505: The Rickies (June 2024)


00:00:00   [Music]

00:00:07   Hello and welcome to Connected, episode 505. It's a big one this week. My name is Stephen Hackett and I am joined by Mr. Mike Hurley.

00:00:19   Excuse me?

00:00:22   We haven't gotten to follow up yet, so currently you are just Mike Hurley.

00:00:25   No, last week we instituted that I would be the full names and then later we might come up with a new name.

00:00:33   Mike Hurley holds the keynote chairmanship and the annual chairmanship in our game of sieges that we play.

00:00:41   Hello.

00:00:42   Hello. I should say also that this is sponsored by Squarespace, NetSuite and Tailscale. I got excited and skipped over that.

00:00:49   Yeah, you really bungled this one and I would like to introduce Federico Vittucci. Hi Federico.

00:00:56   Hello Mike, hello guys. A couple of things that I need to say up front. The first one, Mike, I am shocked that you did not make a "I'm going back to 505" reference when Stephen mentioned the episode number.

00:01:11   Yep.

00:01:12   I thought you would.

00:01:13   I apologize.

00:01:14   I was slightly disappointed.

00:01:16   And then I wanted to ask you both, tell me something that people don't know about you and I will go first. For example, this is sort of the energy that I'm bringing in today.

00:01:25   We've been doing this podcast together for 10 years and there must be things that people don't know or that I don't know or that you don't know about each other or that we don't know about each other that people maybe don't know.

00:01:35   Also, for example, I have never been on a roller coaster in my life. Never.

00:01:41   I'll change that for you.

00:01:42   Never. I'm too scared.

00:01:44   Yeah, I don't like it either.

00:01:45   This is like one of these things where I feel like I've put so much of my life into the world that I have no idea what people don't know anymore. I need to really think about this. Stephen, do you have anything?

00:02:03   You interrupted my exact same train of thought. I was like, "What haven't I told the internet in 16 years of doing this?"

00:02:12   Think about it. Think about it. We can come back to this later during the show.

00:02:17   Okay, maybe something will come to mind later on.

00:02:19   Okay. I will think of something. I just don't know what it is yet.

00:02:22   Okay. So that was my couple of things.

00:02:26   I like it.

00:02:27   Let's do some follow-up. We talked about this just a second ago, but we have decided that if someone is both the winner of our annual predictions game and our keynote predictions game, they should be introduced as such at the top of the show.

00:02:42   And we had two suggestions come in. Listener Brendan suggested Grand Chairman, which that feels pretty good. It feels important and set apart. But a Nameless Listener, Anonymous Feedback, I think is the winner.

00:03:01   So Anonymous wrote, "If you put two chairs next to each other, it becomes a bench."

00:03:06   So if someone is annual and keynote chairman, then he is the Ricky Benchman. That is fantastic.

00:03:15   It's Benchman, man. It's Ricky Benchman.

00:03:18   Ricky Benchman.

00:03:19   And also not like Benchman. It's like Ricky Benchman.

00:03:22   It's like, "Richard is my father. I'm Ricky Benchman."

00:03:26   Ricky Benchman. Ricky Benchman.

00:03:28   When two chairs love each other very much. So I do believe that we need to update the rules to include this.

00:03:40   So my suggestion will be at the end of the rules for the Rickys.

00:03:47   If a host is the...

00:03:52   Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. This doesn't feel like regulation.

00:03:56   I'm suggesting...

00:03:58   Rule amendments occur when the rules are read.

00:04:01   Okay, so we've got to come back to it in just a second? Okay.

00:04:04   Yeah. You put it in follow-up. I didn't object to it then, although I thought it was unregulated.

00:04:10   But now amending the rules before the rules are read? I'm sorry, that's not helping for the time.

00:04:14   Okay, add Ricky Benchman to rules. I'm putting it further down in the document.

00:04:18   Okay, we'll come back to that.

00:04:19   We'll read the rules and then we'll amend the rules.

00:04:22   I'm sorry. Please forgive my grave error.

00:04:25   See, this is just like as to be known as Ricky Benchman, which is as I am right now.

00:04:32   I am obviously the most understanding of the game, hence why I have such a stranglehold on the game.

00:04:37   Stranglehold? What are you saying?

00:04:41   I have a stranglehold on the Rickys. I am strangling Ricky, is what I'm saying.

00:04:46   And that means that I know most of the... Richard! Richard!

00:04:50   I've never told anyone I've strangled Richard. No, that's not my...

00:04:56   We have a friend named Ricky who we work with. That's very upsetting.

00:04:59   But I never said that. I never said Ricky. I said Richard.

00:05:02   Richard!

00:05:03   You know, Richard?

00:05:04   Jeff wrote in, "How can you tell if someone is recording you with their creepy metaglasses?"

00:05:10   They're not creepy.

00:05:12   I did add creepy to the quote.

00:05:14   Why?

00:05:15   Just for effect.

00:05:17   Is that your opinion?

00:05:19   No.

00:05:20   Yeah. Yeah.

00:05:21   Well, tell me how I can see if you're recording me, then I'll be the judge.

00:05:24   There's a light.

00:05:26   Okay.

00:05:27   It's like on the temple? On the side?

00:05:29   So, the glasses have circles on each side. Similar to the Snapchat ones, really.

00:05:36   But you know how you could imagine that there were screws in the glasses?

00:05:40   Ray-Bans usually have something anyway on the temple area, but facing forward.

00:05:45   One of them is a camera and there is one mirroring it visually and that is a light.

00:05:50   And the light comes on when you take a photo and it also makes a noise.

00:05:53   It does.

00:05:54   Like a capture sound, which I don't think you can amend.

00:05:57   Nope.

00:05:58   And similarly, if you're videoing, the light is on the whole time.

00:06:03   Yeah.

00:06:04   Wasn't there a story years ago, and I don't even know if that's still the case.

00:06:10   Do you guys remember, was it true that iPhones in Japan would always make a sound when you take a picture?

00:06:16   Yes.

00:06:17   That is true, yeah.

00:06:18   Is that still the case? Do we know?

00:06:20   I think so. I think it's a lore in Japan. I don't think it was something that Apple just did.

00:06:24   Maybe someone in the Discord can tell us.

00:06:26   Yeah. You cannot turn off the sound when you take a picture with the metal glasses.

00:06:31   And yeah, there's a light. Which, I mean, it's not like you're dousing somebody in a huge spotlight when you're making a video.

00:06:41   And honestly, you might not even notice, but there is a light.

00:06:44   But there is. There is. And, you know, there is a tiny light. Yeah.

00:06:49   I'm really trying to think of the thing. This might be something for you.

00:06:55   Okay.

00:06:56   Okay.

00:06:57   I've broken one bone in my body.

00:07:01   Huh.

00:07:02   And it was, so if you look at your thumb, there's a bone just below your thumb, which attaches your thumb to your hand, basically.

00:07:11   I don't remember the name of this bone.

00:07:13   Thumb bone.

00:07:15   Thumb bone.

00:07:16   Thumb bone, yeah.

00:07:17   The reason I did this, I was 17.

00:07:20   Okay.

00:07:21   And a friend of mine said that if he was to flex his posterior,

00:07:26   that it would be hard like metal.

00:07:30   And he requested that I test this by punching him.

00:07:35   Okay.

00:07:36   So I punched him in the posterior and broke a bone in my thumb.

00:07:38   So he was right.

00:07:40   So he was right.

00:07:41   So he was right.

00:07:42   Buns of steel.

00:07:43   He was right.

00:07:44   Wow.

00:07:45   And that's a 17-year-old boy.

00:07:47   That's what 17-year-old boys do, right? They do things like that.

00:07:50   I'm not sure if you're-

00:07:51   They punch each other.

00:07:52   Not sure if your friend really had a posterior made of metal,

00:07:57   or you had really fragile bones at 17.

00:08:00   I honestly think it's a combination of both.

00:08:03   However, to be fair, considering I've only broken one bone,

00:08:07   can't be that fragile.

00:08:08   Did you break your back?

00:08:10   I fractured-

00:08:12   That's a break.

00:08:13   A vertebrae in-

00:08:14   Okay.

00:08:15   Yeah, okay.

00:08:16   That's two. I forgot about that.

00:08:17   I've broken two bones in my body.

00:08:20   One of them was my thumb, the other was my back,

00:08:23   which is quite a significant increase.

00:08:25   I forgot about the back.

00:08:26   Which is ironic, right?

00:08:27   Since you punched the guy in the back.

00:08:29   Yeah.

00:08:30   Well, I punched him in the butt, and then I also landed on my butt,

00:08:33   which broke my back.

00:08:35   So all of my bone breaking is butt related.

00:08:38   Right, right, right.

00:08:40   Which is a, you know, it's a pretty lovely story.

00:08:43   Thank you for-

00:08:44   I didn't know this about you.

00:08:46   And thank you for sharing that, Mike.

00:08:48   So you got two facts for me, though.

00:08:49   I got mine as well.

00:08:51   Okay.

00:08:52   I have also, well, not also, because Mike lied.

00:08:55   I've only broken one bone in my body.

00:08:58   I broke the-

00:08:59   Your neck.

00:09:00   No.

00:09:01   I broke the littlest bone at the end of my little toe.

00:09:07   Okay.

00:09:08   In like high school.

00:09:09   How?

00:09:10   Something heavy fell on it and broke it.

00:09:11   What?

00:09:12   I think it was a book, or like a box of books.

00:09:14   I was hoping somebody move.

00:09:16   Okay.

00:09:17   And-

00:09:18   So were you wearing shoes?

00:09:20   I was, yeah.

00:09:21   Wow.

00:09:22   They're real heavy.

00:09:23   There must have been some books.

00:09:24   But you have like a bunch of metal in your foot.

00:09:27   There's no breaks.

00:09:28   I used to.

00:09:29   They got taken out.

00:09:30   No, but you, well, okay, but nothing broke.

00:09:32   That meant you needed to,

00:09:33   and why did they have to put-

00:09:34   There was a, that was like a stress fracture.

00:09:37   So again, I guess-

00:09:38   Fracture!

00:09:39   I have a fracture.

00:09:40   You said-

00:09:41   But I think a stress fracture is different.

00:09:42   My fracture was a break.

00:09:43   Okay.

00:09:44   No, fracture.

00:09:45   So the first bone I broke in my body was-

00:09:46   There you go.

00:09:47   I broke the tiniest foot bone,

00:09:48   and then I broke another foot bone,

00:09:50   and the other foot.

00:09:51   So I'm over two on feet.

00:09:52   So you're all feet related, and I'm all butt related.

00:09:55   We all have our special things.

00:09:56   Right, right, right.

00:09:58   Some people are into both.

00:09:59   Cool.

00:10:00   Thank you for sharing this.

00:10:02   Ben and the Discord, this episode is brought to you by Fracture.

00:10:09   Did I stand around?

00:10:11   What happened to them?

00:10:12   I got some fractures I just ordered.

00:10:14   They should come back as a sponsor.

00:10:15   Come on, Fracture, come back to us.

00:10:17   You guys know Fracture.

00:10:18   I got the covers of my Apple history calendars done.

00:10:21   That's good.

00:10:22   That's a good one.

00:10:23   Yeah.

00:10:24   That's a good one.

00:10:25   A little housekeeping before we get into the game this week.

00:10:30   Mike, do you want to give people an update on our London show?

00:10:33   Yeah, it's coming soon.

00:10:35   So we're vented into June.

00:10:37   The final six weeks or whatever have begun.

00:10:41   27th of July at 7 p.m.

00:10:43   Relay FM's 10th anniversary extravaganza will be taking place at the historic Hackney Empire in London, England.

00:10:51   We have some tickets still available in the very top area of the theater.

00:10:57   It's called the gallery area.

00:10:59   These are unreserved seats, but they are seats.

00:11:02   So if you want to come and see us, all three of us and a bunch of other Relay FM hosts put on an evening of fun for you.

00:11:10   Come on down to relay.fm/london where you can buy your tickets.

00:11:15   We can't wait to see you all there.

00:11:18   I would also say if you were in the Discord for Relay members, which you should be,

00:11:22   there are a few people who had last minute changes so there are some other tickets floating around.

00:11:27   But we would love to see you.

00:11:30   Even if you can't come to London though, we do have some really cool merch to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

00:11:36   We've got a challenge coin and some t-shirts.

00:11:40   Those are over on our Cotton Bureau store. There's a link in the show notes.

00:11:43   I got mine in. I wore my London shirt yesterday and I've been very happy with it.

00:11:47   I'm wearing my 10 shirt today.

00:11:49   It's good. I ordered shirts for all my family because my family is coming to London too.

00:11:53   Yep, so they've got to wear it otherwise they won't be let in.

00:11:56   That's right. That's right.

00:11:58   I mentioned the Relay member Discord.

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00:12:10   On Connected, we talked about Titanic, which is Federico's favorite movie.

00:12:14   It was a lot of fun.

00:12:17   I really went down a rabbit hole afterwards of reading Titanic stuff on Wikipedia and other websites.

00:12:23   Totally wild.

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00:15:07   The Rickies is a game connected hosts play before Apple keynotes and the beginning of a new year trying to predict future events.

00:15:14   It's made up of three rounds. Each host makes two regular picks, followed by a risky pick.

00:15:20   There are two types of Rickies, annual Rickies and keynote Rickies.

00:15:24   The winner of the annual Rickies is named the annual chairman. This position is awarded every January.

00:15:30   The keynote Rickies winner is named the keynote chairman, and this position is held until the next keynote.

00:15:36   After the Rickies, the host then play a game called the flexies. These two games are separate, but related.

00:15:44   Please stand for the reading of the rules.

00:15:47   Correct regular picks are awarded one point. The language used for regular picks must be finalized and agreed upon during recording, and no partial points may be awarded.

00:16:04   Correct risky picks are worth two points, but wrong ones will cause a point to be deducted from that host total.

00:16:10   Picks must have been approved as risky by the other two hosts before the start of the game.

00:16:15   Picks made for keynote Rickies cannot be reused by the host who made them for the next keynote.

00:16:21   The annual Rickies have their own subset of rules, but we're not playing that game today, so it doesn't matter.

00:16:27   All hosts are allowed to reuse picks previously made by others.

00:16:31   Scoring is completed during recording and cannot be modified once an episode is complete.

00:16:36   In the event of a tie, dice by pcalc must be used in relay FM mode to pick a winner.

00:16:42   In the case of a three-way tie, hosts all make their calls at the same time, with flipping continuing until a winner is named.

00:16:51   Jason Snell has a lifetime ban on flipping any coins in relation to the Rickies.

00:16:56   Coin flips by Jason on other podcasts are allowed but are frowned upon and subject to public shaming.

00:17:04   For the keynote Rickies, the scoring window starts when the livestream begins and closes when the picks are scored.

00:17:11   Any information used in scoring must be publicly verifiable at the time of recording.

00:17:16   The order of picks is set by previous performance.

00:17:19   The winner of the previous associated game goes first, the previous loser goes last.

00:17:24   Winners will be recognized during the closing ceremonies.

00:17:27   As a reminder, Mike is the current annual chairman and the current keynote chairman.

00:17:33   Past results can be seen at Rickies.co and Rickies.net.

00:17:37   These sites also have pages about managing your own scorekeeping at home.

00:17:41   You may be seated.

00:17:43   I have two, just two things to bring up before we maybe add the rules because I just think it's interesting.

00:17:52   One of the rules that struck me this time is that the points cannot be modified after the episode has been recorded.

00:17:58   Was that a problem once? Did someone try to change the points?

00:18:03   That may be a question for our historian, Kate.

00:18:07   Right. I remember there was a time when Federico was getting like, he got like some secret information,

00:18:13   but I think we ended up creating a rule for that and I think it happened before the episode.

00:18:18   It's just like that, it stuck out to me as an interesting point of like, why would that, why would that happen?

00:18:24   Like, but you know.

00:18:26   I don't know.

00:18:27   Second was on Upgrade Plus this week, we had a, we had a new game called the California Bear Trophy,

00:18:35   where we try to guess the macOS name.

00:18:37   Yes. We're going to talk about that later.

00:18:40   Yeah. We had to decide who could go first and just not thinking, I said to Jason, do you want to flip a coin?

00:18:46   And he said, no, I cannot do that. So, and I thought that, so even Jason frowns upon himself.

00:18:51   Right.

00:18:52   Yes. We have, we have beaten it into him that he's bad at it.

00:18:56   Yep.

00:18:57   I also have two things. One is an order thing and then we have to work out the benchmen rules.

00:19:03   I think we're all decided.

00:19:06   Well, this is where it goes in the document, how we say it.

00:19:08   Okay. Yeah.

00:19:09   I think the, the paragraph for keynote rookies, the scoring window starts, I think that should be moved up.

00:19:15   So it happens. So it is right after the annual rookies have their subset of rules.

00:19:20   So like the subset of rules are together in the document.

00:19:23   That's really just a, I read them and make sense to me.

00:19:26   Yeah, I have no feeling about that, but obviously it makes sense to you.

00:19:30   So I think you should, you should just do that.

00:19:32   I have no concern about that.

00:19:34   Perico, do you, do you lobby a concern with Stevens reordering?

00:19:39   No, I don't have any concern.

00:19:41   Okay.

00:19:42   And then we have the, uh, the issue of benchmen and where we want to put that.

00:19:51   Yep. Um, I feel like at the right at the beginning, right.

00:19:56   And the preamble.

00:19:57   When you say it. Yeah.

00:19:58   Like the winner of the annual Rick is named the annual chairman and then like straight after that would be like in the event that somebody holds both titles, they shall be referred to as Ricky benchman.

00:20:10   I also think we need to add in here.

00:20:12   Um, we don't have any, any language anymore for what you get, right?

00:20:18   Like that was actually something that we removed.

00:20:20   Elon took it away to us.

00:20:22   So I think we need to re add in, um, the winners of each respective chairmanship will be announced as such in the introduction of every episode.

00:20:34   Wait, I don't.

00:20:37   So you want to have every single episode we do.

00:20:40   So say they say that, that you lose this and Federico wins hypothetically.

00:20:45   Yep.

00:20:46   That means every time we introduce Federico for the next however many months, we have to introduce him as the keynote chairman and then you as the annual chairman.

00:20:54   And then if you get both, then you're again, the Ricky benchman.

00:20:58   Yeah.

00:20:59   I think that that is, that is a, that is a thing that you have earned and it must be remembered.

00:21:05   And the idea of me saying, and welcome to the show, the annual chairman Federico Vittucci, which is the thing that will never happen.

00:21:13   But if it was to happen, I think that would be nice for Federico.

00:21:17   It is going to happen.

00:21:18   So, so it's so far, you are the closest to the annual.

00:21:23   But yes, I think, I think that that, I think that that's really, I think that's good.

00:21:27   I think that's something to you on that.

00:21:30   I mean, look, otherwise, why do we, why do we even do the intro?

00:21:34   You know what I mean?

00:21:35   Like who doesn't know who we are?

00:21:37   That's true.

00:21:38   Listen to the show at this point.

00:21:39   That's true.

00:21:40   I think there's some feedback that we'll get to at some point of like, please explain why you play all these games.

00:21:44   It's like, yeah, that's a friend.

00:21:45   I saw that.

00:21:46   I saw that someone, there's a new listener and it's like, I enjoy this stuff, but I don't understand it.

00:21:50   And like, same problem on the show.

00:21:52   Yeah.

00:21:53   I don't know if I could, if I could tell you either.

00:21:55   We need to maybe think about that, but I think that would be a fun thing to do.

00:21:58   What kind of question is that?

00:21:59   Like that would be like when you just meet somebody and you were like, Hey, can you please explain your life?

00:22:03   Like what, what, what, what question is that?

00:22:05   I actually think I can boil this down very quickly.

00:22:07   So we used to, you know, every podcast about Apple stuff, we'll talk about what's going to happen at a certain event the week before it's going to occur.

00:22:17   Right?

00:22:18   Yeah.

00:22:19   So we started doing predictions and the, what we found to be more fun was to turn the predictions into a game.

00:22:26   And then over like nine years or maybe, maybe like six years, the game just got more and more complicated.

00:22:34   Like that's essentially all this is.

00:22:35   It's just, it would be, I think boring to just do a standard let's predict what's going to happen.

00:22:42   And so I think it's more fun to make it a game, even if the things as is usual that we pick, like at least 30% of them don't happen.

00:22:51   I think there's still more fun than if we just sat and said to you, like, Oh, we think there's going to be a, like, you know, you know, you know, because we talk about it in all the weeks leading up to it.

00:22:59   We don't need to talk about it again.

00:23:00   Yeah.

00:23:01   Those episodes are really boring.

00:23:02   So, but like my point is if we, if we,

00:23:04   you know, like for the last two months, we've been talking about what we think is going to be a WWDC.

00:23:09   You've already heard us talk about it.

00:23:10   If now today we're like just recapping that, you know, it's just like, it's more fun for it to be a game.

00:23:15   No, totally agree.

00:23:16   Okay.

00:23:17   So the preamble, I added two lines.

00:23:19   So I talk about the two types of rookies, annual and keynote.

00:23:23   And then I read host should be introduced at the top of each episode, according to their current titles.

00:23:28   Beautiful.

00:23:29   In the event that our host holds both positions, they shall be introduced as the Ricky Benchman.

00:23:35   Love it.

00:23:36   Yeah.

00:23:37   Perfect.

00:23:38   Perfect.

00:23:39   Yep.

00:23:40   Okay.

00:23:41   Would you like to add in another rule just for fun?

00:23:43   Something that I just thought of.

00:23:44   Well, we can talk about it.

00:23:45   Any rule, any rule addition must be agreed unanimously.

00:23:49   Or do we not need to do that?

00:23:51   I think we could, I think we're doing okay without that being written.

00:23:54   Yeah, I think so too.

00:23:55   I just like to add more rules.

00:23:56   No, I know.

00:23:57   And the document is shorter than it used to be and you want to, you know.

00:24:00   Well, lengthen it back up again so then we can shorten it again, you know?

00:24:04   Okay.

00:24:06   So that's all the bill stuff.

00:24:08   I think we're done with that.

00:24:09   Okay.

00:24:10   So we should now move into round one.

00:24:14   Mike, you're up first.

00:24:16   My first round pick is more flexibility for app icon placement on the iPhone home screen.

00:24:24   Yeah.

00:24:26   Yeah.

00:24:27   Yeah.

00:24:28   I mean, it's about time, right?

00:24:30   Yeah.

00:24:31   They got to do it.

00:24:32   They got to do it.

00:24:33   I had a thought about this the other day when I was talking to Jason and I want to see what

00:24:37   you guys think about this.

00:24:38   Like if they say like, oh, you can put them wherever you want and you don't need to be

00:24:41   on the grid anymore.

00:24:42   Do you actually have space on your home screens?

00:24:45   No, I don't.

00:24:46   My home screens are full.

00:24:47   So like even if there's like, oh, you don't have to do that.

00:24:50   I was like, well, I don't know what to, I'm used to it now.

00:24:54   So I don't really, I don't really know if I will benefit from this.

00:24:58   Yeah.

00:24:59   I don't think I'm going to do it, but I think a lot of people would just because of the

00:25:02   aesthetic home screen thing.

00:25:04   Like, you know, because we are more functional and utilitarian than aesthetic, I think, with

00:25:11   our devices.

00:25:12   But, you know, the youth will do it.

00:25:15   So.

00:25:16   Do you think it will still be to a grid?

00:25:18   I think so.

00:25:19   Probably, right?

00:25:20   Yeah.

00:25:21   I don't see the.

00:25:22   You can just put it wherever you want.

00:25:23   Yeah.

00:25:24   Yeah.

00:25:25   You can do that in Finder, like on the desktop.

00:25:27   And we see what people do with that.

00:25:28   And, you know, snap to grid should be always you maintained.

00:25:32   I don't think it'll be fully freeform like that.

00:25:35   I think it'll be snap to grid.

00:25:36   The one thing I do sort of have in the back of my mind about this, because this is a move

00:25:41   towards like most Android launchers, you know, this has been a thing on Android forever.

00:25:46   But another thing you have on a lot of Android launchers is customizable widget sizes.

00:25:52   And those are fixed on iOS, right?

00:25:55   Small, medium, large, and then extra large on the iPad.

00:25:59   And I wonder if we could see as part of this, hey, I want this widget to be medium width,

00:26:05   but one row taller or something like that.

00:26:07   I just I don't know.

00:26:08   So who knows?

00:26:09   Well, I think for your other job, you wouldn't want that specifically.

00:26:13   Well, that's an underscore problem.

00:26:15   That's his side of the business.

00:26:17   Federico, were you going to say what you and John spoke about on App Stories?

00:26:21   I don't know if that's what you're thinking.

00:26:24   I was just going to say that at the very least they should copy what they do on Mac OS,

00:26:28   which is on the Mac when you put a widget on your desktop and you put a small one,

00:26:33   and then you realize, oh, no, it needs to be a medium one.

00:26:35   You can just change it from right there.

00:26:38   You don't have to delete it and re-add it every single time.

00:26:42   So at the very least they should do that.

00:26:44   Like let me change the widget size without having to re-add the widget,

00:26:48   just like you can do on Mac OS.

00:26:50   Because I think John recommended, which is what I want, which is a 1x2.

00:26:54   Yes, also that.

00:26:55   Widget size, like more sizes would be good.

00:26:58   Or like a 1x4.

00:27:00   Like different types of widgets would be served better by not being so large.

00:27:07   Like you might want the width but not the height or vice versa or something like that.

00:27:12   More widget sizes would be cool.

00:27:15   Because a 1x2 is essentially just a little bit bigger of an app icon,

00:27:20   which sometimes is maybe all you need for certain types of apps,

00:27:24   like that maybe don't have widgets because they don't need a 2x2

00:27:31   to show what they need to show, you know what I mean?

00:27:33   But a 1x2 might do a perfect job for them or something, you know what I mean?

00:27:38   Yeah.

00:27:39   Yeah, aka Lil' Widgey, you know?

00:27:42   Lil' Widgey.

00:27:43   We want to bring the Lil' Widgey.

00:27:44   But yeah, I don't feel like I have a good sense for exactly what this is going to look like,

00:27:50   but I feel confident that the way in which we are arranging apps and widgets on our phones right now

00:27:58   is going to be different in the next version of iOS.

00:28:01   And honestly, I think maybe the main non-AI feature of iOS 18.

00:28:08   Wow.

00:28:09   The thing that I really want is this to come to the iPad,

00:28:13   and history says it will be another year before that happens.

00:28:16   Luckily, you'll get to think about what you might do on your iPad for a 12-month period,

00:28:20   and then you can exact on that plan.

00:28:22   Yeah.

00:28:23   I think this is good.

00:28:25   I like this pick.

00:28:26   I think it will turn green sometime next week.

00:28:29   No.

00:28:30   All right, my round one pick is

00:28:34   there are some design and navigation updates to the Settings app across multiple platforms.

00:28:41   So the idea being that Settings has gotten too confused everywhere.

00:28:45   It's kind of hard.

00:28:48   There are so many settings now on every Apple device,

00:28:51   and the Settings app, especially search, doesn't really work well on iOS.

00:28:57   And on iOS, there are some settings that are really buried within pages and pages of settings.

00:29:04   And of course, System Settings on the Mac was relaunched two years ago at this point,

00:29:12   and it was basically never touched again.

00:29:14   It's atrociously bad.

00:29:15   It's so bad, System Settings on the Mac is so bad.

00:29:19   You can't even resize the window.

00:29:21   What is happening?

00:29:22   Same on the iPad if you use Stage Manager.

00:29:25   That's true.

00:29:26   It's an old-school fixed window size.

00:29:29   I just feel...

00:29:31   Let me just reset.

00:29:32   You can make it taller, not wider, which is a very intriguing decision that they made.

00:29:40   Excellent decision.

00:29:41   Yeah, I just feel like, and this has been rumored over the past few days,

00:29:45   that there's an opportunity for Apple to maybe clean up Settings a little bit,

00:29:49   make it easier to use.

00:29:51   Maybe some things should become apps instead of settings, like, I don't know, passwords, for example.

00:29:58   Why is that a setting? Like, you literally have a whole product in a Settings page.

00:30:03   It doesn't make any sense.

00:30:04   Honestly, screen time and focus.

00:30:06   Like, they don't need to be in Settings.

00:30:08   Everything is a setting, and if everything needs to be a setting,

00:30:13   then it has to be easier to navigate and easier to find stuff.

00:30:19   And in either case, I feel like there's an opportunity for Apple to make Settings easier everywhere,

00:30:25   especially iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

00:30:28   I don't think I have any particular feelings about Settings on TVOS or watchOS,

00:30:33   or VisionOS for that matter, but that's mostly an iPad version.

00:30:37   But yeah, I think we're going to see some changes in terms of the design

00:30:42   and how items can be navigated into Settings.

00:30:47   Yeah.

00:30:48   I mean, the iPhone Settings app is basically the same as it's been since 2007, right?

00:30:55   Yeah.

00:30:56   They've just made it longer.

00:30:58   Way longer.

00:30:59   It's only done over time.

00:31:00   My favorite Settings app is the Vision Pro, because it's all different but looks the same.

00:31:08   I love it.

00:31:09   It's like, you think you know where everything is, and it's all there,

00:31:13   but it's just not where you think it is.

00:31:15   It's not where you think!

00:31:17   Hey! Yes!

00:31:19   Good!

00:31:21   I love it.

00:31:23   Fantastic.

00:31:24   That made me so happy.

00:31:26   I think one of the things they will probably do just to make the app more manageable

00:31:31   is what they did on Vision Pro, where there's just a submenu called Apps,

00:31:34   and then all the apps go in there.

00:31:36   That's to account.

00:31:38   That's to account if they do that.

00:31:40   I'm not saying it doesn't.

00:31:41   I'm just saying it's a sad thing to think that that might just be one of the things they do,

00:31:45   but I think that will be one of the things that they do.

00:31:47   I would expect that every time you open the Settings app, that is actually quite resource-intensive,

00:31:54   as it's going out and populating.

00:31:57   You can get ahead of it sometimes, right?

00:32:00   Where you start scrolling, and I think it would maybe be beneficial to put those,

00:32:05   I reckon, less-used settings inside of a submenu that only opens when you need it.

00:32:10   Can you imagine a case of be careful what you wish for?

00:32:14   We redesigned the Settings app, and we did it with SwiftUI, and it's as buggy as shortcuts.

00:32:21   It's SwiftUI on the Mac.

00:32:23   Yeah, that's the thing.

00:32:24   We decided to bring the great experience you've been having on the Mac OS to the iPhone.

00:32:29   Excellent. Excellent.

00:32:31   So, yeah, we'll see.

00:32:34   Steven.

00:32:35   It's me.

00:32:36   It's you. It's a you, Steven.

00:32:38   It's a you.

00:32:39   It's a me.

00:32:40   There is no new hardware announced.

00:32:43   Okay, so, I mean, pretty self-explanatory, but just let me ask you.

00:32:49   Sure.

00:32:50   No new hardware announced.

00:32:53   Announced is the verb you chose.

00:32:56   Yes.

00:32:57   What happens if, after the keynote, you open apple.com, and there's a USB-C Magic Keyboard?

00:33:05   Hmm. I see what you're saying.

00:33:08   My intention is there's no new hardware from Apple next week at all.

00:33:13   So I'm willing to make announced more broad, because I think there's no new hardware.

00:33:17   Cool. Okay.

00:33:18   So I can say announced or released. Would that cover both?

00:33:22   Yeah.

00:33:23   I want to be kind to you here. I just want to get this out on the record, because people are writing.

00:33:28   If they announce Vision Pro in other countries, that does not count.

00:33:31   That does not count.

00:33:32   That's not.

00:33:33   I just want to get that out there.

00:33:34   Now, if those Vision Pros have an M3 in it, then yeah, I lose.

00:33:38   Can you imagine that?

00:33:39   I mean, on a technicality, it could. It may not count, because what if the Vision Pros in Europe have a different Wi-Fi chip for different Wi-Fi bands inside?

00:33:52   I think that would still be fine.

00:33:53   But it's fine, Steven. We won't hold it against you.

00:33:58   Yeah, I think this is a software only keynote, which would be, I mean, in the last many, many years, they've done hardware since like, I think since 2017, there's been hardware every year.

00:34:10   Don't quote me, but I think that's true.

00:34:12   Doing some mental math, but I think it's all software this time.

00:34:15   And they just had an iPad event.

00:34:17   They just did the, you know, the M3 MacBook Air a couple months ago.

00:34:21   Like, I feel like everything's kind of okay for now.

00:34:24   And we'll see more hardware in the fall.

00:34:27   Okay.

00:34:28   Mike in the Discord has said the Vision Pro is announced in Europe, and it's not what you think.

00:34:34   It's different.

00:34:36   It's different.

00:34:37   So we're just, for clarification's sake, any teases, announcements, or any new hardware, including accessories?

00:34:47   Like, this is what we're talking about here.

00:34:50   Steven is saying no.

00:34:51   If any of those things happen, you don't get your point.

00:34:53   That's right. No hardware.

00:34:54   No hardware whatsoever. Okay.

00:34:56   This is, as we have gotten through this conversation, this is a bolder pick than I initially thought it was.

00:35:02   So hats off to you.

00:35:04   So at the end of round one, we have Mike predicting more flexibility for app icon placement on the iPhone home screen.

00:35:12   I said there are some designed and navigation updates to the settings app across multiple platforms.

00:35:19   And Steven said there is no new hardware announced or released.

00:35:24   Okay.

00:35:25   Round two. Mike, you're up.

00:35:28   Notification summaries are provided by a new AI system.

00:35:34   Yeah.

00:35:36   So I think summaries, just in general, are going to be a pretty big part of what Apple will be providing.

00:35:44   I have, like, my hope is, like, you know, sum up the group chat for me, what's in my email, that kind of stuff.

00:35:51   But I think one of the key ones will be some kind of catch up, whether you see it on the screen, right?

00:35:58   I could imagine that.

00:35:59   That maybe if you're in a focus mode, you may be able to enable a notification summary that can summarize stuff for you.

00:36:05   Or you ask Siri to say, like, you know, and this honestly, like, I think was one of the intriguing parts of the AI pin,

00:36:11   but there's just no way they could have got it to work the way they wanted it to work, which is just to say, catch me up.

00:36:16   Yeah.

00:36:17   And then, like, you know, I think that's the key.

00:36:21   Yeah.

00:36:22   And I think that's the key.

00:36:23   Yeah.

00:36:24   And I think that's the key.

00:36:25   Yeah.

00:36:26   And I think that's the key.

00:36:27   Yeah.

00:36:28   And I think that's the key.

00:36:29   Yeah.

00:36:30   And I think that's the key.

00:36:31   Yeah.

00:36:32   And I think that's the key.

00:36:33   Yeah.

00:36:34   And I think that's the key.

00:36:35   Yeah.

00:36:36   And I think that's the key.

00:36:37   Yeah.

00:36:38   And I think that's the key.

00:36:39   Yeah.

00:36:40   And I think that's the key.

00:36:41   Yeah.

00:36:42   And I think that's the key.

00:36:43   Yeah.

00:36:44   And I think that's the key.

00:36:45   Yeah.

00:36:46   And I think that's the key.

00:36:47   Yeah.

00:36:48   And I think that's the key.

00:36:49   Yeah.

00:36:50   And I think that's the key.

00:36:51   Yeah.

00:36:52   And I think that's the key.

00:36:53   Yeah.

00:36:54   And I think that's the key.

00:36:55   Yeah.

00:36:56   And I think that's the key.

00:36:57   Yeah.

00:36:58   And I think that's the key.

00:36:59   Yeah.

00:37:00   And I think that's the key.

00:37:01   Yeah.

00:37:02   And I think that's the key.

00:37:03   Yeah.

00:37:04   And I think that's the key.

00:37:05   Yeah.

00:37:06   And I think that's the key.

00:37:07   Yeah.

00:37:08   And I think that's the key.

00:37:09   Yeah.

00:37:10   And I think that's the key.

00:37:11   Yeah.

00:37:12   And I think that's the key.

00:37:13   Yeah.

00:37:14   And I think that's the key.

00:37:15   Yeah.

00:37:16   And I think that's the key.

00:37:17   Yeah.

00:37:18   And I think that's the key.

00:37:19   Yeah.

00:37:20   And I think that's the key.

00:37:21   Yeah.

00:37:22   And I think that's the key.

00:37:23   Yeah.

00:37:24   And I think that's the key.

00:37:25   Yeah.

00:37:26   And I think that's the key.

00:37:27   Yeah.

00:37:28   And I think that's the key.

00:37:29   Yeah.

00:37:30   And I think that's the key.

00:37:31   Yeah.

00:37:32   And I think that's the key.

00:37:33   Yeah.

00:37:34   And I think that's the key.

00:37:35   Yeah.

00:37:36   And I think that's the key.

00:37:37   Yeah.

00:37:38   And I think that's the key.

00:37:39   Yeah.

00:37:40   And I think that's the key.

00:37:41   Yeah.

00:37:42   And I think that's the key.

00:37:43   Yeah.

00:37:44   And I think that's the key.

00:37:45   Yeah.

00:37:46   And I think that's the key.

00:37:47   Yeah.

00:37:48   And I think that's the key.

00:37:49   Yeah.

00:37:50   And I think that's the key.

00:37:51   Yeah.

00:37:52   And I think that's the key.

00:37:53   Yeah.

00:37:54   And I think that's the key.

00:37:55   Yeah.

00:37:56   And I think that's the key.

00:37:57   Yeah.

00:37:58   And I think that's the key.

00:37:59   Yeah.

00:38:00   And I think that's the key.

00:38:01   Yeah.

00:38:02   And I think that's the key.

00:38:03   Yeah.

00:38:04   And I think that's the key.

00:38:05   Yeah.

00:38:06   And I think that's the key.

00:38:07   Yeah.

00:38:08   And I think that's the key.

00:38:09   Yeah.

00:38:10   And I think that's the key.

00:38:11   Yeah.

00:38:12   And I think that's the key.

00:38:13   Yeah.

00:38:14   As a way to tell you notifications are coming.

00:38:15   Yeah.

00:38:16   You know?

00:38:17   Like which you really like and it feels like this is what an LLM can do.

00:38:20   It can understand text.

00:38:22   Right?

00:38:23   Yeah.

00:38:24   Yeah.

00:38:25   And summarize it.

00:38:26   Like they're good at that for, you know, so I hope Apple can do it.

00:38:30   All right.

00:38:31   My round two pick is there is a new system for changing the colors of icons on the home

00:38:37   screen.

00:38:39   We spoke about this last week.

00:38:41   I think there's going to be a way for you to, I think Apple is going to redesign the long

00:38:46   press menu on the home screen when you long press on an icon.

00:38:51   And I think like I wouldn't be surprised if there's going to be a couple of things in

00:38:54   there.

00:38:56   First of all, I think there's going to be a way obviously to control whether you want

00:39:00   to have the grid or the freeform placement.

00:39:04   But then I think when you long press on an icon, I think what Apple should do is a redesign

00:39:11   context menu that shows you either custom icons that the app contains so that you don't

00:39:19   have to go into the app if you want to use a custom icon.

00:39:22   Or if the app support, and that could be something that is like, that even works for apps that

00:39:28   haven't been updated for iOS 18.

00:39:30   Like it will be, if the app uses the SDA, you know, all the support for custom icons,

00:39:35   maybe that's something that can work out of the box.

00:39:38   This new coloring feature, I think it may simply be that if an app supports this new

00:39:43   icon theming system, you get a, you get a, like a color picker.

00:39:49   When you long press on an icon, there's like a menu and you have your top six or seven

00:39:54   colors.

00:39:55   And then there's another color, there's a color picker that allows you to fine tune

00:39:59   the color that you want the compatible app to use for the icon.

00:40:04   And I could imagine a smaller version of the Memoji.

00:40:07   Like UI of like, you know, you could, you could have one pane where you could pick from the

00:40:13   app icons and then another pane where you could customize the colors.

00:40:16   And maybe if they wanted to go another step, like maybe there could be supplied glyphs

00:40:21   that you could choose from.

00:40:22   So maybe you could, you know, you might want the carrot cloud with a pink background, or

00:40:28   maybe you want the carrot logo with an orange background.

00:40:32   That could be kind of fun, but I think that might be too, that might be more than they

00:40:36   want to do, but that would be great.

00:40:37   If there's, if there's a way for Apple to sort of make sure that, that as many people

00:40:43   as possible upgrade to iOS 18 and, you know, get on board with their AI stuff is to entice

00:40:50   them with customization.

00:40:52   Icon customization is a big one.

00:40:54   And also like, especially if they're going to do also like AI emoji, like that's two

00:40:59   things that people absolutely cannot resist, like custom icons, personalization, and make

00:41:06   any emoji that you want.

00:41:08   Like that's like, I bet most people are going to be like, yes, give me that right away.

00:41:14   So I think, yeah, once again, there is a new system for changing the colors of icons on

00:41:19   the home screen.

00:41:20   I'm, I'm glad you mentioned alternative icons, because I think that is something Apple has

00:41:25   to contend with because a lot of developers use those as an app purchase or part of a

00:41:30   subscription.

00:41:32   And I don't think they want to have a new system level feature that devalues those purchases

00:41:38   for people.

00:41:39   And so if an app can still support those and still keep those behind a paywall somewhere,

00:41:46   but also do this and they've got to work all that out.

00:41:50   And I'm sure that if this is coming, they have, but it's something that I'll be looking

00:41:54   for.

00:41:55   I hadn't considered that.

00:41:56   I mean, I think you're being kind.

00:41:58   I think this system kills that as a way for developers to make money.

00:42:01   And it may, that may be the answer, but...

00:42:04   Because it will become something that will just be expected that I will be able to customize

00:42:09   the app icon.

00:42:12   And I think for a lot of people, whether right or wrong, they would prefer customization

00:42:17   to something that somebody is giving them, right?

00:42:19   Like why would I select from these 10 when I can make my perfect one for me?

00:42:25   Although I don't believe that myself because I know that good designers can make a better...

00:42:31   I've tried to make podcasts artwork, for example, and I can't do it because I don't have that

00:42:37   sensibility to me.

00:42:40   But I think I do believe that this will become a problem for some developers if that was

00:42:47   the thing they were selling before.

00:42:50   Question for the group.

00:42:52   Will one color background option be transparent?

00:42:55   That'd be cool.

00:42:57   But I don't know.

00:43:00   Same thing with widgets, right?

00:43:03   Could widgets be transparent?

00:43:04   I don't know.

00:43:05   Yeah.

00:43:06   I would wonder if widgets would benefit from any of these color changes.

00:43:08   I'm expecting probably not this time, but maybe in the future, right?

00:43:12   They might create a system where you could more easily aesthetically change your widgets

00:43:17   or something with a similar system.

00:43:20   You might be able to customize them yourself from the home screen with provided assets

00:43:24   from the developer, like a similar kind of idea, but I don't know.

00:43:28   That might be too complicated to do.

00:43:30   You can tell me, Stephen, it might be too hard to change those kinds of elements on

00:43:32   a widget than on an app icon.

00:43:37   I think that just depends on the UI that Apple could build for users to navigate.

00:43:44   I have that question about this.

00:43:45   If this is a system level, like change all my icons to orange, is the user going to have

00:43:50   to go around app by app to do that?

00:43:52   Or is there going to be a thing in Federico's newly redesigned settings app to set a theme

00:43:57   at the system level?

00:43:58   I don't know.

00:43:59   I think you're going to have to go icon to icon because I really can't imagine that

00:44:05   this is going to take work from developers so there will be an opt-in period.

00:44:09   And it may always be a rolling one.

00:44:12   Maybe.

00:44:13   Maybe.

00:44:14   Maybe.

00:44:15   Somebody wrote into me to remind me, which is good, TVOS and VisionOS app icons are provided

00:44:22   in layers to Apple.

00:44:23   Yeah.

00:44:24   And so they may create a system like this where you're like this layer can be changed

00:44:29   or something like that.

00:44:30   So it might be that like your next update you must give us your icons this way and tell

00:44:38   us what part is adjustable.

00:44:39   I don't know.

00:44:41   Depends on what the rules are.

00:44:42   I don't think they'll do that either.

00:44:43   It's going to be interesting.

00:44:44   It's one I'm really fascinated to see how Apple presents it, what the rules are, and

00:44:49   then how it's adopted.

00:44:50   I think this could be really intriguing to watch occur.

00:44:53   You know, you'll end up with like everything's aesthetically pleasing.

00:44:56   You've got all of your app icons orange except like Notion or something.

00:45:01   It's like, nope, can't do it.

00:45:03   They won't let you do it.

00:45:04   Or like Instagram, absolutely not a chance, right?

00:45:07   Because it's their brand.

00:45:08   So yeah, interesting.

00:45:09   It came up in the Discord, but are you all familiar with the hot dog stand color scheme

00:45:13   from Windows 3.1?

00:45:14   Yeah.

00:45:15   Yeah.

00:45:16   Yeah.

00:45:17   That's that's going to happen.

00:45:18   People are going to do that.

00:45:19   It could be your home screen, Federico hot dog stand.

00:45:21   Sure.

00:45:22   Why not?

00:45:23   My round two pick.

00:45:25   Apple mentions that it has created its own LLM.

00:45:28   Yeah.

00:45:29   I mean, seems like a pretty safe bet, right?

00:45:36   No, we don't think so.

00:45:41   I don't know.

00:45:43   Why do I think they've done it?

00:45:46   Yeah, I think I think we know they have.

00:45:49   I just think it will be it's all about language, right?

00:45:52   And I'm intrigued to see what the language is from them.

00:45:57   That's all.

00:45:59   I believe that this is a thing that they have done.

00:46:02   I wonder if they will talk about it in these terms.

00:46:04   I mean, I didn't think they'd ever call it AI, but they did.

00:46:07   So I've been wrong before.

00:46:09   Macbook Air is the world's best AI consumer laptop.

00:46:12   It sure is.

00:46:14   It sure is.

00:46:15   I wonder if it will be in July.

00:46:21   When this stuff isn't only available on the web, then what happens to the Macbook Air?

00:46:25   That's going to be interesting to see if that language changes.

00:46:28   Yeah, I just I mean, this is sort of an addition and beside any conversation about open AI,

00:46:34   which I think is coming later in this, I would guess.

00:46:37   But I would just imagine that Apple has done this and that even if they don't make a big

00:46:42   deal of it or it only powers certain things that they mentioned that they've done this.

00:46:47   I think they've got a signal that they have.

00:46:51   And it could be a throwaway line, but I think it'll be in there somewhere.

00:46:57   And I would just say like, Mike, in the Discord is saying like, are we grading this based

00:47:02   on someone saying LLM or large language model?

00:47:07   We have made our own large language model, right?

00:47:10   Yes, I think so.

00:47:12   Okay.

00:47:13   That's the terminology.

00:47:14   Yeah, I'm just saying like, boy, I've really backed myself into a corner with these two

00:47:18   picks.

00:47:19   Yeah.

00:47:20   Like if they come out and they say like, we have built our own AI system.

00:47:24   So what comes to mind is they mentioned, oh, there's now a transformer model under the

00:47:29   keyboard.

00:47:31   That is LLMS-esque, I suppose.

00:47:34   Yeah, but that always felt to me like they were trying their best not to say AI, but

00:47:40   to try and wink to the camera that they were doing the same things where now they can't

00:47:45   stop saying AI.

00:47:46   Yeah, they're looking dead down the camera like Jim Halpert.

00:47:49   Yes.

00:47:50   And so I wonder if, I just wonder if they won't need to say LLM, but we'll find out

00:47:56   on Monday.

00:47:57   We'll find out on Monday.

00:47:59   Like the only exception I guess is what if Apple doesn't use the term larger language

00:48:05   model and they come up with their own fancy way like, oh, we made a huge language model.

00:48:11   Like they call it huge language model instead of large language model.

00:48:15   XDR language model.

00:48:17   Or an intelligence model.

00:48:18   I mean, knowing this company, right?

00:48:23   Yeah.

00:48:24   So but I guess we'll know it when we see it like, you know, oh, it's a language model,

00:48:30   but it's got a fancy Apple product name.

00:48:33   Yeah.

00:48:34   I mean, and it might be that like in the state of the union, they say LLM.

00:48:38   Yeah.

00:48:39   Yeah.

00:48:40   Yeah.

00:48:41   Which would count because anything between the keynote and the grading is fair game.

00:48:44   Exactly.

00:48:45   That's why I brought it up.

00:48:46   And we should say, I was going to say at the end of the show, I'll say it then too.

00:48:49   We're grading these on Friday next week because of travel and stuff.

00:48:53   Plenty of time.

00:48:54   Plenty of time.

00:48:55   Even the session, even the sessions we can watch.

00:48:56   So yeah.

00:48:57   Yeah.

00:48:58   Which I think is good.

00:48:59   I mean when I was telling Mary our schedule for next week, she's like, why are you recording

00:49:03   so late?

00:49:04   I was like, well, you know, I'm going to California for a couple of days and going to fly back.

00:49:10   But also like this game benefits from a few extra days because of the sessions because

00:49:14   everything else.

00:49:15   So, um, so, uh, Mike, do you want to recap round two for us?

00:49:20   Yes.

00:49:21   Uh, I picked notification summaries are provided by a new AI system.

00:49:26   Federico picked there is a new design.

00:49:28   Nope.

00:49:29   That doesn't say that at all.

00:49:31   The word design is not even here.

00:49:33   Federico said there is a new system for changing the colors of icons on the home screen.

00:49:42   I was the wrong choice.

00:49:43   And Steven said, Apple mentions that it has created its own design.

00:49:48   This is why we need the AI summaries to replace mine.

00:49:56   Yeah.

00:49:57   We should have just asked Siri to do that for us.

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00:51:53   It's time for the risky picks gentlemen.

00:51:57   We're doing it.

00:51:58   We're doing it.

00:51:59   Mike hit us with the passion.

00:52:02   Vision OS 2 passionate.

00:52:05   Ooh, passionate that it even exists.

00:52:08   That's my entire pick.

00:52:09   Vision OS 2 exists.

00:52:14   Vision OS 2 has keyboard pass through when in an environment and it works with any keyboard,

00:52:20   not just the ones that Apple makes.

00:52:23   Ooh.

00:52:24   Okay.

00:52:26   So when you're in an environment, you can still see your hands, but you can't see your

00:52:30   keyboard, which for people like me means I can't type.

00:52:34   So less helpful.

00:52:37   So I believe that they should and will add keyboard pass through, but I feel like I,

00:52:42   to make this risky, I had to put in there that it will be keyboards that not just from

00:52:47   Apple.

00:52:49   And the thing is this should be doable.

00:52:52   Like a keyboard is a keyboard that you know what they look like, especially like if you're

00:52:56   the company that's infusing AI into everything you do, if you can't have a model that can

00:53:01   understand what a keyboard looks like, I don't want to know you, you know?

00:53:04   And so I want them to be able to do this.

00:53:06   I want to be able to use any Bluetooth keyboard that I own to be able to use with my Vision

00:53:12   Pro and I want the system to be able to see it.

00:53:15   It'd be great.

00:53:19   It's kind of silly that it's not there now.

00:53:21   I really like this pick and I hope it comes true.

00:53:27   It's a feature that Vision OS needs.

00:53:30   And yeah.

00:53:33   Okay.

00:53:35   Let's do mine.

00:53:37   So I had this idea a few weeks ago and I saved it and I came back to it as we were preparing

00:53:44   this episode.

00:53:46   My pick says, my risky pick says, Apple shows a Siri camera, not an official name, feature

00:53:55   that lets you point the iPhone at something and use AI to understand what you're looking

00:54:00   at.

00:54:01   It'll use AI to determine various types of information, such as objects or text, in real

00:54:07   time.

00:54:08   It may not ship this year.

00:54:12   And non-graded, my personal theory is that this is the reason why the next iPhone will

00:54:17   have a physical camera button.

00:54:19   Because Apple wants you to use their AI camera and they want to have their answer to Google

00:54:23   and their AI smartphones.

00:54:25   They want to say the iPhone can also be an AI camera.

00:54:29   So, that's my pick.

00:54:32   So I'd like you to paint me a picture.

00:54:34   You're Craig Federighi.

00:54:35   I was going to call you Federico Federighi.

00:54:37   You're Federico Federighi.

00:54:40   And you're doing the keynote.

00:54:42   Can you just explain this product?

00:54:45   What is this in your mind?

00:54:46   I'm intrigued.

00:54:47   What do you think people are using this for?

00:54:50   What is Apple saying?

00:54:51   What is the benefit of this particular thing?

00:54:54   Right.

00:54:55   So most of these features that I imagine, they are already baked into photos.

00:55:09   Text recognition, object recognition, lifting the subject from a photo, recognizing text,

00:55:14   translating text, looking up URLs, anything contained in a photo.

00:55:20   You can look it up after the fact.

00:55:23   The only thing that the camera can do in real time at the moment is recognizing a QR code.

00:55:30   What I'm saying is that Apple is going to move from a post-processing type of feature.

00:55:37   You take the picture and then you go to the photo and then you recognize stuff in the

00:55:43   photo to using AI to doing all of this in real time from the camera.

00:55:49   So imagine just pointing like your iPhone basically becoming like your supervision.

00:55:55   You're pointing the camera at something, whether you're a tourist and you're pointing the camera

00:56:00   at a text and you see the translation in real time or you're pointing the camera at a flower

00:56:06   and a little pop up says, you know, recognize, I don't know, daisies or whatever.

00:56:12   None of this is technically new.

00:56:13   Google Lens is pretty much this.

00:56:16   And what I'm saying is that Apple probably would love to have an answer to Google Lens

00:56:22   with on-device processing, because we know we know that on-device iOS can do this.

00:56:28   But after you've taken a picture and what I'm saying is that thanks to AI and the larger

00:56:34   language model that Apple has built, the on-device processing will be able to do this in real

00:56:41   time.

00:56:42   So that's really that's the only difference.

00:56:44   This is stuff that an iPhone can already do.

00:56:47   And my pick is saying you will be able to do it in real time from the camera without

00:56:51   having to take a photo only to delete it later because you don't need a picture of the menu

00:56:56   anymore.

00:56:57   And really, like, I think for this to be what you're talking about, this has to be more

00:57:03   than one type of data.

00:57:05   Right.

00:57:06   Like, if all they've done is like you can translate text from other languages, that

00:57:11   I don't feel like that's the spirit of what you're saying.

00:57:14   And this would be at least two things, you know?

00:57:17   Yeah, at least two things.

00:57:19   And I would say this could be in the camera app, but doesn't I don't think should have

00:57:23   to be in the camera app.

00:57:25   Right.

00:57:26   Like, I feel like this might be a thing where you just ask Siri to take a look at what you're

00:57:31   looking at.

00:57:32   I think that would count too.

00:57:33   I don't want to box you into saying this is in the camera app because I actually wouldn't

00:57:39   want that to be the case personally.

00:57:41   But there has to be a camera of like it has to use the physical camera of the phone.

00:57:49   Yeah, yeah.

00:57:50   Yeah.

00:57:51   I mean, but what I'm saying is that you could say like, you know, show let me show you like,

00:57:53   you know, there's a way to get to this, which isn't necessarily opening the camera.

00:57:58   Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:57:59   Look, it could even be it could even be like a separate app for that matter.

00:58:04   I don't know.

00:58:05   I also don't think it's not necessarily launching this year.

00:58:09   Like as we'll see at WWDC, I think a lot of features will be announced for early next

00:58:14   year.

00:58:15   Yeah.

00:58:16   Coming later in the 18 cycle.

00:58:18   So yeah.

00:58:19   And you'll have like two features to write a review about.

00:58:22   See, that's yeah, exactly.

00:58:25   Everything else.

00:58:27   The review keeps going for six months, which is which is fantastic.

00:58:31   This review is a living document.

00:58:33   Yeah, instead of instead of a sponsor, I'll be selling a residency on Mac stories for

00:58:37   four.

00:58:38   Oh, I like it.

00:58:40   I like it.

00:58:41   It's really.

00:58:42   Let's see.

00:58:43   I do.

00:58:44   I what I do really like about this pic is the that like the forward thinking to this

00:58:49   capture button.

00:58:51   Yeah, I think.

00:58:53   Yeah.

00:58:54   I mean, obviously, it may just be that it's a capture button.

00:58:58   That it's just just for taking pictures.

00:59:00   I mean, great.

00:59:01   I mean, obviously, you could set it.

00:59:03   Right.

00:59:04   I reckon that that like the action button, you may be able to say like the capture button

00:59:09   opens this mode of the camera and one of those modes could be Siri camera.

00:59:14   Yeah, exactly.

00:59:15   Exactly.

00:59:16   And maybe maybe all of this could even be like there's always one camera app and you

00:59:20   just switch between regular camera and Siri camera.

00:59:24   Like I don't know.

00:59:25   There are plenty of ways for Apple to go about this.

00:59:28   And yeah.

00:59:29   Yeah.

00:59:30   Yeah.

00:59:31   Very cool.

00:59:32   And then you're up due to the asynchronous.

00:59:37   Methodology that we use and prepping for this.

00:59:40   The two of you did approve my risky pic, but I've realized it's very similar to Federico's.

00:59:46   So let me read it and we'll just see how we feel in the moment.

00:59:49   OK.

00:59:50   OK.

00:59:51   Apple previews a new Vision OS app that puts overlays over the camera pass through with

00:59:56   information about objects in view.

00:59:59   I think it's different enough.

01:00:01   It's totally fine.

01:00:03   I do too.

01:00:04   I just wanted to give you the you know, set the stage that they are similar in feeling,

01:00:10   but I think could be really different practice.

01:00:13   I think it's funny that we're all thinking about cameras and AI for these pics because

01:00:18   Mike mentioned the pass through, which is obviously a camera.

01:00:22   I it's all we're all thinking about vision and AI.

01:00:27   OK.

01:00:28   Yeah.

01:00:29   Steven.

01:00:30   I think the thing with this is like it's not exactly the same.

01:00:34   And also it's not the iPhone.

01:00:35   Yeah.

01:00:36   Yeah.

01:00:37   Right.

01:00:38   Where like I could imagine that they might want to do this, but it's not this year because

01:00:42   the iPhone got it this year.

01:00:43   Maybe.

01:00:44   But also for me, it's like, well, if one of you gets it right or both of you gets it right,

01:00:51   doesn't make a difference to me.

01:00:52   If you both get it wrong, that's great for me.

01:00:55   You know what I mean?

01:00:58   For me personally, I say just go for it.

01:01:00   OK.

01:01:01   Yeah.

01:01:02   I'm going to stick with it then.

01:01:03   I think this would be really cool.

01:01:04   And I could see it really being useful in some of the environments that I think this headset

01:01:12   could gain popularity.

01:01:14   Like we talked about it when it first came out uses in manufacturing or industry or health

01:01:21   care like.

01:01:24   It could be really interesting to see this.

01:01:26   And I think it's got the horsepower for it.

01:01:28   And it would just be great.

01:01:29   Like, hey, show me this thing.

01:01:31   And I'm already wearing it.

01:01:32   I would actually, now thinking about it, I would like to get some clarification.

01:01:36   Apple previews a new Vision OS app.

01:01:40   From Apple?

01:01:42   I did not.

01:01:43   Or you'd.

01:01:44   I don't know.

01:01:45   Hmm.

01:01:46   Because not a third party.

01:01:47   Right.

01:01:48   Right.

01:01:49   That, I'm not letting you get that one through.

01:01:51   Right.

01:01:52   Like if.

01:01:53   OK.

01:01:54   And they do plumbing supplies and they're making an app that shows you about plumbing

01:01:58   supplies.

01:01:59   Right.

01:02:00   Like that.

01:02:01   That's not it.

01:02:02   Would you consider an API risky?

01:02:09   Risky bees.

01:02:10   No, you need to go all in.

01:02:11   OK.

01:02:12   No, I want what I originally thought this was, which is like Apple has a system of their

01:02:17   own.

01:02:18   OK.

01:02:19   Right.

01:02:20   So you could just like Apple previews a feature that puts overlays on the camera.

01:02:25   Right.

01:02:26   A feature maybe is better than.

01:02:29   Because if I'm also being kind to you.

01:02:30   Like a Vision OS feature.

01:02:31   They're not going to put it in an app if they've made this.

01:02:33   It's not going to be like, here's the looking app or whatever.

01:02:37   Looking?

01:02:38   You think that's what I'm doing?

01:02:40   They call it look.

01:02:41   Yeah.

01:02:42   Apple look.

01:02:43   No, no.

01:02:44   Apple look.

01:02:45   They would call it vision.

01:02:46   So you run the Vision app on Vision OS on the Vision Pro.

01:02:49   Uh-uh.

01:02:50   No, no.

01:02:51   Apple being Apple, they love to reuse names.

01:02:53   You know what they're going to call it?

01:02:54   I say look.

01:02:55   Quick look.

01:02:56   Quick look.

01:02:57   Quick look.

01:02:58   Yeah.

01:02:59   Yes.

01:03:00   Yeah.

01:03:01   Or like quicker look because it's immediate.

01:03:05   It's immediate.

01:03:06   Honestly, look honestly, quick look is a great name for this feature.

01:03:12   Great.

01:03:13   Love it.

01:03:14   It is.

01:03:15   Ship it.

01:03:16   Read your prick again.

01:03:17   Apple previews a new Vision OS feature that puts overlays over the camera pass-through

01:03:22   with information about objects in view.

01:03:24   Cool.

01:03:25   Yeah.

01:03:26   Okay.

01:03:27   Okay.

01:03:28   Federico's said, I'm reading the backwards, Apple shows a Siri camera, not official name,

01:03:34   feature that lets you point the iPhone at something and use AI to understand what you're

01:03:38   looking at.

01:03:39   It'll use AI to determine various types of information such as objects or text in real

01:03:44   time.

01:03:45   It may not ship this year, non-graded.

01:03:48   This is also why the next iPhone will have a physical camera button.

01:03:53   And then Mike said, Vision OS 2 has keyboard pass-through when in an environment and it

01:03:58   works with any keyboard, not just the ones Apple makes.

01:04:03   Please.

01:04:04   How are we feeling?

01:04:06   Can we do a quick five check?

01:04:09   I'm not sure if any time we've had risky picks so close and that's really interesting to

01:04:15   me.

01:04:16   Yeah, it's interesting this year.

01:04:17   I'm feeling good about it.

01:04:18   I think there's a world in which we all get the risky pick this time.

01:04:26   Wouldn't that be incredible?

01:04:29   We go from zero to three risky picks, correct?

01:04:32   That would be wild.

01:04:34   That would be.

01:04:35   I think out of the three of us, I'm the one most likely to have their heart broken.

01:04:40   I think yours could be exactly half right where they add keyboard pass-through.

01:04:49   They say it like we've added keyboard pass-through and then I think I've got it and then I later

01:04:53   find out in a session that it's just a magic keyboard.

01:04:56   Or someone tries a beta, they're like, oh no, that doesn't work with my fancy boy keyboard.

01:05:04   We have some real time follow up.

01:05:05   Mike, can you address this?

01:05:07   Because it's about the scoring when completed, you brought that up and it mentions upgrade.

01:05:12   Yeah, so Kate wrote in to say from you queried the scoring is completed during recording

01:05:18   rule.

01:05:19   It was added between the March and WWDC 2022 Ricky's when there was a significant rewriting

01:05:25   of the rules over a three episode span according to my research.

01:05:29   Jason of Ricky's.net says that was just after the upgrade draft thing preemptive.

01:05:35   Don't let this happen here either.

01:05:37   This is due to the WWDC 2022 fiasco where Jason conspired to James Thompson and we change

01:05:48   to change the points of the draft.

01:05:50   It's also why now the draft rules state that when we've scored it, that's it.

01:05:56   You can't continue to keep rescoring even in the same episode.

01:06:00   And I think it was such a travesty that we may have decided to not allow for that kind

01:06:05   of thing to happen here either.

01:06:06   I completely forgot about this.

01:06:08   This happened.

01:06:10   I was reminded of it today when I saw the pictures of the beer and glass that Jason

01:06:16   bought me as an apology.

01:06:22   What was the point about?

01:06:23   What was the what was the pick?

01:06:25   I think it was something to do with shortcuts.

01:06:28   I don't remember exactly.

01:06:31   But yeah, it was correct.

01:06:34   Like the point should not have gotten to me.

01:06:36   But that was based upon like, I think James Thompson digging through something in Xcode.

01:06:42   It was just like way more information.

01:06:44   Oh, and this was also this was also COVID DC, right?

01:06:49   No, yes.

01:06:51   Yes.

01:06:52   Yes.

01:06:53   Yes, it was.

01:06:54   So that was another part of like, why would you take this away from me at a time when

01:06:57   I'm experiencing my lowest low?

01:07:02   And so, you know, there was a lot of emotion from me at that point.

01:07:07   And so we decided, let's not do that again.

01:07:11   The rules all got changed.

01:07:13   All right.

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01:08:40   The flexies is a game held after each edition of the rookies.

01:08:44   It consists of a series of additional picks in relation to the upcoming Apple event or

01:08:49   year.

01:08:50   Scoring is completed separately from the main game.

01:08:53   But like the rookies, the order of picks is set by the results of the previous game and

01:08:57   ties will be broken by using dice by peak alc.

01:09:01   Please lie down as the rules are read.

01:09:10   Host must make a minimum of five flexy picks.

01:09:14   Each correct pick is awarded with one point.

01:09:17   Wrong picks do not remove any points and no partial points may be awarded.

01:09:21   The winner is determined by comparing the percentage of correct flexies made by each host.

01:09:26   The winner can choose their chosen title as long as they are the winner.

01:09:31   Federico shall be named Prince Flexy and is known as King Flexy when having won both the

01:09:36   keynote and annual games.

01:09:39   Mike has chosen Duke of Flexington and uses the name Archduke Flexington when applicable.

01:09:46   Steven is the Attorney General Flexy and uses the title Secretary of the Flex when necessary.

01:09:55   Loser of the flexies must compensate the winner of the flexies by donating to a charity of

01:09:59   the winner's choice.

01:10:01   The amount of the donation is $25 per wrong flexy made by the loser.

01:10:05   The money must be donated on air.

01:10:10   As a reminder, dear listener, I am currently winner of both.

01:10:18   So I am secretary of the flex.

01:10:25   If someone would to hold all four titles, so if they were winners of both games, they

01:10:31   would choose their own nickname.

01:10:33   That has not happened.

01:10:34   You may be seated.

01:10:37   I would like to provide some additional real time follow up.

01:10:39   It was actually WWDC 2021.

01:10:43   The travesty occurred not 2022.

01:10:46   Just staying for the record.

01:10:48   Okay.

01:10:49   Let's talk about some flexies.

01:10:51   I get to go first.

01:10:52   I have seven.

01:10:54   Currently.

01:10:55   Currently.

01:10:57   You never know.

01:10:58   You might change things that get wild like you did last time.

01:11:02   You can get goaded.

01:11:04   We do not see Sam Altman in the presentation.

01:11:09   I think his reputation is too far gone for Apple to win him on their screen.

01:11:17   Can I ask you on that, if he was there, would you be really surprised?

01:11:22   I would be.

01:11:23   I would not be so surprised.

01:11:24   I would be a bit like, interesting choice.

01:11:27   I would not be really surprised about it.

01:11:30   How many polo shirts would he have on?

01:11:32   Can I ask you a follow up question?

01:11:36   What if we see a quote by Sam Altman with a profile picture of Sam Altman in the presentation?

01:11:45   Like we're really excited to work with Apple and blah, blah, blah.

01:11:49   Do we need walking, talking Sam Altman or can we just, just his face?

01:11:55   I don't, I think he'll be a complete ghost.

01:11:58   Okay.

01:11:59   Okay.

01:12:00   No face at all, right?

01:12:01   We do not see Sam Altman's face.

01:12:04   Steven doesn't want to see two things at WWDC.

01:12:06   Hardware and Sam Altman.

01:12:12   Number two, some AI features on the Mac require an M2 or later.

01:12:18   Okay.

01:12:19   I think some M1 Macs are going to get cut out of some features.

01:12:24   I hope it cuts out at M2 because I don't want to buy a new MacBook.

01:12:28   Yeah, same.

01:12:29   I did not want an M3 MacBook Pro.

01:12:32   At least two of Apple's first party apps escape iPad compatibility mode on VisionOS to become

01:12:40   full blown native apps.

01:12:41   Yeah.

01:12:42   Yeah.

01:12:43   Yeah.

01:12:44   Yeah.

01:12:45   At least two.

01:12:46   Good one.

01:12:47   Like some basics are still in there.

01:12:48   Like calendar.

01:12:49   What are we doing?

01:12:50   Come on.

01:12:51   I think, I think this is not, but I think I saw, uh, Mark Goerman say today that, that

01:12:55   that is a thing like that.

01:12:58   I think I read this.

01:12:59   Maybe I've made it up.

01:13:00   I think it was a dream that they, that Apple was going to have more of their own, um, uh,

01:13:07   no you didn't, you didn't dream this.

01:13:08   I also saw this.

01:13:09   I saw this.

01:13:10   I saw it somewhere at least, uh, that this was the thing that they were going to do.

01:13:14   And it's one of the reasons that they've held off international availability was for VisionOS

01:13:18   too, because it's going to be, it's going to have more native applications.

01:13:22   Okay.

01:13:23   Number four, improvements and scare quotes, improvements to stage manager are announced.

01:13:30   All I hope is that this is for the Mac.

01:13:32   That's where I want the improvements to occur because they, you know, they never touched

01:13:37   it again.

01:13:38   Right.

01:13:39   At least they, they, they went back to iPadOS and made some changes.

01:13:42   They didn't make a single change to stage manager on the Mac.

01:13:45   So I hope for something.

01:13:47   And who amongst us are using stage manager?

01:13:51   I have not once turned it on on my new iPad Pro.

01:13:54   I have it on the iPad Pro.

01:13:56   I use it.

01:13:57   Yeah.

01:13:58   I do not.

01:14:01   And I definitely not on the Mac.

01:14:05   Number five, something in iOS 18 picks up the UI used in the iOS 17 app picker and messages.

01:14:14   Oh no.

01:14:15   Interesting.

01:14:16   I feel like another pick could have been that they changed the way that looks.

01:14:21   That goes away.

01:14:22   Uh, bold.

01:14:24   I think it's, I, I, I kinda liked the way it looks and I think it'd be cool if it were

01:14:27   other places.

01:14:28   Do you like the way that looks?

01:14:31   Maybe it's just that it's new.

01:14:33   Interesting.

01:14:34   I think it's okay.

01:14:35   I don't like, hate it.

01:14:36   I think a lot of people really don't like it, but I don't like it.

01:14:39   Like, but it doesn't make new recoil.

01:14:42   Okay.

01:14:43   You just dream of path.

01:14:45   That's your thing.

01:14:46   You just want path back.

01:14:47   I just want path back.

01:14:48   Number six, the journal app comes to iPadOS.

01:14:51   Yeah.

01:14:52   Oh yeah.

01:14:53   And remember journal?

01:14:54   I use it.

01:14:55   I do.

01:14:56   I use it.

01:14:57   I use it occasionally.

01:14:58   Yeah.

01:14:59   Yeah.

01:15:00   I like it as a, um, collecting up photos of a thing, you know?

01:15:04   So I'll do that every now and then.

01:15:05   I use the suggestions, but in day one, cause I've got all my stuff in there.

01:15:10   I would use it way more if other apps could suggest things to journal.

01:15:14   Isn't that how, Oh, like the other way around.

01:15:18   This was a thing that everybody thought was what that API was, but that's not what that

01:15:22   API was.

01:15:23   The API is system things can be suggested to other journal apps, but I want, for example,

01:15:28   if I've listened to a podcast in Overcoast, why can't that also be suggested to the journal

01:15:33   app?

01:15:34   Yeah.

01:15:35   Just if I use Apple system apps.

01:15:36   Third party support for the journal suggestions API.

01:15:39   Yeah.

01:15:40   For the API.

01:15:41   Yeah.

01:15:42   That's good.

01:15:43   Maybe that could be a flexi for somebody.

01:15:44   Number seven.

01:15:45   It's going to be at least two years away.

01:15:48   Number seven.

01:15:50   And this is a pick with some history, uh, but it's still eligible.

01:15:54   It's not an ineligible pick.

01:15:56   The next version of Mac iOS is named Tahoe.

01:16:01   The history of this is it has been picked before by Mike twice on upgrade.

01:16:07   Not, I've also picked the same two twice.

01:16:11   Tahoe, Tahoe and another one, but I won't spoil it in case people haven't gotten to

01:16:16   it yet.

01:16:17   But yeah, I've picked and I didn't know this until I went back to check.

01:16:20   Yeah.

01:16:21   If I had picked it in 23 and I had, so I keep picking the same two names until eventually

01:16:27   I will get it.

01:16:28   Yeah.

01:16:29   Federico, what was your one that you really wanted?

01:16:31   Skyline.

01:16:32   Skyline.

01:16:33   They should still do it.

01:16:34   Yeah.

01:16:35   Yeah.

01:16:36   You were so set on that.

01:16:37   Like you were so set on that.

01:16:38   Yeah.

01:16:39   Yeah.

01:16:40   I wouldn't have looked it up cause I was like, I know Federico picked a name and like none

01:16:44   of these have ever come true, but I don't know.

01:16:46   I keep coming back to it.

01:16:49   So those are my seven.

01:16:50   I do not have any additions at this time.

01:16:52   Okay.

01:16:53   All right.

01:16:54   Okay.

01:16:55   Mine is, uh, number one, RCS is not spoken aloud in the keynote.

01:17:02   No.

01:17:03   Sweep it under the rug.

01:17:06   No.

01:17:07   Yeah.

01:17:08   I think it will be on the bento slide thing, right?

01:17:10   Okay.

01:17:11   Uh, for, for maybe messages or iOS or whatever.

01:17:14   I was actually considering a previous, uh, uh, risky pick of mine was RCS is not spoken

01:17:21   aloud in the keynote and it features in the bottom left of the bento screen.

01:17:25   That was, that was a workshop risky that I was going to go with, which I, I honestly

01:17:33   kind of wish I picked that, but I wanted to at least say it now.

01:17:36   So if it happens, I can get like just a little glory point that doesn't count.

01:17:39   It's like the my identity island name, you know?

01:17:43   Yes.

01:17:44   It is like that.

01:17:45   Uh, what did you say?

01:17:46   Like, uh, it was pixels in a, or like lit up pixels in a sea of blackness or something.

01:17:51   Yeah.

01:17:52   Yeah.

01:17:53   Yeah.

01:17:54   So people are asking RCS is a replacement to SMS and something that Google wanted forever.

01:18:00   And it will make it.

01:18:02   The reason I don't think they're going to talk about it is because Apple is not going

01:18:04   to do anything good with it, right?

01:18:07   They are just going to support it and replace the infrastructure for what SMS is with RCS

01:18:12   or add it into the same thing.

01:18:14   It's not going to get any of the iMessage features.

01:18:15   Like that's not going to happen.

01:18:17   Um, they're just going to do this because it's part of what they should be doing.

01:18:22   But what was it?

01:18:23   China actually that asked them to do it in the end, I think it came out at some point,

01:18:29   but maybe yes, that's what they're doing.

01:18:30   We talked a lot about it on a MPU 7 46.

01:18:33   There was a whole chapter on that episode about, about what that could mean.

01:18:37   What a CS is.

01:18:38   Yeah.

01:18:39   I wanted to briefly acknowledge the best joke from the discord about this by Ben McCarthy,

01:18:43   uh, Pokemon legends, RCS.

01:18:47   I saw that and didn't get it.

01:18:49   Thank you.

01:18:50   Now I get it.

01:18:51   Bravo.

01:18:52   Steven, do you get that?

01:18:53   Uh, you don't need to know.

01:18:55   No, no, it's fine.

01:18:56   You don't need to pick number two standby mode for iPad iOS.

01:19:01   No way, man.

01:19:02   Why no way?

01:19:03   I don't, I just, I don't see them adding it.

01:19:08   Like why not make it part of the iPad announcement?

01:19:11   It just wasn't ready.

01:19:13   I don't know.

01:19:14   So no S feature.

01:19:15   They don't announce those features anymore as part of hardware features.

01:19:18   They just don't do that.

01:19:19   In fact, there's been a long history of them not doing that.

01:19:23   Do you think it will be, um, just for the new pros, just the, the, oh, yeah.

01:19:28   Cause I actually think what it will be as an always on display, but they'll call it

01:19:32   standby mode.

01:19:34   Hmm.

01:19:35   Right.

01:19:36   And it will have like some widgets on it and stuff.

01:19:38   I like widgets.

01:19:40   And I think that what standby mode for iPad iOS will be, will be like a mixture of standby

01:19:45   and always on.

01:19:46   And they'll say standby mode for iPad iOS.

01:19:48   Cause I believe they're going to make a feature like this for whenever they do a home part

01:19:52   of a screen.

01:19:53   So why not just do it now?

01:19:55   Pick number three, at least one of the coming soon environments in vision OS two is removed.

01:20:00   Like it's never coming?

01:20:02   It never comes.

01:20:03   Wow.

01:20:04   Just one of them just never comes.

01:20:07   They lost it.

01:20:09   And forever this will become like a piece of trivia, you know, like what, what was that

01:20:13   environment?

01:20:14   You know?

01:20:15   So what happened?

01:20:16   One of the coming soon ones goes away.

01:20:18   Never comes back.

01:20:19   I did have a risky pick that I did not even float by y'all, but it was that users, there'd

01:20:25   be some feature in vision OS for users to set up their own panoramic photo as a system

01:20:31   wide environment.

01:20:34   That wouldn't be very good.

01:20:35   Well, that's why I didn't do it because I think they look bad.

01:20:38   Like I don't think the resolution is there.

01:20:40   I don't know if anyone's picking this, but what I really want is for like there to be

01:20:44   a way for developers to submit it.

01:20:46   Right?

01:20:47   Like that's what I really want.

01:20:48   I want to be able to sit in like, it's the Apple watch face of the vision pro.

01:20:52   I feel like this is more likely though, because Apple doesn't support watch faces as like

01:20:59   a thing you can do, but they support immersive.

01:21:03   Like there's a name for it, right?

01:21:05   Where like is what Disney's doing, where you can have your app and then an immersive thing

01:21:09   around it.

01:21:10   There's a new one out today.

01:21:12   Actually the WWDC app was updated with like a wacky immersion immersive thing.

01:21:17   Yeah.

01:21:18   So my hope is that they will just make those like people could submit them to the system

01:21:23   if you've downloaded the application.

01:21:25   It's a immersive scene says Vincent discord.

01:21:27   So you could just have an, any immersive scene inside of any app that you use as an environment.

01:21:31   I just think that's an easy win and would be fantastic and it would create a whole new

01:21:36   type of app development and it would be a lot of fun.

01:21:41   Number four, Apple announces some new immersive video content coming to vision pro.

01:21:47   Okay.

01:21:48   Number five, Apple also announces an AI deal with Google.

01:21:54   I think they would like to do this.

01:21:57   Google knows it and they're going to take them down to the wire.

01:22:01   Dude, I know what you were saying, but for the record, could this be clarified?

01:22:07   Say something like in addition to open AI, they announced a deal with Google.

01:22:10   Is that what you mean?

01:22:11   Is that your intent?

01:22:13   Also also announces doesn't also mean in addition.

01:22:18   Yeah.

01:22:19   But, but in addition to open AI, if that's your intent, I think it should say, let me

01:22:23   just get rid of also Apple announces a deal, an AI deal with Google.

01:22:28   That works for me.

01:22:29   But what this reminds me of is, um, I think it was the Apple music launch where I was

01:22:37   told like a year or so later by someone that they didn't get all of the signatures they

01:22:44   needed until literally the night before the announcement from some of the music labels.

01:22:50   Because Apple has no power in that scenario.

01:22:53   And I think this is a similar thing.

01:22:54   If you're Google, right, if you're Sundar Pichai, you know Tim needs you.

01:23:01   So why not push him to the absolute limit where Sam Altman would just love to do that

01:23:08   deal.

01:23:09   Yeah.

01:23:10   So I imagine that it won't just be open AI, but I think Google is going to make him pay

01:23:15   for it.

01:23:17   Uh, six vision pro international availability is mentioned.

01:23:23   Yeah.

01:23:24   And what I mean by this is they may just say, and it's still coming later this year.

01:23:28   Like that's why I said mentioned, not announced.

01:23:31   We're just the mere mention of international availability is all I'm looking for.

01:23:36   And seven, this was a rejected risky chatbot features from AI partners are available to

01:23:42   iCloud plus subscribers after a free trial.

01:23:46   So only are available only to iCloud plus subscribers after a free trial.

01:23:51   This is really interesting.

01:23:52   I think it was on dithering, but I could be, I could be misattributing this, that the scale

01:24:00   issue that open AI is getting ready to face with the iPhone is massive.

01:24:05   There are a number of users they have now is going to explode when these things come

01:24:10   to the iPhone.

01:24:12   And this was why Google seemed like the obvious choice, right?

01:24:15   As a company that could handle the scale, they could scale it, but this could be a way

01:24:19   to meter it is it's behind the iCloud plus paywall, which I'm sure has a ton of users,

01:24:26   but it's a fraction of iPhone users overall, right?

01:24:28   But there's people running around with no free space in iCloud.

01:24:31   And so I really like this from that perspective.

01:24:34   And I think if Apple offers a chatbot at all, which I'm not convinced of, um, I think it

01:24:41   will be this way.

01:24:43   They will offer chatbots from other people baked into the system.

01:24:46   That's what's going to happen and you can just either have none or you can choose.

01:24:50   I think that that's what we'll get.

01:24:52   It'd be like, do you want a chatbot?

01:24:54   Great.

01:24:55   Which one?

01:24:56   And it will be, I think two to start with.

01:24:58   Maybe there'll be, you know, some international, uh, partners that they will work with to provide

01:25:04   them in other languages and stuff.

01:25:06   Um, yeah.

01:25:08   And I, and I, the other thing is like this stuff costs money.

01:25:12   Like it actually costs money.

01:25:14   Like Apple can't not be paying open AI for this.

01:25:18   Otherwise open AI is going to lose all of their money incredibly quickly.

01:25:23   Like who's going to pay for this?

01:25:25   Like if you go from all iPhone users that want to choose to all iPhone users that use

01:25:31   Siri on their devices, like this game over.

01:25:34   Yeah.

01:25:35   And so I imagine there being like a free trial that everyone just grins and bears it right

01:25:40   for that free trial period.

01:25:41   And we all just hold on very tight and hope that it goes okay.

01:25:44   Um, and, and then they try and limit it to iCloud plus.

01:25:49   Cause another thing for this, Apple specifically said on their earnings call that they see

01:25:54   AI as a services opportunity.

01:25:56   Like Luca Maestri has said that.

01:25:58   Yeah.

01:25:59   So that also lends into this thinking for me, but I don't need to sell this so hard,

01:26:02   but that is my thinking behind it anyway.

01:26:04   That's good.

01:26:05   Um, I just, I struggle.

01:26:06   I mean, I wrote this thing I published over the weekend about how I think Apple has to

01:26:10   be really careful with these features, chatbots in particular about how, like how these things

01:26:17   gel with the Apple brand promise.

01:26:20   And I just very curious to see how that plays out.

01:26:25   I mean, what they'll try and do is just have a little disclaimer.

01:26:29   It says this answer comes from open AI.

01:26:31   This answer comes from Google Gemini and just hope that nobody gets too mad at them.

01:26:35   Yeah.

01:26:36   I don't think that's going to work, but like, I think that's what they're going to hope

01:26:39   for.

01:26:40   I do love glue on pizza.

01:26:42   All right.

01:26:44   Federico, bring us home.

01:26:46   All right.

01:26:47   All right.

01:26:48   Mine are pretty easy and simple this time around.

01:26:50   Number one, some AI features will be region locked.

01:26:53   Uh, you think there's going to be us only stuff, for example.

01:26:57   Um, I don't think, I don't think all these features will be available internationally

01:27:02   in all countries where iOS is available at least at first.

01:27:08   And number two, some new iOS 18 features will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 line.

01:27:15   I have a question.

01:27:16   I have a question.

01:27:19   The 15 and 15 pro have different processors, right?

01:27:22   Yeah.

01:27:23   The 15 has the pro processor from last year.

01:27:27   Yeah.

01:27:28   I just, I just, I wonder how they're going to handle that.

01:27:30   If it's like the same hardware that was in the 14 pro, maybe it's not exactly the same

01:27:33   hardware.

01:27:34   I just, I have no idea.

01:27:35   I just didn't want to say 15 pro.

01:27:37   So I think a better pick for you is to say 15 pro.

01:27:40   Well, let's say 15 pro.

01:27:43   Because that has also been rumored to that it's like the pro phones this year and then

01:27:47   all 16s next year.

01:27:48   Cause they will bump some new iOS 18 features will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 pro line.

01:27:54   Um, yeah.

01:27:56   Number three notes.

01:27:57   I don't want to collude you here, right?

01:27:59   I'm not trying to push you.

01:28:00   No, no.

01:28:01   I'm cool with it.

01:28:02   I'm cool.

01:28:03   I think it's a better pick for you.

01:28:07   Number three notes gets new features such as math calculations and voice recording.

01:28:12   Um, these have both been rumored that you will be able to do math notation and like,

01:28:17   uh, touch voice memos.

01:28:18   Uh, I would love to do math in notes.

01:28:21   Yeah.

01:28:22   Like in tables.

01:28:23   Like, yeah, it'd be great.

01:28:25   I think that would be great.

01:28:26   The tables are useless in notes when I, I mean, they don't do any math at all.

01:28:30   It's like I had that problem in craft, right.

01:28:32   And obsidian, like just do math for me.

01:28:35   No one can do math for me.

01:28:39   Number four, the next version of my class is called Sequoia.

01:28:43   Okay.

01:28:44   It's a good name.

01:28:46   Not skyline.

01:28:47   I mean for gel, it would gel with like Apple's history of names that nobody knows how to

01:28:52   spell or pronounce.

01:28:54   Sequoia.

01:28:55   It's easy for me because Sequoia is like the same word in Italian, slightly different

01:28:59   accent.

01:29:00   Sequoia.

01:29:01   But yeah, it's same word.

01:29:03   I know it cause Toyota has a full size SUV called the Sequoia that I like.

01:29:08   Oh, nice.

01:29:09   Sequoia.

01:29:10   Okay.

01:29:11   Number five, Apple shows off the ability for Siri to control apps, but it's not launching

01:29:17   this year.

01:29:18   So the rumor that you will be able to use Siri to do things in apps, I think they will

01:29:23   show it off.

01:29:24   They will say that it's launching for Apple apps at first and not even this year.

01:29:29   And there will be an API eventually.

01:29:32   It's going to be killer though, whenever that actually properly works, I think.

01:29:37   Can I ask an unrelated question to your pick?

01:29:40   I love the pick.

01:29:42   From the technical perspective, Federico, do you view this as kind of building on the

01:29:46   intense framework?

01:29:48   I think so.

01:29:49   I think it's got to be a combination of some kind of like screen vision that the large

01:29:54   language model will have.

01:29:56   So like actually understanding app UIs.

01:30:00   There are two ways that Apple could go about this, right?

01:30:02   It could be like an AI powered, essentially fancy UI scripting.

01:30:09   Like basically the UI is your fake finger interacting with apps.

01:30:15   That seems like a pretty primitive approach to me.

01:30:18   The better approach would be, okay, now when you're talking to Siri, developers have a

01:30:25   brand new framework to expose actions that's building on top of Intents and you can invoke

01:30:36   these commands via Siri and it'll do those things in apps in the background for you.

01:30:44   So like, hey, assistant, get my latest document from, I don't know, from notes and send it

01:30:51   to somebody.

01:30:52   It's a bad idea.

01:30:55   It's basically building on top of shortcuts.

01:30:57   Apple has filed a, what are they called, like a technical, like a scientific paper.

01:31:05   We talked about this, demonstrating the idea of an AI interacting with apps.

01:31:13   So I'm sure they must have thought of like some hybrid model where...

01:31:17   It's a fallback, right?

01:31:19   Like fallback if it's not been provided.

01:31:21   They might be able to do a not as good job, but a job, right?

01:31:24   Of like just trying to press the buttons on its own.

01:31:27   Yeah.

01:31:28   Yeah.

01:31:29   So we'll see.

01:31:30   Like it would be so great to be looking at a thing and say to your phone, just do this.

01:31:35   Right?

01:31:36   Like I'm looking at a PDF and I was like split this PDF up into individual pages, save them

01:31:41   to files.

01:31:42   How incredible would that be rather than making that shortcut, which you can do.

01:31:45   I did it a couple of days ago, but it would just be so great to just say what you want

01:31:50   and then the system could just do it.

01:31:54   Number six, the calculator app comes to iPad.

01:31:57   Yeah, that adds up.

01:32:00   And finally number seven.

01:32:02   Yes, Steven.

01:32:03   Yes.

01:32:04   Oh, well done.

01:32:05   Yes.

01:32:06   Oh yes.

01:32:07   Well done.

01:32:08   Well done.

01:32:09   And number seven, the next version of stage manager supports more than four windows at

01:32:13   once on some iPad models.

01:32:18   There is, this is a double down.

01:32:23   This is a double down because this Flexi is the last item that I need to make my annual

01:32:31   risky come true, which is more than four windows at once in stage manager.

01:32:36   All is going all in.

01:32:39   I'm going all in on this one last item that I need to get my annual risky.

01:32:44   Yeah.

01:32:45   So we should just say, so you're that, that, that is not a forbidden pick.

01:32:51   Right?

01:32:52   Cause it's like a part of it.

01:32:54   And we felt like that was okay.

01:32:55   It's also Flexis and just like, who cares?

01:32:57   You know what I mean?

01:32:58   Flexis is all money, you know?

01:32:59   Yeah.

01:33:00   So I just wanted before, you know, before the emails came.

01:33:04   The rules lawyering.

01:33:05   I love this idea.

01:33:08   I love the idea actually of making one pick, which is a bunch of picks and picking all

01:33:13   the picks individually.

01:33:14   That is like a fun idea in general.

01:33:18   It's like, here is my, it has four items and then it, four times in the year, you, you

01:33:23   make an individual pick for each.

01:33:27   That's it.

01:33:28   That's it.

01:33:29   We all have seven.

01:33:31   No more.

01:33:32   I don't have anything else.

01:33:33   No more.

01:33:34   I'm good.

01:33:35   Okay.

01:33:36   Well, we will be back next week scoring these picks, seeing how we did.

01:33:43   It's going to be very exciting.

01:33:44   Again, we'll be recording and releasing that on Friday, June 14th.

01:33:50   So if you get to Wednesday, don't worry.

01:33:52   We'll be, be out a few days later.

01:33:54   So if you want to find us in the meantime, Federico is the editor in chief of max stories.net

01:34:02   home to three new podcasts.

01:34:03   Federico, tell us about that real quick.

01:34:06   Two new podcasts, two new podcasts, 15 new podcasts.

01:34:10   To just MPC next portable console.

01:34:13   It's a show by me, John and Brendan Wiggly, all about horrible gaming and handhelds and

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01:34:22   for us for a few months now.

01:34:24   Chris lolly and Matt Burchler, who you may know from YouTube and they try tech stuff

01:34:29   out of their comfort zones.

01:34:30   Okay.

01:34:31   And MPC gets a big recommendation from me.

01:34:34   I listened to the first episode last night and I enjoyed it greatly.

01:34:38   Thank you.

01:34:39   Thank you.

01:34:40   Very good.

01:34:41   There's a, there's a surprise at the end.

01:34:42   Yeah.

01:34:43   That I knew about, which I love to know about a surprise.

01:34:46   There is the moment in the episode where Brendan realizes that it's happening to him now too,

01:34:51   which is podcast gold.

01:34:53   I'm like, Oh no, I'm in this web now.

01:34:58   So Brendan, welcome to the very special club of people in which Federico can just at any

01:35:03   moment drop something on you.

01:35:05   You were in, it is an elite group and you were, you would now been brought into that.

01:35:11   Sometimes he, uh, he drops actual things on people.

01:35:14   So look out for that too.

01:35:15   Yep.

01:35:16   Do you think Steven broke his toe?

01:35:18   Yeah.

01:35:19   Through a book at me in high school.

01:35:22   Dropped a power supply on Steven.

01:35:26   You can find Federico on social media at Viti, V I T I C C I both threads and Macedon.

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01:35:36   You're going to relay FM.

01:35:37   The draft episode was so good this year.

01:35:40   I love, I'm not going to spoil anything, but I love the twist you added.

01:35:43   So good.

01:35:44   New rules.

01:35:45   Yeah.

01:35:46   New rules.

01:35:47   Yeah.

01:35:48   We love rules around here.

01:35:49   And this is, we do want some new rules.

01:35:50   Go to upgrade.

01:35:51   We do.

01:35:52   We do love our rules.

01:35:53   Uh, you are also the, you Mike, I don't know.

01:35:56   I'm talking to you or the audience.

01:35:57   I don't know.

01:35:58   Talk to me.

01:35:59   Talk to me.

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01:36:02   Oh, hello.

01:36:03   Tell me what you think of me.

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01:36:06   Go check that stuff out.

01:36:07   That's awesome.

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01:36:22   Next week it up.

01:36:23   It'll be out before connected.

01:36:24   It's very strange how that all worked out.

01:36:26   Uh, but David and I will be talking about WBC on there as well.

01:36:30   It's the super bowl this week.

01:36:31   It's a very busy week for all of us.

01:36:32   We're all very excited.

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01:36:45   And until next time, when we judge our picks, say goodbye.

01:36:52   Bye y'all.

01:36:52   We'll see you soon.