516: I'm Suppressing My Feelings


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00:00:08   From Relay FM, this is Upgrade, episode 516 for June 11th 2024. This show is brought to you by

00:00:18   Delete.me, Unipizza Ovens, Fitbod and Vitalee. My name is Mike Hurley and I am joined by Jason Snow. Hi Jason.

00:00:27   Hello Mike. I'm just going to start out immediately with a Snow Talk question. Okay. So we ended up

00:00:33   through some scheduling difficulties needing to record a day later. Are you happy that we had this

00:00:40   extra time? I... six of one and a half a dozen of the other. I really like it when we are jumping right on it.

00:00:49   Yep. And it's like quick reaction and I feel like people, there's a certain audience that's come to

00:00:54   kind of expect the quick reaction right on the spot. It's all my news training from back in the

00:00:59   day like we're just gonna get into it right away. Yep. However, there was a lot and one of the reasons

00:01:07   we couldn't do this right after the keynote is that I just spent two days basically at Apple Park

00:01:13   and had eight different briefings after the event and got to hear more and learn some more details

00:01:20   and sleep on it and think about it a little bit and those are to our advantage right.

00:01:27   When we do the quick hit right after an event, what I always think about when I'm listening to

00:01:32   later in the week podcasts is they get the benefit of that time and everything is topsy-turvy. ATP is

00:01:39   on a Monday, upgrade's on a Tuesday, Connected's on a Friday. I don't know what's going on anymore.

00:01:44   Anyway, we're in a different slot but I would always choose to be as early as possible

00:01:52   but it didn't work out that way and so we get the luxury of having some time to think about it.

00:01:56   I would say, I mean look, you know me, I really like to be early like you do too. I will say in

00:02:03   maybe this one instance I'm actually happy to have had the time because once WWDC finished yesterday,

00:02:10   I knew I could not put my feelings together and I have needed like so you know as well one of the

00:02:20   other reasons we can do is I couldn't make it this year and so we're on completely different time

00:02:24   zones so trying to find a time after your briefing days was complicated and we ended up finding this

00:02:30   time now but I have spent like 12 hours today going through our show document and reading and

00:02:37   thinking and like I've written this is I got a lot of thoughts I'm sure you do too and I think that

00:02:44   this WWDC maybe more than any in the 10 years longer than that that I've been covering this

00:02:52   professionally I think this has actually been the one that has needed the most thought because I

00:02:59   could see that because of the ramifications and there's a lot of emotion flying around our corner

00:03:04   of the internet right now in a way that is different to either a I don't like the feature

00:03:10   or they didn't do enough or what happened to the iPad we have like huge existential questions that

00:03:16   we may be wading into over the next few weeks few months and this is just the start of those

00:03:23   summer of existentialism oh my gosh don't even if you would like to send in a snow talk question of

00:03:32   your own I've been monopolizing for the last two weeks but we will get back to your questions go to

00:03:36   ask upgrade.com which is not usually the domain that I say but will work or you can go to upgrade

00:03:42   feedback.com and you can send them in there we should go through the draft results very quickly

00:03:50   sure so basically the the way that I have this draft I'll give the top line score and I would

00:03:58   say in the kindest possible scoring mostly on my side I think would be 10-9 with you as the winner

00:04:05   so congratulations Jason thank you the streak is over you are now your champion and I will let you

00:04:13   know before I even sat down so our video viewers will be able to see I have already changed the

00:04:18   banner in honor of you well I appreciate that you're now the challenger well I thank you these

00:04:25   were all pretty clear except for the one that wasn't yeah I would say we went back to the tape

00:04:31   even for me there was one or two where that's what I'm saying so I'll go through mine real quick so

00:04:36   all right Siri becomes more conversational that's something they kind of said but didn't show

00:04:40   um yeah but they said it but uh AI summaries of notifications and content I got yep uh free

00:04:49   placements of apps and widgets I got Siri can reform actions inside of apps uh AI created emoji

00:04:55   ability to rearrange apps in vision os AI open AI partnership uh some AI features labeled as coming

00:05:03   next year I didn't get standby mode for iPad or a redesign notification center in Mac OS which I've

00:05:10   actually heard even though they added the iPhone they still haven't changed it which is like yeah

00:05:14   also you've like tripled the amount of notifications I would get but still let me see three of them

00:05:19   the one that I think I was being kind to myself on if I was to have given myself this point which I

00:05:24   did but only because it didn't make a difference to the score is AI improvements to spotlight search

00:05:29   which kind of felt like one of those things where you can see that's going on but they don't really

00:05:34   well and when we talked about when we talk about safari later I'm not sure that there are any

00:05:39   because I think maybe what there are two different things happening and one of them is in spotlight

00:05:43   and that's their search engine and I'm not sure whether there's AI improvements there or not

00:05:48   but it doesn't matter yeah so that one is like best case scenario I gave myself this point but

00:05:55   if we were on a draw I would have sat and talked this out with you sure sure also can I just ask

00:06:00   ability to rearrange apps in in vision os was that in the keynote or was that only something we dug

00:06:06   up afterward uh I think it was in the keynote but even if it wasn't even if they didn't say it in

00:06:11   the image they weren't in the order like yeah in the images that they showed you could see there

00:06:17   were um they were in a different order okay yeah and what are they called the apps that are not

00:06:23   native apps there were some of those because they show differently oh also it was on one of the

00:06:29   bento slides I've been told by the discord kate says it was on one of those bento boxes okay

00:06:33   sounds good yeah uh and then multiple mac displays in vision os I was talking to john grouper

00:06:41   afterward and he said you know when mike made that pick I winced because I thought this is grouper

00:06:45   he's like the problem with multiple mac displays in vision os is you've got to do arrangement

00:06:50   and you've got to move the mouse between them and you could see it they were like you know I know

00:06:56   people want more of the mac but we're not going to give them multiple monitors we're just going

00:06:59   to give them one gigantic super wide monitor instead it's like okay all right for me I got

00:07:05   what I wanted though you know what I mean like more than the drop I wanted this feature and that

00:07:09   will work for me yeah absolutely did so for me um my number one top super strategic mac os pick that

00:07:17   I was sure was going to happen system settings redesigned in mac os it didn't happen so I'll ask

00:07:24   you did it not happen because they redesigned settings on ios I think what I would say is

00:07:30   they didn't do it in the keynote right like they didn't show in the keynote so it doesn't count I

00:07:34   don't know if they made changes to the settings app in mac os or not but it's certainly not in a

00:07:39   in the keynote and they didn't call out like any of the kind of major I mean maybe they tweaked it

00:07:44   a little bit is that a redesign I don't know so anyway that was a shocker and sad and a loser and

00:07:50   not auspicious at all for me to start with my number one pick not making it but I got all but

00:07:57   the last one I really it was really quite a sandwich here yep calculator app on ipad os new

00:08:04   new environments and vision os bora bora is the name of the new environment it's the beach

00:08:09   environment yeah the other environment remains coming soon apparently or has disappeared no it

00:08:14   still says coming soon it still says coming soon wonderful xcode gets ai features absolutely a bunch

00:08:19   of them users can change the app icon colors in ios boy can they ai powered tools for editing photos

00:08:26   mike i got through this we we went for an hour and like 30 minutes and i thought oh my god how have

00:08:33   you not announced that you can take somebody out of the background in photos how is that still not

00:08:38   a thing and then they said oh and here's photos and there's this thing like okay

00:08:44   oh boy wow that was a moment um ai enhancements to the iwork apps now this was our controversial

00:08:50   one but we went to the tape yep because you said well they didn't do it and i said well they

00:08:56   generated an image in keynote and you said well that's not really like it's a system-wide thing

00:09:00   and we went back to the tape and i said look if they if they say here's a text generation thing

00:09:05   and it works in pages and other things it still counts because it's in pages and that's essentially

00:09:09   what happened but with pictures and in keynote but so i got that one ai powered transcription and

00:09:15   notes or voice memos yes some photo some iphone ai features limited to the most recent pro phones

00:09:21   which i thought was one of the riskier ones here but that is exactly the limitation is the 15 pro

00:09:26   for all of apple intelligence topographic maps which david smith was sitting behind me and

00:09:34   groaned as one of his five features that got sherlock yesterday yeah ai use for message

00:09:39   composition in mail in many ways yes absolutely true and then it's you gotta laugh mike more

00:09:46   information on carplay nope there is a carplay session at wwdc but not in the keno yeah so there

00:09:56   is more information but it doesn't really seem like from what i've been able to glean there is

00:10:00   anything groundbreaking it's like hey look at all our dials i don't actually not actually sure

00:10:04   anyone's gonna use it still but they're showing it off now as if it's getting ready to ship so

00:10:10   so that that means it's 10 9 you would have the other reason that this was very contentious and

00:10:15   and carefully done is that you won the tie break because i set it at 150 and it was 145

00:10:20   basically yep um i they started they went back to tim at like 141 and i thought oh there's not

00:10:27   gonna be nine minutes of tim i've lost that one um and uh so so 10 9 for me is the score

00:10:34   officially and if you want to find out whether the winner or uh was there a winner of our first

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00:10:56   more and if you already have subscribed thank you so much we appreciate you um i will say i really

00:11:04   liked the rule amendment for the wwc draft i don't i'm still not sure that it would make sense for

00:11:10   other drafts because of just the nature of knowing in advance what they're going to talk about

00:11:16   category wise but i i am very on board of keeping this it added some some spice to the draft that i

00:11:22   appreciate it i agree we will look um in future drafts we will look a little more carefully at

00:11:29   how we want to deploy various rules just to keep it good and entertaining and also maybe a little

00:11:35   strategic and uh we'll keep we'll keep doing it but i i agree i think it worked better than i

00:11:40   expected actually so i was very happy with it all right let's start with ios 18 so okay kind of i i'm

00:11:50   picking our biggest things here to talk about there is definitely stuff we will not get to

00:11:54   today but we'll start with home screen personalization which includes free placement

00:12:01   of apps and widgets but still within a grid system but you can put them anywhere you like within that

00:12:05   grid color tinting of apps and widgets and you can hide names of apps and widgets by using what is

00:12:13   called the large option for icons which yeah large icons makes them look pretty pretty silly uh if you

00:12:20   ask me i don't like the way i think i think they're nice you think the big icons are nice i'm not this

00:12:25   is not you know i'm not saying i only glanced them briefly but i think that it's a valid um

00:12:30   a valid choice like any other i don't know if i would choose it either but i think it's nice to

00:12:35   give people the option what i will say is i like the option of large icons i'm i'm not sure that

00:12:44   it's like that i would that i need large icons and hide names to be the same option you know

00:12:51   like i think large icons is an option hide app names is an option you know i prefer that but

00:12:58   one the main thing i want to talk to you about is the uh the color tinting yeah i don't think it

00:13:07   looks good in any circumstance that i've seen so what i had hoped and kind of what mark gorman

00:13:15   suggested is that you might be able to uh tint certain groups of applications or individual

00:13:20   applications but you actually just tint all of them and yes i i have yet to see a screenshot

00:13:27   or have been able to produce something on my own and this includes what they showed in the

00:13:32   keynote that to my eye looks visually appealing i don't think it looks good so i saw some stuff

00:13:39   uh on apple devices that looked okay to me it's not my look but i thought it looked okay i don't

00:13:49   love it apparently um the so i kept theorizing that they're gonna like extol the virtues of

00:13:56   this to developers and all that they went the other way and they said you know what if a user

00:14:00   wants your icon to be green it's gonna be green and there's nothing you can do about it as a

00:14:04   developer and that's the other way to go is apple saying no this is a user thing and users get to

00:14:09   decide and your corporation that makes this app does not get to decide what their phone looks like

00:14:15   and it's like fair enough um i i don't i wouldn't use it right i wouldn't use it um and i wouldn't

00:14:23   use um i probably wouldn't even use the dark mode icons to be honest but certainly it's nice that

00:14:28   they have those because everybody gets to choose everybody's upset to me because i use dark mode

00:14:34   and i use dark and like a lot of my widgets get changed into dark mode but now it changes them

00:14:41   to light mode unless i choose dark mode and then i have all dark icons which isn't necessarily bad

00:14:46   but i don't like some of the visual balance of some of the dark icons i think apple is

00:14:53   deciding that dark means completely black which it doesn't need to um so some of the icons look

00:14:59   like they've been invited but for me apple's icon design i don't care about this for right now

00:15:04   i remember the days of ios 7 those icons are going to change um but something that i would

00:15:10   what i would really love to see if they were to make any change is to just let me individually

00:15:17   choose to tint certain apps and certain different colors like i don't know why it's all apps or one

00:15:26   color that to me is a it's quite a thing to do i think to go to that level yeah i i wonder how this

00:15:35   will be received i'm not sure it solves the problem that they were trying to solve no um i'm

00:15:41   okay with them trying it because i think they do need to do stuff like this but i'm not sure that

00:15:45   this is the way to do it and i there are things developers can do to make their apps look better

00:15:51   in these modes but it feels like even that is a little bit less than it probably should be

00:15:56   but the the big takeaways and the good takeaways is the free placement of everything people are

00:16:00   going to love that the fact that you can resize widgets like on the fly so you can choose an app

00:16:06   you can make it into a widget and then you can choose the size of that widget just all on the

00:16:10   home screen like without adding new widget all of that stuff is is good and you know we'll talk

00:16:15   about it later but it's also on the ipad as well as on ios which is a big surprise because that's

00:16:20   not how these things usually go right i should let's see what else there's one other thing about

00:16:25   this um i'm glad that they're doing it i agree that it doesn't necessarily look great i hope that

00:16:33   developers will get more of a say here and that maybe this will evolve over time there's one thing

00:16:39   that i thought they were about to announce in the keynote that they didn't do and that isn't in

00:16:43   there and i don't understand why they didn't do this so follow me here i'm going to give you my

00:16:47   pitch apple has had machine learning that can detect the subject of a of a photo for ages and

00:16:56   they're using it in a bunch of ways um on apple watch now the photos app dynamically will place

00:17:01   the subject place the time in the right place around the subject it's really very clever

00:17:09   they had that picture of the dog and they're like hey you can put icons to the left and the right

00:17:14   of the dog so you can see your dog and i thought what they were going to announce was we know that

00:17:20   that's your dog and that your dog is the center of the picture and so you can just say you know

00:17:25   move my icons you know sort my icons and have them move them away from the dog

00:17:30   i'm like no you got to do that manually i'm like you guys know what the subject of the photo is in

00:17:36   the background why would you not offer an option to move the icons away from the subject as like

00:17:45   a little magic kind of like oh yeah we cleared the way for your thing no no no you guys should just

00:17:49   do that by hand come on don't do that so i was surprised by that because it's like technology

00:17:54   that they've got and it would be a lot easier to do so i i was baffled by that i asked somebody at

00:18:01   apple about it they're like oh that's a good idea i'm like yeah yeah it is what are you doing oh

00:18:07   well at least it's a starting point right like start these out of the way for you and then you

00:18:11   can you can move them around and maybe you could now i was going to say maybe you could have things

00:18:16   overlap but that wouldn't look good i don't think that looks good no but wouldn't it be nice if you

00:18:21   could if you had like five icons on your home screen and it was like oh this picture is of a

00:18:24   thing um clean up and it goes and it pushes them all around that would be nice but it's not there

00:18:31   control center got a lot of work uh brand new design with pages which is great um there are

00:18:37   kind of uh manual page you have like buttons and music and home but you can also create your own

00:18:42   pages past that as well so you can have tons of down yeah down below and there's um if it seems

00:18:48   like like it's a little disappointing where it's like oh now you got a page through things they

00:18:52   have it very cleverly done where if you keep your finger down as you swipe on control center you can

00:18:56   just sort of keep swiping down and go through all the pages which is a nice uh shorter gesture if

00:19:03   you know you're going to page three you can swipe down from control center and then just sort of

00:19:08   keep swiping down yep and you'll get to page three which is nice and you can put in tons of buttons

00:19:13   you can change the sizes of those buttons and even third-party apps will be able to donate

00:19:18   kind of buttons to control center yeah they're party apps and control center that's really good

00:19:24   that's really good and being able to say say i want this one small i want this one big and you

00:19:28   just drag them out and they do that it's really smart good feature they will also not only will

00:19:33   they show on you can have them on the lock screen you'll also be able to change the camera and

00:19:39   flashlight buttons that are on the lock screen to something else if you wanted to know that there

00:19:44   was a dedicated camera button coming to the next iphone this is it for me like the fact that after

00:19:51   all this time they're like yeah you can change that like but why i don't worry about it we just

00:19:56   thought you might like to and also you can put these on the action button as well so all the

00:20:00   buttons are getting all the stuff and again that's another thing which tells me that maybe that

00:20:04   capture button will be somewhat configurable as well possibly right should be nice uh yeah and

00:20:08   the action button is so yeah maybe so the two um we actually asked some apple people why just two

00:20:15   why not four if you want down there and and their response was basically but there's two

00:20:22   i'm like okay all right whatever yep as we all know jason these things are constrained by the

00:20:27   laws of nature yeah that's right there can only be two down there master and apprentice i'm excited

00:20:33   i mean i've played around with it so i so just as a as an update for it i put uh the beta on my ipad

00:20:39   mini just because why not okay and i've also have vision os 2 running so that's kind of like my

00:20:45   little update for you i'll talk about that later on um and i i really like the controls and design

00:20:51   and i love the expandability of it i honestly can imagine i'll be using it way more i could imagine

00:20:57   for shortcuts and and all kinds of stuff like you know i could imagine a situation where i don't have

00:21:03   uh shortcuts on my home screen anymore as a widget because uh i could just put them in control center

00:21:09   i would expect and go wild of it there uh jason you are the man who wrote the book on photos

00:21:18   oh boy so i would like to get your your take on the big redesign of the photos app

00:21:24   so yeah i had a bunch of people around me looking at me and they're like oh good look

00:21:30   this summer jason uh-huh they redesigned the photos app uh a lot of it's the same it's just

00:21:35   in some different places but i think apple struggles with the fact that there are two

00:21:41   different ways to use the photos app one of them is i need to find a photo i took and the other is

00:21:47   i would like to look at photos that i've taken that i maybe haven't visited in a while that

00:21:52   make me happy and show those to me because i've got tens of thousands of photos and i don't

00:21:57   know where they are and what they are and please apple help me see that they've been they've been

00:22:02   dealing with this for a while i think this is i mean this is another attempt to deal with it

00:22:08   basically they're trying to deal with the fact that this one app sort of has to do two things

00:22:12   and i personally view photos as more of a utility that i go to in order to get a photo and not as a

00:22:20   place that i go to just get inspired by nice photos from my past but apple clearly feels

00:22:27   that some people do uh which is fine i mean i use lock screen or widgets for that but um but i will

00:22:33   occasionally do that but i think apple figures a lot of people this is what they want so they built

00:22:37   this system where they're trying to push the they've gotten rid of their tab bar entirely

00:22:43   and they're trying to push their collections into more visibility so when you open it

00:22:50   it's the photo grid but like below it is a scrollable um you can scroll up it's sort of

00:22:56   like a two-pane thing where if you if you move down you'll just get the photo grid if you move

00:23:01   up you'll just get all of those different curated collections and they've added a bunch more

00:23:07   um and then they've also added a thing where if you swipe to the right from the photo grid

00:23:11   there are other kind of like auto-playing featured items and photo of the day and you can pin things

00:23:18   there and you can pin things down below and it's interesting because there and there's some

00:23:25   ai features in there too like the ability to ask it to create a memory movie for you based on

00:23:32   on plain text which is kind of interesting i like that there's some stuff there's some stuff in

00:23:37   there but i do think that um apple struggles with this fact that photos is both a utility

00:23:44   and a you know discovery tool at the same time and it doesn't really make sense for there to be two

00:23:53   apps but how do you balance the fact that there are these two very different use cases and i think

00:23:59   that they struggle with it so i'm looking forward to seeing how they've put in some of their new ways

00:24:05   of of uh of exposing um photos from your past because it's true we all have so many photos that

00:24:14   that there's a lot of opportunity to delight you with photos in your library that you otherwise

00:24:19   would never look at again and that's great so they're trying again to do that um it's a challenge

00:24:27   and it'll be in the details right but i think bottom line is they want to be able if you open

00:24:32   the photos app they want to be able to at least offer you some things that might delight you

00:24:36   and a grid with a tab i think they i think what they're saying is basically that a lot of people

00:24:41   didn't switch away from the library tab and therefore they've moved it out of there gotten

00:24:46   rid of the tab because they really want you to see all the work that they've done to try to delight

00:24:51   you with surprising fun pictures from your last trip or of your kids or whatever so when i first

00:24:59   saw the design i was like well that's bold like that's quite bold um but in playing around with it

00:25:06   i'm i'm quite a fan actually for two reasons one when i use photos i am often never in the place

00:25:13   that i want to be um you know like how they say with with usb like usb-a you plug it in three

00:25:20   times you know like it's the you always end up flipping it around multiple times to get what you

00:25:24   want i'm like do i want to be in recents or do i want to be in like library like where am i supposed

00:25:29   to be right now but the the thing that solved me on it is the app and like what it shows you and

00:25:36   where it shows it is incredibly user customizable even the carousel at the top you can choose what

00:25:42   goes up there like what categories of things you can add your own things like if you want to put

00:25:47   a person up there so like every time you swipe to the third person maybe it's your partner they

00:25:52   can be there or when you go down it's like what types of uh collections of photos do you want

00:25:58   where do you want them to show how many of them do you want there to be so for me i like the amount

00:26:05   of customizability there is and the app is really asking for you to do it too like there are big

00:26:11   customized buttons all throughout the application to to get you to customize those views and kind of

00:26:16   make it what you're looking for so i i surprised myself that in actually using it uh i i'm a big

00:26:25   fan of it i'm a big fan of it all right uh messages not only did they redesign the emoji

00:26:33   tap backs to be all colorful they did this in service event of the tap backs i should say to be

00:26:38   all colorful they did this in service of adding the ability to add every single possible emoji as

00:26:44   an actual proper tap back to iMessages finally we did it everybody we did it yes congratulations

00:26:52   i actually get i actually did a slow clap at apple park when they announced this i did the slow

00:26:59   clap bravo finally after last year's decidedly disappointing well you can do some stickers

00:27:10   that look like emoji um whoever lost that argument last year won it this year because here we are so

00:27:16   hooray uh text formatting so it's rich text formatting to messages which is a nice addition

00:27:23   that i wouldn't have expected because what i would have expected is also what they did which is

00:27:28   their effects so you can have like fun text effects that affect words as well as the whole

00:27:32   individual words yeah not the whole message right uh a schedule to send later feature so if you want

00:27:38   to send someone a message but you feel like it's the wrong time of day you can schedule it to send

00:27:42   later on and also big surprise messages via satellite using the sos features to just straight

00:27:51   up send text messages and i believe i saw posted somewhere that there is also the ability to do

00:27:57   satellite video calls of emergency services is a thing that's been added to the ios no no no so

00:28:06   there's two things going on here and the word sos is part of the problem so let's separate them

00:28:11   please a satellite that's when you have no carrier and you want to send a message and previously it

00:28:19   was sort of like an emergency message or a or a location and now you can just send them a message

00:28:25   you can do texts back and forth you can uh do emoji reactions whatever it's all in there

00:28:31   um and it'll also do sms not not rcs but it'll do sms so if you've got if you have to reach somebody

00:28:37   who does not have an iphone you will be able to do that there's some sort of gateway there that

00:28:42   will take it and put it in sms send it on so that's great so that's the satellite feature

00:28:48   and how they're going to pay for it there are no limits as far as we can tell like it's unclear to

00:28:52   me what's going on if it's just that apple's deal with global star is so amazing that they can just

00:28:57   continue to float this for iphone users or whether there's going to come a day where they say no no

00:29:02   no now you have to pay um we'll see but uh the other feature is sos which is my understanding

00:29:10   what that is is that's when you're in cell range but not your carrier okay and that feature there's

00:29:17   now the ability for the emergency services when you do an emergency sos call to do video to request

00:29:23   a video call with you on that cellular network but that's different right so so there's a law

00:29:28   at least in the united states i assume other places too where if you're in cell range but not your

00:29:33   carrier you still get to make an emergency call like they're not going to say oh you've got

00:29:37   verizon not atnt so you must die right they say no no if you cannot see verizon um but you can't

00:29:44   see atnt you can still make an emergency call if you've ever taken a deactivated phone and started

00:29:49   it up and it says emergency sos that's what it's saying is it doesn't have a carrier on it but it

00:29:55   can still make an emergency call legally it has to be able to do that so i think they add a video to

00:30:00   that feature but that's not the same as the satellite feature thank you yeah i saw the words

00:30:04   sos and i put them all together but that that's not accurate and apparently the dynamic island

00:30:10   animation thing for where you point your phone to get the satellite has been improved too so that

00:30:17   um but this sounds this sounds fun i i need to go somewhere um out of range and send somebody a text

00:30:23   i guess should we move on to mail yeah let's do it mail got some features here and a bunch more later

00:30:30   um the just the standard ios 18 features is categorization kind of like what gmail does

00:30:36   it's also what the app that i use spark does so it will take your email and work out if it's

00:30:42   basically a person transaction an update which i'm assuming in newsletters and promotions

00:30:47   interesting what's updates and promotions as i say that out loud i guess we'll find out

00:30:51   and they also have a screen where like imagine you they showed that an airline right you've

00:30:57   got messages from an airline and you can tap in to see all the messages that airline has shown you

00:31:02   and in one in one kind of view these are nice updates to mail just on their own i think these

00:31:07   are these are good features um i'll be very keen to see how the categorization works without apple

00:31:14   intelligence because i think both yeah right there are versions of this that i reckon are in both

00:31:22   ways uh and this is just machine learning as opposed to apple intelligence ai stuff um they're

00:31:29   adding this feature but then i think it will get better with uh the ai features yeah i'm unclear on

00:31:36   exactly what's going on here but this is apple actually trying to i actually think the grouping

00:31:41   is more interesting like show me all my um you know messages from a specific airline i think

00:31:48   that's really really smart this is this is good that is a helpful thing yeah again spark that i

00:31:55   use it also does this like you can it essentially creates a custom search so you'll be like show me

00:32:00   all the emails from this sender and it creates like a custom search and just shows you everything

00:32:05   to and from which is really good but it's not as visually appealing as apple's one right is right

00:32:10   and there's a passwords app there is tell me about the passwords app um apparently it's entirely in

00:32:18   swift ui uh and that's why it's going to come out on iphone ipad mac and vision pro yep makes sense

00:32:25   all of them it is the thing you know it's the stuff from settings pulled out into an app there

00:32:32   are some um other features here and there like uh on the mac there's a menu item that you can have

00:32:37   that you can call up and look up a password and copy it or whatever if you want to do it that way

00:32:42   it's got like some stuff that was previously in keychain access like uh wi-fi passwords you can

00:32:47   get in there too there's a bunch of different things pass keys um i think functionally not a

00:32:53   lot has changed from apple's existing thing i i i know some people even at the event who were like

00:33:00   oh can it do this thing now and and the response from apple was well actually it's been able to do

00:33:05   that for several years now i think there's the functionality's been in there but the idea here

00:33:10   is that it's um it's now an app so you can point people at it i was trying to explain where my mom

00:33:17   last week where the passwords were and i said oh you gotta go to settings and you gotta scroll

00:33:22   then you gotta choose password you can put in your password then you can see it but if you leave

00:33:28   you've got to go back to settings and like it's just easier to say go to the passwords app it's

00:33:32   just easier yeah it's better i yeah i'm gonna say like oh you could already do it i've seen this too

00:33:37   and it's like gang if i have to go into three levels of settings to try and see if this feature

00:33:43   exists you cannot hold it against me that i maybe don't know the feature exists come on gang come on

00:33:48   team let's get together here um it's better if it's explicitly out there plus that lets them have

00:33:55   more room to have a resizable window on mac and uh filters so that you can view all of your wi-fi

00:34:03   or all of your pass keys or whatever i do think it's interesting for people who are coming from

00:34:06   something like one password which has thrown a bunch of security features in it's not a one-to-one

00:34:11   match because like apple doesn't apple has a different place you put your credit card and

00:34:15   apple has a different place that you put secure notes you put them in notes um so it's not a

00:34:20   one-to-one with one password but if you're if you are only using apple's ecosystem or windows

00:34:28   because it'll work on windows um you can do this and you'll you'll get all those benefits and it

00:34:36   just comes for free as a an apple user um not on android though no forget about that but on the

00:34:44   rest of them um and it looks pretty good like i think that this is the whole idea here is the

00:34:48   world is better if more people are using a password manager yep and doing smart things with passwords

00:34:53   and that i i fundamentally believe that you could argue oh well it already did this thing but like

00:34:57   yeah but it was hidden away and now it's not and i think that that's good this is a thing that

00:35:02   apple probably should have done a long time ago i'm very glad that they finally done it yeah i

00:35:08   i i'm happy this feature exists for everyone in my life for me uh i i have a lot of team accounts

00:35:17   in one password and obviously it's one password has become more focused on teams as their thing

00:35:24   i just i don't imagine apple recreating the features that i have of like the way that i can

00:35:33   assign groups of people and add it to them and there's just like a lot of like um

00:35:38   administrative features that one password has i mean the beautiful thing about apple's system

00:35:45   is that they do have definable groups that you can put logins in yeah but there's also like

00:35:51   here's the thing now you're doing it to me like i know everyone in the discord is doing to me

00:35:57   one password works with teams on varying devices and has a lot of like security stuff around like

00:36:08   well what if this employee goes this way or did it like just trust me what i need is one password

00:36:16   okay even though it's great that the passwords app has it um it it's it well maybe i'll look into it

00:36:22   and you know what maybe i was wrong the whole time uh but my what i understand is it seems like

00:36:28   i don't know it seems like passwords is more for your friends and family than your co-workers is

00:36:34   what i'm saying right okay that's at least that's that's the read that i have but you know maybe

00:36:40   we'll find out maybe i'll maybe i'll have to go on a journey of discovery just like everybody else

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00:39:03   for the support of this show and relay fm okay so we've got to get to it it's apple intelligence time

00:39:13   so we're going to break this down into two categories we're going to talk about the features

00:39:20   then we're going to talk about the feelings the feelings yeah so

00:39:26   just let us talk about the the features first all right just just give us some grace talk about the

00:39:33   features and then we'll talk about everything that well a selection of things that could come from

00:39:41   these features so first off i respect the bravado of the name apple intelligence

00:39:49   yep why not you know i think that's great like go for it live your best lives

00:39:53   the thing that i find funny about this is they have broken away from using the apple logo

00:40:02   just so they can hit the pun of ai right like because they always have apple logo

00:40:09   thing when it's called apple something right but here it says apple spelled out apple because then

00:40:15   you get the ai and again i'm just like you know what great like yes do it why not i think it's

00:40:22   hilarious they're like in this one instance they're like no we're not going to use the

00:40:25   apple logo because apple logo doesn't start with a apple logo starts with apple so we need it to say

00:40:33   a and then i and i think that's very very funny i'm gonna break this down yeah i guess i should

00:40:40   give a warning here which is there's been some confusion and some of this is apple's fault

00:40:45   everything we talk about here unless we very specifically specify otherwise is using

00:40:53   apple's machine learning models there is a partnership that was announced the ability i

00:41:01   would even phrase it more broadly the ability for other machine learning other ai systems to be

00:41:09   called by the system in specific instances with your approval is first turned off by default

00:41:17   and second if you turn it on you get these warnings those are where you will see for example

00:41:24   chat gpt which is the first announced partner although you know craig fedorigi said the name

00:41:31   google gemini on stage in a post event thing for press and then said but we've got nothing to

00:41:38   announce which is like okay i don't know what even how to reach that but but um so i've seen a lot of

00:41:44   people are like oh open ai is powering all of apple stuff it's not it's really really not so

00:41:51   just to be crystal clear here unless we say that's open ai it's not it's not this is apple building

00:41:58   its own stuff and they've got their own models and they're running on their own hardware and their own

00:42:04   processors yeah actually the we will make it simple the very last set of features we will talk

00:42:11   about is the chat gpt thing so yeah until we get to that this is all apple stuff all apple including

00:42:18   their own writing tools so this is a selection of transforming text stuff which goes from the

00:42:27   ability of taking your own text and changing its tone and changing its length to some grammar basic

00:42:34   generation of text that they're doing with apple intelligence but it seems like by and large

00:42:40   it's about taking something you've written and summarizing it or changing its tone

00:42:46   a lot of what's going on in this and in other stuff like uh like mail messages

00:42:53   it's changing what you've done using your text as the foundation so it might be as simple as

00:43:01   a grammar check with suggestions which is a thing that they offer it's a writing checker it's like

00:43:06   grammarly basically or make this more professional but again it's using your text as the basis from

00:43:13   it so it's gonna sound it's gonna sound a lot like you because your text is the input it's not sort of

00:43:19   a random input so yeah that there's a lot of transformation going on here i think that this

00:43:24   i think people will find some of this stuff valuable probably more more of it like for me

00:43:29   i'm like oh well you know letting people get a quick grammar check that's built into the os is

00:43:34   a is probably a smart thing and it's not the worst thing in the world i mean their example was very

00:43:39   funny because it was like super unprofessional uh cover letter and they're like well let's make this

00:43:45   a little more professional where it would have been like a wise you know a mentor saying maybe

00:43:50   don't phrase it this way and that's basically what the the writing tool does uh notifications

00:43:57   i've received quite a lot of love i'm excited about this um they try to surface priority

00:44:03   messages based on their context and content uh if you get a lot of notifications from a specific

00:44:10   app like a group chat saying iMessage it will try to summarize what's going on inside of those

00:44:16   notifications this is great and then also a new focus mode called reduce interruptions that tries

00:44:22   to highlight just the most important notifications all of this is great i love this uh notifications

00:44:29   will always be a problem i think maybe the only way we can ever try to deal with them is having

00:44:33   ai deal with it for us i think yeah i mean it's the idea of having essentially a personal assistant

00:44:38   who's looking and saying this one looks important this one doesn't look as important and then the

00:44:42   one that made me laugh is the one where it was a group thread where um it boiled it did like a

00:44:48   summary of what was going on in the group thread it's like 20 messages about somebody got a dog

00:44:53   and you're like okay i can read that later right like that's why that one's popping off

00:44:57   and that's just fine that's just fine uh we mentioned mail earlier so mail will also be using

00:45:05   apple intelligence to highlight priority messages um i guess this is trying to within say like in

00:45:14   your uh like the primary group which is like of people you'd assume or like the things that it

00:45:20   thinks are important to you it will then try to highlight the messages within that group and push

00:45:25   them up to the top so it's like a second filter on top of those filters i would assume it will

00:45:31   so and i love this feature it will instead of in an email just seeing like the first line or two

00:45:36   of the email it will show a summary there instead that is good that's a fantastic feature it's one

00:45:45   of those things where i'm like oh yeah that that like preview is pointless because it's always just

00:45:51   like hi you know like it's not actually really that helpful and also kind of neither is a subject

00:45:58   line like this is actually i think a better way of showing me what's inside of an email message

00:46:03   i think is good uh if you get a really long message tldr of that fantastic are you kidding me

00:46:09   brilliant and then i really like the ways they're doing smart replies so i've seen this in other

00:46:15   applications where it tries to basically like draft emails for you but it should try and scan

00:46:20   an email and then ask you questions to help make that reply better which is cool right the idea

00:46:28   there is and they did show this in the video but it's the idea that you know essentially you're

00:46:34   being asked to fill out a form but you're doing it in an email and it scans it and says look this

00:46:40   is what you're being asked is are you bringing your partner and you know chicken or beef or veg

00:46:46   vegetarian option right like okay and you just pick them and it makes a thing that says hey

00:46:52   thanks here's my answers done and you send it off and that seems not unreasonable uh you mentioned

00:46:59   audio transcripts earlier they're going to be in the notes and the phone app so we could be on the

00:47:06   phone call for someone and it can it can transcribe the call for you which is cool i think it says i

00:47:12   think they said they they let the person on the phone know that yes it's disclosed that a that

00:47:17   a transcript is happening that you're recording essentially the phone call yeah image generation

00:47:24   is being done in a bunch of ways image playground which is both an app and a feature right yes

00:47:34   it is i'm suppressing my feelings mike i'm suppressing them yeah yeah yes i have some

00:47:42   feelings about this but i'm going to suppress them for now oh i have lots of things about it too so

00:47:47   we will allow those feelings to escape soon um this is essentially for what i can understand

00:47:54   and i assume you may have seen this um it will create images based on some prompts that you give

00:48:01   and that you adjust the style and it can also allow you to use people in your photo library

00:48:08   as the prompt is that correct is that correct i would say it's even more simplified than that

00:48:16   where you can give a prompt but what it seems to do is break it up into some particular tags or

00:48:22   you can select from a bunch of tags and it will generate images for you so there are real guard

00:48:29   rails on this like there are the apple really like limits you in style and then and it tries to

00:48:35   atomize what you do if you do a text prompt into little bits but it gives you a picker so you can

00:48:40   just sort of pick things i think because they believe that people who use generative ai image

00:48:47   stuff one of the problems is building a prompt and so they tried to put a whole ui on it where

00:48:52   they limit what their because it's their engine again what their engine you know is capable of

00:48:57   and what they want it to do and what it's good at so they're trying to put this whole interface

00:49:02   where you can like swipe around and say you know here's a superhero cape is like literally a choice

00:49:07   and you choose a picture of somebody in your photo library and you choose you know something else and

00:49:12   then it shows them all and it generates it and you can say no not like that or give me an alternate

00:49:17   one and you swipe and there's a whole bunch of stuff going on there but while you can do a free

00:49:22   form even the free form seems like it kind of gets exploded into individual concepts which you can

00:49:28   then remove if you don't like them so it's it's it's gonna be i need you know we're all gonna need

00:49:35   to see how this works in practice but it seems like they're trying to you know solve the problem

00:49:41   of how do you generate images via ai without having it be the old command line approach which

00:49:50   isn't that great and they're trying to do it in a different way that's tuned to their particular

00:49:55   image generation model yeah i guess they're using what you're giving to write the prompts behind the

00:50:00   scene basically right like the the prompt engineering is happening behind the ui yeah yeah

00:50:08   they're building they're they're not making you program this feature right they programmed a ui

00:50:12   on top of this feature that you use jen moji hi i'm jen another name right this is my other name

00:50:20   this just doesn't need a name like this it doesn't really um so you can describe what you want an

00:50:28   emoji to look like this will also allow you to create kind of like personalized me emoji again

00:50:35   of you or of people in your photo library these can be used as stickers but also in line in text

00:50:42   messages as emoji right i mean do you know how really not really not really okay it's really an

00:50:50   image that's being sent but they've worked it out in imessage so that it shows as an emoji right uh

00:50:57   it looks it's styled like an emoji and it's the right size of being an emoji this is like slack

00:51:01   custom emoji and discord custom emoji right exactly but it's not it's an image yeah that

00:51:07   looks like an emoji that's exactly what it is so that's what's going on here um and i don't love

00:51:16   the name but i really like this feature because it's to me it's like oh you build an image

00:51:22   generator based on what emoji look like and then it will use your prompts also the context of the

00:51:29   conversation you're having yeah to suggest emojis that you can send and i like it this is look this

00:51:37   whole category is apple i feel like this is the impulse that caused us to have me emoji and digital

00:51:46   touch maybe it's this hey things are fun right everybody this is fun we're having fun on our

00:51:56   phones kids you know it's great and sometimes those impulses are are are mistaken but i think

00:52:04   the genmoji stuff i kind of like it i kind of like how constrained it is where it's like look

00:52:10   all we're doing is we know our model knows what emojis look like yeah and then we can make more

00:52:15   of them and they look like emojis but you don't have to go into photoshop and build a whole like

00:52:19   custom emoji and upload it to slack and all of that it just happens and you pick it and then

00:52:24   they get it and we all have a good laugh because now you're able to make an emoji that doesn't exist

00:52:29   and uh i think in contrast to image playground i really like this feature because it is very

00:52:36   specific and constrained and uh and solves a problem and they can be used in those emoji

00:52:42   tap backs and like i like it i think i think this is exactly the right amount of fun that

00:52:47   apple should be doing well i i i agree with you there like most like basically entirely if it

00:52:55   was if it always looked like emoji like there was some of the emoji that they were showing in the

00:53:01   keynote just didn't look like apple's emoji style like there was like i think like a dinosaur on a

00:53:06   skateboard or something yeah they well it looked close to it but you're right i think that's the

00:53:11   danger of it is you end up with with something that does not look like an emoji and it just

00:53:16   looked like a little ai generated image that was tiny but then they would show one where it was

00:53:20   like oh here is like uh our emoji face of cucumbers over its eyes and it's like yeah no that that

00:53:26   looks right yeah yeah so that's my question i think and the funny thing is these models are like

00:53:32   they can swap out models so like they may show us stuff now and over the course of the beta process

00:53:39   and ongoing development they're like yeah you know they may tweak it and say no no no it really needs

00:53:44   to be much more on what emojis look like um or not but i would like it if if it looked like these are

00:53:51   emojis from an alternate world where the unicode consortium got very strangely specific about

00:53:56   something that it didn't in real life that's what i would like them to look like yeah yeah i agree

00:54:01   with you i agree with you and then image wand using the apple pencil so you could draw something

00:54:07   with your apple pencil and then you circle it with the image wand and it takes what you've drawn as

00:54:14   the basis for creating an ai image this is similar to i think what microsoft just showed off with

00:54:20   paint because you could you would draw something and then paint you make a sketch and and it scans

00:54:25   it essentially and its model turns it into an image of what it thinks based on not just the

00:54:32   image but the context around it right the text around it and all of that and then it it does a

00:54:36   it does a generation and this is uh again i think that i get what their impulse is here um i think

00:54:43   it feels a little less successful but um i get what they're trying to do so imagine the largest

00:54:49   pin possible we're putting that pin in this and we'll come back to it later huge pins in it later

00:54:56   on we'll both those feelings feelings to be determined at a later time so we already mentioned

00:55:01   these but photos has a cleanup tool which is essentially magic eraser and the ability to make

00:55:08   memory movies based on a prompt which i really like right like make a movie for me on the trip

00:55:13   that me and adina took last october right yes like that's great rather than me going through

00:55:18   and choosing it at least give me a starting point like i think this is a nice way to take out some

00:55:24   of the tedium putting something like that together exactly no that's good it's a good use it does

00:55:29   make me think i'm surprised that there are no features like this in music where it would be

00:55:35   a really good way to make playlists great point yeah why is there no music playlist generation

00:55:40   but it's not so that's a bummer but uh it's here and yeah that that cleanup tool again i want to

00:55:48   applaud that they did it i also want to boo because they should have had that five years

00:55:53   ago yeah i mean this technology is not new um they should have had that five years ago

00:55:57   i think the reason they didn't is probably because somebody inside the inside the photos

00:56:02   team or in charge of the photos team was like no no no we're gonna preserve the sanctity blah blah

00:56:07   blah but like it's what your users want it's it's a good thing to do you don't have to do it in an

00:56:13   evil way you just you know let me let me clean up and it's like it'll detect but you can also

00:56:19   you can also just um mark oh circle or mark over what you want to remove and it will do

00:56:27   the job exactly as you expect which is great um and i i have to come back to there's not even been

00:56:33   a a touch-up tool on ios before in photos so this is i mean we'll see how it works in practice but

00:56:41   um finally i guess is all i can say about it finally all right siri our friend

00:56:47   and i have just a home pod fire off behind me which i was expecting of course

00:56:54   it looks new so the the ui has now changed from the glowing orb to uh highlighting the edge of

00:57:01   your phone of a kind of multi-color glow which i i really like the look of that um you can also

00:57:08   type to siri now by double tapping the bottom of your screen and so anything you can ask you can

00:57:13   now type this now feel like type to siri has been a thing they've had on and off over the years

00:57:19   sometimes as accessibility sometimes it's more of a feature this feels like a time where maybe

00:57:24   you would want it more than you ever needed it before right in that way because we're now more

00:57:28   used to typing to these types of assistants and chatbots siri can give you advice on device

00:57:36   features which i think is cute you know suck the manuals into siri and spit them back out at users

00:57:41   like why not that's a good idea i i think that's a really great like let's use this system to help

00:57:48   people directly when they say how do i do this and be able to give them actual actionable answers of

00:57:53   that that's great like if that works that's great i'm just like shouting at my home pods behind me

00:57:59   this is something that's something that that would be a treat for anybody that watches the

00:58:03   video version of the show they'll just see me like turning around and shouting at my home pod

00:58:07   so you know i'm trying my best over here i'm gonna give you a quote from uh apple's uh uh kind of

00:58:15   apple intelligence page richer language understanding and an enhanced voice make

00:58:20   communicating with siri even more natural have you experienced anybody communicating with siri

00:58:25   because i didn't get this vibe from the keynote really no there's that's not something they want

00:58:32   to show um i saw i had several demos i have never seen somebody interact with siri with siri speaking

00:58:43   because i was really struck by that in the keynote that like the presenter kept asking and siri just

00:58:48   kept showing and i said well that's my experience no yeah it was no yeah no they're they're clearly

00:58:55   unwilling to show that right now so it probably doesn't work and then there are these three things

00:59:01   that go together i think um on-screen awareness so you can ask your assistant to do things

00:59:07   uh that you can see and it will do it like send this to jason at this to jason's address to jason's

00:59:16   contact right there is personal context awareness so your assistant i'm trying to stop saying it now

00:59:24   will know things that are on your device you could be like oh i saw that jason sent me an episode of

00:59:33   atp recently can you find what one that was and it should be able to go find it and also to be able

00:59:39   to take actions across apps so you could say like can you take this turn it into a pdf and send it

00:59:47   to jason in slack in theory and this uses a combination of intense and siri kit i'm expecting

00:59:54   or maybe hoping you've seen some of this stuff in action yeah i mean a little bit it's it's this is

01:00:01   stuff that's not going to ship anytime soon yeah this is all that they're working on it most likely

01:00:06   these things what i want to do is explain a little bit about how it works so they have this um

01:00:11   semantic index which is basically like it isn't it's like a search engine index it's pointing at

01:00:18   where all the stuff is in your device it's cataloged but um it's it's not that content

01:00:26   it's the pointer to it but it allows you to search it quickly so the semantic index is there

01:00:32   and it's encrypted and it's only accessible by intelligence by the apple intelligence stuff so

01:00:39   they've tried to wall it off like it's not it is a map of everything that you've got on that device

01:00:46   in terms of content but they only want the ai system itself to have access to it so there's

01:00:52   some security considerations there and then what happens is something and it may be another model

01:01:00   basically decides what relevant content is in the semantic index and then passes that to the

01:01:07   model for analysis and that might be a non-device model or it might be a remote model and uh and

01:01:14   then it processes it and gives you the result so there's a bunch of stuff going on here but

01:01:19   they are trying to build with the semantic index something that is essentially an index to the

01:01:24   complete set of knowledge about what is knowable about you based on what's on any given device and

01:01:33   i should also say for those who are wondering is this like everything that's knowable about me and

01:01:38   apple's entire ecosystem on all my devices the answer is kind of no because like with photos

01:01:47   the the model is running and the index is being generated based on the contents of your device

01:01:55   which is why for example when you do a search on your ipad and your iphone for something in photos

01:02:05   you don't always get the same results because those items are are cataloged by a machine learning model

01:02:15   individually they they don't like it doesn't happen once and then all the data gets synced

01:02:19   among your devices it happens on device and the the way that the phrase on device it sounds good

01:02:26   right but it cuts the other way which is on device it's not on your devices it's not your personal

01:02:33   data it's on a device which means if you're thinking well does that mean that every apple

01:02:41   device i have is going to be doing its own churning away on my data store in order to

01:02:46   build a semantic index so i'm going to have a different semantic index on the ipad than the mac

01:02:50   than the iphone the answer is yes which technically it may be necessary to do that because apple

01:03:00   you know because to distribute machine learning stuff across devices may be really impractical

01:03:09   but it's also like it's wasteful of of computing power right if you've ever

01:03:15   gotten a new iphone and and had it chunk through your photos library and you're thinking but my

01:03:20   ipad's got the whole library and my mac's got the whole library why are you processing it again and

01:03:25   the answer is because it has to and there are things that sync that are like things that you

01:03:30   you prefer or things that you've favorited or things that you've trained and and presumably

01:03:37   some of that will also come across with some of these apple intelligence features but it's

01:03:43   just something else to keep in mind that on device means on a device for better or for worse but they

01:03:51   they are trying very hard to have the like the privacy and security issue thought of where the

01:03:55   semantic index exists but it's encrypted and only the ai process has access to decrypt it and and so

01:04:02   we'll have to there's going to be there's a white paper about this there's going to be a lot more

01:04:05   technical detail but they this is not something that apple just kind of came up with in the last

01:04:09   month there's a lot going on here and it does seem like at least to start with the types of apps and

01:04:15   things that can happen are actually going to be somewhat limited for the intense part of it yeah

01:04:21   it feels very much i mean intense app intensive existed for a while um for like shortcuts and

01:04:27   people don't support them and it is there are a few places in here where apple has done a very

01:04:32   much like a carrot and stick thing where they're like all right would you like siri to do things

01:04:40   with your app for the user well the that'll only work if you give us app intense so you better

01:04:46   write some app intense otherwise your app is not going to get used by the system and therefore is

01:04:50   going to be less helpful to your users so so so do it right and maybe that will cause more of them

01:04:57   to build these app intents which are essentially kind of quantizing functionality in their app and

01:05:03   handing it to the system and say these are things my app can do if you ask and that allows the new

01:05:09   model to run and the new siri to run and say oh okay you want me to do this with this thing i can

01:05:14   do that and they they gave an example of like an email with superhuman but the idea there is like

01:05:18   it doesn't have to be apple mail it could be a different email app and if it's got the right

01:05:23   intents and it's got everything worked it'll just it can do that too it knows that that's your email

01:05:27   client it'll use that one and it's got the ability to look at the intents and etc etc so there's

01:05:33   there's you know they're they're using some technology that they already built on an

01:05:37   app intense shortcuts as part of the siri team this is all already siri stuff and make it like

01:05:44   even more reason to do this and it seems like the on-screen stuff is it like is it ui scripting is

01:05:51   that what it's doing maybe it's not no it's not i i've seen no examples of it pressing anything

01:05:59   or controlling anything it's looking at the screen and doing so the model is able to look at the

01:06:03   screen but i don't see it like clicking buttons or things like that it's using it's using things like

01:06:08   app intents to make those controls happen okay it's not driving the screen it sees the screen

01:06:12   but it's not driving the screen but it can't like yeah okay like if slack hadn't enabled it it can't

01:06:21   be like send this to jason and slack even if i have slack open it's going to be interesting to

01:06:25   see how this rolls out well so yeah so slack would need if slack's got an app intent uh to send a

01:06:32   message and the ability to specify who the person is that can be read like it would be able to do it

01:06:39   but that's the kind of stuff that's going to be required at least in this iteration i don't i

01:06:43   don't think there's any support for the idea that it's going to be able to just sort of like know

01:06:46   what buttons to click in slack that's not what's going on here okay okay privacy so on device

01:06:55   is how the majority of this stuff is going to be done but when something is complex i don't know if

01:07:02   you have more examples of what those things might be but if something is complex it goes out to the

01:07:08   cloud it goes out to apple's own cloud and they have built a system called private cloud compute

01:07:15   this is apple's hardware they built their own servers using apple silicon

01:07:18   when you're going out to the cloud you only only the relevant data is sent and is not stored and

01:07:26   apple have and they're going to be uh using a system called verifiable privacy promise where

01:07:32   they can have outside investigators essentially so the way this works um there are certain tasks

01:07:40   and it will determine it right you you will say i wanted to do this thing and it will determine

01:07:44   whether it's in the cloud or not there is i asked by the way there is not currently anything that is

01:07:51   hardware gating on whether it goes in the cloud or not so it's not like if it's an m1 it may some

01:07:58   stuff that the m2 and the m3 and the m4 can handle but the m1 will set it to the cloud that's not how

01:08:05   it's built today it the all the devices will make those judgments and it's independent of the

01:08:10   hardware there might come a time down the road where there's like an m6 and there's a new function

01:08:15   and the m6 can run it on device and the m1 can't and then it might do that but that's not the case

01:08:20   today and essentially it was best for apple if they never need to talk about that right exactly

01:08:27   and well and the rest of the system is built that way you are not told whether it's going to the

01:08:31   cloud or not right that's just not part of the the conversation um some of it is and some of it isn't

01:08:37   i guess unless you don't have an internet connection right then yes and i'm unclear what happens if you

01:08:43   don't have an internet connection if it's functional or if like a lot of the intelligence stuff just

01:08:47   drops even if it is local right i mean we don't know how that's going to go um in terms of private

01:08:53   cloud compute these are servers that are running in apple's data centers not in other people's data

01:08:57   centers they are servers built by apple they are running on apple silicon chips they would not

01:09:02   specify what the chips are my guess is going to be that they're m1 or m2 generation probably m2

01:09:08   generation because that three nanometer process is real expensive and uh so that's my guess but i

01:09:14   don't know do you think they've built a custom chip well mark german so they wouldn't again they

01:09:18   wouldn't say mark german says that they are working on a custom chip uh i think he said that at some

01:09:23   point um i my guess is that it's not now just because i feel like we would know if they had

01:09:30   built a custom version i do wonder you know is it a is it binned m2s that they only really care

01:09:36   about the gpu's and i i i we nobody they're not talking about it but what i will say is they have

01:09:42   built a hardened subsystem version of ios essentially that is running on these servers okay

01:09:48   so it's very secure they have no persistent storage they so apple it's end-to-end encrypted

01:09:56   and apple has no way to get the data that's on them so basically app and and they're auditable

01:10:02   by outside security researchers so apple is basically saying we have built a system that

01:10:08   makes sending your ai queries to the cloud secure like it's on your device and everybody's gonna

01:10:14   have to process that and everybody's gonna have to think about it but i think i think this sounds

01:10:19   pretty legit i feel like this is as safe as it could possibly be like for me i just maybe

01:10:25   i'm being gullible i don't know but like when i hear that i'm like yeah of course that's what

01:10:29   they're doing like i don't i i you know i don't i don't i don't know what you feel but i have

01:10:35   absolutely zero qualm with everything they're spoken about when it comes to data privacy and

01:10:41   ai processing yeah i i think this is this is we will see right i mean the beauty of it is is that

01:10:48   it will be verifiable by experts they're basically saying we want people to look at this there will

01:10:54   be security bounties you know we are putting you know putting all of this out there but it's

01:10:59   i don't know what you do beyond it's our cloud it's our hardware it's our operating system

01:11:05   and i i can see the argument we see this in the chat room of like oh i want to be known

01:11:11   i want to know if it's going out there and be able to turn that off like i i i don't know about that

01:11:19   i don't know if that's necessary um because i i part of me thinks you are asking for a level of

01:11:27   control that maybe you yourself don't understand what's involved just to make yourself feel better

01:11:32   and i'm not sure that's good enough do you send i messages like where do you where do you think

01:11:38   they go like exactly exactly so this is i i think apple's done everything they could we'll see if

01:11:44   security experts have issues and if they pick this apart but they basically tried to build a thing

01:11:47   that is entirely their software their hardware their servers and built in a way where they can't

01:11:54   look at it so the whole point here is ai does not functionally have to be insecure data harvesting

01:12:03   all of these things yeah it is because a lot of companies hurried into the space and didn't care

01:12:08   and it might even be convenient for them to have all of your data but apple entered this process

01:12:14   knowing they couldn't do that so they built something different and you know we'll see

01:12:18   on its face this seems like a great approach to this sort of thing but we'll see how the reaction

01:12:25   plays out so all of these features are available on m1 max and up and the iphone 15 pro and pro max

01:12:36   only and it is being said i don't know if apple have said this but i've seen it said now it seems

01:12:44   to be ram is the cut off here and it's like eight gigabytes of ram appears to be the minimum amount

01:12:49   of ram for a device and apple so like you know and like and maybe maybe so yeah right but i think the

01:12:57   simplest way to do it is think if it's an m series chip it's supported and if it is that one chip

01:13:03   that is on the iphone 15 pro it's supported and that's it so going forward i assume most

01:13:13   iphones that are new will also support this and all apple silicon max and all but that is your

01:13:19   question all the iphone 16s well for sure yeah but do i get this on my device it's like well if you

01:13:26   have an ipad or a mac and it's an m series you're good and if you've got an iphone 15 pro you're

01:13:31   good that's it period that's where they've drawn the line that's all it's ever going to do pull

01:13:36   one out for the ipad mini yep if you want to know if the ipad mini is going to get a new chip in it

01:13:44   there you go i don't think it will get an m chip i actually think it will just get the

01:13:47   whatever the next the iphone 16 chip yeah i think it'll get that so like what is that the a

01:13:54   18 or something yeah i reckon it'll probably just get that and i think they will continue doing that

01:14:01   because the ipad mini should never use stage manager and if you put an m chip in it technically

01:14:09   it would then use stage manager because of the way that apple's kind of written themselves into that

01:14:14   box these features are on all kinds of time scales that we don't know all we know is that apple in

01:14:25   some version of apple intelligence stuff will be in beta in us english this summer features will

01:14:34   start shipping in the fall with some features rolling out over the next year but it's not

01:14:40   us only you just have to have your device language and serie language in us english you can just get

01:14:48   it straight away to start right and then they'll roll it like the question is when does this ship

01:14:53   and the answer is when doesn't it ship because i think this is going to be a an endless shipping

01:14:59   i think except today we don't have it today but it could be any time from now and then always

01:15:05   and then always i think that's really legitimately what's going to happen is that

01:15:09   you know next year we'll get to wwdc and they'll say oh here's some new apple intelligence features

01:15:13   coming over the next year and i think it's going to be like that for quite a while but they're just

01:15:18   going to keep and they can they can afford to do that and right now they have to because some of

01:15:21   this stuff like some of this stuff is so not there that they couldn't even show it right yeah and

01:15:27   and that's the stuff that's like next year but i'm okay with that because basically what they're

01:15:31   saying is here's our goal for the next year and then we'll see you back here at wwdc when hopefully

01:15:36   we've accomplished all these and we'll tell you what our next year goal is that's fine but in this

01:15:40   case this stuff is moving so fast that um yeah a bunch of this stuff just doesn't even exist and

01:15:46   they're like next year we can't even show it to you trust us uh see you next year right and it's

01:15:52   like okay all right so we draw a line and now we talk about chat gpt so yes apple refers to

01:16:02   what chat gpt does as world knowledge rather than like your knowledge which i actually think is it

01:16:13   as a way to delineate is yeah good right like it's trying to help everything with everything

01:16:19   on your device and that's about you but if you want to know something that is out on the internet

01:16:24   and we don't have tpts for yeah because siri does have data sources that siri has always used and

01:16:31   it will continue to use in this new world and i think that's good right like if they can wire up

01:16:36   some really good data sources they'll use that but if they come to the end of the road where they're

01:16:40   like oh we don't know because like you can ask when do the giants play next and it'll tell you

01:16:43   right you can ask about baseball statistics and and you know there's a whole bunch of stuff you

01:16:47   can ask siri even now and it works and that's all still going to be there but there does come that

01:16:52   point and i know you and i talked about this a week or two ago where it goes i found something

01:16:56   on the web for you i don't know and at that point there will be an opportunity to kick it out to a

01:17:04   different source and i want to be clear they announced chat gpt but when they are talking about

01:17:09   this afterward with the press what they've said is this is a a modular system other chatbot type

01:17:18   things can be added later there are some interesting potential chat bots in specific

01:17:24   areas of domain knowledge that apple may not have expertise in because apple is not trying to eat

01:17:29   the world and consume all world knowledge and that they may add those and then other things like

01:17:34   google gemini sure they may be in the mix too if this sounds a little bit like a modular sort of

01:17:39   search engine kind of deal it kind of is like well it's kind of like when they added war from alpha

01:17:46   to siri yeah right yeah like you know what like also a search they added these like i mean i know

01:17:52   it's different but like they added these like bits where it could query right like we can go get that

01:17:58   from here we go just from wikipedia get this from here you know this has got to be the least um

01:18:03   exciting partnership announcement ever though right because it's like hey chat gpt is the best

01:18:10   which they said like but there will be others and here's a disclaimer at the bottom that says

01:18:16   everything chat gpt says may be full of garbage and uh don't trust it and it but uh partners

01:18:23   time right like hey do you want to go to chat for this yeah the whole thing like the workflow is

01:18:28   like if you say something that trigger oh and and it ships off by default let's just say that

01:18:34   like they didn't mention that on the on the video right it's so clearly a sign that apple wants to

01:18:40   people to say yeah yeah yeah chat gpt yeah yeah yeah and it sounds like they got a pretty good

01:18:44   deal with chat gpt and with open ai like basic requests are free um you can log in as a chat gpt

01:18:51   subscriber and get some extra features and be in the history and all that but by default even if

01:18:55   you turn it on uh you don't pay anything um i assume apple's paying them something but like

01:19:00   the users don't pay for it and um it's so off by default you don't pay it can't they're using uh

01:19:09   routing they're using like uh like it's it's kind of like the internet private routing kind of stuff

01:19:15   so um chat gpt doesn't know your ip address so they don't know who you are legally they can't

01:19:21   retain any of the data that is sent and they apple pointed that out definitively to me legally they

01:19:29   cannot so this is like apple has locked them up to like you can't you can't use the data you can't

01:19:35   track the people you can't see the ip address so they put all these limitations on open ai but open

01:19:40   ai is still like yeah but we want to make a deal with apple because their big competitor is google

01:19:45   and that's android and so they can't do that so here's an option but from apple's perspective

01:19:51   is like it's turned off it's got warning labels on it we're gonna have other partners too but hey

01:19:56   open ai is the best right now and then all of the other caveats about it's for world knowledge and

01:20:02   like it is it is an integration that some people might like and that i think the business world and

01:20:09   the tech world kind of wanted apple to do but it's couched in a way where very clearly it is the most

01:20:16   like this is the 10-foot pole kind of like please welcome our special guest and then you never see

01:20:23   them and they never get mentioned again that's what was going on with open ai it's chat gpt 4.0

01:20:31   is what craig said on stage right yes stage you're in the keynote um from something i would wonder is

01:20:39   like if you sign in with your chat gpt account i don't think they need to ask you every time

01:20:46   like i feel like that to me is like an implicit i think that may i think that may be the case i'm

01:20:52   unclear about that but i think that may be the case that once you're logged in and you're like

01:20:55   no no no no i'm a chat gpt subscriber that it all just is is there but but certainly but you've made

01:21:02   that decision about your own life at that point you know exactly but but by default every query

01:21:07   that might possibly go to chat gpt it's going to say do you want to do this and you can say no

01:21:12   and if you try to upload like it needs an image or a file or something you have to say yes i am

01:21:17   okay with sending them the file now legally they have to throw that file away but you still it

01:21:22   doesn't matter you still have to ask so there's a lot of hand wringing about oh chat gpt is terrible

01:21:27   um and it's like well it's off by default and nobody has to use it it's warning labeled it's

01:21:32   like well why did they even put it in there it's like you know what some people find it useful and

01:21:38   if you find it useful it's there and also i think you made a really good point of like

01:21:42   try not to think of this too much as they built this feature for open ai like they built this

01:21:50   feature like so that that apple intelligence can query other large language models and that

01:21:57   more of those even specialized ones could come in the future that it will actually make a lot of

01:22:02   so here's an example that was sort of suggested to me by somebody at apple which is what if there's

01:22:07   an llm that has been trained on medical information right what if there is some medical bot that is

01:22:15   has been trained by some esteemed medical institution and they're like oh yeah you know

01:22:22   this is actually pretty good it's way better than general knowledge in terms of finding out

01:22:25   information about i don't know what illness medications whatever let's just say right it

01:22:30   doesn't it could be anything it could be some another technical topic um you could put that

01:22:36   you know apple could theoretically add that to the list and then your on-device analyst would say

01:22:43   oh you know that seems like a question for medical bot would you like me to ask medical bot and then

01:22:49   it goes to the medical bot right that's the i think that's their vision here is their apple

01:22:55   is really focused at least for now on not consuming the world and building an an you

01:23:00   know overarching world knowledge model on focusing on people on their devices and what they know on

01:23:06   the devices and the fact that they make phones and tablets and computers and and it's a part

01:23:12   that they can do really well but having the ability to go outside that to other places

01:23:19   and part of that is because they don't have any of those other things and that's probably true

01:23:25   and maybe they do want to do that eventually or maybe they don't i don't know i think the jury's

01:23:29   still out on general applicability and and trust of those things but i think that's apple's vision

01:23:36   is like beyond this point we're gonna have the ability to in the long run point you in the

01:23:42   direction of some other data source that might be able to help you with that if you want them to and

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01:26:24   is it time to talk about the feelings yeah let's talk about the feelings all right so

01:26:31   disclaimer for the feelings segment of the show

01:26:35   we are or i am at least i'm sure you will agree with me going to ask for your grace

01:26:43   listener this is a very emotional topic for a lot of really good reasons and i think everybody has

01:26:53   their own set of emotions about this one which makes it particularly complicated to talk about

01:26:58   like just ai in general but especially as it's applying here so we're going to attempt to talk

01:27:05   through some of it today and we will be talking about it for a long period of time and so it's

01:27:12   going to take time to think about it or get through it all so all i ask is try not to assume that

01:27:19   because we're talking about something how it works or our own feelings about one part or another part

01:27:24   and maybe not yours particular part that we're not like endorsing anything particularly right like

01:27:31   we're just going to talk about how we feel right now and then we'll listen to what more people have

01:27:37   to say and you know like and we'll move on from there you understand what i'm saying some people

01:27:41   feel like ai is the worst and some people feel like ai is the best and like they're very strong

01:27:46   feelings any ai means it's the worst and you know like and like every part in between yep can i ask

01:27:54   for your grace in allowing me to pull the pin out first go right ahead all right so i think

01:28:05   apple has built a lot of really interesting features that i really want to use but they blew it

01:28:13   because they created the image generation tools i am surprised that they did it and i don't even

01:28:22   think they did it well enough to have bothered kicking the anthill or the hornet's nest like

01:28:32   when i was watching them show off the beginning of image playground i felt second-hand embarrassment

01:28:40   like you know when you're you're you're watching a tv show of a friend or like a loved one and like

01:28:45   you've tried to convince them to watch this show but then something weird happens in the show and

01:28:50   you can kind of feel that they're a bit like why did you make me watch this show like i i felt that

01:28:55   way for when they were creating especially when they were creating the images of other people i

01:29:04   think that the images that they have made in the cartoonish style that they have chosen it doesn't

01:29:11   look any better than anything else that's out there it has that kind of weird gross ai style

01:29:19   of cartoon which doesn't look like the way a human would do it it's like like everything looks really

01:29:25   dark like it is like a strange kind of thing that now i think that just that style just carries

01:29:32   emotional baggage for a lot of people i think it is incredibly weird to the point that i don't even

01:29:38   understand why why would you create a system where you could make pictures of other people

01:29:47   why is why did that ever leave the whiteboard like let me make pictures of me why do i get to make a

01:29:54   picture of jason just because i have photos of jason that i can make jason look like a super

01:30:00   villain or i could make jason look sad in the rain like why is that a thing like awesome like

01:30:06   because you know what also you can just download a bunch of pictures of anyone and then you can

01:30:10   create images of them like just because someone being in your photo library does not give you

01:30:15   implicit like uh granting to create images of them no one else is doing this like none of

01:30:23   apple's competitors are doing this why are they the ones to do this like let me make pictures of

01:30:31   me make my own meme og look better than ever or like whatever but the thing that i can't believe

01:30:37   is that it doesn't even look good like you did all this stuff and they don't look good like why go to

01:30:44   the effort and aggravation for something that now i think is casting a shadow over everything else

01:30:51   they're doing and i just don't know if it was something they needed to do but then i'm thinking

01:30:56   about it and i'm like well maybe i'm wrong like maybe it's me that's wrong because so many people

01:31:03   including so many of my friends have uploaded their photos to these ai tools to create like

01:31:07   haha his fun me as an 80s character which i never did any of that because i don't want it

01:31:12   but so maybe i'm the one who's wrong but like i just think that this image creation is bad

01:31:17   enough like people don't like that but creating other human beings is like taking their facial

01:31:26   features and being able to ask the ai to make an image of them i just i feel like it's drawing

01:31:32   attention away from everything else i think it's going to color a lot of the announcement especially

01:31:36   in our circles i think it's already done that like i've seen so many people say like this like what i

01:31:41   said this looks cool but i'm not so sure about the image stuff and like the emoji are fine when they

01:31:48   look good as i mentioned earlier but everything else i just don't know man i don't get it i

01:31:56   this was the moment in the in the keynote where i reacted the most negatively um there was another

01:32:04   moment in the q a that happened later that i also reacted negatively to but this is in the moment of

01:32:08   the keynote this is it and i think that there are two those two things are the two fundamental

01:32:13   issues with what apple announced so yes i agree completely i i think this was a mistake i think

01:32:19   this comes from that place that i mentioned earlier it's the yippee we're having fun

01:32:23   where you could send pictures to your friends and here's a picture of my mom as a superhero and yeah

01:32:28   isn't it great we're having so much fun with our phones it's so great and um again maybe we are

01:32:36   wrong and it is not the children who are wrong maybe we're right maybe we're wrong i don't like

01:32:42   it i don't think it was necessary like i do think people i do think it's fun if it's you i think

01:32:47   it's less fun when it's someone else i think that's the distinction it is it is interesting

01:32:52   that they put it so on rails and then they said you could take anybody else because that was my

01:32:56   immediate thought was like i don't want to see a a weird ai cartoon version of me sent back to me

01:33:01   i am not interested in that at all and and um i don't i don't love any of this i mean the other

01:33:08   thing is um so to a slight segue which is what are these models trained on so there was an event

01:33:17   uh a couple hours after the keynote where there was a an interview on stage with john jean andrea

01:33:23   and craig fedorigi it's an apple out you know it was on stage at the steve jobs theater and it was

01:33:29   i justine you know and i don't think she was you know given questions but it's like it's apple's

01:33:33   venue they were sort of trying to do john grouper's talk show but like with a captive audience of just

01:33:37   press which i'm not i'm not a fan i think it was a big mistake on their part but inside baseball

01:33:43   there was at least information in that that would have been great to give to everyone yes they

01:33:47   dropped information unfortunately one of the pieces of information was the question of what

01:33:51   were the apple models trained on and craig fedorigi said well we trained it on the open web

01:33:58   and then also um licensed images and licensed content and uh and in fact for some of these

01:34:06   photo things apple commissioned artwork in these styles that they wanted to do and use those as

01:34:14   part of the model training which i thought was like oh well that's an interesting story right

01:34:17   of like oh we're doing it the right way but the way he said it and he tried to caveat it he did

01:34:22   he really did but basically what he said is we're doing things the wrong way and also the right way

01:34:29   i know and that's not good enough right so that doesn't mean it's right like they licensed all

01:34:35   this content from from publishers and things and they've made some visual content but they also

01:34:42   just scraped the internet and when and it turns out the details are even worse which is there's

01:34:46   an apple search engine it's the thing that does things like spotlight searches and um but of

01:34:51   course apple's secretive so until today they didn't announce or yesterday they didn't announce that

01:34:57   there's a new thing you can put on your website that will block apple from scraping your website

01:35:03   for use in generative ai but until this week that was not a known thing and so apple has been doing

01:35:14   what all these other companies have been doing which is basically saying if it's on the internet

01:35:20   and it's free and open we can use it to build our model now are they doing that for images

01:35:25   maybe not maybe the images are all licensed but um but on that case and and you know maybe the

01:35:31   story will be well now that it's out if anybody you know puts that in we will do a retraining

01:35:37   at a later date and all that stuff will come out i mean maybe that's the case but it's still opt out

01:35:42   where i mean who's gonna even know the model is built like the model's built you know and now

01:35:47   they're training on new stuff yeah so if you truly believed that you needed to get licenses from the

01:35:54   news you know from the news providers and all the other content providers then why did you also

01:35:59   train your model i think the answer is expediency they just did it just like everybody else did

01:36:04   and i think it was casey newton um who pointed out like that statement went by and like are we

01:36:10   just all okay with the idea that any tech company can take the entire web and all the content on it

01:36:16   and nobody's granted them a license and they can just use it to build a whole system on their

01:36:21   devices that they sell very so it is it is because they had this is the bottom line is i think you

01:36:28   look at this event here my feelings you look at this event you think apple's trying to do the

01:36:35   right thing however there are a bunch of extenuating factors one is they're caught a little flat-footed

01:36:42   on some of this stuff and they are struggling to catch up and they feel like they're at a

01:36:46   disadvantage to some of their arch competitors and they don't want to blow it also there's the

01:36:50   silicon valley bubble of whether it's business and investors um or you know just the the peers

01:36:58   of the people who work at apple ai has has a been a buzzword and there's a feeling even among like

01:37:05   especially among like investors and and and other types in the industry that like apple needs to show

01:37:11   that they're not behind and if you look at the response in those areas they're very happy that

01:37:16   apple made these announcements but the challenge is a lot of the things that apple needed to do

01:37:20   if you wanted to please those people have these downsides and so apple ends up kind of stuck

01:37:27   between a rock and a hard place where they're trying to do the right thing but they also want

01:37:30   to be perceived as being in with the cool kids and what frustrates me is a lot of what they did

01:37:38   is exactly the right thing to do a lot of it is be the adult in the room do features don't just

01:37:44   throw things at the wall and say here's a chat bot do whatever but like build features and ui

01:37:49   have it be privacy based have it be on your device and they went above and beyond build a server

01:37:56   profile and operating system so that you can offload some of this stuff that can't be done

01:38:02   on the device to cloud servers that you control but you can't look into and build security in an

01:38:10   ai cloud like they did all of that stuff right and it's like good this is all to the good good

01:38:16   job apple don't go with the bad kids don't go to that party with a bad kid stay at home and do your

01:38:21   homework and then they're like but but the cool kids invited me to the party right and so you end

01:38:29   up with this you know here's our model that we trained and here's our generative ai thing that

01:38:34   even if it wasn't trained on artists who didn't give their consent even if it was trained on you

01:38:40   know stock imagery and things that apple hired first off i think if it was they would have said

01:38:46   so more prominently like that's that's the part of this is like open web some of the stuff they

01:38:50   they didn't say they didn't which means they did right some of that is just like that's what it is

01:38:56   so and even if they did the way it looks i just think is unfortunate because it looks like weird

01:39:01   ai art that we all know and and some of the things i saw somebody point out and quite rightly

01:39:06   like there's this beautiful sketch in the architecture notebook and part of the demo of

01:39:10   like what this temple looks like and then like yeah we can circle it and generatively make a

01:39:15   an image a photorealistic image of that temple and it's like the sketch was better yeah sketch

01:39:20   was nicer the sketch had more of a that thing it was nevin morgan yeah and they were oh but

01:39:26   we replaced it with a generative thing it's like great so that's my feeling is that they're they're

01:39:32   they're like they're trying and they're trying to thread a needle here where they they show because

01:39:39   it isn't just what are your features it's also show you're in the game and show you're making

01:39:45   progress and it's easy for somebody who doesn't work at apple and doesn't have stock options and

01:39:49   isn't in the industry to say oh just ignore all of that it's hard for them to do it and i i can see

01:39:55   that if you've got a fiduciary responsibility maybe you need to feel you need to gen you need

01:39:59   to demonstrate to the market and to your investors that you do get it but there are moments i guess

01:40:06   in the end i don't know if it all could have been avoided because some of this stuff like the model

01:40:11   they're using for apple intelligence it was trained on the open web it just was they're

01:40:14   going to have to cop to it but i felt like with the generative without image playgrounds especially

01:40:20   they didn't need to do that they could have left it at the genmojis and it would have been fine

01:40:27   i don't think everybody was like oh they need their own dali right like no no let chat gpt do

01:40:32   that stuff you just stay away from it and there are moments where they just got tempted yeah

01:40:38   they're like oh we could do this and those are the ones that i think you know that eventually

01:40:42   they're going to wish they could have had back you know let's say let's go back to the the text right

01:40:46   because that's the open web stuff that's where i think they're talking about specifically

01:40:50   text right like they went out they scraped the internet with their robots and they created their

01:40:55   large language learning model yeah maybe look i'm not the smart one here but let's just say for the

01:41:01   sake of argument the only way that you can do this is to do that but i had still hoped that they

01:41:09   would do something different like i understand what i say is i understand that that might be

01:41:14   the only way that you can do it and be good like i understand that that might just be it but i had

01:41:19   hoped that the richest well or second richest company in the world had the ability to to do

01:41:27   it differently and you know what maybe they would have if they wouldn't have started on this stuff

01:41:32   nine months ago or whatever you know like but i it just it just bugs me that i was the whole time

01:41:40   we've been leading up to this has just been a thing in my mind where i'm like surely they'll

01:41:44   do it differently like it kind of wasn't really a thought in my mind that they would have just done

01:41:50   it like everybody else did but it really seems like they just did it how everyone else did

01:41:55   but they sprinkled some nice stuff on top like hiring some artists like all right

01:42:00   you know okay fine yeah good and again you know maybe it's true that nobody cares but i care right

01:42:07   like i i don't think building your building your feature on content you don't own that that they

01:42:20   haven't you know they haven't given you an explicit right to do is i i question whether

01:42:28   that's the right thing to do and it especially bothers me with artists and maybe the answer is

01:42:32   that you know nobody else cares and it's and it's fine but um but i i think that's an esoteric point

01:42:38   in some ways i think the larger point is is not like just that they're they're taking content but

01:42:43   it's that you know a lot of the tenor of ai stuff is oh you don't even need to use an artist anymore

01:42:48   you can just use an ai thing to build art for you and don't pay an artist and i don't i think

01:42:53   apple didn't step in that i think apple's image playgrounds thing is very much like this is just

01:42:58   for messing around with friends and there's a reason for that like that said they did say they

01:43:04   did put it in the keynote i was like don't know so much about that but they were trying to soft

01:43:09   pedal it but again i just my feeling is this some of this was probably inevitable because of the way

01:43:17   the tech world is going and that apple needed to show that it was in the game and and

01:43:26   you know uh james thompson just said in our discord oh no a 3.1 trillion dollar company

01:43:31   might be a 2.9 trillion dollar company but it's like the incentives are misaligned the people who

01:43:35   run apple are you know have stock options their their incentive at least in part is to you know

01:43:43   keep the stock up and we want we all want apple to be better than that right and i think that

01:43:49   apple has core beliefs and apple does a better job than most companies at following them but

01:43:56   there are limits and like ai is very energy intensive and you know they wanna they want to

01:44:05   talk about um leaving the world a better place and having you know being able to offset all of

01:44:12   the energy use of their devices but like it doesn't change the fact that if you're loading

01:44:17   your device up with ai models you're going to be using a lot of power on devices that will then

01:44:22   need to be charged and you're going to use a lot of power in the data center even if you're using

01:44:26   efficient apple silicon servers they're still using a lot of power and like there comes a

01:44:33   moment where they're like yeah we know but we gotta we feel we gotta do this like this is the

01:44:38   time we can't we can't let this go and i think in the long run what they may be thinking is if we

01:44:43   let this go it might be an existential crisis for apple that if android gets leans into this stuff

01:44:50   and it proves to be a game changer it's not gonna matter that apple stuck up for what was right

01:44:56   because apple will go out of business because the iphone will be killed by android and i know that's

01:45:01   an extreme view but i can see why people at apple would feel that way i genuinely believe we are at

01:45:09   the first time in the history of the iphone where that has actually become a possibility i believe

01:45:13   that that is a possibility that yes if apple said we're not doing this then they run the risk of

01:45:21   losing their business from the iphone because and as you're talking about this incentives you know

01:45:27   you said about the incentives thing like i i i understand you know they they maybe and i understand

01:45:34   the idea that they care about watery and wall street care that i get that i also imagine a

01:45:38   scenario where the incentives of we want to be the best technology company in the world for consumers

01:45:45   i believe today that does include ai because it's people want these features and they want them more

01:45:55   and they want them faster you can see how these these these these apps these services are being

01:46:01   used and they are being used by people that do not listen to this show and right like they need

01:46:08   to be in this world i think we both just hoped that they would that because this is the thing

01:46:15   which annoys me so many of the things we've spoken about in this episode are the exact example of

01:46:20   doing things the apple way but then they did some stuff not their way and it that's right and and

01:46:27   that's what overshadows everything because you did things bad ways and not even really good enough

01:46:35   yeah i think if we're if we're gonna so if if we're down on some of this stuff and i yeah like

01:46:43   image playgrounds i just i don't i don't like it i don't like the idea of it i just don't like it

01:46:47   um i think that the whole generative image thing like genmoji is as far as i'm willing to go right

01:46:53   now um the other i would say so the the little array of sunshine here is if you are somebody

01:47:02   who believes as i've heard lots of people say this week that ai hype is like bitcoin hype it's like

01:47:10   blockchain hype it's just another thing that the tech industry is doing to get a bunch of suckers

01:47:14   on board and make a lot of money and then it's not going to pan out either and they're going to leave

01:47:20   other people holding the bag and the tech people are going to count their money and go on to the

01:47:24   next uh you know ponzi scheme that they're going to do next whatever it is okay um i'm i'm not a

01:47:34   i'm not convinced that general knowledge ai chat bots are going to take off like i i think that

01:47:45   there is definitely an argument that there are limits to what they're doing and that what seems

01:47:50   like exponential growth now may in two or three years prove to have been a mirage and that they

01:47:58   can't stop hallucinating and they don't get a lot better okay however if you're apple

01:48:05   you got a hedge what if they are and so apples put they're probably building their own in

01:48:13   internally in case they need to no longer partner with open ai right um but they put open ai in

01:48:20   there they put chat gbt in there they're like all right well you know what in two or three years if

01:48:24   this doesn't pan out and it's all dumb they'll just take it out because they've got their other

01:48:28   models and if their other models are more limited and it turns out that that's actually what the

01:48:32   future is is a whole bunch of limited models that are focused on things like your user's data set

01:48:37   and your context and that there are other ways to get the knowledge out there but that the gpts

01:48:44   of the world are never going to be that great amazing artificial intelligence dream

01:48:48   then thing great like they will have not particularly integrated chat gpt or others

01:48:55   into the operating system it's at arm's length and if it's a big nothing it'll be a big nothing

01:49:00   and it'll fall away if it's huge they can't be late to it so so i think there are reasons for

01:49:06   some people to be disappointed in apple this week even though i think a lot of what they did is

01:49:11   absolutely the most apple-like thing they could choose to do but i think there are places where

01:49:21   apple has said you know we gotta be we gotta be careful here because if we are left too far behind

01:49:28   we will never catch up and and and so when you see them do things that might disappoint you i think

01:49:35   that's one of the one of the things that's going on but what i didn't see is them betting the house

01:49:40   on it right i didn't see them saying yes chat gpt is the future oh my god everything they're like

01:49:45   you could use it if you want and we'll warn you and we'll put a warning label

01:49:50   even after we warn you that we're using them about the results being unreliable but we're going to do

01:49:56   it and that is them like because the fact is people are like well they should just not do that so you

01:50:01   know some the fact is some people do want that some people want that stuff and use that stuff

01:50:07   and and you don't have to like it but um at this point it may be more like a dangerous toy but

01:50:13   it's a toy that some people want to play with and that apple apple can't say no

01:50:19   because maybe it's more than a toy and if it turns out just to be a dangerous toy that doesn't have

01:50:29   doesn't grow and change and improve i firmly believe they will back away from it entirely

01:50:35   but they can't afford to pretend it doesn't exist and so you're left with this cognitive dissonance

01:50:41   which is apple's doing some stuff the right way and then you look at this other stuff and you're

01:50:45   like well what the heck apple what's that about and they're like yeah well gotta do that too

01:50:50   and that's just that is the contradiction of this entire thing shall we leave that here for this week

01:50:58   sure i'm sure we'll get a lot of feedback and we'll chew it over and we'll have more thoughts

01:51:02   down the road i know that my thoughts are changing on a over these you know almost

01:51:06   six hourly basis right now so there's going to be more stuff that comes out there's going to be more

01:51:11   interviews and there's going to be more thoughts but i think for now i think we me and you at least

01:51:18   i feel like i've said the main things i wanted to say today yeah i i have one more thing to say

01:51:23   which is um i am as tired as everybody else is of people saying that ai chatbots are the future

01:51:32   and that if you don't have them you're behind and that they're obviously going to change the world

01:51:37   because i have great skepticism about that and i think it's good to be skeptical maybe they will

01:51:42   or maybe not i also am tired of people who view all machine learning and ai stuff as a con and a

01:51:51   scam that doesn't have value because that's not true either and i see those people out there too

01:51:56   and i'm just tired of that too like uh you know the the reaction in some circles to the stuff

01:52:04   that apple announced is like everybody apple announced that they wanna that they realized

01:52:09   they need to make siri a lot better and contextual and understand what you've been talking about with

01:52:14   them and saying hey you know do this thing now and send it to that guy and have that actually work

01:52:20   like that's good and there are a bunch of other good features that are tried and true so i would

01:52:25   say don't not all machine learning and ai is the same not all machine learning and ai stuff is

01:52:34   fundamentally inhuman and unreliable not all ai and machine learning is coming for our jobs or

01:52:41   to kill all humans or whatever there it's it's complicated and there's good and bad and i think

01:52:49   my frustrations with some of what apple has announced is that i think some of what apple's

01:52:52   doing is leaning into the bad because they feel they have to but there's also a lot where they're

01:52:56   trying to do the right thing and like the private cloud thing the private cloud compute is amazing

01:53:00   right that is a huge amount of work a huge endeavor that they've undertaken to try to get

01:53:05   the benefit of big ai features for users without basically selling them out and that is to be

01:53:14   commended i think based on what we know now but i guess what i'm just saying is it's complicated

01:53:20   and so let's all kind of keep an open mind to the fact that some of this stuff is probably good and

01:53:24   some of it is bad and that the best thing to do is try to pick apart as difficult as that is

01:53:29   what's good and what's bad and um and and we'll see where it goes hopefully someplace good hopefully

01:53:35   not someplace terrible but we'll see yeah i i do believe that the future of technology is based on

01:53:45   technology built on large language models that's not a chatbot necessarily maybe that is but you

01:53:52   know i i think a lot of the stuff that i love that is in apple intelligence is exactly that they're

01:53:58   building a model of my own stuff and helping me pick things out of it it's not a chatbot it's just

01:54:04   doing things from on my device i think it is like that that is like a it's an underpinning to the

01:54:09   next level of technology but it's not going to be chatbots or maybe chatbots become so incredible

01:54:15   that maybe it's chatbots but i think i'm with you which is like it doesn't mean it's all good it

01:54:20   doesn't mean it's all bad but like this is this is where we're going and so i think that there is

01:54:26   something about trying to find the thing that you like i think you've got to i think we've got to

01:54:34   try and find some things that are of use to us or you can say i don't want anything to do with any

01:54:40   of this but it really does mean i think that it kind of steps you out of technology a little bit

01:54:47   now and maybe you're okay with that but i know i'm not because it's what i love yeah apple's walking

01:54:52   the tightrope here that's the other thing i guess to keep in mind is that is that apple and apple's

01:54:57   executives can't just say oh no we're not going to do that like there would be deep consequences to

01:55:01   that and they're trying to not just do the right thing but also make sure that the business

01:55:05   continues to exist and battle all existential threats and if you believe that the car was sort

01:55:10   of a what what if let's spend our money on it and especially a vision pro is a but what if they

01:55:15   replace uh the the iphone with glasses we need to be there and be our own replacement if that's the

01:55:20   case well ai is one of those it is an existential threat too if you make an iphone uh how do you you

01:55:26   know is it not relevant anymore if apps don't matter because everything's just run by the ai

01:55:32   and like that's bad for apple so they're like okay we have to we have to be a part of that

01:55:38   too and we might not like it but that's just uh that's part of what they have to do

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01:58:08   let's move on to brighter things mac os sequoia so i have another six months of trying to learn

01:58:16   how to spell this because who knows it uses every vowel so that's exciting who knows what order they

01:58:22   go in uh there's a bunch of features added to continuity one of the best is iphone mirroring

01:58:29   so on your mac absolutely you can fully interact with everything on your iphone your iphone stays

01:58:35   locked if you've got it in a in a charging thing it will stay on standby mode if that's the thing

01:58:40   love it i wish i could do this on my ipad and my vision pro as well while we're at it sure you know

01:58:45   sure sure yeah if you flip if you uh unlock it it disconnects right but if if it's running it

01:58:51   will either be in standby or in the lock screen and there'll be a little alert on the lock screen

01:58:55   that says this is being controlled by a by a mac um but it's a it's a great feature i mean never

01:59:01   underestimate apple's finding value in the mac by integrating iphone features like the iphone is the

01:59:08   crown jewels essentially and like if they can make the mac work better with the iphone then that is a

01:59:13   benefit to the mac and so they're doing that a lot and this is like you could always you could from

01:59:19   last year you could run widgets right iphone widgets on your mac that actually were on your

01:59:23   iphone but now with this feature if you click on that widget to interact with it or to like it

01:59:28   can just launch the iphone in a window and uh launch that app right and you can just you can

01:59:33   use apps it's a continuity feature so it needs to use it needs to be in bluetooth range to connect

01:59:37   but then it uses wi-fi to do um the screen sharing and it's high frame rate um and high bit rate and

01:59:47   it will do audio as well as video um it's got some controls so if you you know you can click on the

01:59:54   bar at the bottom to go back to the home screen but there's also like a little toolbar where you

01:59:58   can go back out to the home screen um if something goes in you know in a rotated orientation it will

02:00:04   auto rotate like it's just very it's just very clever um and uh notifications will put in the

02:00:11   notification center and it's for an app that's on your iphone again you click on it it just opens

02:00:15   the window with the iphone app on it and i just i like it it's it's super smart um if you rely on

02:00:22   your iphone for stuff that's not on your mac but you don't have to switch to your iphone you can

02:00:26   use the keyboard and the mouse and the trackpad gestures and all that stuff just comes along

02:00:31   and coming later will be uh what seems like a seamless like drag and drop of of of like content

02:00:40   between devices too yeah there's into files or anything else or safari or like apple's apps that

02:00:47   use it and anybody else that uses the drag and drop api for files it will just work that way too

02:00:52   so you could literally just drag a file in and it it opens it up very cool uh window tiling on the

02:01:00   mac so you can drag windows to corners and areas and they'll snap into place and there's a bunch

02:01:05   of keyboard shortcuts great yeah and there's also more stuff under click and hold under the little

02:01:09   green um button in the upper left corner to auto you know tile your oh nice stuff they finally got

02:01:17   again this should have happened five years ago but they've finally gotten like windows has done this

02:01:21   a long time with the tiling game of just like sometimes you just want to drag something in

02:01:24   the corner and say just take up this side of the screen and not have to deal with resizing it and

02:01:28   all of those things and i know there are a lot of utilities that do this well i don't know what to

02:01:34   tell you i this should be an os feature and and now it is and those utilities will still find

02:01:39   ways to survive doing all the things that apple didn't bother to implement and never will but it

02:01:44   is funny like apple continues to deal with window management on the mac they just there's always a

02:01:49   new approach to window management on the mac i'm sure that those the apple's tool is not as

02:01:55   granular as many of the third-party tools can get in size and placement and stuff like that

02:02:00   safari has a new highlights feature to pull out useful information from a page

02:02:09   it appears where the reader icon is and it kind of still is also the reader icon

02:02:16   it says i think you put this note in the document jason that now to get to the to safari reader you

02:02:22   have to click twice on that button which is weird the little button where it says reader that goes

02:02:27   in that becomes the summary button and you click and a little summary pane comes down with all that

02:02:31   information and then there's one there's a button on there that says you know open in reader so you

02:02:36   know that is an interesting choice they made i think that makes sense like i think you would

02:02:44   it would be interesting to have that information and then read like to me that makes sense anyway

02:02:48   but maybe that's the kind of person i am um the reader itself does have some new features too

02:02:55   uh like a table of contents and the summaries uh and the summaries are created on device on

02:03:01   uh apple silicon max yeah so the the summary that you see in the pane is actually a spotlight

02:03:08   summary it's from their search engine it's a thing that's already existed but if you go to reader and

02:03:12   they they do like a toc and a summary of the document that is generated on device that's

02:03:17   an apple intelligence feature and viewer is now reader mode for video right essentially

02:03:24   yeah they built in they built in so like if you're on a web page that's got a video and you want to

02:03:30   pop it out and you can just do it the web page doesn't have to let you do it it'll it'll just do

02:03:36   it should talk about ipad os yeah so ipad os 18 uh got a bunch of features in notes that also

02:03:47   iphone gets some of these features too in different ways but there a lot of them are enhanced by the

02:03:53   pencil one is smart script where it essentially learns your handwriting makes your handwriting

02:03:59   look better but retaining your style so like smoothing things out a little bit um i've been

02:04:04   trying to get this to work on my ipad mini but it just keeps telling me it needs to be connected to

02:04:09   wi-fi to download but i don't know what i need to do to get it to do that but that's just beta life

02:04:14   you know uh but you can then like you can copy text and paste it in your handwriting you can

02:04:20   edit your handwriting like it's text i think this is a very very cool feature that i'm very excited

02:04:25   to check out whenever it will work for me yeah if you misspell a word in your handwriting you

02:04:30   can actually it'll get a little underlined and you can have it be corrected and then it

02:04:33   corrects it in what looks like your handwriting yeah um live audio transcription is here too

02:04:40   um i think that in notes i don't think it's done with apple intelligence i think or maybe it is

02:04:46   i'm not sure it has yeah it may not be but it may just be the regular transcription engine i don't

02:04:51   know but it's the idea that you can just if you're on a lecture or something you can just uh

02:04:55   start recording in notes and uh in the end you'll get a transcribed version of the audio file and

02:05:01   then we have math notes which math notes might be my favorite feature of any feature they have

02:05:09   announced i think this is an absolutely incredible tool where i think it works better with apple

02:05:17   pencil at least from the way that i work like i very frequently if i'm trying to work out a problem

02:05:23   like a money thing or just numbers or whatever i like to sit and draw them out what i like so what

02:05:31   math notes does you just write out the sums and it calculates them for you it can do uh currency

02:05:38   trans uh like um currency transactions too like conversions uh you can also type stuff out in

02:05:45   notes as well you can kind of like define things and then create sums out of them so you could be

02:05:50   like item a costs 100 item b cost 200 item a plus item b equals and it will do it for you like

02:05:57   really amazing you can go in and edit the the values and it will change the totals

02:06:02   i think this is a really impressive feature that is done so well i mean and this is in the

02:06:11   brand new calculator app which is on ipad os but also it features in notes too notes has

02:06:17   these features you can just do it in notes yeah exactly right yeah i think this is an incredible

02:06:22   thing and it doesn't just work with apple pencil you can actually do this in like text too in there

02:06:27   where you can you can put in a problem and put the equal sign and it'll give you an answer which is

02:06:31   pretty neat um there is a redesigned tab bar inside of ipad apps which is customizable it's

02:06:41   kind of like a floating bar it looks like tv os um like the way that tv os looks you've got like

02:06:47   a kind of bar on the top but then it kind of like becomes the sidebar when you open the sidebar

02:06:53   and there's a little bit of editability to it yeah you can you can have if you've got an item that

02:06:57   you want up there in that floating tab bar you can drag you can edit it and drag it up there

02:07:02   and then it you see it's a customizable tab this is another sort of like well one of it's sort of

02:07:07   like a menu bar but not really um it's content segmentation so it's it's the usual thing where

02:07:12   apple is like oh this lets your content uh come to the fore and like okay all right it does it's

02:07:19   i'll need to use it and and and see but it's another tweak where they're like let's just get

02:07:24   the sidebars out of the way and yeah okay we'll see and an updated document browser

02:07:33   yeah you know this is this is a really quick one like the problem with so many document oriented

02:07:38   ipad apps is when they open it looks like you just open files and you other than like the name in the

02:07:44   corner and the color you can't even tell and so they redesigned it so that the top half of the

02:07:49   window is like branding for whatever app it is and then the bottom half has the details of like

02:07:55   opening a file in that app and i think literally it's because a lot of users and i've done this too

02:08:01   you open an app that is opens to the document browser and it's using the files document

02:08:06   browser interface but it's in that app you open and you're like wait a second am i in files now

02:08:10   and so they've tried to give it a little more branding so you know oh this is numbers or oh

02:08:16   this is pages or whatever federico uh i saw him comment and he wrote in his article about this too

02:08:24   which is that ipad os this year basically got two features that were unique to it which are those

02:08:31   two that we just mentioned um and my thought was that is sad but hey at least you didn't have to

02:08:38   wait a year for the home screen customization which is the normal way of things so yeah yeah

02:08:44   no i was i was impressed that the ipad actually got that feature because i thought we'd have to

02:08:48   wait a year but that you know ipad does benefit from a ton of stuff that we've mentioned i think

02:08:56   this year really feels like more of a by and large like a a like a sys overall systems year because

02:09:05   of apple intelligence sure but there are some things that each operating system gets that are

02:09:11   unique to it even if there aren't that many you know like the what we just like the mac got two

02:09:16   features i mean i think they are arguably more impressive features than the features that ipad

02:09:21   os got like iphone mirroring a window tiling but nevertheless you know it may be a little slim

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02:10:48   they said it couldn't be done but with watchos 11 you can now pause your rings

02:10:57   yep it's true you can for a day for a week for a month until an arbitrary time just pause them

02:11:04   and your streaks are intact like it's kind of one of the things where it's like i don't understand

02:11:10   why it took 10 years like this is great but like why did this take 10 years like it's like you know

02:11:17   if i if i break my ankle i can't hit my goals so i lose my goals it's not fair so i'm happy that

02:11:24   they've done this um and they've also taken this as a chance to you know to allow you to adjust your

02:11:30   goals by day and stuff like that so they've done a little bit there um which is interesting there's

02:11:37   a new training load system so uh it will be able to rate and let you know how intense any workouts

02:11:43   you've done are yeah um they're like 17 different workout types where they will actually um make a

02:11:49   guess about how intense that workout was you can also change it if you disagree and then they use

02:11:54   that to sort of see how's your intensity working over time it's almost like an understanding of the

02:11:58   fact that it will change from day to day but the general trends are you know are they upward or

02:12:03   are they downward yep uh the vitals app looks really cool um this requires that you wear your

02:12:10   watch while you're sleeping and um you will get an overview of a selection of health metrics

02:12:16   heart rate respiratory rate risk temperature blood oxygen and sleep data uh i use sleep plus plus

02:12:23   from previously mentioned uh underscore and i believe that this is what underscore is using

02:12:28   all of this stuff to create the readiness score that sleep plus plus gives you it's like a score

02:12:34   how ready are you for your day and it's using these metrics but what apple is doing here is

02:12:39   they're also creating a baseline for you and letting you know if things are changing either

02:12:46   once or there's a trend and you could i guess you could use other data points in health to try and

02:12:51   draw some patterns you know i was i was talking to some friends over the weekend um they're both

02:12:57   watch people and we were talking about watches and stuff like that and i was just saying to them like

02:13:02   i miss wearing my mechanical watches i have a small collection of watches that i love

02:13:08   but i've kind of gotten to the point in my life where it feels like it is irresponsible to not

02:13:13   wear an apple watch from what it does for your health and how it tracks your health and this is

02:13:18   just another one of those things where it's like another thing that my watch is looking out for me

02:13:22   for to see if something's going on with my health and to try and give me some indications as to what

02:13:28   might be affecting me uh and so yeah i think this is really cool i dig this feature a lot um because

02:13:35   this is you know one of my main frustrations for some of apple's health stuff is they're like

02:13:39   hey this thing changed and you don't really know what that means but this does feel like that

02:13:45   they're going to try and with this system at least try and base it on other things and make

02:13:49   some recommendations to you at least i hope so anyway yeah i i get a strong sense from this of

02:13:55   that usual like apple doesn't want to talk about medical things because then they would need to be

02:13:59   regulated medically and so the examples they all give are very vague um and i think that that's why

02:14:07   i think they want to warn you about things but not tell you what those might be because they would

02:14:12   then have a whole other raft of regulations that they would have to do so it's like oh maybe you

02:14:17   drank a lot last night um maybe but like they a lot of the claims it's just weird talking to apple

02:14:25   about about watch stuff because they they don't want to make certain kinds of claims even though

02:14:29   that's probably what motivated them so anyway it's nice to have a trend a trend view if you're

02:14:34   somebody they say uh sleeping is a great time to take take your vitals actually so that's why they

02:14:39   do it that way is they get they got a bunch of time for you to um be you know still so that they

02:14:46   can measure you and then compare you to previous days and it's a 28 day i think uh uh thing that

02:14:52   it's doing but yeah anyway yeah and the smart stack will now surface relevant widgets like if

02:14:59   it's raining it could show you a weather widget um yep and it also features live activities which

02:15:04   i'm sure when they announced this feature initially they said it would have live activities

02:15:09   in it but that didn't happen um which is great like so there if i've got a car coming or food

02:15:15   coming or whatever i want my smart stack on my apple watch to show me that information because

02:15:20   it's completely relevant to where i am exactly right they have the uh developers don't even need

02:15:26   to build another widget for it because it uses what's in the dynamic island as the genius um smart

02:15:33   stack item very cool and finally vision os 2 yeah it happened so here are the features for vision os

02:15:44   2 uh spatial photos from 2d images so i tried this out today blown away by this it doesn't even need

02:15:54   to be a photo you took on an iphone like it can be photos from other cameras yeah because they do the

02:16:00   segmentation thing where they pull it out they do that it's actually very similar to what they do

02:16:04   with um apple watch where they put the text around the the the a 2d image but they pull out the person

02:16:12   and then they can put the text behind their head and stuff like that it's like that they basically

02:16:16   find the subject and then they fake it so that you can get a spatial effect from it i'm sure joe steel

02:16:22   will uh hate it it looks to me it looks good like i thought it looked fun i was making some of these

02:16:28   from photos from some of our live shows of like photos i'd taken from stage of of like us on stage

02:16:34   and i thought it looked great i thought it was a lot of fun best way to look at a photo no but a

02:16:39   fun way to look at a photo there are new gestures to access home control center and to see the time

02:16:47   and battery these take a minute to get used to but i'm really happy that they exist you kind of have

02:16:54   to raise your hand and look at your hand and then a little like circle appears you can then tap your

02:17:00   finger together and it will take you to the home or you turn your hand over and then it brings up

02:17:06   a little time and battery which you can then tap to bring to open control center takes a minute i

02:17:13   like it but they're great like because this is getting rid of two really awkward interactions

02:17:19   which is one pressing the button to go home or looking up to get to the control center

02:17:24   you can rearrange apps we already mentioned panoramic mac virtual display so like a huge

02:17:32   mac monitor that will be coming a keyboard pass through for magic keyboard and macbook so you're

02:17:38   in a full environment and it can see those i really wished that they just pushed that apple

02:17:42   intelligence a little further and made that all keyboards mouse support and what i love about

02:17:49   this is this even includes when you're using mac like when you're in mac virtual display it will

02:17:54   use the mouse that's connected to your mac to control things on vision os guest mode now saves

02:18:01   eye and hand data from your most recent guest so if you you know someone could keep trying it which

02:18:06   is great there's more immersive video content coming from apple and some others and basically

02:18:14   all via apple but they've announced partnerships of canon and black magic to create specific

02:18:20   hardware for creating professional spatial and immersive content and they announced vision pro

02:18:25   international availability rolling out over the next couple of weeks so throughout june yeah you'll

02:18:30   be legit soon i'll be able to buy the second solo band to do the solo top thing that everybody tries

02:18:36   nice enjoy that it's good and i can stop worrying about breaking it because i'll be able to take it

02:18:42   to you can have access to all of your apps and subscriptions and stuff that's going to take some

02:18:46   time but yeah i'll be able to do that too um so i reset up my persona and it has not fixed my issue

02:18:52   so my mouse still does not move but you can customize the glasses now so nice that's good

02:18:58   i would say all of this is really great and would have been a really great vision os 1.5

02:19:05   i i and i'm not saying this is bad i think all of these features are fantastic it just doesn't

02:19:12   really feel like a two you know like this is all great stuff pushing it forward in great ways i'm

02:19:19   very happy about it but it doesn't feel like a big leap and maybe that's just what we're going to have

02:19:24   to accept from vision os it's not going to make big leaps but as long as they're adding stuff to it

02:19:29   it's only four months since they shipped it right i mean it is a quick turnaround next year they

02:19:34   will have a full year cycle yeah this year they didn't so i i yeah i can see on one level you

02:19:40   call it watch os 2 you're sort of saying look um we're going to keep working on this thing and

02:19:45   we've incremented it and it might be small increments this time but we did it um and and

02:19:52   you could say that if they did 1.5 they're like oh it's so disappointing or whatever i don't know

02:19:57   if it matters in the end i'm glad that it's got stuff in it you know it's limited stuff but it's

02:20:01   got stuff and i'm what i'm saying is i'm not trying to put it down i'm just saying like it's

02:20:05   not a massive release but they did put features into it they've fixed a lot of pain points they've

02:20:10   added some stuff like i'm happy but they've not done some of the things that i really wanted like

02:20:16   environment development you know so like people could submit environments to the system and stuff

02:20:21   like that and it has no apple intelligence features that's true it's not supported i'm

02:20:28   really disappointed about this because i it makes me worried that they're leaving the platform behind

02:20:35   i spoke to a friend of the show john voorhees today who said that he was told in a in a briefing

02:20:40   that he had that they're not here because of priorities and at some point some of these

02:20:45   features will start appearing on vision os so hopefully i hope that is the case like but to me

02:20:52   this i think is a sign of like priority shifts like uh apple's future was spatial computing their

02:21:01   new future is apple intelligence right it's just like what a difference a year makes and this is

02:21:08   kind of where we are but i look forward to these things coming together because i think that there

02:21:12   could be some really great stuff in spatial computing and apple intelligence like it feels

02:21:18   like a system those two things feel that they could be really well made for each other and maybe

02:21:23   it's just a case of building the interfaces that will work for this stuff and they have not put

02:21:29   vision os as a um like a main target for this right now because it's still very small and i

02:21:36   can understand that if that's the case i just really hope that they do it because i i want

02:21:40   those features there i'm also not convinced that in the vision os 2 cycle there won't be new

02:21:45   features that they haven't announced i think that is completely it yes i think they'll announce this

02:21:50   and ship it this fall and then they'll they'll do a 2.1 and it'll have a feature in it that surprises

02:21:54   us i i would not be surprised if there's a lot more that they're uh they're not going to hold

02:21:58   off necessarily for a year they're just going to keep on iterating on it and i hope that's the case

02:22:02   i really hope so but i'm happy with what i've seen like i spent a lot of time in vision os today

02:22:07   oh and they also added safari profiles which is like a huge feature for me um because now for you

02:22:13   you safari so i love it so yeah i i'm really happy with vision os too but you know i i didn't i wanted

02:22:21   more but i got more than what would have been the minimum so i'm happy with that i think we did it

02:22:28   so okay we're obviously going to have questions you have questions for us go to upgrade feedback

02:22:35   dot com send us in your ask upgrade questions i'd like to get through a bunch of them next week

02:22:40   let us know what you're thinking about what you're feeling and we'll try and see how many of those we

02:22:44   can get to next week i think that that would be a good use of some of our time next week along with

02:22:49   anything more that we learn uh in the intervening days so please go to upgrade feedback and do that

02:22:54   you can send us your feedback follow up in your questions you can check out jason's work over at

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02:23:18   are at upgrade relay thank you to our members who support us of upgrade plus and get to hear about

02:23:24   the winner of the first annual california bear trophy thank you to our sponsors of this week

02:23:29   that is our fine friends over at uni pizza ovens fitbaud vitally and delete me and hang on a second

02:23:37   jason do you hear that in the distance it sounds like some crashing waves serenity and wait is it

02:23:47   fun oh yeah it it is maybe fun summer summer fun see you next week say goodbye jason snow goodbye

02:24:00   mike herley

02:24:13   [ Silence ]