501: My Heart Skipped a Beat


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00:00:07   >> From Relay FM, this is Connected, Episode 501,

00:00:11   ushering in the new era of Connected today.

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00:00:18   I'm one of your co-hosts, Federico Vittucci,

00:00:20   and it's my pleasure to introduce,

00:00:22   straight from Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Stephen Hackett. Hello, Stephen.

00:00:25   >> Hello, Federico. How are you?

00:00:27   >> I'm doing well. Don't you agree it's a new era for Connected?

00:00:31   >> I think so. 501, baby.

00:00:34   >> 501. It's the new millennium or something.

00:00:37   >> It is. Speaking of the new millennium,

00:00:41   we're also joined by Mike Hurley.

00:00:43   >> Yes. Well-known.

00:00:45   I was born in the year 2000. That's me.

00:00:48   >> Yeah.

00:00:48   >> Millennium baby.

00:00:49   >> Not true, thankfully.

00:00:51   >> Millennium baby, Mike Hurley.

00:00:52   That's what they call me. Born in 2000.

00:00:55   >> Kids who were born in 2000 are turning 24 this year.

00:00:59   >> Yeah. I know well as being one of them.

00:01:02   >> You're not one of them.

00:01:03   >> Millennium baby. That's what they ever want to know.

00:01:06   >> My2kbaby.

00:01:07   >> My2k. That's why there's a Y in my name.

00:01:10   >> Yeah.

00:01:11   >> My2k. That's me.

00:01:15   >> My2k.

00:01:16   >> My2k. My2k Hurley.

00:01:19   >> Yeah.

00:01:19   >> I found the Elvis changing my Instagram handle.

00:01:22   That's what I've changed it to.

00:01:23   >> My2k.

00:01:24   >> Millennium baby, My2k.

00:01:26   >> I have some follow-up on that.

00:01:27   My meta verified has expired now,

00:01:30   so I could change my name.

00:01:32   I was looking at it today,

00:01:33   and there's no good options.

00:01:35   >> Well, I mean, there are options though, right?

00:01:39   There might not be good ones,

00:01:40   but there are options.

00:01:42   Where are you leaning?

00:01:44   >> I mean, the only one,

00:01:47   I feel like I could go back to Steve at NIMHACKIT,

00:01:49   but that's too long.

00:01:51   Steve and Hackett, S. Hackett, they're all taken.

00:01:55   Then I thought, well, what if I could be cute?

00:01:57   It was like Steven with a pH or Steven no V,

00:02:01   all those are taken.

00:02:02   >> No, no, no. That's bad.

00:02:03   >> So.

00:02:04   >> What about ISMH 512?

00:02:07   What's just something with 512 in it?

00:02:09   Steven 512, 512 Hackett?

00:02:11   >> 512.

00:02:12   >> Or you could just be 512 pixels.

00:02:15   You could just do that. You could just brand yourself.

00:02:16   >> Yeah. CGP Hackett was taken.

00:02:20   >> Have you considered changing your legal name to do this?

00:02:24   >> To 512 pixels.

00:02:26   >> It could be that.

00:02:28   >> Fork bomber is my father.

00:02:30   >> That's a shame.

00:02:33   >> That's an old reference.

00:02:34   >> I really feel like maybe you should have had

00:02:36   a good option before you turned off the meta-verified.

00:02:39   >> Well, you couldn't even search.

00:02:40   Remember we talked about this.

00:02:42   >> Yes, I forgot that. Sorry.

00:02:44   Because even searching for names in search

00:02:47   doesn't actually give you the answer sometimes.

00:02:49   Does it actually do the thing?

00:02:50   >> Yeah. It's kind of a bad system.

00:02:53   So I'm still looking for suggestions.

00:02:56   1231-1999 Hackett.

00:03:00   40112 is my father.

00:03:03   These are lots of good things. Okay.

00:03:04   That's not what we're talking about today though.

00:03:07   We're going to be talking about, of course,

00:03:09   Apple's Let Loose iPad event.

00:03:11   We're going to be grading our scores.

00:03:12   But first, I want to hear from the two of you all.

00:03:15   You were both in attendance at Apple Battersea,

00:03:17   which looks like an incredible place.

00:03:20   Tell us a bit about the event.

00:03:22   Then you also met Apple's next CEO.

00:03:25   >> Yeah.

00:03:27   >> Yeah. So Federico and I got invited to the Apple Battersea,

00:03:33   which is Apple's, I think, European headquarters.

00:03:37   It is a full-on campus in the way that Apple Park is a campus.

00:03:42   Like before they had buildings and stuff,

00:03:46   but no, this is a full thing.

00:03:48   I got to go there,

00:03:50   I think like a year ago,

00:03:51   I went to a workshop and I think I spoke about it on a couple of shows.

00:03:55   But this is the most that I've gotten to see and the most time I've spent there.

00:04:00   Similarly, I think Federico,

00:04:01   this is the first time that you had seen it.

00:04:04   We got to go really into the building,

00:04:08   like into their huge atrium, which is beautiful.

00:04:10   We both put lots of photos up online.

00:04:12   But this, I mean, so effectively,

00:04:16   what Apple seemed to do this time for,

00:04:19   I'm not really sure the reason why,

00:04:21   is they had two events that were going on.

00:04:25   One was in Battersea and one was in New York.

00:04:29   The New York event,

00:04:30   I think is a thing that they have done before.

00:04:33   >> Yeah.

00:04:33   >> They have this house, I think,

00:04:36   or like a large building somewhere in Manhattan,

00:04:40   where they have done lots of briefings and stuff and they'd use that,

00:04:44   and they've also have like a screening room.

00:04:47   But what they did at Battersea,

00:04:49   it felt much more like what Apple does for keynotes now.

00:04:54   Like it felt like a smaller version of WWDC or

00:04:59   an alternate version of Steve Jobs kind of thing,

00:05:03   where they just had this huge screen.

00:05:06   It was massive, great sound, hundreds of chairs.

00:05:08   There were hundreds of people there.

00:05:11   It wasn't just European media,

00:05:14   it was basically everywhere except America.

00:05:16   So there was lots of Asian media,

00:05:17   lots of European media as well.

00:05:20   Then they had like a huge hands-on area as well.

00:05:24   But it was beautiful.

00:05:25   Like the Battersea campus,

00:05:28   I think it's even prettier than Apple Park.

00:05:32   You can see it takes a lot of cues design-wise from Apple Park,

00:05:36   but with a European architectural style.

00:05:39   So there's lots of red brick and stuff like that.

00:05:40   So yeah, it was incredible.

00:05:41   Yeah.

00:05:42   And it was like a proper Apple event.

00:05:44   Like there was like a media filing center for like members of the press

00:05:50   to sort of hang out and get their work done.

00:05:51   Like it did feel like a mini replica of WWDC in a way.

00:05:55   And yeah, obviously the building, I mean, it speaks for itself,

00:06:00   but I did appreciate like all the little touches.

00:06:03   Like for example, the elevators, they feel like an Apple product.

00:06:07   They're all white with rounded corners and essentially no buttons inside.

00:06:11   I think there's only like an emergency button.

00:06:14   There was a door closed button,

00:06:16   which didn't seem to do anything when I pressed it, but that was it.

00:06:19   Yeah.

00:06:20   Yeah.

00:06:20   It was like a Johnny Ive elevator.

00:06:23   I don't know if there's ever a problem how you can escape the elevator,

00:06:26   but that was it.

00:06:28   Yeah.

00:06:28   Beautiful space.

00:06:30   And yeah, this is like the new reality of just like,

00:06:34   we're all watching a video together as a sort of like a,

00:06:37   the world's greatest watch party for an Apple keynote, I guess.

00:06:41   But yeah, I had a good time.

00:06:43   And I got to say the South bank in London,

00:06:48   I told Mike like surprisingly very nice.

00:06:52   Like I was not expecting, like we took a long walk along the river with Mike.

00:06:56   It was beautiful.

00:06:57   Like it was very, very pretty.

00:06:59   And it was also a nice day, which helped.

00:07:01   But yeah, I was not,

00:07:02   I was expecting to sort of be thrown into this like urban, you know,

00:07:06   modern situation with like skyscrapers and that was it.

00:07:10   But no, it was actually very pleasant.

00:07:12   And you know, that, that, that mix of,

00:07:16   of like old architecture and new buildings that you can see throughout London.

00:07:20   But the South bank was very nice.

00:07:22   Mm hmm.

00:07:24   It's a beautiful part.

00:07:25   It's my favorite part of London.

00:07:27   Uh, I, it was nice to hear you and John on,

00:07:29   on Unwind and you were telling John the stories that I told you.

00:07:32   I enjoyed listening to my stories through you.

00:07:35   That was very nice.

00:07:36   It's very cute.

00:07:37   Uh, but yeah, I, it was also just a very good time and look,

00:07:41   I just got to say it.

00:07:42   All right.

00:07:42   So we watched the keynote at the end of the keynote.

00:07:45   My heart skipped a beat because friend of the show,

00:07:49   John Turnass appeared on stage.

00:07:51   So the, the, the,

00:07:53   the event was introduced by Greg Josuak for us in the same way that there's been

00:07:58   some like previous events have been introduced by like Tim Cook and stuff,

00:08:02   right? Like a WWC where Tim and Craig come out and do that.

00:08:05   Like, thank you for being here.

00:08:06   And for this one, Greg came out and he was like,

00:08:11   we're so excited to do this.

00:08:12   Like, uh, we, we love London.

00:08:15   We love Battersea.

00:08:16   Like this is a building that is really important and we're so happy to have been

00:08:19   part of the regeneration of it.

00:08:21   Then he said about how many people they had there and like how many members of

00:08:25   the press and where they come from.

00:08:26   And then afterwards,

00:08:28   John Turnass came onto the stage and was like,

00:08:31   I hope you're really excited about these products that are behind you.

00:08:35   Cause they do that thing where like they had a wall which disappeared and nobody

00:08:39   knew or heard about it behind you is the hands-on area. So then we went there. Um,

00:08:43   but then we had Federico and I had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to

00:08:48   John Turnass in the hands-on area, which is very exciting for everyone,

00:08:51   including me, mostly me. It was very exciting for me. Uh,

00:08:55   I was a little bit like, you know, I was a bit nervous, but, but it was,

00:09:00   it was good. But I had like, you know, we had, we had a little chat.

00:09:04   I have one of these things, you know,

00:09:05   when like you say something to someone and you regret that you said it,

00:09:08   like I have one of those. So like I was talking to him, I was like,

00:09:12   so why would you want to train? And he was like, I don't know. And I was like,

00:09:15   why did I ask that? But then he said, Oh, I think it was too much of me in that

00:09:19   video. And I was like, no, it's not enough. Which was what I actually said.

00:09:22   No, that part I was happy with the train part. I was shouldn't have said,

00:09:26   but it's like not enough. And I was like, the wink was fantastic.

00:09:29   And he liked that. So, and then I asked for a selfie,

00:09:32   which he seemed actually genuinely excited. I realized afterwards,

00:09:36   maybe he doesn't get asked for selfies a lot. Let me start. Yeah. You know,

00:09:41   we'll talk about this in a minute, but who knows where he's going to go in the

00:09:44   future. But I was very happy to meet John Turner.

00:09:47   So I did not think that was going to happen.

00:09:48   I've been hoping it would happen because he's the best and I love him.

00:09:53   So it's really cool.

00:09:54   Yeah. He looks very happy in this photo. That's really,

00:09:58   I like to think that you like made his day.

00:10:00   I think that it was he just from the way that people were,

00:10:05   it didn't really seem like a lot of people were like going up and talking to

00:10:08   him. It, you know, cause I think to a lot of the general media,

00:10:12   he's still maybe not that well known,

00:10:14   even though it is clear Apple is positioning him, um, as the product person,

00:10:19   right? Like he does all the product stuff now. Um, but yeah,

00:10:23   it was great. And it was Federico. Do you remember what he said to you?

00:10:26   I believe when I introduced myself, he said, I know you.

00:10:31   And then I said, I'm a big, I'm a big fan. And he said, yeah,

00:10:34   I'm a big fan of you. I was like, are you really? Yes. He said,

00:10:39   well, the, all I remember he says, I know you. Yeah.

00:10:42   You're the guy who cut a Mac book in half. I know you.

00:10:47   Yeah. I thought that was fantastic.

00:10:53   You're on the same list. Quinn Nelson is after he cut the back of the Mac pro.

00:10:57   Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I think I am. I know you.

00:11:02   That's, that's very funny. I don't think he meant that threateningly,

00:11:05   but it's funny that it is. I don't think it was a threat.

00:11:09   He said like it was fun, but it was in essence,

00:11:13   it was for what you've done is what, you know,

00:11:17   what was in parentheses. I know you for what you've done.

00:11:21   I'm, I'm acutely aware of your escapades.

00:11:24   Yeah. Um,

00:11:27   I did bring the Mac pad with me and I took it out while sitting in

00:11:32   front of the stage, took a picture for, for proof. Um,

00:11:36   did people respond to it? Like it's someone look over and be like, what the hell?

00:11:40   No, no, no, no, no, no.

00:11:41   People may have been looking. We don't, you know what I mean? Like,

00:11:44   cause we were just sitting down, um, uh, in the, like watching the keynote,

00:11:48   you know what I mean? Like,

00:11:49   and that was what Federico took out to take some notes on.

00:11:51   I bet. I bet at WWDC it will garner some attention.

00:11:56   We'll see.

00:11:58   I can't wait to see it. There were multiple people who said to Federico,

00:12:03   do you actually use that thing? Like they hadn't seen it, but they were,

00:12:06   they were like referring to it and they were like, do you actually use it?

00:12:09   And every time Federico said, yes,

00:12:11   I used it and then would tell me that he was upset that people ask him,

00:12:14   which I understand why. Cause it's like, of course I use it.

00:12:16   This isn't like a stunt. Yeah. So that, that was happening.

00:12:19   Which was quite funny. That's good.

00:12:21   We should talk about John Ternus's future because in addition to introducing a

00:12:25   bunch of new iPads this week, there was also a report in Bloomberg from Mark

00:12:29   Gurman, uh,

00:12:30   outlining Apple's CEO plans and it basically seems like if

00:12:35   Tim Cook were to retire very soon, Jeff Williams may take over,

00:12:38   but Jeff Williams is only two years younger than Cook at 61.

00:12:42   I don't think that's going to cook at 63.

00:12:43   I don't think it's going to happen either. Nope.

00:12:45   And it seems like John Ternus is maybe next in line.

00:12:50   So reading from Gurman,

00:12:53   I think is actually really interesting. Uh,

00:12:56   Ternus is well liked inside Apple and he's earned the respect of Cook Williams

00:12:59   and other leaders. Tim likes him a lot because he can give a good presentation.

00:13:03   He's mild mannered, never puts anything into an email that is controversial.

00:13:07   Apple's learning their lesson and is it

00:13:09   like no spicy emails, no ediQ. Um, ediQ is also,

00:13:17   uh, quoted in here or it's not quoted,

00:13:19   but has privately told colleagues that Turner should be the next CEO.

00:13:24   Um, which is interesting to me. Yeah.

00:13:27   I like to hear that part specifically because I could imagine a scenario where

00:13:32   ediQ would like the job, you know? Um,

00:13:35   and ediQ in kind of a weird way. Like I know he's,

00:13:38   he's sort of over the top sometimes. Like his deal making,

00:13:43   like that is a,

00:13:44   an important part of what an Apple CEO could do potentially. Right.

00:13:49   Um, it's kind of interesting. I feel, I mean,

00:13:52   obviously we know Apple more than we know other companies,

00:13:55   but it feels like at Apple,

00:13:57   the CEO kind of has their thing and the people around them kind of fill in.

00:14:01   I assume that's how all companies work. But if, if ediQ were to be CEO,

00:14:06   then you have to like find another deals guy potentially. Like, I don't know.

00:14:09   It's just, it's kind of interesting. Uh, but turn us,

00:14:11   of course is a hardware person and there are some people,

00:14:14   cause this is always political. Again, quoting Gurman, um,

00:14:18   turn us is a great guy. A person close at Apple says, but he's really,

00:14:22   he's honestly really junior. He comes off as just one of the guys in the room.

00:14:25   Being the CEO of a multi-trillion dollar company,

00:14:28   you better command presence in the room. I don't read much into that. Hey,

00:14:32   there's always politics with this, but be like, you can learn that right. If,

00:14:35   I would imagine just like Apple's executives go through training to be better

00:14:41   presenters, right? It's not natural that you're as good as presenting as they are.

00:14:44   They've been trained for that.

00:14:46   You can also train like presence and how to command a meeting and like that

00:14:50   can come with experience. So I don't,

00:14:52   I don't read the sort of naysayers and Gurman's article as a big problem for,

00:14:56   for, uh, for our boy, John.

00:14:58   I wish I could find this. Um,

00:15:02   but this isn't the first time that Mark Gurman has spoken about this.

00:15:07   So one of the ways that I became familiar,

00:15:11   like quite familiar with John Turness was from a previous report that Mark had

00:15:15   done quite a while ago,

00:15:17   going through the potential people that could take over and John Turness was

00:15:23   mentioned then, but he wasn't showing up very much at that point.

00:15:26   Like we weren't too familiar with him and it wasn't too long after that,

00:15:30   that he started appearing in like, cause it really,

00:15:33   it was Apple Silicon was what propelled him onto keynote stages, right?

00:15:38   So it was before then,

00:15:39   but I remember he wrote this article where he was listing out a large selection

00:15:44   of people, many names that I did not know,

00:15:46   and was going through who could potentially be seen as someone and Turness

00:15:52   was even being referenced then this was, this was years ago now as,

00:15:56   as a potential candidate for CEO in the future.

00:15:59   And like reading that article is why I have mentioned like many times,

00:16:03   and he has been in my mind as someone who could do the job,

00:16:08   like as I've been seeing him talk more,

00:16:12   be more visible and he's seems very personable.

00:16:15   He seems like a really nice guy, but very smart.

00:16:17   He's been in the company like 20 something years.

00:16:19   Like he really feels like someone who could do this. He's young,

00:16:24   right? Like handsome. Uh, obviously,

00:16:28   he's good at like, and he,

00:16:31   I think that this report from me kind of seals it as like,

00:16:35   this is where it's going because of all the positive things that are being said

00:16:38   about him, that the negative things, obviously, right?

00:16:41   Like but the positive things like that is,

00:16:44   that's really interesting to me. Yeah.

00:16:47   Can I read something to you? Can.

00:16:51   This is from the 2024 annual rookies.

00:16:55   My risky pick Apple CEO succession plan leaks.

00:16:59   Yeah. I mean,

00:17:01   I think we're going to come back to this cause I don't know if I would call,

00:17:04   this is going to have to be a argued, I think.

00:17:07   I'm marking it yellow on the document for now.

00:17:10   This doesn't feel like a succession plan to me.

00:17:12   This just feels like further reporting from Mark Gurman. But we'll see. I mean,

00:17:15   we'll see where there's smokes, there's fires. And so we'll find out. Yeah.

00:17:19   We'll see if, uh, John Ternus is on fire.

00:17:23   I mean, but look, there is, I would want to go back to, uh,

00:17:28   to listen to what we were talking about at the time, because like,

00:17:31   I don't know if this would count as a succession plan,

00:17:35   but we'll have to see. We'll see. We have all year.

00:17:40   That's the best part.

00:17:40   But let's say it's going well for you so far. Cause like this is, uh,

00:17:44   this is about as close as it could be before they like 100%

00:17:49   have the plan out. You know what I mean? So.

00:17:52   Yeah. Let me just read you the other risky picks for the annual games.

00:17:55   Just for context.

00:17:56   Mike, a game made by a studio owned by meta is released on vision pro.

00:18:02   Let's see if it can happen.

00:18:03   Federico a new iPad pro will feature a front facing camera on the landscape

00:18:09   side, higher than 27 watt fast charging,

00:18:12   and eventually support more than four windows in the same stage manager

00:18:16   workspace.

00:18:17   It can still happen. It can still happen. Well, what about the charging? Uh,

00:18:21   the magic keyboard supports a 60 watt pass through.

00:18:24   Okay. So I think we're both in the ballpark. Yeah. We're we're still.

00:18:30   Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I,

00:18:32   there's no reason to suggest I'm not in the ballpark. Right.

00:18:36   Yeah. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg really seems cool with the vision pro. So

00:18:39   he might just be like, here you go. Is a game for you. You know, maybe,

00:18:45   do you guys just sometimes think about the time here? You viewed it like in a,

00:18:50   in a conference room. I still think about the time he smoked some meats. Oh man.

00:18:55   Sweet baby race.

00:18:56   I think about Mark every time I go grocery shopping because in my grocery store,

00:19:02   the sweet baby raises right by the door for some reason,

00:19:04   this is like a stand of them all the time.

00:19:06   And you just think of sweet baby race. Sweet baby race. Sweet baby race.

00:19:10   Sweet baby race. Uh, we have some follow out as well.

00:19:15   Uh, tell us about the, uh, most recent app stories.

00:19:18   We were able to interview Riley Testut, uh,

00:19:22   the founder of Altstore developer of the Delta emulator and the clip

00:19:26   clipboard manager. Uh, Riley is just a fantastic person to talk to that.

00:19:32   He's been developing for iOS and iPadOS,

00:19:37   I guess now too, for such a long time. And, um,

00:19:40   we were thinking that this would be the perfect time to interview Riley about

00:19:44   sort of the,

00:19:45   the entire Altstore saga with the DMA and Altstore pal launching and sort of

00:19:50   the behind the scenes of Delta and clip coming together as apps released one on

00:19:55   the app store worldwide and, but also on Altstore and of course clip and how clip

00:20:01   got approved, um, and notarized by Apple, um,

00:20:04   with all the technologies that they're using in clip. And yeah,

00:20:07   it was just a really good conversation with Riley about sort of how this entire

00:20:12   plan plan came together, thanks to the DMA and what it was like, um,

00:20:16   for Riley and, and, uh, the other Altstore, uh,

00:20:21   co-founder, uh, Shane, uh, sort of traveling, uh,

00:20:25   all around Europe for a month. It was a really fun story. And, and,

00:20:28   and I think it's a good interview. So if you haven't listened, uh,

00:20:31   you should go check it out.

00:20:33   I love the interview where he's talking about, uh,

00:20:36   meeting with Apple and the EU. He's like, yeah, our apps,

00:20:40   our alternative app marketplace is ready to go. And I was like, Whoa,

00:20:43   that's so fast. Yeah. It was very enjoyable.

00:20:48   Riley does seem like an awesome person.

00:20:50   This episode of connected is brought to you by jam.

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00:21:11   what you want to do,

00:21:12   you have to go back to that person who made the ticket to hunt down the right

00:21:15   information or go back and forth over weeks in the ticket comments,

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00:22:34   Okay. Before we get to the rules,

00:22:39   I just want to read this feedback from Ramon, uh,

00:22:43   who listened to episode 500 after watching

00:22:47   or after listening to the, so they watched the keynote and then listen to the

00:22:51   rookies. They did it backwards. Uh, this is what they wrote. Uh,

00:22:55   it is a transformative experience to listen to a Ricky's after the keynote and I

00:22:59   recommend it to all listeners.

00:23:01   It feels so much more like watching a Hitchcock nail biter as you wonder which

00:23:05   hero will make a fatal mistake and tumble from the Heights of glory to taste

00:23:09   bitter defeat.

00:23:11   Ramon is a great writer first of all. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

00:23:16   I like this approach. I, I like it. I like it. It's a good idea.

00:23:21   Um, so we'll see who's the, the fallen hero.

00:23:25   I guess we will see, but first we have to,

00:23:30   uh, explain what this game is. So we turn to the bill of Ricky's.

00:23:34   The Ricky's is a game that connected hosts play before Apple keynotes and the

00:23:40   beginning of a new year trying to predict future events.

00:23:43   It is made up of three rounds.

00:23:46   Each host makes two regular picks followed by a risky pick.

00:23:49   There are two types of Ricky's annual and keynote.

00:23:52   We're playing keynote Ricky's today. That winner is named the keynote chairman.

00:23:56   This position is held until the next keynote. After the Ricky's,

00:24:00   the host then play a game called the flexies.

00:24:02   These two games are separate but related.

00:24:05   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:24:09   Correct. Regular picks are awarded one point.

00:24:20   The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon

00:24:24   during recording and no partial points may be awarded.

00:24:28   Correct risky picks are worth two points,

00:24:31   but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host total.

00:24:36   Picks must have been approved as risky by the two other hosts before the start of

00:24:41   the game.

00:24:42   Picks made for keynote Ricky's cannot be reused by the host who made them for the

00:24:46   next keynote. Daniel Ricky's have their own subset of rules,

00:24:49   but we don't care about those today.

00:24:51   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:24:55   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is

00:24:59   complete. In the event of a tie,

00:25:02   dice by P Calc must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:25:06   In the case of a three way tie, maybe pay attention to this,

00:25:10   hosts may all make their calls at the same time with flipping continuing until a

00:25:15   winner is named.

00:25:17   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Ricky's

00:25:21   coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed,

00:25:26   but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming

00:25:29   for keynote Ricky's.

00:25:32   The scoring window starts from the live stream begins and closes when the picks

00:25:36   are scored.

00:25:37   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of

00:25:41   recording. The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:25:44   The winner of the previous associated game goes first. The previous loser goes

00:25:48   last.

00:25:49   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:25:53   And as a reminder, the last keynote Ricky's was October,

00:25:58   the M three event, Federico won by coin flip and then me and then Mike,

00:26:02   you may be seated.

00:26:04   Okay. Jason's now has a lifetime ban.

00:26:08   Can't wait to talk about that.

00:26:11   Kind of, kind of bummed. We're not doing the AI rules again.

00:26:14   That's too bad. People love it. People love that. I don't understand why.

00:26:18   Some people loved it. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I did. Okay.

00:26:25   Round one Federico name your pick.

00:26:28   I said the new iPad pros come with a new to the platform display

00:26:33   technology. We're not analyzing anymore, right?

00:26:37   No. Cause that turned the thing on zoom. So could y'all hear the bell? Nope. Nope.

00:26:42   It's in music mode. Okay. All right.

00:26:43   There we go. No, I still didn't hear the bell. Yeah. It's fine. The world.

00:26:50   Well, it's not done it correctly. Whatever it is you're supposed to have done.

00:26:53   It's not been done. Wow. Um, yeah.

00:26:56   So we got OLED and not just OLED tandem OLED. So, you know,

00:27:00   it's two is better than one obviously. Um, yeah.

00:27:04   So this is a like tandem OLED. Uh,

00:27:06   Queen Nelson did an excellent video on this is actually not a new technology.

00:27:11   It's something that's been sort of proposed many times before.

00:27:15   And there are always issues with tandem OLEDs,

00:27:17   like this idea of stacking two OLED panels on top of each other.

00:27:20   There are always been issues with like, um, losing, uh, you know, losing the,

00:27:25   the sort of the luminance of OLED and light leaking through.

00:27:29   And it's unclear what method Apple employed with this or tandem OLED

00:27:34   technology, but it's here it's in the new iPad pros and uh, yeah, it's, uh,

00:27:40   supposedly the best display Apple has ever made.

00:27:43   I'm curious to see whenever they will be published those like a display review.

00:27:48   What's the name of the website that doesn't like display mate or something that

00:27:51   they do the in-depth analysis of the displays that Apple uses. But yeah,

00:27:56   OLED. That's I love it.

00:27:58   I have a story for y'all. Okay. I was reminded of this when watching the keynote.

00:28:04   He's like, it's always been a magical piece of glass and we, you know,

00:28:07   that's what we want to build. And we finally,

00:28:09   this is the iPad we dreamed from the beginning, you know,

00:28:10   all that flowery language they use. So, um,

00:28:14   years and years ago, but may have, we may not have been married yet.

00:28:19   I forget where we were engaged.

00:28:20   Mary and I went to have ice cream with some friends.

00:28:23   Next to the ice cream place was a glass company. So they, they made,

00:28:28   I guess like glass for windows and cars and that sort of stuff.

00:28:31   And they had a sign that said we cut glass,

00:28:37   but someone thought it'd be funny to alter the

00:28:42   sign. So it said we cut.

00:28:44   That was bleeped in the edit, but you can probably figure it out. They cut,

00:28:53   they removed the G and the L. And so I thought,

00:28:57   I thought about that story when, uh,

00:29:00   when he said it was a magical piece of glass,

00:29:05   John Turnus, they finally made

00:29:08   a beautiful sheet of

00:29:10   you can put all that together yourself, you know,

00:29:21   is this always on? Is this an always on display?

00:29:26   It is not always on display. Actually. It is not an always on display.

00:29:31   I personally think this might be something that we see added in iOS 18

00:29:36   or iPad OS 18. They might, they might do something to make it an always on display,

00:29:39   but even though it is the like has the capabilities same as the iPhone,

00:29:44   they have not put an always on display on this iPad.

00:29:46   Standby mode for iPad OS.

00:29:52   It'd be awesome. It'd be so good. Especially, I mean,

00:29:55   you just like have your iPad next to your computer, you know,

00:29:58   it can feel useful. It'd be great.

00:30:01   I mean it would follow the trend, right? Cause like always on a standby mode,

00:30:05   as I was 17. So it should be an iPad OS 18 if they added it.

00:30:09   Yeah. But when the OLED or when the always on iPhone was announced,

00:30:13   it was like, Oh, it's always on.

00:30:15   Like would they announce a hardware feature that's not enabled until later iPad?

00:30:19   I mean, maybe.

00:30:20   Standby was not a thing, was it?

00:30:22   It was not, but this display was always on before that.

00:30:26   Standby is like the different mode with the widgets.

00:30:29   I know, I know. But maybe they just haven't got like a good, like,

00:30:33   I don't know. In iPad OS 17, like what would it be?

00:30:36   It's just like a huge grayed out photo of your family.

00:30:40   Some tiny widgets on the side.

00:30:41   What I want, what I want is a panic status board thing.

00:30:46   Yeah.

00:30:48   Yes.

00:30:49   Your iPad OS, loads and loads of widgets, like all widgets.

00:30:53   It'd be awesome. Could I suggest an app to make widgets?

00:30:59   What is it? Color widgets.

00:31:01   Wow.

00:31:03   Look, look, who doesn't know about widget Smith?

00:31:10   You know, like you got to,

00:31:11   do you think you need to do like acquisition marketing on this podcast?

00:31:16   I'm just saying if, if standby comes to the iPad, we'll be ready.

00:31:21   It'd be great.

00:31:22   My pick Apple announces updates for final cut pro and Android.

00:31:28   And or logic for the iPad.

00:31:30   That's good. That's better. That's very, uh,

00:31:34   I would say very impressive pick here from you because around one pick,

00:31:38   you know, like that bold, I think,

00:31:40   I think there was some passion in there. Yeah, it happened.

00:31:43   I think the final cut updates are amazing.

00:31:46   Me too. Yes. The multi-cam stuff is really good.

00:31:49   And the thing that I've done for logic where you can just drag a voice memo

00:31:53   recording in and it splits out into different stems.

00:31:55   I really want to see that in action like,

00:31:58   like with a non Apple chosen piece of music, you know,

00:32:02   and see how well that does it like ripping it out with the power of artificial

00:32:07   intelligence. Um, yeah,

00:32:09   but the final cut camera and multi-cam stuff is really

00:32:14   impressive. That's very, very genuinely very impressive.

00:32:17   And it's a thing that makes final cut for iPad

00:32:23   stand alone, I think. And like ahead of final cut for the Mac,

00:32:28   because you can just wirelessly connect up a bunch of iPhones to an iPad and do

00:32:35   this thing. I think that is like, yeah, very impressive on its own. Like, yes,

00:32:39   of course you can do a multi-cam set up with the Mac,

00:32:42   but it's much more complicated than this. This has done,

00:32:45   this is very easily done and really very cool. Um,

00:32:49   and we'll I sure make a lot of, uh, content creators lives even easier.

00:32:54   So I think it's really sweet what they're doing with that.

00:32:57   And it's not, that's not powered by machine learning. It's powered by AI.

00:33:00   We have seen the rebrand.

00:33:02   No, it's AI, AI, AI.

00:33:04   Because AI is just machine learning.

00:33:08   And so we now have to retroactively rebrand everything.

00:33:12   I do. I think I said this on MPU,

00:33:16   but I do when I look at that final cut multi-cam feature,

00:33:20   I think Apple shooting all these videos now on

00:33:25   iPhones, like this is something somebody wanted like, yeah,

00:33:29   we can build that. You know, I think it's really cool.

00:33:32   I would expect, especially the pro camera app that they built is something that

00:33:37   their production team was like,

00:33:39   we need this because filmic got kind of scummy, right?

00:33:43   They sold it to bending spoons I think. And now it's like really expensive.

00:33:48   Yeah. The same people who own and are gutting Evernote.

00:33:50   Yeah. This is what I have learned to understand.

00:33:53   I saw somebody post something that was recently of like,

00:33:56   this is what bending spoons does.

00:33:58   They buy companies and then like make their apps incredibly expensive

00:34:02   subscriptions. Uh,

00:34:03   which I think is exactly what they have done to Evernote, right? Steven,

00:34:06   I think you just said like, yeah, it's a, not only did they buy it, they've done,

00:34:09   they've, they've increased the pricing and everything, um, without really seeming

00:34:13   to add much. So yeah. Uh, so maybe Apple's like, we need, we need, uh,

00:34:18   our own version. So they've now their own camera because the,

00:34:20   the camera app can just be downloaded and used as a camera app.

00:34:24   It's not just connected to the multi-cam stuff.

00:34:28   Uh, my, uh,

00:34:32   first round pick was at the iPad pro features a camera on the horizontal bezel.

00:34:38   Ding. Thank you. Uh, yeah. And it's not centered. Uh,

00:34:42   so we're all just going to have to live with that. Wait, where is it?

00:34:45   It's on the bezel, but it's not centered. It's not in the middle.

00:34:50   So like in the corner? No, no, it's just off center.

00:34:53   Why? Why? Yeah. Because of the, because of the charging. Yeah.

00:34:59   But they redesigned the pencil to clear the camera. Yeah.

00:35:02   They, yeah, this is the best they could give you. Uh, I think I was actually,

00:35:06   I'm pretty happy because they did exactly what I thought they could do,

00:35:09   which was they have separated the camera and the face ID sensors.

00:35:13   They're like split apart from each other and the pencil magnet is in the middle

00:35:17   of that. So they've, they've done what I wanted,

00:35:21   but what I wanted is ended up in every, you know, we're going to have an off

00:35:24   center, uh, uh, camera. So there you go.

00:35:28   Interesting. I did not, I did not know today. I learned.

00:35:33   What I like is on Apple's page, they're talking about a center stage.

00:35:36   It's a stay front and center. And then underneath you can see the non-centered,

00:35:40   uh, camera.

00:35:41   Also those people aren't centered in the image.

00:35:47   Exactly. Well, I mean, in that, what I,

00:35:51   the screenshot that I put in Discord, they're moving around cause it's center stage,

00:35:54   you know? Yeah. Everyone's favorite feature. Center within quotes,

00:35:58   say front and center. Yeah. Middle-ish stage.

00:36:03   So the end of round one, we're tied. Yes. One, one, one.

00:36:08   Who could have seen it coming? Yeah. Going into round two.

00:36:11   My pick was Apple unveils a new Apple pencil. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

00:36:16   Non graded support for gestures like squeezing and the inclusion of haptic

00:36:21   feedback. Uh, yeah. Apple pencil pro.

00:36:24   Amazing. Haptic feedback is so delightful and very

00:36:29   prominent. Yes. It feels nice. It's really good. It feels nice.

00:36:33   It's in the top of the pencil, which is not an eraser.

00:36:36   And I actually think it's fine.

00:36:38   Like the gesture to bring up the quick manual with tools.

00:36:42   I think it's really cleverly done with the squeezing. Um, yeah, I mean,

00:36:47   it's an Apple pencil. It feels like an Apple pencil too,

00:36:49   but with more features and you can tell that it's not a regular Apple pencil

00:36:53   because it says Apple pencil pro on the top of the device.

00:36:57   So, yeah.

00:36:58   Well really this is actually just Apple pencil three,

00:37:01   but they've gotten themselves into a situation where the naming has become so

00:37:05   complicated that they call it Apple pencil pro because they call it Apple pencil

00:37:09   pro. But then then I realized later on, Oh,

00:37:12   but it's the same price as the Apple pencil.

00:37:13   Like they've only called it Apple pencil pro because they've,

00:37:17   they've gotten themselves into a weird mess. I feel like,

00:37:22   right. Because in theory, like judging from the way that Apple does things,

00:37:26   if it's called Apple pencil pro, it's more expensive, but it's not,

00:37:30   it's not,

00:37:31   but it's great though. This is a fantastic, uh, uh,

00:37:37   enhancement for the Apple pencil and like, especially with the, the,

00:37:40   with the iPad pro, uh, they work really well together. Like the,

00:37:44   the barrel roll feature is fantastic. Um, the,

00:37:47   the haptic feature is really good and you can squeeze.

00:37:50   It's like the whole third of the pencil. Like it's not even just like in a very,

00:37:55   specific spot. Um, it still has the, uh, tap thing.

00:37:59   If you want to do that. Uh, I like the integration with a pencil kit,

00:38:03   like how it kind of generates the, do you remember like, uh, like path, right?

00:38:07   Where it'd make the little radio of dials.

00:38:09   It kind of does that around where the pencil is.

00:38:11   It's very easy to select what you want rather than going down to the thing, tap,

00:38:14   tap, tap, tap, as you do right now, a pencil kit.

00:38:17   And I'm very intrigued to see what developers can add to that.

00:38:21   Cause I think you can, you can do some fun stuff. So, um,

00:38:24   it's a lot of like fun haptic things you can do. Yeah.

00:38:27   It's going to be really interesting to see what happens with it,

00:38:30   but Apple's done a good job with just like the basic pencil kit tools, um,

00:38:34   and the way that they work for this Apple pencil. So it's really nice. Yeah.

00:38:38   And you can see where they're going,

00:38:40   where eventually they'll just be two pencils, right?

00:38:42   There'll be the USB-C one.

00:38:44   And then this one you kind of pick the one for your budget or your needs.

00:38:47   It's easy. And I did it. It's easy to make fun of the four pencils for sale.

00:38:51   Two of those are basically legacy for iPads that are still around.

00:38:55   Like our beloved iPad mini, it's gotten no attention this week,

00:38:59   but you can see where they're going. Apple pencil, Apple pencil pro.

00:39:04   I think that's great. And it's just a matter of getting there, you know,

00:39:07   probably in the next year or so.

00:39:08   Yeah. Basically they're every app,

00:39:12   every iPad supports two Apple pencils and

00:39:17   you, the Apple does a decent job on the website of showing you,

00:39:21   which ones are for the iPad that you have. Um,

00:39:24   and I think it's the original iPad supports the

00:39:29   Apple pencil one, even though you can't charge it with that. Yes. Yeah.

00:39:35   That's the real oddball.

00:39:36   Maybe you just didn't need to do that. You know?

00:39:42   But yeah, I do worry a little bit about this. You know,

00:39:46   there are people who are really big iPad accessory proponents

00:39:51   and I'm so afraid we're going to have Apple pencil bros here pretty soon. Oh,

00:39:56   okay. There he is. I was like, I don't understand what this means.

00:39:59   And but we got there, you know,

00:40:00   I thought we were going somewhere serious for a sec. I'm concerned.

00:40:04   YouTube is going to be over. I'm sure you are. I'm sure you're very concerned.

00:40:09   My pick in round two, the new iPad air comes in the current iPad pro sizes,

00:40:14   11 inch and 12.9 inch ding,

00:40:19   ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Well, no, no,

00:40:24   they're the same size. I just want to explore in the space for no,

00:40:28   no, this is not, this is not ideation time.

00:40:32   This is a gift specifically says 12.9. Like I'm just saying,

00:40:36   I just want to get it out there. I just want to like, we're just,

00:40:39   we're just asking the questions, you know, we're just asking the questions.

00:40:43   What if I've got in my body, you know, what if,

00:40:46   where did that 0.9 of an inch go? You know, it was an inside job.

00:40:50   I'm just saying you said 12.9, but it's 13.

00:40:56   They rounded up the name, the physical size.

00:40:59   They said they're going to round them out. And also I believe, uh,

00:41:04   Kate, uh, pointed out in the chat that Jason got this point in the draft.

00:41:08   No, I know. Yeah. So he's Steven less than Jason.

00:41:11   Well, I already beat Jason, so it didn't matter to me. Well, let's seal.

00:41:16   It's about, you know, what was, what was the point here or there?

00:41:19   I'm already champion undefeated. Only we're not, we're not arguing that.

00:41:23   Well, you brought it up. It's about Steven's rights. It's about Steven's rights.

00:41:28   Okay. Steven's rights. Okay. Interesting. It is incredible by the way,

00:41:33   the, the, the text on the iPad website,

00:41:36   like on the page where underneath the size it says measure diagonally is a

00:41:40   rectangle.

00:41:41   The 13 inch iPad air is 12.9 inches and the 11 inch iPad air is 10.86

00:41:46   inches. It's incredible. Like why even like, just don't bother.

00:41:50   It doesn't need to be there. It's okay. We can all live with it. Yes,

00:41:54   of course, Steven gets the point, but I just asking the questions, uh,

00:41:57   it's hilarious to me that they've put that on the actual page.

00:42:01   Like what is the size of the screen? It's these two numbers,

00:42:05   except the fact that neither of these numbers are the numbers. Yeah.

00:42:09   I love it. I love it so much. It's hilarious.

00:42:12   That's how they've done the Mac notebooks forever. It's a good change.

00:42:16   They don't usually say it though. Do they?

00:42:18   I think they do on the tech spec that's actually, you know, 13 point,

00:42:21   whatever inches instead of 13. I'm going to it now. Okay.

00:42:25   MacBook air tech specs.

00:42:30   I mean, if they'd say it's definitely not as prominent as it on the iPad page.

00:42:33   I suspect also it will get less prominent over time on the iPad spec page. You

00:42:38   know, this is a transition like everything else.

00:42:40   Can we just have a sidebar for a second? Yeah. Always.

00:42:44   How thankful are we as commentators that Apple's really bad at naming things?

00:42:49   You know how many hours of content,

00:42:52   how many thousands of words have been spilled over Apple's bad naming

00:42:55   conventions? Great for the content. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

00:42:58   I'd like to thank everyone in MarCom. Maybe that's why they do it.

00:43:01   They, they just like to hear us talk about it.

00:43:05   Maybe they do it because they like the fact that it's more complicated for us to

00:43:10   say. Maybe. You know,

00:43:12   like we have all taken years off of our vocal cords by saying point nine

00:43:17   for the last like decade. Right. Right. And if you think about it,

00:43:21   isn't that bad for the environment in terms of carbon emissions?

00:43:26   That's a good point. Yes. An extra breath I didn't need to emit into the world.

00:43:31   So yeah. Take that motherherd.

00:43:33   It's going to take me a long time to stop saying 12.9. Yeah.

00:43:37   I think so too. Yeah. All right, Mike,

00:43:42   you're up.

00:43:43   Oh yes.

00:43:44   My second round pick is the iPad pro has a higher starting price price for both

00:43:48   models. And oh boy do they, oh boy do they.

00:43:52   The 11 inch went from $799 to $999 starting price.

00:43:57   And the 12 inch went from $1,099 to $1,299.

00:44:03   They did. They did. It's a flex you later.

00:44:07   They did bump from 128 to 256, but thanks.

00:44:11   You got to think it's that, it's that screen.

00:44:14   No, it's a bunch of things.

00:44:15   It's the OLED and now the fact that there is a bigger iPad air, like it makes,

00:44:20   there is pricing sense in this, right? That like they,

00:44:24   they have to push these products apart to have like this good,

00:44:29   better, best strategy. I understand it, but, and I'm not hating on it.

00:44:33   It costs what it costs. You don't have to buy one if you,

00:44:36   if you really don't like the price, like just is what it is. But yeah, they,

00:44:40   they really did increase it. But if they were going to increase it at any point,

00:44:44   this was the time to do it because they added a bunch and they redesigned it and

00:44:47   it's cool and thin, incredibly thin. Uh, people will be excited by this.

00:44:52   And I think you will forget the extra price you paid once you start using the

00:44:56   thing and you love how thin it is and light it is and how incredible the screen

00:45:00   is. But it is still,

00:45:01   I mean, it's kind of hard to forget when you're spending 3000 euros on it, but,

00:45:05   but yeah, I get your point.

00:45:07   In what scenario do you get to 3000 euros?

00:45:10   Very easily if you want to get the one terabyte.

00:45:13   No, no, I'm not, I'm not like criticizing. I'm just, I'm intrigued. Like,

00:45:16   how do you get to that? I just, that's the one that I want to get. Uh,

00:45:19   I'm just going to do it right now. If I go to the Italian Apple store,

00:45:23   I'm going to say order an iPad. Well, what is in

00:45:27   Tratimento? Is that entertainment?

00:45:29   In Tratimento. Yes. Yeah. What is it? I'm going to say,

00:45:32   I'm going to say 13 inch, uh, space black,

00:45:37   one terabyte because I want to have the good stuff. Um,

00:45:40   so you don't need that to standard glass, not the nano texture, just wifi.

00:45:46   Uh, no engraving Apple pencil pro, no engraving.

00:45:51   Save a magic keyboard. Yes. Thank you.

00:45:55   Save. Let's see. Uh,

00:45:59   no trading Apple care because I'm not a chump. Uh,

00:46:04   3026 euros.

00:46:07   Well, you know, I mean like, look, the thing is you,

00:46:13   you add all the accessories in and it's going to get some also a terabyte.

00:46:17   Who needs a terabyte? It's an iPad pro without the accessories.

00:46:21   I did not buy the magic keyboard. What?

00:46:25   I don't use a magic keyboard. I use a laptop.

00:46:30   Mr. Mike Hurley. I am productive.

00:46:36   Why would I make a fake laptop when I can just use a real laptop?

00:46:40   You know what I'm saying? Federico, do you remember when Mike was like, Hey,

00:46:43   I'm going to do all my work on the iPad. And he,

00:46:45   what do you remember when he was like, he was the iPad guy with multiple iPads.

00:46:50   Yeah. Do you remember when the iPad guy took a Mac and cut in half?

00:46:54   Yeah. To make a better iPad. So yeah, exactly.

00:46:57   I just decided to use a laptop.

00:46:59   I, I, I,

00:47:02   I'm going to use my iPad to be the best iPad that it can be for me.

00:47:07   I don't need a keyboard for that. It's TV in the tub. Let's go.

00:47:10   I bought the new incredibly adjustable smart folio. Do you know,

00:47:14   have this in person? I have it. Yeah. Give us a,

00:47:17   can you walk us through some of the adjustment changes? I don't understand.

00:47:20   Yeah. It made no sense. I like that everybody reported it.

00:47:24   Nobody knew what it meant. It was just like Apple's website says this.

00:47:27   Who knows? Basically, you know how you would take the smart keyboard,

00:47:31   you roll it around into that triangle, right?

00:47:33   So it makes a triangles you can stand it up.

00:47:35   There are now multiple sets of magnets on the case so you can move the triangle

00:47:40   to different positions.

00:47:42   So it can be basically completely at 90 degrees in that terrifying way that it

00:47:47   what that has been for years. And then you can move the,

00:47:51   you can move it up to the next set of magnets so you can tilt it back further.

00:47:54   And so then when you flip it over, you can do the same, right?

00:47:57   So you can have different adjustability when it's kind of on like desktop mode

00:48:00   or in viewing mode. So it's, it is an even better smart cover. So,

00:48:05   okay. And you got the denim, right?

00:48:07   Yeah, I've got the denim because it's the only color.

00:48:12   The only color that they have. How's the blue? Is it nice?

00:48:15   No. Okay. It's not a good blue really. It's like,

00:48:23   okay. You know what it is? It's a pro blue. Do you know what that means?

00:48:27   Boring.

00:48:28   It's like, it's like, it's, it's like it's pretending to be sky blue,

00:48:32   but it isn't, you know, like pretending to be blue, but it's not.

00:48:36   Like, you know,

00:48:38   maybe there's like somebody described sky blue to somebody else. Um,

00:48:42   and then they made that like, it's, it's better than for me,

00:48:45   it's better than black or white because I don't want black or white. Um,

00:48:49   and so I went with the blue one,

00:48:51   but I really wish they had like the purple one.

00:48:54   Like I really liked the purple iPad mini case. I would like it if they did that,

00:48:57   but I've gone with the blue for now or the orange or any of them really. Um,

00:49:02   but, but I'm just happy that I didn't have to get black or white.

00:49:05   So at least I got something.

00:49:06   Another thing I would like clarification on, on the iPad pros. Uh,

00:49:12   I think you guys talked about this on upgrade,

00:49:13   but I think it's worth repeating.

00:49:15   Can you explain how nano texture on the new iPad pro is different

00:49:20   than nano texture on the studio and produce XDR?

00:49:23   Federico and I were told that the glass is chemically treated as to how they

00:49:29   get the effect. Not what that exactly means. I don't know,

00:49:32   but it's not etched. Yes. Okay. Yeah.

00:49:34   Cause I know people have been talking about and rightfully so the suit display

00:49:38   and the produce flex, the arts that edge of glass.

00:49:40   I was like use the special cleaning cloth.

00:49:42   People are kind of nervous around it and they'll give you a specific cloth.

00:49:47   They do. They do. Yeah. They give you the cloth. Okay.

00:49:49   And they recommend you just use their cloth. Right. Yeah.

00:49:53   But now it's chemically altered glass. So, okay. So it does seem,

00:49:57   it does seem different. Does that come at a price of picture quality in your

00:50:02   hands on time? Yes. Yeah. I think to an extent it does.

00:50:07   If you have any light on the display,

00:50:09   you lose the blacks. Yeah. It did look like,

00:50:15   like taking a look at my photos again,

00:50:17   it did look like it was losing some of the shininess and the best way that I can

00:50:22   describe it for people who may be familiar with this context,

00:50:26   it's the same conversation that Mike and I and OTJ had months ago when it came to

00:50:31   the steam deco lead,

00:50:33   when we wanted to get the steam deco lead with a glossy display versus the, uh,

00:50:37   the matte display and the glossy just looked better because like it made the

00:50:42   colors pop a lot more. Um, the steam, uh,

00:50:46   valve calls it like the anti glare steam deco lead and it's almost like the same

00:50:52   concept of like you do lose some of the shininess of OLED and once you have

00:50:57   OLED, I think that's why I'm going to get a glossy display because I want,

00:51:01   I want to be hitting the face with colors essentially. And yeah. Uh, but,

00:51:06   but it does, it does help with reflections. So like, yeah, it's like, yes,

00:51:10   you lose some of the color, but you can,

00:51:12   you can better see the display than if it was a glossy display. Right.

00:51:16   So like it and, and under non direct light,

00:51:20   you would not know from what I saw anyway,

00:51:24   like in if there was not direct light on the display to me,

00:51:28   it looked as good as the regular display,

00:51:30   but when light was on the display, you're, you're like, wow,

00:51:35   it's not like reflecting,

00:51:37   but it looks like the light is kind of being trapped. You know what I mean?

00:51:42   So like, right. It's like the light is not reflecting,

00:51:47   but you can tell that something's changed.

00:51:49   You can still more clearly see that display than a regular display.

00:51:54   But I, I wouldn't make this choice.

00:51:59   Like the way that I described it and upgrade is the same that I describe it

00:52:02   here. You should only get this if you already know you need it.

00:52:06   Don't get it because you think it's going to make your display look better.

00:52:09   I would not recommend it because like, Oh, I spend a lot of time outside.

00:52:12   I wouldn't recommend it for, for this. Cause you're, you're going to lose a lot.

00:52:17   You know, like unless you are in a situation where wherever you're using an iPad,

00:52:21   you can literally never read the iPad. Then maybe get it. Right.

00:52:25   But like, I don't know who that person is realistically.

00:52:28   My instant use case thought of that was like the people who use iPads and like

00:52:33   the cockpit of a plane, like, okay, maybe that would be good.

00:52:36   Is that that? Cause that's a very specialized use. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Um,

00:52:42   but it is incredibly impressive that they have been able to do this

00:52:47   on an iPad. Right.

00:52:49   It's really cool because they have had to go back to the drawing board to create

00:52:53   this gloss and it's incredibly impressive how like you can use the Apple pencil

00:52:58   on it. Right. Like it, it's just an iPad pro. Um,

00:53:02   and Federico, you said it, you felt like it felt a little different maybe to tell

00:53:07   you. Maybe, maybe.

00:53:08   It's one of those things that if they tell you, maybe you think, you know, like,

00:53:11   but, um, yeah, it's, it's really impressive what they've done, but it,

00:53:15   this is the most niche of niche case,

00:53:18   niche use case to buy this. Like the, the,

00:53:22   the overlaps at which you're the person that buys the,

00:53:25   the nano textured iPad pro,

00:53:28   like you've gone a bunch of levels down at that point.

00:53:32   I have one last nano texture question. Yeah.

00:53:35   And the hands on the bezels are not nano texture. They're shiny.

00:53:40   Is that weird?

00:53:44   Uh, it was maybe, yeah, maybe you can see the contrast.

00:53:48   I don't know if that's the case. Yeah. Yeah. That was the case. Yes. Yes. Yeah.

00:53:53   I mean, if anything, that's the more impressive to me. I think that's impressive.

00:53:57   That's a flax right there. Right. They're just like, look what we can do.

00:54:01   Not only can we do this, we can do it in just the places we exactly need it to

00:54:04   be. Um, and as Tim is pointing out in the discord,

00:54:09   maybe that would interfere with the camera and the sensors and stuff.

00:54:11   Oh yeah. I actually, I guarantee I would almost guarantee camera.

00:54:15   The camera would be terrible. Can you imagine a worse camera on the iPad? Yeah.

00:54:20   Well that would be it. Yeah. It's, it's, it's a anti, uh,

00:54:24   it's nano texture selfies. Yeah. Yeah.

00:54:27   So at the end of round two, we're all tied with two points. No way. No way.

00:54:33   Unprecedented.

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00:56:20   Okay. Time for risky picks things.

00:56:27   Things take a turn. Let's go. Let's go.

00:56:31   Let's go. My risky pick. Well, let's, let's, let's just rip the bandaid off.

00:56:35   Let's go through these quickly.

00:56:36   Then I said the new iPad pros can run a version of Mac OS when needed.

00:56:42   Non graded native virtualized or Mac virtual display.

00:56:48   None of them. No, zero. Yeah. Nope. Yeah, no.

00:56:55   This is just a pure old iPad OS.

00:57:00   That's it. No software changes. No Mac OS integration. Nothing.

00:57:05   Yeah. It's just, uh, I knew that I was wish-caching with this one and, uh,

00:57:11   I did not get it. Yeah. What else is there to say? Like,

00:57:17   do we expect it was just, it was copium, right? Like everyone was hoping they were going to do it.

00:57:22   Let's put Mac OS on it and who knows,

00:57:26   let's just push this one a month down the line, right?

00:57:29   Maybe they'll do it. W D D C. But we always say that like,

00:57:33   Oh, maybe they're not going to do it. They're not going to do it. They're not,

00:57:36   they're not going to do it. So yeah,

00:57:39   that is not a point from, but Hey,

00:57:44   there's some people who wished even worse. Mike, what's your pick now?

00:57:49   No, no, that's you Steven. My pick. We get new Macs.

00:57:54   We told you. How does it feel? Right? How do you feel Steven?

00:57:59   The, the M four appeared in an iPad first. How does it make you feel?

00:58:02   It feels weird. This was, you just wouldn't accept it, right? You would,

00:58:05   you were one willing to accept that the iPad would receive the M four before the

00:58:10   Mac studio receives an M three.

00:58:13   I don't think the Mac studios ever getting them three now.

00:58:16   I think they're going to jump all to him for it's weird. It's weird. Yeah.

00:58:20   That's what Mark said. It's weird. It's strange. But uh, but uh,

00:58:26   maybe, maybe soon, maybe this fall, I don't think there's going to be a lot of

00:58:30   hardware at WWDC. We will make those picks in just a couple of weeks, but uh,

00:58:34   no new Macs, just, just iPads.

00:58:36   Yeah. Mike.

00:58:41   That's not what you think.

00:58:44   So I mean the iPad pro gets magsafe charging,

00:58:49   but it's not what you think. I mean, what if, what if,

00:58:52   what if like the way you thought is like, you know, magnetically attaches to the

00:58:56   magic keyboard and like technically you can charge it while it's magnetically

00:59:01   attached. You know what I mean? It's like magnetic charging in a way.

00:59:05   It's not what you thought it was. It's a different way. You know,

00:59:09   what do you think?

00:59:10   Nah,

00:59:12   it's not what you think. It's not, it's not what you think.

00:59:16   It's not what you thought.

00:59:20   Look, good point. All right, I'll take that. I was really sad.

00:59:24   I was so hoping they were going to do it. It seemed like a thing to do,

00:59:28   but yeah, it, they didn't do it. I just thought we'd get the Mac one, you know,

00:59:32   that's what I thought was going to happen. I thought they were going to put a

00:59:35   little Mac one on there, but again, you know what,

00:59:38   actually thinking about it now in hindsight, uh,

00:59:42   I think that that charging connector might be too large for this iPad.

00:59:45   I don't think it would fit on there. Right. The Mac, the Mac one. Yeah. Yeah.

00:59:50   Hmm. Yeah. So, well, um,

00:59:55   once again, we are tied. We did a good job.

01:00:00   All right. Like this was the first one with the, with the reduced, um,

01:00:04   like re reduced difficulty. And I think that we all picked pretty well.

01:00:09   I think maybe Federico went a bit too hard, but by and large,

01:00:15   but he did just as well as you and I did. So did he, you know, well, yeah,

01:00:20   but you know, you see what I'm saying, right? I feel like if there was a scale,

01:00:24   it would be Federico's was the least likely to maybe Stevens was the most

01:00:29   likely just based on what is the likelihood of this kind of thing occurring,

01:00:34   even though we didn't think there was going to be Macs,

01:00:36   but it's not hard to imagine that they could have also said, here's a Mac,

01:00:40   right? They do that. They have new Macs every now and then. Uh,

01:00:44   but I think this was a better show than where we've been, uh,

01:00:48   in previous years. So we can take this away and we can all learn from it.

01:00:52   Okay. Let's, let's go with that. Um, we got a point for coin.

01:00:59   Yeah. Yeah. We're at a wait a minute though. Cause, uh,

01:01:01   the the beta is expired on dice by peak out. So I know no to the app store, um,

01:01:06   to, to download the, the, the shipping version. Okay. Let me take a second.

01:01:11   While you do that, I'll just remind us how it works. Cause we have,

01:01:14   we did also change to this recently. Thank you. The coin flipping.

01:01:18   So in the case of a three way tie, which we are now,

01:01:22   hosts will all make their calls at the same time with flipping continuing until

01:01:27   the winner is named. So we'll all make a pick,

01:01:30   you'll flip the coin and then we'll go from there. Okay.

01:01:34   I am ready now if we will stop making the picks. Okay.

01:01:40   Uh, who goes first? You go first. I'm going to say tails.

01:01:46   I'm going to say tails. I'm going to say heads then. Yeah.

01:01:50   Heads winner.

01:01:56   He's the winner. Let's go baby.

01:02:03   So now we got to pick for second place. Let's go. Yeah.

01:02:07   Uh, Steven, you pick first this time. I'll pick tails again. Oh,

01:02:12   you want to pick heads or tails Federico? You're going to go ahead.

01:02:14   Heads. Heads. Heads.

01:02:20   Okay. Very close. Yep. All right. So now I'm gonna,

01:02:25   I'm going to adjust my, uh, my tricky over here.

01:02:29   Who's the annual? Uh, you are, I think, let me see. Oh,

01:02:37   do I get a special name now? That's just in the flexies. No,

01:02:41   don't I have a name for, isn't there a consolidation name? Oh, I don't know.

01:02:44   We'd have to go look it up. Let's see. The flexies.

01:02:48   I'm such a winner right now. If someone holds all four titles,

01:02:54   they're allowed to choose their own name. All four tiles. Yeah.

01:02:58   Who's the current flexi annual flexi winner.

01:03:02   The current annual flexi winner is me.

01:03:08   No. Yes. Me. So, okay. Okay. Okay. So now,

01:03:12   I'm currently, uh, my own special camp where I am currently draft champion

01:03:17   and annual and keynote Ricky champion. Nice. It's all coming up. Mike over here.

01:03:23   You know what I mean? Yeah. I got so many trophies right now.

01:03:28   I got a pennant behind me.

01:03:29   I've got a trophy in front of me with my little circles. Ah, this is incredible.

01:03:33   Yeah. Both the circles are over London. Both the circles are over London.

01:03:37   Let's go. Okay. Well, congratulations, Mike.

01:03:40   It might only be for like three weeks.

01:03:41   Yeah. This could, this may be a very short, uh, it will be a very short one.

01:03:47   It will. Uh, I wouldn't say that.

01:03:50   I mean, very short one could be. I don't think this is the shortest though.

01:03:55   Right. Cause there was that,

01:03:56   there was that time in COVID when they did like event after event for like

01:04:01   three weeks or something. They kept doing them. Uh,

01:04:04   and so I don't think this is the shortest period.

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01:06:02   The Flexis is a game held after each edition of the Ricky's.

01:06:08   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple

01:06:12   event or year. Scoring is completed separately from the main game,

01:06:16   but like the Ricky's,

01:06:18   the order of picks is set by the results of the previous game and ties will be

01:06:23   broken by using dice by Peacock.

01:06:25   Please lie down as the rules are read.

01:06:28   [Music]

01:06:29   Hosts must make a minimum of five Flexi picks.

01:06:38   Each correct pick is awarded one point.

01:06:40   Wrong picks do not remove any points,

01:06:44   but no partial points may be awarded.

01:06:46   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct Flexis made by

01:06:52   each host. The winner can use their chosen title,

01:06:56   as long as they are the winner. Federico shall be named Prince Flexi,

01:07:00   and then known as King Flexi when having won both keynote and annual games.

01:07:05   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington and uses the name Archduke Flexington when

01:07:11   applicable.

01:07:12   Steven is the Attorney General Flexi and uses the title Secretary of Deflects

01:07:18   when necessary.

01:07:21   Loser of the Flexis must compensate the winner of the Flexis by donating

01:07:26   to a charity of the winner's choice.

01:07:28   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong Flexi made by the loser.

01:07:34   The money must be donated on air and as a reminder of who our winners and losers

01:07:39   are.

01:07:42   Currently Mike is the event Flexi winner and I am the annual Flexi winner.

01:07:47   So if I win, I get to use my special title, which is fun.

01:07:51   Oh nice.

01:07:52   And I don't get a name for being, well,

01:07:56   I guess that's going to pass anyway.

01:07:58   There's not much as the Flexis. They're different games.

01:08:01   I just want names. I just want to collect them up.

01:08:04   I know. I know.

01:08:05   All right, Mike, you're up.

01:08:10   Oh yeah. Okay. Right. So I run through them all. New pencil has a button.

01:08:14   Nope. No, but it has a squeeze area. Not a button.

01:08:18   Apple now sells four Apple pencils. Oh boy, do they?

01:08:22   Yes they do.

01:08:23   They really do. The new pencil comes in color choices.

01:08:28   It does not. The new magic keyboard matches the aluminium colors,

01:08:35   which it does. Just on the inside, not the outside. Kind of weird.

01:08:39   Yeah. I mean, they're kind of like matching, but it's, it's like,

01:08:45   cause it's not aluminium on the outside, right? It's like that.

01:08:47   It's the material, whatever you'd call it. The magic keyboard material.

01:08:51   There is no longer a smart keyboard. Smart keyboard is gone.

01:08:54   It is not a product in Apple's lineup anymore. Uh, but Logitech,

01:08:59   I saw today they have a new combo touch keyboard that's out.

01:09:02   So of course you really want that. You can, you can go for that. Uh,

01:09:06   iPad pro does not get an M4.

01:09:09   I was just, I was heading on that one. Uh, I had a thought.

01:09:13   I had this thought has been thought many times,

01:09:15   but I'm just going to put it out there.

01:09:17   And the reminder of the iPad air two and iOS nine in

01:09:22   2015 where the iPad air two was incredibly overpowered,

01:09:26   uh, for what it could do.

01:09:28   And then we've got split view and it only ran on that device. Um,

01:09:31   I do think that that is going to happen here,

01:09:34   but not necessarily in a way that's like, Oh,

01:09:37   cause it's going to run Mac OS or whatever.

01:09:39   Like I am forming the camp of like,

01:09:43   there are going to be features available just for new processes

01:09:48   from, uh, Apple this year that are AI related.

01:09:52   So this iPad will be able to do whatever it's going to be and the next

01:09:57   iPhone maybe, or maybe this one,

01:09:59   maybe the current iPhone cam because it's a three nanometer.

01:10:02   Maybe that's where they're going to cut off. I don't know,

01:10:04   but I do think that's going to happen,

01:10:05   which is one of the reasons that they may be a put could jump straight to M4.

01:10:09   One of the many reasons, but we'll see. Uh,

01:10:12   pick number six iPadOS 17 AI enhancements for iPad only.

01:10:16   Nope. I mean, unless you count final cut, but it's not really iPadOS. Uh,

01:10:22   seven Apple's iPad Pro keyboard features a new key switch technology.

01:10:25   If it does, we don't know.

01:10:27   I actually asked, I asked and it's the same mechanism as before.

01:10:34   Can they be trusted though? You know?

01:10:36   I mean, it's, it was literally an Apple representative.

01:10:39   I don't know if they can be trusted when it comes to keyboards.

01:10:42   And then finally, I don't even remember picking this.

01:10:45   The iPad Pro gets an action button. I don't know why I picked this.

01:10:48   I don't remember this happening. Uh, but apparently it did.

01:10:52   That brings you, uh, uh,

01:10:54   two out of eight flexes correct for a correct

01:10:58   25% because that's 25% 25% correct.

01:11:04   Okay. Okay.

01:11:05   Steven you're up.

01:11:09   New iPad airs come in colors that are as vibrant as the back of the IMAX.

01:11:13   No, they are not really not. No, really not.

01:11:17   The new Apple pencil is named Apple pencil pro.

01:11:21   Oh, nice. Yes. Ding. You got this one. Good.

01:11:26   Everyone sounds so excited for me. Apple announces AI.

01:11:30   You got to go through them all, you know?

01:11:32   Apple announces AI powered changes to iWork. No, iWork to be seen.

01:11:38   We did get some feedback. We did. Yeah. What was this, Steven?

01:11:43   Feedback was is iWork still used as a brand?

01:11:46   So then we talked about, we got a note from somebody who says, uh,

01:11:49   basically where they work.

01:11:51   iWork is very popular and iWork is still used.

01:11:55   They're working around the building somewhere, California.

01:12:00   Final cut for iPad gains a feature specifically for video and vision OS.

01:12:07   Did not get this, but for a second, I thought I was like,

01:12:10   don't know about final cut. Yes. My flexi. No,

01:12:13   they don't do anything with vision pro. No.

01:12:16   iPad virtual display announced for vision OS. Nope.

01:12:21   Yeah. Yeah. I wish. No.

01:12:23   This next one I was, I missed it by one word.

01:12:26   A new Apple pencil is announced and only works with the new iPad pros.

01:12:30   If I left pros off,

01:12:32   I would have made it because it does work with the new iPad air.

01:12:36   Yeah. True. You sure said with the new iPads and that would have been fine.

01:12:40   So close. Yeah. Uh,

01:12:42   new iPad pros start with at least 256 gigabytes of storage.

01:12:46   The non-graded context we mentioned earlier,

01:12:48   it used to be 128 gigs and I got that one right.

01:12:52   So I am two for seven or 28.6%.

01:12:57   Very good. Isn't it funny that the new Apple pencil pro works with the non-pro

01:13:02   iPads?

01:13:05   It's kind of, it's just like a funny thing. It's just funny.

01:13:08   It's not funny anymore. If you consider what you said, which is really just,

01:13:12   this is the Apple pencil three. Yeah.

01:13:14   And I think that that proves it even more that this is Apple pencil three,

01:13:19   right? That the Apple pencil pro works with the iPad air.

01:13:22   Yeah. But what's in a name? What's in a name?

01:13:26   Similar that like iPad air being heavier, thicker than iPad pro doesn't matter.

01:13:31   Air doesn't mean light. Air means regular.

01:13:35   That's what it means. It means start here.

01:13:38   Boys, sometimes in life,

01:13:44   you gotta go with your gut, you know, and sometimes,

01:13:48   that's the wrong decision. Sometimes there's fire in your gut, you know,

01:13:52   you got the fire in your body. Sometimes,

01:13:54   sometimes you just gotta follow your passion, your fire, whatever it is.

01:13:58   And sometimes the results may be horrible.

01:14:03   I present to you flexi number one,

01:14:05   the new iPad pros have slimmer bezels than before.

01:14:08   I believe this is incorrect just by judging.

01:14:13   I looked at them in real life and I could tell that they were the same bezels.

01:14:17   Didn't they say no,

01:14:20   something about a more compact 11 inch?

01:14:24   And I have a anonymous feedback from somebody who I believe that they are the

01:14:31   same size bezels.

01:14:32   Yeah. And I believe that I've seen them. They're the same. Okay.

01:14:36   Number two, Apple refreshes its input accessories for USB-C.

01:14:41   So no magic trackpad and no magic keyboard updates. Number three,

01:14:45   the new iPad keyboard can also be paired with a Mac or vision pro. Nope.

01:14:50   Nope. Number four,

01:14:52   the video is shorter than 30 than 31 minutes. It was actually what,

01:14:56   35, 40. What was it? Yeah. Something in there. Yeah.

01:15:01   Number five, the new iPad pro SDM four. Hey. Yeah.

01:15:06   And spoiler, my luck hands here. Uh, number six,

01:15:10   the new Apple pencil is compatible with and has special features for vision.

01:15:15   OS. No, no.

01:15:18   I, we really thought this was going to happen.

01:15:20   Me too. But cause there was this, and I still think it will happen. Yeah.

01:15:25   There was this structure that me and Federico had a picture in front of,

01:15:30   which was like this illustrated Apple logo.

01:15:34   Yeah.

01:15:35   And it looked like it had been made in one of those like 3d paint kind of

01:15:40   things. And when Federico saw that he was like, look, there it is.

01:15:43   That's going to work. So maybe it will. Maybe it will.

01:15:48   I mean, it has a gyroscope in it now, you know, vision of us too.

01:15:52   I think it will happen. Could be a vision OS too thing. Yeah. Where were we?

01:15:57   Number seven gaming on the iPad pro is mentioned with at least a triple a game

01:16:02   shown. Um, this is marked as incorrect,

01:16:06   but didn't they show assassin's creed? Yeah, no, this is correct.

01:16:09   This is correct. This is correct. It doesn't, uh, is market green police,

01:16:14   but it doesn't change much really. Well, you know, at least you,

01:16:17   you deserve your correct answers. And that was correct. Yeah. Um,

01:16:22   number eight, the new iPad external keyboard as at least one programmable action

01:16:27   key. Uh, no,

01:16:30   it's literally the same keys as before. Uh, number nine,

01:16:35   the new iPad pro.

01:16:36   This explains why like I was, I was talking to someone and I turned around and

01:16:40   Federico was deep in the settings of an iPad. And this was what you were doing.

01:16:45   You were seeing.

01:16:46   Yes I was.

01:16:50   I actually had to enable Sage manager myself because Sage manager was disabled

01:16:55   on all the iPads by default, which is funny in and of itself. But yeah. Uh,

01:17:00   number nine, the new iPad pro with them for a standard bolt five. No,

01:17:04   it does not. It's standard bolt four. Um,

01:17:07   number 10 vision pro launch dates in more countries are announced. No,

01:17:12   I thought this was going to happen.

01:17:13   Cannot believe this. It felt like the whole point of having a London event.

01:17:17   Especially because they opened, they opened with the vision pro and I thought,

01:17:22   Oh, here they come. But no wild. I can't,

01:17:25   I really can't believe that there is like a part of me which is like,

01:17:28   why did they even have that big event in London? But I mean, I'm happy they did,

01:17:33   but it seemed like that was the reason. Right. But there you go.

01:17:36   You know, I gotta come. I gotta, I gotta actually come clean. Uh,

01:17:40   I think Josie in the discord is right.

01:17:43   They show the assassin screen talking about the previous iPads.

01:17:48   That flexi is not correct. Oh,

01:17:52   it Josie is right. It was about, now I remember it was about the previous iPads.

01:17:57   So, um, yeah. Thank you Josie. Um, no, no, no, no, no.

01:18:03   I think you get that. I think that's fine. No,

01:18:06   because I said gaming on the iPad pro, uh, is mentioned.

01:18:11   And I think that we're talking about last gen stuff. It's fine.

01:18:15   Like this is not what I meant anyway with this flexi. So, um,

01:18:19   number 11,

01:18:22   the new iPad pros have wifi seven and they do not,

01:18:27   did not. Um, and number 12,

01:18:29   finally put me out of my misery here. Uh,

01:18:32   the new iPad keyboard as a dedicated Siri key and it does not.

01:18:37   So at the very least, I mean, I put, I can put a positive spin on this.

01:18:43   Uh, this is a new record one out of 12. Correct.

01:18:47   Um, you know, if the record were for people who do horribly on this game,

01:18:53   I would be a winner. That's a 8.3%.

01:18:57   8.3% lowest ever score on the flexis is now mine.

01:19:02   That's rough. No, I'm sure you're right. You know, like with the,

01:19:09   with the gaming thing, because I mean, I'm trying to find it now.

01:19:12   They specifically spoke about, uh, ray tracing

01:19:16   as being a part of the M4 that it was built into the graphics on the M4 that

01:19:24   that you, that there was ray tracing and mesh shading. You are right.

01:19:28   They did mention Diablo immortal and you and I laughed when they mentioned

01:19:33   Diablo immortal. Yeah, that, that's not the right game. Uh,

01:19:36   if that's the one they were showing, um,

01:19:41   yeah. Okay. I'm at that part. And they're showing Diablo immortal,

01:19:44   which is definitely not, not the estate.

01:19:46   Why did they mix that up in the way that they did? You know,

01:19:49   like they should have shown Assassin's Creed,

01:19:52   but maybe it just has no ray tracing. Uh, look, it's fine.

01:19:56   Um, now we see people are saying that the keyboard has a Siri key.

01:20:00   Where do you see the Siri key? There's no Siri key.

01:20:02   It's the dictation key from the Mac. Yeah. It's yeah. No Siri key. No Siri key.

01:20:07   Uh, so that means, look, I appreciate people trying to make me save money.

01:20:12   It's okay. Um,

01:20:15   because I can donate $275 to a charity of Steven's choice.

01:20:21   So Steven,

01:20:24   you are the winner of the flexes and you get to choose where these $275 should

01:20:29   go to. Yeah. Well, you know, I think in light of, um,

01:20:33   Apple crushing all art and name of the iPad,

01:20:36   we, uh, we need to, uh, so close.

01:20:41   I know. I know. Uh,

01:20:43   I would like you to donate to Memphis youth arts initiative.

01:20:47   I'll put the link in the discord. Uh,

01:20:49   this is a cool local group that started a few years ago, uh,

01:20:52   working with students to, uh, art and,

01:20:56   arts and enrichment programs like music, dance, all sorts of cool stuff.

01:21:00   They do a lot of stuff at the community and I think they need your money.

01:21:04   Yeah. I'm doing it right now.

01:21:08   We'll let you donate. Uh, I'll let you do that and I'll, I'll wrap us up.

01:21:11   How does that sound? Thank you. Thank you.

01:21:13   We appreciate you hanging out with us this week.

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01:21:19   people doing stuff. Uh, but we made it.

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