.

01:12:00   Put it in there, Federico.

01:12:01   No, but...

01:12:02   Come on, do it.

01:12:03   No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

01:12:05   No, it didn't leak in the CAD designs for the product, so I don't think it will have

01:12:10   one.

01:12:11   But they should, but it won't.

01:12:12   I'm adding an 8 flexi.

01:12:13   Okay.

01:12:14   The iPad Pro gets an action button.

01:12:15   Mike is doing it.

01:12:16   Mike is doing it.

01:12:17   The iPad Pro gets an action button.

01:12:18   Mike has an 8 flexi, the iPad Pro gets an action button.

01:12:23   Okay.

01:12:25   We're back to my number nine.

01:12:28   Number nine, people, number nine.

01:12:30   The new iPad Pro with M4 has Thunderbolt 5.

01:12:34   Come on, let's go.

01:12:36   Apple is obviously working on Thunderbolt 5, and the time is right for new, cheap M4,

01:12:41   new generation, first device to get Thunderbolt 5.

01:12:45   I love it.

01:12:47   Number 10, Vision Pro launch dates in more countries are announced.

01:12:53   Oh, good call.

01:12:54   Good call.

01:12:55   That's really good.

01:12:57   Yeah.

01:12:58   And finally, because I don't think I have a number 12 in me at this point, I cannot

01:13:04   think of anything else.

01:13:05   Number 11, the new iPad Pros have Wi-Fi 7.

01:13:10   Is there anything else?

01:13:11   No, it will be the first device.

01:13:13   The iPhones, what do they have, 6E?

01:13:16   6E, and there was a rumor that the iPhone 6 Pro was going to be the first one with Wi-Fi

01:13:20   7, but I'm going to say the new iPad Pro will be the first one with Wi-Fi 7.

01:13:23   We could imagine the M4 has, you know, and that generation of chip is supported for M4.

01:13:29   That's what I'm thinking.

01:13:30   M4, like besides AI, what else is in the M4?

01:13:33   I'm going to say Wi-Fi 7 and Thunderbolt 5.

01:13:35   While we're on that real quick, Stephen, I don't think I asked you, I don't remember

01:13:41   if you answered.

01:13:42   Do you think that the M4 will be in the iPad Pro?

01:13:45   Honestly, I'm like a coin flip.

01:13:49   I see it.

01:13:50   I see cases on both sides.

01:13:52   I honestly don't know.

01:13:53   Yeah.

01:13:54   I listened to Upgrade this morning driving home.

01:13:56   I thought about it and I just don't know.

01:13:59   I don't know.

01:14:00   But that during the conversation me and Jason had, I came around to the possibility where

01:14:06   I was previously like, absolutely not.

01:14:10   I'm still not sure.

01:14:11   Like, I'm, I'm really, it seems odd, but also what else are they going to do?

01:14:19   I don't know.

01:14:21   That's it.

01:14:22   We flexed.

01:14:23   I'm ready to spend a lot of money for charity.

01:14:27   So there's that.

01:14:28   Yeah.

01:14:29   Well, that's.

01:14:33   How much is it per flexi?

01:14:35   $50 or $50 or $25?

01:14:38   I think it's $25.

01:14:40   Okay.

01:14:41   Because you have like $250 on the line here or something, right?

01:14:46   Something like that.

01:14:47   Yeah.

01:14:48   Nice.

01:14:49   $25 per wrong flexi made by the way.

01:14:50   Nice.

01:14:51   Nice.

01:14:52   Nice.

01:14:53   All right.

01:14:54   You'll have to see it.

01:14:55   Well, so that's the game.

01:14:56   That's it.

01:14:57   That's the game.

01:14:58   We'll be back next week to judge our picks.

01:15:02   We're not quite sure exactly what day and time yet.

01:15:04   So keep an eye on discord.

01:15:05   We'll let everybody know.

01:15:07   In the meantime, you can find us all online.

01:15:09   I'm sure there'll be lots of stuff over on max stories.

01:15:12   So be sure to follow Federico on Macedon and threads.

01:15:16   He can be found at Vitici both of those services, vitici@maxstories.net on Macedon.

01:15:22   Mike is the co-host of a bunch of other shows here on a relay FM, including upgrade.

01:15:27   Y'all will be judging your draft, which you made like a month ago, right?

01:15:31   We made it at the end of March.

01:15:33   We drafted at the end of March.

01:15:36   So good.

01:15:37   So yeah, we'll see what that's like.

01:15:40   I genuinely wonder, will there be more correct risky picks or draft picks scored?

01:15:47   That'll be fun.

01:15:50   Okay.

01:15:51   So for me, all right.

01:15:54   Oh, so Mike, I missed the show one week and I'm falling apart.

01:15:57   Hold on, hold on, hold on.

01:15:59   I have flexi number 12.

01:16:01   I'm doing it.

01:16:03   I am doing it.

01:16:05   I am doing it.

01:16:08   Screw it.

01:16:09   I'm typing.

01:16:10   I'm typing it live.

01:16:12   Flexi.

01:16:13   Ipad keyboard has a dedicated Siri key.

01:16:21   Oh.

01:16:22   Like the co-pilot key.

01:16:25   Yep.

01:16:26   How many keys is this keyboard going to have?

01:16:29   Many, many keys.

01:16:31   I guess the function row.

01:16:34   There are buttons that are on the Mac function row that you maybe wouldn't need, right?

01:16:38   That is exactly my thought process.

01:16:42   Okay.

01:16:43   So that's incredible.

01:16:44   I'm sorry, Steven.

01:16:45   Sorry for interrupting.

01:16:46   I'm glad you interrupted.

01:16:47   So Mike is imike on the internet, Threads, Mastodon, et cetera.

01:16:53   You can find my writing at 512pixels.net and I co-host Mac Power Users every Sunday here

01:16:58   on Relay FM.

01:16:59   We just had an episode with the guy behind Mime Stream.

01:17:02   I thought it was really good.

01:17:03   Go check that out.

01:17:04   It's a great Mac app.

01:17:05   You can follow me on Threads as ismh86 and on Mastodon as ismh@eworld.social.

01:17:11   I do have a project to merge those usernames.

01:17:15   I'm looking at some things.

01:17:16   So if you have recommendations for a new username for Steven, go to connectivefeedback.com and

01:17:22   let us know.

01:17:23   Yes.

01:17:24   Perfect.

01:17:25   That'd be great.

01:17:26   I don't know if you want that, but it might be fun to see what people come up with.

01:17:29   I need something.

01:17:30   I need something there.

01:17:31   It's time for a rebrand, Steven.

01:17:33   We're going to rebrand you.

01:17:35   Okay.

01:17:36   Do you all have ideas?

01:17:39   I actually did have an idea, but it's not really good.

01:17:42   But I wondered if you had to have a number that it should be 512.

01:17:51   Otherwise you should be Steven Hackett in a way that I really wish I would have committed

01:17:55   to Mike Hurley a long time ago.

01:17:57   I used to have Steven mHackett on Instagram at some point.

01:18:01   Yeah, the M though.

01:18:03   I don't know if Steven Hackett was available.

01:18:05   The M is for Mac.

01:18:06   The M is for Macintosh.

01:18:08   We'll figure it out.

01:18:12   Yeah.

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01:18:43   We'll be back next week to judge these picks and probably donate a lot of money to charity,

01:18:48   which is totally fine with me.

01:18:50   So until then, guys, say goodbye.

01:18:52   Arrivederci.

01:18:53   Happy 500.

01:18:54   Bye, y'all.

01:18:54   Bye y'all.

01:18:56   [ Silence ]