428: A Series of Rectangles


00:00:00   (laughs) I'm not feeling great right now. (laughs)

00:00:02   - Save it for the show. - Okay, okay.

00:00:04   - Save it for the show, save it for the show.

00:00:06   Yeah, so we have a lot of things to,

00:00:09   this is not really the show, but I'm trying to ease into it

00:00:11   since I have to cut Marco off.

00:00:13   We have a lot of stuff to cover.

00:00:15   It's going to be John Siracusa's favorite kind of episode,

00:00:17   an episode where it's probably nothing but follow up.

00:00:20   So brace yourselves, everybody.

00:00:22   (electronic music)

00:00:23   It is everyone's favorite time of year.

00:00:27   It is approaching WWDC time.

00:00:30   So what does that mean?

00:00:32   It means the ATP store is back and no snark.

00:00:37   I really mean this.

00:00:40   I've been really excited for this one.

00:00:41   I feel like we have a really good lineup this year.

00:00:43   Not that they've been bad in other years,

00:00:44   but I feel like this year, really good lineup.

00:00:47   And so here's what we've got.

00:00:49   If you are listening to this now, recorded or live,

00:00:52   you can go to ATP.fm/store.

00:00:56   And we have several different offerings.

00:00:59   Let me briefly try to go through them all

00:01:02   without John or Marco, probably John, interrupting me.

00:01:04   And then we will spend a little more time on each of them.

00:01:07   We've got--

00:01:07   - Hey, I'm good at interrupting you too.

00:01:09   - Well, yes, but I thought John

00:01:10   would have more thoughts on this one.

00:01:12   So anyway, so we've got, actually you succeeded

00:01:14   in making the point, well done.

00:01:15   (laughing)

00:01:18   All right, so we've got several different shirts.

00:01:20   We've got the M1 shirt.

00:01:22   The front is our favorite six colors, slash, slash, slash,

00:01:27   with M1 on the front.

00:01:28   The back, a certain John Siracusa spent an inordinate

00:01:33   amount of time recreating the ChIP diagram of the M1.

00:01:35   It looks excellent.

00:01:36   We have that in color on the front,

00:01:39   and then it's monochrome on the back.

00:01:40   We also have that in monochrome on the front.

00:01:43   So it's just white ink on the front,

00:01:44   but several different kind of colors of shirts.

00:01:47   We've got an ATP Performance shirt.

00:01:48   So this is kind of in the spirit of Under Armour,

00:01:51   although it is not exactly Under Armour.

00:01:52   So if you were wearing this while you are sweating,

00:01:55   it doesn't stick to you,

00:01:56   and you don't have to like scissor it off.

00:01:58   It actually slides right off.

00:02:00   Then we also have the classic logo shirt,

00:02:03   the one that we've known and loved for several years now.

00:02:05   We've got the pins that have been around forever,

00:02:06   and we'll eventually run out of them,

00:02:07   but that day is not today.

00:02:09   And then my personal favorite,

00:02:11   because this was my contribution,

00:02:12   we have an ATP pint glass, an etched ATP pint glass,

00:02:17   which I'm very excited about.

00:02:19   So that's the quick overview.

00:02:21   This will all be available.

00:02:22   The sale will end Friday, May 14.

00:02:25   This is where I do the same thing I do every year.

00:02:27   For those of you who are good about this,

00:02:29   I'm sorry for wasting a moment of your time.

00:02:31   I'm sorry, but I gotta do it.

00:02:33   Every year, every time, without fail,

00:02:36   within hours of the sale ending, I get tweets.

00:02:40   (gasps)

00:02:41   Is it over?

00:02:42   Oh, I forgot, is it over?

00:02:43   Is it over?

00:02:44   Oh no, I forgot, is it over?

00:02:45   Yes, it's over.

00:02:46   So please, if you're listening to this,

00:02:49   and you are at all interested in any of these fantastic

00:02:51   shirts or glasses or pins, now's the time.

00:02:54   Pull your car over if you're in the car.

00:02:56   Pull over to the side of the walkway that you're on

00:02:58   if you're walking.

00:02:59   Or, in all likelihood, you're at home,

00:03:01   which is where you probably should be.

00:03:02   So stop what you're doing at home.

00:03:04   ATP.fm/store, now's the time.

00:03:07   All right, let's go through this with a little more detail.

00:03:08   Jon, the M1 shirt was, I think, 100% your work.

00:03:12   So would you like to dive in a little more

00:03:14   and tell us a little more about it?

00:03:15   - Yeah, for the people who don't listen to the car segments,

00:03:17   who don't care about them,

00:03:18   who don't understand what it is with our logo,

00:03:19   like the joke of our ATP logo is that since this,

00:03:23   you know, since Accidental Tech podcast

00:03:25   came out of us doing a car podcast,

00:03:27   it looks a lot like the M logo, the BMW M logo,

00:03:31   which has some colored stripes leaning to the right,

00:03:33   and then an M, and so our show was a bunch of,

00:03:36   you know, colored stripes, but it was the apple colors,

00:03:38   and then a leaning A for ATP, right?

00:03:42   This year, of course, we know the M1 is in all the max,

00:03:44   and the M1 is awesome, so it gave us a chance

00:03:46   to make a shirt that actually has a bunch of colored stripes

00:03:49   and a slanty M.

00:03:51   Looks just like the BMW M logo.

00:03:52   Please, BMW, don't sue us, it's a parody.

00:03:55   (laughing)

00:03:56   And so now, finally, we have an actual M shirt.

00:04:00   Now, BMW, the M1 was a supercar,

00:04:02   and it was not, it didn't have a logo or anything like this.

00:04:05   Actually, BMW makes their 1s a little bit different,

00:04:07   but we took some artistic license,

00:04:09   so that's the idea behind the M1 shirt.

00:04:12   So we've got the colored one,

00:04:16   which I think is the most expensive

00:04:17   to manufacture shirt we've ever made,

00:04:20   because every single one of those colors in the front,

00:04:22   I think, is a separate printing pass,

00:04:24   plus we printed on the back,

00:04:26   so I think for the first time, we had to do calculations

00:04:28   to make sure we literally wouldn't lose money

00:04:30   in each shirt that we sold.

00:04:32   So we apologize for the price,

00:04:35   and speaking of the price of these shirts,

00:04:37   and forget about shipping and VAT,

00:04:38   I know they're insanely expensive,

00:04:40   just wanna remind everybody,

00:04:41   if you don't care about shirts,

00:04:42   you don't care about pint glasses,

00:04:43   you don't want any of this junk in your life,

00:04:45   but you just wanna give us money,

00:04:46   we have a way for you to do that.

00:04:49   You can become an ATP member at ATP.fm/join,

00:04:53   and believe me, if you want a shirt, get a shirt,

00:04:56   but if you just wanna give us money,

00:04:58   we get way, way, way more money if you join as a member

00:05:01   than if you buy a shirt.

00:05:02   I know it seems ridiculous,

00:05:03   like how can you not be making a ton of money

00:05:05   off these shirts?

00:05:05   The shirts are here for people who want shirts.

00:05:08   I want shirts, my kids want shirts,

00:05:10   people want shirts, people want pint glasses.

00:05:12   Get them if you want them, they're awesome,

00:05:14   they're really cool, but if you don't care

00:05:15   about any of this merch and you just wanna give us money,

00:05:17   ATP.fm/join, and the synergy here is,

00:05:20   if you do want a shirt,

00:05:21   but you don't wanna pay full price for that shirt,

00:05:23   if you're an ATP member,

00:05:25   you get 15% off every single thing in the store.

00:05:28   So you can become a member today, become a member,

00:05:31   pay for one month of membership, get the 50% discount,

00:05:34   save more money than you spent on the membership,

00:05:36   buy a bunch of stuff, cancel next month.

00:05:38   It's really easy to do.

00:05:39   - Yep.

00:05:40   - Oh, and I guess the colored M1 shirt.

00:05:42   So the monochrome one is our attempt to let people

00:05:44   have this shirt for less money,

00:05:45   'cause the monochrome is just one color of ink,

00:05:47   so you don't have to do umpteen printing passes on it.

00:05:50   But the cool thing about the M1 monochrome shirt

00:05:52   is it comes in a ton of colors.

00:05:54   Let me look at how many different colors

00:05:55   we have with this thing.

00:05:56   We have blue, red, purple, teal, green, pink,

00:06:01   like a lighter purple, like tri-blend versions of all those.

00:06:05   So just because we show a blue shirt

00:06:07   and you're like, ah, I don't want a blue shirt,

00:06:08   look at all the colors.

00:06:09   A lot of them are really cool looking.

00:06:11   Lots of different styles, different materials.

00:06:13   When possible, we give every color

00:06:15   and every possible material.

00:06:16   It's not always possible.

00:06:17   Some colors are only available in cotton,

00:06:18   some only available in tri-blend,

00:06:20   but just check out all the colors.

00:06:21   Same thing with the performance shirt.

00:06:23   It comes in a bunch of different colors and styles,

00:06:25   so check it out.

00:06:26   And as for the pint glass, it is not printed, it is etched.

00:06:30   We already had someone ask whether that's dishwasher safe.

00:06:32   I assume so.

00:06:33   We will follow up next week to confirm one or the other,

00:06:35   but that's part of the reason we didn't choose printing.

00:06:38   Etching is actually scratching of the glass,

00:06:40   so I think that'll hold up well.

00:06:42   - Yep, yep, I am super excited about this.

00:06:44   All of this, and I can't stress enough.

00:06:46   John, can you tell the story of recreating the M1

00:06:51   for the back of the M1 shirt?

00:06:52   Because you went through a preposterous amount of work

00:06:56   to get this to look right.

00:06:57   - Eh, it's not that much work.

00:06:58   I mean, so if you look at it, you'll say,

00:07:00   hey, I recognize that kind of from Apple's presentations

00:07:03   where they show this stylized, not really realistic version

00:07:05   of the M1 that shows the four high-performance cores

00:07:09   and the four efficiency cores and the GPU cores,

00:07:11   and it's not a reflection of the physical chip,

00:07:13   but it is kind of an abstract diagram that Apple uses.

00:07:16   But of course, we can't use Apple's graphics

00:07:18   because they belong to Apple's.

00:07:19   But I can, in fact, sit there for hours and hours

00:07:22   in a vector design program and make a series of rectangles

00:07:27   that more or less approximates exactly what Apple had.

00:07:29   So thank you, Apple, for the inspiration

00:07:32   for this chip design, even though it doesn't reflect reality

00:07:35   and yes, I did draw every single line of that chip myself.

00:07:38   - And I think a series of rectangles might be

00:07:40   underestimating how many lines there are in this drawing.

00:07:43   - I mean, they really are all rectangles.

00:07:45   Like, it's just, it's a lot of rectangles.

00:07:47   And the other thing that I discovered when drawing it

00:07:49   is that Apple's drawings are not symmetrical.

00:07:52   Like, when you see a bunch of lines

00:07:54   that you think are evenly spaced,

00:07:55   they're not actually evenly spaced.

00:07:57   Because I was trying to do it on a grid with, like,

00:07:59   grid snap, and I realized when I did the same number

00:08:01   of lines as Apple, it would be like,

00:08:03   they wouldn't line up correctly.

00:08:04   Anyway, it's artisanally hand-created.

00:08:07   It's very interesting.

00:08:08   (both laughing)

00:08:09   - Yeah, I'm really, really excited for this.

00:08:12   Way back when, it was one of our earlier shirt sales,

00:08:14   when we had done the, how would you describe this?

00:08:17   I think this was Marco's idea,

00:08:19   but it was a rounded rect outline

00:08:22   that was approximately the proportions

00:08:24   of the then-new Apple Watch,

00:08:26   and it said Accidental Tech Podcast on it,

00:08:27   and we did this years and years and years ago.

00:08:29   And I think this was the same shirt

00:08:31   that we did the edition, the very first edition,

00:08:33   if I'm not mistaken.

00:08:34   - Yes.

00:08:35   - And if you weren't around for that,

00:08:36   we basically printed one, or had one printed in

00:08:39   with gold foil or something like that,

00:08:40   which I don't think it was actual literal gold,

00:08:42   but nevertheless.

00:08:43   - No, we actually tried to make it literal gold,

00:08:45   but they, and there are people who print in gold leaf,

00:08:48   but it wasn't gonna work out.

00:08:50   There was some practical reason why

00:08:53   you kinda can't really do it.

00:08:55   It's technically possible, but it's a bad idea.

00:08:57   - Right, so we attempted to do that,

00:08:59   and it didn't work out, but one of the shirts we did

00:09:01   was the sport shirt, and we did that in this,

00:09:04   again, it's not literally Under Armour,

00:09:05   but Under Armour style, I don't know how to describe it

00:09:08   that doesn't, in a flattering way,

00:09:10   'cause I would say almost like a plasticky,

00:09:12   but that sounds terrible, it's not plasticky,

00:09:14   but nevertheless, we did that,

00:09:15   and that is my designated workout shirt,

00:09:17   and I only bought one of them, so I use it a lot,

00:09:20   and it needs brothers and sisters.

00:09:24   So, hence the ATP Performance shirt,

00:09:26   which I'm really excited about,

00:09:27   and again, that comes, like John said,

00:09:28   in several different colors,

00:09:30   and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am

00:09:32   for the ATP Pint Glass.

00:09:33   Years ago, Plex sent me a bunch of swag,

00:09:36   just to be nice, because Plex is awesome,

00:09:38   and one of them was a pint glass

00:09:39   with a printed Plex logo on it,

00:09:41   and it is my favorite pint glass,

00:09:43   and even though I'm not a beer drinker,

00:09:44   a pint is a perfect size for all sorts of beverages,

00:09:47   for water, for soda, for any number of things,

00:09:51   for mixed drinks if you're aggressive.

00:09:53   So, I am really excited to get this pint glass in the house

00:09:57   and have some friends for my Plex pint glass as well.

00:10:00   I am super stoked.

00:10:01   This is all, again, until Friday, May 14th.

00:10:04   I won't belabor the point,

00:10:05   but please, if you're even thinking about it,

00:10:06   now's the time.

00:10:07   Pull over, stop what you're doing,

00:10:09   atp.fm/store, atp.fm/join,

00:10:11   and again, please go to your membership page

00:10:14   or your member page and see what your discount code is,

00:10:17   and find your discount code,

00:10:18   and use that when you check out, save yourself 15%.

00:10:21   So, thank you for entertaining us.

00:10:24   I appreciate it, and we'll move right along,

00:10:27   and continue celebrating.

00:10:29   - Before we continue, I wanted to thank Casey

00:10:31   and reiterate that, 'cause I totally forgot.

00:10:33   If you're an ATP member, you get 15% off.

00:10:36   If you go to your member page and get your discount code,

00:10:38   you actually have to go,

00:10:40   we have a link to the member page on atp.fm/store.

00:10:42   So, you log in as your member, you go to your member page,

00:10:44   there you see your private feeds and all the other stuff,

00:10:46   and you will also see your discount code.

00:10:48   Copy and paste that discount code into the promo code field

00:10:51   when you check out from the Cotton Bureau page,

00:10:53   and that's how you get your discount.

00:10:55   - Yep.

00:10:56   Moving right along, we have other things

00:10:57   that we need to celebrate.

00:10:59   Two-thirds of ATP have completed asterisk, asterisk,

00:11:03   their journey on the vaccination train,

00:11:04   which we'll talk about that in a second.

00:11:05   But Marco, how you feeling, buddy?

00:11:07   - Not great, Bob.

00:11:10   (both laughing)

00:11:11   - What is that from?

00:11:12   I know the line, but what is that from?

00:11:14   - Mad Men. - Okay.

00:11:16   So, you got yours yesterday, your second shot yesterday?

00:11:18   - Yeah, yeah.

00:11:19   I've had friends who have had worse days after,

00:11:24   but I'm not having the nothing reaction

00:11:26   that I think many people have, for sure.

00:11:28   - I had a mostly nothing reaction.

00:11:31   Erin also got her second yesterday,

00:11:32   and she, I think, is on the same path that you are.

00:11:35   She's not bad, but she's not feeling good.

00:11:38   - On my desk in front of me are two Benadryl pills

00:11:42   that I will be taking near the end of the show,

00:11:45   (both laughing)

00:11:46   which will start a timeline after this, so I won't.

00:11:49   But yeah, I, look, let me start by saying

00:11:53   I might have committed a crime.

00:11:57   - Oh, wonderful.

00:11:58   - I gave false statements.

00:12:00   They asked if I had had any of the symptoms recently,

00:12:05   and I said no, but that wasn't entirely true.

00:12:09   You see, my kid had a cold about a week ago.

00:12:14   Basically, it was going around like the whole school,

00:12:15   the whole town, everybody has this cold,

00:12:17   and it's not COVID, people have been tested, it's fine.

00:12:19   We know it's not that.

00:12:20   So, this cold has hit me.

00:12:25   One of the weird symptoms of this cold is that every night,

00:12:29   or most nights for the last three or four nights,

00:12:33   I've gotten hives on my arms and legs

00:12:36   that just itch for a while. - What?

00:12:37   - I've never gotten hives in my life.

00:12:39   I have mild allergies here and there.

00:12:40   Never had hives for anything.

00:12:42   So, that's interesting.

00:12:43   And it seems to completely unrelated,

00:12:48   believe me, I've done the debugging of like,

00:12:50   all right, what are the factors that have changed?

00:12:52   What could this possibly be?

00:12:53   Could it be food?

00:12:54   Could it be laundry detergent?

00:12:55   Like all that, everything.

00:12:57   It's not, it's none of those things.

00:12:58   Like nothing correlates in a direct way to this.

00:13:02   Except, I did some research, and apparently,

00:13:06   hives are often apparently the result of certain viruses.

00:13:10   Like sometimes you just get a cold,

00:13:11   and one of the things it does to you

00:13:13   is give you hives for the duration of the cold.

00:13:15   I had never heard of this, but when you research hives,

00:13:18   that's what turns up from the more reputable sources.

00:13:21   Which by the way, are hard to find.

00:13:23   But anyway, so, I decided, you know,

00:13:27   we had this appointment that was set

00:13:29   from when we got the first shot.

00:13:30   They automatically set you the second appointment

00:13:32   three weeks later.

00:13:33   And I thought, you know, I can not get my second shot.

00:13:38   But there's a risk in that, that like,

00:13:42   all the testing that's been done on the vaccines,

00:13:44   and the massive amount of data that we have

00:13:47   that this thing is ridiculously overwhelmingly safe.

00:13:50   Like, I'm pretty sure you're more likely

00:13:52   to die on the way to the vaccine site

00:13:54   in a car accident than you are to die from the vaccine.

00:13:57   I know that we've tested this very widely,

00:13:59   but we've tested it with people getting a shot,

00:14:02   you know, once, and then getting a second one

00:14:04   three weeks later.

00:14:06   If I get my second one six weeks later,

00:14:09   then that's gonna be a lot less tested of a situation.

00:14:13   - You'll be fine, like the three weeks

00:14:15   is the soonest you can possibly give it

00:14:17   because they're rushing to get the vaccine.

00:14:18   Most vaccines, they wait six months to a year.

00:14:20   So just FYI, I know it's too late now,

00:14:22   but you could've waited a year and it would be fine.

00:14:24   - Well, and I know, logically, I know, like,

00:14:27   and I mean, again, like the way mRNA vaccines work

00:14:30   is so remarkably amazing and remarkably safe

00:14:33   compared to most of the things.

00:14:35   Like, I wasn't too concerned, I'm like,

00:14:38   okay, that would be like an unknown.

00:14:40   Or I could just go get it now,

00:14:42   even though I kinda have a weird cold,

00:14:44   and roll the dice on that risk.

00:14:47   And I decided to do that instead

00:14:51   because I wanted to get this done.

00:14:52   - Your reasoning about health decisions

00:14:54   is suspect on many levels.

00:14:55   I mean, you're talking about the thing that's tested.

00:14:57   They're asking those questions for a reason,

00:14:59   presumably because they don't want you to take it

00:15:01   when you have a cold, but you're okay doing that.

00:15:04   Anyway, I'm sure everything is fine, I'm sure it's fine.

00:15:06   I'm just saying, I feel like your reasoning,

00:15:09   your reasoning is not sound for any of this.

00:15:12   - Well, regardless, maybe people don't always

00:15:14   make the right decisions, but regardless, that's what I did.

00:15:17   So I still have the weird nighttime hives

00:15:22   on my arms and legs, but otherwise, like from the vaccine,

00:15:26   I seem to only have worsened my cold

00:15:28   by making myself extremely tired all day today.

00:15:32   Just like really, just like knocked out tired.

00:15:35   But I don't have like the fever

00:15:37   that everyone says they get and everything,

00:15:38   so I think I'm doing okay.

00:15:40   And ultimately, I mean, geez,

00:15:42   I did two episodes of the show with COVID.

00:15:44   - I was gonna say, like you're really on the COVID tour

00:15:47   this year, you get the actual COVID, you get the vaccine,

00:15:49   now you're getting the second shot

00:15:51   while you have some other cold.

00:15:52   Like you just, you're rounding all the bases here.

00:15:54   So I think you're, you know, maybe you'll get a fourth

00:15:57   or a third COVID shot in six months, who knows?

00:16:00   - Oh my word. - Thanks, yeah.

00:16:02   Maybe I see this, I got the Pfizer,

00:16:03   maybe I get the Moderna one also, just for--

00:16:05   - Yeah, why not, just double up.

00:16:07   All right, so we should start with some follow-up

00:16:09   and this relates actually to what we were just talking about

00:16:11   So I, this is one of those moments where I swear

00:16:14   at some point I said something,

00:16:16   but either it got cut or-- - You totally said it,

00:16:19   it got cut in the edit.

00:16:20   - Okay, so I was gonna say either it got cut in the edit

00:16:22   or there was enough like distance between the thing

00:16:25   that I said wrong in my in-show correction,

00:16:28   which does happen sometimes, you know,

00:16:29   I'll say something five minutes into the show

00:16:31   and then I'll correct it 10 minutes into the show.

00:16:32   And we've already gotten inundated with emails

00:16:34   after the five minute mark about how wrong I am,

00:16:36   which, you know, at that moment I was wrong, so that's fine.

00:16:39   - And that's why it got edited out

00:16:40   because your correction was distant from it

00:16:42   and Marco was trimming the fat, so anyway, go on.

00:16:44   - Yeah, so last week I was making reference

00:16:48   to being quote unquote fully vaccinated,

00:16:51   which I don't know if that necessarily

00:16:54   is the wrong nomenclature,

00:16:55   but it certainly presented the wrong implication.

00:16:57   And I would just like to state clearly that yes,

00:16:59   even last week I knew that it's not until two weeks

00:17:02   after your second shot, if you're on the two shot system,

00:17:06   that you are considered completely and utterly vaccinated.

00:17:09   All I was trying to say at the time, which again,

00:17:11   I probably should have chosen better words,

00:17:13   is I have received the mandatory two shots that I need.

00:17:17   And this was, at some point or another,

00:17:19   this related to the Gruber term, vaccinated,

00:17:22   which I think is quite funny and I have embraced.

00:17:25   And Gruber defined vaccinated as two weeks

00:17:27   after your final shot.

00:17:28   And so I am not yet vaccinated, I am halfway to vaccinated

00:17:31   in the sense that I got my first, excuse me,

00:17:34   I got my second shot about a week ago.

00:17:36   So yes, you are not fully vaccinated

00:17:38   until two weeks after your second shot.

00:17:40   I am well aware of that, I am sorry that that got cut

00:17:43   in the last episode.

00:17:44   - As am I, because it was probably my fault.

00:17:46   - Well, you know, like I said, I think I clarified,

00:17:48   we went off on like a tangent if I recall correctly,

00:17:50   and then by the time I got the clarification.

00:17:52   - Us? - Yeah, if you listen

00:17:53   to the tangent, you see why it was cut,

00:17:54   but that's where you put your correction.

00:17:56   - Yeah, exactly. - Got it.

00:17:58   - Yeah, us and a tangent, no.

00:17:59   - Yeah, right, that never happens.

00:18:01   - So moving right along, sometime, what was it,

00:18:04   just a day or two ago, who is this, Joanna Stern

00:18:07   had an interview with Hair Force One,

00:18:09   otherwise known as Craig Federighi,

00:18:11   and it was a pretty good interview,

00:18:12   it was only eight minutes long, you can find it on YouTube,

00:18:14   and interestingly, at seven and a quarter minutes,

00:18:18   Joanna asks him, "Hey, Tim has said

00:18:21   "that he's gonna be out in 10 years,

00:18:23   "are you gonna be the next CEO?"

00:18:25   And John, what did he say?

00:18:26   - Also, here's the thing, yeah,

00:18:28   I would encourage everyone to watch his interview

00:18:29   'cause it's really short, and also 'cause his hair

00:18:31   seems to be at half mast. (laughing)

00:18:34   This is like the first bad CFED hair day I've ever seen.

00:18:37   - Maybe it was like really humid there?

00:18:39   - Yeah, it looked kinda like that.

00:18:40   Or maybe you just got out of bed, I don't know.

00:18:42   But that was the question, it's like,

00:18:43   "Oh, your name's been floated as the next CEO,"

00:18:45   which is a topic that we discussed in the show

00:18:47   a couple episodes ago, who are the possible people

00:18:50   who could be in line for next CEO?

00:18:51   And when we discussed it, my attitude towards Federighi

00:18:56   being the next CEO was like, "Ah, it doesn't seem

00:18:57   "like something he's interested in,"

00:19:00   'cause he just seems like he's more interested in tech stuff,

00:19:02   and I'm sure he knows how hard Tim's job is,

00:19:04   I'm not sure he has any, it was all about like,

00:19:06   whoever was gonna be CEO was gonna really have

00:19:08   to want that job, and it's a difficult job,

00:19:10   and it's in many ways not as much fun

00:19:12   as being the more technical level.

00:19:14   So he got asked the question, and his answer was,

00:19:17   "Get outta here, no," I think he said--

00:19:19   - Irresponsible.

00:19:20   - Yeah, that would be irresponsible, that's insanity,

00:19:22   forget it, right?

00:19:23   But watch the video, that's why we have a timestamp link

00:19:26   in the show notes that brings you directly to that question,

00:19:29   you can see his answer.

00:19:31   What he says, the words, the transcript is,

00:19:33   "Oh, that's silly," you know, whatever.

00:19:36   But the way he says it, said, "Oh, CFED wants to be CEO."

00:19:40   (laughing)

00:19:41   That was my read on it anyway, my read on it was,

00:19:44   "Yes, it was a silly," oh, forget it,

00:19:45   that's so ridiculous, right?

00:19:47   But the way he said it makes me think,

00:19:49   he's open to the idea, so I'm starting

00:19:52   to come around on that.

00:19:53   - I still don't think that A, he would want it,

00:19:56   or B, he should be the CEO, because we know him

00:20:00   to some degree, the three of us have all met him

00:20:02   at some point, right?

00:20:04   Like, I've had a couple of conversations with him,

00:20:06   like WBCs and stuff, you can tell through and through,

00:20:10   he's a nerd like us, and a nerd like us should not be

00:20:15   in the CEO of Apple in 2021 position.

00:20:19   Because as I was saying, at this point,

00:20:21   it's more of like a, it's almost like a political

00:20:25   and diplomatic kind of job on a lot of levels,

00:20:27   and that's not a job for a nerd, that's a job

00:20:30   for basically a tech-savvy politician.

00:20:34   - Well, I was saying that because he's a nerd,

00:20:35   he wouldn't want it, because that's not what he's into,

00:20:38   but in terms of could a nerd do that job well,

00:20:41   here's the thing, yes, he's the nerd,

00:20:42   but he's so high up on the org chart

00:20:44   that surely his last two or three jobs have been

00:20:47   like 98% political, managerial, you know, BS,

00:20:51   it just so happens that he's also still super tactical

00:20:53   and super into that, but I think as Steve Jobs

00:20:57   at least has shown, whatever it is that you're super into,

00:21:00   you can still dig down on even when you're CEO,

00:21:03   like you can just kind of choose which things you delegate,

00:21:05   you know what I mean?

00:21:06   So that, I mean, I'm basing it off like the way he said

00:21:09   like a three-word answer, so this is obviously silly, right?

00:21:12   But I no longer think it's ridiculous

00:21:16   that he might be interested in it,

00:21:17   and I don't think it's ridiculous

00:21:19   that he might do an okay job at it.

00:21:21   Just because his strengths are completely different

00:21:23   than Tim Cook's, and Tim Cook's were completely different

00:21:26   than Steve's, I think they're all inhabiting

00:21:29   such a high level in the org chart

00:21:31   that they all could do a reasonable job as CEO,

00:21:35   they would just be very different kinds of CEOs.

00:21:38   - I think that's true, and the rumblings I've heard

00:21:40   from friends at Apple is that, you know,

00:21:43   I think some of them like C-Fed and some of them don't,

00:21:45   but I've never heard anyone even think about breathing

00:21:49   that he's not an incredibly smart man.

00:21:53   Like, you know, everyone universally,

00:21:55   the friends of mine who like him,

00:21:56   the friends of mine that don't,

00:21:57   all say that he's extremely bright.

00:21:59   And if you look at this interview,

00:22:00   now granted I'm sure it was heavily edited,

00:22:02   but it seems like not only is he smart,

00:22:04   but he's a very cool customer in a very Tim Cook sort of way.

00:22:08   And I don't know that he would get the nod,

00:22:10   and I'm not 100% convinced he would want it,

00:22:13   but I do think, if I were a betting man,

00:22:15   I'd say he would definitely take a stab at it.

00:22:18   And the other interesting thing is, you know,

00:22:19   he is extremely technical.

00:22:21   I think it was Marco a second ago that said

00:22:22   he's, you know, a nerd's nerd.

00:22:23   - He really, really is.

00:22:25   - Right, he's still at least looking at code

00:22:28   from time to time, and I think there have been times

00:22:30   that rank and file engineers have had to be like,

00:22:33   Craig, stop, please don't make commits.

00:22:36   No, no, no, no, no, please stop.

00:22:38   You have much more important things.

00:22:39   That may be BS, I might be making that up,

00:22:41   but I'm pretty sure that I have heard stories about that,

00:22:44   you know, not too many years ago,

00:22:46   that this is still a thing that happens from time to time.

00:22:48   And he seems to really get it.

00:22:51   So I only met him once, it was when Marco,

00:22:54   if I recall correctly, you had spotted him

00:22:56   across the field at the bash

00:22:58   when it was still in San Francisco,

00:23:00   and all of a sudden you basically grabbed my arm

00:23:02   and said, follow me, let's go.

00:23:04   What is going on?

00:23:04   And next thing I know, I'm posing with Federighi

00:23:07   and shaking his hand, and he was an extremely kind fellow.

00:23:09   And so anyways, yeah, I would be surprised

00:23:13   if he was the one to get the nod,

00:23:14   but I wouldn't be surprised if he was interested in it.

00:23:18   - I did pick up, there was a little bit of oddity

00:23:20   to his tone of reaction, but I attributed that

00:23:23   to discomfort with the question,

00:23:25   as opposed to actually wanting the job.

00:23:28   'Cause again, I've heard similar things, Casey,

00:23:31   of how he really is very involved with the tech.

00:23:35   I can't imagine that he has any interest

00:23:38   in doing all the other crap that the CEO has to do.

00:23:41   He's really into the software and the tech.

00:23:44   And he doesn't even seem to be that into

00:23:46   a lot of the product design and product decisions,

00:23:49   let alone the massive amount of operational

00:23:53   and political stuff that CEOs have to deal with.

00:23:55   Financial stuff, I mean, there's so much stuff

00:23:57   that CEOs have to do these days,

00:23:58   especially the CEO of Apple in 2021,

00:24:01   or 2031, or whatever it is.

00:24:03   It's not a job that somebody who is very, very technical

00:24:08   would probably really want to do.

00:24:10   Because honestly, he's probably really happy where he is,

00:24:14   'cause where he is is about as high up as you can go

00:24:17   without having a lot more of that other stuff

00:24:20   come into your job description

00:24:21   that he probably doesn't want.

00:24:23   - Yeah, I think people always have aspirations,

00:24:27   people are always enthusiastic

00:24:29   and trying to get to the next big thing.

00:24:31   But I totally hear what you're saying.

00:24:33   I could go on with this conversation for another hour.

00:24:35   We got a lot to go through, so let's just move right along.

00:24:37   Apple TV, so calibration.

00:24:39   I thought we had said this or implied this last episode,

00:24:42   but I guess not.

00:24:44   The whole thing where you calibrate the TV,

00:24:47   which is I guess how we phrased it,

00:24:48   you're not actually calibrating the TV itself.

00:24:50   You're calibrating the Apple TV's output

00:24:53   for your specific TV.

00:24:55   The idea being that when your TV is tuned to the Apple TV,

00:24:59   when you're using the Apple TV as your input,

00:25:01   then it will look incredible

00:25:02   because you've used your iPhone and the Apple TV in concert

00:25:05   in order to tune the output for your specific TV.

00:25:08   Is that a better way of describing it?

00:25:10   - I mean, we did say that it adjusts the TV's outputs,

00:25:13   but I didn't delve into what the implications of that are.

00:25:16   I mean, the obvious first implication is that means

00:25:19   that if you calibrate the Apple TV's output

00:25:22   to look better on your TV, that only affects the Apple TV

00:25:25   because when you're not looking at the Apple TV,

00:25:28   that was the only thing whose output you calibrated.

00:25:30   Like you're not calibrating the display device,

00:25:33   you're calibrating the signal that comes over the HDMI cable

00:25:36   into your display device and adjusting that signal

00:25:38   to account for whatever weirdness there is

00:25:40   in your display device.

00:25:41   But when you use another display device

00:25:43   like your game console or your cable box

00:25:45   or whatever it is that you have,

00:25:46   anything you did with the Apple TV is totally irrelevant

00:25:49   because you were only basically telling the Apple TV

00:25:52   to output different signals.

00:25:53   Second thing is, perhaps less obvious,

00:25:56   television sets, especially modern ones,

00:25:57   have tons of adjustments that the Apple TV has no access to.

00:26:02   There are tons of image processing things

00:26:05   that happen on the TV itself,

00:26:07   and there's nothing you can do to the output

00:26:09   from the Apple TV to enable, disable,

00:26:11   or adjust those features at all.

00:26:13   And if your TV is super duper off,

00:26:15   there's nothing the output of your HDMI signal can do

00:26:17   to account for that.

00:26:18   Or if it could account for it,

00:26:19   it could just make it much worse

00:26:20   because if you're red and you're green, you're super low,

00:26:23   the only way it can get it in balance

00:26:24   is bringing your blue super low

00:26:25   and now your whole image level is down.

00:26:27   It's very, very complicated.

00:26:28   All this is to say that you should actually calibrate

00:26:31   your television and not calibrate the output

00:26:35   of one of your HDMI devices to account

00:26:38   for the idiosyncrasies of your television sets.

00:26:40   So please calibrate your TV if you want to do this.

00:26:43   Now, all that said,

00:26:45   this Apple thing is probably better than nothing.

00:26:47   And if you watch most of your TV through the Apple TV,

00:26:50   it might help some, but yeah.

00:26:53   Quinn Nelson, Snazzy Labs, Snazzy YouTube channel,

00:27:00   has an upcoming video about the Apple calibration

00:27:02   versus a real calibration.

00:27:04   I'm really curious to see what he finds,

00:27:05   but my assessment of this Apple calibration thing right now

00:27:10   is pretty low.

00:27:10   So unless it's, this is some very surprising results,

00:27:13   I would say, please calibrate your television

00:27:14   and not just your Apple TV.

00:27:17   - Sounds good.

00:27:17   All right, the remote has a slightly rounded back,

00:27:20   which I think I had seen before we recorded,

00:27:23   but I don't believe we brought up last time.

00:27:25   So that should be nice to at least be able to pick up

00:27:28   the correct side facing upwards,

00:27:30   which is definitely an improvement.

00:27:32   How do you feel about that, Jon?

00:27:34   - Yeah, and even last time I said

00:27:35   it had no acknowledgement of human hands,

00:27:37   here's a minor acknowledgement.

00:27:38   Now, the Siri remote also had slightly curved sides,

00:27:42   so you could pick it up with your fingernails off the table.

00:27:44   This one is a more of a uniform sort of U shape

00:27:48   along the entire bottom.

00:27:50   It's not sloped enough,

00:27:51   and it's not like it's still not gonna be,

00:27:52   you're gonna pick it up

00:27:53   or you're gonna feel like you're a giant

00:27:54   and this is something for a toddler,

00:27:56   because that's how small the remote is,

00:27:57   but credit where credit is due,

00:27:58   they slightly curved the bottom.

00:28:01   - Indeed, and then Eric Weber writes

00:28:03   that the original Siri remote was $80,

00:28:05   but it was dropped to 60 with the refreshed white ring

00:28:09   when the original Apple TV 4K was introduced in 2017.

00:28:13   - So this remote is not cheaper than the Siri remote.

00:28:16   It's only cheaper than the original Siri remote,

00:28:18   so that's a shame.

00:28:19   - There was a big brouhaha over the last several days

00:28:22   that the new Siri remote does not have an accelerometer

00:28:26   or gyroscope for gaming on the Apple TV, which is a bummer.

00:28:30   - Yeah, especially since it costs the same amount

00:28:32   and it doesn't have a U1 in it as we discussed last week,

00:28:34   so I'm not sure where the extra money went.

00:28:38   It's got a smaller touchpad, a similar number of buttons.

00:28:42   It's made of aluminum instead of being aluminum,

00:28:45   glass, and metal or whatever the other one was.

00:28:48   I don't know, anyway, I don't quite understand

00:28:50   why this lacks those features,

00:28:52   other than the touchpad's not big enough

00:28:53   to play games with anyway, so why should they bother?

00:28:56   But really, if you're gonna play games on the Apple TV,

00:28:58   you should buy a controller.

00:28:59   You shouldn't use the Siri remote,

00:29:01   and apparently you can't use this remote

00:29:02   if the games require an accelerometer or gyroscope.

00:29:05   - Is anybody playing games on Apple TV?

00:29:08   - I hope they're not playing them with the remote

00:29:10   if they are.

00:29:11   - I guess you can play Crossy Road with the remote.

00:29:13   Any game that has one button?

00:29:14   - We did.

00:29:15   When it first came out, we played a lot of Crossy Road,

00:29:17   we played Badland, but ultimately,

00:29:20   we just fell out of favor with the Apple TV

00:29:22   as a gaming platform because we tried a bunch of games.

00:29:24   I even bought two of the controllers,

00:29:26   like two different branded Apple TV MFI controllers,

00:29:31   and the gaming scene is just so,

00:29:33   it feels like back in the '90s

00:29:35   when you bought the wrong system.

00:29:37   It feels like you had the 3DO,

00:29:39   and you're waiting for good games to come out,

00:29:40   and you're like, well, there's not a lot here.

00:29:43   - Well, you're used to that being a Genesis person.

00:29:45   - Oh, no way, come on.

00:29:46   (laughing)

00:29:49   - It was too easy, I couldn't resist.

00:29:50   - No, it's more like a 32X.

00:29:51   It's like you bought 32X thinking,

00:29:53   oh, there's gonna be a lot of games for this,

00:29:54   and then just nothing happens.

00:29:57   - Well, if you subscribe to Apple One,

00:29:58   you should at least check out Apple Arcade

00:30:00   'cause they just added a whole infusion of games,

00:30:02   including a bunch of known good games

00:30:05   from the pre-Apple Arcade days,

00:30:06   only without ads in an app purchase.

00:30:08   So, you know, if you're getting it for free anyway,

00:30:10   you might as well check it out.

00:30:12   - Yeah, so anyway, to come back

00:30:13   to this lack of gyroscope and accelerometer,

00:30:15   apparently if you try to play a game that requires it

00:30:18   and you don't have a proper game controller hooked up,

00:30:22   the app will say, to play this game on your Apple TV,

00:30:25   you need to connect the Apple TV remote,

00:30:26   parenthesis, first generation, parenthesis,

00:30:28   or a compatible PlayStation, Xbox, or MFI controller.

00:30:31   If I were to read that as a regular person,

00:30:34   I wouldn't have a clue what MFI meant.

00:30:36   - I wouldn't have a clue what Apple TV remote,

00:30:38   parenthesis, first generation means.

00:30:39   - That's true too, yeah, absolutely.

00:30:40   - And there's a note about this,

00:30:41   that Apple TV remote is what it's called in countries

00:30:45   where Siri is not available on the Apple TV,

00:30:47   but otherwise it's called the Siri remote.

00:30:49   - Fair enough.

00:30:50   - But no one knows what Siri remote first generation is,

00:30:53   and no one knows what Apple remote first generation is,

00:30:55   but people do know what PlayStation, Xbox controllers are,

00:30:57   so at least they have a fighting chance.

00:30:59   - Somebody, Odin, wrote in with an interesting point

00:31:03   about Apple TV pricing.

00:31:04   So as everyone else has been,

00:31:06   we've been lamenting the fact that it is a very expensive

00:31:09   box to do the sorts of things that it does.

00:31:11   And Odin writes, with regard to the pricing,

00:31:14   neither comes, neither, the Apple TV doesn't come

00:31:17   with an HDMI cable, so you can't even connect it

00:31:20   to your TV right out of the box.

00:31:22   Meanwhile, Google and Amazon's $30 streaming device

00:31:25   is plugged directly into an HDMI port.

00:31:27   - Neither meaning like the 4K or the HD.

00:31:29   Like it makes sense if you think about it for a second

00:31:31   and you know how big the box is.

00:31:32   Of course there's not an HDMI cable in there,

00:31:34   it's this tiny little box.

00:31:35   It's just got enough room for the little puck

00:31:36   and the remote, but it's another, you'll get it,

00:31:40   you'll say like, yay, here's this new Apple TV,

00:31:41   let me hook it up, and you realize,

00:31:42   unless you already have a spare HDMI cable,

00:31:44   unless you disconnect another input

00:31:46   and put this one in its place,

00:31:48   there's something else you have to buy.

00:31:49   Because it's just not expensive enough

00:31:51   to support the price of that cable.

00:31:53   - It's pretty crummy.

00:31:55   Did the Apple TV ever come with an HDMI cable?

00:31:58   I don't remember.

00:31:58   - No. - I don't think so.

00:31:59   I think it's always, maybe the one that was

00:32:01   basically a Mac Mini, do you remember that one?

00:32:03   - I don't think that had HDMI output,

00:32:05   I think that was component.

00:32:06   - Maybe.

00:32:07   I never had one, I don't remember.

00:32:07   - But no, they never came with HDMI,

00:32:09   I had one of those, they never came with HDMI cables.

00:32:11   - And yes, the chatter of mass,

00:32:12   the PS5 does come with an HDMI cable.

00:32:14   And it's good that it does because PS5 supports HDMI 2.1

00:32:18   and most people don't have an HDMI 2.1 compatible cable

00:32:21   just laying around if they haven't bought

00:32:23   AV equipment in a while.

00:32:24   - Correction, it did have HDMI out.

00:32:26   (laughing)

00:32:28   - We regret the--

00:32:29   - It also had component, in my defense.

00:32:31   - Yeah, it was the one that ran Mac OS 10.4 or something.

00:32:35   - Yeah, it was basically,

00:32:36   it was like a little Celeron in there.

00:32:38   It was a whole little low powered,

00:32:40   like 400 megahertz Celeron computer or something like that.

00:32:43   - And a hard drive, right?

00:32:44   - Yeah, I believe so.

00:32:45   - It was a little Mac, it ran Mac OS.

00:32:47   - I do not remember this at all.

00:32:49   - It was the one that, it basically acted like an iPod.

00:32:51   You had to sync things to it from your Mac.

00:32:54   And it was a whole thing.

00:32:56   - I think it was introduced at the iPhone event in 2007,

00:32:58   wasn't it?

00:32:59   - Yes, yes it was.

00:33:00   - It was like ITV, right?

00:33:02   - Yeah, originally it was,

00:33:03   well I think it was announced as ITV earlier that year,

00:33:05   but I think they introduced it then as Apple TV.

00:33:07   It was introduced at one event,

00:33:09   or it was like previewed at one event,

00:33:10   and then it was, I think it was shown off

00:33:12   at the iPhone event.

00:33:13   - As bad as the current crop of Apple TVs are,

00:33:16   this one was worse, so just be glad things have improved.

00:33:18   - For the time, it was really interesting.

00:33:21   - For the time, TiVo embarrassed it, so I'm not sure.

00:33:24   - Oh, here we go.

00:33:25   We need a different sound effect

00:33:27   other than a ding for the TiVo.

00:33:29   Like a whomp.

00:33:30   - I don't know about TiVo much, I'm just saying.

00:33:31   Back when the first Apple TV came out,

00:33:34   TiVo was just a thousand times better.

00:33:36   - Moving right along.

00:33:37   John, tell me, what is the deal with high frame rate HDR,

00:33:41   anyway, like what is the story there?

00:33:44   - We talked about that as a possible reason

00:33:45   that Marco should get the fancy new Apple TV,

00:33:47   oh don't you wanna see high frame rate HDR video,

00:33:50   meaning higher than like 30 frames per second or whatever.

00:33:53   And Chris Jennings tells us that apparently,

00:33:59   according to his conversations with Apple support,

00:34:01   which isn't always exactly correct,

00:34:03   but according to these conversations

00:34:04   from a theoretically knowledgeable Apple source

00:34:07   in Apple support, you can get the high frame rate HDR

00:34:12   features on the older Apple TV 4K too,

00:34:15   that it's basically a software feature,

00:34:16   not a hardware feature.

00:34:17   Now initially I thought, well, that can't be the case,

00:34:19   because only the new Apple TV 4K supports HDMI 2.1,

00:34:22   and I know you need HDMI 2.1 to support

00:34:25   120 frames per second and stuff like that,

00:34:27   but it turns out that even though the new Apple TV

00:34:29   has HDMI 2.1, it only supports up to 4K

00:34:33   at 60 frames per second.

00:34:35   Even though HDMI 2.1, the standard,

00:34:37   can do 4K at 120 frames per second,

00:34:40   the fancy new Apple TV doesn't go higher than 60.

00:34:44   And the old Apple TV 4K supported HDMI 2.0A,

00:34:47   which stops at 4K 60, but I don't know

00:34:51   if the old Apple TV 4K before the software

00:34:53   did do 4K 60, so anyway, it's still an open question,

00:34:56   but it seems clear that if you're looking for 4K

00:34:58   at 120 frames per second from your new Apple TV,

00:35:01   it can't currently do that, even though technically

00:35:03   the wire coming out of it can support that.

00:35:06   I guess we'll just wait to have to get these things

00:35:08   in our houses and see if we can play back

00:35:11   4K 60 frame per second HDR video on an old Apple TV 4K

00:35:16   with the new tvOS update, but according to Apple support,

00:35:19   that is a thing that can happen.

00:35:21   The other theory I have is that maybe high frame rate HDR

00:35:23   via AirPlay requires the new Apple TV,

00:35:25   and it only works wired or downloaded to the thing

00:35:29   with the old one, I don't know, it's very confusing.

00:35:33   - Better get that 64 gig model

00:35:35   in case it's only downloaded.

00:35:36   (laughing)

00:35:37   - Yeah, right?

00:35:39   - Aye yai yai, all right, and AppleCare+ is available

00:35:41   for the first time for Apple TV, providing three years

00:35:44   of technical support and additional hardware coverage,

00:35:46   including up to two incidents of accidental damage

00:35:49   protection every 12 months.

00:35:51   It's $30 for all of that.

00:35:54   And I first thought, why would one want this?

00:35:57   But then it occurred to me when I was still

00:36:00   with a true jobby job, there were Apple TVs

00:36:02   in like every conference room, and I would assume

00:36:04   that this is a corporate thing.

00:36:05   - No, no, you forget, or maybe you've been lucky enough

00:36:08   not to know this.

00:36:09   It's a stupid remote, the Siri remote was covered in glass.

00:36:12   People were shattering them all the time.

00:36:13   It's not like your Apple TV puck is gonna get damaged,

00:36:18   I hope, like it's usually just sitting with the TV

00:36:19   or whatever, it's this stupid remote.

00:36:21   Now, I think the new remote looks much, much sturdier

00:36:23   'cause it's just aluminum and plastic buttons

00:36:25   and there's no big glass thing, but I've seen so many

00:36:27   pictures of completely shattered, like the glass diving

00:36:31   board on the Siri remotes.

00:36:33   So I just wanted to bring those up just because

00:36:35   if you're afraid of that happening or if for some reason

00:36:38   you're buying the one that still has the glass remote,

00:36:41   you can actually get AppleCare for it.

00:36:42   And I think the only reason this exists is because of all

00:36:45   of the people breaking their Siri remote and then being

00:36:47   super angry that it costs 60 bucks or in the past 80 bucks

00:36:50   to replace the stupid remote that they just broke.

00:36:52   That's a good point, I hadn't considered that.

00:36:54   - The chatroom says that the Apple TV remote is not covered

00:36:56   by AppleCare or was not covered by AppleCare.

00:36:58   I'm assuming this new AppleCare for the Apple TV

00:37:01   covers everything.

00:37:02   And when they say accidental damage, I'm assuming

00:37:04   they include accidental damage to the remote.

00:37:07   But if you have any questions, ask Apple to make sure

00:37:09   before you buy it, but it is only 30 bucks.

00:37:11   - Is it very likely that you would accidentally

00:37:14   damage the box?

00:37:16   - I mean, I guess if it's in a conference room or being

00:37:19   wheeled around on a card and you drop it and it cracks,

00:37:21   I don't know, maybe yank out the cable and it breaks

00:37:24   the connector.

00:37:25   - I don't know, man.

00:37:26   But all I know is it's this coming Friday, which as we

00:37:29   record is like a day and a half away that I can finally

00:37:32   order a new one and I am super excited.

00:37:34   - It is pretty funny though, like there was, I think

00:37:37   somebody wrote in to point this out, but like the new one

00:37:40   isn't that much better than the outgoing one.

00:37:44   Like it's actually most of the newness of it is the new

00:37:48   remote, which you can now get for all of them, or you will

00:37:51   be able to get for all of them once the orders go up.

00:37:54   And it's an A12 versus an A10X, but like the A10X and A12

00:37:58   are actually not as far apart as you would think.

00:38:01   - And I did read that the A10X has a better GPU than the

00:38:04   A12, which I'm not sure that I buy, but I mean the A12

00:38:08   certainly will be lower power for doing the same amount

00:38:12   of work, I suppose.

00:38:13   - Yeah, it seems like this was an update mostly to the

00:38:16   remote, and Apple basically speed bumped barely the box.

00:38:21   And I'm okay with that, because the remote was the biggest

00:38:24   problem, I'm still amused at how bad the pricing is,

00:38:29   and that they still offer two capacities.

00:38:32   (laughs)

00:38:34   But you know, I'm hoping that the remote will be good,

00:38:36   and we will find out.

00:38:37   Honestly though, I don't think I'm even gonna buy the new

00:38:41   box, I think I'm only gonna buy the remotes.

00:38:43   Because I look at the box and I'm like, well what am I

00:38:46   spending the extra $120 for the box for?

00:38:49   I'm not really getting a lot for that, I don't think.

00:38:53   - I can understand that.

00:38:54   - Real time follow up, they were looking at the

00:38:56   apple.com/support/products/appletv, and it says the

00:39:00   AppleCare+ does cover your Apple TV, included Siri remote

00:39:04   and power cord, it's not called Siri remote anymore,

00:39:06   Apple, update your page.

00:39:07   And up to two incidents of accidental damage.

00:39:09   It looks like the remote is covered under the new AppleCare.

00:39:12   And one more AppleCare thing here that I snuck in,

00:39:15   this is not Apple TV related, but apparently now AppleCare+

00:39:18   coverage for the Mac can be extended beyond three years,

00:39:21   you just keep paying for it.

00:39:22   So they always have the thing where you can pay like

00:39:24   per month, but then you could also pay one lump sum

00:39:27   and get the three years, now at the end of the three years

00:39:29   you can just keep paying, I presume on a yearly or monthly

00:39:32   or whatever plan.

00:39:33   We'll put a link in the show notes for more details on this.

00:39:35   So if you have a Mac and you're always annoyed that even

00:39:37   with the fancy AppleCare+, you know, three year bulk

00:39:41   purchase thing, it just ends after three years, now you

00:39:43   can keep paying and keep getting that AppleCare

00:39:45   if you want to.

00:39:46   That's actually really nice, you know, like I would have

00:39:49   definitely used that on my iMac Pro, I think people who buy

00:39:53   like really expensive Macs and use them for more than

00:39:56   three years, that's a really nice feature.

00:39:58   I wonder like how long will it go though?

00:40:00   Like there has to be some limit, right?

00:40:02   Because otherwise they would be, like Apple would therefore

00:40:04   be on the hook to replace your like seven year old Mac

00:40:07   or something, like there's probably some limit.

00:40:10   - They have that time horizon where like the products

00:40:11   become like obsolete or something and Apple parlance

00:40:15   and they're like, I'm sure there is a limit on it,

00:40:17   but just going past three years is useful and you know,

00:40:20   the longer you go, the more likely it is you're gonna need

00:40:23   that coverage, so if, and if the price doesn't increase,

00:40:25   which I don't think it does, I don't think it increases

00:40:27   with time, other than just like the normal sort of

00:40:30   inflationary increases of AppleCare and all their products,

00:40:34   yeah, it might be a good deal for people if they keep

00:40:35   you the Macs for a long time.

00:40:37   - Hey, going back to the Apple TV for a second,

00:40:39   I am going to be placing an order Friday morning.

00:40:41   Do I, why would I spend the extra $20 for the 64 gig

00:40:44   one, I'm never gonna play games on it, I almost never,

00:40:47   I can't remember a time I've ever downloaded anything

00:40:49   to this.

00:40:50   - You gotta hold all those screensaver video.

00:40:51   - You know, you joke, but that actually is a reasonable

00:40:54   answer 'cause those screensavers are so good, but like,

00:40:56   I don't think it's worth 20 bucks to do that, is it?

00:40:58   Like why would I get the big one?

00:40:59   - I think $20 is so little for doubling the storage,

00:41:03   I just might get it anyway, just for the hell of it,

00:41:05   but yeah, I have the aerial screensaver on my Mac

00:41:07   and I looked at how big the folder of downloads is

00:41:09   and it's 54 gigs.

00:41:11   - Yeah, it's big, it is not small, especially for a computer

00:41:14   with the monitor you have.

00:41:16   - So, you know, if you get the 32 gig Apple TV,

00:41:18   you certainly won't have all of the screensaver video cache

00:41:21   locally and I know that's gonna really pain you.

00:41:23   - That's interesting actually.

00:41:24   - With your gigabit internet connection,

00:41:25   you never notice this. - Exactly, exactly.

00:41:27   Yep, all right, well, we'll see how I feel,

00:41:29   but sitting here now, I think I'm just gonna get the 32.

00:41:32   All right, moving on to the iMac.

00:41:34   The power brick slash cable, this was brought up,

00:41:38   I think I first saw this with Jason Snell,

00:41:40   he apparently cut a, I think it was a two meter string

00:41:44   and hung it off the back of a standing desk

00:41:45   while it was in standing mode and he said

00:41:47   that the power brick would probably be dangling in the air

00:41:50   because the two meters isn't quite enough

00:41:52   for his particular standing desk, which is kind of a bummer.

00:41:54   - What is this meters business?

00:41:55   Analog is affecting you.

00:41:56   We're talking about feet here, okay?

00:41:58   - Sorry, John.

00:41:59   - Two meters is not the same thing as six feet.

00:42:02   Yeah, so Jason did bring this up

00:42:04   when he was trying to see, you know, in my standing desk,

00:42:07   if I had a six foot cord coming out of the back of my iMac,

00:42:10   would the brick reach the ground

00:42:12   or would the brick be dangling in midair

00:42:14   and his measurements indicated that the power brick

00:42:16   would kind of be dangling in midair, which is not ideal.

00:42:19   He did an interview on upgrade with the Apple folks

00:42:23   and brought this exact issue up and said,

00:42:24   "Hey, six foot cord, I just measured

00:42:27   "that won't be quite long enough for my setup.

00:42:29   "How did you come up with six feet?"

00:42:30   And the Apple people said, "Well, we looked

00:42:32   "at all different setups and we came up

00:42:33   "and we thought this was the blah, blah, blah."

00:42:35   But like, Jason had just got done telling them,

00:42:37   it's like, well, this may fit, like the AirPods,

00:42:40   fit the average ear but not fitting Marco's ear.

00:42:42   This may be sort of the sweet spot

00:42:44   for satisfying the most people,

00:42:46   but it doesn't work in Jason's setup

00:42:48   and I don't think Jason's, you know,

00:42:50   because Apple acknowledged standing desks,

00:42:52   it's not like they didn't think about standing desks,

00:42:53   they did, but Jason's not that tall

00:42:55   and his desk is not that high,

00:42:57   so I feel like they made, you know,

00:42:59   put an extra six inches to a foot on this cord

00:43:02   would probably be beneficial

00:43:03   for people who use standing desks.

00:43:05   - You know what would be a lot more beneficial

00:43:07   for people who use standing desks?

00:43:09   Why are you running more than one cable off the desk?

00:43:12   - Oh, you'll have to Velcro things

00:43:14   at the bottom of your desk, here we go.

00:43:16   - Yes, somehow zip tie or otherwise attach a surge strip

00:43:20   under your desk to the underside of your desk,

00:43:23   plug everything on your desk into that,

00:43:25   tie up all the loose, you know, cable excess

00:43:27   so it's nice and tidy somewhere,

00:43:28   and then run one cable or maybe two if you include ethernet

00:43:32   from that area of your desk down one of the lifting legs

00:43:36   or whatever you can have it run down cleanly to the outlet.

00:43:39   And then you can have a huge amount of slack

00:43:42   in that second, you know, cable grouping of, you know,

00:43:44   just the ethernet and power coming out of the desk

00:43:46   and all the stupid little short cables

00:43:47   you can plug into the underside of your desk

00:43:49   and have everything nice and tidy.

00:43:51   - So this is a setup for people who have more than just

00:43:53   the iMac on their desk, but part of the beauty

00:43:55   of having the single cable coming out of your iMac,

00:43:57   like you don't even need ethernet back there and everything,

00:44:00   like that's, I think if you just have an iMac

00:44:02   in a lone scenario like that,

00:44:05   you don't need the whole power strip underneath the desk,

00:44:07   maybe you just have the one cord.

00:44:08   And maybe those people don't use standing desks,

00:44:10   I don't know, I'm just saying like it's,

00:44:11   the fact that it's so close to working with a standing desk,

00:44:13   but just needs a few more inches seems like they could

00:44:16   fix that in a subsequent revision.

00:44:18   The second thing to know about the power brick is

00:44:20   we were speculating about, hey, they could have used USB-C

00:44:22   because USB-C can, USB-C power delivery can do 100 watts.

00:44:27   Apparently the power brick is rated for 143 watts.

00:44:30   Now that doesn't mean the iMac or any of the iMacs

00:44:32   they introduced, you know, in the Apple event

00:44:35   will actually ever consume 143 watts,

00:44:38   but that's what the brick is rated for.

00:44:40   So maybe Apple knows something we don't,

00:44:42   maybe they're just trying to have one brick and reuse it.

00:44:45   You know, maybe they're thinking ahead,

00:44:47   is the next version might use more power than this one did.

00:44:49   I don't know, but either way,

00:44:51   the bricks makes me think that Apple thinks that 100 watts

00:44:54   is not sufficient for the system,

00:44:56   either in the present or the future.

00:44:58   - That's interesting.

00:44:59   Tell me about Visa mounts,

00:45:01   'cause apparently you can flip flop sort of, kind of.

00:45:04   - Yeah, we didn't, I don't know if you mentioned

00:45:05   Visa mounts at all, but just FYI, like the old style iMacs,

00:45:09   these new colored ones,

00:45:11   you can also get them with a Visa mount.

00:45:13   If you don't like the non-adjustable little foot,

00:45:15   you can get a Visa mount on the back

00:45:16   and then put it on whatever arm or stand

00:45:18   or anything else you have that supports Visa.

00:45:20   And apparently, according to Jason Snell,

00:45:22   you can call AppleCare and if you buy a Visa mount iMac

00:45:26   and say, I don't want the Visa mount anymore,

00:45:28   can you swap it for the foot version?

00:45:31   Now, no idea how much that would cost.

00:45:33   Obviously it would cost you some money.

00:45:35   I assume they just replaced the entire back of the computer,

00:45:38   but the good thing is the computer

00:45:39   is basically a giant iPad anyway,

00:45:41   and so the back is just like the entire big back shell

00:45:43   and maybe it's an easy repair, I don't know.

00:45:46   But it's nice to know that you're not stuck

00:45:48   with the Visa mount permanently if you buy one

00:45:51   and then change your mind later.

00:45:53   - Indeed.

00:45:54   And then someone wrote in to ask,

00:45:56   hey, does anyone else wish that they would add

00:45:59   the ethernet port to all Mac-powered adapters?

00:46:02   For example, the notebooks would be nicer than a dongle.

00:46:04   Don't we all want that?

00:46:05   Or is it just me?

00:46:07   I guess not literally just me, but.

00:46:08   - I mean, it depends on your setup.

00:46:09   I can see the appeal because we don't like dongles, right?

00:46:12   And you have to have the power brick with you anyway,

00:46:13   and there's plenty of room on the power brick

00:46:15   for the ethernet connector.

00:46:16   But on the other hand,

00:46:18   people tend not to like to crawl around under their desk

00:46:20   and plug things in, and with an iMac, it's not a big deal.

00:46:22   You do it once, it's a desktop,

00:46:23   you set it up and you're done.

00:46:24   But with a notebook, you're bringing it from place to place.

00:46:27   Maybe if you had multiple power adapters in the house

00:46:29   and you could set up the ethernet at once

00:46:30   and just have the power cord

00:46:31   kind of stick it up on your desk, it would be cool.

00:46:33   I can see the appeal and maybe that is Apple's plan.

00:46:36   Again, they made 143 watt adapter.

00:46:38   Maybe this adapter will also come

00:46:41   with some other future computer.

00:46:42   But the tricky bit is you need to route ethernet

00:46:46   to the power brick and all of Apple's current power bricks

00:46:50   don't do that in terms,

00:46:51   I don't think they even have the right number of conductors.

00:46:53   I think they're just power from the power brick.

00:46:55   I'm not entirely sure,

00:46:56   but my impression is that from the power brick.

00:46:58   - That's not entirely true.

00:47:00   They support only USB two transfer speeds though.

00:47:03   So like whatever Apple labels as a charge cable for USB-C,

00:47:06   it can be used as data, but not for USB three speeds.

00:47:10   - Yeah, and of course,

00:47:12   they could put out an adapter that would support this.

00:47:14   The other wrinkle in this

00:47:15   and we're not gonna talk about this week,

00:47:17   but there's a bunch of leaks from some ransomware attack

00:47:20   on a manufacturer that shows,

00:47:22   supposedly show the rumored MacBook Pros

00:47:25   with all the things that we talked about in past shows,

00:47:27   SD card slot and MagSafe.

00:47:29   - And HDMI.

00:47:30   - Yeah, and HDMI, right?

00:47:31   If those things end up having MagSafe,

00:47:35   of course Apple can do whatever it wants

00:47:36   with this, whatever this new MagSafe is,

00:47:38   but that would mean that they would need to route ethernet

00:47:41   through the MagSafe adapter,

00:47:42   along with power down the power cable to the power brick

00:47:45   where the supposed ethernet port is.

00:47:47   So I think there's some merit to this idea,

00:47:50   but it seems complicated enough

00:47:52   that unless Apple is really married to it,

00:47:54   that they're, especially if they're going to MagSafe,

00:47:57   it's just seems simpler for them to just bring back MagSafe

00:47:59   as just a power thing.

00:48:00   And then continue to rely on dongles for everything else.

00:48:04   - Yeah, and if you actually want a single cable solution,

00:48:07   I would assume and hope that if this new MagSafe

00:48:11   based MacBook Pro thing is real,

00:48:13   or even if it isn't,

00:48:14   assuming future MacBook Pros might have MagSafe,

00:48:17   I would hope that they would also still be able to charge

00:48:20   via USB-C PD.

00:48:21   And if that's the case,

00:48:22   then people who want a single cable solution,

00:48:25   but some kind of port expansion

00:48:28   can continue to use like Thunderbolt docs and stuff.

00:48:30   And still have just one cable running to the computer

00:48:32   that also charges it.

00:48:33   - Yeah, I will be,

00:48:35   even though I think MagSafe would be great

00:48:37   to bring back for notebooks,

00:48:39   it will bum me out ever so slightly

00:48:41   if USB-C power delivery goes away.

00:48:43   You know, if it's one or the other, not both.

00:48:46   And especially since we're all approaching this

00:48:50   like USB-C lifestyle where everything is USB-C.

00:48:54   I mean, there's so much of my life other than my iPhone

00:48:57   that is USB-C.

00:48:58   And just having a USB-C dongle sitting around

00:49:02   can power my iPad, my computer, my drone, et cetera,

00:49:07   my Switch.

00:49:08   And man, it would really stink

00:49:11   if MagSafe got reintroduced, which would be excellent.

00:49:14   And then they said,

00:49:15   "Well, that's the only way you can charge now."

00:49:17   Tough nuggies.

00:49:18   That would really bum me out.

00:49:19   - Yeah, agreed.

00:49:20   And I hope and I bet they would probably keep both.

00:49:24   - One would hope and one would think.

00:49:26   All right, and then finally, Eric Berlin writes,

00:49:28   "What's the benefit of having four high efficiency cores

00:49:30   "in a system without a battery like the iMac or Mac mini?

00:49:33   "Aside from economies of scale,

00:49:34   "do you expect there to be a split

00:49:35   "between desktop and laptop versions

00:49:36   "and of future Apple M series systems on a chip?"

00:49:40   I mean, one silly answer is it's just more efficient.

00:49:43   Like as silly as that sounds,

00:49:44   but why run a higher wattage core

00:49:48   and why expend all that energy if you don't have to?

00:49:51   I mean, I know that's kind of silly,

00:49:53   but it does add up over time, doesn't it?

00:49:56   - I mean, it makes sense for more

00:49:57   than just an electric bill perspective.

00:49:59   It's, you know me, it's all about fan noise, right?

00:50:02   If you can use, most of the time, your Mac is not doing much

00:50:06   if you're not running some big, you know,

00:50:08   hard task in the background that's using lots of cores.

00:50:10   So from moment to moment,

00:50:12   those efficiency cores are getting a ton of use

00:50:14   because especially when you're just sitting there

00:50:16   reading text on a webpage, there's probably,

00:50:18   hopefully, unless you're running Chrome

00:50:19   with a bunch of terrible tabs in the background,

00:50:21   no need for the high efficiency cores to be enabled at all.

00:50:24   And if you can just use the efficiency cores

00:50:26   or one or two of the efficiency cores,

00:50:28   it uses less power, yes, and that means less heat

00:50:30   and that means less fan noise.

00:50:32   Now, Eric is right that like the reason they're using this

00:50:35   'cause like this is the architecture they have

00:50:37   and you know, they're not gonna, you know,

00:50:40   it's not, apparently, we now know the answer.

00:50:42   Is it worth it for them to make for the low-end iMac

00:50:45   an entirely different chip,

00:50:46   even though the current M1 fits fine?

00:50:48   No, not worth it to them.

00:50:49   They could have made a chip without efficiency cores

00:50:52   and with like six, you know,

00:50:54   high performance cores or something, right?

00:50:56   And that would be extra expense

00:50:57   and maybe they'd get a little bit of benefit,

00:50:59   but for the low-end iMac, it was not worth it.

00:51:01   So yes, economies of scale,

00:51:03   there are many different computers you can wrap around the M1

00:51:05   and the iMac is one of them

00:51:06   and it's perfectly fine for that.

00:51:07   And as a bonus, less fan noise, less heat, less electricity.

00:51:11   Probably less electricity is non-measurable,

00:51:14   but I imagine the less heat and less fan noise

00:51:16   is something that they could actually measure.

00:51:17   So I'm glad that efficiency cores exist

00:51:20   and I think there's a place for efficiency cores

00:51:22   on every single one of their desktop computers,

00:51:24   even the big giant Mac Pro that they eventually make

00:51:27   with umpteen cores or whatever,

00:51:29   it's okay to have some efficiency cores in there

00:51:30   'cause sometimes the Mac Pro

00:51:31   is not doing anything that big either.

00:51:33   - And that brings us to another computer that has an M1

00:51:37   and it's, as its core, and that is the iPad.

00:51:41   And so there's some follow-up we need to talk about

00:51:43   with regard to the iPad,

00:51:44   starting with the front-facing camera.

00:51:45   Tell me about that.

00:51:47   - I think we missed this entirely in the event show.

00:51:49   There was so much stuff,

00:51:50   but Apple talked about center stage,

00:51:52   which is their way to use the new 12 megapixel

00:51:55   front-facing wide camera on the new iPads

00:51:59   to take a very wide view of what's in front of them,

00:52:03   but then crop it to show the area of interest

00:52:06   when doing like video conference type things.

00:52:08   And they showed it with like,

00:52:09   with one person in the picture, it will center on them.

00:52:12   And then when more people come, it will expand the image.

00:52:14   Now the camera doesn't move.

00:52:16   It's not like it's actually zooming optically.

00:52:18   It's not pivoting from side to side.

00:52:20   It is merely taking different crops

00:52:21   and doing image processing, you know,

00:52:22   using the software to do some smarts.

00:52:25   And obviously the crops are gonna be lower resolution

00:52:26   than the full 12 megapixels,

00:52:28   but apparently there's enough pixels to go around

00:52:29   to make this work, especially for like a FaceTime thing.

00:52:31   So it looks like a very cool feature.

00:52:34   And the other thing to know about it is that

00:52:36   this feature is actually available

00:52:38   to other people through an API.

00:52:40   So if you have any kind of third-party app

00:52:42   and you want to start taking video

00:52:43   from the front-facing camera,

00:52:45   apparently there's an API that you can just tell it,

00:52:47   please do that center stage thing

00:52:48   where you look for people's faces

00:52:49   and try to include them,

00:52:50   which is very nice of them to include.

00:52:52   Although, honestly, I'm not sure what other apps

00:52:54   people use for doing video conferencing on the iPad

00:52:57   besides FaceTime and I guess Zoom maybe,

00:53:00   but do people use Zoom on the iPad?

00:53:02   I guess so.

00:53:02   - Yeah.

00:53:03   - Well, Declan spends several hours a day

00:53:05   in Teams on the iPad.

00:53:07   - In Teams, seriously?

00:53:08   - Yep.

00:53:09   - Oh my God, I didn't even think about that.

00:53:10   Children shouldn't be subjected to Teams.

00:53:12   - No, it is bad.

00:53:14   It is real bad on the iPad.

00:53:16   - I hope those apps do use those features though,

00:53:18   because that is a problem,

00:53:19   especially with an iPad where you're trying to like

00:53:21   prop it up at the right angle

00:53:22   and make sure you get everyone in the picture,

00:53:24   like doing, well, mostly for me

00:53:26   is doing family FaceTime calls,

00:53:27   but I suppose for other things that are not family

00:53:29   and maybe you're using Teams or what do you call it?

00:53:33   WebEx or Zoom or whatever.

00:53:36   So that's cool and worth mentioning.

00:53:39   - Indeed.

00:53:39   Hey John, how much RAM do you have in your iPad?

00:53:42   - We noted this on the event show,

00:53:44   but we didn't really emphasize, right?

00:53:46   So yes, the iPad comes with two different amounts

00:53:49   of RAM, but the most important thing is

00:53:51   Apple lists those two different amounts of RAM

00:53:54   on their web pages and in their promotional material

00:53:56   for the first time, the amount of RAM in an iPad

00:53:59   is not a secret that Apple won't tell you,

00:54:01   even though everybody knows what it is.

00:54:03   They actually use it in their advertising material.

00:54:05   It's on their slides, up to 16 gigabytes of memory.

00:54:09   We should all, if we were there live,

00:54:10   we all should have gasped and said,

00:54:12   the iPad has memory?

00:54:14   I thought it just had storage all these years.

00:54:16   If you've just been buying iPads based on storage,

00:54:17   now you're gonna tell me there's memory?

00:54:20   It's like when they change from iOS firmware,

00:54:22   from iPhone firmware to iOS.

00:54:25   It's like, the iPhone has an operating system?

00:54:27   I thought it just had firmware.

00:54:29   You know, a secret.

00:54:31   So I like this.

00:54:32   Obviously this is just in the pro models

00:54:33   that I think they still don't talk about RAM

00:54:35   on the lesser iPad models, but see Apple,

00:54:38   nothing bad happens if you talk about RAM.

00:54:39   We all know it's in there and we have to figure out

00:54:42   what it is anyway eventually.

00:54:43   It's just annoying that it's not on your product pages

00:54:45   and now it finally is, at least for the pros.

00:54:48   - So speaking of iPad pros,

00:54:50   apparently the new 12.9 inch iPad pro,

00:54:54   specifically the 12.9, won't work

00:54:56   with the original $350 Magic Keyboard.

00:55:00   So it's just a bit thicker than the last one was

00:55:03   and because of that, officially speaking,

00:55:05   it is not compatible with the Magic Keyboard

00:55:08   that came out before this new one existed.

00:55:10   However, if you were to buy a Magic Keyboard today,

00:55:13   it is compatible with every iPad

00:55:15   that has ever been compatible with the Magic Keyboard.

00:55:18   - Yeah, that's a shame,

00:55:20   but I still think they made the right move.

00:55:22   Some people were saying, oh, didn't you know how thick

00:55:24   the new 12.9 inch iPad would be

00:55:26   when you made the original Magic Keyboard?

00:55:28   I think it's conceivable that no, they didn't.

00:55:30   Maybe they were shooting for, oh, it'll be the same width.

00:55:32   But you know, we talked about the screen tech

00:55:34   in this new 12.9 inch iPad with the, you know,

00:55:37   2,500 different zones and 10,000 LEDs.

00:55:41   That screen is amazing and it's worth

00:55:42   putting on the highest of the high-end iPad.

00:55:44   And if they had to make it 0.5 millimeters thicker

00:55:48   to pull that off at the cost of breaking compatibility

00:55:51   with their very expensive Magic Keyboard,

00:55:52   I still think that's the right move

00:55:54   because this is the most expensive iPad

00:55:57   with the highest end, you know,

00:55:59   you can get it 16 gigs of RAM and two terabytes of storage

00:56:01   and all that stuff.

00:56:03   Obviously not ideal.

00:56:04   I don't think Apple planned this.

00:56:05   I think they probably tried to make it

00:56:07   exactly the same size and they just couldn't quite get it.

00:56:10   And if the choice was between this screen

00:56:12   and being compatible with the Magic Keyboard,

00:56:15   they'd take the screen any day.

00:56:16   So it's a bummer, but I think the right move.

00:56:19   - Yeah, I mean, honestly, I'm surprised and happy

00:56:23   that they haven't changed the keyboard size

00:56:26   for the 11 inch.

00:56:27   I mean, this is like, this is the longest they've ever gone.

00:56:30   If you're an 11 inch customer,

00:56:31   this is the longest you've ever been able

00:56:32   to carry any peripherals forward.

00:56:35   You know, like normally, if you were buying a new iPad Pro,

00:56:39   or you would have to buy a new keyboard,

00:56:42   possibly even a new pencil depending on when you bought it,

00:56:44   if you use the pencil or not.

00:56:46   And those things are so expensive.

00:56:48   They add up pretty quickly.

00:56:50   So this is actually a nice, you know, constant period here

00:56:55   where like, if I bought a new iPad,

00:56:57   which honestly I'm not going to,

00:56:58   but if I bought a new iPad,

00:56:59   I would still be able to use my same keyboard

00:57:01   from two years ago.

00:57:03   - Yeah, and people who are second guessing this,

00:57:05   like it was helpful to think about the other scenarios

00:57:07   that could have happened,

00:57:08   just let's say they're targeting

00:57:09   to make it exactly the same width.

00:57:10   And they build one and they say,

00:57:12   here it is with the new screen and the, you know,

00:57:15   the new guts and it's exactly the same dimensions

00:57:17   as the old one.

00:57:18   And they have some kind of problem.

00:57:19   Oh, it's like overheating in this area,

00:57:22   or this thing is very close to shorting out,

00:57:24   or there's some other problem.

00:57:25   And they say, well, you know,

00:57:26   the only way we can solve this is to make the thing

00:57:29   half a millimeter thicker

00:57:30   to give a little bit more breathing room.

00:57:31   And everyone's like, oh,

00:57:32   that's going to break compatibility with the thing.

00:57:34   You would much rather have them make the thing thicker

00:57:37   than to say, well, let's just shove it in there

00:57:39   and just hope for the best

00:57:40   because whatever the problem may be with overheating

00:57:42   or shorting or compressing or bulging

00:57:45   or causing discoloration on the screen because of stress,

00:57:47   you don't want any of those problems.

00:57:49   And if that was the reality and they said,

00:57:51   well, they did that because if they didn't do that,

00:57:52   the keyboard wouldn't work,

00:57:53   you'd be saying what a ridiculous notion,

00:57:55   who cares that the keyboard works?

00:57:56   I don't, I just want my iPad to work.

00:57:58   I don't even have that keyboard.

00:57:59   This is absolutely the right move.

00:58:01   It's a bummer, but sometimes that happens

00:58:02   when you're pushing the envelope,

00:58:04   which I feel like Apple is with this,

00:58:06   with this don't call it a tablet iPad

00:58:09   that is just tremendously fast

00:58:11   and has an amazing screen on it.

00:58:12   - Indeed.

00:58:13   Last week, we were talking about potential uses for AirTags,

00:58:17   which actually speaking of, before we get to this followup,

00:58:20   Marco, did you order any AirTags?

00:58:22   - You can order them?

00:58:23   - Yeah.

00:58:24   - Oh, yes, that's right.

00:58:25   I did.

00:58:26   - Wow. - Sorry.

00:58:27   - Are you feeling well, bud?

00:58:28   - Beaver's setting in.

00:58:29   - Little warm.

00:58:30   No, I forgot.

00:58:34   Yes, I did order a four-pack.

00:58:37   It's coming on whatever day one is,

00:58:38   which I think is, is it this Friday?

00:58:40   - It's either this or next, I think.

00:58:41   I don't recall, to be honest with you.

00:58:43   So the reason--

00:58:43   - Yeah, so I'll have it next Monday.

00:58:45   (laughing)

00:58:46   - The reason I don't recall is because I ordered a one-pack,

00:58:48   which at the time was delivering in like mid-May,

00:58:51   and I thought about getting a four-pack,

00:58:52   but I don't even know what I'm using one for,

00:58:54   so it seems silly to buy four just on a lark,

00:58:58   but I did order one, and it'll be here

00:59:01   several weeks after your four-pack is.

00:59:03   John, what about you?

00:59:04   What did you order, if any?

00:59:05   - Didn't order any, 'cause I still can't think of

00:59:07   what I'm gonna use it for, you know.

00:59:10   So I'll listen to your reports

00:59:12   and what it's like to have a little plastic puck.

00:59:14   - It is kind of, you know, I would've been very surprised

00:59:17   if you would've told me before the Apple event

00:59:20   that the only things I would buy as a result

00:59:22   of this Apple event were AirTags and a new Apple TV remote.

00:59:25   But that's honestly, like, that's what I'm in.

00:59:29   I'm in this for those things.

00:59:30   - Yeah, yeah, that's a fair point.

00:59:32   So anyway, so we were asking, you know,

00:59:34   what would we use these for?

00:59:35   And something that I had thought of,

00:59:37   but I didn't say on the show,

00:59:38   this was not Marco's fault this time,

00:59:40   I definitely did not say it out loud.

00:59:42   And this was also provided to us by Jameson on Twitter.

00:59:45   A use case for AirTags, watching your luggage

00:59:48   work its way back to you at the carousel at the airport.

00:59:51   Now, I vaguely remember where airports are,

00:59:53   and I vaguely remember what luggage is, but nevertheless,

00:59:56   that is a very good use case for it.

00:59:57   Another thing that a few people have suggested,

00:59:58   including just now in the chat,

01:00:00   is placing it in or around a favorite stuffed animal

01:00:04   from a child, because if you're a parent,

01:00:06   you know, especially when they're young,

01:00:08   they have that special stuffed animal

01:00:10   that if they lose that stuffed animal,

01:00:13   oh, your next week, two months is going to be terrible.

01:00:17   So a lot of people are saying they're thinking

01:00:20   about sewing one in the animal or putting it

01:00:22   around the animal or whatever the case may be.

01:00:24   And again, I'm talking about a stuffed animal.

01:00:25   - If you put it inside the animal, though,

01:00:26   your kids will just tear it open and pull out the stuffing

01:00:29   and get that thing out and then just destroy it.

01:00:30   - Probably, probably, but nevertheless,

01:00:32   that's another idea.

01:00:33   - If your kids are dogs.

01:00:34   - I would say also, like, on the following your luggage

01:00:37   through the airport thing, I'm not, we don't know yet

01:00:41   how frequently the location is updated

01:00:43   and what kind of range they have in practice yet.

01:00:46   I would wait, if that's the kind of use case

01:00:48   you have in mind, I would maybe wait and see

01:00:52   how these things actually perform in reality.

01:00:54   - I mean, I'm assuming people are expecting that

01:00:55   to be in U1 range by that point, like,

01:00:57   you're not looking to say, like,

01:01:00   which baggage carousel is it?

01:01:01   You just wanted to know, like,

01:01:03   is it coming off the thing now or whatever?

01:01:05   Again, yeah, you're right, someone would have to test it,

01:01:07   but I'm guessing that this use case is only useful

01:01:10   when you're within U1 range, and I don't know

01:01:12   what U1 range is, but certainly it's less than

01:01:15   the passerby had Bluetooth on range.

01:01:18   - Yeah, I would expect it to be something like 30 feet,

01:01:20   you know, because it's Bluetooth-based and, yeah, so,

01:01:23   I'm guessing it's something like that,

01:01:24   but I wouldn't expect it to be, like--

01:01:26   - And you don't need this for Boston's Logan Airport,

01:01:30   you don't need this AirTek thing at all,

01:01:31   because I can just tell you, just get a chair,

01:01:33   your luggage is not coming out for an hour.

01:01:35   (laughing)

01:01:38   - Well, that's what you get for living in Boston.

01:01:39   Hey-o, all right, moving right along.

01:01:41   Something that I think all of us knew, but again,

01:01:43   did not say actually on the show is one of the problems

01:01:47   with Apple's premium podcast offering is

01:01:50   what if you don't have an iPhone?

01:01:51   Tough nuggies?

01:01:52   - Yeah, we were talking about who are you excluding

01:01:54   by using this Apple premium podcast,

01:01:57   and we talked mostly about, hey, if any of your listeners

01:02:00   don't use the Apple podcast app,

01:02:01   they have to start using it,

01:02:02   because that's the only way to listen to your show

01:02:04   if it's an Apple premium podcast.

01:02:07   But many people were going to say, and yeah,

01:02:09   what about all the people who don't even have iPhones?

01:02:12   Of course they can't use Apple podcasts,

01:02:14   and they can't listen to your show at all,

01:02:15   and there's tons of those people.

01:02:17   One of the reasons I didn't mention this,

01:02:18   it was something that I should have mentioned

01:02:20   when we talked about the premium podcast is,

01:02:22   I'm basing this on nothing, but my impression and hunch is

01:02:27   that Apple is at least considering the notion

01:02:32   of making Apple premium podcasts available on Android.

01:02:36   I know this seems weird to you, but I mean,

01:02:39   I just assumed that they would eventually make it available

01:02:41   on Android, and then I saw everyone else thinking

01:02:43   that they never would.

01:02:45   It just seems like Apple music,

01:02:46   like an audio service type thing.

01:02:51   I know Apple doesn't do a lot of things on other platforms.

01:02:53   They made Safari for Windows and then gave up on it

01:02:55   or whatever, but Apple premium podcast for Android

01:02:59   does not seem like a ridiculous thing to me.

01:03:00   Now obviously they don't have that now,

01:03:02   so don't assume it is going to exist,

01:03:05   but I don't know if you two feel the same way.

01:03:06   It just seems to me that it's not such a ridiculous notion.

01:03:10   - No, I don't think it's a ridiculous notion.

01:03:12   It would take a lot of motivation though.

01:03:15   The reason why Apple brought Apple Music to Android,

01:03:18   they did, right?

01:03:19   That's something they actually did?

01:03:20   - Yep, I believe so.

01:03:22   - We've never talked about it after they did it,

01:03:24   so I kind of forgot.

01:03:25   - I mean, it's like Safari on Windows.

01:03:27   When it went away, it probably took a while for me

01:03:28   to realize it went away because we use Safari on Windows.

01:03:31   - Right, so I don't know how well Apple Music on Android

01:03:34   would be doing, but the reason they did that

01:03:37   is because Apple Music is a massive service

01:03:40   that brings in significant revenue

01:03:42   into their services division and everything.

01:03:44   Premium podcasts, I don't think, I mean, I could be wrong,

01:03:49   but the way they've launched at least,

01:03:50   their version of premium podcasts,

01:03:52   I don't see that becoming anywhere near the size

01:03:55   of Apple Music as a business.

01:03:57   And therefore, I think there would be a lot less

01:04:00   financial motivation for them to invest

01:04:02   into the engineering of that.

01:04:04   The Apple Music, or the Apple Podcasts app

01:04:07   is not just a big web view.

01:04:09   It's a whole bunch of native code in there.

01:04:11   And so it would be substantial work for them

01:04:14   to bring over that app as its own thing.

01:04:17   So I just, I don't see it happening, honestly.

01:04:21   - I mean, it really, it kind of depends

01:04:23   a little bit on the competitive landscape.

01:04:24   Not that, we're probably not gonna have time

01:04:25   to talk about it this episode,

01:04:26   but Spotify's new premium podcast move

01:04:30   is an interesting counter to what Apple has done

01:04:32   and is different in all sorts of ways.

01:04:33   And you're right, it's mostly small potatoes,

01:04:35   and the safe bet is that they're not gonna do it,

01:04:37   but they might eventually see it as a strategic thing

01:04:40   that they have to do just to keep Spotify at bay.

01:04:42   It also depends on how all of the antitrust stuff

01:04:44   related to Spotify and other stuff turns out.

01:04:47   So all I'm saying is that this is right,

01:04:50   that you are excluding people who have Android,

01:04:52   but that I don't think it's completely ridiculous

01:04:56   that Apple might someday put their premium podcast

01:04:59   on Android.

01:05:00   - Yeah, I mean, I think it depends a lot on like,

01:05:02   how well is Apple Music doing on Android?

01:05:05   (laughs)

01:05:06   I've never heard of anybody using it.

01:05:08   I'm sure there are some people who do,

01:05:10   but I would bet it's not a substantial market for them.

01:05:13   - I mean, and I think one of the big reasons

01:05:15   that Apple Music exists on Android is, interestingly,

01:05:18   as a counter to Spotify, not in the podcast space,

01:05:20   obviously, just in the plain old music space.

01:05:22   And I think you're probably right

01:05:23   that it's maybe not doing that well on Android.

01:05:26   But like, why does it exist at all?

01:05:27   You said it's because Apple Music is a big business.

01:05:29   I think a big part of it is also

01:05:31   because Spotify is there,

01:05:33   and if we're gonna compete with Spotify,

01:05:34   kind of like the Apple TV thing,

01:05:35   if we're gonna compete at all,

01:05:37   we can't be stingy and say,

01:05:39   "Oh, it's only on Apple platforms."

01:05:40   It's like, if you're gonna be some kind of service

01:05:43   type thing, you've gotta be everywhere.

01:05:44   - Yeah, maybe, and part of it also,

01:05:45   it might just be as simple as,

01:05:47   like Apple Music was born out of Beats Music,

01:05:49   and Beats Music was available on Android,

01:05:51   so maybe they had an easier path to get there.

01:05:54   Maybe they didn't have to build as much

01:05:55   as we think they had to build from scratch for that.

01:05:57   - They should give Android the old podcast app

01:05:59   with the reel-to-reel tape.

01:06:00   - Yeah, that'd be great!

01:06:02   Yeah, from iOS 5.

01:06:03   - Oh man, that would be funny.

01:06:06   All right, John, do you wanna tell me

01:06:08   about your Eero and smart outlet situation, please?

01:06:11   - This is so long ago, I don't know

01:06:12   if people still remember.

01:06:13   I did a whole big RecDefs episode about it,

01:06:15   so I'm not gonna go into too much detail,

01:06:16   but to catch everyone up, I had filled around

01:06:20   with my network and made my Eero my router

01:06:22   and got rid of an airport extreme,

01:06:24   and everything worked except for my smart outlet,

01:06:26   which was completely invisible,

01:06:27   and I was trying to debug it,

01:06:28   I couldn't figure what the deal was.

01:06:30   Here's what eventually worked.

01:06:32   Why did it work?

01:06:34   Unknown, but here's what eventually worked.

01:06:36   It was a suggestion I got from two different places.

01:06:38   Merlin suggested that I do this,

01:06:39   and I didn't follow his suggestion,

01:06:42   and then I got the same suggestion

01:06:44   from a person at the smart outlet company,

01:06:47   and the reason I did it when the person

01:06:48   in the smart outlet company said it was not because,

01:06:51   like, oh, I trust that person more than Merlin,

01:06:52   but it was simply because I needed

01:06:53   to respond to their email,

01:06:55   and when I respond to any kind of email

01:06:57   where people give debugging suggestions,

01:06:58   I have to tell them, I tried your suggestions

01:07:00   and here were the results, like truthfully,

01:07:03   and one of their suggestions was hardware reset the outlet,

01:07:07   which I had done many, many times before,

01:07:09   but I had not, you know, this is two different ways

01:07:12   to reset, it's like a soft reset and a factory reset,

01:07:14   depending on how long you hold down

01:07:15   the little buttons or whatever,

01:07:17   I had not factory reset the new outlet,

01:07:20   the new one that I bought that just came out of the box,

01:07:23   and you may be thinking, why would you need

01:07:25   to factory reset an outlet that you just brand new

01:07:28   took out of a box that's never been on your network,

01:07:31   like that's never even been seen by anything

01:07:33   on your network that is invisible,

01:07:34   like, you know, I haven't even been able

01:07:36   to attempt to connect it, because every time I do it,

01:07:38   it says, looking for devices, can't find anything, right?

01:07:41   But that's what I did, I factory reset the new outlet,

01:07:45   and it just joined right up and worked perfectly.

01:07:47   (laughing)

01:07:48   - Oh my goodness.

01:07:49   - Now, here are the theories we've got behind this.

01:07:51   One theory is that there is, apparently for this brand

01:07:55   of smart outlet, there is a server-side component

01:07:58   associated with your account, 'cause I think you have

01:08:01   to sign into your account to use their iOS app,

01:08:04   and the person at the smart outlet company says

01:08:06   that we deleted all your data on our server side.

01:08:08   - Oh.

01:08:09   - Yeah, we've all, like, maybe that was a factor, right?

01:08:12   The second thing is, and this is something I didn't know,

01:08:14   and I just don't know the details of it,

01:08:15   that apparently home kit devices can only be

01:08:19   in provisioning mode, like where they're ready

01:08:22   to be added to your network or whatever,

01:08:24   for a limited amount of time, and I think it's like

01:08:27   a security thing, like you don't want to allow them

01:08:29   to be in provisioning mode indefinitely,

01:08:30   'cause you could like put something in provisioning mode

01:08:33   and like your neighbors accidentally pick it up

01:08:35   a week after you tried to connect it,

01:08:36   and they connect it to their thing, right?

01:08:38   So there's some kind of time limit as part

01:08:39   of the home kit spec, if you want to be

01:08:41   a home kit compliant device, you can only be

01:08:43   in provisioning mode for a limited amount of time,

01:08:46   after which you need to do some kind of reset

01:08:48   to get them out of that, and maybe this particular

01:08:50   smart outlet needs a factory reset after it has reached

01:08:53   its provisioning mode time limit, and I can tell you

01:08:54   that if there is a time limit, I'm surely past it,

01:08:56   because I've been trying to add these things to my network

01:08:59   for, you know, days and days, just constantly having them

01:09:02   and like ready to be added to your network,

01:09:03   make sure this light is blinking, right?

01:09:05   So those are the theories.

01:09:06   Server side, or it was stuck in provisioning mode

01:09:09   too long and timed out, but whatever it is,

01:09:11   a factory reset of the brand new thing made it work,

01:09:13   and now I have the old one, which I have no use for,

01:09:16   it's just sitting here, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do

01:09:18   with it, I haven't even tried to connect it,

01:09:19   but now I'm just not touching anything,

01:09:20   because my network, everything's on my network,

01:09:23   just like I want it to be, I haven't had any

01:09:25   of that Teams problem in all my Teams meeting at work,

01:09:28   I have yet to, you know, have the problem recur,

01:09:30   although it hasn't been a month yet, but so far so good,

01:09:33   my networking house is in order.

01:09:35   (laughing)

01:09:37   - That's good, I'm very glad for you.

01:09:38   - Don't touch it.

01:09:39   - Yeah, definitely don't touch it.

01:09:41   I'd actually like to make a brief request for help.

01:09:45   I, in the process of doing this screened in porch,

01:09:48   selected, I don't remember talking about this on the show,

01:09:50   but I selected two not cheap ceiling fans

01:09:53   in order to put in the screened in porch,

01:09:55   and there was a little bit of a disagreement

01:09:59   as to whether or not these not cheap ceiling fans

01:10:01   were worth the money that we spent,

01:10:02   and one of the things I wanted to do

01:10:04   with these ceiling fans was use them

01:10:06   with Lutron Caseta switches,

01:10:08   and I thought I was buying the appropriate kind of fan

01:10:11   in order to use them with Lutron Caseta switches,

01:10:13   and it turns out I did not,

01:10:14   and many, many hours of investigation

01:10:17   and fiddling about later,

01:10:19   what I've realized is these particular fans

01:10:21   use some sort of proprietary radio frequency controller,

01:10:24   so there is something in the wall,

01:10:26   and it is connected to the fan,

01:10:29   but the actual commands to go on or off

01:10:31   for different speeds or whatever are radio frequency,

01:10:33   and what I'd like to do is figure out a way

01:10:34   to get that on HomeKit.

01:10:35   These fans are Kickler fans, K-I-C-H-L-E-R.

01:10:39   Kickler doesn't seem to believe that HomeKit exists

01:10:42   or even Alexa or anything like it,

01:10:44   so if you have a way that you are aware of

01:10:48   that you can make a RF device talk HomeKit,

01:10:52   please let me know, Casey lists on Twitter,

01:10:53   or you can find my contact information on my website.

01:10:56   I'd love to know, 'cause I've been looking

01:10:57   at this broad link RM4 IR and RF universal remote,

01:11:02   which I guess is basically it's supposed to just emit IR

01:11:06   or RF in order to control things

01:11:09   that really you're not supposed to be able to control,

01:11:11   and I'm looking at this, but I don't know

01:11:13   if it's gonna work with the appropriate frequencies,

01:11:14   blah, blah, blah, so I will stop here,

01:11:16   but just if you've experienced anything like this,

01:11:18   please let me know.

01:11:19   I would love to know about it.

01:11:20   Our, I think, final bit of follow-up?

01:11:22   No, yeah, our final section of follow-up

01:11:24   is with regard to Marco's refusal to believe

01:11:27   that there's anything other than Tesla Superchargers

01:11:29   in the world, and friend of the show,

01:11:32   Sam, well-submitted of the Wheel Bearings podcast,

01:11:34   wrote in to say that Tesla accounted

01:11:36   for about two-thirds of EV sales in the US in the last year,

01:11:40   but according to Sam, whose job is to know

01:11:42   these sorts of things, that share is likely

01:11:44   to shrink significantly in 2021 and beyond.

01:11:46   There's lots of new competitors arriving this year next

01:11:49   from all the legacy brands.

01:11:50   And then moving on, Sam writes,

01:11:54   for distribution, there are currently 3,440 CCS,

01:11:58   which I believe is the connector type,

01:11:59   DC fast charger locations with 6,534 actual outlets,

01:12:04   so about 3,500 locations with about 6,500 outlets

01:12:09   across the United States.

01:12:10   There are 1,000 Supercharger locations,

01:12:13   so about a third as many locations,

01:12:15   however, they have about 10,000 outlets,

01:12:18   so about twice as many outlets.

01:12:20   So Tesla has fewer locations,

01:12:22   but more chargers per station.

01:12:24   Something I don't think we've mentioned on the show

01:12:26   is that Electrify America was done in part

01:12:30   because Volkswagen was compelled to fund it

01:12:32   as a result of Dieselgate.

01:12:35   And Electrify America was the first network

01:12:37   to implement the plug-in charge standard,

01:12:39   which allows drivers to set up one account

01:12:40   for their compatible vehicles.

01:12:42   So Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Lewis, and Rivian

01:12:45   have all announced support and more coming,

01:12:46   and then they let you just plug it in,

01:12:48   and then it authenticates and starts charging,

01:12:49   just like a Supercharger.

01:12:50   And we'll put a link in the show notes

01:12:51   to a list of all the chargers and networks

01:12:54   and whatnot at the Department of Energy website

01:12:58   for the United States.

01:13:00   Do you wanna jump in here, Marco,

01:13:01   'cause I know you have some feedback

01:13:02   or you wanna plow forward?

01:13:03   - Yeah, just a quick little thing on this point.

01:13:05   So my car is still in the body shop, still,

01:13:10   and they haven't even been able to start to work on it

01:13:13   because insurance companies are apparently terrible.

01:13:17   But-- - Neat.

01:13:18   - So it's been almost a month,

01:13:19   and they haven't actually started working on it yet

01:13:21   because of my insurance company, so that's okay.

01:13:23   I mean, I guess it was my fault for going with the

01:13:26   totally fly-by-night insurance company Allstate.

01:13:29   - Ah, I also use Allstate, and they are--

01:13:30   - But you don't get to be a big insurance company

01:13:32   by just giving out money for free.

01:13:35   Insurance company does not wanna pay a lot for the Smuffler.

01:13:38   - Yeah, nice.

01:13:39   - Anyway, so we're still driving around the i3,

01:13:44   and we had an opportunity to stop and supercharge,

01:13:48   and I specifically sought out an Electrify America location

01:13:53   'cause there was one kinda near where we were going.

01:13:55   And so we were down to about 30-something percent on the i3.

01:14:00   We stopped off.

01:14:02   It looked almost like a supercharger.

01:14:04   They had these big, glowing white bays across the back

01:14:08   of this mall parking lot.

01:14:09   There were eight plugs in this location,

01:14:12   so it looked pretty nice,

01:14:14   and it was a pretty good experience.

01:14:17   It was significantly nicer than the ChargePoint one

01:14:21   that I'd used before.

01:14:22   And it was super easy.

01:14:25   I walked up to the thing, and I plugged it into the car,

01:14:28   and they had a little credit card contactless/chip reader

01:14:32   on the front, so I just did Apple Pay on the front of it.

01:14:34   I didn't have to make an account.

01:14:35   I didn't have to do anything.

01:14:36   All I had to do was Apple Pay with my credit card,

01:14:39   Apple Pay with my phone, rather,

01:14:41   wave it in front of their little reader,

01:14:43   beep, it started up, and then I was able to watch

01:14:47   both in my car and also on their screen.

01:14:49   They had a giant, glowing screen

01:14:50   to show my car's charge level.

01:14:52   I guess the car communicates its charge level

01:14:54   back through the CCS connector to the charger.

01:14:57   So it was able to give me a time estimate.

01:15:00   It was able to give me a percentage readout and everything.

01:15:03   It allowed you to type in a phone number,

01:15:05   and it would text you updates.

01:15:06   That way, like, if you wanted to leave

01:15:08   and go inside the mall or whatever,

01:15:10   you could do that and see when it's done.

01:15:12   And overall, it cost me about 10 bucks to charge

01:15:15   from something like 30% to about 90%.

01:15:21   I mean, this is not a large-range car.

01:15:22   That's something like 100 miles of range.

01:15:26   But it was about a half hour.

01:15:29   Really not bad at all.

01:15:31   It was a surprisingly nice

01:15:33   supercharger competitive experience.

01:15:38   And if every DC fast charger was as nice

01:15:42   as the Electrify America ones,

01:15:44   then I think that would be a really nice world to get to.

01:15:47   I don't think we're there yet,

01:15:48   and I think it's gonna be a while before we get there.

01:15:50   But when and if that kind of world arrives

01:15:54   for the non-Tesla charging needs,

01:15:57   that will be very nice and very compelling.

01:15:59   So I really enjoyed it.

01:16:00   It was very nice to use,

01:16:02   and I would gladly use it again.

01:16:04   However, again, when I look for things like this

01:16:07   in the areas I travel,

01:16:09   the Tesla superchargers are still,

01:16:11   they're still better coverage of the areas I go,

01:16:15   and they're in more convenient locations.

01:16:19   Kind of an underappreciated part

01:16:21   of charger location selection is,

01:16:24   well, what can you do during the half hour

01:16:26   that you're waiting there?

01:16:27   If it's in a travel plaza or something,

01:16:29   like off the highway, that's great.

01:16:30   Because then you can park your car,

01:16:33   and the thing is, you're only gonna be charging there

01:16:35   for maybe a half hour to 40 minutes.

01:16:38   You can't do something that's gonna take you two hours.

01:16:40   You can't watch a movie or anything in a movie theater.

01:16:43   But you also don't want it to just be

01:16:45   in the back of an empty parking lot

01:16:48   where there's nowhere even within walking distance

01:16:50   that you could really meaningfully go.

01:16:53   So you want something to do,

01:16:55   and I like the travel plaza kind of situation

01:16:57   because then you can go in, use the bathroom,

01:17:00   order food, have a quick snack,

01:17:03   get a crappy coffee at Starbucks,

01:17:05   go out to your car, and it's pretty much time.

01:17:07   Tesla seems to be significantly better,

01:17:10   at least with the more recent round of superchargers,

01:17:13   significantly better at choosing good locations

01:17:16   that actually give you some reasonable way

01:17:18   to use your 40 minutes that you're gonna have

01:17:20   while sitting there.

01:17:21   So that's one thing that so far

01:17:24   the non-Tesla fast chargers around here

01:17:27   are not super great at.

01:17:30   But I mean, that could just be a regional difference.

01:17:31   But anyway, it's something to look at.

01:17:33   Like when you're comparing,

01:17:34   if you're looking at electric cars,

01:17:35   if you're comparing the charging networks,

01:17:37   you definitely have to, I think,

01:17:39   look at which ones you're likely to use

01:17:41   and where they actually are,

01:17:43   what kind of environment they're actually in.

01:17:45   'Cause that matters a lot.

01:17:47   - Like Sam said, though, this is changing rapidly

01:17:49   because all the EVs from all the car companies

01:17:52   are coming out pretty fast and furious now.

01:17:54   And most of them, granted, are not actual cars,

01:17:56   they're stupid SUV things, but there's a ton of them.

01:17:59   And Electrify America and all the other sort of

01:18:02   car brand charging networks

01:18:03   are just going to be expanding extremely rapidly.

01:18:06   And it's not just one company doing it,

01:18:08   it's multiple companies doing it.

01:18:09   So I expect this to be a very dynamic situation.

01:18:11   In fact, I was surprised to see

01:18:12   there was three times as many CCS DC fast chargers,

01:18:16   'cause this is trying to compare like to like

01:18:17   and not just say like any old thing,

01:18:19   but the DC fast chargers.

01:18:21   And I'm also surprised to see that a bunch of car brands,

01:18:24   we talked about this one,

01:18:25   let me get the pronunciation right 'cause I saw a video.

01:18:27   Tycon.

01:18:30   (laughing)

01:18:31   - Nice, nice.

01:18:31   - They have two syllables in their word

01:18:33   and neither one of them is pronounced the way

01:18:34   that an English speaker would expect them to say.

01:18:35   But Porsche has a YouTube video that says,

01:18:37   Ty like a necktie and then Con like the opposite of Pro.

01:18:41   Tycon, which has this 800 volt system

01:18:44   that allows it to charge faster and stuff.

01:18:46   I recently saw a review of the new Hyundai IONIQ 5,

01:18:51   which is another SUV type thing or whatever.

01:18:55   I think it has an 800 volt system too.

01:18:58   And it's not a fancy car.

01:19:00   Like it's competing with like,

01:19:02   it's competing with the mainstream SUVs, right?

01:19:05   It's more expensive than a gas SUV,

01:19:07   but still it's not $100,000 car.

01:19:09   And those 800 volt systems can charge a lot faster.

01:19:13   So the amount of time that you spend at the chargers

01:19:15   may actually be decreasing,

01:19:17   assuming we can get these 800 volt,

01:19:19   like whatever it is, 250 kilowatt or whatever.

01:19:22   I get confused with battery specs for laptops.

01:19:25   If those start to proliferate.

01:19:27   And the other thing I'll say about your charging experience

01:19:29   is your car doesn't even have the plug and charge thing

01:19:31   that we were talking about here,

01:19:32   which is just like, you don't have to do any of that stuff.

01:19:34   You just plug the thing in.

01:19:35   I mean, that's what this feedback says

01:19:37   is that you just plug it in

01:19:38   and somehow it knows who you are

01:19:39   based on the fact that you plug the car into it.

01:19:41   Because you had set up an account

01:19:42   with Electrify America beforehand.

01:19:44   And that's the best experience

01:19:45   because when you fill up your car with gas,

01:19:47   I mean, I guess you have to pay with your phone or whatever,

01:19:50   but like just be able to pull up to one of those things,

01:19:52   take the plug out, shove it into your car and walk away

01:19:54   and get all those features that you described

01:19:56   without even having to activate Apple Pay or tap it.

01:19:59   That's pretty cool.

01:20:00   Although I do wonder,

01:20:01   like I've been watching a lot of videos about electric cars

01:20:04   'cause there are so many of them coming out.

01:20:05   Most of them don't appeal to me at all,

01:20:06   but a lot of them have,

01:20:08   I mean, I guess we'll get to this in the next feedback.

01:20:10   Interesting integrations

01:20:11   with their various power supply things.

01:20:15   Like, you know, their sort of charging network,

01:20:18   integrations in the car, integrations outside the car,

01:20:21   like you said, the thing where it texts you

01:20:22   to see how filled up your thing is or whatever.

01:20:24   So I wonder if those features

01:20:26   will end up being differentiators

01:20:28   or if we will kind of settle on one feature set,

01:20:31   kind of like gas pumps.

01:20:32   There's a million gas companies around here,

01:20:33   but the feature set of gas pumps in the US

01:20:36   has always kind of like coalesced

01:20:38   around a standard feature set.

01:20:40   If there was any moment where like, you know,

01:20:42   mobile speed pass came out and for a little while,

01:20:44   they didn't want to have it.

01:20:45   Eventually, stuff like that spreads everywhere.

01:20:47   So it'll be interesting to see that play out

01:20:48   with electric charging stations as well.

01:20:51   - And speaking of very expensive cars,

01:20:53   a friend of the show, Dave Nenian writes,

01:20:54   "With regard to charging station integrations,

01:20:57   "you know, each car vendor either owns a charging network

01:20:59   "or partners with one,

01:21:00   "and at least with Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche,

01:21:03   "the charger location, routing, availability, et cetera,

01:21:05   "is fully integrated into the nav system."

01:21:07   I'm assuming much like Tesla.

01:21:09   In the, hold on, let me see if I can do this.

01:21:10   In the Taycan, and I'm sure this is true of others,

01:21:14   writes Dave Nenian, "If I plan a trip,

01:21:16   "it automatically routes me through chargers,

01:21:18   "not just in network ones,

01:21:20   "and it tells me how long to charge for

01:21:21   "and adjust during the trip if conditions change.

01:21:23   "It's just like the Tesla, basically,

01:21:24   "except the DC fast chargers, while fewer in number,

01:21:27   "can go up to 350 kilowatts,

01:21:29   "and I can charge from five to 80% in 22 minutes."

01:21:32   Dave admits that that's sometimes in a Walmart parking lot,

01:21:35   which is kind of crummy, but nevertheless,

01:21:37   it's fast, which is great.

01:21:39   - Another cool thing about the 800 watt system

01:21:41   and the new Hyundai, one of the features they're advertising

01:21:43   is you can use it to charge another electric car.

01:21:46   (laughing)

01:21:47   So you can drive over to them and just plug your thing,

01:21:49   like if they run out of charge somewhere,

01:21:51   you can go there and charge them up on it.

01:21:54   - That's interesting.

01:21:55   That would actually be really nice for

01:21:57   like a towing company to have some of those in their fleet.

01:22:01   So if you have an EV that gets totally dead

01:22:04   and is stranded on the side of the road,

01:22:05   you could drive this to them.

01:22:06   - 'Cause you can't bring a gas can.

01:22:08   - Right, yeah, exactly.

01:22:10   That actually is a really good feature.

01:22:11   - Yeah, and what you can do then is

01:22:13   if you take a car back from that car

01:22:15   and put it into your car, you can drive forever.

01:22:17   - Right, exactly.

01:22:17   - Yeah, that's how it works.

01:22:19   - You just have a loop.

01:22:20   - Right.

01:22:21   - We are sponsored this week by Backblaze,

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01:24:37   - All right, let's do some Ask ATP.

01:24:39   Brian Ash writes, "This one is for Jon.

01:24:41   "If Apple were to announce a new mini Mac Pro

01:24:43   "in April or May, can you imagine a configuration

01:24:46   "that would make you switch away

01:24:47   "from your Intel Mac Pro this soon?

01:24:49   "How much performance would you need

01:24:51   "and at what price would that need to be to make the jump?"

01:24:54   - I've actually talked about this before,

01:24:56   but it's worth revisiting now that we know more

01:24:57   about the ARM Macs.

01:24:59   I am totally open to a smaller version of the Mac Pro.

01:25:03   Like all I want is some internal storage and a big GPU

01:25:07   and that's what I've got in my current Mac Pro,

01:25:09   but if you open it up,

01:25:09   there's a lot of empty space in there, right?

01:25:12   So if they make a miniature version,

01:25:13   they can fit the stuff that I want

01:25:15   and doesn't have room for all the stuff that I don't use,

01:25:17   that's fine.

01:25:18   Like this thing has so many slots in it.

01:25:19   Like I have a second GPU in there that I'm not even using

01:25:22   just because there are so many open slots

01:25:24   that's the best place in the house to store it, right?

01:25:27   So I, and I think maybe something will use it

01:25:31   for compute someday, but like I do not need

01:25:33   the massive amount of spaces in this thing,

01:25:35   but I do actually enjoy the fact that I have, you know,

01:25:38   a bunch of internal storage in there

01:25:40   and my big double height video card and all that stuff.

01:25:42   So we'll see, I'm totally open to a miniature one.

01:25:44   And as for when I would upgrade, you know,

01:25:47   I'm still assuming that the Mac Pro will be like,

01:25:50   if not the very last,

01:25:51   then at least one of the last machines to port over to ARM.

01:25:54   So I've got a while yet to see

01:25:56   what they're gonna come out with.

01:25:58   And if the new ARM based Mac Pro equivalent

01:26:03   comes out like by the end of this year,

01:26:04   I don't think I'm gonna upgrade that soon.

01:26:06   It's mostly a monetary issue

01:26:08   because I'm not going to sell this one.

01:26:10   Like, you know, I don't sell my Macs.

01:26:11   I keep them, I keep the Macs that are meaningful to me.

01:26:13   This is, this Mac is always going to be meaningful to me,

01:26:16   but I don't need to use this thing for 10 years.

01:26:19   Like, you know, we always knew the ARM transition was coming

01:26:21   and I said, when I bought this,

01:26:22   if it turns out that the ARM Macs come out

01:26:23   right after I buy this, oh, well,

01:26:25   I've gotta be okay with that.

01:26:26   And look what happened.

01:26:27   Here it is, and I'm more or less okay with it.

01:26:29   I'll use this Mac until I've saved up

01:26:32   enough discretionary income to replace it

01:26:34   or until it becomes so obsolete that I have to replace it.

01:26:37   So maybe not the end of this year,

01:26:39   but you know, in two, three years, yeah,

01:26:41   I'll be ready to replace it.

01:26:43   - Fair enough.

01:26:45   All right, Lingxiu Zhang writes,

01:26:46   do you use FileVault on your personal Macs,

01:26:48   and if so, why?

01:26:49   I just got a new M1 MacBook Air

01:26:51   and came across the setting during setup,

01:26:53   which was on by default.

01:26:54   I'm hesitant to turn it on because of the possible

01:26:56   computational overload, but is that even still relevant?

01:26:59   You know, I honestly don't even know if I'm using FileVault.

01:27:02   I think I am on my laptop.

01:27:04   Where is that?

01:27:05   Is that in security and privacy?

01:27:06   - I think you've hit on the main thing

01:27:08   that I was gonna say, which is most people don't even know

01:27:11   whether they're using FileVault,

01:27:12   which really speaks to how transparent it is,

01:27:15   both from a user's perspective

01:27:17   and I think also from a computational perspective.

01:27:19   There is computational overhead to it,

01:27:21   and I think it can still actually be measured,

01:27:23   although that might be harder with the ARM Macs

01:27:25   because all the decompression stuff

01:27:28   probably has some dedicated hardware units

01:27:30   somewhere inside there.

01:27:31   - Well, the T2 did accelerate that.

01:27:33   In the last generation of Intel Macs, they used the T2.

01:27:36   The T2 did that, which made the computational overhead part

01:27:40   basically free.

01:27:41   - Free, like at the cost of some additional power

01:27:43   than your battery, you know, whatever.

01:27:44   But yeah, it's the type of thing where,

01:27:48   don't worry about the performance, is what we're saying.

01:27:51   - Yeah, so it turns out I was looking,

01:27:53   so in System Preferences, Security and Privacy,

01:27:56   and then there's a tab for FileVault.

01:27:58   Both of my computers are using it,

01:27:59   and I would have expected that my MacBook Pro

01:28:02   definitely was, and I wasn't sure about my iMac Pro,

01:28:05   but yes, both of them are.

01:28:07   And yeah, I don't think even having,

01:28:09   I've used FileVault, especially on laptops, for years.

01:28:12   I don't remember ever having noticed

01:28:14   a computational difference.

01:28:15   You know, I don't remember ever having noticed a slowdown.

01:28:19   Even, there have been once or twice I've either turned it on

01:28:22   after I've had the operating system installed and so on,

01:28:26   or perhaps even turned it off.

01:28:27   But yeah, I don't see any reason not to at this point,

01:28:31   to be completely honest with you.

01:28:33   - Margo, do you have it enabled on your Macs?

01:28:35   Do you even know?

01:28:36   - I didn't know.

01:28:38   I thought I had it enabled.

01:28:39   I just checked on my Mac Mini that I'm using now,

01:28:41   and it's not on on the Mac Mini.

01:28:43   I figure I probably shouldn't turn it on

01:28:46   during the recording.

01:28:47   - I would recommend not, Casey.

01:28:49   (laughing)

01:28:50   - But I, yeah, I'm pretty sure it's on my laptop.

01:28:53   But yeah, I recommend leaving it on,

01:28:56   because at this point, this day and age,

01:28:58   the computational overhead of that,

01:29:00   I don't think is relevant.

01:29:02   - So my policy is I tend to put it on for laptops,

01:29:06   just because they might be lost somewhere,

01:29:08   and whatever modicum of security it is

01:29:10   to have this stuff encrypted at rest,

01:29:12   I will take that, right?

01:29:14   On my desktops, I personally choose not to enable it,

01:29:18   but it has nothing to do with performance,

01:29:20   and everything to do with me being afraid

01:29:21   of hosing myself somehow,

01:29:23   by either forgetting the encryption password,

01:29:25   or it's somehow getting corrupted in some way.

01:29:27   I'm just paranoid in that way that I have enough problems.

01:29:31   I'm always doing weird stuff with my computer,

01:29:32   like trying to somehow get bootcamp installed

01:29:34   and bootable on an external disk,

01:29:35   which was a saga that I just reflected on this

01:29:38   the other day, that I've long since forgotten

01:29:40   what I did to make that happen,

01:29:41   so if I ever had to do it again,

01:29:42   I'd be starting from zero.

01:29:44   But it was really hard, and it was scary,

01:29:46   and it involved a lot of my machine

01:29:47   being in a almost unbootable state,

01:29:50   and that's before we even get to the ARM Macs,

01:29:52   which are way harder to deal with booting

01:29:54   and external booting, right?

01:29:55   So the reason I don't enable it in my desktops

01:29:57   is like, well, they're in my house,

01:29:59   they're much less likely to be stolen or lost,

01:30:03   and I'm kind of afraid that I'll accidentally

01:30:05   lock myself out.

01:30:06   Those are probably not good reasons.

01:30:08   You should probably just enable encryption everywhere,

01:30:10   but it seems like, based on Marco's experience,

01:30:12   that Apple still doesn't default it to on

01:30:14   for its desktop Macs, otherwise,

01:30:16   if Marco doesn't remember explicitly choosing not to do it,

01:30:18   it was probably just the default.

01:30:19   I'm assuming it defaults to on all their laptops,

01:30:21   but maybe not on their desktop, so.

01:30:23   - I mean, this is also an installation

01:30:25   that I brought forward from old desktops,

01:30:27   so I just checked, my laptop does indeed have it on,

01:30:30   and I'm kind of with you,

01:30:31   like I tend to make my laptops more secure.

01:30:35   Like, for instance, I always leave

01:30:38   find my Mac on on my laptops,

01:30:41   but I don't leave it on on my desktops,

01:30:43   because remember back when Matt Honan was hacked

01:30:45   and they used find my Mac to remote wipe all of his Macs?

01:30:49   That scared me enough that like,

01:30:51   I like the ability to remote wipe my laptop

01:30:54   if it ever gets stolen,

01:30:55   but I don't want anybody to have the ability

01:30:57   to remote wipe my desktop.

01:30:59   So, that's just one of those things,

01:31:00   I always turn that off on the desktop.

01:31:03   But yeah, FileVault is on on the laptop,

01:31:05   and I leave all the high security stuff there.

01:31:07   And I think I'll turn it on on my desktop too,

01:31:08   'cause why not?

01:31:09   - Yeah, I mean, like I said,

01:31:11   I see no reason not to, to be completely honest.

01:31:13   All right, and then finally from Johan Neubert,

01:31:16   what do you think about the longevity of the M1?

01:31:18   How long do you think they'll last?

01:31:20   Usually buying a quote unquote first generation

01:31:22   Mac computer can be bad in the long run.

01:31:25   Do you think that they'll last as long as iPhones

01:31:27   or even as long as John's old Mac Pro?

01:31:30   I mean, I don't know, look at,

01:31:32   I guess look at iPhones, right?

01:31:34   Because this is, or iPads perhaps,

01:31:36   especially early on, like in the iPhone 4 era,

01:31:39   you were seeing dramatic speed increases

01:31:41   with each new year's phone.

01:31:43   But I feel like the last couple of phones I've gotten,

01:31:46   they're snappier, sure,

01:31:48   but I wouldn't say it's a dramatic increase

01:31:50   like it was in years past.

01:31:51   So I would expect it's probably a three to four

01:31:55   to five year chip without feeling too terrible about it.

01:31:58   I mean, and also look at the iMac Pro,

01:32:00   or excuse me, my iPad Pro from 2018.

01:32:03   I don't feel like I'm CPU bound

01:32:06   or CPU limited very often on that thing.

01:32:08   And that's three years old now.

01:32:09   So I think you'll get some time out of it.

01:32:11   What do you think, Marco?

01:32:12   - Yeah, I don't, I think if anything,

01:32:14   you might get more time than you expect

01:32:16   because it's the first of the new architecture.

01:32:19   So far, like in, you know,

01:32:21   the reason why you're not really supposed

01:32:23   to buy the first version of things if you can help it

01:32:25   is that usually the first version has problems,

01:32:27   just weird bugs or shortcomings

01:32:30   or weird things that they fix in later versions.

01:32:33   We've had the M1 stuff now since November,

01:32:36   so, or October, whenever it was, well, it's delivered

01:32:38   in November, so we've had them now for a good half a year,

01:32:42   and there don't seem to be many issues,

01:32:46   and possibly even any major ones.

01:32:49   - There's some software issues.

01:32:51   - Agreed.

01:32:52   - I poll my kids about the reliability of Mac OS

01:32:55   on the M1s, but those aren't,

01:32:56   they're not anything to do with the hardware.

01:32:58   It's just like, okay, well, Mac OS has some shortcomings

01:33:00   in terms of drivers or whatever, you know, like, yeah.

01:33:04   There's more weird pink screens are not unlocking

01:33:07   or stuff like that, but that software,

01:33:09   the software will continue to get updated,

01:33:10   and the software will eventually come to accommodate these,

01:33:13   but there's nothing weird about this hardware

01:33:17   from a hardware perspective, simply because it is

01:33:19   so much like, and now is identical to,

01:33:21   the iPad hardware from which it's derived, right?

01:33:24   So it's not like this is the very first system on a chip

01:33:27   that Apple has made, right?

01:33:28   So I think the hardware is very solid,

01:33:31   and Casey was talking about, like,

01:33:33   projecting forward, like, how much faster

01:33:35   a chip's going to be, like, well,

01:33:36   is the next year's chip gonna be so fast

01:33:38   that you'll feel bad about having this one?

01:33:40   The more important direction is to look as backwards,

01:33:42   because backwards behind this thing are the Intel chips,

01:33:45   and they're way down there in the mud,

01:33:47   in terms of performance, right?

01:33:49   So as these machines get older,

01:33:51   the Intel machines will rapidly become,

01:33:53   oh, so slow, I can't even imagine using those,

01:33:55   but these things will hang on, because this is the big leap,

01:33:58   this is the big discontinuity.

01:33:59   It was like slow and steady, one or 2% or 5% increase,

01:34:03   in Intel chips, and then this huge leap to the M1,

01:34:06   and it's gonna take a long time before the performance

01:34:09   that's available in the M1 becomes so slow

01:34:12   that you can't even imagine using it, right?

01:34:14   So I think these M1s, assuming there's no catastrophic

01:34:17   hardware problem, are going to be usable, useful computers

01:34:21   for a really long time.

01:34:22   Like, think about that fanless $999 MacBook Air.

01:34:25   What an amazing performance bargain.

01:34:27   I think that computer will last longer

01:34:30   than any $1,000 Apple computer has, perhaps, ever.

01:34:33   So I am very optimistic about how long these will be,

01:34:37   especially since that M1 MacBook Air

01:34:40   doesn't have any moving parts, even.

01:34:41   Like, it's so much, it's like an electric car,

01:34:43   so much simpler, so much fewer parts inside it,

01:34:46   fewer things to go wrong, and the performance is great.

01:34:49   So thumbs up on the M1.

01:34:51   I made a shirt about it.

01:34:53   (laughing)

01:34:54   - The only thing I will note about

01:34:55   the performance characteristics of the M1,

01:34:57   now having used them full-time for however many months,

01:35:00   the reason it feels so ridiculously fast,

01:35:03   and the reason why certain tasks are so incredibly

01:35:06   much faster than they were on Intel,

01:35:07   or smoother, or better responding,

01:35:09   the ceiling of performance, when you have very,

01:35:14   like, efficient, parallelized, vectorized code,

01:35:18   is not that much higher than what we had before.

01:35:20   In some cases, it isn't higher at all.

01:35:21   What they did was they raised the floor a lot.

01:35:25   So a lot of common things on the M1,

01:35:28   common CPU tasks and everything, those are faster,

01:35:33   sometimes by a lot.

01:35:34   And so it seems like performance all across the board,

01:35:38   everything is just snappier and more responsive,

01:35:40   but where the M1 is limited is when you wanna

01:35:44   push it really hard, when you're maxing out all the cores,

01:35:47   and doing something really CPU intensive,

01:35:49   it's not slow, but it's not as much faster

01:35:53   than the Intel stuff, as you would expect,

01:35:55   based on how much faster it is

01:35:56   with kind of more pedestrian tasks.

01:35:58   - Well, it depends on what you're comparing it to.

01:35:59   If you compare it to the Intel $999 MacBook Air,

01:36:02   it crushes it, and even in the parallel stuff,

01:36:05   but as you get to the higher end, yeah,

01:36:06   'cause they're using this chip everywhere.

01:36:07   Again, we've just seen the low-end computers here.

01:36:11   But let's say the MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro,

01:36:13   that's an area where I can imagine

01:36:14   the previous best 13-inch MacBook Pro Intel model

01:36:18   would match it in multi-core, maybe.

01:36:20   But as you get to the lower-end machines,

01:36:24   you're thinking of multi-core as compared to,

01:36:26   what about my 10-core iMac Pro?

01:36:27   But that's not what these machines are competing with.

01:36:30   - Right, exactly, and so if you are someone

01:36:33   who tends to buy the high-core machines,

01:36:37   the 15 or 16-inch MacBook Pro, the iMac Pro, the Mac Pro,

01:36:41   if you're buying the highest-core accounts

01:36:42   and you're matching those things out,

01:36:45   first of all, you're gonna want probably more GPU power

01:36:47   than this can offer if you're using that for video stuff.

01:36:51   But I can see a good case for waiting until,

01:36:57   whatever it's called, the M1X or maybe the M2,

01:36:59   whatever the beefier version of this

01:37:01   for the bigger computers ends up being called,

01:37:04   waiting for that, but otherwise,

01:37:07   and that's, by the way, that's why my computer

01:37:11   never feels slow to me anymore unless I am doing something

01:37:15   like an Xcode archive build, (laughs)

01:37:18   or a lot of Xcode builds, honestly,

01:37:20   where my project is big enough now

01:37:22   that when I do a lot of builds in Xcode,

01:37:25   and I'm using it on Swift now, thanks a lot, Swift,

01:37:27   (laughs)

01:37:28   whenever I do a build in Xcode, it maxes out

01:37:30   all of the cores for maybe 10 to 60 seconds

01:37:35   depending on what exactly it's doing.

01:37:36   And you definitely feel that, and there are areas

01:37:39   where I would love to have more high-performance cores

01:37:42   just so I can shorten those builds.

01:37:45   And when that, whatever the next little Mac Pro ends up being

01:37:50   whenever that comes out, I will probably buy it

01:37:52   for that reason because I don't need any GPU power

01:37:56   more than I already have, but I really would love

01:37:58   way more high-performance cores,

01:38:00   as many as they will give me, I'll take them.

01:38:02   'Cause right now I have four, that's great.

01:38:04   Give me 12, give me 16, great, that would be even better.

01:38:07   And so I don't know what they're gonna do,

01:38:08   but if you are that, if you have that kind of performance

01:38:11   need where you're doing a lot of high-end parallel stuff,

01:38:14   you may wanna wait and see what else comes out after this

01:38:17   if you're looking to use it for a very long time.

01:38:19   That being said, right now, I am incredibly satisfied

01:38:23   with this, it just, the only time I notice it being

01:38:26   a little bit slow is that.

01:38:27   But I also look and say like, well this is a MacBook Air,

01:38:31   or a Mac Mini, depending on which computer I'm using.

01:38:34   And like, these are, for what they are,

01:38:37   and for what I paid for them, it's fantastic.

01:38:40   All right, thank you to our sponsor this week, Backblaze,

01:38:42   and thank you to our members who support us directly.

01:38:45   You can become a member and get a discount

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01:38:57   Thank you everybody, and we will talk to you next week.

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01:40:02   - Oh my god, my arms are on fire.

01:40:05   - Your arms?

01:40:06   Oh, because-- - The hives, the hives.

01:40:08   - I've never had hives before this week.

01:40:09   It's terrible.

01:40:10   - It does not sound particularly fun.

01:40:12   - And these aren't even severe hives.

01:40:14   I don't have to be scratching them all the time.

01:40:16   I'm trying not to scratch them at all.

01:40:18   And they go away sometime in the middle of the night.

01:40:20   So I go to bed.

01:40:21   They start around like seven or eight p.m.

01:40:24   I go to bed, and then I wake up in the morning,

01:40:26   and they're gone.

01:40:27   So I don't know what's going on.

01:40:29   - People get me talking about my toes on rectus.

01:40:31   I think this is worse.

01:40:32   I don't wanna hear about hives.

01:40:34   - I don't wanna have them, believe me.

01:40:35   This is not a fun thing, but--

01:40:39   - Well, how do you think all that 5G

01:40:40   is getting out of you, man?

01:40:41   - I know.

01:40:43   I'm glad that they started before the shot

01:40:46   so I know that that's not it.

01:40:47   - That's true, actually.

01:40:48   That's a good point.

01:40:49   Your body's a petri dish.

01:40:52   Some people's body are a wonderland.

01:40:53   Marco's body is a petri dish.

01:40:55   - I always get the weird medical issues in the family.

01:40:57   I don't have anything normal that's wrong with me.

01:41:00   I only have occasional really weird stuff like this happen,

01:41:03   and then it goes away.

01:41:03   Like, okay, well.

01:41:04   So anyway, hopefully by next week,

01:41:08   I won't be having hives every night for unknown reasons.

01:41:11   - Actually, next week's show, I will be vaccinated.

01:41:14   - And next week's show, I will be where Marco is

01:41:17   because that's the day my second shot was scheduled for.

01:41:20   - Oh, nice.

01:41:21   - I don't recall.

01:41:22   Are you Pfizer or Moderna?

01:41:23   - Pfizer.

01:41:24   - Okay, so I'm the lone Moderna man.

01:41:26   - My wife got her second shot today, too.

01:41:27   She went to bed early complaining of a headache, so.

01:41:30   - Lots of hydration is what I've heard.

01:41:33   I'm not sure.

01:41:34   I think it's placebo, but it's always a good idea anyway.

01:41:37   - It is probably a placebo,

01:41:38   but I was drinking water and Powerade, Pedialyte,

01:41:42   literally Pedialyte, like whatever,

01:41:44   nonstop the day before and the day of,

01:41:46   and I really did not have a bad go of it at all.

01:41:51   Like I said, I think earlier in the show,

01:41:52   there was a couple hours where I was like really chilly

01:41:55   during the day and felt a little rundown.

01:41:57   I had a lot of like, I don't know if you guys get this,

01:42:00   but when I take NyQuil, which I don't do often,

01:42:02   the following day I'll wake up and I'll feel like my head

01:42:04   is like two or three floors above my body.

01:42:08   That's the only way I can describe it.

01:42:09   Like it's the most odd, like very light,

01:42:11   not lightheaded, but like fuzzy feeling.

01:42:14   And I had, and I would like would waffle between,

01:42:17   oh, my head is not several stories above my body

01:42:20   like it is after NyQuil,

01:42:21   but it's like the next story above my body.

01:42:24   And then it would go into like a light headache

01:42:25   and then back to this like floating head, like brain fog,

01:42:28   as a roll call says in the chat,

01:42:30   that's a good way of looking at it.

01:42:32   And I kept going back and forth with that.

01:42:33   And I was freezing at night for two nights,

01:42:36   but that was it, like I tweeted about all this

01:42:40   and some people were like, wow, that sounds really bad.

01:42:41   And I was like, no, actually it really was nothing.

01:42:44   Like it really wasn't bad at all.

01:42:46   So yeah, it seems to be just the luck of the draw.

01:42:49   I don't know what to make of it.

01:42:50   - I can tell you from experience though,

01:42:52   this is all better than actual COVID.

01:42:54   - Yeah, I was gonna say like from my experience,

01:42:56   not having had it, it's like,

01:42:57   certainly even what Aaron's going through,

01:42:59   you know, super, super tired and feeling not the greatest.

01:43:03   Like I'll take that over COVID any day of the week.

01:43:05   And you actually are in the,

01:43:06   you're uniquely positioned to say with authority

01:43:10   that it is indeed better.

01:43:11   - Yeah, imagine having that brain fog for a month.

01:43:14   - Yeah, no.

01:43:15   - In addition to like the horrible fever and aches

01:43:16   and everything that you had for two weeks.

01:43:18   Like that's, it's just, it's no contest.

01:43:22   This is better.

01:43:23   - Indeed.

01:43:24   And I've probably said this live.

01:43:26   And the thing of it is, is that like,

01:43:28   if I knew that COVID was just a bad flu,

01:43:31   like hear me out, hear me out.

01:43:32   If I knew it was like just a bad flu

01:43:34   where you feel like crap for a week, like fine, whatever.

01:43:36   I probably would have just gone on living my life.

01:43:37   But because there's such a variance between like,

01:43:41   oh, you get it and nothing really happens.

01:43:42   And oh, you get it and literally die.

01:43:46   That's why I've been locked in my house for a year

01:43:49   because you don't know what's gonna happen.

01:43:51   And yeah, like Aaron and I both were,

01:43:55   not that we were dreading getting our second shot,

01:43:57   but we're both like, oh God, what's gonna come of this?

01:43:59   Are we gonna feel like death for a day?

01:44:00   But you know what?

01:44:01   I'll take it.

01:44:02   That is absolutely worth it.

01:44:05   I will absolutely do it.

01:44:06   And I wasn't planning on getting preachy in the after show,

01:44:09   but here we are.

01:44:10   If you have the opportunity to get a vaccination,

01:44:12   please, please do so.

01:44:13   Please do so.

01:44:15   - This is really like,

01:44:16   this is all of our duty to society.

01:44:19   If you can get vaccinated, get vaccinated.

01:44:23   - Yep.

01:44:25   Couldn't agree more.

01:44:26   I think that's fine for an after show,

01:44:28   to be honest with you.

01:44:29   - I don't know how long I have in this Benadryl.

01:44:30   So we're gonna keep it moving.

01:44:33   - I gotta get you on the phone in like an hour

01:44:35   and start asking for something

01:44:37   that you really don't wanna give me.

01:44:38   Like, hey man, you wanna buy me a Ticon?

01:44:40   - Store's down, Marker, you gotta fix it.

01:44:41   What, what?

01:44:42   You won't be able to, I'll be in DND mode, auto DND.

01:44:45   10 p.m. is when it starts.

01:44:46   - Hey man, I can call you twice in a row.

01:44:49   That'll bust right through.

01:44:50   - Will it?

01:44:51   I think it's only if I like tell you to, right?

01:44:52   Like don't I have to whitelist you for that?

01:44:54   Or is that everybody?

01:44:55   - I think it might be like people in your address book

01:44:58   can double call through, I don't remember.

01:44:59   - Oh crap, you're in my address book.

01:45:01   - He's gonna actually do it, don't worry.

01:45:03   - I'm not gonna.

01:45:04   - Yeah, he's gonna be asleep by then.

01:45:05   - Oh yeah, I'm absolutely going to sleep.

01:45:08   - He's gonna have a sleepy shirt.

01:45:09   - I am in my sleepy shirt, you are correct.

01:45:12   That is a fact.

01:45:13   - I'm in my sleepy hives, so I'm ready to go.

01:45:15   - Oh no, yeah, you're in your own sleepy shirt.

01:45:18   - Yes, red and blotchy on my arms.

01:45:20   Kinda itchy, kinda hot.

01:45:23   - Okay, I did think the toe thing was much worse,

01:45:26   but we're starting to even out, no longer you go on.

01:45:30   - I mean the toe wasn't like infectious

01:45:32   or you know what I mean?

01:45:33   Like it's not spreading across my body,

01:45:35   or as Marcos is gonna be.

01:45:36   - Hives aren't infectious.

01:45:37   - You're just gonna be one big hive soon.

01:45:39   - Yeah, but it's not infectious,

01:45:40   it doesn't spread to other people.

01:45:42   - I don't know, I don't know how the hives work,

01:45:44   it's spreading to yourself.

01:45:45   - Now granted, I only learned this like 48 hours ago

01:45:48   when I looked it all up.

01:45:49   Oh God, this is terrible.

01:45:52   I don't know how people do this.

01:45:55   Like a lot of allergy people have hives

01:45:56   on a more regular basis.

01:45:57   I, God I hope this is not my new life.

01:46:00   This is not, I hope this has been my new normal.

01:46:02   - Time for some more allergy shots.

01:46:04   - Oh yeah, I haven't got,

01:46:05   I actually haven't gotten them in a few months

01:46:06   because it's difficult where I live to get that done.

01:46:10   - Well before you die, let's take it by the live listeners.

01:46:15   Thank you if you're listening live,

01:46:16   if you've joined because at least a couple of you did,

01:46:19   if you've bought merch, which I haven't looked,

01:46:21   but I'm assuming at least a couple of you did.

01:46:23   Thank you, thank you for just listening to us,

01:46:24   shill for all these things, that's very kind of you,

01:46:26   and thank you for being live listeners,

01:46:28   hopefully not covered in hives.

01:46:29   Live listeners, not hive listeners.

01:46:31   - And you all can rest assured,

01:46:32   when Casey said a few of you joined,

01:46:35   Casey watches the membership number.

01:46:37   - Oh, like a hawk, like a hawk.

01:46:41   You don't even know.

01:46:42   - There was one time when there was a wave

01:46:44   of payment failures, just 'cause it was the interval

01:46:49   that they were new on, and Casey posted in our chat,

01:46:52   we've had a, what was it, disastrous,

01:46:54   what was the word you used?

01:46:55   - I know what you're thinking of,

01:46:56   but I don't remember how I phrased it.

01:46:57   - Had a disastrous drop in members,

01:46:58   and it was like .01% or something,

01:47:01   but it was like some number of people,

01:47:04   like five people or something.

01:47:05   - It was more than five, you big jerk, but yes.

01:47:07   - It was some small number of people,

01:47:09   and you were like, it's a disaster.

01:47:11   - Excuse me, it was like 20 or 30 people, sir,

01:47:15   and I will concede that I was definitely

01:47:18   having a chicken little moment.

01:47:19   It was more than you were making it out to be,

01:47:21   but it was still not as much as my reaction justified.

01:47:24   - Yeah, and regardless, so if you're out there thinking,

01:47:28   should I become a member, would they even notice?

01:47:31   Rest assured, Casey will notice.

01:47:34   - I will notice.

01:47:35   - I look at the numbers too,

01:47:36   and I actually keep track of them.

01:47:37   I mean, I don't keep track of them over time,

01:47:39   but I do have a little solver sheet that I updated in.

01:47:43   Let's put it this way, perspective members.

01:47:45   We do not have enough members

01:47:47   that you are one of an anonymous few.

01:47:48   You are a precious gem, a unique ingot of whatever.

01:47:54   There's not so many members, so come and join,

01:47:56   so there'll be more.

01:47:57   - And rest assured, at least Casey

01:47:59   and probably John will notice.

01:48:01   I won't notice, but I will appreciate it.

01:48:03   - Marco doesn't give a shit.

01:48:05   - I care about like--

01:48:07   - I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

01:48:08   - He cares in the aggregate.

01:48:10   - Yeah, that's it, that's it.

01:48:11   - I care like, what's the ballpark of how we're doing,

01:48:14   and is the average either going up or staying the same?

01:48:16   That's what I care about.

01:48:17   If it starts, like if the average starts going down,

01:48:20   then I'll start caring in a bad way, you know,

01:48:22   but like as long as things are flat or going up,

01:48:26   like trend-wise, I'm fine with that.

01:48:28   - Yeah, I would agree with that.

01:48:29   I pay closer attention than I know I should,

01:48:32   and is probably healthy, but it's important to me.

01:48:34   So, and that implies it's not important to you too,

01:48:37   you know what I mean.

01:48:38   It's just, there are things that I choose to worry about.

01:48:42   - Casey also needs his garage door status

01:48:44   and his menu bar and his Mac, so there you go.

01:48:47   - Hey, both of these things,

01:48:47   they're literally next to each other.

01:48:49   - Oh yeah, did you see, this was,

01:48:52   I think this was the best email of the week,

01:48:54   from Russ Newcomer.

01:48:55   Subject line, "Casey, AirTag is used.

01:48:58   "I am surely not the first person to suggest

01:49:01   "that you put one on the top half of your garage door

01:49:03   "to determine if it's open or not."

01:49:05   - See, I read that, I'm like, how is that supposed to work?

01:49:07   Like the U1 can like point an arrow

01:49:09   to say if it's open or closed.

01:49:10   Like I don't feel like the resolution

01:49:11   would be enough to make that useful.

01:49:13   - Well, it depends on how close the bedroom is to the garage.

01:49:15   It's pretty close, right? - That's true, actually.

01:49:16   - Isn't it right on top of it?

01:49:18   - That's right, our master bedroom

01:49:19   is directly above the garage.

01:49:20   - Then we had to like launch the Find My app,

01:49:22   which always takes a long time,

01:49:23   and wait for it to find and register,

01:49:25   and show the letter arrow,

01:49:26   and then show the number of feet.

01:49:27   (laughing)

01:49:28   - I was slightly miffed by it,

01:49:31   but also it was a very, very good email.

01:49:34   And so I did laugh.

01:49:35   - That was my favorite email of the week.

01:49:37   Russ gets an award, a gold star,

01:49:40   for the best email of the week.

01:49:41   - I've put in our super secret text,

01:49:43   this is my menu bar as it stands right this very moment.

01:49:46   So you'll see that there's a padlock that is locked,

01:49:49   so the garage is indeed closed,

01:49:51   and then there's a one to seven digit number

01:49:54   that indicates subscriber count.

01:49:56   - You have that in your menu bar?

01:49:58   - You're damn right I do.

01:49:59   (laughing)

01:50:00   You're damn right I do.

01:50:01   - He's got too much stuff in that menu bar.

01:50:03   Like do you need backblaze there?

01:50:05   Like the whole point of backblaze

01:50:06   is it just runs without you worrying about it.

01:50:08   - No, I don't want backblaze there.

01:50:10   Can I remove it?

01:50:10   - Yes, go to the-- - Oh really?

01:50:12   - Go to the prep range and uncheck the checkbox, yeah.

01:50:14   - Where?

01:50:15   I don't see any such checkbox.

01:50:16   - I'll find it for you.

01:50:17   - I don't even know what half the stuff in my menu bar is.

01:50:20   - Backblaze.

01:50:21   - Oh my god, there it is.

01:50:21   - Settings, yeah.

01:50:22   - Oh John, I love you.

01:50:23   - It's not new, it's always been there.

01:50:25   - I don't doubt it, I've just never noticed.

01:50:26   I love you John, that's trans.

01:50:27   - All right, so I saved you some space.

01:50:29   What else can we get rid of?

01:50:30   You can't get rid of Skype

01:50:31   'cause it puts that up here whenever it's running.

01:50:32   - That'll go away.

01:50:33   Do is there.

01:50:34   - Bluetooth, do you actually use that menu bar?

01:50:36   - I used to more often than I do now,

01:50:40   so I could probably remove that.

01:50:41   - Yeah, control center now makes that a lot less necessary

01:50:43   for a lot of people.

01:50:44   - Do you ever disable Wi-Fi or pick a different network?

01:50:47   - No.

01:50:48   - So get that out of there.

01:50:49   - Can you remove the Wi-Fi?

01:50:50   - Oh yeah, good idea.

01:50:51   - We're really cleaning house here.

01:50:52   - Oh okay, I'm liking this.

01:50:54   All right, can I get rid of the Wi-Fi?

01:50:55   This is, oh yeah I can.

01:50:58   - Command drag.

01:50:58   - You were performing.

01:50:59   - Command drag, and it's still available

01:51:00   under control center if you ever actually want to do it,

01:51:02   so it's technically still in your menu bar.

01:51:03   - Oh you were performing a wonderful service John.

01:51:05   - Yeah, and then get rid of Fuzzy Clock 'cause it's dumb.

01:51:09   - I like Fuzzy Clock.

01:51:10   For those who don't know, Fuzzy Clock is,

01:51:13   right now it says five, literally the words five space two.

01:51:17   - F-I-V-E space T-O space T-E-N because it's five to 10.

01:51:22   - I like Fuzzy Clock.

01:51:23   - And it's like how can we make time

01:51:25   really hard to read quickly?

01:51:27   Like I know time is easy to tell at a glance

01:51:28   'cause people are used to looking at both analog clocks

01:51:30   and digital clocks, but can we make it,

01:51:32   can we slow them down?

01:51:33   Can we add cognitive load?

01:51:34   Someone said yes we can.

01:51:36   - All right, I'm also taking away day one.

01:51:37   I used to be religious about taking a note

01:51:39   as to what I work on today.

01:51:40   - That's the little bookmark shape thing.

01:51:41   - Yeah, that's the bookmark.

01:51:42   And I don't need to do that anymore.

01:51:44   So I'm just taking that away.

01:51:45   Dropler I use enough that I want it in the menu bar

01:51:48   even though I probably should just remove it.

01:51:50   - What's the lock icon on the far left?

01:51:52   - That's my garage door, man, it's closed.

01:51:53   - Oh, that's right, okay.

01:51:55   But you need a custom icon for the garage door.

01:51:57   Now that we've made all this space for the glory item

01:51:59   which is the garage door, you need a custom template image

01:52:03   for garage door open and garage door closed.

01:52:05   - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:52:07   Everything else though, I have iStep menus

01:52:08   which I know is your favorite app of all time.

01:52:11   Let's see, can I get rid of time machine up there?

01:52:14   - You can get rid of Siri, I would recommend it.

01:52:16   - Can I? - Yeah.

01:52:17   - God bless you, how do I not know all these things?

01:52:19   God, I'm an amateur.

01:52:20   - 'Cause you don't use a Mac, I don't know.

01:52:22   - Seriously, good grief.

01:52:24   Oh, this is looking so much better, John.

01:52:26   I would get rid of the clock

01:52:27   but now that's the fricking notification center

01:52:30   so I can't get rid of that.

01:52:30   I can't get rid of spotlight either.

01:52:32   - You got fuzzy clock and you've got the analog clock.

01:52:35   - I know, I know, I know.

01:52:36   Then Synology Drive, yeah, let's see.

01:52:41   This is looking much better.

01:52:42   - I'm basically making your screen bigger.

01:52:44   Pretty soon it'll feel like you have an XDR.

01:52:46   [beeping]

01:52:48   [BLANK_AUDIO]