292: Start a Rotate Chicken Nuggets Timer


00:00:00   We're missing John. That's unusual. You think his Mac Pro finally died if you're being celebrated for ten years?

00:00:05   I don't want to say that that would be the best, but that would kind of be the best.

00:00:12   It's like see if it made it ten years, which it did like that's what you're waiting for, right?

00:00:18   We were waiting for it to make ten years

00:00:19   And so if now it did so anytime it dies after now would not be tragic

00:00:24   Like it would be really tragic if it made it like nine and a half years, right? Or like if it made it like one week less than that.

00:00:30   But no, it made it ten years. So now it can die anytime and it's not a big tragedy

00:00:35   So now it actually becomes funnier the sooner it dies.

00:00:39   Oh man, that would be kind of amazing

00:00:41   Like does it make me a bad person if a little part of me maybe a lot of me wants to see that this thing has just died?

00:00:46   I don't I don't think I want that yet, but I can see why it would be funny if it happened

00:00:51   Especially like right after last week's show

00:00:54   [Laughter]

00:00:56   Hi John, we're live.

00:00:57   Wait, John, I have to know. Mm-hmm. What computer are you using?

00:01:01   What do you mean what computer am I using? Same one I always use.

00:01:04   Awwww!

00:01:05   [Laughter]

00:01:07   You're wishing for the death of my computer?

00:01:09   No, neither of us would do that. Why would you say it's just a terrible thing?

00:01:12   [Music]

00:01:14   Ben Baharn writes, he got some clarity on the Apple Watch background

00:01:17   AFib detection. Watch had the the watch has to detect AFib six times before it will notify the user

00:01:24   This is to help minimize false positives

00:01:27   Yeah

00:01:27   We've seen a lot of articles and and quick hot takes come out from various people in the medical field

00:01:32   and people who make medical devices basically saying that the Apple Watch Series 4 sensors are horrible because they're gonna result in lots of

00:01:39   false positives and false positives are indeed a problem like, you know, if something does result in a bunch of people thinking they have heart conditions

00:01:47   That is bad for lots of reasons, you know

00:01:49   You have people who get a lot of who stress out about that who might get you know tests done

00:01:54   And might even have procedures or surgeries done to correct problems

00:01:58   They may not have or may not have badly enough to get them, you know

00:02:02   To ask for the treatment that they ask for they might take away treatment for people who need it, whatever else

00:02:07   So it is it is a problem if there's a lot of false positives

00:02:10   But so far it doesn't we don't really have any evidence that the Apple Watch Series 4 sensors

00:02:15   Do generate this level of false positives, you know, I'm sure this is something that Apple thought about when they designed it

00:02:20   They're probably really careful and conservative about that kind of thing

00:02:24   So I I would err on the side of assuming it's probably okay that they've probably done their diligence and it's probably

00:02:30   Influenced reasonably conservatively. Yeah, that's what this item was about that it has to detect it six times

00:02:35   Which if you just think about it's like well geez wouldn't I want to know after the first one?

00:02:39   But it's like no you probably wouldn't like that six times is the extra insurance say this is not a fluke

00:02:43   This is not a sensing error. This is not

00:02:45   Your watch was shaky on your wrist and there was some salt water underneath it for a couple seconds and like six times

00:02:51   Presumably spread out over time not just six times in a row

00:02:54   But like six times with a gap between them saying that this is a real thing

00:02:57   This is not just a a fluke or a sensing error

00:03:00   I thought about that a lot with the fall detection and we talked a little bit about it in last show where

00:03:05   When they were describing fall detection, I thought it's myself

00:03:09   Because of the difficulty of figuring out have I fallen or have I just waved vigorously or have I just jumped or you know?

00:03:15   whatever that surely either would be off by default or

00:03:18   It would not operate like a like a dead man switch

00:03:22   But then I got to that part of the presentation said no if you like there, you know

00:03:26   If you fall if it thinks you fell and you don't move for a minute

00:03:29   It will call your emergency contact or whatever like there's you don't have to do anything and I think

00:03:35   Not not that calling your emergency contact or emergency number or maybe emergency number of day

00:03:40   I don't know if we would call us just your emergency contact or an emergency number or both or either or whatever, but

00:03:44   You could flop onto a bed and just lay there for a minute thinking and then have your watch

00:03:49   Call you or whatever

00:03:51   But the fact that they made it auto call like I guess they have to do that because if they don't it's like well if you

00:03:56   Really do have a problem. You're not gonna be awake enough or at all to press a button on your watch or something, right?

00:04:02   so they have to have the confidence that they can actually detect a fall and

00:04:06   Distinguish it from flopping on your bed or all sorts of other things

00:04:11   To be able to confidently

00:04:14   Follow through on their promise to say well, we're gonna make the call now

00:04:19   Like we are heuristic said we think you fell and then you didn't move therefore. We're gonna send

00:04:23   the six times on a fib is

00:04:26   You know a similar attitude. So as for the the medical

00:04:31   the medical world's reaction to this I

00:04:33   Assume unless it is really bad unless like there's it requires a software update and like tons and tons of false positives or whatever

00:04:39   That the medical world will account for this eventually in the beginning. It'll be a weird novel thing or whatever

00:04:44   But eventually doctors will all know about it because the other hypochondriac patients saying my watch that I'm dying, right?

00:04:49   They'll they'll know about it doctors will understand the technology involved because they they know the different kinds of EKG's and they understand the limitations

00:04:56   of you know

00:04:57   Just having two sensing points one on your wrist and one you feel like I feel like it will mostly work itself out

00:05:02   So, I mean we'll say well circle back next year and see if those same doctors say this is you know

00:05:09   This is a net negative for for patient health

00:05:12   The problem is that Apple is only going to ever tell us about like the one or two or ten

00:05:16   You know

00:05:19   Amazing stories where the watch save somebody's life, which will surely exist

00:05:22   But Apple is not going to probably come out and say and here are all the false positives. Let's weigh them against each other

00:05:29   They're just going to show us the inspirational story. So I think I like it's kind of on

00:05:32   the medical establishment and

00:05:34   everyday citizens to to figure out what the net health effect of a

00:05:40   Bunch of nerds wearing these kind of watches is that that's the this is saving graces

00:05:45   That is you know, how many people have these watch in the grand scheme of things?

00:05:47   Not that many as compared to how many people you know

00:05:51   Actually have heart conditions or own cell phones or anything else that has larger penetration than a specific kind of very new Apple watch

00:05:57   Yeah, it was interesting seeing a lot of feedback from physicians both on Twitter and a couple via email and to grossly oversimplify their complaints

00:06:07   It seemed like they thought a it would create too much influx of people with not actual problems

00:06:12   Which certainly could be but I don't know like that

00:06:16   I find that hard to believe because of all the reasons you just enumerated John and either way

00:06:21   I'd rather like get checked out and have a false positive then never know that I have it a heart issue

00:06:27   And then the other the complaint that they seem to have was that this isn't a real EKG

00:06:31   This is you know, a fake EKG. It doesn't really count blah blah blah. I mean

00:06:35   I'm not an MD. I'm not a doctor

00:06:38   I don't really know what it's like to be a doctor, but it seems to me like this is you know

00:06:43   This is unnecessary that this is a positive step and the medical community should embrace it

00:06:49   And now I'm gonna get a whole bunch of email and tweets and I apologize

00:06:52   But I just think that like this is a good thing

00:06:55   Giving us more awareness of what's happening in our own bodies is a good thing and should be applauded by everyone most especially the medical community

00:07:02   Alright, so tell me Marco about the camera in the iPhone tennis and tenor. So I said I

00:07:09   Actually said last episode that the sensor was not larger

00:07:13   Or I said that it didn't need maybe have to be larger because they said the pixels were larger

00:07:17   That doesn't mean the sensor is larger. It turns out the sensor is larger. It's about

00:07:22   32% bigger sensor in the iPhone tennis and tenor and tennis max

00:07:27   I don't really know this was confirmed to John Gruber through Apple

00:07:31   So we know it's real thirty percent larger sensor and that's great

00:07:35   You know for anyone not familiar larger sensors basically means that you can get a higher ratio of detail to noise

00:07:42   Because the pics each pixel is picking up more light and so it has to do less

00:07:47   artificial

00:07:48   amplification of the signal to

00:07:50   To basically see what is being shot in a scene bigger pixels slash bigger sensors mean

00:07:57   more light gathering ability, which means better pictures because you get less of the grainy noisy crap and

00:08:04   Therefore the softening algorithms need to do less work and so you can get more detail as well, especially in lower light

00:08:11   So anyway, I don't really know why Apple didn't make a bigger deal is that they actually did like in like one or two spots

00:08:20   On the website, they did mention the sensor was larger, but it was really downplayed

00:08:24   I thought and they never said how much larger except for this, you know this clarification to Gruber that they gave

00:08:28   So that's a really good thing

00:08:30   you know, I think one of the themes that that I keep seeing in the reviews of the

00:08:37   tennis and the Apple watch series 4 because as we record this all the press reviews for both of those devices

00:08:43   The embargo is lifted like today and yesterday and so while well no customers have them yet

00:08:49   We now have a bunch of fairly similar reviews of them from various sites

00:08:55   I really got to give a special shout out John Gruber's reviews of both the Apple watch series 4 and the iPhones tennis

00:09:01   because they were excellent reviews

00:09:04   I feel like I haven't gotten a lot of great quality from other people's reviews of these phones that I've seen yet

00:09:10   But Gruber's were excellent for both and at the event

00:09:14   I feel like Apple didn't do a very good job of selling the benefit especially for the phones like the watch

00:09:20   I think they did a pretty okay job. Although it does seem like there were a lot of

00:09:22   Benefits according to the reviews especially group review would like it sounds like you know, not only is the screen really nice

00:09:29   You know the edge edge is nice

00:09:31   But also apparently the taptic engine got way better especially in the steel model, which it desperately needed the crown

00:09:37   Does feel noticeably different so, you know, the crown is better and and you know

00:09:42   So I think there's clearly like there's stuff going on there that they just didn't even talk about

00:09:45   But with the phones, I feel like they really didn't give a great

00:09:50   presentation about why

00:09:53   These phones are better than last year's phones, you know, they talked about how great they are in

00:09:59   Absolute terms but not relative terms to last year's I know that most people don't upgrade their phones every year

00:10:05   But if you can't say that your phone this year is a lot better than their phone last year

00:10:10   it still impacts the press reaction and the news reaction and the

00:10:14   Enthusiast reaction of like is this upgrade worth it or not?

00:10:18   So I think it is important for Apple to actually say how much better it is than last year's and they really didn't do that

00:10:23   in the presentation

00:10:24   The good thing is the reviews seem to be clarifying that it actually is a significant upgrade in a few areas

00:10:31   Not in all areas and it is possibly the SCS year of all s years

00:10:35   But I think it is clearly like there have been noticeable upgrades in a few areas again

00:10:42   I think Apple kind of failed to communicate that well enough, but fortunately the reviews are coming in and they're they're pretty positive

00:10:48   the only

00:10:50   Negative point of many of the reviews seems to be the camera while it is way better than the iPhone 10 is

00:10:57   Not as good as some Google pixel, whatever whatever and to me that's like wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait

00:11:02   It's way better than the 10. That's what I want to know

00:11:04   And that's like the beginning of a sentence that says but Google's phone beats it in these few areas and it's like no

00:11:10   No, that's fine. I don't want Google's phone. I really really don't want Google's phone. I want the iPhone

00:11:15   Thank you. And so I really want to know is this iPhone better than last year's iPhone?

00:11:19   So thank you for providing that all those weird negative reviews

00:11:21   Apple's done some weird stuff over the years with how willing it is to trash its

00:11:27   Previous products right sometimes Apple like goes out of its way to tell you look look at this product

00:11:33   We saw last year. It was garbage. Can you believe we even sold that thing by the new one?

00:11:37   It's so much better and jobs did that himself several times. It's happened in the post job

00:11:40   They're like not not saying it's garbage but like really being willing to show the failings of what was previously

00:11:47   Their best product, right?

00:11:49   But this year for the for the tennis they definitely didn't do that

00:11:54   They didn't and here's here's where I think we could have been shown about the camera. They showed the smart HDR and they showed

00:11:59   You know the pictures that you can take with it and you know the demonstrations at amic range

00:12:05   I think they even did some comparisons but like they didn't do what most of the reviews do which is

00:12:09   I'm gonna take the same exact picture with a 10 and it's gonna look bad on the 10, right?

00:12:14   It's going to look blown out and gross and like a bad picture because I don't think they I don't think Apple's ready to say

00:12:19   You know what in some situations?

00:12:21   The 10 will take a bad sort of as Gruber said unusable and I was at a last last by show your garbage photos like

00:12:27   This is just a garbage photo and the tennis will rescue it and make it not garbage

00:12:33   Maybe it still won't be a great photo, but you'll be able to see the person's face

00:12:37   Like this guy won't be blown out. It won't look ridiculous

00:12:40   You won't be embarrassed by it and they didn't go that extra step to really emphasize. It doesn't just take good pictures

00:12:46   So they always show you good pictures. Of course, it's like professional photographers and models and everything is gorgeous, right?

00:12:50   They have to show and by the way this picture here

00:12:54   Here's how it would look on the 10 and you go because I just don't think they wanted to do that this time

00:12:58   Or sometimes they do sometimes they decide leadership, but this time for whatever reason they didn't

00:13:02   honestly, I don't think it's gonna be that big of a deal because

00:13:05   You know like for the people who want to know how much better it is than a 10 whatever like but for most other people

00:13:11   Upgrading it's just a fantastic phone and everybody's gonna love it and what's much more important about it

00:13:15   They're probably like the colors the finishes the prices then then like oh

00:13:20   Let me tell you how much better it is than that than the the 10 which you can't buy anywhere

00:13:23   It's like I don't care. I'm upgrading from a six or a seven like so it's you know, it's miles better. So

00:13:29   Yeah, it's an S year and maybe Apple could have trashed its previous products a little bit more

00:13:35   But I think they mostly hit the highlights just maybe in a milder form like there's no

00:13:38   Unlike of the watch thing where if the taptic engine really is better like that figure out that could have been a thing worth mentioning

00:13:44   I think they mentioned everything that's better out the s they just maybe didn't emphasize a few things watches they could have

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00:15:46   All right, John

00:15:50   There's a reference in this next piece of follow-up and I am confident that I will not do it the appropriate

00:15:56   Justice if I have anything to do with this piece of follow-up, so can you just take this away for me?

00:16:00   Last show I mentioned that on the GPU slide for the GPU and the iPhone XS Apple

00:16:06   It's seemed like they had cherry-picked a thing that the GPU does faster 50% faster tessellation

00:16:13   And I said when you're citing something like that like a specific thing your GPU does maybe it's not overall as fast as you would

00:16:21   Like it to be and you have to pick one particular operation that does much faster than its predecessor

00:16:26   But apparently that's not what the slide actually said and I was reminded of the Simpsons episode where

00:16:31   Like Homer or somebody goes to a lawyer and he's got a business card and the lawyer asked him for money

00:16:36   He says but your business card since you work on contingency no money down and he says I see your problem

00:16:41   It takes the the business card. It says works on contingency no money down

00:16:45   He adds a question mark after contingency and a comma after no an exclamation point after down

00:16:50   It says works on contingency. No money down

00:16:54   So what the slide actually said was 50% faster

00:16:57   tessellation

00:17:00   Faster is its own thing and then tessellation because it has a capital T and it's his own bullet point is telling you it does tessellation and

00:17:08   Also overall it is 50% faster. So it's my bad for not catching the capital T

00:17:13   So it has tessellation and multi-layered rendering which is the thing that apparently the previous you didn't have at all and

00:17:20   In general it is 50% faster. So I apologize for missing the

00:17:26   capitalization and sliding the GPU and the iPhone tennis which is apparently 50% faster up to 50% up to

00:17:34   Apple specs are always up to and whenever they're talking about relative performance like the CPU is up to 50% faster, right?

00:17:41   But then it's like actually it's like fine. You can't just say 50% faster because it's always not gonna be faster on some things

00:17:47   It'll be yeah

00:17:48   Steve trout and Smith has discovered that neither the tennis or the tenor have a landscape home screen

00:17:55   Despite both being plus layout models. So let's unpack that just slightly. Thank God. That's how I impact that. Thank God

00:18:01   Yeah, the all the plus phones before have had

00:18:04   This wonderful feature where like an iPad if you rotated the phone to landscape the home screen rotated

00:18:10   well sort of basically it was terrible like during the during the admittedly brief times that I used the plus phones in the past and

00:18:18   I would always enable the system on rotation lock for many reasons

00:18:22   but this was one of them that I thought this was actually worse than

00:18:24   then you know like it was it was better for me to have rotation lock on and

00:18:28   Always have to manually unlock it whenever I wanted to watch a video or something then to constantly have my home screen

00:18:33   Automatically rotating which I really really never wanted it to do

00:18:37   So the fact that these phones are in many ways adopting the plus

00:18:41   Layout and doing things like multi column and messages and mail stuff like that, which I also hated by the way

00:18:46   But you know, they're adopting a lot of that, but they didn't adopt the rotating home screen

00:18:50   That is a very good thing. And I hope that is not an oversight. I hope there's actually a decision this reminds me of the

00:18:56   The accelerated timeline in which you came to the decision. I thought it was always the right one for overcast 5

00:19:03   Which we'll talk about later, which is when there's a system-wide feature for something like rotation lock or whatever

00:19:08   But users want to override an individual applications

00:19:13   I remember when system-wide rotation lock came to what was then I think it was still iPhone OS

00:19:18   One of my favorite applications Twitter if ik said Oh system-wide rotation lock

00:19:22   we can finally take that feature out of our Twitter client and it has annoyed me ever since because

00:19:26   The the one application that I tend to read laying on my side in the bed is Twitter

00:19:32   And using Twitter ethic I would love it

00:19:35   If like Twitter effect version 2 I had a rotation lock in the Twitter of a gap because I almost never

00:19:41   Want to run Twitter ethic and allow rotation

00:19:44   But I do want to allow rotation when I watch videos on my phone or whatever like so every night

00:19:49   I turn on rotation rock lock read some tweets laying down

00:19:53   Put my phone away wake up in the morning

00:19:55   Do something with my phone eventually in the morning or afternoon and realize rotation lock is still on turn it off blah blah

00:20:01   so I think there is an advantage to having a

00:20:05   Per application setting for a feature and also a system-wide one that said you're crazy

00:20:11   If every single setting has the system-wide of on the per application one and it's redundant it can be confusing

00:20:15   Yeah, yeah, I see got to use it judiciously. Well, they've done with the the 10 max is or tennis max is

00:20:21   Not have a setting for it, but just say there's no more landscape

00:20:26   Like if you liked it, sorry, cuz it's just not there anymore, but it is effectively a per application override of a system setting

00:20:33   Which I think makes sense because I hated the rotating home screen and my wife had a plus phone as well

00:20:39   So anyway, I totally endorse the idea of selectively

00:20:42   Judiciously allowing per application overrides of system-wide settings because sometimes that's what people want

00:20:48   I would also say I would very much support the idea that people have floated

00:20:52   I think Gruber did the two of having a setting where nothing in the system rotates except video

00:20:58   Yeah photos, that would be awesome either right now that I don't think there's any standard API to

00:21:04   To identify like a view controller in your app as this is displaying a photo, you know

00:21:09   It's like they'd have to add some API to make this work with apps

00:21:11   But boy would that be nice like that because I think so many people that's what they want

00:21:16   like I like I think well, you know when the phones first came out and you know as like the world got used to

00:21:23   Multi-touch interfaces and everything else the idea of rotation was a fun novelty and in some cases like when viewing the you know visual media

00:21:30   Maybe when reading certain things, but even that I think is rare

00:21:33   Usually it's like when viewing photos or video or take or using the camera you want rotation for that in

00:21:39   Almost nothing else. Do people actually want rotation anymore?

00:21:44   So like my solution with overcast I I had that problem John of like, you know first

00:21:48   I like I and I had I even had the same problem with instapaper because that

00:21:51   Instapaper was I was referring to the over overcast thing. We'll talk about it later. But yeah, yeah, but like, you know, like I

00:21:56   Supporting rotation in apps has always been difficult and a little bit buggy here and there

00:22:02   You know, it's easy to support it on one screen, but it becomes really tricky when open a web browser. Let it rotate

00:22:08   Okay, then the web browser closes the user goes back to a controller that can't rotate

00:22:12   Does it appear sideways? What happens if they turn the phone, you know?

00:22:16   If they hold the phone the same way there for a while, does it stay kind of in this half rotated state?

00:22:20   It's very very strange and the iOS handling of rotation has changed a lot over the years for developers and it's never made it easier

00:22:26   It's always made it more complicated and more buggy. They just move the bugs around

00:22:29   So my position is not only should Apple offer a system wide toggle for this rotation lock except video and photos

00:22:36   But also I don't think almost any app should support rotation at all

00:22:41   I think the only apps that need to support rotation are the ones that display things like that

00:22:46   Most apps don't need support like I dropped rotations work from overcast in just like a point release in the four point X series

00:22:53   I don't know maybe six months ago and

00:22:55   Almost no one complained it was and it saved me so much work when I was doing this redesign for five

00:23:01   I'll talk about it was so much less work and so much less buggy to make screens

00:23:07   It didn't have to rotate then it would have been with that

00:23:10   So huge wins for the developer huge wins for the stability of the app in the UI

00:23:15   By just dropping rotations all together and you know when I think about phone rotation

00:23:19   Usually to do it successfully

00:23:24   you have to

00:23:26   Certainly have to change your grip you most of the time

00:23:28   I imagine people have to bring up their second hand if they're you know

00:23:31   If you're gonna if you're gonna switch from I'm reading something in portrait to I'm watching something in landscape very often

00:23:37   the other hand appears to hold the phone a different way or to reach it or whatever so

00:23:44   Maybe this is too complicated a gesture and I have to try it to see if it's a good idea

00:23:47   but sometimes I think about like

00:23:49   The two-finger twist motion that you can do you can do it on the Mac

00:23:53   I think you can do it on some phone apps too for rotation

00:23:55   You know if I could just put my two fingers on whatever it is on the screen and literally rotate it

00:24:00   It's not like a per app setting it's like I'm looking you know

00:24:03   Let me give you the stupid example when people post incredibly blurry ten times recompressed images of text on Twitter

00:24:08   I can't read them when my phone is in portrait because the text is microscopic

00:24:12   But if I go to a landscape, it's you know wide enough that I can maybe read the text you actually read those

00:24:17   Yeah, well sometimes I would love to be able to just grab that image and rotate with my two fingers

00:24:23   It's not a gesture that's used for anything else. It doesn't do anything now some applications do do it as rotation

00:24:28   So it's not unprecedented

00:24:29   It may just be awkward to do because I do I think you probably would need the second hand but that would get around the like

00:24:35   Oh, like it's certainly easier than swipe up from the bottom turn off rotation lock rotate the phone wait for the accelerometers to catch that

00:24:41   I'm rotating. Oh, they didn't catch it. Put it back straight again. Put it sideways, you know that dance

00:24:45   Just let me twist the image, but it may be awkward off to try it

00:24:48   But I would love for some app makers to try that out now. We're gonna take a quick break

00:24:52   That's not a sponsor break but a break for something that is near and dear to all of our hearts

00:24:56   Are very very very close and dear friends Stephen Hackett and his family have had the unfortunate

00:25:03   situation of having dealt with childhood cancer in September at least in America is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and

00:25:10   As he does every year Stephen Hackett tries to raise money for st. Jude Children's Research Hospital

00:25:16   Which is which is an absolutely incredible and tremendous place that happens to be in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee

00:25:22   Where families that are affected by childhood cancer can get treatment and get that treatment for free and the reason that works is

00:25:29   Because of donations from people like you. Yes you the person listening to me right now. I'm talking to you

00:25:35   I know we've all spent a lot of money on things. Maybe we actually should talk about that

00:25:40   Maybe there is more follow-up as it turns out. But anyway

00:25:42   We've all potentially spent a lot of money on things that that make our lives better

00:25:47   But that's just for us and it would be cool if we could make other people's lives better

00:25:51   So if you dear listener the person that is listening to me right now have even a dollar

00:25:57   That you could spare think about that coffee or that Diet Coke or that hot cocoa that you drank today

00:26:03   Could you have maybe spent that couple of bucks and helped childhood cancer? You want to be cool, right?

00:26:10   Help help kids get over cancer. So give some money to st. Jude if at all possible as we record it is Wednesday evening the 19th

00:26:17   There has been sixteen thousand six hundred fifty two to two dollars fund raised

00:26:21   Funds raised by the Hackett family and everyone else for st. Jude

00:26:27   I would love if we could push that over his twenty thousand dollar goal as quickly as possible

00:26:33   So I think all three of us have donated if not, we will get on that immediately

00:26:37   I actually had to donate via PayPal that so serious this was because for some reason it wouldn't accept my credit card

00:26:43   But I did not want to go without donating and so I used PayPal that disgusting awful service in order to give money to st

00:26:50   Jude that's how serious I am

00:26:51   So if possible, please go to the link in the show notes and give even but a dollar to st

00:26:57   Jude Children's Research Hospital you could spend your money in much much much worse ways

00:27:02   Please it would mean a lot to all of us and especially to Stephen Hackett and his family

00:27:05   So if you have them if you have a minute and if you can please send your money that way

00:27:10   And if you don't know about st. Jude's the thing that always strikes me about it is like, you know

00:27:15   if your family dealing with childhood cancer is the

00:27:17   Terrible situation to be in and st

00:27:19   Jude's will treat your child and you never see a bill like so it's one less thing

00:27:24   You have to worry about like you don't have to worry about

00:27:26   Your kid with cancer and also dealing with medical bills like that's that's the magic of so the only way that works

00:27:32   Because our entire system of government is broken is by individual people giving money

00:27:36   So you can feel good about giving that money because it's not just you know, fighting cancer and helping kids is also

00:27:42   It's relieving the entire

00:27:45   Question of how are we gonna pay for the cancer treatment for my child? Your money helps families not have to worry about that

00:27:53   Yeah, it's it's really hard to come up with better causes than this like yeah

00:27:57   I'm sure they exist but boy are they hard to think about like it's like this is

00:28:02   This is kind of a no-brainer like if you if you can spare anything

00:28:06   this is a really really great cause and

00:28:10   Is a way better idea than yet another iPhone case, you know or yet another iPhone indeed

00:28:17   So yeah, please send your money that way we will have a link in the show notes and it will be very hard to miss

00:28:21   So please even just a dollar don't think that's not enough. That's enough a dollar

00:28:27   Just do that or even more would be better but a dollar is great. So please send some money that way now to continue the follow-up

00:28:34   I thought we missed or I thought we were done with I should say what did we order?

00:28:37   I feel like we should quickly take care of that. I will start is a terrible thing to do right after that

00:28:44   We all gave money to say Jews and after we gave money say just you get money to Apple. That's true

00:28:49   That's right. That is our priority system. This is a terrible segue, but I'm committed now

00:28:53   Please don't buy a new iPhone, but I bought a new iPhone

00:28:56   Well, well, let's see I can tell you with an honest heart

00:29:01   I can tell you that I have donated a pile of money to st. Jude's and I have pre-ordered precisely nothing

00:29:08   I almost achieved the greatness. That would be only John buying the year's new iPhone

00:29:13   Most but not quite as as foretold in slack when you said, you know

00:29:19   I'm really think about not getting the new phone and I said narrator colon

00:29:25   Yeah

00:29:27   Yeah, I got it. I mean because so

00:29:29   two things changed between

00:29:32   When I last week was saying, you know, I'm not that excited about it and you know this week when when I have ordered it

00:29:39   One was which John kind of quickly mentioned during the show that I hadn't thought of was trading value

00:29:45   So it isn't a question of spending zero or you know, twelve hundred dollars or whatever it is

00:29:51   It was a question of spending like six hundred dollars, which admittedly is still a ton of money for what is a

00:29:58   Fairly minor update to the phone. So I had to you know, really I'm still not excited to have spent this money on this

00:30:06   but the other thing that that convinced me was

00:30:10   Seeing all the stuff about the camera, especially seeing groupers review and seeing some of the sample pictures and what it can do. I

00:30:16   Did quickly breeze by last week like smart HDR if that's a real thing could be really useful to me

00:30:21   And it does seem from the sample pictures that all the reviews have it seems like smart HDR is a real thing and the sensor

00:30:29   Being larger is a pretty big deal

00:30:31   You know, this isn't gonna replace a full-frame camera. It can't with physics and costs, but

00:30:38   it does seem like the camera is noticeably better in both software and in hardware and

00:30:43   That gives it enough value to me and honestly the better speakers and better stare and stereo and video

00:30:50   Like once I start to think about stuff like, you know, actually I would actually really like that stuff because I'm really into sound

00:30:55   and so like it all added up to be like, okay, I wouldn't be happy to spend twelve hundred dollars on a

00:31:03   minor speed bump but to spend six hundred on a

00:31:09   Significantly better camera that actually is worth it to me

00:31:13   And you get a fresh battery too. And also the the smart HDR stuff also happens when you do panoramas

00:31:19   It also happens when you take a still photo during video and the video has that thing where it'll drop the frame rate down to

00:31:25   2040 get extra light on each frame if you take it from bright in the middle of a video if you take it from a

00:31:30   Bright into a dim scene so all sorts of stuff to help in

00:31:33   challenging situations where previously again the previous phone would have

00:31:37   taken a movie that looked okay until you turn towards the interior and everything's all shady and it couldn't see anything and now maybe

00:31:42   It'll salvage something you'd be able to see people's faces, right?

00:31:45   And yeah, the smart HDR sort of being thread throughout the entire system

00:31:48   Not just like for one particular still image in a particular mode

00:31:52   Also, a lot of people have pointed out also that there's noticeably less shutter lag and that's also very important

00:31:57   I miss a lot of shots because of shutter lag and

00:31:59   So to have that be reduced in a noticeable way is pretty impressive and pretty important to me

00:32:04   Oh and also my my screen is probably gonna be a lot less scratched

00:32:08   So most durable screen ever they say we'll see what that yeah, well somebody I think I think it was group

00:32:13   or somebody got clarification that that

00:32:15   Clarification quote unquote that it's durable because like, you know durability like they said the same thing about the 10 screen

00:32:21   But it was the most easily scratched iPhone screen

00:32:24   I think in the history of iPhones, but because what they meant with durable was it wouldn't shatter as easily

00:32:29   Yeah, the clarification was by the way, it was about is it scratch resistance of durability and Apple said it's both which gives you no information

00:32:36   It's like okay. Okay, it's both. It's the most durable screen ever in both

00:32:41   It is that is it the most scratch resistant screen ever and is it also the most shatter resistant?

00:32:45   It's both

00:32:48   So what specifically did you order what color what what size etc 256 white

00:32:55   tennis and

00:32:58   Tiff got a tennis max. Is that correct? Same thing but max and gold

00:33:02   So not even not the same thing at all except the 256 part

00:33:05   I

00:33:07   Was with you for the record if you would just let that go. I wouldn't have thought twice about it

00:33:10   Alright, and so I I have not gotten any treats

00:33:13   Like I said, however, my intention is I am going to try to go to the local Apple store Friday morning

00:33:19   Not necessarily to pick anything up

00:33:20   Although if it happens to work out sweet, but I would really like to try on new watches

00:33:25   My intention is to buy a new watch eventually

00:33:29   But as of this time I have not ordered anything and I'd really prefer to see it on my wrist before

00:33:34   I do so so I'm gonna probably try on Friday morning laugh as it's a complete disaster of a zoo and

00:33:40   Then try again in like a week or two and see what happens

00:33:43   No

00:33:43   that is that is very very wise because like on the watch front like again like the sizes are so

00:33:48   Different and they will look so different because of the screen size difference inside the case body

00:33:53   Like there's there's a few different ways you can go in this like like in the in this week's excellent episode of cortex

00:33:58   CGB gray our friend who's not gonna hear this was talking about

00:34:03   How he went for the bigger watch because he always likes big watches

00:34:07   He wants like the biggest watch he can get even before that boy

00:34:09   she said he liked big watches and he wants the biggest screen he can possibly get on his wrist because he uses a watch that

00:34:15   way and then

00:34:16   Conversely the kind of the flip side is like in John Gruber's review

00:34:19   He mentioned how like, you know, his review unit was the big one

00:34:21   But he said he's kind of thinking maybe the small one

00:34:24   Because while the big one can fit he might be able to get away with merely the small one

00:34:29   and that's kind of how I think about it like I

00:34:32   Like I'm not a huge watch person

00:34:34   I there's a certain amount of kind of just delight in having a watch that's that's very very small

00:34:41   But still looks good on you because like one of my favorite watches is my nomos

00:34:45   Minimatic it is 35 millimeters. It is the smallest watch I own it weighs

00:34:50   Nothing, it is incredibly thin

00:34:53   You know, it sits small on the wrist

00:34:56   But it has a super thin bezel and as I was mentioning last week with you know

00:35:00   Regarding like how watch size looks with like bezel thickness having a super thin bezel. So the dial kind of goes edge to edge

00:35:07   Makes it look like a bigger watch than the 35 millimeters that it is

00:35:11   and

00:35:12   I've been wearing that watch most of this past week because I mean it's one of my favorites and I get a certain amount of

00:35:17   Pleasure out of like this thing is so small and lightweight

00:35:19   It feels like I'm not wearing anything at all

00:35:21   But I'm getting all the utility of it and there's a certain amount of pleasure in that especially when it's hot or whatever else and so

00:35:26   even if you could

00:35:28   Get the big Apple watch you may want the small one because it may be big enough that it's functional to you

00:35:35   But maybe you can get away with the smaller size than you had before because of the new screen dimensions and everything

00:35:40   So this is again strong recommendation to go to a store and try them first

00:35:45   Yep, and that is my intention John. However, it is your your year my friend. It is your year for an upgrade

00:35:52   So have you already ordered and if so, what did you get?

00:35:56   Apparently I got an iPhone tennis leather case because it's sitting in front of me right now

00:36:00   That's the joy of when it's your year to get the iPhone you get to experience

00:36:06   Your case being delivered before your phone because for the past several years that's been true

00:36:10   You make your order you buy your phone you buy your case the case comes first

00:36:13   You get to sit and stare at it for a day or two or a week or whatever and then eventually your phone comes to

00:36:18   Put it in. Yeah, like in the old days. We're like Apple care would come a week before your Mac would oh, yeah

00:36:22   Yeah

00:36:23   Little box and a piece of paper. Yeah, I got what did I get? I got the space gray

00:36:28   256 tennis I didn't want the dishwater white one

00:36:32   and also I

00:36:35   When I found out that the bottom of them, you know, they're not symmetrical

00:36:40   They have the extra antenna line and the different holes

00:36:42   I figure black will hide that sin a little bit better than the shiny silver. So yeah, that's true

00:36:47   That's what I got and I have a black leather case for it. It's supposed to arrive

00:36:52   Tomorrow now Friday supposed to arrive Friday and then I'll be off to the races

00:36:56   Oh, what if I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 12 finally now that the official one is out and I put my face on it

00:37:02   It's so much nicer. So nice

00:37:04   Entering in her password to unlock that thing. Oh, yeah, cuz now I was told that you could have you could have a second face

00:37:11   That's right. That's right. I gotta do that on Aaron's phone and on my phone. I completely forgot about that. Good call

00:37:17   Oh, man, I want to set a reminder to do that tomorrow. Well before we move on to mark, we're gonna watch

00:37:22   Don't tell me about that Marco

00:37:24   Did you get a watch of course I did

00:37:26   Yeah, so you try to let him get by with mentioning that he got the watch - Casey of all people will understand my reasoning here

00:37:33   Oh, here we go. This is gonna be good. It was better than the watch GTI

00:37:37   All right, so owners of the 12-inch MacBook

00:37:45   frequently will upgrade that thing as soon as there's a new version out because it is so

00:37:50   Frickin slow any upgrade is actually a meaningful difference to how usable it is to them

00:37:57   Like I have never seen people

00:37:59   with as much of a love-hate relationship as people have with the 12-inch MacBook because

00:38:04   Everyone loves how small it is. It's cute. That's great

00:38:07   I see the appeal but it is just so slow. And so when a new one comes out, that's like

00:38:14   20% faster or something and you know something like that you jump on it you buy it because even though it's so slow you're like

00:38:20   This will actually be a meaningful difference because I'm so often limited by this by the slowness of this thing, right?

00:38:26   That's how I am with the Apple watch with developing an app for the Apple watch

00:38:30   app development on the Apple watch is

00:38:33   Infuriating it is incredibly frustrating and just grueling

00:38:38   Anytime you have to do a build and run which is where you say you're editing your code and Xcode

00:38:42   You can run your code in the simulator that they give you that runs on your Mac

00:38:47   It's a separate app called the simulator and that's the fastest way to see your code to build your code and see it running

00:38:53   Is in the simulator

00:38:54   but if you want to run it on the real device

00:38:56   You got to plug the device in if it's a phone and you know

00:39:00   Hit build and run with the phone as the target and it takes a little bit longer and then it pops up on the phone

00:39:04   on the watch

00:39:06   The difference between I mean even the simulator is slow for the watch, which is hilarious

00:39:10   I don't know why it's slow, but it is and then maybe it's accurately simulating the watch

00:39:14   And then when you do a build and run with the watch itself as the hardware target

00:39:19   Which really is like you plug your phone in and you say run on Marco's phone plus Marco's watch

00:39:23   And then it says not available for development half the time

00:39:25   Even though it's available for development and then you got to reboot the watch and reboot the phone and close Xcode

00:39:31   Maybe reboot your Mac and maybe someday it'll actually work

00:39:33   Anyway, when you eventually get it to work and build on the watch it takes like 45 seconds and that's if it works

00:39:40   Much of the time I would even say the majority of the time it takes that long and then it says

00:39:46   Timeout didn't work. I don't know or the my favorite thing is it says running on Marco's watch and it's not running at all

00:39:55   You're like great. Thanks. You have no idea what's going on and neither do I and there's no rhyme or reason to it. Anyway,

00:40:01   Even in the best case scenario where it actually does work that build and run cycle can take like 45 seconds or something

00:40:08   Like it's it's a long cycle

00:40:10   The reason upgrades the series 3 when it came out because I was already kind of not wearing it much

00:40:14   but I upgraded to the series 3 because I was doing some a lot of watch work and

00:40:18   it was like and an underscore told me that like

00:40:21   One of his tests that he ran like the difference between series 2 and series 3 deployment time for that build and run thing

00:40:27   It would save him like 10 or 15 seconds each time and I'm like done

00:40:31   I will spend a thousand dollars to do that. Like that's how infuriating this like this this delay is because

00:40:38   unlike the phone a

00:40:40   Lot of stuff works differently between the simulator and the hardware with the watch

00:40:45   On the phone heart the phone simulator

00:40:47   You can you can develop entirely in the simulator for the phone for lots of different types of apps and different capabilities

00:40:53   And it works pretty well

00:40:54   You don't really need the hardware for much with the phone with the watch especially doing audio stuff

00:40:59   You need the hardware a lot to see like how does this actually?

00:41:02   Behave with the integration with the now playing stream has actually behave with background audio

00:41:06   How does it actually behave with air pod controls or the connection and disconnection and presence of air pods or other Bluetooth headphones?

00:41:14   How does it integrate with the watch faces stuff like that?

00:41:16   Like it's so hard to do Apple watch development without deploying frequently onto the watch hardware itself. So this is a very

00:41:23   common thing I have to do where I have to build and run on the watch and sit there and wait and wait and wait

00:41:29   And that kind of waiting

00:41:31   destroys

00:41:32   Not only developer morale but productivity because what you do while you're waiting is well

00:41:38   I'm not gonna stare at the screen for 45 seconds for it to maybe work

00:41:42   I'm gonna go read my RSS reader or check my email or check a social thing and

00:41:47   or browse the web and so you just get derailed because it's you're just

00:41:51   Stuck waiting so much and that's no good

00:41:54   That's one of the reasons why developers can justify and totally reasonably things like iMac pros

00:42:00   You know computers that make their job faster than make this build cycle faster

00:42:03   Because if you don't have this fast feedback loop from okay made a change. Let me see it running

00:42:09   Let me see if it works if you don't have that

00:42:11   It really can crush your productivity and your morale. It's very frustrating and it really does have an impact

00:42:16   So anything I can do to get the watch build cycle to be faster

00:42:21   I will do then I had the question do I get the aluminum or the steel before series 3?

00:42:25   I only got I only got steel the other day. I I was cleaning out a desk drawer full of like old tech gadgets and cables

00:42:32   And crap like that and I pulled out my old series zero Apple watch and I haven't plugged it in in probably two years

00:42:38   Because you know the series zero is miserable

00:42:41   So I haven't put in two years. It was the steel one and

00:42:43   I didn't even have it on a strap

00:42:46   I had long since removed the strap permit so I could you know move it on to better newer watches and

00:42:50   So it's just like the watch body itself a little, you know round erect blob of steel and and stuff

00:42:56   And I was I picked up this thing in this drawer as I was cleaning out

00:42:58   I kind of twirled around on my hands and it's beautiful. Like I love the way the steel Apple watch looks

00:43:04   It's a really nice looking smartwatch and a decent looking watch

00:43:09   It's really really nice

00:43:12   the aluminum ones

00:43:14   More power to you if you like them

00:43:16   I do not think any aluminum ones are attractive at all. And again if you like it

00:43:21   I'm not I'm not saying this to crap on everyone out there to crap on your watch preferences if you like it

00:43:26   That's great. Everyone's fashion preference is different

00:43:28   I really don't like them

00:43:30   And so when I had the steel watches, I would find more excuses to wear them

00:43:35   Even though it wasn't very frequent admittedly, but I would wear them more

00:43:38   When I had the aluminum with the series three this past year as I figure now I'm wearing it less than ever

00:43:43   I'll get the aluminum because it's a waste to get the steel

00:43:46   I had the aluminum series 3 and I think this is one of the ugliest products Apple has ever made and part of that's the

00:43:52   giant red dot part of it's the thickness of the series 3 being so ridiculously thick and

00:43:56   Part of it is just like I don't I don't like this finish. And so now my my usage of the Apple watch has gone from

00:44:02   occasional to

00:44:05   only when testing overcast and wanting to take it off as soon as possible when I get back from a walk or whatever and

00:44:12   That's not good for my app

00:44:14   because increasingly the like when the Apple watch first came out like, you know, I was seeing something like I don't know

00:44:20   5% of people using it in the app something like that right now. It's like 15 20 percent. It's keep it keeps going up

00:44:27   For me to not use the watch like ever is not good for my app

00:44:33   So I rationalize myself getting the steel this time, even though I know I'm not gonna wear it a ton

00:44:42   Because when I have the steel I feel good about it

00:44:45   Like I look at and I think that's a nice-looking watch like I actually feel like it looks good

00:44:51   To the point where maybe I won't take it off right when I get home

00:44:55   maybe I'll wear it for a whole day at a time or for a whole week at a time instead of

00:44:59   Just treating it like some kind of medical device that I want to get off me as soon as possible

00:45:04   So that's how I rationalize it. It'll be not only do I want the series 4 in general for the development speed up

00:45:11   But I also went for steel

00:45:13   Even though it seems a little ridiculous because I honestly think it will make me wear it more which will be better for my app. I

00:45:21   Honestly can't see the difference between steel and aluminum and maybe you have them next to each other

00:45:27   Yeah, I agree. You can see the difference. You're just saying like

00:45:30   Normal distances on your wrist. It isn't it's not a thing that stands out to you

00:45:34   Well, that's the thing. Like I cannot remember a time. I've looked at somebody's wrist and been like, oh, that's a steel

00:45:39   I've only ever looked at them and said like in once or twice I saw the original edition and thought oh my god

00:45:46   Are you kidding me with that? But the point I'm driving at is I can't sitting here now. I

00:45:51   Don't recall a time. I've looked at a watch and like oh, that's a steel watch now. I completely agree

00:45:56   I'm sure if you set them side by side, I would think oh, well, that's obviously steel and that's obviously aluminum

00:46:00   But I mean just sitting here now. I don't see them. Is that different and in I'm surprised that you have such a

00:46:07   Strong reaction to the aluminum versus the steel. It just seems so

00:46:11   Illogical to me and I'm not actually trying to say you're wrong is to my eyes

00:46:16   It just seems so weird that you would have such a strong reaction. But hey, man, you do you I mean you said the same

00:46:21   Thing like this is taste. It's it's fashion. It's it's visual. It's fashion. It's totally irrational

00:46:27   But it's that's it's fashion. It's real. It's just irrational and if you don't see this the same way

00:46:34   That's a really good thing because you can save a lot of money exactly

00:46:38   So John you didn't order any watches for either you or Tina. Is that correct?

00:46:43   No, I mean, I'm still not sure I'm gonna for all of Marco's extensive rationalizations of why he's gonna do the thing

00:46:48   We all knew he was gonna do anyway

00:46:50   By this watch mine will be even worse because I wear my watch like way less than even Marco does

00:46:56   So it'll be really ridiculous for me to buy one

00:46:59   But then again like what how long does series zero four years five years old you get a lot of mileage out of it

00:47:04   So I could that's probably my rationalization be like look you wear it two times a year

00:47:07   But if you keep it for five years, it's not that bad

00:47:10   Anyway, I gotta see what they look like in person

00:47:13   See if I think it will actually motivate me to move Eric three times a year instead of two or whatever

00:47:18   But yeah, I'm not doing anything involving the watch until I see them in real life, which I haven't yet

00:47:23   Oh, we did get a phone for my daughter though. So we got what'd you get her?

00:47:28   She got after after much hemming and hawing she got an eight with a suppose

00:47:32   It promised that she has to use it for the next three years. Oh

00:47:35   That's bold. Yeah, we'll see if it survives. We got I opted for the theft and loss protection because I know my daughter

00:47:42   In addition to like the drop and whatever so it's a giant case and we'll see how this goes

00:47:49   We are sponsored this week by Eero finally Wi-Fi that works

00:47:55   What you need to cover a lot of people's houses or apartments with actual good coverage high-performing Wi-Fi in every single room

00:48:03   and maybe into the backyard in front yard - is

00:48:05   Multi-point Wi-Fi because no matter how many antennas you shove onto one router

00:48:10   It's still not gonna get through things like certain materials of walls or certain layouts of rooms

00:48:15   It's just you know Wi-Fi is not perfect. It needs to be broadcast from multiple points to actually have good coverage

00:48:20   That's how physics works

00:48:22   So Eero brings this to you in a really incredible package to be honest. I've used it myself

00:48:28   It is really really nice. So here's how this works

00:48:31   You have the era base station and all the era radios are very high-end

00:48:35   They have three five gigahertz radios in there

00:48:38   They're tri-band the second generation one is twice as fast as the one that came before it which is already pretty great

00:48:43   I've used them both. They're already great

00:48:44   Eero is just really really fast high-end hardware packaged into really nice small attractive packaging

00:48:51   So you have the base station which kind of looks like an Apple TV but white and then you have the beacons

00:48:56   These are the satellite units. You don't have to run wires to them

00:48:59   You just put them you plug them into the wall and they look kind of like big night lights almost

00:49:03   They're super nice super leaner. They sit flush against the wall right right on the outlet. They even can be night lights

00:49:08   They even have little LEDs if you want to use them that way and then the base station and beacons

00:49:13   Communicate wirelessly with each other and form this giant mesh that blankets your house in fast reliable coverage

00:49:20   It's way better than one router and it's way easier to set up and manage - they have a great app

00:49:25   They have support if you need it, but I bet you won't it's super easy

00:49:28   It's the easiest router setup I've ever seen mesh or not. So check out yourself at eero.com

00:49:33   It's eero.com select overnight shipping at checkout and then enter code ATP to make it free

00:49:38   So once again eero.com overnight shipping code ATP to make it free to the US or Canada

00:49:44   Thank you so much to Eero for sponsoring our show

00:49:46   I

00:49:48   Was so excited to test out the new feature of the home pod multiple named timers

00:49:56   This is I said like I said I'm multiple episodes in the past

00:49:58   Like this is like the one big feature it needed to make it more useful in my kitchen. They finally added that and

00:50:05   It almost works

00:50:08   almost almost

00:50:10   So I've been testing it for the last couple of days since I installed the update

00:50:15   Oh

00:50:16   Siri I

00:50:18   They it works in the most Siri way possible the basic functionality of it

00:50:24   Does indeed work most of the time in the sense that you can say?

00:50:28   So like earlier today like so I was making two cups of tea

00:50:32   I was making a cup of green tea and a cup of black tea

00:50:35   Green tea you got a brew for a short time. Otherwise, it gets really bitter

00:50:38   so I said

00:50:40   Start a green timer for two minutes and then a couple minutes later once the water got hotter and I poured it into the black

00:50:45   tea I said start a black timer for five minutes and it properly knows that it'll say okay green timer set when I would ever whatever and

00:50:53   You can ask it how much time is left on the green timer and it'll say your green timer has two minutes left

00:50:58   When the timer goes off, it'll make this little chime that it'll say green timer is done or something

00:51:04   You know something like that. It'll announce which timer is done. So these are the basics good the

00:51:08   consistency I'm seeing first of all is

00:51:11   Siri tries to be smart with what you tell it

00:51:14   So I've talked in the past about the Amazon family of cylinders that one of the things I like is that you can be

00:51:20   You can kind of speak like a programmer and it won't it'll it'll take what you say pretty literally

00:51:25   So if you want to start the sauce in five minutes

00:51:30   You can with an Amazon echo device say start a start the sauce timer for five minutes and it'll say okay

00:51:38   Start the sauce timer five minutes and in five minutes, it'll say your start the sauce timer is done

00:51:44   So you can actually include like a bit of phrasing in the name of the timer and it doesn't get tripped up by that

00:51:50   Siri has has this problem with everything I do with it including with reminders

00:51:55   With you know with other types of intents like using creating things and things

00:51:59   Siri will

00:52:02   Kind of jumble what you say to it

00:52:04   That sounds like part of the command even if it's part of what you think of as a parameter that you're passing to

00:52:09   the requests you're making so

00:52:12   It's really hard to like create a reminder that's called something like, you know

00:52:17   Remind me in five minutes to remember the milk because then it'll it'll create a reminder

00:52:22   this is something like the milk because it'll it'll it'll see remember as

00:52:26   Part of the phrase of creating reminder, even though you already said different words for that

00:52:32   It'll assume you just said it twice or something

00:52:34   Like it doesn't it's not series not good at parsing those command like that

00:52:37   Whereas the Amazon assistant is super literal and it'll which is both good and bad in certain cases

00:52:42   But it was super literal in the sense that it would

00:52:44   You can you can be you can talk like a programmer to the Amazon one and it gets it right

00:52:50   whereas Siri doesn't so like

00:52:52   one of the things you can do is you can say like, you know start a

00:52:55   Rotate chicken nuggets timer and Siri got that right for me

00:52:59   But it but when it came time to like, you know start a start the oven timer for 15 minutes from now

00:53:04   It doesn't get that right

00:53:05   So that's one day against it

00:53:07   The main problem I have with it though so far and and hopefully this gets resolved over time

00:53:13   although honestly knowing Siri, I'm not sure it will is

00:53:15   So one time when I wanted to create a second timer

00:53:20   I was told today when you know, the feature came out and I patched my home pod like three days ago

00:53:25   I was told one time today in the middle of a sequence of doing these things

00:53:30   Sorry, you can only create one timer at once the nice. Oh, yeah, really

00:53:35   I asked the exact same thing with the exact same phrasing again, and it said okay black timer created, you know five minutes

00:53:42   It knew in the business. We call that green blue deployment mark

00:53:47   The version one servers are still floating around out there that hadn't actually killed them all off. It's not a botched cream

00:53:55   Yes, it's so and and this happens here all the time

00:53:57   Like it's this is one of the biggest failure modes of Siri of like you you issue a command

00:54:02   It just fails for some dumb reason that it shouldn't have failed for you

00:54:05   Say the exact same thing again and it works like this happens all the time with Siri

00:54:08   So it's it's it's really disheartening to see that this still happens even with a brand new that fairly simple seeming feature, right?

00:54:15   And also I've now set multiple timers, I think five or six times with it

00:54:20   three of those times if you ask it for

00:54:25   The status of all of the timers that are running it has gotten it wrong and it has reported only one of them

00:54:31   And there's lots of different ways you can ask on the Amazon things. You can say timer check timer status

00:54:35   on the on Siri I tried

00:54:39   What how much time was left on all of my timers and try the big verbose ones if it works properly

00:54:44   You can just say hey Siri timers, which is really nice. It's like a nice short thing

00:54:48   You can say timer check time or status time, you know, so whatever phrase I tried

00:54:53   For three of the timer sets and it didn't matter how often I asked after this point for three of the sets of timers

00:54:59   When I asked what what's the status is of all the timers?

00:55:02   It gave me just one of them usually that the last one that was created

00:55:05   But the first one wasn't canceled you could still ask for the like whichever one it wasn't reporting

00:55:10   I could still ask for it by name and it still went off on time. So like it's still there which is comforting

00:55:17   I guess it'd be worse if they just disappeared

00:55:20   but the fact that it's still inconsistent and they still like such a simple thing and

00:55:25   This was one of the only new features of the home pod since you know

00:55:30   April or something and they didn't even get this right on the server side like it's still

00:55:34   Intermittently failing for dumb reasons. I mean for god's sakes what is going on at Siri?

00:55:41   This is such an almost great product. I really I like the home pod in so many ways and as

00:55:49   Amazon moves forward with their stuff. I

00:55:52   Generally trust them less that seem like they're doing weird things sometimes with their setups and they're they're pushing it in weird directions

00:55:58   And I generally don't trust Amazon to be a good steward of their platform long term

00:56:03   I think they're gonna they're gonna start doing weirder and weirder stuff with it like with their weird voice chat stuff and you know

00:56:08   Building in more things they won't they just want more of your info and they want to dominate more of your life

00:56:12   And you know, I just I know Amazon's gonna ruin what they have because they always do with this kind of stuff

00:56:17   See also kindles. So I know they're gonna ruin this and so I

00:56:21   Want so badly to switch to the home pod, but if it can't do basic stuff reliably

00:56:28   Come on, that's that's the basic requirement

00:56:31   I'm okay paying their crazy prices. I'm okay having you know, not having all the skills that the Amazon series has

00:56:39   I'm I love that. It is a nicer looking thing. I love that. It sounds way way better

00:56:47   I love all the privacy stuff that Apple does it just has to work and

00:56:51   Siri

00:56:53   Still doesn't do basic things reliably. What year is this?

00:56:59   Why hasn't somebody changed this like they have all the resources other companies have demonstrated for years

00:57:06   That it is possible to do this with way more reliable

00:57:10   results than what Apple does I

00:57:13   got I mean if they're not doing like what they're doing with maps with like the big article that came out a few months back where

00:57:18   They're doing this big reset of maps if they aren't doing that with Siri. I have serious concerns and

00:57:24   I really I hope so badly they're doing that because it something is

00:57:30   deeply

00:57:32   Dysfunctional and rotten about Siri that they can't get basic stuff to work reliably even some something as simple as this

00:57:40   They like this is a critical part of infrastructure for the company and its products. They have to make a change

00:57:45   I was joking before about blue-green deployment, which by the way

00:57:49   Please don't send me your emails and tweets about because I said green blue. I meant blue green. It's fine. Anyway

00:57:53   But it is the case of this feature just came out and you just updated your home pod

00:57:59   So it could be just one of those transitional hiccups

00:58:02   and if you try again

00:58:03   like today for instance now that they transition all the way or wait a week or whatever that all of

00:58:08   The old servers that think they can only do one timer at a timer at a time or no

00:58:11   This was right before the show. This was the tea. I just finished drinking. This is like

00:58:15   Honestly, I don't even know how much of that is server-side anyway, so it is pretty baffling

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01:00:02   Terms and conditions apply. Thank you so much to Casper for sponsoring our show

01:00:06   Congratulations my friend because you have shipped overcast five and

01:00:12   From my experience and from the experience of everyone I've I've seen comment on it. Things are going pretty well

01:00:19   Yeah, thank you. It's you are right, but I mean it's it has really been very well received. I'm very

01:00:27   Very happy with it. So overcast five is is it's a pretty

01:00:32   substantial redesign to the now playing screen and I was I did this for a lot of reasons we can get into if you want but

01:00:39   Basically, it's it's a pretty big redesign

01:00:42   So there was a lot of potential for people to dislike the change because nobody likes when you change anything

01:00:47   Then they'll email you asking you to change things

01:00:49   so it's it's a very very hard line to walk when you want to make a change to an app and and

01:00:56   Please the old customers or set or at least not anger the old customers while making your app better for new customers

01:01:02   that's a very very hard thing to do and

01:01:04   I have not always been very good at that

01:01:07   but but in this case this worked out well and the new now playing screen is

01:01:12   way more

01:01:15   Discoverable and usable and I think looks nicer than the old one

01:01:18   And so it has worked there's a lot of other things about the update too

01:01:22   but that's that's the big thing like that was that was the thing that I was most proud of and

01:01:26   Was most scared of the reaction

01:01:30   You remember during the beta process if you had tried this or if it be may be before the beta, but did you ever?

01:01:37   Try going with three dots under the thing instead of the things poking in from the sides. I'm now playing

01:01:45   That's what overcast 4 was the only so there were a couple of issues with that

01:01:49   So number one was there was really no good place to put the chapter title when you had the three dots interface

01:01:57   And you know, this is a common, you know, iPhone interface thing that you know

01:02:01   The three page dots that you get under anything that's multiple pages

01:02:03   And that indicates you can swipe this and there are multiple pages to this thing

01:02:08   So I thought with the previous design just had the artwork edge to edge big square and it was scrollable and on on

01:02:14   You know on a page to the left was the like speed and settings and stuff on the page to the right was show notes

01:02:19   I would I was getting emails every day from people saying I would love your app if it had speed controls

01:02:26   Or I changed the speed. I don't know how to change it back. Everyone's talking too fast help

01:02:32   Oh, no

01:02:32   It was very clear to me from in you know from all sorts of feedback

01:02:36   That the previous design just was not discoverable enough that those three dots there were two problems

01:02:41   number one the three dots weren't very discoverable even when they were shown number two, they were hidden and

01:02:47   replaced with the chapter bar when podcasts had chapters and

01:02:51   How I added this feature when I was designing that screen very few podcasts had chapters

01:02:57   So it wasn't that big of a problem. Then I released an app that made it really easy to make chapters

01:03:01   And this was probably poor timing

01:03:04   Then a lot more podcasts, especially those popular and overcast started adding chapters and

01:03:11   So the percentage of time these dots would display was going down

01:03:16   But even when they were displayed, you know, and like most of like most like novice users

01:03:21   Were listening to podcasts from like, you know big producers

01:03:24   They never use chapters because they use low production value on the files despite all the money they spend on the production itself

01:03:30   So, you know most people weren't seeing or weren't having the dots hidden from them by the chapter bar

01:03:35   Most people were seeing the dots, but they just weren't

01:03:37   noticing or knowing what it meant right and and this is this has been a problem that I faced with overcast since 1.0 of

01:03:45   Anything that is hidden behind a swipe or a gesture

01:03:49   Anything that is not really visually obvious that visually is on screen

01:03:54   people won't find and they won't use and

01:03:58   they'll think the app just doesn't have that feature or they're email me asking about that feature or they'll get really mad because it doesn't have

01:04:04   The feature that and and all the time it does have the feature

01:04:07   But it just wasn't in an obvious enough place in the design

01:04:10   My entire design arc of overcast for the last couple years has been

01:04:15   slowly

01:04:17   surfacing features visually instead of making things just behind swipes or just behind menus or whatever it else or what it was just behind like

01:04:24   The edit state of a controller or anything else like that because those things I just people don't find them

01:04:29   And so the now playing screen like those the big swipey area on top

01:04:33   That was just always a big problem with it that just nobody would ever find the two other pages

01:04:39   So that's the main thing I wanted to solve with this and if you look around like, you know apples

01:04:45   Podcast app and the music app both have similar issues and remember like remember when the music app

01:04:51   I think it was iOS 10 or 11 when it first when it first put the

01:04:55   Repeat and shuffle buttons where you have to scroll the now playing screen to see them like below everything else remember that

01:05:01   Yeah, but there's no affordance for that though

01:05:04   unless you have some

01:05:05   content cut off when there was no content cut off like the least the dots give you something like what I was thinking with the

01:05:10   dots with the overcast 5 is I

01:05:12   Always felt the overcast 4 because it was edge to edge right to left

01:05:16   It didn't look like there was anything to the right or left and then with the new design

01:05:20   Just by shrinking the art to have margins around it

01:05:23   Maybe even without like the things peeking out of the side like this this design with the dots

01:05:28   Would be more discoverable than the for design with it. Obviously, I think it's even more discoverable with the blinds

01:05:34   But I warned wonder if people are going to figure out what it means that there's these little gray lines on the side like I mean

01:05:40   You'll find out I guess from the feedback, but I was thinking like why not belt and suspenders?

01:05:44   Why not have things poking out from the side little grip handles and three dots?

01:05:47   the main thing is I mean first of all like I

01:05:50   Would have the same problem with chapter stuff where like the best place to put chapters in this UI is

01:05:55   right where the dots would go and so like do you

01:05:58   Do the same thing where the dots are hidden when the chapters are shown and then even then like I've also moved the the main

01:06:04   Time-slider down below the art before it was always above the art now

01:06:08   It's below the art. So it's more easily reachable on super tall phones

01:06:11   I think it would look really crowded there with the three dots and then a small gap and

01:06:17   Then this time slider right there. Yeah, you made the time slider so skinny

01:06:21   That's one of the things I miss is being able to glance at it and see how much of orange is filled up

01:06:25   Is it a halfway orange or three-quarters orange now? It's like this really skinny line with a little tiny dot

01:06:32   It's much harder to read it a distance

01:06:33   It looks more elegant, but not sure it is it is as Fisher price friendly as the old one was

01:06:39   Part of this is also just fashion, you know, it's app design fashion, you know app designs have you know

01:06:45   Fashions come and go trends come and go the previous design was

01:06:49   incredibly iOS 70 and

01:06:52   It was really looking dated to me like very very very dated and if you look around at where design trends are going now

01:07:00   It really is away from a lot of like straight thin edge to edge lines and

01:07:05   Towards a lot more like, you know rounded shapes

01:07:09   line widths of maybe like 3 pixels or you know 1.5 stroke kind of things like, you know, and and like like one little detail

01:07:16   I have like on the scrubber the

01:07:18   The the actual like scrubber head of that timeline. There's a

01:07:22   background color

01:07:24   stroke around it so what you see is a

01:07:28   Circle a small like one pixel gap and then the bar behind it and like something like that

01:07:34   That's just one

01:07:35   That's a trend recently like there's there's stuff like that that if you want your app to look

01:07:41   Modern all the time. You have to evolve the design over time

01:07:44   if you don't your app looks old and stale and geeky and boring and

01:07:48   This is a lesson. I have slowly learned. I'm not all the way there yet. I'm not saying I am

01:07:55   But I have slowly learned like I have to keep the design up to date. I have to keep evolving it

01:08:01   I have to keep looking around and noticing what's going on in the world of popular apps because

01:08:05   I'm not making this app just for nerds like us. I'm making this app for the mass market

01:08:10   That is my goal

01:08:11   it is always been my goal and that is the audience that it thankfully has and so I'm really

01:08:17   Having to pay attention to things like trends and to things like keeping it updated and fresh. So

01:08:23   Anyway, that's that's where that came from. But anyway, so what I was saying earlier with the music thing like

01:08:27   laying out a now playing screen in a way that looks nice is

01:08:32   modern but also has a lot of functionality and also has a functionality be discoverable is

01:08:39   Incredibly hard and I'm not the only person struggling with this. Like if you look around

01:08:44   Music apps and especially podcast apps because they have pockets that have more features. They have to cram into that screen

01:08:50   It's a really big challenge of how the heck do you have a lot of accessible features there that are also

01:08:57   discoverable and also look nice

01:09:00   this is a challenge I have been struggling with for all of overcast history and

01:09:05   If and again look at every other app including apples

01:09:08   They have the same struggle when Apple put the put the shuffle and repeat below the scroll thing on the music screen

01:09:14   No one found it and then in the next version of iOS

01:09:18   Apple added like a little like help tip the first time you longs are saying did you know these were down here?

01:09:24   Which is like the worst way to solve that kind of problem

01:09:26   even Apple gets this wrong sometimes because that's how big of a design challenge it is and

01:09:31   and again

01:09:33   I'm saying I say design here not in the sense of making it look pretty because that isn't what this kind of design is

01:09:38   this is like

01:09:40   Deciding what should be on the screen and how it should be presented and how it should work

01:09:44   like that's that's the kind of I'm talking about and

01:09:47   It's just a really hard problem. If you look around different podcast apps, we've all

01:09:51   Struggled with this exact same problem and we've all come up with different solutions to different degrees of success

01:09:57   But it's a really hard problem

01:10:00   So that's one of the reasons I was so excited about this design that I think I actually have a pretty good solution this time

01:10:03   Like I think I finally got it right for the first time in overcast history. I finally got a

01:10:08   modern looking design that is also

01:10:10   Highly functional and also highly discoverable and the rest of the app. I still have a lot of work to do

01:10:16   But the now playing screen I I think I'm proud of that. I think I think it turned out well

01:10:19   I definitely like definitely like it

01:10:21   I'd never really had an issue with the side-to-side swipe

01:10:24   But I can see how it would not be discoverable to a lot of people and this looks good

01:10:29   I also like the haptics that you've done with it and I saw a tweet

01:10:33   I think earlier today about how that's been controversial, but I I thought you did it very well

01:10:36   I didn't think it was too aggressive. I thought it was good

01:10:39   so I was referring to before where he's turning it into a

01:10:43   Setting because he started off saying I don't need this have as a setting. It's a system-wide setting

01:10:47   But now some people want it system-wide but not an overcast. So it's gonna be an app setting

01:10:51   Yeah, exactly. Like like when I and actually I did the haptics pretty late in the beta

01:10:55   It was I've only I've only been using them myself for a few weeks

01:10:57   But there is a system-wide setting in iOS preferences to turn off haptics

01:11:03   And so I assumed that people who didn't like haptics would just use that setting but once again just like a rotation

01:11:10   There's a there's a lot of demand for people who want to leave that setting on for other ways the system uses haptics

01:11:16   Like maybe you know, like live photo previewing or you know, peak and pop previewing stuff like that

01:11:21   There's lots of other ways system uses haptics notifications

01:11:23   but so the people they want that to be on but they don't want it in certain apps and

01:11:29   At first I thought that would be almost nobody who would want that turns out it's a decent number of people

01:11:35   So I'm gonna add a preference

01:11:36   Anyone pretty haptic crazy like when you when you do this side to side swipe on the huge region at the top you get a

01:11:41   Haptic just in case you can't tell that something changed when you swipe like literally the whole top

01:11:45   I have the screen to the right like the button presses where it makes more sense

01:11:48   He's like did I hit the button is my finger too dry that I just brush it that happened cuz oh, yes

01:11:52   It registered it registered in my thing, but I feel like we're doing it the swipe at the top is a little overboard

01:11:56   well, it's but see this is like everyone has a different opinion of what is overboard like if

01:12:03   The if the reaction to the haptics was simply this is too much

01:12:06   I would just turn I would just like, you know remove some of them or tune them down or whatever

01:12:10   and by the way

01:12:11   I don't actually have a whole lot of control over like the strength of them or the style of them like the system provides a

01:12:17   very small number of preset haptics you can fire and

01:12:21   They they have semantic meanings attached to them like the API or it's it's things like

01:12:26   notification haptic

01:12:27   It's things like impact where like one view slides up and hits another one like when a screen slides into place and locks into place

01:12:34   there's one for selection changed and

01:12:37   You're supposed to use these semantically you're supposed to like, you know not use the wrong

01:12:43   You know named haptic even though it might feel better for what you think you're doing

01:12:48   and so I thought by following these guidelines and

01:12:53   By you know by using them semantically and everything else that people would like it and a lot of people love it

01:12:58   But enough people don't love it that I need a preference. Well, they're all wrong because I love it. I

01:13:04   Like it too a lot for whatever that's worth. What about a watch playback? That's back. That's exciting

01:13:10   Yeah, this that's really something that I almost have forgotten about it

01:13:14   It was the first thing I did this summer that seems like forever ago now

01:13:16   but it was like I'm so freaking happy like overcast history with

01:13:21   watch standalone playback is long and colorful and mostly awful because it's a feature that I

01:13:28   tried to do a long time ago and

01:13:31   I don't know watch OS. Yeah watch OS 3 when I was doing the watch OS 3 version. I tried to do it

01:13:37   I don't think I ever said this anywhere

01:13:39   The reason I tried to do it was because somebody at Apple had asked me to do it

01:13:45   When somebody from Apple asked you to do something you say yes

01:13:49   That's generally good for your app like you probably should say yes to that and and so I

01:13:55   Thought well, you know if they're asking, you know, I'll prioritize this. So I spent like three months on it

01:14:00   I discovered during the course of that three months that the API was just

01:14:05   Totally impossible to make this good or functional

01:14:08   It was especially frustrating because like, you know, somebody there had asked me to do it

01:14:13   So I assumed like they had probably checked with someone and they knew it was possible and it just wasn't and I was just battling

01:14:18   the API for months and I lost a good three months on this and it was

01:14:22   very demoralizing and very frustrating

01:14:24   later on a watch OS 3 a couple apps came out that offered this and they used a

01:14:30   Trick where they basically identify themselves as a certain type of workout monitoring app

01:14:35   But without actually needing to use health kit for anything

01:14:37   Like there was just some kind of fluke where like if you put the certain key in your p-list or your watch app

01:14:42   You could use a much better API. You could use a V audio file player instead of

01:14:48   WK audio file player which is terrible. You could use this much better in-process API

01:14:52   I think I've talked about this before where like in process versus out of process at least I have it under the radar

01:14:56   And so this became possible. So I decided you know what? I already built almost everything else for this feature with minimal effort

01:15:03   I can use this workaround and ship this feature like today. So I did then

01:15:09   Overcast or then watch OS 4 was slated to come out and I got a phone call

01:15:16   From some friends who said hey

01:15:18   This is gonna stop working

01:15:21   The reason it worked was a bug we fixed the bug. That's not a fun phone call. Nope

01:15:27   And and you know, and they were they were very nice and apologetic about it

01:15:31   But you know, there was clear that they were not gonna unfix the bug just for me

01:15:34   and so I

01:15:36   Had to remove this feature

01:15:38   Because I had this feature at one time. There are articles out there on the web that say

01:15:45   Use overcast to have offline watch playback. Okay, and they have they of course weren't updated after I removed it

01:15:51   So I have got an email like every two days for the last year or so

01:15:55   Sit from somebody saying I can't figure out how to send to my Apple watch. I had this option is not showing up

01:16:02   I can't figure it out. What's going on?

01:16:04   the real killer is at least half of those emails say I

01:16:11   Even paid for the premium version and now I can't find this feature. I want a refund

01:16:16   This feature was never behind the premium paywall. This is just like what people do

01:16:21   It's like it's a common failing of like they look for a feature that they heard was in an app

01:16:25   It's not there and they see an option to pay for a premium thing in the app

01:16:30   No one ever reads anything in text in apps. You can put whatever text you want in the app

01:16:35   They're not gonna read it. They see. Oh, I gotta pay for something and I'm not finding this feature. Okay, I'll pay and

01:16:40   Now now I get the feature obviously even though it never says that anywhere. But again, no one no one reads text and apps. So

01:16:47   So that I would they would pay for it

01:16:50   Still not find it and get really mad that they just got ripped off even though I never promised it

01:16:54   But that was that's not it doesn't matter what I promised and what they it matters like what's in their head

01:16:58   It was just a bad situation to be in but I couldn't really do much about it

01:17:01   The only thing I could do is offer that feature again

01:17:05   and so when watch OS 5 came out or when it was announced in June and Apple actually made a lot of

01:17:12   meaningful improvements and changes to the way watch background audio playback works I could finally actually offer this feature

01:17:20   well

01:17:22   not super well because file transfer still suck but well enough to be shippable and

01:17:27   functional again and even better than was before honestly and

01:17:31   So I finally was able to do that and that launched again two days ago with overcast overcast 5

01:17:36   And I'm just so freaking happy. This is finally done

01:17:39   and and I

01:17:41   I've done a few changes for how it's done like one of the main things is and now automatically syncing your most recent X podcast

01:17:47   to your watch rather than

01:17:49   Making you send them individually which kind of helps minimize the problem of transfers just taking forever because they're going over Bluetooth

01:17:58   But overall it's so nice. It's you can finally like take only your watch out for a run with headphones

01:18:06   And it works. It's really nice

01:18:08   That's super awesome

01:18:10   And I actually haven't had a chance to use this yet because I haven't gone for a run once I had the new beta installed

01:18:16   and all that but

01:18:18   It's super exciting and I'm really looking forward to trying it. Oh, yeah and volume control. This was fun, too. So

01:18:25   so

01:18:27   By far the most common feature request besides standalone watch playback maybe even more common than that for the watch app

01:18:32   It's always been volume control in the watch app

01:18:34   This wasn't possible in the API there

01:18:37   there was no API that I could use to programmatically control the volume of watch playback ever and

01:18:44   There is one that you can use to programmatically control volume of the iPhone

01:18:48   The the API to do that on the phone is deprecated

01:18:52   I don't want to build a major feature against an API that's been deprecated for like five years

01:18:56   because because that means Apple could remove it at any time and and or or I could start getting rejected for using it and

01:19:01   So the process basis why I had I had a watch app that didn't have volume control

01:19:05   watch OS 4

01:19:08   Introduced a feature which is nice when it when it's what you want introduce a feature that by default

01:19:14   It's called something like audio apps, but you know active audio apps something like that

01:19:17   It's in the watch settings

01:19:18   The feature is that when you are playing an audio app on the phone and you glance at your watch

01:19:25   That app if it has a watch app that's installed it will show up even if it wasn't your last used watch app

01:19:31   So it kind of like auto launches your current phone audio app on your watch when it's playing which is a nice feature

01:19:38   the problem is that my app didn't have a volume control and

01:19:42   AirPods came out and AirPods have no good way to control the volume on the AirPods

01:19:49   And so there was all of a sudden a very popular Bluetooth headphone that had no volume control on it

01:19:56   Which is pretty new like almost every Bluetooth headphone before it had volume control

01:20:00   So this was like a new issue with AirPods

01:20:02   They were also very popular had no volume control and there's a feature of watch OS 4 that brought the audio app

01:20:09   That was currently playing to the front automatically and most people left it on it was on by default

01:20:13   So I got a lot of people saying the best way to use overcast on your watch is to delete overcast off your watch

01:20:20   Because if you deleted it

01:20:21   Then the now playing card from the system would show up and that had a volume control on it and I couldn't match that in my

01:20:28   I couldn't I couldn't do my own volume control because the API wasn't there for it

01:20:32   And so I the actual outcome was the best way to listen to overcast with AirPods was to delete it off your watch

01:20:38   That's a terrible outcome

01:20:41   But that that was the reality of all of watch OS 4, right?

01:20:45   Watch OS 5 finally gave me a frickin volume widget that I can put in my interface and they did it in you know the most

01:20:53   Bare-bones way possible like it is a pre-made widget

01:20:56   I can't the only thing customize about it is the color of the line that goes around it. That's it

01:21:01   Oh and you can customize whether it's controlling the watches volume or the phones volume

01:21:07   But you can't change it programmatically

01:21:10   Because the watch volume widget is a private class

01:21:14   You can put it in a storyboard

01:21:17   But it is a private class that you can't call from your code

01:21:21   Nice, you can't assign it to an outlet. You can't modify its properties at runtime

01:21:27   so to offer a screen that has both local volume control in one mode and

01:21:33   Watch volume control in another mode. I have two of those widgets in that sort of board. Just one of them's hidden any given time

01:21:39   It's the craziest hack that you have to do to make this work

01:21:43   It's so it's such a weird like bare-bones thing

01:21:46   But the fact is it does work and it takes up a frickin third of the screen, but I don't care

01:21:51   It's worth it because it's such an important feature

01:21:53   so finally I was able to offer offline playback and

01:21:58   volume control on the watch and those are major major feature requests that a lot of people had and

01:22:05   The API was too limited before I couldn't offer either of them through no fault of my own

01:22:09   And of course people know that you know that they still you know

01:22:11   they still kind of blame me for it not being there and

01:22:14   So, you know to be able to finally offer these things is a pretty big deal. Yeah, that's awesome

01:22:19   I assume the next step is is freshening up the rest of the UI

01:22:23   Honestly, I'm not in a huge rush to that

01:22:26   I mean any any kind of like major UI change to some of the basic screens of the app is a pretty big undertaking

01:22:32   Not as big as an app playing screen that that was the biggest I think but like, you know

01:22:36   They're not playing screen took me like two months like that was a lot of time

01:22:40   Because it just it impacts so much other stuff

01:22:43   And so there were so many other things that needed to be changed for it

01:22:46   So like, you know

01:22:46   Like all the card controllers like the effects controller the chapter control the chapter didn't exist before it was part of show notes

01:22:53   The show notes control like all these things have to be modified to fit with it all the buttons

01:22:56   I kind of modernized the the look of all the buttons to match the new style

01:23:00   You know, like the stroke width is changing on lots of the icons. It's getting thicker

01:23:04   Some of them were restyled. I totally rewrote the sleep timer because it sucked before now

01:23:09   It doesn't or it sucks less at least there's all sorts of things in that had to

01:23:15   Get updated or be modified in some way to work with the new layout

01:23:19   so

01:23:21   so doing that to other screens while not as big of a deal is still a lot of work and

01:23:27   At the end of it what you get is something that a lot of users don't care about

01:23:32   So it's it's a hard balance, you know

01:23:35   I have to balance between what I want to do as a developer of like I want to make my app fresh and new

01:23:41   That'll help get new customers and everything but also

01:23:43   My existing customers a lot of them don't care about a redesign

01:23:48   But that's kind of it's kind of an indulgent thing that I do I do for me

01:23:51   Not for them so much

01:23:54   they want features and

01:23:56   And so like I have to balance how much time I spend if I do a whole bunch of redesign stuff and not enough feature stuff

01:24:03   I'm kind of

01:24:04   neglecting my existing customer base trying to get new customers and

01:24:08   So I but if I only get new customers by doing like, you know a bunch of redesign stuff

01:24:13   Yeah, anyway, it's it's a balance. You got a strike

01:24:15   Well, I'm excited to try offline feedback and in general the app has been great. It works really well

01:24:21   I think it's very pretty very well done. I like it. It's my podcast app of choice. Thank you. Oh

01:24:27   And I search was a big thing. It was bigger than I expected

01:24:32   I'm going to do an entire episode of under the radar. I think this week

01:24:36   entire episode under under the radar about

01:24:39   Implementing search it is surprisingly deep of a topic and so I'm not gonna cover it here

01:24:45   But see this week's under the radar for how to implement search

01:24:49   Alright, thanks to our sponsors this week Squarespace, Eero and Casper and we'll see you next week

01:24:58   Now the show is over they didn't even mean to begin because it was accidental

01:25:05   It was accidental

01:25:08   John did any research Marco and Casey wouldn't let him because it was accidental

01:25:15   was accidental

01:25:18   And you can find the show notes at ATP

01:25:22   FM and if you're into Twitter

01:25:27   You can follow them at

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01:25:33   Iss so that's Casey lists and a RC o a RM

01:25:37   anti Marco Arman s IR

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01:25:44   recusa

01:25:47   Oh

01:25:49   So Casey you have released sort of another video

01:26:02   Indeed as we record this the video is not out

01:26:08   It is queued up and ready to rock, but I have not pushed the go button yet

01:26:14   You have released to us a new video. Yeah, I have released to the two of you and a couple of other friends a new video

01:26:20   This video is of the 2018 Volkswagen GTI Autobahn

01:26:25   So this is as close as one gets to a golf R without actually being a golf R

01:26:31   Additionally, this one had the direct shift gearbox

01:26:36   Which I continually and will forever call a dual clutch transmission because that's the BMW version of it, but basically the same idea

01:26:41   but anyway, this is the latest episode of Casey on cars there will be a

01:26:45   Text review a blog post review that you guys have not seen but is written and queued up

01:26:54   I will put a link to that in the show notes. And of course there is a video which you guys have seen so

01:26:59   All right, do your worst. Tell me tell me what I did wrong. Well, John didn't do his homework

01:27:05   So he can't tell you now that's right. I did like a quarter a quarter of my homework

01:27:10   alright, so

01:27:11   I'm going to start with the negatives so I can end with the positives. All right number one negative

01:27:16   I noticed but you will hear from a lot of people

01:27:18   And including John because that's the part he saw is there are there is some jittery camera motion during some of your movement shots

01:27:25   And I'm pretty sure I know what it is

01:27:27   If I had to guess you were shooting that on a modern iPhone on a gimbal, is that right?

01:27:32   Well, so I used to gimbal I used to gimbal only when I was doing

01:27:37   Moving shots of the car from the outside, right?

01:27:41   So you're like walking up to it or panning around it kind of things, right? Yes, exactly

01:27:46   So there's some jittery movement that happens during this and so what I'm pretty sure you're seeing I'm not positive because I haven't looked at the

01:27:53   DJI app for that

01:27:55   I haven't launched in a very long time for my gimbal that I haven't used in a very long time, but I

01:27:59   Think what you're seeing is the camera's image stabilization fighting the gimbal

01:28:04   This is a thing that ever since the dawn of image stabilized cameras and lenses

01:28:08   there you've had to disable image stabilization when using them on a tripod or

01:28:15   another gimbal if you're doing like a panning motor on a tripod because basically what happens is the

01:28:20   Image stabilizer doesn't know that it's being stabilized by something else

01:28:24   And so if you're like doing a panning shot on a tripod

01:28:28   The image stabilizing the lens will kind of like jump a little bit as like it'll try to correct the pen that you're doing

01:28:34   Reach the end of what it can do and then jump back and then correct it again and then jump back

01:28:39   So you have this kind of jumpy motions in the in the panning motion as it moves and similarly when you're on a gimbal

01:28:44   You know, the gimbal is is doing the stabilization

01:28:47   But again, the phone doesn't know that and so phones that have optical image stabilization during video shots

01:28:53   Which I believe is everything after the seven I think but anyway optical image stabilization during video

01:28:59   Now fights when you're on a gimbal

01:29:01   It does the same thing where it kind of like jumps a little bit like every every bit of motion

01:29:05   like maybe every second or two you'll have like a little bit like a correction where the

01:29:09   Stabilizer kind of corrects for the motion that just happened. And so what you need to do

01:29:14   I'm not sure you can but what you need to do is disable image stabilization in the phone

01:29:20   When you're using it on a gimbal some somehow there is a I think there's a way if there isn't

01:29:26   You shouldn't use a modern iPhone on a gimbal like this

01:29:29   You should use one up to a seven that doesn't have stabilization

01:29:33   You may want and this is this is more advanced

01:29:36   You may want to learn how to use it without autofocus either, you know

01:29:42   One of the biggest effects that video people try to avoid by usually not using autofocus or using it very carefully is

01:29:48   What you don't want to see in a video is focus hunting

01:29:52   Yeah, this is the thing where the camera like blurs in and blurs out because the camera itself is moving the focal point forward and back

01:29:59   looking for the correct autofocus point and

01:30:02   You know the easiest way to not have that is to manually focus and that's hard

01:30:08   You know that you will you will get it wrong sometimes and had and just have blurry shots that you might not be able to use

01:30:13   but

01:30:14   Generally an occasional blurry shot that you may have to reshoot or not use or hope nobody notices is

01:30:21   Less noticeable and less bad than seeing focus hunting happening in a video

01:30:25   So you may you may want to consider learning how to do this without autofocus

01:30:30   Yeah

01:30:31   There was one shot toward the end where I where I kind of walked up to the GTI logo that you can

01:30:35   Very clearly see it and I and I noticed it and I thought about cutting it but I felt like

01:30:40   It's it's okay enough to pass my test at least for this video and I didn't want to fight it anymore

01:30:46   But I know exactly what you're saying and actually for most of the trials

01:30:51   bipod shots

01:30:53   Where I'm talking to the camera

01:30:55   I did that with filmic Pro and I did that in such a way that I locked the focus and locked the

01:31:02   exposure because something I noticed as well in prior videos of my own is that there was some not only focus hunting but exposure hunting if

01:31:10   Yeah, yeah, where where you know, it's kind of trying to figure out is what what's what is the user focusing on here?

01:31:16   And how how how should I expose the entire image in order to get that thing exposed properly?

01:31:21   And so with filmic you can lock not only exposure but lock focus

01:31:26   And so I tried to do that for pretty much any of the shots

01:31:29   Like I said where I'm outside the car talking to the camera directly

01:31:32   Yeah, and so that's again, it's hard to solve that

01:31:37   I actually find the you know, just when I shoot like, you know, casual video

01:31:40   I find the auto exposure on the iPhone during video is actually pretty good

01:31:45   And I don't usually find myself fighting it

01:31:48   But the agreed agreed in this particular case, so yeah. Yeah and in this particular case

01:31:54   I think it makes sense for me to exposure and focus lock

01:31:57   Generally speaking. I completely agree with you that the focus. Yeah, sometimes it's great

01:32:01   Sometimes it's not but the exposure is usually very good, but I noticed in prior videos my own that sometimes it isn't

01:32:06   So I should warn you with this next part. I took one video production intro class in college

01:32:13   So what I'm going to tell you is from like video 101

01:32:16   It's probably oversimplified and actual video people who are listening to this are going to want to kill me

01:32:21   Because it's probably gonna be awful when you're doing a two camera setup

01:32:24   There's this concept of the 180 line. Are you familiar with this? No, not at all

01:32:28   So the idea basically and again people who know what they're talking about. I'm I apologize. I'm very very sorry

01:32:34   I'm probably gonna butcher this and tell him all the wrong information and I'm sure you're gonna write in and tell us the right stuff

01:32:38   The basic idea as I remember it from college film 101 is

01:32:43   So if you think about like if you're if you have a two camera shot

01:32:47   Think about like filming two people like sitting talking to each other

01:32:50   The idea is you have a line that's kind of like the plane of what's what you're looking at

01:32:55   Like the like the line between them and the whole idea of doing multi camera with this rule

01:33:01   The 180 rule is like basically make a semi circle

01:33:04   That comes like, you know from that line around them

01:33:06   So like you can like kind of position the camera is like any point around that line

01:33:09   so like you have half of a circle the people are in like the flat line in the middle of that circle and

01:33:15   The camera can go around the perimeter. The idea is

01:33:18   You only have that front half that circle to put the cameras

01:33:22   You never cross over that line and go behind them. Like what would be like visually behind them?

01:33:27   Do you get what I'm saying? I think so. And so the idea is like

01:33:30   if the camera if you're alternating between shots and

01:33:34   One of the cameras crosses over this way line

01:33:38   It disorients the viewer. It makes it hard to follow. Like what wait, where am I?

01:33:42   What am I what perspective am I seeing this from it's disorienting and it looks weird and it doesn't look good and

01:33:46   There was a shot there were a set of shots you did with two GoPros in the car

01:33:52   Mm-hmm, and it was funny because you could see the other GoPro. Yeah

01:33:55   Right and what and the angles that you had these set up?

01:33:59   I think it was getting a little too uncomfortably close to cross it

01:34:03   They were like they were almost 180 degrees from each other

01:34:05   Yeah, like and so it kind of it felt like you were breaking this rule a few times

01:34:09   We're like there were a few cuts that you would do between those two cameras or I would think

01:34:12   Oh that I feel like I'm backwards now like it it was it was a weird cut. Yeah, I can understand that also

01:34:18   When you're doing two camera shots

01:34:21   It already even one camera. It helps when you're doing a cut to avoid the look of a jump cut

01:34:28   You know what a jump cut is?

01:34:29   Yeah, yeah

01:34:31   And it's just it's a little different now because now jump cuts are kind of popular among with the popular vloggers

01:34:35   but the idea of avoiding a jump cut where like it looks like the camera just like

01:34:40   It looks like you just cut part of video out of it

01:34:42   And like it just like the person just kind of jumps instead of looking like an intentional cut where like you change the angle

01:34:48   Right. Mm-hmm

01:34:49   There were one or two jump cuts that I left kind of deliberately

01:34:53   But there were actually quite a few that I masked by also simultaneously doing a camera cut as well

01:34:59   So I would write I would you know clip a bit of video and then at the moment where I went from

01:35:05   You know the prior bit to the new bit. I would also switch cameras in order to mask that right and so

01:35:11   One of the ways that that when you're doing multi cam like that one of the ways it looks better

01:35:16   and you didn't have this issue so much but I think it would be it would be an improvement is

01:35:20   When you're doing a cut from one camera to another

01:35:23   Not only should you vary it by

01:35:27   Like not a small amount like if the two cameras only vary by a small amount. It looks like a jump cut

01:35:32   It looks kind of weird

01:35:34   They should be noticeably different angles

01:35:36   But also if possible they should be noticeably different zoom perspective levels

01:35:42   Because then like basically when you're doing between two cameras the more different the two cameras look without being too disoriented

01:35:50   Like breaking the 180 line the more different they look generally that the better and more professional it looks and the less it will ever

01:35:56   Look like a jump cut. Mmm. So again, sorry film people. I'm probably butchering this. I apologize

01:36:00   This is what I remember from my 101 class

01:36:02   You can write in if there's if there's a good resource for Casey to look at that's better than me. Feel free

01:36:06   The two GoPros that you had in the car during those shots

01:36:09   Not only were they basically 180 degrees from each other

01:36:12   But also I felt like the angles even though they were so different like the perspective

01:36:18   I was getting it was too similar like your framing between like where you appeared was so similar. Like I felt like

01:36:24   those would have looked better if

01:36:26   One of them had a more different perspective the other one

01:36:30   Yeah, and I never really was satisfied with any of the placement I had for the GoPros any of the times

01:36:37   I was in the car

01:36:38   The well, that's not fair the one that was basically, you know a close shot of me

01:36:42   I was fine with I mean, it's it's I didn't have any particular issue with that

01:36:45   But with the other one I never which it happens to be the silver one because you can see it in

01:36:50   Some of these shots I was never particularly satisfied with where that was and in the in the are I

01:36:56   Put that basically at my left ear

01:36:58   Which I didn't mind so much because I felt like it was giving a nice perspective of what I was looking at

01:37:04   But it seemed like I was that with that that I was alone in that opinion or maybe not literally alone

01:37:09   But you know

01:37:10   I feel like I got a lot of feedback that that people didn't particularly love seeing the side of my face like that and so

01:37:15   I was trying to figure out something that was kind of a halfway where you can see my

01:37:19   Entire like face and some of my body but also see what's going on in front of me and I agree that I was not in

01:37:25   Love with the the placement I had for it

01:37:28   But I couldn't really come up with a better one and maybe the answer is I just give up on showing me at all

01:37:31   And maybe I just have it, you know pointing directly out the front of the car. I'm not sure but this one anything

01:37:37   I'm not sure but this 180 thing you're talking about that to some degree

01:37:41   verbalizes or or or

01:37:45   Like personifies is the word I'm looking for but verbalizes, I guess, you know, the the kind of icky feeling I had about it

01:37:51   I just couldn't figure out how to make it better. You know what I mean? Yeah. Oh, by the way, thank you very much to Colby

01:37:56   Underscore underscore in the chat room who's linked to something. I didn't know is just a the 30 degree rule which is saying that

01:38:01   The that that basically when you're doing when you're transitioning between two cameras

01:38:06   You're doing a cut that the second like the camera you're going to should be at least

01:38:10   30 degrees different in where it is oriented perspective wise to the subject as the

01:38:15   First cut was does that make sense?

01:38:18   Like you should move at least 30 degrees with the with the position of second camera from the first one

01:38:22   So thank you Colby underscore underscore for that. I didn't know about that one

01:38:25   So yeah, so that's yeah, so ultimately though you're getting really good at this

01:38:30   like you can see a progression of what you're doing and and

01:38:35   Problems you're solving as you go like you can see like when you when you watch your videos in order

01:38:40   You can see how you're getting better. It's it's pretty noticeable

01:38:44   I would say you have almost completely solved your in-car audio challenges good

01:38:50   And that's a big one

01:38:51   but that's because like that was I know that was really hard and and and you know and that was that was an area that

01:38:56   Really needed it before and you're pretty good like like the in-car lavalier mic stuff you did was pretty good

01:39:02   There were a few places where you clipped when like, you know

01:39:05   You can hear the clipping distortion and there were I would suggest

01:39:08   Doing some level compression and volume level matching there are ways to do this and various apps and things that I can

01:39:16   Maybe tell you about some time. I don't know

01:39:18   Yeah, so like there were there were a few issues of level matching where like, you know

01:39:23   One recording session would be much louder than the other one or whatever

01:39:26   But it was better on this one than it's been in the past videos for sure in that way and the in-car

01:39:31   Audio was way better with the lavalier mic

01:39:33   And the other thing is the placement of it was such that when you would turn your head

01:39:37   Over the shoulder. So that's actually your mouth get closer to the mic

01:39:40   Mm-hmm was way louder and that you can you can play with the positioning of it and maybe the directionality of it

01:39:47   You can play with that a little bit. Ultimately that always happens with lavaliers to some degree

01:39:51   So what you should probably do there is look into level compression like, you know in volume normalization where like you just compress your level

01:39:58   Such that no matter where your head was turned you sound roughly of similar loudness

01:40:02   This is not an easy problem to solve but it is solvable. This is what people do

01:40:06   But you know for the most part pretty good

01:40:08   Content wise I loved a lot of this

01:40:13   I I loved the part especially about the transmission preference and like how it made you so uncomfortable to admit like that was really fun

01:40:21   I really enjoyed that actually and

01:40:23   Content wise that that was very interesting very nice. It was a good balance of like

01:40:27   Nerd Casey versus what the rest of the world wants to hear about

01:40:32   It's like like this is something that you wouldn't get this in like here's the review from you know

01:40:37   Edmunds for this car should you buy it details at 11 or whatever but like, you know

01:40:42   You wouldn't get it in like a video like, you know for like every consumer you get it from a car nerd

01:40:46   And it's like that's really nice

01:40:48   Like I actually really enjoyed that part to fill in really quickly what you're what Marco is referring to a little bit of spoilers here

01:40:54   But you know, I had this DSG gearbox and or like third one again. No, it is DSG not DCT

01:40:59   I'm trying to train myself. Anyways, the point is I had a two-pedal manual transmission car and in the conclusion

01:41:06   I came to was that I actually preferred the completely automatic ZF8 speed from the Giulia

01:41:13   Over the DSG and the GTI and I kind of talked about and I won't totally spoil it and it'll take a while

01:41:19   but it's supposed to say I talked about that a lot in the video because that was one of the big differences between the

01:41:23   cars and

01:41:24   And again, it's an uncomfortable conclusion

01:41:27   I came to but I actually kind of preferred the automatic which made me feel really gross and icky so that that's what Marco is

01:41:31   Referring to is that whole kind of conversation?

01:41:33   I have with with the viewer as as this video is going on and then finally I would just say on the content

01:41:39   There was never a point

01:41:42   Where I look down at the time scrubber to see how much time was left. Ah, that is a

01:41:47   Flawless victory in my book. That's extremely good. Yeah when watching almost any video on YouTube

01:41:54   I almost always at some point end up moving the mouse up to the video screen

01:41:58   To unhide the time slider and to see how much time is left because I'm getting a little bit bored and that didn't happen

01:42:03   That was I've made it through the entire video not doing that once and that's unusual and that's commendable. So good job

01:42:10   Well, I appreciate it and John I know you haven't watched much of it

01:42:14   But do you have any thoughts from the brief window of time that you did spend watching it?

01:42:19   I've been watching it without audio while you've been talking years

01:42:21   I

01:42:23   Want to applaud the banishment of the ugly parking garage in favor of the nice grassy places

01:42:29   Although I feel bad for whoever's house that was that you got in the shot at some point

01:42:33   They want their house to be in your video

01:42:36   But yeah, the car looks so much better on green grass with trees behind it one of your shots. I think your sunroof shot

01:42:41   I love that by the way, the cameras the cameras not level I think by a little bit my bad

01:42:47   She got a little leveling queen that you probably fixed that in a file cut but

01:42:51   But yeah

01:42:53   Yeah, I haven't heard all the content of it on the camera with the other camera over thing

01:42:56   I want to add mark already covered stabilization stuff is some of the actual

01:43:00   Trajectories like the actual moves are weird like again with you know, if you're looking up the 180 roll and stuff like that

01:43:07   You'll find like the five basic camera moves or whatever in general stick to the basic cameras and don't have like the one where you're like

01:43:16   Move to the side then go over the railing and then go back down to the ground like all the individual shots

01:43:20   Oh, I like that one. I mean, I'm not saying you're wrong, but I like the individual components that are good

01:43:26   It's good to be low to the ground when the car comes by because it loads traumatic

01:43:28   It's good to go for it go to the side while the car is curving and it's good not to ram into the railing

01:43:33   But when you combine that into one camera move, it's not a thing

01:43:37   Yeah, so you know less is more in terms of the camera moves like, you know plot a trajectory and do it

01:43:44   Don't have too many lumps and bumps, you know, or split it up into two shots or whatever

01:43:48   Yeah, I'll watch the rest of it when I get a chance and actually hear what you have to say

01:43:52   I like the wheels on this one. There's different wheels, right? Yeah, these are very standard GTI wheels

01:43:59   I think they've been roughly that look for at least a year or two now. I like them

01:44:02   I wouldn't say I love them, but I like them

01:44:04   But in type our wheels, okay

01:44:07   Type ours Honda John you're thinking

01:44:13   Copycat I see how it is the golf

01:44:15   Yeah, yeah, I was thinking of type R. It's got these black. It's got these black plastic vent things on the front bumpers

01:44:21   It's kind of type Ari

01:44:23   I'm not familiar enough with the type R to know what's what's typical. You know what I mean?

01:44:28   You know, you're familiar enough to know that like a contrasting like fake plastic short

01:44:34   You know arrow things that do nothing but poke out of your car

01:44:37   But like if we were half of our current ages we would be too old to buy a Civic R

01:44:42   Yeah, someone's got one at work. I see it driving around. It's such a

01:44:44   Monstrosity it really is I saw one yesterday. I think it was maybe was today. I saw in the last 24 hours and it is

01:44:53   Hideous to look at maybe if I was 17, maybe I could make it work

01:44:58   I don't think I was any stage in my life where I would have liked a car that was that busy

01:45:02   I think busy busy is a very good word for it. I very much like that because that's exactly what it is

01:45:07   It's interesting because the what's the the fancy Impreza the WRX?

01:45:12   Yeah, so the direct is interesting is that it has like the big hood scoop and like you know

01:45:18   it's I think that kind of

01:45:19   you know

01:45:21   walks the line where

01:45:23   All that down they calm that down a lot

01:45:26   But the key is that all that crap on the Civic is fake like none of those vents lead anywhere nothing

01:45:31   Not as functional whereas at least at least the hood scoop on the the Impreza

01:45:35   Was an actual hood scoop that you know led to the engine and wasn't just like a big black plastic thing

01:45:40   And I think that kind of makes a difference like that for all the ridiculousness if it's functional then it starts to be reasonable

01:45:47   But if it looks ridiculous and is also non-functional, it's the worst of both worlds

01:45:51   Alright, I'm the other comment on your video

01:45:53   The audio in inside the car and when you're narrating is still too different

01:45:58   Like I think you should not use your podcast mic when you do outside the car narration

01:46:02   I think you should use the lab for the whole thing or whatever it takes to get them to sound the same

01:46:05   I use the lab for the whole thing in and in fact, well then then it must be just your energy level

01:46:09   Maybe maybe that's it

01:46:10   the only way to really make it sound that consistent is to read the entire script in one session like

01:46:18   during one of your video shots

01:46:20   like if you're if every shot of you talking is

01:46:22   like in one place and you read it when filming all in one shot and

01:46:28   Then every shot of you not talking or every every shot of you know different places

01:46:34   Is just video and you you just use the sound from you talking over it the whole time

01:46:38   That's the only way to do that

01:46:40   But that's a that's like it requires you to basically write the entire video script ahead of time

01:46:45   That's just a lot of work like that's not for like, you know for the place you are in

01:46:51   Like how much time you can spend on this how much you know how many videos you should be putting out?

01:46:56   You know per unit of time like you shouldn't be doing that amount of pre-prep

01:47:01   Like you should just be making more and accepting that the audio will sound different between different sessions

01:47:05   you know try to minimize it if you can but

01:47:08   Like to achieve what John wants

01:47:11   That's what you have to do record the entire audio as like one long stand-up shot and that's not gonna happen

01:47:17   Well, I mean, I feel like it's also the you know

01:47:20   The energy level like if you're not being quiet to try not to wake up kids like the other way

01:47:25   You know this time that was it in the I know I know but I'm saying like it was closer this time

01:47:29   but it was still like there was still a difference in like

01:47:31   Maybe it felt more like you're reading something because you were versus when you're not

01:47:34   I mean the other way to go is you can embrace the difference and have the audio the voiceover audio sound intentionally very different

01:47:40   Than the live audio a lot of a lot of videos do that where they're like

01:47:44   they will insert like background white noise into the live video and then the

01:47:48   Voiceover video is usually like boom year and more distance and doesn't have background noise

01:47:52   To just you know

01:47:54   So it's like the live and then the voice of God than the live the voice of God like you can go that direction

01:47:58   too - you know even now but now they're like

01:48:01   That you can tell they're trying to be similar, but they're not and it might just be a performance thing

01:48:06   But anyway, I think that's still I think to work on I like it. I your your ATP sure it looks very very clean and neat

01:48:13   Hey, thanks. Yeah, I

01:48:15   Use that probably too much for these videos, but I know you should use all the time. It's great. Yeah, you got to promote

01:48:20   exactly

01:48:22   I'm glad that

01:48:23   Mark are you that you enjoyed it and I think that my favorite piece of feedback that you've given me is that you didn't have

01:48:28   To look at the scrubber because I definitely know what you're talking about it

01:48:31   That is that is a victory in my book and and yeah, I think you nailed it with the GoPro positioning

01:48:36   I like I said, I never quite was happy with it. I'm still not sure

01:48:39   And I would actually love particularly via Twitter. I'd love feedback on this. Like what is what are the right places?

01:48:47   Maybe I just need to go back to

01:48:49   Yeah, exactly tons of in-car shots and like you don't think about where the cameras are

01:48:53   But the fact that you don't think about it means they must have nailed some good angles

01:48:56   So just watch some of your favorite car views and then back back solve and say where is the camera for this shot?

01:49:01   Anyway, I agree. And and I think part of the problem is is that I

01:49:04   Want to be able to do the multi camera thing?

01:49:08   And so I I think sometimes certainly not always but sometimes in top gear

01:49:12   I think what they do is they film, you know

01:49:15   a bunch of footage with the camera in one specific spot and then they film a separate batch of footage with a camera in a

01:49:21   Different spot does that make sure?

01:49:23   So they're going through there should be on multiple times, right? Exactly. Exactly. So which is fine

01:49:28   You maybe get alternate take on it, you know the second time. Yeah, but

01:49:31   I don't know. I I really want to figure out a better

01:49:36   like one or two or three different like

01:49:40   setups that I can use and and I have obviously mounted GoPro's outside the car because some of the shots you've seen in this video and

01:49:46   the one prior are

01:49:48   Goku go pros mounted on the exterior of the car, but it really really freaks me out

01:49:52   Like I really don't like doing that a lot

01:49:55   and so I think in some cases like top gear will mount a GoPro on the hood and

01:49:59   Maybe I'm just being a big baby

01:50:01   But I just it just weirds me out the idea of

01:50:04   Mounting something on the hood that could potentially fly off and like injure somebody

01:50:08   Leaving leaving me out of it leaving the car out of it

01:50:10   What if it flies off and like hits a bystander or something like that?

01:50:13   Just I don't like the idea of that at all. And maybe I just need to get over it, but I

01:50:18   Really want to find preferably in-car places that I can mount GoPro's that that really work

01:50:24   Well, and so I'm gonna have to look at this 180 degree rule and 30 degree rule and see what I see what I can make

01:50:28   Work with that. So yeah

01:50:29   So by the time you've listened to this the video should be out

01:50:32   links will be in the show notes and I

01:50:35   Appreciate Marco doing your homework because I know how much of a slog that is for you is doing any homework

01:50:39   But I appreciate it and John I know you're a busy busy B, so I'll give you a pass this once

01:50:45   Thanks starter rotate chicken nuggets timer I

01:50:53   Have said that

01:50:57   What you're rotating the chicken nuggets, like is it essential?

01:51:00   I know you have uneven cooking in the oven but like is this the type of meal where you're like

01:51:03   No, they need to be super evenly cooked. We got to rotate them like how uneven is the cooking in your oven?

01:51:08   It's gonna ruin the chicken nuggets they're very delicate meal it's like souffles and chicken nuggets. That's what they say both very very sensitive

01:51:17   This from the guy who like the one time I tried to make kids macaroni and cheese in your kitchen

01:51:22   I tried to like hand it off to you like halfway through and you're like, well, you've already ruined it

01:51:26   But I guess I could take this over

01:51:28   Ruined it sound like me. I'm sure I fixed it for you, but I'm sure it wasn't

01:51:33   right

01:51:35   I'm trying to cook they cook the noodles for the time they say on the box or something crazy like that

01:51:39   No, no, I was it wasn't that bad. Were they dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets? Yes

01:51:44   You

01:51:46   [ Laughter ]

01:51:48   [BLANK_AUDIO]